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The Delta Times May 12, 1906

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m/%*$W�� A-aeT-**.
f_f MWi5-*oe
Vol. 3. So   36.
SI.CO jae
Summer Necessities
PEACt mm.   Smiburv-
uescent Island
Ladies' Cotton and Lisle Thread Vests from 10c to $1.
Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Liale      ,ead Hosiery in Plain and
Fancy Lace, Tan and Black, all sizes.
See our line of Jap Silk Waist.3 at $3.50.
White Lawn Waists from $1.00 to $300.
Black Lustre Skirts, Light Grey Tweed Skirts, Just Arrived
Children's Wash Dresses, age 3 to 14 years.
Wash Goods of every description.   Laces and Embroideries.
Finest range Ladies' Whitewear ever shown here.
Bead Trimmed Hats for Ladies and Children, ��ni-/ m
Hat of each style shown.
Mr. F. W. Valleau, D. L. S. j
who *d in ti:e Pea-?. R er Valley I
far many yeara, writes ��_ loll-ws:
"T e drainage are. of the   Peace
Riv.T  u Hritish Columbia extends
from the kei��.-t of (an 1 at Giscotabej beginning ofthe w.ek.
Porta.e, ou   ibe   Frai.r   River,   to'
tke   onth   to  ihe height of land at
the   kekwater.  of   th: Hay Riv.r
ta the coit1'- and from   the easteral
.��uu.ar.    of   the   Pro-ii-.e  west      Tke weddine ieiis  are expect.d
to     tie      headwater;      ot     tke t0. wal fortil on Creaceat -Island
Jiaiueca. embracing thousands   of
iquare  laiis.  of territory   most  of!
Arrangements are no s-vcompleted.
so far as tke committee appointed
for this purpose are concerned.  All
that is required now is a fine dajr
D. D. Dove visited town at the I a id tire literal co-operation  of the
people of tke Delta.   Wagons will
J be prosvided at the following poiita
I bv the kindness of tberaackers aad
b nine., men ef the community, Tift:
! Ltd ner,  Ganoe P_.s_*odiPort Oui*
chon, so that  all may take in  the
spouts and it is particularly re.queit-
e 1 that children and others who in-
! I the youag generation here  in-: lend totafee advamc-gc of this mode
unexplored   even   by  the  pros-1 craases much more onr local teacher of conveyance be on-time at 9 a. m.
-... r or trapper.   The district it) will require an assistant. |._u order that * ��art amy be wade
The .School Trustees are expect
ei out here on a visit.
Miss May Quag an is paying an
extendei visit to friends in Van-
this month.
m 2
You need a new suit for Empire Day.
Don't leavo it till the last minute, come in
and try -one of our new "Bromley" Suits on,
the Finest Fitting Slothing on the Market,
Metfa Tweed Suits, new cut
< ....,
7, 8, 9.
mirigs, etc, all sizes, at
Buys' 2 and 3-p._-.-a Suits, all
1.50 to 7 dollars.
K)   !
ci-il wnteicd, having'tke  following!
rivers taking their rise withia  tke ���
boundaries and all flowlag iato tl_ejed buiiH.H ^ ^.^ ,n,.
mighty Peace; Tke Parsaip, Find-
lay, Qmiueea, Osliaeca, Iugiusca,
O.pica, Pack, Pouce Coupe, Halfway and Pine Nation.besides other
smaller streams, upon many ot
which gold is to be fouud hj paying quautities. Along Ike valleys
of some of the above named rivers,
is   some   magnificent    agricultural
Miss Niaa McWateri visited  thc\*ot thi u^ ' ��- ktlSr *-*�������� 9-3��-* ' ���
Rayal City an Friday on c c.inbia-      Those who wish ta .attend  from
Harry   Burr's residence is Bearing campletioa.    It will  be one ol
the mo-el dwellings oa tke 'flats)...
when completed
The   brush
River  road   are camped   out here
now.    Patience bas-its  rewsrd and
we are goiag to have a dcc.at roa.;
at last providing the Canned   mnn
a���es to k k :   :.e money go round
On   Thursday,    vrheu   the   S.S
Staffa was leading iiay at the whirl
one   of  tbe crew  weut overboard
, in   companv   with -a  bale af   hav
to imagine that the climate  of t-��;which   mihi  ,WY_ feeen
laad, notably alou; tl-. c Lower
Pc-c-, l!ar*>nip Mid Oaiineca, ai d
betw.f- the r__r-��i,_ R.Ter aad
Stuart Lake to the West. Altkough
Situated 111 the north-east coruei ol
the Proviuce. it would be a mistake!
Westham Island will ��ad   wagons'
for thsirtranaportation at the B. A.
ferry, Canoe Ps*.-. at g a. tn.   '   '    ���
A very U.g .list cf sports (35
aces aad -3 ball -games)  kaa been
prsparedby th��.committee, in wbich
codtiacters  for  the|��every oae,   .rom 4 .yeara up,  haa
been provided Iot.
People who intend to be at the
Bay ou the 34th are 'requested to
���uadtrstaud that the ._n_.B-it.ee da
aot undertake tc handle 'tke actual
picnic part of the day, .eaaing .it to
families and individuals .to make
arrangements ia this reapeet���just
j "...���_ okle tyaie picnic"���exeept that
; hot water will be available at tbe
a seno
> ��� _ River   Diatrtet is  unsuitable miVeT but |(>r tb(. pfompt actioi. Q.
ir agneultural or stock-raising, a-, j his mateB who got him _boiird   s_.-_.
lU-.oi gh the wu.teraare cold, bring j but __e.
epj   muck   like   Alberta   ia   the!
Sunbuty will soon be oue of the
.eading  down river ;por:t  for   the
��h:pmetit of farm and dairy
Korihtve.t, it kas thia advaatage,
ihat being sheltered by the moan
i 'mas ikere-is little cr no wind. The
-.ui'W-fali is ouly about halt wkat it
i> ih Cariboo, aud tke summers ar.
-eligktful, warm, sunshiny days being the rule. Iu tbe valley of the
Peace River itself .specially ta the
ive.i of the rcckies) tliere is not a
irreat deal of laad suitable for agriculture, ts for the most part the
motiBtaina coa_e dawn close  ta the
B .nd Refreshment Tent for tbe uae
of any o:ie requiring it-for'-iea male**
ing, etc., etc..
Light refreabmuxts wilibeebtain*
j able at the Refrewkmeat Teat awa*>
ied aui optrated Wr tke  Band,  ice*
!        cream,   fruit,   caudy,   soft  driaks,
duce.    rhere are, generally, two ct        ,   ��� . .
,.   .  ,    , ...       . ' saudwicbea, amoke��, <*c, etc.
three freight boats calling there iu      ,r,    ,,_���-,,���      .     -,
.        . . 7 tke Band will lie in  atteadaace
a week, and in the mornings when
the  local passenger boat is  about j
1 aad play selections dunes; tbe day.
A full attendance of members is par-
Several -cases New Lines added tp  oar  larr
due voti can  see riri of &\ shapes L.    ,   , ,  , .   -.. ._
,, .   _ . .      , 'U'.ularly req��e��ted by the commtt-
aad   kinds, making for tne wbarf.1 _ ,,-        _ .,    D
, * 1 tee, assemkliBt at the Bay atii.-ta;
from tke  up-to-date democrat aud 1 ,- ���      .r
, .      , .... .    ! lull uuiform.
bicycle   to   th;   lowly   but  useful 1     ., . ... ,      ���.    ,, .    _.    .  _��
,    ,, i     Prizes will be onereodor tke best
wheelbarrow. , .   . ,       .     .  _
; decorated  wagou,   each   school to
hores snd in some places the rive; !     Jobs  Cain returned home from j decorate cue; these  should be well
ions  through an  immense  gorge ithe   Terminal   City   on  the    roth  on time in  the  morning  in  order
1--������hase perpendicular walls  of rock briagiug  wilh him a   young   and   that they .may bejudjed ..before tbe
: ower thousands of feet witkaut the' blushiBg bride.    He was met at tke  .t.n j�� ntm.de.
slightest vestije ��f vegetatiaa   and  wharf by  a party of friend,   wko.	
, which for grandeur of scenery cau- ��� celebrated tke occasion by deluging
This is where we exceL
stock this week.
See.our "Travelled' Shoe for Men in Tan and Black, Oxfords and Bals.
the Popular Price, $4.00.
Royal  Purple Shoes for Women.
Marshall Smith
. aet be surpassed aaywherc ia Cau-
I ada.
fied by A.. Clausen ancl Urn.
Gawdy, and a plea of "Not Guilty"
having keen  entered, the prisoner
Oa Tuesday afteraooa, the 8fb , ,      ,
was committed lor trial and rent up
il..., Jas. FeaPon, a ��an  wh. kas tQ Ncw We,tmlaet��� on   Wednea-
been makifng his home at. Grimaby
towasite, was brougbt np before W.:
H. Ladner, P.M-, charged with
baviBg burglarized the residerrce of
Wm. Gt.wdv, akaut tke 30th ef
.Voaetribef laat, and baying stolen
A mort interesting and impressive
service wes eoa.ucted in Ml s'-'aints,
day morning. last  Thursday  evening, when His
Lordship, Tiishep   Dart, conferred
Quite a nu��ber of burglaries ksvej tbe Apostolic rite ot  Confirmation
been committed   iu the   neighbor- i _���  .-,.%.. _,-t-.       ,        u _
* Ion  eight children, lour  boys  and
hoot! of tke Gowdy rea_, duriug the
past six   months, much  of which
! four   girl
therefrom a watch, gun, overcoat, j has  been  food aupplies, and  i't ia P��r"Ctu_rtly
ta an  im ..ens.   size),  ccttonwond
"'I-ind  the other smaller growths oi
CONFIRMATION SERVICE,   .'wood co_Bmi*>n to British Columbia.
  i while along  the  rivers wild fruits,
aucb as cherries, service-berries,
saskatoons, raspberries, strawberries, wild currants and gooseberries
grow luxuriantly. Back of these
benches to tbe north ot the river
tha bills are gra.s-eovered, affording uilimrted range for thousands
of head of cattle and horses. The
Indians about -Fort >St. John winter
���   H1*'" j their horses oat without futtiag up
the happy couple with shower-, of
rice and a few af their cast-oil ahees.
They  were thea escorted to their
aad young carrying flags and banners. The crew af the Ritket got
���o excited over the aflsir that they
forgot to put off the mail bag.
"Bnt to the east of the Rocky
Mountain Canyon the mountains home by a cheering crowd
b��con-" less pr-efpftaus, and the
���alley opens out into broad benches
or terraces, in some places heavily
wooded and in others park-like and
open prairie; the soil ia of the best
quality, being a rich deep loam.
Native graaaes, vetches and pea-
vine grew fully four feet in height,
and wild flowers of all colors are to
be seen everywhere. The timbrr
is pine, spruce, birch (which gruws
Mrs. W. L Leary, jr., visited the
Royal Citv on Wednesday
The  service
etc.. etc. I bopesl that all this will cease now.
A few days age Mr. Gowdy was . ______________
informed that the prisoner was try- j
ing to sellawatch, the descriptio" jB1AN*   SHORTS,   Whole   Cora,
-t_f  wbich   tallied with  tke   stdlen i
property and a search  warrant wa*
ways.    Tke hoys were all chorister. \ ftny haT  and theT Cf)mt through ir
snd   weie  confirmed  in tbeir cas- j fine comiitiou.
seeks and surplices.    The ].l^hop'.���
address was 'istened to with interes1 f
C.eo. I.asseter, sr., and D Mc-
Niven were amonir the Roval City's
vis- or    ye��'.erday.
Mis^ Rocetts wishes to State that
she will (.pea s dressmaking establishment on Westham street, on
Mondav next.
When you wish to tray visiting
etrds call en tbe Delta Times who
will sell the best money c;m buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket bv calling on
tke Delta Times fir--:.
A. Barber aad family remove to
Vanconver on Tuesday next.   Mrs.
Barber wili "be nttck   r..is*e��i   from
church   circles    here.      The   best
1 wishes of'the community go with
\ them in their sew venture.
BAN�� SAL'-,.
Or Wednesday eveuief next,
16th, the Band will onca more, and
for the last time this seaacn, give a
ball in time Town Hail.
Owing to the fact that the Btapir*-
Day festivities hare takea up a goo-
dea! of the Baud Boys' time, only
a short notice of tbis dance is possible, but, it ie hoped, trtverfheless,
to sec a toed tvrn cut, which the
band is almost en.it.ed to txpeift
owing tc the tact that thia dauce kl
gottou up by special request.
Supper will ba served at thc
Delta Hotel at the usual rate of 50c
per head.
Further particulars see dodgers.
All iuterestcddn tke Ring's Birth-
j day celebration, which will be held
on Tuesday, June s6tfa next, are
requested to aaet, on Tuesday
evening .next, at 8 o'clock, ia K. A.
Bowk's office, to make arraage-
ments for the comiagt-elebratiaa.
On Sunday  laat a email fire occurred at the Delta-Ssrwmill but tbe
Chinese fire brigade, amid a babat
DINNA FORGET���T-hat   the!     Rev. J. F, Betts and wife 'left  on j of tongues, succeeded in ex ti aguish-
Populai    Place"   to   have   your j Monday evening last, to attenl the J ing it  before  much  damage waa
issued.   Jos.  Jordan, accompanied
Ibv  Wm. Gowdy, served  the war-
Taut  and discovered the watch in
ithe possession of the prisoner.
Xhe property bovine; b��ea .>de..it*i-
Cracked  Corn,   Rice Meal, Chit by all and was most  helpful
Rice,   Chick Feed. Timotky and j church  wa�� we'll filled  wiih   wor
Clever   Seeds,   Sutton's Gardei. j shippers and altogether  the service 1 Photo  taken is at the Royal Studio, I Methodist Conference in sessiea  at! done, and ou Monday fire made aa
and Field Seeds -may ke obtained; wss most delightful and impressive. I New Westminster.    Vou can have j Victoria, acc-mpseieci by J_t*_aKes| assault   on    T-   Paterson'*   barn,
at  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co.'s! There was  a   C-infirmation in the
warehoti-scs,   Ladner, trom   IAt. i afteraonti as well
IT. N. RICH, Local Ajreiit. f were coufirmed.
Ivken six a
Photo   on   Postal
Firs', class work
Cards or L, Monktaaa aad W. R. Ellis, -ko | wkich also was extinguished  witb-
nt second attend  as delegate* frem tke "Wo- out *seriotis daniage,- by tke School
'men's .Missionary Auxiliary, './.r�� brigade under Chief-flixoa 1
*" .*. V
���* *r**?f~> "^mmm-m
SvnscRirTKis, SJ.tH) far year.
j.pv!'._ rtfiKK i.ai*MS.
C_ni.l .*...i:'. *...,"���'.'-. . e��et_ v.*. li���� fut
��� _.< Snt i> 'i"H : B* 51 ���*_!��� estt ll". '.'sr cm ��
��,.��-s.*sj>l-l,t    l.WTl-1. 'ne    nUB-lKr    k-    l-.eri
r_._-.-_.. by l'*i_ *f-i-t oicnfi.e, is linen ;e tht
Rate* l�� Cf��.i.'��rs,i.'.  i*jjlT*je_-e>����nt. tan Wt
Is.,* .,��� eepUutteu et .';-._, "-.-fame.'
Reiom. ii_u._M_i-.sl- ym Mmt [et seel. In*
Rill., _.l-4 rtsslt, MlMlM, ��������:., Mirnsjcjl..-.
aiit ir>mi Bailee, ������*'��� eejtct ei. waii-it iite
���reneteU<eecnaier) tmne tt el yr iadletdtutl
Str renjpa_..r, te _>��� .-��u��i-_e,��4 te mlTert.i-ei-.��.t
ted i mi^esi eeeinaiiisly,
__JI tsJreil.wflo.emt_  el.*r-*si   Get
eul ����,* time lei.
a��' -Hfeesieii.. '.tY.'.rS ee Matters -.1 enS.u
latere*. (.>**��*_..���*-��������������� ts.-eii.i ..���-. he ac-
ecesi-tsit**. hv nai et Winer. K-t-v. rrl!>tr.W
f��i fiihliettiet, hat a�� -nii-e.i* ei ;eeri faith
CmletpeeSeae. ��u: us.i, tkia tiKca hj Than
in,., , seisiaj
ling Vaic luaU iiasi ol R. .<.. tu  G.
\V..Atchison at f i. pi per yard.
Ward 5, Gravelling H. P. road
ij A. j. PeFcbke at 74 cents per
The f'u.ricv Revenn ��� By-Law
passed its Qrst and second  reading.
The U-tual monthly accounts were
passed and cheques issued.
Council then adjourned to meet
again on Saturday, June 2nd at 1
o'clock p.   in.
_t -_��r-���=���;���   ���   ' --'_ -'��� -��-���-_-
m 13 mt pm.
���v-v��� v��� *'i*>-r��� ���������-. -i- r-'r*lv-_***sH--r _��� ��**.* ir+ -7+V + -i-+*+J.-+-\-+-.?+-\-+-\-4+A
M_.fj: ky,
' Council met in the Town Hull,
'Sumy Centre, May 511-, the
I Reeve and all members being pre*
: sent.
Minutes   of   ; re-vious   meeting
were adopted as read,
From Hope, Graveky Fi.- Co., enclosing   2.   tracing   to   enable   tht
! Council to select the lest site for  a
1 "*"** . rosd to Port Kells station. Received.; and .bird Tuesdays ol c.-.i'U mouth I
I'i.m J. A. Taylor, J. Quibl*, etiin Oddfellows' Hall,. |err,
al, a petition i'or v,..rk  Iio be doie ; Thos, Tonii, M..W.
on the Sondell r< ai near; the school
house,    Received.
From J.IK Qameron requesting
exlentiou of time tin.'il next meeting
We ta7" this opportunity of iu*
forming the.] ablic that the business
formerly carri .1-;i by the lsijte \V.
L. McBride will bow be worked on
a cash  bi'pis, bv   which  means we
-sacei* t   .-.'. M ���*
A.   O.
.Delta Cpdge,
ic-its first
e  bet
ble to
give e
5 - ���'.
ti   :
/..-,   re
gards 1
an 1.
, -
...   stoi
k  has,
1 dowi
.-��� lu
an   ins
\- invite
T.  \V.   K.:*v..
1.0.0 F.
1 iclt.i Loclce. Mo. :_.-
V.'NKSAV. MAV   IC.  M,06.
V"h-.it .ire the prOspecta.of ^e*.
.sext n inter :
Tiie much needed rain came yes*
:;.--..it rci;u- [
lai ineelings of this Lotlge are held ���
it'vtiy  Wednesday  evening tt s \t. :
in.    Visitiug Brethren cordially in-
yftcd t.i attend.
R   C. Ajjbcxi'V, N.G.
W. II. Taylor, Se-_.
,,iiiK.'.i;-i on; numerous custom
or  their  kind  patroaage an<
support in the r88*. ail<' hoping, i
Vt. in* fuithfu
,0 \jtfr\ Tf f\    "j'''   S f *^�� S-'5 Q i~ fl *K 1 A
SINGLE 7X1) DOUBI ���   RIGS AND  -.77;.1.7 HORSKS
Team Work Dof-ic- at Spssialiy low ^s4ooe.
-����� Telephone " Ladnar;   No   10.
^.{.���.i.f.-j->-;.sv.;.>.i.+^>+4 ;���> !-���>->���* -.
-. -,'i���-,��� ���!-���,-���. ���
.Sention  to  business, to  l��
with a coiiti'.nuiiK.  ol  tht
for completion ofSerpentiae Bridge
From J. C. Cavers, Secretary of
Schofil Board, stating  tbat an esti-
the streets lit up by electricity for: mate U'j. 15-7 hftu been "passed by thu
: Foard as being accessary for sckstt.l
purposes. Received and, on motion,
estimate passed.
The Clerk was instructed to write
turday.   Such a <iry spell as we 1 Wm> Davigon &tX actiei, w��uid be [Barrister   and.   Solicitor,
have been -fwa^r.icHCiijg of htfe is taken if  he   iaterfered   with   the Guichon block
ali��i>t��t unknown in the history ol  Boundary Line foad. ,_,   .,      . w ,       ,_   .
-1' ** - , ' (4 k,-. _iiV.se   ul   UcXtiM   ati'tet*.
B.C.    The pastures, in parts, and j    Coun.   Murphy  was  empowered
A ,,     ���    .,  ',...���  ^��� 1,1 to expend, tke appropriations _n the ,
the j;rain ail over stootl very  much! *.      ���     -   1 r   r ���
I C. V. and   McLellan toade by dsy
en me 11 ill hhe.
sW ��
17.it Gu.ichon, H.C..
March 29th, icio&.
If you contemplate biijpng an Incubator or
1 Brooder you cannot do batter than to get prices
off the Ladner Agent lor the CHATHAM.
tege t Martin,    w, n. Draper,
-Lena*. 1. KllarS Slefk.Kt-r WielniitiMtr.
Bv C
the province:
in need of sett rtlreshing showers.,       .       , ... .1
* 1 work and to have tne bridge en the
_J.ain navy mesjiiSithcusjiacte of dol- ^   v_   roa(i   0Ycr  thc   Njit-oa^i;!
lars  to  this  part of the province, , river repaired.
what will it  mean to the whole 0!'     The     following    appropriations I
I wer. made: j
!    Ward I, Hjorth 10.d.^ijo,   Coa'C.
I Mtri-ian read $2 1;   Clover   Valley ,
A  committee  was   appointed,   a, road'Mo; Lstime/r,.i.u, 3 boxes  ofj
shoit  ivhik-  aga,to  look, into the; powder, fuse and car*.
BiHtter   of   a   sidewalk   tpr   Delta l     Ward a Johnston road $150.
street but, up to the present, noth-!    w*rd 3. Johnston soad.  repairs;
i aad gravel, f 200, tenders  to be  in
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and I/rayisg.
Livery  wark  ef all  ki��_s attended to promptly.
McRAE & Co
_^j S���t a. /a.
Westham Street,
BT. Ms
Sjidncr, B. C.
l.-,ttiiei. a. c
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept iu stock.
at  next   nieetin;.; Mud   Bay   road,
tion mav be taken.
iUg  has  been don* us no  definite,
plan appears to be  su'reed upon bv i .   .
r       ���' ts    ..    t- ,     .   gravel, ^,iq��.
the petitioners.    We would suggest|    Ward 5, H. P., road,   grade  audi
that the committee consult with thel gravel, J200; C. U. road,   gravel,
petitioners and find out what their! $100, tenders to be in at next meet-
wishes inthe .matteisurt. so that i.e-, !n��7
1    The following tenders  were  ac-
1 ccpted antl contracts let.
' -' ~ Wards 1 aid 2,  gravelling  Yale
Thc Con--c.il.has. been seeking a; road, G. W. A^lchisun  nt 4.5  cents
gaibage   dump but   ave  at a��� loss; ver yard.
where to turn for one.    We would!    Ward 2' G'avelliug Scott road to
tl j J. E.  Marpiiv at 53 cents per yard.
Ward   3,   Gravelling   McLellan
the old   iJelta   Caiiiicrv,   where  ai __,,,   ,   .     .,.-,  .���,_,/
-.' I road, J. A.   vt iloon  at  37'.   ccats
wash has, ap^ren-Jy,��� bscn doinf per yard; Gravelling McBride road,
considerable dBmiige* to the dykt.i to Was.. McBride at 49. per yani;
i?, is easy of access a��d out or thi^ Gratwlling Borjstroni road, Ender-
��r,ay and, no doubt., the  waste me,, i hy Bros* at 7-5 cents   e'
&31,183,62 a
_.^^-__--_-_-^--  iRESERVE FUNDS,
We can supply you with the finest quality j       A Qeiierai Banking Business Transacted,
of the  above  articles at reasonable cost*:
Remember tht�� place SaWBitetS  IS*9
sag^est that that spot j visi
eat &
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
terisl dumped there would do nnuh;
toward strengthenint! the dyke.
Ward 4. Gravellinj
M. toad
j North, to T. A. Wilson, at $1.^0
; per yard; Gravelling Milton road,
! Arxxut-'en; and, MacKenzie at 60c
: per yard.;    Gravelling H. P. road,]
���       I South, to.do., at So cents per yard; j
Road-makjng is being  proceeded! Gravelling  H. 1'.   road   north,   to
���ij-ith as fast.as possible.    Councillor- do" 8t 70.ccnts per yard;  Gravel-:
(gibbie, with the aid of ..the grader,! "" "" '   ' ���"****��"I~-M
/ins done considerable work in his,
w.ird,   Councillor  Davie  next did
some good w-oY-k   in   hi? ward and
now  Council'or Paterson is trying
what might be ^,jiie in his ward.
Work ha.s  coa\in_u__d   on   tht
.^iver road and, ..,011 as possible,
Westham street will  be twken into
consideration,   a"  work   which   is!
badly needi*i.
When the Council avp filing up
Westh*!**?  street   it  would be wise,
we think, to boia, up thc ditch and
j*ut down a   n*at   sidewalk   qvar
the,  box,   commmcitis;   frottt   the
plough road and wliich should be
��>ntinued on   to. .Guichon. us   '.l.e
:unds will permft.    '���'.'���
Ladner Carriage Works.
 -���������'���i ��� w m.mmmm**mmmmmm*m**mmi
Practical Horseshoeing,.
Carriage Building and Painting, rind Oeneral Jobbing of
All Descriptions.
We carry tbe finest class
- f Carriages and. Farm Implements at rock bottom prices..
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
Deposits of $1 ancl upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleas-ant., GTantille '-'���-.reef, Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vennon, Chilliwack, Cu.mbei.land and
New Weatmta.-ter.
flM3BBa_pm mi!aVSm9nntnmaemirr. rmm^&taMy**vn��wf-e*'i*'* 1 >��mm*.*wv*masm' ����-_p��BW��n*],r|^sp-*"-/- -_t- '- HMKBt-SB?
ust- Arrnred-mm.
%0. kiss 1
tMLE JTans, Oxfords &
laV*wf     S^^d?%aW&
'm Jig-     ^ffl,M&%0Qb&}ii
Biucher Cuts
m %aeni
rnlshinns *
mm Tuesday, nay Ls
A Full Line of
Tbe Delta S.av.-injll. Co. has. been i
afnipping quite a large quantity oil
lumber into Manitoba ancl the',
Norlbv-'cst.'and on Mtud-AV last an-j
oltuc-lot of four tars ivrisidrv. aided !
I 1/
Tenders for cutting and burping
the brush on *i*e  Riyer rona, from
���^tchell's   to   the Kig>!and;   w.��t-.;
npone.l, oa JS&tiirilay las'tj and W..j
Abercsombie's tender   of, $2851 was
accepted.    Other   tenders, received,
������'���.',.! -*-. ��� i'gh as $500.
is tiie time to buy
Everythrafi is Redpced.
Get a Suit at Once.
hi in   11     , mmmmm
Good3.havo been later coming, in. this year. so. we have put ij}.?m,
down to such a figure that will compel their Clearance. TIIK DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY,
^lUS \\JiJi
��*���*��. i
�� I _--'"? 8 **/'*_���'��� "        a _) * 7 li 5   . (   is
)_  a  S\ I f 1"* '_
A 1.1.  SAINTS.
2UI i*
Holy Communion ��� Sundays,
'8:30 a.m. ist -Sunday in tnoiith,
j 11 a.m.
,^^,.,. ... ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. I     MlM.s,  r 1 c'.-lcc.*.
Kveesong, 7 o'clock.
Sun dav School at 10 a.m.
fact   Iff   Undwp*Ut'Cd   that   We   bnr--    tn��       Frit'ey, eveutujj service 7:30.
greatest choice in the Piano line of any firm in Rev. Ca*.on Hiitou. view.
h. 0.    We have been in the business for forty- . 	
five years and  have  had  the  pick  of the beat c_.tholic
agencies jroin.**.   We represent *che following most; Service* first and third Sunday _
0 , _��-.������__ each month at 10:30 a.m.; Bene die
notable manufacturers, tbe names of which are|tick., 7:30 p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 Low Mass and Il'.ly Communion
i ��rr.t and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Steinway & Sons Pianos, New York;   Rev. Fatherwa_ner,o.m.i.,
Parish Priest.
Nortlheimer Pianos,       -       Toronto ���
New Scale Williams Pianos, Oshawa
every girl above a eeriaio afte 13 bound so-
uii<_s.il tbseaunwlatklatl - .".ui-ut. 'ilia
_���.;������_���  l^wlu  1-t.BS mv ru'_ .'!.v   t_Jl_wing
THEV ARE  VERY  POPULAR  IN  SOMt      ���_"*_* ���_a_-__��. ���__���  thi* re  U great enthusl-
_ _.._, .,_._,.__, e*tu nter ihe eutwass uf l.tf .. ..purluieDS.
1 KII.'I.-G8
Dominion Pianos,
Palmer Pianos,
Prices the Lowest.
Terms the Easiest.
H 9 a
Service*-next   Lord's Duy at  11
a. no.and 7:30 p.m.
Class   meeting, fe.30 a.iu.  eveie
Sabbath School  ?.t 2p m  even',
j Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
i Thursday evening at y.jo.
Rev. J. 17 Betts, pastor.
ST. AHsiMTf S   PKB8B-l"rj._i_AM
Services uext Lord's Day at   11
' a.m. and 7.30 p in.
i     Sabbath School  at 10 a mi    Midweek Meeting on Thursday evening
! at 7.30 e'cleck.
Rsv. A, k-cJ-nUy, Fastor.
f_ie fllcber f-dncnHun For VersWi
Vs". men���Thoy Arc to He Inxlrnotttd
la tlie 5_-ie-.ee of t-e k.ou.t'���,-!_.
".'ratulii',   Ia S-.vItls.rl._n_l.
Tho problem of bij**e. <-*..<f,ilnn for
iroiD-D ls being a'giuii-d iu Uiu'iimuy In
niiii.r a B_ir.,ri*.liig jgiii-a. Tbo Oar-nan
_,.,.i,.i,,.,, doesn't kr.#.v inert about Mj.li-
tv it._t__ieitsut.ie ftuU  C.uali .... an  u rule,
t;.;t sue bas 11 worldwide reputation f"r
duinostto virtues, aud it 1.. Lev.! _i r'.i..; to
iii..i ib. lawmakora of bor !_nd crjlBR oat
;.., oouipu'.-.jry coursesol culinary In-truo-
tii.,11. A law recent.? proposed requires
every wonian, un attaining tmr _i.en.leUi
ytav, to produce _ oartliicuu. 1b.1t sbe l'__
.is' tifi.ilurlly completed .. ft ,-_ru coarse In
cu >Ulng. One uinnuc belp w_f;d_i'ir...g
a'.i..... tbo duiBostlo experience of 1 i,v _._._
who put .orwnt-l tbe prup< sltlon. Per-
h:ip�� be bas -..i-.ei_.1 lv.' l.v Ir-iti tho lack
ui -.lib a luw iiud hns 0 | ul __tbr.pl. S_-
ti.ri-v in tin. j'ii. Lranoinloutlrntl-- .f _-wt_-
ln_ (i-neratluos.
thu .i-ligut-.y oullnury Instruotlon for
women would probably do mure for lbs
viiiisr. and happiness uf tbe nuii. 1 t..i__
tin, obli_tatory military tervloe for mun,
and 110 otie ol .1,0 sncinl reformrrs wbo
have raised li'tir \c...- la ivdvocncy nt
radical scbeiuestorl tti'ving tbecondltleti
of society lias suru-i. no simple ui.U prfi.'.-
tlcal a pl'sii for bringing al .11 Individual
.uiuii.it v, lib rciii'la'-t dome-Uo t:an-
qullllty ar.U national prospei'lty. !"-rloiui.
ly considered, lb. Idea Is a _;ovil one, ai,_l
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     tlti-iniiny is cot alone  i;, ra-o_rr,l.!:i>;  1L.0
It's only a cold," and a   tew   newi of iu_i.di.iiii__ti_ kno��ii'dgufi" h'iU.
fur years  lb.r_.  buMi  bc.11 BObools of
housewifery bi ui_r__u_yuL_ Switzerland,
This is I and from all parts of tbe continent m.j
. , .,    .       ' fi wm England as well girl, bave busn s*-_.t
ol such cosntaon occurence that a to t__,e Sihools. Now a numbsrof sueb
cold, however ilif_ht, should uot he : schools ha,-e been established lu Kn^l-us!
,��� ,    ,      ,,,        ,      ,   ���   ,    ,,        ,     and  are well   i_U.oui-ed.    Tbese  _--.hist.ls
disregarded.  Chamberlain s Cough , ���, ���, di_rert(_i Krul5ei una var- ��� w the
Remedy counteracts any any ten- '��� expense of tuition and board, tn -.me
, . ,, ,. ' tbo pupils are from famillos nf t,��i!ib en.
deucy of a cold to  result  in   pueu-; fmi\\0B,   The parantt want their dauga*
uicnia,   and   has   gained   its   great I tors to tieoouifurtublsi>i:C, fc-;.py. bvtthsy
... , ,      .       alse want tu-_u titled f__* l_e life vvMei la
popularity end extensive sale by its' natural to woman and for theduties whie_
He e.itss to t-e r-ri'stf'*- * ' ��������� s-'���.'lain tb- STliV.
liNi and you Cannot n.MM   ���'..  WeroaVl
.    .ran $2 '.'5 to $1.0.00
. from  2 r,t) to    60.00
SUO'i'GUNa .   .    from   7.60tO     36.00
.'���,'. \ ".y't-rUr-.i  '.'-i.i'-*   ���"*���-. 1   t< *  1 _,-. - r. 1*��� [Hut*
-  ir l>u    ..ir I'lH-.f.    ki   ti-'.i-I ' at-.ui,'.    if'..-.ut-
5,'vu .imi- :��� ��� r.lri, ���--. -��� ���     .* r i it bMuOTlKC, VOU
'tin  t, earn xgt ch.\r^, t\�� i^httohava i:.   Mliii-.
1 ���������  * i.'.sf, ui   .-. r. ci oJ ���, - r ir ctnts to fistooipc to
n ���������:'������ it \<.it. ... ���rp-*tafi-.
I     ',.,- ."iltr.i it* *  ;! rer - ��� '.   r.'.' .-  ' 1. ������*. l!p.ni.*n Vi*\\ tl|
'-> sent aii.'.w.nt I  1 i-.   1 ru llttiUttpl*
I .r. 8___v_ara iH'ia aku tooi. oc.,
I r. <.. ..... ,.
\ Chieopee rails, i&a, TT. S. A.
Ii Is Dangerous to Neglect a Cold.
*    ���
How often do we hear it retuark-
�����<'.:    "It's oiilv a cold," and a  lew
���lays later learn list the man is  ou
his back v.i7. pneumonia.
'th. i!_ugh__._ uf tbo poorer clu^s-M ln
TruLoc and U t_e bourgeol.ie ure us<i_al!y
l.i_.,.t. uwoks and a.it a ei lance cf uar-
ktiii^. hut intttber departments cf do-
��"..'';,' tv 'iar.fi,y lialr ti.ti ledge Is pain- .
fully iii'ihiienuirr, and the average l-'r.ndi
neueeaeeping wuuia arivee uniim nr uvr-
ntbii er Bwlee ttaa'sewlfe t. despair.
A.____ ;.-!-..:, i.f l.._;i.:-. ..;_., _-��_td_n*J
Ir. l'i_.r.oi the womeu . -.v. rti-pa.-tasl fr.str.
tbe traditions of tb. r _n.*_Ur_*-_ Vue
���.'-..::..'r ,- <.f eld Frr. (- ;'..-:_. tn tbclr
doioeetUi skill and guatvietl tbeir recipes)
won jc���li'M.!? than their ._��_-. aiate.
ie (arvigne uiada wa��f!o_ that wei. mtn.
dulicluUl Shun her le_U__. gnu, iteoa-
u.lr.r'iieauuc_w_r.a. fautousaa b��T beaut/
aud rivaled that famous mice lDTuted
hy a hrumh isevtnt, who swore t-__t he
iviild BVUI _ai-re hw __>tl..r iu law wi_-i
II ... as t., .:!,,{uis*s- fcpr bitter flaror. Tbe
NmpreM Jeavphlae prepi*- r>l creoie diehee
se wonderfMlljr that If tfapiilteo had mmsi
a gourmet be vt.s-1 __��������- ita.e had toe
0o_:r.. -e le .Mm. ber. hut the umdara
hiv.s..-:. iW.>.,.i>mI-_ la ���_> Igaeei-St at vnU-
; . , matters aa the ares-age AJuerWae
(rirl, av.i aethlng mere sws__r4_�� __ea
that .. .11 be utlsl
The KeglUb e-vU, toe, eee4 tmikUg to
iki.n,. cweaaiiB*/, and -danatli-Hl ak-
__ei.ll._i 1 bare are reuegalsliif khe aeeA.
Departments ef ueokery aad Jaia-eile
r. 1 :.,..��� ��� Ivare tana inti'udsuied ee exsre
SHbjute U tis'jac ef toe Lea-en pa kite
schoels, aid there la suiae ta-h et em
adop_.ua ��' the fcwiee ylan
Cook I eg a.livels bave HHltlplied la tke
United tStates daring toe haet few feat*
I 'eitipi railt.ly few girls renelee asjr sjre-
tatkaUe trniniiisg la beil-eboid Matters.
either lu their be_ies er their *u_��*_e
MoUiei'. hare a way ef s-allieg i*___erf-t-_y
ev_r Uie feet that their -aug___ra doat
Is us.-,*, us? were abeat beaeekeuplag toea
about faXs-tlsg, and tlte girls to-WssilTM
tue pi... af their It.nbUity te make ��_S**��
er en y to lng _e��re aubetactui than Wei_h
rabbit ata. aee-at taity. lt te true that
the girl nil I laws by e_>_r___<>_, bat toe
ku_,��ie->;e wUle��mei__krd. aed toeakan-ea
are l��a te one that she wild Bo.ar Warn to
u._s_-��e her bee-e -,��li. -_ie asay neeer
te*_ te ._��� iwekUg, but eine-teatoa ef toe
treuble with e_.T--._e hi dee to toe face
tia> the aslsbress ta me* sapeble ef teac-t-
prompt cu:es of  this most common | "'" '��'* U,JU" ber shouldei's, whatevw ber    �����'-Tates-bUM. a" wt��r5w~t��7w
I station may b..    Tho  girls are set  made     "!*.       ���lr��***Ba ��� iwrees.���ciew sen
pleasant to take.
; Iruggiits.
alwnvB   cures and  is! 10 wurk hard,  but tbey arc tberoagbly    fck,tt
For sale by All
������ ** . \     s-m eg _-e _ y_  r Saul** I a v-rv ices at I,��_..,*!"   tit  1 I
558 uranvue St., Vancouver -^t^-
Sunday !��cko��l at 10 a. t_i
...cearti i
to   i'sit  Commercial
Prayer utrenag oa Thursday at ��f Wi-mire;-  the   risible iitpply of
trained in aouklt.j. aud are in.ti-iwled la
tbe eleiu-nte of tine la.iu-.lry work and ef
general bouselicld seeaomy and ,U.i*.��,s-!e
matuiyt-.tueut. Wben tbey leave the sebnel,
Ihey a.e oapablu uf managing a h-ae-h-id
l_'.t-llig_ntly. ,
Cbeapar inb-uU of heasewilery male* i
less previslaa fur tbesomfnrt ef tep.ls '
and exnst harder werk, but ,��� _ well pes*
A Sni.atlS- kiailrera.
7,3a p. ���.: choir practice at J.
1 aats in the Utiited States and   Can-, ronlzad bytaiallles with euiail Iticeuai
Pianos, Pianos, Pianos! "Wl���
Hffi! 51.
7ids,.east of the  V-t
is   16,672,
,:kv Mountaius,
��� it'  f_._i.ir__.   Ly   U_i
Cut Glass,
Time Table.
Tr.aia "leaves Cloverdale at 3:4a
p.wi. and arrives at i'vit Guichvti 1.'
���*,:..��� p.as.
TraiH leaves ?art Cuic_.a at
I 5:10 p.m. trsd anives at Clayar_ir.lt
��� at 6:__ p.m.
k-' ��*.��',��}s aaly.
Then   thtste ure   _i_j
score whleb sake three ar fettr girls aud
10   bushels,    compared! agree to initiate them Into ihe e��-i>ret..s ut
... ��� _     .   ., ' uiuii s.,i_n/,   eiststiikisj  and ail   _hi_._,�� <_->
with 13,857,000 Ivuskels a year ago. | _.w!k "*' " "���
.  !     T. Amei-loebs who, sate ter the fr.Vet
 ~  j Ugh! thrown by sparadlo eases ef eeekisg
���., .... r, ��t,��'.. and   abating  dltii  ��*__*__*-, ail ei_-
1 ae     Uotiiinion      inspector    et   MMg in darkne_s It wenlfl seen -bet toe
ires   Mr. Mar-i -omestle future ef Oeratany and tfwlswer-
Weights and   Mea;
shall, of Vancouver,
*sv,s . >y**T *m
' ii- ���-''������;*.     ' X       ,'���'-��� / '..���'"if'*
. , _.   .  . , land  is Wlerably wall  puiTlded  tar, bat
sict an oniciai! rriuently tbe eduoatlenttl eBtberlld-s eves
visit   here   this   week   and   reports thore de notsblnk sbi   Sennany is r_acb-
. . ing oat for men tbeseagb aotaeetle trala-
evervthin.;   in very   lair   condition 1 ,,,.,, aud ._ Bwitterlatid the ta-tewent ie I
which was much to he  surprised at I still ftirtliar advanced  The pehll* sehwrVs
: uf  i-uru, or at least  lt_ large sew build- '
consideim*. the length ot  time that j u^-., bave bees Cited apwlUi dtjiart meass
: a-lit.ite._i  for tiiliioti in laendry. e_ekl_g,
j aiarketlBg, __a.iBBe_.e_t   ef   et*��t��i>.   eta.
hus elapsed sine--, last inspection.
1 !!1. SCI,
'Mttsrc   are   twe tkrau^k paaaen-
And all kinds of Jewelry!    ' "ws "" ' :"'- 7���, 1
��� 1 J 1 iev traiss per i_ay tack way  te aaa -,
  I frota Peattls snd a  Mixed   train te
! aad iraw _t_i.iagh.t_n.
aaiT-BH  ccii.ft-BiA
lEfecirtc ilu cipii li
Not if ns Kick ss Rockefeller.
you had all the wealth oi Roeke-
"?-��. e''ui_*.sn!i.. .ay -.��w��rr* mm e��:
"1 fcsund It 11 the s*rss*ni!"
A-��l   t��Hh > Wlr..'.'.'.- me.lie, thi swie
fturt'tyed ti ilucnjb his glaaae-.
"Ali  yes," be imM. "tlsveluorftte,
Aad '.li 'he gore's Hin.'.__-.
*t'*srt.llsi 5nai*��t.^li.lo1ofl.
**Vmiy��:*t,T''- .-t-'^.ao'j!!.
4  jsit-ir*?  il.vs.s-:MVB fl   *M.
Ter��Ta��nia S*-a��-lf,��aie!" V
SV> Msssrk Dm hh*i-se��i tn^ jfntn,
_-����� !'��.*��� her wistVi.1 eye ur.
*-I tbcDght," Ai eai-l.  *--;-:b q.lvwtng
"Jl wn e ����e��s 1-��?,;��� ���
���llaraaret trkr.^m tn t��i   --:������.!..���-��.
it alee  _ta4>i-n��a.
��r,l|     Repairing a Spooiany.
1 Re the Fractional North-esst Quar-
i    ter of Section 27 ; thc Fractional :,..lk.ri lbe standard  Oil  magnate,
South-eas! quarter  o!  Section ,v, ' _____________________________________________________________
(except the North 80 acrea. ; i,_t_ I you could not buy a better medicine "aei*e**i Art-hie wiiii_tH_," ears -be
,.      .?       , .-,'    .     ,   ,r    [ c    .'_..!-     ,         ,             ,  ���   .      ,         ,,,         i EsntuB ClUr Jenmal, "w&e na a s_*��ia gi��-
I     Fractional South half of Section , for bowel  complaints  than  Cham- tng Bp MJ-, ,��._ ,',��� 4��� lMt ���inm��.
j 35. al] inT'; ^f'P 3' NcW * "*��� j _erla.u's Colic, Cholera and Diarr-: ^ ^ ^l^LT^JLtf^JlT
minster District. i ohasco a hlg baskas of vto+iH- et aa as-
i / Certificate of Irde.eaa.ble Title fil0Ea Remedy, The most eminent \ fmrn efjwi. Betnrulug tetbe araia^to
r, Lcrim,.,, oi 11 ncicsaioir _nic| , p^,,,^ ^..j, wo__en wilh e twxwt-rfirl
I to the above prop-rty will be issued I physician can not prescribe a better; innnjue*, _bo_g_i ^ af die wremen were
on   Efflbree   on the ^^H     .... | Btunncws.    By ait. by the hortevwl af��_-��
a-uwu ua 1    m.i.s
5000 Telegraphers
��� m-'L'i'.-jiii-Wf am -
Vancouver, B. C.
m.\ *���! nr��_rt a nud tUH-ltaji at < 1 p.m.
Wi riilnt-i'.ii.  frclfkl  catf ksttwtrn   W����t*
uiislrr xni Tua center ���u-l ��ll ��hi|i__ie_L.ti ��r*
cure ��-i-i ��leli-?rrr.l  te
District Registrar af Title*.
l.ec-l Ugr.
,.��:.r, B.C
Aamially, to Sit the new  positions
treate. by Railroad and Telegraph,   m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^v a amies
Cawpaaiec.     We   wawt   YOUNG      HearU-uartera   for Paciic   Coast    '*'rr.ai_k.tr
MEN aaslLADIESoftroodhabUito Grown (iarden, Field and Flowei v
Sreils.    New crop now in stock and i _,- -n,,,,
���    l*�� lea*     -��'l*l   ivTlllHIl/      ... 1 1    ,   . gS*S~-fWWS..X'-i?*J5l
UEARN    FELEQRAPHY    on test  in our treenhouseg.    Ask * mi^g^^a^eW: r-
your naerckant i'or them in scaled   E_^_'^.^i7^'_7-i��*��^l?_^-_"R^Kt__
Ai>t> R. R. ACCOUNTINCi . . .   I >-^age��.    I   he does  aot   _a.,d,e; M.^du~ddm^d)d
ithem   we   will ��til 50 assorted 5c   i_l��^bt~^^SSt^ffl_^*^fl
_   ,     rack els   of   vcetable   and   flower  |_i^_i_f_1��-.-S'7".,--,?k;>,#I
We Ituaiaa 75  |*er cent,  of the 1 ecd|. (ou_ f)Wt) _electioni suittble ���_-W-WtoW'-__��:_*-l
Operatars and  Station  Agents  ia |
Htedip. w-.tii tec Htateet eare aad aelt.erea t* 1
ceasigeee iriilieet erle��    S^cisl etiealien rn. ! I.aiid  RegistlV   O&'.Cf,
le fruit-l.ip__fet.,.     Let  e-ici.e*;  Mfft t.11 l��ei.t�� [ ��� J^'.StS
���aglraiai.   I��ermte��,etc. ajiety te New    Wc*stt<tit,f,t'*r,    i..   C.    23I'd 1
water and sweetened,  is pleasant to
itake.    Every family should be sup-
All   Drug-
lied with it.    Soli!
"I won.-  be afraid  tn .llaee 1	
anew open hits at a cor.tl.al m��____*. As
tusks like a men uaaceastuuted ta Gurnets."
"Nnnmnsel   Why,   be Kees aa-ba tag
of a Sri.) l_y r.led.,''���CT> '���_.,��- t'ees   '
Aasertca.    Onr six schools are tbe
largeit exclusive Telegraph .Schools
ia tke world.    Established 20 years j
aad eadorsed by  all  kading   Rail
way Officials.
We execate a J>25�� Bsind t�� every
ili��   niec'sin     	
lftct again on the first Saturday in
for B. C. gardens) for %i.    Specie
prices on your bulk steds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra   eice   stock   ot   two   and
m_-_------------n----------i-----------------_ tkree-venr Apple Trie.';  at $2011*1
atn-eat to  furnish  kiw  ��r  her  a | ..���,_    j]Ro    ;,rr    ,6oo;    M,yr,)d
paaitiaa payiag from $4* te  -*'��*', Plums, $x each; Italian Prune, two-
ataath in States east et   the   Rocky |year)   finf    ?3_    Fer   I0Q.   s
liaamtaiag, or from $p to ���$����-.  p_t,nei two-year, ine, JUa pet 100.
���taatkiaStateawestof the Rockies,      _, .. ...   ,    .       , . ,
j. . , ,    .���_ '     l'lill 1st of other stork at re? i-.lar
.Mate-iately npoa graduation. '
'     r     * .prices.    No expense, io.s or ticlsy
Stadeats caa eater at any time. jof fumigation or inspectioa.
Let mc price yoar list before plae-
ing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Fioral Work,
Bee Supplies, Fruit Packages, Fcr
tiiizers, etc.
Ma vacatieae. For full particulars
regarsliag aay of our scheola write
direct te stur executive affice at
tiacias.Ati, O.    Catalogue free,
W m KWH Of l-fQUN.
Cincinnati, Ohio.        HuiTalo, N.\
Atlaa's, Gi LnCros^e, Wis
T(_ay>rleans, T_ c, Sa-i Fr.-inci��et*),Ca
M.J. HSiNRy, Vancouver
3-515 '.s'rstmiHStar H��ad.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
O&t-r you tmlondld .mppovftmontt ot
&k.a1! ff-r,;, tor tiny ftylt* ��>f  inuiul_r.;:_
\\*i mcltr .har. r��.-*tifiU,ti#, (o l��ti?t
nwT klztd tir f��lia)ii��Hi itru-kuri ��� th��
witifc .natal finish incluilinf drvnr and
window cal****, i-Ttrni-!eK,*t.,.--in a grant
varitrty of ttytffl.
Tbty Jfiv* a Trry .-i^iuW-Htmc rffcrt.,
and w*>Jini-\;:,  practical r*.i;i��l^��iie>��v.
We girt ����ititfia��_-. if vwi (����nd
Ittis-JHirMiMMils and outlint oi ihc build*.
Tbink it over.
Meta-llic Roofing Co.,
Lim lied.
Wholesale Ms-nufeeturers,
Toronto, Canada.
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
I April, iocr..
'    The persoa or  persons having ia ,    The regular meeting of the School
I their c-.stody or possession   the lol- j Kl)1U(1   ���.u, kdd .���   Saturday last
Iot.ine Title  Deeds relating to the     ,.,    .    . ,
., . .__.j__.___.   with all the members present, when
! saul   propertv sre requested  to de- ' '
1 '-ver the same to tke undersigned.   :!i:e monthly accounts were passed.
ayth  April,  1M5,  Crown  to J     rhe   meeting   then   adjovarned   to
Moriarty Grant in fee.
2nd Way, 1&-5, J, Morisrty t�� T.   jnne
McNeely Cauveyance ia fee.
_4ih   November,   1I91, T.   Mc- Sciatica Cured After Twenty Years
Neelv to Ii. A. wad hams CoHYey-
ance'in lee. '" Torture,
CORBOI.D & GRANT, For more than twenty years Mr.
New Westminster B.C., j. b, Massey, of 3322  Clinton  St.,
Solicitors lor George B. Embree.      Minneapolis, Minn.,   was tortured
j _        -  _   _   jbygciaticai    The pnin   and   *uirer-
���s^.e>i...l��...��..._|.._^.sv,��,..��.^.��...��^.�� iM   -syhich j^e endnred  during  this
It   Mim. Ri'sU SOUR ?A\lU   fjNothing gave him  any pernament
i.l  ll-er l'-..���>��nne.
"Woman! ' ba cried Ih a Ti.k<e��g *?*�����,
der. "Poo't yu Vdow you'll drive me ���
ic.- gravof"
"No1 ' Btw returtod, wilh 0 <_*. et beg
mi'T Up, "The beessa flilvet sHH 0a
th;,!!"���fp tu DaU.
.  4"  relief until b.e used Chamberlain's
*-? ���    X-lJliXl i.ij._ 1 X.that  liniment relieved the pain and
_   ,    I   made sleep a*i;l rei,t pi,s��ilik-.��ntl less
*   than one bottle hr.s; effected   ..  rer-
maneut   cure,     li  troubled   v.ith
^��  MftKuriicturert Bf mil kin#!li-.f ��{ss
t   Soda  Wat��_r, Ginger -?��� sciatica br rheumatism w-hy no. try
I      Ale   and   Summer *|. a s5c-bottle of Pain   Balm  aud  see
.;.                  UFinKS. .*,   l\>r yotiriclf how rinickly it   relieves
���        t*���,.- ^..irnn.n. .rsiL-it^.i j.; the p.^tu.    l'"or sule bv  All   Drug-
,4,       Your patronage solicitc.
.���������������.��-i{��.t.<(i.��^��.^.#.^..��..}..��..^.��..;s..��..;.*,s}.: gisij.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Pavc-ita
Coughs, Colda, Croup aosd
Wliooping Cough.
This i-ssniody Is famotii for iteoenf ever
nlsCtfO part of this r.THI'.'.H'l wurUL \% a_u
jilwitysi bis .[..stnn.iesi opnu. It.ooee-TH no
opium sir ollior Unrroful dras Mis Ber l_>
given hh conAdentt** to 11 l.ui.y .He td��U
Price 25 ots; Large Slse, CO otsi.
k^i 1 i����ie IHE DELTA  .TIMES, SATURDAY, MAY a,
LOCAL NEWS.    {. p. R. HOLl-1
Mit* Hutcliison is 2 cur-st at tbe(
Oa Tuesday  uijjht lie C. P.   R.
Westbound Tia -con'.iental K .press
'was hell up, between Kamloops
iand Ducks, by ibre- masked men.
Th'ir haul wa*j light. Police, cow-
, bays, Iud.aus and bloodhounds are
1 on their trai'. Their caroling ground
��� has Ueen discovered which iurticn-
i tes thut tbey have been on the
1 ground for some time. The trail
i bas be-u incited and it i-i hoped
������ 1 they will  i-oon  be captured.    Re-
Mrs, and Miss  Arthur  are visit-1 wards amauntinsJi 1,500 are offered
A.   Claawn   visited   the   Royal
City this week.
Mrs. Hilton returned (r >m Victoria last Thursday.
Mra. Parkes is visitiag her daughter Mrs. A. Clausen.
&  Ini Bern      f&mm^lkW
H STORE We B&gi Le^we
Is in Progress et the New Westminster
lag at the oil homestead.
' for their arrest.
DESCRIPTION   cf robjikrs.
,*���*._*? Ha|SSC.
P. Sweaaea aad M. Mends visite.1:    The following is an official  des-
tke Raval City this week. cription ofthe three botdt-pmea   as
 . ,  , gained from the crew of the  sacice-.
Marshall Sia.t'a   spent a  <iay cr
two   ia   the   Terminal    City   tbis:
In white with white dots snd cu! rod flower;..
' *s&$g* H_7
J. Gilchrist went over to Vancouver _a Wednesiav afteraaou
ea a visit.
D. B. Grant aad wi,ie retarned,
Tuesday atoraisg from, a visit ta
"One man  about   five  feet  six,
I apparaatly young, with  clear,   distinct voice, with old ragged  sweater, et  faded  bine;  ordinary build,
apparently dark.
"Another about the same height,
rather   thinner,   apparaatly   about
forty  to fifty  years old.   wearing
ordinary dark suit.    Wore goggles.
"Tbe third was  abeat  five  feet
nine or ten, rather thiu,  with  red
mustache;   were  rough   suit.    All
were   shabbily   dressed,   aud   had
Mrs. Kaatt. of New Westminster, .slouch bats an."
was  a  guest of  Mr*. T.  VV. Kerr j     This description tallies very   well
over Sunday. j with that givea by C. P. R. Kngin-
       '        1 eer Brown of Kami.op. of tht three
'��� armed   meu   he  saw   near   Ducks
Mra.   T.   E.   Ladner aad  Miss.sUtiou   seTeral   llays   u.lor,    th(.
Ladaer, returaed, Tuesday, from a ' robberv.
tw ) weeks' visit to Victoria. 	
���   . ��� ��� I     The S.S. Sonoma leaves l.sclaer
Mra.   D. Woodward aad daaga* at 8 "*m- tnd �� P m*: leaTe�� Slft���'
tar.   Miss  Flosaie,   returned   home!1011  8t  y am*  lnd 5 P**-     J*!*? j
Tuesday, fror. a r.sit to  friends ia   daT ��"-* Sl!nd��y*
Missea jacksou,   af New  West-, visit here aa Mcndiy.    Mr. Miller'
miuster, spent a few days -isltiag| atteuded  the   District  Mactin* at i
^heir c.uaiss at the Shirley  House1 Chilliwack last Week and while   on 1
this week. hia way to  Vic.eria te attend  the |
.      " Methodist Conference,  he stopped j
eff ta visit as maay ef his old friends
��� as   possible   at   bath   Laduer  and 1
at��r, ca��e down oa Tuesday even-1 Kburne     A, timc w��� yfrT ���mJteiJ ;
tng an a visit 10 her sister. Mrs. \V.;tUote  wh#-  k, (H4  -ol |M  wl]-,
J. Iiadden. kindly  accept  his apology far ael
doing so.    The  rev.   ?,tntlessan  is i
leaking  well  and  is  well  pleased .
Of white dotted Swiss, and Swiss with colored flow"
ers mid spots.
Your choice at
12 mg yd
In dark colors with small spots and dots.
Our regular Sc line for
g yd
In navv and ro)-al blue, green and red with stripes
���fine and soft for house dresses,
Regular ioc for
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, malting it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about th��
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
NEW WESTMINSTER,     * -       -       -       B. 0.
Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes, Etc.
New, up-to-date Papers
To   select   from,   also   some  good   bargains in
Mrs. Clarke,  of New  Westmir-
T. M. SMiT
267 Columbia St.,    -    New Westminster, B. C
��� J*_..J���.     Jl. !*.___��� _,_._���.
A. P. Stuart, af Vai cjuver, whe
lx.s been visiti.f Alex. Davie for a I wilk ki9 -,reif��l ,uti#n* Eaderby. j
few days, returaed kerne on Man* I "d ��Pr"s��< l"-��elf M "**������ j
day Morainr. ! P*e*,tc*   w't*   ���-1'-'     impi-ovemeats
i whick hsve beea carried  out  here
_   . _ ��� si��ce   his   removil      Mrs.    Miller;
Miis Crisp returaed ta Vancau-jaad family are well,
-eraa Monday morning after spending e few day* visitiag her sister,
Mrs. M. aa-ith..
Fred Paraiiter, wife, aid daug-.-
tef, Gertrude, returaed to Anaaeis
Islaad, on Tuesday last, after a
akart visit te friends ktre.
Visa Tboroasiae Kerr returned j
tkoase, Saturday evening, accora*!
jpanied by Miss Diasmore, of the!
.loyal City., un a short visit.
J. W*. LegSH, of Vaneeu-ver, is
-aapplyiag here for F. C. Butler, at
*ke Royal Beak. Mr. Batler is
��]pcad.ing hit vacation iu Victoria.
Miss U. S. McDiaiHSiid, of Van-j
couver, ret'ttrned haaie on Monday
m��rtii>g   after   spending
*fiai?inp   ber brottaw, X.
A.  Mc-I
The    follo-rTing     cf.reimunieati'.n
speak* fur itself;
W. H. Ladaer, Esq.,
Laduer, B. C.
Dear Sir: Preliminary weik ia
cauaection witk the extemtina of
this Company's power aad lifting lines to Ladaer has heen
under way for some time, and
tha greater part of the material
necessary his now beea ordered.
We expect tn be ia a positiea te
supply the town of Ladner with
Ilectric Light in the aioath of
August, and eve hope to find svery
house wired an _ ready for service
Yours truly,
General Maaager.
Vancouver, B. C, May 4th, 1906.
FI10 Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New Solid Goods,, new prices.
Modem  .Shoes in a Modern   Shoe  Store.
��/. REAGH.    -    Ladner. B.C.
Bi 0! .inn lit
11 ��� '-_���. ! ���! !".!    . ���_���&_...' ..LlMJ-l.JJea
J. ��� ..1 .Jt
We are showing   some  splendid values iu White Muslin
Blouses, prices from $1.00 Up.
Ready-tcnWear Hats.
We  hnve a wide range of tht Newest Styles at prices
that will appeal very for *ibly to the thrifty buyer.
A. J. BIRTCH,        - '     -        275 Columbia Street
Feed and grain business is fairly
good with no special feature to
mention. Oats and hay are plentiful.
Toronto ��� Selected live hogs
fetch $7-15; 'light*, aud fats, $6.90
per 100 lbs.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
-w�� CoMt, Cttmp sad Whoaf-jag Ceagfc.
fi.      ���B    I ���    ��� ������" ��� ,  1      1 I
Mias Jordaa left, on Tnesday,
sgiarniag, viaStevtstaa, for Victoria, |
*p attend the meeting af -the B. C. I
iBraneb of the Women's Missionary 1
iSJjociety ofthe Methodist Church asj
4el,gata from .the Riverside Mission
Circle. ' I
Joa. Mascwn. Mother af Mrs. C. H, -
Davif, returned here, on Tuesday,:
from Edniontoa,   Altai,  where  he
and bis brother, Miller, have been |
,��or iofne months.    "Joe" is on  hi-
-vav' to ��-rka.:*.vay now, and   stopped ^
t!,-\SS I.M.i _e vjs.it.. I
Onto  my property, about three
weeks ago, a 2-year-old Heifer.
Owner may have same  by proving property and paving expenses.
Monkman rosd.
Trad* Mamce
Cei��v*.��HTa a.r..
A��re*s��*_ss-_��nf m etr.tfli w.4 ��e��is.-iet*.e e*��r
*.��leklv M��eriam $,m eplnioe free _h.*.ber ne
��� isiswate It tssc^iihls/ l^tsJViut CeetiieaJen.
���.,..s.��js.'T.,.,,(;��uMtai. gj3j|890ll earet-��u_
ie-t free. riMesst rj-��t,es- te- eeeermn pefcema.
reieele lelon Miroeifc Muta A C��. reetlrt
irxlal aeriw. wNtieat ��-*>��., la lite
Scientific Jtatritm
K MKnfomneyU n'tiRtTrt'e. �����.*���*���-. T^rjr*1* ftlr-
onl��tion *>. ��njr f*i*owLiC'? ]imrD*J. Trji-tn*, i'.\ r
your; four mv-'tbe, W.  Boici by uU TH-Ws-lnnU-r..
^'JNN & Co.��ei���*^ New York
mnmm OeVte. m W St.. VHkeiM. is'. 0.
Where measles or {"niclieii-po-x
exist in a home all children must be
'.ept from school until the epidemic
in that particular home his ceased,
i itherwise th*  hones will  be quar-
! llvO -.>-.
A    A        I   ,.7   M.D.,
M.  II. 0.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply to the Board of Licence
Commisioners lor Delta Municipality, at its meeting in June next,
for a transfer of the Liquor Licence
ofthe Port Guichon Hotel at Port
Guichon, from myself as executor
of the estate of W. L. McBride deceased to Emily Susan McSride, of
Port Guichon, B. C.
Dated this 27th day of April iyo6.
Delta Municipality.
Notice is hereby fires that the
Court  of Revision of tbe  Assessment ot the Municipality of Delta
���will be held   in the Council Cham-;
hers, Ladner, on Saturday, the 19th
day ol   May, 1906, at  10 a.m., nnd
any person desiring to make complaint against his or her assesStpeutj
must give  notice in writing to the]
Clerk, stating the ground of his or.
her complaint, at least ten daws be-;
fore said date
N    A,   McDIARMH),
C. M. C.
Ladner, Arri! ij'th, v.v (������
Under instructions from the Executors
tho  Estate of the .Late W.  L. McBRIO
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an
Entirely^ New Stock      *0       0
Come and See Our  ^pec'al Line ofj
Boots and Shoes,
Port   Guichon,  B. C.


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