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The Delta Times Mar 17, 1906

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********* *,_ 'J *-
1 twf% &____<
li? IE
^   ' f -
_______��� 6'2__fc
waoiy..-    ��_)
V*>o-> ' o* f
JI)l''.Tt-.J Vl.J  -���������    ��� U.I^W^SBI-^
Si.or yea
bout That
:   ifoinf Spring
fill* 86
ancy Scotch Tweed
lew   cut,   best  trimmings,
35 to 42���$7.60,
$10, $12 to $15.
etc., sizes
Blue and Black Serge Suit::
latest cut, adze3 35 to 42-
Boy3*   2-piece   Suits,   from
$1.50 to $5.50.
Boys'   3-piece.   Suits,   from
$3.50 to $7.50.
The Finest Range of Regatta and Neglige Shirts, shown anywhere.
Sammer Underwear, Fancy Sox, Belts and Suspenders, and Every-
���.in? carried in ah up-to-date Furnishings "Store.
New Shipment of Trunks, Valises and Suit Oases.
Dry Goods Department-
New Prints, Laces and Embroideries, Wash Goods, Hosiery, White-
WQai j Summer Vests, Belts and Neckwear, All Ready for Your Inspection,
The Spring Stallion Show and
First Annual Auction Kale of" Pur?
Bred Live Stock  will be held  i-
New Westminster,   on  Wedn - da
and    ..ursd..,    March   21  and  22
This      o ��� and Sale   wlll  bv   con
ducted   under   tbe  control  of  the
Executive ol theB. C. 3 ock Bred
ers' Assoc 1  on.
The officers ofthe Association   re:
<K'.n. president, Hon. R. G, Tatlow
���Ii ister of   Agriculture,   Victoria;
gowdy Tato. THE GOOD
resident, A. D. Paterson, Ladner
..iite president, H. M. Vasey,
.. -Iijcr; secretin* - treasurer
1 !.��', Logan; B. S. A., Dept. oi
\_riculiure, Vic; ex-officio direc
toils, J. R. Anderson, Deputy Min
istir ol Agriculture, Vic, P. W
ilodson, Live Stock Commissioner.
Ottawa; dlre-.-i.rs, AC.Wells. Chili
wack; H. N. Rich,   Ladner;  T.  J
The following  information is the
r-ti-lt of an interview  with  Wir.i
Gowdy on municipal matters:
"I was one of the Council eight i__________________________i__________________________i
years out of the twenty that I have; Roads Loqn' was he,'! in lh<- T 'w,!
been on the flats," sa s Bill, among' Ha*! ��>* Saturday last, with * ery
other things,    "I was the first agi- (f endance.   On motion W. H
The adjourned meeting, re Good
Ladner took the chair and C. H.
Richardson acted a. secretary.
After a few introductory remarks
the chairman introduced P. T.
Gibbie  who explained   the reason
tator and mover o the 4-inch ires,
and I tried my level best to get the
Coun-1 to quit the plank, with the
exception of one mile of the bog
east  ot   Paterson's, and get scows
and bring good beach gravel in- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
stead, but they all, both young and why an engineer had not been em-
old, scouted the idea, some saying ployed to estimate the cost ol build-
it wouldn't pack, others saying it ing a bridge across Canoe Pass, and
would not stand or hold the wagons j said, according to information gatb-
up. I know one 6-inch coat won't J ered from Richmond, it would cost
be enough; you must put say 8 from $27,000 to $30,000 for a
inches for a fir*-t coat and that will '��� wooden bridge, the life of which
go down the first winter, then put ] would only be about 12 years.
8 inches more and that will stay, j Alex, Davie thought it would be
with some fixing where the traffic ' a good investment to raise the loan.
is  heavy.    Beac 1 gravel   will   not j It   would   not   be   necessary,   he
Trapp,   New  Westminster;   G. H j Pack on wood' nor on  clay iu suul"' thou*ht- to increase the l"�� with
H-4dwen, Duncans; S. H. ,,hannon, ! mer'b,ut as soon as tlie  wet  COmeS the  ,oa"'   but without a  loan the
'it will pack on clay when it is taxes must be increased. The
hauled on. When the clay won't, time is not far distant when it will
take in any more gravel it needs r.o! be necessary to raise money for
more except for slight repairs.
"No'.v the new Colts are putting-
earth on the roads and coining in
lei.king because it  won't stand ihe
Shoe Department.
The Finest Stock of Shoes ever shown outside the cities.
Ladies' Tan and Black Oxfords, Gibson Ties and Strap Slippers.
See the new lines of "Royal Purple" Shoes.
Men's Black and Tan Oxfords, Pateet Colt Bluchers and all the new
leathers shown for Spring and Summer wear.
Also new lines Boys' and Girls' School Boots.
hall Smith
The   Photographic musical   tn*      ;)i   Woor_*ey  Was presented, on
tertainmeuts given at   Jvast  Delta Sunday, with a young daughter.
and Laduer on Monday  and Tues-1   . T.     .. ...   .   .. .
���* Jim Pollis is the proud possessor
day, in aid of the Japanese Famine !ofa S011 and heir wh0 arrived on
Relief Fund, were much  appreciat- j Sunday morning.
by  those who attended.   The;    Qeo r
Cloverdale; auditors, G D. Brym
tier, Manager Bank of Montreal,
New Weslminster, John Power,
New Westminster.
In accordance with an increased
grant from the Live  Stock   Branch
of the   Dominion   Department   ol
Agriculture, as well as the sum of
$50 contributed by P. Burns & Co., I
V4iicouver, as a gift to the British
Columbia Stock Breeders'  Association; the  directors,   at   a  meeting
held February 28th, decided to hole!
a Spring Stallion Show.    This will
be held in connection with the A.uc
tion sSaie, aud at the same time ane
place.    This show will give owners
of stallions an excellent opportunity
of showing their anim.ils, as ther
will be a large number from differ
ent parts of the province aftendin
the sale.   The condit ons g >>���<-
ing the show are as follows:
ist.���The entries must be icd
out   on   the  regular  form,   whi
may be obtained by applying to t,
Secretary, and acccompanie.l by   a
entrance fee of $2.5: for  each   ani
mal entered.
2nd.���That  entries  will  ba  re
ceived up to March 17th.
3rd.���That stallions must  be 1
the grounds at 9 o'clock,   M.   i
21st, and remain until   4  p.   m
March 22nd.
4th.���That a veterinary surgeon
will be on the grounds, aud will
have the power ot rejecting any
auy animal showing clinical .symptoms of glanders.
5th.���If any are rejected the en
trance fee will  be  returned  to  exhibitor.
6th.���Judging will commence at
'two o'clock, March 21st.
Prizes offered for Stallion Show,
for Registered Stock only.
Best Stallion, Clyde or Shire,
two years old and over���ist $20,
2nd $15, 3rd $io, 4th $5.
J. A. Paterson thought the people should state what they think.
The   Council   would   like to hear
traffic.    I heat someone has bought I those who were opposed to the loan
up the beach at Blackie's .Spit, but j explain a way out of the difficulty.
Wm. Pybus said he was not in
favor of borrowing this money; he
would rather see the present debt
wiped out first.
Wm. Gowdy said he had attend-
there  are  other places  I know of
that are just as good.
"As to the division of the Estimates, re loan, it shows great partiality���the   shorter   the road   the
more money it seems to get. There | ed both meetings and had read the
is the Tasker road, for instance, i->_j printed figures, and he was not iu
of a mile long, #3.000, and a  rail-1 favor ofthe loan as apportioned.
road crossing near the middle of it,
and ihe road corduroyed up to it ou
one side, then the Gowdy road, 3
���niles long, with a large amount of
hauling over the full length of it,
inly $1,400; Scott road, 55,000,
where Surrey should pay one hall
and we haul but very little.    I see
Alex. Gilchrist said he would
like to hear the views of the taxpayers. He would like to have a
loan repaid during the life of the
road. He thought twenty ye��r��
the life of a road.
Cap*-.. Oliver said he was only a
little fellow  and should not   h-ive
Councillor Davie proposes to ex- much to say, and he had not much
pend for ,1 road from Witter's cor- to say. The Captain handled quite
ner to the camping ground, $2,500, a number of figures in a very dip-
ahd make up tbe sandy south by lomatic manner which, when he
making streets in. the sand. j was through,   kept   the   audience
"Yes,  you  can use   my name," ' guessing whether he was in favor
say-.;   Bill.    "They   ail  know   it is 0f the loan or not.
true,   and   what   is   more, I have*     Paul Swensen   said Westham lane.-en  in   the Council, wasted one. land was entitled to a  terry out of
dollar  of  the municipal funds.    I  the ordinary revenue.    He did not
defy any man to show where I did,; see why Westham   Island should
Of course I voted for lots of things' pay such a  large amount for the
which   vvere  not  according to my small sum they would get in return.
own judgment, but there were four| "Give us a bridge and we will vote
or five  against me so what would for the loan."
be the use ot me trying to back     H. M. Vasey said he would vott
everything.    I do hope they  will for the loan if a guarantee were
quit putting earth aud rolling stone given  that  the money   would   he
ou the roads, it makes roads  worse spent according to the bylaw.
beside being very costly." Several   other   gentlemen spoke
in favor of the loan providing the
money were properiv handled,
__ On motion   it   was  decided  that
 "��� ] petitions should be circulated seek*
Any person wishing to  have hisj ��>�� the necessary signatures.
name on the Provincial Voters' List!   ,    ,   ,-.
Tolmie and J. R. Anderson Best Purcheron Stallion, 2 years, must do so before the end of thej
are billed- to address meetings in and over��� ist $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5. ' coming week, or they will be too;
Surrey on the  23rd  and   24th, but!     Best Suffolk Punch Stallion, two J *a*e for tbe next revision.
no dates are set for Delta. j years and over��� ist $15,   2nd  $10, ]	
 ���  I 3rd $5.
!     Best Standard Bred or Thorough-'
Wednesday   evening,   after j bred Stallion, 2 years and over-ist
Mrs. Guichou paid a visit to New
Westminster this week.
ed by  those who attended.   The j    Gea R- Manley was presented,, 	
attendance was not what  had been | yesterday,   with  a  bouncing baby j purchasing oysters  in   Vancouver, i p^ 211(i j-,0, 3rd _5$.
desired by  any means and reflects'girl.    Nurse says she is sitting up jthe local Oddfellows' discovered an'
Rev. J. F. Betts visited the  Terminal City this week.
John Oliver, M. P. P., ha* returned to his farm again, after ea
arduous session in the local House.
discreditably upon this prosperous
community, A million Japanes.
Starving ana a'l Delta contributes���
for which value is received���am
Oil nt* to less ihi.n $15 clear of expenses.
Miss Shaw, who has been visiting Mrs. W. J. H~niie , rerun id
to her home in New Westminster
.3R Wednesday,
Mr. Lasseter wishes to thank the
Directors of I. O. O. F. H.U1 and
M. I. A. Hal', East Delta, for so
kindlv placing those buildings at
his disposal dining the Japanese
Famine Relief Fund entertainment.
The lollpwili a noun's were raised:
Eas Helta, $6.80; Ladiier, $8.20;
total, $.*���*,,
oyster bed, right opposite the Council Chambers, but it was soon fished
Paul Swensen and wife
up river on Wednesday morning.
Mr. Swensen intended going as far
as Pitt River to investigate the
ferry in opera-ion tliere, I see
whether a similiar one would meet
I the requirement** of Canoe Pass,
Best Hackney Stallion, two years
and over���ist $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $s.
Grand Champion, any  ot  above
!     Please  s.u'i   iu   your entrie**  at
went 1 once, so that the show may   bs  advertised as early as possible,
THK       1    '.HON    SALK.
We have ed np '   date over
60 entrie; f      ..  sa'e,    -. the  ti.ne
Fresh    Shredded Whole   Wheat
Biscuits���W. H. Smith.
(Continu-.*;! 011  Second Page.)
J. A. Savage, ot Westham Island,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     paid a short business visit to New
_____ ���   Westminster, Wednesday.
Mrs. Philpot, of New  Westmin- .
ster,  visited   friends   on  Westham       ...      -,, ,_.������_ _ TT
_    ' ,   , . , !    Arthur Olivir, eldest son of Hon-
Island this week. . T .        .        , . _..        ,
est John, returned home, this week,
'. from the Royal Columbian Hospital,
Mrs. R.   Moffit and  son,   Jack, where he had been confined during
came down from  the   Royal   City, the past six weeks stiff-ring from a
Thursday, on a visit to  her sister, broken leg.    Ha is geiiiag along
Mrs, G. T, Baker, nicely now. TTTE fc'.LTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MARCH :7,.i9^*
F.n.M.li'.K l-.VKXY Saturday.
briptiow, sloo !>����� y��r��
.        ..nTKRTIf.N*". R ATI'S.
C_.__._l A4mtl��ratc��t��, io ocote i~r line lo>
Smmi l.wrtM-n. Tht mmlirr ..I !..>>
l.-tif T"" ��-������� o".-V**"*. i'U��"-*�� tht
H,!,, -KC��*ntr-Ul A-s*-rU��em������.. e���� he
k_d M ������li��-��ie�� -t thu o*-t.
��.��_*���, o-ttw- i- e��u V�� lw�� ,w ����������* lB"
hi ii��s.
ftlrU ����4 D��ath no.**-.., jew-. M��ni��fe�� li.to.
A.I mmAil ���-ti<*. the -bj.ct ol which it to
CorutithtMcuul.ryhenefit otiioy IndlvMunl
o��!i������j.,t��he cons-atred >u _-Wcrt.aem.-t
���B- charted -ec-r-im_ly.
4.11 _.d-_rti_*_i,c��u charfxl fcr uatil ordered
�����* u< M-. ior.
br p_Mlti,U��_. h��t *��� endence of roodI filth
4f- _tt��ii>_
(Continued from First Page.)
for receiving entries has been ex-1
tended to March 17th we expect
that quite an additional number will
be received.
There are among these, animals
o." excellent type and breeding, so
anyone wishing to purchase purebred stock should be at the. sale. If
you are using scrub stock you are
not progressing. This is an opportunity to start Right.
Registered live stock are carried
sHrt-'pomduc. invited �� ��m"e" ��'P"b"c j by Canadian  Railway at  one-half
lateral.  Coramu.ic-tion. to editor iuiih t>e ac-     J *
&��l&-&-^*$^?rt^$l the ordinary rates, provided that a
mun reach twioificc by Tiiurf-jregjslratj(.u certificate is presented
when shipriug bill is asked for.
Owing lo the fact that only registered   is to   be sold,  the General
W. N. Draper,
������***������*��� -*���-���*���
Tiie produce business is brisk.
Hams are higher. Lard, in tierces,
has also advanced. Dairy trade is
brisk In eggs the local pioduct
controls the market.
Toronto ��� Selected    live   hogs
fetch $6.85; lights and fats, f6 6o| Barrister   and   Solicitor,
per 100 lbs.
Riwm ��. lUlat- Block Kew Wc-tmliurt-f.
George E. Hartin,
Delta Transfer Stable
LADNER, B.C.   ���
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prksosm
Gso. R.
��ATOK��AY, MARCH   17.  "*9��6*
| Freight Agin, ot the C. P. i<. has
S cancelled his restriction upon stock
I being shipped to this sale.
*"*"������-������ ~i    i*w0   or more   contributors  are
We ui>der��tand the G.N.R. has allowed to cooperate in shipping
{about completed the  survey of the (their live stock and thus obtain car-
ahort  line from   Oliver's   to New  load rates.   The rate from Victoria
Westminster and that construction
j-rill cou��mcnce���in the uear future,
���n the Coost to Kootenay line.
to New Westminster on carload lots
will be $2 per head.
The Association agrees to deliver
stock purchased, at the purchaser's
nearest   railway   station,   between
Another tax sale is inevitable iu I New  Westminster and Kamloops,
the very near future. Arrears of
taxes at December 31, 1905. *�����
punt to $15,347, tnade up as follows:
Real estate, $3,50$} dyking taxes,
���tl.92, $195**'. i89S. ftf-573; with interest amoutitiug to $1,319.
Is Westham Island justified in
their demands for a better means
of communication with the mainland portion of the district ?
on the C. P. R. line, at $3per head;
from Kamloops east as far as the
Okanagan Lauding at $4 per head.
They also agree to deliver any
stock purchased at the purchaser's
nearest railway station ou Vancouver Island at $2.50 per head.
Special rates will be obtained ou
jthe Frazer River boats, and it is expected that reduced rates will also
be obtained from the Great Northern Railway.
Purchasers are expected to render
every assistance in caring for the
stock and loading  them  for ship-
Trabk Mamb
Anyone Mndtnf a aketeh and oaMrlptlon may
,ulokly aseartaln oar oplaion frea whether an
,:iY��.illon ta probably M-m.t__.___r<>iiiniunlea-
u,niitrlcllyooii��-*is4ti_71ti--_-OW oal'ateau
froe. oidaat aeenryfor aeeunni patanu.
(Mt froa. Olstaat
1'atenM taken
trtcUunoUm, vltboat
fancy for aeeunni patenta.
rough Sua * Co. reeetye
 otttcharfe, lathe
Scientific American.
\ nandanmnly llreatrated weakly. T.atei_t etr.
Ml-iion ..I any arlenUBe loarnaL 1 -riu��, M a
- ..ir *. tour month-, IL SoM brill newidaalft-
Sr.*.n.h OffleaTa t��. Waahlnston.��. C.
| n answer to tbe above quest ion ment after the sale is over,   and if
jre quote tin? tallowing figures, as | they are to be delivered to them by
taken from the financial statements
for the years 1903, 1904 and 1905:
|u .903 there were five items, amounting to $398; in 1004, five items!
e        fc     * f   �����    s*f*"t> j passi:noi.h satrs.
^mounting to $429; in  1905, seven
A.  O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd. M.W.
T. W. Kkrk. Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
tn. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott. N,G.
W. H. Taylor. Se:.
Tenders Wanted.
Guichon Block,
(Columbia anil  Ml K.li-.t  S-.rf ct��)
McRAE & Co
Iii III.
A lull line of English aud Irish.
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept iu stock.
i' JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. .;
V \
t Telephone " Ladner" No. io. <
���H-t*-H-+ -H-f -V T+*f��fr^��i*-H't+���������+*���*������ *J*+'i**H-T*j"l"i-tv*H*T+��*!*t+l
Lm*9 WBBmaummZm     *���   mWmBam WMWmamWamm] *>+-S
1 tt________.Ka
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
;Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Every
[thing Else in This Line.
t     .Uffl.    i    ll   Hi
*. Manufacturer, of all kilul&ol
B. C.
Tenders will he received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
Friday, March 23rd, for the clear-
rail, will be expected to take charge! ing of one acie in the Cemetery,
of stock as soon as the Association I For further particulars apply to the
car reaches the destination of such [ Clerk,
animals. 1 By order.
. , ... __.��� .....   _���,.     C. M. C.
T-. "   4-'    .    *��l 1-    i    Arrangements  have  beeu made|T_d    . \<aTC\. -tu  tQOx
items amounting to $611,  making!    ...  _.    ,,       ..      ,.   ._.   ��� .. l.aaner, Marcn 7m, 1900.
n r r with the Canadian Pacific Railway, I    _
a tom ot $,,338 oi expenditure on . which enableg those wishinj?. t0 at.
Westham IsUud dupng three years t?nd the sale on March 21st and
OUt qf a total revenue derived of.! 22nd, 1906, to purchase return tie-
approximately, $6,000. j kcts to New Westminstei, B. C.   at
--u_ ���,   ���, , _,___ .    ..��� ...,; single first class rates.
The above, it seems to us would       ���
      , No standard certificates are re-
isustify any Council in giving ferry 1     .    ,     0. .. _       ,,
f ���" ^ t.      t.       j  quired.   Station agents will receive
9onnection without raising a loan., instructions t0 thl.s   effect.   Other
^.t the meeting, on Saturday last, | transportation   will   make   similar
those present from Westham Island I concessions.
expressed the desire to do all their
pwn work, provide communication
and all, if the Council would hand
Jiack their taxes less the cost of
government, ?a^r 25 per cent., and
|hen they would be considerably
better of! than at present
We see no valid reason why they
should no.t -receive much better
tjreatmtnt then at present. Westham Island is justified iu making
their demands.
aiVBN $2,000 DAMAGES.
Tu the action of Wright vs. Brit-
ith Lion Milling Company, in
whjeh the plaintiff, a shingle-
weavef, lought damages for the
���joss of his light hand ���*���- the shingle-
fiill pi the defendant at J^ajelmere
several months agq, the jury, on
Wednesday, brenght in a vetdict
awarding the plaintiff $2,000 dam-
*ge�� together with expenses and
post*, "^hete was; same, questiqn as
to whs^t, expenses {he jury had in
view, tyi- Heists. Macdonell &
Siown,   counsel  tor tl^e plaintiff,
frill only register , judgment for i outcome of which is likely to be a
^a,ooo, aud cqgts. I monthly  united missionary prayer
Mr.  Wright i? wtll Iqown on I meeting of the three churches.
*,he Delta. i    Rev*.  A. McAuley   and  J.   F.
Bett; were present and to,ok part in
the proceeding*.
Stallions must be on the grounds
at 9 o'clock, March 21st.
Cattle must be on the grounds
pot later than 1 o'clock. March
Judging of Stallions begins at
2 p. ra., Wednesday, March 21st.
Selling of live stock begins at
9.30 o'clock a. in. March 22nd.
Entries close March 17th, 1906.
Mrs. Betts entertained, on Monday, the members of the W. M. S.
ot the Methodist Church, the W.
P. M. S. ot the Presbyterian
Churh and the Mission Circle of
the Baptist Church, at the Parsonage, at a reception from 3 to 5.
The object being to meet Mrs.
Watson, vice-president of the B. C.
branch ofthe W.M.S. of the Methodist Church, and to become better
acquainted with the organization
and work of the several societies
and to deeper interest in mission
work generally. A most pleasant
and profitable time was spent, one
To Let, from April ist, the lands
known as the Sturdy Farm. For
full particulars apply to
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P, D, Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water r.ot tor washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs,, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Incorporated 1569.
l.nrtucr. II. C.
Fence Posts.
If you require  fence posts just
drop me a line, or call and see
Ladner, B.C.
Delta Stock Yard
By request ot my patrons I have
postponed the sale advertised for
March until after seediug time.
I i. WI 8
Ilanufacturers of
"Buck Brand" Goods
Meat and Potatoes
W can supply you with the finest qu__lity
of the above articles at reasonable cost
Remember the place
A General Banking Business Transacted,
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Intel
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates*.
East End. Mt. PleasanV, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, RossUnif
Victoria, Vernon, Chi.Vwack, Cumberland and New Westminster, i
Just Arrived	
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cut:
meat &
Phone 9.
Commission (g
Ladner, B.C.
E. I). MacKenzie. New West-
s-pitptsr-s ROpuV"-* Market Clerk,
came down, Wednesday, to, attend
{he. qpen ses$ici>n of Delta L->dge,
No.   2i,   I.O.O.F., tn  His official; on   the   Fridav   evenings
rapacity _<* Grand Master. I ent.
.\ddres".es   on   Church   Histqrv
are bfing given by Canon Hilton
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Hor.se^hoeing,
Carriage Build*ng and Paiat-
ing, and General Jobbing of
All P-scrip-ionr*.
We carry the fmcBt class
of Carriages 'u.d Fartn Implements at rock boUcmt prices.
..in���ill ^mmmai^awmama^nm^maanaammtm������n**t
Q. T IMKER, U<Jner, B.C.
A Full Lino of
.'gJ-.U-l-J.���..'. ���i���������
: 8:30  (.,__,
I ii a.m.
Matins, 11
Coninumion ���
Jl.% flrelttfht -tw.Ws trembl* ���litn-iy
l��llftd0W KU'iTr__ 1ll��-.v f:iil ��l.vUt OF
Oh. am 1 bnt n wnTir* i i.-��i; dreaui of m*t
Auil cr. yon bnt u wistful dream of }>,uf
I Hf
<*. suuday
i.i mouth,
the Delta
j,, 7 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Fridny, evening servici 77",".
Kev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
_kiii.��tlmu. it ntrn-. li,. phudijvr. .re ill. real;  '
The real seems aoH_.Uuii*s fuint fci,d shii-oft. ,
Be woiidrcus tn*.. th. deemr* tuned to !i _l_
Such wondrous -rsanPaK WI that Is mv own
For I hnve .11 the wonder nf in. dreeio,
Too rich, lou SIMM.*, Uso fsuij su '.s> t,< ;... lil_i
Aud th. drpam's w.vi .-.-r .'.-.-.p. v.-l 1 wotr-i
Xu-��s_a��-jv:.:i,:::t If.,-.,- l_t-S ifirami v.'. ,,03.
After   (!���<���   Hi,*;.-   I.   'I'.il..-
f.onirtigeMvt l.s the Earth
I     '."st     R��_t
lls��- -Qwirti
l!.s-  Im  ll
I��<-d (is.
-U._lc-H.lf. f..:: .-,.-.. :.i!l !.;-������_. -.1 , ..<)
(NliSitow .Tl'l rs.-il. ll-.'-T  t: ......W t-tu-'s-.^w'ss ;.-
Oli. .r. your if. ., ���������i-;iiul ������,- ,.. of y ���.,':
���ad _r.ni I bm -i viKii.lHrlsii drau-ai of i--*,t
-.1*0*1 sM.i-rJvr in _i.hu,iu C.-lifti_Vli&-k
S..3cripfH.a price $1.09 a year.
Job Printing
Neatly Done
.Services first and third Sunday ofj
each niontlj at 10.30 a.m.; Ik-nedic-!
tion, 7:30 -pel
Suuday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Commttiion I
fitslt-aiid third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.     !
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, cm.30'a.m. every!
-Safol.at'h School at 2 p ni every I
?*uiw.<siy�� Pra%*__' nteeliiig every 1
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor. |
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. 1111
Sabbath Sc.tck-. at 2 p m     Mid-1
w_ek meeting <W_ Tliursdayevewing ���
wt 7.30 o1 clock.
Rtv. .\, McAuley, PaAot.    '
A Hunt Tlint Wm _��allovr.il A!lr.
by m Hr.tr From Ills. <>-,nn 'Cull.
_*l*oni Florida conies the fosMowliig U-.ttr.i
trove 11 Yerii.-i.ius corKp -iiidens.:
"Boing en ex-soldier and hv','.:: oily
IS iiicit._.__i ui serve tu iicijuiro 11 i:,l.* lu 1
quarter section of land, I went to ��';-.ii.->-
ln ls*si lu put my plan* lulu extwutlon
J*wt hi'ln��� posted ns lo Ihe l.v.ilmai'Ui, 1
hndt- Mr*., it settler tn Inruto the land foi
trie, and bs we _...��; to _-o*bout eight miles
tbroiiirh woods ever bad muds, with no
bridges, we went horseback, ami in cross-
Ing n stream 1 tiotlc.il tli��t tny frii ud'i
Jiornti lull raugli's it) uu uld pluo .lump,
jm.i.tig* bulr from Hi. iM and leaving
tho Iwilr fnst t*i the ft limp
"Ai ymi know, a horsehair will turn te
a make whon In WK.-.r, an- . timdr up inr
n Ind to WHt'.i thut imrtli'iil.-ir hair. Sn
ufter Ict-ttling iiiy land and got tin., a Inf,
house built I took 1117 (run und tUrirrl oil!
on a hunt, and during my rambles 1 mine
to the ktr-uiu that my friend and 1 luva
��*.ros��ed, and, sure ���anui.h, thoro WO. the
Ihoreehalr inatta _1 big aa luy thuf.ih and
over (our It-it ii*��. A�� lie was f.tst to tb.
ittiuip 1 let hlm Jilcme and cmitimuHt tay
ttnuit, biiKglng aoine quail, a rabbit and
twe mjulrrols, which gnv. ine a good meu
ot fresh mnnt. Ai I was rnry buiy (or the
next three wenki I hnd not I tue to visit tuy
pet snake, *o you may .wine of uiy aur
spline when on my next visit to find Unmake oa big as a stovupipo and over ill
feet lung.    As I was ftoliiK t_i have a log
���I-* ,--,..* - i,,
1* unit Ov>
litl  P|i��tnin|i r.
'il Hl*0    111 b-.llll
1'i.rtiinal." .
rtliinil. "The
���-i''"V" *���������������"���"
iiiiiCTng M,e
: btn
11,   slss l_W
:r r*c'_
...  Illra
Kit 111
���.. - I If
ii oi ftuitirals In
rn. iu ! i-
.'.'.:;. u ,i'iy
(utifitaiitliil uloce of win-!.. (m.-.viI with
rr-.l Is-uChor nnd fi.-.tj: rifuddrd si-ii!i Urn*..
in.-i'.U. If- lid u ntts'-eh-il with liiiiai'5, so
���that tlm i-iitlinopens and :-iuh- ilk-a large
ini'ik. (if ouiirfothusi-llimtirriroof ee
article like this wuiild ho lit.y.uU the
tiii-aiis isf awy pour fat..ily, lnw . im rent
tor one day is onuipai-atlvclv Bi.inTl.
" NVli.^ri n funeral prutei-sldiii i-onehM the
grave In tho Rrt-iit l'rj_n-iivmri.-ry. jnat
outcliiuof l.lslxiTl, the nuiiiirttvlu i- s men
k .1 wid ,-'l lowering th-.- eoilin. open Its lid,
take out, the eoi-p-o and lower ii Into its
1-i-t ti Mlllg plliee. Tin' empty eoliill is left
thi re until a Oiillego takea It h.n-U to Its
���OsVih:- ul tit the irtfiuruoi- shnvo retired.
"Tlie.se Oiillego., by the wuy. nativesql
Gullela In .-'.palu, do  nil iho work .1!'  porter* lu Mr-bun. If ymi ask a nallve Partn-
guese liervaut to Dllvry a pares I ur a valha
Jtlirougli tin* streets!, bo will i-.-.i.-wer you la
* tune of ottellded dignity,'Vou eliainttr
mn  l!nllego'i(. will go and eull  a (lal-
i.-gu), fur nu native   1-toWiiguese would I*
_eon carrying 11 loud of any kind in publln.
"The��e  IJallego.  bave no objimlion to
carrying n load, even when  'he  lotut !.<��
sWqently vacated ciillln.    That In the ttln*.
of work they come to Lisbon' fur, so  thai
,H their old ugu  they may go  across the
Irontiurtu Oallclu and live-on their Kar-
ings.    And one  little Incident that bap-
|. 'iied while 1 was ln  Lisbon allowed how
little liiipressliiii  miporstHiong regarding
I death make wo the liallrgo mind    Tbo
I v:ky of   I.ishwn collected   t<ill   <m goods
I l)i-.iight within Its  limits, and there were
I guards ut tha different gates of tlio oity to
I see that nothing was smuggled In
rolling the next week I kept my secret * j     "gj" _���� '"JW ���.Kwnoon tbe guard =���
ti.... 1. m.m  ���..- .,..��_ f.���.  .ft.., -.   *^�� Vnmnea gat. glanced along tbe ns j
"that leads to tbe cemetery and saw a su*-
s^bbafh services tat Ladner at 11
a.m. and 7 p. in.
Sunday S.-o >1 .it io a. m.
Prayer in :etin_. on Thursday a*.
7,319 p. m.; choir iir.;etice at 8.
1. 4m "iSUs-l   ersrerincr.   rilhrr   for   new
kuik-n.a csr imfraviusX ^1 _���*��.
am Hiricr emmtrmfnmmvm.
m i.M,��ermtiw mo wsr nm
CotuusUr   iu   Sh   WK__ir����c. ��� it.
io)m_h1  Miwinc 4u-BM.-_na ntafht
j  .^_j_ .- ���.��� your oivm
cipenw���m��_ is-C-fa to
bnt int. rest, by u.i-_  it.
Fu&Mt sUUili rf informmtiisn in our
Whotowl. MaitHfk#nii��M|
Ti!OBT. MAY, Agent,
(WestinmsteT Branck)
Time Tabic
In btiving a cough   medicine  for
children   never   be  afraid  to buy
Chamberlain's    Cough     Remedy.
There is no danger trom it and   relief is sure to  follow.    It in especially valuable for colds,   croup and
i and whoorri'iig cough.    For sule by
��� F. J. Mackenzie.
thut we could have some fun after we
were tlirnugh our'-ny's-work. Igot every
thing ready and *sent out uiy Invitations
My friend that showed nie the land cam*
with the rest uf .them and told me that hi*
���horse Ami lost'or stolen. We ill pitched It)
and did a good day's work and hnd a good
dluncr. I told them my secret and w.
went to the branch. You oan Imagine ��_i
sur-ri". when wa found the snake aa big
as n saw log, with a bulge ta tha middle
ns big as a sugar barrel.
'Well, to make* long ��tory short, we
���killed tlie snake and out him open, and
"oiy friend's 'ioet-ttorsa .tsmhled ont. We
thought the horse waa deals .until ba commenced to move, and soon ran around all
right, and iny friend rode Win home, I
bave heard a great deal about 'boi'nchali
makes, and this Is the ouly ita.tunc. I
k-tnv -of where a horse wni ���wallowed
alive by a hair from bis own tail."���-tiai-
tlmora American.
Cart .enve Wertttuinster lor Viiucouve- at 5.5-
nud ..50 a.m. anil hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.
m.; Saturdays nnd Sundays if.'ii p.m.
Cars leave"Vancouver for "Weatniimterj at j.50
ami 6.50 11, m, ,'iuH hourly thereafter uutil 10 p.
in.; Saturdays nnd Sundays at 11 p.m.
According *to Tke Commercial,;
af Winnipeg, the visible supply of|
oats in the United Suites and Can- ���
ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains,
What tke Uo*.. ���( Lord. Ia Fer.
' .'he 'house of lords oanuot now profess
to make tbe laws of the nation, but It. can
and duos prevent vast change* being made
in the constitution by a snap vote or a
���cratch majority. It, dors for the Hritish
���un.tltutton what ��� written dooumont,
tuuilterahl* except nailer certain special
**endltions,'<ioe�� ioc other forms of government Jlut for lt tb* whole of our laws
aud liberties would lie at tb. meruy of any
mnn who oould get control ot the house of
commons for 34 houn.    It considers all
We run Unit-class freight car. between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipment* are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
; cousiguee without delay     Special attention paid
i to fruit shipments.    Oui wagons meet all boat*.
��� and trains.   1-or rate.,-el. apply to
is  25,076,000  bushels,    comparer
with 15,^58,000 bushels & year ago.
Annually, to fill the *j*-W positions
created bv Railroad ftnd Telegraph
Companies. "We want YOUNG
MEN aud LADIES of good habits to
"We ftn.ri.sh75 "per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our-six schools are tbe
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
.n the .world. EstaWfished 20 years
and endorsed by all leading -Railway Officials.
We execute a $25���� _ond to ecery
���atttdnit to fumisTi htwi or hex a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
"month in States east of the Rocky
Mott_-tains. or (rom $75 to $100 a
���month-hi States-west ofthe Rockies,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at anytime.
_*To vacaltions. For fisH part'tcnlars
retarding any of oar schools write
direct te our executive office at
"Ciucinnata, 'O.   Catalogue free.
11 a. snii.r.s, r.
Trabic Mer.
Westminster. B. C.
_. ��i.tivr.n ���
.ecal M_r.
A   Chicago   Alderman   Owes  His.
Election .0 'Chamberlain's Cough
Rented v.
"tl can heartily and concieutious-1
 i ly recommend'Chamberlain's Cough:
j Remedy lor affections of the throat!
-and lungs/' says Hon. John Shen-|
i_k, 220 So. Peoria St., Chicago.
"Two years ago during a political!
cainpaiig-n, I caught cold alter be* I
ing overheated, wTliith irritated my
throat and I was 'finally compelled I
to stop, as I could not speak aloud.!
In my extremity a friend advised me j
Headquarters for Pacific Coast touse chamberlain's Cough Rem
Garden, Field
,.1 legislation, and though ln practice It eel-
duin ventures to make changes it Ih able
to Insist on a reference to the country if It
holds tbat a great and farroachlng revolution Is being made without the electors
-being really aware of what Is happening
In fact, lt views the laws sent up to It la
the light of this -question, "Ought thli
law If not-amended to ba rejected until It
has lieen referred to the nnlion with tin
���demand, 'Is lt your pleasure tlmt this bill
���hall become law?' "���Londou riiiectatur.
ft teioiisc..
Vancouver, B. C.
Grown  Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds.    New crop now in stock and
on test in our greewhouses.    Ask
your merchant for them in sealed
packages.    If he does not   handle
tlrern we will mail ye assorted 5c
pacfeets   of  re .stable   and   flower 17"7   7        ..... ....
|seeds (our  own selection,  suitable
for B. C. gardens) for $t.   Special! through the cawtsaign, nnd-.thank *�����
 :  _ t...ii ,_ I _ui_ 1:_:.._ .i._.   i   .......   _._   ��� ! ��� u
edy. i .eck two doses that!
afternoon aud could not believe mv j
senses wheu I found the next morn-j
ing the inflammation had largely -
I subsided. I took several doses
that   day,   kept   -riglf.  ea .talking
Plotwr. ���_ ��� laakn.
Lncretla Mott, tha eminent Qimkot
minister nnd aiitlslnvery apostle, wus e
waiuan of rule |��rsonal charm, nnd while
Dot'beautiful 4n-the -etrict sense of that
far reach Ing tarn'was i��ssessi*<l of a face
tlmt tvas 'little short of It Her brother,
TbumiM'Oollin, however, was not in ths
Mm.it entitled to any claims of that surt,
e, fact which caused hlm as much amusement as It did any ona of bis friends. lie
was once asked by a frleirf.'for his picture,
but extended .little bops that the inquirer
���Miutd-ever get what he asked for.
"Well, Thomas," said tba other, "If
thee will not get oue taken for ine, wlll thee
let me have a copy of an old oner"
"I am afraid I cannot do that either,"
replied Thoman. "Tha fact is that 1 onoa
dlil have a picture taken of myself, and lt
Was so good that 1 destroyed It."���liar-
���per'* Hound Table.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, Oa
Tfex.iirk-.Miu T.-x.
Buffalo, N.\
I,-��Cr��sse, Wi*
Hi I-'rs'.'.._:.sc"!>.Ca
prices on your bulk seeds.
ready for spring shipment.
Extra nice stock ot two and \
three-year Apple Trees at $ bo per j
100, $1*0 per 1,000: Maytiardi
Ptems, ti each; Italian Prune, two-1
year, fine, $25 per 100; Sugar
_.pune. two-year, "fine, $30 per 100.
Full .ist of other stock at regular j
prices. No expense, loss or delay;
of fumigation or inspection.
Let me pifice your list_efore placing yottr order.
this medicine that I   won  my  seat
iuithe Council.-'    This remedy  is
new! tor sale by 17 J. Mac___eti7.ie.
In London the preferred dr��_s for a pat-
maid 4. _ -cup with long streamers,
arge apron, with ���tuhroldei.r Milts and
turndown cullers. The streamers on the
cap nre only a matter of teste, but
people pi-Car them.
Time Table.
Train .loaves CloverdaJe ut ������_: 10
pan. 4iad arrives al Poit Guichom at
2:20 p.m.
Train leaves  l'<��rt   Guichon   at
Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work. 4.14*0 noon and arrises .at CWordale
Bee Supplies, I^uit Packages,
taht-ers, etc.
Mondays oifiy,.
M. J. HETW, Vancouver
301* Westtmt nster Road.
There are two through .passenger trains per d_y etch wav to ��nd
from Seattle nnd a mixed train Vo
;vud fri'tn -telliiiliahi.
Charles Drake, a tmail carrier at
Chapinville, vCoira., says, "Chaiu-
lierlasri's Pain Balm is the champion
of all liniments. Tire past year 1
was troubled a ��reatdeal with rheumatism in tny shoulder. After try
inj sever -fl cures the s'ore keeper
���here recommended this remedy am'
it compk'tLy enred ir.e." There is
no-use of anyor.e-sutTering trom thai
pniiiiiil ailment when this lini-
ine-ft can be obtained -for a small
sum. <3>iie ���appUcafion nives prompt
relief .and its continued use for r.
short time will profluce a permanent I'tfe. Fyr ss'-le l,iy F. J. Mac-
file Farthly ROeeta.
1!   T'n.!-.- .tlm," nalil  the
ftlie doctor 6:sys tin-re's no hope fiiry����.**
" Yes euh. dey tolls 1:1*. I.gwjnuiot .r>.*k
"Huve yuu ii'iide your wl'.ir'
"Ves, sub, 1 iiu:io will terflG."
"Iiooan," said tbe lat.yor In nn ex
plitTiiitiry way,  ' 'laio juu anytbisig u
'nxwt ���'
"n)\, y,-s. suii!" exjliilned tlm uiu mu
|<5Tftilly.   '-.A wifo_iidi.o__i_u__a._ii_..''-3_
Ati:..i.-.i Con<lttu;i   1.
Yr.ls-  Hull- 1 i'-llr-  .Ir,���e.
-pnitivsor Traoy I*,^->- iisni .-���, t, \\ ^storj
ef how ti V nie mnn snsul his life, lie wet
tsbout tu In. huiiK in Tuui for horse steal-
triK nnd s;iid:
"Boldon, rMiHoraonl DftXjji l-nuwwi-.r,
you uru blsBfit.iilf I am i; gr:ii.,..t-.- ul
Yiilo uiillega, nud here U my  il-.'l.un.i."
U being printed on vellum in I.uiiii, i.��
Mio coii'.dr.-nil It, unit; think'iu; b. cms: I.
���n Important mrnonage, Vhttf tet liiiu .*
tcee.���-Urcca lt-j^.
l>icliius looking package lying on t)
griiund oloeo under tbo wall on une sld .
There wun not a living being In sight.
1'lin gimnl thought he had detected a plot.
Ha tliought that that package, whntuvoi
tt might be, had boun left there tinder the
wall by smugglers, who were no dutibt
ilioltcrcd somewhore In Its nt>1ghl*i��i'.hn(id
and wiilchlng tbeir opportunlry turtis'h it
Isii-ougli tlie gati- as Boon un the ruin held
np a little. Ho the ne.ilve and Intelligent
cfllcer got his Iittlo sword ready to draw nt
ts KMiiiicnt.'H notice, and, regardless of the
���_ov,-irj-)!iiH*, adviinced along the mad tosur-
lii.-�� und apprehend tho smugglers, or, at
least, tliulr guilds.
"Wlicii be j.'i>t*o within '-'ll yards nt (he j
iiispli !uii.s��ilijcct,lie made out tlirougli the
tulll f.iavlhe inn) on the  ground was uf n
nd culur nml si milled all over with brass
nulls.    'J'i'ai discovery startled liim a lit.- j
lie, but thu next moment, lie was  uttifly
deiiiiirallzid.ut seeing the lid of the -0..lr
.Cl*y open and u disheveled  hc.-id thrust it-
.At out, 'f-.-i*."jvH jituring wildly.    Without
Wi.iiliig ludi-aw bis swordiirolinlloiigothu
apparition, thu guard faced about nnd re- >
llvuted  ut a  run.    When lie  reached the
g-itij, he called his comrudcg tu conic and :
sen tlm iiliaiidnned corpse that, had hurst
Open Its collin Oil ihu wny.ide.    The turce
���seized their cnrblncs and paraded under
*holler��9f themrchwny, hut what they saw
"Was unly �� very lied niggled Gallego tnunp
lng toward them, carrying an empty cui'iu
tin his back
"On oxaiiiitiutlon tlm Qallego dejiosed
that, beiim evut'takon by the rain on hie
���ay fruin the cemetery, be hnd shut himself up In tho cotlin to keep dry and wait
fur fairer weather, but, when he hoard foot*
steps stealthily approaching, he began to
bo afraid that some one was cum In:* to
play a trick and luck blm tip. Thnt was
why ho bad *�� .Uddnrtlythrust his head
out.nnU-i tnred. He was nn corpse, hut nn
(honest, hardworking Gallego, As fur \
thu collin, tho scnuivs guards might louk '
for themselves and see tlmt it wns empty. 1
"There seems to  he a certain  morbid
���tonduess fur what may be flailed  playing
With tho dead In Portugal,    Thoy seem to |
take a  peculiar delight in  dressing   up j
their dead and exposing  them   to  publio
View.    I happened to lie present, at thc
solemn requiem uf aas-_s_ts.'patiHai'ch of !
Lisbon, when   the corpse dressed  iu full
-_.immi.cii1*, wns placed  in a  half sitting
'posture to face tho crowd  In  tho nave of
the cathedral, nnd I thought nt the time
that the interment ought to have taken
place sooner.
"One lino Sunday afternoon In spring 1
was.si rolling along on* of the main tlior-
'liughfares .if Lisbon when the shouts nnd
���merry .hatter of a lot of liule buys nnd
girls attract��l my attention to a side
street. Tho children, all nicely dressed,
were coming down the side street nt a
brisk walk, evidently l_tore_i.il In some
.thing that was being carricil lilting by
'three or four of them. When they reached
the corner, I saw that the-etiirtet of Inter
est wns a very smallibriMs studded coffin
The lid was iQpoa, and 1 oould see tho lit
tie iluver tiox. Led and bedizened corpse In
hlila-of It.
"Another lime I mistook the corpse of
������ child 011 Its way to tho grave for a waxnn
Imagn of the Madonm. Iielnc cai^ieil ta
procession, lt wns a.Uttlo.dead girl beautifully dressed In whit* sutln:and wearing
a white veil uttdswhltoifhiwers. Tlwlittls
body had 'been innilo to sit tip In n .hull
whloh four buys-wore carrying un their
shoulders. The bearivrs und .the othor
children In the priH*e*s**iinnvw*>re white ri^
bons and white llowers, aUemhlemntie ol
Innocence and happy onuddongo that the
soul Of their little feiend*wusin paradise."
���Jiew ..'iirh *JSun.
Tlie txLttet I-'ro-n (Uiiin.
Chii".-'-i'.-lln_--a-chln_-i .ii-i.fi
Wii-.h'.y lotta fen;
Ofll 'to- ll-teo KWi-.-n_.S-
-rolteo on the luii!
LeiiKee corna m.-imma;
8:1 -.-, is ir.' cheo hnwi
Qn'rlu-e can hue pls.ic.l_.
Mak.e mlglitj- Ij.,-.
Obi mat o I.l Hung
AV...-. 11'.'.. yelly cc-.,i.
-riinitv !o:i^.e floctiier���
Lookee like a (.._!.   .
(jctts-i. lnita fun:
JUu>b. Httec Ivvr*s-.;r--S.u
Hill.-'e mnmni.-s Im.-i";
���Cleveland riuin tocaler.
Sleii.Ur Support.
*Tm willing to stand on my merits,"
Bclaimcd Willie Wlshington.
Wiss Cayenne .Ooked at hlm thought-
fully nnd then exclaimed: *,-_-r_*Wisfls.i[ r-
ton, have you ever bad my _Tpm*Veticc o��
��� light rn5��e wr.lkerf"���WashluirtonSiur
Tvatn fltepvad For a. I^ur.
Ko. the least important of tho hobhlet
af tha late l-.mpress Kliznbetb wus her interest in tbo rearing of dugs. r*be hnd t
(rent liking fo? tin rouble Great D.'imi. hot
particular fancy being the "blue' - in ;ety
It ls recalled thnt among tlioenrlies' , ,.tcl
mens exhibited ln this country govei ere
bred by her majesty. JBe.-iiles the i.roat
Dane she wos eery t��__tS of pug.-. llic
J^toekkeepei. mentions iDtiat tlio : iwu
BUI KSeorgo ��f lCus_h)etcast)��, Xens. iise
used to supply her with dogs. On
oaston her majesty instructed  Mi- gi
to be ut, Uxbrldge station with u ..'.I
tome pug. The train from tha ci.i.ntry
Where she had been hunting was spcelully
���topped, nnd thc empre-m, eonnlng outot
the window, -eco-Miiietl, "Oh, Mr. George,
itm so pleased you have come." She
took thu pug in her arms, and the train,
whicli had slopped only iv.o minutes, re-
JUmod its journey.���l'nris Mcsss-ugar.
Driven rrnntlt* bj Sella,
"If over thuro waa any thiiVg prcivoklng,
laid tlie young housekeeper, "it. Isthe laot
.tlmt I havo three electric bells Iniuy (h'.l
���v\'hm��0li_��_f them rings, 1 start.and._n.:i
first to onu and the- b-u nnuither, aith'irif..
tlie time il is the third one that wanl.-r.;i-
swering. It is not only my own bells that
arc a nuisance, but a score of uirn-is. ss V, ���
live in a largo apartment building 0)
course I enn't bear all of tho livKm, but.
.earsououghito drlvu mu nearly _.i.��d, .-e.e
eaclrditj 'i mi-, sure I must go Ui'ij.i t_i is
20 times ail for naught People w.io Kjvc
occasion to rin;r an electric lull often mis
take lt fur a plaything, and uouid ihey
bvt reulize the agonizing elTuct It has on
tin) occupants ol the flat lhc*> riitght pt*
sildy be Induced to 'r'n.^t oil.' .linelt..
Jttiglu, jingle goes the bull, and before mrj
otiOsViin get to the door or to tbe spenkln|
ttuhe  jingle,  jingle, jingle  it  goc; ngntn
��� ih. 11 in uwrni 1"���Chicago Chronicle
How ** t-iiH-aie * sfttosa.
Bass���What In time dldwoil let Dlmhm
tesi.that long yarn .'sll.ovor again fort IU
���old it to you only tho day before
Fogg���The day before? 'Why, he bos
told il to mu iio'less than four 'times tb*
past week.
diass���And you let blnntdU ltngain?
Kngg���Of .sjeum*. While ihe .is telling
thut -etury rne Isn't saylng:ai>ythinK else,
and, us I'm nut obliged to 'listen, you
know, I can think uf something.else without being in tbo least disturbed.���_t_SK__
Tha Vital rolnl.
She���Father asked the other dny h
���oon w* would ba in a position to bc 1. .-
He���Does dear father's health still cor,
tlDlM robust?���Philadelphia North Ainer
Tb* Anstrlan government has ertlarfei
th* boundariea of '.Vienna to such an extra* tba* th* aa-trcpolltan area ls now
balf aa large aa Jxmdon, twice as large u
Paris and threatlmes larpcr Jtbsn .UorUe
Anstrallau Ttalle.
3 have met wltb  some bolts 'innde'lrr
Australians.    'I .heard a olcrgyinan make
I this remnrk at .a public meeting which
! waeidlsappohitlngly small: -'Iainsorry to
! ��se so many absent .friends bet*."
j     A state sehisil tenchor at'Queewsc oil, ln
1 Victoria, hud a note from tho mother-of
i -ne of his  pupils requesting hlm nut tn
���Aug her dioy, .thus: "You ate not!to cmie
.my hoy,-or ho will drop down di��d at
-.your door, the HMuia as h* did at Mrs.
Another, be.ng told that So-nnd so wa*
-burled ln a stuno colBn, said "that waa
very eon.thlo, as It would last hlm adlte
, ^liu*."r-s/j��ndop y;i***gri*.pV-
It ahocl'l tic bonie tn mind tliat
_i-erv- cold wenkcits.thc lunirf^l-.w.
ers 'the vitality nnd prejjsire* the
system for the anore serious diseases, atnonp t*Miii!h .nve the two
greatest dettroycrs of human life,
pneumonia a��ui:eiismr\!..iu_.
Cough Hemedy
lias won ita ryf-t'popularity by its
proiiipt cures of .t,his nio��t eomnion
I ,'uilmetlt. tt aids exactorstiou,J��-
licr.es the lung* .a-u-i ojh-ixs fthe
seeretirma, efTccHuig b sp.cd* and
pemianetit cure. St -Coudtetac-i
any'tend*��c7'toward^>ncnnMmia. .
Price ^5c, Large *���_,_*�� 30c.
js      I U-.-.i-l ��<>����o. TWB TTLTA TTM-S... ?ATI?rt)AV, MAT-C" if, 1906..
_u-__.     l ��1 <
Up     hi.
_*n.   F.   W.
V<~>9- last _v -1 in;
Hai-r;_    r-tuta'd
H. IrJLend. came over from Van-
$ t��vei, on Thursday.
Open lodge.
my*mamm+m ina��>,i��i��a��i 1111 1
*$TORE''Wo Beg Leave
If. Slater spent a few; days iu
\ancoijyev, tbis vx-tk.
' -B _W __W___l a
&rt. Forbis, of Grand  Fork?, is
a guest at tbe Vicarage.
Ms-jib W. J-   -.e��y, J*"-,   visited
tbe RoyaV City this week.
On Wednesday evening Grated,
M.iier D. E. MacKenzie paid a
visit   to   Delta   Lodge,    No.   21, j
I.O.O.F..   snd-,   after   the   regular   M0SflA 7-*-. - --, ^ &���$,
jessicp oi the Lodge, ths ladies, and  ��WS %M�� ���" ''���-���*��#' *
{.tends of tbe members "yvere admitted to the hall when the following
programme was carried out: Selection,     Phonograph:    snu^,     ''Out'
\5fa.re the  ___*_al_ers Blow,"  Bro. i
Woodley;   selection,    Phonograph;)
song, "Little Tin  Ge*-.-0';-,"   Mrs..
Lanning:   selection,   Phonograph; I
song, "Boys in Navy  HI tie."   Mrs.
Lanning  antl   Bro.   Woodley;  address by tbe   ...rand  Mt**'*M *,. s-lec-
tiion,   Ladner Oo.net   Blind;  setec*
Thess practica), dust shedding, yet dainty I
and stylish fabrics, are ju&u the thing for Spring
All'. Jen-sty. weut, up to the Royal | tion, Phonograph; selection, Pi-*no,
<_,L*.ty on VXedn.esdijv mor.1i.13_i;. j Miss Reid; selection, Phonograph.
  j    At   ihe coticluMon of ths   pro-
j gramme an adjourn tnpnt svaa made
Robt. Stores p*��8 a,Hhort  busi- L_   ^   banque��   .,,oni   adjoining.
V.es% yi^\jo,WestWVStei; yesterday. iyhe?e  ^  compiiny NV,IS  t^M
���1���s^-*  I vv-ith  oysters,   sandwiches,   cake of
Mrs. H.N. Rich re_t.iv,**^l. on! many varieties .art.., coffee, etc.
Thursday, froui, % visit to, Califor-j etc. Alien, this s..g<* ut the pro-
���ja_ fceedings, the ball  was cleared and [
tt to���  I dancing began  which lasted  until!
Miss.   Crisp,   of   Vancouver,   is the early mornijUg..
visiting her sister, M.rs.   Hawaiian      ~w<J*   ��*���������   A.. A. Ring act-** a^j,
Smitb. I chairman  and   many   thanks   are
 " j---���r_=��� 1 tendered  to  Miss Kthel Reid who
Jim Mc*Qs_i]aii is progressing very j kindly  played for   the vocal con-
favorably   and   ���-  expe,ct(.d.   hpme j trifeators ***lso  to Mr. Lasseter fan
next week. b*s   kindness   in    furnishing   aud
                i operating tiie phonograph,
"*" " j    Tbis was the- most pleasant- affair.
Tbc Indies'* GtjilA ef AV Saints,!-. ^ ^  we  !)ayt had h tbe
V-et��.-e**t "week, on Thursday. *���*! village for S0P.ie considerable time,
tfce Vicarage. j aud everyoue ieft feeling that they
"We have them ?"n ail the popular weaves
and colors, Greys, Blues, Browns, Reds, Blacks, [
Whites and Shot Effect.? and the prices run        I
! To notify the  people, o_  Ladne> and sur-
1 rounding  district thai we  are  now in a
position to q_-8-i* Vancouver IsjJaad
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building;
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices,
25c, 40c, 50c, 60c, 75c & $1.00.
b. a
Thejre te such u radical change ia the ap-j-
pearance of the Spring Garments that no wo-!
man can wear her   old waist a__c. expect to be j
in the swi-ft. \
Our waista are, absolutely new and fresh;.
and popular prices prevail
75c, $1,00, $1.23, $1.50
W. 1^,  lj-ett/i, lef ,  yesterday, fg.j* \
ytncottvw, ws^mkIm fxm enter ^W| fip��-��Si*W��^��   condition-   with   very
service of the C. P. R. I bright prospects.
had spsnt a most enjoyable even-por  Whit. Cambric  witb   colore i  stripes, and
ine,     Delta   Lodge,  is   in a, ���a*QS\rr,        ,.��� . Trr, .,     T
Beautiful White La was-.
Mrs. Bert Alexander, of Point j
|Loberts, went over to Victoria this
���week, on a visit to Iriends.
Mrs.   -w>idj  and her  daughter,     the grave OF Rl'RY O'CQMOB.
.Dorothy, came over fsom Vancou-' ., ,      _,_,_. iwisnd, buried im.ist
yer., yesterday, on a visit. I   i��-">in - won��st_r_r, Cong, county M��yo.|
I    Clear as air, the floods of C'orrib
.   , _.i,__..ii.���. ._, . Evrnisore.thair okl, i^.lujiiKin- spmr
|    jj^j^i,- (rom llielr atony c���n>im,)-��
Bound O'C-Dor'n aepulclior in Cong.
Cro.vnk-H��, hopeless, here he lingered;
Noieli-ss years went by him like ��� dnam,
While the fnroff tide of oonqneot
!       Mur-uured faintly as the singing 8tr_��^(.
Igere he died, and her..they tonil)Cd.hini,v
lien ot Fechin, chanting round hia granis.
i    Did they know���ch. did they know It���
|        What they hurled by the ws-ste.ru. wil vet
i How above the sleep of Rury
| " Holy thingis.and great have passed away;
i dtoncby stone tbe stately abbey
-��� =.                    ! -tallnand fatl_)��i^ pniinionlu-a deoa*��.
Th0S, ICobeWS.SelWiUed, home.  OU i    Darkly grows the quiet ivy
���  * Vi hero th, broken aroUes glimmer througk;
^&rk upon tho cloister garden
-if-r.jjis. the aliadow of th- ancient yew.
through,tlie r.oofloss ^ele^th* verdure
Flows,   the   uieadowsweiit and   fox^lev,
Earth, the mother and consoler.
Winds soft arms about the lonely toml),
-fesce and holy gloom possess him,
Last of Gaelic mouurchs of tlie Gael,
Slumbering by Ihe young, eternal,
Stiver noic'3 of tha.weatetn .nlo.
���T. W. Rollcslon'ln Speetat.1,
267 Columbia ^
New Westminster, B. C.
T. E. Ladner,. wijfe and family
Returned, yesterday, after spending
several moutljA in California.
Ijhursday after paying a siprt bpsi
.jess visif tp the Royal City.
Mrs. McKeeu and ii-.;- (ha.t.i^hter,
-jJb.. Fogg, of PoinjL Roberis, went
ij,t^, t*p. tb��: Jjs.oval: City, this morniuij
Mts. P*. Stiiiitesy and fr^-nity _e-
tjiiriied home last evening froai a
short   visit   to   her   old home,  at
M-rs. G. T. Baker, and dauglvter,
]jrene, returned heme, Monday,
afteiv S^fJjdj.ng ��. few   days in the   bnle when you notice Uii�� gatjman Las
Trloka. of Pi.fi*. Cii,bm^Jt_,
Paris Is full of counterfeit coins, and
tii* cabman tuaUe use of tsUtim, quite. Ingeniously. Yon take n two franc, tlajcre
ride, antl wlien you reach your hotel
yoii, In the generosity of your henrt
Klve- t^e cabman 8 francs.
Yo�� kav^. Jvj&t got within the vestl*
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,,
New Soiid Goods, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in n Modera v*_hoe Store.,
J, REAtmHe    -    Ladner, Be Cm
We Have Them 1
The Tamous
II li ill Si
We have just addM tQ our already lare%
stocky tjt_e, co-npletes
American Catalogue
of thest-e justly celebrated good3, conceded by all
to be the very best Cylinder Records to be ob-��
tained in the world. .All the very latest numbers botli ia Sojaga and, Instrumental Pieces.
Come In and Take Your Pick,
Fan?y ...tie Seal N��.vel Oranges, |
all sizes,���_\y. IJ.. Smith.
-Ll g��� .-S.JU_.J_s_-   ...A_J4J   JJUs^JU.'	
For Sale.
Ij-oyal City,
t    A wagon and water tox,, in first-
J  Guichon sp_tit a few days in Pclass cond,itipn.    For  further pai-
followed you.
He apologl_es, but the coin yon havo ,.,.,. , . i  .    ,
pytij. Wm is bad. You look at lt Yes, New WeSs-minstcr, this week, where | ticulars apply to
; ft is 'ba<J., It is nothing but a bit of h. has soW some very fine horses.    I T. W. FOSTFR
Mrs. Sam Sicith and daughter,' >ea(.
qf Dewdney, came dojvn. on Wed-.i    You are pretty certain In your mind
nesday QH a xisittt^Mss. Giibmders tU8t "sj8"'4 *,e fu\7m 8ave ^T"
�����       ���____ ���which ift ninety-nine cases out of i.
t�� *t\**ve.r.ST*t'-. hundred it isn't���bijt you don't cure to
  ' haggle ln a hotel cotrldor and be sub-
I jected to the lgiioiniulous. glances ot i
Btr. t_S. Abbojt has  purchased, the other folks as a foreigner who gives,;
Broperty latelv owned   and occur | poor Frencn CRD drlrers bad moneJ'*��� s*'
"��� J l.    i   n    .    ',t:'   ' *,*. 7 ! yo�� taka the bit ofloud and give a good. ;
^ied by J(. Pout..   Me. wiil; i��oy? ip j coln.
ijppii :-j*^ poj^jbljr. Of course, tha, cabman has changed
: ' j tthe coin.   You. gav�� h'W a perfectly
���si.-.- -.--���.ttt**   ,.,    ,.. . uppj three fsauc piece at th_ start,
M.N.-* Hftaspn, brotheii of M;rs. O.   S.h_*^e ha. l.n ���*? roek���f- *��**f ba.
lihlffed. yon Into giving hlm another-3,
JL- ��� Jl���__.' J-IILXJ-TT*
M.W-Waitt & Co.,
558 Granvile StM Vancouver
H. LVjVis, left, thjs, njprning, for'- francs in exchange for a useless bit of*
l^ie 3&*yt. P^inj hi*i; stay htfre, \ lead. To -vlaltora tp, Pa.ris, let this be a
Mill-jr wy'.^a Ijost o^frit|ni_?.
ifen -*ns iliriutlcfK OCd'tlBlollftllR l_r,Ujt>)_
Jt. l?o\il and bis vviie. ate about- to i bv1 r'tink of t^im yenrs of ��)iior Mmt, ..,
.    ���������    , ,       , '   :.     '   '   i stooping over desks, that must hitvo goEfl
Ipave here  a^fl   return  to Vancou    *b.,m,���,4.tlho��o wonderfurtales   Whloh k
jj.en.ta, $, l?h?H| !?Sj%u< isit-'nrU.
.     Iiy i *-pJ .5.11 OS-r.es ret  at, their    the rru-, l,'��>e, tlio luu-d tU-ijiKc. pr. tlio tinrtf;
,'*       '   '. ���       _,' ���     workerf   Thai tiie artist munis get drunk.
.P>;*->   $f ^dP %*?>ctl Vt'   senll-; U indeed the be-Hef of certjiin. school, cf-
Thq,.������&., Patricks Bp!;l, i��iy-u-, by
the Isadnitrr Qoropt Bafid la^J. ^ven-
ijng. waj% Wlj,v��e *j,cc^s-, a_boig. fifty
couples aWsj��rfi-i^. The n.ii'-j. by
tifc.-Jil}}, baiffl ������� sj'^ndiil, ^nd
^v.-rybvri'v, ^.ir.^'to tborvjip.x *;n-
j/,v 't^eiiv.-erv^s.. ibl W)S!��fa of
^,'is.b^i��A-*:e :>,lr-eady b^ Voted it,
' %*���$?M*-'
>.o|iiii�� iiiiiu even toilns, but is it lint barrel
on,tho pill, elurnril f.iliio liiglo Hint heon^use |
spin.*) nqtista Imvo (?ot drunk  thorulori* liii |
set tli-iuik i- to tie.iirtlstigl1 .-.
**  h
Tlisv Blr_ li*t��i>i ��o��fvis-.
���'Trmty  I'oily," said the visitoi;,  tut-
HOsiPiJiBft tho oage.   "Mtant a"���
���.My  nimio,''   Intwrrnpted   the   pnrrot.
Sjteau iug, slow Ip, -uddWinctly, "is'l^scn,   '
and I want tipihing.   1 am meilltnting."
'He's,a,queer bird,"explained tho host-
e��H.     'Ho won't eat ar.ythlug but beafia
Iftliluk  my husband got liim souiewlMH-. i
%% ��|ss| "-Chiciup Tritjtti)* '
Children's Dresses
Befbi^e seleebijig naaterial to make
DRESSES call gjad l��b us ghow
jpou whal) we have ia t __e . . ,
,   ��  EiEADY-MADE LTNES  .   ,
, I, BIPvTCUv       -        -        275- Coltttnbia St-fcet
i-i. lit-tujii
.�� _t .i�� ������ -*���
vm-im-jmtzm?+**ei,m4��mi,n**i*i* afOajftawlS
i i" amamjmm
Cut Qriass,
And all kinds of Jewelry]
Repairing a Ipecalty.
M Causenj
U.-VriNIvR,, \\. Qv


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