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The Delta Times Jan 21, 1905

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 .   ��**'*�� "   *"
Dpi TA
I J H !
! 241905
l> G* r
,2        ^
-���*��>> ..��.-���--' ���
LADNER, 7. C. SATURDAY. JANv ARY    l,_fi -' 5.
$1.00 a year
Over C.
Goes merrily" on, new attractions are added daily.
Here s?��.re a few Specials for next week:
Ladies' Dress
Ladie -*���' Heavy Milton Cloth [Skirts, Oxford Grey, regular price, $3,
Sale price, $2.25.
T-.-O ri\ r> ���-.
. _>>_n ... LOO
price, $1.90,
Tweed Si
grey, regular price, $2.50.    Sale
W     llll.
Men's rJats.
AU our $2.50 and $8 Soft Hats, sale price, $1.50.
Rain Coats*
Navy Bins Heavy Rain Coats, regular $7.   Sale price, $4.50.
Heavy Fawn Color Rain Coats, regular $5.     Sale price, $3.75.
Dark Grey Rain Coats, regular $3,50. Sale price, $3,50.
Boots and Shoes.
Ladies' Fine Lace Boots, regular $2.50.   Sale price, $1.50.
Men's Fine Lac�� Boots, regular $4.50.   Sale price, $2.
Children's Heavy School Shoes at 50c, 75c and 90c,
Lots oi Remnants Left,
BY  T.   W.   K.
Dear .Sir,���A few lines ou a trip
over the C. P. R. may be interesting to a few, at least, of the many
readers of tlie "Delta Times:
(Continued from Last Week.)
We bade good-bye to Calgary and
were ofl by the midnight train.
Twenty miles cast of Calgary we
passed the Canadian Land & Ranch
Company's small holding of 10,000
acres, devoted principally to cattle
and hors. raising. Twenty-three
miles farther enst this company has
a small grain iarra of about 1600
acres, wliich is said to product-
good crops. About 170 miles east
of Calgary, near the Saskatchewan
Rivei, the Canadian Land Co. has
one of the largest herds of Galloway cattle in the world.
The country lying between Calgary and Medicine Hat is devoted
chiefly to stock raising.
We arrived at Medicine Hat
about 7 a.m. This town is nicely
situate.I on the South Saskatchewan River, in a prosperous ranching district. The Saskatchewan
and adjoining waters are navigable
for about 900 miles. Medicine Hat
has a population of about 2,000,
is one of tlie principal stations of
the Mounted Police and being a j
railroad divisional point, gave u_|
about 45 minutes to look around. I
Our intention was to stop here one
day, but it was so cold (about 5
degrees of frost) to one coming
from the balmy breez.s of the Pacific, that we r< traced our steps to
the comfortable coach and were
soon off to Moosejaw, about 260
miles east. The country lying between these two towns is also used
for stockraising. The Canadian
j Land & Ranch Co. has immense
tracts of the best laud. These
holdings aggregate about 120,000
acres. Each of them contains an
area of about 10,000 acres. One
holding is devoted to sheep raising
only. From this ranch they handle
about 18,000 sheep annually, including a few sheep which they
may purchase from adjoining farms.
On another ranch ot 12,000 acres,
they have about 7,500 cattle and
500 horses. The company has a
lot of their land under irrigation
principally for meadows. Witk the
increased value of land in the past
A. O. U. W.
The following officers have been
duly elected and installed by Bro.
W. H. Smith, D.D.G.M., for the
ensuing year:
l'.M.W., Bro. J. Gilchrist.
M.W., Bro. W. C Pybus.
Foreman, Bro, T. Todd.
Overseer, Bro. H. Wilson.
Financier, Bro. VV. H. Smith.
Recorder, Bro. Geo. R. Manlt*y.
Receiver, Bro. A. A. King.
Guide, Bro. T. W. Kerr.
I.W., Bro. N. Smith.
Delegate to Grand Ledge, Bro. J.
Gilchrist; alternate, Bro. T. W.
H. J. Kirkland, Esq.,
Ladner, B. C.
Dear Brother:
The ever living God, in His wisdom, has seen fit to remove trom
the trials of this life, to a happier
home above, your beloved wife.
We extend to you our sincere
sympathy in this sad bereavement.
May you and yours bow in humble
submission, feeling that a loving
wite and mother has only left this
weary world to join those who have
gone before to that home on high
where the Saviour has gone to prepare a place tor those who have
loved and served Him here below.
The first regular and statutory
meeting of Delta Couacil was held
on Monday, .la-i. 16th, at 2 p. ia.,
with ths Reeve and all the members
The Returning officer reported
the following members elected:
Reeve���W. H.   Ladner.
For Councillors:
Ward I��� P. T. Cibbie.
Ward II���Alex   Davie.
Ward III���J. A. Paterson,
Ward IV���S. Huff
Ward V���L. W.  Embree.
The Clerk reported having received declarations from the different members.    Received and filed.
The following committee*, were
Finance���Couns. Paterson, Em-
Dree, and Davie.
Fire���Couns. Gibbie, Davie and
Road���Full Board.
Dykit.g���Full Board.
On motion the following were appointed members of the Licensing
The Reeve, Couns. Paterson, and
Gibbie and H. J.  Kirkland, J. P.,
We   pray   that   our   Heavenly
Father may comfort and sustain you j Am\ ]��_ jrg Kitson, J.  P.
under  this  His dispensation,  and      Dr. King was re-appointed Med-
that when our brief span in this life jcai j__aith offic.r
is over,   in this world, we may all \    *N; A-McDiarmid was re-appoin-
meet her who has only gone on be- j ed clerk> Assessor and Collector,
fore to that blessed home where!    Coun. Davie was authorized to
sorrow and parting will be no more, j rcpair the Raitt Road.
The  matter  of re-appointing   a
police officer  was  laid  over  until
next meeting.
Signed on behalf of Delta Lodge,
No. 12, A.O.U.W.
* 11
_ ast issue we omitted , ��� make
iuti uoii thai johu Oliver made an
important announccuent re proposed Westham Island bridge. Mr,
Oliver .said hft w*-uld bring this
mailer betore the Houre at its I.rst
session. Phe Westham Islam, ns-
sidehts nave tx; le/sed tnci: willingness to contribute labor should
the government se* their way cka*
to make a grant for the purpose of
making this most desirable connect 1
tion. The House lDc-ts on the 9th
day or February next.
IX Black ftm. joiuel the army of
smilers�����it i* ,e girl. Arrived on
'"V^njesiL.y last aud all is vrelL,
The _��est ken.cuy tor Croup.
I From Atchison, Kan., Daily Globe)
Thi* is the season when the woman
who knows the best remedies for
croup is iq demand in every neighborhood. One of the most terrible
things in the world is to be awakened
in the middle of the night by a whoop
from one el the children. The croup
remedies are almost as sure to be lost,
in case of croup, as a revolver is sure
to be lost in case of burglars. There
used to be an old-fashioned remedy
for croup, known as hive syrup,, but
seme modern mothers say that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is hetter,
snd does not cost so much. It causes
the patient to "throw up, the phlegm"
quicker, and gives relief in a ihoxter
time. Give this remedy ��s soon as
th* croupy cough appears, nnd it will
prevent the attack. It never fails
and is pleasant and safe to take. For
sale by F. J. "Mackr;nziq^
Mr. Coleman, Presbyterian Missionary to the Chinese of Vancouver and outlying points spent a
few days this week in work among
the Chinese of Steve*tou, Ladner
and other places.
Council adjourned to meet again
ou Saturday, Jan. 28, at 2 p. m.
R. Moffit, we understand, has
purchased a business and farm outside tke dyke at Chilliwack, and
expects to move unto it soou. He
will continue the blacksmith shop
here, having put a man in charge.
well watered
thet laud *s fertile am.
by ihc Cyrress Hills.
Oh Oci. 10 we reached Moos-e-
j-iw about 5:30 p,u*., ;*nd laid over
for twenty-tout hours. This is one
of the prettiest towns on tlie C-P.R.
prairie, though it is not on a stieam
as most of the towns, yet it is
We hear that Marshall Smith 1 as growiug rapidly.   It is a railway
resigned his position as agent  here | divisional point of the Central Di-
far the Domuiqn Express Co.  Mr.
Lee, auditor for the company came
It is seldom one has the opportunity and pleasure of meeting such
a large number of friends ss gath*
ered at the Presbyteriau Manse
here last Thursday evening, in answer to notice issued by the ladies
of the church. From the infant in
the mother's arms to our most venerable citizens who have  long since
Miss Calhoun u.derwent an oper- P*58*^ ^e allotttd sPau of ihtem
ation for appendicitis, on Monday score years and ten were there, fill-
five years it will easily be seen that! last, at the Jubilee Hospital Vic-1 ing the buildiug throughout, and
the wealth of this company is en- toria, and is doing well. Mrs.J. F. 1 while many of the people remained
ormous. j Staiaten  went down on  Monday | downstairs te take in the select pro-
Scarcely a tree is to be seen on and will remain with her sister dur-; gramme provided for the evening,
eirlier side  of the railway, though ing her illness. | and which was rendered  in a most
 , I creditable maimer, the young  peo-
House Social,
Rev. J. Bushell is touring the
province lecturing and organizing
iu behalf of the Independent Order
of Good Templars. He will lecture in the Methodist Church here
on Friday evening next (27th inst.)
at 8 o'clock. All are cordially invited.
down Thursday evening and closed
the Ladner Agency. Marshall Smith,
found that tbe Company's business
took up more time than he or his
vision. The population is 3000;
altitude 1725 teet. The name
Moosejaw is an abridgment ot the
Indian name meaning "The-creek-
where- the- white- man-mended-the-
The C.  P. R.  has fine station
office staff could spare, to attend to buildings, a very good hotel with a
it and was compelled under these large dining room aud lunch count-
circumstances   to   replinquish  the
ers. The buildings are substantial,
being built of stone and brick.
They had also large works under
construction, such as machine and
January 18, 1905���The Ladner repair shops and a very large turn-
Cornet Band gave an excellent coi ��� table, capable of handling the large
cert in tbe open airr*u,nder the rays
of J. F. Staintou's arc light,. It
was net uncomfortably cold, eith.r,
mountain locomotives.    The found-
(Continued on Third, Page.)
j pie  had   a jolly   good  time  in the
upptr rooms  where they engaged
I in the different games provided for
I them.    Refreshments were  served
about 10:30, the people dispersing
i about an hour later all well pleased
j with their evening's outing.
j     Following is the programme:
I    Instrumental  trio, Mrs.   Ladner,
j Miss  Ladner  and  F.   W.   Harris;
of' _ong,  "Twickenham Ferry," Mrs.
Honeyman; piano   solo,   Miss  M,
Smith; violin and piano duet, Mrs.
Ladner and J.  Logan; song, "Out
on the Deep," H. K. Wright; trio,
Mrs. and Miss  Ladner and F. W,
Harris; song,  Mrs. Hayes,  accompanied by  Mrs. Green; violin and
  I piano duet; Mrs. Laduer  and J. A.
W. C. Bowmui of Sumas arrived Leg,in; song, E. T. Calvert, en*
on Thursday's boat, and .vas a guest j cored, accompanied by Mrs. Green;
of D. McGregor.   He speaks very trio,   "Selections from   'Bohemian
Miss Agnes Melville, sister
Mrs. T. Wilson, of East Delta, and
late, of Newbuigh, Scotland, was
united in the bonds of holy wedlock,
at Vancouver, last week, to W.
Harrison, also of East Delta, where
the happy couple will reside in
much in favor of the Chiliwack
Power aid Light Go's scheme of
tramway system for the farming
dinttict, and hopes to sec it exteud-
e*d to the Port of Guichon,
Girl,' " Mrs. aud Miss Laduer and
F. W. Harris; piano duet, Misses
M. Smith and I. Robinson; piano
solo, Miss Blanche Calhoun; High*-
lana Fling, VV. H. Ladner, THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY JANUARY  21, _$os.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Casual Adi-ertiaemriits, io cent-, per *'��e(w
lfcr6rs*��l����-rlioii.i.iid5^V"',*M'r !""* to,r ,1^11
raliarqiKnt iuseition. The number <�� �����������
tcckonetl by the apace occupied, "J lines lo the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisemeuts cau be
had on application at this office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line for each insertion..
Birth and Death notices, 50c, Marringts fi.so.
Any special notice, the object ol which Is to
Br..i*iotc the pecuuiary benefit ot any individual
at Lvmpany, to be considered au advertisement
and chsirged accordingly.
All advertisemenU charged for until ordered
oat and paid for.
Correspondence Invited on mutters ot public
lalerrst. Communications to editor must b�� ac
toinpanied by nuine of writer, not necesaanly
lor publication, hut us evidence ol goodBltn
Co. rupoudciue must ronch this ollice by lburs-
day evvaiajf.
Cko.  R. Mani.ky,
We 1 ope thai, the new Council
will see its way clear to go ahead
with the widening of the Slough
road. This is a matter which has
been held in abeyance far too Ions
With the new CouncU composed
of all the members of the old Council except the Reeve an i the Councillor for Ward III., there can be
no reasonable excuse for a retrograde movement in regard to any
of last year's work.
We are going to give a $50 scholarship in the Vancouver Business
College to the boy or girl, in the
senior divisions of our distr'ct
schools, who brings in the greatest
number of new cash subscribers,
and who contributes the best and
most descriptive article on the
"Delta." Intending competitors to
���end in their names hy February 1,
1905. Said competitors to act as
correspondent for his or her portion
���t the district during the present
We have taken this step to encourage the young people in the
���art of composition and to take an
interest in their home paper.
Perhaps the reason why standing
j:oom was not at a premium, on Friday evening last, wa-; owing to the
fact that college boys, college fun,
college jokes, college yells and college spirit is a thing unknown in
the history of Ladner, The audience, however, was thoroughly appreciative and the boys were loudly
and heartily applauded and recalled
many times,
Perhaps the minstrel show was
the most interesting part of the
evening's entertainment, the Collegians showing a most amazing
knowledge of the names of everybody in town, from Canon Hilton
to the proverbial small boy, although few of the citizens knew
the names oi their learned visitors.
To give an outline of the various
nutnb.rs would be almost impossible. The very first number on
the programme was sung with a
��nap and force that captivated the
audience. "The tack sat down
Upon its head," by the quartette,
was greatly appreciated by the
Reaching fraternity and the youth in
the audience.
Alf. JohnBton was in excellent
vpice .and was recalled to the footlights again and again,
After a final nnmber by the Glee
Club, a most enjoyable evening was
concluded by the College Yell and
pod Sfive the &ing.
Council met, except Couns. Law-,
,rence and Wales, accordiug to Statute,   in   the   Town  Hall,  Surrey
Centre, Jan. 16th, 1905,   and after j
taking   the   necessary   declaration
took their places at thr: Board.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
The Returning Officer reported
the result ofthe election as follows:
For Reeve, (by withdrawal of
Mr. Moggridge) Henry Bose, by
For   Councillors:
Ward I���George H. Wales, by
Ward II���I). I). Burnett, do.
Ward III���IssacS. Johnson, do.
Ward IV���G. A. Boothroyd, do.
WardV���H G. Lawrence, (elected over Wm. Figg by a majority of
Received and filed.
A communication was received
from J. Burtt Morgan, Manager
Chilliwack Power and Light Company, re passing by-law granting
concessions to that company.
Moved by Coun. Boothroyd
seconded by Coun. Johnson, that a
public meeting be held in the Town
Hall, Saturday, Jan. 28th, at 1
p. m., to meet Mr. Morgan for the
purpose of discussing the proposition of the Chilliwack Power and
Light Co., and that the Clerk insert
an advertisement in the Columbian,
and notify Mr. Morgan to that effect. Carried.
On motion the following appointments were made:
Fence Viewers���J. D. Paris, J.
E. Murphy, E. Loney, J. Church-
land and Wm. Brown.
Licensing Board���the Reeve and
Couns, Burnett, Johnson, J. Church-
land, J.P., and J. Lockie Brown,
J. P.
Finance Committee���the Reeve
and Couns. Burnett, Joh'ison and
Board of Health ���The whole
Board of works ��� The whole
���> Clerk and Collector��� E M. Cam-
Medical Health Officer���Dr. A.
L. Kendall.
Solicitors ��� Martin, Weart and
Applications were received for the
position of Assessor from B. B.
Smith and J. Churchland, and on a
ballot being taken Mr. Churchland
was elected.
The clerk was instructed to call
for applications for the position of
Road Tax Collector, applicants to
state percentage wanted, no allowance for extras.
$150 was appropriated for each
ward for needed repairs.
Coun. Boothroyd gave notice that
he would introduce a Temporary
Loan By-Law at next meeting.
The following accounts were
passed and cheques issued,
J. Lockie Brown, services Deputy
Returning Officer, $2.50; J. Churchland,do. and stationery, $7.50; Allan
Johnson, do, $5; A. P. Currie, do,
$6; Dingle and Galbraith, printing
$13.50; S. J. Andrews, work Johnston road ward 2, $28.
Council then adjourned to meet
again on Saturday, Jan, 21st, at 11
o'clock a. m., at the Clerk's Office,
Will the Icind frien4 who borrowed a lighted lantern from tlje BaRtist
Church, Sunday last, kindly return
jt, when no longer rtquired.'to thjs
A disordered stomach may cause
no end of trouble. When the
stomach fails to perform its functions the bowels become deranged,
the liver and kidneys congested,
causing' numerous diseases, the
most fatal of which are painless and
therefore the njore to be dreaded.
The important thing is to restore
the stomach and liyer to a healthy-
condition, and for this purpose no
better preparation can be used than
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets.sTT-For sale by F. J. MacKenzie
The peculiar cough whicli indicate** croup, is usually well known
to the mothers of croupy children.
No time should be lost in the treatment of it, and for this purpose no
medicine has received more universal approval than Chamberlain's
Cough remedy.���For sale by F. J.
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C. Pybus, M.W.
Gho. R.  MANLBY, Recorder.
1.0.0 F.
Delta Lodge, No. gi.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Ellis, N.G.
Dr. A.  A.  King,  Sec.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT DEC. 15, 1904
Train leaves Port Guichon at
7:45 a.m., arriving at Vancouver
at 10:45 a.m.
Train leaves Vancouver at 3:50
p.m., arriving at Port Guichon at
6:3s p.m.
McRAE & Co
C. O. F.
The above Order has removed to
the Oddfellows' Building, where it
will meet in future on the Second
and Last Thursdays of each month.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, EUard Block, New Westminster.
A lull line of English awd Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
f  .J. HENLEY   I
f f
&>   NKW WESTMINSTER,    :-:  B. C.   <���
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
Public Notice is hereby given
that auy person found removing
sand or other material off the old
Cemetery Road, Sec. 11, Tp. 5, or
Boundary Bay Road will be prosecuted.
By order.
Ladner, B. C, Dec. 28, 1904.
No Generating, they  Light With
a Match.
4> Soda Water, Ginger ���]���
k Ale and Summer .*.
j. Drinks. T
5 Your patronage solicited I
v * ���>
Notary Public,
Auctioneer. Estate 8 insurance mem.
Ladner, B. C
Purchasing Assent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
Lndner. B. C
Owing to disregard of posted
notices, by sportsmen and others,
and the danger to life and stock
through irresponsible parties shooting, I will prosecute, without exception, all parties trespassing on
the "Hazel Grove Farm" (Kirkland Estate), after this date.
Ladner, B. C., Nov. 26, '04.
Capital and Surplus
Savings Bank Accounts Solicited.   Deposits of $1
and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
Deposit Vault
Free to customers.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Incorporated 1869,
H. ��, WEIGHT, Manager,
���+���* *V+-H--*~-H^+*M-*H-**** +���+ -H+4 -J-H- *M-*f+* -fr+sf-M- -K- ���+���
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Gone at SpaoltHy Low Prises.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
��� Telephone " Ladner" No. io.
����� ���!��� ��� -i-t***f ���*���>-*��*���������������.���+'KH'H't +���+
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath .Tubs, Stov*
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agont for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves. -
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just tbe thing for making Water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs,, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C��
Box 4
Tel. 17
People's Heat Market
A Pull Supply of Fresh and Pickled
Meats, Fish & Poultry kept on hand.
Ladner, B. C.
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta*
Our Price la Right. Wa Can Save You Money.
Drop Us a Lino, Our Agent WM CaN on You
GEO* M. THRIFT, Manager*
A Full Line of XMAS PEELS,
AH Fresh.
-Also a Good Line of-
Games and China, Suitable for
H.J. Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 1903.
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at ro a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton. Vicar.
Reverend Father Edto. 'P-sytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and7 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. -every
Sabbath School at 3 ,p m every
Stfnday. Prayer meeting even-
Wednesday evening at 17.30.
Rev. A, N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. 11.
Sabbath School at 2pm Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. Mr-. T:*.>-3ur.
PafStor P-. H. McEwen will preach
at 7 p. m.    Special music.;;.
I* his early days, Lord Russfrlli
Chief Justice of England, had a good
deal to put up with from older men
���who thought to prune] his exuberance. One day, Sir Digby Seymour
Q. Ci, kept up a flow of small talk
when Russell was speaking. "I
wish you would be quiet, Saymour,''
said Russ.ll, with his Irish accent.
"'My name is Seymour, if you
please," replied the learned jgentle-
man, with mock dignity. "Then I
wish you would see more and say
less," was ll e rejoinder.���Ex.
]eita   Times
minting ot ALL Kinds
Neatly Executed
(Continued from  First Page.)
e   Print   Anything   horn
Wedding Stationery to
a Target*
alion walls are about 6 feet thick
and ro feet deep, in which thousands oi barrels of cement were
Moosejaw had quite a building
boom, many fine residences were
going up. In conversation with a
builder, he pointed out about fifteen good residential buildings he
had erected during the summer.
He was also building a large reservoir for the oity water works. This
was built of concrete (cement and
gravel). 'The cement costs about
$i .10 per barrel in Ontario, or.
about $3.50 in Moosejaw, which
makes building expensive. Stone
and brick being scarce, the foundations sre almost invariably put in
with cement.
The reservoir is about 90 feet
abqve the town, which will give
good fire protection. The water is
collected about one mile distant,
from a number of springs, through
a series of ditches and pumped up
to the reservoir. The mains'will
be laid about 7 feet below the frost
line. The city is also putting in a
sewerage system.
Buildings are put up with concrete blocks which are moulded
hollow, consequently making a
warm building.
Among the many buildings under construction is a court house,
which is being built of stone and
pressed brick, with red sandstone
trimmings, imported from Pennsylvania.
Moosejaw is also a busy market
town and boasts of several large
elevators, to which the golden grain
was-coming freely, though-threshing was not more than half done.
The farmers were complaining of
being short of help ait from $2 to
$2.50 per day. The elevators are
conveniently arranged for receiving
grain from the farmer's wagon. He
drives on to the platform; if the
grain is lo��se in the wagon box
(i.e., not in sacks), tbe hmd
wheels are lowered by a hand
wheel, and the grain emptied into
the cleaning hopper to be cleaned
and weighed. The wheat is very
dirty, the giain being so -light, the*y
could not clean it properly hy the
separator. The Elevator -Co. was
paying 82c. for No. 1 Hard, and
79c for No. 2, which is equivalent
to 90c in Port Arthur, the freight
being 8c.
(To be continued.)
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
This preparation is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup,
whooping cough and influenza. It
has become famous for its cures of
these diseases over a large part of
the civilized world-. The most flattering testimonials have been received, giving accounts of its good
works; of the aggravating and persistent coughs it has cured; of severe
colds that have yielded piomptly to
its soothing effects, and of dangerous attacks of croup it has cured,
often saving the life of the child.
The extensive use of it for whooping cough, has shown that it robs
that disease of dangerous results. It
is especi.illy prized by mothers because it contains nothing injurious
ind there is not the least danger in
giving it even to babies. It always
cures and cures quickly.���Sold by
F. J. MacKenzie.
M. J. Henry will pay cash for
clean Douglas Fir and Cedsft-Seed:
$1.50 per lb. for, Fit, and $2 per
lb. for CEDAR.
This seed can be secured'by gathering the cones from the trees, and
���Spreading them on a tight floor, or
>on sheets, or on psiper in a dry
room. Ill a few days the cones will
open and the seeds will drop out by
Stirring them over occasionally.
Then clean the seed by using a
sieve, or pouring fiom one dish to
another, in a slight breeze to separate light seed and dirt.
Advise as soon as possible the
quantity you have and I will send
directions about shipping.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
OoPtriohts Ac.
Anyone Hading', (ketch and description m��.
>*ther an
  on Patau, ta
ld����t .f.ncr firMimuinji[patents.
1: ona strict!, conodeni
sintfraa. Oldest agar _. ....     	
Patent* taken through Munn A Co. receive
tptcialnsHci, wttboe*. obarce, in the
[ Co.
Scientific American
l handsomely lllaitrated weekly. Lantaat err-
filiation of any loienttflo Journal. Terms, tt a
rear:_foormonth*,|L ftMbyaUfewa^aaleM.
I 991 mmUjuuMnnji	
i      m.4k �� ��b Ws-BMMNtv
An eccentric Scotch 'minister in a
little kirk at Cumberland sometimes
used his pravers for making his
'anndticeitttnts. The Rev. 'Or. Buck,
of the Barony Church, Glasgow,
and another minister once spent a
vacation in Cumberland, and on the
Sabbath attended this kirk, sitting
in a remdte--corn*r, so that the min-
'iiter should not notice them. But
the eagle *ye'of the minister detected them, smd in tke intercessory
���praytr be so expressed himself as to
make q*nit*:��aure of .some aid from
them. The good man's words were
���these: "Lord have mercy ou Thy
'ttini&erlbg servants who have popped in upon us so unexpectedly; one
of them Will preach in the afternoon
and the other in the evening."
GcN. for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cheier*. .aad Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in this 'man's place,
but keep a bottle of thia-remedy in vow
bome. There is nothing bo good foi
Oolio, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
'Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable foi
���Summer Complaint and Cholera'Infantum and has saved the lives of more
children than-any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.
You, or-som**��*oite of your family, an
sure to need this remedy sooner or late*
and when that time comes you will need
lt badly; you will-need it qUltlily. Why
���aot buy it now and he prepared for such
'to emergency?   ^rice, 35 cents.
Tot-rift (who calls at village postoflio*
for a registered .letter)���But -why oan't
f ou let me have lti1
Postmaster���Hava -76a proof et jrout
Postmaster���Don'tfou-know any one in
the village?
Postmaster*���Save foa a-phOtograph et
yourself or anythingf
Postmaster (oomparlng'photo with orlg'
Inal)���Certulnly, sir, it's you. I'll get
you the letter.���Pearson'* Weekly.
* l>       *
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5.5a
nnd C.50 a.m. anil hooily thereafter until 10 p.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leav�� Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.5a
and 6.50 a. tn. aud hourly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at ti p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouv. r mid all shipments arc
handled With the.urn ��� ' re >nd delivered to
consignee without lels. pecial attention paid
to fruit shipments.    -���. ������'. m.et all boats
.'and trains.   For ratos. ,'.'to
���Craay   I*   Moderation.
Wlfa-If I were to die, PM1, Nrtet
would.-you dol
Phil���I'd be most crasy.
Wife���Would you marry again J
Phil���No* I wouldn't bo that crasy.
HuastM. famUle* when moving to ao*
home* kindle the Ore an tbo kMrth With
���Mia brouuht from tho aid
*-~m-��'X~w~m+X'**~*:~w* -��*�����;*
I Traffic Mgr.
5*sVe*tminst.-r. B. C.
���R.   -. LOVER
I.oenl Mgr.
���th* flrelight shadows tremble sileu tfy
(Shadow and real, they fall about u��
<0b. au I bnt a wandering dream of met
Aad are you bnt a wistful dream oi you?
"Sometimes it aeems the shadows are the real;
Thr real seems sometime* faint and shadow*
Va wondrous true the dreams I nsed to fuel.
Such >voudr.ua dreaming ell that is my ow*t
Tor I have all the wonder of my dream,
Too rich, too strange, too purple to t r- tr-el
And the dream's wonder dazes till I *eom
To be but dreaming now this dream nf yea.
Ibe firelight shadows fall about ua two
(Shadow *uid reul, they miuKle endlessly)-*-
Ob, are your but a arlBtful dream of youf
Aud am I but u wandering dream of met
-Post Wheeler in Atlanta Constitution.
-A Bone Tbut Waa Swallowed Alive
*y a Mnlr 1- rom Hia Ona Tall.
From Florida comes the following lettM
from ft veracious oorrospondent:
"Being nn ex-soldier nul having only
16 months to serve to aoqulre a title tn a
quarter section of land, I went to Floi Ida
In 1885 to put my plans into execution.
Not being posted ee to th* .landmarks, I
*hud to hlro n'settler to locate thu laud for
ine, mid a> in had to go about eight miles
-through woods over bad roads, with no
'-.ridges, Me went horseback, and ln crowing a stream I noticed that my friend'*
horse's tail caught ln an old pine stump,
tpiilllng a hair from the tail ��nd leaving
"the hair fn^r, to the stump.
"As you know, a horsehair will turn to
fe make when in water, mid I made up lay
mind to watch that particular hair. So
aftor locating my land and getting a log
house built I took my (run and started out
on a hunt, and during my ramble* 1 cam*
to tha stream that my friend and I bud
crossed, and, sure enough, there wus th*
horsehair snake as big as my thumb and
over four feet long. As be wa* fast to tbl
Stump I let him alone and continued my
hunt, bagging some quail, a rabbit und
two squirrels, which gave me a good roes*
of fresh meat. As I was very busy for tb*
'Uext three weeks I hnd no time to visit my
pet snake, so you may judge of my surprise when on my uext visit +0 find tb*
snake ns big as a stovepipe aMd ever 40
feet long. As 1 was going to have a'log
rolling the next, week 1 kept my secret so
that we could have some fun after w*
were tiirvugh our dny's work. I got everything ready and aunt out my invitation*.
My friend thnt snowed ma tbe land cifroO
with the rest of them nnd told mo t-bifc'Iiil
horse ivas lust or stolen. We all flftched In
and did a good day's work anil hnd a good
dinner. I told them iffy secret and w*
went to the branch. You oan Imagine out
surprise when we found tbe snuke as big
M a sat* log, with a bulge in the nilddl*
a* big a* a sugar barrel.
'Weil, to make a long story abort, we
killed the snake and out hlm open, and
my friend'* lost'horse tumbled out IV*
thought'the horse Wo* deud until he ooiu-
ttenwid *to-move,-and loan ran around all
right, snd my frletifl rod* him home. I
kave beurd a greatdesA ��lxiut horsehair
makes, aud this is the only 4nsUnoe I
kuow of where a borso' was stvlirrtowed
���live by a hair from his own tall."���_U_-
llmol-e American.
What tha Iloaae of Lord* I* For.
The house of lords cannot now profess
to inak* the laws of the nation, but It can
and does prevent vast changes being made
in the constitution by a snap vote or a
���cratch majority. It does for the British
oonstitntton -What a written 'doc*ni��nt,
unalterable except under certain apeoiWl
Conditions, does for other form* of govern-
wetft -But for it the whole of our laws
-and'liberties would He at tho mercy of any
Wan Who conW get control <6f'the house of
���commons'for 24 hours. It considers nil
legislation, and though ln practice -It-sei-
dom ventures to inuke change* tt ls able
to lnsist'on a reference to the country if It
holds that a great and fnrreachlng revolution il being made without tbe eleotom
���being really aware of what is happening.
<-���-fact, it views the -laws sent up to it la
���the litght of this question, ".Ought this
���lim if not-amended tobeMJedted tfHMl fl
has been referred to th* nation With tht
'demand, 'la it your pleasure that this bit*
���hall become law?' "���London Spectator
Pleture a* ��� *%wk_*.
Luoretla Mott, th* eminent Quake.
minister and antlslavery apostle, wa* a
woman of rare personal charm, and whil*
not'beautiful in the *trl*t eense of that
farreaohhig tern wa* iposseased of a faoo
thafwas llttl* -short of It. Her brother,
Thomas Coffin, however, wae not .in >4lM
least entitled to any claim* ot 'that -soft,
��� fact whloh caused him as muoh amusement as it did any ona of b)�� friend*. H*
Was-once asked by a friend'for his picture,
but extended little hope that tb* inquirer
would ever get what he asked for.
"Well, Thomas," *aid th* other, "B
thee will-nob get one taken for me, will the*
let-Die har* a eopyof an old one?"
"lata afraid I cannot dcJ-that either,'
replied Thomas.   "The fact la-tbat I once
lid have a picture taken of ���'myself, aud U
was so good that 1 destroyed it."���Harper's Round Table.
Horse Goods! I
Our Harseaa aad Horse t>uraiiUnca "*���
���hare long proved reliable, aud they arc 1
bailt not oaly far style hat wear. T
LADr/Dl*. B.t *
A Flmaneler.
"Brlggins makes money' by establishlflb
���reamerios In country town*, does bef I
thought it wa* a notoriou* faot that UttN
orsameiiei don't pay."
"���That1* It. Hi* agedt -wo*k* up a
creamery enterprise tn some small town,
and Brlggins goes there tbe next year,
buy* op the machinery for a song and
sell* it to some village where they have
���ever bad a creamery.''���Chicago Tribune.
Took ttfe'BM..
'���Just by way of * hint,-you know,-!
"ttfd her sbe looked sweetenough to kiss."
"Well, shesald that was th* way she Im-
"And so"��� 17
"Pwolsely.''���Chicago **stt.
HealUaa Hia A,. Thoa.
"A. young married man never roaltMb
tkat he Is getting old antii he 1��oompellss*l
to pay full fare for hi* flr*tff"born when ha
'has hlm on a stre*t ear.���Cincinnati Cass*
'aHsfeial 'Tribune.
11       ,.     -���" -*
Some tJonwaentatore* maintain %hM*-o>*>
sty oae of the Psalms had a distinct dans*
"appropriated to tt seal that ItwaeOo-Ms
���wn mmilo that David danced before* tHt
i**taf��i -������*���!��� 7.-
.   'i
.'.���'��� "f
���' ���������*���'���.'    s-
Friday, Jaut. 27*
If rs. ]��s.  Folli;  returned   liviie
9tt Saturday'! Loat.
FlM  K��*rel   Oranges,   25c  per
4��zcb���City Bakery.
Bcft.Aftliur is very rauph better
.tad getting along nicely.
Dr. aad llxs.King are expected
aamt op this e-��cuint;'.s boat.
Mrs. D. A. Ifjdfee. left. inpm-
4ay, for a few d*. s' visit to Y��n-
������   1
-H*WJ$MfCoruiick left yesterday,
ipf a ^prjt IsjuSsjue^ss visit to Van-
Any one wishing to purchase a
nice, comfortable home, wouy. do
���well % consult-,!*..., ��o$ts
��� *��������� ������   ���   ������'"'���'���'JJ*g'"
Dotv't forgst- libr M^s^uerad*.
Bail, at Cloverflale on Friday next,
j^ee Smith ^ McLcjpald fur asujt.
:C. Blaine, the jf*x**,l freight clerk
��pv th*. Tiahsfer ha* bjf.tt^ spending
a ver^t qujoyable time at Clpy.er-
Wve, ^.ofces, (^c^ected t��>> have
Iseen bjarn^ this weekj, bi^ %e. a-e
^prry to tepprt, he is no's qpite so
D) Mf\C/��tgor, returned boots, on
Fri��**y. ��3t**�� inst, fvpra * short
tpisitiess,, trip to Seattle,, Sumas,
jjiaefc-trner. *^c.:
IJ. C. Alexander, of; Va^oayv
was ia l*dper, th}s week in thpin-
tprests af tfce, B,   Ci   Permftpent
T, Thirhl^, R- & Jackapff and R,
hfofiEit renew.ed, their copfelence in
14s k* M^-aAin^ their, sjjbacrtptions
^ur^the.^��5liweel_.   ,
epmt^pte^tBa^l.QeyerilaJe. Fri:
Hey. Canon Hiltoq returjied hqrne
qn Wednesday frjpB^.^ew We4*��i!��r
ster, whore he had been attending a.
-.���Metiag of the Clericus.
Jas. Leonard, of Port Guichon, is
putting in a well boring outfit, and
a^ny one wishing to make a try tor
.wat^w^l.d^wejl. to give hjm a
..agar 1 ��� . ;��� >"������.���.?..
Hey. Canon and Mrs. Hilton en-
tfrt������di the. choir, boys, of All
Saints" Church, on Thursday o$ey-
i^g last when a very jolly ereniiig
wm spent.
__3<S3_fb: ~msacas
Among the passengers returning
an Friday;.'a .^^-wrft;. Mesdpm.es
TJi.Foster/H;. G-,, T^Ior.. A. Read
^pd Miss heona Whitworth and Mr.
You can obtain a bottle ol Beef.
It on aad Wine or a bottle af Peru-
�����}*, te at MapK.^^'*' -��ruS
l^torp that' Wiitli tfjte. away all bad
s*#er   effecU   of that  aggrAyiatifig.
fk lft   Ladneft  a{. tlie annual
^e^$/o��ti��' ifefafittr' Institute,
ofcttf t*a��, water hits,, tq( ��. port*
Whjag ��sj(ablifhment which it is
hpptd wlllsee its way clear to open
*&$F** '     ''
���   r* >r "   * * -J ,,' M .,.,...* j ��� -i, i..i
. _*arants wishing to encourage
t^sjst oiBdren.to tafce op a business
^^tic%-v^%<fy,~ vylfc tor, tapd our
t^^tjje^stcpudiPtge., Uflder,,thti
^ii^tl/:t*w.,^^.he^:s.,^ and-
vj^Pf 'Setfelslw* teacher- and- hear what
h%or shet-has to say.   Ib is worth
A Sto^y et Winnie D��vU_
There U a, story told of her by a resident
af rhiladelphift which show* why Wlnnji,
Davis was held so dear by th* veteran* oi'
the Confederate.army. The man who talli
tt wa* a colonel under the stars and ban
and ts now a rich man. "But five yean
ago I wasn't," he aay.��, "I'd loet everj
jenny I'd had. before tlie war, and I hae
not made many ilnoe. A big slump in tin
west had. done {or me, and I put up at ���
Jvtw York hotel with just enough to pa)
my bill and no more. My nerves gav.
sgpy, ^nd 1. wa* taken ill. Tbe dooto
staid I must hare a long rest, and u con
plete change Ji HM��e. I suid I niUcbt rati
iii tho grave. ��nu siJiange ibis sneno i'or that
at tbe next world, hut tin.t 1 had 110 111011
qy or friend* aud.would never leave tb<
elty any way but' foei llrst. Well, Ml^
i).*��vl�� was Ktopplng" at that hotel. Sbe
knew 1 wouldn't iiccept nione.v from her.
so *h* got tho dpctor to, 5*retcml he w.-u
tendinis nie bin. own. t went uliroud un��
euuie home cured and ajrendx o.n the wi.*,
&p wealth. It wa* only then that I fouhc
out whom 1 owod.my, life to. ��� You know
her t��ok, 'The Veiled Boei)or*�� Well, foi
me there is in an equivocal bi��nlisca.uce U
that name."���Phlkuielnhia Press.
<?lvla_t rioweva.
to ^ounooticut a few yenrs ago lived s.
lady who had a heoutlful, ftower garden.
Ip which shBs.*)pk great, pride. The.vuhpli,
nelgbborbf>od wus proud of it, too, and peo
pie drove miles to see lt. Sho fastened twt
lur^e baskets en the outside ot her fence
next to the road, and every morning tbest
were filled with cut Uowers���ft?- lnrge
showy kinds in one basket and tbo deli
cute, fragile kinds In tlie other. All tk-.
School children going by helped themselver
apd studied the hotter for It, and buslncn
men took a brenth ot fragrance into tin i>
ijusty, o��iqea,which helped the day nbrnic
Xyen th* t^giim were welcome to ali.tlu
beauty they couidi S��t ipto their foiloi-c
"You out such quontlties," ^omo ow
^ld to her. "Aren't you afraid yo*w.ll*
^f|b yourselff"
"Thu more lent the. ��)Qre I have," sh��
M*wered. "Dqn't you know that if plants,
arc all.s.vixj tp ko to s^Qil tjhey stop blooic.
lng? I love to,, give pleasure, and il lt
profit as well, for my liberal cutting is tin
Secret of my beautiful gulden. I am llk��,
the man iu ��� Pilgrim's Progress,' the mon
I give away the more 1 huve."���Exchange.
A \jL>����r l'"r I'oal.
An edtijlsablenio'id si*en some years tinot,
W.as inado'in the. fptlowing manner: A
hole spine Ul feet tu diameter and & fret it
depth waa flrst dug, aud tbUiw^s.pla^tci-ec
with mortar to tho deptb of 4 inches at
the sides and bottom. A pieo* of lend plpt,
Was put ln to make the desired drain, aui
due respect waa paid to constructing t
pluce outside of where lt went through, s<
that tbe water would drain off through 1
Ifyet qf ro^ks and sand. When the mot
tar waa'dry, i�� wa* treated to a cqafc i>', qi��
tern cement. In the center waa oonetrucfa
od a miniature island of stone* and oartU
and upon it wa* a mass of foliage ant
flower*, while pink, white and yellow wa.
tor Mile* filled the space around it, une*
some tadpoles grew to be sedate frog* un-
der the shade of the broad leaves. On*
year half a dozen. dwui<f-calloa and-a lot ol.,
old fuah!j��,u*3s}i vraiHU'.rliig jews made tht,
Island a fairvHko place, and several yean
latoi\amarj.Jlis plants ofruiany ooloftrevel',
ed in the auu and moisture of the Island,
Js'o one who has not seen i��se of the mlnis>
turo ponds can imagine their beuufcy.-\.
Vick's Magazine.
AaH "fan* ��rotl��e*s
When a young woniun bus a fastidious.
brother or a comrade sufficiently intimat*
tq,be allowed ln a friendly way to criticiw
b|f>r good points in dress, it is not at all '1
ttad.ldea to ask his advice about the sty*.,
of njckwtjar she adopts. A man Is not ii>
different to. the neckties of hi* lister's 01
his s.weut sort's toilet, and though bis ��.j,
vice is ojltcn couched in wiiat v, hut ;.��Chnrie\
tou-jfls ij V mually worth following, nnd
(|i* suggeistloiis sUs>qi<t. at least, be ��oiibi^:
A tall girl, with a long, swanlike neck,
may wear ta advantage a scarf with *
large, loose bow. Her short and plum.,
friend, with a h*w.d spt low on her-shoul-
d,prs, must not lnufllo hersi-lf up till sha
8eera_.tphave.no ueck tp speak of. Pot
Ijor the narrowest band orcoiV lssufTlolent
to mark the llne.whero tlio dross ends.
A gentlewoman nover tolerates soiled 01
flimsy or cartiesaneckwoar.-^PluladelphU,.
-Who Can'TeM*'
"Eopa," said Tommy Trcdway,
'(Now, Tommy," replied Mr. Trottway,
"Lshall answer,' only one more question
bMay.   80 be, careful wh.at ypu ^sk."
'"Yes, papa."
"Well, go op."
"Why don't they, bujy the _)(jad ssa��"���
Harper's Bazar.
New. line  Ck   B.; Chocolates in,
fitty varieties���City Bakery.
I Iiil
Is the leading school in. th1; prov-;
in.c* for the preparation 0/ youug \
p.ople lor business pursuits.
It gives thorough c< urs.*.--; p:
and other subjects neresss.ry to
stenographers ox- clerks, or bookkeepers.
Positions fouud for gradMates,
Terms moderate. Special rates
for a club of two, or, niore from the
same locality.
'Begin the New Year right
Buy Direct
av d   Save   Agent's   Commission
Tboii��*   ids :f Fmit -i"1   O na
.".eut-'il "*re        Rfc .��� i   .     if. *
Roses, GreeiihotHw aiul Hardy
f'.r Spri.ni>; l*Iiii.<.iny;
AU its-uv.. ...tcs. -s.-i. .  .'   . auu
bhipped .
without ��� ��� v ; ��� -..
thousniidi of miles ana then
fumigated (aud consequently
damaged) before delivery.
Home Grown aud Imported
Garden, Field & Flower Seeds
always in stock iu season, and
tested i's to vitality. Eastern
prices or less. White Labor.
Fertilizers, Bee Hives and
supplies,    Floral Pesigus.
Catalogue Free.      M. J. HENRY.
3010   Westminster    Road,
Vancouver, H. C.
Pre.3h and Salt Fiah at McBEIDE'S Daily���
Oolacha,vs, Salmoaj, Cod, Haliljut.,, M&clj;erelv
Herring and   .
Fresh Finnan E'addio and
Smoked Salmon.
ne Os,
Order from the "W&gon or Call, Your Or*
deys shall ha^e Our Prompt Attention.
Ctottiei Altered. Clonned nnl R<*r��'ssnil!
Vurcs-lsilclt at W. I,. McBrtdf. store and A. Wat-
k*er's and the Delta Times office will be catted
for ou Monduy nnd returned ou Saturdtty.
Phone 5.
Port Guichbn.
���l. J Jl :
Jb  Mb LEl
Wish their many Patrons the
Compliments-of the Season...,
mgpjammamautmMi j
���jij gg j.Jg.gy
Btqpgg ���--
Lumber Mill*
For 0-oQd Cedar Drain Lumber, Planking,
Etc., Try Us.
Q. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
For Sale*
A Hitabor* of Fifio. Ifurebred'.
White Wy-andottes, and, Ruff Orpington Cockerels for- mating.
Mis�� Va14gha.11, violini��t> -wi)l
teach o& Ladner: every Fiiday and,
Saturday. Studjo.at Mrs. W.* Mstc-
Crsu'si, Westham. Street*.
For.terms, etc., apply attStudio.
For Sale/..
A 9-Rootn.ed,  House   end Four
Iyots, on Georgia Street.
I   This is a very desirable property
for, anyone wishing to lij,'ve..in town.
Hot ftirther particulv^a-Pplytpi
I Rs, Mtf-tfFlT;./
Awarded Gold Medal at World's Columbian and Mid-Winter
Expositions for Higher Qr,&de qf Rolled Oats.,
the Brackman-Ker
Head Office:
Mills :���
At all principal points on
Calgary and Edmonton R. R.
Manufacturers of Cereal Foods Kxtra Cieam Rolled Oats, Oat��*al, Gruham Flour,
Pearl Barley, Split Pea��, Chopped and Mixed Feeda.
tjeaterj iu Rlwt, Bran, Shorts,. Haj', Grain and all kinds of Farm Produce.
fit ul iii   l/Lil 1 Us-iiil 1      IsdlSsU    Ss/s-ii I ul\\l s .
Our Stock is now complete.
Never before was there such an assortment
shown in Westminster, ���   *
Prices ranging from 75c. to $5.00.
Call and see them when you come to town..
w. Efsira^if^r^
New Westminster.
m wm bis io m.
At nominal cost, private individuals qx business.
men can put their important papers and valuables iu a
secure and convenient place.
Tbis- is a) boon to. those v,-ho do not possess a. safe.,,
and to families travelling..
These boxes are accessible during all busme-ss hours
to the renter., who  holds the key.
RATES t   $1.30 per year.
Westminster Trust Sr. Safe Denes.'. Co., Limited..*
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
Now Westminster, B. C.
A Large Stock of Buggies.
Plows-,   Boot   Cutters* 1
Hay Cutters, Ensilage j
Cuttexs, Etc., at
Q.   T.   BAKER'S New Showroom..
Purchasing Agent,.        tjf       LADNER,. B.C.
Andrew Clausen,
 ��� 'v..,,., ���	
Ladies' Chatelaine Watches f^pm $  up.
Ladies' Gold Watches from $1   up.   '
Cut Q-lassK Silverware and aU Miads of Jew**.
Jeweller, 6tc.t *���&


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