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The Delta Times May 13, 1905

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���   *
Vol. 1. No. 36.
LA    .t*.K, B. C, SATURDAY. HAY 13, 1905.
'"--7:     ,
$1.00 a yea
Live 5 ock. jWest!iam |san<**
iThe efforts mad ��� b.   the  leadin
stockmen of Camda   with  the  en
Peter Carrick   made  a  business
trip to Chiliwack this week.
��diJ *
V/ednes -ay la.**, was a red letter
It. is* nice to be ,f,ood naturad enough to smile and look pleasant in
any kind of weather. Life might be more enjojable to some, perhaps, if this Spring^ Zephyrs were more inclined to balminess.
You'll just have to stick to Warm Garments for a week or so, and
take advantage of the Store's daily opportunities in Summer Goods,
to be ready for the Hot Time when it comes.
Our Stock of Ladies' Waists
-Aad Shirtwaist Suits are moving along nic_*ly�� NOW is the time to
Buy while the Choice is Good.
Another Nice Line
Qtf Ladies/ Fancy Lace and Silk Neckwear, Belts and Hosiery just
Children's Wash Dresses from 75c up.
Ladies' House Dresses from $1.00 up.
G.W.London  was a  visitor to jday for  Delta.   The inauguration
couragement of the Dominion Min-1 We   minster this week. ; sale at t]:e Ddta S(ock  yard was a
ister of Agriculture, for a  National j    Mm F. Kirkland paid a visit  to ��� success and it is to  be hoped that
system of recording pure bred live New Westminister on Wednesday-   ' the tie st sale will h
stock were successfully culminated j     W. PaInier is ou th . Isl..���., nJr;���;., | suceef^;      Th;,
at Ottawa last week,   when leading  having resigned his "position on :lr L l0WD t_,e farmer-3
stock-breeders     from    throughout Str. Vulcab. ' lackiup-
Canada representing various breeds j    J  A. Savage and Jas. Tamboline
Signed agreements with the Minister went   over   to  the Stock  ,c"ale on !<������,.     ,,,    , ,,
lw���.      , 'at cattle  been  really  fat, there is
of Agriculture for the co-operation | wecintsciav.
Harry Trim left on Friday on a
business trip to Ladysmith, Nanaimo and Vancouver with bis launch
much more
first   sale   has
where they are
Had   the  stoek  been  in
first class condition, that is, had the
turned   home   on
spending a  couple  of
Mrs. Albertson.
weeks, with
The tent mission  l.egins  to-mor-
no doubt will be interested. Mr.
aud Mrs. Shanks have just returned fiuin an extens v* to-.ir  of Aus-
See Our Japanese Hfiatiingi
as B&c
of Iiis department and apjpointed a
National Record Committee to take
the responsibility of managing mat
ters of common interest to the var-
ious Record Societies. As a result
ot the agreements, the Minister undertakes that the seal of his Department shall be attached to all certificates of registration when approved by an officer appointed by him.
The following were elected as the
Executive Committee:���Chairman,
R. Miller, Stoufr.-i.te, Out: Robert row >"""�����<�� '"''' -.veiling with a
Beith, Bowman villa; Wm. Smith.
Columbus; A. W. Smith, Maple
Lodge; J. E. Brethour, Burlord;
John Dryden, Toronto and R.
Ness, Howick, Que. A. P. Westervelt, Toronto, was appointed Sec
The Record Societ-.' representa
tives with delegates ;rom the vaii-
ious provinces met and adopted a
constitution forming the Canadian
National Live Stock Association A
membership represent.-*'ive of -7..
different provinces and ofthe larg'4
exhibitions and a representative
Board of Directors is provided for.
The following officers and directors
were elected:���President, John Dry-
don, Toronto; Vic Pres. R. Ness,
Howick, Que.; Executive C:>;ii-
mi-tee, Col. J. A. McGillivray,
Toronto; G. A. Gigault, Quebec;
Arthur Johnson, Greenwood; Sec
Treasurer, A. P. Westervelt, Tor
outo. Thes.* with tbe following form
the Board of Directors- ��� W. vV.
Ballantyne, Stratford, Ont.; Nap
LaChapelle, St. Paul l'Her-
mite, Que- ! Andrew Graham, Pomeroy, Man.; T. A
Peters, Erederictou, N. IJ.; Prof.
M. C. Cuinming, Truro, N. S.; V
L- Haszard, Charlotteto.vn, P.EI.;
A. G. Mutch, Lumsden, Assa.; P.
"kfalbot, M. P., Strathcona, Alta.;
J. R. Anderson, Victoria, B C;
and the secretaries  of   he  various
not the least doubt but that more
might have been sold. The ��ooner
the farmer realizes the fact that it is
he who must do the  fattening, and
Miss E, Jackson ot Vancouver re- not the butcher| the bette_ it wju b_
Monday    after ; for jlim>
live  =oug  service  and  sermon  by
Rev. 17 H, Shanks.     Mrs. Shank;
will siug and all will  be interested
in t.te-.e  meetings.    The  charactei
of these meetings are  interdenom- Meat & Commission  Co., Reichen-
iiiat.onal     and     members   or   all  *-nc*1 & Co-> c- Morrow,   L. Monk-
churches are cordially hivited, and
Mr. Rich deserves great credit
for introducing this institution into
the district, as it will, no doubt
prove a boon to both buyer and
seller. In. order to facilitate matters, farmers will do well to make
their entries soon as possible alter
notice has been given that a sale is
to take place on a cer:ain date. This
will admit of more extensive advertising being done.
Among the heaviest buyers were:
P. Barns & Co., J.   Grauer,   Delta
ci u:, Stokes & Cullis, Alex. Davie,
T. E. Ladner, W. Holmes, Pyke
Bros, and others.
On  the  whole  very  fair   prices
tralia and after some months in the were realized, with occasional bar-
province they are to spend t,vo!Sain^ Very liltle buying was done
weeks in Ladner.   All the meetings | b>' the former! tfi'eraselves.
are free  and   everybody is heartily
"Come tliou with us and we will
do thes good."
Meetings al! the week   in th
te it near the Ba; fist Church.
Marshall Smit
H. Creech had the misfortune on
Thursday evening, to have bis left
hand split open, just between the
two last lingers. It was found necessary to stitch it up, but lie is
able to work.
The  next   sale   will  ta_:e  place
next month,   of which due notice
will be given.
Among   the visitors from  New
big j Westminster   were: Messrs.   T.  J.
0 I Trapp, Chris. Brown,  C. A. Welsh
J. Montgomery, J.   Watsou,   T.  J.
Armstrong,  J.   D.   Taylor and  J.
John Ellis and wife drove to
New Westminster on Monday en
route to Markdale, Out. Mr. Ellis
received word on Saturday last
that his mother was seriously ill
and lost no time in starting for his
old home.
L. H. Nicholson came over from
Vancouver on Saturday last and
was the guest of F, W. Harris.
provincial   live stock  associations
A.   P.   Westervelt  was   appointed j    J. W. Rudd   returned  home  on
Secretary. j Wednesday  from Victoria, whither
                 I he  had
A  meeting  was held at C.   F.
Green's office on  Tuesday evening
last to consider ways and  means of
holding the  annual celebration  of
the King's  Birthday on Saturday,
24th June next.     The following
gentlemen were appointed a com-
"d.,   j mittee to carry out the day's amuse-
gone  on  account   of   the! J J
death'of his  eldest  daughter and j mellts: Messrs. Marshall Smith, W.
the serious illness ot his second son, Livingstone aud  F,  J.  Green   to
who is engaged in the engineering j have charge ot the horse racing and
Messrs.   R.   E.   Walker,   W.   H.
Smith, P. Shirley and J.  Guichon
Teachers and Pupils Will Have a
Chance, at Dominion Fvr..
New Westminster, B. C, May
\2.���K British Columbia school exhibit is to be made oue of the features of the Dominioii Exhibition.
The educational advantages enjoyed by residents of this province,, with
various samples of results, will be.
shown to people iicm other parts of
the world, and. in, o^der that the
display may be 017. as large a. scale
as possible it. fs necessary that
tea:hers and pupilis begin ajt once
to prepare exhibits. Haudsome-
prizes will he offered for. collective
displays and ioi individual work.
These will include products ot
ipanual    training,.    kin.de_giy:tein,.
brush work, penmanship, drawing,
composition-, etc. The minister ol
education, who is deeply interested
in the proposed exhibit, has been
asked to permit the superintendent
of education to take charge of it.
A Good   Suggestion.
Mr. C. B, Wainwright of Lemon
City, Fla., has written the manufacturers that much better results
are obtained' from the use of Cham-
beslain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in cases of pains
in the stomach* colic and cholera
morbus; by taking it in water as hot
as can be* diatifit. That when
t.iketi in this way the effect is
double in rapidity. 'It seems to
get ut the right spot instantly," he
says. For sale by   F.J. -M^cBeiiai.
J. Burr'    has    linted   about  00
.acres, tnos  of wbic.i is  in    arfey
j The stock  her    are looking  fine, J department 0; the Quadra.
I an evidence of Lhe  good  manage- i
I meut o 1  he part of Mr. Burritt,   of
whnn J. Grauer is justly proud. Rev.   T.   E.   A.   Rogers,  Synod ;tlie Sames and sports.
 Evangelist, will  preach   in St. An-      It  was decided to devote about
" idrew's   Presbyterian   Church,   to- j i*7���� fo sports on that day, to com*
A meeting of all those interested J. A. Paterson kas a large bouse, morrow, at 3 p.m., and at the Eastisist of baseball, lacrosse and fool-
in the welfare ot this pastime will * 36x-l��- well under way, fronting ; on ' iCntl at 7:30 p:m. There will be a ball' games to commence iu the
be held ou   Mor.day evening next,!tlie Truilk   road, opposite the   Ag   congregational  meeting in St. An-1 morning  and  horse  racing in the
,.,.���_,���       ,'  rieultural  Society's   grounds,     He idrew's, Ladner, ou   Mondav even-! afternoon.      The    programme   of
at   ti.jo  o clock, ui  C. F.   Greens]
the Trunk   road, opposite th
rieultural  Society's   grounds
, has  moved   back   his   ence andis|jDg  next, 15th  inst., at   8 o'clock, j horse racing, so  far  as  arranged,
office, for the puroose of arranging 1 moving   up   his   b;,ms   irom   tlie fo_ th_  pilrpos.  o;   ulod-rating ft] will have a 2.40 class, a 3 minute
call for a minister.
a schedule of game* and other busi-1 Slough bank.
uess of importance to players.
The Council meeting which was
The Delta Sawmill Co. have just
about completed   the  last of three
to. hsive taken place to-day is post-1 scows,    18x60,   which   have   been
I class trotting or pacing, and a far**
  I mers'   novelty trotting or   pacing
j mile dash, the winner  to be  the
There was  a  very   pretty  race, ( horse doing  the mile  nearest to 4
yesterday   morning,   between   the; minutes without the aid of a watch,
Pheasant and the Transfer on their! also two  running races for horses
poaed   until   Monday   next,   15th I built for the Deas Island  Cannery,! market trip.    The Pheasant is con- i and   ponies.     There  will  also  be
inst... at 2 p.m. of which   II. J, Kirkland   is  man-.sicierably faster than   the  Transfer,  bicycle and foot races  for men and
. 'ager.    The mill company will build j On  the down  trip in the evening 1 boys.
j one   for   themselves   next   about ithe Pheasant came in quite a while      The committee hopes that every'
Rev A, N. and  Mrs.   Miller  left  18x55.    The mill is kept very busy j ahead of the Transfer, but the pas-1 body will turn out on that day and
oa Wednesday  morning for  Van-  now after  having been shut down sengers were about evenly divided,   help  make  it  a  success.    Posters
couver for the purpose of attending ! for   some   time  for   repairs.    Box Tommy CaldicOtt, formerly steward  and programmes are being prepared
the sessions of the Methodist  Con- j making is expected to be ver\ good j oil the Transfer, is  now purser on land will  be distributed  as soon Hi
this season.
thc Pheasant.
they ca:: be got out. THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY MAY 13, .90-.
Surrey Items.
PuBMspKD isvsrv Saturday-
Subscription, $>.00 per year.
Casual Advertisements, 10 cents per line foi
Ihe first insertion, aud 5 cents per Hue lor each
subsequent Insertion. The number nl lines
tcckoned by the space occupied, is lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisement*] can be
had on application at this office.
Heading notices 10 cents per line for each in-1 ,~ew wee_-s   _,as returned home.
teuton. i
Miss McLean, of New Westminster, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jas. Kenny, of Hazelmere, has returned home.
Miss Grace Armstrong:, of Clover
Valley,   wno   had    been   visiting
friends in Westminster tor the
Birth and Death notice*, soc, Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the object ol which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit ot any individual
���r company, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged Rr until ordered
���at ana paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters ol public
lalcreat. Communications to editor must be ac-
conipsiiied bv name of writer, uot necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith
Correspondence must reach this office by rhitrs-
_��T evening.
Geo. R.
SATURDAY,   MAY   13,    IQ05-
On Tburfday we were treated to
an exhibition ot road making on
the Trunk road by the "road grader" which has been sent here on
Oh examination of the work,
taking note both Thursday and
yesterday, it was, apparently, the
general opinion that the same amount of work could be done in less
time with the same amount of
power attached to plows and scrapers,
This machine is a road grader,
pure and simple, and, no doubt,
would do good work in trimming
tip macadam or gravel roads which
bave worn into ruts, but for such
work as it has been given to do we
are ot the opinion that the $400
Wight be used to much better ad-
Vantage. _______
The two archbishops, nearly all
the bishops, and very many of the
clergy of the Church of England,
have initiated a national campaign,
to begin in June next, against the
alarming growth ofthe secular Sunday. Iu this they will be heartily
secqnded by the ministers of the
f��ee churches, many of whom have
already sounded the note of warning against this crying evil. The
crowds of cyclists that pour out of
j:own on Sunday morning, the over
loaded pleasure trains that run out
pf Paddington and the southern
termini, the crowded parks and
pleasure-spaces, bear witness to the
growth of Continental habits which
have marked this country, and especially London, during the last
ten years. It is high time that a
serious crusade should be undertaken against the breach of the
fourth Commandment,���Ex.
All over the country deep aud
earnest prayers are being sent up
fax the religious "awaking" which
seems so long in coming. There
are many hindering causes���sin,
indifference, half-faith, and other?.
Tliere is also a sin, not so easily detected, but operative in most of our
t-jliurclies, It may be variously de-
s:ribed as "precedent," "conventionalism," "the fear <jf man." We
(ire afraid of what others miiy think
and say if we give way to our inner
promptings, and speak put that
which is within us. Thus many a
pright witness fqr the Master is
paralyzed on trembling tongues;
many an ardent parent prayer is
stifled as it struggles out of halting
lips. It is one of the great sources
��f stretch in revival meetings that
this barrier of silence is broken
through, and ma^y suddenly discover that the gift of utterance has
been given to them* This is one
pfthe fetqwrtiRble features ot the
Welsh revival, *ud it must come in
England if the Word of the Lord is
ft \pye; free c9ur.se,���Ex,
Messrs. McKonkey Bros., ot
Manitoba, has purchased the Newman ranch at Hall's Prairie, and
are making extensive improvements
Messrs. Piemont & Pierce, who
have been logging on the Nicomekl
lor the past twft years, are moving
their camp to new claims on the
Burrard Inlet
Mr. Tait, who recently purchased the old Walworth place at Glen-
wood, has just completed a fine
large house. P. Peebles, Westminster, was the contractor.
.Settlers still continue to arrive in
numbers and places that have been
idle and desolate looking since the
boom time are being taken up and
clearing and seeding are taking the
place of the brush.
Geo. M. Thrift, of the Hazelmere Lumber Co., who was badly
scalded on Good Friday, is getting
on as well as can be expected and
hopes 111 another week he will do
away with the sling for his arm.
The weather remains dry and
sultry, crops are looking fine everywhere. There is also a very large
showing for fruit this year and if
nothing interferes we may look for
a bountiful crop of both large and
small fruits.
Dunn & Kenny, of New Westminster, who recently purchased
the shingle mill at Hazelmere, have
just completed a large dry kiln
20x110 teet, and commenced operations about the 3rd of the month.
They have installed two new ma-
chinas of the Johnston make, and
are turning out a first class article.
The G.N.R. has at last appointed an agent at Cloverdale. This
district has been trying for some
time to have au agent here, but
since the advent ot the fast train
between Vancouver and Seattle the
business could not be handled satisfactorily and So J. J. has seen fit to
give us a man. The millmen were
especially handicapped, heretofore,
by being obliged to do all their
shipping through the Westmiuster
New Westminster, May 12.���
One of the latest attractions secured
for the Dominion Exhibition to te
held here from Sept. 27 to Oct. 7 is
an exhibit that will be illustrative
of mining and smelting operations,
arrangements for which have been
made with the Halls Mines and
Smelting Company of Nelson, B.'C.
A.  O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
\V. C. Pybtjs,  M.W.
Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
I O.O F.
Delta Lodge, No, 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
1 every  Wednesday  evening at 8 p.
111.    Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Eu.is. N.G.
Dr. A. A. King, Se:.
C. O. lv
Court "fraser No. 3<.>S, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each month
at 8 o'clock. Visiting Brethren
"4-****j(-c*��*^*H- ������*.*#���������*���*&*��*;l***~^** ���*=���(*
I Horse Goods! I
* Our Harness ami Horse Furnishings ���&>
5-Riiave lon^ proved reliable, and they are ���
.5, built uot only for style but wear.
I huqh Mcdowell,
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Office: Front St.       Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
McRAE & Co
nil 111s
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
1H19 HS I
t  .T. HENLEY   I
���!���   NKW WESTMINSTER,    :-:  B. C.
���*��� Manufacturers of ull kinds of
���> Soda Water, Ginger
.*.    Ale and Summer
.!. Drinks.
j.       Your patronage solicited
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Notary Public,
hiirn Em 1 lone
Ladner, B. C.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators A
J.T. Stainton
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
eat Sc Commission
Phone 9. Ladner, B.C
Delta Transfer Stable   |
LADNER, B. C.     . |
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prloos.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner'" No. 10.
Agent for-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater. '
Just the thing for making water feot for washing dairy
utensils, sc-aldmg hops, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner^ B. C
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber-
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. We Oan Save Yen Money.
Drop Gs a Lino, Our Agent Will Gall on You
OEO* M. THRIFT, Manager.
J. H. Cameron of Dawson, recently reported accidentally killed
has been heard from uy D. McGregor and is all O. K.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
G. T. BAKER'S N��* .**�����
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, Whitewear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroidijiigis and
Laees Just Opened.
Incorporated 1869.
There will be a Box Social and
High-class Concert, at the Scott
Road School in aid of buying an
Organ for Church Services, ou Friday, May 19th, at 8 p.m.
Ladies come and bring boxes.
Gentlemen come aud eat the contents of the boxes. All enjoy the
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Drayijig.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
r��dntr. B. C.
Rib Rock Hose
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received -and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
���,������50 BRANCHES.-, ~
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
H. K. WALKER, Manager,    -    .LADNER, B. C,
HJ.Hutcherson's sffi.
-I.*-: I
Two FlgS'Straye. oirtomy property  some  linv  ago,   owner  may
liave same by $tf��. iiy; property.
ai5tc 31. Si. .LADNER.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY   7,  1905.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives at -Port Guichon al
2:20 _l.Wl.
Train leaves Port Guichon at
_;.:o noon and arrives at Cloverdale1
at 3 .55 p*ni.
Mondays and Fridays only.
OlTs-r yr-u rolcndicl improvement, nt
smr.jl cs-s-t. fur uny stylo of builuinor.
Wc mulct! llwm complete, to suit
��nv fiiy.-A or /i.iprj structure���the
entire mehit fir,i��h tm'hKltit_'��4loor and
window caps, corniced, etc.���in a great
variety pf stylus.
They frive^a very handsome elTisct,
and enduring,  practical .satisfaction.
Wc   give   estimates^ if  you   send
" llU-tlttl
measurements and outline
-whittle it arte*.
'th,, build-
There are -two through passenger trains per day-each way to and
from Seattle and a 'mixed train to
and from Bellingham. 1
MetaJHc Roofing Co., |
Wholesale Manufacturers,,
Toronto. Canada.
*?OBT. MAY, Agent,
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllard Block. New Westminster.
Kiin in
B. C.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description mny
viloKly ascortnin onr opinion free whether un
1 awiilil<m'*��-pr��*��ablypatentable, Comniunlcn.
i ms strictly conoderttisl. HANDBOOK on Patents
1 nit free. Oldest asency for securing patents.
Patent* taken through Munn A Co. receive
rprelul notice, without chance, la the
Scientific American.
\ Jntw-lsomely tllit.<tt rated weekly. Lnrtrest clr-
cnlatlon of any ictentlllo Journal. Terms, f 3 a
yenr; four. niontbs,.9L Sold by all newmlealem.
Branch Olllce. SB F St. Washington. D. C.
New Crop New Jn Stock
HOME GROWN and -imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Pi icesito Farmers' Institutes.
Thouaiid's of Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my   Nurseries  for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. Wlrite Labor..
���DELTA TIMES OFFICE.             |       3010 *We*��tittliftfter Road.       ,
i~-i   -1-   --'.      '��� --1. -     - - g  '
Camp Hope
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply
���aU kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reasonable prices.
a O. Dennis,     =      =     East Delta.
'jUet Us Talk It Over.
Holy  Communion,   ist and 3rd  0 _ ,.    t
Sundays,  at  11 a.m.   ��ther Sun-'Surrey    Lentre*
days at 8.30 a.in.
Morning prayer, n a.m.
Evensong, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.,'Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev- Canon Hilton, vicar.
Council met in sthe Town Hall,
May 6th, the
Reeve and all members being present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were-lead and confirmed.
Ward 3, 40 rods o( .corduroy   for I
K. and M. B. roads.
Ward 5, Co��n. Lawrence wns
empowered te have .certain works
The   following   contracts
a->..- led.���
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of-each month .at 10:30a m.
hbrn Supt, G. N. R. R. saying
there would he no objections to the
construction of the road to the spur
at  Surrey  Station
To-morrow being Conference
Sunday, and Rev. A. N. Miller being engaged on same, there will be
<no service.
'Class meeting, 10.30.a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2-p-m every
Sunday. 'Prayer meeting every
'Thursday-evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at_.p.m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
tright of way, the ditches are not
filled up, an*:! it in -no way interferes whh 'the Company property.
From H. W. Knit, Supt. Telephone Co, sayine lie wotfid make'
���airangeraents to have .the old poles
removed from the ditches as sion
as   possille.    Received.
From H. G. Ross, endorsing the
'.request of Ales 'Young rto have
roads opened near their places, and
also requesting to have the Johnston road completed.   Received and
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 01
oats in the-United States and Canada, east'Of the Rooky Mountains,
is is,857,000 bushels, compared
with 8,*899;ooo bushels a year ago.
A certain young man of our ac-
quaintance.took a trip to Chilliwack
ou Saturday last.and, we understand
he had a double purpos; for so do ,
ing. He is still enjoying single
blessednees. 'Too bad he had to go
so lar.
(Westminster Branch)
Tim! Table
C;irs leave Westminster tor Visneoiiverat 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. and liaurlvsthereltllet' until n p,
ul.; Saturdays nnd Sundays, ,i : i p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters ut .s.50
aud 6.50 a. ui. and hourly thereafter uulil 10 p,
in.; SsUunlriY!. :oid Sunday* ut U ;>.in
We run first-class freight cars .h.tKvcc*n Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
ihaniMled-v. IU: tthe Utmost care and delivered to'
consignee without delay. Special uttetitioii paid
to fruit shipments, .our wagous meet all bo.-.t.,
ami trains.   For r.iti-s, etc. apply to
1)   A. SIIII.KS, 1-'. R, GLOVKR
-Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. 11. C.
A Tj<>iiihvil]tt��oiiir,ii laughed soheartlty
In a tin.ter li.nt she west Into oonvul-
ilons. Pwhitps she liud notliud tbot tk*
leading Judy didn't hove tit*-unburst wig
ou strnight.���IJenvor I'o_t.
'���A woiiinn," snid tbe corn fed philosopher,   'pel. mad at a jmiui if he b* er. _-
"sswnrd In inishlig l^ve-und pctgmoddf*��� If
Ward 1.   Ep.   Iiine jroad,  J.  D. :'liu iuh_-<�� love o�� if he had lot. of'��_._..-
Cameron at *6 ��er chain enco.''���Iiid_snapo.ig..Ioi!i'ii;.).
'     * , In tlie anxiety to w.ihs U-iit* rif the _T"rnt
ivarcl 2,   fill  on   Juhnsou   road,  ___t��o��� tbovr-rld'srtage Itidr-ild-nov Im
[__ Wade ior fii 12 "'-> *vei'lookotl tliatJi Denver \\oii.,sn tlirnw .t
' i' ���t.vr.t u jm'h .-u.ri mci-ctdrd in knocking
Ward    4.   Graveling   McLellan | efihi.list.���U-uveritopulillcnn.
road, J. A. Wilson at 6'j cents   pel       -A" Ohlon-on-:^ 8truj?gli;ig with a
Uikf, ��I 1 u  1.1. sislcr ran to bin aHiist-
Varc'* ��ooe, fliul, M rikiug at the thief (wltb ��p��i,
The   Surrey   Revenu;   By-Law! 1illle? ��������brother.   And y��tw_��pesUoi
.     ' ,,     ' Jthe aim  of the new woman.���KIoIijik ai
was reconsidered and finally passed,   lime*.
A  note   for  #1,000   account  of ppiMTrrnc  iwtf
providing  th..*T( - P7il\TEH5   INK.
or  jsi,ooo   account   ol
temporary Loan was ordered sign-
not  taken  from  their I ed and placed to the credit of the
Th<*ro ere 8��J��00 ���piilit'oatloua la KaftJfc
Ainorloa whioh [runt sd^erliseit*��:;t_.
Tho ag��ri.gs.l��! aiinoil ciivulntloK ���
'WOi ui's
general account.
The   usual    monthly    accounts 12^}A''dn^pi, u��� iSifloUrWOitKW one
sioTisiiiUdd iu>.,ooo Kits ol j aper.
were ordered vpajki.    . j    n,��ent I Hinted that there t��|l60<ooo,0flb
The Council  then  adjourned   to, *T*n* *",*u''*"/  ���'��� -N'<ir*J�� America ter
J n.wspaper and luagaElne adverttscnientn.
meet again on Saturday,  June 3rd, 1     She grond total oironlaUon of *be*��V_
at   I   o'clock   p.   in. 'ilcalions  whioh  print udvei'tlMinoiitii lu
North An erica nmounta tu 8,600,000,000.
  The flrtt  Enplish  newKpaper wm The
Eiifriish Mercury, pMiiphlatihnped, luued
Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy the <n Qnten Eii_ub_ih'a.j>��h_M.  TbeOazett*
sVerv   Kt>^- ' ��' Venloe was 'I'b criminal. tnodel of ihe
_____ j (Day's DoiugN), publlslicd in the latter
d-irs of the  I'fliiiaj! ��enpiru, waa the flit*
"I have been using Chamberlain's   �������'"*<**'* ���"��'*��� |w����M ^*'*-*'* l"^-1'-
Cough Remedy and want te say  it
is the best cough medicine  I  have j
ever taken," says Geo. L.   Chubb,
I     When a man  lil uses hi. mule In New
r -,    .       . . .-.    . 1     , ' ' Orleans,   he  i-ifocd $25.    Boston fines ���
referred   to Coun.   Wales 'to deal | a merchant of Harlan, Mich. There | wan ��io tor beating his wlf��.-*Sew York
is no question about  its  being  the ' Tin"e*-
,     .        ..     ... . , , . That tb�� people of Eastoii aTOppneTOM
best, as it will cure a cough or cold 111 Lte a fault 1* axompllfied b? the fuet that
less time than any other treatment. i: JJ*��y l*'*r $�� i��or:i-*_oo*uWo -fo��t for gee.���
1   .    ,      ,,   , ,    . . :sPhiladclphia-Presa.
I, It sbouldalwiays be kept in the house
From Ho way and Reid, as owners of the N. W. % Sec. 32 Tp. 7,
calling the attention of the Council
The fcrof >a Chicago -burglar wee de
to the fact that tne wofksconsiriKt- ready for instant use, for a cold can i������"""uined't-y the- eitra lar;.-e tize of th*
. . . ,    , ,       j footprints, it 1*unnecessary t_ state whM
be cured 111 much  less  time  whe:iJ��Waa.���S*. IsouUStiur.
ed 011 the Hall's Prairie road op
posite'this property have'the. efiect
oi bringing large qu.intitie*! of vnater
upon the propetty which did
not originally come thereon and
"thereby causing them damage. That
they feel sure the Council will look
into the matter without delay and
remedy what is a considerable hardship without any o'her steps -being
ueceosary4hu.ii 'tlreir calling their
attention to the matter. That they
would be pleased lo meet them at j minster,
any time and discuss tbe matter or
go over the property with them.
Received and the Reeve and Coun.
Boothroyd appointed to attend to
the matter.
From .J. Gaudln,   Agent  cf De-
���promptly treated.   For sale by 17 J.
On  Tuesday afternoon  the  stt.
Eternal TlgllalKe and > fewshmrp prosecutions are Hi. price of cleur air for New
York. Th* heal lh hoard has beg nc Ma
urus:ii!n-pninst ibe sn.oke nulranco. ft
should rf.oc.h-** the er.rnt st support of tin
people.���>,e-.T Yoi*k World.
"L'he Judge's SI-p.
"A  n:i!H.ilre which caused.a   ripple 'di
nuiusoment to  run  through   a westetm
oourtrooui. was-made by��nal)sculuiHKsaJ
Bearer tied up'at the wharf, having *Jt"lR��.
_,_..,        H" h"^> t(> I'asa setitciit*. xin n highway-
O'l  board   the   KnightS Of   Pythias    -uian.    After st-.Mn;,' olcinly liie disgros*
r -vt        m .wliich tlio nuir bud latfaglitJupon relative*
excursion party   from   New  \A est-1 and MeBds .dV his ,awl(.(iH ;iv'ml lllsholl0il
The committee ,hi charge   l>f*; ^�� J**-lg��-**M. ' Andin^onsidoratioit
fj   j oi theso nuinj- onumb-eji.ugidiist. the \mt,
w*a��  composed   cf   Bave   Walker,   '<*pnnntttod by-you, you nr.j.-li��.t-eby��en-
| tenced to seven  yearsVbard lebor In the
Fred   Maxwell,   George   Elakely, ; legislature."
T,    ,.  .   . , >.        ,.   , "l'enitentlniry, your honor,'.'hastily o**-
p,   Mcintyre  and Capt. Ackerman. I rented the prosecuting attK'neyin ��,._*-
About the  same time Piper Dunu , ���Pf?*1"1 whUpw.
,   ,     .,      , ... "Wlmt.*" eaid the judge blankly,
landed with   th'*.music that always
Have you, young man or young wotimu,
Lriven tlie i
The steamer had scarcely
hen Sir Wiiliam, or bet-
.   , -s��    ������ .   ����� 1 .charms
partment: of Marine  and   Fisheries, 1 .   ,
1      u    1    1 ���     .       ,11        tied UP'
saymg he had   been  instructed  by       ... _   ,
.-     ...  ��� , ..      .. .   ;    ter known nere as Squire,   Ladner
the Minister o; the  Department  to . ,       . ,
.  .   ., , ��� .    r I was run into  the  rino-,   when  our
enquire into the complaint -ot sev-1  ,,,. ,, , _,?, ... .
., ... ,., loldlngltlv resoected ChiefAckerman
era! residents of Surrey  Centre re ' *
ohsl ruction to the nav-
j of the Hyack days, who did  noble
lating to tlu  ���     ���     ,    ���
. ,, ..       .       -    .service In the Roval Citv loug ago.
igation of the  Serpentine river for   .        ,       , _       '      ,       .     ��   ��
, ,.,.,., introduced Reeve Ladner in a neat-
the want ot a draw 111 the Johnston ,   , ,. .
, ,   ., , . r ���   .    .,  ! -rownded speech, whicu was cheered
road bridge, and report fully to the I . ,       . ,..,,.,
,,   .   , .   . time and aiiain, and finished with a
Department,  that he intended  to    .
visit the locality the  first week   iii7i'""
,, ,        ,;. , .1     Mr. Ladner 111 reply welcomed tne
ftfey aud woald be pleased to  meet! ,  ,  ���  ...
.   7      ,        .,        ,1 knights ol Pythias on behalf of thv
some member et the Council and   ,   , . .   ,.
, ,       , ���     .,     Delta municipality.    Ihe veterans
see   wb.a!    can   tbe    done  .��i  the      ,. ,      ' ,
, ,   ,      .,     rclcrence to the Delta as   the   Land
matter; 11.at he understood that'the1   . _    , ,
., ,. ,  ol Gosiien, was loudly cheered,
complaint was ol long standing and
would urge the necessity of. at ouce
that  the Vancouver, Victoria and taking some steps to  bave a draw
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as Eastera Railway and Navigation Iput in the bridge.' Received, and
you are with a superficial public school education which does j Company will apply u. the J'arlia- \ referred to the >Reeve and Coun.
not prepare you for earning your living.
i ment of Canada at the  present���ses-
There are openings for young men in the business world
ras stenographers or cleiks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could youdo in such a position? A re you a good
jpeirnian? Are_you rapid and accurate at figures. Camyouu.se
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
well the many things that are required to bedoue in the busi-
..liess offices of large cities?
Unles-s }*ou ha\**e taken a covr.se in the tibove you arc titt-
rorepai'ed i'or office work eK-ce-pt ina small village. We can
prepare you for a good position���a position that will itt a'few
.months pay 'for your investment. Some of our lady gradu-
rates are earning $40.a month and over.
Miss W. K. .Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
IMenzie starts for the Yorkshire "Guarantee and Securities
"Corporation at ��45. .Several rre ..working *for -the C. P. iR.
rat if jo -per mon h and upward.
If you come tto us and'work hard. Tf you 'want 'fiiTther
���^roof of the way we help'to pesitioas vwrite us .anil wc will
ssend you ^iore names.
But dori'.t put-dTf. Every anonth -you delay means one!
anontli's salar}-r1ost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
you are in a position.
siou  thereof for  an  Act declaring
that the said Company is and has
From F. Stanley  Spain,   regarding a complaint  from   Mr.   Opper-
Tlte ladies representing the Rath-
yes; tho penitentiary.    Uut- th.-differoiiw
li only a slight one.    Of cuvirau I should
Here ^his'-'holfar abruptly, ceased, aud
what lie should havo said wai left unsaid.
�����;_r��uth'i Companion.
Arab Mnaie.
Who shall dofluo Arab musicf It bat
been described as tho singing of ��� prim*
donna who has ruptured ber voice in try*
tng to sing a duet with herself. -Eaoh
note starts . from -soiuewhere botween ->���
sharp and a flat; but does > not stop even
thero, and splits up Into four or more por
tlons, of which no person oan be expecMfi
1 to catch more 4han one ata time.
John Oliver Hobbes says there is>a great
law of inlldclity *in the human race. A
man must lie faithless to something, either
lo a woman or his deity or his most cherished belief. The Arab musician la always unfaithful���to his stave and bis key-
.note. But faith unfaithful makes, .him
falsely true to the ears of hlr hearers, ��pd
they enjoy.and applaud .his wrangle* wttb
harmony.    Their flinging reminds oneol
bone Sisters numbered about   fifty, J the wails of a bereaved Thomas suffering
.attack of gastritil, corapll-
iifluialgla.���sCairo .(Egypt)
the Knights one hundred and 'fifty | ��^'anw^rte;attaok ��' e8"trlti,' ��ompli'
and if your correspondent mistakes
not, the excursionist throughly eu-
joyedi.their trip and we throughly
their presence.
been  since  it railway  wis "by   6i7nian   tbat  some .parties had  been
Victoria, Chapter 89 declared,  t-o 1* j shooting his stock,  and  saying  he j Why   Suffer  Ftoiu    Rheumatism?
a work for the ."eneral advantage of
Canada, a company under the legislative jurisdiction of the Parliament of Canada .and authorizing
the Company to construe! and operated 11 extension of the uudertak-
had been instructed  by  the  Govt.
to take up no  cases  in   Municipal-
-ities unless the costs were  paid  by
,   ...      .... , ���,.,,      I wheu one application  of Chamber-
the Muiicipa.ity, and saying it they ���_ . .      ' 	
wished lh
notify iiini at ouce.
VVhv   suffer   from   rheumatism
Iain's l'ai:i "B lira   wiil'.   relieve the
matter   investigated   to 	
��� ,       , pain?    Hie quick relief which this
Received  ana   ' '
1 ,    ,, ���    .      ,   1   .,    ^1   1    .    liiii's-iient   affords   makes   rest and
ing already authorized  a  railway the Reeve instructed  the Llerk  to
investigattsthe matter.
From VV7 J.   Walker,  Chartered
Accountant, stating he had  struck
from Oliver's on the hue of the
���Victoria Terminal Railway and
Ferrv Company to the South  Bank
of the Fraser River uear Liverpool' 1 the Dyking rates as iollews,��� Geti-
and to a connection with the bridge eral Tax,  Interest  .-.sV.-joo mills,
uvei the "Fraser River ne ir Liverpool with power 'to -connect with
railways operating in the State of
Washington .and-with   the Vancou-
Sinking Fund, 34-ioj  mills  Local
sleep possihle, and that atone is
worth many times its cost. Many
who have *ised it hoping only
for a short relief trom suffering
have been happily surprised to
find that after awhile the relief be-
Tt *��� ai paraphraso���the colonel or tlie
tlKer.���Syraouso Herald.
Whichever ticket (Roopevclt or Van
Wyck) wins tho Dutch will take Klw
Btol la 11d.-r.New. Ywk. 1W bu ae.
About all you can say in fawtrW aa
officeliolder is tbat when ho begins he hai
tho best intcLtioni in the world.���Atchl-
���on Globe.
So far Ohio hai had 'three Rocn*tariei*of
itate in onn administration. Aud the
flrst term administration ll not half over.
Of course, if there are other recencies, Ohio
Will fill them. Noble etatel���AalUiMR-
sr.        T . ./      -ii     oi. 1 i .���fcame permanent.    Mrs. V. H. Leg-
Tax,   Interest 2%   mills,   Sinking ] ^ *
,.     .    ,/     ������       r, , gett of Yum \.um, Tennessee, \J. S.
Fund 2}_ mills,    Rweived. ��� . '
A., wTites.    "I am a gteat sufferer
Vancouver  Business
JT49 Hastings Street,    ~    -    .-     ��pposite Province Office
JpL H. ELLIOTT, sRrincipal.
From J. E. Murphv makvr.g .ap-
,,_. ,        _  .,  1  ,.   _        . . ,_���  ���     from   rheumatism,   all   over  from
ver, Westminster and \ ukon   Rail-  plication   to   purchase^ lots in, *
.    _    ,I'   , .     c, . , _ r,      ���_ j   herfd   to  fobt,   and   Chamberlains
way ���Companv;   the Victoria  Ter^ 1 Subd. of lots 7 and 8 Group 2. and .  '
.,',,,.        _              I,   ��� ,   ,       ,               , ,       t������j._ 1 PainBalm   is the ouly  thing   that
minarRailwayand.Ferry Company  tendering -jfio   pt,-   lot.      lender 1 :  ..        .   .
and the *N-e.v Westr.iinster Southern  accepted.
Railway Company or any.of them,      The    following     appropriations
and extending the time limited by | were made:���
the  Arts respecting the Company
for the commencement and completion of  its  undertaking   and   'or
���**  other purposes.
Dated at Ottawa this-_.tst day of
March, 1905.
Ward 1, 540 ior the C. M. road,
tenders to be in at the next meeting. $40 lor grading Lattimer road,
do. $40 ;or dearimg tail drain C..V.
Ward 2, $100 for graveling
���Scott road, tenders to be in at . next
will relieve the pain.
F.  J.' MacKenzie.
For sale by
Solicitors, for the Applicants, meeting.
Going for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
v EKm' t pfit .yourselff_fl "fihiwrnRn's plaet,
Sut keep a bottle of; this retaaiy in yotn
iiome.   There ia vcth'ing -bo good foi
3olic, Chhlera Morbus,-Dysentery e&6)
Diarnhoea.    It is equally -ralnablo fo��
inmiiii* Complaint an4 Cholera Infan-
. I "mn and has saved the lives of more
��������� j children than any other mofllclne in use.
I    Wheu reduced with v.-iter-avid sweet*
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain I enod it u pleasant to take.
Boards and Barn,Posts. Y��?'S%t^_^2_^?^
Apply to iuii -svlusi iA.it, t.u.r;...  7-f-:'s..s \r::ine��d
F   C   CLINE t badly; voa will rjoedii-iittiv-d... Why
' aot buyithow-andboprepaml.or.iij<p
. AUuvia (Mud Bay). Ljaumorgeutsy"   7rice, 33 ciaits.
FOR  SALE. *-"-��(���-������
13,  J9C\*.-*
lo:al ADS.
SLATER���On  Friday,  May 5, at
Olympia,, Wash., a-;ter a brief illness, Gordon Hugh, third son of
Wellington    Slater.      Aged    251
CANNELL���On Tuesday, May
2nd, 1905, after.. a; brief illness,
Mrs. Elizabeth Norton' Cannell.
aged 22. '".%SS;��**^.^t4,iug:h-
ter of Mr. John W. G. tt. Rudd.
C-ood-bye, little brown love, un-
t M reach you, but 'tis very lonel*,
i'ti father.
Pure   Extracted
City B. kery.
Honey   at/the
WnoivR    wheat   bread   made
from pure wl ole wheat at th; City j
���SB 1 _ k��._
John Richardson,   of Mayne   Island, was in town this week.
Key, E* H. Shanks
rived, last evening.
wile ar-
Miss Ladner returned home, on
Tuesday, from a short visit to Victoria.
New .Westminster, B. C.,
Can Supply Your Many
Wants at the Lowest Pos=
sible Price. For Example
we are Selling : j
Go up against \% and buy inferior Seeds..
Wm. Bath returned home
Saturday last from a vi*it
Picton, Ontario.
Mrs.  Wn.   Stokes- visited   tin
K oyal ;City, yesterday.
Hajry   lurr  is   miki
spideg towards recovery.
ra. .ci
MxfKD. A. McKee returnsd hoi
last evening on the Pheasant.
Rev.- Mr. McLeod, of Vancouver,
was among last night's arrival?*.
W. Stpke.s-.is gathering strength
0/ late, though he is  tar from well
The f-^ierakof the late Mr. Le-
froy. of Ea.st; L>;lta, takes place^to-
c|av at 2 p.m.
Miss Crisp, sister of, Mrs. Marshall Sm th, came over from Vancouver yesterday.
��� Mesdamess Bjepsoii, McDiarmid,
sipd Fenton returned home on Monday evening's b,oat.
.Seeding,.is alpout over. for. this
season and the farmer's would like,.
\o see a M\\\t m��^e raip-
Mrs. A. Clausen, who, had been
vjsiting in Vancouver this week,
returned home last eyeuing on the
English prints, 36-in, i2!;!c
Imported ginghams, 35c
Standard shirtings, 15c
Oxford _heavy) do, I2j_c
Apron ginghams, 40-iu, i2 7i('
56-in table Damask 25c
70 in         do,            very fine      50c
Has  the   BEST  ;md  FRESHEST
���ft $&a
Misses Bndg -, of New Westmin-  Special line napkins, per doze!*,
ster, arrivtd, Thursday, on  a  visit J1.25.to $2.7*5
to friends on Crescent Island. | 500 yds dress muslins, yd ioc
1500 yds        dp yd 15c
Fine imported qualities?
3 100 \-ds, immense variety, 25c
8 1 bleached sheeting, 22c
Compare thiswilb any 30cline.
40-in pillow cotton . 17 ' jc
Imported direct, best made.
Victoria lawn 15c line.for- ioc
(write for sample)
Other lines at-   15c, 20c and 25c yd
Bath towels, 21x42, sell at     35c pr
Bath towels, 22x45, heavy.    50c pr
Special  values  in   white  Turkish,
brown linen, linen hock- towels,
bath mats, kitchen linens, apron
linens, etc., etc.
Mrs. 17 W. Harris, an' Mrs.
Hilton ccompauied L. H. Nicholson and wile to Nev\ Westminster
on Monday.
Miss Shi'drie'^, ot- New Westminster, who has been visiting
with Miss C. Green returned home
Thursday on thi Transit r..
Rev. E. H. Shank s will preach
in the tent, near the Baptist
Church, Morning subject, "Triumphs of Truth"; evening subject,
'���Necessity of N\w. Birth". All
cordially invited.
400 Dress Skirts in stock, special
sizes made for very stout ladies.
Black Cheviot skirts, *.' 95
Man Tweed skirts, S2.95
The above are first class, well made
garments, and sold with, our
Other liues of spring styles in Mohair, black or blue lustres; canvas weaves, Venetian, broadSloth,
pretty Tweeds, etc. Prices range
.--, ��6.50, $7*.50, ^8,5'*, 7**o, $t 2,
���5.15; wo sell a few at ��25 each.
[50 shirtwaist suits, all new from
the maker, in black, brow 11 and
navy and shot silks, plain and
shot lustres, fancy Tweeds; colored voiles, fancy lin.ns, Pongee
silk and everything that's, new.
We fit you here,
N.B.���All ready-to-wear hats now
at half.
500 pairs curtains to select from at
our low cost prices.
$1.50 Shirt waists at 75c
=   D. & A. CORSETS   -
If You cant come in t,o See Us, just "Wait for
the Wagon."   We'll Treat You Right.
" _���_���_���_____���_ I  _B_M_BB___M__B__Bj    ���   I l���l
Boon   to   Babies I
The famous! lirm of
has done  tn^rc to  proiuote. the
comfort of babydom and relieve
tir^tt mothers than any other on
tlie  American continent.    They i
have.beeu ler.ders for h:;H a cen- |
tury fin
With the.Royal City calling here j
for passengers, next week, things 1
will be rushing around the wharves.
Yesterday the Rithet, Pheasant aud
Transfer were t ed up at one tune,
which made things quite lively for
a time.
We carry the Largest and Best Stock.
of Staple Dry Goods In  B. C
that's why our Trade Keeps
fc��J     .mv. _!*.slt.ilstered !r.   '-,..-���
Lace I ��'h.s.jl, a.*.! .-.A  ca... Ln^ftiilut
i3P,ic;:, 01B.0O.
* V
if e 11
I  Pw
new illustrated sh-yct showing
.*���-. 1
��� v.
eHtglis of the**,,   fjuno.is Curts.    |
il iO
coutairti    in forma tion    ubout   !
-���-;. 1
tirnjiols, etc,                                 j
H wwitf JOTOSmf  VICTORIA,   B,_C4
m is
Roadmaking is now in progress
Qti the Delta. Another half mile
ofthe 1 rank road fro in the Greer,
to the Paterson road is being macadamized. This will be a nice addition lo the present permanent work
done last year.
Wc  are  this  week  going to cut prices nearly in two,
in and se.e if wc don't da it.
We want to get acquainted with you;
here, we see good prospects, ahead.
in Order io KB�� Thai
we want  to  stav   right
Mrs. H. G-. Taylor is-laid up with
an attack of,; pneumonia and is so
low that a trained nurse had to
de .called in.
Wm. Witt��i who-. Was very
ill last week, is much improved.
Mrs. Witter, at latest accounts, is
improving steadily.
I     A  meeting   of  tiie  Directors  ol
the D.ilta Creamery Co., Ltd., wa
j held at tbe Secretary's office on
Saturday last, when it was decided
to pay 22 cents per pound for blister fat supplied during the month I
of May, and to hurry the contractors lor the completion of tht;
coid storage which is well under
We must have- your trade and co-operation. We will do*, our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you*, right; we hope to grow with
you; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
SAFETY lil 1! IMI.     '
At nominal cost, private individuals or business;
rnqai can put. their important papers and- valuables in. a
secure and convenient place..
This is a boon to those *wliO uo uot possess a safe-,,
and to families travelling.
These bosses are accessible ��� during all. business hours,
to the renter, who  holds the- key-..
RATES s   $1.50 par year*
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co.,, Limited.,,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & C0.f
New Westminster, B. C.
Mrs. W. At Kjrkkjnd. returned
lipme,, yesterday, accompanied by
her parents, W.- Cosman, and- wife,
f.om Vancouver.
The death . occurred on Friday,
the 5th inst;, at Olympia., Wash, of
Gordon Hugh the third son of W.
L. Slater, of this piac.*. Tbe young
man was a native of Parr .-borough,
New Brunswick, and leaves a wife
aud one daughter to mourn his loss.
The funeralitook place on Monday
last. W. L. Slater, deceased's father, went over lo Vancouver, on
Siturdav last and completed ar-
}: Grauer. was.accompanied by jranpemerts for. the funeral, he be-
h*is son George, tii is week, on bis] ing unable to attend the funeral
purchasing tour. George promises 'personally vt Olymj ia.
te make even a   better  buyer  than      The, sym; athy of the community
A nun.bor of Fine. Purebred
j White Wyandottes and Buff Or-
j ping ton Cockerels for .Dating.
Mrs. M, E. Wharton, accompanied by her. sister, Miss Goostrey,
oljove over.to-Al'dergroye on Thursday, for a week's visit.
bis dad.
ioes out to the bereaved ones.
Thet^ies' Aid.of the Methodist
Qhurch   will   meet,   on   Thursday i
next, atythe, hjeme of Mrs. T*. W. I
Rear, wlyrn   a  good aUendance  is I
If quested.
A   No. 1   Melotte  Separator,   in
first  class  condition (owner   is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular.*- apply to
Crescent Island.
All accounts  due  McKee Bios,
must  be  settled  on  or belore. the
15II1 inst., at which date  the  partnership heretofore  existing will be
dissolved by mutual consent.
Laduer, B. C, May 3rd, 1905.
A Black Ribbon Belt with Brass
Buckle.    Finder please return to
W.- H.** Ladner shipped.,, to-day,, a
carload of Shorthorn  bulls   to J.
Bjjjlman,  Kamloops.    Mr.  Bulmap
hfls   rnade  some  heavy  purchases j
here dui,.ug the past week.
1 here:
E. Flick has purchased a,40-acro.
bjots-k  on. th^? Boint. Roberts road,
apd- hus.. boilt  a . nice cottage and
cleared abotjt.half an. acre  for this Gentlemen coin
season,',***  work..   He  is making a 1 tents of the boxes
|^e!Vra,uch out of this,property,  concert
il,b*a  Box  Social and
Concert,   nt the   Scott
Road sSchool  in  aid  of buying an
Or.;an for Church Services, ou Friday, May 19th, at 8 p.m.
Ladk*s come  and1 Ijrkig  bo��es.
and  eat  the con-
All  enjoy the
Comprising���Bedroom   Set,   Brass
Bedstead, Mattresses and .Springs,
Bedding, Carpet  Square,  Tapestry axid Cbenil. Poitiers, Curtains
and   Poles,   Rocking   and   other
Choirs,    Oak   Sideboard,   Parlor
Table,   Extension, Dining Table
with   three   leaves?  2  Jardiniere
Stands, No. 9 Cook -Stove- and a
miscellaneous assortment of useful articles which
TV/TR. Hs N,  RICH has  received
���^���-   instructions from Mrs. Clark
to Sell-by Auction, at her residence,
in   the.   Village   of   Laduer,   at   2
o'clock,   011  Tuesday,   May   30th.
Tkbms Cash.
If Your Eyes
Bother You
Tbey require attention. Dq not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
will !U them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade.
LadiQs' Chatelaine Watch.es from. $5 up..
Ladies' Gold Watches from $15 up.
Cut Glass, Silverware and all kinds Qf Jew*
', Etc.. Etc.
1 ���iL,.rm.i'j3~
aduate Optician,
Consultation  & Examination  Free
Paki.oks :
T.   Gilford's Jewelry  Store,
that's Saved
Constitutes a large part of what is earned iu this age
of progress. You cau't.he too careful of the pennies.
Realizing tliis and making a strong bid for your trade..
Wt? have our goods marked at. the. lowest possible price.
Oitr* values eaiui-ot be beaten. We invite your inspec**-.
Bed    Room    FURNITURE*���Suites from $*5..oo up.
Dining Room FURNITURE��� *
Caipets, Linoleum, Oilcloth^ Mattiug.s,A Awnings, Pic-.
ture Framing, &<;.. &c..
You will; be pleased with anything in our line ancji
can save time, money and trouble by coming direct here andl
making yqur purchases.
Kee's Furniture- Emporium^
New \ye_stminster B. C,,    ��


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