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The Delta Times Jul 22, 1905

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'.    t
JUL 26 [90!
Vol. 2. No. 46.
LADNER, B. C��� SATURDAY. J. LV .2, 1905.
$1.00 yea
Scholastic,     Sad Browning.
Of Trading at the Men's Stofe.   Here are a few
Specials for the Hot Weather Season:
Men's Striped Galatea Coats, ail sizes, at 75c.
Balbriggan Underwear at 35c & 50c.
Men's Working Shirts in Galatea, Duck and Hickory
Stripes, aU sizes, 50c, 65c & 75c.
Men's Tweed Pants, all sizes, extra special, $1.50.
Among the successful candidates
at the provincial high school exams,
as published on Saturday last, are
noticed the following:
Ladner���Elsie A. Benson, 592;
Thouia iie Kerr, 569.
Gtilfside���Edna Leary, 654.
Delta ���Rudolph Kittson. 646;
John F. Oliver, f 12.
Surrey Centre���Miriam A. Boothroyd, 615.
Yesterday morning, while round -
ing Westham Isl nd at the entrance
to Canoe Pass, a young English
man named Frank Towns:nd, wa.'
accidentally drowned by being
knocked  overboard   by the  boom.
Mr.   Townsend    was   a   school
teacher only recently  out  from tht
old land  and brother-in-law  to  S
R iwlinS.
Tlie   Provincial   Police searched
Mud Bay-Marion E. Dinsmore, ���''" Vai" for the bqdy until  the> ,osl
Gordon, 582. their grapue'S
690; David McK
Tynehead ��� Wilhelmina Cameron, 734; Laura G. Davis, 720;
Zella A. C canower, 673.
Annieville ��� Elson C. Daggett,
686; Maud; L. Daggett, 616.
Our Special Grey Overalls
.00 Pair.
Hand-finished Bottoms, every seam double
sewn and made full, in all sizes, 32 to 46, at
From the following table it will
be seen that the amount of prize
money in nearly every division at
the Dominion Fair to be held at
Xew Westminster from September
27J1 to October 7th, is considerably
in excess of the total awards under
the same heads at the last Dominion Fair held in Winnipeg:
N.W. Win'g.
Cattle $.598   $7527
^heeP  154*7 1034
Swire   1640 1352
Poultry    1402 683
Dairy...*     460 827
Agriculture   1944 1008
District Exhibits   2500      	
Floral       513 207
Fine Arts     403 360
Miscellaneous     504 ......
j .Special Prizes  2000      	
,,���.    , j Medals and Diplomas    <;oo      	
Toronto   this decision was arrived at in con-1 Fruit   1600
sequence of  the lack   of   interest   Horses  4138
The Winnipeg show  spent
Aaiicultor^l Society
At a met ting of the Directors of
j tbe Delta Agricultural Society, held j
to abandon   the  show   this   year. '
Of the five pupils of the New
Westminster   High   School    who ��" Mouday evei,i"- !t was ll
wrote recently on the senior matriculation examinations for
University, only  two passed, viz.,
J. M. Warrtle and  Mary McLellan,  shown by tbe members  in replying
the former of Hope and  the' latter to notices  sent  them   by the secre-
the step-daughter of Wi H. Ladner.
762 on horses, but $19,000 of this
tary. Only twenty-five 1 er cent. was *or races- It will be noticed
taking the Iroub'e lo reply to the Winnipeg had no Iruit prizes,
question as to wjiether the show whereas,New Westminster ii -ofrer-
sbould be held or not, and the'inS tlle largest list of prizes for
replies received being evenly divid-j frllit ever offered in Canada,
ed, for aud against, no other, course.:     At the head ofthe prize list .np-
left to the directors than to Pe*""9 &* list-of prizes fn  the dis-
i trict exhibit contest."   The number
English Coarse Salt
For Hay.    Sharper and will go twice as far as any other.
Drop a line to James Lawler, P.
O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, sec- Was
retaryof the Bi-Four Consolidat- *ve up thc show for this year .
J     The Directors would have  goue I ol districts already entered ensures
ed Gold  Mines, and  he will send, ^ ^       ^ as fl at tfae| this king the main.agricultural at-
you by mail a statement describing | aunual raeeting of the Society, held I traction.    The first  prize  is  fooo.
the pjoperties and covering all the' in February last, but for. the  iudif-lthe otller fi ur dreppiujr by fifti** to
operating extenses of the company J ference of the members.
since it was organised.   This com-:	
The Best Machine Oils*
party has no dei ts, "no dead
hotses" to pay 'or. It is managed
and conducted within its income, i
Investment in tbe Big Four Con-'
[ solidated Mines is safe and sure to,
pay a goo.l profit.    No big salaries!
Allen's   Eastern
City Bakery.
Sweet  Cider���
Jas.   Nelson   spent  a
j in  Victoria this   week,
to eat up money received from sales j yesterday via Vancouver
of stock.   A thorough investigation j 	
is requested by all  investors before
they   buy.    Full   information   for-
Y-.      ���_. _�� _. _.,      j. l ,     .. . -s. . __ _. .    warded personally by the secretary.
Dont forget the ten per cent, cash discount on Canned Meats, Fish  spirit of the West.
and Fruits during the balance of this month. Sales have been doubled.
Have you taken advantage ol our offer ? If not, save some money; only
nine days more.
We have a contract for 25 CASES EGGS and offer 30 CENTS until order is filled.   No packed eggs wanted, must be strictly fresh.
called in.
Marshall Smith
Band Conceit
Below will be found a portion of
.he-probable programme to be tendered on Wednesday evening next
by our Band Boys. There was w>
concert on Wednesday last on account of the desire on the prr.'of
the Band to try over some new
music of which the following is a
March���Queen of the Sea...-Fulton
Two Step���Mettada's Ragtiwe
Waltz���Vivera .....,-. ,,Fultoa
March���Empiie State... Winston
Two Step--Golf Girl -..Fulton
SchoHtishe-rMy   Uttle   Black
%vani��h Ce����.....s~Steinbe?_;
IJIgkich���Invincible.,,,,., Pavey
^altz���Titauia Fulton
G,od Sape, the K.in^.
Buy It Now.
Now is the time to buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
sooner or titer and when that time
comes you w3l need it badly���you
will need it quickly. Buy it now. It
may save life. Fnr sale Iky T. J. Mackenzie.
At {he Presbytery meeting held
in Vancouver, on the 18th inst., arrangements were made for the ir-
The Knights of Pythias, of New
Westminster, run a moonlight ex-|
cirsiot; down  here on   Thursday j
,        The Ladies'Aid oi the Methodist I
evening,  when  about  130   people
* . 'Church  gave   an   At   Home,   last
tmk advantage  of the  plea$ufe.|eveojng> at the Iesii6n^ 0f Mrs. T.
Alter laking a stroll around town w. Kerr.
the majority of the excursionists,' 	
together witb a number of residents,
adjourned to the Town Hall, where; T- E- La(lner and wife went
! they tripped the light fantastic uttr down to Victoria on Wednesday,
; til the moon had put in an appear-'Mr. Ladner entering the Jubilee
Luce -.-.hen the return jouriiey was H��sPltal wllere lle is sti11 confined.
'commenced. It was a lovely night' *����<��� :*rs' Latllier f? sla>ing in
! and everyone seemed to edjoy it to Victoria fc>r ;,ie Present
I the full. 	
Farmer Geehaw���How's Ikeget-
! tin' on at college?    Bill Corncrib���
. Not much better than  he did  at
! home.   'Fraid he'll never get ninth
higher than driving a wagon.    He
wrote   that   he  was coach iu'
college team.
$200. In addition any district exhibiting' but not winning a prize
will get $100 if it come l'rom Vancouver Island or irom the Mainland
east of North Bend; and if from the
Mainland west of North Bend, $75.
Perfection in this contest is placed
at 2,000 points, divided as follows:
Fresh fruits, 300 points; preserved
fruits, syrups, jellies, etc., 200;
grains and seeds, 250; table roots
ancl vegetables, 250; forage plants,
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.' alld vegeiables,   250;  arrangement.
  ; 250.     In   addition,   three   special
; prizes aggregating $150 are offered
Little Estel Brewster, we regret for the-best display of potatoes, and
to state,   is  laid  up  with  typhoid! $5Q to lbe largest  four individual
fever, a trained nurse having to be contributors to these exhibits.
few days
Mrs, McKee, sr., ha-; presented a
very handsome oak pulpit chair to! 2V>. ,lairv pro.-ncei ,-0; slock roots
The above generous list of prizes
should draw forth competition from
this district seeiug our own show
has been cancelled.
Walter Betts returned to Vancou.
ver, on Monday, after spending a
week's vacation with his par*fci*ts.
He���This is au ideal spot for
lovers, isn't it? She���Yes. What
a pity there aren't any around.���1
Brooklyn Lite.
Raspberry Vinegar and Lemon
Squash in one aud two quart bottles
���City Bakery.
The Board of Management of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian Church are
to be congratulated on the neat and
el��ean appeara,nce of their church
which has recently left the hands
of the decorators and is in first class
condition for the reception of the
ijfiw pasta?..,
The first of the sockeyes worth
mM.tionin; v, as brought in, Wednesday night, by the tug  Magnet,
duction ofthe Rev. A. McAuley to! Capt. Croll, to the number of about
the Parish of Delta to be. held   in1 !2do ijjprn-the down liver camps.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Chinch,      _j*^��
Ladner, on the evening ol the 3rd   ,47*
August next. The following g����Ue-l ���JJ^<_fe ,)y -spur,s     Ye,terdav \    The Dominion  House w,,s
men will  take part:    Rev.  G.   A,| they $_^|j0 J* steadier, coming ! rogued on Thursday.
in about 50 to the boat.    Thislook.--      ije\v  Vork   had   been   surtering
P. Riplinger, wife and family returned home ou Wednesday eyeii'
ing. Mrs. Riplinger has been very
ill since she left here a few ��vceks
since,   ."
l:e various reports received ! 1
jftlie week, the sockeyes are;
; comifig> in by spurts.    Yesterday |
Mrs. Robt.   Moffit,   accompanied
' by her youngest son and daughter,
came   down   from   Chilliwack   on
Thursday on a visit  to  her  sister,
Mrs. G. T. Baker.
Wilson will preside as moderator ol i
the Presbytery; Rev.  Dr.  Wright!
as though tl e run had "'commenced
will  preach;   Rev.   Thos.   Oswald   .        ,
.....        .,;.;, .  ^     ' m real earnest.
will addiess the Minister and Rev. j
J. S.   Henderson will address the|.
people.    A  ���*��������� attendance of  all j
the Presbyterians throughout this couver, Saturdsy, on
parish iu expected to oe present.
terribly from heai: for tfloie than a
week until relief came on the 19th
in the form of a violent storm.
J. H. Grant went
Chamberlain's w��rthwn0Ke"n��.'y.
sSijv.r (ails,   lluy K uow.   It may suvq lite.
over to X^au-
business and
returned Sunday accompanied by
Mrs. J. N. Kendall and her daughter Alice, to spend a couple weeks
visiting fneilds.
It would be a good idea to swear
j in a few special constables here, in
' view of tbe i'tiet that considerable
thieving has been going on of late,
j Last week J. F. Stainton'and Mrs.
The Russians in Manchuria Fenton lost unite a number of young
think the Japs are used up because chickens while others have had
they are not being molested, while more serious losses���boats and nets
the Japs, ou the other hand, expect being taken, The boats were found
to do a little business, shoitly, m later by the Provincial Police but
the neighb-tVoo i of Vl.ulivosto.-k    [tlie nets are still \nissiug, THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY JULY 22, ions.
B_-8tnr*B-gMBC sae
Subscription, ehOO per year.
Ca*a>l AdTMtiiwawBta. M etats pet Hue foi
Ike *t��ti����:rtiB��,i.����l 5 <����������� t>" \*���� l0."* S*"cl"
rjakmac-. imerliOB. Tli.�� number ol Uu"
MehaSeU b} Ut* W��ee acon-icl. wllatsto the
Raua ter Con��werci��l A4*rertistmeiit�� can be
k*4 aa application ml lhi*i office.
Kcadiaf aaticca ja cenW V" l��oe ,or e��c51 in"
aiitk����4 Detslh notioes, 50c., Man-lage�� |im
AU ��?<*l��l ������tlce, the object ol whickliitQ
M��rwte tht pacaaiary bea.at ol ����y IndiTidual
��r c��>M*r. t* be considered na ad��ertl��ment
��ad tkttied aocordiagly.
All %d������iiiemeau charged for u��tll ordered
*�� tad Mid for.
CsMTMamdeac* Invited oa matter* ol public
rawrta. Cammnuicitiauft to editor must be ac-
���ampaaled by uat of writer, not aece����rily
tar pablleatioa, but as evidence of good kith.
Camapondeace mast rtach this office by Thursday ��-aalag.
Geo. R. Manlby,
���ATU*BAY, jeuY J2, 1905.
A hanJsome illustrated book, de-
fcriptive of the Canadian National
Park, Banff, Alberta, has just beeu
Ticeived from the Deputy Minister
of the Interior. The book, printed
in colars, i�� published by the direction of the Hon. Clifford Sifton,
and may be seen by all who wish
to do so by dropping in when pass-
tost*         .
THK CR0?3.
Tbe recent rains having been foi
lowed so closely by the very best of
haying weather, the hay crop bids
fair t$ become a banner one even
for the Delta. The grain also very
he��vy, has not suffered to any
great extent,
\{ the salmon run will but pan
eu* aa well as the former, business
this year should prove to be good.
I). Robertson, sr., of Westham
Island, visited the Royal City on
R. E. Crane, representing the
Columbian, spent a day or so on
the. D*lU ti-is. week.
Famous Musical Otganination Coming to Dominion Fair.
His Majesty's Irish Guards band
is considered one of the very best
bands in the British army by the
highest musical authorities in Great
Britain and is a tavorite household
band ol His Majesty the King, who,
whenever possible, selects it to
play at the royal levees, drawing
rooms and dinners, in fact ou all
state occasions. It was with much
difficulty, and only as a special
favor 11 Canada, tbat His Majesty
would consent to the band leaving
Britain's shores, peimission to extend the visit io the United Stales
being positively refused. It will be
remembered that the Irish Guards,
of whom Field Marshal Lord Roberts, V. C, is honorary colonel,
were organized in the final years of
Her Most Gracious Majesty, the
late Queen Victoria, in commemoration of Her Majesty's enthusiastic
reception on her last visit to Ireland. It is tbe only regiment in
all the Empire recruiting for which
is confined to one nationality, one
of the requirements being that each
member shall be an Irishman, or
born of Irish parents. The band
sails from England on the 17 th of
August and will arrive at Montreal
on the 25th of August. It will then
proceed to Toronto to fill au engagement at the Canadian National
F.xhibition of that city and at the
Dominion F.xhibition, New Westminster, of September 27 to October 7, 1905.
A.  O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C. Pybus, M.W.
Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21 .���The regu
lar meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
in.   Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Ellis, N.G.
Dr. A. A. Kino,  Se;.
Another Week ��� Stamp-photos
only, 15 for 25c, five different position..-��� No_t May's Tinshop.
Mrs. J. F. Betts paid a visit to
New Westminster, this week, in
the interests of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society.
Rev. A. ]. Brace, pastor of the
West End Methodist Church, New
Westminster, preached in St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's (Presbyterian) churches, here and at East
Delta, on Sunday last, and in the
evening a very convenient change
was made with Rev. J. F. Betts,
whereby Mr. Brace supolied Sun-
bury ou his way home while Mr.
Betts remained home and supplied
St. Andrew's.
A number of young people from
the RoyalCity arrived, Tuesday
evening, on a moonlight excursion.
Alter taking a trip around town
taking in the sights, the party adjourned ta their launch, the Canco,
where lefieshments, consisting of
ice-cream, cake, etc., were served,
shortly after which, with a clear
sky and full moon, they rroceeded
on their return journey, enjoying
themselves iwraeiuely with music
and singing.
It should b�� home in mind that
even- cold weakens thc lungs, lowers the vitality aud prepare* the
system for the more serious diseases, among whioh arc the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pnenmonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 50c.
C. O. F.
Court Frasei No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each mouth
at 8 o'clock. Visiting Brethren
���p>"��^**^*H*'-Hlr��**��*^*HHi*3��->* *m-
* if.
Horse Goods!
Our Harness and Horse Purni.tli.ngs <
.have long proved reliable, nnd they are <
,J, built uot only for style but wcur.
I huqh Mcdowell, ij
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Office: Front St.       Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
llll UIK
A lull line o�� English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
f I
hum fact urers of ull kinds ol At
Soda Water, Ginger ���;���
i Ale and Summer .-.
ji. Drinks. j.
j.     Your patronage solicited     y
t�� Loan
On First Mortgages.
-   $15,000   -
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators At
J. 7. Stainton
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyona lending a tketeto an. deicrlptlnn mn
 ' ��� aacartaln our opinion fraa whether an
luTWitlon i. probably i
 - *��� on Patent*
Mat frea. Oldest amney for Meunug patents*..
I'-toute taken through Munn It Co. reealre
. Oldest ink.
 J taken through Munn 4 C
ifrrMfuttM, without charge, lu tha
Scfenfflfc American.
A hendaoaielr tlhutrated weekly.
I .nnt.it elr-
Term, 13 a
ralatlon of any letentl-e Journal.    ......_
Hit *, lour mouth,, |L Bold by all nowadeelers.
BDITO* l)Rt,TA TlMR��:
Sir: I heard an expression from
(Jeo. _*a<idon( ou Thursday niorii-
|_*f>.. which J have not heard before
��� Wt oan do without friends but we
fctut do without neighbors." !
hart felt thia ev*t siu�� i can re-
mwber anytbinf, but have never
)��ee�� able to* gtt vey ideas so con-
If Your Eyes
Bother You
They require attention. Do not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
will fit them to your entire satisfaction hy the latest method known to
the optical trade.
Graduate Optician,
Consultation it I.xauii nation Free
T.  Cifford's Jewelry Store.
New Potatoes at $2.00 per one
liundred pounds*
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
meat & Commission (��
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
0. T. BAKER'S N** sl!owr��oms-
������?�������� ���!���+���.��� ��� ���!��� ��� ���!��� ��� ���!��� ��� ^���^������i*^*��*��^H-��-��^*H-*��-F*>**l^^*��'F��*��-H-w4**��
j- *t��
I    Delta Transfer Stable I
% LADNER, B. C |
*     Team Work Done at Specially low Price*. 1
X . t
J JOSEPH JORDAN, f-?��prietor. %
���f Telephone " Ladner'* No. xo. *
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stovfc
Pipe, Conductor Pipfc, Hoof Plates, and Every-
thing Else in This lines
Agent tor~
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water tocft tot washing dal._*
utensils, scakttisf; hogs, pr for wash da1?-. Svety
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
 ! 1 j..m-  ...i e  .'..."rtawB
Ladner^ B. C%
w*jetg��ax'^-_._jgfii��gp��w.i. . 1  ���a
GEO. M* THRIFT, Manager,
Royal Household
, Flour
Just Arrivedm
Bran, Shorts, Etc.
A Full Line of.
lacerparated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Bepartment,
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 50 BRANCHES. ~~
BRANCtrtES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vancouver
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladn-er, Cumberland.
R. E. WALKER, Manager,    -    LADNER, B. C.
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
% *l
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dre^ed. Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on tbe Railroad in Delta.
Our Prloo Is Right. Wo Can Save You Money.
Drop Uo n Lino, Our Agent WIU Gnll on You
H.J.Hutcherson's THE DELTA TIMES, SA.TUROAY,JULY _���_���, *$a$.
Damp Hope
Lumber Mhl
PLANT NO. 9063.
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumbw at reasonable prices.
0. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
Time Table.
IN EF.Fl-.CT MAY   7,  190$..
Train leaves CloKW&fcle at 1:10
p.m. aud arrives at Pott Guichon at
r.20 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichon. at
2:40 noon and arrives <uJ. Cloverdale
at 3:55 e-��-
Moudays and Fridays only.
There are two through passen-|
ger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and -a mixed traiu to
and from Bellingham.
"   ~ ' ' ** """""I
"uinrnsii Columbia
Ott ill Company Ll
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50.
and 6.511 a.m. and hoHi>lv5.M*-eirft��r ttutil .r, p.
iu.; SatUttliiv*<Md ftoBs"iHf*��.* Wi ip.m
Cars leaVeTiiueotivetfor WeStiKiiifJMtt St 5 sol
md 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
ui.; Saturday* and Suudays at tl p.m.
We rua first-class freight cars between West*
minuter aud Vancous-er and all shipments ure
iiattfllcil with the utmost care and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special Attention paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats
and traiiu.   For rates, etc. apiitj to
jl AT.1. SAINTS.
Holy    Coomb tw��0)i ���
8:30 a.m.   Wt SHiitlny  m mouth,
u a.m.
Matins, 11 *��'cl��ck..
Evems��ng, ,7.30 o'clock.
Safiiday School at 10 a.m.
Fr-kUty., -evening service f'3&.
Iter, Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm, Peytavin,
O.M. I. Ser.'icjss .fi-rst and "third
Sunday of each montli at 10:30 a m
Serviceswe-xt ford's Day at
a. 'tu. and 7:30 p.m. ^B
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
itav. J. F. Betts, ipastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. R. W. Craw, B. A.
Traffic Mgr
, I.ocal Mgr.
Visiting; Cards
Plain or Printed
Service will be held in the evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening.   'Singing practice at*:30.
All cordially invited to any ftr all j
butLlin_;s or improving oU one*.
CoiiriiiKr *.ts fine * ar^arnnce ��� its
splendid i-ndurm(*r qualil.es- ami sll+jht
expeiis.: ~ and decide to hcrv-ti jiwrown
best interests by using it.
Fullrnt details of information in our
Wholesale *hu,ufSeklMM,
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the -United States and Canada, east of 'tire Rodfc-y Mountains,
is 7,4 56., 000 fouslKfts, coirfpared
with 4,437,000 bushels a year ago.
"Slater   Sl.oes at  Sinclair's'
There is only one Slater Shoe with
the three Words "The "Sater lice"
enclosed in a Sl/ate /frame. This
make of -shoes is alone in a class by
Itself, it stands lo-day for .all that
is  comfortable,  all   that   is   beautiful,
My friend WllmoreSolduue a surprising
���story Hi* other day. 'Doctor.���.and Wllmore is one���'do Hint with surprising cases
Swudays,! -etVwee.
I bad not mn my .rlsnd .or some time,
-when be Invited ma to upend a few days
with him at his pretty villa overlooking
the Royal -gardens at Kew. Un the first
evening of my -visit 4 Mt with hlm on the
���balcony of an upper room.
'Olose to us was the great puliuhotiM.
IVihiiore pointed to it.
"Whenever 1 loftk at that hojige,"b��
laid, "I think of tbe eventsof a night thut
I ipent in lt with a man ��*vho would have
committed a murder had I not beunitt-
Strumi'iuu! in preventing blm."
1 did what-anyuiio else would bave done
���asked Wllmore to tell his story. m,
���ll.a't-iuiudif Jl do," lie replied, "only i
I must uot bo too long aljout it.
"Well, it ls almost 86 year, slncel srfl- '
tied here near this wonderful  garden.    I
put up my brass plate and wuiu-d fur pa- j
tients.   1 could do this with Utile anxiety, ;
liirlliiili a -slight itncoiiie   to keep ine,,jtt>- '
lng- |
"There came to Kew about the name
time a colonel, his wife aud bis duughter.
Apparently they did uut.  intend to re��lde |
hero permanently���tbey took a furnished
bouse by the squurter. i
"l met the three of them in tba gur&ens
constantly like myself, they had ob- ]
talued aijirhat.lpsss ant! !H��ed*to enter by
that'ttlfhignte opposite toite. They wm
���seldom iu the gardens when the general
publio were admitted
"To be candid wilh  you, the beauty ot
the colonel's daughter was to uie far more
enchanting thnn the beauty of'thetgardeiM   .
Yes, It wus �� ease of love at tlrst. si^ht.
"1 uui not going to desu'ibe huruzeept '
to say thut every man   beforo  ho reaches
my ago experiences the suit cf tntoxlcn-
tion tliut 1 did thnn, and to him the. lieau
���*y of tho'lovellohject isdniniiiptit'abld.
"Tlio girl, i liHTBt*tc'H -yffti,mtw-isnpsff
the must healthy louUing girls'1 llavfl ever
teen Wo doctors know at. a gluneo whore
henltli lias its abode.
"1 took* dislike to the colonel���natur- !
ally pcrhtfpft, 'for iho seemed to guard his
daughter with exceeding *ateriiiiess, He
disliked me, too, lt was plain 1 shall
never forget how lie used to watch mo and
frown Thou'ih 1 was in love. I was not
quite devoid of reason and could find many
excuses for the man's apparent antagonism I loll lit loss be wanted a quiet time,
as 1 did tidsidea,-tlMssealimol might well
have Imagine!! **lt times 'lhat >'. followed
thrni It bad really reached tlmi isUtssVi
with me lhat 1 felt dospondput when "i
could lint sit them. CJf tlio colonel's wife
1 need s;.y little���tie seemed to In* a* unusually modest, yulet, eveu timid, woman
" l.urn.Vsimvei kali hm". t<i'l��wilM.oit li'oju
Kvw on luiitliit'flte
���*<Bu returning, mythst. visffwitsfiiUhe
mir>J��*ns���tothtlii'holiotlciulnAl walk, 'i'hey
Weie sVfipieTifslu fcsfilis-., liut  s .^s.'.v : &
of th'oiii���I was looking ior u fui'ii slil'st
as I reached the open L-suw tht'ee llKUt'OI
coming Hum the direction of the grove of
"llni'.cy I betrayed my fecliu;;s n little
���I coulii-iiot lifilp ft 1 v'!'_ sjlbcked, almost paralyzed, lo nee tl�� plrl, upon
whoso linage, win*-filtor.of mybralu'baU
tdwelt, *eup',Ki��t��d >b;. Hitfr imotbor, i^ule.
sickly, liitorlylirokeii downttu liwilth.
"Sho 'lookcdiat 'Die���oh, what a pitiful
lonkl iler eyt* were m limit urn lljr lnrg��
and unnaturall-yihiigli,'. iller face haid lic-
eoino thin j dts icolor .hittl doeponod. .She
was plainly siilieiMiig (rum sumo sort of
and aTll "that is mew in 'the art ol" .... ,   .--���..
Hshta   footwear.   ' A\**c   arc   life   sole If*"** .**��*��or.* *��** 5!,_*_^"
Let Us Talk ii Over.
Havv*-�� you, young man or yo-ing wouwa, ever given the
future nny con side ration? ^rej-eu content to flriTt along as
you arc with a superficial public SChoel eAtic&.ie*. Wkich does
not brepare you for earning your living.
There aro openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what msi'ldyoudo in such a position? Areyoua^ood
.penman? Arc yoti rapid and accurate at figures. Canyon use,
th- typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
well the many things that are required to bedone iu the business offices of large cities: j
Unless yon hate taken a course in ths above you are un-
���prepa-vd for office work except iu a small village. We can
prepare yotifor a good position���a position that -will im affew
mouths pay for yotir investment. Some off our lafi-y graduates are earning Sao a month a-nei twer*.
Miss W.. �����. Smith receives 40 per ittonth From the
Hastings Shingle Manufactnring Co., as Stenographer. Miss
Menfcie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Secnrities
Corporation at S45. Several are weAiing for the C. "P. R,
*t $30 per wt-anth and upward.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, KUard Block, New Westminster.
apfc-nts for the city of New Westminster for this famous brand.
Don't  forget the  place
W. E. Sinclair's and that should l>e
enough  t<i   guarantee   Ihe   goods.
Last Wednesday, we put $2,500.00
of these famous shoes in stock and
they are now ready for your inspection
bc      glad
Fishermen   too   will   be      glad   to
learn  that wc   have   reserved   a icon-   I was in the gardens early
signment of those famous 'Newfound-  drew nigh that those who
her strength Iittlo by little
"Later iuthe day I wus nt tho railway
station, getting some books from Smith's
library.    I  saw thu  colonel nt the ticket
otlice.    He wus  in(|Uli'lng fur a ticket to
1 Holyhead.    Uo did not see me.
1     "It occurred to my mind all at once that
I might see bis wifo and daughter by
!'themselves next day.    Perhaps  I should
I :have a drawee, ito introduce myself in my
'professional capacity     Thut night I concocted all sort* nf plant*.    1 iuthe morning
As tho time
wished to see
land   fishing   boots.     The   boot   that ��rrW*l I was close to  their customary
has made itself famous 0,1 Uie Fraser  ������*   '?1.?5"c'"",ef ';0,"owl"-li ���i',e' *""' ��
D. followed them.   1 felt mean���*verv nieaii--
Kiver. __������_��� . .  ! in doing so.
.50   and   IS I     "They made their way to the quietest
This  shoe   retails  for  $8.50  and  is
iguarantecd waterproof.    Sold only by
The   Ldading   Shoe   Sl<vrW   'of   New
If yon come to us and work -harfi If y��n -wartt further
proof (rftfce ^ay we help to position* write ns and we will
send you more names.
But ��Wt pnt off. Everv month you fietay means one
-month's salary last Th* so mer yon graduate the sooner
you are 'm a position.
Vancouver  Business College,
l��9 Hatftiags Sttett,.   -    -   -    Opposite ^Province Office.
UL ft. BLXIOTT, FrincipaU
New Crop Now In Stock
HOSTE GROWN urtB imported
���Wholesale anfi ^R^ail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouands of Fruit end Ornamental Trees.
now growing in iny Nurseri��*s for
Spring planting.
���Bastcrn prices or less. White Labor.
For Sale.
From 75*0 100 cordsof weod, at
the Boundary Bav Tanrifa. Price,
$1.15 per cord on the ground.
For Sale.
A No. 1   Melotte Separator,  in
first dass condition (owner is installing larger one, same ts&ke).
Fw further particulars apply to
Crescent Island.
M. J- HENRY, Vancouver
���3010 Weatminste-r Road.
Fasftioii Stables
TTUcking auld Draymg.'
I,ivery work of all kinds at-
ttendedto promptly.
Wm* Alexander
sVuJm*. B. C.
place ln the cardeiis���Che rhododendron
I v��lley. There is it (ountain besidu thu
I path to lt. They stopped nt it. I saw the
' elder lady talie a liundkvrehief, siiturnt>< it
��t the (ountain ��nd apply 11 to tlio f'irl's
'iforekearl ��r ��he ��tood liemvith the iirehiiiR
-aiiadtf vi * v*nv lieu, lunulllg iis'isiiiKt. ft
j braneh of it. Presently thoy proeociled
I ilowly, I following. Kortunuteiy there
I were no others ut thnt early hour to see
.nie. The two di-nppivired round atnrn-
! tngitnte tlie valley. >mtlu>y Old hsuI-sihy
���euimithinu-white fall. .WhenMireaoked it.
I I found it'to be ttieilmiuU-ei-elilvf.
"Well, ai I aintelliiiK itl��s>ssto��T,II hnd
txstter tell it all. 1 put tliu ham'kwi l.ief.h
my llpiand kissed it.   To jny amazoniotlt
-an odor caine from  It that 1 1, st HlhellOd
', but ouce before nnd hud never forgotten
' It was the odor of the "i'hJij: {slant.'
,     'Ut wai ���furtiiniite 'thing thnt'1'into
itrravulrtl'in the east.   While doing so 1 met
��� lady, tho wllo ot a Madras artillery old-
oer, who told nie that sho was on the point
*of death.   She described her sicklies*: most
'carefully.    Nonoof  ber doctors had liceo
l-etlile to omeisher.  Ske'li:*! dutto some .ev, ���
ice to the 'medicine man'of tho .tatim.
Ho was noted among his caste for skill iu
ourlug by means vt herbs.  He begged that
be might see the iady und at lust was allowed.    He entered   the room, looked ���*
I'uer, wont mktxHlt In an  H��tazln*g. manner,
;-��melling everythinrgion  tin bed, the uyi
���holstery, the 'rugs, eurtalns, blinds,  an*t
reached thowlndiwr.    .There lie pounced
upon a plant .that tbe officer's wife had
had for many years, having brought it
(rom her own English home.    Tho 'niodl-
elno man' pluokod turn the.pet* -small
Ws/eed tbat had not been attrnilen to.  With
�����cryof  dellghtlte  Wtti'lsttat tJic  ���whihle
*��wife would live.
"1 sought odt the 'medlcl^ man,'""
'���mntinuea Wllmore attar * pause, "**.
after some persuasion ihe'toVd ine that tha
<weed he had found w**��' of tbe sort sup-
1 posed to be used now by thugs instead et
!?thelr former strangling cord. Its ode*
���wos poisonous, wns emitted only at night;
���must'be inhaled from the plant or frotn
"Minearticle *mtu**i��ts*l-With it; that tht
Hhugi eoverett-the pWWt*lt*hn* ��Miclg*lM
Hand collected the-pollen.
"Now, in the handkerchief I hafi'ji-ijW.
tip ln the gardens I recognized tbe odor 61
tthe nlant���unmistakably It was tho smell
��( the 'Thug plant'  that the "meaieim
man' had mude me acquainted with.
"The girl, it Named, waa dying (roar,
the elTcct. of the poison. Who could ba
administering io and why? Where had H
tiivn nhiuinedf What was I to do? Then
���questions ahanrbed my attention,
"1 did not follow the iiodles ������farther. TS
���are the s^'trl K fclt<*8Tt K wot*, inatsioM*
"That e>,filing ttie Clralttrr of fne Tttp.
deJin wad lu hild au tit homo.    I decide!
to ini, tn i.;.....e iu ihe-GJreotor.    Itcnmt
to ma lil:. . ii insplr.'.tios '.hat the 'TI1U4
pliiiii' might be in iii. 'Kiti-ilcns.    I f.mrd
tliBclit's.snior'e houea sc:..,\V(hsli--s'.t was an
ohi fas*:iX*iii'8 1 laoa, uaf: !���;.' in tho gardens.       '
When  the  bust -saw tho .urgency of my
eases ho arrungeAswMhtoiue special lrlen-ls
to  tike *.*-.   place  >lu   entertnining   the
. guests.   'I'insu belifiened patioutly to ull I
I hud  lo say, making particular i1141m.es
i oonoernlug the 'Thug plant.'
" 'Wc.ho >�� a specimen,' he said. 'II
j you come with me, we will obtain mne
j Information nbout it'
"In a few moments we had crossed Vow
i Given und.* utersst: ts>:e *iie!'l*rlum. lUsAlng
i Willi us 1 he curator.-"'i. ill'tbe frii<*t��. "Ws
! oomulled there u potutlcrcu. tiouk und read
! all ah. ut the 'Thug plunt1 aud Its |m>prr-
i Me*. Then we wont Vo a department con-
tui'itm.: 11 iiiultitudui I ilruWers, tabled nud
1 nun.ben il. Au envelope, or 'cnpsulo,' wai
produced Ah the curator opened it I e*
! claimed:
'- "J'liut's Ul    I smell lt from here!'
j      " '11..s any one  lab ly Inquired abou
this plant?' asked the director.
'���'I ini urntor ag.'.in I'uiistiltedtbe books
" 'There Is an entry here���yes, ('clone.
 cali'.'di madv special Inqnlrlea ubot-i
the "Thug  plant." and wus taken to aee
it in the 1 ulmhctlHP.'
"The director asked Its numbers
\      " 'U0U8,' waetlio r,*ply.
" 'We will go to the pulmhnuse,' said the
\ director, 'and  havo a looksss '*s*OtlS"'fcTjS
���eeii il 'iius'bewi disturbed.   1 believe It
U a good size.  It Is some time since I saw
it on Its arrival.'
"He procured a dcrk lantern and tht
key of tlio plantlionse. Wo started for it
���The director told me What he knew of tht
jMlotisd and his family. It hud occurred
to nie many;tlnu*n Turtv'little -the girt'**��,-
aeuibled the colonel. She waa bis stepdaughter, 1 was now toliL The directors
wifo knew the girl's mother. She hrfd
married a second time, ln a few months
>sttn<comlug ol' age the girl would inherit a
tunsUleruld. l'irsjirae���tbe'reversiun of hei
property ln case of her death wouldtbe-to
tho mother���'and that,' said the dlrecOJr.
'means the colonel.'
"We were going through theherhaoeom
Cardemand just emerged Into an nvenue
when*��s*; si��v aJigu��i5ias.iiigc.!upi_l._��Ji_id
tthe cvpn%s walk.
" 'Who's thutl" Mid the director In a
low 'tone.
" '.'he colonel I'   1 answered, grasplag
feia arm.
,     " 'Whatilsiheaboutf' heusket.
" 'l*t ua follow,' I  said, 'ant''t-arefe-
4y.    He may'bsj after tho plmlt.'
"ff��o��m ithriutyU '*he avenue of cypress
trees we kept tliudiioniil's shadow In viev
Then we watchwl him passing along the
margin of the ornamental water. Th.
���hrillcryof a startled-sea gull made iw
clutch ono another.
" 'Let us stand here,' said the director.
\ 'We can watch tho house well.'   We stoM
by a magnolia.    The colonel, with jrapld
���i;*ldi*��. miade for the great house of glm s
Ho ball tO'iJrOflHfti wide, unsheltered tp.l ��
My companion hnd'ltnU'iilBdOs.t>ts,lH:i i1*
Identity of tlie figure wns now too ��.l.ai
" 'It's hel" be cjuculated.
"The colonel weut round tto a side en
trance.   We glided round also to keep hi'.
In view.
" 'Why,'eaid th*>director, 'he's In wit
toutsaikcyl Some.one has been bribed 'A'-
wifi go tothosoupdsltedoor. .Iknowwrnv
the plant is.'
"We went. Outside the door we're
moved our boots. Taking them with na
we crept in like burglars.
"In a (ear moment! we reached the fodl
of a windlngHron stairway, partly hidden
by creeping plants and the surrounding
palms and shrubs. Wa ascended noise
"Presently the director caught my arm
slopped me and pointed bolow.  There WM
the colonel,   'lie .was leaning against ���
palm trunk looking tiowr.'iiiesntJtf,at*
bush covered by a white cloth.
"For five hours we remained thsas, aWi*
.llussruuiv-toease our.iiO*|tions.
"as uiornu.g ai.|.so.,s...s..j we saw u..
enlonel look nt his watch, which he had
done many-timer, stboc iroiuove the basil
age from the plant, foW 'It,!jllai* It'Ui
what was plainly an oilskin case nml,put
lt in his pocket. He left it M stealthily^.
ho had come.    So did we.
"We followed him to his house He
opened tho door wilh a latchkey.
" liefore he could eloso It we were on'the
step. Ha.4iMd.uo UnMitorefusousadmit
'' IColouel,' ��i��*th�� dfcrootor. *wa mutt
speak with yon.'
" 'Why nowf'JtaaBawered.
"Ho was sltalting w4tti fear.    Ton ear
prise was tooiintiehifor ililm.   iHe etnm
wared, lost his vntco i��nd ipresently lot'.
control of ids muHolesSrnlso. 'H��mm)gni7.it��i
the director, nnd doubtless Iho tenet* me
.Also.    We .l*e,.i!   him, each 1>y an  arm,
'tirought'iiim  Into the dining Mom and
put hire tn a chair.    He was In a pltlfiil
condition.    I saw what wm oomlng on.
it wus paralysis of tho brain.
"I need  not say that his atepdaughtj
recovered.   I believe sheissgossiping wttii
tbe directorVs.vlfo at thb'niommit.  'Whoa
sheiretuTtis .aresently, I'll Introdtws jjtajc
She's my wlf��.''---*'Ejrahan_s*��.
I Child  Not   Expected   to   live   from
One Hour tj Anothsr, but Curet
by   Chamberlain's   Co!!*.,  Cholera
and DtsUsfiioea Remsj.y.
\    Ruth,  the  little dangltier mf E.  N.
Dewey  of  Agti.-wtillc, -Va., -w��f.  seriously   ill   of   cholera -irifMtt-flm 'last
i summer.   ",\Vc gave  hrr tip  and dM
luot cxpect'her tn'livc from one hour
1 to   another."   he   says.     "I   happene'd
,to think of Chamberlain's Crslic^-Chol-
lera  and   D"r.irfhr*.a 'Rcmt'dy ".'ind  gfjt
I a  bottle   of  it  from   the  stffre.      ki
jfivc liours I  saw thc  change  for the
Setter.    We   kept   on   giving  it   an'd
before she had taken-the'half of one
small l*o'tle she was well." This rem*
.e(jv iU .tot tale '-!*>��� "Jp.,?. MexkwSmX fHZ &E&TA
s> ����� _r *���;
������*'���* *-*"V
SATURDAY J^Y 22: -.go.*.
��-?iS3n,5W''!����,P<^!^,��,,' "    '���" ''��� ""^"''
y iwwn
? us....,jj_ii JJ_  I .ui
Pl-.ew 1 bnt its w'**!"*"**.
F. B.
Dixon returned  botjie yes-
Miss   Kirklaijd
Tuesday v
returned;  home
Mprv.oj: Creecb has been very
busy tbis week installing hot and
colli water apparatus for bath and
shampoo purposes. In front ofthe
barber chairs he has installed a nicQ
ipasbto basin, fitted for hot and cold
wa'er, convenient to both chairs
for the shampoo trade, while at the
back ol the building ijs a. bath room
New Westrj-iinste?,. B, C.r
Jf you are in want of
Equal qual-ities were never offered at suc3a *ftx��|
ceptionally low prices, and our .  I
Pay You
C. F. Grer
Koyal City < n Tuesday.
Great July Sale
z^zZw jj^ss&taS*^!1^ prowd * grand e��� Interef rld
"*-���'��� ���    ��� never cease where such values are to qq
Miss Ftazee, of New Westminster, is a guest ot��M,iss Kerr's.
Misses Webb and Eaton  arrived I
Tuesday and proceedc-d to the Bay. |
picked up so cheaply.
Miss WhitwqftUi m* a shor,t visit<    A1_x
tjo the Royal City on Tuesday, j iam_,Si
��� ���  lr,bifj-;iie.
Ladner visited  Victoria
Davie shipped twenty fine
Tuesday,   to   J.    Grauer,;
W.   H
this week, retUfliing,yesterday
Miss Foster Ls expected hpme to-
ijav from  visiting  fritjids in Van- j
 ��� ��� -'
Miss Mabel  Arthur came down
on Saturday last on a visit to her;
brother*. '	
Mias Dot- Bourne tame- down on |
Saturday and is a guest of Mrs. W
IJ. Ladner.
D.. Robertson,, jr., of Westham Is.-
laud,. sneyt. Thursday here on business bent.
40c stripe Katnagama silks.
In prttty stripes ol  pink, blue,
green, grey,.black and cream.
.25c 65c & 75c fancy 40-in Mohairs for
...40c & 50c
flaked Voiles
.1.50     &.    $1.25
50c pretty wool Delanes..
$1.00 shot Taffeta silks for .....73c $8.^5 dress ends, July sale $5.25
A. Yorke has*.tb��*smite this time,
another bouncing boy being added
to ths househeld this week.
Ano&her Week. ��� Stamp-photos
only, 15 for 25c, five different positions���Next May's Tinsliop.-
F. J. Mar., of New Westminster,
ijalled in, Tuesday, on his way
home from M-a.-ne Ighud1 Iiy tbe
J _.______L,___,____________--��-���
AJbej-.ti Bf'**��gg- eawe* *4_�� ftowt Vte--
firiti. hise week, and has been installed as assistant at Creech's, bar-
l��er shop.
Mrs. }. C. Brown and daughters,
oi New Westminster, are among
the campers who have arrived this
75c colored Bengaline silks 50c
75c 29-iu. printed Jap Foulard
silk 5oc
A big range in each line to choose
a.ShistwajstSujjt, froi!*,,.
25c fancy dress Tweeds  15c
50c fancy dress Tweedfv,..........,:...jpe
$1.50 54-in-. Scotch Tweeds 95c
$2.50 black broadcloths,per yd $1.50
We show an immense range in the
above special lines. Prices ant-
quoted specially for the Big July
All shades in this, season's newest
fabrics, bought i'n bond at a big
discount. You nni.-st see this
To come and Inspect Our Stock.    Having: purchased a LARGE A.9SORTMBNT
will sell at
Bedrock Prices,
Lubricating Oil Always in Stock;.
Don't Forget Us for PMmi Unseed Oil
10 pieces all wool suitings, worth
60c and 75c, in black,, greys,
brown, blue and other shades,
this se.ison's. importations, July
sale price...,. 45c
Mts. A. Clausen ..accompanied by
Ijer niece, Miss* I^Fkflv went over to
Ya-ncou*��er, -.it*., Stevest-aa, oai Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Waturs. auU: children, of|
Vtuicouver,, arrived on Wednesday, j
and are the guests., of Mrs. Alex, j
Miss Butters, who luid been visit-1
ing for a few days at The  Parson-
age, returned home  to   New West-'
minster, on Thursday morning.
$1.50 & $1.25 all wool Suitings ope
Some pretty Wgl*t gsoys i'i* this^
al.l stanfcped with maker's guarantee of quality and back of it
our guarantee of durability, reduced only for the July sale to
Extra Special: 71-in. Hew/ Half Bleach
Damask Table linen, July Sale, 45c
We are this week going to cut prices nearly in two.
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with you; we wa��t to. stay light,
here, we see good prospects, ahead".
In Order to Bo That
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
pair*.. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Fries*; we intend to treat, you right; we hope to grow with
you; we furnish tbe* inswt, yis** fuwtishi the fertilizer and watch,
the plant grow.
Ladner. B. C.
Mrs.. E-i-'sXte suid family, of Sap-
Bcrtou,. returned home on Tuesday
.tfter speudiug a few days visiting
with Mrj. H, G., t*y.!er���.
Qn> Dollar   Saved: Represents
TJen  Epritfd.
"��� ��� I*..
Mrs. F". ]. MacKenzie returned
Tuesday from a visit to friends in
*ixt Northwest and Kamloops ex-
5ieiidj��igiQi|%��-T. several -greeks.
Wednesday was a busy day along
ijie waterfront. The Rithet. Transfer, Pheasant* Ditnsnjujr., Lapwing
and Zaza visiting during the day.
&�� lb I��|iiaHt,briotltfai of; Mss. D.
MpGregor,, arrived here, on Wednesday, from the Squamish, suffering from rheumatism in his left
Quite a. aunrf>8*T ot the boys, wont
QVer to the Point*. SatUfdaji; even-
ing, to aftead th*first ot a series ot
Saturday dances*- which arc to be
lontinuRd,during the fishing season.
Frank HartiieU and his grand-
.laughter,, Miss F.l}5ift.iiytKjhkle(t>oai
^>**��)psd^*j/ ip? a vi^iiU tp the Lewis
& Claire Exposition at Portland,
tyr. They' exj**e,ct t.o, lje abseut
^bPut ten da>i,s.
The average man does not save to,
sxeced ten per ceiff. of his earnings.
He must spend ni|ie dollars in living
expenses for every dollap- saved. That
being the case he cannot be too careful about unnecessary expenses. Very
often a few cents properly invested
like buying seeds for his garden, will
%ave dollars oiftlajj latpr on.. It, is
tlie same in buying Chamberlain's
Colit, Cholera and Dijrphoea Remedy. Ir costs but a few cents, and!
a, bottle of it in the house often saves
a doctor :s bill of several dollars. For*
sale by T. J.  Miaqketiz'rc.
        ..       ,.   ..    .       - _.       MB9      	
Tenders will be repeived by the
Delts?*, 3��Un.i<aj>ar Coui|Kiil up till Fri.-
���day, Augwst 4th, for repairs to
East Delta Dyke.
For further particulars apply to
Councillor Kmbree...
By Ond*!-.
C. M. C.
5000 Telegraphers
.7. Lemon'aad RosesTiuted Opalescent Flower STasti'ds'���3 branches,
centre and dish���handsome decoration for table centre, requiring very-
few flowers to produce a pretty
$3, $3.50, $4 Each
Chrysoorase.Lemon Opalescent
Flower Vases,
Dainty Shape, Convolvulus Top,
2&c, 40c, 60c, 7So eaoh
; m wiiiiip.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important pampers and Valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is; a boon to those who do not possess, a safe,
and to families travelling.1
These boxes are accessible during all bu.sine.ss hoAUTS
Ij��, the- renter,, who holds the. key-
RATES s   $1.50 per- yean.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
R J. HART & CO.,
Westminster, B. C
All Summer Dress Muslins marked down to
Dr. Faga-i, Provincial Medical:
Wealth Officer, paid,a hurried visit
Ijere Wedpesda;*;. -Vfferr a. short!
consultation with Dr- -V \ I^in_r.
he left again on hoarfl. the gosoliiie |
lauucli, Zaza.
Price $60, per 1,000
v,or S5��s spot
Annually, to fill the new  positions j
created by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies.     We   want   VOFNG! |\_._ CnsxAc*   C4/\i*<.
Wm and ^DfESsOfigood b*bits to! \}\\f UUUUo   J \ Ol <L,
We-fiwnish 75 per cent, of the T
Operators and Slatio'4, Agents in ]
America.. Our six schools are the;
largest ei-sclMsivc Telegraph .School.-;
*n the worW. Established 20 years;
and endorsed by  all  leading   Kail���  '
^  j  way Officials.
"-*' v- " ' "������ -    " 1,    We execute a 5^50 Ilond lo eyar\ ;
Fiends of| Jjfjs. John  Paterson; student to  furnish  bun  or.  her a |
*4-ili regret to learij. that she ha'dube  wsition paying from $^o  to  $60 a
'. .-,    '"',       '���������'  '__J.,* ��� �����'*,.���_ month in sStates east of the  Rockvl
���uiisortune Uj riii,4.neea|S;into-her . ���        ���*.      .    ..
t 'T 7 ' ", dd'        Mountains, or I win j>^s to giooai
baud, 011   Monfh.>. >nst, m^ij*^, on ; inonthin Stat .s Wt^t ofthe Rockies.'.
!&riKiue t^ie. bene,. ^p)ke off,    On iuimedlately upoif gwduation.
Tuesdsi./,;, 'inffs. yat*Qf**oij. acconipan-      Studentp caii. enter at auy time, j
iadLi hV husband, went' over  to ^ vacations.    For full particulars
Vancouver .here  ^UrM^^^*!
ijsed iu locating the. missing Biece-j einc'ln}!^!* O.'   C^alogiic free,
LTte-t^SfSi ist HtllWR
tractedi.   Mrjs. Fwtersson is at pres- cindtaftfttj. OhiP>.       Buffalo, N.Y
8fjt visiting  with   friends  in West-  Atlanta, Oa LaCrosse, Wis
,L,.st).r TeXsVkatKi,Tex.. San Francisco,C*
YV- n-i "������ ���
MacKenzie 's
-   -   -   Ladner
Jl. Clausen,
Watche3 and Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing a Specialt:/.
What's Saved
RICH, Agent.
I.adner. i
Constitutes a large part of -wJiat is ear��e_t in this age
<af progress. Yovv can't be too careful of -the pennies.,
Realizing this and making a stro��g bid for your trade*.
We have ��wr- goods marked at the lowest possible price.
Out--, values cannot be beateu.. We invite your iixspec-*
Bed   Room    FURNFTURE-���Suites from $15.00 u$
JDining Room FURNITURE���
J. F* Stainton* Barto* furniture���
I If You Want
[        A    Fi.rsii-C.ns.**.   Bugg-y,,
rubber   or   steel   tyres;.
, pe.u10R.ra 1, caJJ. on
I Hall
4-OZ.   SOLID  MLVERINe  CAU  *���**���.***��.
Duel nnd itawp-proor, filled wilh the very b,*.t MVCR jeweled fi*Vn or
WaKbaai movement, Mcinwind.anJ >e|, ami ��� two kit ily $nmwapttOA
1or*,yaan. Alio - bwutiful chain wilh each w��lcb for i(i*| no��t 30;
day*. All compter. 44,50. Stain*, to bejlevlog. Cw\|UM.out *��ui,
MDt) it lo us, wilh your Nnme, l*o-i Otace, ^.vl l>pre*e Omca Addren,'
and .We will tend the Watch and Chain to yon ior examination. If jo-.
find il axrej^eaci\te,a, pmy agent" itt_vaim.uni,jukl.-exjvcas cli��ryn> *��**�����,'
W..(ch and Chain are your*. * If you wi^h to savt paydif the ��"'���**pte*v
chafgen aend in Ihe full amount, and wa wi^ r��(rw_xd,to yp$ Wjuch. a��d.
��k*io.��r ���utih.allioN-CB*** |*��ep*"d- lf%y**i order C.O.D. a deposit of SO ecnla ia required as a mailer o^ko^ f��i��h, wjkicU.ai*MfwkX,
^i% \)0 doditcted from your bill.     Order al  once, u thla nlfer may not appear again.     When  *\yiimt mention thia p*pyr
^ >VAfi[NE.R & CO., 16^ Cordova, St., \amou\try %, ^
Carpets,   Linoleum,   Oilcloth, Mattiitgs^ 4^ningSh ��k>
���    ture Framing,. &c.^ &cs
You will be pleased with anything ia, <wz Hae and
can save tisie, mon,ey and trouble* by coming direct here andi
makingryour .purchases..
lee's Furniture Emporium*
l^.evK vVesti.^inste.t; B.,Q.V


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