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The Delta Times Aug 5, 1905

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t o
���,, r
r*~ar% i
Vol. 2. No. 48.
$.1.00 yea
found Dioi
McKenzie,    of   Clover
addition  to
Siidiicfioa Service.
Of Trading at the Men's Store.   Here are a few
Specials for the Hot Weather Season:
H. V. Parr,  of Cloverdale,  has
opened   a  large  grocery  and  dry
at /be.
Men's Striped Galatea Coats, all s'm
Balbriggan Underwear at 35c & 50c.
Men's Working Shirts in Galatea, Duck and Hickory
Stripes, all sizes, 50c, 65c & 75c.
Men's Tweed Pants, aJI sizes, extra special, $1.50.
On Tuesday last  the  Lod/  of
man was discovered, by 1 uie Aloe t. Valley, is erecting  an
Jordan, in the Challuckthan Slough ' his house,
near the  flood  box.    The  matter,
was brought to the attention of tbe
Reeve  who had  the body secured*      )(is store here
until the tide rose suTicientlv high .
to enable its  being go' at easier.1    F- Boothroyd, recently of Blaine,
Turing the evening an investiga- \ bas ��Pened a barbcr sh��P in Clover-'
tion was undertaken by the Coroner,' dale-    A W^'cle shop ;s*hlso run in
Dr. King, with  the  result that an,conneclion-
inquest was not considered neces- Messrs. nunn & J-iiiny, of West-'
sary and au order was issued fori minster, have secured the British,
burial. j Lion Shingle   Mill, at  Hazelmere, J Rsv* Mr- McAuley should not see
The body was identified  as that j and are mnning  night and day to: *��^ually as 8ood a turnout at least
of Gus Olsen, aged about 50 years, j fill orders. I once each Sunday.
1 Deceased has been around  here for      -,, , ,,     ���    .     .       , T. Rev-  J- S. Henderson  acted as
,    .        , Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, of \ an-  *,f j . ,       ,-������    . ���.
several  years   during  the  harvest ������. , ��� TT        1 Moderator ol Presbytery in  the ab-
1  . ,, fa couver, have moved out  to  Hazel-;. . ���      ���    .      '.,
time, and bore a  good  record asaimo.       ,       ��_���    -d    ���     ���    1 , sence of Rev. G. A. Wilson, Rev.
On Thursday evening there was
a good turn out of members and ad��
herents of the Presbyterian Church,
here, assembled to witness the induction of tl.eir new pastor, Rev.
A. McAuley, iutj his ne.v charge.
The service was very interesting
and impiessive and it must kave
been very gratifying to the managers to .ee such a large gathering,
and  there  is  no  reason  why  tke
worker but  his
drink.    He was
great  failing  was
last seen alive on
mere, where Mr.  Benjamin has se-  .r...   r,      .'.   ,,, '      ,'   .'
,    . .      ��� ,,,���.-,   ��� .    ; Thos.  Oswald addressed the new
cured a job with the  British Lion!
Our Special Grey Overa
Hand-finished  Bottoms, every  seam  double
sawn and made full, in all sizes, 32 to 46, at
mulish Ooarse Salt
Friday night the 2.Sth tilt., and then i
drunk Tliere being no friends to
claim the body, the Delta Council
will have to pay the funeral expense.
When deceased was found it was
discovered his pants had been removed, either before or after death,
over his boots which remained.
Some are inclined to think seriously of this and the fact that the
pants cannot be lound
foul play ?
j Milling Cc
it Roberts.
I pastor,   and   Rev.   Dr.   Brice,   ef
I Manitoba   College,   addressed   the
[congregation,   while   Rev.  Dr.  P.
j Wright,  of   Vancouver,   preached
' an excellent sermon on the text "I
| will make   you   fishers of men,"
I which was much  enjoyed by all
Fish are  running  fine  and thejpreseut.
cannery is running  full  blast, put-1     At the close of the service Rev.
ting up from   2250  to 2500   casesjMr. McAuley was, with the assist-
daily,   all  hand-filled   by   women. ] ance of kev. T. Oswald  and John,
W.is  it! Wor*** 's plentiful and wages good.   | McKee,   was introduced   to  those.
The   Rag-time    Ball,   Saturday j Preseut*   	
Dominion   Fair   in
t-.       ' -n- m 1 ... .. ��� ,-5 The officer who will be in charge
For Hay.     Sharper and will go twice as far as any other.To. a. m. irisu Guards- band on
their   forthcoming    visit    to    the
night, was a grand success, and thej
costumes   showed   much   taste in'    R*-v* Mr. Amor paid a short visit
their get up.    Mrs. Bert Alexander: to Canon Hilton, litis week.
[and   Harry   Williams   taking  the1  ���
Distinguished Irishman  Will Be at; prizes.
!    Mrs. L. H. Nicholson is visiting
Miss Emma Sprangler entertain-; her mother MrS- F> w. Harris
ed a few of her lrieuds ui. a bonfire j 	
party on the  beach, Monday even-1 <�� ���
tug'.      Singing    and    story-telling'   The Misses Irwin of Victoria are
The Best Maa
were the  principal  amusements of visiting hete with Miss Ethel Reid
Westtnin-: the evening.    Abftiit eleven o'clock,	
de: a   dainty   lunch   was   served   and
The Viscount de Vesci  de-1 everyone went   home  well   pleased
Dominion Fair  at   New
ster   will   be   Lieut.   Viscount
Don't forget the ten per cent, cash discount on Canned Meats, Fish
and Fruits during the balance of this <* month. Sales have been doubled.
Have you takan advantage of our offer ? If not, save some money; only
nine days more.
We have a contract for 25 OASES EGGS and offer 30 CENTS until order is filled.   No packed eggs wanted, must be strictly fresh.
scei.ds from the great baronial family of De Vesci, which  was  in historic eminence in the  time  ol  the
early kings, and had summons to
parliament  as  Baron  de  Vesci   in
1264.    The   first  baronet  was Sir
Thomas Vesey who   was   created a
baronet of Ireland, September  28,
j 1698, but subsequently takiug holy
������ orders was consecrated  bishop of
Killaloe in  1711.    Lieut  Viscount
' de Vesci is the second son, although
I heir presumptive, of Sir John Robert
j William Vesey,  who was  Lieuten-
j ant - Colonel   of   the    Coldstream
j Guards, and of the Honorable Artillery   Company of  London.     The
Vesey family have for a century and
a half occupied important comands
! in Britain's army and  navy.
Fred Lyons, wife and child, of
Vancouver, are visiting Andrew
Ciausen. '
M. N. Reid was visiting his.
home aud family, for a few days
last week.
with the evening's entertainment.
It was Miss S^iai'gler's eighteenth
At lasLone of the greatest wants
j of the   Point  has  been   filled,  we
now have a  dally   boat  service be-
I tween here and Bellingham. 1 Capt.
Simpson arrived from San Francis-1 G. T. Baicer went up to the
; co, last week, ou the str. Ilwaco,J Royal City, Saturday evening, and
j and   Monday,   the  31st   ult .  she; returned Sunday.
made her  first  trip.     It is  to be | 	
hoped that the people of the  Point
will patronise   and   advertise   the
boat as  much  as  possible, for we
want her to  keep  running.    The
exact schedule will  not  be known
for a day or two as what  time she
will make is not known.    Watch
the DELTA   Times for the exact
schedule next week.
Miss Phoebe Spragge, of Victoria,
is spending a portion of her vacation at Mrs. John Honeyman's.
Misses M. N. and Ethel Heard.
of Toronto, are visiting their
sister, Mrs. Robt. McKee, at East
Miss Ethel Trembley, of Vancouver, is visiting at the Parsonage.
Canon Hilton paid  a   short visit
to Westminster on Tuesday.
The tflse of diphtheria which,
i developed at the Bay has been
' removed to New Westminster.
Miss Arthur came over from Vancouver, yesterday, on a short visit..
Mrs. J. Carter Smith "returned to
New Westminster, on Saturday
from the Bay, and, later, left for
Complaints   have    been    made
against the inaction of our police
authorities in regard to the removal
of the gangs of undesirables which
haye held undisputed   sway here
and at  Port Guichon during the
past month.   We under: land that
in the citiei,prct_t,>t action is taken
and  they either move on or jare
locked up.  -This matter needs the
prompt action  of strong men, and
strong  inert  only..   What   does it
matter if ihe district does have to
pay a little extra cash  so long as
peaceabre citizens aregiven the protection   they   deserve.     If   these
gangs are allowed  to continue, unmolested, ihe expense of their keep
falls on a few in the shape of thefts.
7_t is. to lw hoped that tha-*.  m.aU*U
will be attended to at ouce and substantial punishment inflicted when
they are brought up.
Buy It Now.
Now is the time to buy Chamber*
Mrs-'. Whiteside, of Greeu-wocd,
and Miss Wright, of Toronto, spent
Tuesday here. Miss Wright is on
a tour to tlie coast, and desiring io
see as much as possible, the Squire
On account ot the heavy work in :     Mrs. Wm. Arthur returned, Mon-
the   Harvest  fields just  uow,  the; day, on a visit to her sons, and will,
Band Concerts have been suspended I re
for two we*ks at least.
Miss M. Lewis, of Vancouver, returned home, yesterday, after spending a few days visiting Miss Kittson, at East Delta.
main, probably,   during   the  balance of the harvest.
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoe.il undertook to show the ladies arotii d
Remedy. It is certain to be needed; and, on their arrival at the cannery,
sooner or Iatjer and when, that timel which was a surprise to the young
comes you will need it badly���you j la(i>' from ,hf: East* W' B
will need it quickly. Buy it now. It
may save life. For sale by T. J. Mackenzie.
Miss Barber, of Nanaimo, who
has been visiting her brother, A.
W. Barber, here during vacation,
returned home this morning.
W. B. Ransom
responsibility,    ex-
The six months' old infant of Ed.
Trim died very  suddenly, Wednes-
Every man owes it to himself and,
���        his family to master a trade or pro-
F. Hartnellandhisgrand-dattgh- {fesstor..    Head the display adver-
ter, Miss Elsie Lynch, returned, on i tisemeut of the six  Morse Schools
Sunday, from a  visit to  the Port* K Telegraphy,  in  this issue and
\ land Fair, with which thev express;-earn how easily  a  young man or
I themselves as well pleased. ������ *ad>- ma-*'  learu  telegraphy aud be
  . assured a position.
On  Thursday  evening about 30
The s.s.   Henriette,  of Vancou-
Alex. Davie, D. Woods, W. J,
Frederick, InvelholineStock Farm,
".and C. H. Davis, we understand,
are undeveriug to fill a contract for
new oats to be shipped by the 15II1
inst. for the North,
pleased with their visit.
plaining   th.   different    processes,  day, of cholera *nfa'*>u*Vand was| young people were entertained  by
After taking in the sights, the both; buried, Thursday, at-. Sapper ton.      ; MarshalI Smilh an(j w}fC) at  Camp, ver, called in here on Sunday last
ladies proceeded to Vancouver, welj   ,  ,__  \ Beautiful to games of various kinds,! and took on one hundred and forty
The prosperity of this district is j dancing on the green and torefresh- tons of baled hay, from the Brack-
shown up to advantage by the fact! ments until the wee sma' hours.; mpn��Ket Milling Co. tor the North-
John MacKenzie goes to New lhat one firm alone has set up1 Every one enjoyed themselves ini- west Mounted Police at Dawson,
Wertmiiistet this evening tor the1 no less than nine binders this week. | mensely, and the majority had a j There is about as much more be-
purpose of meeting his wife unci j G. T. Michell, representing E. G. ' very pleasant drive home in tlie| longing to this enterprising firm,
family returning from Scotland.       \ Prior & Co., 1ms the above  record,   early tflprniilf light,
! awaiting skb-r.?nt to White Howe.
A.   O.  U.   W
Delta Lodge, No. is meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
A Mice Calealatloa.
A   Flemish   gentleman conceived   the
I idea that  be  would only  live a certain
time, so he muilo a nic�� calculation of his
SUBSCRIPTION. $1.00 per year,     fortune, which hoso apportioned aa to hul
! just tho same period aa be guessed his life
Ai.VKRTlSJNG katks. would extend to.
Cm.i.1 AilvotttaemenU, io cents per line for i     Strangely enough, hia calculations came j
ibr firsl iiih ifoii. i.ud scents per line lor eiicli : correct to the letter, for he died punctiio:- I
.tulssi-qiifiit insertion.    The   miinlier   ol   lines   |. uj t[,0 tiuK* he hud previously reeknned.  I
rjjekoiied *y|1ie space occupied, ,2 lines to the | Re had  BQ  far u..1)i4Ugteci hlg estate thai I
I after his debts bad been dlscharjed a soli-
R��tc�� lor Commercial  Advertisement, can be , t j      f Mppfjte reproseutod the entire
���bml uu ni>v>ln.-i.Uuu ut this ollice. 1    s_    ,  ..
��� I property ho left.
Re-din_ uotices 10cent, per line for each in-1     Hlg ri,|UtiV0S i���,ried hlm, and a repro- j lar meetings of this Lodge are held
���jcntntion ol the sliiuiers was curved on thi
tomb. Today in a churchyard at Amsterdam his grave may be seen, tho only inscription on the stone being  two l'leinish
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regu-
Birth nnd Death notices, soc., Marriages $l.��o.
Auy special  notice, tlie object ot which is to
yrenote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
frXF?lA0J*J?S!$?"ai '���'" Mdw"w,",:"11 words.   "EITen Nyf (i  a.. "Exactly"*.-
I.onilon Mail.
*��'nd cUnr.ed according!
AU adveftiscinents charged  for until ordered
AOut .nd puid lor.
Correspondence invited  on  matters of public
Matrimony In Pcraln.
Matrimonial engagements In Persia nre
interem.   Counmiuieations to editor must be ac- , d|vl(led   into ,wo ____��.,,     Tho reul inur-
coiiipnmcd  by  iiunie of writer,  not necessarily 1 .. . -_  _     .
iur puhlication, but as evidence of good faith rlnfF, which is considered the most re-
JCarrespoudeuce must reach this office by Thurs-\ spectablo, la confined to four wives. In
Jay cvtsuiiii;. I the other the number of "partners" of the
.-,          r>     ..          .                   ' husband's joy and sorrow is unlimited.
MEO.   K.   MANI.EY,  ,	
,. Preoccupied.
Alanatrer. T(w profcfl8or hil(1 fnl|en ���own atntw,
m_����i_ -.-���. = ���-   -.- and as he thoughtfully   picked himself up I at   8   o'clock.
he remarked.   "I Wonder what noise that I
.SATUKBAY,  AUGUST 5,   1905.       ; was I just heard!'"*-New Orleans Tiinee-    welcome
_____  . . Ueui'*Tut
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Ei.us. N.G.
Dr. A. A.  Kino,  Se:.
The salmon are piling in  so fast
lH|ile��������t Choice.
.   . A  traveler  through  southuvn  swamp.
��hat it is difficult to  know what to, learns many things from Mb guide���oau
1        ...   ,s ��� tlon among Ihe rest.
uo wun ll.em. Ono man, noticing  that his guide tap-
 ��� I ped  with  his  foot ftu it  hollow   log and
I stump inn certain  pathway before step*
-What about the Gulfside Dyke ? I P*ng on or past it, inquired the reason.
t     "Looking out for snakes,"  was tho re-
-It is time some decisive action was  ply.
,   . . ,        .  . ..     , "What kind of snakes?" asked the trav-
jbeing taken toward  raising  funds  eleri witih an unpleasant aenaiitlon along
for this work tis spino-
p mis wum. ,     ������Moocoslna," returned the guide.
���    ���.   -���  "What makes you walk on  tho lo��s or
��� ao close to them, tbeny" demanded the un-
THAT   TAX. easy traveler.   "Why  don't we walk  oil
  thero, where the ground is solid?"
"Well, you can try lt,"  said tho gtiidt,
CoilSlderable   discontent    is    ex-   launching a vigorous kick nt a stump and
thon mounting it.   "You moughtn't sink
pressed on all sides about collecting   below yer waist,   and  then ag'in   you
-..                               ,           ,   .           ,   .     mought."���Youth's Companion.
ithe  revenue and  road  tax  of $5.       ���         i
C. O. V.
Court Frasei  No. 398, meets  in
Oddfellows'  Hall, second   and  last
Thursday evenings of each   month
Visiting  Brethren
..,. ;::.#. a>.��. ;$r.*. ;t;. ��� ������;����������� ;.]���; ��� * ��� J-J-* ������. ;:]������#
: Horse Good
(From transients who come here for
���the harvest work.
We can understand the transient
picking  against  its payment,  but
,we cannot  undersold the farmer
.assisting iu the  growl  against  the
.tax collector who is only  doing his
duty.    Why not kick  at the right
Jdme���when the act, bill or by-law
*j$ being enacted.   If it is a law of
Jhe land everyone should respect it
as such.    If one has any  objection
to it, the polling booth is the proper
,place   to   register   the   complaint.
JDon't assist in fostering discontent
against our laws in aliens.
Berlin has ��� restaurant where a beefsteak prepared in ibe highest style nl culinary art costs $4 ;>U, uml the waiter o_.-
poets a t iu of 50 cents.
s! !
M '���
? our Harness uud Uorse Furnishings $
^T*!hnv<_- long proved reliable, nnd tliey ure ���
*, built not only for stvlc but wear. &
it ���
t huqh Mcdowell, *
50  YEARS'
It should be borne iu mind that
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious diseases, anions whieh are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won ils great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves thc lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
According to the Winnipeg Tele- j 1    price ^ Lafge Si_e 50c
^ratn  of July 26th, the  Winnipeg j *s^_____________ ^,^^IM^
Exhibition is a great success.    If  .	
vvc are to be guided by the ' 'toast
-list" given at the "directors' initial
Jnncjieon," we would be led to believe ��hat farmers cut uo ice in an
Agricultural Exhibition.
The toast list, in full, is as follows:
."'The King," "The Dominion Parliament," "The Provincial Ptirlia-
$gBt," "Railway Interests," "Our!
Business Interests as Related to!
{the Fair,!-' "City of Winnipeg,"
."The Press."
The foregoing are all very necessary components but a toast to
"The Farmer" would certainly be
in order on sucji auspicious occasions.
I Annually, to fill the new   positions!
THV JjROTHlvR'S KEEPKR.    created by Railroad and Telegraph
��� ��� Companies.     We   want   YOUNG
Another case of drowned while! MEN and LADIES of good habitsito
���*'*���        ' ' ������ 1
drunk appears jyjthin our borders. 1   LEARN   TELEGRAPHY
Another bill against the saloon.   In I   AND R. R. ACCOUNTING . . .
this r;ase, 'tis true, he was relused
drink  at  the bar, but  what good
does   that   do   wheu   bottles and
GILLEY    ks>za.ejre*.,
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain  Tile,
sSteam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Offick: Front St. Phone  1-6..
New Westminster, B. C.
McRAE & Co
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
�����   NEW WESTMINSTER,    >:   B. C.
���J�� Manufacturer)! of all kinds ol
* Soda Water, Ginger
**;.    Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
���#������*���*! ���^���������������**>> ��������*�����������*-��*�����������������*���
On First Mortgages.
Manure Spreaders &
Meline Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators &
J.T. Stainton
��� T
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at SpaoiaJly Lo a Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
���*> Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line^
Agent for'
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
Commission (&
Ladner, B.C.
Phone 9
Manufacturers  of all  kinds of Fir3t-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on tbe Railroad in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. We Can Save You Money.
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent Wiil Call on You
GEO* M. THRIFT, Manager,
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending aaketch nnd description may
qulrikly nsct.rtnin our opinion freo whether an
inveiitinn in prohably patentable. Corntmminn.
r.o.isfllrictlycmiHUential. HANDBOOK on Intents
sent, free, oldeot fluency for securing patents.
Patents taken thruuah Muim & Co. receive
Bye-Uilnotice, withoutchnr_re, Iuthe
Ahnn-isomf-jy illustrated weekly, I-nrnest cir-
eulutiou of any sclenttflo iotirnal, 'i qmiib, '-���;> u
yeari four months, $1. Boldbyall newsdealers.
Bruncb Ollinu. (i25 V St.. Washlnitton, D. C.
glj) Telegraphers
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
Q.   T.    BAKER'S New Showrooms.
We furnish 75   per  cent,   nf the
Operator's  and   Slalion   Agents   in
America-:    Our six schools are the   r*> A *DT"P \ t
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools| L'-o."-11 A-'-'i
flasks are allowed tp go  outside to  in the worfi.    Established 90; year*
iu���i     wis.tiso. " -  d.���~    ~ .. -  and endorsed by  nil  teadiitg  Ratl-
theni i      W netner    a    man    sells 1 ^a- ��� .
t   ������; 7     --. f---i : way Officials.
whisky,  with a license or without;    We execute a $250 Bond to every
he  should   remember   that   every 9tuc^ht t0  limiish,  hini  or  lier a
���' ���     position paving' froin $40  lo $60 a
pottle or  glass  of  whiskey   sold,   inonth j��� States east of  tl)e   Rock)
Incorporated 1869s
Royal Household
Just Arrived*
Bran, Shorts, Etc*
A Full Line of ��������
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
unless sold by a doctor!! order, ist Mountain.*,- or from  $75' to
k   ...*'.''  !    ?      \ "  .     ,   '  ; I month in States-west of the Rockies,
assisting to  make a drunkard, and ������_���., 1    _���
J" tZ !(1* ���    "   ri   . ! nrinediattly upon graduation. ;
you rnay lull yourselves off to sleep J     .Students can enter at anytime.
With'the thought that you are not Nu vacations.    For full particulars
i     ��� titV ���'���        j regarding iiuv ot our schools  write
responsible because you do not get direct   to   our executive office at
drunk yourself, but the time will
;        ,i   >ut;! ...
cwue when jour ideas will receive
a very seveje shock.    The money
;        '   ���    '-���'<    , .'' '*�����       ,.,. .���  Cincinnati, Oliio.
piade out of whiskey peddling will Atlanto) 0a
��|ot avail you anything then.
Cincinnati, 0.    Catalogue free,
Savings department*
Deposits pf $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Vancouver
East End, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
Buffalo, N.Y
La Crosse, Wis
Texarka.-.-i, Tex. KanFraua.s::o,Ca   R.   E.   WALKER,  Manager,
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill
mil i m
Time Tab!3.
able price.--*.
0. 0. Dennis,
Has be?n movei to Beaver Dam, on  thei   in ivPzaiCT may 7, ,o05.
Scotp road, and is now prepared to supply    Train le:ives CllJVerdil]e at I:IO
all kinds o: Rough Fir Lumber at reason-!pm an, arrivesalPoU(Guidlonai
j:20 p.m.
Train- leaves l'ort Guichon at
-'40 noon and arrives ut s7.ov-rda_e'
at 3*55 P**-**-
Mondays and Fridays only.
East Delta.
There are two.through passenger trains per day each >way to and
(rom Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
���    A I.t  SAINTS.
Holy    Communion ��� Suae
8:30  a.m.    J.si Sunday   in u
u a.m.
Matins, 11 o" clock.
Evensong, 7..30 o'clock..
Sunday School at 10 a .1.1.
Friday, evening service 7:3
<Rev. Canon Hilton, vie;
i A,
fit ill diii 11
(Westminster Branch)
Visiting Cards
Plain or Printed
Let Us Talk ii Over.
Have you, yoaag man or youug woman, ever given the
Future auy coiisiderfttioia? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superficial ,p��J.lic school education whicli does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do in such a position? Aire you a good
penman? Are you rapid aud acenfate at figures. Canyon use
the typewriter so as to write 4�� words per ruinate? Can youdo
���well the many things thnt are required to bedone i**. the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in thu above 3**ou are un-
prepirc i far office work except in a small .village. We can
���prepafs, you for a good position���*-a position that will in a few
jmoiitliri pay for your investment. Some of onr lady gradu--
��tes are earning $ao a mouth and o\ er,
Miss Wh _C. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Men.de starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C. <P. R.
at $30 per mouth and upward. -
If you c.me to us and work, hard. If yon want ���further
���proof <je the way we help to positions write us and we will
send ycm. more names.
;���->. "But don't put off. Every month you delay means one
month's" salary lost. The sooner yen graduate the s*ouer
you are m a position.
Time TaM*r
Cars leave U't'sitmlnfltor 3or Vancouver at 5.5
mtl 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter uutil n ],.
���a.: Satnnliiys iinil Sunday*! al 11 p.m.
Car.liHVt Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.5.
md 6.50 a. m..Hii_ hourly the-eivt.er until 10 p.
m.tSuturusypand Sundays at ui p.111.
\Ve run erst-class freight cars between West-
ntiustjr ami Vancouve.' aiul all .shipments art
Handled with the uts .o-st cure and delivered ts;
rousigptce without delay. Special attention paid
:o frilll .-shipments. Our wagons meet all boats
Hid train..   Foi rates, etc. apply to
1)   A. Slirl.KS, V. R. OI.OVRR
Traffic Mgr. I.ocat Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Rewrend Father Edra. Peytavin, |
O.M. I.    .Services  first and   third
Sunday of each month at io:-$<? a m
Services next  ford's Day at  u
a. xn. and 7:30 p.m.
���Claj-s meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
j Sabbath School at 2 p m every
.Sunday. Prayer meeting every
I Thursday-evening at K.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services nextLord'*3 Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School  at 2 p m     Midweek meeting an Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
WANDER"*.":':. f?ONQ.
I ara rad   tnoogk or nonirn and (BIBffa o/
s...st Tn^ ���wWi-.viits, nnd the sea waifs, and the
im;, and nights riio-eh.
3-ive n:is , is. ;���. white rsnu .:;.._ lh*s gray, v id**
;:!���'��� of the sea
Ami  tht* ���* ir.d's will  mid tiie .lard's will and
i'.'��. lira riiy - '��� ��'ili in we.
Why-eh.;.:..! >L stek.out sorrow and give gold
for strife?
[havo  1.  .:i much anil wept  much, hut tears
end .*! vc arc noi for lifo.
The gra.T '.-:11.;  to Ely ';rart. and the foam to
my Wood cries ap,
Ami ilie son tihint'8, and ihc road shines, and
the \. ..���!��� K i I UJC cup.
I havo hod     .o-.;ii ���f wisdom nnd enough ol
For tlio i.... a onu, and tho ond's one, and it's
soou lo the onds of the earth,
And it's toon  goo:;  night and to lied, and, If
hocls .jv heart ache,
Well's it's s.itind Bleep uud long bleep and slesp
too dtfsp to wake,
���A: lmr Syniom in London Ontlook.
'",  F'OiNT OF  BEAUTY   TH��7 WOMli'
11 !,i,L.i
1  .1.: :.,r:
'hi -mi 'ifical covering!  either for  new
'buildings or improving old onus*
Consider Its fino appearance ��� Its
splendid enduring qualities���and slight
expense���and decide to serve your own
���l��fst -.intirn sts hymsinjf it,
SRtniedl diriiftilB��^:infeniiatit��n in our
Wholesale Manufacturers.
ROBT, MAY, Agent,
���TiNER. B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2. KlUad Block. New Westminster.
Service will be held in the evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing practice at 8.:3o.
All cordially invited to -any or all
Accoiding to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Can- j
ada.^eastof ithe Rocky Mountains, j
is 6,564,000 'bushels, compared j
with 3,886,000 bushels a year ago.
"Slater  S:.oe_ at  S.nc.ai,V
There is only one Slater Shoe wKh
the 'three words "T.ie Sater Sioe"
.���nclosecl . in a Slate 'frame. Thit--
make of shoes is alone -in a class by
itself. It stands to-day for all that
is comfortable, all that is beautiful,
and all that is new in the art of finished footwear. ' We are the sole
agents for the city of New Westminster for this famous "brancl.
Don't  forget  the  place
W. E. Sinclair's and that should he
enough  to  gtiarantac  the  goods.
Last  Wednesday,  we   put   $-2 500.00
of  these  famous   shoes  i.i   stock  and.
they are now ready for your inspection.
Fishermen too will be glad to
learn 'tha't we have received a consignment of those famous Newfoundland fishing boots. The boot that
has made itself famous on the Fraser
This shoe retails for $8.50 and is
guaranteed waterproof.    Sold only by
j The    Lauding   Shoe   Store   'of   New
Vaneenver  Business College,
10 Hastings Street,    -,'-���-    Opposite Province Office.
I_V & ELLIOTT^ Principalfs
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale tmd Retail.
Special Prices lo Farmers' Institutes,
Thouands of Fruit aud Ornamental Trees,
now growing in my  Nurseries  for
Spri-ng planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
For Sale.
From 75 to 100 cords of wood, at
the Boundary Hav ranch. Price,
$1.25 per cord on the ground.
For SaSe.
A   No, 1   Melotte  Separator,   in
lirst  class  condition (owner   is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular? apply to
Crescent Island.
.1   .i._"='E Z i-J! I     i_?lsUJ��JC2}  ���
Trucking and Drayiiig.
Livery  work  of all  kinds at-
itended 'to promptly.
Wm. Alex^M
.|j.sl���cr. H. ('.
I V-.+tsr-s-m K*hat Propssr Treat men? Tun M.,!,-*
f.r. the Jffontli - Tins Cultivation uf .Prop.
... Smllo���Faolal Cyum_.Uci nasi :-.lav
msn of i*ie LipH.
Lijis uf u cionr, deep red, fati!, soft nne
wlth.lmirfltoiiio ciirvca are di.-ii.d by olJ
women, 1��jv!i young nnd old. Tne tun.
tvnn wl.i'ii t'siis fenture of beauty wnsrccn-
liileied to b�� only wilhin naturu's powei
to-lx'stow. That, however, was Lofoie im
and -modern ingenuity had set tn norm tc
lessen tho differences between lair buo
phuu women. Now it seems as if tlio conquering of. physical infirmities '.vjiebtniis
manor of time, und that anyone migM
possess a fresh, rosy skin, Eilk.n, wavj
tuir, penciled brows nnd a firmly outlineo
red inoull, with euro and money, A wcnii
*n who maltos tlio molding i.itd oolorinp
��f lips 11 specialty (.aid, when ualicC to tulfc
of ber methods:
'���The first thing to bo consider^ Is frit
ripidity or laxity in tho nppearandn and
aclio.iof tho lips. If tbey tend luMil'f-
ticss or sk'nuies-s of'expresEion, ono should
begin to make them supple by gentle, hul
Bonstnut massage trcatmenf, supplement-
ed by tho cultivation of an ixitolligenl
���mile. Understand me, I do not mean a
perpetual grin, for that deepens tl.'J lina
around tho mouth, nnd gives .the fi:ce ��
haggard, pained expression anything hut
becoming. The'smilo to bo cultivated ii
more a brightening of tho whole face with
ti sensitive parting and curving of tbe lips
It Is uot.necessary to stretch them.
"Then instead of firmly closing tlio lips,
���a so many women have a habit of doing,
which gives heaviness to the jaw and
hardness to the mouth, they should lourn
to bring'the llpstogctbofvory ligbtly, Allowing that always ogrccable dimpled
effect in the corners, it is thnt posit ior.
wbich makes tlie mouth of a healthy child
jo klsfnblo and gives to him sucli nu eager,
Interested expression,
"i!ut where the mouth is inclined tc
rtimd open, with loose, undefined lined,
:ho vigor of the mossago Ehotlld be redorj.
bled, using the treatment ns atonic to lone
Up flaccid nerves nnd muscles. Willi sueb
it moi,th the object .must bo to lciirn to
hold tho Jtpgwlfl) firmness tempered by
f.-race, going through tiv 1 raotioo as fnoial
,.;������.,i.nn..i:co for slated periods and until
ti:o training becomes n notornl habii.
Ktl'Migo ns it mny appear, tliis style of
aio'ath is most common among men, nnd
Dot weak men oilbcr. Whenever 1 seen
pcrsoii with that mouth Heel assured that
ho has, If possible, too.-mueh ltrinnass of
tlu.incier. Euoli men aro asu.rniostubborn. HdWlng thu mouth open is�� habit
loquired in cliildbood und should bo ovel'
"Closely compressed lips, I think, are
most common among women, nnd as a
rule not overbealtbv women. To mo tbii
hulilt is Indicative Of nervousness, mm 1
always .supplement my treulmrnt wltb r
good nervefood-or tonic. This is especial,
ly necessary where tbe lips aio inclined tc
bo palo unci rigid.
"Besides a thorough massage oneo a day
you should spend ton minutes morning
and evening standing before a mirror and
witb thumb ��nd forefinger pinch th*!
curves of tho 11.011th, accentuating Aboii
delicacy 'ind clearness. Until you hove
given this method a fair trial���sny oue
month���it is hnpossiUofor you to judge
the happy result. 1 nm sure ut tho enil of
tbo lirst month you will bo so j.l inied with
tbo result that you will look upon it as e
neccfsniy fenturesof your toilet, as much
bo us eomldng .your hnir and brushing
your teeth. 1 havo rcen the shape of the
fluttesti, straight.*, mouths abangod bye
few mouths' trt nl nu nt of this sort.
"Tho next .point to tie looked to is thc
attaining of tlmt *exquisito polish nnd
Bntiny-tuxturoof .skin without whioh or
mouiii'siiny lm accounted perfect. To Ihi'
end iho li|is should be bathed twice a daj
iu waler as hot as eun be borne. SiriiM.
avoid ammonia, so often nnd so foolish!*
recommended, been uso hurtshorn pnrchti
and cruckS'tho skin. A good white sua.
Is all that Is necessary far cleansing th'
skin, uud It should bo freely used unco ��
day���at night just beloro retiring I consider Ihe lu.-t lime. Alier thoJ'OUghl}' dry-"
lug Iho lips gently rub ou white rporlunico
vu.-elinu or eohl cream, it.ifwell lo imnlm
boih llio Uus aud.thu surrounding i aits '������
tbo flesh before beglnulug the niuuagon)
tnoldlbg treatments
"'ibe lips sh-mld be rarely inrwstcnpo
with 1 iio ton-no nnd never bitten or era v. ii
between tho tooth. Buoh treatment nm
only tends to chop them, but also pen nptfl.
hly increases their thickness and coaiscn*
their texture. For dry lips nothing i* Im i
tortiinn keeping them constunlly gronson
with Snnio colorless perfumed frenln. '1 bi*
done persistently, the dry foelln;. v i.t ������ "���������
be oveieomu nnd the toxtura cf theskn
much Im, roved.
"For that :'ch red co'.cr *f=i mr, h nu
mirnd in the lips w' ieh car. i i*vw be Im
pnriul by palms, oue must lusve agouti
circulation. Tho manipulations of a gooo
Diassouso are very bonoficslul and si. nu.
send the crimson .Main ito >ftw smfai c h.\
stimulating quick ciraifla*tlon. '1 'he mas
cayo movements iir tho lips are nl vny.'
upward nnd uiroular, Tiny nre so--in ph
that after n fow treatments by u proles
���sionul nny one can lcurn to do her owr.
"i consider the mouth a fair index to s.
person's lohnruetsr snioro thnn "ftuy olhj.
���feutureimliis iaive. A-pcrsor's instincts
both animal and Intellcctudi, may bocx
ourntely determined by tho month. -1
thick mouth, ��iili thick lips prmrudine
to u gruttui' or I : s degree, is .im.ieaii... _.'
annum insnricts ta prs*poi:(lCT��nce.    *XJi��
lips indicate a  person contiollad by hei
Jioad, noi lu-r heart.    .*Spcli a person ia, ki
a rule, selfish and cruel.   Whirt Is known
at a prominent mouth���that is, where th��
teeth protrude���always danateg self MflMft*
Ivencss.    in  course ibis deuding eliurao-
teristic is  always anudiiiod   by tbe length
and thickness of ithe lips as well as the
texture  and  oolor.    For beauty I  think
-hull;, fuli dips  are  the most admirable.
They mo, as a.rule, mobile, indicating tb��
varying emotions  if   their owner,  und,
(ffilh ju. t a suggestion of tbe prmly lean
beyond, me exceeuinglj attractive." Sudb
mocsths indicate generosity, tiucerity, but
never*gicat self control.    For strength oi
I character I am sure tbo long lips may fc��
j depended upon.    The owners pf long Hut
, bold high tremps. No onocan toll by their
I inouil.s  anything about their thoughts,
I emotions or character.    They may bo Very
��� honest or very much to the contrary, rerj
i generous cr  very selfiah.    But whatever
j tlio trait, one may rest assured il*;* worf
I 'very' is a Diocssary adjective to the  d��
I scription.    If you will notlco tba picturo
; of famous people, both men aud wuinea,
j you will be surprised to fiud bow few bara
anything but long  lips.    Tba shapo* at
i their noses, eyes, bonds, jaws, may x.rf,
I but the long lips, nine rasas outof tea, aaa
there."���New York Sun.
The following are specimens of Great
j Wit:
Jt was n saying of Cato the elder,
i "Thoso mn.tisi rates who can prevent criina
i and do not in effect encourage it."
Soeratus used to ray tho licit fnru; of
; government was that In which tho pel.pis
! obey tbe rulers und the rulers obey liia
j laws.
Philip in passing sentence on two roguM
i -ordered one of them to leavo Macedonia
���With all siioed and the other to try und
' -catch him.
Demonux was once beard to  say to ���
j lawyer, "Probably all laws are really useless, lor good men do not want laws ut nil,
I and bud meu ure mado no bettor by them."
'Cicero, when ono Nenostold him hoh��4
caused the death uf moro by bis tesluuoqjr
than he  hnd over  saved   by bis advoi my,
replied, "Thnt is  because my credit exceeds my eloquence."
Alcihimics, when nbout to ba tried t?
his countrymen on a capital charge, all
sounded, remarking thut it wus ausurd
when a suit lay ngninst a mall to seek M
�� et oil when be might as easily get away
It takes it pretty .good carpenter to floe*
��� pugilist.
Many a man pum.stures hia tire on tVs
road to wealth.
The nwro iniiinge;e.mau JiWstiierbuttar
Ae enjoys hlesouCiug.,
A woman's Idea of religion is to hum
kindly thoughts of ber rival.
���The heiress who invests in a title does
Dot always purchase happiness.
Perhaps it Is the microbes In ltlssos.tba*
mauso people Utin'-i "dejiiiiiEsJasi*."
Tho less thc tight somo man pi to'to *��
aubjoet the more liberal their vL.u ara,
With tlio exception of ourselves no o:'��
aver does things us tbey should bo dono.
Tbo happiness of some people depend!
4lpon their ability to make others unhappy
liovo -may laugh nt locksmiths, but H
���novr smHos.otstho.ow.nur sof a bicyule.ra-
!f*air shop,
Capital and labor would commlughi
better if there weren't so many men tryliij
to gosj capital  without   labor.        "
A'novo?: sort <of window glass has bam
Invented. -Persons on tlw inside of tha
housu caufleoahrough it, but'ltlt'opaqus
to those on the outside.
Skates mado of burdened glass ln various colors are now manufactured in Kngland. It is-said that they are easier aud
lighter for exerolse than tlie steel ones.
To support a camera on an ordinary
ennu or staff a metal base is provided wltb
two spring clips at tho ends, wbich hold
tbe camera in pUiso, the 'underside of tb*
base having four spring arms which ax-
tend downward to a clamping tccka*^
Wbicb slips over tho ond of tbo caue.
H ii iv fb or ne *. a Students
A enrresponddnt of the Drunswick (Mc)
'Telegraph.say*: ".Hawthorne, when n stu-
dont in college,'boarded with tho mother
of tho writer, and we often went fishing
for trout in what is now known as Mall
brook. At that timo Uie students called
it 1 lawthorno's brook. He wns rather ra-
���scrral in manner, and had bnt f**w associates. Whon in college, bo was not over
6 feet 8 inches in height, it was tho custom at that time for tho students whon
they met President Allen to raise thet.
bats. Hawthorne nnd .fohn Hodgdnn, 11
was said, were 'brought up among th*
friends, anC they did not raise their tints
���When passing tho president. Hawthorn*
-was summoned before the president for
this neglect, and 1 havo forgotten whether
he was suspended or escaped with ouly .
A Girl ot Today.
Father���Hut, my dear, I thought yor��
fcad promised to-murrysthat^oung gentleman
Daughter���Oh. no, papal 1 oiily taM
lie could bc engaged to me if ba wanted ta
���Philadelphia Inquirer.
Child   Not   EXsSecteti  to   Live   from
One  Hour to  Andiher, ifcut Cure*
by   Char.iberla'n's   Colic,   Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
'Rtf.lt,  the  little  daughter of  Ei  N.
Dewey  ��.f 'AgT.*Wvv3e,  V:u,  WW.  *W-
jimsly    ill    nt*   cholera   infantum ti*ASt
summer,    "We  gaV.  livr tip arid dill
���nm  expect her'lei'live froiii one" hour
10   another,"   he   says.     "I   happened
'to friiik of Chamberlain's Cohc,vChol-
era   and   Drarfnova   Remedy   .ind   g<$.
a buttle ot  it rwwn the store.     In
bee'hours  l"*saw the  change  for {foe
'better.    "We   bept   on   giving  it  antt
hefn-e she 'Ind '���taken the *h.-ilf -r,f on.
small  bottle she was well." This nent-
.ejv.is   fir  9p3e-b5 T-. s? ��� MfSMfK^ THE &ELTA TIMES, SATURDAY AUGUST 5, 1905.
wmmmm���a���,    e   .sv^���__���,���1���    ,   .
Stamp-photos for one week, more.1,
next Ma\ 's Tim-lop.
��� '��� -a_n .'.���;
C. F. Green ��a. a passenger io
the fcoyal C ify on Thursday morn-
**- '
' M&8 Beatrice Steve 1 s, i �� Van-
QoUTet, visited friends heje this
Mis.; Eleanor 1 indley, of Westminster, is visitii g friends here.
New Westminster,
S UK****
If you are in want of
The salmo;i jun during the past
week &is simply be-so enormous.
'Mrs. W. F... Livingstone and two
daughters visited Westminster on
Douglas McNeill, of Calgary, is
visiting his sister, Mrs. J. McKee.
Dollars **��*
Mrs. Tohu .UcK&s. paid'; a short I
ifusiuess visit; tq, t&e Terminal City ;
this week*.   - ���
W.. H.   sSiddall expects, ta leave
for Borland. Fair on the 19th inst.
Have been saved o.ur Customers buying at this
Store dur&ig our Big Sale. We have some
splendid lanes of House Dresses, Wrappers,
Wash Suits, Skirts, to- Sell at Half Price and
Less as we do nofe carry them over.
Xo come, and   inspect Gur Stock
will sell at
iav;ng pur-
C. Cliff and -wife, of New West-
ipiiuster,, paid a visit to the Parsonage on Saturday.
Robt. May, wife and family, visited Steveston. last evening, returning tLis morning.
The Delta Creamery will, pav 251
per standsjiscr inch, of qrejun daring
, tnonth of Aagupfc.
Qn%- D*&U*r   Saved  Represents  Tei*
Tlen  Earijfd. j     for ^
  ', Girl's wash  skirts
Children's Wash  Dresses, regular Ladies' shirtwaist suil. wwth $7.50
i     $1 ancl 75c, for 50c for --'4.25.
I Children's white embroidery Ron-* Ladies'    shirtwaist   suit,    regular
nets, worth $1 and 73c for 45c.
Children's embroidersd   silk Boi*
nets', worth $1.50, for 95c.
Children's corset waists,   40c Iin. Ladies,.   fancy y,^
$9.So for $5,731.
$7.75, for $4.75.
FUncy voile trimmed with eluney
suit,   regular
liUBRiCATWG On, Always in Stock,
re;j;u at   !: J-.-*.>*>
Miss CDch��aac, of Carlyle,. Assa..
is. visiting here the guestt of hei
9��nsin��Mrs..Wv S*. Livingstone.
70c ana 950.
F.   Baynes,   of   the   Domiuioi
Hotel,   VarwaDUver,   has   returned
.from the Portit&ndlFair and says the
If air is really-good.
' T. K Badlieft accompanied by:
his son, Leon, returned h01*44*3.Tues-j
4*r, from, Victoria. Mr. Iladtier >
ia much improved in health..
The average num. dpes, not- save to ,J\"e       ?' :95'.   , .    ,.
. , . .        Girls cambric nightgowns, $1 line,
^xcned ten per cent of his earnings.       , ��    f *
He must spend nine dollars in living Childress cotton vests, regular 15c
expenses for every-dollar- saved. That I     for loc; regular 23c i'or  1 s<--
being the case he cannot be too. care- Special  snaps  in  laee  curtains at
ful about unnecessary expenses.  Very
often, a  fev  cents  properly   invested
like buying seeds for his garden, will
save   dollars   outlay  later   on.     It  is,
the   same   in   buying   Chamberlain's
Cork,   Cholera   and   Diarrhoea   Rem.,
��� edy.    It costs  but a few  cents, and5
a bottle nf it in the house often saves
a doctor's bill of several dollars.   For
wle by X J.  Mackenzie.
Latv.ie-7 fancy pique a-rni 'ripen skirts
worth up to $5 for 5JSL25.
100 sample dress skirU worth up to
17.50 choice*$-4.^5.
50   dozen   taffeta,,   lisle   iwd   silk
gloves, regular 40c a*id j-je lines..
sale pi ice, 15c pair.
Donf Forget Us for Paint mi linseed Oil
3,000 Yards
English Print, Gingham* Mmslh\ Percale, Regatta
and Oxford Shirting, Challie, Duck, etc.,.
etc.,. worth 25c, 20c & 15cx
All on one table at One. Price, Only 10c, Yard.
"     SsgWssW     "WF sss.sss.
Mrs. J'. P: McPhersaii went over
to Vanopiyrer, on Wednesday, via
���Stteveston, a-ja,%few days" visit. J.
\. goes ��ver-to*d&y until Mondav.
i     Between, the  Barber   Shop and'
'���Marshall Smith's   Wb<trf,   a,  gold.
stick pin, set with- pearls.     Finder I
please return to j
ua  S3
Ip July last tbe__Delta Creamery
9>ade 1,600 lbs. more butter than
.$e coBtnespcjfiding pew.odl h}st year,
;*)nd still canno> supply the demand.
Also a pair of gold-rilled Spectacles.    Finder please return to
All Summer Dress Muslins marked down to
AUCTION SALE, i cost price to clear for cash..
Mrs;   John;   Ifatersbii   returned
home, last week., and, we are pleas-
ifd to state* is making rapid strides
to*a-*h.rie.Q9,y,^rj*i. from, bejr  recent I
.,-..;'��� .      I
Rev. J-.' Fs, Betts and H. J. Kirk- j
fend weut up to, Westminster on j
ilhursdfey   U> attend   the District
Meeting of the Methodist Church
in session there.
Tteot. Ertherington, of Columbian
���golleefe," s^li^^^ulrjit of St.
iitfidre*s*��js>Br^byteHan Church, ont
.Sunday Ijist, Wlfeh he pneacned his i
maiden sermba, whip", wa^ much'
Comprising ��� sSideboard,    Centre
Table, Extension Dining Table,
Chairs,   Carpets,   and    Oilcloth,
Bednocm Sfet, Bedsteads and Bedding, Child's Iron Cot, Kitchen
Stove, Crockery, Lamps, Wslnger
and Cooking; Utensils, &c, ike,
TV/TR. H. N:. RICH has received
instructions from Mrs. J. McLeod to SELL BY AUCTION, at
her residence,  hk the   VILLAGE
OF LADNER:,   at  2*130 p. m..,
Tuesday nejsct, August 8th..
Auction. Office., Ladner,, Bi C.
Dry fiooifs Sto
j *L��
We  are  this  week going to cut prices nearly in two,.
is and see if we don't do it. ���
We waat to get acquainted with you; we want to stay right
here, we see goed prospects ahead.
In Order to Bo Thai
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
part. We will give you a First-class: Suit at a- Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
you.;, we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
Ladner. B. C.
%m wn m jo jut: '
At nominal cost, priva-te- individuals or business
men can put their in.po.--t.ad-t papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient: place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a salfe,,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES s   $1.50 per year.
j Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.���
��� Ant-homed Capital, j25,o��o.
^. B| Lasdjian- reftimed, S"atiir-
dajj* eve����ngs, fiyom a short visit to
Yaucou*��**nij4 Westminster, bringing with hip %, supply of prize lists
for the Dominion Fajiit��i,bg held at
Cedap Fence Posts,. Shakes aud
Drain Boards.
Agply ts>.
Box 387, New Westminster, B. C
���-Sept. 27 to Od. 7-190S
Under   tke auspices  of the  Royal Agricultural   aud  In.
dustrial Society,
S- ���
A    e   *3 9
New Westminster, B. C
H. T. Kiik, wife and daughter, I
oi New WesUninster, cam,e. down}
9n Saturday aft��r.aooii. su>d wt-��n
fd iu the*eveuing: The stores clDs-i
ipg from, oap ^Ctloclj; to. seven!
9'clock p.tn, makes it yeny conven-j
ijpnt for, Wist h^rdwve. peopl^ to
jpakj^ ^ple?ywt toip�� .
If You Want
A    Mwi'srClass    Buggy,
rubber   00  sfceel   tyres-,
DemocKit,. cajl 0^
British Columbia.
Stupeudpus   and   comprehensive  array  of Exhibits repre
senting the resources of all Canad.t.
Enlarged  grounds, new,, liandiisun**
and  spacious   buildings	
Special Inducements to Live  Stcek
J*, F* Stainton.
If Your Eyes
We are still, <ifiiag busaaess, and
����ore tkaji ever. We have remodel-
^ our whole plant and are prepared I 15 ryt- Up *���  \^/> j 1
p give to our paHjjjis the be/it; ofj.
jdtisfactiw, Try u��h vou wop'l?'
.fegretMjs* Roagli and dressed Inm-t
i^er- al* ibsWCMt ptfcs.6. Look for our!
t|haiig%of ad, next, ^(^k.^cj^aztl- J w^ # lliem to V*'*"'" e��4i?ie satisfnc
Tlie most valuable special and general prises ever!
offered in Western Canada, New aud commodious!
stock sheds capable of accommodating am unlimited!
number of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Swine.
##    i ft-
vVafches and Jewelry at Low^eab Prices.
Repairing a Specialty.
Hijcse Racing, Broncho "Btustiug*" Military Parades and Exercises.
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous Bands..
IG.RAND WATER CARNIVAL��� Pa nail & of Fraser River n*hing fleet!
Thev requii^ at's-ntion..   Do not >        patijoLbpajtS,, H.  M. warships,  Indian war- canoes, etc..
trifle with so serious a matter.   Wei INDIAN SPQJftTS5.
all  information   wi-its*   W.   PS'.   KEARY,   .Secretary   and
tion by the latest method, known to r Manage]-, New WestijiipstftB, B. C.
the optical trad*. ! ;���������i-.�����*.'." . ������   "���...�� * _. >.i_j '... ��� -
tpere Li|piber Co.
*jg7]rs-.~ar-sa^' .'-���,"*:.' . \
-^b��,s,-fl|iaiiiii^l   mfietjtifg of   the \ ���~
Wt��tmia��t��f, district of tb* Sfrth-1: V��r ��* I p Cf^O V\'
Why not have'an "Eastern Room"" or a "Cosy
Corner" where you can
enjoy i(.ul��� perfect comfort ?
pdist Chureh was held in Queen,\s
^vea��9.j Mjetlipdist Chych, New.
WostmjupWi W Thursday ajter;-.
lioim,, with I{te>-*. Prjtugipa! --ipprtei^
jKhislin>g There was * good' at-
ttiidnuce and sbjie very important
Ifel'^SR^^W^!1^-' -- *
Graduate Optician k
Consi|ljBtipn 8$ Examwatipu Fr.ee
T.   Gilford's Jewelry Store.
NEW vpSTMlNST^ER,  -   B,C
4-OZ.  SOLID  SIUVERINE   Oftff ���*.��������*���
of generous, propo.^o^s.
P.m nnd damp-poor, filled with (lit very be*, eerrtm jewelad F.lll* or
W��tthim movemenl, Mem-wind and Mt, ami atwolyl��!y tM*rM*tceit.
|��r 5 year*. AI*o a bruutiful chain with emem. w��uh for the n*xt m>,
days- All complete, $6.90. .V*l"t **��� beltevtaj. CiM tHi�� out, ud(
���end it to tt��,.wilh yaw N��_pe, P.��i Office and Exprwis OAca Add-t��n,
and we will s<wd 11�� Watch and Chain 10 yow.for eMMlMlkm. \f y*u.
find U u reprMCDUd, pay agent the anioKirt and empteea eh��r_r����. ��nd��
W��tch and tilwin-r.*, voui,. If you wifb to *�� p��y't* ��bf e\(eexe.
caergfo eani-'*\ thr, full a(��oim(, and wn will.forward u��.y.w.W�������**-an*.-,
Main by mail, eU ehmtfae prnfMnid. If you,ufd��r C.O.D. �� depoail et fiO cenU 1* required'H a matter��f����od failh, whictt _,muM(i
Will be daducted from your biU.     Ordar *> once, u u>is offer may (tot appear again.     When writing  mention tfaia paper*
^WAQNER & CO., d^ Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C*,
Soft-hued drapes, a dim light, Tabourette, Rug and the schema is
complete.   The cost need not be heavy and we would he
pleased to submit estimates free.


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