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The Delta Times Jun 24, 1905

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/.A   J  ���r\
JUN^71905      ~Jt
/��:, 2, No, 4\
LADNER, 15. C. SATURDAY. JUNE 2\ 1905.
4-1.00 yea
Black Cat Hosiery
Black Cal Brand
' Chicago* KMwm
Hosiery Comp��nj
Stock Sale. I:!!
The second sale held at the Delta
Stock Yard on Wednesday was very
well  attended, and prices realized !
were very fair.     There  appeared]
littie demand for store cattle.
Two sets  plow  harness,  nearly j
new. went to J. Gilchrist and Jas.!
The Department of Agriculture |
is  in  receipt  of a  communication I
from the Victoria League  of Eng-
land, of which  the following  is a
copy: I
need to every mother who wi
Two Styles are especially recornner
i to aave constant darning and who wants to make the stocking- mona >
Style No. 15 for Boys-
���    ��� <
Triple knees double heels and toes���regular "Leather Stockings.'
���Style No. 10 for Girls-
Lighter in weight, but woven to give lasting satisfaction.
������   d
Children's Navy Jerseys, sizes 20 to 32. from 40c. up.
Bathing Suits-
A complete range of Bathing Suits, in combination and tvvo piece
Monday evening last the Ladies'
Aid ofthe Methodist Church, here,
entertained their friends to strawberries and cream, ice-cream, music,
etc., in Oddfellows' HAH; when a
goodly :u umber assembled to' enjoy
Victoria   League,    I.i.ere    House, I the good things provided.
Victoria     street,     Westminster,,     Tic  following:  programme   was
April 20, 1905. well rendered  and  highly appreci-
Dear sSir. I beg to call your kind | ale!: Jmtiumental selection by the
for $8. 0. Westermark kept things j attention to the accompanying leaf-; orchestra; pianoforte duet, Mrs.
booming  around the chicken coop | lets, issued by the agricultural com-1 Bnts and Mrs. Laniiing; song, "My
mittee of the Victoiii League, and : Old Dutch," Iv. T. Calvert; read-
to ask you to be good enough to 1 ing, .Selected from "Wayside Inn,"
make the proposals therein set forth Dr. King; song, "Polly andl,"
generally known in  your  province  Mrs. I.av.ning;  song, "nOut of the
��� I.ACK CAT M����U r I
ChlU9t*����MS������iitr�� Ca  Nelson for $^ and $7.50 respective-1
ly.    J. J. Monkman got a hay rake I
.,.' '
in his endeavor to obtain a dozen,
which aim was accomplished at $6.
���     In the cattle department, \V. H.
Ladner had some registered Dur
1 ham bull calves, and fine looking
: animals they were, but no bid wa*
j made, then came an old Jersey-bull
; which  wa.s   knocked  down  to  C
Kettles  for  the  ridiculous sum o
���    J. Grauer  was  the  next buyer,
and  during  the  afternoon made i.
good   many   purchases    at   prices
varying from $14, for a fat sow, up
according to quality.
D. A. McKee-mad��  a good buy-
getting a prime 3-year-old Durban
bull for $48.
P. Bums &  Co., Vancouver, did
quite  a  little   vurc**as*uK*   anions
which  the   following   were noted.
Two calves  at $8.50  per head; -,
head  prime  beef cattle and  a   fa
cow at ��38 per head.
C. Hoffman and J. Reicheubaci.
were among the outiide buyers pre
At the close of the sale Mr. Rid.
made the announcement  that  thi?
was the last until next October.
of Canada, so that home-coming 1 Deep," Dr. Woodley.
farmers may know where to apply An interval for refreshments was
for introductions to the leading ag-I taken during which the orchestra
ricnlturists of this ccuntry, and for! supplie/i some ...first clans music.
such ��general information as they i After the demand for supplies had
may require. ] somewhat slacked off, more singing
It will be a sincere pleasure to: was indulged in, as follows: Song,
members of your committee to meet '/'Whisper and I vShall Hear," Miss
visitors introduced by ���yourself and ' Thirkle; song, "Hiding Behind the
others, and to do what in their | Door," Mrs. Lougheed.
power lies to make their stay in this | Ice-cream and straw-berries came
country a pleasant one. j into demand  again  for some time,
You  will   no   doubt   appreciate! after   whicj^ the  happy gathering
with us the importance of securing \ dispersed to their home's wetf-pleas-:
only    trustworthy     introductions,  ed with their outing.' "���"'*
Any help you can give   in   making     TJie net cash result of the even*;,
the   suggestions   known    will   be  ing was ab'dftt $50.    > .. ..
gratefully appreciated.    . " ; :���.	
The   Victoria   League,    Central j
Executive    Committee: '.President,
Countess of Jersey;  vice-president, j
Countess  Carringtou;  hon.   treas.. j Preparations For Elaborate^fchi&t
Mrs. Maurice Macmillan; secretary, J at Dominion Fair.''
Miss MurielX'. Talbot*. '��� ,     New Westminster, B..C; June
1. This association is  named-ihe  _.rd _ According   to "inflation
Summer Coats-
Men's Alpaca Coats in Black and Grey, all sizes, $1.90 each.
We have the best line of overalls in town. "Our Special" 9oz. Grey
Pants, every seam double sewn, hand finished bottoms, and made
large, sizes 32 to 46, at $1.00 a pair.
The Royal Purple Shoe fob Women.
Marshall Smi
Thousands of Redskins Will Journev
to the Dominion Fair.
Through various  Indian 'agefits
and missionaries  representative ��� c
nearly all of the British Columbii
tribes, the fact that  the Dominioi
fair    is    to    be    held * in    New
Westminster this year has   become
widely  advertised   among  the  In
dians of the province ancl  the  pre
sence of thousands of them  on  the
banks   of the  Fraser  during   the
great national exhibition is already
The fair management has set
aside $2500 for prizes lor Indian
exhibits and sports and there promises to be somethiug doin_- in lively
fashion among the redskins every
day of the big faLr. The sports
will include all sorts of cauoe races
on the river, foot and hoise races
and tug of war on land in which
the females as well as the males
will participate.
Ten Indian bands have  already
Victoria League, in memory of Her
Majesty the late Queen Victoria.
2. The association holds ifsell
teady, as far as possible, to support
'and assist:.any scheme leading to
more intimate understanding between ourselves and our fellow subjects in our great colonies and de-
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Calhoun,
who left Ladner a week or two ago,
to fill a a important josition in the
Katatoops country, have just presented a beautiful silver Communion Service (consisting o! six pieces)
to the St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church here, Mr. and Mrs. Cal*
>oun were both very active workers
in the cUv��_h fcere and will be
mu-bh missed by tW��r Piesby'e.rian
Sprained Anfcte. Stiff Neck, Lame
These are three common ailments
for wliich Chamberlain's Pain Balm
is especially valuable. If promptly
applied it will save yon time, money
and suffering when troubled, with
any one of these ailments. For sale
by T. J. Mackenzie.
A very qniet wedding took
on   Wednesday   even ng    la t
Vancouver, of Archie Grahai,
pendencies; and aims at promoting
any' practical work desired by the
colonies and tending to the good ol
the Empire as a wbole.-
3. It' 'endeavors 'to*' become* a
centre for receiving and distributing information regarding the Brit
ish dominions, and invites 'tile alliance of, and offers help "and cooperation to, such bodies of a
simitar nature as already exist, or
shall hereafter be formed throughout the Empire.
The  Victoria League, which is
established   "to support and assist
auy scheme leading  to  more intimate understanding  between  ourselves and our fellow subjects iu our
great colonies ancl dependencies,"
has appointed an agricultural committee  with  the especial object of
, promoting   mutual  intercourse be-
j twecn  farmers in all parts of the
j Empire.
I    In pursuance of  this end,  the
received by' Manager. Keary preparations  are   now   going   on   in '
various parts of Australia tor a big���'���*������
exhibit of that country's resources--w*
to be made at  the* 'Dominion *fair
which opens   here   on    September
27.    H, D. Ross, who is Canadian
commercial agent for Victoria, Tas- .
mania  and  southern and  western'
Australia, took the matter up some   ���
time ago with the various chambers
of commerce and has worked the
proposition   into" an'   mHtetcvk-m-g* r
which has been  entered  into with
general   enthusiasm.   The people
of Australia realize, Mr. Ross says,
that the holding ofthe Dottrftliowfiiir,.
in New Westminster opens to them -
great opportunity to develop trade
with   British   Columbia and they
will- improve it by making an elaborate display ot such of their' products as are marketable in this part'
of rfthe empire.
entered the musical  competition,    j committee wi'l be glad to oe ititro-
The 'braves and their wives andjducetl t0 ti,ose agriculturists from
families from the most remote parts tlie colonies visiting  Great Britain |
ot the province  will  also come   *�� ; who may wish to avail  themselves';
New   Westminster   by   their  own of opportunities  for  seeing British ;
primitive modes of conveyance and | agrjcu^ure   jn  j^ varied, aspects,
countries into closer contact with
one another.. 	
It is desirable that those who in**
troduce a visitor should specify his
particular interests upbi�� the form
provided for that purpose, as welras
the names of those traveling- with
him, his probable length of visit,
and anv other information which
may be of use to the committee in
arranging for his entertainment.'
A moderate charge will be arranged for in respect of the cost af
Swiss Cream Sodas,  fresh   and
crisp,���City Bakery.
According to The Commercial
���f Winnipeg, the visible supply o
oats in tbe United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 7.338.000 bushels, compared
w.itb. ^,377,ooQ.Kbusheisa year a^o.,
J. Grauer crossed over to Woodward's Landing on Thursday with
cattle sheep Bud hogs valued at
about $1900.
shows will he* on view, and inforina**
tion  can. be obtained on matters
Miss Blanche Morgan, bo 1. ���f Bear I ��*>��� of ***** f^V *j��g| ��"d under the most  favorable con-1 f^^^SS ****�� office a
Mr.Gra-l^'P^y^^^^^^^'^^ditions. ���        |>* Qf    fc,   ���  ^J  ^euhural
' iniess than alout twouonti-.s.       ���      jn C0.0 ^ration with the agricu -
While 1 ere the  I11d.ir.ns will  be | tural Societies*-ot* fe're'at Britain, and
the guests of the government  and . ^talUnd,w���e,s,^Vmerwnd others.j ^.Jup^ t^rioultuVal Hfe of
tbe management oitBe*ta>i-.__'"   .   j araangements will be made whereby ; t n 'tain   "'"���'���       .'.**���
������ * 'ddi ;:[V.-���';;;;-.7;,;:���       | visitors- introduced, to the Victoria; "^ a^ance with ilie above th*
Call at' the?Lrug S* *'W do- i LeaS"eCan ta their *��w ,b* '^r��-; Deputy . Minister   of  Agriculture,
____^  jwlmeL^cal Views  to mail to! *f* ^ *��� ��t �����'�� ^ ,-S��; | ViLia, B. C., will b, p^sed  to
..   .     ���       ������>     n   -Jl your" ends- l^��� P^?^% ni# l*?��erV qf *��*&&�� to in-
Try onr "rat poison, ' it will give your incnus. .^   arrange   lor   them    to   see
River, Digby Co., N. S
ham has beeu engaged iu the black
smithing business of W. H. Taylor j
here for a short while.
The happy couple arrived on
Thursday- wi are guests at the
Delta Hotel..,     ..
i ���
s '
Posters will be out. in ��� few days,
for excursion to Vancouver; July
12th. Ladner Cornet Band will
accompany e^cijisi,on,ists^
you good results-���F. J. MacKenzie
W. S. Livingstone went up to.the
Royol-Gity .tuarke.t on Thursday.
jwitli 4 carcases of beef.-besides yeal
few-   , .    ..-���
 ~  ithe   agricultural   life  of   different';
Friends Of -Mrs, W.   Witter will | districts.  Intercourse thus provided
tending visitor's to Ehgland.;
regret to learn  that since her  re-1 should be the means .of stimulating
turn home she has'sirfrered a serious
relapse of tlia  illness, from  which
sUe- has sulTered so much,
Chicken, Turkey,  Lobster,  etc.,
a  true  mutual  understanding  be- Tongue, Baked Beans,   in  fact el\
tween agriculturists of the British; kinds of lunch goods at  the Qttf
I Knvnire, tilid of bringing U\e seyrrai, B.-ikery.
V's     *** THT5 Qtfl/TA TlM^-SATtJRnAY. 10NI- ttf.ws.
Pubus*ed iiVttJiV S.\Tfaus\v.
. KOS.^pW
**a ; -.. .-��_
SulscaiPTtoN,. *r��OQ_PCr y*5111'
ADVHIjTI^lJ'G kATl*.' '-        . '
\ A<tveKla=mciits, -te'.ccirts vyer-Mne -ler.
Here is ihc latest story of the
man who is too stingy, to take his
home paper: A man who was too
economical to take this paper   sent
^^m\^^^ee1i^^^\Uitii^bQy to -borrow  the copy
BBbv^BMl Insertion. * The   nui��l��futhU_*   .t.^    s*      .,      M.:_i,u���_      T���    y,;.
'���<5S��&X-^^ by   his   neighbor
In   his
__J haste the boy ran over a $4 stand of
n.tcs lor Cammerdal Ad��e��tiseinenU can *��J ���'.������. ......
k��a'onapii��catioo*t��Hisoi��s��..     ��, [bees, and in ten minutes looked like
leading oolites 10 eeutt p��r Hue h�� e��h bi-| a warty SUUltlier squash.
; Marriages ti.**..   reached his father, who[ ran
Birth an't IWath notices, 5"c..
Any special notice, the object ol wliichistu
���fornoU the pecuniary henefit olnny indlvlda.!
*tevwpanylioWt coastf
a*<r,.har>'t4 aqtotUiujtly
be cousWcrcd ��n advertUeaiciil
Mis cries
to bis
assistance and  failing to tiotice a
barbed  wire fence ran  into that,
. .. .,-����� ...vrrj breaking it down, cutting a hand-
All ���jdvertisemcata cbarge. !<����� u��t�� otstereu �� . =>
tut in. pato (*>t. iiil of flesh from .his  anutonav, and
k��.^yJE^S JdSrS^J B�� ruining a $4 Pair of pants. Tbe
SWnM^ cow.tQpkthe.advantage. of the
aJ^JTb"" ""0*\""cV!4,*0*c',,y . 1gaj> in .the fence, and got into the
R N.lNUtY, * I corn field aud killed herself eatiug
green coru Hearing the racket,
! the wife ran .out,, up-setting a four
ii ii wai V '^f^TT?������"'' ' ~~ "J gallou churn full o( cream into
KAttrnfiAYr-TOKsK *4? *.9*>5��    "j basket  of  kittens,   drowwiug   the
a_, - -'���Zjrr jmi" *> '        ~1 iiytinlr   Hock.    In. the   burry   she
Work has  commenced   on   the-dropped   a $7  set ot   false   teeth.
wide,,;,,, of the Slough ro��d, after 1^     baby   leit    alone,    crawled
, ,.���   _ ,, . , through the spilled milk and into   *
many years of dilly-dallying, and . * f. f
*""* '     J*m" ' ��� this nQr nr   rummer <i hr.nrl n*nv Soo    i
. -   .    A. O; U. W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
at^d third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C. Pybus, M.W.
Geo. R. Manley, Recorder.
1.0.0 F-
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evehiug at 8 p.
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. Hr.us. N.G.
Dr. A. A. King, Sec.
C. O. F.   '"���
Court FraseT No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows'- Halli--second and last
Thursday evenings of each  mouth
j at 8 o'clock.     Visiting Brethren
'd welcome.
��� 11_ �����     'ISIS-  JJJ
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
��� ���..*-..��Hj4.^.*..��s**-sS.��..*^^.J.....*..��sSsJ.^..*...^'..#.��*.
I m 11 sou us I
.J. HENLEY   f
there is every prospect of the cow
tjrail being turned into something
Ike an up-to-date Western highway at last.
It is rery gratifyiug to see the
j_   Council  undertaking   to complete
eke work of roadmaking on Delta
---street.   This is a wise act and one
whicli will save a .considerable sum
of money to the taxpayers besides
> giving team9tcrs a lietter road over
which to haul their heavy loads.
We would draw the attention of
residents to the large amount of
wild mustaid growing in the district. . U would, -be* ��: -wise plan il |
everyone would dest'ioy .tfifjwttever
noxious weeds they may find flour-
-tfeltmg- oii' lhelir'.: i*fcofcc>Cy7 'arid* so
bjtbt but thU scburje,'*Help*the
Council to*?.*? jw*i <���   ;:',      ' *
., ., ,������ *;*^_1.;_'j__t_j__.*^_.- :, ��������**'"'
, ,< The at'ore* will be closed from 1
tili 7 p.ui.,.to-day;.  .,i4 . ,
the parlor, ruiuing a brand new $20
carpet. During the excitement the
oldest daughter ran away with the
hired man; tbe dog broke up
eleven setting hens, and the calves
got out and ate up four fine shirts, i
���Kansas City Journal
Horse Goods! I
Our Harness and Horse Furnishings '
Shave long proved reliable, and they are
, built not only for style but wear.
huqh Mcdowell,
i LADNEI*. b. c
Wellington Coal,
A gentleman residing at Bedling-
ton some little time ago accepted au
appointment at Chelmsford, and
removed to the latter town to take
up his duties. A few months later j Rosebank Lime,
a cat which the gentleman had tak- port_and Cement,
en with him was  found  sitting  on I ���
the doorstep of  its   owner's   late | Smithy Coal,
residence, having travelled over t!:e j Sewer   Pipe,   Drain   Tile,
MiimilHcturers or nil ItitKta <>!
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Hs Ha MiGn
Kotary Public,
indhit'er. em s insffliff Ntm
Ladner, B. G.
Purchasing Anient
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bono at Speolaily Low Prlees.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
-*��� Telephone " Ladner " No  10. +
+ ,��� '        *,
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tuba, Stovo
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent lor-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
country from Chelmslord, the extraordinary distance of 25a miles.
mining ai Trail
. -; Evjpiythi it, look* Wiht. for a
'iJeaA day's spurt *Wd��y:' \  ;''
' *I>l':Mt<Ci**ig'or>pe��t'a ttay or two
at Kensington ��� Prairie', last .'Week,
Vtaiting J. Fraser.
���.������,*;' -XJiss. Carss hsft, tljii^ morning, for
Vancouver, where she will spend
the sviiftiiner vacation. '���-,..;.
ICirs." .Wilder  returned  to  her
hone in Victoria, on Saturday last,
v��bei a visit to her parents.
W. Abercrombie, we under-
stand, i�� breaking the.record for tie
emti thistle cutting on the Delta.
little L-Jonar' Kirkland, wlo
kaa been s very ill, s'ltlering from
typhoid fever, is. improv ng nicely.
jiijj'jj '      . j ��� ���'
vll|lS, licit, of" VancouvcRr ��pen;
s few days here, tins weefk, bnJa
���Kjiirtoher (aughter.sMrs. Clausen.
I'TSRsJekobl ctc^agexeic'ses, yesterday, passed off very successfully.
A full re-po.!. niii appear iu next
i����ne.;    '
TSfesfi-Cial.dsifCe. Ian night, was
a geeat aarxem- exri the light fan-
ttttk vras indtdted in .uiiuL,da\-
nwak..::':"     ��������--' -
<   ' maaammmmm ��� ���a       ���   aeemeamaT
d\    *Y*QM*_&FFIE.:   -
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Geo. Kendall,  mining eninneer,.!,,..    _ i.l
and   brother   of   Dr.   Kendal),  is     ,    , Baf-?eS tor HireVv.
visiting   at   Dr. Woodley's.      M^L.    . ���    ���, . ..���.,.-.,- ,  .���    ^
Keudall has lately been engaged i.ir0FFICE. Front St.        pHOt<E ,.6:
Miss M. McLellan lost her watch
on Thursday, on the Trunk road,
and Miss Frederick was lucky
enough to find it, uninjured, and
is, therefore, entitled to the reward,
New Westminster, B. C.
Manure Spreaders &
Molina Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our   .    .    .    .   ;���   .
Chatham Incubators *
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
air kinds of First-Class
; Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on tbe Railroad in Delta.
At Victoria on the 24th ult., G.
Micbell, of the E. G. Prior Co.,
stole the $50 cup, from one hundred competitors, with a young
mare purchased from Councillor
Davie. Not too bad. a record for
Andrew Clausen has on exhibition, in bis window, three handsome, trophies for the sports to-day.
The cup presented by Marshall
Smith, for competition bv football
teams, is a handsome specimen of
the silversmith's art.
visrrtNG cAafcs.
.U* aptnjmk* if ah place-on Wed*
aesiday ;I|^^^^M*^^����f-Gi
all Byte*. <aa**Z our pwai$i��g
y��ti��r taxmat*. t�� 3li�� TSu&W, one
at ttUKiNfcfc-* air "onta.    After
m oavatmr tb*Kappy ��,ixjfl��1eft | 01s_,TA ftilfSff OWlCfi.
��n a hftneyrooon trip to Seattle and j
It should be borne ia mind that
every cold weakens tha lungs, lower* the vitality and prepare* the
system for the mora serious diseases, among which are tba two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Remedy
has woo its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and open* th*
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cute. It counteracts
aay tendency toward pneumonia.
VPrica 85c, Uff a Slsa 50c.
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
Commission {_��
Ladner, B.C.
tHeat &
Phone 9.
Our Price Is Bight, f     Wm Can Save Yon Money.
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent Villi Call on You
GEO. Ni* THRIFT, Manager*
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
G. T. BAKER'S "*" s-wr��6m��.
Incorporated 1N69.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hate, Ladies* Skirts, White wear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroidings and
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
tht SVtftW gi����fe ��&,.
Savings Department,
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
BRANCHES IN BRITISH COt.UMBIA.~Vancoiiv��r, Vancouver
East End, Grand Forks, Nanwinu, Nelson, Roisland, Vfctotta, Cfc-flli-
wack. Ladner, Cumbtaland.
1 i 1 i', imi _m_.   . . s. .g, ai,    1 . al 1 it  1 a itt
R. E. WAL1CW, Maaaffer,    ���    I^igbNEfe, B. C.
/* mt*
THt-DElVrA TIMES, 5AT*V*.J?AY, -/CNE '24. -T9P5.
nt���.ai'-jj-i-g���i-i-ty.  ��� ,. ���       .in in W',*VWHM-UM^LU-i-*- .iLift.'ffjr^f ,i
I   111 I '������! ��� ������>! **-i.
Gamp Hope
Lumber Mill
Time Tab&A
j   Garden party.
Haa been moved to Beaver 0am, on the
Soott road, ard is now prepared to supply
all kinds of Bough Fir I��umb*r at reasonable prices.
0. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
v. \  ', "'������
_ *     f*%aaaWa\   \     * %      *r< *-*   '* '*
Visiting Cards
Plain or Printed
Lei Us Talk It Over*
Have you, young mtm. mt young woman., ever ���gfoe.-a -tie
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along asj
you are with a superficial "public -sckooi-education which does
not prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business "world
as stenograph .rs or desks. Womeu are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do ia such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use1
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
well the many things that are requited to bedone in the business offices of large cities?
Unless your have taken a course in the above yoa are u��i-
prep.irei for office work except in a small -/iUage*.    We  can
prepare you for a good position���.1 position that will in a few'
month-; pay for your investment..    Some of our lady gradu
ates are eiming $40 a month aud over.
Miss Ws. K�� Smith receives 40 per diontk from the,
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts tor the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities'
Corporation at $45. Several are working (at the C P. ���&.
at $30 per month an*! upward.
If you come to ns and work hari. If you want further
proof of the way we help to pos"lions write ui and we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every month you delay mean-; ont
91 mth's Salary lost The so met yoa graduate the sooner
ye 1 are in a position.
IN ��FFEC*T HAV  ySkjoj.
Train leaves Clove-ntalte at v.to
p.m. and arrives *t Port Guichon at
2:20 p.m.
Train have--* Part Gukjk& at
2:40 noon eoA arr��*es ut Cloverdale!
at 3:55 p.m..    	
Mondays and Friday*"-. *am!y.
eXtx TliUNTS. J    .__     _ _^ .
J    Tlie Xa|Jie? of All SaifiV Tree-
Anglican.; i arU ClllMguyt tMt a���m,ai isiim
Holy Gmamnwafon,   ist and 3rdj party on the ground* oi tire Vlear-
jSuiidays, et ti ejik.   Other Sun- j age on  Wednesday last.    A very
{enjoyable   _-HWw��o.i   ahd   evening
���vere spent .hy over i^opeO; l*
There ate tar*�� through passenger trains per flay ea.h Way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
Eltt ill ClDi III
(W*fc��t��ii.*ns(ter Branch)
Time Table   .
Cars leave WsstinirosW 4or Vancouver nt 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. ami hour1tWhereafter uutil 11 |>.
m.; Saturdays an. Sundays at 11 p.m.
''Ca# leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
atid *.s?a. m. and hourly theresl*��*i- tuntl is p.
m.; Saturdays and Sanamy* at * p.tn.
7..**-'      VlCSlQtt? CARS.
Wc run first-class freight c*rs between Westminster and Vancouver and'all'shipments are
hauilled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay. Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. '
���ft ��a  a.��t
days at 8.39 ejtu.
.   Morning prayer, r*i a.m
Evensong, 7.foj>.ait.   . |,
Sunday School ift��s.��.m.i*4-kl��y,5,nK the afternoon tea. ��rawrerrie$
evening, litany and ��feoir practice, j^nd ice cream were provided.
Rev. Cation Hefcan.'*���&*��..   j    In th,r ��ve.��J��g badminton  and
_ jollier game*? were played     Straw-!
"-.;��� -.j berries, ice cream eU-.,  w r-   again]
-CAT��oUC ij provided and a very tempting Stall I
Aftor A Barsmttk
���aWlat *r *f<_n.:'
��� ben tt�� abtip uT.sULt M MAI
priaa.   * UfJiy, UmA'ii wiurMauM.'*'
��� We oil eOjfi, u MB 0 tee me, Mh,**
���Billed tbs*jouiii! l��*3.      ��*���   ' ���
���"HM, i kL��W .VfceH I Mfrl It
ime," ��l��e KpUed "and I an
bu��lii��M w��iuaa W pty maee i
la worth.'��� ���������;.���
AAi tiwtt ab�� u.A.-\LjleeHei tot abet
and p^danocl* tute k*eammfeAki
pl^ee wbatvahw omi'4 gaf M
let Wt eeau.���U**��9ullmm
and trains.
Our wagon* mm alt boat?.
Kor rates, rto. appl>1o       \     ���>
A. SHII,E��,    , V. R. GLOV'RR
Traffic Mots Local Mgr.
WetHMnste*. l.C  ���'
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
sptendad hnusunWiHU at
foe any atjrte of Wilsiintr.
Oswr yosi
Wil make ��_cm" 'CMtfllcte, to suit
any rited or sttxpcb mmiuif���tho
entire meUl Saish iudtHUaftttiMrsMa
window caps, mrukua, etc.���in I'gt&tt
variety of stylus.
They give a very haadacane effect,
asnd enduring, practical aalisfartian.
X"l'e give esttimates if you sand
sneasurfniunts an J outliac^ifoMsllk
Think it over.
Metallic Roofing Co,
WKs*l����r_K *M��WiJhMtm��r��.
Toronto, CaiuuU.
Rcvcn*d Faitbrr Kdm. Pejtavin,
J.M.I. .Services first and -third
iuuctiv 01 eaqh month at 10:^0* m'
Services wnct IrotiTs ftoy ��t u
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath SAool ait 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F, Betts, pastor.
Services��eKt Lord's Day at j,p, ��
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
'��� Pastor r. H.-McKwen will preach;
at 7:30 p.m. SWbjeot, "The Mind
of the Master." Cameron McEwen will sing Gounod's "Forever
With the Lord."
Prayer meetiug at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singrirg -pt��ot.-ce at 8:30
All coidially invited to any or all
te. ttaUag M.fawtla-ks
_*��-���*rl*i.y ttMpin-tssar' orsrif
Was-<��(rec*ed ��nd adtkA .1  kandsome- ���CW eetuet, earn r.��"fst'ti'*l<w
sum Co tke VewtpU ��r the evening.   | ^'fiy*1 "�������-��� ����� ���*���*
A mu*��ical*profframme was give* :    Tb.vi*t-teAm,*��-*i*em.
in the Vicaraae <eD*��l.tin* of iettt* '     7U ������'Prt****-***** *���>����� i* �������**
��u ine vicarage��osw��ung oi fwnRS,   ^^.^ aju^^gs^dusalto AMl�� ��_��
etc.    Atwnc -rtie various pieces a   f%sr*r
song br *1��^. 0.   Houle, of Por | ..-^_.c^.T-4-pMcln< ��*"*��� *���**"
Giicho*,   dUabllf*-    ".Sleep,"   was
much appreciated.    Mr.   Waldron,
who   hds just arrived at Ladner,
gave  sooi.  sice seJections oa the
zither accompanied by the piano,
violin rtrd>cornet.
The   Hand  "plawd ***l��".phsg   <th^*'
evening some very  nice selections '
and added  much to an enjoyable 1
time with broke up with a carpet
dance itt tbe Vicarage.
The sum of $90 wb�� rtaliwd-'
which shows that the people of the ]
Delta enjoy being entertained as I
this is tbe fourth social given by
the various churches in the last'
two weeks, aad all have netted
handsome receipts.
ROBT, MAY, Agent,
W. *t. Draper,
Room >, Bltard Block. New Westminster.
mm mii
According to The Commercial
���f Winnipeg, Vttt visible supply o
oats in the -United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 7,33s,000 bushels, compared
with 5,377*,ooo 4>tnflie-sa yeara ,0.
1    "Slater  Shoes at Slnalalr'a"
There is only one Slater Shee with,
ith* thr*. ' Words "The 5at��r S'.iec"
-enclosed in a .Slate I frame. This
make of shoes is alone in �� ciass by;
itself. It stands to-day for 'all'-that
is comfortable,, all thai is beautiful,
aiid all that is ��ew in the -en of finished .focrt-weair. ' AVe art tlfe sole1
ageitts for the city of New YV'estmiit-
tfl-er ifor -this famous brand.
Don't tfoaget the place
W. B. Sincltfir'8 and that shonld be
enough  to  guarantee  Ihc  goods.
Last Wednesday. We put $2,500.00
of these famous shoes in stock and
they are now ready for your anspec-.
.,'Fishermen too Will *be glad to
learn, that we have received a consignment of those famous Newfoundland fisTling bftots. The boot that
has matte -itself famous on the Fraseri
This shoe retails for $8.50 and is
guaranteed waterproof. . Sold only by
W. E. ssBlNCfcA-*
The   Letading   Shoe "is'iore  ��f   New
Vancouver Business CoUmge9
*49 Hastings Stree^   -    -    -    Opposite Province Office,
JX H. ELLIOTT, PlrincipaO.     .
New Crop Now In Stock
BOME GROWN and -imported
W'bolefeale and Retail.
Speoia. Prices to-Pm-nHsn-s" Inatfttftes.:
TThotiauds of Fruit and Ornametlt-.
a��w yjtowingtin tty Nurseries  for
Spring planting-
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY��� Vancouver
3010 Ws-stnrtnster Road.
Pt>r Sale.
A No. 1  Melotte Jkparator, in
finlt "clatss wmdWon (owner is installing larger one, same make).
Par further .particular? apply to
Cltscent Island.
I vr im Vfarr*it��u <mtflt
N. tuiet her UK isJNoa
But, Ju��( ibt Mr-M. r��i kept,
lo aound bt Hill, tufta.
t am my own d'r��jur.
And w h:n i'<l hav* nr mtf
���No liilluua Mii bl.yct
s6t��p�� (enfe <��� imf m* ����t.
VtiiT 4neei<*< at r\j umUxftm.
Hut my ault ls tnluru4
Jfcy an *u.k-RC.- cf nations
What* attention 1'va a����iiM4
Mr ti.urt la full et rapt-.r..
Vr ffleod t* over klan4.
Far ����� hi-fi I tlew mr whlitlo
ate Uio^Msfitr'tfr tke band.
*����� jkablnstoa atac.
Cuban  Diarrhou.
U.S. soldiers who serVW fr. 'Cuba
during -the Spanish war know what
this   disease   is,   and   that   ordiaary
remedies have little mor�� effect than
so much water. Cuban diarrhoea is
almost as severe and dangerous as
a miM attack nf cholera. Tliere is
one remedy, however, ffcat <an always l>e ftufpendtil -biftin as Will he
seen by the following certiiieate
from Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of Houston
Texas: "I hereby certify that Cham-
berlxin's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy cured my JitishaTifl of
a severe "liftac-lt of 'Clfban *8iafrhiiea,
which he brought -howc from Cuba.
We had several Jfastma bat they
did Him no food. One botile of tin".
rerhe*cly cured Hira, as our neigHbours
will testily. 1 ��l*nk <&**���.. for ko valuable a medicine.'' For sale by T. J.
Tha grand tlxlar waa amMMaaa
"I think," iMld bt, "that aijr ftaat wfll
klMi tcadal seta*4ej."
"Hal-aald tha aallpk.    "Oeod Uasfl
rUfiaT.it atraaket ��� tl"   !���<!������
**�������� aamam ���* ����� '4ntO>
���*��. "Httto kotM * -wsas-Osm
Cpaa Ua<��iaoalU<Mtlsrr,
"Xn wbich a routli don oM.^iiWOK
With kla n.lnhb.r*. dauektar;
Ba hua�� tbo ah��r. a mil. or Bofk,
A loaf tbo lancbln* wat.r.
tTb.a ls^ ih. boat a��r��n����r doatl
���WUid L...S has a.lch.ar a dakglK*.
Tlaao ta Onoa.
Tha Prasldcat���la tho llftofUthU*
fUjiri thoroutjhJ** ad-artlsodr
Tha Dean���It la.
Tba froaldakt���The��:r ffaoai wau-Htlt
awwall ��aak �����_�� k_ba With ***
��tUlk��Mt*.    -	
a rsMsai -Wall.
1 wtak and won aud waarr. t em tfe.
: to a ttbroad.
I brwtt af *ofM0 UH-tMtk-%
t mtw c*< % bn
aat. la Ind*.
��t aaora. at fclfkt, I ��W*����I :aad btt��; SI
eharn. 1 plteh*��wi6 't����i��; '-v:
tUMT.-tob. tkoMsWltaaitslHoa
������-kooaiuo IM HmeeatRW.e*) wia*ba
On em . .tail* poatai. atanay ^���rxaUtata
G. T. Michell. representing E ]
G. Prior & Co., Victoria, ii aroundi
on hit usual .penedical trip aad haa
with hhn a rttw No. 15 Massiy
Harris Mower, one of the latest on
the market and which seems to be
taring well among the (amen.
Tk* ������l��aV* I
Char arootod Ma* wMk aaattaa aa4 taaik,
flilo. blm with tat and Muttaaw
ax. oarrlod awar tar aauvaaiaa 1
Urn iaat ���asMlklae Varua.
���lad>.����nlkj pkUt-all
Jmt **rhat aevdcyona  Awuld He.
M*.-J. T. Barber ot irwjmBlle, -*Sa.,
always keeps a bottle of Chamber-;
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy at 'hani. ready for instant
use. Attacks of cork, okoJera morbus and dinrrhoea come tin so sad-*
denly that there is no tune to hujit
a doctor or go to the store for medicine. Mr. Barber says: "I have
tried Chanilftrlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy which is one
of the btsrt medicines I ever saw.
I keep a bottle of Ht "inrniyToc*m as
1 have 'had several attacks of colic
and it has proved to be the best
medicine I em wed."fold "by T. J.
���e.t'Wmi Ba
�����*^a��k^!''.%auirla*!��>��****f*l��kal *
(far. "DoB'tyoukaavyootldMTai
auy frkta!"
"Se'." aba ntorbsd. wttb a wi af bat
Nby He. "Xba hBBB_a**��w_nwJU��bj
4bat!' *~*s]|p^��d)a��a.
-* ti   ��� a*�����i.k.o*��s
**��.��<*_.-Wsowy asss RwMtlts.
.BK-i. raally ou<bo ta ha-o-amwajiaa.
B^-Sow would ttsktk) a��Hk *�� fbw
faatbonts Vketem emem, <et ��ank -st Hem
���let yea bakeel la�� twialfr ^Tcww-aW
have aomHhlu�� tbrt%autt Hadl tto-.****
CimlBDatl ��a<iat**��.
'Vara Blaaleat Kotcbt ot*VtOa��.
tta'ldtirrt wroatb antwiaa tar me:
Ur v*ty kaiaa vaatotttcr
Shall n.v.r Ifti.w. aad*ot mtboA
Tbo allfhtaat shadow ot'a .oulH.
A bora bravo, trlumfkdkt. froo.
In *hh-4a*s��aow*d>a_(*i>a_u> ta kat
Kot M tm battlt** ttueem 'tter. *
Not lo (h. a!|*M et nun.Titty:
'    Th;it whlcb I did **���� BYa*��tr-faji  *
Than any T��artul"��a7r��|ft'*a*.
: Ttrao ur daod whicbin_ao��V b*ab
ffsJT��oiuat����-��-_ atijt tb. -addt'
A boat flaraaaaoa..
���a. a*��rtou�� ewaan wblafc w��a
% *XBf laaat, wmi tot* a�� tba
��anttu*y,��k*d�� ��te Ik % tanubar ��ajr ^a#>*
at ww tba eONoaa +*��etrim
Atry persem-err persons having 'j hf  y7f\ttf  fivCS
Cedar Shalus, *t*6e*ost��, 6r��u
Boards and Barm ^osts.
Apply to
alluvia (Mad Boy)
q Claim against the estate of tb
late Alexander I-etltoc must tender
same to me on or before the Tenth
day of July. -t?��5. <3aims not so'
entered will not betefCojniz.id.
(Mrs.) CLLBN FENTON.    -
Fashion S���abfes��
Tamcfciag ��hd TBsn^iag.
��� l&faey "*oik rfmtl 4��s4v -irt-
���^^���^���w ^���ar*r^^Ba*^r
Wm* Alexander
��� i:aoad>. jr. ��:
Bother Vou
Thev retjnire tfttediion.    So nut I
trifle 'TtHth io Mrious a watte*.   We | -a** o����B ��ia itma.
I ~ .-������--���   ��^^t biatttikB^et^*
will fit them to your eattre sotisfuc
tion l)y tlie latesrtBdhUfi
! tbe^tidaltmde.
���patcbiwoa tba<aaaWhlebarigtaMadwiai
tb* Udlea et tb   *(iit," wh* won ilina.
wit In 0   shape of creacaits, atara, olralak,
dUiuonda,   boaWs,- ek-aka*, ait     Baodt
bbewead "*et��l plaakar.'
flte �����* tee aetdb " thalr ���!
-aatl'feur.ktblp la tail eiU*�� i
ae-oy MMks-tklkfa. rtosf
-wmss__aaar��aaM ��tte bbb_* u3Nba, SMa.
CMltsa, -Cattle, n'Miup, Jkaae, *Clo_k,
qMeUas, Vaae. rUgc-Craw *vi <Ouk*a
**d tu.ny irtber* of aqud. ill      '
1      " '��� ir
A ����w Teak.
-e satufUC-:   'itauBdaw fJb.W-ua maai lad eiyem*a���*>
t___a��vfi ^ *����' ���*���* *Mrti*k '** **��*9*<tm��*/ia
Want tat talklat ebeut Ut im****.**>��X*e
W. ^i-FFOKD!!
o* tb^Banb �����!
,     OOd e*-t_-��s��arig��Ki- ml*
'-BagleMW**��hp< .      ~,
...        iilm;^_|^l,_s*jH>ai^>.
akdeVikdeklBy iiibtmmu btastwoa '
*]<*��� .tt ��ota*  *ryha#.kA>w��kfd'kwiritt ,
Create 0^3^     Z^^?^*"**:*
t>am..- ., i-
Coiisiihrftion %. tB��amhi*��kin Hfcec
' '.' <* ��� ���   ��� -   ���
T   Giltord^s Jewelry Store.     \
J*^K.W ��0��STJU..XaXE_l.   -   B.C.*i-
-.. ���Ka'alk*
"fan Hwlw hw tM'HaiHMBt'
On thi. t��rr*atsia>t b*K
'���IrlN wb�� anaii thoir kedBk. af
__>ac t a**t aartkk>>e at c��_
4 . I  ������ ��� 4.
*&**& u:'tni. ���:���...'
V^IKs.;. -y \{dKd.\:y d:d*v, ~a, iysj^..
���ityonThif��Ujt. d^W-M*
 * ������ ����� ... ���,      ,,,'.,Mi**    ��� ���   .��� ��� ������
Mi.,Ej*fert,'of feast-Delta,spent a
Mrs. 14. Rawlins.  **** teg^.toKffy u_ Uyo -with q .Vy, ,Lon(lou|
*ay. is xeuy unwell. tbip. .wetlj.
���       ������ 1 . ���' ��� -1
v* ,:*,jii^"-!>farv   Bafetet.-iot Wwrt::
* *-*'* * ���...-',
Miss Wtighan arrived1, T\iesiJayi
on be* usual, weekly vi?**- ��� ''
; Attended the. Big Safe &S i
bought in -bond, a'tfdi. we'r
levy Qooas
. astoiJ-
l.:.iiding, L4 visTifing. fial th...j
Island I'll a taw day*
L&hed at su'cJb
The very, gooiS* tbey were looking for, being, literally
now Is fffc�� Time'.
To select yovr Faints,      '���   ��� "'''^ .
lrlE;^IRQN|TEM LI-QUID PAi?fa\;...., "r
:v $�� ��J  '������'_.���  '.'.Mar^ .in all colofa,;.
Op.3 ImnaKttl' *lvll&ti \-v-ill 'fibber 30.0 Ware,,  '
-077, ot.Tvpod p;rfe,ce, ty/o coa&s,-, giving a*. *..v
line. gibsdj- appearahes.
fli_ v| AGATE W"/VLfc'-FiN.StT:
Mr*. Waterj.><i Mrs.. James, oj|       p0'[n^   RobeT'tS.,''' I ��ft^%t-"$ a'c tUe-begromrig of the season
if or*-.our customers ;' a Kg-^Yert.^mont-fo-
?oiut Roberts,  visited I.adnet? ou.
Tuesday. ' '*���      ��� ��� .< r
 J.   S-jiimelsoiv  has   coiiiniet.ce('l and cheap goods for you.    Read the list,'
tvfcisB 14 i��ld came* over  from Lnlu I " ,;
island,  ot*. Tt^sdnj,;,, 01; a visit to    ' -r  fcldeij  is laid  iif af present,
illative*** ' >>*i **- ' ,#.,'. ..V.5T.y U1* '     y;i
 .   . , .. ,.'  j     lUmer Head'lest'^T 7ms a' t.t.o-0*op
"jo'f strajvbrrjiet-.. '���*'���'.
>;ood thing I
ft&n. is tore, j
Mrs. Ito!-,!.. -NJtov ^t-ilftje-a  _��Mii**y ���-
Wednesday from a sl_pn visit, to     S. Hodge has >i,st. i-<.tnr.leU'd:'a
151*.   CHECK   GINGHAMS,   nc..
Ill small patterns of pink and blue,
also dark  plain   coitus,
d-ren's wear,
tor  wivl-
DRHSS GOODS. :���������,*���   .
')**--, .
For w^lls and ceilings,
,prepared by simply mixing with water
��� A. five-pound,   package   will   to ver   350
Square feet, one coat.
i. so
ill 51 S   'j'Usi  ll
1 fine new residence..
������>....��� , ���..- ..f,  ,-.'      .'*   ������'"Tlie Georgian   Barker   Co.   are
H��^B-sVit'&iW,ifflico-ii4Ueriiuice.|pu'*i��K up.'spifiJg. ��aJ��Q�� wbich.
yas noticed arSuli^the'-Stocfe'Yard'i J��ve been running pretty,. good 9r
tjn Wednesday.
Geo. Mclutyre and'W. Teller,' ol
Ifoint Rob��^.p"*^ 3.b)����in��ss\.isi.i: ^
Ij^re ou Monday...
The Council has cloue ^ouje-nice
grading through 'the, timber oh' the
boundary Bay "roafdr.';"' ���'���*��� ���������   ,..
G. Sid well, of '.'tie Sockeye lintel,
l-e'titrried'- home last .veek after
Bpeiidijiig i>.bou,t a laoa-tii on Us*
Gfa'tid Jury at *Seattle-.
We'are blessed with a tri-weekly
,,'._.'      PRINTS, ��'.-.:.
A 12} Jc line,. 1600 yteds in, this lot,  _5qU*BA,2
too. many for some stores, not for
i*s.    We cut tbe \>x\cn \$ 8j#c- a'nd
sL*\r* it all. ���'���: ��� ��� .
;ligo blue, ptire wool ;.rJ li>*-.fe <i\ <r.,
ai. price;, 95c.     ' . .,    '; '    '���'.
r/)*.c.   _
Less than cost, nice ��n*_Jl ���i��t;.t;r.r.s,ji
i'or childieu. '
���  -������:-    ��� -"-^
' ���yitssusMrViaat. imam^ia^ni^
mrs-.       ra-ii"" **>
��� 5c
REG.VfTA       SHIRTING    *"	
PRINTS ide.   * 65c Wctol Cheviot Su'n.;r.K., *7JC.
Light  c.ilcrs,  small  patterns,  reel., 75c Fancy Tweect Siiisia^s, ;.��� >,.-.       7"i
blue  and pink on  white ground, $j.oo Noveltv Woistcd Snitiu**;.s>6se^
made, foi;  Blouses  and   Children's 6*sc Canvas CiotBs.
[���Wash Dresses, lesu than the whole- _ =,
7    . iF t     n ���       AT n��faT4-il    l��nn.
K. McOoatie.ff l^ettirned here this
fjeek  aite>-5n:!'aljsehce' ofsbme
months in Nanaimo.
Miss McLellan came down^011
Wednesday evenitH.' \\j.sfietif} the
IjQlidays at tSe Squirt'^.
������' *��� -r    ^.....    ���':: '*������
- TT ���. :��� 1 *�����
mail service  now      The gasoline! sale Price at 10c.  50c Dress Linens, ^-25 Novelty Scotch 1 weeds, -,5c. .,>],
mail service  now.      Ihc  gasoline v 25C.,Fa.,cv J1.25 French Wool Materials, .90c
launch-Ella making three trips per -^   ^^1 ^.    ^.,y. sky New Styks ln Dre,s EmlH.
week to and from Blaine with pas- \ bluC) brown and uav ^^ j^ ^-^ ^        '
se'ngers and mails. I  ������.'.. . ; ������-.?-���'������    ���-.-���     '��'
, - Ladies* Large  Linen 'Aprousr-7sc
\ 'A five new and spacious'ball ba*j FINK;   RMBROIDERED    MUS- Hlld soc. \ :
been  ijpmpleted, here, to entertain |             L1NS, Soc-and. 40c. m^y, s|j| Undersl.iT'ts;.Blac!^ and
the Ddfaites and*their friends on. 1 }.;-<elusive designs, only one dress Colored Moreen Underskirts to be
the'.pourt.lv arid' any other occasion j of each pattern.    These are having i. leared ortt as they., will ''.not' be cai-
'special'adtairatian. aied��� ��s f<_.?ii"sW'stock;         ��� "-
To bin' a Dinitir ^t of
an exclusive pattern than one
of tbe ordinary kind���if you
buy from us.
titey, may see fit to pay us a visit,
�����Y-'��. -s*.,^..,.,... rn	
Onr ware has character
I and style, the result oTclirec't impoit'ng from first class makers
^. who sell no other bouse.    On:' iarp.. orders secure the lowest rates
t. __t!'ese are imporlant considerations and  worthy of you*atten-
tioii���ihe benefii is vours**��� if you wish.
mi'iVjmtmm���^^���     - ,   j        f\lc   ^QyfQ   goods  are;'all   ue\\4 higli-elass ..iinpos-ted
MissM. Dodge and Miss Isabel Ljs.ock and canno.. be -repeated at these  prices.    Bon't miss
���MacKenzie returned, Tuesday, af*|  . .\ . . , '      .    ��� 7      ��� '   '"
.. ,   ,       .   s.      tins 01*2, sale.    ., .'.������. i,'
ter spending a-couple days 111 New \ a- . ' ���       . <
���Westminster. I ' ' ' "" ;-    .���'������",-.     7,
J-W... <^IJ^1��9*��. ailju'd , jwwg1 'rs4��*>
������sjent over to VictoHa on'��'WeiSie*T!'��l,      ���   ���m..,^,,.   ^ i.7. ...- -   1
���Jay, on a vi^t to friends.- :'.���"'' *t'|   A larnjpr. ia klc-kkw? U-cause he
w,.��...        i gave his daughter a paj oft chickens
liaecwvifiitif^ .his cousin, Wat-,
Abercrbmbie;��this.,-^kjf  *d"
S. AbmMMc,lS\<At -:l��ten*J:tw0 V^ats^ago and promised to feed
the increase' for four years . if she
would take care of them. He says
that she his $64 in tiie bank, aud
also 260 chickens that he had to
fped all winter. He says that at the
end of four years she will own the j
farm and will be charging him rent 1
for ftviag ^pont, itv-yj^.,.
14. 'J6 sflE^to3ipvi}P'tQ t-i?"Rc>yal
<��ity,. T^red*say,i,.b^��|!^^*^e^��es-
Bious eff'tte> Mai|6ijip.*^r^yid*L;.'.d_,^.
^^.^C-Qj^rmidireturned home
yn Saturday evenid^SiftTMrcrm' Na-.
oaiiio, Vhlr**. ne" had beeu in attendance on the' r.b.D'.F. Grand...
^f&, ' ^rXey; Qrtecl>. Jeft ^bn
���^edne^jlay, uij^fli^gj.'aj.!5btnpanied
^y hi*?/, stfil >?*^il*^s^fp^ai'��-!��pri visjU
tp Vic^��*ia. where the little fellow
-will undergo an'operation*.      >���*��
1 ������ ..���....������    M,>.1 ���������<*.
'I,,; >..-,ni. i.i.
School closing exercises -took
place, yesterday, at tlje BftHpdarv
Bay school;"fk the morning, and in
the afternoon the scholars were entertained tQ their usual picnic,
ii - :. -"-y���'��t> ������ -\       s
""%$ Taylp_|.haa disposed of his
property,^ the Monkman road,.to
|.'j. Monkman.   .Mr.^.'f^y.lpr is at
present seeking a suitable home in
kthe- neighberr-htjod ��f" Chilliwack,.
r,fc.._,; ;;'*,.**-.-7 '      ,
(50  YEARS'
We -are this  week going to cut Prices nearly in: two;
. in and* see if we don't dv> it..        r.       ���'!-�����*>"*������ t**...**!*. .
S V'-J:'**        ������������*���.
We Want to get acquainted with you;  vve^vrant, t9  stay  right
here, we see good prospects a'liead. "*'���'* '-������'''��� " ���
In Order tio Be Thai
We must have ydur trade: and> co-operation.      Ure will xlo our
'part.      We   will, give ��� you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
' ' ���    '  Price;   we   intend' to  treat you  right;  wc hope, lo glow wiiH
you; we furnish the root, you furnish the lertilizer aud watch
the plant grow.
'7 �� ��������� i !���****'  ��.        .     -
i*DINNER SETS, lA    ^    *jC    |Q
I Full Composition,  *53V��  fl^-��  lo) ao
I mm
Trabi; MftBR3
. Oesicin.
qopvrichts &c.
Anyone senitttitf n nkctch.and description mny
quickly, aseertnifi oii&opltiinn fre& vnattsor an
iiiTenabn Is probably patant____ Commuiiica.
tPinattrlctlycciuAdontlol. HANDBOOK on l*atcnt��
loiit trea. Oldest agency tor securing patents.
Hnteuts taken tbrouub Munn A Co. receive
tent I tea. Oldest agency tor securing patents,
Hnteute taken tbrouub Munn Av r*-
tp��la�� notice, wit bout charge, tn tbe
Sdenfilic fltttefican*
\ himflsomcly llliu*r��t��d *��el(ly. T.nreest elr-
culiaiuu of any anientlne Journal. Terms, te a
your flour months, ��U Bold by all new sdenloi**.
WIUNN & Co.36lB��-��*"�� tiew York
Branch Olllce. tB6 V St. Wasblnptton. D. C.
wjlm    oris
SHS -^s? ^^ r^<
i.adaer, B. C.
m WH ilSJLML    ���
At uoiuinal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers a,nd valuables in a
secure and convenient place. ���
This is a boon ta tbosfe who uo not fpossesis a safe.,
and to families travelling*.      >. :  i
These boxes are accessible dunhg'a.b business hour*
to the. renter, who holds the key.
RA TES :   $f.SO ger year.
Westminster Trust 8c Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
T & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
��� jtt-r*.-.'.-rmrrTr!-*-r
��***���' "**hfr ladies oi East "IJelfe cleared
���-.- *.'������'*���.. ��� ��������� ,��� . ,   -���
.   soinjfthing like $90, at their  social
���"Ip! Friday  lust, to .lie placed*" to
s^tgau-'��Fc|f^ii. ,J>io. -fclfs. "tj.-a.-B .$14
tjf this Wsstjk gatfctMfid hyv the exer-
j. 4o.i\s of o^^o'u^ l^R-alcjiie.
'.   v..    JsLL:   :,.'.7!'..'^J.;
,��'.���', ���'. '-1$$Mt afitts*, eldest 9pp ot Rev
"Slater  Sjioes at Sjnqlair'ai'
There is only one' Slater, Shoe with
the tjiree; words 'The S ater S re"
enclosed in a Static (frame. This
niake, of" .lines is alane in a class by
itself. It stands to-day for all thru
is comfortable, all' that is beautiful}
and all that is lle'W in the art of fin-
i^hed footwear? I Wo are -the sole
.-tgents for the city of New Westminster for this famous brand.
Don't forget the  place
_W.��-Sins-lair's and that .sho.nld be
dtocHlgrls to guarautC'J'.AHe- goiKls.
Last Wednesday, we put $2 560 oo
of these famous shoes 111 stock arjd
they -drt'iiusiv ���jtj��d.y\fof your tnspec-'
tion. ' ���"      6 ���������
Kishermen too- wilt be glad to
learn t*hat- vvsji.ha\V* risoeiv.id a c-m-.
Aignme,nt of those famous NeWfomwl-
land   fishing '''tJriofs. '" "Th*e   hoot   that
A good Honsekeeper, for family
of two. Good home to right \ arty.
Apply to
"L," DRAWER, E.,
ladaer, B.C.
Labor Bureau..
*    J; F. ^S>;iS_yilt;t; SxiapKy*^ h|^^ mM* it8q1^' ca,?"-u*: "n .."^..Fraser
Ments and ^ turned to .Vancouver!   Th,s sivoe rclaift for $s.?o.and is  ,
\e) ���*$ yfc*$Wf-' 1^*>r-9*^*5'     Walter   isjguaranteed waterp^jf.   .Sold only by!       , v
^^^i^M^^^^oi%]{ wEstNGtAi^ - :.:_ Win   ' v^
'���'������  ^m FalwW-' ttaroid'Eetts also! X^ -J-o-uling. Shoe, ***�� &***, ;:i5V':I3^.
If Your Eyes
Bother You
They riqtiire attention. Do not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
will fit them to your entire, satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade..
Graduate Optician,.     J
Consultation  & Exaniina,'ion Fr.ee'
Voting ni a", young  wotnan, f\i',
you   need   employment?     If   so,
register wilh  us  and  if we do noi
procure yow employment no fee will
be charged, ** "'
"   t
���'   '   i      '��� '  .
'���   ^;-^<M-ilss��_t?vf#|
7*071!, B'ice��3.
, 14* '*,
If You Want
A   ^First-Class   .Buggy,    with
rubber   or   SteeT'tyres;   or   a
, Democrat, cUll on
J. F. Stainton.
ifs Sawed
Constitutes a large part of what is earned in this ag*
of progress. Yon can't be too careful of the pennies.,
.Realizing this and making-a .strong bid for your trade.
Wt�� have our. goods marked at tlwi lowest j^ssible wi*?*.
Our values cannot': be btsaten. \Ve U.\xit^ youif'itjtSpec-i
tion. '' ������-* ������   f -. ��� y *'*
mm We wiem*  ijarold E^tts also! ^.e 4-^' - ������
"'TO.'Tti.'isV'i.*.-*'' ? ���       ������ V'Wtt%wJS_ft*VV \ y\
sSBeUfsSjindiy at hotne. ,    �����,    ��� c| 4��" >���** -f - ���> ,.     ;   .
P,.  [TH **>.*>���        ���-.���-,. p. .*> ��� :.'j ii���ji ,j - .1
's      >'       *���'
���i|^sS.4li i ' *
s Jeweliiv*- Slsonii
Bed   Room    FURNITURE���Suites (r<m 4iS.oo uo
: ^fining -Room FURNITURE-     ' :v"M "    ; "
^There.wllbeaG^Celebiatioijrp^^--.     .        pURj^-pTjj^^   , t  .,  ^
^^fieBai^^iisStyti. ifl^fsipg, in
auraber as'tim^.rolls* tan.   Another
T" ������-;�����-     . ������ ^-i^-^->*****���** *,��***"*f/' "-.Ik' -���      '-'*���**,'," ��� ���
ubuiiii'reilp!-* W W4s >h.-.ip'be-
,pape2s on,
'H'i ''
��)ti}i*"lfellp^' ^ 'I*
.|)me one oi the biggest men on
the wll.    K. T. Calvert, jr..  is a
piM ��ni|><lMOJ;Sp��iwl', fittwl s"i# Its; ��(1T bs** MVU1 jeswhit.W" '
*sVnlth.Illjnoy*mcr.t,'slein;wifid.MSsl Iql, MiJ utrHokilflr gUMMs*.
otf.,   ���'<���
'   *.   .*.*!
tor ..yiiw*. ai���� bcs^fui*iin;.u w'nb ^^tchfoniic ysst<*3��s, Qm T*r^f      .gbb,    a efi-am.am7!
'lirf.' 'M'ninrhtsT.'.WtlO. S��.Jn��--�� **?".y'����- Cul iHlHwl'md
9pa4lV,tsi'u8s s\U^y^Lj]r.*s!Bm��,Pss8l, Office jiid Express. Office Addre..,.
s\iisl.*e,��s.tt>��Md the M.iiHi ssjirf.Ch.in to /^vfor CMlniwtum.'- li'joi.,
��_d K s_ re|>>eunted, |��Jr ��Kcoi tlse insssshl inj e��ire����-chnve��, .nd-
Vlfalcl, .nd Ctaiil ��rt jourts. " If you svnk lo WI paylof Ihe e��pi.,.,
cfstrget send in lh�� full..mos,.l#��nd w. svill forw.rd to you \V��,eh md,
OsWobyowl, .11 ckuuu peepnid. lfyp�� order C.O.n. . depo��rt of HO ceuU ia r^u'""1 "����� "*a" of H0*^ '���'lhs "*,ic'1 ��"���"����:
��*H) be ded,in.s4 from your bin.    Order..! ouce, u this offer owy not ��ppc��.  .ipilo.    When writing mention thi. p��eer.
Carppts,' L**uoleuuTk Oilcloth^ Mattings\ ^'-w-iii^gs, Pic*
tare Fra'nl,'iig,.:&e^&c*. .      ;*      ' ':
You will .be pleased with auythiug in <sur line anctj
r**' cau-a^ye tim^ money and trouble by, coming diiject here an<\
m^i^y-^ti^^h^ik. ._  __....������������ .
Come a��d bring your, friends and
' bave a good lime.
V .... ��
l^VVAQNBk & CO.,  16^ C^rdQVa St., V^lipOrUyer, ti. Q., j^jr further particulars see ro^-
Leef& Furniture Emporium^
^ Jtcw, WestTti,in^r; B'SCS-


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