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The Delta Times Apr 28, 1906

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' i . * j
13     MAY2-WC
' j ���     . ���' MH-Pi
VoJ. 3. No   34.
\t/CTOR'Ae ^
SI.C0 yea
A New Spring Suit.
*^   #>  V   r
Ml   W
f g j>: ?���
_. ��� ��� 1 V
. ! V
r\UR Stock which is now complete, contain- mai
the very newest fabrics, besides stand ml
Ines, faultlessly tailored  ��o thai th&y rata
eir shape*
'J'he following extracts are taken
from a circular issued   hv the Min
iister   of  Education,   Hon.   F. J.
"The principal features ot the
amending Act are -in the making
tip or the Assessment  Roll, chang
ITniTOR Delta
Sir: This  ius��
about the Berrr
v.  **
I*, ra
Men's Fancy Tweed Suits, best trimming3
_t_c. all sizes, at $7.50, 8.50, 10, 12 & $15.
Boys' 3-piece Suits at $4.25, 5.00  up to
Little Gents' Buster Suits in Linen Cra3b,
rhifce Kid Belt* very neat at $2.50.
Men's Spring1 Topper Coats in  Plain and
13.13 3k Covert at $10.50 & $14.50.
Over 500 pairs Mil'. Odd Pants at
lo $5.00.
, ing date of annual meeting, eli'min    resulted as follows:
j a ting income from assessable prop-       Delegates to Synod���T.  E, Lad-
jerties, making  payment of Jupple*Uer, Robt. Smith, A.   De  R.   Tay-
I'nientary grant to teachers monthly | ]or>
instead of half-yearly, _nd in plac-      Church-Wardens���Vicar's, A. De
ing schools in  rural municipalities! R, Taylor; People's, Robt. Smith.
The Annual Faster Meeting ef
the parishoners of all Saints. Tren-
ant, was held in the parish church
on   Monday   evening  last.    There
was a very good attendance. Caaon Crates an 1 Basket* is a little
Hilton's   report   showed     marked pest in a teapot."
progress iu the parish. Tj_ere is nolhing ia the Act to
The electons for the current year j preveat Bt]y j_ini] ot ptc_;ag_ beiag
used, 1 u\ unless ihe packaje holds
A.  i-.sths of a quart or B, 2*5thi of
under the control of one municipal
I board of trustees. New provisions
are also introduced to allow residents of localities supporting assisted schools to raise fundi either
by voluntary contribution or bv
...essment, to be decided upon ly
the e i le at the annual meeting,
and tor the advancing to rural districts of such portions of the amount to be raised as may be deemed
to be immediately necessary.
It is now the duty of the Assessor j
to wake up the School Assessment j
Roll iu the first place without re-
ceiviug a list of the assessable persons from the trustees, and to submit it to the annual meetin_r, t fter
which the trustees are to return it
with corrections and revisions and
anv  necessary  additions   (sections
Sidesaien���W. Livingstone, H.
N. Rich, E. T. Calvert, F. W.
Harris, C. Morrow, L. J.  Thomas.
Auditor���H. N. Rich.
The Wardens' and Building Coin-
a quart it must be marked in black
letters, /.-inch square, with the
word SHORT.
This law was passed ia 1901 and
amended in 1905, but the B. C.
growers forgot that B. C- was part
ot Canada and the Department at
Ottawa also forgot to notify B. C.
When in Ottawa the delegates to
mittee's reports were received audj the r*ruit Conference waited on the
adopted, j Deputy Minister of Agriculture aad
Motions of thanks were   passed reqUested  that the Act be not ea-
to the Ladies' Guild foi   their sub- farce_ west of Winnipeg' this year,
stantial   assistance;   to the   choir,. l0 enable our growers and manu-
organist aad violinist. | facturer. to get rid of the stock on
 I hand.    While  we received  no assurance that  our request would be
granted.    I  believe that no harsh
measures will  be resotted to   this
:season   lo compel compliance wilh
Oranges, Bananas,   Lemans, Co-j,[,-    ;lCl.      8.a.p.y    mark    them
cosnuts, &c���W. H. Smith. 1 short and get proper packages for
 :��� ' nest year.
Holy Communion  to-morrow  in
..ll Saints S.30 a. m.
Friends   of   Mrs.   John   McKe.
j 52  and   52a).    The whole of
I work   of   asseffclt-g  and  collecting 1 UP
'..���school rates is done by the Proviu
I rial  Assessors, and the collectioi s
j are paid over quarterly t�� the trus-
4 irrs by the Minister ol Finance.-
Giving to the unavoidable delay
in collection of taxes and  payment
if   trustees  of   the  proportion ol
��� '.achefs' salaries due by the district,
f  tbe i wiil regiet to learn that she is
T. K. Ladner returned home yesterday, from a visit to the Royal
Mrs. J. Richardson and daughter,
Era, visited the loyal City this
t  has   keen   considered hetter   t<
See our Traveller Shoe for Men at $4, the finest shoes in the market at j ^^^^^^^ \ Nonh Dako^-rf tLtl'tf Mr!
Matheson at Ion, Gulfside. [date   in   Ihe   recent    election
try   grant
moBt'nly instead of waiting until tht I
end of the half-year.
The date of the annual meeting
has been set early in July so tbat ai. |
particulars  for assessment may bei
iu the hands of the Assessors before.
the closing ct  the Assessment Roll
Editor Delta Ti*_u_b :
Sir: Fro.n  touiment*.  that  have
reached me it is evident  that some'
of my   Ladner ftiends give rue the
credit  for Ladner   not   getting   a
representative on tbe School Board,
Now, the only thing that I did do.
either by wotd or act, outside "i
votinj,   tor or against   any  candi*
\he price, in Oxfords and Bals.
"True Fit" Shoes for Women at $3.
"Royal Purple" Shoes for Women at $3.50.
New* Waists, New Summar Skirts, Children's and Misses' Dresses,! for the year.  The��� meeting ..alsol
I thus  held  after   the   close  of  the!
_eady Trimmed Hats, All Strictly Correct.
Carpet Squares, Rugs, Stair Carpets, Linoleums and Oilcloths be
jJity Prices.
Ask your ftiends to trade here, we can please them as well a
  ; School   Trustees, was .it  tbe meeting  when  I was chosen  candidate
Thos. Roberts, W. J.   Frederick,* fo.   Gujisicle; ���   After    they    had
and, I). McGregor were among t^ej chosen me as their candidate I sug.
visitors    to   the   Royal   City    ��nLested that the electors of .Gultiid-
ThursJay. support  the candidates of Ladner,
 Westham Island and East Delta.
Miss   Betts   returned   to   Royal;     Anyone present at the  meeting
sckool vear so that accounts for the | Columbian  Hospital, on   Monday.; will verify  the truthfulness of the
past year can  be passed upon and alter spending her  vacation at the! above   statement,   u     I am sura
, , .,   . ���       J i>.ri-.n_ir�� sucn a _u_-t-*rtion would not coma
the people   better able to  arrive at :* arsonag*.
an   estimate   of the cost for next | ��� .
. .. Ladner down.
year  than when the  meeting was;    fhe S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner!
held dining the term.
In   naauy instances, it  has been
(rom oue who was trying to throw
[Practice took place, a�� usual, oa
���ednesday evening aad a good deal
I business, was. gone into in connec-
<n with the bund, among other
(iags discussed  was the celebra-
lia ef .the _|4 oi May,   and  it  was
(ally decide*! tbat this take the
In-H of a children's day with e genial picnic to Boundary Bay and a
l_n__.it.ee  was appointed  for the
���.ndling of arrangements in counec-
,n therewith.    Farther notice of
le final artangemeats with  prolamine for the day will he ia next
eek's issue.
i Patronize home amtftseroeats belles home industries and help the
tids" have a good time. Watch
Cur,ther notice.
Jos. Jordan diove oyer to Blaiae
this week.
Miss  Jenaie Taylor is laid
with a severe cold.
Geo. Lasseter, sr., visited the
Terminal and Capital Cities this
If the Ladner people had got to*>
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves- gethe_  _s the otl)e_ diBtrjcts   did,
ton  at 9 a.m.  aad 5 p.m.    Every1 J.(]d lhrown thejr HUie prejudices to
j represented to the Department that, Uj except Sundar , ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
I the expense of manitaimiig tbe as- _  ; -^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^
��� sisted schools was difficult to provide. , -....j..,.   ,1.. i.,._,i���.__i ��*f
.. u*  tt  Smitk lia�� installed a verv at'0"   ��> handing   the busiueaa 01
I for   by vo untarv  contribution, as      \V. ii. bmita ua�� mawiieu a veiy ' . .        .
I hecotof.en fell only upon a few b.nd.ome sod. fountaia.   The de-, ookmg after their school ���u>   h.
Who   were   sufficiently   interested,  sign is very pretty and adds greatly  hanns  of outsider, and, ah��i,  the
land  there was no way of forcing: to the appearance of his .tore. u..i.],r ���������.  ���ring thc country ��
contributions     Irom    those    whoj ���	
(should supiort the  choolsbtitf.il-      Mrs. Wm. Stokes  and
(ed to take any interest in them.    1*'returneci   home,    yesterday,    uuw,     Ah    .o
has now been provided that where yiacouver,   where they  bad been  homA
a majority of the residents of a lp- vjsiting   frieBj_  during   the
; cality supportiag an assisted school
'desires to mise the  necessary funds
the hope of findiag someone whom
they could blame  for  their pre��nt
lM��l*t��r| dilemma.
irom      ��,    ,���    .-drawing   lot."    with
ary   Kay, I  did nothing to
Pa!,t. influence the Gulf people one way
or the other,     I told  them what
J. W. Hollinshead ��nd T. S.
Ladiier were amoag the up-river
passenger, oa Monday.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed. Timothy and
CloTer Seeds, Sutton's Garden
and Field See.is may he obtained
at Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, trom Mr.
H. N. RICH, Loci Asr-lit.
���        ,        ,    ,   , , was suggested and a.kad them to
The next auction sale at the Delta, by assessment instead ot depending ;     The COntgrc__-ation  of the  Baptist (ake . ,jttle ti-e {0 coniider whtt
Stock  Vara takes  place on   Wed- upon voluntary  contributions thev: Church her(. htTe extended  .1  call|the-wished tne to do and they de-
nesdav  next,   at   1:30 p.-n., when maY do  so, and  the arrangements j t0 Rey  R E. Guyett, of Hamilton, j d(]ed u would ^ t0 tbe b.,t itlter.
upwards o. 200  head of stock will I for   assessing   and collecting .uch 1 Qnt _ an(] wbo fa expected to arrive | Mtg _f education t0 baT, the Tr���,
be disposed ot by H. N. Rich. [funds  will be the  same a.s  in the, her)_ Ju about two w��.ks- tim(..
Among the stock to be disposed case 0f Rural School Districts. (Sec- 	
of are ia dairy cows and  heifen, tious 22. 23a and 23b.-)"
and   no   less   than 10  horses andl   j     "Canadian Life and Resources
2  top buggies, etc.
for March', 1906, is a very nice ami
Now that the seedint;  operations!     let* Cream and Ice Cream sSodas, i neatiy gotten up period;,-', dealm,.
Pure Fruit Flavors
W. IT. Smith.
ot  all   kinds���; entjreiT   wi*.u
are  over  this sale will come as a
day   of recreation which   may  bet W. II. Smith, ; and resources,
turned to good account, [    gjjjj,   Walters   and   family  left.' i. of particular  interest
S.S. Sonoma will leave Steveston j on Tuesday,, for  his home in Port- SbotiVns.    It is published
sources   Publishing   Co., Ltd.,   of
Canada���its people
The March number
on  Wednesday  morning   after the
arrival ol 10 o'cli>ck tram.
tees elected by ballot.
1 beg to apologize to the several
candidates for not meeting with
them, as was su��;:��.:ted, to decido
the question of ''drawing lots," A��
Die people ol Gulfside did not wish
me to "thaw lot-" I trusted to
set.ding them word whicli, uafortu-
nately, did not reach them,
land, Ore.
 j    The loss of the   Dunsmuir  as a
Found���A gentleman's gold ring- freighter between Vancouver aad
Owner may obtain same by apply-' here will be m source ol great in-
ing to Mrsi K. Fenton end paying  convenience,   unless another   hoat
(or this notice. i.ikcs h.r phic?.
Montieal, and is sold at ioc
or ft a yenr.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cures Colds, Crmn) anil Win .������sine Cotl^ll,
There is to be a   football  match
his aiternoon between the ^'estham
.s'.iuu juniors and   Ladiier School,
at Tr.hf.nt Park, ?*rJ.
_rs��-<��r ^-*>^-*-��^���'>*'l*w_e<---*i>* ��?-"*�����������*������"
THE D.....A Ti/lt\����-.
H". UI.lS.--ib   KVKRY   SaTIH-M
Sh-wckiption, *���-���>; p-iyw
��� . VAXC.OVVSU.,
_;v-s ythius tii..: can bc clone,   is      Feed and grain business is fairly
lcaM.1 i__��itii_ri_ei.l-, i�� S.S.OV. v* line isi
_r uiitt ins. it Mi.i.i.i|.(.enHLl>i*r  Hue   '.��'  rack
BWi-ent  im-rtio-i.    *Vfcr   tiumhrr   ���'   liite-i
Ckcrnes.by Vat M>��c* o*s*ri.pn-a, nUimH tl\e
being done, towards perserviug the good   with   no  special feature  to
health of t'ne homeless thousands,  mention.    Oats and hay are pleuti-
\ false report kas been circulated to' '*il
the effect that smallpox had broken |     Toronto ��� Selected    live   hogs
��1.1 m.
out but Ur. J. YV. Ward, chairman; 'etch $7.2*
Kat-. t.r volume^1 \i-cr*i��. ..rota na ��>���* of the Health Committee has issued , per 100 Ihs
the following: ���
San Francisco,   Apzil  24.���"Sayj ���--���
Hirii. mui i��ajii.iio-<_��. s__.,Mni-��is.g-!i|i.����.  , .0 the people of  California, to the
An*  _s_ecial .so.-*:-,  l'_r *V
���_ri'gt�� thr p-i__i��ry lirae-sl <tia? miim-ii-i
Company, 1�� lx- L-��maiil*����l _v> m_.?eT.��-��ie��l
lights &m. fats, ������>�����.00
��,L an Af.piu--.kusu -i iki- of.--
J I_^i4iug ns^.ux-11. s.u'.ip" l>n�� _" "'���* '"'
1 "ndiTidiuS, Tinted State*, and of tbe woild tha
A.   O.  U.
IK-lta Lodge, No
���-i-��*1*��'|,*H����*h--f *��-r ���"!��������> ��� ��t��*H�� fr ������'��*��*��*H'44>^*i***��^-��-*��'��'��*H'*H'**>
Delta Transfer Stable
||I   -1st.    _ftl_  l__ I
.���..���apem-nt.' is_-��i.fsj ui mutu/s ��.! public I
L��Mrt!>t.   Ccmn._Hlc_U-����tQ e_l-_r n��-.t be ��c-   ta��it-U&
.ui.si   .��   -.--ir  nt  writer,  a��> __s_��8��_ril. ���
|Sw pn.liti.uoB. I.KI ... fvid.iK-.  ol geoil laitta     have teWCr Ol
Korrfsit����sloii��r nml retell lro��-��e�� ��J r��nr��
|1ysT ev.Hlag,
R.   M.VM. *���'*���'.
i.*eu.r8ed��-r.��di_��iy. there is no epidemic in San, Fra_v
a.. ��-vn-*.;'*-iu-i-t�� liwrg-d **r anili oniereii  Cisco, a',.d no -larger of one.    It we
1 are  wo.   absolutely  .tee  from con-
di-.ea��e*v we   will  at  least
lem  man   wc  have
under theciretmy>_auc��saiiy right to
1 expect.    Indeed   we  haw  at  this
\ moment fewer cases of such disease
, ib.au   w<_-   bad ��   month ago and
there is nothing it) the present cuu-
| dition <M afluirs in San Francisco,
" ' that would lead ns as medical  men
Seeding  is   about  ��vej for   this .10 fear an outbreak,    Thc situa'si'.
year, so far a. jjrain in ,oncerne��, j ��*- the city is, absolutely under cur.*
and   the   wcwher   b3* br-en truly,
superb freiw a farmer's viewpoint
1 3 meets first |
and third Tuesdays of each
in Cddfellaws'' Hail.
Thos, To_.i>, M.W.
'17 YV,   K'l.kR, Recorder.
��K"*enaA.Y, April  23,  1906.
Delta L-Mige-, No. 21.���'I'he regular meetings of this Lodge urr held
���-very Wednesday evening r.t S p.
m, Visiting Dtretshven .��Bdi-aliy invited, to ntiend.
R   c. Abbot'.*. N.O.
W. II. Tavi.O'K, ,Se;.
We !;;.l_e  tbis  opportunity ot in-
foworng the public that tbe business
formerly carried on  by thi; Ute \V.
L. McRuide will now be worked on
a cash  Wsi*> by   which   means we
shall  be  better able to  give every i
satisfaction, both u-<  regards price;
���and   quality.    Th**  stock   has,  ac-
ccxdinglv,  beeu  marked down   at 1
greatly  reduced pricas, an  inspec-l
month Lion 4>f whieh is ccdtally ini ited.     I
Tbutikiu.^ out nuuK-u.'.'siN L-ustom-.
rrs for thi-ir kind patrowage and:
support in the past, and hoping, bv ���
 [*>trct  attention  to  business, to bet
��� 'favored with a continuunce of the;
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
��� '
Yours faithful
Guichon, B.C.,
March 29th, t(>A.
George t Martin, i   w. n . raper,
_rol. I wish to impress this upon
I the people cf San. Francisco and
j of the outside world, for I have  111-
I farmatien that leads mc to believe Barrister   and   Solicitor* 1
! that alarmist reports emanating Irjom I 1
, ��� ���    ..      .. Guichon Block,. I
,  kertam   sources   in iNin Francisco
N,w Hritish Columbia"  is the W re.nlt in an embargo being WmMem. M*e.^�� _ix.i.>        ,
i#hed | placed ��,pon the movements of re- NEW WESTMINSTER.  -   B. C I
fugees from the city.   The calamity ������ ���^  |
.���-.OVIMCIAl-   W-ND SfKVKYOl.
t.*vM J, killU-. _d.._. IN-MI W��__��lil_��..r.
Chicken Time!
If you contemplate buying: an Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do better than to get prices
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
Truckiag ��_-.. Diaymj.
Livery work of all kinds attended to. y.omptl*..
iitle el   Bnllei.i"   No. 22  publi
by authority e��.h�� LeSi6l_.i*e As-        ^^ ^^ ^ ^.^ ^ , C4..,K8^
sembly of B. C, **��* *iA tht; cieEt witllDnt _dd}n,- Xo it tbi, wl. | PaSX\ 10tl    Md UIQS
jrveei   ntdeveloped    Central   and1, dit.onal aud unwarranted distress.'
Northern districts of the province.	
The information used, in the com- LEFT ,N T.KtK.
yilation of this B*jl!eti_i is t?bij latest; 	
available ami designed1 to satisfy the . >^e j,ar*y, consisting of _4r. Mc*
numerous inquiii.*s which ase beinjj Glashan and daughter aud Miss S.
.eceived regarding present candi-.'Woods, ofN&gara, 0��V., who visit-
.ions and the prospects ei these m- ed D- Wocds iind wifc- at Bomrdary
��ortant districts,.
Accompany..i-  thc Bulletin is ��( The hctel iu rviiich they stayed was
map of the cotMitry nort*. of  -he destroyed   itet wQxt mos.ning and!
52nd parallel and extending tothe j.stveral miles of pajjroad over which ���
57th, which contains, a cyianti.y of j"**n��l>   Ravelled,   disappeared   from
Information vajuab.p to th.se in-! ^ht 0,l!> !! few hows fctes.
iending to try ths noi;th-3.n wrtipn I; i
i)t  this   province for their, future     Canon Hilton returned, th��.raern-
v 'ing, f?om Seattle,, when he had been 1
~    -������/���, .a-teuding tbe International Clericus ,
1 of the Anglican Church.
McRAE&Co      DELTA   TIN    SHOP,
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Bay, this vrej?_,  1-ft San Francisco, |
.he evening befo-Ba-the earthquake.;
L*_n.r. B. C
������_'-..; BaegB ljlimsii
A lull line of English and Irish
1 Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings ul-
iways kept iu stock.
���ss   |l I II ..  I    .. II   ll s   11
On   Tviesd-ay   last,  at the   Fro-j
riucial  l'Umigaiioti Station,  Vancouver,   upwards   of   7s��ioo   con- j
detuned  Iruit  tretri,   c.n_is.ing   ot j'
apples,    pears,     plums,     cherries, I-
peaches and apricots, Were cremated in one  hi-ge pile.    In  addition!.
t��    fruit-trees,    oratnent*al    shrub* .-
ffom Jatiati. tv'/ijch  were stated by |
the Insi*ect.r to  be  badly  infected.
with scale insects were destroyed,
Japanese   shr*ibs   ar?_   exceedingly:
All the fruit-trees, cremated had)
:)eei. rect-ived from the I'nited States :
and were state*:! to have been ;
:��jlimigated and free froth disease but��j
tbey did not stand the test- of close ���
ifidividual; iti8nectio.i such as is:
appiifsil at the station.
Meat and Potatoes
mimmmmm me   .     1 it>^*m>+m~mem-mmi* imn ���#���!������   ��������   ������   ���   nwin.
We oan supply you "vyith the finest quality
of the above articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
Delta j
fUeat & Commission (g'j
Phone 0'.
Ladner, B.O.
11' iiwiaeff__-_w-__
TBftpic Marks
Asiyf_v_.-8__t_8 _ ���-eluH ��n-l il��Mrtpfclow .��
slckl? ius.ssri:,in m... s,pit-.i(,i. true vo��ti.i.. wi
-fs��,.-sn ll probnlily pistGPt__l_. C.muiHiiipa.
iwt.*>riell;<.'unll.eii-l_l. HAfiuBOOi's ooPkteaU
.-���st Ire*. OlilMt ytreiiry for_o.*sirmrp-__-it_.
-silver.*).. taksM t_irou.1> Munb m C.. kc.It,
��� s wial ikptici, . ttiout i-iHr.o, tu tb.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horsesltoeitigv
Carriage Builiing and Paint-j
ing, and General Jobbing o_j
All Descriptions-.
***' We carry tbe finest class
of Carriages and Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.
-1II111 IM -
lacorp-raU. l��M.
I CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
BESERVE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -���      $31,183,625
A G-eneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*.
Deposits ot $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Kates.
Kast End. Mt. l'leasa?.., Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo.,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland ami
New Westmin��ter.
m^**mm.m^.Wimimjrm.tjmmMx*it' mEBmoKSKsetcsaBeei ����� .|i*r'tL.'i'i.j"'-liy
Just Arriv
Scientific HuKrican.
�� ).ltn4��oi��0ly I.hlBTWtt-4 ^aaVi?v    .��.�����*�� ��,Vr- ��� i       i i     i     mmmammammtmmmmmmm
mutton ftf Bny-K_��lervUflc to)\riv��U   TW-MjiIP a
v.��r ��� if\tr H.oii'.'.-.ii, $.. Sola by-ul Mwiaiilin.       j-^ K%r^       W^w   A.    W 7T^r^        W 4 S~^%\        *""**
&co.i^^New_York Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
..irmr-i ofln. 09_�� V Hm \favh\wttitm. D. C.
aacaa������ mmtnrs
...ie body, of jpliii. l.a_il ii&tl  not-
been reccyered up to live time of going to pr��*s, although a upward of
���fiiS   hf.s been   offered lor   its   r_-.i
RING SALE Tans, Oxfords &
Bry Ooods *��<*
Blucher Cuts
t's   Furnishings
Wken you.wis5i to b-ty visic-ing
qards call on. tiie Delta Times wbo
will sell the Vest ni^ney can bay. |
Ij_ you need them printed, wliy yoi:.;
tire Hi^nft?; i�� pocket by calling om
the Delta 'Fiuies Gr^t<.
The Scotch have a way of their
qwn of pveserving _fp,e<_^al balnnce.
When they are ciiilinf- on the ice
they put hot water and mrttteK in
i^, and when they, are putting on.
the p.T-en they always use a piece,
Qf ice.
Two of. Vancouver* '.rained
nurses, Misses, Mcl.eo.1.. and, Mc
Lean, have- *ndti|iteared t��, g���), *"
���Frisco and assist in ini^jtlg: 'he
many injured. Both these ladies
are defraying mu li of the expfiusi
Commenciiig Tuesday, Hoy [^
A Full Line of
zie's Store, Ladner
Is the time fo bay ?-*. Sumner Isods.
Evcrythiag is 8-_oceif. -
Get a Suit at Once.
���" m ivimmmmmmm.
Goods hay-i* beeu. laten comingj ito fcM$* year s��* we Rave pwl. them
d,ov.*n to t'vich a figure th^t will compel their Qleararsce.
I. Hutcherson* s
n.s_i\ **.���*.'.."   ,r r ' T_i   * ������***.���';���'.-    _;-,TTTtt f__ A V    ai*,***tt    .*
......   sl  _s__. . ri    i i_>_,__,__,   ..s.*. i .ivW.l i ,   ��� . -   .vsu   _..-.,
V_f ___ _ _> _ _
kmos, Pianos, Pianos
Rheumatic Pains Quickly Relieved
'    -Jl**-   ���&
Holy Communion ��� Suudays,
S-30 a.m. ist Sunday in mouth,
11 a.m.
Malii-.r., 11 o'clock.
IvvekiSollg, 7 o'cmcK.
Sunday School at io a.m.
The fact is undisputed that we have  thei rridaY, evening service 7:30.
.test choice in the Piano line of any firm in Rev. canon Hilton, vicar.
We have been in the business for forty-; 	
years and  have  had  the  pick  of the best1 cat-.o_.ic
Tiie excruciating pains charac
! teristic of rheumatism and s *ii tiea
I are  cjuicklv   relieved   by   applying;
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
I great pain relieving power of the
I liniment has t*e*.n fe surprise
I and delight ol ti:oucands of ruffer-
ers. The quick relief irom pain
j which' it   aiiurus   is alone wotth
many times it    tost.    For  sale by
F. J. MacKei _i_.
[On a Scotch moor. J
-Vhr/i fn.ricu danoe on ihe inuor by n.gbl
IO*? j len hair iu tlie heather I,
Sti*....- Pilken tbreftdfl from their dainty heads
liay h.*'i> fling to the (towering Uog
Ot liut piua und pui-jjlsQ htsathcr
(Mije .}.���-��� arv bliuu i;i ihc wyHt.ft light
Bat nun.- i.i-. Wm 'tis u winsomo sight).
icies going-.   We represent the following most
_ble manufacturers, tbe names of which are
tion, 7:30 -j.m
Suuday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
irst and third Monday.; at 6 a.m. ���
.inway & Sons Pianos, New York;   Rev. Father wagner, o. .i���
Services first and third Sunday of      According  to  The  Commercial,
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benedic-10f Winnipeg, the  visible supply of
_*ts in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains.
is   18,815,000   bushels,    compared
; with 15,   15.000 bushels a year ago.
Ihe.rner Pianos, - . Toronto
vv Scale Williams Pianos, Oshawa
minion Pianos,    -    Bowmanv.He
'avish Priest
Al.tut  Rheumatism.
Tl��..iii.li*l_-p-    (1,11,1 rom   and   mm
F.ilmrl  Prom  OI.I   ellt__*_.e*a Dial*?.
A group of jonng {..It-x  fr.iin ibe l.lgb
i  eeliiiol Rtoocl on tin* coi'jii .-��� gl-gling _c _1_
1 MiiuitiH, th,. brown mat., who, hitched to
I  s ij.is.1 neor by, stood  piiti-iitly pwltohing
'    nwny III III.' (Hrs     'ihu >.:���:���;�� folk, laudi-
; tsi uC.._r_uu_.b blue, !. 1 ..:..}.��� 1 ill ..-;.!
��� olumey feet. Tiny 1:1'': ��� I liar 'wn?
i   Binlsf. Gunpowder and l..itr*,balu_.
The ne*ft   ii:<iri:!:._;, v.'     "   ���':��� ���  ('���_' -��
;   fll.it into Iln- Bob-olroo.11, ,.. .. -uw .... Ui.
blackboard this:
"BXTltACTB   Hi. .M   THS   HI ��_I.V   Of   AM  OI.D
Hulls K.
1       "I  nm only nn eld   horse,   bnt when   1
was young  I was lmnd_.m. and I took a
pride In   l-ttlna no one pn_.  imo,    Xiiw I
1 c_-ii do iii lie, Inn 1 try to do lust well,    i
1 tnke  Invalids  mid  timid  ..' 4  Ic-lim nnl
, till vi tijjr.    I   let little I'liildivn drive rae,
I, liyniu Thut Mud. tin* m h r tc.Mt j anil tbey eun -lap the line-, rattle ibe whip
Uv.it Tliirir iiitislss-,.-,. I  ar.il   -limit  aa   luiiiily af  iIikv  wish:   ll
Tho Presbyterian prints a war ui.ootlofce I *_����'* tv my nervee.    Smut-lino, th.y
��fanuneouvouHonttl.art.  Different ..ad- ! ***������������'���" '"-T  l,i"'k  f"r ���"  '���''���������'    - "M-iB vary
ere will  iv.d moi. or less lute It. aeoo'rd   ; -arafully, ao they wen't fall off,    Soldo
lal. to .hull different hablte of  miml. but     w!;*"' Um UM'?   ������'���***dl''�� urgi.n- and 1 am
nil will Hnd it InWriHtlng. ; *"*"l'f"���� gragj on Hie lawn.
Bowo Ainerloann who w ure orowiiiig tlm i      ' * *m fr*****" rsm'*f *emny pJonlo pip-
-'ben uioru ng brcuk^ nu.1 Ui. tiiiriea llee
(Co. ::'.n:ir liireud- i:i tit��� hcnlhcrl,
Iin. ni. ui I md sjiiiiiu. vvitti .ilist'ninK Iniea
Lsike li u.'3 111'.. sir::':: ��� :.'; ; ���'. ' i;:,_ -hiiij
on the .���".u_ und purpl- tn-aiiisaf
[C'J__l;ilU,' i:.:,.ud_s I.: ��� _.ss 1 _5��s,
Bnt ���.������:������ t'.-n f5__itli.-j ��..�� bariM issr nvel.
��..ml when the win t breatn��_i, tur aud utur
(___uu:i!i harpH in the healherl,
Sv.'st-: i:,.:_io riug^ trem i      ,. ..; -tr.n^a
Ai,-: wi. . :.nd fr.. I. ....     .. ... .'.y
_i.:uu���li the piuk Dn.l purjile Imalher
(Never a n.it. mny rt':'.s-!'. i:jv *.:ir,
liut nun. the l-a^: i. it Kv,*eei iu hear).
��� 1 -;l s.i::!i UttlfflZ-Ue.
Imer Pianos,
ices the Lowest.
Services next  Lord's Day at  i
I a. hi.and y:,-/. p.m.
i    Class  mtetitiB', h
1. ���     1
Iluntle  met in   the  oubln  on  Sunduy
  j  nl_.l_t tu ting  hyinii...    A*  tlio,,'sni'g the
ast hymn, "Jesu��, I,over of  ily Suul,'
,.., .. .       .        oue of tii.ui heard an exoeutllUKiyrl-h and
lUereare lew  r|i.s_ases  that in-   beautiful voice behind him    He haikud
flict more torture than   rheumatism   totxeil, uud, uitb'oujhhe did not know the
Lu.'..., lie thought  Unit   lie knvw the volte
I    Sabbatk School  at 2 p iu  everj
Stmday.      Pray-.r   uicclin
I'l'hujsday evening iit 7.30.
Rev. J. 17 Betts, pastor
! and there is probably no disease for   g0| Wh_n t_e mxaio ,-,.^a, he turaet) ami
which such u varied.and useless lot i ftskci1 theu*an u llu b:"1 ''*'''���" '" U)a'''���'
, , ,      wur.   Tho iutm replied that iio Innl kmu a
every 1 ot  remedies  have   been suggested. | Con federate aoWiur.
"Wei'si you at each n  \i\:we on  such  a
night?" _i.i-._d thu lirgt iisun
i'o  say   that   it   can   be  cured   is,
Terms the Easiest.
therefore, a bold statement to inake,
but    Chamberlain's     I'sin   _.al_u,
W.Waitt & Co.,
8 Granvile St., Vancouver
j     .Services next Lord':* Pay at 3 p. _v
Sabbath School  at 2 p m     Uid-
; week meetit-y; on ThuiAday evening
l at 7.30 o'clock.
kev. A,     cA'.iliv, Pastor.
"Yea," rep-lad tbo second mau, "antl h
ourlous thing hnppuneti lhat night whit*.h
I tbis hymn   luis recalled  le  iay ihImiI     I '
which enjoys an extensive sale, has; waapostodon eenu-y duty _��ir tlio -dgo j
met wi h great success in the treat-. of "WW)f-.   " w" '',du,rk ?!*h,1,l!*1 r,''T i
1 colli, autl 1 wm; u ilitle ti'ightentsd because
tbe enemy were supposed  to be v*.iry iiewr I
About midnight,  wben  everyt-ing  wa?*
st.UI nnd 1 WIU feeling h��nni-ii'k atHl  lulu- \
aruiilu und weary, I t_inii_;lii that 1 would
antl tinging a I
tlints. lines'   i
"All my trust ou tint, u itnisl.
All my h.*l|i from th��_ I bring;
Cover my (left_t.e._*-i hftnl
tin* tn the woeiia. I go for the di.ii._r. I
tak- iiiK.sii in the train. I BCTer sby at
ttmiiiiu engines, bloyolas, li��i>y ivirrlusen
or wheelbarrows. I take graudmu to tlie
weekly prayer meeting ami newiisg eoul-
fiy. I ilaa't remember eiur piuritig a
mean trick hi my life. Him;,* time lu the
futiiro ymi way U�� uld, neor aril Blow.
Sow wwelil yen like to be innghed nt?"
The enholnra read the words', lnnkwl nt
one another, giggloiS a Iittlo���very feeble
gi!_gle�����thru, with fin.Hsnl faeec. bent
over fheir Uooki.
But t hay were thinking!��� Uary K. y.
tSmish in Ya_.iT. iJniM|iani��n.
ment of this disease. One application of Pain 1,-lui wi'l relieve tbe
paiu, and hundreds of sufferers have
testified to Dermaneut cures  bv  its I *-<******,��rt ��"?****��" hy praying 1
tesunea to pern-alien, cures  oy  its | bymB    j ���,,,������,,^ $ingi���B
use.    Why suffer when Pain  Balm
affords such relief and  costs  but   a
'Olios, Pianos, Piai
Sabbath services at I.adwer at 11
'��� a.m. and 7 p. ui.
Sunday Schosl at 10 a. bi.
I     Prayer meetinj; ou Thursday a1.
1 7..-j* p, tn.-. choir [imctice at t.
trifle?    l?or sale by 17 J.  J��iacK.e; -
With ihu shallow of thy _-in_r.
"After   einging  that  a  etrunge  iiuare
onino ihiwu  upon  me, and  through  the
_..u__ j  lung night I felt no wnr. liar.
/-v   \fitfiTi~___iiB Tr!_U!H.I  V ECDQV ffi
^; flUluKll iuliSL 8 rfcHKi _u
Time Table,
eaves Cloverdale nl 3*'
'-.Now," said the ether, "lint.n   tn  tny
lUury: 1 wns  n   I'nlon soldier anil win in
tlu* wood Miat night with a party of ihkiiim.
I   1 Bitw ynu   niMHt.iujr, alth-���gh   I  dhl   Hot
��������� I ... yuar. taee.    My isH<*n  had  ttiair  rlflnn
I fooaat'd  11 pun  yon, waiting the word  te
fn the matter of the estate of WIL-1 olv, but when ynu sang,
IJAM   LEONARD   MoBRIDE, !        Tw bit Wm����-ji hit.
With tlie Hliailow of thy n-inu.
late of Port Guichoia, B.  C,   De- | r  ^ia.  B>��. lower ymir  rides: we will
Traiii  '
��� V-5eP'H1*
I    Train  leave*,   l'ort   Guichon   al
5:10 p.m. and arrives at Cloverdale
nt 6:25 p.m.
.N'otice is hereby given,  pursuant!
le   the   "Trustees  and  Executors'
go hoi���e.'
Dl-reitlbllltr af (-eld F.��*.
It 1.-I itnpoasil.U to digaat art ielca nf food
until 1 buy are called t�� a B.oder*ats_ly high
owday. will)'.
Cut Glass,
There  are  two through passen-
And all kinds Of Jewelry! i*r trai us per day each war  t- and
I from Se.iltle aud  u   mixed   train t.
 ��� ' aud from Bellinjfhum.
Act," that all  creditors  aud   Other I toaiporat-va.   Much of l*�� illness pr-jta*
. a��d arrives at Pott Cuiehoti a'vI . , . -    ,   ..    ; ���������nt in suiomerwould be0folded if people
rersoas having claims  against the, ft{-witrm food, as thoy do ln winter. D_ti*
estate of the said William   Leonard \ _"*-* l^'f ^pnchtiiv alionid avoid mid
dishas and drinks. They me extremely tax*
McBride, are required to send or ing to the digestive pawer* nod a great
deliver to   Messrs.   Clarksou, Cross   draft on tho vitality,    fhe human syataiw
: has ju.*it fo much power 111 reservo, and il
Jk Helliwell, Accountants, of Van-1 ti,is ie ezhauatod in warming ap the largo
ouver, on or before Ihe 12th day of I ��nmimt of oold food that is taken Int.. tlm
Repairing a Specialty*
.Munich them is but liltle left to carry on
Aha i.iln*r prot'cxsos of o-I-Iuhco.
Ursof their  claims  duly  verified,! ,.A, $****�� ". *?l T'S^tSl
���* /    1 lu��i   for 46 ytmi's.  be hue acaroely hau a
and the nature of the   sectiriu.s,   if] day's illness or nn hour's pain, and ttrij
I exutnption from -'.uTiu'iii- he attribute- to
I an iniTar;iiiig prfiiH.lce ��f ttikina a plate of
Aud   aotice   is    hereby   further   hot .emp three ��rr foiir tlmee alay, wistar
unl anmmer, p.��>��� practice is largoly m.t*
���ss.liter' and if lw t. livwl or evert--���d
He makes ir nn lmi-tratire fluty to tiw.
t!.e i_e��T08b firrt irtase hotel and get a dl*h
of the best soup 1_�� oan And. He froqutrnt
iit&y A.  !).   1906, the full particu
Urn of their  claim
nnd the nature of t
any, held by them.
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarters   for Pacifi:   Co:ist
1000 Telegraphers
hnutlly, to fill the new positions
eaie. V;y Railroad and Telegraph
��mpanies.     We   want   VOUNG
ENa.!dLADIESofgoodhabitstolc,!.>,vii  Garden, Field and Flower|
Seeds.    New crop now in stock und
EARN   TELEGRAPHY   Ion test  in our greenhouses.    Ask
I your merchant  for them in sealed
v. rr  ��� .     1 *���    I
packages, li he does not 1 suu.e
j them we will mail 50 assorted zc
1 packets of ve.'etable and flower
seeds (our ow.i selection, suitable
erators and .Station Agents in|forB c, K���Ata%) for **,. Special
senca. Our six schools are the iceg on vol���. !)l|lk stC(lv
gest exclusive Telegraph Schools j ,cmvv   kdittT   *\ - i
the world.   EstaMUhed 20 years     "'  ' ^Xr     vovv<
,      ,        ,.       ,,   ,     .��� ��,_;,  1 ORISAMI.r* 1 AI.      lRr.l.b     new
d endowed by  all   leadint   Rail-        ,    _��� ���       u-
ty Officials. iieady for spring shipment.
, i    Kxtra   *ice   stock   ot  two   _nd
We execute a $250 Bond to every lhree.TeRr Appe -frees  at $20 per
-dent  to  furnish  him  or  her a  I00)    ^,8o JQnQ.    Mayniirci
ition payiiiR from $40  to  pen a. ,.lums $l each; ItaHan PrnnCi twQ.
WG 111! .Ill
(,Westminster Branch)
��� Time Tuble
Cuim tcuvf W eel tula ele r iur Vaueeever at 5.51
___ ..5011.111. nmi hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.
at.; Seiurdays uad Suaiinys et n |>,ui.
Cr.re lciv. Vuucottver for Weitmia��teri et _.5��
Hue _.^_ 11. in. ssisl kwurly thereafttr until ie >>.
ui,*, SaturiluyK nad Suudiiyeat 11 p.ui,
We run Ein.t-*la.-t. frei^iit ,��� ,1. bttvtr.ea "ivrst.
nieater .ind V��nc vjtc. jii-.I ill iliipeieeteere
eaadlc- with the utmost cert mid ,i.iivr,cd to
ceneiruee wlttoeut ,kl��j rtjs-cinl etteutien paid
t. fruit ihipaieuta, Oui waguaa ttitct all _oatf\
c��_ traiua.   Foi mica, .1- _i>,ilj in
n   i. BH1I.KS, . V". R. CT.OVKS
1'r.ifli. S.!iT. t.ecat ni >v
WeataituBter, a. C
_,iven, thnt immediately after said
date, thc said Messrs. Clark-
son, Cross ... Helliwell will proceed
*.*i distribute the estate among the
parlies entitled thereto, having regard ouly to the claims ot which
tiiey shall then have notice; and
the executor ef the said estate will
not be held responsible for the assets
or aay part thereof to any person
or persons, whose claims shall not
have been delivered on or before
eaid abeve motioned date.
Dated this 7th day of April, A D.
Solicitors for the Kxecutoi
I.llll-   Ul.itvr   rl<-K%��.1 !.��������.
Little    Miater
���*-**|s*_isi��� rtlTabe,
Quite at Iniius. Ir
any i*J��o��;
Nelbtnf    In    the
-tverlsl i*.  .in.
But le _:-_,l an-.
trtn at yen.
While   hie   w'rlti
e en pel I Ins
Wili HI
lCah-a  yen  stare
end    _rin    at
And   bis   quaint,
i*l-l    {i.k\iH.4
A n 4 the . a r-
Hi<>��ia tltat be
*Won,3f r what he'e
soiiliug forf
JUBt   f.>r   ftin,   It
nay bs��. ac
���ti.n_l.s- la��_1ili-i at bltesnli'���
Such aa ��&A. ��*�����_ aat��r��_l ei_.
l**s-is t    ys-.    wl->.
y.a    U__    hid
Aa_    the   noth.r
Ma'.'-    Hiss    pock-
With two chul*)iy
f t a t a.       u .
Klater rifaaant-
fane ciiri tall
IThssfa ths* !,��_-
I> y _ 1 m p 1 a a
T b o M i* n u _ e 1
w-u_n.ee    th-j
wink at you
Fro_n   a  roun-ls.
" h . ��k       ur
^��-   For   he  c_ptnr<'(!
J*-* a-cne. I know
An- hia _rti.B. tl
ptulureaBh. ..
Caared ih-ui ee seovr*.- tlity
Starfilf' eenl_ net Wreak away!
-<!lnj��_li_ IL-oon.
Tlie grand vizier was aiabitloui.
"I think," ealtl he, "tbat ray head will
Iv take.-; it without aeeorapanlment of any    be un a modal tome day."
sort.    OoeasltmnTly a orat'k_r or roil  ie ;      "Hal" aald tbe callpb.     "flood Ideal
eaten at tbe same time.                                 | I'll have <t itruok off atonoel"���Indian-
This man declaros that, all tiling* being ; apolia J��ui*9al.       	
equal, he will stake hia repntation on the
theory that nine-teutha otf the intestinal
troubles of tho su��nnaT season crnild be
avoided by tiie systematic and freqnwm,
nae of hot beverage-, or, what is be-Merr,
du1>��- af -on]! eatwt an hot as they ran be
reliihe.!.���N'ew York I_e**l_f��r.
.ND R. R. ACC(X'NTlN(i
[We furnish 75 per cent,  of the
k��rth in States east of the   Rocky j veHr ' fu,e    c.'^
(���umtains. or from $75 to Jt 100 a
|_����th in States west of the Rockies,
���mediately opon graduation.
per   100;   Sugar
Prune, two-yenr, fine, $30 per 100.
Full list of other stock at re_ nlar
prices.    No expense, loss or dele.v
Students can enter at any time. I0f funiijation or inspection.
Ie vacations. For full particulars
ejardin| any of our scheols write
kirect to our executive office at
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free,
Let me price your list before placing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Fioral Work
Bee Supplies, Fruit Packsges,   Ker-
tilirers, etc.
U  aa   iiWal   ��v��i.nir.   ���*���_���.   f.r   new
UiU_n���� *r iut|>rrs��iii_ vie ���"*"�����
rr 1* vw msiiy mm uoieiav _t>eut-,
am* Kif est wia. mm Pt-or p_.i wn_n
IS BtU, UOimitlW *N0 ttlST PI-MF
Cea-ids-r Its *n�� a^jsra.un.*a ��� lie
a_Ui__���I euslaruic ififalitta*- a.i_ *weat
���Sane,    aa-l 4-3_�� ta ,m-��a j��ir ���������
heat iaitarnU by w-iint i_
Kuttc-t _.U-h ef i-__nioa___ ia _er
METAUHt ROOHNe 00., uiim,
>l��-e*- mmmufmolmr
,    *^*-^--<r^-**-lVa#>^l|��**a^-#**^*^'^
I in 111 ra.
1��� -
--.   F. C.
*   NKW WKSTH1NSTKB,    ���-:  B.
ej. Mianfacturtra of all kiaasel 4>
!��� Soda Water, Ginger ���
Ale and Summer +
Drinks. jj.
Your patronage solicited j.
���e.��>s���s_.-e-sAs-e-ss_s.e-sj.ass_.-e.ss_..�� *f a <_��� aiss_..��.s*>��
Wae It Hyuno.lainr
"Had a queer oase the other day,"  ialtl
a popular snre*e.in of Kills .Ity,   "��Hfl   1
doa't know yet whether to atfsrihnte it to
some  physleal peenllarity or te what tJas
hyjuiotiets sail  nntosnggeetioB.     It  Waa
Ilka this   I waa oivlIs_d in to perform a tri-
ftinj,   but usuaJly very  painfnl  opuratlon
ob a geiatSoniBB's ��.'e, and   before I bngan
I -sad oeealne freely en the membrane
Tlie i<ib was done in a few mitintee, an<!
the tiatiiint nevar wlneed.    He said he felt
nothing and   was astonished nhen it wa.
all ever.    When I i*FtTin.e��l lo my office, 1
dlscoverad, to my gr>*�� mrprlse, that tU*
I bot-le I tiu.npht eontolned oocalne ha<l
j Bothing tn it bnt distilled watvr I ha<i
! picked tip the wrong vini hy inlstnkn, but
' ,nn��how the w_t_T did the work jitsU a." j
I well as the dnrp. How do I explain rt. 1 I flESCSfi-.**51
i don't explain  it nt nil.    Tliere ere the j _
I facte.    Vou may draw  your owa oonclii  j
! eiona."���Kew Orleans Tlmea-Detiiocnit.
**ira Ktade at a H��_r.
** little boat la aeon aOeat
t.-pon the moanllt water,
In which a youth -ots nit, forsooth.
With his nelnhher's daughter:
He hti__ the shore a mile or mere,
Alan, tha laughing water,
Than l*ja the boat *.-reuely float
And h..*e hia neighhoi-'e daughter,
-^.'hlc-ieo Newa.
Tin* ta Oyeu.
The Preeident���Ii the lint af football
players thoroughly adverilsuill'
The Dean���It la.
The 1'r-s.ldent���Then I guess we might
M well open uo tba uulloge.���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.	
A Patnraal Wall.
Tin wool, ami worn and weary, I am fras-
zl.'sl to a thread,
X nevnr i{��t a breath ef peace till Dick Is
safe lu bed;
At morn,   at  night,  I  ixowl  end bite;   I
charee. 1  pitch and tear;
I have to tie thee* anliuale Le eaw at fh'
county fair.
- .Uoatii Reoerd.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  the
Beit and Most Popular.
tincin lati, Ohio.        Utiffalo, N.\
[Atla��i*-t, G. I.nCrns-r, Wis
RVxty-..:������, T_>.   S.f-, '"-���.-���'���>'-'ec,C'-'i
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westm.-u-st.-'r \l-.a.-Jl.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
.7-m.s s. c,
"Mothers buy it for croupy chil-
;dren, railway men buy it for severe
A R couchs and elderly people buy it
^" ��� ��� for la grippe," say Mtx*re Bros.,
Delta Lodge No. 21, I.O.O.F., Btden, ^m. "We sell more of
will assemble at Oddfellows' Hall, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy thau
on Sundav, April _oth inst., at a lanr ��*her kind- u seems t0 bave
p.m��� and proceed to St. Andrew's taken the lead over several other
Presbyterian ClTurch to attend their j good brands." There is no ques
annual church service.
All members and visiting Brethren are requested to attend.
By order.
tion but this medicine is the best
that can be procured for coughs
and cold*;, whether it be a child or
an adnlt that is afflicted. It always
cures a::'! cures quickly. Sold by
17 T, Ma  Keiuio.
It sii-s-lsi Im borne in mind that a
evory o��M weakens the luajs, towers Ilia vitality and prei>arr�� the
-v���t-.u fi>r tbe more siiions -i*-
isi*.-, aaiouK which are Ibe two
gtasat-Mt -ej__ruy<ae ut" liUsHtati life,
pneumonia aud oou*ucni>tiou.
Cough Remedy
ba. won ita great popularity by ite
prompt cures of tliie most ctaiumon  ��
ailnient.    V   ' '       ---��������� ���������������
lieves   the
any tendency
*   Price .___.> Uhu 1.
MSfl-Ba-S ntfnmmm Ml
The   local   lodge  of Oddfellows;
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ]wi'l   .itu-m!   divine  service  in  St. |
  Andrew's Presbyterian Cjmrcli  to-1
Kev. A.. .McAuley  v.isited  Van-- morrow afternoon when  a fu'.l  at-'
u-.ver this weet. tendance is requested.    See advt.
llti. Wm. Mason retun-.ed home]    John  MacKenzie  is advertising,!
on Tuesday evening.                          j -�� pa-.e -. a Clearance Sale of dry :
_____________               I goods and <;eills   lurriishings,   including his-new spring gjous which j
Mrs. Sid Brodies visited ibe Ter- arrived rather later t!ian expected,   j
ipinal.Ci-y this week. 	
The B
Mr. and Mrs.   McWaters  visited
the l^yal City this week.
Fred   Arthur  returned   Monday
....oui a visit to Vauccouver.
Miss A. Brown,, returned  home
i/n Tliiii.sdt_y, irotjj the Royal City
Mrs, 1   Hum- retUTjned, Wednes
i An important (leal was completed
, on Tuesday last, by the sale of S.,S.
i Dunsmuir,   to   Herbert   Giltey,   of
bhe well known firm of Gilley
. Bros., New Westminster, Mr.Gill.y
, intends to use his n��.\_t purchase  as
a tow I. oat and, tor this purpose,
\ will have the passenger tl
s of Almost Dsily Occ_irre_iC��� Here.:
ks taken
Every lew days we show some advanced
novelties in  Coat3  or  Suits;  some  days it is
Skirts, some days Hats, Gloves or Hosiery; then'wrj4-e for prfres
ast! again, x% is Silks'. Wfush  Goods, Woollen  Dress |
To notify the people of Ladaer and sur*
rounding district that v#e are now in a.
position to offer Vancouver. Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making* it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Jay. Irom a. vi_.il
City.      .
tp  'Ji* Tsmiiua:
we have never shown before.
Mrs. A. lielle-aiul granddaughter,
Miss Veiu. are- guests _J" Mrs. D.
By   jm   err.-r   of omission,   1
week. Kev. A. McAjiley was made to   _^^^^_^^^^_^_^^^_^^^^^_^^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^_^^^^^__
.appear as reaping Uie benefit of the!Goods, and so on, day after da,\*., something that
' collection taken at the lecture given
in Csescest IsJawl school house,
whereas, it should have been mentioned 'ehit the sum of $.*. raised was
for the beuer.t ot Crescent Island
S.S. Library.
Mrs. W. S. Whiiesije,. of Sus-j
barv, paid a Kbort visit,to the.Royal'
Citv this week.
To-day we want to call your attention to NEW WESTMINSTER,
some very special values in Skirts:
B. O.
Mid. Katie Plew.*s returned to
U_e Koyal Citv, on ftfpndtj,, after
yisitiag hex uncle. E, T. Calvert.
Fred CuUitig and Stanley   Goos-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
trey, who have been.employed at the j
Delta sawmill for quite a long time, j Misses' and Girls' Skirts of Herringbone Tweed,
also Flake Colored Tweed,, at the ridiculously
low price of tjlJJO
Fte*. Lacey returned,.an Mondav
5j.it, to Britanuia after spending a
fear days at h��me.
leave i-heir positions tliere to-uigbt
witU trie iutentiort of tiling down
to 'Frisco en Thursday next. W.
McNeill aud W. Dixon, we under-
-Hu_, also iuteml going dowu ther*
in the aear future.
Ladies' Smart Skirts of Grey Tweed with fine
Overplaid Trimmings of Straps and Buttons,
splendid value at. $.2.75
Marshall Smith aud wife are ex-
pecled home to-day, after visiting
in Vancouver and Victoria this
Mis. Howell aud daughter, Vera,;
retutued t*�� New   W est ta luster,   on
Mondav, after apendiug a. tew days
at th. Bwrsouage.
Where measles ami chicken-pox
exist iu a kome all children must be
kept from school until the epidemic
���p. that particular home Uss ceased,
otherwise tl*.e homes will be quarantine.!.
By ��TdeFi
A. A.  K.1NG, M.B.,
M. II. O.
267 Columbia St..
Walt Paper, Pafnts, Varnishes, Etc.
New, up-to-date Papers
To   select   from,   also   some  good   bargains in
Of (11
New Westminster
New Westminster, B. C
J. Hotile paid   a   flying   visit   to
Iyadntr arid the  Port  ou   .Saturday:
last,   returning  to  'die .-loyal Cily j
.{���y th- evening bn��t.
Delta M-iiicipHiy.
 H   Notice is  hereby jivet. that the;
..    . Court  of Revision ofthe  Assess-
Miss R-bert*. returned   here.   c��  merit ol Hie Municipality ol   Delta j
Moaday last, from  North  Dakota: will be held  in the Council Cbaai-
atid is the guest of her brother,   T.J *9-*"��i Ladaer, on Saturday, the 19th |
-toberts of I-ouadary Hay. ���ay oi   May, 1006, at   10 a.m., and j
  "ny person desiring to make com*
plaint against his or her assessment
Hon.   _*ycka.d  MeBl.de paid  *.:, must give notice in writing to the j
*hort visit   hs;re   on  Moaday.  on {Clerk, stating frbe groaad of his or |
business conHectad with the W'. L. I
McBride' estate, returning ta the:
Koyal City .}v_,r tbe road in the-;
Friends..��.  Miss Weir-., sister* ofj
Mrs. W. J. Lanning, will be pleased '
to learn that word hasbeea received;
of her safety.    Miss Weir is.a nurse
hi   'Frisco and,  Oar---, were  entertained for heiysafety,.
. t_"��pt. I'urdy. nl the S.Si .Sonoma,
leaves, thjs week, tr-.tal^e command
ofthe S. sS; Tepit; otiVancou-ner.
The Reni-l Ca*pt��ili wilt be much
sjn-seit by the traveling public who
have occasion to use the S. S. .Sim
"s.'.ip"AV.i!'?;f*�� .if ths we11.ki.owj.
&rmofcig?r( makers, Wilberg and
Wolz, New Westminster, D*jd ���
short business visit here this week.
"Cap'' is looking v.e\b on his out
tjwot work avnd reports the business
1ft be in a, very. fl��ur|sbjng condi-
her complaint. aMeast ten days before said date.
N. A. McniARMID,
C. M. C.
Ladner', April 14th, 1906.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production of Canadian Shoe Manufacture,
New .Solid Goods,, new prices.
Modern  Shoes in a Modern; >Shoe Store.
J* REAGH,    ->   Ladner, B.C.
We are showing  some  splendid values in While- Muslin
Blouses, prices from $1.00 l?p.
Ready-to-Wear Mats,
We  have a wide  range of thc  Newest Styles at prices
that will appeal very for- ibly  to the thrifty haven.
BIRTCH,        -        -.        27s Cotaml-ia Street
Re the Fractional North-east Quarter of Section 27 ; the Fractional
South-east quarter ..>l .Section ,1,4
(except tlie Norfe-i So acres'-. ; tlie
.fractional South half of Section
35 all in Township 3, New Westminster Distrkti
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
to George Iliirton Embree 011
30th day of Msy, 1906, unless in
tht meantime a valid objection
thereto be made to me in writing
by a pfcrson or persons, claiming r.n
estate or interest therein, or in any
pa'tt thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Regi-sstiy Office,
New  Westminster,   II. C .   23rd
April, i<-,,7>.
��� laughter
Mr.   Mi.Gi''***ban   and
i^inl   Miss S.   Wi odii,  of
9 it.,   who  h(i\'e  bet.n  visiting  it,
California durjng tfie  winter,  puid
a short visit' here,   this we.k,   tke
guests of L>,   V*.'.;,!��.    Miss' Caldwell, of Vancouver, r.nd Mis. Lewis,
cjf Nitiisiinii.. .iii.o accqnipanied, tlu
former licte.   '���Ji..1'** V\*tjQds-._*_nai_}pcl
a riHV or so  lorjjicr  ll.afi   *.,ie  resi.
but left, oil-Tl;ur*>tlay,   on  acqount*
G> il'.r illiigss of her i_tln ���.
The*pei*��oa oi| persons having it.
tbeir custody, of possession the foi-
lowiijg Title D^eds relating to the
Ntajiara sa''' property -re requested to deliver the <airj_ to r'n.'.' ifndcr-jigneds
1 27th April, 1^.85, Qrown to, J.
Moriarty (liaiit in fee.
2nd M:iy,  18&5. J. Mi liir.y to T.
M'N'ccly Conveyance in iee..
241I1    N.iv-:i;;l't-r,    iSo',, T.   Mo
Xeily to E, A. W.adliams C..'iiv-,y- i
-.ii. c in ire. I
CORIii i.i) :> 7,i-.v\'i*.
New We��tminster B.C.,
^.Solicitors ten George 1.1. l.mbrce.
Notice 9i Sak by Auction on Wednesday,, May 2,
1906,. at 1:30 p.m.., of
uea i _ .     -i���       _-*i_
the| 140 fa*. Sheep.
20 Lamb6..
5 Fat Cows and Steers-.
9 Two-year-old Steers.
12 Dairy Cows and Heifers..
1 Yearling Jersey Hull..
1 Roan Yearling Pedigree Sftorthoun BSulL
10 Mares and Horses,, inclwiinj :
1 Six-year-old Mare, 1500 lbs.
�� Six-yeas-oM Mare,. 1400 lbs.
1 Six-year-old Mare, 1000 lbs.
2 Tlwee-yeai^old. Colts, haltM broken.
2 Three-year-old Colts, well broken.
1 Two-year-tH-d. Colt
Sorrel -Driving H'o-tse*.
Saddle Horse.
i op   	
���Si-td-fe,. 2 Flow
Cart,, Sa-ddfc   and
Under instritctioffls from the Executors of
the*- Estate of the ]Jata W.  L. McBKLDJ],
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for am
Entirely- New Stock       &       &
Come an��-I See Our Special Line of
Boots and Shoes.
Terms 'Sssft*,
H-. N. RICH,. Auctioneer.
Port   Guichon,  B, C,


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