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The Delta Times Apr 15, 1905

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Vol, 2, No. 22.
For Many
I 111 (iNE Tamers'
he pre
i .      : ; KR80N.
,t season  having been
i an abnormally (irv one the want  of
. very successful meeting wasj�� *" ���
higher lands.    To guard  .against a, beld in Kast Delta School house on <    Delta Council met in the Council
recurrence of such a state, I recom-! tbe 3rc* inst;, when Major .Sbepp.nl Chamber,  on Saturday last, April
moisture was very evident in ull the j
Sec our Large" Stock of Hats, Shirt Waists, Golf
Jerseys, Etc., before deciding1.
READY-TO-WEAR HATS, only One in each Shape.
f RIMM.BD "PARIS MODELS" at less than Half Milliners' Prices.
MEN'S PANAMA'S in all the latest Blocks.
, mended the adoption, if practicable,
of irrigation.    There is an   abundance of water with a good fall,   the
only difficultly being the  irregular
! surface of the  land,   whicli   would
I probably   necessitate  a  great deal
Is .
I of    miming     where     depressions
occur.    Mr. Hammer had adopted,
during the last season, the plan of
damming up a small stream which
flows  through  his  place,   and  by
that means submerging his pasture
lands;  the consequence was a  fine
aftermath.      At   only   one    other I
place   was    there     any     attempt j
made at  irrigation,   and  that also
Showed   the   beneficial   effects    of |
of Ontario, and H. L. Blanchard i 8th, with the Reeve, W. H. Lad-
of Washington, were the speakers, j ner, in the chair, and Couns. Gibbie,
Mr.  Blanchard discoursed on the j Davie, Paterson, Huff and Embree
"Improvement of the Dairy Indus-! present,
try."     He said the   dairymen   in J
j Washington   are   an    incorporate
j body and meet twice a  year when
j tbey discuss dairy matters only and
disperse with  the  intention of following   the   method   which    had
proved most  successful, sinking individual prejudices for the  benefit
I of the industry.   Tbey had long
ago abandoned the  dual purpose
cow.    They kept nothing but dairy
cows, and raised the heifer calves
from the best cows only.    They
Minutes of the previous meeting:
were read and confirmed.
From A. B. Dixon, C. M. C. ot
Richmond, John Oliver, M P.P.,
Hon. Chas. Wilson and A. H. B.
Macgowan, re Dyking matters. Received and filed.
From Chief Constable Spain, enclosing accounts for $40, expenses
incurred in robbery case. Received and referred to our member, J.
purchased a  bull  whose dam  and
The absence ot the Canada thistle | g^id dam had  a  good  record for i Oliver, for investigation,
and other noxious weeds  was �� I m,Ik a,ld butter fat' alld whe�� lhe>" motions.
was very
noticeable, and the warning was
given lhatif there wasau appearance
of any one of*thera, the most strenuous efforts should be made to prevent the spread. Poisonous hemlock
I is in abundance, as, indeed, I regret
bought their second  bull they got
one belonging to the same  family.
They   got  no extravagant  priced
animal, but just the best they could
get for their money.
Major Sheppard was then called
-. ���   ���     1,       .     1-.1    ,s       ! upon lo address the meeting, hissub-
to say, it is in all parts of the Prov-   . r     , fc
ject   being,   "Good   Roads."    Hej
We bave just placed in Stock 18 cases of shoes
-comprising all the new Spring- Lasts.
See tbe new '*RQYAL PURPLE" Shoe for Ladies.
large .Ra��ge of Men's Fine Shoes.
See the new "ARTISAN" Working Shoe.
ince.   Some cat'.lj had been lost in'
the spring  time,   and  advice  was|
given as to its extirpation   and   the I
necessity of keeping  cattle  off the!
low-lying lands when  it occurs in j
the spring, that  being  the  season j
when the poisoning lakes place. At
Namuj iu Mr. Robt. Drauey's gar-j
den, cut worms are doing consider-
able injury to vegetables, and advice i
was given regarding- their  .-xtirpa-
tion.    These are the only   pests ol!
claimed to be an authority on road
building. He said that more money
was wasted in the'attempt to make
| roads than in any thing. Delta had
j no gooci material for road building.
| It was short-sighted policy putting
j down plank roads; macadam roads
I could be uuilt with very little more
I cost. The municipality should bor-
i row money and make all their
I trunk roads good. It was an injus-
j tice to  posterity to  ask them  to
Call and see our large Stock of Spring and
Summer Goods.
Beyond the furthermost point
reached there are several settlers,
tlie last one being at Canoe Crossing,
about 24 miles trom the mouth of
tha river.
any note which I observed. , .
. I snare in tlie expense.     Ihe tunda
mental principal  of road   building
was thorough drainage. A good tile
drain should be laid along the ceu-
| tre of every road with lateral every
... , 100 feet or so.    The road should be
Many parties of men were met at ���
Bella Coola, both going into am
coming out of the Ootsa Lake country. Amongst them was a .Mr. Pete;.
Andrews of Grand Forks, who gave
me the following  particulars:   The
road extends to near Canoe  Cross-   .
steady enough.
Marshall Sni/t
On the 7:1*1 inst. a
' called for the purpose ot finding out
��� bow    many   ball-playeis   Ladner
'eould   produce..   To   tbe   surprise
and joy of those present it was possible to call He full teams.   This
greatly pleased, tkose interested as
they bave it*.their yo.stssi.3Mi itHtbe
, necessary OMiSttt,   There was noth-
fcg left but Hfcg-o and jlay. Wber. ?
T. E. Ladn��s lw��d promised  Us. bis
! grounds,   at   the   meeting   oi the
[Delta   Agric>*ltiiial  Soeiety.   said
(someone pf estnt.   But an interview
i with that gentleman knocked this
I'dead, as he could  net remember
-this promise,   "tie. Fair.;, rounds,"*
[said  another.     Alias,   ttey   bar*
i been let, and so tne young mtn of
(���Miner  must   continue   to  toai��
lie -.tieets until the Council,
ior some public spirited gentleman
meeting was!wllois abIu'* 8ra,,t  them th,s Privileges enjoyed by other aud smaller
A jtolly party ot young people
gathered at the home of Mrs. P.
j Matheson's. oa Saturday last,
spending Saturday and Sunday
A Mother'a RecommcwUtio*.
I hare usk{ efcrtnrbcrfafo's Cough
Remedy for a number of years ana
have no h<--si,taijcy i�� saytag that it is
1 he best remedy for coughs, colds and
croup I haye ever untfcl Ln my family.
! have uost weed's, t�� express* my convince in this remedy.���Mrs. J. A.
Moore, North Star, Mich. For sale
by F, J. Mackenzie...
ing and then becomes a bridlepath, |
crossing the river at tint point and j
then ascending a very  steep graile:
for something like eight miles  by
tlie tr ';i, when the summit is reaL-h- ���
ed, which he estimates to be about;
4,000   feet   above   the    sea   level.
The   country    at   this    point    is
extremely bleak and cold,   covered-
with scrub brush  and  iutersposed i
with   swamps,   whi. ii   afford  good
feed for liofses.    The ascfeul can 1> '
avoided by following thevulley, and |
Mr. Andrews says he believes a roa
that way could Deconstructed witb
out any gre >t cost, the grade bein^,
reported good either for a wagon or
I railroad.    From   the   summit   th
; trail then descends, until Fish Lake
, 1 properly  crowned   before applying
; rock or gravel.    The   grading  n;a-
j chine was a great labor saver and
! was _ necessity in good road build-     . ,
.         s,���         "-                        ,,   .     with power to act,
! ing.    I he motive power should   be      ��,.��,_., .
I a traction engine.    Horses were not
The best material
That R. A- Coleman be granted
tbe use of the piledriver, without
tools, at ��2.50 per day wheu used,
tbe driver to be returned to Ladner
when required by the Council. Carried.
That the Delta Light and Power
By-law, 1905, be read a third time.
Carried.  ���
That Geo. Ormiston be- granted
the use of Garry street, between
Trenant and Challuckthan streets;
same to be fenced.   Carried.
That R. F. Handford be awarded
the contract for cutting and burning brush, logs and stumps en the
Mitchell road, from the McDonald
road to where road turns to tbe
west, for the sum of $6**;.   Carried,
That the Collector be instruct*.^
lo collect the dog tax and tbat tb^
Clerk purchase 200 dog tags. Caj"*
The Clerk was authorized to secure the services of a surveyor ta
locate the Slough road.
The matter of repairing the Benson road, north to B. Eyton's, was
left in the hands of Coun. Paterson
was good gravel, the next best limestone rock. The hard rocks crush up
and blow away while the limestone
made a sort of cement. No stone
over six ounces was the Macadam's
rule, but he thought a little larger!
might be used for the first six inches. '���
The Clerk was instructed to write
the Indian Agent re noxious weeds
on reserve; also Indian dogs.
Tbe Clerk was instructed to bave
deeds made out for property bought
by Council at tax sale and to have
same registered.
Coun. Embree was authorized to
collect money for repairing East
Delta wharf and to make the ne*
This   should   b.   rolled  and  then,
r       .    ,        c r            ,   cessarv repairs with said money.
ihree or four  inches of finer rock      ���   "      .-,.,..._  /.
put on wet and rolled  till  smooth.
livery man thought he was a heaven
born road maker, but it was not so.
It was a profession as much so as a
lawyer or doctor, and could only be
i learned by actual experience.
Coun. Gibbie was granted permission to have gravel placed oa
Westham Island.
N. Mitchell was granted permission to take a scow-load of gravel
from pit at Port Kells at 25c per
yard, but not to interfere with the
Council's grarel at landing.
The Clerk was instructed to ask
S. Thompson to remove dead ani-
,,  .. , ,������������:���.    ......   ....   ............    ...        Rev. J. P. Bowell of Westminster
Reference to our advertising col-       .,  ,       , ,        ,., ���. , T  ,   7 , . .  .   .._,- _.   .
. trail then descends, until Pish Lake   is expected to preach in the Method-
umns shows  Mr. Rich's enterprise, ._ reached  whjcll jsabout 130 mile*] ist Church, to-morrow, both morn-1 mal from ditch opposite his proper,
in the erection  ot a Stock Yard, | f^m otsa   Lake.     The traveling | ing and evening, and at East Delta . ty and bury .same,
and  his endeavors to establish a 1 thereafter   is   comparatively   easy, ��� in the afternoon.
local market for Agricultural Stock j and the country, as Ootsa Lake is j  _
are meeting with loyal support from j approached, is of a rolling character, i      . ACROSSK
._���   . ���. _ partly   wooded,  with lots of fine
tbe farmers.    We expect yet to see 1r     , , .. .
r j meadows some of them 200 acres i
the entry list much increased.   The d   extent    _h��,   produdng   goodl
sooner particulars are handed in the SWamp grass.    Between Ootsa and'
better, in order that full advertise-j Francois Lakes, which are twenty
ments may appear in tbe local pa-1 eight miles apart,
pers, aiukbt* distributed throughout
the district, as, tn establishing successfully  this  enterprise,   a   large
Coun. Paterson was granted per*
mission to put a drainage box under the Trunk road opposite his
Coun. Huff was granted permis-
A meeting of the Lacrosse Club sion to have 40 chains of ditch dug
! was held Monday evening and  was on the Smith road.
��� well represented. Arrangements are      Coun. Gibbie was granted per*
the countrv he 1 being made for a series of matches! mission to expend $500 on
described as very fine njeadows with, this season.   The boys are having end ot Trunk road,
good grass, pea-vine in abundance j considerable difficultly iu securing
three   and   four feet   high;   grass grounds   for   practice.     Canada's
amount   of   adver.ising   must   be| which he said looked like  red-top! national gam* has some good play-
done. ! some of which he picked and  nieas- j ers here and ardent supporters who
���    ' ured seven teet in length; wild Tim-! deserve assistance  'rom the yuibl'c,
Mrs. P. T. Gibbie was in  town  =--���      -   .     . - 1 at least to the extent of a field  for
this we?k and forgot not the printer,      (Continued on  Second Page.)    | practice.
Coun. Davie vis granted permission to widen the grade of the
Boundary Bay road from the Far-
rell corner south, he to pay one-
half the cost.
(Continued ou Third Page.) tm DELTA TIM��?, SATURDAY A?R1
L^T^ y -5 ���*'���- i3ffSt3��S
^H$  ^ELTA^ TL-&ES.
l?UBmSH.^l>, KVi;,KY   Si^'Cs^I^Y.
^ubscbipti.^n, $1,00 per, yeas-
Casual Advertisements,  10 ccn'.s pei line to.
lilt first IiiB.rttou. iiiul'jtenli per Mine  lor eacli
(Continued  from 1-irst i7i; e.)
A.  O, U*
g .-,-, ,=^=^-=.--��� ������=^       Dplta. Lodge, No.  12 meets, first
Uh:;.^.?gjowsabun(!-AiilIysHesays!and j^y-d Tuesdays 0!. eqfih month
it   is  a   Cine  cattle country,, well, -n (^dfelQsWS1 Hall,
watered  i.hrougout, bul subject to,j w   q. PybjuS,  M,.W.    -
Qeo. R. Manlex. Recorder.
SjlUimer fro^t.
In August there, was  Irost every!
night for ten days,  mi that,   nuclei i
,    ��,.,t,on    -n-e'i.u���.i.er of unVs i the prcseut conditions,, t,he cultiva-
tSm\lVSmlSmm oSfe ^^HfL of crops cannot be successfully
^___^___^___^-ss.s^...s_-V;       -
Delia Iispdge, No. 21.���The regu-
___- tocommercial Advertisements ca,, bet pr0Secuted. Potafeew^flea at | Inr meetings of this Lodge aro held
' amplication at this office.
Fraser Lake, near Francois Lake, every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
and alfalfa in Bulkley Valley; which j !U, Visiting Brethren cordially in-
is at ^greater altitude  than Ootsa.   vit��l tp,attend..
^ Reading notl^s:?.center line  for eacU in-
Birth and Peath notf"*", :.oc, Mar^a.esff:,oo,	
An>^^y^Sw^^\The   wild  frui^   ffftch  grow   in j W\ R. EtMS. N.G.
h^h&fi&r* ^    ~ ' ��� great prolusion,   consist  of straw-
mi ,i,s*rti*����iw ^^a r��r U^il M'kre'1 berries, gooseberries, blueberries and
yMf p.w for. ' curraats,  The.uatives, he describes
��EmY$8Sm$8M ��m "lust S�� : as well disppseditOWWls the whites.
uiam H
NEW WESTniNSTER,, l��. C. -
A lull line of English aiiad Irish
-Tweeds and Fancy- Tsouseriygs alii ways kept ip stock.
c.mp���.Yi<-��l "h*/ '"'niiineVf "writer, "not ��*cA*ttSffh-v
���5" pnbliovtion, but as ev.dence  o!,goaJ.I��t��
_>>��� eveii
pfcj, ��t$ iqffji ii.i.;,oHirt"liy then
Rt   M-ANi.KV,
Whjtefish in plenty   were  obtained
j in Qheejatta Lake-
The foregoing is,the..sul>.t*\ncc ot
j Mr. .\ndrews' report, and from
1 conversation with  others who  had
I come through it seemed to be pretty
1 well contained. Mr. Audrews and
his. parly l^id staked out claims and
: are returning in t.'ie spring, us well
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lias othess with, wbum i spoko. Mr.
Ijf yon w>Mo, gain the support of Vincent M Seribiier, whom I met
the community see that, you ob- j at Bella Coola, had recently return-
serve the Sabbqtth in, a Refitting! ed from the C>ptsa Lfake counVr)
maimer.    Lf you/ion't^Ao <^uirch{and gave similarly encouraging ac-
*,    ,,-_���'���   ������,���'      'counts of it.    He promised to make
yourselves, don t sit  in  r. row an-. r_i
��� ��� a written report tp me on his return
aoying  those   -qfc do, by spitting {o   victoria_
tpbacco juice all over tlj^. sidewalk. |   After  waitil,,g  rpr tsv0 A.xvs  at
The people whom you  thus aanoyj Bella QQola,,. I got a. small .<*euj_ier
SATURDAY,   A Fit It.   15,   IQO5.
Boys^d^it't^ay bajlc>n Sunday.
Dr. A. A. King,  Se--.--
C.  U  17
Cotut Fraser Xo. 30H, meets in
Oddfellows.: Hal.l, second and last
Thursday evenings, of each month
at 8. ojclock. VisifeUijg Brethren
^.���������Tfe*^-ir��;H:*,-^*>,*5l'J*,*Js1-,',*^v��*?t;****k �����&*������
f Horse Goods I I
Our  Harness and  Horse  lJiirui.-thin��.T >#
arc  sj
In'ilt^u-.jt only for style but wear. ?*r
Htliavc loug proved reliable, and they ;
are your strongest supporters.
huqh Mcdowell,
to Naiau, at the entrance-of Burke
Channel, 63 miles, where I got the
"Danube" on Tuesday, the 6th of
sSeptember, ai.'l proceeded home.
Forest fires were got in  <?vid:eiice.|
except, at  Bella  Coola where one
was raging on a  mountain  at  the
mouth of the river, but which, was..
all the settles* wbq.are not ou the] Stean>. Tii^ ^Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Obkis^es Faont St:       PypNK 1-6.
Ne^yl Westminster, B, C.
mailing list of the Faismers' Institute.
All of which is respectfully  sub,-
What is patiiptism? Is it something which demands "4n*tB$t* dollars for every service done for t'.-.e
1-fenefit of our young men ? i'injury. ���������^������������������������I
The coming men of this district I    Publications selatjn^ to agricujr
wish  to form  themselves into an I ture generally, and the  cultivation
^thletiss.asspcmtiqu foe, the amuse->0lk<���%vvere, on my return, sent to,|
meiif of the visitors at our fair and
the public ^cjjerally.    Iu order to
mal*je this organization a. success
ish^y.n^ed some place tp practiee.in.
The. diftjict. ha?.. Sailed, to,provide
such   a   piacsiv   The  youiig   men
a,re willing to pay a fair-sum for
the use of a  siut.'.ble  Held but -ire
... .    a.. ���.
uijyi|jle to procure such.
What is to be done? Are the
\0.14ng;, m*iVt��. t(* he deprived ot a
suitable place for legitimate sport
for Che, sake of u few paltry dollars?
Where ai*g_iha, public*,spirited individual^ wlm ha*>'ke the m^ans at
their disjjos_4 and whom it, Ws9ul��-
not incqii^-enience in th^. least tp
siirrender, at %. nqjmnal, rental, a
few acres of land fojthe eucourags-
ment of sport?
Wellington Coal,
Rosefrank Lime,
Portland) Cement,
reported a3 not havjng cloii^  muph. omithy  Loal,
Se\%.ec Pipe, Drain Tile.
Delta Transfer Stable
��� ���>. NKW WESTMINSTER,   :-: B. C.
���*���  Matuifiictttrf_'?H uf alt kinds of
It Soda Water, Qinger
.*.    Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
LAQiNaR. B. C,
Team Work ffene ai Specially Ltm Prions.
JOSEPH JORDAN. Proprietor.
-.-; 4- Telephone **' JuafaV* N* to.
1 4"        ^^nnam*amammamma^^^^
....*.. ..***��� ...i.,...*.....\....*i....**.. ...y. ���-.*.,������.*����� ��s.*s\
The Plaee for Tinsmithing. Batk Tttbs, Stovft
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roo/ Hatee, W& Everything Else in This Line,
Notary Publio,
(MM. Hi I Wm Siffi!
Ladner, B. C.
Purehastngs Aui-n*
Brackman=Ker Milling Co
Agent for*.
Gurney Foundry e��.'s Stoves..
P. D. Dod's Mixed Pain,ts.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making, water- hot for-washing dairy
utensilis, scalding bogs,, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One..
Westham Street,
Ladiier,- B. C*
^tfERY '
EuiTqij*. Dki.-1-a TimKsS-..
Would you or -s,ome ol your subscribers kindly inform the.- public
what wag th^r^i^t ol|that l^d-y's
Don.t forget the lecture, iu Odd-J
fellows'-Hall, on Tuesday evening.,!
25th inst., by R..V. A. J. Brace, or'
'���'Trooper Chaplain Brace.,'' on his.,'
"Experiences in .''outh Africa,"-
"The Fighting Line," or "Cana-j
4iaus LJnder Fire" hy an eye vvit-.j
ness. Several curiosities frcai,:
South Africa will bi shown, including the Boer paiits and hat given 1
the prisoners of war. The lecturer i
w|Uvappear iii.khaki uniform. Popular prices, adults 25c. children, 15c.
Manure Spreaders &
j Moline Plows
';       take the lead ever-vwbei'e,
also our   .    .    .    .   .    .
Chatham Inmihators &
J.T. Stainton
��� Manufacturers of all kinigls of. First-Clasf*
j Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver tQ any point on. the Ifoil^
road in Delta'
Our Price Is Right. Wa Can Saw You Money*
Crop Us a Line, Our Agent WIN Gall on You
GEO* M* THRIFT. Manager*
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
qaU ox send your, order to the.
Ladner, B.C
lUeat &
Phone 9.
m. i.i-  er.
Going for Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea.
Hon'tifi-^t y.on.ifielf-iuthiH man'splac*^
bnt-i^e_iii bottle of-this remedy in you.
,, ,.      ...      u  I home.   TKhere. la, iwibtog so good foi
case, at-Brfoklfn.or.New Vorti, wnc.^ :!oUO) C)lglerH Morbus, Dysentery and*,
gave herself up to science and was 1 Diarrhoea.
It is equally val'paHsa. f05.
Summer Complaint'and Cholera Infan-
fcnm and has saved the lives of mors
children thai, any ^thof. medicine in nse.
.   ..     . . ���-.     .   u- ...j    When reduced with water-iand wntnet*.
communicativ>i���frqui tl>e brfite^bea.st,! ,ned i(. ^ pleHSant to take.
inoculated with  tnberculin  seruu;i
tp test whether., tuberculosis  wasq
If y'ou want a nice new
Buggy, up-*to-date in
every respect, or if7the
one you have needs
painting, call at
BAKER'S New showrooms-
to the human family? j   Yon, or some one of your family, aw-j
,J ���������*   r ' _fAJs_MF*R      Unreto.jjeed thiSiWinedy sponer orlateij
-t-,^^'        7   I and wUeathat:iinit*(ioii)osyuiv,will needj
_^___________________ 1 it badly; you will need it quickly. Whjy
��� j oot buy it oow and bfl prepared for such,
_ A; De*.. Taylor will take up hisj ,n v���**���*"'    '^=' ��� <-'ents-
residence on the Slough road on tl e
.nr^t.o^kay. '
loo��rpor��ted 1860s
Ladies' Ileady~to-Wea?a��d.Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, Wliitewear, Etc.,
A Fin�� Lin�� ol Ejnbroidings, and
Laices J iist Opened,
For Sale.
I*v- As, N. MiUer, accompanied,    A   attmbei-. of  Fine,   Purebred
hy Grace'and Harold, spent a few j WhUe Wyaudottes and Buff Or-
.^a^yajKouver during the week., ping^^^kejejs.for;, atfyfc..
���*���    ^-~   ->    ---*- H-..T-. K-1RXI.A.ND.
]o\nA Frasex. a^ wife,, chrpye ittj
frptn Keiasingtoa Prairie on-,Tiburs-
dayv ' Iff, m%Knjft axpects. to h?v?.
WOttf-5.5 wi��� un4**--ci?P ti"s*year* j
SJTRQN.<^ m\$ aiBBALT.&a
A Qe^eral Ranking Business Transacted.
Fashion Stafetes =
T;raciiiMg awl Diaying,
Liv.c^y^ wpijk o-f allj kiK*4s. at*
tended tp, promptly,,
' - H"; Ms^rfnfcki p��i^.a skot\bl1s*- j
ness visitj/t^-Ma^oiwer this week.
Harry is, building n, v^rjcs^P, at       ^^^^^^^^^^^
the mk the pri^inS; W$M \
Bf^Wtetew*** ^ ,^ll*be a: Wm. Alexander
ne* toiler tbl J- Guichot^ steam! WWnt* papv^mwsamma.
Savings Ueparimentm
Deposits of n. W* upwards r^?eived and interest Allowed & highest Cerent tiefrm.
East End., Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,, ^pspl^di, Viftqna.Lhilli-
wack. ^a^ner, Cumberland*^      g| ^____^_____^__^B
'I.jidiicr. T\,_ Cs.
K. WEIG.H.Tv Manager,
sfusl Out!
Jiniii colli
According to 'I'h;*. Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply oi
oats in the United States and Can*
ist of the Rocky Mountains,
312,000 bushels, compared
j,294.000 bushels a year ago.
I ada. e;
is lf>.
with 1
Sur.'eV   ItemS (Continued irom  First Page.)
* - ���      -  =r^r ���  -      III      11   a
  The Reeve and  Clerk were sus��
The shingle mill on the Johnston tained in paying Paul Swenson the
road, known as the Sullivan  mill
, ; lllnv.'.ratiai
The Richest Province in the British Empire.
It-. CQq^QUta'l*-. ^imb.trj its Qsl^er-b^pn fittq, lake nn.l r\\'ci*; \\\ min.-.-:tt ami ftgHcult iral
���reT.niroes: its eitic***nud ^_*,wns; it*�� river, lal>e and mountain fvvnery^ _��� ,;xe^'iJiUy illiwl rating
i.s great mining dcvelqplu'eut, with views of all the principal inine-i, mil! 4, il|tlt.ltsr% et-*.
S*5nt Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00,
.. Address James Lawler, K-psslan.1, B. C.
The Largest .yiv^ls**^ in and fo.r Hritish Columbia a.ul tuith'-r or "M'.llions Made in
Mines." ''(.res.* Clippings and Valuable Information,1' "A Hif'. In Clu.v.l-s." ''Vox H. C,"
'. e,, &c*.
j Holy Communion, ist and 3rd!
'Sundays, at 11 a.m. Other Sun-j
J days at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.30 p.m. |
Sunday .School al i<j a.m., Friday,
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev, Canon Hilton, vicar.
0  YEAnS"
Bast Buy in
Greatest Gold
Discovery   of the
IS cents.
Aga Is in B.C.
Csnsolictastecl Gtold Mines, Limited,
���-1���^���>.����������������������.    r _>���^��
Capital $6125,000, of which 35 per cent in shares
is  now in our Treasury.     Shares fully
paid and non-assessable.
Mines direct!v west of the LeRoi and Le
Koi No. 2, War "Kagle and Centre Star, four
of thc largest (.old-copper mines in the
world, aU of wliich have paid large dividends.
.-nine id? nf teal oje and veins now in sight
ou the bio Vol.K.   t#5Ee w< toptlieB.
Assays (Vow *s 10 $Sop in gold, copper; sir-
vei.ctc. Very v'Kli di^Uiy (is now on t?\-
liibitJon in the c\*y ore exlyWt, euu-Jing wide
\5��'e.U;ivc nvHsly. Vwq ���-fti.t'.s of railway on
l'ig-i-Maur property with water and timber iii
-Rosslaud ore shipments for 19021 350,0 0
tons. Shippped for 1903, about -jio.oootous.
HJ04, about 40-3,000 tons. Total value of Rossland ores milled, $31 000,000.
Ros-latjd's'ore bodies an: a great success
witli the concentration system of ore reduc-
tl m. sfo.uo ore now pays in mine as now
P-rfevcd by the latest reports and dividends.
No less than 100 shares sold. JrAvvres ca.11
be had on inst illindut plrfti, payments
monthly Twenty' p.er cent cash, balance
within a year.
Company ha* uo debts ur lin&UUes, and a
full force of men now wantlrtfc.
Reference*.--The Hon. Mayor, Oold Cptu-
mi.-isiouer, po.stinaster, or any bank or husi-
ueHd mau in city,
TUtye is a tide i" the affairs of meu
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their lify
Is bound in shallows u.n.d iu tuuv.'rie.'i.
Reverend Father Kdm. Peytavm,
O.M. I. vServices first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a ra.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
l a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting. 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
] Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Tradi: Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention IB probably patentable, Cmim.iinica-
lifinsatrtctlyciitilldentml. HANDBOOK on I'ateiita
bent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
I'sitcnts taken through Munn & Co. receive
spo'int notice, without charge, In the
Scientific Jhtericam
\ handsomely Illustrated week)*/. T,nree��t clr-
.-uluti,ui uf nny fsriQiittfle Journal. Temis, $3 a
yenr; four morituu, |L Sold brail newsdealer*.
MUNN&Co.'6'3-^'New York
Branch 'mice. 026 F SU Washington. D. C.
_   l8
Time Table
1 is running night and day.
Chas. Mclunes, of Kast Kensington, and S. Boothroyd, of Surrey
Centre, have gone intc the Interior
lor the .summer.
Mrs.   C.   Fulton,  of Vancouver,
who has been  visiting  relatives at
East Kensington, for the  past few
j weeks, has returned home.
Mrs. Semibaugh,  of Vancouver,
j wjth her two children, are visiting
I her parents,   Mr.   and Mrs.  Colli-
shaw, of Kensington Prairie.
Angus Mclnnes, teamster for
! John McCallum, Mud Bay, had the
I misfortune to get his leg ..-rushed by
: a log which will lay hiu up for a
: lew weeks.
Services next Lord's Dayat3P. ni ip-m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
Sabbath School at 2pm     Mid-' 6:30 p.m.
week meeting on Thursday evening i 	
at 7:30 o'clock Monday,  Wednesday  and  Friday.
Albert   Milton,   of Cloverdale, is
leaving about the  first ol May for
i the Skeena rjver country where he,
IN EFFECT MARCH   26,  1905.; with  several  others, intend trying
Train   leaves   Port   Guichon   a Itl]eir luck on tue proposed G. T. P.
,12:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale I ������lle-
at 2:00 p.m. j     Mrs. Collishaw intended leaving
Train leaves Cloverdale at 5:10  for the east in a  few days  for  the
benefit of her health, but had  the
misfortune  to run  a  nail into her
I-LEASSJ NQTe PRICE at j '  ,   .
Any amount less than $100 send postofflce
or express money order; over this amount,
by bank droit to Secretary. -
[ Glkwmurcy
Rossland, B.C., Canada
foot, causing a very painful wound,
I Dr. Kendall is in attendance.
C, D. Moggridge, of Bellemeade
i    There  are two through passen-| truit farm at Hazelmere, has leit for
7:30 p.m.,  Pastor P. ;ger trains per day each way to and I the Old Country where he  intends
H. McEwen will preach.    Subject, j from .Seattle aud a  mixed train to 1 to reside, his wife having  preceded
"What is Your Weight." and from Bellingham. him  bv  several  months.      H.   T.
Prayer me.ting at 8:00 Thursday ; _  _,__  Tbrift has c;jarge of the farm.
evening. Singing practice at 8:30
All cordially invited to any or all
sum of ;>2oo his contract for ditch
on the Kittson road north.
It was decided to pay D. Woodward ��60 for track at gravel pit,
Port Kells, the same io become the
propertv of the Council.
The Reeve, Finance Committee
and Clerk were authorized to sign
a promissory note in favor of the
Royal Bank of Canada for the sum
of gi.ooo under the Temporary
Loan By-law.
The following accounts were ordered paid: D. Woodward, on account of gravel, $500; G. Embree,
repairing Embree rond, ��4.50; P.
Shirley, two months' salary, $120;
J. Jordan, work on roads, $31.75;
R. Deane, repairing Boundary Bav
road, $4.50; Delta Times, printing
and advertising, $22; W. H. Taylor, repairing tools, ��2.50; X. A.
McDiarmid, salary, $70; Sam Gray,
repairing Scott road, 50c.
Council then adjourned till .Saturday, April 22nd, at 10 a.m.
Service  at  7:30 p.m.
the G.N.R. re getting the spur extended into the yard e little farther
which will enable them to erect a
steam loader for, handling barn or
bridge timber to advantage.
How to Ward Off an Attack of Rheumatism.
A   Good   Word   for   Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. ���
Order Bhuik. and our most comprehensive and complete Illustrated Prospectus showing
all Rossland mine, and giving valuable infor.nation, w4tli Maps aud Reports Irom Mining
> Kngiiieers, sent only to investors or those desiring la invest. Sent fVee on receipt of io
cents in stamps for postage,   i
"Tn December, 1900, I had a severe
cold and was so hoarse that I could
not speak above a whisper," says Allen Davis, of Freestone, N. Y. "I
tried several remedies, but got no re-
Electric in con Ll
(.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.S0
and 6.50 a.tt��s and ...jriy thereafter Until 11 p.
ui.; Saturdays and Sundays at n p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver f��.r Westminsters at 5.50
and n.so a. in, and hourly thereafter untii lop.
IU.; Saturdays and Sundays at it p.m.
We are enjoying the finest kind
of weather and seeding is well under way, though tnere is time
enough yet. Several farmers report having finished seeding but we Wesl Va, "I tried everything with
think the grain would be as Well in !���� relief whatever, until 1 procured a
"Por years when spring time came
and I went into gardening. 1 was su;e
to have an attack of rheumatism, and
every attack was more severe than
the preceding one," says Josie McDonald,   of- - Man,    Logan     County,
the bain   until  the ground gets a
little warmer.
Messrs.   Graham    and    McNair
have their tramway at Clayton com-
ar.d  are shipping  bolts   to
Camp Hone
Lumber Mill
Has been moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott road, and ia now prepared to supply
all kinds of Rough 3?ir iiumber at reasonable prices.    .. *
We run Hrst-class freight cars between  West-j p.eted
lief until  1 used   Chamberlain's  Cough ' minster and  Vancouver and  all shipments are i ., . . ., ...
,,.,., ,   handled with the utmost eare and delivered to   the   Air.encail   Side.      It   IS   a   pity
Remedy,   one   bottle   ot   which   curetl   consignee without delay.   Special attention paid   .', . ..   .       .
me      I will tlwavs sneak a (food word   to fnitt shipments.    Our wagons meet all boats,   there IS UO law to prevent all   kmfls
.        . ,..',,,. ,    ,      .,   T    niid trains.   Kor rates, etc. apply to
lor that medicine.      I'or sale by r. J.
I)  A. sniffs F. k. Ct.OVER
Traffic mk>
li. C,
I ..eal Mg
tQ. Q. Dennis,
East Delta.
Let Us Talk It Over*
Have you, young man. or young woman, ever given the
future any cousideratiou? Are you content to drift along as
yon are with'.'a stftperftlcial public school education whicli does
not prepare you for earning your Hving.
There are openings for young ove-tt in the business, world
as stenographers or clerks,. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could yo��do in such a .position? Are you a good
penman? Are y-o-nrnpi^ and accurate at figures. Can you use
."he typewriter so as to write 40 words per mituite? Can you do
well the many things that are required to be done in the business oRtcesdflargc cities?   "   *
Unless yon have taken a course in tht above you arc uu
prepared for office Work except in a small village,    We   can
prepare yoU, for a ^ood position���a position: that, will in ;t few
months pay for your investment.    Some of our lady grttdu-
3tes are earning $40 a mouth and over.
' Miss; W. Ks Smith receives 49 per naonth from the
Jfastiugs Shingle Manufacturing Co,, as stenographer. Miss
Men/.ie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C. P. R.
at $30 per mon h and upward*
If yoneonie tia Us and work hard. If yon want further
proof ol'the way we help to positious write us aud we will
send you more names.   '.; . ,
But diOstt't put off! Every mouth' you delay means one
month's; salary lost. .The sooner you graduate the' sooner
you aVe itt a position.
Vancouver Business College,
149 Hastings Street.,    -    -    -    Opposite Province Office.
HYn, llsLIOTT, Principal,
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME" GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouatids of Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
PLANTS     .
now growing in my  Nurseries  foi
Spring planting.
EiijSttrn,prices or less. White Labor.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
OflV-r yoit splcnJi.1 iniprovoincrit, nt
Kituili cost tor nny stylo ut" building.
VVe in.tkt- them complete, to suit
nny si/..*��i or sliaix-il structure ��� the
entire metnl OtiUli includrnfe; dtnir mui
Window CflpA. 1 ..rniisVN, etc.���in u :;r."ii.
viirietj* of styles.
They give a very hnndftome efleeti
and enduring, prnctienl satistactiun.
Wt: give i-siinint.-M it' you send
i.H*n**"iuvnK-iits ami out line ot limliuild*
Think it over*
Mete.l_.c R.oofin_( Co.,
Wholesale Manufacturers,
Toronto, Canada.
I ejajl^mm^m
M.J. HENRY, Vancouver      ROBT.
3010 Westminster Road. LADNER,
MAY, Agent,
Marconi Wireless
Telegraph Co.,
Of Canada.
of timber from being; exported. At
the present rate there will be no
available timber left for the local
mills inside five vears.
The shingle mill at Hall's Prairie, "which seems to have such bad
luck during the past three years,"
has again changed hands. This
time a B. C. firm has it 3nd we
look ior it to run. J. Kinney is
the new manager, and V. Dunn, of
Westminster, is heavily interested.
-.\ large dry-kiln is about completed, ancl two new machines have
been installed. The new firm ex
pect to be running by the end of,
the month.
A very  pleasant surprise party
was given by the  young   people of
Hazelmere at the home of F. Mclnnes.    The  evening was spent in
games, singing, music, etc.    Those
present   were:   Mrs.  J.   Pengally,
Misses S. Barton, Nettie Thrift, S.
Mclnnis,   Maud   Griffith,   Maggie
Barton, M. Mclnnis, Dora Nelson,
Dora Wilder; Messrs.  J. Pengally,
i H, Nelson, F. McCrimmon, .\. Mc-
| Innis, Geo, Thrift, A. Griffith, Geo,
1 Radford,    Ed.    Thrift,    and   W.-l
, Mathias.      At   twelve    o'clock   a j
i dainty   lunch   was   served,   after!
! which  games  were kept up until j
j about three o'clock when everyone I
1 went home feeling that there is not'
j enough surprise parties in Surrey.   !
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
and the first application gave me ease,
and before the first bottle was used
I felt like a new person.. Now I feel
tliat 1 am cured, but I always keep 4
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm in
the house and when I feel any symptoms of a return I soon drive it away
with one or two applications of this
liniment.    For --air by  F...J.  M.cl.en-
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards aud Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
that the Vancouver, Victoria and
Eastern Railway and Navigation
Company will apply to the Parliament of Canada at the present ses��
sion thereof for an Act declaring
that the said Company is and ha*
been since it railway was by 6t
Victoria, Chapter Sg declared to be
a work for the general advantage of
Canada, a company under tbe legis**
lative jurisdiction of the Parliament of Canada and authorizing
the Company to construct and operate in extension of the undertake
ing already authorized a railway
from Oliver's on the line of the
Victoria. Terminal Railway and
Ferry Company to the South Bank
of the Fraser River near Liverpool
The Hazelmere Lumber Co. have j and to a connection with the bridge
just got their new machinery in-!ovei the Fraser  River ne.r Liver-
T exists tinder ami   hy vrtue of a special act of parliament, conferring upon the company unusually broad and comprehensive powers,
practically guaranteeing a monopoly of the wireless telegraph.
The Ottawa government h.is set down $ico,ooo for Marconi Wireless stations in British Columbia,
Opportunities ��lo uot come often. The price of Maicoui securities is advancing rapidly.    To-day they are
Do no' wait too lotii- to ' uy at $5 for the price is likely to advance
any day. All applications f r Marconi Securities must be accompanied
by remittance in full, made \ aynbl. to the order of
stalled, including a 36-inch three-
saw edger, which is the best machine of its kind between the
boundary line and the Fraser river,
and is the same pattern as used by
several of Vancouver's large mills.
The new boiler and engine is in
place and  within  the next two or
pool with power to conneot with
railways operating in the State of
Washington and with the Vancouver, Westmiuster and Yukon Railway Company; the Victoria Terminal Railway and Ferry Company
and the New Westminster South-era
Railway Company or any of them,
three days everything will be in j and extending the time limited by
S. Gintzburger,
Sales Agent,
readiness tor a big season's wotk.
Geo. M. Thrift, the manager, has
been in Vancouver for several days
getting the balance of the machinery with wbich to put the finishing
touches on their mill, and leaves on
Tuesday for Seattle, where he goes
to confer with the superintendent of
the Acts respecting the Company
for the comtnenoement and completion of its undertaking and for
other purposes, ^
Dated at Ottawa this 31st day of
March  1905.
Solicitors tor the Applicants, i'lm DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY APRIL  15, 1005.
LQCAL, SE.WS.   WesUiarn ��^��vkf$f|T  QMSM STORE
Mrs. rind B��j*t Arthur r,etyuned to
Ladner o-i A^ednefdax;.
Miss Alice  {-.a^kiex visit^4: ^ew
\Vestruinster oij Thursday.
Mrs.  WooUety am). Nj^s. Clark
-i^eut up river this mqjnyig.
if. J.. i^-irklan4i routined, on
"^uesda^, lifim a hus'!11?*-* tr'P t0
W. J,. Le^rvv |r.., re^rned on
We.tlnt^dax fspm a tj-ij> tp,trjp Capital City.
V/. J. BrjLyidri%, r,etvirnedi. Monday, from a, demonstration trip to
Messi-,. Philpot and 17 Muun ol
J Westminster, spent Suuday on the
\ Island*.
A large, numjjer ol the, young
people attended a dance wi Clays'
Hall, Luju Island, yesterday,
Seeding operatfipns  are  fast approaching,  an  ending  nnd   a  few
more fine days y<ijl; s.tje the. most of
J.the grain sown,
Mrs. G. W. London audi little son
^rtie and Mrs. J. Gil more spent a
few days with fr,iends atj Reusing
^>n Prairie. While there Artie was
unfortunte. enough to fall and break
his arm, but-, we are glad to note
t^iat he is.progressing-, favorably and
|;hope he will soon be all right again.
' i-'uaitm..i_...jix
Alex. D*\l�� a-.*.}. E. B- Ladner
paid, a visit tc, 4h>V, ^e&tininster
-Rev. Cation I-I$oti at^ son, se-
tn.rned, Tbm^ay, frpm a, vsisit to
N. A. M^Diajmid and Jas. Grant
paid a visit, tc*, the Royal City on
The following notice was received too late to make t$p change, and j
would indicate tiiat there is no time
to lose if. you wish to bpy  Marconi
stock at $5 per sbsye* "I have jusl j
received notice, froin  New \ork to
stop aU Marconi advertisements.   1;
will therefore.asl^yourto withdraw!
jail   notices   for    the   present.���S.
We- ����8- in a,, better position now t.&an %ver be*.
fore tp> cater to. your needs*.     We are ^-.l^d. to our
t_tmo3i; capacity with everything igi Dijv -feoods and
Ladies' Ready-to-^Wear Garments^ ajl o>|" whfch we
[guarantee as t-hosoughly u*^-to-da^e.
Ladies' Suits-
An a.S30Fted lot oi1 tailor-made Suits ranging
in price from $10 to $1<3, youj choice now
at $4,.90.
Ladies' Skirts*
(^rey Cheviot dress Skirts, nicejiy tailed and |
comes in different si^s., regular $;�� for $1.50.
Novelty  Tir$eed  Skirts, nicely trim_aated and
lovely patterns,  regujar  $4.5Q to  clear   at
<!>o <"*'--;
Gq vf*. agaiQfSt it aM b.i*y *tetf9&* Seeds,
B��fs. *e best ����4 mmmm
Grass,  Vegetable
Flower * Cloy er
If Tot* cant come in to Ste�� Ufc, ji__3k "Wait ft*
the WatfQA."   Well Tfcaafc Yq,i* Rjgjfcl
Ladies' Lawn Shirtwaists,  bea^tif^l^r trim- -
med with Torchon stgid Oluny Laee-^ a Snap
n i iiwihi
Ch^s. D^ts^apd M. Mason paid
<l Visit tp, the^ Terminal City on
Tuesday haf^
. C. F. Green and Mj��-i Green were
aipon^ ths p��*S_fiHJtrs dflwn rivet
<{n Wedne^ax.
JftS, Jordan and \|T. Whitworth
1-rere passeqgers tp Vaqcotiver by
Monday's, train,
; Rt. Rev. Bishop- IJotrtpjiwill returned hordes.on Wednesday and has
been busy receiving congratulations on. his safe arrival in New
Westminster. On Thursday afternoon His Lordship held a, reception
jii St. Anp's Consent when the
Sisters and pupils ther? had an
lopportunity of coratpg in touch, with
the heaji of tlie Roman Catholic
Church iu the Dipcese.
Big S&le of Portfers and Lace Cur=
tarns Now 0��%
Mrs. M. N;., Reid spent a few
t^ays, ia.>t week, at her home oh
thV Slough road.
Bert Creech paid a business t^isit
Jiere this v^eek a$$ ^afsthe.��uest of
hif brojker, Harvey.
W. H| TaylPl, returned, Monday
moriiing, fror^ Vancouver wh?f*5 he_
had been on a. bt^iness.v^isit.
Miss. I^irjr,lj^i accqi^paiued by
her sitter, Olga^ -w.ere.visitors, to
We&tttjinstjir diirit^g the .wee)^.
' ~JJ j,1:J ���������<':   TS3S.
Missess CiJ9��3.\ S^n'^n>. -Porotby
Ijord and Violet_ Ladner arfjved on
Thursday, for the Easter holidays.
I Imported   English   Prints,, 36   inches wide, 12-^c.
nLadies^ BJ.ack Cashmere H"osey s^eciaJi ^ |tairs $1.
Come and hear the le,ctnre,
Come ar>d hear: hijn.say
3pw,.the war was wou,
In sunny Africa.
Gome nnd see a word picture
Of battles hard and brave
For Kanucka were out there fight*
With t|ieir kirysmen sida by, side.
Britons:fvvonsV,the North were there,
The South, the liast aud W^es*,
United-.tor, a vktor-y,
That victq^y is past...
Lad^err April 12, '0$.
Maj I Orders
to Promptly
M tiNSR, \
t?< c,
High GtasSi Tailoring*
Up-to-date in Style and Fit, also Cleaning, Pressing and  R*epair-
i uig done.    AU work guaranteed.    If not satisfied, your money
j rctunded  or   we   will   spake- you another S41J!; on, r^turu ofthe
I first.
I      '   JJ J   .     I ' ts        I U I
McPherson A *$on
Ladner, B. C:
"" -Ill.l  '  S�����M������
Those who have investigated our methods:
of business, ha^e. ttj.lly satisfied tthiomsetves, of
our standing..
Value is Assured
by our direct bu.y.it>g, which enables u.sto. cut
out the "in between" profits and expenses that
'���dies' Drcsiing T��bi��s burden the ordinary dealer,, aiid put the differ-
sim.iartoiuustrt.ti. a  ence jnrn nu .Ktv-.Siiv'. for our catalojrtw, 230.
$20.00, . , V     '
M��bpc*nx Fmsg*,,    |ages, �� - flea.
Weiler Bros.,
.'��.. wssesoaeas
. Mrs. (Dr.> Wopdley and* family
returned home, on Tuesday last
'from Blackie, Spi^t where she has
been visiting friends for some time.
Two Pigs strayed onto my property   some  tiain- ago,   owner  may
have same by pro.ing property.
ai5te . JL\  B. LADNER.
Ladnej,h^sc$ .a few golf eothusj-
asts who bave managed to obtain
the use ot a,4 fielfl ftpm T. E. Lad-
F. R. Glover, loc^l manager qf
the BA 9. I^; R{, was i�� town on
S^urfla^ last ip t^ie. company's in-,
A very, pleasant tips was., spent
last evening at tbe parsonage, when
a number of young people assembled
in honor of Miss Buckingham who
is vinting there.
Miss EtheJ Reid is,, at. present in
Jubilee Hos^tal��� Victoria, for surg-
i^Jtregtme^ for, l^.r. foqt;, by Dr.
(Jwen Merfditb. Jpne��-
G. Paddon, _p6 beeu, b^y making some ver^ n\ce_ i^prp^enieuLs
onbi^pl^cej A^new c^ckjen bo,use
anft g����na*'^ ba^g th*>..resujit
Rev. Jt S. Henderson, of New
W(estmii��stei:, preached excellent
Sermons,, on Sunday last, in St.
Andre-w's Presbyterian. Church.
There was a good turu-out.
Inauguration   .Safe,
H��, IY 1U%..
Cotiirt of Revision
! Cattle-
Thoi;pe'sSp4a Water, Ginger Ale.
eje , at the Cjty Bakery,
Among those*, attending, yester-
cUyXMBrketwete:, Mjs., A*. Reid,
Mr��. j( Tfyjos, Mi��(s, LeoHfli Whit-
w'ortli *^%S^ ���tW-ft^t?,*^:
T. Sbo_Vref{i|has^;ot1a suap^us
{���oking ma_fe uodet^Hie erf his eyes.
S^ys be did it.hiHiself wttfc at ham-
twer.    T��i,af>����riKbt, *��flJLflBf*;
An>c��g tUl.fansfer5' passjen^f
ysstefrVNT.^fni^ were?" ^' WE'
Qurtif a n4i ��<W. Miss Vaughan,
Miis J. Thirkle and  H. J. Kirk-
j   Leayji. YQi^r order? fpr Hot X
Byjns.afc,the City Bakery^
$5 CaWnets^orv^j, Fricke and
Schenck;. t-hf Vancouver Photographers, who opened a siudio
here^i fesvs.montbs ago, willi return
for a short time.to further.introduce
their WP*"** ip tn's vicinity. Cabinets worth $s wiltj be. made..at the
advertising price of $g pef dozen.
This offtr; is gqpd* for oiie week,
Tuesday; April,isitb, untifjMpnday,
April 17% Do not miss- this;appor-
tunity. Studio near May's Tin
15 Dairy Cows and Heifers, with
and in calf; 3 Fat Cows, 4 two-
year-old Heifer,s, 1-4 two-year-old
Steers, 6 Yearling Hciferi- ^nd
Steers, 6 Registered Shorthorn
Bull Calves,
Oxfordshire- Dowi-s r* 30, Ewes
and Lajnhs. zf, Xqarling Ewes. 1
2   Registered": Vorljsliire   Brood
Sows. 1 Yorkshire Pedigree Boar,
,   5 Be-ksbire.Broed Sqws, r Berk*
!   shire Boar,  2  Brooch Sow��s.   20
Store Pigs.
1 seveB-.year-olf. Mares in, fqal, 1
three-year-old Colt.
Further, eftrly entr-jes are solicited.
PUBLIC- NOTICE- is hereby
given that the Assessment Roll of
the Municipality, for the year 1905,
has been returned to the. Council.
The* Court of. Revision meets in the
Qouncit Chamber Ladner, on the
22nd dav ot April, at ip a.m. All
complaints against tbe Assessment
..oust be made in writing to the
Assessor, at least ten days, before
thefifiSt meeting of tbe Court.
Ladner, Maich 15*.b,. JQP5,     ai5
A> ��i&iji��ti.al cost, ^rivals- individuals or busirie**
nitja can put their* vtapor^aiitr _Jtft_a?r$i acad valuables iii %.
secure and convenient place.
Tlftis is a boon ta tfeos*? wly> d<b nn**ft possess & saf^
and to families tfa-vellin^..
Ilj^se bp&es. are accessible dittriug all Ijttsi&as* hflMJtt*
to the renfeerN who  holds the keys
RATES s Sl.5.0 pej; yeag\
Westminster Trusl^ & 3afQ; Eie^sit Co.,. Limited^
Authoifi^ii Capital, $25,000.
R J. HART & CO..
New W*s_stminster, B. C.
Andrew Clausen,
l&dtes; Qhatetaiiae Watchesr froca $5 up-
Indies' OfohX Wa��tches from $15 up.
���?s*t Grlsass, Silverware g-md aJOl \wsti& <rf &pih
If Your Eyes
Bother You
Thpy, requiro a-ttentk>n. Do not
trifle with so seriqiis..^ njatty* We
will nt. them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optica,} tr.ade-.
Graduate Q-gJ-ittfan*
Consultation, & Examipattpn Free
T.  Gifford's Jewselry Store,
NEW WES33MJ|NS^rE4i. -. BvC-,
Jeweller, Etc.. Etc.
What's Saved
Constitiuts'-s, a IftFgQ: part of wia.1i is ean��$ fa this age*
of ptsogiiesii, Xojiii caijk't be too caf^ful of tjbft peuuies.
RealdijJBg this and t��3&ing 3, strong bid for your trade*
W% hftve outs- goods, marked at tho foweU gpssibfe price.
Our yalns,*?, ganqpt be. beate.!?,, Vfe uivite your inspec-.
Bed   fooom    FU^NslTURE���Suite��;ftom $15,00 Up>
W��� OIFFORD;Pai:iQ^        furniture���      ^
.tfci._ FURNITURE��� $ ��*
Garp^v Mwfepmi OiMotK Hat^ngs^ A^wstgs, Pic*,
bure FriBjm^.^<?-.&<?%
Yoa, wilt hft pkacjed ^i^ a��ythi!flg ft* paw Kne ��nd;
can saye timoj mi>.^*v and teojuhlft b.$ qojqyn^ dii;��|<it her�� au^i
making -^Q^^pchases.
Kooui 2, I'.llard ijl.irk. Mew Wrslmiurter.
Lee's Furniture Emporium*


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