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The Delta Times Dec 30, 1905

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--  ' JAN 3_
VoL 3_ No. 17.
/. C, SATURDAY, D,-_CEMBEk $& 1905.
Scte uo ;_nj.   PIRE fl] STEVESTON
We take ihis opportunity
To thank our Customers for their hearty patronage
during this year, particularly during this holiday
season, and
wW^aw  ww &M*9m��M W (
Thursday evening John Oliver, The school seas.n at Ihe "Bound-
M.P.P., met bis constituents -in the ary Bay public school was brought
j Town Hall, here, and pointed out, j to a close ou the 42nd iest., by an
in a very masterly n-anner the-chiefj entertainment given by the scholars,
objections to the new School Act, who acquitted themselves credit*
as well as other acts of-legislation ably. Following is the progrnmitoe.
and administration, during the fast I Acrostic Christmas; T-Tt-e Kir
session. of Orient,  three  boys;   song, ".N
The chief object  discussed ��� wel1'" Miss *"*  *��*��   "Star c
the School Act, a>id Mr. -Oliver
pointed cut that, under tl.e new
la-.v, a vwry heavy burden would be
7;r0'i-:i onto the shoulders of the
H-! il Assessors in order to-carry
O ! lit- T*fiw 1 -nr, also that the
t"-.i iree*. will have no available fafldS
'\Vith v, ivch to pay their teachers,
until next fall. This, and the fact
that a public meeting is necessary
to ratify the salaries, is liable to
be the means of driving the best
teachers out of 'the profession, the
province generally, 'being the loser.
"All this," said the speaker, "has
beeu brought about iu order to relieve the Provincial Treasury to the
extent ef abe.ut $50,000-3 year."
According to the estimates tlie am-
euuts raised in 1904 \va. $ ;.u,ooo:
in 1905 .'444,000, and in 1906 it is
$421,000. The 1906 estimate
covers six months under the old
Act and six months under the new.
Hence the difference���-#22,000���is
one half the amount saved, per annum under th. new Act. "Now,
gentletn��n." said John, "if ,be
government had",increased the provincial taxes one nail on -he dollar-
sufficient funds would have been
raised, and that without any extra
expense, the government having all
the needed machinery." Had this
been done, the existing school system would not have been upset.
On account of the festive season,
the attendance was small but very
Fire at Steveston, last night, destroyed the Japanese residence, adjoining the Gulf cf Georgia Cannery. Tbe .fire Started about 7
o'clock the fiaa.es of which were
discemable from the waterfiont
here. The wind eotn;ng from a
favorable quarter was Steveston!*
the East,'' the School; . recltaJc*.
Daisy Lucas; "Const-.-.t CWrisf-
inss." Kate Pearse; song, "Christmas All Year Long," Violet Lucas;
recitation, "Christmas Day," Aubrey Canunidge; song, "Christmas
Day," Peail Pearse; song, "Siinti's
Letter," Robert Moriey.; recitaiipii,
"Three Cheers for Old Santa,"
John Brandrith; Christmas Drill by
the School; song, ""Chris.tir.as
Bells," by the Sohool; recitation,
"Tommy's Thanksgiving" Tom
Brandrith; recitation, "Alaska'
Christmas Candles, Violet Lucas;
song, "A Christmas Dream," Johnj
Brandrith; recitation, "Signs of,
Christmas," Miss Brandrith.
Oi Wednesday ��vening last
[quite a few local "Masons went up te
jthe Royal City to attend the installation festivities. Among; them be-
I'ing Robt. May, W. H, Smith. F.
j-Cutting, W. ). Brandrith aad H.
1 McCormick.
I Duringthe evening pa_t*_aa9t-ii'
jewels were presented to R. X.
Chapman and W. A. Dashwood-
Jones, the .-presentation being made
by P.G.M. J. Salute.
After the work of the-lodge-room
I had been completed,  all adjourned
��� ���,   . ,, to the banquet hall to discuss the
-1. T1SAma!:.Trre :f0!l0Wed' *h.e *ood things provided.  -Incidentally
there was an interesting toast litft
p eseuts calculated to gladden the which produced many nice speeches,
''nle   ones*     The songs,   instumental  music,   all of
:orgotten  either,  which helped t0  ^^ ^ a rtJtJ
.pleasant evening not a whit lets
branches of which were laden with
p esen
hearts   o.   the   little
teacher was not
bein.j tbe icdpient of several beau
tiful presents, showing the :esteem
, enjoyable than ou similar previose
in which she is held by the.parents. _ .���������;_,..
(J ..v..ti.'i ji_) 1 - 5.
and iriends of the school.
When the tree had been stripped
refreshments were served, after
which   "AukI   Ling   Syne"
��muy,, an4 tne -school year of 1005
.passed into history.
Oirisinas Tree.
We have a few boxes,.oi Baldwin
apples left���City Bakery.
��     7"'
Services to-morrows in All-.3ai����s.
Holy Cominuniun .at S;.30 a. .w;
M-atius and .sermon, at -ii a. in;
Ev.usonj.and sermon. ;,tj p. r_.
Marshall Smith
Below we give the list of winning
���numbers in the Xmas Drawing at
Marshall Smith's:
-end���A3823, John Honeyman.
3rd���-A3829, John Honeyman.
���4th���*A.361, Mrs. Gillanders.
3th���A2402, Jos. Harris.
"7th���A2403, Jos. Harris.
9tb���13478, Wm. Siddall, sr.
10th���A3447, A. Montgomery.
ist���11796, Dr. Woodley,
3rd���A246S, Geo. McClusky.
���J**���-USSS. -Mm- Selich.
8th���13- *_, Chris Mor ow,
9th���1298$, C. K ttle*.
A  soekl -*;T3theTiji-g tsi  -Trie ire vat
the   residence   of   G.   McCh-fcky,
! Crescent Island, last evening, when
'Frank Pavesich, ot Canoe  Pass,
.had the mislortune to lose  a  valuable dog; On  Sunday  night,   while
-a puppy belonging to -Andrew Calo-
sich met tlie same late on Friday
���afternoon,   the   22nd-inst.   Beta
these dogs are reported to have got
poison   very near to home.   The
adult dog was nevei  known to go
tar from his owner while the puppy
of course, could not travel far. This
is a serious matter.
Chamberlain's Gough Remedy
Considerable  coiiipjaint   ic bei
in.ide against  the existence  ol
gambling den in connection wiih
one of our business houses, where
blackjack, *ttc,   is being operated.
Onr you Or men have to work too
hard for tbeir money to fritter it
awav iu -this manner, and it behooves our Council to look into
this matter ere it istoo'Ute.
Is there uo need of a permanent
constable? One -who will search
for the gambliug den atid the private saloon and bsing them to
W. Mason did not buy tbe property in-between H G. Taylor aud
Mrs. P. Matheson, but the ,\o seres
adjoining the dyke or th* G B
Bnrr-OB; Dslta Times;
Sir: This evenine; Roy Barber
went out on the    an to spend
an hour o. ���<��� shooing. He anchored his boat, as he thought,
sale, but tke high tide lifted the
boat which dragged its anchor, and
when Mr. Barber returned, Id! no
boat was to be found. Mr. Barber,
���bring aware of his predicamen at
once fired distress signals Irom I -.s
well known galling _:uu as well as
testing th: capacity of his lungs.
Bert Harris hearinj his cries for
help lost no time in launching the
lifeboat and was soon on the scene,
arriving just in tim to save his
friend Roy from a v aterv rave, as
the fast rising tide was now even
with his chin.
Bert certainly deserves a mark
for cheating the might Fra-.-i of
its intended vict
"Gun for sale cheap."
L**d_er Dec. 29th 1905.
A very successful entertainment
and Christmas tree was held at St.
Stephen's Church, East Delta, 00 cards and dancing was .Indnlgedio
-Friday evening, the 22ndinst.. with j until the wee snta' hours,
the Rev. A. McAuley <in the chair.!  '
Among tbe  thankful  hearts fhk
week is our old friend J. T. Pollock,
1 of Revelstock, who says  WI would
not be wifhout'the *Times for twice
Recitations, -dialogues, voccl and instrumental   music   comprised   the
-omewh.it lengthy programme of 3
numb:-.    All   the   --:���: e     '-ere
very   creditably    rendered    whilst,the Price .^"^ for S*he i����e^
quite a lew were so excellent  as to M
bring forth repeated  encores fromj  i i
the delighted audience, which filled      Haley Wilson and Tom Jordam
the church to overflowing.     Every tnade a good haul en Christmas
child present received a:  least one Day, getting one goose and twenty
present from'the tree, the stripping ducks,   from   whic . *tbe  Printer
ol which, and tne appropriate pre- benefited to   the extent of a nice
seuts received by a number of the brace of ducks.
adults, created much amusement.    I ________��__
In addition to the presents from I
the tree each Sunday School scholar'    We   kre   "^ t0  see our
received abandsom!* book from the
Sunday Fchoo teachers. At the
conclusion of the programme a
p'r ><)'.-- f.ply- o: del icious refrt sh-
meuts wete served and the entertainment closed by singing "God
Save the King,"
are sorry to see our old
friend Wm. Alexander and his
family removing from our midst
and wish them*-very -success in
t ������! ir new venture. Mr. Alexauder,
we understand, is taking up dray
work in Vancouver, whence they
move on or about Wednesday next.
Monday being New Year's Day
and the Feast of CiTcur.cisioa,
Divine service will be held in All
���Saints Church in the morning at 11
In spite oT the unsettled weather
on Xmas day the services in the
j Anglican Church  we-e fairly well
The prizes foT the guessing con-; attended.
The services were nicely
Smith'* were award-j rendered,   thowgh  the absence   of
I the choir boys, owing to .tbe di*ph-
i theria,   wns  ver,' no'tictable,.   The
Messrs. M. Wharton and J.
Collison bought oat, on Wednesday last, thc business known as
Fashion St.tbles,o-\n:r< and operated hv W.t. AkxaiKlcr. The
above'���yotin-j men are well .nd favorably kpown among us v ri ve he-
Spsak I r er a fail .;h...e
work to 7e done hcix*.
test at W. H
ed as follows:
ist���H. McCormick, 517.
and���W. A. Kirkland, 515.
3rd���Mrs. D. A. McKee, 513
ist���Wallace Fenton, -525.
2nd���Henry Jordan, 499.
3rd���Jessie Mclnnes, 490,
I church was aud  is  be-u*.Ufuliy  de*
icorated far tbeTc-rtiva'.
H. J. Kirkland and "Harry Hut-
J cherson, left for the -east on Wed-
jnesday.   They will visit Toronto
j and Montreal "and then ��0 south,
Tlie correct number of seeds were; touring the aouthern states, and re*
517. 7 turning home via San   Francisco.
~~~~~~~~~~��� ; Mr. Hutcherioa has not seen  his
Try Carnation Flakes, good nmc- old home, Guelph, Ont., since first
. t |.i_ sh in every package���City B-il*- he came west during constructiar
ery. .of.theiX..-P..R. THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, :$>&
f  ,
':i I
'  1
:   si
Fr_W*H��_> 1VMT  SATUaDAY.
IvMCBtrTioK. *��.��> P** -J*****
_ tar-MuaeNtal A*iMllw-aU eaa b��
_ I ea aaaliaaaaa at thla ��������.
rr��*Ti aafaaat iecaatapar Mac for each la*
1 aaa Death aattaa, sac., Marriagea $i.ae.
eaaakal a-U��e, the abject et which let*
a* tht Mcaaier, -meat at any indivrldual
-t��My,teh* caaaUcrcd aa alTcrtiaemeat
mmaei aaaafitagiy.
SU-ar-iiar-eate aaaraaa for aaMl ordered
aad aatd for.
aiaeeeadaaee laTited aa aiattera et public
Caaaaaaicatiaae te editor aauet be ac-
aaaled by aaatc er writer, aot neceaearil,
aabaaaaaa, hat ae cideace af toad faith
adoaoe aaS reach thia efoce h, Tkura-
Gao. R. Manlut,
���aroaaAT, d��-i-M-E�� 30, 1905.
Considerable complaint having
been made regarding the flushing
.of thc ditches, instructions have
been Issued to have the ditches
{Lashed at least twice a week, during
(the prevalence ot diphtheria.
There is little doubt as to the
wisdom of this order. Probably
the present cases of diphtheria and
typhoid have had their origin in
(he neglected condition of the said
ditches. We believe a regular system of flashing will tend to reduce
tthe existing evil.
If we are wrong ia our supposition, Why is it that there i* less
sickness here in a rainy season than
ia a drv trosty one?
The Merry Christmas has come
Mil g-W-i **nd the New Year is
dawning upon us.
There are those among us who
have had their hearts sorely pierced during the past year, and who
will hardly be likely to call the past
���Happy Tea'', and there are those
among us who, no doubt, will be
Hftverely tested during the coming
year, and to all such we should
Stretch forth the hand of friendship
and love.
during the past year we have en-
deavwed to do our duty to all, and
imi intend, by the grace of God, to
continue to do so, and with the
generous support of our patrons
we shall, no doubt, succeed.
We wish you all a very Happy
and Prosperous New Year.
It would not occur to many people that a voyage in oae of the
swan boats which sails thc little
pond iu the public gaiden of New
England city could be attended
with horrors; but that idea was
firmly fixed in the mind ot a small
maiden oj seven years.
"Would you like a ride in one of
the swan-boats, Marjorie?" asked
the little maid's aunt, as they
crossed tbe bridge over the pond
one day.
"No indeed!" said Marjory, with
sudden shrinking. "I couldn't
bear to see them throw the babies
'The roan says that's what he
aoes!" she asserted, with rising excitement, as her aunt looked much
perplexed. "Hear him���he's saying it now!"
Her aunt listened; andoi a truth,
the man's statement, viewed from
Marjorie's standpoint, was far from
"Take a ride in the swan-boat!"
he called, loudly, from the landing.
"Grown folks, ten cents; children
five!" And then, with a deceptive
smile, he added:  "Babies thrown
Some Scotch ne'erdoweel s stood
on the pier by the Forth expectorating at intervals and watching
Jack Tar putting the mailbags for
the Channel Fleet into a launch.
Said one of the Scots, "Give us a
passage, we want to go aboard and
look around."
"No visitors allowed to-day,"
quoth Jack Tar, curtly.
"Aye; and that's like the rotten
Government. It's me and ma'
freends here that pay for your ships
"It you and your pals stand here
all day and spit in the water you'll
get your full money's worth for all
you've spent on the fleet.
A. O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. ia meets first
aud third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
W. C Pvbds, M.W,
Gao. R. Manlky, Recorder.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
Frank Cullis, N.G.
Dr. A. A. King, Sec.
C. O. F.
Court Fraser No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each month
at 8 o'clock. Visiting Brethren
W. N. Draper,
Room >, Bttunl Block. New Weataiineter.
Horse Goods! 1
Our Harneea and Horac Purnlehlnge
thave lone prated reliable, aad the, are
built not only for atyle but wear.
huqh Mcdowell, s .
This is seat to ut as an example of
New Zealand wit.:���
During a football match between
two large dabs a spectator was
stag, helping himself occasionally to
��obi* JisfjUld refreshment from a
bottle. It'was a cold day, and Sandy,
Who was standing by him, cast en-
pioac glances at tlje bottfe on each
appearance   At last he said;
"| |hiuk ye've been a fitba'
jeteeV, hae ye no?"
"Oh, yes," said the maa pf the
bottle. '.'But what makes ye think
' 'I cap Sste ye're a graund dribbler.
Z wish ya were as guid at pass-
\a\" says the diplomatic Celt���
Tfcft Sporting Times.
For sprains, bruises, burns, scf Ids
pad similar injuries, there is nothing to good as Chamberlain-* Pain
Balm. It foothe? the Wound and
.W Wily fj*rt' Wstaftt f-fief from
pain, but cajiiles jtbe part* to heal in
about one third the time required
by the uiual treatment.   Sold by F.
Remember the only place to buy
the "Genuine Slater Shoe" at Montreal prices is at W. E. Sinclair's,
the Leading Shoe Store of New
Westminster. *
Mrs. W. H. Smith and danghter
left, on Wednesday, on an extended visit with relatives in Sacramento and Santa Barbara, California. They expect to remain in the
South until April, where Mrs.
Smith is in search of health.
"Some weeks ago during these
vere winter weather both my wife
and myself contracted severe colds
which speedily develvoped into the
worst kind pf la grippe with all its
miserable symptoms," says Mr. J. S.-
Bgleston of Maple Landing, Iowa.
"Knees and joints aching, muscles
sore, head stopped up, eyes and nose
running, with alternate spells of
chills and fever. We began using
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, aiding tbe same with a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and by its liberal use soon
completely, ktiocked out the grip."
These Tablets promote a healthy
action of the bowels, liver and kidneys which Is always beneficial
when the system is congested by a
cold or attack by the grip. For sale
by F. y. MacKenzie.
Fence Posts.
If you require fence po^ts just
drop me a line, or call and see
Ladner, B.C.
tic flierkfMie
a .ae-M-ws-T niaeWafd wea-lt.   lareeetjttr-
-.latlM a. ��ot ��a*jn.-M teraaL   Tan", tl a
react felt ���aoatha,a. 8-Uk. an Bawadaalara.
When Working
Around Machinery
a man requires
jumpers that fit
ltke a glove . .
Overalls of light
weightbut great
strength. The
kiud thai will
shed grease like
a duck's back
sheds water . .
���Puck Brand"
o v e r a 1 ls in
short. They
contain none
but the best of
materials and
findings and
are as carefully finished inside
and out as a pair ot trousers. .
Ask your Dealer for the . . .
they always bear the Union
Manufactured By
Wil I Htt 8
VANCOUVER,      -     B. C.
McRAE & Co
lEMIIl 111
A iuii line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Tr_-.serings always kept id stock.
Delta Transfer Stable
--Na^^Paeiase^^ _^_^^*C3_s-^^-W^^a��_9**s^p ****a*^^***��*f^sj****-*'*^^ **-'a*��1J-^-'-���Ja
ra 1
NEW WBSTMINST-tl-,   >*. *-, <C.
Manuractarers Of eft kind- dt
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Drinks.    -       i
Your patronage solicited     j
wghas<^e fi1! e.cfr.e.ift ..��...>,��. ���fr-e.fr.eHJ,
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm Alexander
.-adaer. B. C.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer1' and
Barges tor Hire,
Offich-: Front St.       Phonb i**6.
New Westminster, B.C.
niir. it
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail. '
Special Prices to Farmers* Institutes.
Thouands oi Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
now growing in my Nurseries for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
X     Team Work Bone at Specially low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
T Telephone " Ladner" No. io. I
4 *.'������.������ -I-H-f �����*���.���*: ���&���* *+ ��*>�������*��� ������� ��+*��*H**-H-��>-,M ���> r ���!��� ��� ���.��������
The Place for Tinsmithing, -Bath Tuba, Stov*
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Rowf Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agont for-
Gurney foundry Oo?s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater..
last t_te 'thing for ma-king water hot for washing dar*?/
���utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
���Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C*.
��� 1611
Incorporated IS**-.
CAPITAL, - ���* * $3,000,000
BES^VE FUNDS,       - - $3,302,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $3^1-88,626
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Sewings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Itt. Pleasant"; Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and New Westminster.
I    i ���     ,   '  ��� i�� ��.    .^ ����� "im        m   I    ���  ,'iin .mm^mmm*mmmm.m.mmmmm
Royal Household
Just Arrived.
Bran, Shorts, Etc.
Christmas I
We are Booking Orders now for
place your orders with us, we guarantee not to disappoint you, and
give you Young Birds.
Shipment of Picnic Hams just arrived, 15c lb.
Meat & Commission <��
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Practical Horseshoeing,
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing of
AU DcMriptto-t,-,
We carry the finest class
of Carnages and Farm Implements at rock bo-t-tom prices.
0, T, BAKER, Ladner, B. C.j
A Full Line of-^-*
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings.
Jelly Glasses.
-AT- tm.��&%*. TIMES, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, sat*
oiV'RCH &yfte_-_��.
ctown* offer.        MN KILLING HOESE
-_     A M.'SAINTS.
Holy    Communion ��� ptjiJ<ia5**s,
:jo -a.-tu.    ist  Su::tl:ty   iu mouth,
\    In ordc.r  '
scribers and
ll a.m.
lis Ci:-./: ���.  ,    .^^^^^^^^
Sunday Sohool-al io a.n:
7 o-oioc)..
Rett. Canon Hiti-ou. vicar.
You st
spend in Advertising or Job Printing
with us means that much more for the
improvement of the home paper. Come in
and help us.
���  retain  out
obtain new ones we
-Tt ish to make the 'fo?lowing *xtra-
OTdintry offer*;
Pacific Homestead $i oo
V.-nth-.vest Pon'.try Journal...
Review of Reviews  3
Cosfflopolitan ���.  1
Delia Times   1
Tbe whole of the above  will be
i given for the very small sum of $4.
O.AL1.    Services first  and   third!     According  to   ihe  Commercial,
Sundav of each month atio^o.atn *K Winnipeg, the visible supply of
i oats in the United States and Can-
I ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains,
Benediction, 7:30 T>_m
Rev. J. Wagner,
Butter Paper
Of the Best Quality always -on hand
What looks bettor than a nicely printed
white Butter Wrapper ? We supply the
Jeading Butter Makers.
The  Delta   Times
^^^^^^^^^   Parish Priest.
Services next "l/'r'd's 'Day at 11
. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p in every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
ThUTs&ay evening it 7.30.
Rev. J. R. Betts. pastor.
Services ne-tt liOrd's Day at 11
[���a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
*at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath services at Ladner at 11
a.m. and 7 p. in.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
1*7,30 p. tn.; choir practice at 8.
Jas. A. Banten, .pastor.
___��� ______
j is   ss*7,7,*-,6,ooo   bushels,   compared
I with 24,159,000 bushels a year ago.
Time Table.
Train leaves Cloverdale at 1:10
p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
2:20 p.m.
Train leaves Port Guichon at
2:40 noon snd arrives at Cloverdale'
at 5:51 p.m.
Mondays only.
There are two through passen
ger trai as'per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellingham.
.  . XMAS
Christinas and New Year will soon be here
Bringing to all much happiness and joy
And Santa Claus with his Reindeer
Will visit every girl and boy.
A busy old man is jolly Saint Nick
AAcT needs the best help he can find
So he sends of his stock the very best pick
To the store that he thinks the right kind-
Ho sends presents suited for young and old  .   .
And ot -very color, shape and size,
Where with purses ot pennies or filled with gold
One can procure a remembrance that will prove a prize.   <f>
HkapqitAs-TBRS of Santa, in Ladner, will be
( At P, J. MacKxnzix's Drug Store
And if you will call I am sure you will see
Thstt "his goods are as choice ax ever before���
���V. R. *mmm^^^^^^mam        SANTA CLAUS
1 1
�� *
, >
��� 1
When a child shows symptoms of
j<*.roup there is no 'time to experi-
"ttent with new remedies, no matter
how highly theymay be recommend
ed.   There is one preparation thai
can always be depended upon.   It
has been in use for many years and
lias never been known to fail,  viz:
���Chamberlain'a Cough Remedy. Mt.
M, F. Compton, of Market, Texas,
Uays of it, '1 have used  Chamber-*
gain's   Cous-h  Remedy   in   severe
cases of croup with my children, and
can truthfully say  it always gives
prompt relief."    For sale by F. J.
For Sale.
From 75 to 100 cords of wood, at
tbe Boundary Bay ranch. Price,
$1.25 per cord on the*ground.
Let Ua Talk It Over.
Notice of Rcaoyal
Having removed my place of
business into new and more commodious quarters at tbe corner opposite the Oddfellows' Block, oa
Delta-Street, I hope' to meet all my
old patrons and as many new ones
as wish to patronize an up-to-date
I.adner, B. C.
*ot prepare y��u fe.-ei^-Hg yDur living.
there ��re openings for young men in the business world
a. sJnoerapheSor clerks. Women are eligible for ^the same
WionfwhatconMyeudomsucha position? Areyouagood
CSSBTSTnipa and accurate at figures. Can you use
K ? Writer so -ltd write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
3&1R2S SC��* �� ��**��* **��in *e busl1
^T^iSKSL * course in the above yDuareun-
^reDaredX office work except in a small village. We can
KareVou for a good poshion^a;pos��tion that will tt a few
tSSm S&^Wr immnmm. Some df our lady gradu
4tes are earning fco a month and over.
iss'W. K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
���Maatin��s Shingk Manufaotuting C*V��rtmiographer. Miss
Corporation at fc*   Several are working fat the *C. P. R.
'ftffcfi hSp nm���^posmoN UKE THI*
W von come tons and work-hard. K you want fotther
^roofoFthewaywehelpto^sitionswnteus and we will
���send you mote mames.
Butdotftpi-toff. Every month you delay mean* one
mX*Salary Mt The sooner you .graduate the sooner
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Can leave Westminister tor Tucmm at j._e
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until II p.
m.; Saturday* nmi Sundays at 11 p.m.
Car�� leave V-tK-UvSr farWe.tiuin.tere at j.50
aud 6.50 a. m. aud hourly thereafter until la p.
m.; Saturday* and Sundays at ti aaa-
We -run first-class freight cars foetwse- Wait-
mhsvter aud Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consiniee**JrHhout delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. 'Out wagons meet all boat's
and trnins.   For rates, etc -apply to
Traffic Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Local Mgr.
��snosavsr Business  College,
5000 Telegraphers
nmi ���������        NEEDED
I Annually, to fill'the "new position-
created by-Railroad and Telegraph
.Companies.     We   want   YOUNO
| MEN and LADIES of good habils ti
We furnish 75 per cent, of tht
Operators and Station Age-tits it
America. Our si* schools are the
largest -exclusive Telegraph Schools
in the-world. Established 20 years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every
student to furnish hrm or ber a
position 'paying from ��40 to $60 a
month in States east of tlie Rocky
Mowrttains.or from ".p}$ to $100 a
month in States west ofthe Rockl-s,
immediately upon graduation.
Students can eriter at any time.
I'NO vacations.    For full particulars
regarding any of our schools write
direct 'to   onr executive office at
Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free,
That sixty <iays after date I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase two small unnamed Islands lying west-south-west about
half (*_) mile from 'District Lot No.
Five Hundred and Thirty-two (532),
Group II (t), New Westminster
District, and containing in all about
250 acres of land, more or lers. I
have this day staked and posted a
copy of this notice on above lands.
Dated at Fort Guichon this 4th
day of November, 1905.
m Haat-*E- Street,   -    -   -    Opposite Province Office,
J&. H. .-ELLIOTT, Principal
Cincinnati, Ohio.       Buffilo, N.Y
Atlanta, Ga- LaCrosse, Wi*
-Tesr-ffkana, Tax. Dan FrM��soo,Ca
It jm *-_-** -With ��J��e 0����1 Treat-
ucnt Hclln-rivt. lu Ills Colthood.
Vlclou lacMe-tta TUat Mai-cea UU
Doniwtrl Care**.
Tbe -.evelopnumt of a vidoas horse
from an Innocent colt is deacrlbp- by
Bewcll Ford in one of -tha stories in
"Horses Nine."   1 lie -.elf* disposition
was'first ��p��iled by ignorant *o_ cruel
bundling on tbe farm of one Vet-kins.
then he was sold, and hia subsequent
career is thus -pictured:
-In tbe weeks during wbicb he trailed
o*?er the frok district Of sontlrern Michigan in-the-wake Of tbe borre ' buyer
Blue-Biases learned nothing good uud
much that was IU. Be flulsbed tbe trip
sVltU raw bocks, a -hoof print on bis
dunk and tooth ni4'~ on neck and
withers. Horses led In a bunch do not
Improve ln disposition.
Some of tbe scores the blwronn colt
paid to kind, some be did not. but he
Ica.nefl the game cf give and take.
Men and 'horses -tllkn, he conrlnfled,
were against him. If be wmiW bold
bis own, he must be ready witb teeth
and boots. Especially be carried wltb
him always a black, furious liutred of
man In general.
So be weut about with ears laid back,
the white.-of his eyes showing and a
bite ar a kick ready in any emergency.
Day by day the htte in him deepened
until It bet-time the master passion. A
quick footfall behind bim was enough
to send bis beeis Hying as though tbey
had been-released by a bair trigger. He
kicked first and Investigated afterward.
The mere sight-of <nina_t within reaching distance roused all his ferocity.
Toward his awn %ind Bine Biases
bore himself defiantly. Double harness
was something he loathed. Oue was
not free to work his will on tbe despised driver if hampered by a pole
nud mate. In such cases be nipped
manes uud kicked under the traces until released. He had a special antipathy for gray horses and fought -them
on the smallest provocation ��r upon
none at all.
As a result/Blue Biazcg.- while knowing no mustci-3, had many oVs-ners,
Kometimes three in asinr'.e week. lie
began Ibis career by filling u three
months' 'engagement as-a-lively howe,
but nfter ,bo had run awny ����� doz��*n
��� imea, wrecked several enrriages and
disabled a-hostler-lie wns soldfor half
Ms purchase price.
Then didvhe rut?r flpon'hlswnmler-
ings tu ren*l ���eanie'st. He pulleti street
cars, delivery wagons, drays ar.d asli
carts. He was sold to uususpociiii.g
farmers, who. when bis evil traits
'Topped out. swapped bitn uiic-vcmonl-
yusly and witb iiigeuious prevarication
by the roadside. In tbe natural course
of events he was much puni.hed.
Up and across the southern peninsula of Michigan he drifted couton-
tiously, growing moro vk-kius with
��ach-encounter, more daring alter each
victory. -In JJuslfegou h�� sent tlie driver of a grocery wagon to the liosjiikti
svith a shoulder hlle requiring cauterization and four stitches, lu Manisteo
lie broke the small bones in the teg of
1 baker's-large hoy. ln Cadillac va
Hoarding stable hostler struck him
with an Iron shovel. Blue Blazes kick.
>d tbe hostler quite accurately and
vpi-v suddenly tl;roup;l] -f, window.
Between Cstiuiac nua ivaius-a uo
'pent-several lively weeks with farm*
������rs. _l��st of them tried- various taming processes. Som-o escaped with
bruises aud some suffered serious in-
Jury. At Alpoua he found au owner,
who, having read something Tery convincing ln a horse trainer's book, elaborately strapped the roan's legs according to diagram and thou went Into
tba stall to wreak vengeance with e
riding whip. Blue Blazes accepted one
cut, after which ha crushed ths avenger agalust tbe plauk partition until
three *��f the man's ribs were broken.
The Alpena man was fished from under tbe roan's hoofs just In time to
save his life.
This Incident earned Blue Blazes the
name of "man killer," and It stuck.
He even figured .u the nowspaper dispatches. "Blue Blazes, the Michigan
Man Killer," "The Ugliest Uorse
Allvo," "Alpena's Equine Outlaw"���
these were some of tbe headlines. The
Perkins method hud borne fruit.
ss-xt*aaJvr Kltrh.n Arr-vese-MUta A-
th�� Slode.u U'.lel.
The kitchen arrangements of tbe
-modem hotel are on the first basement
floor. There is a chef, bat so far asil
could see be does not cock. He is simply a captain of tbe seventy-five other
cooks, who work In tare, celoys et
-twenty-Cve each. There is no range,
-but a solid bank of biwiier'.���immense
gridirons, beneath which arc tbe fires
tbat never -file. A* for the .00 leaves
'of bread.and 8,000 rolls required dally,
tbe chef does not worry his mind over
tbe patent cotters and mixers aud
ovens snd staff of bakers needed to
supply the simple item of bread or con*
cern himself with the quality -of tbe
1,1*80 pounds of butter th.-t are each
day required to go with It.
'1 must not forget tbe item of eggs.
Eighteen thousand ��re rciulced every
twenty-four honrs. Boiled eggs do not
get overdone. Tbey are Killed by clockwork. A perforatedd'isi'er containing
���.the e^gs drops down into the water.
The -flipper's clockwork -h-- set to the
second, and when that final secoud has
,p out
ho do
1 iiiai
ind   tt
re final'
oue tha
' diaiii'ji.
i\vA wit
ilitv.     H
, htii:
Oooa at ��� B(_a Thin*.
Bill-That man ls a horrible liar.
Jill���Oh. I dotft know    I thluk b��1
vary good at It
Didn't Try Both.
Chased by a dog, I climbed a trsa.
My trousers are a Sight to aee!
I am constrained, therefore, to writs,
"The bark was .ar worse than the blta."
-University ot Michigan Wrlnkla
Tha Bp Inure.
"They cay the glass eater has made a
"Yes. he can afford "to oat all cat
glass now."
Uetitad tke Times,
"She bus the figure 6f u Venus."
"Is  She. then  so  unfashionable as
expired the little dipper juii
ef the water, and the eujjs ur;
-for delivery.    There are nie.i
nothing else but till ami wat
empty these dancing dippers,
seemed to me great fun.
On another part of this floor Is the
dishwashing, where great galvanized
baskets lower the pieces Into*various
solutions of potash nnd clean rinsln.
water, all so burning hot that ii.-
.dishes dry instantly witlio-.it Ivipltij'
Sixty-five thousand pieces of c'..i.
-ware are cleunwd in a day and sn .-.
most equal quantity oi' silver. 1:
���told, there -are 300 employees iu !-.
kitchen departments of this huge living machine.���Albert Blgelow I'a
���World's Work.
The Schemes lie Worked to Uecelvf
1 the Cnatoma OiUc-Iali.
"There is money lu siunggling," nilj\
the retired dealer in precious stones w
; te leaned back, "but it ls dangerous to
carry on the busiiiefs, as piwsible stis-
.tpects are carefully watdicd ;:nd, if nCc
essaiy, traced till tli<*:--
canght. However, . I:;:v>.
wlio 'pursued the traiV; <
siauggiing for fifteen 3'tJui
able to retire to respei i-
was buyer for one of the ':���������
houses in New YcH'k, a'itd i
sent 1,1m to Kurope twv
sometimes four times a v
time lie -returned lie had V,:
-$10,000 to $20,000 worth Mf
lie did not tleclare.
"His   triel;   was   perfect
couiblnod with ingenlotis Lt-ldt -������>���   ������
hair v.-as scanty, and at the     p td '
head be bad a  most del .
bald Rpot.    Custom's-  <7.'
, cumc and went ail lfnewlrui*. .
they  knew  h!.',i lie  |iad  a   mi ���'
nounced wen wbeta hia ot'M " a't!��ji
auces saw a bald spt-.t.   ':: .. wtMi
e. work of art, made of wax aW  .
and It-cohtained I'.-.-o or t'-.r-e',,.., f
thst would  havo been a Uud  foi
men on the pis.,
"The good cigar that he had just
j and allowed to go out held a tVvr nK
aud i-ewes-i  lit the Laiu'le of  the ;
; that he��� carelessly turnnd over  to
j luspot-tion of ilie officers wet-p CI��� ������ r
; of -them.    He never Yaiir-i. 1!     ���;.
j and bo never lost, Uncli trip -^ as.v
a couple ot hunUreii dsjllnra to mm 1
j a great many hundred tiio.e 10 th
who (.Urployed Itljn,    Now. ���-. -  r.
' consls'.erod himself suv -ii ' -:. . -
I would uot steal a cent '  ��� '   et
1 vidual, jet he schemed and.pioi....
I rob tho govcrument."
Ultt^iiiK Voi- Kami Gnia.
The ordinary method of searehiug
for katirl gum hi New Zealand i? ny
first feeling for it a little' below tiK;
surface with a steel pointed piece' 0*
Iron cillod a "gum spear" sud then digging it out With a spade. A. skillful u ud
tndustrious digger can earu as much ns
��3 to {4 per week at the work, and
even children can earn a few shilling*
I a dsy; but, as the gumfields offer a ref.
j uge for all sorts and conditions of men,
! many who are old and infirm resort to
them, and so the average earnings are
reduced to ��1 15s. or ��2 a weok. The
gum Is used principally iu tbe manu
facture of varnish, but it is also found
useful tor many other purposes, sort.
as dressing "glazed" calicoes, etc.���l.on
don Times.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
'He ate of all the patent toedo
Nor asked a single question
And drank the patent medietas
To euro his indices tlon.
racial Art.
"Don't you think her face has an artt*
flclal tint?"
"Tint, -man'  It' a a  solid color."
It fttmild be borne iu mind that
flu.-erv coid weakens the lu-tge, towers ih. t*itality and preparej tlis
systtStu i"or the more serioos <JU
wimis, 3ii*-ong whicli are Ul. two
gt\-sstc*n. destroyers of huniMt life,
pneuinpuia and cotisutupiiea.'
Cough EenietSy
has ws\n it's s*;reat popularity Vy its
brotarfl euros of this moist cotfirnou
ailment, it aid*? *-vpcctortttion, rc-
litTs-sis the luups -and opens the
Secretions, enectihg a speedy and
jpiMtiipjieiii: curs. It couHtemcts
Say tendency toward pucuntouia.
lerice 25c, Large Size S��c.
M^S-KiiUSls-**i.'^S�� ��>H*?- THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, DECEMBBlt 30, 1905:
.OCAli JSj^Wv.
Wm   Pybus
retutnel  home or
W. N. Draper,
tows yesttrda..
P. L. S,, was in
T. W. Foster returned   home  or
Thursday evening.
Jas. McRae weut over to Vancou
*er on Wednesday.
A. Clausen and wife spent tb>
Christmas among friends in Vancouver.
Tbe Misses House came down
yesterday and are guests of Mrs. P.
J. S. Byrom, wife and daughter,
ef Victoria, spent Christmas at the
old homestead.
Goo. Grauer left for Eburne, on
Saturday last, to take bis place at
the parental board on the 25th.
W. Cressard returned Wednesday
from Vancouver, where he had
been to spend the Festive season.
B. S. Thomas and wife, ot New
Westminster, spent Christmas with
Jas Welsh and wife at the Delta
Percy Smith, Percy Giford and
W. H. Siddall went over to Vancouver, on Sunday, to spend the
merry Xmas.
H. McDowell, our popular harness maker, took -��. run over to Victoria, on Sundav, and spent the
festive season at home.
H. N. Rich anl daughter, Miss
Edith, accompanied by Miss Hilton.
went over to Vancouver on Tuesday evening to take in the opera.
W. H. Smith, W. J. Brandrith,
H. McCormick, and Fred Cuttinc*,
attended Masonic festivities Sr.
John's Day (Wednesday) in f-e
Royal City.
Robt. May and Fred Cutting relumed, on Thursday, frrm the
Royal City, where they bad been
attending the St. John's Day festivities (Masonic).
F. Robinson, wife and child, o:
Bay City, Michigan, are guests o!
W. H. Smith, Mr. Robinson, a
brother of Mrs, Smith, is an electrical engineer and intends taking up
his residence in Vancouver.
T. E. Ladner and family have
sent their kindest wishes to their
friends of Delta in the form of illustrated postal cards, which not only
convey the compliments of the season but state that they all are well.
We beg to return the compliment
and say we are pleased to hear such
a fivorable report.
Editor Dk_,ta Times:
Sir: I clipped the following from
the Daily Columbian of the 23rd
"Mr. Walter James, of Ladner,
reports having recently met witb an
accident there, boinr run over by an
empty wagon and sustaining severe
injury to his back, was in town today. He wishes it stated for the
information ofthe p.ople of Ladner
that when he applied for papers of
admission to the Hospital the Reeve
would not give them; while to complete his hard luck a doctor in
town told him that it is lumbrgo
that is the matter with his back."
The above is a pure fabrication.
Walter James came to me at Westminster and told me tbat he had
consulted Dr. Woodley, of Ladner,
and that he told him to come to me
to be admitted to the Royal Columbian Hospital. I asked him for
Dr. Woodley's order, to which he
answered, "He gave it to me veib-
ally." On seeing Dr. Woodley, I
asked him why he had rot given
Tames' written reqi est to me, the
Doctor answered that he had not
been consulted in any way, and only
spoke to tbe man ouce and that
was ou overtaking him on the road
one day when he offered James a
ride whicli was not accepted.
The day after James came to me
and told me that Dr. Walker had
examiued him and found two or
three ribs broken. The above article says "lumbago."
The public can judge from the
above and form their own conclusions.
Ladner, Dec. 27, 1905.
The I Busy  House
n Emphatic
Saving in
Maple Syrup, Honey, fine Hams,
Buckwheat flour, &c���City Bakery.
Three Heifers���1 two-year-old
and 2 yearlings. Anyone knowing
of whereabouts of same kindly inform
We, the undersigned, having
taken over the livery an 1 dray business known as Fashion Stables, beg
to solicit a fair share of your patronage.
We v\ ill endeavor to  give satisfaction and prompt attention to all.
, m ii
Mrs... E. Banton,
Voice and Piano
Pupils prepared for Concert. Church
and Home.
Special Attention Given to Voice-
placement,   Tone-production
and Expression.
For Terms and Lesson Hours Apply at Temporary Resilience,
Mas. A. B. Barber's,  Ladner.
Xmas, Xmas, Xmas.
What could  please the Boys and Girl.*} more than one of tbe
following :
Violin Outfits $4-50 to $35.00
Guitar Outfits $7.50 to $40.00
Mandolin Outfits i?7-5*- to ��35.00
Banjo Outfits $7.0010 $40.00
Flutes,    Clarionets,     Cornets, )
Flageolets,      Piccolos     and >    sets to $40.00
Whisties  )
Accordeons $-.75 to $15.00
Gramophones   13-50 to J35.00
.Music Holder   1.50 to $ 3.00
Mouth Organs        25c to $1.00
I).  A.Seymour, Manager,        --....*>        -        New Westminster
QUR BUYER when in the East,
recently, was offered a line of
heavy All Woo! Cheviots at a very
special price to clear out theSline.
He Took the Entire Stock
of this line of goods and is thereby enabled to Sell Them Much
42-inch All Wool Cheviot Suitings in
blue, green, etc., regular value, 65c
per yard
People of the Delta and vicinity will do
well to drop a card for samples of these goods
���it's the BARGAIN OF THE YEAR.
The Cash Store,
<      Westminster.
In Wishing Our Country Friends
Jl fyappy Dew Year
We know of no better way of ensuring it
than by permitting us to install in your home
one of our beautiful .
which you can select from the following makes
at prices ranging from $250 to $1200:
Steinway C& Sons      Pianos.
Nordheimer P'anos.
New Scale Williams Pianos.
Dominidn Pianos.
Palmer Pianos.
Easy Terms.      Monthly or Quarterly Payments.
558 Granvile St., Vancouver
to the "Royal Oity" is not  complete
until you have viewed the Stock at
Goods at the* Lowest Possible Price.
New Westminster
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure aud convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families trayel.ic.-cr.
These boxes are accessible during all biisines,'S hours
to the renter, who  holds the key.
RATES s   $1.50 per year.
New Westminster, B. C
T & CO.,
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
suitable for
Christmas Presents,
M Clausen
> ft
Free on -Request From
Big Purnishing Store
lh order te  e-tend our  circle of acquaintances'We are '
again distributing these handy little
Workbasket Companioas
whicli all housekee-ps-rs will appreciate
Tr.-.v coi*:���fh *>iranv useful needlea which cannot usually,
he purclYiv.d, such as OI.OVK, FUR. STRAW. TAPS,
NKs.DI.KS besides. Dnrncrs jyid 1$ Sewing Needles all of the
very bett quality.
'{3    This and our Christmas Booklet "Worth -While" m'��hiMl iri-e *
niA*-d I
Wcilcr Bros., Victoria, B.C
-v.fcp.r-1, ii i.i i .1..11.1 hi. m.i... . .
������--I, i r ii* i-wiiiYrt liiVf ii it ir ���* "-
��a _iiii.-i��^--..i'_i-T


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