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The Delta Times Mar 10, 1906

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 ��� i   w
^���gCFHty/i   :'l
Vol. .?. No.  .7
��wr About That
ew Spring Suit ?
Fancy Scotch Tweed Suits,
new   cut,   best   trimmings,
oe.,; "sizes 35 to 42���$7.50,
33.5Q, $10, $12 to $15.
Blue and Black Serge Suits,
latest cut, sizes 35 to 42���
Bays'   2-piece   Suits,   from
$1.50 to $5.50-
Boys'   3-piece   Suits,   from
.3.50 to $7.50.
Surrey Council.
Council met in the Town Hall,
Surrey Centre, March 3rd, the
Reeve and all members being pre
Minutes of previous meeting
were adopted as read.
1 From Provincial Secretary, saying that the appointment of Dr.
Kendall as Coroner had been re-
Minded and that Dr. Wilson Herald
had been appointed to the said
office.   Received.
Prom John Oliver, M.P.P., saying he had been requested by the
Hon, Chief Con_tniss.-iner of Lands
and Works, to secure irom the
Surrey Council a resolution that
they would keep up that portion of
the Ladner-Westminster wagon
road in Surrey. Received, and resolution passed.
From W. T. Stein & Co., saying
if the Council are appointing a professional Auditor for the current
year that they would be glad to be
favored with the appointment, and
that if they were not appointed they
would suggest that a properly qualified Chartered Accountant be appointed.    Received.
From O. W Snell & Wm. Davison, saying they intended to fill   in
Westham Islani
C. H. Trim Visited the Terminal
City this week.
Geo. London and C. Albertson
attended the New Westminster
market yesterday.
Harry Trim took a run to Pit
Lake, this week, with hi, launch,
on a business 'rip.
Frank Kirkland has a sterm
winch fitted up with which he
hopes to fill in the dam on his island. As it is somewhat of an experiment we wish him every success.
The weather man promises excellent weather for to-day's game 11
Association football in the Charity
Cup series. As the Vancouver City
team is very fast a hard game will
be fought.
The entertainment given by the
Riverside Mission Circle, in the
Methodist Church, on Tuesday
evening seemed to Le much enjoyed
by the larjj,e number present. The
young ladies cer'ainly acquitted
themselves well. The programme
was  well   sustained   trom first  to
The Finest Range' of Regatta and Neglige Shirr,:-, snown anywhere.
Summer Underwear, Fancy Sox, Belts and Suspenders, and Everything oarrisd in an up-to-date Furnishings Store.
New Shipment of Trunks. Valises and Suit Cases,
last.    A unique ieature  of it was
the ditch along the Boundary Line j in the telephone message   received
I through their premises,  and that from head quarters during the even
Dry Goods Department.
New Prints, Laces and Embroideries, Wash Goods, Hosiery, White-
wear, Summer Vests, Belts and Neckwear, -Ail Ready for Your Inspection.
Shoe Department.
The Finest Stock of Shoes ever shown outside, the cities.
Ladies' Tan and Black Oxfords, Gibson Ties and Strap .Slippers,
See the new lines of MRoyal Purple" Shoes.
Men's Black and Tan Oxfords, Pateet Colt Bluchers and all the new
leathers shown for Spring and Summer wear.
.Also new lines Boys' and Girls' Sohool Boota
Marshall Smith
any traspassing  on  their property
would be prosecuted.    Received.
From G. C. Hinckley, saying his
fence was on his own land but if
the Council wished to dig a ditch
and did not have land enough he
would move a portion of it. Received.
From E. Berger, saying that his
fence was on the American side of
the Lme.    Received.
From James Johnston calling the
attention of the Council to
to that portion of the McLellan
road, opposite Lundbom's old barn,
being flooded and that it was impossible for the children to get to
school without getting their feet wet,
and requesting the Council to attend
to tbe matter at once. Received aud
referred to Coun. Tohnston.
From J. W. Berry, C. M. C. of
Langley, enclosing resolution passed bv hia Council Feb. 10th, as
Resolved that we pay $18 ot the
Wm. Mclnnis bill of $25.45, ai,d
that the Clerk seud the balance to
the Surrey Council with a notification that Langley will not pay
any more on Mclnnis' behalf, and
that he is urgently in need of attention. Received aud referred
Coun. Lawrence.
From F. Kearsly, requesting the
The entertainment in the Town
Hall, last evening was a great success. The hall was well filled and
the following programme was well
rendered: Song, "Heroes and
Gentlemen," Dr. Woodley; "Our
Italian Guide," Rev H. W. Piercy;
song,   "Da.-kly,"    Mrs.   Lanning;
"Sana's Leiter," Rev. H. W.
Piercy; song, "Out Where the
Breaker*   Roar,"    Dr.    Woodley;
"Pigmaleon and Galatea," Rev. H.
W, Piercy; song, "Two's Company
Thr.-e   is  None,"   Mrs.   Lant.ing;
"Sojue from Hamlet,"' Rev. H, W,
Piercy; soiir, "Beauty's Eyes," Dr.
Woodley;  "A Week Away   From
Home," Rev. H. W. Piercy,
The hall had a much more attrac-
tiye appearance, last night, than it
tasuaUy has.
Th>: Daily News. Westminster's
new daily, made its appearance
here ou Tuesday last. The News
is a nice newsy, eight-page, 7-col-
omn daily evening sheet which is,
apparently, taking well in thia portion ot Westminster district.
ing, giving some facts in answer
to the questions asked with regard
to the work among the Indians in
the Province ot British Columbia,
undertaken by the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist
Church with which the Circle is
affiliated. These answers proved
most interesting as well as instructive, We shall hope to hear from
these young ladies on some future
to procure a load scraper ior Ward
Coun. Jonhston was authorized
to call for tenders for a draw for
Johnston road bridge, tenders to be
in at next meeting.
Coun. Lawrence was authorised
to call for tenders to be in at next
meeting, for tearing down the old
bridge and making fill on H. P,
road, Ward 5.
One hundred and fifteen dollars
was appropriated for the H. P. road
Ward 4, and $35 for the Hjorth road
and $100 for North and Quible
roads north of the Hjorth road
Ward I.
Permission was giveu Jos. Drink-
water to put in a skid road on  the
to i C. M. road under the supei vision of
Coun.  Murphy,
The   Temporary   Loan   By-law
Council met in the Council
Chamber on Saturday, March 3,
with the Reeve, W. H. Ladner, in
the chair, and Couns. Gibbie,
Divie, Pate son, Huff and Embree
From Ak-x Stewart, Assistant
Chief Engin.ro the G.N.R., re
gravel supply. Couns. Embree and
Huff were appointed a committee to
make arrangements with the company.
From W. T. Stein & Co,, chartered accountant-:, re appointment ot
auditor. Received and Clerk to
From Dr. A. A. King, M.H.O.
Received, and Dr. King reappointed M.H.O. at salary of $100 per
A petition was received from E,
A. Greame and others asking for a
road to be gazetted an Annacis Is*
land. Received and laid over for
The Temporary Loan By-law
was passed as finally reconsidered.
V. Martinolich's tender of 93c
per yard for the delivery of gravel
was accepted.
The Clerk was authorized to calt
for tenders for clearing one acre of
the Cemetery grounds. Tender*
to be in by next meeting.
The Assessor v>as ordered to
commence the assessment on March
5th and the Roll to be returned to.
Council on April 14.
The following ' accounts w?r��
passed and cheques issued: fif.
King. $75; Delta Times, J.io._5j
W. E. Fales, $12.50; Royal Columbian Hospital, $64; Geo. Ormiston,
$65; J. Scoopanich, $12; J. Jordan,
$4 50; A. Barber, $38; Wharton &
Collison, $1575; Mrs. Fenton, $ioj
muskrat account, $50.
The Reeve, Finance Committee
and Clerk were authorized to sign
a promissory note for $2,000.
The Council then adjourned to
meet again on Saturday,, March 24,
at 2 p. m.
Council to open up the extension to! passed its first,  second and third
the Hunt road as he had no road readiags.
to his property.    Received and re-      Coun.  Murphy gave notice that
Sunday will t>e Woman's Miss
ionary Day in the Methodist church.
In the morning a sermon on "Woman's Work" will... preached hy
Rev. A. McAnley. In the evening
a platform meeting will be held
when an address will be given bv
Mrs. C. Watson, of Vancouver,
who is first vice-president of the B.
C. Branch of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist
Church, on the work ofthe Society,
lamberSain's Cough Remedy
tos-i Cjt*t<-v Crwr* UK WWSoi**.-* Co****,
T>.e Band Boys are giving their
annual St. Patrick's Ball, Friday
evening, March ifitu. Our local
band deserve the patronage of all.
They are making fine progress and
in a few weeks will begin a series
ot open air concerts. I.uy a tkkrt
whether you attend ti.    Sail or not.
Holy Communion to-morrow at
8:30 a.m.
Special Lenten services in AU
Saints, Wednesday at 4 o'clock and
Friday evenings at 7:30. There it
an address every Friday evening.
The Vicar is, on Sunday morn-
ings, preaching a course of sermons
on the Lenten Collects. By special
request he will again deliver on
Sunday evenings two sermons delivered over two years ago, the sub-
Mr. Steves, a wife of Winnipeg,
man., art- among ou; new untv.'-.s.
Mr. Steven takws charge ��l Delia
A new industry is
installed here in the
"ther Creamery mulct
ment of R. C.  Abbot
abou to be
form of an-
the tnannge-
, late hutts -
maker of the Delta Creamery,
ferred to Coun. Hayes,
From R. S. Inglir, J. M Gillis,
et al, a petition to the Council to
appropriate about $300 to be expended on the Hjorth Road. Received and referred to Coun.
Tenders were received for the
bridge on the Town Line road
near Tynehead as follows: John D.
McLeod, $800; T. H. Miller, $1205;
Flu miner felt Bros., ->s)09.86; J. D.
Cam-.ro>., $590.
The following tenders were accept-'!: Ward I., bridge on Town
Line road, J. D. Cameron for $590;
work on C. M road, north of
Hjorth mid, J. M. Gillis, for $38;
ward Hi., till, Mud Bay road, to
Daniel Johnson for $29.73; repairs
to C. V. roa.l. south o: Cloverdale,
to Tl'O O v 11 at $1 41 per rod.
ject being "In  my  Father'* house
he would Introduce a Tax-Sale By-, arf   ffianv   mansions.-.     The firHt
Law at next meeting. ! win ^ peached  to-morrow even-
The usual monthly accounts were ing at the . 0*dock gervice
ordered paid.
Council then adjourned to meet
again ou Saturday, April 7th, at 1
o'clock p. m.
Don't forget the Phanographic
entertainments i:i rid of the Japanese Famine Relief Fund ��� East
Delta on Monday and Oddfellows'
Hall ou Tuesday next.
Two more youthful probationer*
tor the boys' choir are under tr��n-
ing. If found worthy they n��T
be admitted to the choir in two
months' time.
It is pleasing to note the increase
of late iu the congregations. Sixty
j three  at  the morning service, a
'1 week ago Sunday, is a fair showing
for a small parish.    The Sunday
school has also increased of late.
The Ladies' Guild meets next
Thursday at the bome of Mr*.
Curtis, the vice-president.
Friends of R. J. Hall, principal
of Westend School, New Westminster, will regret  to learn that he
has  been  removed   to   the  Royal ___	
Columbian Hospital suffering from j
a serious attack  of typhoid.    Mr. j    Carnation Flakes, splendid prize.
Hall is father of Miss Villa Hall who in every package, 35 cent��-~W. H
lfuwr_nce was authorized' is so w?U known, here, ��� Smith, T7.E DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MARCH io, 1906.
F--.U-.--.-tl> HVBRY  SATURDAY.
Subscription, $1.��0 per year.
Casual Advertisements!, io eetiU pet line for j .
ll^fcS i__.rtion.iia<l 5 tents per line ior e��li|       The following   IS   a   detailed estl-
tabaequeut insertion.     The   mini I* r   ol   lnu*
reckoned by the spuce occupied, u Iro-s to the   mate 0f   the   amount   OI   money re-
Incfa. 1
R������ for Commercial AdverUseraeotn eun bei quired    to   put   the   roads   in     Delta
Municipality in good condition :
Tiui.k roads 548,000
Cannery road	
Kirkland road	
School road	
Peden road	
Frew road	
London road     i.3��4
Bridge, London road        soo
Tamboline road        300
Wharf, Westham Island        500
G. B   Main road      1,803
Matheson road        500
Canoe Pass road     1,325
Vancouver���California vegetables
are scarce. Potatoes, Sit6 to ��20
per too; Asheroft potatoes, S30.
Toronto ��� Selected live bogs
letch $6.85; lights aud fsits, $6 60
per 100 lbs.
had on application :,t this nine-.
Kaidins noticoa 10 cunts pe- Hae lot "kg1*1 iu"
Birth and Dentil nolio-n, 50c., Marriages$i.m.
Any apecial notice, the object ol which is to
ororiote the pecuniary benefit ol any iuilivliliml
or company, to be conaidered an u-.h-.rtiseiin.-tn
and charged accordingly.
Allad��ei_Us-nie��t�� charged for until onierecl
���ut and pai- lur.
Correapoudwce invited on matters ol publi.
(ntereat. Communication" to editor mast he uc-
MMMtiied by name of writer, nut neeeaaaril]
fcr publication, but a�� evidence of flood faith
Coweaiionilcncc niuat reach this oflice by .hurt
tay evening.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1. .-fllard Block. K��w Westminster.
Gro. R.
SA.T<Jll��AY, MARCH   TO,  I906.
Qmm t Martin,
Barrister   and   Solicitor,
Guichon Block,
(Columbia and  McKenzie Streets)
Delta Transfer Stable
X      Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.      *
Swensen road. ....
Mason road	
Mason cross road.
If the   loan   by-law   should   be
turned down  to-day, it would  be
well lor the p?orle to state what! Gulfside School road.
-had better be done as to the raising Monkman road.
Tradi: Marks
Copyrights 4c.
AnTone (tending a aketch and description mny
- !,-kly ascertain our opinion free whether an
ventlon la probably patentable. Comniuiilea-
.tisslrlcllyennflilcnUitL HANDBOOK on I'nlcnU
..it free, tllnest fluency for securing patent*.
I *it en is I alien through Munn _. Co. receive
..rcial iiiitlce, without charge, ln tha
Scientific American
, handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrirest olr.
ilatlon o* any scientlllc journal. Tonus, 13 a
par s four months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.
.._*Co.36,B���dwa��- New York
Rriuich o.'lioo. (SB V Bt- Washington. D. C.
,or lowering the taxes.
Ontario is about to take up the
mjeiition of abolishing the custom
pf treating. Delta already has a
by-law prohibiting this system but
we have yet to hear of a prosecution thereunder. How would it be
fcr our Legislature: to abolish first
the treating system and then introduce legislation for the rest of tbe
Port Guichon streets
What are you going to do about
Westham Island's communication ?
A ferry should most certainly be
put on there by the Council providing the government iails to
contribute towards it. A bridge is
OHt of the question, it would be
a nuisan.ee to many hundreds of
fishermen b-sides being too expensive a luxury. We hope tbe taxpayers will look into this matter
The simple life has captured
many society people in London.
What with the Duchess ot Marl-
borougii turning vegetarian and
teetotaler for the sake oi setting a
"good example." and the Duchess
pf Sutherland doing likewise, ol-
Jpwod hy Lily, D.xhess oi Marlborough, who says she has for ' 'a long
tim? cousiidered society, as it is understood, a mockery, delusion and
snare," while in the same category
is the countess of Essex, it certainly
looks as though frivolity, luxury
and bridge were on the wane. Followers of the simple life have made
a. dead set upon light fantastic
music, insisting that it begets levity.
They will not be seen at a light opera, tbey won't listen to a band
that performs breezy airs, and
dancing is religiously omitted irom
their program, at least what is called "fast" dauciiiR, which includes
round dances, such as waltzes.
WARD   It.
Monkman road $ 1,200
Morley-Matheson road   1,000
Imperial road  2,000
Raitt road  1,200
Point Roberts road  2,000
Cemetery road  200
Farrell road  500
Parmiter road  1,000
Dooley Farm road   2,000
Boundary Bay road to Wit-
ter's corner  3,650
Boundary   Bay   road   from
Witter's    corner   to   the
camping ground  2,5<*'-o
Grin'sby Townsite���
Corbould stteet  300
Mable street  700
Queen street  250
Ladner streets  2,000
$20 00
Ladner streets f, 1.500
Green road  300
Crescent Island, from Trunk
road to River road  2,000
Holmes road  300
School house to McClusky's
corner  1,200
McDonald-Hume road  2,400
Benson road, south  1,000
Tilbury Island road  1,200
Rivei    Road,   Sunbury    lo
Mitchell'-  3,800
River   Road,   Mitchell's to
Ladner  11,700
A.  O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd. M.W.
T. W. Kurr, Recorder.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C   Abbott, N.G.
W. II. Taylor, Se;
>_-_��������*���>>.������.*- ���#-���*���**������_*���*���-#.��*>
*^**-*a***�� *���*���*���.#.���*._.-*-������**���.#.���*-
fllil 111
.itnL nnu
Manufacturer*- of ull kinds of
B. C.
���!��� Soda Water, Ginger 4
...    Ale and Summer    .].
Alt Coleman is building a nice
large barn and -table ou his propei-
ly on theSl.ouyh road.
To Let, from April ist, the lands
known as the Sturdy Farm. For
full particulars apply to
H.  N. RICH,
Delta Stock Yard
By request ot my patrons I have
postponed  the  sale  advertised  for
March until after seeding time.
H.   N. RICH,
;. Drinks.
���        Your patronage solicited
t-t _��_ ���---.
shion  Stables =
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
III l Hi
Lndner. B. C
Fence Posts.
you  require  fence  pouts just
me a line, or call and see
Ladner, iS.C
Tasker read - 3,000
Smith ro-*d  2,200
Benson road  s,ioo
Gowdy road  1,400
Gowdy cross road  1,000
Farrell road  500
Parmiter road  650
A case of scarlet feyer has devel-
pptd in the Es.'st Liiil, which has
been quarai.iintd by the M. il. 0.
$1 1,850
Scott road, % 5,000
Oliver road  2,500
Henderson road  800
Embree road      2,000
Kittson road  3,000
Peck road  500
Holmes road  1,500
Mathews road  2,500
Annacis Island road  5,000
River road  4,000
Highland roads  3,000
$29,8 >c
Tenders will be received, the
undersigned, for year's sup, !'y of
Butter-Milk from the Delta Creamery, trom ist April, 1906, Tenders to be at per 100 lbs.; accounts
to be pain monthly, and buttermilk to b'.* hauled away from the
Creamery, at such times as arrang-
with Creamery Manager.
Tenders to be in by March 15th,
highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Delta Creamery Co., Ltd.
fiaiu-factureis  of
"Buck Brand" Goods
Tlirougli aM' adverte-iice  the  sur- j ^ ADIES' AID
prize partv for West Mcltitvre }a_.t
week, was  made  to read   at  Mrs       The  I-ar!'es' Aid SocietV of the
pjvefea^x's inst.ad of John Follis.  Methodist Chutch held its regular
     _______ meeting  on Thursday afternoon at
'the resid-nce of Mrs. John Ellis,
TU^Str. T-ransfer. Capt- IJ-int_r, 1 Trui>k?road, There was a good at-
rcturned to fter old route ou Mon- [ tendance of ladies and, from the re-
day lasl. if was a good thing for i ports of committees received, good
the. public thaj the Shearwater j progress is beins made in the way
sent ber intp drydock as ghe has I of preparations for the ''Feast of
bees thoroughly overhauled and fit- Days" which they purpose holding
ted [up in good ;>hapt* which meai �� on the 14th prox. The next regu-
inuch to. \he travelling public ol j lar meeting of the society will be
this cnntsUiiiity. May she ret;,in j held at The Pi.rsonage on the 22nd
k.r j,.K)il |o<)j<3; iJis!
Moat atui Pot a ozs
We can supply you with the finest quality
of the abov3 articles at reasonable cost.
Remember the place
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
o. IO.
���H.+... f .;��� ������..��^4.^^^^|^^��4^4.4.^4.u_>._{.^i.��.^4.4.^f^4.^>-}^f4
t Telephone ��" Ladner" No. 10.
���&~S ____kt__b_______h_b     _**-   r~__r_________________s��___r_C__C-_3lSI ^���' IW___-I
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates* and Every-
thing Else in This Line.
Agent for-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves,
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing datry
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. G.
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERTE FUNDS,       - - $3,3021,743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        *331,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of % 1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant; Oraud Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland,j
Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and  New Westminster.
 1 LJI L|
Royal Household
Just Arrived.
Bran, Shorts, Etc,
'eat &
Phone 9.
Commission (��
Ladner, B.C.
Ladner Card
of Carriages
r.u    .a     Hi** eshoeing,
arrage I .tilcling a-iid Paint-,
'**��, and General Jobbing of
All D.e.s*cripfci0--S,
We carry the finest class
id Farm Implements at rock bottom prices.:
Q? T\ BAKER, Ladner, ^X.
A Full Line of-������
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
_-_ AT-
H. J. Hutcherson' t*m ]j��LTA TIMES, SAT-URDAY.
r. tt
L I 1
toXA. ���SAdNKS.
Co ram mii an -
Sand ay   in month,
pe Delta umts.
7' Ev
e J 1.00 a year.
38? 'J5
8:30   a. us
- l i a.n..
Matins, ii o'clo.ck.
Event-king, 7 o'clock.
!     Sunday School at .-_ a.r.
Prnda}, evening -servic-
kev. Canon H-iUmi
Services first and third Sunday of
each moilth at 10:30   .m.: ;', . ied
tion, 7:30,p.m
Sunday -school at 3.p.m.
Low .Mass and Holy*Ootntsunion
first and third Mondays at 6 sum.
Rev.. Father Wagner; 0 M I.,
���Parish  I'riest
Services next X.ord^-3 ��ay at   1
a. m.and#.30 p.'m.
Class -meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath'School  Et 2-p er>
Sunday.     Prayer   meeting   even
ThuHKkry-evetiin..: a
Rev. J. E. Betts. pastor.
Se    .   s next  Lord's   i.'ay  at 1
a.tn   rind 7 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Philtflduy'evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
sRov. A, McA   ew_;V�� ���
3 ERS.
ibatb   -
md 7
-1    ������ -
t..r   11  -:
.    ,:; c:*
.1   S.
H  an   i_e_l  covering-,   cither Hor -w_w
building, or improving old ��m.
Consider its '.tons ���Rpesiwice���Its
���ptcn-t- enduring qualities���and -light
expense���and decide to serve your own
beet interests by using It.
Fnllest details ef information in our
True Table
Cars leave   V
6.50 a  n.
art leave'v
t      6.50 a. 111..:
.: Saturdays ���
irtrste. M��r -Vancouver at 5190
iurly -.lier��*after until ll p.'
intlsysi it 11 p.m.
���������*i- iiy,' sVestiuhi .tfts at j.50
".tirly thereafter until 10 p.
.111 '-.snt 11 p.m.
We run ;
minster - ,
handler] .v-
con it.: 1111
1*1      :
it-ciuss frei__t.cars betsvee
Vancouver aud   ill ii_iu,i
1 .1 mutt-Aire an-    ���'��� '.
Ill's II "iir      s*j(��-ciitl     .      il
-   .   ������      ' I'lj  .vaiy.i -,   i_ , 1
<;.-. **t. appl
1 Wesl-
red to
K:  k.
A   ���A;*l.; COUG7    IRDIfelNE
Ii: huving a co������ rli    u-dicine  for
children   never afraid vto  buy
Chamberlain'*; In Remedy.
There is no I nger trom rt a-i re-
liei is sure to follow. 7 is especially valuable for colds, roup and
and whooping congb. ale Iry
F J. MacKenzie.
sfl.ntitiiul   Wink   .,i   tlia   /.rl.siuiin  at
Filmier Cmnturl...
The wonders of i'~>' -.needle were iu
illicit;.t tin.-, i in   i*--;.-i'i,  India.  l.::lsj--
louiii   and   I'buoulL-iu   mainly   lavished
by women nn relis and banging.) for I
temples, Connoisseurs consider the veil j
decorating the tomb of Mojuimmud st j
Medina,  priced   at 40,000,000  rupees, j
Uie uiost iiMi-vohjus piece of embro'M- ;
-*-,-..- ev'. r ���mi'ile. .!:.'��� ..aitorii. a vunnlu;. '
(ntei'lHcbiii of si-wlta .aud araiicwiucR, ���
_*��_.-JllSI .I'sV   UL-ili.l.lill'Jl -.s'iUl   I.:, V  -,  .-.s, ,S   |
und  precious stones, produces,   when !
exposed to the iiiya of th<* sun. n t-ta- !
peudons effect of coioiiug, go.t and bar- ,
uioiiious.and egunl to .tha bold graceful- i
uess of the desigai.   I_Iium:, silk*. I will, j
er-au'.l tlie ricbcsl attilCs *AVcre in tiitii I
beautified ivilli tho Iittlo insignlfluuit |
tool, the uecdie.
Diupbaiioiis IndlanmiusUn eluinnlna-
I ly Giubroliiei'i'd with _recn beetle -\\'lr..ir. j
I ls etill reiKiwii-4, us well a,-; exaiiiploa
i of*|ntlntcd snnngles and ur.tlfic'lal pearls \
strewn amid devices wrongbl in gold
But where is now io be found the in
coiuiiarable Der^-:i miisJin, iliii-iy ymfti
of which were ouce inclosed for v, tin*- '
bun inau ordinary coeoannt Inerusieii '
Willi geni3 iimi presented by a Persian j
ambassador to his  iiKister. the steili. ���
Other   varieties  .knowi;   as   invisible ]
have aleodi_appeai-ed.  The term oi'lg- !
tnatod:froin tbe fact that when dipped I
in water or spread out on tin* grans i!-v. '
material whs lost to t_9 eye through |
Its extreme linenes*.
The trained fingers have disappeared,
and through modern competition customer*? are no longerwillLng to pa,y the
i-rejil vd'lne of genuine hard work. Thia
superiority of eastern craftsmen over
tbeir western fellows was recognized
centuries ago, first by Portuguese, who
were.iu the habit >of sending -satin to
���India to be embroidered by the natives
a-fter European designs, a fashion
which at times renders somewhat puzzling the classification of the imwvei-
of handiwork.
The French followed suit, since the
majority of the Louis XVI. court sets.
including coat, waistcoat and breeches
'in'--satin, velvet, plush-.or.corded silk,
so  exquisitely   adorned  -with   -kdicat*. j
sprays and admirable borders wrought
In satin and tambour stitches, ure due j
���to the skill and industry of the Chi- j
������nest', who have reproduced tho French
devices with floss silk ln such lovely
and fast colors, which still appear in
rail their beauty, witli a mellowness i-ai-
'parted by time  which further add.! to
'.their charm.
"T.e O.-ini :��� : renfu-rs" at .Als-andi.
Dumas has 1 l-k:: revive ; iii Pari-.
Eleiinoro 1 nts-u rtias anom n, i d that ehc
K'i'.'i i li.y only li. .liaily unit o* hor health
tu prove*.
Weber ;md .Fielda *nnonB��e that jip: I
jjirin;;. al/'.er -tli^ >.'ew S'erk _ea_on, they
viill ink', tbeir big cuni]mi./ ever to JLoii;
ri.u 1.
���' ' ''-:ith B*.*r-cl. :-'���'������ 1 receiith
"i mh rick," fbo new i ....-��� lhat Martl;j
'Jiorron has provided hiu. v.,��.\.   It-was a
( ..n.iiisfi ikill is to j.ii.rii.. uriujot Hit
-JjoihI'm iuvti.icii. ili-f. IJoll sing*- in
three iMi-iiiii.-. \cice3���uid is aoharui!.!.
Mr. i.-.'sur Pimiln-rl-oii ha? presonted thi
namiiM riptof Tom liohei ..���.���irs"sc.oii. ty"
to t _.. - SJiakiepcare Memorial .tiieal*. al
Bwntford-on-.. ion,
Laura _Uu_. is ;tc Besert liie vnudeviHl
���_-:::!.. Inr. ii-g signed to i'ty tho leading
r.:'n i:i lie in -:: Now Yi:r;. v i.isino pl'oduo-
i.'i.r., ��� A Dangerous Maid."
Mr. ilnixirofl'__ play, "Tejiaisa," setni.
tu he proFr.ei.tsgat tlie London Gorriok
It will be r.ii-ceuded in tine time by a nevf
pioou by Mr. 3_oo -'rqyor called "Jirothel
Ariel BarneyannouiscrHthai;ti?reeelptl
of Frnnoia Wi1m.ii in '"''..'. Little Coipo-
,tal" iirdsSOilarRo that hfivouW.Jiot bo kut-
prised tn see his-.tiir clt:��:i ::i) JlBc.titia on
ti:e season.
In sunny Italy re-entry oue of tlio great-
est. aetors of thalvcountry, >,'o\elli i ��� ie!c
|  Unti, .died '.it'  a broken   heart,    lie hi.tl
i filTUgglet] for years ��gai;:ci.'.):esrep-n..ti.j_
of having an evil eye.
! It. Ids interesting jeeitioira which ar��
j .receiving .-duo vcor.sideration at present
j __.e_*a..der 'PalvlJi*! -praises ttic Hamlet ol
; Kilwin Booth, but -xpresses thoopihiari
j thut Sir lie; v.- .i-vi; g was the-Lette-i- iu-
'  terjpretor of tho oharaoter.
According <to Tbe Commereial,
ol Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of tbe iRooky Mountains,
is . so ^-"30 bushels, compared
with 16, 23*000 bushels a year ago.
��OBT��� MAY, Agent,
. J. MY '5
A   Gtiic-E-o   Alderma     ��vves  His
Election to Chamber.     ' .Cough
"I can heartilv and ton'oientious-
ly recommen   ClKimb.:-. aiii's Cough!
Remedy for inflections 0 the    hroat
and dungs, '* Miys Hon. John Shen-
i^>k,  2-20 So.   Peoria  bt��� Chicago.
"Two years��goduring  a  political
campaign, I .caught cold alter be-
Reading is to the.mind what exercise
Is to the body.���Addison.
A home without books is like a room
Tvithout windows.���lieechor.
To read-without reflecting is like-eat
lng without digesting.���Burke.
Books are.the best things well used;
abused, among the worst.���Emerson.
Next te nciiuiring good friends tlie
best aciiimintaace is that of good
Beiae books --are to be tasted, other.
to be-swallowed aad some few to ba
.hewed and digested.���Bacon.
Half the gossip of society would por-
Uh if tbe books that are truly worth
reading -were but read.���Dawson.
What is a great love of books?   It la
i something like a personal Introduction
j to the great and good men of all past
j times.���John  Bright.
I    The three iiractical rules I have to
I offer are: (1) Never read any book that
j ia not a year old; (2) never read any
but famed books; (3) never rea4 any
Possibly Lillian BiiFsell Is merely ambitious to beablo to say lhat sbe has hu!A
four of a kind.���Milwaukeo Sentinel.
Camara's real fighting will occur whep
ttsoomesto getting a navaLajipropfiatloB
through the cortes.-^WasUiiigton .Star.
Commissioner Bay guts a fee of $20,000
for his services in Paris. Boos ho earn it
by Bay's work or peftee work?���Philadelphia Times.
How In tho-world did General Kitrfhen-
-er ever win out without haying Stephen
Crane ancl Biehard Harding Davis alongl
���Evanavlllo ('mirier.
Kitchener ar.d Dewey seem to bo two ol
a kind. So Kitchener l.i r**a'io a peer, nn.
Dcwcy���well, Dewey is-ilmply _icer-_e_>
���Richmond Dispatch.
'.Vsacornixiin.-d of fool and"SOonriarEl
Esterhazy appears to be the most striking
sample whloh the cie.so of the century any
vhcre exhibits.���^iew York Tribune,
Now William Waldorf .A.tor is claiming
to Iio an American citizen. This i-s oiw
of tho unpleasant results of t'he war. V.'ii
were perfectly contented to have Viilliaiu
ashamed of us.���Washington Post.
A ctianee us c:_r._i.
I "I cure for nobody,
,\k,;l aoi.odj c_rc-s fur me,"
B-.i�� 'iL.-.i.iy at |.!_.-. 1.1 ihe _n_eet__ca
A'.'here nobeiiy eould at-��.
��� So his mo h'-r mmle tbeifii*..
A 1 1 searched fer th" -.'! !i -u'ssnciit,
! 'i\'l:i|.. the sun ft-oin us }.' 1 ���_��� iu_-nov.i-le.iu_
\\ ..at slUliig in.u thc is...,:.
I 6h" tilled the water pelt
And 1 t.-!*'Hi </:������ l.-r,-   . f ,r is-n.
Aad \vo:,.l'-i'...i iluvs., i>, :.. ;��� i..i,_.f. httsH
Wtiure her li.Ua La;....   .i.i .,-���.
Alone in thv dlui ---'.t s- :��� ,.
'��� 0 ami  .,;���. ..- til-.'d oT-J     -.
When 111 - ���-.��� -iwa ca.-no,!<,*.._. and lit. �����l.;.
o.s.5 ;..;i
Over tht n-;-\vri.-nsvii,l-. jf.
��0 Into U-.c kitchen he.-ra.il,
V, I'll i;<no!sy ht!.:__! yil
EILv i.-iot'e-r hud !'.vide*i:!ra a fronted cal".
__s.e-.utd liiridsi/lii__ a _n.es- pi.;.
to he p-nvp her n lovlajj.tiur -
"i will help r...>:t ;���;..-:." >-.;,l he.
"I care for sorae_o t; ,
AuJ sccnsshosOy ear- s fo ��� me."
���-J.iry !'  H-ills i-i Outloo*.
That, tho goldilalds or t!*.o world an
mucli more oxtonslve that', the tlnflelds tt
a fact whieh might strike the unscientific
person with a curious feeling of surprise.
Tho tinliel.ls wliich are known to exist
cover un area of less than 15,000 square
-miles, while tho goldflelds are something
over l.iitiii.UOO Square miles Tberefone
there ar:: 18_ square miles of gold bearing
regions for every single mile of grountd
Wi-oro-.titiis-known to.xlst.
-'.'he importance of the tin Industry Is
scarcely appreciated by those who huys
never mado the subject a study. Nortsli
America has no tin mines, South Anient*
but one, Asia has two, Peru and i)oliv*��
-ontrlbut.-.,U0O Ions a>ye_ir_.nd Australia
mines about 0,000 inns asyaar. While \vj_
are all praetically familiar with what h,
called tinware, very low of us appreei.it.
.the.fa.ti-tfcisst pure tin plays a very small
���part in the manufacture of these articles.
The quality of tinwure has within the part
few years deteriorated with nmnziug rapidity, ai/ of whloh is attributed to thr
limited supply and great value.of .tin.���
Kew Vork Ledger.
1'iuut ���( Hrudaelif*.
Too little blood in  the  brain  Is a tt*
quent cause of headache and may lv* roei����
Sized by the ache being ou-thu top .of  iht
head, by constant  dizziness and by no .e.>
.-tn the ear��.    'J'ho  best cure  is  a
--stimulant,'tach aa strong ten   or..
hot soup���anything uhich \
the eiie.t.liition.    People who 1 r
these headache., should always sis..,- . ���-
^hcir heads low.���L^Ciiange..
-Gootl For a Cliild.
A <w_flta.ripoto.to, toasted, -oe-ri  d
Should   he  the  lirt voget-       _**<v, 1
Ohild, but In Slimmer time il.-: ��� i   .        '
be watuh.ed.   One of the   nun.:
j scurees of sickne.s with yenug t iii iron .
; _ivi:.-g t.lioni animol lood iiiillscriminats-.'j
and too often. Beef, idilttoa.v.d ohieiara
are-the-eniy /irwdos fit for 1   ..iie.-..
If Hobson wil! now rei-e the Colon, tTi!
praise of his countrymen will_Mov.cr-.coni.
to a full stoi>.���St. Louis .Re.puiilic.
While he isabout thoworkof lifting tho
sunken wrecks on Spnfiago Holin 11 11 igh.
give tho Merrimac a boost.���Detroit Journal.
It took Mr. Hobson a long time to mots
a raise. There are lots of people who are
qualifted to sympathize wit.h.M.T-..__ohson.
���Philadelphia Duih iir..
__il that seems necessary is to niertirrr,
to Lieutenant. Iloli.on whether ib is desired to have tho sbip como up cr go
down.���Washington Mer.
Consiruetor Hobson hns shown himscH
an engineer of the very first mdsr. Vet
untli'r tho foolish and antiquattd system
of our navy, being a staff officer, lie inn
never bo given execntive -oomninnd 0:1
board ship and has c!i;.ly nemiira. rank.���
Philadelphia Dres.-i.
I bat whut you like.���Emerson.
Protct-tlttB BrttUul   s.r,_a.
.      After a h.uii_lu_B'. bcii'iiei'olis.i :...:; Wfo**!
I (getting .aii-ii'iity cold  il will  ..   >���������
��oud.pia;i���'������ ���'���'-1- --'-:':'.'' "
of thin ol    -   ���
���jtriiig.    Tl     1
ee tlm ham -
".keeps tbi ���.-.-���.
Would tw I.'. ���
A   I' '    -
' Rriygiiir .    .     ��� -
srer,. ��� 1 .
tho -. '���    it wlta * . -.-:.
oreui ������-.-"
"Tliat's    .:        ���' .-    .       -'.   ��� >   ftp  ���
creami - y ahterprisc in si -���    ��� ���-. ..    '.   ,vt
���and   L'ri gii.s  gue.    Im-,
buy* '..;-..--���"     -     ; . - -.
Sells  It   to sow    ���   ��� ���- ��� .hi      liavi
never hail a erea;. i .
Toon the w-.u.
'Must by way of u        .. ynu  know, 1
told her she looked Bwcelienoug}i t..i kitis."
-' Well, she said that was the way she ia-
;.tended to .00k."
j     ""Ami so"���
'iPrecisely.11���Chicago Post.
Annually, 10 fill tlie new ipositio-iis
created by Railroad and T.tegraph
Cwmpnnies. We want YfflTNO,
JREN.-BiBd '--.ABIES of good habits to
0=AkN teleorapmy
AND R.l*l. ACCOUNT5NQ . . .
We furnish 75 per -cent, of 'tht*
Operatovs and 'Station Agents in'
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegrapli"s*?chools
iiiuthe world. Established .20 years
and endorsed hy all leading Rail-.
��-ay Officials.
We execute a-$250 Bond to every
-*student to furnish bim or her a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
imonth in States east of the Rock>;
'Mountains, or from $75 to 5-���� a;
month in States west of the Rookies,
-���immediately *4.pon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacfttions.   For idll particulars
-regarding any of our schools  write
direct 'to   our executive offint atftilfeers, etc.
Cincinnati, 0.   C*talogucdree,
Cincinuiti, Ohio.        Buffalo, N.\
Atlanta, Oa I,aCr-��sse, Wis
���>TjXii.r7.s ;t;i. 'Ilex. S-.i.i'-r.i.:..-i.>t!o <.l;t
Vancouver, Ei-C
Hendguvrters ior Pacific C-.iast
Grown '-t.arden. Field and Flower
Seeds. New crop n0win**tock and
on test in our greenhouses. Ask
your merchant for them in sealed
packages. I? he does not handle
them we will mail *__ assorted __..
packets of ve .Mable and flower
seeds (our own seilection, suitable
for B C. gardens) tor $1. "Special
prices on vour bulk seeds.
ready fer s*p.ing-sbipmertt.
Extra nice stodk ot two and
three-\-s��ar Apple Trees at $20 per
100, $r**6o per 1,000; MaynarU
Plums, $1 each; Italian Prune, two-
year, ifme, $25 per 100; Sugar
Brune.itwo<year,_i_ie, $30 per roc.
Full.list of other stock at regular
prices. J*Jo expense, loss er delay
of fumigation or'inspection.
'���Letmepnee^your list -beioie placing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Floral 'Wo-fl..
Bee Supplies, iFriiit Padkagts,  Her-
Wh_t H_-.ke��� Thi 11 ki Grow.
Accoi'dius to Maurice Springer, a
_Tr_nch writer on the subject, tbe ea-
ergy el growth is closely related to
electric energy aud may be ldeutical
with It. At any rate, growtb energy Is
. closely connected with tho phenomenon
ing overheated, which irritated my | caned osmosis���that is, molecular pree-
throat and I was -fiually compelled' ��">���*�� due to differences of density in
._   . _     - t        u      .. 1     1    j    adjacent liquid masses.   Such inolecu-
to stop, as I could not speak aloud.   .J preagJ ,��� Uie __,ta of the body be
In my extremity* friend advised me  beite-.s to bo the pheuoiucuon that un-
touse Chamberlain's   v ou^ii   Rem-, derltea the multiplication 0.-these cells
.    .    , . .,   . Iin growth, and osmosis has been shown
I    took    two    doses    that I by ^peHment to be cloaely connected
edy. I took two
afternoon aud could not believe my
senses when I lound the next morning the inflammation .bad largely
subsided. 'I took several doses
that day, kept 1 right on talking
through thssNcai-upaig-n, and I thank
this medicine that I wol my seat
in the Council." -This remedy is
tor sale by F.._J. MacKenzie.
with electricity.   Tbe  writer referred
ta behoves that we shall soon be abl-
to measirre growth energy as we uow
do heat or electricity and perhaps con- j
troi lt so as to produc*. tall -or short j
famlllM or races at our pleastut..��� J
Thore are 860 mileti of street railways in
Bt. Louis now, aad they carry 100,000,0.(1
passengers per year.
Tho longest stretch of straight railrord
lino in Amoriea is on the LalAi fchore
railway, beginning ettx point three miles
westot Toledo ami _u_Ka.ng*C0 miles without .1 curve.
At Hessian railway-stations *'*_trievant*|
books" c.i-e kept in whioh passenger may
enter oomplaints Tlio books aro sent to
tlm oentfal oilico ouco-amoutk.-and all
oomplaints are then investigated
An auxiliary step for raii.'cad-oars .2
miuinteil-.ui two kv,inging bells attaclit-d
to tho undor side ef the lixed steps, 10
swing downward and project the step beyond tho bottom Uxed step, where it is
held hy hoops engaging eyelets at cithe.
'I.s'Eii-ne.i Ilia As.' Then.
A "ytmng  married   man ne\er realizes
that ho is getting old until bo is eon;; '���!_$_
to pay full fare for h.___li_t born when Im
has him on a streetcar.__!        ������   -   '.'oui
niereial Tribune
��� Sonra cor. nn    . ��� -
eryone of te.< .'    .
appropi l��tad  lo 1   .���   :
own nuisiu that ii.. ie
Theavrrajie ra;-< of  wagei In  Korea l*
16 cents a (i.v
.Backwoodsmen   of  China.Do-U
1��w and arrow us 11 weapon.
Kill .IBM I fill.
Time Table.
Charles Drake, a n>ai!  carrier at
Cbnpinville, Coim.,   says,   "Cham-
  berhiir.'s Pain Ralm is the-chaiupion
tSveto leaves Cloverdale at:I;I0! ofall linimc-uK    The  past  year J
��� p-m. -and arrives at Port Guichon at! Wi)S U?*^* greatdeal w.t-1. rheu-
Train leaves   Port   Guichon  at
The recent BUinnmry action of the empress dowiiger of China was to prevent lie
fi-oni 1-eeou.ing It,���Indianapolis.Iourn.,1,
China ni'iy be 1,1,008, years bchlod the
lime.i, but .he can put up * fina.s_.iini lol
of tlui advanoed woman. ��� Indianapolis
Those mandarins with  tln-ee tails who
I seme time ago were ciackii g jckesiabout
I'OR i  Li Hung Chupg and his yelimv jacket ar��
now sleeping iu the woods.���St. Louis Ito
I publio.
Li I-Iung Chang has his opponent ,.ud
rival, -Chang Ten Hwan, In hock, lt is
now Li's "day.dn court," so to speak
When lti js.v't Hung,-it's Chang, aud nobody but Clout. Britain and Kussla kuuws
thu dilicivnce..���Chicago News,
Crmy    In    Moilr.-atl m.
Wife���If   1   were  to die,   i ..il.  tri.1
wcnld.yon do?
Phil���I'd be most era:'....
\Vife��� Would you umi'ry in ulii?
Phil���No; 1 wouldn't be that ei.i/.y.
M. J. HENScX Tancouver
..1010 \H��.1tipinster Road.
2 -.fo noon and .arrives at Cloverdale
at3:��.P*m*       '
Mondays wily
��� mati-.m in my shoulder. After trying sev'Sral cures tbe -s'ore keeper
here recommeui-led tiii. remedy and
it completly cured me."    There
: Went idea.
Tourist (who calls at village postofliso
for a registered,letter)���But why can't
you let me have it?
Postmaster���Have   yo��, proof, of-your
js i.���identity!'
.    . Tourist���No. '''       *
110 use ot anyone .suffering Irom that j    l'ost master���Doii'tfoUkuow*:iy*onQte
painful   ailment -wheu    this   lfhi-lithe village.
meat c,tn be  obtained   for  a  small
��� sum.    One.applicatioii urves prompt
There are two through rpasieu-   relief and ils continued  use  for  a
%er traius per day each way to and' short time v-iil   pn
from Seattle and a  mixed  train to | ent en e.    For .s���l
g��.td ftom^lbiiglia-u. '^eu/iv
bv 1
J.   Mac-
Postmaster���Have you a photograph*'
fourselt or anythtngf
Postmaster (cGinparing photo with original)���Certainly, sir, it's you. ' I'll get
you, the. letter.���Pearson's Weekly.
it should be bome in mind that
every coid weakensthe lun.ijs, low-
���ws'.tiie \*itality and prepares the
svste.su --fur .She. !nore^scri_usi*dis-
Oriscs, fiinnag wlii'oh ere ili'.c ��t\vo
ji-reattrt ilehtroyers br-'muimn'.i.i'e,
*pueUt)Kmiu ami consutnj.tio.-. S
'ChsunberlaiDHs I
Cough Remedy I
has won .ts great popalasitty ky -ts ���
prompt cures ofttvis most conimoi. -jt
ailuicnt. It aids ejepectorationf re- '*""
.lievea tlie L lung* -add pjwiis the
secretions, .fleeting a sjieetly and
permanent cure. 'It coufttopab-i.
auy tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 50c. THE BTXTA TIMES, SATURDAY, MARCH io. 19*^*
1 *i-*w t�����-��� -
D. McGregor, wife and iata,ly retimed home on Thursday.
13 m.i
Mrs. Stratton returned home
Tuesday evening last.
Mr*. W. J. Lanping visited; the
���fon-tCity tsthia.*^eeX.
John   Rbbasdson   visited
Westminater tbis week.
Mrs (Canon. Hilton paid a short
���^iiit to,the Rojal Cirty. on Mo��day.
Mi��* ��. Plewes arrived here last
evening on a visit to. her ajgint Mrs.
E. T. Calverfc.
���     .' ...''.������..���..'���.,)
Brackman-Ker Co. Ltd,., are busy
patting ia a weigh scale alongside
their new granary.
'��� ���       ���     - i'-  ���
H. D. .Qejnson returned taEveret,
W.a^.on W-1-dne.sday. aftet; a shotit
business visit herer
(l-ioui Our Owb Corr.(p---e-t.)>
Victoria, March 7.���Since my
Inst, the Finance. MinjstM bsought.
down tho Estimates. The onbt
item for Delta constituency is one
of $2500 (conditional- tor completion of 1 be. River roa *.
The bill to give theC.. P. R.
800,000 acres of land was-tuj-ly dis-s
cussed on second reading^ Messrs.
Qottpn, Bp.vser and. H,aw.tbprn-s
thwaite supporting irt- Acnriptte fact
has since leaked out that five government supporters signed a de-
(jlnnatiorn to the; Premier;, to the effect that they woaid. voire, against
the bill. Of these only one kept
his word, namely Mr. Ellison, and
uow Mr. Houston has given notice
of a, motion for a committee to, eu-
1 quire into the means by which the
Columbia $ud \J(esteni Railway
Subsidy Act passed- its,Ki;i.i>!#l read-,
ing. Mr. Houston evidently being
ofthe opinion th.it raeniher. do not
sign _fc dechiratsipn piedgiug them-
'to one counse of action a.nd inside a
few daysdoiag exactly the opposite
; without soise* substantia} reason.
���������������       :~ A. bill, tp enlarge the  provisions
Rev. P. H. McEwen will preach i of the .Settlers'" Right** Act  oi last
in the Baptist Church, tomorrow, year was ruled out of order.
morning ��nd evening^ I    An act to amend the Master and
_ ; Servants. .\ct parsed its secondread-
���_    .,   'ing on  the distiiK-t  understanding
West Mcjotyrc. wife *id family. j that ,t wouW be shon. rf it_ oh-
Ip tt on Wednesday evening for their! ^ ^^ ^ commiUee
new lwmt^Q^lh^c^ ,.   ^.^^   lo  th<J  MlIIlicipal
-. ..--  . ..���t"���* ! Clauses Act,  the- Municipal Elec-
B.   C.  Alexander,   returned   to ftions Act and the School Act have
Vancouver on Thursday after spend-
hig a few days on business here.
Mcy W. MicRse and* son, Ace,,
Ipft last week for Point Robeit-y
Tjihere they -will, r$si<Je in fufeore..
been considered in committee and
the bills stand lor further amendments.
A#, Act   to  incorporate a   Live
Stock Associ-iio*i has passed   two
lfirst stages.
j    There appears to.be % clis^OhUion
���-'���-'--'-���"" 1 to side tract the bill to. compel the
Mark Rawlins ba- ��pt at* elegant Sprinting  of  '.he   forulma of com-.
^mile that v^ear. sjfi" for some time.j pounds  sold as   patent  mjdicines.
A spa and heir arrived last week.
W. J. Brandrith an* Ji. C. Met-
���|alf are B. C.'s representatives to
the  Ottawa   Convention! of Fruit
Mrs. Jas. McCallan went down
tp Victoria,  this week, to attend,     .   ,       _.,      ...  . .- , .    .
... quietly.   The   Minister of Inland
upon the bottle* and package- con,-
t^inirfg the same.
The debase ou the estimates, came-
to an end yesterday and the ea.-
t_tna.es have passed thp committee
The Dominion Election, to fill
the* vacancy caused by the retirement of Mr. Riley, passed off very,
Prices <*
in the Showing of New Spring Goods
Especially does this, apply to tbe- Dress  Goods���
New Colored I<,ustres, 35c, 40c, 50c & 60c.
New Fancy C*^o--*ed Mohairs, 40c, 5.0c, 65c & 75c
54    inch   Sicilians   ia   Navy,   Brown,   Gr-s^n   and
Grey, 75c.
New Serges.        New Ribbons.      New- Veilings,
New Tweeds.       New Hosiery. New Suits,
New Cotton YoilesA      New Ginghams.
New Skirts.
New Westminster, B, C
g-BBBgga .T*��
We Beg Leave
To notify tl�� people of Ladner and sur**
rounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island.
Portland Cement
At greatly redueed prices, making it pos*
sible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at, about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. C,
r-> ������ urw���**-���*������' igi-Ww irtJjr.rxyFnz-r-i**:-���*^~ *9Mr*
���_��*�� ���-���__jj h .i.nns**y
We Have Them!
her husband who is still very
with pneumonia.
R. R. Weir and daughters, Mrs.
Robertson, of Qrijlia, Ont., spent a
f_sw days, las��> week, guests, ot, Mr.
Re-y. J>. F. Bett& w��nt o**er to
Vancouver o|��, W-d-upsdaY morn Uie
up a short visit to, his nephew who
ip about to return tp the. Eastv
M.W Flossie Thirkle returned
-jome, or Wednesday, accompanied
by her cousin, Qeorge Thirkle,,
.after spending a- few days, visiting
lr-jet ds in Chilliwack.
Revenue receiving the largest majority given to any Liberal candidate,, out Qs*, a ve.t_/ small vote polled.
Mr. McPbiliipt*, late Attori^ey
General is reppr,ted as siting in the
sjouservativij- Rooms, last nie.***-.
that the rooirs would be kept open
day and nigh^uiitil after  tbe next
would be
inside   the   ne*t  three
Fiesh shipment of Fiapqii __ad-
dip���W, U'. SmitJK.
The Derby Shoe
For Men, the choicest production, of Canadian Shoe.- Manufacture,
New Solid Goods, new prices..
Modern  Shoes it, a Modern Shoe Stones,
J* REAGH,    mi   Ladner, B.C.
A, new. McLaughlin <_->�����_. so.la
toiiptaki has been ocdejed. from To--
ronto to be instaapdi for Vf.   H.
provincial elections,, which hi^ said 'S>rmtn*
St*. F^lls, C1. I*. Morgan, and T,
Yeoman have moved  into new and
commodious   quarters  at TuenanV
Ifark,  and D.  M. -Ellis  bas been
Mr.   and   Mts   Pritchard   and psesen'ed with new quarters on J.
slaughter, Tessie, returned to Vau-,McCaIlar.'slai>m, 'Srunk road. This.
eouver-    on   Saturday   last,   after is something like.   Treat your men
spending a few days visiting Mrs. I right and they will be more likely
Devereaux and. family. to stay, with you,
mmmmmmmmm inT    i m
For Sale^
A wagon and. water box. in first-
class condition. For fuTtber particulars apply to
For Sale.
Two Spade- I8.*rrows. one Scratch
Haxiow (fou? sections), one Sod
Plow, one Stubble Plow.
Apply to, If. E,. LADNER.
Tenders Wanted.
Bef��?ire om W& DI6AWIN0 comes o-ff;
IPiarjr eveiy 60 CENTS invested in our
store Bl^pi-E MARCS^ 1, yon will, secure
a coupon,, which entitles. yo_a to a chsyice'
. f&$: one of our 38 valuable prizes, the. flrs^
be_n��  9,  B_EINTZIi_fAK  Piaho  value^ a^
'^��l��i 11 Mel I lie
Do��t -tet 1i.hi3d- be. said of you,.
Everybody  Come
St. Patrick's Ball
��y raft m t
Music   by   Entire   Band
Tenders will be received by the*
Ds-Ha, Maniciial Council upi till
Friday, March 23^!, foi the- clearing of one acie in the Cemetery,
For further particu!��ss apply to the
By, order.
C. M. C.
Ladner, March 7th, 190,.
���aa  "���' 1    s     asaa a    :   >
Is  now  in  ftull   progress.    Everything
marked down* to cost and lat*elow.
"^e must make room for New  Goods
that are coming in every week.
Hence the BIO. REDUCTION..
Wtt have just added to our already large
stock., the <_oa_��plete
-Ajrierican Catalogue
of ttiese justly celebrated goods, conceded by all
to be tshe very best Qylinder Records to be ob*
tained in tibe worlds All the very latest nun> j
bers both in Sbngs and Instrumental Pieces.
Came In and Take Your Pick*
M. W.Waitt & Co.
55& Qranvile St., Vancouvei
A. Dj Soynipur.. Miajiaf er,
New Westminster
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St., New Westmin.ster
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewell
Repairing a SpeolaltyA
wt* ���������*-������ 1   1 mmm 1
JI. Clausei
L^DN^R. ft. C^


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