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The Delta Times Feb 4, 1905

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[ ClA^-;
Vol. 2. No, 22.
5    FEG7-1805     tfj
W*v o* ,*/
Sl.CO a yes
niwrni���r n
AU the odd lines and broken lots
have to be disposed of quickly, no matter
what the cost is.
Close Season.
Over C.P.H.
About-20-Men'? Tweed Suits, regular $10 to $15,
Odd lines Men's Underwear at Half Price,
50c Drss Goods, at 25o.
Delta Council met, at 2:30 p.m.,
in the Council C -amber, on Saturday last, 2.ftb ult., with the Reeve,
W. H. Ladner, in the chair and
Couns. Embree, Huff, Paterson,
Gibbie and Davie present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
Prom E. R. McNeil. Chief Engineer V.T.R., re driving of piles
at their wharf.   Request granted.
From T. S. Annaudale, requesting information re taxes. The
Clerk having given the necessary
information this was received and
From Andrew Brown, applying
for a loan of ��1,000 from tbe Sinking Fund.
From J. Alexander, applying for
a loan of $1,500 from the Sinking
Both these loans were granted
under the usual conditions.
From the Deputy Provincial Sec-
jrttary, rathe sending oi Mr. Mill-
ward to the Provincial Home.   Re-!
From F. R.  Glover,   local man-i
ager ofthe  B. C. Electric Co., re!
light and  power.     Received   and j
*j laid over. '
Ottawa,   Fob.    1. ��� An-ordt-r-in I by t. w. X.  ^^^^^
council granting everything asked -    i
j by the cannery owne-s was pass-; Dear Sir,���A few lines on a trip
ed today en recommendation of 1 over the C. P. R. may be interest*
Hon. Mr. Prefontaine, Minister of' ;ng t0 a few, at least, of the many
Marine and Fisheries. j readers of the Delta Times:
The new law provide-; for a close
season on the Fraer river and all its |
tributaries during tlie seasons cf
1906-and 1908, and stipulates that
there shall be no fishing, canning,
curing or selling of fish irom July
10 to August 25 in the years
The order-in-conncil further prohibits for all time heuceforth fishing
above the New Westminster bridge
on the Fraser river, and provides
for 36 hours closing every week
during seasons that are not close
[Continued From Jan. 21.]
Forty-one mile*, east of Moosejaw, we reach the beautiful town ef
Regina, the capital of the Northwest Territories, with a population
of about .1,000. It is the home of
the Lieutenant-Governor and possesses, also, tue government buildings. A few miles out of town is
tht* headquarters of the Mounted
Police, numbering about 850 "red
Regina is a distributing centre
for the country north and south,
where a ready market is found for
all kinds of produce. The elevators were taking iu wheat quite
j freely and the threshing machines
a copy of a by-law and
asked the Council to pass a similar j
one.    In other words he asked the
Crockery A Glassware
A large assortment of Odd White Delftware, Col-
On motion the matter of widen* |
ing* (lie Slough* road was next Uken j
up as there were a number of in-!
terested gentlemen in waiting. ;
Coun. Davie introduced this mat- '
ter by saying that a petition, large-;
ly signed, had been laid before the]
j last Council, whereupon the Reevei
ored Crockery, Glass and Chinaware at Half [Price ^^A^wnS^Uwonow,
j the Reeve said he did  not see Mr.
Less, must be cleared out before Stocktaking.    NOWi ��*jj -- ^*2*��
give bis share of tbe necessary land
provided the Reeve gave his share.
Watoh tor next week's Ad.
Marshall Smith
by Coun. Embree, that the Chief be |
kept on at  the usual salary  until |
further notice.    Carried.        ________________^__________________________________.
tt r,   ^1 .1      ��� _   j      .! were boasting of doing extra good
F. R. Glover was then introduced:       , ....      ,      .   .
_   .        . iii j  work, one machine having threshed
and  read  a  copv of a by-law and | .... ,        ��� ,.
5,ood bushels of oats from Friday
noon  to Saturday noon, in which
r,       ., t , . time  the  machine moved three or
Council to grant his company per*  ,      .. _, ������'���,'   ,    :,     ,
.   .                   ,           ....    four times.   Can Delta s threshers
mission to come here and  do  busi- .    .
n,.      ...     ,    , e      1         1 come up to that?
ness.   T bey did not ask for a bonus j     _ , t ,.__.
01 for anything  else which would
tend to keep out any other company.,,     , ,        ,     ...    ,
.._    '.     ....     _,  '_       ., .     ,   .    lumber and wood, which also
Alter thanking the Council for their'
kindness in  giving  him a hearing, j
Mr. Glover withdrew.
In regard to the washout on
Westham Island, Coun. Gibbie asked the Council to view the ground,
which was agreed to.
P. Swatison! was next heard from
re needed work on the north end of
the Kittson road.
Coun. Huff thought the Council
should look into the matter, which
was agreed to.
On motion Chinamen were prohibited using fire crackers ou the
highway  between  5 a.m.  and   11
"' n   1    ���  located a government experimental
isy-law  e i,o..,nj tt;-...   .-.I
A branch line runs north about
50 miles to Prince Albert, carrying
 ^^^ finds
a good market. On tbe siding
j there stood a box car laden with
j wet spruce edgings. I asked the
i owner what he charged for wet
j-wood. He said, "This is kindling,
| worth $5.50 delivered in town."
j Lumber is very high���rough, $22
| per m ; sbiplap, $23; rustic, "$35;
| bevel siding, $35; and shingles, $3.
i The city is building a large rejMj>
| voir. The water which supplies it
| is carried in cast iron pipes for ���
; distance of six miles. From Re-
1 gina we pass several little towns,,
such as Qu'Appelle. with a population of 1,000,    At Indian  He��d,is
The   Temporary   Loan
[1905] was read a first time.
R. Shirley was allowed  to
The question of the old gazette! ^   .j^..^. ^ day
being  brought up, Coun. Paterson I    Tb_  Ajaemn ^ instructed to
said it was time to look  to the future aud  uot to be bothered with
the past.
I1,, S. Brown said be was willing
to give the necessary land to the
widening of the road.
Ed. Calhoun also was willing.
Coun. Paterson wished to see thc
matter pushed ahead.    He said the
was ^^^^^^
j have the Assessment Roll complete
j by March 11, the Court of Revision
j to be held on April 22.
Strikes, nre spreading 411 Russia,
Rioting in Warsaw, Poland, re*,
sults in killing and wotwdiug 150., It
js reported that the British Vice
Consul was wQundjed.
The Czar has in^viewed a de-
putation of 33 wogrkingmen ant&
promised seme retawts-
ReprtsentatisY**-. Qf the .Scientific
Institutions af-$fcsondajfy school*
have signed, and. ^Wished a mep
prandum wuufMuing oiUbc deploy
t��Wle conditio* 0/ iwWic education
\a Russia, *v& declaring that U
can only be wuodied by theiastitu*
tion of representative government
John Oliver paid a short visit
F J. Macktncie guarantees every
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and \v-<U refund thc money to anyone who is muI satisfied softer using
two-thirds of the contents This is
-the best remedy in the world for la
grippe, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents agy tendency of a cold to
result in pt*eiw����tn^
H. McCumick fetti on Wednesday, toe VancoMYe*? (cur a few days
on busfna**.
Acceding to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg��the visible supply of
|o*H iu the Unitod Statos and. Canada* east of tbe Rocky Mountains,
101 is ���9k35'.oocf   bushels,   compared
IvUU 8.350,000 bfxfod*.�� y��tr ago.
On Thursday last, a young man
named Eriekson, of Westham Is-
(and, weut out shooting, alone, and
Uot returning, bis triends organized
a search partyjand started off hunting for him, with the result that his
body was found with a Urge shot
hole in the groin, He had evidently
teen iu thej aot of getting through
* fence ind putting his gun after
him. His body waa discovered on
Friday evening and brought to Laduer on Saturday, au inquest not be.
ing considered necessary, he was
buried on Sunday, It is heteived his
parents live on the other side of the
New Westminster is to get the
tD<winiot>vEsUibition thiayeaj",
committee proposed  widening the!..        .���
, , ,      .   ���       . I *"e nth
road to 45 feet, graded and gravel-
, led, without ditch  above the san-
' itary ditch.
Coun.   Gibbie   was  in  favor of
widening   and   straightening   this
road but objected to paying
Coun, Paterson thought the improvement of the road would more
than compensate the property owners. He had no objection to paying for damage done to the property of Mrs. Devereaux.
The concensus of opinion was in
favor of widening and straightening
the road.
Coun, Gibbie moved, seconded
by Coun. Davie, that steps be taken
to define the line of improvement
on the Slough real and report at
next meeting.   Carried.
R, E. Kittson was askei to explain the terms of appointment in
regard to the Chief of Police. He
said that wheu the appointment
was made it was intended to be bv
the year. Mr. Kittson proved that
the ne-v plan was the cheaper one
for the Council and that the district
received the extra police protection.
Coun. Davie  was authorized  to
supply the   necessary   lumber for
box drain as applied for by E. Cam-,
midge and others.
After passing the accounts the |
Council adjourned lo meet again on ;
Tbe  Prince of Wales has   beeu
for the: given a, most  hospitable  reception
I in Ireland.
farm.    At Broad View, 121S miles
I from    Vancouver,    we   turn   our
i watches again one hour ahead for
central time, this being the second
change.    Our next stopping place
{is at Brandon.
Brandon  is one  of the prettiest
and cleanest cities on  the C.P.R ,
j and has a population  of 5,600.    It
is nicely situated on the right bank
j of the  Assiniboine  River   and   is
j high and dry with an easy incline
trom the railway back to the residential part.    The streets are wide
and Well made, with broad  cement
sidewalks,    lined    with   beautiful
Manitoba  maple.    There are very
few fences in front of the  best residences.    As   I   stood on  a street
corner, watching the fire brigade
{ rushing bv with all  possible speed
tj,e to battle with a conflagration, I met
British Columbia is to have      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Marconi   wireless.   The   Empress I a gentleman by the name of P. W.
Liners also. j Wallbridge.       He   said   to   me,
"Come up this street and you will
Princess Victoria has been oner- stcsome good bu-ldjngs.-- Firsti
ated on for appendicitis and is pro- j he pointed m the RomMl CathoHc
greasing satisfactorily. j churd, ��� fine large massive slooe
The two eldest sons of tbe Kaiser
are ill, tke Crown Prince with influenzal and the second son with
building; then several Protestant
churches which would be a credit
to any town. Tbe residential buildings are large, with well kept lawrfs,
and stand back from the street. As
we  walked   through the city  he
pointed ont the residences of several prominent citizens. Mr. Han-
burrow, of the Hanburrow Manu-
The  regular  meeting of  Delta I
Farmers' Institute will be held in'
the Town Hall on the  16th inst., '
for which a good programme   is, . ,        , ,
.  . ... r   * 1 facturnig Co., has orte of the finest
j homes in town.   Then he pointed
~~~      " out Dr. -���-'s residence, now de-
Jas. Nelson has  purchased the I ceased. The citizens erected a$3,000
80 acre farm, on the G.  B.  Main | monument to his memory in honor
road, owned by.W.J. Leary, jr., fori ot bis valuable services to the city,
$9,000., H_>*ti.kes possession March | u.^..:......������..������..,. .-.*���.....-^i.^.        _
Moved by Coun. Huff, seconded\ ist. in time for spring Work, |      (Cp.i.ii.uer. on Third Pa��*e,) fK DKLTA TIMES.
. ;7*jfc-.
K? I ' -\ !���'
it Q
j'l*bmsh::i) kvrkv .Satukday.
i'i ti"
ill    01 K \.iK.
���inj stibiHvi.K
Itjgihi;   j> ��� j
Subsckiptios, $1.00 per year.
Caauat. A.l����ti��-m��.t*.cii�� Bg-^s^S. '
14 ���"*** '"'-BigrtiM.   The number ot Hm*: therefore proceed
.. S I        . n 1J..A ,n    ,S... ���
' ty and make.; no-allowance1 ior   the i
| road grytit should paV,corajfen��w��'"1
md ti*." <ne Council.
Tliere is no doubt of in necessity,
il. j
Time Table.
Circulars have lieen issued L��
X. Rich   to tbe   fanners  of Delta,
calling attention to the fact that he
intends instituting a stock yard on
the Delta for the purpose  of holding periodical s.iles of stock. [at 10:45 a.m.
This will be of incalculable bene-'    Train  Ifaves Vancouver at  3:50
-  fit both to the producer and buyer, j P-">- ���'"���ving at   Port  Cuichou at
Mr. Wallbridge again stud, "Come  better prices, no doubt, will l>e M>\6'^ p-m'
lf^^^^&^^^^ Idown town and see Kelb'S  I'ivery I ^il,ed f?rll)e pwdiicec as well as a,
*d^-.H--i^*;'*>*-f-:*-K-t-;4v*>'*V**f H***-H*+*!*+-!*-K***-H*t*r-H--<--
-t- **r
I    Delta Transfer Stable   I
siilsws.-'    sIlBTTeiOU. �� *.C      H"i
tecksueil by Ibe a|>ace occupied, i^liqeatq the
Kates lor Commercial  Advertisements can li>- I
bad on application al this office;
Kaading notice* 10 cetiU per line ior each III-1
Birth and Death notices, 50c., Marriages fl.eo.    j
Any special notice, the object ot which ist
IN EFFECT DEC. 15, 1904.
Train  leaves   Port   Guichon   at
17:45  a.m., arriving  at Vancouver
(Continued irom  First Page.)
ON SHORT NOTICE   ...      -
Team Work Bone at Spsoially Low'Prloos.
pauy, ._        ��� .  ,
ind charged aciordiiiKiy. _you   can get  a  better  hitcb-Jip ��reat save in the  expense  of seek
charged  for until ordered ' ,,        '   ��� .>. , P l
there  than vou  can   m loronto.
AU advertisement*
���nt and paid for.
t>urT<a|>oudence invited on matters of public
interest. Communications to editor must be ac-
Winnanted by n.uuc of writer, not necessarily
Mr publication, but na evidence of good tuith
CormpuniWnce must ranch this office by Thursday evading.
R, Manlky,
ing a  market, and   in  the case of
Mr. Kelly   has  a  large   business, j ,he buy|r he Wlll  know when and
but a few weeks previous he sold a j wllere t0 ]ook  tor  stock instead ol
portion.    He.sti'.l has forty  horses j having   the   needless   expense   of
ill   service, one half of which,  are j founding up all  the  stock ofthe
stabled on  the  second  floor.    His, t[-;str;ct in rlifTerent parts .to accom-
buggies are among the best, several j piisi_ the end to be obtained by the
having bicycle  wheels  with pneu- j slockyard system proposed by  Mr.
matte tires,    .\mong  these beauti-1 Rjch.
fill  carriages was  a very  fine am-     This is a matter worthy the seri-
bulance, owned by the Ladies' Aid. | ous consideration of all interested,
'A.     ,    , ,   '     ...     ������;'']     Brandon is  one  of the principal | alui   the  proposition   should  meet
, At the last meeting of the  Delta   ^ ^^ ������ Man?loba alld lsa 1,^ ^-^ .^ .,, & ���eUle.
Cou-.cil, F. R. Qlover, Local Man-..| distributing point for an extensive j ,nent aml district.
The yard will be erected on the
most modern plans of such institutions.
SATUKDAY, -1'KHRt'ARY   4,    IQO.v
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English'and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in slock.
, ��������� Telephone " Ladner'
! * *r
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
No. 10.
age- of the B. C. E. R. and Light | and well settled country. It has
Co., waited upon that august body j eight elevators, flouri.ng mills and
and formally asked permission to woollen mills, also machine shops
:������_.-��� ..;������.    ���.     ...     ,    ,     -    and   foundries..   The   Hanburrow
come into this district to do busi
oess. This company asks for 110th
tng in the way of bonus, or a franchise or a monopoly, simply that
they may come here with their
light and power for sale to those
who wish to buy.-
A copy of a by-law was presented
asa satmp'e from wliich our council
might draw up another. This bylaw is a., worded that the company
holds itself resposible for all damage
to-life or limb or property caused
|h��r uejjlect in keeping their property in thorough repair, and in return grants them permission to
cotne in and compete with auy
other line which might wish or be
grafted permission to enter.
There is not the least doubt, that
-should the council grant the requir-
edjtoermission, the community would
be greatly benefited.     '
Mr. Glover thought the light
cot&d be introduced here by October
We hope the Council will see its
waiy clear to make this grant, seeing
lhat it costs nothing.
fit would be a great boon to the
business houses as well as to private residences.
���>        s>>
The Place for Tinsrfiithing, Bath Tuba, Stove
Pipe,  Conductor Pipe, Pvoof Plates, and Ever.
thing Else in This line.
Manufacturing Co. has one of the
best equipped sash i>nd door factories I ever saw. Morticed and
dowelled doors���capacity, about 100
per hour. They carry about $25,-
000 slock of glass and about five
times this in windows aud doors.
They ship a good deal of oak finishing to'Winnipeg and carry the
largest stock of lumber west of
Winnipeg, manufactured at their
own mill. A Dominion experimental farm and Provincial asylum
are located about a mile north of
the town.
I might say that Mr. Wallbridge,
formerly of Kingston, is one of the
large individual farmers of Manitoba, he counts his acres and bushels by the thousands. He said he
lives within a stone's throw of j
where he pitched his tent twenty
years ago. I questioned as to the
climate, "Not too cold." heieplied.
"My fingers, ears and nose are as
long as they ever were." Implying that the frost had not got hold
of them yet. An occasional blizzard was the only thing that kept
him in the house
(To be continued.)
"I have taken a great many different medicines for stomach trouble
and constipation," says Mrs. S. Gei-
ger, of Dunkcrton, Iowa, "but never
had as good results from any as from
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets." For sale by F. J. Mackenzie.
��*  NEV
<��� Mantr
i So
NKW WESTMINSTER,    '.-:   B. C.
fkcturers of all kinds oi
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
A. O. U.  W.
i Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
w. C. Pybus; M.W.
Geo. R. M.-vni.ey, Recorder.
7. I 0.0 F*.
Delta Lodge, No. 2!.-���The regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
tn. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
W. R. EUsis. N.G.
Dr. A. A. King,  Sec.
Copies of the Dally Times���
.special Delta number���on sale at
this office.
���|     SLQUGH   ROAD.     -..
We are pleased to see that the
Council have taken steps toward
widening and straightening the
plough road. Of course it would be
% hard matter to please every one,
but the general opinion is that they
have shown great wisdom in the
way the line has been drawn, in the
We regret to hear that some
Chinamen have beeu supplying
liquor to school boys.
Mrs. James Vallanee and daughter J&uet, of Vernon, are guests of
Mrs. D. A. McKee.'
Pastor P. H. McEwen will preach
in the Baptist Church, to-morrow,
at 7 p. m. Subject��� "The 'Comes'
feet,   that  it does uot cause any oftheBible.,    All cordially   iuvit-
great inconvenience to any, while it
not .only widens but straightens, ^to a considerable extent, the
cow*trail now called road. Some
complain because a directly stiaight
line has not been followed but that
is only from a selfish motive.
We are sure the benefit to be derived from the improvement as set
forth, Will more than offset the loss
nf a few feet of land here and there,
and because of the good judgment
shown in the manner in which they
hs-jvc avoided moving houses and
partis we wish them eyery success
Jn thetp undertaking,
Thi* is not a question of individ-
!��.ik Ml a question of remedying a
wrong1, which hgs no excuse for its
existence.    It is much  cheaper to
Itmiortatke thi�� work now than it
. will btfin a few years' time,     The
Original Crown grants provide for
��6 feet for road  making,   without
���compensation, and we see no reason
why the 66 ft. should not be claimed frPJB the. Crown grant holders.
-/���' ���****,
C. O. F.
Tbe above Order has removed to
the Oddfellows' Building, where il
.will meet in future on the Second
aud Last Thursdays of each month.
W. N. Draper,
provincial, land surveyors
Room 1, lillat.t Black, New Wtttmiiistcr.
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Barn Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
Notary Public,
Auctioneer, Esli 5 ihk m
Ladner, B. G.
P��r��ha.lne A��-wt
Brackman-Ker Milling Co,
Agent for-
Gurney Foundry Co> Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints. >j
Yoho Bath Heater. , |
Just the thing for* intjkiiig Water fiot for w)bhiug dairy
utensils,  scalding hogs,  or for   Wash day.     Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C��
i- i , 4 urf. "'���������bin
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm, Alexander
I.iulimr. n. C.      ' * -
Owing to disregard of posted
notices, by sportsmen arid others,
and the danger to life and stock
through irresponsible parties shooting, I will prosecute, without ex-
���ceptidri, all parties tSfespaSSing on
the "Hazel Grot* Farm" (Kirkland Estate), after this date.
Ladner, B. C, Nov. 26, '04.
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Olasl
Rough and Dressed Lumber. I
We can deliver to any point on the Rail*
road in Delta*. ..,; _ .--
Our Prloe Is Right. Ws Can Save Yoo Money*
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent * WM Gall on You
GEO* M* THRIFT, Manager,
Going for Chamberlain'* Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yoHrself in this man's place,
bnt keep a bottle of thia remedy in youi
home. There is nothing so good foi
Dolio, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable foi
3nm__er Complaint and Cholera Infantum and has saved the lives of mor��
children than any other medicine in use,
When reduced with water and sweet*
wied it is pleasant to take.
You, or some one of yonr family, art
sure Co need this remedy sooner or later
and when that time comes you will need
it badly -.you will need it qniokly. Wh'
not buy it now and be prepared for suci
���n emergency?   Price, 85 cents.
Meets in'the Public School, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at f*5 o'clock.
Clothes Altered. CJekne- and Repaired.
rurccls let. nt W. I.. McBride's store and A. Walker's and the Delta Times office trill be called
fur 011 Monday aaid returned on Saturday.
0.  W. WALKBR.
New Crop Now In Stock
The Best \
In the World:
Ogilvte's   ijoyal   Household  Flour;
Bran, Shorts, Just Arrived.
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouandsof Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
now gtowingin my  Nurseries for
.Spring planting.' ... . ��� .,
Eastern price's or less. Whit* Labor.
No Generating, they Light With
a Match.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
In Dry Goods During Stocktak-
, . In^ .   ���;;/;   V'  :v_
25 per cent, discx/unt.olf Boots
���   *        '.'-'*'���   ��� . ���������   :-i.S| . *  .
and Shoes for  the Next  Two
Weeks .���-. ...*..'"'"
':'        '" ���'������
.    ������ ��� V-   *.'. '   ' 'V..
H.1 Hutcherson's fiJ.E    I i.l i. :   7     L LMIiSj    I    ���* '-  '   i\ '��� :   ������- \
���-:���-.-.�� . .-.^j^r.���*'i-'.*-.--f.^l'j~:-*=^-.-.^.-^_
e��&"��KS.j     .ss -    . i. s-iw>s.,-.;v^ ,:7.v7.r*-v?i,.i_i__1 w-^*;*^.iL5'ij&^J��_2>&-.;, ss sse_s_Q__s:.BBS ___<,::*.,"-.,*-.     - ..-������;-��'77--!__."**t&:s,.ai*ffl&;^-.-*a��s.:Vj.- .:��-_*iis*. *_������:;.-.
���v7  7"--      '
1        ���    ���    k'H..,7?-
_K  .J-*i?*>''      i*
��� MB m
ff^Sb     dm
sew ���>*���*_������ pm
Li**,  ^L-jZ   cams
--sv.    ��� >.-... f��
ww! 18
fe*_ _?__
>:V   St .i <Qyf_ j.'����r ^y/        **_^ Jl a _^    EJ __ j_��4��i B      <?_��� Xir-ii- wfi
r ��� i
11 riuflVi
We aro <ffh\<* t;be v-nrkingmen of British GoInmbS uniokWf  BAHG:AiN.s_iii BoofSAtfo Shoe'm.     Every
/     Working1 Boot in our store tp gu at Cost Puice.    Hundreds of pairs,of the best makes will lie
���found on ��Sale.    To.this '-v.,,-
*We invite every man in Ladner to give us a call whether y*'ou.-buy or not.     It will be money in your pocket   Below*you
���will find prices that cannot be   equalled in Canada.: '."".���" '"
Men's best French Kip, 14-inch top, handmade Logging
Boots, wiibii oak tenned soles, always sold for $G.OO,
now $4.50.
Men's best Scotch Grain, high top, Waterproof Boots,
���With Jumbo Eyelets, regular price $5*50, going for
iMen's best Zvf-ilwaukee Grain, $3.50 Waterproof Boots,
���:;7 *gpiftg--ibr.*$.2.25, * --v.7 d- -.
Men's best Grained Handpegged Boots, Jumbo Eyelets,
Waterproof $1,50. a pair.
,;-..,..,- %^fi\\ '? V:
$t$gf$ b.andpegrjed, Rubberine Lace Boots, row of slugs
on soles, wore $3.50, now -$2.50;
Men's medium Pin�� Buff and Boston Calf Boots, regular $9.75 for $2s
Men's Dongola medium Sne boots., regular $2.25 for
Men's good Buff boots, riveted soles, regular $2 for
$.1.25 (in elastic side and lace).
Men's  "Armour-Proof hip. "boots (best make in Canada) regular $7 boot for $5.75.
Hen's "Armour-Proof knee boots (best make in Canada) regular $3 for $4.;., .,���
Men's  Pure Gum knee boots (Best make in Canada)
regular H for"$3:23. '"
Boys" good strong grain leather, waterproof ooots, isaa��
one to five, $1 a pair. ' :
Boys' good strong grain leather waterproof boots, size
eleven to thirteen, 75c and 90c a pair.      '���"''���' *���---.���
Girls' good strong school shoes, our best .make, in lace
and butter, size eleven to two for ��1 a, pair.
Woman's good lace and button boots, regular- $2 lines
Children's boots from 25c to $r.
This Sale is a chance of a lifetime for the workingman and his tamily.    If you want a pair we will be glad to see you.   In
any case,, we give you a cordial welcome to come in and size matters up.   All goods marked in plain figures.
Every Shoe in this Store is iesGiuded in this Sale,
Big Shoe
���'���     ./-. ,N ������-
Colli iftbia Street,
New Westminster, B. & t3i3 DBLTA XTa_H3, SATURDAY FB3S.T7ARY 4, ig��>
u)camsew^ 1   Etctun*
For Sale%
Ba* ^h��i H^ W TVs&y
Rev.  Joafls-i Bu.sbellv o\ SsaAtl?,
Igqtnted. is1? the  Me\h,}d._> C^tch
Ro\t. May paid a t^bwiaw*! *n the 2^ vk - V> % &��& *��tt aP-
W&to y.^VBiyistetX*^^*!1^-        I preciatix-% %udj^pe,   on  the. %7&i\
n    1 - ! question pj_ t*ljp.V.quor traffic
In4 ^���.wwl   ^t^otjmtbjpg^^ tm^ ��
M%n. }. Frederick, and dajjgWer
Htur^ hom* Tbwslox las^s
|a areaA -SPVte.. -y.poo. stw*-. weje
i to invade oias- shorci a,t4rii d#nvmd
1.from us nofcoyjy s^sftlftjy of Si.ooo
��� each, pn mo)s-��j,  pst y*a% but %Jso.
t.-v*s mis*.
A   ?tsa,.l   Fapn,   coutraining   15
acre*  of prisj/i  ],>��l;ta  tafld, within,
about   ,'<-niiIa  of   L,9,ds^J*   school!
house, with. 5-xop.vied coJttagtK b*rn j
30x6c, and other outbuildings* also!
a young orchard of 27 tress. !
JfoiJ I'iKlW particulars apg-iy to,   '���
I.ainer P. O.     ,
Far Sale,
A mw.be* of Fijne,. Fwrebred
White Wy.vidcj.tes, and B.jff Orpington Cockerels fo* #%tjL*t9g..
H, }.. S.IRK-UAND.
Fresk and $&\t Ffefet a& MfcBBiDE*S Daily-*
Qoia&haus. ^caon^ Cod., HaJifeut., Mackerel,,
HerriBg aad.
SmoktA S^moa*.
MajifihaiaiSwthVft on Tfcu**.day
fcr a W*^V&***t!**B|N,��S*s'ft0 V*"*" Ion* of otjs jjeopjt e-very  ���*-- ���---,.
qqnver. |:ut��a. ap a, \ip\m lor   destruction.. |   Qui Wedsf-psday. ths. a-jjli i..*st.
��� '    ��� ���  ��   .  _        -?.%.*        1     T*��
It. N,. Rich paid a short business
VS& *P. ���*&��.- ^t.njtnster, on Wed-
would we  not  rtf;**- e.v, wa*-* a^d  Mud Bay. a, siSssiU Roca*. of V��KS.
speedily drive. th#i#, iJ(o��n our
shores? The liquor t*ai*&c iu Canada and th* Western States is. sjjuy-
jing  iltfii x-ic^ every fre Tjwpu^es
, I besides the. pove*i.\  wb ^,'Hfi^. it
Mr*.   H.   J.    Hutcherson    and ^^ ^
daughter, returned bome on ftan-L^ eternalh,
*>ay s  *pa * |;    Some people say that a town will
-*�����- ������"���   ���' ���* tjiiot prosper unless th?re are saloons,
it&lg, ^a$?ier kft^ on Tuesday^ and th/^x will  givo  as  proof some
Ir-Vy flushes particM-ars a,^]_/ to
T, X.tf_<M,K>��.
ipoijt, t/UiivikWj,.. i
Mist*. Viji*ghanK vis?ii|i|ipt, wijU
teach sal is'lser ^vesy ^tjijday and
SBjHtvda_i\ Stwil|s*A ftt Mrs. Wv Mac-.
Crea's, Westham &roe*v
For terras, etc*.,. zpfbi **! Stwdio.
Phone Us*
��t$$Jt ft*���� tt.e Wagon or Call��� Tour Or*
4��cs ahaH haye Oiar Prompt At.fe%ntiQO,
^>r Sail  ^tnoisco,
was \*ety short.,
His stay,  her*
Fted. S^hj^bv Returned bppit
On the aj*. tj^s frodj, a V*P *tf0li.nd
Sumas, (^>.ilj>vapls% etc.
town w,V,ere tbit)^-. fcwyii3<l ft*** a
tinw a^jji theui tell 8fit. 'Ti-^ay _&>
the di%r��nc* is bera,vi.-*-j. the. salooi:
'element   ��i,ikI   the.   gajitibj^st left,
wheje^*i ahe facv ar,? libn\ th*^se left
because- vH.uig.s�� ta!jL  fjki,t} antj thpre
was notbisug left 4pg  t I^ero  t*o, prev
upon.      In   N*%w    NfcKK-*--"   where
Mrs. A. N. Miller,, wt^ a^ ty?.|there are large, hejds of caitle these
attend her Bible QlMs, on Sunday |herds a^e. fpywed by  coyotes and
|t-t, after aa ^Uc4 oi Qri^pe. !;bu2iard!i,    A.r^,tl>p cattle there, be-
: cause lt*hc..i;oyc4fc3 atjfl L_i_s-zt<^ds aije
tbjew? Qe**i***��# not, IWi* the Quotes a.id bj^^rds are thpre beqa,ttse
jth*caAtlje.?fe there a^ V^tf ��hey
might piey upon the curves. They
go when the cattle leave, but the
cattle do not leave- because they
have gone.
Men  will   give   all   manner   of
reasons for drinking liquors, among
fc*-*^***---:**!-' ���*v********.**K**5l(.SrH*>-* ***%!
I Mors*^ Goods! ^
Our llHMKXi m.si Hrwse ViMiilat-iica ; f
bave long proved reUabtr. uud tjiry are . .
U.iiU not only lor style bu-. vvtsj.s;. 7 t
���^        Hi^itAVy.W \spbh;um.tv,
I wu^n Mcdowell,
ii LiVDNEK.,!!. C
' ai*^r*l^��t^!lL^^
For Sate.
y.***\ n��^.is>AHV.K  RKSinE.HC-V.-.
A o-.Ro��med House and Four!
Lois, o\\ Otw=gM, street. !
This is a, very-desirable property!
for auyoine wishing to live in town..i
fw f*t>J(*th^r partictdars, apply ip.
Pho��* 5..
Port Guichon,
-_-***_j>aiL <ujj
hm.""^ auiV-;
Miss S. Pate^on, of \*ictoria,  i$,
at present visijap^ her sjsje^,# M2&
A. Davie, and w)l visit other friends
during bor -tfay here.
' VALENTINES �� VaikntinR* i!
Valentines !!! Drop in agd see thc
9%x& aj Vhe .D/ttg S\oj;e-*^s,uitable
for frie.nriqt; i��(t~Adt\^
��� ���!������..-
The auMMsl- tif^e^ng of t^h* Delta
tf teamer,y1 an^^gr,ijfultUTal Spcieties
V-ke pi***' ��r* thp IJown Miall on
\Vednesday n*xVat jp. m.
W. J. Leary has purchased the
Wellington carmerv^ ^here he will
continue in the milk bi^sjt^s-^ ship*
|i.ng his 9^am tp Xtfest^^isteij,
l*V��_ti .i'itte to til^e- it wil) t^l yW ��a>>puX 0��r- School.
X*iere <xre a few.  points  a\��*wt it vr-e would like to
i>j_*,prt5��s on yoij, no\i{:
I.    It is t> ni^mbs?.*- of the B^si^ess EduQatQjlfs' A****
ij,Q/:-:%ti��?Ai t?/ Ca%tj,da, whi^ljk. inciudt^s rj ScUQ/ji?*,,
a.    Its   Pr-feeijjpti.   \&   htsd    13.   years*   experience
poiHnaB to
^Zanerian" Col-
W. 01i\<^ a^id wife ane  ijfiptov-
ipgnipeJ^aj^'% sex*$re atjacld pf
���?H?t-P??�� ���**:% <?Jive%S3X-vhp.oeyer,|;
^new w,h3Jt ijtj was tp, tetjl, o]pl until
The rite 9^ Copfi^atiji-tfj, w^l be
administtert^ by 1^. ji*,v. Bishop
part in All Saipts Church on the
fiornin^of Styitdaj; th 1,2th Feb-
R. Shirley and wits \e% T^rs-
4��y, for ChjJlJjtvvk. Ms. ^i^Y,
we undesstand, int-^ds. settling it?
tjhat neighbor,h<y)d ^ farting qu
H. Bas.sisi}gthwaighte spe^t Suu-
here. yisitM^. ^fc ^.h|W-.   He *^t
assistant ta>th^C*pl��iti��, in t%he Sal'
\ation Army Shelter, Vancpj^ver. l\
is six and a ty^f ye^s *ijjicc. they,
A jolly 5��trpt-ise Jjytv^. ^;t\hered
|t the 'Jjtejft^, hj^s^afi on Friday exWitffc tthe a^th uijt. iai ^onor
<?���" tfaf Mi'-wil "^^tWfc1!**, a��i* fc yery
*����PWf %(vt ^-.^ *VS%f ��t# the
tfpea ���fsUfy kspi^i began to. grow big
���jgaitk.   \vqmMi ^^ WvWti were
Mr.s. Tayl-p*; chapevjiope.
Misses I. Tayloi;. Whitworth ('2),
^ulalia, pffltfa Cook (a)> Ficfsie
yre^^ ?f^c^ Westyi., Sjjott
|a), EWeilenai-ifi.,
Messrs; G/f IJfffWi^ IjSpQp-ijpell
ia-V, ^. #., -^stfl^ft Jamjjfl, ^yis.
|^,.S|paW> -4w^(20k ^-*^PPt,
tp*. Baker. L. Harrow. H. Siddall,
fisher,, <%. '-^^f^ih^W1., *>, %���?<.. T.
Jordan,' Mopknjan ^?i W^. l^jjron,
H. MoBJt^rflerjt., A:, Cf/Je-Tjan, F.
s^theVilMJ,, & Btafbtei, A,. Curtis.
^cOirsegoji. F*. Guichon. R-.. Jatne-
md in office woric,
3, The Principal is a member of Tha Ift&titute of
Accountants of B.C., which is now applying* for a charter.
This connection  will  give our School a prestige \xitU of-
4V��r.v��i*  *"���    uriiiniiiK  HMU-4WI  ���f����,'.u��i   ' /. , , 1 _      _ 1 *r_
p^^, they say it ift b.eca^* UVy fl<* ^nagers. t^q^hout the ProxiftQe,
a^e   streifgthenitjig    tw, i^ bod,\*. li 4,    It   1fea&  %  s^^Bcia^liy- qu^lii^ed  e>sp(*rtt
This is uot so, h^ sa&t.   The real; I teach  writing.     1$$> is  fro��  the  -foniptts
Reason for drinking ia. men have atf, j lege of Q^unib&s, O.
rj_?pe% for tbft ^cojjpli contained | ^    .^e t?%fthe^ of shorthand has had a great deal
.herein,   Put any ra^ b^uo?��� iutp,Lf pr^tica^ ^9- 'w��>^^ as \vei.\ as  teaching  experi-
a vessel and let it stand wer ni^ht ;.ance
and who is there that will drink it '
in,t]he tsorning?  None! and yet it LoQsk for* ow next change Qf Advertisement.
ll^s not lost* auy 9/ ijt'vsti;e^��theniiig
���properties, simply the. alcohol has
|0V ou*t of ij,.
The lecture; w,as a \$$y excellent
pne and it is a pjjty a giea^% "UW-
betf; did not tty-ti o>tt to b^��v it.
-r-. ���%	
K. McConnell leftK ou Tuesday.,,
(tft Na**a.iJflio ynh.e^se be intends eu-
teriug v>,to. phQtp^ra_j>hyy l^r. Mtj**
Qonnel hasj, l,eft a few, satnples of
handicJiaft stjph as H. Creeclj,'^ decorated window, to, re.mitid us tba\
he has b<:en hero,
V&neowrer  Business  College,
149 Haatiugs Street,    **    v -    Opposite Yvq\Iw* Office'
D. H, ELLIOTT, Principal.
j���ij.t.m*ii��j<ij.siijjj��� iiJ'.'i ji,     mini 1 .lyii.'.J1 a ,n_ua-.'^_i���__jj. ���miisva iii.i.'.j.    ..	
QajjAtial a��i Svupli^
Choice Lots
For .Sale
Afc the Delta Meaii Market of Good Xhumi
Roast Beef attd a full assortment of Meats,
usually found to ft w^ll appoirtt^rj Butohw
�� McHHE BROS. -
Clearing Sale
Now On!
In order to make room for our New Spring Goods
we are making some startling reductions **'hi*.b YfUl continue for 15 days from the ?5th iu^Xx
C<ftu��6, See and he C*Miv*i,*_,ee<A.. -
tSe Leading
Shoe Store
New We3toiaate-_\
The Uudtuey of metiifti sci-sne*^ is
toward    preventive   mea,s.ives^    The
best thought of t^xe world   is    btVUKJ.
Biveii, t;o U|<;. suj��i��ct.    lt is easier and,
I better- io prevent,   t^*tj*n,   to cuf e.    l\
has been    fully    d^ijipi*^.rut<-d,   \\taf
pneunionia, ope of the m.uit   d^n^^r-
ous diii��as.e.s t,bat medipal men have to
-oiv^ijs. wiffb, ca% l>e prevented by the
us^ of. Cti^rabcrjfiin's Cough Remedy.
Pntufnofiia. always, results trosiiv a cold)
or fro^ ajj, attack of influenza (gripX,
' and i* has ben observed that this rem.-
edy- counteracts any tendency oi thest
diseases toward pneumonia. Thu liau,
been fully proven in: m^jj tlu��isands
of cases in which the qemedty has been,
use4 dyxing t_b<e gf eat, preya^nce   of
; cpjds a^fl. gtip. irt recent,   year*, and
i cat), b<j. i^jjpd t_poa, wifUv ifn^icit con.-
; fidt;r_cs>*4     PneuTOOBJ^    often    resjoljtfS
j from a sNgkt co)d when no danger is
appf.qlf.qr.jckd until it is suddenly dis,-
jcpxcr.edi thft tther,e is tever and di*fti-
; culty in bfea^hjng apd   pa^-is in   th��
chest, then it is an^u*>jced t,!fat the
.patient has pneumonia.    Be   on   tjie
s*ft   ajfibe   a.nrffc   take,   Chamherlain's,
Cough Rs,m��do( af ���90" IS 'he. C��W is
contr,_sct|ed.       It. always ci^es.    Po��
tala Ifsy F. >. ��*ack*M����if.
Savings Bank Accounts Solicited,  &$pestitsi ef $1
9Ad upwards reoMwl aM Interest AU
\QV?e4 aj_ ^gfeejit Curr^iat Bs^es,
Terv^rsi Waited.
TendtHt JMj^,9^1jed fos,, on, or ber
fore March.isji, k>n thfr erection of a
plan* a^ speci.#f&tiQ-*3sS. i^��x hs-
sei��n, at the. home, of;
"    1}, A. McKEE\
Slouch   RoaA
DepaaH VauH
Free t% umte&w***
& Qener.4 Banlq[%�� lasiuesa 1*r*6Sstetr^..
At nominal cost*, -psrivate individuals or husifteas
men can put their important papery and V*xl*\*bA*5;8 *�� *
secure and convenient place.
TUift is a boon to those who do not posseaa a safe},,
and t��a frw*l*es ^*w*\Uttg<
These box*es are a(.^Siil*de dnr^g ^\\ \m>mtS& hQUTi
to thv*. r-Q-ftt^er, who holds the key.
RAT$$ t  $1.50 por your.
Westmin^er T'tusi Se s&flr. D^osit Co*., LiraitedM
A\\l|hoTi?*ed Capita^ faSjOeo^
F, J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B, C
Uii^iipo^i^d t86��..
H, K- WRIGHT, Manager,
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill,
East Delta
fw @oss>4 eMtw Btwa EMab��, piaaWBg,
Jws/ Received*
A Large Stock of Buggiea*.
-Plowt,   Boot   Gutters-
Hay Gutter?, fpBilage'
Cutters, Ete.�� at
G. T, BAKER'S n**8^1-"""*
$6 Il9f IH,
. j .' .a.i.ajji.iw
Q, Q, Dennis,
East P��lta,
Andrew Clausen,
Lakes' Ghfttalai^e ^ateh��s fr��ia |5 up.
l#$m* Q(<M W^qH^s tP(��m $45 v^x
Out Glass, SUvejfWtM1�� ��a4 &3H Mu4j Of J��w*'
eiyy a.t E4STE-RN FmOEl,


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