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The Delta Times Jan 14, 1905

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Array ( Oust
ear* ,
���MN 13 mi
em   a	
/ol. 1. No, !-7
^ORIA ,^��'
SI.OO tt >%
Our  J3/ay
j Ooer CRg |   FIB' Mg   ' elections.
Monday, Jan. i
BY T.  W,   K.
Dear Sir,���A few lines on a trip
���over the C. P. R. may be interest-'
: ing to a few, .it least, of the many
, readers of the Delta Times:
I    (Continued from  Last Week.)       |
��� ,Otir next stop is Steph n, name.
ilKhouor  of   ibe  first   i resi.ie.it ni:
'the   Canadian    Pacific     Railway.
( Many  of   the   peaks  surrouudiii} ;
.Stephen are very high, 'om-2 risinp
about 12,500  feet  abov;  st a level
Th:. s  also the highest point on ;
1 the   C, P. R., altitude   5296  feet.,
1 Her. the beautiful streams separate j
j into two waters, one flowing to the
Pacific, the  other  to  the Hudson j
\ Hay.
I     Laggan, 525 miles from Vancou-
iver;  end  of ihe  Pacific   division.
! Here we set our watches ahead one
J hour for mountain lime.
The next 117 miles were passed
I in mountain darkness. About 2
a. m. the porter passed through the
coach  singing out Calgary, which
Tiie annua! meeting of the above I
Institute  was  held  in the Council ���
Chamber,    ladner,    on    Tuesday
evening last with th?  president, A.
I). Paterson, in tlie chair.
The  minutes  ofthe  last annual I
meeting were read ;m.I adopted.
Tbe  Treasurer's  ieport was, on I
motion, rec.ive.l and adopted;
The following officer*! were elected for the current year:
President��� H. M. Vasey.
Vice-President���Alex. Davie.
See.-Treasur-r��� N,   A.   McDiarmid.
Nominations for Reeve and Ceua-
cillors were held at the Town Hall,
ou Monday, the 9th inst., and m
very large number of ratepayers
were in attendance and more iuter-
es*. "-as taken than has generally
be,':, manifested on such occasions.
The Reeve, Robt. K. Kittson.
dH not stand for re-election, kut
the whole of the Councillors did,
W. Holmes afterwards retiring iu
favor of Jas. Paterson, in ward 3.
The  read   and   dyke   questions
pend #50 ou special prizes at the
disturbed us in our peaceful cradle  Delta Agricultural .Society's fair, to
slumber.     On   reaching   the   first
prairie city   we  registered   in   the
Queen's Hotel,    Next morning we
met our old friend, formerly  a resident ot Delta, J. C. Calhoun, father.
of our much esteem*d citizens Mrs.
Stainton  and  Ed. Calhoun.     Mr.
Calhoun was accompanied by his
I son John. ��� Mr. Calhoun was looking and is, apparently, as  active as
j wlren wita us on the Delta, twelve
j years ago,    His son Johu was  also
well,    Since leaving our  village l-.e
j has jiiiud  the  nuptial  band   aud
inow  boasts  cf  a young  son,   tht
J finest in the rrairie 'and.    Mr. Cal-
?329l*boun, jr.,   is  in   business   in   th<-
t}flourrsl',i!i_- town ot Edmonton, and
I reports  business  vary  good.     Ht
says some choice lots in  that town
��� were threshed out well and numer.
Directors���A. DeK. Taylor, John 'ous Questions ,vere asked the differ-
Ellis and A. Smith. ent candidates as to their views on
Auditors���D.   Woods    and    A. the subjects.
DeR. Taylor. The  Reeve and  Councillors for
Delegate to Central Institute���A. j 190+ followed each other according
D. Paterson. j to wards, followed by the new can-
It was decided  to  hold meetings | didates in the same rotation.
every two months and the officers      The following were elected by
were appointed a committee lo ar- acclamation:
range for same. |     For Reeve���W. H. Ladner.   '
On motion it was decided to ex-      For Councillors���
Ward I���P. T. Gibbie.
Ward HI���Jas. l��aterson.
Ward V���L. W. Embree.
Owing to a defect in the cancellation of a registered  charge E.  L.
Kirkland   found   it   necessary   to
withdraw as _ candidate for Councillor in ward 2.
Thus the only contest was in
ward 4, where Seymour Huff and
Asabel Smith were the comtestants.
Following is the result of to-day's
Huff, Seymour '  15
Smith, Asabel..      7
be competed for by members of the
The meeting then adjourned.
Last Wednesday evening the
District Deputy Grand Master Bro.
J. A. Nelson assisted by the following Past Grands: A. D.vie, J.
Ellis, S. Morley, R. May, and F.J.
Mackenzie, installed the Officers of
Delta Lodge No. 21, I.O.O.F., into
their respective chairs for ihe present term. i. e.: Noble Grand, Wm.
Ellis; Vice Grand, F. Cullis; Sec,
A. A. King; Fin. Sec, R. C. Abbot;
Treas., A. Davie, P. G.; Past Grand,
_,, . ,,   ,       , 1 N-A. M.-Diarmid; Warden. A..  D
Omnjmnnrm have  been   sold   tor  si-u   period:., . ���,,,-.,,  ..  ���
WmSmSaSi,  ,..:..A...,   .     Paterson. P. G.; .Cond.J. F...Stsin
Commissioners have been appointed to draw up and circulate
petitions for the abolition of the
wardjsystem.   See that you sign it.
1 frontage. The Canada Northern I
Railway boom, I presume.
The Canada Northern road i.-
expected to be in Edmonton nexi
year. 1300 miles from tire eastern
terminus at Port Arthur (so said a
note I saw in the Canadian building
at St. Louis). Mr. Calhoun has
been very successful in stock rais
ing.    He said  his   cattle   on   the
! range wintered we'd list year, requiring no feed. He sold about
30 head off the range early in the
spring for ?44 per head, which he
considered a good price at that season of the year.   There are a goot"
The   wedding   ol   Miss   Lydia
ton, P.G.;R.S.N.G., J.Nelson,P.G.;
L.S.N.G.,   W. A. Kirkland,   P.G-; j
K.S.V.G., John Ellis, P.G.; L.S.V.j _    ,
G., C. Arthur,; R.S.S., A. Fawcett,; |Soph,a Kemp aud StePhen *****&,
L..S.S. A. Parmiter,; Chap.,  F. j. I wh'ch tosk place on December 15th,
MacKenzie,; O. G., Fred. Cutting.; j was the all  absorbing topic in the
arshall Smith
I. G., E. Brodie.
This lodge is in a v>:ry flourishing condition with a rapidly increasing membership.
sale through the city. The rivet,
for some distance up, wa.s full of
such logs. Tbe logs are cut about
seventy  miles  up   the   river,   and
town of Rockwood, Out. An air
of decorous excitement -prevailed
before the arrival of the high contracting parties, but most people
found time to admire the bride, ou
her arrival, who was both graceful
and pretty, dressed iu a handsome
travelling costume and carrying a
many stockraisere from Ca.ifon.n! driving tbe'u dow�� is very expen- wre3th   ,f   ,rante   biossotns  and
and Montaa* going into Alberta.    , Siye" ' HHies of the valley, while the ma-
The C. P> R* has a large irrigat-! The city electric lighting plant is jestic ctrriage of the bridegroom
ing i-cbeme on band about six milesj 0WQed b-v the n,i11 ���mPany. who j cut t pictureS(lue fiffure. After the
from Calgary, which means an ex | ^akc  rnost ot Hie power required | ceremony   a   sumptttous   wedding
j breakfast was partaken of, and the
House Soc al.
Th    L~<U
r"resij.. terian .
lug a social
wt St, Andrew*
.iiUreh iuteu.. hold*.
in  their  Man.-.e,   on
["hutsday eveniiiK, 1:9th 111st., at 8
Csck. A g��Q-i musical prq*
irHtome is being arranged tftgetlief
_;itii e'anK3( etc.. etc. ReJ.resh-
Inet.is wiil be. served, A cordial
Invitation is. extended tq all*. Ad-
liis.on, 25c.
'KUi lii.lv.*.
A number of ti\e members of
I'.btirne Methodist church and Sun-
' _y School surprised Miss Lucas, at
ter home, a tew evenings ago, and
1 resented hy with, a beautiful gold
Jvatch, in recognition of her many
ind faithful services.   A very pleav
^���.it ev^.'V1"^ VV*^ s;jeiU,
A disordered .stomach may cause
no end oi trouble. When [the
stomach fails to perform its functions the bowels become deranged,
tbe liver and kidneys. congested,
causing numerous diseases, the
most fatal of which are painless and
therefore the more to be dreaded.
Tue important {thing is to restore
the stomach and liver to a healthy
condition, and tor this purpose no
better ^reparation can be used than
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablete,�����Ror sale by F. J. MacKen-
Robt. Weir Lumber Company
Merchant of Orillia is visiting with
his cousin T. W. Kerr.    Mr. Weir
penditure of about one million dollars. It is said an American firm
will bring id about oils thousand
settlers to pface on this irrigated
land to crow sugar bcetc. and a
larg.* factory will be trected. The
prospects     for     th.   surrounding
from the B.>w River.
(To be continued.)
Mr. and Mrs. Burrows returned
to their home in Nanaimo by yesterday's boat, accompanied by Mrs.
X. W* Ke.tr.
met   111
country are good. ' Chamber,   Ladner,
Calgary  is  a nice  town, situate January    7th,    1905,    the   Reeve
is much  taken   with British    Col- on th.* bank ofthe Bow River; pop-j and all the members being present.
umbia and says his health has im-' ulation nbont 10,000; altitude, 3,380!    The   minutes   of   the   prveious
proved very much since his arrival.' feet-    Early as il ^as hl the season-1 meeting were adopted as read.
He spent some time in Alberta, but
prevered to the inland Province.
. magnificent assortment of present*
1 were much admired. The bride and
j bridegroom left on the 3 o'clock ex-
! press for Niagara Falls, en route to
I British Columbia where the honey
the    Council j moon will be speat.
on   Saturday, \ 	
House Social, Thursday, 19th.
Mrs. T. 1*7 Ladner is improving
there had been about six inches of I     The Auditor's report was receiv-] daily.
'��� snow.    The streets are  wide, with! ed and adopted. '    ~~"
! broad cement sidewalks through the I    Ou motion the following accounts I
Work has begun on   the   new
The large logs and good  quality , principal streets.    There  was a lot | were passed for payment:                  j butcher shop for  T.Foster,   next
of lumber he saw at the Delta saw- of  building  going 011,  principally I     The   Worl 1  Publishing Co., ad-' this office,
mill is quite a phenomenon  to one i residences.    The Methodist denom-i vertising, $4.50;   News-Advertiser,	
who has handled the small  logs of' ination is building a ��60,000 stone
Ontario and expresses a desire to 1 church.
return to B, C. to engage in lumb-     One ot the most notable sights,
ering. | to a person from B. C, is ths small
~~~* j logs being cut into lumber, the av-
Flout has taken another jump, jerage size is under 8 ir.ches in di-
You can buy Home Made Bread at ameter. A log that will cut a 2x4
the City Bakery cheaper than you goes tor lumber, under this is cut
eun bait} at home, t I into firewood, which finds a ready
#4.80; Robt. May, repairing scene
Town Htil1, 51.50; J. B. Elliot, repairing flood box, $41; J. H. Shirley, salary, $50; R, E. Kittson, in-
demity, $75; P. T. Gibbie. do, $30;
A. Davie, do, $66; Wm. Holmes,
do, $75; S. Huff do, $45; L. W.
-Embree, do, $66.
Council then adjourned.
The cold weather is to be blamed
to a considerable extent for the delay of this issue. If you don't believe it come in and try what dis��
tributing is like first time it jeti
real cold like.
. *s    -
aM+v-*u��imj*-Ww~>mmm!imt yf""-"11.1 asm 11 *���
SubsckU'TiosN, $1.00 per year.
Caiu.1 Arfvert.it**in.nla�� 10 ctnts per line lo.
Itt tinst .usi.rtiou. nurl 5 lliils per Une Ioi carti
kulHequetit uiaeition. The uumlit-r ol lilica
tec-kuueU by the aps.ee occupied, 42 lines to the
Kates tor Commercial Advertisements can be
bad ou application at this ofnoe,
Ke.dinii notices. 10 cents per line for each 111?
Birth und Death notices, 50c, Marriages 51.00.
Any special notice, the object ol which is to
prwriotc the pet-iminry benefit ol auy individual
or %*\#inp*ny, to he considered an advertisement
aud ch.trged accordingly.
All ndvertisunu nts charged for until ordered
oat ami paid lor.
CtnTcapQudenae invited ou matters of public
iBLtess*. Couiiuiluicutions to editor must be accompanied hy name of writer, not necessarily
lor publication, but as evidence of good faith.
CaiTeapoudaio. must reach this office by Thurs
4��f eventac-
Geo. R. Ma.ni.kv,
SATUKDAY, JANUARY  14,   1905.
We are going to give a $50 schol
arship in the Vancouver Business
College to the boy or girl, in the
.senior divisions of our district
schools, who brings in the greatest
number of new cash subscribers,
���and who contributes the best and
rnost descriptive article ou tbe
"Delta." Intending competitors to
*.nd in their names by Febru ry 1,
1905. sSaid competitors to act as
correspondent for his or her portion
of the district during the present
Wt have taken this step to encourage the young people in the
art of composition and to take an
i lterest in their home paper.
A. 0.   U.  W.
KI.TA   UHH-.K   N<>.   u.   muls   fir.t    and
third   TUesdaya
Jell's Hal'. T. W.
It is with the greatest pleasure
we record the fact that increased interest is being taken in the Farmers' Institute. The annual meeting, held on Tuesday evening last,
was a vast improvement over pre-
fious meetings. It has been decided to hold meetings every two
months and tbat they shall be made
as interesting as possible by introducing tbe social side as well as the
business or practical side.
The Institute is deserving the
support of the community when it
shows a desire to go ahead 'end improve its opportunities as it has
done. The matter of exchanging
views on different subjects of local
interest was taken up, aud it was
generally conceded that much more
good would accrue from this method than from any other source.
Then, again, there was the question of making it so interesting
that the ladies might be induced to
take an active part. If the ladies
can be induced to take an interest
in these meetings, there is not the
least doubt but that they will become a huge success. We wish
thc board of officers every success
itt their endeavor to increase the
membership and interest in our
Farmers' Institute.
Following is the  result  of  the
Pool  Tournament   no.v   engaging!
attention of a large  number of our.
young men at th���*   Delta   Barber &l
Tobacco Store, to   date.    The  first]
column shows the   number each individual   must  mike   to   win,   the
second   colum 1   shows   how   they
stand at the close of the ^anie:
r.otilli  i.i  \Tud-
��� K, Recorder.
I.   O.   F.
Court OsSKO, No. 3443, meets
in 1 0 0 F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each mouth Visiting brethren
always welcome. C. R, J B.
Burr'; R  S,   B S   McDonald
I 0.0 F.
lUiunin iLivnii,!. 5 ft
Time Table.
IN EFFECT DEC. 15, 1904.
Train leaves Port Guichon at
7:45 a.m., arriving at Vancouver
at 10:45 a.m.
Train leaves Vancouver at 3:50
p.m., arriving at Port Guichon at
(1:3s p.m.
Geo. Baker IS
True Oliver 36
John Curry 1.5
VV. Livingstme \2
C F Green ~j4
W. H. Smit.1 .0
T. Oliver 36
John Guichon 15
W. Livingstone 42
VV. H. Smith 60
J. Guichon (5    41
\V. 11. Sm.11 ..00    m.
W. II. Smith 60    60
F. I.acey 42    20
W. H. Smith won ist prize; W.
H. Wilson, consolation prize, making 15 while sSniith made 60.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regit-1
Inr meetings of this Dodge are held '
every   Wednesday  evening at 8 p.
in.    Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
N. A. McDiarmid. N.G.
Dk. A. A. KiNt;,  .Sec.
C. o.  Vt.
The above Onler has removed to
the Oddfellows'   Building, where il
will meet in future  on   Ihe   Second
and Last Thursdays ol each month.
McRAE & Co
* T
t    Delta Transfer Stable
I                             LADNER, B. C. I
X                                  ON SHORT NOTICE ?
-t- ���
���j"     Team Work Done at Spsoialiy Low Prioes.
* -
* JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietors $
.;. *
���j Telephone " Ladner" No. 10. ���'���
���'I'M" H-H-t ���������frr+t^^+iHr'^-Hl'-f'!*' ���> -1-H-K-+ +-H*- *K-*M-*H*
A lull line of Knglish and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
.L^l__H______B__B__l      M   ______________H__^5_a_ME_.   **-S _______SI_B
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tub3, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
I. HUME, R..S.
Don't forget the House   Social
at the Manse.
J. Burritt, Cuts. Davis, H. Trim
T. Poster W, Stokes and Stephen
Ramage ar�� among the New Year's
thoughtful ones, having either renewed their old subscriptions or
taken new.
The peculiar cough which indicate1* croup,Js usually well known
|o the mothers of oyoupy children.
No time should be lost in the treat-
Ibf nt of it, aj��d for this purpose no
medicine has received more universal approval than Chamberlain's
Cough remedy.���For sale by F, J.
����� II
Council met in the Town Hall,
Surrey Centre, Jan. 7th, 190s, the
Reeve and all members being present. Minutes o" previous meeting
were read and confirmed.
From 0. F. Browne, saying he
had no road out from his property
and asking the Council to provide
an outlet. Received and laid over
for the new Council to deal with.
From the auditor, saying h. had
audited the bo'ok's ol the muncipal-
itv for the year 1904 aad iom d
he same correct.    Received.
From J. Burtt Morgan, Manager
ofthe Chilliwack Power and Light
Co., re passing By-laws granting
concessions to that Companv. Received.
From Ben. Stinson re purchr.se
of N.W. % Sec. 22 Tp. 8. Moved
by Coun. Bose seconded by Coun.
Mackenzie, that the o.Ter of Ben.
Stinson of $300 I'or N. W. I4 Se^\
22, Tp S. payable, ?ioo down,
$100 in one year and that $100 in
two years with interest at six per
cent, be accepted, he to pay all
costs of conveyance, and that
the Reeve and Clerk be authorized
to execute the necessary agreements.    Carried.
The following accounts were
passed and cheques issued:���
Bank of Montreal, Interest on
Dyking Debentures, $750; John
Wade, gravelling $7; N. V.
Wickersham, balance indemnity,
#96; H. Bose, do, ��25; D. I).
Burnett, do., $25; I, S. Johnston, do, #30.45; R. D. MacKenzie,
do, $21; D. W. Brown, do, $100;
E. M. Carncross, bal. salary $33.50;
Dingle & Galbraith, printing, $21.
50; Iv. C. Johnson, work C. R. road
ward 5, $8; The Columbian Co, advertising, $ty, B. Stevenson, gravelling Wade road, work Blaine &
Serpentine roads, ward 3, J?^; C.
D. Huniey, work McBride, Hook-
way & M. B. roads ward 3, $19.75;
Wm. McBride, relaying corduroy
McBride road, ward 3, $2.50; Wm.
Corbett, work Wade & Kirkland
roads ward 3, $5; J. Churphland,
supplies, $18.50; Jas. Crutchley,
work C. M. road ward 5, $26;
H. Harper, work N. B. road ward
5, $2.50; A- Bamford, work J_ Sec.
road ward 5, $1, E. Hamel, work
N. B. road ward 5, $15; Geo.
Troughten, work Yale road ward 2,
$10; L. C. Fisher, cutting tree
Johnston, road ward 2, $i; McCor-
mick & Tribe, repairs lo bridge
McLellan road ward 1 & 4,$2; Wm.
Johnston, woik Johnston road,
$7; P. Henderson, work Scott road
Council then adjourned sine die.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, KHnrd Block, New Westminster.
������*��������� ������������*����� ��� ��� ���J*�� ��������� *��Je - ��������������������� *e*-��J*�� >��� ����� J�� ������������*��� ���������**��� �������� ���������. ��� -���*��� >
i BE N
From Wellington   Farm, a large-
Oxford Ram.
Address information to
Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts, Drain
Boards and Bam Posts.
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
Public Notice is hereby given
thnt any person lound removing
sand or other material off the old
Cemetery Road, Sec. rr, Tp. 5, <>r
Boundary Hay Read will be prosecuted.
By order.
Ladner, B. C., Dec. 28, 1904.
.. Stainton's..
No  Generating,   they  Light With
a Match.
T   J. HENLEY   t
i t
���:���   NEW WESTMINSTER,    '.".  B. C.   ���{.
��������� Manufacturer* of all kinds 0! ������*
* i
���j* Soda Water, Ginger ���:���
.*. Ale and Summer J.
1 Drinks. t.
J       Your patronage .solicited      f
������������J��-.|**��2��* �����������J�� ��� ���������^������������tja-������������J�� ��������� ��*��� ��� ���������*�����������������*���������-���*�������������������*���
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints,
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making Water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Notary Public,
HUH m l insurance Agent
Ladner, D. C.
Purchasing Agent
Brackman-Ker MillingCo
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and  Draying.
Livery  work of all  kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
'.miner, u. C.
Owing to disregard of posted
notices, by. sportsmen and others,
and the danger to life and stock
through irresponsible parties shooting, I will prosecute, without exception, all parties trespassing on
the "Hazel Grove Farm" (Kirkland Kstate), alter this date.
Ladner, B. C., Nov. 26, '04.
Capital and Surplus
Savings Bank Accounts Solicited.   Deposits of $1
and upwards  received and  Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Free to  Customers.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
, Incorporated 1869.
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
People's Meat Market
We wish to thank onr many customers lor their
patronage through the past year and hope that we
have merited a continuance of the same.
Wishing you a "Happy  and  Prosperous New Year."
Ladner, B. C.
Manufacturer's  of all  kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Rail-
road in Delta*
Our Price Is Right. Ws Can Save You Money*
Drop Us a Line, Our Agent WM GaN on You.
GEO* M* THRIFT, Manager*
A Full Line of XMAS PEELS,
All Fresh.
-Also a Good Line of-
Gaines and China, Suitable for
H.J. Hutcherson's
- When tbe winteroutfi sw re  -   !
to the Japanese .rray in Manchui is)
everysiie wondered where  the fin
came from which provided hundre.is!
thousands of ear-protectors.
It seems that ttfoyears ago when
the plague was raging along the
China coast the Ja uine e quarantine busteau declared wm ;gai:.*t
rats, and boys were g<ve
t sum and a lottery-  ticket I'or every
At the end of the month there
was a drawing lor prizes varying
from $5 to $50, Consequently small
I boys made money.  The plague wa*
ikept out oi  Japan an 1
jors were produced.
Going ior Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself 111 this man's ptos",
but keep a bottle <>�� this remedy in your.
a small bome. There Is nothing to good tot
CJolic, Cholera Morbus; Dysentery and'
Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable for;
Summer Complaint ami Cholera Infantum anil has Saved the lives of mora
children than Jiny other medicine fn use.
V/ln*n reduced with v.-..! .-:��� and-sweet-
sned it is pleasant to 1 ike,
Yon, or aomo ono of your family! are
sure to need this remedy sooner or late*
and v,-hen that tlmocotnoa you will need
it badly; you Will need, it quickly. Why
not buy it now hrfl bo prepared for such
fn eencrg Wicy'     '������'.-������, "33 cents.
Chamberlain':, Cough Remedy
This preparation is i t-nded especially for coughs, co' ��� croup,
whooping coligh and influenza. It
has become famous for its cures of
these diseases over a large part of
the civilized world. The most flatter i'ng testimonials have been received, giving accounts of its good
j works; of the aggravating 9:u\ ] er-
| sistent coughs it has cured; of severe
colds that have yielded oromptlv to
its soothing effects, and of dangerous attacks of croup it has cured,
often saving the life of the child.
The extensive use of it for whooping cough, has shown that it robs
that disease of dangerous results. It
js especially prized by mothers because it contains nothing injurious
.nd there is not the least danger in
iving it even to babies. It always
cures and cures quickly-.���Sold by
F. J. MacKenzie,
50  YEARS'
The following story is told of a
zealous paTson and a shepherd who
was not a regular churchgoer:
'"Well, John, I have missed your
facr in church."
"I dinna doot that."
"And have you not been 1��
church   all   this time?"   was the
parson's nex; question.
"O't aye have I; I've bee:, many
times hi the kirk ower the hill."
"Well," said the parson, "I'm a
shepherd myself, awl do not like to
see my sheep wandering into other
folds ami among other .pasturage."
"Well," said John, "that's a difference ye ken; I never mind where
they pang il" they get better grass."
Trade Marks
^^^^^^^^      Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and dess*rtj*tl"n mnv
llckly ascertain oar opinion free whether an
. ventlon ia probnbly patentable. Comtnunloa*
������.nsRtrictlyciiitltlentinl. HANDBOOK <>n Patents
��� ,,u fmo. Oldest nponoy for Hecurm,? patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
���cial notice, without otiarge, in the
Sciewflfic Jlmericait
a handsomaly Illustrated wofitly. I nraesfc olr-
Hjltti i*"i -���' any scU uMuu Journal, 'i urnia, ?j u
jfoiiri four T.nn'ith-a, ft. Sold Uytdi ti'ew ��� *-   1~- -
The acetylene gas explosion at
the resi lerxe of Miss Lister at Cen
treal Park Wednesday afternoon
wrecked the whole back portion of
the house. Ot:c of Miss Lister's
nephews, yorm^ Kirkland, was
there at the lime and wa . severely
burned, though not seriously, his
face and eyes escaping the main
force of the explosion.
The friends of D. Robson, Provincial Government Agent here,
will regret to learn that on Mont ay
afternoon hi suffered a stroke of
paralysis that has deprived him for
the time being of his power of
speech. Mr. Robson was able to
walk home from his office, but hi.,
tongue refused to perform its usual
functions. No serious results,
0  however, are anticipated.
"7.8 Qardofl T-'ure^rifTs" of AlexandH
Dun.as hue lien revived in Paris.
JUennoru Due. has annoiiiiti 1 that fhc
wi'.l |.lny only ln Inly unless ber healtli
JVcbernnrJ Fi. Ids announce tbatttezi
jprhiK, after tbo Now Vork eenw.n, tlii'y
sstill take ibeir hlgcompimyvv.l'to Lao-
Sn! ,*-'ti i'li l;iis-ff'l protllicrfl wni.-y
"tJjitle Ijii k," i'c-ijv. play tbal ^-:.��� 1 l^a
Worton lma provided bim Willi,    ltwo.sis
Caroline li'.ill ia to j.iin the ;.ru.,v of the
London   invasions    1'i.s Hull slurs in
three dUtincI   voices a...  i.  .-. ...... i,.h.i:
���jnlei tall it.
Mr. rsdKur Peiuhertdn has"prsjs8ntetlt'h>i |
numiin 1 ij.t ni Tom Koifr'.son .""Hoi-li-iy* 1
lu Hit' .*-iink. 111 ere Memorial theater��t'
Lat'ni Curl  is to Ucecrtfjie VRtrdevilH I
Boon, busing slpuod in ���.'���:���   Ilia lendirj>
foln '.-, Die next New York UasJ.notprodua
tion, "A Dangerous ii.-sid.
Kr. 1 ii'i'i.'it s ploy,  "TernsB,"" mhu
to be 1 11 .111 'in i' nr. tbo London Gail*) I;
It wlll be suueeoded In due lli|iu by u 1
���flicri! by Mr. Leo Itevor (tailed  "iltotbei I
Ariel Barney announces Hint tbo Aqi . u .
cf Fronols WUron in ' 'J 1 e l.ii<!c-< o> ��� o
r.-il" nru so large tlmt bo would not ue Mr- |
prised to see bin star eleau ��;.��> W*.**9,*90O on 1
t.iii Boason.
In sunny Italy recently one of tho preelf 1
est uotors of that country, Novclii (^ii.iKicj
Ttiti, died of m iTokcJi hctiTt. Ho bad |
Struggled for years agalust tho reputation !
(,! having an _vl-l eye.
In  bis  intrr<.-;ing innunirs which ars I
reooKlng  <iue ooiiBiderntion wt present |
Alexander  Saivini praises the.Ian.lit pi
Jldwin -Booth, but exprersis 'iiu* < j.i r.iru
that Sir Henry IrVii.K was tbebeueriu.
���terpruter of tlio cbaraotoE.
nozzle to uie nuiiis.���faxatuuige.
Now William WttlBdrl Astor i3r:lain:lr:j
to be an American eiiizen.* This Is u:<e
of the unpleasant results cf tbe wnr. V,*e
wero perfectly oontentcsd to b_fe WlTlIai.
���sbauicd of us.���Wasblhgton i'ost
If Hobspn will now raise tbe Colon, thi
prai.-.,i <;f bis couutryi... 11 will novi r uuisse
io ;s lr.il stop.���M. I.on is Ucpublie.
Vibile i:e i.-ii ; 01.I 1! rworki ( lifiisg tbl
lun lien ���.'.���"! k si IT .'-a.'1: ;-o 1'obfcn 11 i;..iil
givo (_u T.i rrin.no u boost.���iieiroit .Jeur-
it tiM.k Mr, IJotisonn lonp time tomnki
aralKO.    'i i.ue ,-n. Ii.is < 1 j unle V lo Ull
1 qualified <o syli 1 aihlz.e wi;a iLr. Upbson.
I  ���PbihidctpMu Ilurfctln.
Al! thatspemsvecessUOy in to metti'.o.
I tn Ueutoinnt Hcbfon tvlnlhcr it is desired to have the ship come up cr g��
down��� Washington *^tar.
I Cousfrnctor Uobso*n h: - Uiown himscli
an 01); im 1 r of  tlie very  first ,.idt r.     \>t
i  under the foolish ard antlijiutlcd system
��� et our i.'.. v, t.eii.g tt*tair oiiiiu' 1,1111.11
never ho (.ivcii cieoutlvo ccniuund ��a
b . 11 ';> and has only nominal rui.1..������
I'....;.i.. I;;., 1 Press.
The following changes   in
mail servic. have been published:
Rate to Mexico is now 2--
Papers for England must be sent
Postal notes can be setit to the U.
S. A., lut stamps to raise value
cannot be accepted in future.
Possibly Lillian Hhsm !! is merely en-
bilious lo ho aiile to say that she has bei.
four of a kind.���"Milwaukee Senflnel.
Camara's real fighting will occur when
It comes to  getliiif? a naval np| ro| nation        _^_^_^_^_^^_^_^_^_^_^_^^_^__
through thc corn s.���Washington Smr. The recent suimi nry netion of tbe ��.tb-
C'enin issioner I.'ay gels 11 fee of fgO/aOtl   press dowagnrof China was to prevent ito
(or his services In Paris.    Docs-nccnrn 1t 1 .roiulicooming It.���Indianapolis .Touiuul.
Thcrof.ro 850��nlies ot'strcet rnftwifwl*
f5t. Lot is now, and they'carry l'JO,uOi),ClO
tmasongers per year.
Tbo lonecst stretch of straight railrnpii
line in Anierioa ris on tlio Lnb*>j 8bort
railway, hoginning at n point three mllei
west of i'dledo-ond running (ii) miles wiliv-
out tt enr've.
At Bussian railway stations "trrievanc*
books" awj kept in whicli passengers may
cnterconipluints. Tho books are sent ta
tlio central office once a month, and aU
Complaints are then investigated.
An auxiliary step Tor railroad carB is
mounted on two swinging bolts attached
to tlio under sido of tbe fixed steps, ts
Bwintc downward and project tbo stop 1h��-
yond the bdtt inr fixed step, vrberofit hi
lield by hoops engaging eyelets at eii'/ie.
by Day's work cr j oa<.*o work?���Philadelphia Times.
How in tho world did Centra! Kitchen
China may ho .1,010 years behind the-
limes, but she can put.up a fine earalruple
Of the advanced woman. ��� Indianapolis
er ever win out without h.-iviuK Hcplierj Kews.  _______________________________________
Crnnn and Richard Harding Davis along' j     Those mandarins with throe tails wha
���Kvansville Courier. !  some time ngo v.ire-crackii.g jokes about
Kitchener and Dewey seem to be two o'.! IA HUitg'Chang-and Jiis joilosv.jaekot. art
a kind.   .So Kite -lienor is mado :v peer, nnr) i now sleeping in tlie woods.���:?tf. ilniHiis lie-
Dewey���well, Dewey ls simply peer-less    public
���Richmond Dispatch. I.i Dung Chang has bis opponent and
Asa-compound of fool and scoundrel, rival,  Chang Ten Hwau, in book,    lti*'
Esterhazy i:p] oars to be the most sinking ' now  Li's "day  In i.otirt," so  ta  speak.
sample wliieh tlie close of the century any j When it isn't. H ling, it's Chang, and nowhere exhibits.���New Vork Tribune, I body but Croat Britain and RusntA kuov-s
Seeretary Hay is jiayiiiK tho penulty foi    l**"" liisfwonuu���-Cbicaau :<c\\s.
his youthful indiscretion.    It i:. estimated '
that at least nine out of ten callers at Ihe ,
Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd
Sundays, at iFii.m. Other Sunday's at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Kvensong, 7 p.m.
{Sunday sScbool at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
JET ��   &M wJEafi
Reverend Father Kdm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of e.ach month at 10:30 a m.
[Printing ot ALL Hinds
Neatly Executed*
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Class .meeting, every
Sabbath .School at 2 p ra every
Sunday. Prayer meeting even-
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next  Lord's Day at  Hi
a. m.and 7 -p.m.
Sabbath .School at 2 pm Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
When, in tlie course of business events, it becomes
necessary to move Suits and Overcoats with' unusual rapid*
ity, th'c wise merchant simply puts dowu prices. The
people do the rest.
Vou don't care so much about our needing tlie room
as you do about the chance it affords )ou to get splendid
wearables, one-third below regular prices.
We can truly say we never before offered such excellent lines of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing at such
low prices.
Here are a few cut prices lo give you .'in idea of
what's going on:
200 Overcoats & Raincoats.
#15.60 $8.50 Coats for ��� $5.25
13.50    5.00 "   '     '"���        -3.56
11.50    4.00 H -2.75
9.50 Raincoats as low as
���6.45 $1.59
'���22 Coats for
20 "
10 '*'
Rev. Dr. Wright.
$24 .Suits for
Pastor P. H. McEwen will preach
at 7 p. m.    Special music.
.5715.75 $15.00 Suits for
13.50     I2.5Q
12.75      6.50
We  Print  Anything   horn
Wedding Stationery to
a Target.
Eiecme in
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
Cnrs leave Westminster -Inr Vancouver at 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. und hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.: Saturdays aud Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vnneimvei' Tor Westminsters at s.so
nud 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.; Saturday? and Suudays at 11 p.m.
We run tinst-da.* freight car.s between Weft-
minster and Vancouver nud all shipments ave
handled with the utmost cure and delivered to
consignee without delay. ,Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. <>ur wagous meet all boat*
nnd trnins. For fcfWS, etc. apply to
���Traffic Mgr. Local M-jfT.
200 Boys' & Child's Suits
At Proportionate Cut Prices.
...    .   '     -.'  .  -s
Terms spot cash.   No goods oa approval during
Sale Commences Friday Morning Ttfext &ad Continues for Tw�� Weeks.
afSe    ��..
Saw aaam ma0 flj
^TEfi.   _     r^ * .  -j *-'f__�� *7V_________________i
���JB tf�� *.    *.,. , .... ,, . ^.  Ij
OIPOSITE POST Q-FFJCI.,    -   -   -   -NEW WEST  INSTER. B.C.. *. v. .'.7'.   .
������ -
- - v- -      --
' JMt&tt^
�����-*���-'-���*-���*: * ~:~'-Z
$ AH.\GE-jy-,N&P- A**. Ij<9Rt'*0Qcl.
Qht.on Dec. 15, "-9P-V,hX He***;,
H.Uarujuain, %A.. B-.lX, Sfe-pjien
kair.age, Esq., oi LajluQ^ty C.,
tcvLydia So^hi*, second daughter i(- Lpijrie K��b^. Esq., ol
E(!e: i*Uis. Q*jt.
tahn   Oliver,   M. Jf*.  P
public meeting at<  Ij^dner,  on  Jan. 1
907, to discuss, the  working
ifthe  -Vrovi^al  Assessment  Act I �����** for the  oration  of young!
- .  I psople to��� ousi*o-tss pursuits..
������waiu .in.iii -v~>���' i (1904").    A. DeR. Taylorwas   voted
L*OC_M^   NEWS..    ; ^'the elw, H,. J- C.r,es.wejl acting
Is the leading school in the prov*
ice for the  prepijfation  o)
j p.ople foj business pursuit
It gives thorough courses iir
E?B. Issuer, retur^. hom,e 011
Wnv Stoke-is very stpwly but
Steadily ijpp-��ving.;
L. Ijt.. Njchol����n w^ here,  on
tyitiaess, Tliwr>ds*j,v.
f. Simpson  has wotcI  onto-his
jprm, on the Monlcmau road.
Ivunck) Tongue,   Lotst: js,   Sar-
<Ji������i, OffAe*. ,%&c.���City B^er?.
Buy Direct
and   Save   Agent's   i��os-jimr5��ion  m
I ���
Thousands of Fruife and  Ornamental Trees.   Rhododendrons
Roses, Greenhouse and'Hardy
For Spring Planting
All acclimated stock, pug and
shipped direct to the planter
witluUit being transported
thousands of miles and then
fumigated (and consequently
(jh.ivuijgejdj before delivery.
Home Grown apd. Imported
Garden, Field & Flower Seeds
always in stock in season, am
tested as to vitality. Eastern i
prices or less. White Labor!
Vertilifeis-, Bee Hives and
supplies,    Floral Designs.
Year    right'
Mr*. VV"*-0*. Sto^s nffr* passenger up cister by tl ijs momisu j's bc^Jt.
__j j.i .���
W. H. fmith ar.d *., )*& *��OYt
��p to the Royal City Tuesday even-
���f'S*.     -	
,  im rem .: ��� -��� l. jj.'j..
f-.Cfca*. Etafis had; tbe mournful
task of biyyini his infant spn last
H, t. a��d�� Mjss Kjrkland sront a
day 6* two. ���� W***.-*-ta*i*jister this
If eek..
��� ���      ��� rant*      m
Mr. and: JNIb?..'J% W., Smith *re
% siting; Km, V^T^odmardiafld family
ijn Vapcqjwei;.
.j���ju... mse n���?ss_
H. McDonald, the popular merchant of Cloverdale, was a visitor
Ijere yen^rday.
, Mts. Robt.; CrjO-^^ spesjt a few
d*ys vtBijfac be* mother, Mrs.
^tvcT^ijr, this week,.
Call ati th>- Drug Stor,e aad g��t
.soBiethingr :or that co (J���White
f iae and Taijuill cure it.
. Vancouver, B. C.
I \
I        Clothes Altered* Cleaned and Rtpetfrc.1.
Hitr^tl* !.vf(|_fit\v. IA M^!jfffU3) 'a Store i^j^A, Wa
Iter's find the Delta Times office will in- cnllc
for on Monday and rcturiled on Saturday.
1 .���* SU^rV. JUBV'ZKXXXl wtst
Mist. Maud^ Kirkl%pd weujt  to
���Sfewi Weat-ww1**-. tyie w��**k- t0
"*��tenf_ Qov^wtbU." College..
D^. and Mjrs. A\* A\* IJjingofLadd
t^et are visiting Victoria friend s,an
%(e (uaats at the Gordon.
*Chaf!j}5 Artihjur retwwtd home on
���Saturday evening last, after spend-
*-f!S �� '*w d*��y* >n Vancouver.
Weather poomittitig, the Band
^ots will girc us a treat by playing
9n the streets qp^edi-.tgday. tyen-
^16 af%^
Misat % ii#d- CbMlinw Wv^ph re-
trgraedt ho^pe on Mo^flay, after
qpeadipg a, fow days in Vaucouvtr
See Mtli^dij wbtea, -jjou, want fish
rrfroah fish, sajt fi-sh, dried,, fish,
Vaokod hVh���al. kinds of fish al*
ways oa hand.    See, clj-ajige, of ad
^ B. Curtit' new. house, is be-
i(Pl pi*P��"*d foijtljp, ^pco^gpat of
Blasters.. Wb^n completed t^s will
bo one of %ff W*t <;orofpftable rijsi-
ff ��cej| hyo,, a. build ing. wo*t^x of a
4tcept rt��<i gb its froat.    ,
,. is S.'creta^iS,.
;. Mr. Oliver fn�� t- toiictiefl upon in
(iequalitv in. the wov.king o-f l**he Act
' vith regard to^railwtky,'-, wieraikoao
kit the presr*at '-time*, ��ow.i��g to tin
Hassessnient by mi*!e-;ig��j paying tax
1 of one- per  cent,   ai.otlier   two  per F     .       . .. .
H 1 ' and   otb^r   subjects   necessary   to
I'oent, another three, and yet pother ; stenograp_,e?s  or  ckrks, or   book-
thirty'eight per-cent of t-hsfis gros< 1 keepers. '
[earnings reispeclivelVi tlwis sltowing ,     Positions found for gradates.
1 that the poorest raUroad was the      Tcnj)S oa^erg^    Special  rates
irao-n hea iiy taxetl. j for a club of two or more from the! Catalogue Free.      M. J
h    He t,hen referred more in detail i same locality. ^^   Westminster
to the effect of the  Act  upon, the;     Bee.jn   the    New
I farming   community,  and  showed j riqw'p NOW.
that a far.mer would have to pay in
jts,x-;t-. tip th*. ProyinotaLGovernment -�����,
M least teaper qent of his gross in-',
come, a\-eii-aad- ajbove all other taxes he is of. pisesenfc burdened with
At the saffiii ti-me otlvr portious  of
^he Act had Deeu. droppei  by  the
��overnment,    witjiout    a,utiL**prity
ffon^ the. people's representatives;
qoticeaW-x, th^-te^ upon, tk<e money
iii, Banks. He also spoke of the tax |
^{-���on d.ebts,   andi sjiowed  that, the P
^holesiije mpijchant was liable  to |
wv tax  upon*, all outstanding   ac-'
(founts with th: retailer,   whether
|pod or bad, the retaijlei-* again was
ljabls--.to.tax. upon all debts  due  to
h.ii?,, and; so  th: government w.asi
able to levy t^ u^o;i the same val- Ji
t$es over and over a-.ain, ijtjjdefinite- .���
ly.    Mr  Oliver gave  many  other!
instances to, pr,ove. that tihs  Assess- ���
ment Act. **>* fprced through by  (he''
Qpnservative  governn^tnt,. was ill-1
cojisidered, unbusinesslike, and un-!
Workab)*c>.   Iu spitej- of. itli  this,in-.
crease of taxation, Ihe province-- was
was faced with another deficit, expenditure having been far in.expess.!
Qf revenue. |
I   ���\nd npw the goy.?rnn_|2nt uafi |
^ppoyited an irresponsible commis.; j
sion at a co>,t to the provirc_a oi\
$5000, to report upon the working
of one of itsovj-n Acts,, tiwo cabiuet
liministers who were, responsibe  ft*^
Act, sitting upon the  Commission^
the only representative of the general public,   being the. B/ack.man-.
;K,err M.iUi.i?*g  Co.  a^id, tlie.. Ji.  Q.
Electric Railway Co.
.   The afiove meeting was w<^l at-[
tendedy aud Mr.   Oliver's r.emarksi
were listeued to with. gre.\t interest, |'
and  elicted  matsy  qjUgstioiis  from I
the audience. Afr t\he close the foi-'
lowing resolution wa?. dijawn up!
'and unanmiou,slv passpd; a.nd the'.
���Secretary was instrupted to. forward I
a copy of the sam& tp, the commis-1]
sion now sitting i)\ Victoria.. j.
Resolved���that, this, meeting dis-1
'approves  o{   the ijersoiinejl of the i
Provincial, Assessmoiit Commission,
neither  tfe Farming, Mining  nor
Lumbering interests being^ represent-
l.ed on the commission. [
Resolved.���.th,a,t the.- taxation  of j-
farm products in. addition  to  Real
Fstajte aniJ, pe/sonal proppjjty imposes a grievou,1*., ujujustand inequitable burden uppn tljfi Agricultural
RescJved*-=$aJithQ- deJermination
arrived   at^,   that  th/.   comn*-jssion
(.will only ta^ce evidenpe in  the city
of Victoria., is an lyifair.-discrjitiyiia
tii u against the interest; ofthe other
portions of tr-h*. r**r,ovi?i,co,  and  will
tend to prevent a fulj, i;iqii;ry,.
Resolyed-s-that   t��he   repiesenta-
tives of, the people- in jjs-fliameuti as-
sembled :$re better q��al^fid to deal
with the., questions of at^sessment
'and, taxation tb*��!i arCj tihe present
Ass*ssr��feiit Cpmmissipn^rs.
When you want to Ship or Stor^ Tfour
du.ee or Live Stock,
Capacity- s^QO Tone.
''War it?
Space., 24,000 B^uare F$e%
i.g_-g*j-_TT?;���rssr ���r"
si'i tNMoasaa.
Wish their many Patrons the
C mpUments of the Season..,,
1 ��
lino (HrrLts
Our Stock is now complete.
.   Never before was there such an as
shown in Westminster.
Prices ranging from 75c to $5.00.
Call and see them when you come to. town..
Lumber Mills
East Delta
For Good Cedar Drain Lumber, Planking,
Etc, Try Us.
New Westmins+k r.
W& Leading
Shoe Store
$S per aW.
Q. O. Dennis,
East Delta.
\\ov& Goods t *
(i��re t��| pr-wS,rj��j**B^.w4 M��f*��,��re   '
kafft, w^oM/tr far. iff!*] 1��Ht, W. >
mm mnwm%u i \
The Presbyterian House- Spcial,.
Thursdaxev.eniug ijiext\,at 8-o'q^ock.
For Sate,
House and Lot,, on Stanley Street.,
Apply to
R, S, |ACR.S^��*,
At ijominal cost, private iiuiivithuil. ur bnsines-s
men can put t.Ueir in\portant papers and valuables it* a
secure aud convenient place.
This is & boot) to those wh<    'lo nol   .>��� * * .'���' fev
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible du ing all business hour*
to tht; renter, who  holds the key.,
RATES tt   $1.50 par year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $35,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C,
.. -j. j^l sBjggjBman.
A^yarded  Gold Medal at World's Columbian  and   Mid-White.;
KxBpsSitioi*,?* for Highest (Irade of Rolled Oats..
the Brackman*Ker
milling <��, Ltd.
Just Received'
Head 0��k?��:
At all principal  points on
Calgary and Edironton R. R.
MHiiufncturers uf Cerett Foofls, Kxtrt Cieam RoJJed Oats, Oatmeal, Graham Flour,
Pett^BfrlCX, Split l'eas. ChopjfKJiWfl, Jilted Feeds,
Se^ieu^ln Flo��r, I}i7M,,Sli9rt&,,IIay, Grain and all kinds of Farm P.,vd��<'i'.
I^urchasingf Agen^
A Large Stock of Buggies,
Plows,   Root   Cutters,
Hay Cutters,  ] nsi)a_:Q
Cutters, Etc., at
Q. T. BAKER'S New sh������*,..
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies' Chatelaine Watches from $   up.
I-adies' Qold Watches from $1    up.
Cut Glass, Silverware and all kinds of Jews
Jeweller, ���tc, 6tc.


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