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The Delta Times Aug 6, 1904

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Vol. 1. No. 46.
$1.00 a year
Why Send A way
Dry Goods &
Men's Furnishings?
WE carry a complete and "Up to the Minute" stock of
everything in these departments, and Save
You Express and Postage.
Just opened up a complete stock of "Burritt's" worsted Hose for "Boys,"
"Ladies- and Children, from 20c pair up.
75 Pieces English and Canadian Flannelettes, in Plain Colors and Fancy
Stripes, from 5c to .20c per yard.
Men's Shirts-
Had to duplicate our order for Men's Shirts and have just received the
last shipment comprising ail tlie very latest designs, also Scotch Flannel
Shirts with and without collars.
Trunks and Yalises-
If you intend talcing a trip we can supply you with all travelling requisites.
Trunks*, from $3.00 up.   Suit Oases, from $3.25 up.
Hand Grips, from $2.00 up.  Telescopes, from 75c up.
Made to Order Clothing-
Oall and see our New Fall Samples and when you leani the price you
.are sure to leave your measure. We will have your suit here three
weeks from date of order.
Marshall Smith
Approved by Order of His
Honor the Lieut.-Gov.
in Council, July 21, '04.
The following regulations have
been taken from the B. C. Gazette
and are published for the benefit of
our patrons, who, otherwise, would
not have an opportunity of seeing
(Continued From Last Week.)
Grain is ripening off fast.
N. Mitchell has a fine field of
oats, the pride of the Delta.
A large new barn has been erected, recently, on tke Wilson property.
We are sorry to say that our
worthy friend, neighbor Richardson
is carrying around a lame leg.
Tbe dyke road is in very bad
shape, just now, and should be
fixed before the wet weather sets in.
Our school teacher, E. Jay, and
family, ate aoem to leave us. They
have not decided, as yet, upon their
new abode.
The school house needs repairing,
the plaster having dropped off the
ceiling, and a coat of paint would
do bo harm.
Tokio, Aug. 4,���The Japanese
are hourly awaiting the tidings of
a victoroy at Port Arthur with
more interest and eagerness than
heretofore displayed during the
War. From political, strategical and sentimental stand point,
the- possession of the Russian fortress and naval base is considered
of paramount importance by the
Japanese. It is known that the
Japanese noose about the besieged city is gradually tightening
The Japanese guns are pouring fire
into ihe diminishing circle and it is
felt here that the critical hour is
fast approaching.
Slight injuries often disable a
man and cause several days' loss of
time and when blood poison develops, sometimes result in the loss
of a hand or limb. Chamberlain's
Pain Balm is an antiseptic liniment.
When applied to cuts, bruises and
burns it causes them to heal quickly and without maturation, and
prevents any danger of blood poisou.
For sale by F. T. Mackenzie.
T. ,.W. Kerr was up town, Thursday, on a liMines* (rip,
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 3,007,000 bushels, compared
vyfth. 4,6?o,opo bushels a year ago,
14. Every cow-keeper shall from
time to time, as often as may
be necessary, cause every milk-
vessel that may be used by
him for containing milk for
sale to be thoroughly cleansed
with steam or clean boiling water,
and shall otherwise take all proper
precautions for the maintenance of
such milk-vessel in a constant state
of cleanliness.
(2.) He shall, on every occasion
when any such vessel shall have
been used to contain milk, or shall
have been returned to him after
having been out of his possession,
cause such vessel to be forthwith so
15. (1.) Every cow - keeper,
dairyman, purveyor of milk, or
person selling milk by retail, shall
take all reasonable and proper precautions in, and in connection with,
the storage and distribution of the
milk and otherwise to prevent the
exposure of the milk, to any infection or contamination.
(2) He shall not deposit or keep
any milk intended forsale���
(a.) In any room or place where
it would be liable to become infected or contaminated by impure air
or by any offensive, noxious or
deleterious gas or substance, or
by any noxious or injurious emanation, exhalation or effluvium; or
(b.) In any room used as a
kitchen or living room; or
(c.) In any room or building, or
part oi a building, commuuicating
directly by door, window or otherwise, with any room used as a
sleeping room, or in which there
may be any person suffering from
any infectious or contagious disease.
or whicli way have been used by
any persou suffering from any such
disease, and may not have been
properly disinfected; or
(d.) In any room or building, or
part of a building, in which there
may be any direct inlet to any
[3.] He shall cause every vessel,
receptacle or utensil used by him for
containing milk for sale to be thoroughly cleansed with steam or clean
boiling water alter it has been used,
and to be maintained in a constant
state of cleanliness.
[4.3 He shall not cause or suffer
any cow belonging to him, or under his care or control, to be milked for the purpose of obtaining milk
foi sale���
[a] Unless at any time of milk*
, ing, the udder and teats of such
I cow are thoroughly clean;
! [b] Unless the hands of the per-
| son milking such cow are thorough-
j ly clean and dry as possible, and
free from all infection and contam-
| ination; ..:'
I    [c.^'Utjless the cow frott)  which
milk is obtained is free from
[d.] Unless the cow from which
milk is obtained is free from any
discharge and has "cleaned."
[e.] Unless the cow from which
milk is obtained is a longer period
than twenty days before or five days
after calving.
16 All milk rooms shall be situate at least io feet from any cow
17. A cooling room with facilities
acceptable to Board shall be provid
ed for by cow-keepers.
18. Milk that is bloody or
stringy or unnatural in appearance
shall not be offered for sale.
19. Milk intended for sale must
not be allowed to "stand" in cowshed, but shall, as soon as possible,
be removed to cooling room.
20. Milk intended for sale shall
have the following minimum composition:���
[a.] Fat, 3 per cent.
[b.] Solids not fat, 9 per cent.
[a] Total solids, 12 per cent.
21. Water existing in cows' milk
in excess of 88 per cent, shall be
an adulteration.
22. Drugs or colouring matter
for any purpose whatever shall not
be added to milk offered for sale.
23. "Calving" cows must be kept
separate from milking herd till
"cleaning" is complete.
24. Cows suffering from any infectious disease, such as "cow-
pox/' mammitis, etc., must be
kept seperate from milking herd.
25. Cow-keepers and dairymen
must have a certificate from an
Official Veterinary Surgeon that
cows from which milk is obtained
for sale are free from tuberculosis.
Such certificate to hold good six
months from date of issue, provided
that disease is not in evidence in
the meantime*.
26. Every person in the production, storage, transportation, sale,
delivery, or distribution of milk,
shall immediately on the occurrence
of anv case or cases of infectious
disease, such as typhoid, scarlet
fever, or diphtheria, either in himself or in his family, or amongst his
employees or within the building or
premises where milk is stored, pro
duced, sold or distributed, take care
that the local Board of Health is
notified of such case or cases, and
at the same time suspend the sale
or distribution of milk until authorised to resume the same by the
local Board of Health.
It shall be unlawful for any person suffering from a contagious or
infectious disease, such as typhoid
fever, scarlet fever, or diphtheria, to
handle, transport, deliver, mix,taste,
work over, or distribute milk, or in
about places where milk is stored,
sold or distributed, or to serve as
milker or milkman. No vessels
which have been handled by per
sons suffering from such disease
shall be used to hold or convey
27. Any person who violates any
provision of these reglations shall
be liable, upon summary conviction
before any Stipendiary or Police
Magistrate or any two Justices of
the Peace, for everv such offence to
a fine not exceeding one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without
hard labour, for a term not exceeding six months, or to both fine and
j imprisonment, in the discretion of
the convicting court.
Secretary Provincial Board of
By Command.
Acting Provincial Secretary,
Victoria Terminal to Deliver Gravel at $10 Pef
Car���Rev. A. E. Vert
Nearly Drowned.
The Delta Municipal Council
held a short session on Saturday,
July 23. All the members being
present with the Reeve in the chair.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were adopted as read.
A communication was read from
Dr. C. J. Fagan, secretary Provincial Board of Health, re spitting
in public places. Received and
Clerk to reply.
The tender of the Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry Co. to deliver gravel at sidings for $10 per
car was accepted.
The Delta Cemetery By-law,
1904, passed the third reading.
Tbe following accounts were, on
motion, ordered paid: L. Monk-
man, work on roads, $129.37; Sam
Kee, do., $102.50; Chung Cbee.
do., $20; T. J. Trapp & Co., powder, Ward V., $8; A. Barber, unloading rock, $40.48; Chong Yee,
grading Smiths road, $192.40; P.
Clark, blacksmith work, $10.70;
Marshall Smith, freight, $1; Geo.
Westall, work, Trunk road, $7.50;
Geo. Ormiston, salary, $65; J.
Montagu, work on rock, $2.50; S.
Booth, do., $4.50; K. Morrison,
do., $26.85; W. Walters, do., $49,-
35; N. Johnson, do., $50; F. Cline,
do., $2.50; E. Davis, do., $15.60;
A. Pearson, $11.25; W. Small, do.,
The Reeve, Finance Committee
and Clerk were authorized to sign
a promissory note for $1,000, under
the Temporary Loan By-law.
The Council then adjourned till
Saturday, August 13th, at 2 p.m.
Narrow Escape.
Rev. A. E. Vert, of the B, C.
Penitentiary, Westminster, had a
narrow escape from drowning 00
Thursday evening at Boundary
Bay. It seems the rev. gentleman
was in bathing out of his depth and
caught cramps. Unable to help
himself he called so lustily for assistance as to startle the entire encampment. Little Myrtle
Mack, aged only 13 summers, swam
to his assistance till a boat arrived
and rescued him. Mr. Vert went
down twice and was brought to
shore iu a semi-unconscious state.
He is all right again, we under**
In the Teachers* and High .School
Exams., held in Vancouver and
New Westminster, we fiud the following names well up in the lists:
New Westminster ������- Miss Dor��
Lulu Cook, 963.
Vancouver-*-Miss Eua Florence
Baynes, 832.
Miss Cook beads the list. Quite
a number competed but only foujr
 ��� ni*
Should S. A. M, Sep this pteHf
Svmcbotioh, H#> V*r year.
ADTEHTisiNc nurjte,
Casual Ad*��rtlie��*��W, v> cents* p�� �����<��>;
reckoued by the ���*-*�� ocrapied, i��UOMt�� the
Kate* W Cf_����Hjiia Art��erl_��eme��tt M�� D*
k.d o-^r-r^c-asOVah. offlM.
Reading aotlcaa vtvcenU per U��e fcr each In-
Mftios^ -
Birth'and Death notice*, Ja*��� MWri��ee�� $���������.
Illj_ljt.ll. 1. in. I  L.ll.i-H1- I1
���nd charted accardiugly.
AU ad��erlUemw��r charge. Jar ustU ordered
out aad nW tec.
CorrernaadtMe IwrttW 0* matter* ot public
|gr puhiiUttw, *��f *�� evidence of I����* ._>.*h-
Corre*oMie��ce ��u��t reach this q��ee by Thurc
d��y *v���s4*Ju|f!.
Geo, R, Maklkv,
SATUMWUf, AUGUSf 6,  rg04.
On Monday night last, while
miming before a squall making for
the Fraser, an Indian and hfe family were driven on to the Jfend-
heads, where tbe boat was capsized
and the two children washed out
and drowned. The parents were
picked up in an exhausted condition by some of the fishermen belonging to the Albion Camnery. Dr.
King, after viewing the bodies, decided an inquest was not necessary.
The creamery at New Westminster has doubled its output daring
the past year and the ot*t_��*t in
midsummer is 1,150 pounds of tatter per day.
la* Delta Creattery feat a stand-
ftijtt, That is, it tis* doing no better
fftsfe l.tst year.
We we sorry to see that so little
fatereat is taken in this home industry. Oar farmers do not exhibit
much patriotism when they will
Assist in building np outride industries, as in the ease above noted, to
Ibe neglect and detriment of the
home institwitiooB*. Patronize home
This has long been- regarded as
one of the most dangerous and
fatal diseases to which infants are
subject. It can be cured, however,
when properly treated*. All that is
necessary is to give Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as directed with
each bottle, and a cure is certain.
For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
Editor Dblta Times;
Sir: I* there no law to compel1
the Indians to cut tbe noxious
weeds on their reservations? I was
travelling throtfgh the Cbewassen
Reserve this week and the thistles
were growing there in countless
numbers, and wild mustard by the
acre*. No effort is put forth to cut
either. It is useless for the Council to cut noxious weeds on the
roads if they aire permitted to grow
on adjoining property.
[This, We think, should be referred to the Indian Department, by
the Council.���Ed.]
"I don't believe there is a God;
} won't believe there is a God unless He prove* it to me by strikhsg
me deaf aad dtoBb," these are tbe
words ottered bv frffiiMT ftenfro, a
youanf van i* Chicago, on the
evening of May 311st last. There
were fow sober, industrious young
men ymt raring from a game of
whist wbiu Kenfro made tbe above
states-RCt-o, and after a very short
silence the speaker was stricken to
the floor, dtnf and d����b. The account Was mtntroned i�� the Press
despatches at the time,-be* now we
Aave a verified' account of it published ki the Ram's Horn, near
Whose oftces this great miracle toot
place., Tfce dacflor was calffled m,
liut could And no physical reason
Jot it, proving tteyond a doubt that
it was God's way of proving Himself to Vma world t��*dacy. Scoffers,
take heed. Blospkeajers, beware.
This -ftwaryj man was not a COLD
ChristSw., he was an infidel. If
Cod does tfhw to the infidel to draw
iira uttto. Hinsself,. what ought we;
frofessiiog Christians, to learn front
Ut? We sbosHd learn that God can
see US, fo tfite- Chwrch, ia, the shop,
rn the field, and whatever we do or
fay is in His sight amd hearing.
Consider the Power of that in-.
Visible blow. Very similar to the
fclow whijeu $t, Paul received away
back over the centuries. Paul's
toafMHMrM^ s��w no, light, yet it was
bright enough to blind him* Ren-
f*V�� eowpanioqis saw 90, light but
be did. Tbp is Ho light matter,
and shouid be taken as �� warning
tf what G9df's power is. He witf
tine. t$JS. in a tiflpe we know not of
Be vtj prefaced. -Renfro: does be-:
$ev? ther* is af God, now,., do yoq>
Barley, as is pretty generally
known, is one of tbe most fattening
ot foods which horses can receive,
especially when cooked, but for a
variety of reasons���and particularly because it is not conducive to the
production of the stout muscular
tissue which is so essential to staying power���barky bas never met
with much favor as a food for horses
in this country. Curiously enough,
the Arabs, who are celebrated for
'the care they take of their horses,
use barley to a yeiy large extent in
Mie feeding of their animals. Along
with hay and straw, barley enters
extensively into the food rations for
Arab horses in many of the great
desert tracts in which these animals
find! a home.���American Cultivator.
Fine Boots,
[jest Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom Work a Specialty.
IHIIH'H'I IM H4'H.|.Hs''H.r*��ss-l.sH
Delta Tronsfer Stable
��     Team Work Done at Specially Low Primes.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
���f Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
'^���is* r��^��*f��4^t.r��i>lrr>^r��^��.i*^i.t.i.��.H.i.4.t.ri.M'��'i-H-
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & rurnisiYings
At All Prlcea.
Best Line of Boota & Shoes in Town.
.Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
H.J. Hutcherson's
Going far ChamberMn's Colic;
Cfastlera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in thia man's place;
bnt keep a bottle of thi�� remedy in yon*
home, Th��ra ls notvfcfng so good for
Son*,, Cholera MorbtW, Dysentery and
Diarrhoea. It is eqfflally valuable foi
���tauMner Complaint and Cholera Infantum* end has saved the lives of more
jhiMren than any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweet'
mat it is pleasant to take.
Ton, or sontoone of your family, ara
rate to need tills remedy ssoner or later
and when that time comes yon will need
it tadly; yon will need it tftfickly. Why
noivfctiy it now and be prepared for such
tu Otttefgeucj-1   ""rice, Sfas cents.
JMJ��e va-^en ymfa with hot wa-.
ter tfi&e da**, then wet well with
��, sefaflion of tjwo, otwirfes of trncture
��4 iodfne itr ��,tr*ct ol witch hazel
fo make a pkif.    If absces.se.t form
A. O.   U. W.
r_ELt-*\ LOUOK NO. i��, merf�� Rrft ans*
KJ tlmu Tuesdays in eucli muiith i.i Wade
dell's 1W��. T. W. KKKR, Recorder.
I. O. F,
COCK'S1 Osseo, No. 3443, meets
in I O O F Hall, 3rd Tuesday in
each m'Snith Visiting brethren
always* welcome. C. R, $ B.
Burr; R S.  B S M#Donald
liNMpordwf HS69.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilliwack, Ladner, Cumberland.
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
 . g���S
10.0 ft
Delta L��dge, No. 21.���Tin? regular meetings of this Lodge are held
'every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
'tn.    Visiting Brethren cordially intj.
vited to attend.
N-. A. McDiAtMin. N.G,    [
Jto, A. A, K1>;'".. Sec,.
Manufacturers of all .finds of first-Class
Hough and Dressed Lumber,
We can deliver^ to any point on the Railroad in Delta'
Cur Prion Is Right. We Can Save You Money.
Drop Ca a Line, Our Agent WIU Call on You.
aee. Ml* THRIFTe Manager*
The McCormick has Seen awarded tho palm ei excellence By reason ef
He superb and splendid work in the grain ana*grass folds at the world.
Write to-day tor beautifully illustrated book, printed in colors, entitled
"It Takes the Mm," whieh will be supplied free to any 01m interested
in harvesting machines. You are cordially invited to cell and sea
the machine.
J. F. STAINTON, Agent, Ladner, B. C.
Stokes & C it Ills
Westham Street,
Lad��er, B   C.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm* Alexander
I.ndner. II. C.
Vegetables or
W. N. Draper,
Room 7, gllard Block. New Westminister.
11 _
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply of Good Milk
Cows for private families or for
dairy use on hand, also
30 Head Young Stock.
! MHL AND��118 I
.*. NEW WESTMINSTER, :-: B. C. .��.
.���. MRUufHCturcni ofaflkludsol X
i Soda Water, Ginger i
X Ale and Summer i
j. Drinks. i
| Yotrr patronage solicited f
.*. * <{.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MAY 1, 1904.
No. r���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m.,
arrives at Guichon r 1:30 and at New
Westminster, 1 p.m-
No, 2���Leaves New Westminster at 1.45 p.m., Guichou, 3 p. m.���
arriving at Victoria 7:30 p-.ni.
McRAE & Co
A full line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fatncy Trouserings al-.
ways kept in stock.
Notary Public,
wm. W 8 MR WI
Ladner, B. C.
PurcrMrin. Agent
Brnckman-Ker Milling Qo��
J "'��
the.. WIM H��ra��a Ar. Vlcloae Mt
Said to B�� Cattrukle.
Writing of tbe Manga, or wild hones,
ef India, found near the land of Tibet
Thomas W. Weber in "The Forests of
Upper India and Their Inhabitants"
Here for the first time we saw the
klang, er wild horse. Several herds
came to look at us as we marched and
galloped around, neighing and kicking
np, but kept at a respectful distance.
They hate big, ugly beads and talis
and. ears like a mule's and a black
stripe down tbo back; color, light bay,
with white noses. They have tine free
action in trot and gallop and are fourteen to fifteen bauds high, strong in
the legs and heavy in tbe body. We
were welcomed by tbe neighing of numerous wild horses to tbe land of the
klang. Several herds kept circling
round, tbe old stallions approaching in
'a quite threatening manner, snorting,
squealing and kicking up their heels,
While tbe mares and foals galloped off
at a more respectful distance. There
was a herd of klnngs which careered
about our camp in a most objectionable way, making the most fearful disturbances. We witnessed a battle royal between two stallions, which for
ferocity and wicked fury surpassed any
fight I have seen. Again and again
the pair went at one another like tigers, biting and kicking and mauling,
the blood flowing freely, while the fearful yells and roars they kept up were
terrifying to hear. This went on for
hours. The horrible roars nnd shrieking! made by the wild horse when
fighting sound something like a noise
between a donkey's bray and tbe
squealing of a Jackal, but far more ear
piercing and discordant. Here tbo
klang is found ln considerable numbers. He is, accoMing to the Hunla
accounts, untamable. There was a
young one purchased) at Bagesar fair
from some Hunias for a small price.
The purchaser thought he had a good
bargain and proposed to send the animal to England, but when his men
went to bring away the purchase no
power could Induce lt to leave its foster mother, an old Ahbct pony, wbich
the clever Hunias refused to sell exeept for an exorbitant sum.
scribed aa having been as hot as an
oven. The wood was there soaked
through and through with sunshine.
In this great heat tbe oils thinned and
simmered slowly and penetrated far
Into tbe wood until the varnish became
a part of the wood Itself.
The old violin makers used to save
every bit of the wood when tbey found
what they liked to mend and patch and
Inlay with it. So vibrant and so resonant ls tbe wood of good old violins
that they murmur and echo and sing in
answer to any sound where a number
of them hang together on the wall, as
If rehearsing the old music tbat they
once knew.
mediately departed, ��� and th* people
took care that never again should she
i enter the precincts of a care, .and eo
that most valued of woman's treasures
was invented for spite, but for what
I a different purpose has It servedl
His Welafet ra OeM For the Poor.
"A Hindoo stood ln a scale, and his
weight was measured ln goldpieces.
That," said a traveler, "was the strange
spectacle that I once beheld in India.
There was a great crowd looking on,
and it took a great many goldpieces to
equal the Hindoo's weight, for he was
fat. Finally, though, the big scale balanced, and then everybody began to
ahout: "Tulabharal Tulabbaral Tu-
labhara!" The fat man got out of the
acale. He and bis friends took tbe
gold, and, going through all the poorer
quarters of the town, they distributed
It among the destitute. This, I was Informed, was a kind of religious ceremony among a certain sect. Every
male at the time ln his life when lt
was thought his weight would be
greatest was put in a scale, and gold to
equal him ln bulk was measured out
and distributed In alms. As a rule,
each man was forty-seven when bis
weight was taken. They bold in India
that at forty-seven a man la at his
fattest/'-Philadelphla Record.
OU OaUs rrom Old Mlata.
The "mint house" In Boston existed
about thirty-four yeara. All the colnl
Issued from lt bore tho dates 1662 or
1(562, the same dies being used probe**
bly throughout the thirty-four years of
coinage. Some coins had been made
In Bermuda for the use of the Virginia
colony as early as 1044. Copper coins
bearing the figure of an elephant were
struck in England for the Carollnas
and New England ln 1694. Coins were
also struck for Maryland bearing tbe
effigy of Lord Baltimore. A mint was
established in Rupert, Vt., by legislative authority in 1786, whence copper
cents were Issued, bearing on one aid*
a plow and a sun rising from behind
bills and on the other a radiated aye
surrounded by thirteen stars.
Pea Pleture ef a Heaatlfnl Bone.
A pen picture of a beautiful horse Is
to be found ln one of Sewell Ford's
stories ln i'Horses Nine." Here lt Is:
In the stalls at Gray Oaks stables were
many good hunters, but none better
than Pasha. Cream white he was,
from the tip of bis splendid yard long
tall to bis pink lipped muzzle. His coat
was as silk plusb, bit neck aa supple
as a swan's, and out of his big, bright
eyes there looked such intelligence that
one half expected him to speak. Hia
lines were all long, graceful curves,
and when he danced daintily on hia
���lender legs one could see tbe muscles
flex under the delicate skin.
Tk* Old VUlla Maker* aad the Material Ther Used.
The great violin makers all lived
within the compass of 150 years. They
chose their wood from a few great timbers felled iu tbe south Tyrol and
floated down in rafts���pine and maple,
sycamore, pear and ash. They examined these to find streaks and veins
and freckles, valuable superficially
wben brought out by. varnishing.
They learned to tell the dynasty of
the pieces of wood by touching them.
Tbey weighed them, they struck them
and listened to Judge how fast or how
���low or how resonantly they would
vibrate in answer to strings. Some
portions of the wood must be porous
and soft, some close of fiber. Just tbe
right beam was hard to find. When
found, lt can be traced nil through tbe
violins of some great master and after
bis death in some of his pupils.
Tbe piece of wood was taken home
and seasoned, dried ln the hot Brescia
and Cremona sun. The house of Strad-
lvarius, the great master of all. ls de-
A Story With a Bad Meral.
In a prosperous town ln Mexico Uvea
a merchant whose wealth grew out of
a combination of good luck and drunkenness. An uncontrollable desire for
drink cost him position after position,
and he drifted down to Mexico and became a news agent. He sold lottery
tickets. He bad to report on drawing
day what unsold tickets he had and
forward them. He got drunk tbe day
before one of tbe big drawings. Two
days later be sobered up and found
himself ln possession of several hundred dollars' worth of unsold tickets.
He did not possess $10 in the world.
He examined tbe list and found that
a number of tb* unsold tickets bad
drawn prices aggregating $35,000 in
gold. He collected the winnings, paid
for tha unsold tickets and took an oath
of perpetual total abstinence. That
was years ago. He has never touched
liquor since and' is today a wealthy
man. The moral Is bad, but tbe story
ls too good to suppress.
"Rather absentmlnded, isn't he?"
"Extremely so. Wby, the other night
when he got home he knew there was
something he wanted to do, but he
couldn't remember what it was until
he had set up over an hour trying to
"And did he finally remember it?"
"Yes; he discovered tbat he wanted
to go to bed early I"
A Lneky Call.
"I don't mind telling you now," laid
young'Dr. Frankly, "that you just
called me ln at the right time."
"Really!" exclaimed the convalescent. "I wasn't so bad aa tbat was I?"
"Bad! My dear sir, you were good.
I was down to my last cent and needed
the money!"
Leaead of the Looking Glass.
Who ever heard It stated tbat tha
looking glass was first Invented to spite
a pretty woman? And how would lt
be possible to spite a woman by showing her a perfect reflection of her own
dainty self? Well, according to Japanese mythology, the deity presiding
over the sun and furnishing light to the
world became Infuriated at some trifle
and hid herself away ln a cave, thus
depriving humanity of a very necessary element. In order to induce her
to come out tbe mirror was Invented
aud placed in the cave. Tbe beautiful
goddess, seeing another beauUful goddess, within those narrow confines, im-
The Traveler's Ready Answer.
Mrs. Z.���Listen, George. Tbe baby ls
saying "Oo-goo-Ja-bo-oo-go." What
does lt remind you of?
Mr. Z.���H'm! Reminds me of a
brakeman calling out stations.
Hard oa the Ladles.
Very few remember the existence of
a certain remarkable statute which
was passed in the early days of George
III. if Indeed they ever heard of it It
runs to the effect that if any woman
"entices e��j ot his majesty's male subjects into marriage by the use of any
powders or paints or false hair or wool
on the cheeks she shall be prosecuted
for sorcery." What a cause celebre It
would be if any of his present majesty's male subjects were to endeavor
to put the law into action. What a
rush there would be of fashionable ladies to secure front seats in court for
the hearing.���London Tatler.
Thi*ee Mi&nihs-
Of Hot, Dry Weather will necessitate you getting SCREEN DOORS,
We  can supply you with the above���HOME MADE and WELL
kitchen & Pantry Furniture
��, Blmds.
and Brackets
X Wor**jroi*Thy Haee.
The population of fit Hilda, the moat
westerly of th* Inhabited Scottish lslea,
ia a unique on* in many respects. Tba
people are tlie most lonely in tbe United Kingdom, there being very little
communication wltb the mainland and
sometimes not for months at a stretch.
Socially the Islanders are practically a
commune. If tbe head of a household
Is injured or loses his life among tbe
rocks, his widow and family sHare in
the proceeds of their labor as if b*
were there to take part in it. If family
illness prevents any one joining ln th*
day's work, he is asked to stay at
home, and his Interests will not be lost
sight of. All questions, complaints,
etc., are determined by their mode, or
local parliament, whose Judgment la
final. Early morning conferences usually determine tbe day's tasks.
St. Kildlans are a most industrious
and active as well as a religious people, and on tlie island at any rate tb*
vexed problem-of church attendance
has been solved. Every man, woman
and child capable of leaving the household goes regularly to church, and
only some serious disability will keep
any person nt home.���Scottish American.
Influence of Children.
Childhood ln its weakness is often a
strength that resists tbe strain of all
the passions, and that holds even wben
deep hatred exerts its power to drive
"If it were not for the child, I would
not live with you another day," 1
beard an angry husband say to hia
wife, when righteous indignation drove
blm nearly to distraction.
That was quite a number of years
ago, and now they have two more children to strengthen the bond between
them. This Httfe episode of domestic
infelicity was recalled by some statistics that recently emanated from Berlin and which speak volumes.
These statistics have been carefully
gathered from the divorce courts, and
���bow that out of 1,000 divorces 540
were granted where there were no children, 214 where there was one child,
130 where there were two children, 00
where there were three children, 25
where there were four children, 12
where there were five children and 10
where there were six children.
He Wasn't  Toe Deaf.
Deafness ls largely a matter of habit,
���ays a writer in the New York Press. I
know men wbo cannot bear you two
feet away, though you bawl at them,
yet at the distance of a block they will
grasp your faintest whisper. Some are
deaf for convenience, some for fraud,
some for hypocrisy. Beware of the deaf
man. One of the noted deaf men was
old Matt Griffin, long ago an assemblyman from Griffin's Corners, Delaware
county, N. Y. By courtesy deaf members receive front seats In the assembly, while others usually draw lots.
Wben old Matt was excused from
drawing a fellow member hotly protested. "But the old man ls as deaf as
a post" said the house leader. "Deaf!"
exclaimed the protestaut "Matt Griffin deaf! Why, bless your honest soul,
be could bear a ten cent shinplaster
rattle in a bag of feathers!"
The Marks ef Qealaa.
"He has tbe stamp of genius on bis
"Yea. Also tbe gloss or genius on Ids
Holy Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at n a.m. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Litany and choir practice.
Evensong, 3 p.m., at Boundary
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
.Service every Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. A. A. McLeod.
On Saturday last a census wag
taken, at the Bay, to see how many
.souls were encamped there, witM **
the ioilowing result: Rich, 5; Per-
ram, 5; M. Smith, 7; Lanning, 31
Wright, 1; Lord, 5; Benson, 14; ,
Ladner, T. E., 6; Eagles, 4; Herring, 6; McKean, 5; Carlyle, 9;
Scoullar, 6; Ovens, 1; Walker, D.,
3; Eastman. 5; Gamon, 6; Vert,
4; Sayer, 7; Mack, 10; Scott, 6;
Corbould, 18; Rand, 10; Pearson,
8; Kirkland, E. L., 1; Smith, W.
H., 4; Kirkland, Mrs. J., 3; Marka
& Burr, 14: Crowder, 7; McKay,
6; Vanstone, 9; Kirkland, H. J.,
4; Clarke, D.. 2; Kirkland, W., 6;
McEwen, 7; Davies, Dr., 5.   Total,
232 SOUls.
Haying is about over   for this
Recommends Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
About eighteen months ago Mr.
W. S. Manning, of Albany, N. Y ,
widely  known  in  trade circles as
the representative of the   Albany
Chemical Co., was suffering from i>
pro'racted attack of diarrhoea,    "I
tried Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea   Remedy,"   lie says,
"and obtained immediate relief.    I
heerfully recommend this medicine
to those similarly afflicted."    Scld
by F. J. KacKenzie.
A. C. Wells, of Chilliwack, is
about to build a new creamery at
his model farm, Ederbank, with a
5,000-lb. per day capacity. He
does not use tbe ponderous silo that
he built a long time ago. He will
fill the one in his barn where he
has labor saving devices for handling it. He is making silage this
year by piling it out of doors in a
rick 15x40 feet. His neighbor,
Chester Chadsey has made ensilage
that way nine years and reports
good success. He compares it to
sauer kraut.
in as
3010 Westminster Road.
100,000 Bulbs to airive soon from
Holland, France and Japan.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
Always in stock in season.
S\*r _j______K__5____B_Jl      A   U_U_JU_______I^__________B   ^-^ ���_���__���������
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This Line.
Agent for-
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One. ���
Greenhouse full of Plants,  Cut
Flowers, Floral Work.
Catalogue free, or call and examine stock.
Clothes Altered. Cleaned and Repaired.
Parcels left at W. I.. McBride's store and A. W��
ker'saud W. R. McClellau's barber shop wiUba
called for on Monday aud returned on Saturday
fl. W. WALKBR.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Subscribe NOW for
the Delta times, Ladner
Electric in fiiiii Ll
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tablr
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at _.je
and h.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run lirst-class freight cars between Westminster aud Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost care and delivered ta
consignee without delay. Special attention' paid
to fruit shipments. Our wagons meet all boats,
aud trains.   For rates, etc. apply to
i> a. shii.ks, v. r. in.ovKR
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster, I!. C.
Trade Marks  ���
Copyright* Ac.
A nynne sending a sketch and description (nay
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention Is prnhaMy patentable. Communle*.
ilnnsstrlctlycnnllilentlal. HAKOBOOK onPatettte
stent freo. otitcnt ;.i:r,ncy foreenirmapatente.
1'atents taken through Munn A Co. receive
sprrirtl natter, wll houl oharsra, in tha
Scientific American.
\ handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lsreest rlr-
. illation <tt any sriniiUde Journal. Verais, II a
yenr: four months, fl. 80M by an newsdealers.
sWNN&Co.38'*^ New York
DraHcl* PUlee, ��J y (It,, Washlu^on, p, C. "
if. Tupper, of Armstrong,, spent
��� few hours at the Bay this week.
p. Lyne,. wife and family, are
visiting at A.. Clausen's, this week.
&. Clarke, of Baidur.,. Man.,., is
the Kuest of his sister. Mn. L.
Early last week little Miss' 3W-
dafl arrived at the bone of her
parents,, Slough road.
Mrs* 6. Davis, ot Buruaby, has
Keen visiting, during the past week,
at Mrs. W.Ji Brandrith'.-..
Miss McDowell, who' has been
Visiting kerf tor th*past few weeks,,
left, Wednesday, for Vancouver.
Chas, Robson, wife and family,
of New WestmitttteY, arrived oo
Thursday for a spell at the Bay.
ti. M. Brown, Principal of Chilliwack school, is spending a few
days holiday here the guest of' the
SUirler House.
Thr Council have undertaken to
repair thrChalluckthan bridge and
aire makings a first-class job of itc, we
ire pleased to-note.
KetrjL T. Bowell puid' a* Short
visit tierev Thursday,/ oii- Columbian College .mattery, leavikg again
���jfesterday fbs tke latecior.
fibre.1 Shirleyijf1 Abating around
in a biutid'new suit. ��et- u�� hope
lie-will'continue is the service Dang
enough to wear rl out at least.
Ifre. Bowell, of Armstrong, ac**
coYapaniaiby Mrs., Tupper, of'New
1lli_St��Miaft^!>pcnVa few days at
*e*^tfti��rgi_tsl_r:��lf Mrs.Mifler.
and wiie, F.-Lyne and wile and H.
vHutchersoB.   Th? catch Was food.
"Jlm/r MacKensie is takinj Mis
holidays at the Montgomery ranch.
Fine line of 0. B. and Rbbert-
son's Chocolates, just received-
City Baker}'.
Those unsightly looking treesna
the ditch, on tho Trunk road,
to be achored.
Quite a number of catfcpert** have
returned home, white many others
are moving Baywirds,
T. N. Bowden, of Edmonton,
was in town this Week. He represents the Colonial lb vest ment Co.
Peaches, Pears, Melons, Grapes,
etc., in fine condition, tbe first of
the coming week, at the City Bak-
i Ut is doubtful whether the Workmen will be through with the
school in time for the openuijv the
15th inst.
Stanley Goostfey lfcavts* about
Wednesday for a trip tottte World's
Fair, and. expects trJ> ie absent
about two tbonths..
Tlie Misses Monro, of Plymouth,
Eng., who have been visiting at
Mrs. M. NvReid's, left ou Thursday Cor Vancouver.
#. T. Crandail, representing the
farmeta' -Advocate; of Winnipeg,
Mitt* hasskftn in talk district during the ufteltiii tie-rnicrests of his
paper.* ��������� ��� .\   ,.
rtWUtfld be a good idea to cut
the grass, weedsy etc,,. grbWing
along the sidewalks. ��� Ladies passing brute all tit* tfusr offomo thetr-"
W. Uf. tadtOtf,. accompanied by
H��-w4&-went to Westminster on
Tuesday and had the misfortune to
fell' and cat bis band.     Nothing
It is no wonder the rack ctusher
<_uit noeklkst Weak*., f. Wai -rs'
���failing fatrgfrve the whole thing
*w��y. AbottDcibgbcy arrived on
Frfday dight.
Mrs. Hamlin and daughter- Miss
Orpha Hamlin, of Minnesota, were
guests of their cousins, W. if. aud
Dr. Smith, fot the past week.
On Monday hut, a Pair oi New
Eye-glasses iaicase, between West,
ham street aad Boundary Bay.
Findtf please return to
Horse Goods!
* -���-   -    ----- ..
&    onr Harecu en* Hone FurniiMag* j '
�� hm loot prored reliable, and tktr ere i I
i 5' built not only for ttyle but wear. 1 ,
n Huem Mcdowell, \\
) I LADNBR. B. C. ' .
Ocean Book
Brackman-Ker Willing��
CssAsSE,, delivered at Victoria, Vancouver,
Kew Westminster or Ladner	
H.. Kr> RICH, Agent,,   ~   -   Ladner.
You can not get better bargain* than at Port Guichon-
We keep the best stock of everything that is needed for the
general public; Call or send in your order and we guarantee satisfaction/.
Telephone 5.
W. L, MoBfttOE. ��W_*Sgr_>.a.
Andrew Clausen,
Mr* (6r.) Young, of Vancouver,
���ccumpanied By her* two children,
Returned home en Wednesday, after
spending a lew days visiting with
Mm. D., A. McKee.
We are sorry to hav* to* sthte
that J. ��ilcfcrit* has had the misfortune to d&atilr both hands. It
is well that the hay is all in, aud
�����* hope he will soon be all right.
K. B< Barnes and family, of Mac-
leod, speht a Week in town tbe
guests of Canon and Mrs; Hilton.
Mr. Bartaet��� eatpr-ftssed himselt as
much pleased with tbe sunfOUrtding
"��������� ��� ���������
The prfr.6* Bst of the Provincial
Exhibition to be held at New West-
niinstw on October 4, 5, 6 and 7, is
to hand*, ft is put up in a neat and
compact fornf shbwing! bow ^abjooo
will be spent to prizes*, etc.
It is reported that Clare, (he
third son of L. Gifford, late of Ilad-
ner, has been drowned, in the East,
while Watering the cows. The sorrowing^ fatuity have tbe sympathy
of thfe commanity.
-. Alex., Davie commenced, Thursday, on the okt crop, aid, is all
ftfbbahUfty, <Bou* the end of next
week,; with con����u��d di?y,, hot
Weathet,f the harvest W# a* ijd foil
Did you* ever see a dairy cow in a
circus of menagerie?" Why is- it
that?other animal.*** aie used* while
ottr good boVihe mother is neglect*
ed> Sitrery shf has-sufltbiettt Stains
to enable ber to undersfeittt tme
1 ���-   ������--��� ^      ���������-   ��������� ������
H. Creech, flfotfter of W. fl.
Creech, af tfe V, T*. K>, fiatfpttr-
chased the baYber ouffllWSs Urtely
conducted by PI Smith. It is Mr.
Creech's intention to make considerable improvements* aU* additions
soon as possible. We bespfeak for
him success in hi. ventfuft.
-.l,**ri;i. niii
The rtrai-aanual.' meeting Of tthe
Ibjunymen''* Association,, which was
Wfeftve-fteea held at New Westmin-
tm Oa Ttiesday hasheeu1 postponed
# stem* day during the Fair, of
WlMl' e%* <oti��c�� will be gfi^tea.
fa Tuesday fes���� *Very pf��w>ant
fiffii was spent on1 tte _��ic&h>ekl,
4yt��e* foiWwftijp jovial party: W.
The sa'm-*,n bave keen ooming
a'otig considerably tiettef tbiif Week.
Tlie Alaska pack is ap aad'it is
vary much less tl an hwf year.
There is still plenty of time ft* the
saJihon vto come here as we have
oUiy been propagStfing the late
sockeyes in our hatcheries (ft the
eXdilsion of the early soCkeyies. By
sulsh-conduct we have aoayly e*ter-
miVirfteri the early sfcltston and1 still
expert m earlv run. Vfemay get
whttUWS- propagate; w* ����Unot> re-
strife i))5j^ w^^y^d��*St?-(>9*��d'..-
ladiftB' and  Gents'   Watcher
and Ohaansi-
Sterling   Silver   and   Hated
���-,> tipooci-*.
Jeweller, Etc., Etc*
Buy Your
fyoi Water rjeater How!
Tarn Yoho Bath Heater fa Mow
on the Market for $17.BO!
You have seen thaw  demonstrated  n�� ydfff city and
know /ust what they cam do-
Just think of H<*  Water   (Brit-rig at That) in 90
'Seconds, and only an Old Newspaper or Handful of Old
Chips to produce the resul*.
They are neat as well a* ornamentalv and' weigh but
& Wz .Yoto Bath Heater Co., Ltd-, &
737 Pender SU Vancouver, B.C.
Write lor Catalogue.   Mall Orders Receive Prompt
Attention.       "���
Robt, May, Agent,
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Pickled   Meats
Of MM BSiids Kept Constantly ��n
Hflg&d sit the ���""'.���-'���>
Delta Meat Market
Tltat's -wtnte yon will find to ready
t�� buy ajwotsb anything you have, in
tfce way ��s�� Farm Piroduqe, Dead or
..AJ&ve, ati m Small a B?ice as fbs^ble,
sviid for whkh We Always Pay the
CS��sh. Wa also Handle Produce on
Oemmissidn through, onr Oomiaodious
WarehQUfii����       .       <
Buggies, Etc.
Our Stock of Buggies, Road**
carts, Wagons, etc, are of
First-Class Quality and we
carry a complete line.
G. T. BAKER'S "d^*���������*-
Binders, Etc.
Frost & Woods, Deeriing and
Piano Binders, Adams' Wagons,
Agent for T. J. TRAPP & CO.
Call and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-it. For 14-fb. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 1-6-ft. Opening, 89.SO
J.   W.   WAUC, l-ADNER, B. C.
W.   J.   Brandrith
Horticultural Supplies, Fruit Boies, Berry
Orates, Etc.
A Few Thousand Cabbage Plants For Sale,
fiardman & Brysw,
Graniteware, Tinware, & Hardware,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing a Specialty,
Colvmbla Street, 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. Vancouver*
Just $1��.?.
A DO.LLAR BILL may well feel proud
when it comes here to buy a shirt. We are selling some Remarkable Shirts for a Dollar. They
are made in nice neat patterns, pique stripes, and
cuff attached.
The Nicest Soft Front Shirts at the Price
in the City.
The Clothier -
W CQluSftbia St., Nt*-* Westwlntter*. B-* C,


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