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The Delta Times Sep 16, 1905

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3   SEP 201805     %
A. j. No. 2.
Stanfield's Underwear can't shrink.   We'veX
Seen >to that for you.   Every fibre of the wc
is tested for .strength.    Then we take the -shrink
out of it.   After the wool is woven, we again try
shrink it.    And whea the Underwear is completely finished,
the third trial for shrinkage is made.      Everv garment !go*-S
through the same process.
With your permission we
Cone Before.
����� Unshrinkable"
For Men.
For Women,
All ssroiflfbts f��r -all tlimates, tfaotn Not* Scotia
A'l sf7.*"i& to petiucliy fit every S*��Mrse.
la 4he KJotKsJyiM.
We���.ind your flenW���fjniWintce SfrafifieM's ""Unshrinkable " for men-And " Truro-tCnit '���
for women lo be absolutely sMiisu.ra.ifl.WUj, willl Hi;; ouljr guarantee worth giving���"-moutf
ftiick if tbey shrink. '
.Sjeail'ng "dealers everywhere soil f-laniielil's Ce.irwear for Wen and Women.
TP5WRO K.7T,Tir*J*G MILLS CO., Ltd., Truro. N.S.
...���.���wjcc -.ar-i'-ii;..
jjt, ��j_rv__C��.>'X_r*rw
We have a Large Stock
Of this Famous Underwear in all the
different grades both for Men and
Have you Taonght your New Hat yet ?
You should See Oars before yea decide No two tats al&fe.
Ladles' and Children's Coats.
We have a nice range of Coats all ready for nwpefction; *l*o large
range Ladies' Raincoats
Men's '.Clothing*    Working Gloves.    Hunting Coats.
Leather, Leggi ngs,
McCready Boots Royal Purple Shoes
for Men* for Women,
1 ��� the death af Mm. D. R. Ellis,
of Wor'ebouse, -o < i Ha last at the
72 * .*ars, Euphrasia towii-
a nfigbly
"~**" ; Editor Db_.-t-a Tiaras
' Rev, A. Shildrick preached very      ��^_
���acceptably at both matins and even- '��� ,     ,.
song, last Sunday, in the absence Uki tfa,s TO"*���* of correcting ^
���of the Vicar some m.<-feat_ing-statements, in your   d   , _.    ,,-..,.
The work and inlhienc. o' the j^��� wrjtten b .^^ Qm T^dent Thirds, . ,.��� ,go she
Guild cannot be too bighlv appreci- ffnteres^.r. Statements tfait are a,,d ���><-*>-���*���--'band anl children faced
���afcd bv the parish.    In adfirtion to ftoo ,alse m& wroneous to ]et ***** harsMps and   livations of back-
other monies paid out, they handed sunder Tbe ^^ sU,es ^ 1 woods lite and came through the al-
���over last week |i��o towards the -Je or ^ knowSJthat <t ^ ^ tno* traettesi forest and commenced
\icara8efund. Lf ourvi���age tectowwr.tod. t ��    ..emeodous    undertaking   or
'Ihe Harvest Thanksgiving S.-r- *ed any bat a cauntry school;" This      *    8_"' ' USh f*T "
Vice of All Saints' Church will be-statement we are iu a position to;  ,-"' Was bo��� in *he county
���held to-morrow. Special masic and, state is false, whether made inten- T-vrone' I��l��na, and came to this
address. Holy Communion atthe tiontfly or through ignorance of theiC0""try *ith her Parents wheB
mid-day service.   There will be a truth, 'likely the latter, j \UItc ����Un*' settIinS in ��PPS town*
���special thanksgiving ofTertory.de-      The-statement that  "the Princi-!     P' VlCt��na COunty-   Her maideH
voted !*o the re-gwirements of the pafl has only -some fifteen pupils" is
pwish. jalso niaccurate.    The monthly re-
Ata-meet^'��tf*r^!_iaaies,,*GuiW Port ** Aui?"^ stows twenty ���-_���.-
Iheld last Thursday -at -the Vicarage, ter|ld**e-
the following officers were elected I In ���tw of tba ��*���<*<������ yo**1 will
for the current year-: .President, I Par*��n W ?** dciibting the-so-called
���Mrs. McBride; fice-presidoHt, Mrs. Ilettw from s-^* Robinson being
Curtis; sec.-treas., Mrs. Hilton. jauthentic- *t �� ���toe-cottttAktary
The next meeting will be held set1 iu itself *�� ����� wi>*��> *v him as
Tesidence-of Mw. IT. E. iTjadaer, on j q*10^- *��� ��pite of the quotation
Thursday, the 21st inst.   It is the I marks surrounding ft u-fc feei justi
intention ef the Guild to -hold a
sale of work, with an entertainment in the e-vemng., sometime 'before Xmas.
At the G:neral Synod, now iin
session at Quebec; the Canon onj
Dfe-erce was passed. By this canon!
no priest in tbeChnrch of Englaafi
fied in suggesting that -it is but a
revised <rersi*5ii��cf his '4��ter, revised
to suit the wews of the writer.
What he did write would more
likely bews foHow�� Tei��oli��rs may
teach High School *werk 'but must
not neglect Ilie public school classes
10 do so.
As for th-s SWtement -that "the
in Canada shall solemnize a niarri-! t��.������Ujmr _,. ��,^  ,-   ,   ,,v   ���,    .
. ..'..-    teacher  al Ulrc 4*,ast  Dufca school,
ageibetweonpersons,-either of >w4h9m;    ...    --., _.  ,.,_      . .
���     ,        J:        , , .     with  forty "pupils and every clas^
���have been wvorced from one who . ,��� -..���. -, .       .   ��� .
  _. .   ! from First Ipnnier to Entrance gavt
is still  living.    T-he  <vote   stood::
name was Mary Moore, Mr. Ellis
'came with his pffrttfts, ako*n*t the
���same time 4roni Xew York State,
and became neighbors. Here an
acquaintance was formed and over
fifty years a?o they were married at
Lindsay. Nine children were born
ito t'aem, three daughters having
"pre-deceased the mother. The sur-
���viving cKldwn lire: Un. Walter
Ifckhardson, Miss Josephine mvA
Charles at home; and /ohn, Wik
and David in lijitisli Columbia.
The boys in British Columbia were
unable to be present for the funeral,
but had all tsaen -home recently.
The bereaved ifcesbund and family have the sincwe sympathy of a
large circle of fciende ��wid acquaintances Unthair affiidtion.*��� Markdale
Clenoal, 55 for, 8 -against.
Hay vote was mech oloser.
tapper bsuse vats *imKtfimous.
High Scho<rf subjects to *oqe pupil
last tcrin,'" wt we-uJd ask any fair*
miirtkid (pQ-soii, famfiiar with the
wotfc, and ihe short hours to do tht
woik in. of a teacher of an ungraded school, if in this particular case
it was not an imposition of the
grossest kind. The trustees, evi-
deiiiiiSy, in tlfis case were not consulted, .'otherwise ttire -interests  oi
The annual trial; of the ��rtt&h
Oslumbia   Field 'i-rials Cliib  will
commence at Ladner <en Septeniber !^he prhnar>'   classes   might   havt
soth.   The eiRry is the Uargest ii*
any trial ever run on the Pacific
there will he sufficient High School
pupils to justify fiwsrifng the municipality into a -High *S^l_ool dit-
triet^aadhsaving <ke Kigh School
work tafcaa t*t)p-.s*> tit -ubauW *a.
Thanking   you   lor 'trespassing
on your space,
RespecttbJly yours,
f. j. Mackenzie.
Secretary ot School Board.
Coast, and -compares favorably with
���My of tbe-elsfa- iBastwrn 'trittils. lit
ts a greatcotnpliment to the Club
���and ta Major J-. M. Taylor, ot
Riiflfliaiiford, Iff, J., who -is Judge.
Major Taylor is one of the oldest
and be* known judges in America
and it was <����ly aftor oonsidarable
persuasion he *wa*_ induced to come
so far.
The entries in fhe -other ifhree
stakes nre-coming in very fast,  and
I been protected.
One has bait: to read Iitsnectoi
Stewart's -reports >��'f -East Delta
school which we quote in full:
���Inspected Jfm--. 19th, 1902���
present S3 popfts; theipitimary work
is very crudely done; the senior
class does fair work in arithmetic,
reads fairly 'well anil has a fair
grasp ofthe subjects taught."
"Inspected Sept. .erst, 1903���
���presotit 54 ""pupils; senior classes doing fairly intelligent work, except
���in asitbmetic."
The report of itsjofl rs not pub-
c i-
Marshall Smith
it is expected there will be between I,ished as -**���    Yon wiU 'Rdte that
thirty   and   thirty-Jive    dogs    ;��� iu the 1903 report thare is no evi-
kxs *m tre 'nm..
Ttttsday evening last the steamor
Transfer und��?ti50k the oneToitt
task of lighting up the l��r left here
by the governmont d��e<lge. Juft
why-BbediisO'isa wtystetj, butt It
certainly was a good .position "for
hen, .and great sOfTOWWRS txpreee-
ed when she was removed 24 honr-s
later by the tug Hope.
The mail service this week hat
reached first-class stags. Wednea-
day the Tmnsfet'Otttte >in-at 10.3c
p.m. "Which gives Tio 'Opportunity
for answering corpespcndonce.
It is to be hope-fi fttst better service will be put on during the Fait.
Among those shipwrecked on
Tues&ay were; Mesdames J. Per
ram, C IE. K&yei-u, T. jE. ��tt��dn��,
companies carry wifh t-hem, white
the comfort and convenience oi
patrons have also been well provided for.
Shocflstig Notices.
li. R. Ricketts. tbe Vancouver
ttbeatrioai manager, who has taken
���over the New Westminster opera
house, has booked some fine attractions for the ��emiuion Fair season'
*nd the theatre will be open every
might daring the time of the great
national exhibition, which is-to open
on Sept. B.7.
(On accotuft af the prospects aflMrge'
.audience-; Mr. Ricketts was able t<s:
iinduoesfeme ofthe betnor companies
to go a ��tt3e ont of their way te
���appear in his Now Westminster
bouse on dates from Sept. -27 te Oct.
7 inclusive.
The New   Westminststsr opera
Biouse with its latest improvements
is fittel to   accommochite   all the at both services.   The public are
���Kienery and appliances that the best rordially invited to attend.
Reffietnber the only' place to buy
the "Genuine Slater Shoe" at Montreal prices is at *$?: E. Sinclair's,;
tbe sLeading Shoe Store. <pj New'
V/^t-fttnitister. ;-"v^ 7*
Harvest Home Seix-ices -will bej
held m tbe Methodist Cbnrch. Lad-:
net, te-morrow niotining ant evening. The churoh will 'he -sbitably1
'tiecorated and Rev. A. -K. Hether-i
ington, of Vancouver, will preach
Attention of all fruit girewers tin
British Columbia ifrom Nor^h Bend
west-is called to an error of omission
m tbe olFsOM prise list ilor the Dominion Exhibition <to be bald in
New Westminster from "Se.pt. 257 to
Oct. .7. -First, second, third -.snid
iourth proaes Of $$, $5, $2.50 aud
$i.?o repectively, for the bast collection of pears by inttciduuil growers, ten varieties, five of each, were
pro-tided, ana should have-appeared
as No. i'i 1% '*n page 8o<4>f the tlist.
A supplementary slip is being is-
���mefl to cover tbis ��emiesi>.n and
will Ibe mailed to all intending exhibitors iutarested.
the "All Age State" -and 1*5 or id*1"* of ��hc desired 'naxomwaut
in the "Metrfbersh.p StaTce.^ 'ThiS;��in *" &*** work-
stake is lor am-lteurs. and has ere-1    We do not Wote theSe )r^��Tts
ated   considerate interest among wijh any desire whatever -to 'cast
local fanciers.   -There will also be! "fl��*i���� on Ca* .Delta school, or W. J^J^��OJ J J��-f. >>
a -Championslrip Stake," iin Which *��� ^her it has now, -or b��s had  Wm. "Birth W.Olh^r, Robt. Smitk
' there are likely to run such famous *" tke PMt' hat ratll���r t0 ^how the M,SSK   Vnx^lMn'   '"**<����**'   ���"��
. ��    'V ��%'��'��� /-.. I real dancer tlBft��e��istt*- to the orim-i Messrs. H. JS. Rich, J. W, Rudd,
dags as Peach Blossom,  Champion real uanger-mwransw 10 mc prim '
' ary classes by overtaKrf.g tthe will- i F* *J- Maok-eimte, .and E. ^^ihet.
ingiteacher. ! ������������    ��� ���
Prequorftly High .School work is |     Ratterdber    Baptrst   Sound   *��fc
Pera, Siiug S&. Abbot's Jack, Dia-
I ��ioud Spot, nnd tPdiift.
Owing to the large entry it  is
���expected the Club ���v.-Hl *be oblig-
!<ed tto commence a dspy -earlier
jitbKn anticipated, in which case the
:-partly will ftoave for Steveston on
taken upmtter sdhodl 'hoitrs.   The i Tuesduy evening,
���teaohencses this <timc iB6 ihe or she j _______
-deems fit irres|iect?ve >��f trustees.
Ffieticte oT litrs. T. W.  Eostor
Undoubtedly "after .hours"  played j willbt ^^j t0 1<!SFn tm sUe ^
the mowiing of We-ioesdiiv,   20th, *u >n*Po��a"t Pa* >��*** cases cited.| 30 rar*Fett(vCTeci that ���!���. k ���_��*;*_���*-
b>- '������Aether One Interested.. , ^ home m MoJld^ lvsS>.
We >ftsel coiwinced that the party j .______-*____________.
signing  him or herself ".Another j
'One IiftdKestatf*'  does uottreside in)
this schodl section, has ite real, ac-
ti\-e itttartstdn tbis sohool, that the!
1 _..-, ...,_. ...^- % __- . sChilitwack, .tteee oi  which  weigh
j-*5��ja-^peciri fram fNote���<not.train,>,
���end a-Steamer will ran them across
jtje "Lathter.
i    tibe ���"*femb.'rslijp   Stake"  wiM
be run ��ai-_nfcd lately mpon arrival.
We 'hsTve a -SBiBple *>( rifci clean
i well shaped .pears, 'the tkst fittit*
.ttrom'grafts obtained from "K. "Kipp,
i.e 9-ounces.
Chamberlain's gffiS^aM
sKCsWifaiU.   Biflfftuow. 4t.a-|yn*-Mil_.
present $pontn��ftous burst >��lt inter-
A first-class semple of a seedling est will _��bgide anfl .^ain lie dor-
ipaach  grown on the property ������� maut as it has intlfhe past. ~*
5Ur. sHawfe, sr., *Cresce*iit Island,; In <oncloi��i��iv, Mr. Efiitor, we Considerable damage has 'bee*
���was'brought in here on ThBrsdey. trust, with the goed woi*k now be- donetortiht'|fnftii**'lricliWus -s*till in
IFor color, shape and size one worild kig done in all of our schools ir, <he !*the -Shock during the recent hoaviy
tbiukit might have been Caliior- municipality (East Delta included1), | rains. About 20,cx-)0 sacks,��ifl6��v��-
tnia's_9 eduction. vthe *ime .is .not .far sdijtfatit w lute'inj��tmorc ar.h_�� TlfE DELTA
"misES, SATUki>_^Y, SEPTEMBKfc 10, rgo?.
rrult CrQ(i Report,
ScBSCaix^.ipN, $L00 ^ttpfy
AXlVKHTlMf^ *A?*Js>*-
The conditions are.pi-ac'ukally unchanged since the July report. The
weather has been on fchfc-whole most,
favorable. A few wind storms have
been rented,, but the- ellect?. have
eittl lor q��H**����rct��t *(l��rti*f������-<��������� MU be| Deen   _ocaj   aHr1    jyj^   "���    t_,e    la5ge.
Caaeal Advertiartaeula, '* ��"*��� J*** f*"* *_
thc Bret iiik.rliua. aad '5 <-ttate P" t>ue tt>r each
aftaaceueut 'WH.-HI"**. t*i "^'S, ��*. "���'��'
tSkoned by tke .puce occupied, litVpca.to the
A. o, u. vy.
Delta Lpdge,, Xo,. 12. meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month,
in Oddfellows' Hall,
W, C. PY8P8, NJ.W*.
Qji(.\ R... M^-vnlkv, Recorder.
*-,e4 en ��pvl.if ?.'*j*t*? ��l *"*��� ����������-
aeailiugw^ceti. c^at�� BSS. "4���� ����� ���,cl" '"���
Dtrth im*J :ftetstt,��et*eee,5**c.lMMm_����tti.*��.
A.j apeoial aetfce,, the ol-ifctoj. which, ia to
���remote tht pecuniary benefit fe! ��n* individual
V cmjany. to he cenaidered yi, ad.ertiaeaieist
���ad charged ���<*js>r(tin_l5*.
AU eermaf/me^r. chfr��td fo?, ����.V*' ordered
^pt and ��ald fer.
Oorre.pan-ea.ee iatiMu e* laauera ot publtc
t_,i��t��t. CM����aicationa tn editor moat be ���*.*-
ohiupantea hy uw of writer, uot neceanrily
Sr pnblicetioa. hat aa eridence of good tiaith
fiarnapoadeaot MWt reach t,hU o*ce hy Thia*.
jay ��r*ti_o��.
Dells. Lodge.. No. 21.*-*--7he regular meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday ^ve.ning at 8 p.
111. Visiting Hfethqe.a.CsVr.dially invited tQ attftnd..
W. R, IsVi-Lx.s. N..G,
Dr., A.. A.. King,  Sac.
Qj*P��. ���**.*,
ITltRDAT,   SJO-TKMHJJR    l6,     1,905
Great sue the praises sung regarding*: *he qondition-of the Trunk
roml to the East* End}
Vancouver and Westminster are
using their best endeavors to stop
the Chinese gambling, What is
Delta doing ?
It yqtt.are interested in the ward
abolition.., by-law* see to, it that yon
sign the petitio;-,. Time ij* drawing
near w_t**n defiliittv action along this
h'ne must tie taken or* it* wili" be too
lftte ft rrthis yte*.
Id wotld be a good idea for the
Council to introduce a l.y-law to
liaise sufficient funds to macadamize
toe-roads of thfctdistrict. Sufficient
4ata should be* obtainable now on
whichttPsoall for<-tenderss*.
Tltte travelling public are complaining bitterly against the present
ajver Service, aad we .tare bnt little
-.ympithy for the majority- When
there was a prospect of decent $en-
yic,e being given,, how few there
ttissf. patronising it.. Perhaps the,
travelling public will know how to.
a.pprecinte a competitor the next
time one enters the field,, and wc
trust the time is not far distant
when fj-rsi-claps ac?om-ncdation
���i^ill be pto-tadeil**.
commeric-al orchards. Insects are
slightly more numerous, thftn l^st,
year, especially, t-bp Qodlin moth,
'and San Jose sScale; fungus diseases have not developed, abnpi-miil-.
ly during the mputh..
Apples���-The feature of:the- months
is the apple reports. The crop is,
now so far advanced that a fair estimate can be made ot tlip crop, the.,
most sesjous disturbing factor being
i the ususaj September windstorms.
which b.ave yet to be reckoned with,
The Souther-n Ontario (Eakc-
I Erie) District, will; give a very light*
crop, of winter apple-s. Three*,
fourths, o;' the orchards, Kave reported a total failure iu early ajid
fall varieties.
The Iy3kev Rttfcn Dist^c*. and
qenteal counties east to. \ork will
give a light to medium croo with
very many more than enough, for
local use. Some fall apples. will be | $
available tor shipping purposes.      ] || nUUJrl   JrlcL��0\VclL3u��,
The. Laku Ontario   District  will   J laj>ngk. b. c
show a ispdiupj crop of good fruit,.
Ben Davis, Russets and. S_*.ys.shpw-
ing in a. few cases full crop, Tb*
early, apt. fall apples are relatively a
better crop tbap the- wjLnter fruit.
The St. Lawrence and Ottaw%
Valleys; Montreal. Isl-^nd ajid East-
er.n Townships will yield a, medium
Qropqf Fameuse, Alerapders aud
Wealthys, witli* a \eiy light cipp of.
wint.t fruit.
The Nova Scotia crop will be
light and somewhat scattered, Kings,.1, Sewer Pipe
���Rnssets and Ben Davis are yielding!
better even, than, cfai.IJfcllftower and*j
Gravenstein, the latter being par-,
ticular.lj". short,
PriuceEdward Islapd and Nei*
Brunswick both report a light crop,
and the htttei will import winter
British Columbia will be the only
Province: giving a medium to full
crop. There is some, coniplaiiit cf
fungus disease.ain s-cs.-Utrin parte ofn
Prtwinoe, but in the main the apples
will be bright and clean ���..���the aggregate, however, is too smal) to haye
auy effect on the markets.
iVic_RA.E & -Co s ^^^*:'f'h*****^*^^"2*'*^*+i'+**,-*^*<"*<-**^^*^
Delta Transfer Stable
uuin IliSlt
A it-ill line-of English and Ij-cislt
Tvjteeds and Fancy TroUs^e.Bi-ag-s a-1--
v-<ays kept in stock.
I IM ill�� m
C. O. F.
Count Fr-ase*. No. 39$,. meets in
Oddfellows.' Hq.ll,. seqond a��H-t" last
Thursday eyenipgs of each month,
at S GsClock. Visijiing Brethren
i. HUME. R,S.
H->'*��'��*^-***'H-'**^*>'-��i*%^*^^**** ���* ��*-���
I Horse Goods I, "
��� Our Kaniea* ��iiit- Ito:��e Kurni��li ngvS
i*j|4,ave long proved reliable, and they, are
* built uot o**ly ior,��ts)r.l�� but wear.
*a'...*i'i.i*sVi. *t*>,i.l*Yi.i*A''^.vty - *^^ - M/ - *s*_,a.W._,
1ft ��� X.m je. a'*3s*t**,"W**,*fs mffi.'���.'rl'aiW."Pf? ��� W. m.
Well��B^feQ;i Coalv
Rosebanlg Lime,,
Pottland Cement >
Smithy Coal,
Drg,ia Tile,
A Mauuiucturera of all ItiiLUisJ;
Soda Water, Cynger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
���**��t*>!;-*^> ���^^���������^^���������������t*^^'*'*>-��-��>**'*��>-*^>-��**>*
Cop. First Mortgages.
-    $5,00O    -
SIXcaE A^I> DOiUB-UJ RIGS ANSi SA��3j>iE HOR ������-
Toarn Work Bonn at S&aoteelty Lorn Prices.
f Telephidoe* *-���* HatJiie*" N��s ��c\
Y\Jr tzssBsxiasBO.   -***- HBSatfi*_saBznB3_aiai ***** ansona an
The Pla��*?. f<sr Tiaasimitbiiag'^ Bath Tabs, Stove
Pipe^ Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates,, and Every-
thing Else in This Line.
Ageest form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s .Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just tht thing for making reata* hoe for washing etaijy
wtensiUs, scaldlin-g- hogs^ ee- for wash diay. ��rerx
Farmer's Wife Should Hat* One,.
Farm Implements
j Of All  Kinds,
Buggies & Wagons i
Bail Ties,
Gascline Lamps,
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C,
Steam Tug "Flyeif' ati-d\hnbrlontlnjjiOlio,
Badges, ioi* Hijue,.
Office: Front St.        Phonk 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
Goal Oil & Gasoline*
Or almost anything in that
luie go lo
(Co^inued ou Third* ?or��.)
A first***elass joint put up in first-class style
call pjc Jsesttd. _.tioui!_ orde? t�� thfe
%;hqjs at iault?
Going over the prize list for the
dominion Exhibition, we notice a
very gn-ave eiroi; 141 Dijrision C���
Sheep. Hfcre-. we notipa- that the
^5*15^ which have bad oaly ont
exhibitor in past years, have been
given separate classes, such as the
Qotswolds, Lincolns, Leicesters.
Shropshire Soutjidowns,. ami Dor-
sftts: i}��, tf)e> (Oxford ^pwns,.which
t��sfti;tfi hnve two, ooojpetitors, has
had  another (#��. ��ldei���m\k& ,    p^ ^^ wh on Taesdav
four prize* ic^tea* of thrv,.W.hiJe rnorning   withi  300  sheep   which
Chamberiain's.CQUgb-. Remejiy Aids
Medicines thfit aid nature are always most effectual} Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this plan.
It allays the cough, relieves the
iungs, aids expectoration,.opens the
secretions. $nd aids nature in restoring th* system to a hes(4)(hy
condition. Sold b-y- F. J. MacKenzie.
Itleat &
Phone 9.
Ladc-er, B..O.
Attention t
Are you going to build this fall ?
U so,, you cannqt afford to do ao vwthout
getting our prices.
Mixed Gars ot Lumber and Sbingtea our
Give us a-trial and be eonvineftdL
CEO. AU THRIFT, Ma******
Hazelmere,.       <���* British Columbia
1 W. Abercrouibie and son wen
over to Vancouver on Wednesday
011 a business* visit.
60 YE-1
>j:e   two, m^V _jP_"*ular< b^eedsr*** we��e    disjijosadi   Qf
Hainpsbires  aid   Sajffolks���which  buyers.	
Have had at least five competitor?,
are thrown together, aqd only three
prizes are allowed..
T^e_ Hswapshines. and Suflblks.
*#p-tiam breeds whith have taken
fpremost positions at Smithfield.
^ngland, and the Hapnpshirp iattke
principal bree.4;in the Utiitfld States.
With tbeJoreuoirfg facts, in vjicyf,
we do not>v naderst^.d tfie reason
tifie Hampshire* ^4- SuflQl}^ aje
tfirawri iutOoone--. class ai di the Qx-
^>rd U<swn*t, t-vjjiic'ii afe on tfce wanr^
provided with a fourth, prjz*.
Were tjie w'vkts of tj^fi prizej
l|st Uss^^.nen '*���
among   local;
If you want a. ni��e new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the?
one you have needs-
painting,, call at
Q. T. BAKER'S fe^^��
Thadr WUrna
Anyona asndlng a akatcU and daaorlpttoo je��t
MiloUl. ateartoln our opiukso traa whether-~~
ivonthra leprobablr "-
��� mm atrlatl/ eoivfli	
: jilt free. UMett
eulia.s%.irf;anr-Wi��nUaa)(iunial>. T.ra*��B��
f.M 1 -KMstaBtiSfe .Isjrivabf^sWWfjflerj.
^fletJWP notices,.
afc _, __��_���_ qollfe Ohoteni and
%Ba.aW)ai*ailt..�� Diarrhoea Remedy.
"HW/flRt. HW;1\""V**>*.. H.*wt>*_ftT..*ifi��tl
; Retxveen Wellington Cannery and
Ladner, a Black Cloth Cape with
Fur Collar. Finder will receive a
suitable reward if it be returned to
Incorporated. !����>.
Royal Household
Just Arrived*
Bran, Shorts, Etc*
A Full Line of���.
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses*
A Oe��_3ral BankiiDg^ Basmess TrantsactiDd*
Savings Department*
Deposits Qt 51 **wl upwards received and Inter-!;
eft^b AJl'^we-i at Highest Current Rates.,
~���^-50 BRANCHES.	
BRAiNXH'BS IN BRITK-VM CtW.tWB'IA���Vancouver. Vancotfer
East Bud', Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossitttid*, Viptori**,; QhiiW-
wack, _tad*na:r, Cumberland'.
'1^ ��, WALKER, Manager, ; *    t^N^.-fiC
HJ.Hutcherson's assW-
Camp Hop&
umiser IWsiii
Ml I
Time "l able.
Has bsea moved to Beaver Dam, on the
Scott roai, and is now Drepared to supply I   Train ,cave9 CWr(ia,
ajl kinds on Rough Fir Lumbar at reason-!_.      . . ���
abla pria33.
p.m. und arrives at Foil
e at 1:10
(.iujohon tit
Communion ���
Q, 0 Dennis,
Bast Delta.
'-*m-4--r\.si.:W '��������  '-^��W�� a.^111 -1 - Jm��'.' J  f "W*�� ���
, ^:ao p.m.
Train leavt
2:^0 1:0011 aud
;*t 3o5 P-tii*
��� i  SwiuVcXdu
Holy Communion ��� Suudays,
.S^o a.m. ist Sunday in liioiilh,
11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
li'vensoug, 7.30 o'clock.
Sunday School at io a.m.
Friday, evening service ~:y.
Rev. Canon Hilton, vicar.
Mondays and Fitdayi ouh
Visiting Cards
Plain or Printed
There are two through passenger trains per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Belliiiglmni.
i'.w  . ;,;n eoi.t'.v.iHA
!C Ilii Gill!
(Westminster branch)
Time Tshlf
Cars lt'Hvc Westminster lor Vancouver at 5,30
nnd rt.50a.111. ami hourly thereafter until it-p.
ir..: Salursluys sin.l Sundays ;tl 11 11.111.
Curs leave Vttitooiivcr for Westminsters at S..W
mil! s.liott, Ul. und Hourly tliercattrr until lap.
iu.;Saturday*and Smidujsat tl p.m.
We run first-class freight car* between Westminster aud Vancouver and ill .shipments are
handled witk the utmost cave ami delivered 10
consignee without delay Spcctsil attention paid
to fruit shipments. Ou. svm**>u*s meet all boats
and tniius.   l-'or rates, cU apply lu
Local Mgr.
Reverend Father Kdm. Peytavin.
O.M.I.    Services  first  and   third
Sui-.c.'.iv of eacli month at 10:30 a ni
Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
-      Rev. J. Wagner,
Parish Priest.
Services next  Lord's Day at  11
a. 111.and 7:30 p.m.
,    Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 psm every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. ni
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 8 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Let Us Talk It Over.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you vplendid improvement, Bt
���malt cost, for any fttyle of buildlne.
\V��- make thrtn c-nmptrt*, ta auit
any six*! or tfafied atruvUvv*- tho
entire metal finish tiu*Uitiiu_r Uoor nnd
window caps cornices*, etc.���in a .great
Taricty of slyka.
They (five a very HtanfcW>me effect,
and enduring, practical t..-;tK**t;wtiaia.
We give cwtimatrtt if you aend
mcasur.-nienti nnd outline ot \iw WilJ-
Think it orer.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
Wholes&le Manufacturers.
Toronto* Canada-
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
-^abbath services at Ladner at 7.30
p.   m.
Sunday ScVool at 10 a. m.
Pniyer meeting on Thursday at S
p. ni.; choir practice at 8.30.
Jas. A. Benton, pastor.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mouutains,
is 10,373,000 bushels, compared
with 6,329,000 bushels a year ago.
For Sale.
W. N. Draper,
Room x, Hllard Black. Kew Wcatmiaater.
New Crop Now In Stock
HOME GROWN aud imported
Wholesale aud Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thouaiuls of Fruit and Ornament-
Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
future any consideration? Are you content to drift along as
you are with a superfficial public school education which does
aot prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young men in the business world
as stenographers or clerks. Women are eligible for the same
positions, what could you do in such a position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Can you use
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo
well the many things, that are required to bedone in thc business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in the above you are uu
prepare I for office tvork except in a small tillage.    We can
prejistre you for a goo I position���a position that will iu a fewj a. Trees.
���Mouths p-iy for your investment.    Some of our lady gradu- RHODODENDRONS
ates are earning $40 a month and over.
Miss W, K. Smith receives 40 per month from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working for the C. P. R.
at $30 per month and upward.
If yon come to us and work hard. If you want further
proof of the way we help to positions write us and we will
tend you more names..
But don"! pnt off. Every month you delay means oue
iBOttth's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
you are in a position.
Vancouver  Business College,
149. Hastings -Street,,    -    -    �����    Opposite Province Office.
D. H, ELLIOTT, Principal,
From 75 to too cords of wood, at
tl.e Boundary Bav ranch. Price,
#1.25 pur cord on the ground.
For Sale.
A No. 1   Melotte Separator,  in
first class condition (owner  is installing larger one, same make).
For further particular? apply to
Crescent Island.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
l.ailncr. B. C.
Of Cholera Morbus with One Small
Boole  of  ChamDerlain'jt   Coi.c. j
CI o!er;t and Diarrhoea Remedy,   j
Mr. G. Y\7 Fowler, of Hightower, j
A-.'., i<--!:ite<. an experience he haci 1
while serving on a petit jury in a j
murder cast* at Ed vvardsviile, county w-:it of Clebourne county, Alabama.    He  savs: "WhiL-  there  li
r , I
ate some t;*_-.*>ti meat and son:. ��oi;si 1
meal ar.d it gav-2  me  do em nior
bus in .. very  sever, form.    I was.
never more sic'; in my life and sent
to  the dru,'  store   tor   a   certain 1
cholera  mixture, but  the druggist,
sent rue a  bottle of Chamberlain's 1
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea Rem- j
edy  instead,   saying   that  he   bad
what I sent for, but that this  nied-'
icine was so much bettet he would
rather send   it  to  me  iu  the fix 1
was iu.    I took one dose of it and I
was better  in  five minutes.    The1
second dose cured me entirely, Two
fellow jurors were  afflicted 111 the;
same manner aud  one  small bottle
cured the  three  of us."    For sale,
by F. T. MacKenzie.
now growing in my Nurseries for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
5000 Telegraphers
Annually, to fill the new positions
created by Railroad and Telegraph
Companies. We want YOUNG
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Our six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
in the world. Established 20 years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every
student to furnish him or her a
j position paying from $40 to $60 a
I month in States east of the Rockv
Ml   HFNPY   Vancouver I Mountains, or from $75 to f too a
. j. nt-NKr, Vancouver i month in States west of th_ Rockies
3010 Westminster Road.        j immediately upon graduation.
; - Students,can enter at any time.
 V -- I No vacations.    For full particulars
regarding any of our schools write
direct to our executive office at
I Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
w^ng gtewmw-s 1 ii sen Of wm
(Continued  from Second Page).
The Dominion,as a whole,'will, produce about one-third as many apples
as  last  year,   bwtvihe fruit   will!
be treer  from  scab Cut  somewhat
more infected  with  Codlin moth.
There is also a general consensus ot
opinion that the present favorable |
weather conditions and light crop |
will cause the apples now on the 1
trees to fill out much better than j
nsual.      It   is  also   certain   that
much fruit that would be wasted in
years of plenty will this year find its
way to the  markets,   so that  tbe |
final result in barrels will be larger'
than present indications might other
wise justify.
Pears���With the exception ofi
British Columbia, all districts show j
a light pear crop. No full crops are '
reported except in Ketffers���Bart- i
letts and Clapp* are better than!
later varieties. '
Plums���Plums   are   reported    a
medium to full crop in the Niagara
and Georgian  Bay  districts,   with I
m'icli uncertainty on account ot rot
and curculio.    British Columbia is
harvesting a very full crop of plums
which with a larger acreage  would !
Seriously affect  the market.     The
Japans   have   been   a   good  crop j
Peaches���Early peaches havebeen '
a medium to  full crop.    The later
peaches are a medium, aud. in some ,
orchards, a full crop  in  Niargara
district) but almost a  total  failure j
in Essex and Kent. Kiugsville aud
Leamington do not expect to ship
peaches this season to distant mar-,
kets.     The  acreage    everywhere!
has been so reduced by winter kill- \
ing,   San   Jose Scale and general
neglect that the aggregate of good
late Canadian peaches placed ou tbe :
market   will   be much below the |
average.    This will lead, probably,
to   importation   of   peaches   from
Michigan where the crop is good.
Grapes���Black rot is not nearly ',
so prevalant as   for   the last two
years.   A  full crop of grapes is
almost assured.
Tomatoes���Early louiatoes have
been a heavy crop aud later yields ,
are showing well.
Conditions in Europe and the United States   are   unchanged.   The
crop   is  everywhere   short;   good
prices are being paid for good fruit.'
This   has   stimulated   shippers to!
send forward immature fruit.    Sev-'
eral shippers have been prosecuted
under  the  Fruit   Marks   Act   for
Branding  such  fruit   "No.   1" or
"XXX." I
ElUabritmt. Exclaa lawa.
In striking contrast to tbe pm.at
laws to prevent LaMtnal dnm_Mines*
Were those passed In the reign of Qu*��n
Ellzabstb. 'i'lieLari*_owue manuscripts
In tlie Rritlab mnsctim record ttiat la
ICO. orders were set i1o*.vn by the lords
and otbors of fcrr majesty's privy conn-
lei for tbe reformation of tbe great dls-
orders conimiit. il by tbe excess!?*
Mitnlicr of alehouses, Wbich tbe Justices wwo order il to reduce. Tile r.;:b-
llcans were compelled to give to the
countable of the parish tbe name und
business i.l* every one wbo frequented
tlu-ir bouses nnd were forbidden to
bare nny _rniiies play, il therein. On
Sundays no persons dwelling witbln a
mile of ihe public bouse were allowed
to enter except Mlbptantinl bonaebold-
ers traveling io chun !i. nnd then only
for n reasonable time to refresh ibeiu-
Belven. Curiously, the chief complaint
iHSuinst publicans was tlie "browing
stronger ult.' snd beer than is whole--
home for man's body."���London t'iirou-
I*��rfs-i(l>   Safe.
A tourist in a remote part of Ireland,
having stayed tbe plght at a woysldo
inn not usually frequi nted by Visitors,
Informed the landlord In the morning
thut liis IhioIh, which had been placed
outside bis room door to be cleaned,
bad not been touched.
"Ah. sbure." sold tin* landlord, ������and
you uioigbt put your wuich aud chain
outside your room door In this house,
nud they wouldn't be touched."���London King.
Quite Similar.
La Montt-Who Is thnt old fellow
that Is always hunting fur you to buy
blm "a drink?
Ln Moyne��� H* claims to belong to
the upper crust.
La .Nlontt���The tipper crust, eh? Well,
I notice he ls always short and always
Plre.tr of Tratfc.
"Perhaps." venttir-.-d the unsuecess,
ful contributor, "you didn't consider
my little ode true to life."
"Ob, lt was true enough." replied th*
editor. "I Assure you there wns mor*
truth than poetry In what vou sulci''
nrr uivu iur��.
"Your daughter." said Jirs. 01den��'a.
after being conducted through Ihe newly linished wing or the uiagnilleent palace occupied by lie Itullingioiis, "baS
Bllch n splendid vocabulary!"
"I'o-yoii think suV" her hostess replied, "slosiuh wanted t-i _;et her-om*
of them escritoires, bill I mnde up my
mind rigid at tlie start tbat 11 vocabulary would look lrtter in n room furnished like hers is even if it "didn't cost
quite us much."
Kiu-w  WUm 11* Meant.
"That grocer of ours speaks tlie mo��t
fragmentary English of nny oue I ever
heard." said Mr. Precise.
"Vou 1110:11) 'broken English.' my
dear." corrected Mrs. Precise. "Yo*
know be Is a Herman."
"I mean fragtnenlary." repented Mr.
Precise, "ibe man stutters."���Judgs.
* eater*. Cltlea Mrelr.
The ona'ern visitor flnda tbe cities of
the north western coast brimful of life,
color, significance, picturesque interest
and, though the forces wliich hav*
combined in their milking are somewhat similar, each has a distinct character nnd individuality. 'Lively." *
word of the west, may well l*c implied
to them���a sort of brisk activity, yim'tli-
fnlncss. ozone. Tbey have the rather
unusual capacity of doing big tilings
and talking about them lustily nt tha
same time. It ls the cry nf the street
comers; "Just watch us grow. See us
getting to the front."���Kay .'tannurd
Baker in Century.
na* Brr�� Tlirre.
Edlth-Oh. Ethel, what shall I dot
Jack says he supposes it's all over between tis and tlmt bell scud my presents back.
Ethel (experlenced)-Tell blm to bring
Life ls not so short hut thnt there It
always time enough for courtesT. -��
'if you "ire in doubt." soys Talleyrand, "whether to write a letter or uot.
don't!" And the advice applies t*
many doubts In life besides thut ot letter writing.���Bulwer.
A Bl* niltcreaec.
Madge-Dou't you think n girl should
marry an economical mau?
Dolly���I supiwse so. but It's Just ��w��
till being engaged to on*.
Cued of Lame Back Aftei 15 Years j
ot SulTeiing.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, Ga.
Buffalo, N.Y
LaCrosse, Wis
"I had been troubled with lame
back for fifteen years and I found a
complete recovery in the use of
Chambsrlain's Pain Balm," says
John G. Bisher, Gillam, Ind. This
liniment iss also without an equal
for sprains and   bruises.    It  is  for
It Should bc oorne in mind thst
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prer***** �����.'
svntsm for t'he more serious diseases, among which nre the two
presto** destroyers of human life,
pneumonia ana consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity "hy its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment, It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and o]x.-ns the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any ten ;1 ���iny toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Large Size 5��c.
Texarkana, Tex. Sar. Francisco,Ca sale by F. J. .MacK.eii/.ie, THE.DELTA TIMfcs, SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER fa ifcoji
_*S_ ���
LOCAJ.NEws.     Presbyterian.
Miss Davie is yieiting friends in
Miss   Elsie   Brodie   is   visiting
friends in Vancouver.
Harry  McCormick   Pa*d * snort
business visit her.* tbi*. week.
Sam Morrow left yesterday on a
visit to Ontario and Manitoba.
Mrs. Kilbv, of Vancouver, visited her daughter, Mrs. John Follis.
this week.
Mr. Smith, father ot W. H., is
able to be around again altera very
severe illness.
17 \V Harris has been laid up
during the past week with a touch
of la grippe, but he is O. K. agair
Miss Elsie Honeyman left lt'Sl
week for All Hallows School, Yale,
B. C., where sbe will continue her
Mrs. McPherson, sr., of Vancou-
���yer, paid j_  short  visit  to her son
our worthy tailor, in the early part
of the week.
John McKee a<*d wife and E
McNeil and wife, of McLeod. left
on Mondar -ast for a trip to tie
Portland Fair.
F. Cullis and Alex. Davie visited
the Islands of the Gulf this week,
ou the search for sheep, but failed
to obtain what they required.
The Piesbyterians of Westminster district are seriously considering a proposal to establish a presby-
terian college on this coast, and
defitii e action to that end was taken at the close of the meeting ofthe
Presbytery of Westminster held in
Westminster on the 6th inst.
A resolution heartily approving
the idea was adopted, and a strong
committee composed of prominent
laymen and clergymen of the two
c ties was appointed to look into the
feasibilty of tbe scheme aud report
to the next meetiug of the Presbytery to be held in the First Presby*
ceriau Church, Vancouver, in December.
The conimr.ee is composed of
Capt. Logan. Aid. A. Bethune,
Messrs. J. McQueen, J. Ramsay,
Dr. W. B. McKechnie, and Rev.
R.J. Wilson, Vancouver; Messrs.
J. B. Kennedy, M. P., J. C. Brown,
J. T. Mackay and Kev. J. S. Henderson of Westminster, aud Rev. J. A.
Logan of Eburne. Rev. R. J. Wilson of Vancouver is the convener ot
the committee, and a meeting will
be held shortly to consider the probable cost and location ofthe college.
There will be a dance on Friday
evening next, in Oddfellows' Hall,
given by the Boys.
One Singer Sewing Machine, in
first-class condition; also a Lady's
Bicycle.    For particulars apply at
Asahel Smith hrs been somewhat
���under the weather this week the
result of slipping with a load on his
back.   He is improving nicely.
H. L. Wilson returned on Tuesday from bis farm in Eastern Washington. Mrs. Wilson is expected
to return from Halifax in about
two weeks.
A. C. Paterson and wife, of Kin-
��ardine, Ont., left on Monday on a
pleasure trip up the coast. During
their stay here they were th? guests
of their daughter and son, Mrs
Alex. Davie and A. D. Paterson.
Monday evening members of the
senior and junior Bible classes, o
tbe Methodist Sunday School, wen
entertained at The Parsonage
Quite a large number gathered to
gether and enjoyed themselves at
games of all sorts, during whith
refreshments were served and the
happy party dispersed about 12
The steamer Sonoma will commence running on Monday next.
On account of the Field Trials Club
meet next week, a definite time
table cap not be set, bnt the ptob-
able time table will lie; Leave Ladner 8 a, in. and 4 p.m.; leave Steveston 4 am. and 5 p.m. It will be
��een by thi? tftfct the Sonoma stays
overnight" at Ladner. Don't drive
thisjboat off irom lack of patron-
see. _
Delta Farmers' Institute.
A supplementary meeting of the
above Institute will be held in the
Town Hall, on Friday evening,
Sept. 22nd, at 8 o'clock. Mr. W.
A. Wilson, Government Superintendent of Dairying for the Northwest, will address the meeting on
Ladner, Sept. 13th, 1005.
$���>. J, Watson, son-in-law of W.
H. ��adner, for the past two years
a.fsitiant superintendent of the Tyee
* Sniper, J-jjis Ixje., asked by the
company .to accept the superinteiid-
nicy anrt will assume charge upon
)_r. Kiddie's retirement. Mr
Watson is recognized among mining *nd smelting nien as a first-class
metallurgist and his position for the
past' two yea-* h��s given him a
thoroughly practical knowledge of
the business of smelting ores of
Jbis. section.---Ladysmit:b Itedper-
Comprising : 4 Bedroom Sets. Box
Mattresses, Bedsteads, Gents'
Chiffonier, 3 sets Toiletware,
Sofa Lounge, Easy and other
Chairs, Extension Dining Table,
���i Centre Tables, Music Cabinet
and Stool, Sideboard, Bookcase,
Secretaire, Carpets, Druggets,
Mats, Matting and Linoleum,
Hat Rack and Umbrella Stand,
3 Stoves, Heater, Curtain Pole
and Blinds, 3 Angle Lamps,
No. 9 McClary Range, Kitchen
Tables and Chairs, Bath, Pots,
Pans and Crockery, Waldron
Washing Machine, Wringer,
Wash Tubs aud Boilers, Sets of
Irons, Self Sealers, Lawn Mower,
Garden Tools," Lady's Side Saddle and numerous Miscellaneous
Effects which
jy/TR. H. N. RICH has received
instructions from C. F. Green,
Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, at
his residence, in the Village of Ladner, on
Tuesday, Sept. 26, '05,
at i o'clock p.m.
The Auctioneer calls special attention to this genuine sale ot Furniture
Terms Cash.
Mrs, C. E. Banton,
Voice and Piano
Pupils prepared for Concert. Church
and Home.
Special Attention Given to Voice-
placement,   Tone-production
and Expression.
For Terms and Lesson Hours Apply at Temporary Residence,
Mis-H. A. B. JU^tf-H'S.  Ladner.
New Westminster, B. C,
Bearskin Coats
$2.50, 3.25, 4.00,
5.00 6.00 each,
All Styles for Ages up to 4 years.
Over 300 Garments in stock and more to
Little Ones from $1.90 up to $4,00.
.Larger sizes from $2.75 up to $7.00,
VERY SWELL GERMAN JACKETS for Children, from 4 to 12 years, at $4.80 to $10
every few days.
400 Beautiful Dress Skirts,
all sizes up to 36 bands,
When You Want to SI.:;  ��� ���- Store
duce or Live Stock,
Sr mu&
v our Pro
���_2jj7 ��_?   "   ,_7aff.K ..-y.:.-
W e -a?
Capacity 600 Tons
Space 24,000 Squa-re Feel
*-��� ������_,
See our Stock before the Pair.
1905-Sept. 27 to Oct. 7��� 190S
Under  the auspices of the Royal Agricultural  and Industrial Society,
New Westminster
British Columbia.
Stupendous  and   comprehensive array  of Exhibits representing the resources of all Canada.
Enlarged  grounds, new, handsome
and  spacious  buildings.    ....
Special Inducements to Live  Stock  Exhibitors���
The most valuable special and general prizes ever
offered iu Western Canada. New "and commodious
stock sheds capable of accommodating an unlimited
number of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Swine.
Horse Racing, Broncho "Busting," Military Parades and Exercises.
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous Band*.
GRAND WATER CARNIVAL���Parade of Fia-ser River fishing fleet
patrol boats, H. M. warships, Indian war canoes, etc.
For   all   information   wtite   W.   H.   KEARY,   Secretary  *nd
Manager, New Westminster. B. C
The White House
We are this week going to cut prices nearly in two. Come
in and see if we doll's, do it.
We want to get acquainted with vou} we want to stay righl
here, we see good prospect*? ahetid.
In Order to Bo That
We must have your trade and co-oper-i-Ton. W-e will do out
part. W*e will give you a Fjrst-class Suit at a Second-class
Price; we intend to treat you ri'iht; we hope to grow with
vow, we furnish the root, you furnish the ferttlieer' and watch
the plant grow.
_���__,m���min- _ ni i**m* hwm _,____, i   - ��� nr^__��� 11.    i
J. P. McPherson
Ladner, B. C.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
his is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES s  $1*5*0 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
31. Clausen,
Watches and Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Repairing a Specialty.
Carries a Full Line of Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear Goods, It would pay you
to call and Inspect Our Stock.
Everything at Most Reasonable Prices.
A. J* Birtch,
Columbia Street,
New Westminster
The Buffet has achiev- \
ed a wonderful popularity In Dining Boom Equipment!  These
Combine all tie conveniences t Ftbe larger pieces without their
ttklively hi.her cost     We are Showing a -S-pHendid . *   .
range In -    ���.-.: *
Selected grain and beautifully finished at from  <b01   each
sSend for our General Catalogue-���_?REE.' T^f        upwards
!L'i*nOMt.,MotEL and CLUB.FURNi^ntRi. victoria, b. _


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