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The Delta Times Oct 14, 1905

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 9*%srHk\ '.;::    ft*     ax     BTT^Oi   j  ���nm
I        1     Im /I     I d^
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ankle.      Anil  jilwnvs  fits.      There's  no 7'- '.J
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arshall Smith
Come to Oddfellows' Hall, on
Tuesday evening. 17th vast., and
take tea with the ladi.s of the
Methodist Church. -Tea will be
served from 6 to S o^ciock, after
which the following programme
���-will be rendered:
Address,....*     ���...Chairman
Piano. Solo.. ...J. Miss Hall
Vocal Solo.�������� ..*.... ...Mrs. Banton
Violin Solo.... Miss- Vattghan
Address Rev. A. McAuley
Vocal Solo Mrs. Lanning
Piano Solo Miss Hall
���ftio��� "Oh, KesSlessSea,**'	
Miss Thirkle, Rev. A. McAuley* Dr. Woodley.
Address............Jfcev, Jan* Ca.lve.tf
VqjQaJ Spilo.....���.Wv...,s.,Mrss Banton
Violin Solo Miss Vauglu.n
John Oliver, M.P.P., will tinder*
take the duties of chair,nan.
Jos. Jordan secure 1 a scowload
oi cordwood, last week, in preparation for a hard winter
'     In  Division  B,   Horses,   IT
Vasey  tool:   fifth   place   with
stallion, 4 years or over; this is ac-
; counted for bv the (act th:it th * ani-
mal had just ronie off the trai, after
j attending tie Portland air, where
1 he had done much better. For a
' brood mare with foa! an 1 yearling
; fil .y, seconds; three-year-old. first;I by.
foal oi 1-J05, first and third, and 1 Rev
i first for stallion and three cf his get.
IJ Tamboline came third lor brood
I mare.    This was the Clydesdales.
In tlie Shire class, G. Campbell,
] Ciovetdale, captured two firsts,
j while J. M. Steves, Steveston, took
(everything in the Suffolk Fundi
j clars.
In Heavy Draughts, S. Brighouse
[ received a first and a second; Well-
| ington   Farm, a  first,  second  and
third;   M.   M. Vasey two firsts, C.
Kettles  a second  and   F. B. Pemberton a second and a third.
Agricultural Horses���F. B. Pemberton, a first and third; J. Mc
Cullocli a first, second and two
thirds; S. Brighouse a first and
second; II. M. Vasey a first and W.
Walker a second.
> Roadsters���J. McCulloch, a fiist
and tliird; J. W. Hollinshead, a
first and two seconds; W. Walker a
first and two thirds, while Ch���
Brown took the cake for a single
in harness.
Carriage or Coach Horses���J. J.
Monkman ton*- fir^t for best matched pair, and J. W. Plollinsheac
captured two firsts for mare and
For Shorthorns W. H.  Ladnei
took first for a bull, third and fifth
for bull calves, fifth  tor a heifer,
second and third for heifer calves
third  and  fourth for herds, third
and  fourth  for young  herds, firs
for senior champion  bull, first fo-
grand  champion  bull,   third  for 1
cow aud two of her progeny, and
second for a bull and two o<" his get
H. M. Vasey took firsts for bul
and bull calf,   fourth   for  cow, two
thirds and oue fourth for heifers,
two firsts for herds.
Inverholme Stock Farm, second
tor bull, first and second for heifers,
first and fourth for heifer calves,
two firsts for young herds.
Jos, Tamboline, second and two
thirds tor bulls, second for cow
two fourths and a fifth for heiters.
second and fifth for heifers, two
seconds for herds, two seconds for
young herds, first for cow and hei
progeny, first for bull and his get,
and first for two calves.
F. B.  Pemberton, two seconds
for   bull   calves,   second   for   two
1 calves.
'     In   the   Holstein   class,   I.   M.
Steves  took seven  firsts, two  seconds and two thirds.
Ayrshires���Jas. McCulloch, two
.liT'r-'i'-y^c.a-j* .'
nii.il -, sw-,3i__ j.
The   services in  the   Metiiociist
Barfis. Social.
1 ���-������-     ���""-���      The usual Tuesday evening eu-
hisj Church, to-morrow, promise to be, ttrtainment this week was well at-
of much nioie I ha . ordinary inter-1 te"ded and the excellent pro-
est. The Anniversary occasion I Sranime wa9 m,'c''* appreciated by
affords opportnnitv for recounting3";, Fo"?"[n*fr the pro.rarr.me:
,. .,���,", I     Kev- J-   A-   Banton opened  the
the events which have gone to entertainment bv sinking hymn 554
make up the history o the church "Jesus Savjqr Pilot Me," followed
during the years which have gone j by a short prayer and address;
'J'he presenc-* among u-ot the; son^' I''e'- J- A. Banton, "Time
J. Calvert, who was in charge!
of the circuit at tha, important!. l"
period, when the energy of the
church rose to the needs of ihe hour '
and found its expression in the erec-
tion of the needed buildings, will be
hailed with much delight especially
by those who knew and co-operated :
with hiin in the work.
land Tide"; recitation, Miss Grace
pper. "The Price of a Drink";
instrumental, Mrs. and Master
Wiliie Banton; recitation, "The
Northern Farmer," encore, "The
Old Blue Hen"; solo, Mrs. Banton.
accompanied by  her  daughter, 41-
jbert'aC., "0 Fair Dove." An intermission of three minutes' dura-
It is confidently expected that the jtlon was here Srant*-"i for the pur-
church will be filled at both services I pose of social intercourse, after
and   the   interest  shown   will   be; which  came   an   instrumental   by
: Mrs. Banton
interest  shown   will   bej.""'tu  LH",C   an
worthy the occasion. j Mrs* Ba��to"  aud   koy Barber, or-
The services will be at 11  a.   m Igau   and   8UItar'   "])ance ��f  -he
a.   tn.
and7.3op. m. and notat7P.m. as:B,ownies";   so,1��' comic-   "Fa^er
is  by   mistake  announced   iu   tht
The seats are all free and the public is most cordially invited to attend.
Fat sheep���Shannon Bros., two
Berkshires���Shannon Br.os. took
no less than twelve firsts, four seconds and two thirds.
In the special prizes Jos. Tamboline captured the silver cup presented by C. A. Welsh, for the besi
exhibit of .Shorthorns.
Special prize presented by the
Dairymen's and Live Stock Associations of B.C., for the Lest bull of
beef breeds, over two years, W. H.
I/idner; ditto, uuder two years, H.
M. Vasey; foi best female of beef
breeds, over two years, Inverholme
Stock Farm, ditto, uuder two years,
Inverholme Stock Farm.
Special prize presented by the
Territorial Live Stock Association,
|0'Fly nu.
These Tuesday evening: entertainments are becoming very popular, and deservedly so as no pains
are s; ared to make them enjoyable.
There will be no service to-morrow morning in the Baptist Cuurch
on account of th. anniversary services iii the Me'hodist Church.
Also the Tuesduy evening entertainment will be dropped for the
coming week.
The monthly social will t.ike
place, in the church, on Tuesday,
I the 2 ;'h iust.
im Tea,
The annual "i-ieunion" of the
congregation and friends of the
Methodist church iu this town to be
held in Oddfellows' Hull on
Tuesday evening, the 17th
inst, promises to be quite a
recherche affair in every respect.
The ladies serve "high tea" from
six to eight o'clock, after which an
Calgary,   for grand   championship I exctlle.,t programme will be render-
foMhebest^pure bred bull  auy^age | ed cotw&ling ot  addresses by local
and visiting clergy and music both
or breed, silver medal,  W. H. Lad
ner; ditto, for the  best  pure bred
cow or heifer,  silver medal, J. M.
Special prize, presented by Geo.
A. Rudd & Co., Toronto, for the
best lady driver, set solid nickel
harness, W. Walker.
Special   prize   presented   by thei
American   Oxford   Down    Record
Association,    for    Oxford    Down
Sheep: Best yearling ram, Shannon
I vocal and instrumental.
Miss Vaughan, a professional
i violinist of Vancouver, who spent
j several years in Germany studying
j under the best masters, will contri-
| bute two mini bets, and it is expected
that Miss Villa Hall, of New West-
Shannon Bros.!
minster, whose talents as a pianist
J are well known in Ladner, will take
; part  in  the   programme.    Besides
these the assistance of some of the
Bros,, H. M. Vasey, onaunon Dros.|best ,ocal talent has been secured.
Best yearling lamb, Shannon Bros., [ j��� fact ,he ]adies are fpwfag n0
H. M. Vasey. Best pen four lambs, j pahls to make this ��� first class cn.
H. M. Vasey, Shannon Bros. j tertainment and  it is hoped  they
Special prize presented by   H. L. \ wjh securc a
The following is the  menu to be
served by the ladies of   the
odist Church   in   Oddfellows
on Tuesday evening next:
thirds for bulls,
fourth   for cow,
first  for bull calf,
a first, third and
fourth for heifers, first ior calf and
"a"' j a third for cow and progeny.
1    Jerseys���Pyke   Bros.,  third
I DeBeck for best crock dairy butter, j
j Mrs. M. G. Taylor.
Special prize by Brackman-Ker
j Milling Co., Ltd., for the best 100
; lbs. white milling oats, $\o, I).
I Montgomery.
large patronage.
John A. Logan, returned Thursday from a visit to the Royal Citv.
Miss Mamie McLellan, accompan-
R. E. Walker, our popular bank
manager, is being v j ovc-d- to Victoria,-white hi* pp^'ion ke-e is to
be filled by L. M. Richardson, accountant, of Victoria. Mr. Kic.'i-
ardson spent a couple weeks here in
July relieving Mr. Walker for his
holidays, Mr. Walker will be
much missed from .sporting and
other circles, beiny a young man
capable of makini- friends of all
wij,h wl\Qin he came iu c,out;act,
Chicken          Ham
Walnut         Chicken
Fruit Custard
Pumpkin Pie
Lemon Pie
Tea                  Coffee
Mrs. Hume, sr., accompanied ly
her son, I. Hume, ai.d his wife,
and her daughter, Mrs. J. Gilchrist,
visU<d Vancouver, Wednesday.
Asahel Smith has gone into the ied by Miss Dot Bourne, returnsd
business of raising seed potatoes,, homt) on Thursday, from the Royal
and his success  in  this Hue is dis-  city.
played bv the number of prizes won ��� 	
In the dairy type of grade cattle I  t the oomiTlion  fair: Second  for!     Robt.   Stokes   ,eil,   Wednesday,
J. McCulloch  took   four firsts, two\      lbs  Carman. secon,   fo_   .. lbs; ^   ^
seconds and  a  third, while  J.   M.;
Steves took a second.
**    d:1' j second for 50 lbs largest; second for  ing his  oU   home  in  New Bruns-
Cotswolds-Uehngon    Farm Lny otfier variety  named; first  for |��  *���      R   ^   ^ ^   as
took everything m this class. , best collectioll] ,. of each sortj and
Oxford   Downs*��� H.   M.  Vasey, I
lbs  Carman; second  for
jeach 3 varieties named; second  for j for_t, o���t., and wasaccompanied by
new variety   not  be.'ore exhibited; j Hattdford L,*ewis, who a'so  is visit.
if a special car  will  be ist-eded for
special first prize for best display, j tue retuni journey.
three firsts, four seconds, one  third J wWfih consisled o( 110  less  than 6l |	
and three fourths.    Shannon Bros.,, vnrjetjes
The S.  S.  Sonoma will   mak��
seven firsts, four seconds, four
thirds and one fourth, while the
Wellington Farm took a third.
Hatnpsiiires or   SuiTolks���Wellington Farm, two firsts,
regular trips every week day toand
The Transfer made a speci.il trip from Steveston,    Leave Ladner 8
down on Sunday last with the live a. ra. and 4 p. m. Returning  leavfl
stock returning from the lair.
1 S's--*vestCs. 9. a. m. and 5 p. tt),
SuBSQiva^EiON, $1.00 pe-?year.
ApxjU&X&flG RATES.
Casaal Advertisements, io ����*.�� per line I-
t_e_rstlnfciii��la.*s��*sil'5'?-*'-*J*fI .������*�� '** *-"���
sSsMneat iuseS(on: TJ6 number ol lu,
���Skoned hi the spacs; octuple--!, ulincalo tl.
���S*.       -
Rates lor Cvtnsnerri.il Adwrtist-tueats ��<" *'
!i��. oa application st this olfic..
Resiling notices laees^spK Une for each ii-
Birth sod Beats notices, 3cc. Mmriaees$i.oo.
Any special notice, the obfcc*, at which is l-
nronete the pecuniary iseurhi ot,n_iST indiTwlu.
* cuiapviy, to bfc cpiui<i��Te<i s*. sorertiaemeii
s-d chst.t-d sn-oflfyigly.
Altsdv��rtjMipc*��s.ch^-;Rid 5j>r waUl or.ierc.
out snd UlUV-
Corrcspoudgijc!;, invit��f:>-t on *��HW* _J Vub1'
���merest.   ComaeiAlu-uUooSssio ed_^r,iww�� be at
uponied by nnme of writer, iiot.iiece����arsl
fpublKstwa, but as evidence oi good iaitV
;rwpoud��Kx iinat r��sch*Jki��offi�� by Thurs
,��� svcitug.
G^g. Ik- Mvv:*y,iv**is
SATURDAY, i^TO n.*.."* Iffe ��9<>5*
With tr*te sh*SK>*il'R. seasot�� open
i(ig on Monday, it will be well t<
put the stock in the bam, njon youi
iUlt of mail and post your setitries.
it R, 11 Society.
I*t is very graftfying to, ncwe thc
met that the Baptist Church, readily
gave tip. their morning service, to
morrow, and their evening enter
tainpiej# ior Tuef^lay iiexj, in ordei
that tbey tai_i��t be-able to assist the
Methodists by attending a* least
9ne of thei* aiwiiyersswy, services as
���^$l!_as the Social 'Pea on Thiesdav.
At the annual1 election ot officers
we find W. Hr. Ladner a viee-presi-
lent and, among others as directors;
deo. Embree H. p. Benson, A D.
Paterson, H. M. Vasey, and W. )-
Brandrith for Ladner; F. Kirkland,
ind Jos. Tamboline for Westham
Island; John Oliver aad R. E. Hit*
son for East Delta,
The Executive ctsjnsists of::T. J.
Tiapp, president*:; tfie mayor and
aldermen, T. J. .Armstrong, Col.
J. C. Whxte, \V. H. Laduer, A. C.
Wells, A. Hioy. Chris Brown.. Sam
Smith. H��*ry Vasey. G. D. Brym-
ner, T A Sharpe, D S Curtis, J. H.
Vidal, Arthur Malinsi. John Reid,
L A Lewip, W R Gilley, W J
Mathers, C A Wefch, W A D
Jones, Tnomas Gifford, M P P,
ludsje Holo, John Pec4c, F. R.
Glover, J Ji Johnston, J.. Reichen-
back. NelSsNi-lson, J !��, Kennedy,
MP.J t)iTayl.s>r. Robert Jardine.
The re-vision ofcthe prise list was
next discussed.. committees being
appointed to attend to the different
Cattk came first, and Messrs A
C Wells, W K Laduer and H Webb,
were placel to look after division Av
For division B, horse?, Messrs H
M Vasey, John Morrison and J H
Sbeep and Swine* divisions C
and D, Messrs J T Maynard, S H
Shannon, aad J Richardson.
A.  O. U-  W.
I    Delta Lodge, No. r* raatts first
j aa4 third, Tuesdays of each month
! iu Oddfellows' Hall,
i W. C PV8US, M..W.
Geo. R. M.*v*S&EY, Recorder.
McRAE & Co
How tja Cure Corns and Bunions.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regular meetings of this Lodge arc hajd
ivery Wednesday evening at 8 p.
:n. Visiting Brethren cojdial'y invited to .itKtiid..
Frank Cuu.is. N.G.
Dk. A.. A.. King, Se:.
C O. F.
Court Frasei No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each month
it 8 o'clock.. Visitiflg, BEStureu
A. YOftKE, C. R.
*, HUME,. R,S>
A lull line Qm English and Insh
Twqwhi md Fancy Tsouserings aL-
���wayskegt in stock.
m^m4f^Sjie^jr*4t*^e^��^��e*i^* C***���>
1111. m 11 ki I
-      ���         __= *'    " * -.~:~$
�����*H**H*^-fr-t-+r*f4>-��v.t+**>****V*tT*i'*��*i* n
Delta Transfer Stable
Toam Work Bono at Spaoially Low Prions.
f Te-lepbone " Laduer
JOSEPH J0RD.AN,, Proprietor.
vi-t,.:^*:*>*i* * ^���*5-t-j.-*>*i-f*:-+*i-v*f *���������!-�� ** ���> *vh��>> ��� ���������� ^��'>**4*>H'
I Horse Goods! \.
\     Our  Harness aud  Hor�� Pumiahings ) '.
^Khave Iouk |>ro��e<l relisbl*. and they arc..
J, built tint only for stglc.btit wear. ) i
A Manufactttvu** ojall kiudsol
���J Soda Wal��r, Ginger
X    Ale and Summer
i Drinks.,
f       Your patii��i)aa.ge solicited      1
1    FiEst,. soak the corn   in. w��rm
! water- to.soften it; then pare its dowu
"*: ' } as closely as.possible without dpaw-
Comptoi��thas again  been wade j ing blood ^ app,y chapibeEiaia;s
Igaiast Ibe sm^J boy with *e ���*"��� j iug pain ]��aimtWic% daily, rubbiogv
We would snggesfr t*aat proper instructions should bc given the boys
iv-.tp bw. to, luaidto firearms cor-
t��ctly, thereby reducing the pos-
ybility of accident to a minimum.
As a rule, toys are not so care-
tpss as men. Lack of knowledge is
usually the cause of accidents am-
yng them. Occasionally yoit, wsU;
$nd a know-all amo��g them,, and
1-his is he who causes all the trouble.
I^his is the boy who tries to snati h
4, rifle from another :Ustead.of coolly
watching the others and wtaitii'g
qntil his turn comes rpuud..
Teach yotar baj'Ss noi. to shoot
mi a hurry. What does it matter
.^fej"*. boje^s qC ammnpitipn are
us^d up witht-Ui. bringing down
a iy game so long as they get the
tfanting in s'��adiness and careful-
siess, which are the psjine* factors of,
a.gopd and true spoitsman..
vigorously for^five rai��,utes,at each
application* A corn- piaster, should
be worn a few days to protect it
from the shoe. As a, general; liniment for sprains, braises, lameness! Office: Front St
Wellington' Cba^
Rosebank Lirae,
PoitUnd Cement,,
Snvthy Coal,
Sewer Pipe^ Draia Tile,
Fashion Stables*
Trucking and Dewing-.
Livejcy woak oi ail kimis attended to promptly.
Wm Alexander
iiitduea. B. C-.
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tubs, Sfcov-s
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else in This line.        ..
Agent for*
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for milking water hot for wajhiv? rtair-*
utensils, scalding lies;5!, or for wash 4;iy. Ev����ry
Farmer's Wife Should H ,vs> Oie.
Steam Tug "-Flyer" and
Barges tor H'irev.   .
Phone 1-6.
and rheumatism, Pain Balm is un-
equaled. For sale by F. J. MacKenzie.
New Westminster, B. C.
Farm implements
& Maeftmery
Of All Kinds,     ,   .
Buggies & Wagons,
Bail Ties,
Gasoline. Lamps.
Lubricating Oils,
Goal OH ���& Gasoliua,
Or al-most anything it*.that
line go to
Westham Street,
Lalner, B. C.
MsTs. A>  Clausen   is. improving ���
nipely. -wni is now able to he up.
Mr*s. A, KpAujay and family returned to, the Terminal City on
Monday last"..
Ceo.. Burt, cousin at Mrs* T*.. W.
Kerr, paid her a visit lastiweek.
Mr.. Bust came all the way irom
Ontario.to,see the.. Dominion F*ai&.
A J-udiftious laquiry..
A well, known trayeling maa who
\usits the driUg.tjcade; says he often
heaqd druggists inquire of custom*
Vs. who, asked for a cough medicine, whether it was wanted for a
child or for an adult, aud
if for a child they almost
invariably recommend Chamber-
laiujs.Cough Remedy;. The reason
ftm this is trhat they know that ia aji
ways cures.   There is not the least
A flrst"elass! joint pub,.up in fiFst***cls9aa style
call or send your ordejc to th<��
Ladder. B..0
Meat &
Holy Communion to-morrow at
Begiqniuc with; to-morrow, Och,.
yth, tht, hour of' the wening service will be f. o'clock.
Bishop asd Mip. ��Irt haye ar.!*i��wg�� in,givin8 it, and for coughs,
rived safely in England-, where they jcolds and ������ ^is maw^aaad..
will remaiui ujitilt Ma^ch of uext J Fo* ��lftby. F. I, MacKenzie.
-,�������.. j!  ci �����
The Cteticus meets this month!    Vaster Lpon  Hjarriss is viiutiuK-
9ti lltiesday next,  at St.   James' | frjiends iu Victoria,.
Barish���the Rpv.  G..F..Clintpn���! ,_,,
T}he Synods <*.*�� 0toce��>. K��,,atUm hlYiRto,hK
>��eu, cajlfjid foit Nov. 8th. It will i
"ee deld ii>* New West��iiris'ei-,,aucl;
in the a^jenoe. of Rt*. Rev.-. _JiShopr Re��v. A. McAulay lopk * senyice
Dart, tho-Yen. A\*x*hd<j��i(*c.n. Pen-Jin,the Royal City,, on We*sluesd%.y,
tireath  will gieside,    Two- import- j for Rev... J, S. Heiidcr.son.
, ant nqiipes of motion wijfecome be- -    ... .   ., _,,_..
fore thflrsSxnovl; owe- en, change or
tiie coustttujfen re the ejgbjfm of a '    The> ��Pe��' seaso" foiu. J*��e_i��iit**
Wshop, httroduced by R��v..% Shil- WW ou  Monday, tthe  ir6th ijnst,
^ru-k, antl^pther th^ better, pres-1 a,,d Q-^s ou, December 3.** next
ervatjt*!"* oij" mfpetysX, registrations j| .    -,."���  .'���.".'.r..L.���-.���r~
^y lh3. Rey, Cano* l^to,,. |   ^.^^ o�� ^^^^5^ ^ rP
�����*_. -r~~z~~ |igret-to le-irji l}l��_jt-he-b_ts. been very
If you want a niee nejw
Buggyv up-to-dat�� in
every reapest^ oir if the
one** y/ou have needs
painting, -saH ajt,
Q, T, BAKER'S New ^��^00^
Incorporstcd. 1869.
Rj>bt. Pybus is. sper.dj.ug hit***, wa-
A Qeneiral ^nfiate^ Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deceits- of $1 an-d upwayds received and: Inter-
;        <ia^ AtSi^ir*** at Highest Ciarrc3_it Ra1s��s.
_._..5^ BRANCHES.������
B��ANCI��ES  I.V BRlrTTSH1 CO*WT*MBTA���Vancouver, Vancouver
F>nst Bud. Grand FVirks, N&naiiu-o, Nelson, Kossl*a��di,. Viitwr^ Chilli
. jwack, tadner, Cumbenhiad'.
a*.       u    i_.i_.t    Colte, Cholera stid     |. Ull well   this   WC6K.     Ke   is   abou'
((nami^uain ����� - ��� -
     . njurtiioea Uemedy.
VWJ fftilsj,. tJiiy.-VW*; tfW%8*'?R.1afc
again though none, too.wejl
R, E-, W/iI.KER, Manager,   �����   LADNER, B. C.
Are you going to build this fall ?
:   If S0s> y-au oa.r_.aob aJ&rX ix ia 3,J> .vibhout
getting our pdces.
|   Mixtd Cars ol Lumber aud Shingles our,,
Specialty*    ;   -
E   On.. c us tt twat .wwi be con.viuce��i.
���'���*> 'd
GEO. M. THRIFT, Manager.
Hazelmere,       �� British Columbia
Royal Household
Just Mrrived*
Bran, Shorts, ��io
A Full Line of���m
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
H.J.Hutcherson's ��6
7 o ry'
��� ''at
��� ..
> ilji t.;:.f:   ;
etaaOMg      ��
4*    s-_    _i
'_ '    i ���    < ALL SAINTS.
-:--. uioved   ������ Reaver   jQam, on   the      '   f.ffj ���*���
.-cot-   ui.71, j.....:t 13 a # prepared lo atippiv        ^
Ifi,*1^!*^ il011gh ** Lu:nb-r at reason- rm;and arrivesa. ..,���,,;.,,,,,;,; ^I11,, ��� , :i.,l!ock.
: 2:20 p.ai i    -1 ' *-' 'oUl>> 7 o'clock
jL,'<.ci.    r_p>f-_-a        Train   leaves   Port   Guichon   -:-.t
cai>t .uciui. ,. o no?n a-fd an._ ftt,_._ .. __
���WW���   .Mjm....*-��gBB i_.    aa���_a 1���i.      .   ���'
r.ble prices
J. 0. Dennis,
3*'55 P-m.
Mondays and Fridays only.
mmutiion ��� Sundays,
1 Sunday, in month,
ay ftclool.it 10 a.m.
y, ev. nit-g; service 7:30.
<ev Canon Hilton, vicar.
There are  two through  pass
ger trains per day each w,iv       am
from Seattle and a   mixed  train '
and from Bellingharn.
Visiting Cards'
Plainer Printed
'Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cam leave Westminster tor Vancouver at 5.50
and n.s�� a.m. and hourly thereafter uutil 11 p.
nisi Saturday* and Sundays at 11 p.m.
'.'ars leave Vancouver tor Westminsters at 5.5a
111 i 6.50 a. in. and hourly thereafter uutil u p.
n. Sjturdayaand Sundays at tl p.m.
Wc run Hr^t-claaa freight cars between Weft*
minster aud Vancouver and all shipments are
:<:,udled with the utmost eare and delivered to
cs.miguee without delay Special attention paid
lo fruit shipments, Oui wagons meet all boats
aud trains.   For rates, etc apply to
1)   ... SMILES, F. R. GLOVER
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
L��i Us Talk tt Over.
Have yQUj ; iwng man
fuUii ������ auy ioasider^ttioii '
you are uritu a jniparffu iii   ;
not prepare you for e&nmi-
Pliere ai e opemts,:-.
as. sfeuogrti] !.u i s or clerks,
oi" young woiUsi.ii, evet  \
A re  ' 0U content 1 0 d :*:  -
Qg as
iubtic school tdti cation \vh
'..   ".   si DCS
��� ��� pur living.
young'luen in the t>u.siut
ss world
Womeu are eligible
u ������* eh j pi sil ioi ' 7
��� im rapid and
. 7
01 tne same
e ��� 011 a good
C an \ ou use
is t& write 41  ivord.*** per tniimte? Qan ..- u to
that are required to bed mc i;i the busi
positions, what
penman? Are -,
the typewrite!
,yel1 the tnan*y * lung
ness offices of large cities?
unless you have takr.i a course iu the above you are uu-
prepare I for off cc work excepl in a small v-illage. We can
prepare yon for a good position ���a position that will in a few
months pay for your investment. Some of oar lady graduates are earning J4-* a mouth an.I over.
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 per mouth from the
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing -_**., as stenographer. Miss
Menzie starts for the Yorkshire 7U.tra_.t6e and Securities
Corporation at $45. Several are working fur the C. P. R.
at $30 per month and upward.
If you come to us and work hard. If you want further
proof of the ���way we help to positions write us nnd we will
send you more names.
But don't put off. E*��ery month you delay .means one
Month's salary lost. The sooner you graduate the sooner
you are in a position
Vanooavver  Business College,
ty$ Hastings Street,    -    -    -     Opposite Province Office,
P, ��,- &LHQTT, Principal,
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you splendid imnroraancnt, at
small cost, fur any style ��f building.
Wc make them complete, to suit
aay sized or shaped stricture���the
entire metal finish including door and
window cape, cornices, etc.���in a great
variety of styles.
They rive a very handsome effect,
and enduring, practical satisfaction.
We give estimates if vou send
ats aad outline of the build..
MeteJlic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufacture���.
Toronto. Canada.
ROBT. MAY..Agent,
cat;* -:.ic
Reverend Father Edm. Peytavin,
1' vt. l.   Services first and   third
... iv i>i each month at 10:30 a m
. ������ _<ii tion, 7:30 p.m.
Re . J. Wagner,
Parish Priest.
Services next lord's Day at 11
t. in.ard 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sin.J ay.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
1 hursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3 p. m
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
������sabbath services at Ladner at 11
.in. and 7 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Prayer meeting 011 Thursday at
���,30 p, in.; choir practice at 8.
Jas. A. Bsuton, pastor.
According to The Commercial,
���>t Winnipeg, the visible supply of
>ats iu the United States and Can-
;da. east of tlie Rocky Mountains.
*��� 17,378,000 bushels, compared
vith 18,156,000 bushels a year ago.
W. N. Draper,
Roolu 1. mianl Block. New Westminster.
Owing to   disregard   of  posted
notices, by sportsmen  .-ind others,
j and  tbe danger to life  and stock
I through irresponsible t��ities shoot-
' '���'���:, wi will prosecute, ***��thout ex-
t*i ulion,   all parties trespassing on
the *;.Ha��el Grove. F. Kirkland and
Frederick Farms" after this date.
Ladner, B. C., Sept. 30, '05.
New Crop Now In Stock
HO.VJE GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes
Thouands of Fruit and Ornam    1
al Trees.
now growing in my Nurseries for
Spring planting.
Eastern prices or less. White Labor.
M. J. HENRY, Vancouver
3010 Westminster Road.
to the undersigned and en-
lorsed "Tender for Indian and
Fisheries Office Bldir., New Westminster, B.C.," will be received at
this office until Saturday, Octobei
21, 1905, inclusively, tor the construction of Indian and Fisheries
Office Bldg., New Westminster.
Plans and specification to be seen
and forms of tender obtained at this
Department, at the office of G. A.
Keefer, Esq., Resident Engineer,
New Westminster, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified
that tenders will not he considered
unless" made on the printed form
supplied, and signed with their actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, m uie payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister
of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent, (io p.c.) of the amount of the
tender, whioh will be forfeited il
the party tendering decline to enter
into a contract when called upon to
do so, or it fail to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender
be not at.-cepted the cheque will be
j The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Depurtment of Public Works,
Ottawa. Sept. 20 h, 1905.
Newspapers inserting this adver-
risement without authority from the
l)<prtni.;iit, will qot be paid for it.
Tbcae Wild Horace Are Vtcloms sad
Said to Bo Untamable.
Writing of the Hangs, or wild horses,
of India, found near the land of Tibet,
Thomas W. Weber iu "The Forests of
Upper India and Their Inhabitants"
Here for tbe first time we saw the
klang, or wild horse. Several herds
came to look at us us we umrehed and
galloped around, neighing und kicking
up, but kept at a respectful distance.
Tbey have big, ugly heads and tails
and eurs like a mule's and a black
stripe down the back; color, lifjln bay,
With white noses. They huve line free
action in trot uud gallop und are fourteen to fifteen bauds high, strong iu
the legs aud heavy iu the body. We
were welcomed by the neighing of numerous wild horses to tlie laud of the
klang. Several herds kept circling
round, the old stallions approaching in
a quite threatening manner, snorting,
squealing and kicking up their heels,
while the mares and foals galloped off
at u more respectful distance. There
wus a herd of klaugs which careered
about our camp iu u most objectionable way, making tbe most fearful disturbances. We witnessed a buttle royal between two stallions, wliich lor
ferocity and wicked fury surpassed any
fight 1 have seen. Again aud again
the pair went at one another like tigers, biting and kicking and mauling,
the blood Uowing freely, while the fearful yells and roars they kept up were
terrifying lo hear. This went on for
hours. The horrible roars and shriefc-
ings made by the wild horse when
fighting sound something like a noise
between a donkey's bray and the
squealing of a jackal, but far more ear
piercing and discordant. Here the
kiaug is found in considerable numbers. He is, according to the Hiinia
accounts, untamable. There wus a
young one purcliuscif nt Bagesar fair
from some Hunias for a small price.
The purchaser thought he hud a good
bargain and proposed lo send the nni-
Diul lo England, but when ids men
went to bring away the purchase no
power could induce lt to leave its foster mother, an old Abbot pony, whicli
the clever Hunias refused to sell except for nn exorbitant sum.
���- X jroferr-JFTII^ Kite.
The population of St. Kilda, tiie most
westerly of the inhabited Scottish isles,
is a unique oue iu many respects. Ths
people are the most lonely ln the United Kingdom, there being very little
communication witb the mainland and
sometimes not for months at a stretch.
Socially the islanders are practically a
commune. If the head of a household
is Injured or loses bis life amoug the
rocks, his widow and family share iu
the proceeds of their labor as if he
were there to take part in it. If fa..i y
illness prevents any one join'ng In the
day's work, be is asked to slay at
home, and his Interests will not be lost
sight of. All questions, complaints,
etc., are determined by their mode, or
local parliament, whose judgment Is
final. Early morning conferences usually determine tho day's tasks,
St. Kildiaus are a most industrious
and active as well as a religious people, nnd on the island at any rate the
vexed problem of church attendance
has been solved. Every man, woman
and child capable of leaving the house
hold goes regularly to ebureh. nnd
only some serious disability will keep
nny person nt home���Scottish American.
Influence of Children.
Childhood In its weakness is often a
strength that resists the strain of all
the passions, nnd that holds even wheu
deep hatred exerts its power to drive
"If It were not for the child. 1 would
not live with you another day." I
heard an angry husband say to his
wifo, when righteous indignation drove
him nearly to distraction.
That was quite a number of years
ago, aud now they hnve two more children to strengthen the bond between
them. This lit'** episode of domestic
infelicity was recalled by some statistics that recently emanated from Berlin and whicli speak volumes.
These statistics have been carefully
gathered from the divorce courts, and
show  that  out  of   1,000  divorces 5411
wore granted wher.* thero were no ehil-
| di-on, 214  whore there was one child,
j 130 where tliere wore two children, (i.l
J where  thore  wore throe  children.  25
! where  tliere  wore  four   children.   1^
! where there were five children uud 10
i where there were six  children.
The Old Violin Makers nnd the Mate*
rial  They   I sen.
The groat violin makers all lived
within the compass of 150 years. They
chose their wood l'rom a few great timbers felled in the soutli Tyrol unit
floated down ln rafts���pine and maple,
sycamore, pear aud ash. They examined th-'se to find streaks and veins
nnd freokl's, valuable superficially
when brought out by varnishing.
They learned to tell the dynasty of
the pieces of wood by touching them.
They weighed them, they struck then,
and listened to judge how fast ot how
slow or how resonantly thoy would
vibrate In answer to strings. Some
portions of the wood must be porous
and soft, srtne close of fiber. .lust the
right beam was liard to find. When
found. It can be traced all through the
violins of some groat master and aftet-
bis death In some of his pupils.
Tbe piece of wood was taken home
and seasoned, dried in the hot Brescia
and Cremona sun. The house of Strnd-
Ivnrlus. the great master of nil. is described as having been as hot as an
oven. The wood was there soaked
through and through with sunshine.
In this great heat the oils thinned and
simmered slowly and penetrated far
Into the wood until the varnish became
a part of the wood itself.
The old violin makers used to save
every bit of the wood when they found
what they liked to mend and patch and
inlay with it. So vibrant and so resonant is the wood of good old violins
that tbey murmur and echo nnd sing in
answer to any sound where a number
of them hang together ou the wall, as
if rehearsing the old music that they
once knew.
Great  Matures.
Great natures are always generous.
They nre fountains not only of vitality,
bnt of bestowal- However great the rewards they receive may be, these rewards ure but n fraction of the worth
of the service rendered, nnd no man
ought to be satisfied, whatever bis position or work, unless he can feel thnt
he Is giving far more than he Is receiving, that a very large part of what
he does ls not returned ln money, that
however successful he may be on the
practical side ho must still bc counted
ona of the benefactors of his kind because of the generosity of his bestowal.- Outlook.
He   Wasn't   Too   Drat.
Deafness is largely a matter of hafc)*,
snys a writer in the Now York Press. I
know men who cannot hear you two
feet awny, though you bawl at them,
yet at the distance of a block thoy will
grasp your faintest whisper. Some are
deaf for convenience, some for fraud,
some for hypocrisy. Beware of the doaf
man. One of tho noted deaf men was
old Matt Griffin, long ago an assemblyman from Griffin's Corners. Delaware
county, N. Y. By courtesy deaf membors receive front seats in the assembly, while others usually draw lots.
When old Matt was excused from
drawing a fellow member hotly protested. "But the old man is as deaf as
a post," said the house leader. "Deaf!"
exclaimed the protostant. "Matt Griffin deaf.' Wliy, bless your honest soul,
he could hear a ten cent shinplnster
rattle In a bag of feathers!"
Early Political Platform*. '
It Is in the seventeenth century that
the flrst beginnings of the platform
must be sought, but tbese early traces
of Its use are very slight That there
must have been some little employment of it ln a demagogic way may be
Inferred from the "Characters" of Butler, the author of the ever memorable
"Hudlbrns." He describes "a leader
of a faction" ns one who "sets the
psalm, and all his party sing nfter blm.
He is like ��� figure ln arithmetic-the
more ciphers he stands before tlie more
his vnlue amounts to. He is a great
harauguer, talks himself into authority, nnd, like a parrot, climbs with his
beak." It is probable, moreover, that
the first form of the platform was' the
Mnventicle or meeting house of the
ruritan or Dissenter, for Butler, in his
character of "The Seditions Man,"
says that "if he be a preacher be has
the advantage of all others of his tribe,
for he has a way to vent sedition by
wholesale." But the platform at this
time was of no practical nccount. Such
attempts as there were outside parliament to influence opinion were mnde
by means of the press, partly by the
book, partly by the pamphlet and part-
ly by the journal���C. B. Roylauee Kent
in Lons^i-';.
The average coffee tree lo Horn
produces half a pound of beans.
Peach   Pita.
The statement has beeu made that
prusslc acid was made from poach
stones. This is altogether n mistake,
for, although uuder certain conditions
a trace of the main principle of the
deadly poison can be found In peach
stones, there Is not sufficient to produce the acid without other essential
ingredients. Indeed, without the process of fermentation there is no evidence
at all of prussic acid in the stones.���Exchange.    	
Jost the Place.
Irate Landlord (to couple who nre
taking a lovers' walk on hia property)���
Now, then, can't you read?
Amorous Youth���Oh, yes, we can
Irnte Landlord���Then go to the end
of this road and read thc sign there.
Amorous Youth���We have read it. It
says, "Private," nnd that is just why
we i-nme down here.
It should be borne in mind that
every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares tlie
system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia aud consumption.
Cough Remedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common |
ailment. It aids expectoration, re- ***
licves the lungs and opens the
seen tions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure, lt counteracts
auy t. iiiKiicy toward pneumonia.
Z   Price 25c, Large Size 5��c**   j
V jn a*-1   rf r-TniV WMMW jjBMHWIW^
��� ��&***�� mWa*t���JmmP*im*-i
.*��.*&**.���*���***'-...<*��� '/���'-*>
Shooting notice
"~                                  1     A. A. Eraser,   of Vancouver,   is
J. F. Stainton visised thc Fair on Lj^tisg i,ew,
��^ie closing d^x- I _	
j. ji .j. . *�����
New- Westminster, B. C
Ladner Public School will're-open
Bert Arthur, WWt over  to, Van- ,on Moilday uext.
jouver, Tuesday..	
\:   Harry   McCormick   is, taking a
Miss Forte* retUFtied,  Monday,   holiday  visiting   f^ds ai Clover
Irom a visit to the F.iir.
Miss.Fullpr retiirn;d,,Thursday,.
��rpm a, visit to-Vancouver.
Mrs. Kemp return*?.' here again
this week,, in bhe interests of the
Lanies of the Maccabees..
W. H. Taylor tpok in the final
lacrosse match 011 Saturday.
Hugh  McDowell,  took   in   the
fjual lacrosse match ou Saturday.
i    The   S.S. Selkirk,   of   Victoria,
J came in on Sunday and loaded canned  salmon   from   the   Wadham's
Mjs. Mclnnis and Ler  daughter,
Jessie, retime si: home on Monday.
Mrs. H. G. Taylor spent Monday at the Royal City looking after
Ijer exhibit"*.
Mrs. L. Monkmai visited the
Termipal Qity on Tuesday returning via the Royal City..
S. T. Elliott, of Kelowna, spent a
day or so around town, this week,
renewing old acquaintances.
Robt, Crow* ft*ds.*it rather di_T;
quit to hide that telltale smile. A
h nincing baby bpy arr.iveo.on Monday,-       	
W. Woodward and family removed to Vancouver last week,, permanently, buying disposed ol the.
Ladner property.
Mr. Brewster returned, Monday,
froni. Vancouver, where he has been,
for-, thq os^i* week-or* so, confined to
(she hospital.
Don't forget the auction sale at
J. C. Cunningham's on Tuesday
i)ext,. L��s H. ]*-4, Rich, See ad., on
-MioUkt, B.%ft.
When Yon Want to Ship or Store. Y'qut Pro-
dace or Livtx S.r,ock.
Direct from the Makers to the
Big Store.
ygi*u td     ��_, .u Si *&
Capacity 500 Tons
W. H. Smith had the misfortune!
to lose, this week, oue of those fine]
mares which composed the swellest
team, in town-.
Remember the only place to buy
the "Genuine Slat?r Shoe" at Montreal prices is at W. K. Sinclair's,
the Leading Sho* Store of New
Westminster.. *
Our worthy citi/en, D. McLean,
received the sad news, this week, of
the sudden dtath of his father, at
Puslinch, near Guelph, Ont. Deceased was 65 year-s old and the
cause of his death was apoplexy.
Mr. McLean had been.contemplating a visit to his old home for some
J. C. Snell, editor of heFirmers'
*tj_dv,bcate (London edition), who
a,cted a$-omt of the judges of live
.stock afe tht** fair, spout* a few. days
tnkihg in the sights-on the Delta,
this week.
W. f. Brandrith returned-, Tues-
>-]-ay, fremiti!*-duties at the fair. He
left again, Thursday, for Spence's
Bridge, where he will gather a collection of fruit for exhibition in
Ijpndou, IJng.Isyid,
Kittle Eva, daughter- of Tames
and Mrs. Follis, underwent an. operation, last week, for throat trouble
which was successfully performed
bv Dr. Woodley at his surgery) and
the little one is doing nicely.
Some Seasonable Advice.
It may be a piece of superfluous
advice to urge people at this season
of the year to lay in a supply ot
Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy. It
is almost sure to be needed before
winter is over, and much more
promp and satisfactory results are
obtained when taken as soon ns the
cold is contracted and before it has
become settled in the system, which
can only be done by keeping the
remedy, at hand.. This remedy. is so,
weli' known and so altogether good'
that no one should hesitate about
buying it in preference to any other.
It is for sale by F.J. MacKenzie.
1 suits Ah You A.s!f,
hat's WM Wc Give.
_y sh tJ %/J tike* ���at*-;*' UrSf
Space 24,000 Square Feet
west Styles in Rain Coats
By to-day's Express.
The White House
letter Orders Promptly filled.
To H* SmiTH-
Carries a Full Line of Ladies'  and  Children's Read.y-tQ-We.ar Goods.   It would pay you
to oall and Inspect Our Stock.
Everything at Most Reasonable Pricesv
Columbia Street,
New Westminster
II tUfe fl 11.
80  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and descrlisMon mny
rniloltl. aucortnln onr opinion free whether n,
nvention ll probnbly pntent.abla Conimunicsv
ion�� strictlyconfWentfal. HANDBOOK on 1'atonu
sunt fee. OMest agency for socurmtr patents.
Patents taken throaah Munn & Co.. receive
.fecial notice, without ebarg., is tba
Scieffltf ic JlneriCittL
\ handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lsrceet orr-
;nlation of any Bolentlllo journal. '1'enus, 13 a
reiiri four months, |L Sold byall newsdealer*.
i1UNiUCo.w,Bro^ New York
Branch Olllce. ffilS V Bt- Wathlszton. D. C.
Mrs. C L Banton,
Voice and Piano
Pupils prepared for Concert. Church
and Home.
Special Attention Given to Voice-
placement,  Tone-production
and Expression,.
For Terms and Lesson Hours Apply at Temporary Residence,
Mrs. A. B. Barber's,  Ladner.
For Sale.
From 75 to 100 cords of wood, nt
the Boundary Bay ranch. Price,
51.25 per cord cm the. ground.
Wanted 20 .Store Pigs, 70 to 100
pounds each,
Ladner, B.C.
J*. F. HsV-rispn, one of our popular teachers, left, last week, (or
Chilliwack, where he has accepted
the position of Principal. We are
sorry to lose so efficient a teacher,
while we niwst congratulate Mr.
Harrison on his promotion..
Among those who returned1 ou
Saturday evening from visiting the
Ifair were: 17,P. Grant and wife,.
lt^N. Ric'i and daughter,, Mrs. I.
Whitworth. Mrs. F., B. Ladner,
Misses Violet Ladner, Minerva
Smith and Irene Robinson.
Jv Cl Cunningh; ia leaves in a,
fipw days 'or Cano? Creek, B. C,
fpr tl.e..I enefit o( his health, having
Qbtaine-l employ mnut there. Mrs.
Qunnip^aspi *>*id family w.tfl reside
ip NaparftBo for a while. Should
tj_e. ciimate of the Interior prove
!**��neTi-tial to Mr. Cunningham, they
���^ill.no doubt take up housekeeping
Annually. t<> fill the new positions
created by Railroad aiul Tfetegrapb
Companies. We want YOUNG
MEN and LADIES of good habits to
Wc furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators and Station Agents in
America. Onr-six schools are the
largest exclusive Telegraph .Schools
in the world. Established 20 years
and endorsed by all leading Railway Officials,
We ekecute 2.^250 Kond tc-.every
student to fur-nish him or her a
position paying from $40 to 560 a
month in States east of the Rock>
Mountains, ov from $75 tip f,icx, ,->
month hi States west of the Rockies,
im mediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time.
No vacations.    For! fuirparticulars
regarding any of our schools, write
1 direct  to. our executive, office  at
Cincinnati, 0}    Catalogue free,
I Kail
Cincinnati, G*liio.
Atlanta, Ga.
Buffalo, N.Y
La Crosse, Wis!
San Fiancisqp
SO Hesd of Stock
The following entries have beeu
Mr. P. Pearse���7 choice dairvCows,
all young and in fi.ll profit.
Mr. W. J. Leary���10 three-year-old
Heifers, 1 two-year-old Heifer,. ^
heifer Calves, 1 two-year-old
Shorthorn pedigreed Bull.
Messrs. Pyke Bros.���2 Cow.s,. Iirood
Mare in loal, yeai'liiig Colt.
Mr. Geo. Dennis���2 grade Durham
Cows ;n calf. 2 Calves, 2 brood
Mr, J. McRae���2 fat Cows.
Mrs. II. G. Taylor���2 two-year-old
Steers, 3 one ?,nd a. half-year-old
Mr. VV. H. Ladner���6. registered
Shorthorn bul. Calves.
Mr Siitheibv���1 purebred Durham
Mr. James Mason-r-.i gr.ade Shorthorn bull Calf.
Mr. 1). A. McKee���Road: driving
Mare,. 1 four-year-old g?<cy Gelding.
Mr. W. Kirkiir.ul��� i-saddle-Pony.
Mr. G. Paddon���1 seven-year-old
Horse, works single or double
and has been.ridden,
Mr.. C. I\ C*reeii��� 1 '1'op.Buggv,, i,
Further entries solicited-.
Terms Cash.
H.. N:. RICH,,
UtlneA -b.C.7
One 4-year-old Brown Horse with
Diamond Brand on Hip.
Anyone-giving information which
will lead to recovery of same will
be suitibly rewarded.
Inverholme Stock Farm.
Owing to diTegird of posted
notices, bv sportsmen and others,
and the danger to life and stock-
through irresponsible parties shooting, I will. pi;osecute, without exception,, all parties trespassing on
the "Trenant Farm" after thi*s date.
Ladner, B. C, ,Sept. 30, '05.
Comprising���Hining Table with 6
leaves, 6 Dining   Room  Chairs,
Cabinet Wiiting Desk and Chair.,
Centre- Table,   Rocking  Chairs,
Linoleum, Sewing Machine, Bed
Lounge,  2  Iron  Bedsteads and
mattresses, Iron Child's Cot and
Mattress, 5 Bedroom Sets, Toiletware,    Druggets,   Curtains   and
Poles,   Oilcloth,   Stove-,   Heater,
No. 9 Cook Siove, Kitchen Table
and   Chairs,   Lamps,   Crockery,
Pots   and    Pans,   Wash   Tubs,
Wringer, Garden Tool*-; and Miscellaneous Effects; .vhich
]VJR. II. Ni RICH has  received
instructions  from   Mr.  John
I Cunningham to .Sell by Auction, at
!his residence, in the Villager of'Ladder, on
Tuesd*av, Oct. 17th,
1905, at 2 p.m.
Terms Cash.
N.B.���The- abev-fl-; i's all in first
class .c;jnnPj.ou,>
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
meu can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient, place.
his is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
ahd to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATES g   $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe  Deposit  Ca, Limited'.,
Authorized Capital, 125,000.
F. J. liART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
M. Clam*
Watches and Jewelry at Lowest Prices.
Bepairirip; a Specialty.
It's time to think of
These chilly evenings remind o-ie of the stormy weather
to come and its attendant draughts.
We have just npene.! ont a splendid line, they- are
of course���and generous value���these prices ior example���
Draught Screens, jjft. 6in. high, lcurfold���oppniug out to 7 ieet
wide���handsomely Kmbroi Icrcd in Gold on black and; terra
cotta grounds,
4e5G io $2.00 <��aeh��
The   Hand   Painted   Screen:���same   size���in    a   great
variety of dv'-i.ys!*,
4.O0 fe BaSG each*
These art all excellent value.
i��tfvE1U*ER,. BROS.


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