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The Delta Times Aug 20, 1904

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*A��� -^
,   .
Vol. 1. No. sa
$1.00 a year
Why Send A way
tht Term.
Dry Goods &
Mens Furnishings?
WE carry a complete and "Up to the Minute" stock of
everything in these departments, and Save ,j
You Express and Postage.
Just opened up1 a complete stock of "Burritt's'" worsted Hose for "Boys,
Ladies and Children, from 20c pair up.
75 .Pieces English and Canadian Flannelettes, in Plain Colors and Fancy
Stripes, from 5c to 20c per yard.
Men's -Shirts-
At the conference of Dominion
Fruit Inspectors recently held at
the Central Experimental Farm,
Prof. Shutt gave a very clear and
scientific explanation of the value
of cover crops to the orchardist, of
wliich the following is a synopsis.
Among the many advantages to
be derived from the system of orchard culture which includes the
growth of cover crops, we may cite
as the two most important, the
control of the soil mosture, and the
improvement of the soil.
Speaking  generally, it  is  desirable that the  soil  moisture  Should
be conserved for the orchard  trees
during the earlier  months  of the
season     Up to, sav, Julv   ist,   the
tree is making new growth   and  is
transpiring through its leaves lritge
quantities of . water.    Further, the
swelling fruit is making,Its demafirts
for water.     For every pound of dry
matter of leaf or wood  or fruit, the
| tree uses at least 300 lbs. of water.
Hence, in districts wh**re  droughts
may prevail in spring or  the  rain-
fa!! be scanty,   the importance of
surface cultivation is marked.    By
this means an earth mulch  is produced, and thus evaporation checked 01 prevented.    The  cover  crop
system allows of surface cultivation
! in   the spring and early  summer
months. aaaa
Hon. R. Prefontaine
The following is taken from the
Daily Colonist of Wednesday's
Vancouver, Aug. 16.���Hon. Mr.
Prefontaine spoke to the liberal
Association to-night. He said that
before he left British Columbia soil
he would likely have placed the
fisheries of the province in such a
shape that instead of their being an
asset to the Dominion of fifteen
million** they would be increased in
monetary value 100 per cent.
At Steveston, to-day, the fishermen, through their leaders, had announced that they  were  willing to
have a  close  season  from   August
25th to September 15th.    Thiscon-
cession wa.s   what   he   was waiting
for.    He had at once instructed the
department to  increase the present
salmon hatchery from ten to twenty-five  million  eggs, and  had  instructed   lumber  to  be  ordered at
once for the  construction of a new
hatchery  at   Harrison   River  with
.10,000,000 eggs  capacity, and' still
Had to duplicate our order tor Men's Shirts and have just received the
Last shipment comprising all the very latest designs, also Scotch Flannel
Shirts with and without collars.*
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Trunks, from $3.00 up.    Suit Cases, from $3.25 up.
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Made to Order Clothing-
Call and see our New Fall Samples and when you learn the price you
are sure to leave your measure.    "We will have your suit here three
Weeks from date of order.
Marshall Smith
Cloverdale, the junction of the
G.N.R. and V.T'.R'., is- apparently
coming to th _ tore and taking the
position wliich is hers by right of
geographical position. The two
roads mentioned meeting hete,
With the prospect ofa third, should
help to build up a thriving town.
Among the recent improvements
made in arid about the town are:
A handsome new residence for Mr.
Laking, of the Cloverdale Milling
Co., $3,000*,; Oddfellows' Hall, $i,-
500; hotel and bakesliop combined;
opera hottse, erected by a joint
stock compftny; two new stores, one
for Messrs. Blair & Haddon, and
one for Messrs. Smith & McDonald;
a creamery; blacksmith shop for
Alex. Matheson, and a new residence for H. McDonald.
Lady Joly de Lotbii.iare is dead.
The Japs lost 20,000 on the 14th,
15th and 171b inst.
Port Arthur, thougb badly bruised, is still in the ring.
Dr. Tolmie is busy fi^htinj; hog
cholera in Nanaimo district.
j Dalgetty is the name of the new
capital of the Australia*.. Commonwealth,
J-ohn A. Coates, a teacher of Victoria, was (drowned in Shawttt&ari
Lake on Thursday.
In the Lillooet by-election, whifjh
took place ou Tuesday, the government candidate, MeDoua'd, was
roturned by a majority of 84.
Slight  injuties   often   disable   al
man and cause several days' loss of
time and  when   blood   poison  develops, sometimes result  in tie loss
of a hand or limb.    Cham! erlain'S;
Pain Balm is an antiseptic liniment.:
When applied to cuts, luuises and'
burns it causes them to heal quic -
ly   and   without   maturation,   audj
prevents any danger of blood poison.;
Por sale by F. J. Mackenzie.
Acceding to The G mnierciah 1
of *7 ii.nipeg, the v..*" V iujpp-Jy of
oats in the United St.. , .-. i Can- '
ada, east of'the Rqck\ M tu I 1 n< '
is 2,109,000 bushels, compare.
with $.706,000 bushels a vear ago.
Experiments have been made to
ascertain the effects of cover crops
and cultivation on soii moisture ou
tiie Central Experimental Farm for
several years. Thus, May 6th, 1901
we found that there was 130 tons
more water per acre, to a depth of
14 inches, in cultivated soil than in
the adjoining plot Cs-.rriug a vigorous growth of clover. This means
that the latter soil contained one
half the water iu tha cultivated soil.
But grass sod is more exhaustive
than clover sod In 1903, from
May to July, trials every two weeks
showed that the soil in sod contained from 50 to 100 per cent, less
water than adjoining soil in cultivation���the difference being at times
over 200 tons per acre. The drought
in the early part of 1903 emphasi/.
ed these tacts and showed most
markedly the valua of cultivation.
In the autumn, on the other hand,
it is desirable that the water supply
should be dimished, so that vegetative growth should be checked and
the wood given an  opportunity  to
; ripen   before  the  winter   sets   in.
1 This is readilv  brought about by
sowing .the cover cop  in June or
e o-!v par: of fitly.
I./-    '  ������-     'Ok     IMPROVKMJs'NT    OF
The improvement of soils by tlie
growth  of   clover  or  some   other
legume is effected   by  the addition
oi".humus and  nitrogen,   Experiments   go   to   show  that by this;
means the soil  can   be  enriched to i
the exti-ut of iqo  lbs. or   more of
nitrogen per acre, this nitrogen being appr pfi. 'ed from the at uos :
pliere  by   tiie   plant   through  the
age cy of certai > ba teri,-i.. t: al ie |
side in the clovei  roots.    Ii seen   !
more than  probable tii at a   goori
crop of clover turned under will enrich the soil to  an  extent' equal to
an   application   of tea  tons  of ordinary barnyard manure.   Not only
th il .-���!���   ' jt i'i. rjl��:'saV>  pfai 1
��� ������"'.   0      :������   7' YiKoshed   , li
: ; ii;*- ",.-. :   , but; buhfuij-fi >-. ung
��� -terial is . '. . : iularge'tjuantities,
and Uus.j.s  i ,-, u.,!'- 7 decay   ivpai
ticirlarly Important in  ameliorate;
another  hatchery  to  be built in a
location not decided upon.
He said the fisheries had been
going behind. All classes in the
industry acknowledged this. He
wished he had been here a year
sooner then they, would not have
gone behind and they would go behind no nisire. All difficulties
would npw be adjusted.
Mr. Prefontaine stated that he
could announce that in a fe.v days
the terminus of the Grand Trunk
Pacific would be decided upon.
That lie would himselfproceed north I
with the Grand Trunk Pacific of-!
ficials and choose either Port Simp- j
son, Kitamat or a terminal at South (!
Port Simpson. He. said he could j
announce emphatically that con-
struction would proceed on the]
Grind Trunk Pacific simultaneous
ly from Winnipeg west and the Pacific coast east.
Hon. Raymond Prefontaine, Minister of Marine, was very  busy to- j
day.    He visited the Lake Beauti-j
ful  tunnel  of   thc  B.   C.. Electric!
Railway where their power is generated, and rode into the  mountain
Ppr  a  mile.    He  later  visited the
halibut steamers unloading and expressed himself surprised at the active halibut fisheries developed here, j
A visit was then paid to the Bon,'
Accord hatchery, and   the minister
expressed himself as much interest-!
ed and instructed.    lie received an
address irom Vancouver and Westminster, and from the Liberal party
of Vancouver.
After a very s'renuous day he-
addressed the Liberal meeting tonight.
The Province claims tb have au
authoritative s.aleiiie'n't lhat the
new fishery cruiser  to   be  built for
Council met on Saturday, August
13, at 2 p.m., with the Reeve, R.
E- Kittson, in the chair, and Couns.
Embree, Huff, Holmes, Davie and
McKenzie present.
Minutes of previous meeting
were read and adopted.
From the Victoria Terminal Rail*
way Co., re gravel. Received and
From Gilley Bros., re ro^k. Re*
ceived and Clerk to reply.
The Cemetery Amendment Bylaw was passed as finally reconsidered.
The   Clerk   was    instructed   to
write the Indian Agency re thistles
J and noxious weeds on the Indian
Reserve at Chewassen.
Coun. McKenzie, having sold eut
his interests here, tendered his
resignation, which was accepted.
It was, on motion, .decided to
hold an election to fill the vacancy
in Ward L,'nomination on the
22nd, and election, if atiy, on the
25th inst. The Clerk to be returning officer at the usual remuneration.
The usual monthly accounts were
passed lor payment. See list iu
next issue.
The Council then adjourned to
meet again on Saturday, August
27th at 2 p.m.
The agriculturists of B. C. have
heretofore  bad  no  paper   devoted
solely to their interests from a B.
C. standpoint, but  in  Suburb and
Country, published weekly at Victoria, we now have a paper aiming
to deal with farm problems in B.C.,
and to this end they have secured a
staff of successful at.d practical people to  contribute  articles  and answer questions on  matters pertain**.
ing to conditions  facing the B. C.
farmer,   fruit   grower,   stockman,
poultry-keeper, dairyman of others'
engaged in farming pursuits.    The
'���Question Box"   is  open to all ou
all subjects, such as fruit-growing,
poultry, soils and fertilizers, insect
pests, etc., etc.    The  paper is $1
per year but  we  have  arranged to
send   you  The  Delta   Times   and
Suburb  and  Country for $1.50 per
year for both papers.
We are sorry to Iiave to- report
the burning out of Andrew Brown,
of Sunbuiy. All but the sewing
machine,   was  burned.    The barn
British   Columbia  waters   will   be!
larger   than   the    present   fishery!
cruiser   Kestral.     More  than  oue.
gunboat is  required  to drive alien i
fishing boats out of British  waters,!
and it is understood that  Raymond
Prefontaine,  Minister of Fisheries,1
will advise lhat the second gunboat
be bu'.lt at once.
and outhouses were saved by the
kindly assistance of the neighbors.
The fire occurred on Tuesday, dur-
the absence of Mrs. Brown aad the
family were away on a visit. The
lo^s is partially covered by insure
the physical conditions of the soil.
A;;d, lastly, the mineral matter
s'w':.! up in the coyer cr'op is finally
set tree jnToxins readily assimilable
by the roots of the orchard trees.
By a very small vote���200 out oi
700 ratepayers ��� Chilliwack has
iu-. i. ..!  :���!  grant   permission  to a
company to i ,: dl i n eleetric.Kght-
ing plant besides building a train
way to connect with New Westminster. V.edder Creek will sup;.iy Ui<
A rather simple-looking lad halt-'
ed before a blacksmith's shop oa
his way from school, and eyed tit*
doings ot the proprietor with much.,
interest. The brawny smith, di*-,
satisfied with the boy's curiosity,
held a piece of red-hot iron suddenly under the youngster's nose,
hoping to make him beat a hasty
retreat. "If you'll give me half a
dollar, I'll lick it," said the lad,.
The smith took fiom his pocket
half a dollar, and held it out. The
simple-looking youngster took the
coin, llcke'd it, ami slowlv walkeij'
away, \vmslliii__.���Chums.
^^m��V&!i<*��->*''**>'" Se%f*x***w
Su|��ciaw��)H, $l-���� Wjfc*
Casual AdTCTtHewesU. ��o ceota per U��e tor
tte6i*9ti**#..*rt.oii. and s <�������������* l*.r !"ie Vf S***
��b��s,uc_t ioae.--.iw..    The . �����>��*>��<*�������
���cckoued by lie apace occupied, iiUneato tne
'iach.        :
Rites torC-jminerrfa) AdTertisemen*s cap be
���**�����! on application _t this office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line for each in*
'   Birth end ��e��tt��ot��ce��,si)C.,M>>rri��_�� $��.<��.
Any special notice, the oJ.ect of which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit ol iny lndWidjial
or company, to be considered an sdrertisewent
' and charted accordingly.
All adrertisemsnu charged for iM>til ordered
out and paid for.
��� Correspondence invited ou matters ol pifbHc
Interest. Cowpeqnicationafp editor must be ac-
tompanied by name ot? writer, not necesaarUy
lor publlcfstipn, but as evidence of (pod nil*.
Corresppndencc must reach this office by 1 burs-
day evening.
Geo. R.
do not trouble themselves in this
matter, we consider they arc asleep
and unmindful of their duty.
We sincerely trust that the clergy
will look into this matter.
We often hear people say that it
would be a good idea to do away
with the ward system, but no one
seems to want to take the initiative,
It seems to us that all the work of
organization���no matter of what
pature���-is left to a noble few, -while
the balance lie back and growl and
find fault because they haye not
-been personally asked to take a
Jkading part, Get .in drill, men,
and see what can be done in the
By doing away with the ward
system, you have an opportunity of
.voting on aU- the members of the
.Council, as well as being able to
nominate the best men of the whole
district, You also will, in all probability, get men to run who otherwise would not haye anything to
do with it. Then, again, your
.taxes may be used where most
.needed.   Let us hear from you,
The London Times prints the
following extract of a letter received by Lord Meath on the subject ol
military training of lads: "I have
just returned from a very short visit
to Natal. I went there to see their
cadets. Like sensible people, they
make all beys attending government schools or all schools helped
hy government funds become cadets.
In fact, it is compulsory, and a
move in the right direction. There
were some 3,000 lads in camp at
Pietermaritzburg for ten days, and
a real fine show they were, keen as
mustard, and smart, competition be
tween schools being ode ot the
stimulants to excel. What a pity
they do not insist on this at home.
It is such a simple and inexpensive
method of giving military training."
The oat crop, this year, will be,
.so far as we can make out from information gathered up to tbe present, scarcely reach fifty per cent, of
last year's figures. We do not
mean by this that the oat crop is a
.very small one. Last season we
-had a banner crop, which, had it
.all been saved, would have been a
surprise to ,tnpst people, This year,
���though the number of sacks is
about one-half that of last year, the
.grain is very plump and, with a
continuance of the present fine weather, the prospects are that ail will
pe saved in good shape.
There .seems to have been a larg-
et quantity of wheat grown, this
jrear than last, and the general report is that "better never was
grown on the pclta."
Taken all round, the Delta's output of hay and grain wijl be a
good average crop.
Cottonseed meal is a by-product
in making cottonseed oil. It is
the richest of all the concentrates,
but varies greatly in quality. It is
not suitable for pigs or calves.
Good cottonseed meal, which is a
bright lemon-yellow in color, and
has a iresh, pleasant taste, may be
profitably fed in reasonable quantity, if combined with other feeds
Not more than three or four pounds
daily should be fed to dairy cows.
Ill II II It II 1 IH ��������!������ -t-M-J > 1-414 1 U-H.M-4 -I-+-.M :!���������>������
-I>BA1,ER   CN-
Fine Boots,
Best Goods, Lowest Prices
Custom  Work a Specialty.
Gents' Clothing,
Hats & Furnishings
At All Prices.
Don't forget to renew those shooting notices. The season will soon
begin now.
A bovine wonder is to be seen at
Camp Beautiful. T. E. L.'s attention was attracted to an unusual
noise a short distance up the hill.
On a little closer examination, he
discovered Marshall Smith's cow
feet up a tree, browsing.   Next?
As promised bv the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, J. R. Anderson, a handsome case of seeds,
noxious and otherwise, has been
received by the Delta Farmers' Institute, and may be seen at tbe
office of the Municipal Clerk. It
contains samples, and should
prove very beneficial to the farmers
of this district.
Best Line of Boots & Shoes in Town.
Rubbers to Suit Everyone.
Staple Dry Goods at Lowest Prices
Delta Transfer Stable
team Work Done at Specialty Low Prises,
JOSEPH JORDi-VN, Projjrteior.
.* Telephone" Ladner" No 10.
The MeGormick has heea awarded tha patm ef eteaaanea by reason af
Hs superb and spleedid work in the grain and gram fields of the world.
Write to-day for beautifatfy illustrated book, printed ia colon, entitled
"it Token the Mm," atieh mill beaupplied free to anyone interested
in heneeting machines. You ere cordially invited to call and soa
the maeeino.
J. F. STAINTON, Agent, Ladner, B. C.
Savings Department.
We wish to call the attention of
^he public generally, and the Council and Churches particularly, to
^he existing condiiion of .things in
ponnectjon with the Mechanics' Institute. .Messrs. W. H. ��mith and
F. Cutting have been doing their
utmost to have the people take an
jbterest in }J and elect a new {set of
officers, but no one seems t$ care
jrhether jthe -Institute is J^t ,open
or no*.
*_f this Institute is allowed to be
plosetl through^ lack of interest; gnd
puppori, ij will reject very tdis-
preditably jupon this ee/mppn^.
Such on institujtjor demands a very
���eneraj support, piore especially
Irom the Council ^ud *be Churches.
Gain* lor Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in this man's place,
bnt keep a bottle of thi. remedy in yoei
3oUc,'choierlMorbM,%Ury MdiDepodts of $1 and upwards received and Inter-
Oiarrhoen.     It is equally valuable foi I _ ,. . __,   ,       ,    _ ,   _    .
Summer Complaint and Cholera Infan-1 est ..Allowed at Highest Current Rates,
turn and has saved the lives of morel
.hildren than any other medicine in use. 1 KQ BRANCHES
When reduced with water and sweet-
ened it ia pleasant to take. | BRANCHES  IN BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vancouver
rore��ton(_ed0i*is0rM^r^Mro^i_S.lEast End. Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Chilli-
���Mid when that time comes you will need wack. Ladner, Cumberland.
It badly; yon will need it quickly. Why
not buy it now and be prepared for such        	
,tn emergency?   ''rice. 85 cents.
tacorporaUd IS**.
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted.
A. 0.   U. W.
DEt.TA   I.OUC.K   SO.   ij,   meets   fir.t    and
tliiril   Tuesdays   in   each month i.i Wad-
dcll'a Hall. T. W. KKKK. Ki-corder.
I. <.IIXItl<.IST. M. w
I. O. F.
Court Ossno, No.  3443, meets
in I  "   "
each   month      Visiting
always    welcome.       C.   R, J   B
Burr; R S.   B S  McDonald
H. K. WRIGHT, Manager,
Stokes & Cullis
Westham Street,
Ladner-, B. C.
Fashion Stables -
Tracking and Drayntg.
Livery work of ell skiatds attended to promptly.
Wm. Alexander
I.aduer. B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Koom 3, Kllard Black, Kew Westminster.
Time Table.
r. r. *���*> �� 11    J *��� ���-���, Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
OOF Hall, 3rd Tuesday in  -��        . j ti ,-.        ,
month    visiting brethren i Rough and Dressed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta*
10.0 f.
Delta Lodge, No. ai.���The retgu*
Inr meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening $t S p.
m. Vising Brethren cordfially invited to attend.
N. A. McDiARMiii. N.G.
Wh .% .4/ Urn*.%.-
Our Price la Right. We Oan Save You Money.
Crop Us a Llnp, Oaf Agent WIU Call pa you.
8$of iy*
> l$*R*ll*rf
W. A. Kirkland.
A constant supply of Good Milk
Cows for private families or for
dairy use on hand, also
tn)����*i i fr 1 si;. ti;����^.��^i��ssgi*i>.,.<<��������;��
MamiiactureT* of all kliuls ol
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
IN EFFECT MAY 1, 1904.
No. 1���Leaves Victoria at 7 a.m.,
arrives at Guichon 11130 and at New
Westminster, 1 p.m.
No. t���Leaves New Westminster at 1.45 p.m., Guichon, 3 p. an.,
arriving at Victoria 7:20 p.m.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings .always kept in stock.
Htfaury Public,
Ladner, B. O.
Purckwlnc Agent
lit All ****�� .With Ut*
ant Ma.Ke-Mlra*.Im JUa OrttkMst.
Ttaleaa Ia��U��ta flkst lUwhe-A ���!���
Otmmkri .c����m*.
The development of a -vldoos korse
strom an innocent.colt Je .described by
rifewell Ford-in one ,of tbe stories la
-"Horses Mine." Tbe eelf s disposition
���was flrst spoiled fa^lf nocant and cruel
Aandling *on .the term of one Pecklns,
Chen he was sold,:and hie subuwiueat
.career is thus,pictured:
In the weeks, during which he trailed
*rer t_sejtriiK.-dlatr.ct.-of southern illch-
���igan in .the weke etithe horse 'buyer
.Slue Biases learned iBothing good and
iSnnch that was IN. ,He-flnl��hed the trip
-���with raw hocks, a hoot print .on his
������"flank and tooth marks on neck anal
-withers. Horses led in a bunch do not
Improve in disposition.
Some of the scores, the :blue roaneell
#aid in kind, some he.did net. bnt he
learned the game .of give .and take.
- Men snd horses .alike, be com luded,
were against Aim. If he .woukl hold
Me own, 'he must be ready with teeth
sand hoofs. Especially he carried with
tfclm always a black, .furious hatred ef
���Bun in general.
Se be went, about with eats laid back,
the whites of bis eyes sliowinj- and a
bite or a kick .ready,in. any emergency.
.Day by day ithe hate in him deepened
������until it became the master passion. A
..quick footfall behind him was enough
do send his heels flying as though they
tied been released by a hair trigger. He
ticked .first and Investigated afterward.
���JThe mere right-of a man within reaching distance -reused, all Uls (ferocity.
Toward bis own kind Slue Biases
liboie himself,deflantfy. Double harness
was something he loathed. -One waa
mot tree .to .work his will .on the de-
sapUed sdrirer if hampered hy a pole
and mate. In Mich .ca*** ihe ntppefl
���* ensues .and kicked tunder tbe traces until released. Be had .a special antlp*
jrtljy (for gray ihorsee and ieught them
.���on /the smaileet prerocatlon or upaa
none at all.
As a result Blue Blazes, while .mowing no masters, had many owners,
aoineUuies three in a single week. He
" -began his career hy 'filling .a three
snontbs* engagement as ,a livery horse,
but after he bad run away u idosen
-���times, wrecked sereral carriages and
*dlssbled a hostler lie was -sold if or haV
bis /purchase iprlee.
Then .did ihe enter eipon ibis wandering.*- ln real earnest. He pulled Btreet
-earn, delivery wagons, drays and ash
���carts. He was sold .to, unsuspecting
farmers, who, when his evil traits
���cropped out, swapped him anceremonl-
���dusly and With ingenious prevarication
by the roadside. In [tbe natural coarse
mt events iie was much punished.
Up and across tlie southonu peninsula cf Michigan 'he drifted conten-
ftously, growing <more vicious with
.each encounter, -more /daring after each
victory, in Uuskegon he sent the driv-
<er of a grocery .wagon to the /hospital
with a shoulder bite requiring cauterisation and four stitches. In Manistee
be broke the small bones in the leg of
.�� baker's large boy. In Cadillac a
boarding stable hostler struck him
wltb aa leen shovel. Blue Blazes kicked the hostler quite accurately and
���err suddenly through a window.
setweea (Cadillac aaa &sissu aa
���spent several .lively weeks with fans-
see. Host.of them Med various teals* processes. Rome escaped with
bruises and some suffered serious tn-
Jnty. At Alpena he found an owner.
Who, having read something very convincing tea horse trainer's book, elaborately strapped the roan's legs according te diagram and then went into
���tlie etall to wreak vengeance with a
jldlng whip. Blue Biases accepted one
cut, after .which he.crushed the avenger against tbe plank partition until
three of the man's -ribs were broken.
The Alpena man waa fished from under the roan's hoofs Just In time to
save his life.
This Incident esrnsd Blue Blues the
name of "man killer," and it etuck.
He even figured In the newspsper dispatches. "Blue Biases, the Michigan
Man Killer," "The -Ugliest Horse
Alive," "Alpena's Equine Outlaw"-
these were some of the hesdllnes. The
Perkins method had borne fruit
Wi rnever.aetem sends forth a oranca
and a branch sends off a smaller bough,
bud or atom, tbey remain, the same la
dia meter, and .the original atom will
inn-ease rather/then diminish until lta
uext branch starts. No bough, branch
or stem.ever .narrows near its extremity exeept where lt paste with * portion of lta substance -hy sending off
another branch or stem.
All trees are alike in this respect and
If all the boughs, branches, stems, buds
and blossoms were combined and united without loss of space they would
form a round log the same ln size and
diameter aa the trunk from which they
spring. This Is one of nature's imperative Jaws and never fails to prove true.
rate's* Pew e.
Oalnat nature** wisdom we suy eat ��gae��
Vet that htr taata /ia -aomatlmae not tto
1 mint aflruL  Mia is conclusive teat:
Tha fur
That matches Maud** complexion, eyes
and hal��
Should grow oa Maiid. but nature gase*
���taw rilae-Ai* AM* ta Taat*.
The proboscis of the fly aud the
tongues af bees and ante are furnished
with numerous delicate hairs set in minute pits. These sre perhaps connected
with the organ of teste; but, though
the exact locality of this sense ln Insects is uncertain, we know that the
groups of cells ln the /tongues of animals called taste bulbs form to part
the ends of the organ of taste. These
vary in number, increasing in the higher animals. Tbey are very close and
exceedingly numerous tn man, while
the tongue of even the cow bas corns
.95,000 taste bulbs.
, It would be interesting to know
whether each special taste excites a
special group of nerves and that only,
thus corresponding to the .auditory
nerves. These taste bulbs were discovered in 1887. Each one consists ef
two kinds of cells, one set forming an
cuter protective covering, through an
opening in which project from Ave to
ten of the tnie taste cells. Though Important they are not apparently an essential port .of the organ, for birds snd
reptiles hare none, but neither have
they s keen sense of taste, except perhaps tbe parrot.
A  fo.er.
Little Dorothy Perkins was usually a
very truthful child. When she waa
not truth, ui, she was plausible.
Coming ln from her walk one morning, she informed her mother that she
had seen a Hon in the park.
No amount of persuasion or reasoning wavered her statement one hair's
breadth, se at night, wben Sbe slipped
down beside her knee, her mother said,
"Ask God to forgive you for that flb,
Dorothy hid her face for a minute;
then sbe looked straight Into her mother's eyes, with ber own shining like
stars, and said, "I did ask him, mamma, .dearest and be said: 'Don't mention It Miss Perkins. That big dog
has cf ten fooled ma'"
I lak-MHad.
"And now," said Professor Longhme
ter as he greeted Mr. Henry Peck.
, "what shall we make of your little boy
->a lecturer? He has.a sincere taste fet
!    "I know he has," replied the mats
patent "He Inherits/it from his.motb
Wot So Saryrlaln*.
"Does yo' talk huckleberry plat.
Claud r
Claud���'Deed I could eat hucWebetty
pie till I'm black ln de face.
RM Savpant.
14* fortisn nobleman ls ba,
Yet lt haa coins to pass*
That Mabel pays his tailor bills.
And Stella pays thc gas.
FSIr Phyllis staves tb* landlord off;
On Kate (or food hs leans;
They are the girls he rhymea about
In all ths magazines.
The Barred Road.
"There Is only one road to success te
We," said the man who had .made hia
lucky and retired.
"And bow shall tl know tbe roadl"
Inquired the budding young man.
"Well," replied the man with tbe
lucky, "you go /right along this path
of adversity until .you reach the first
turn to tbe .fight"
"Yes. yes."
"And you'll find a road barred off
with a gate :and a Sign that says 'Na
Trespassing.'   Well, stbat's it"
Concerning the Latter "T."
A writer in Science denies that the
letter "y" Is a lineal descendant from
the Roman "T," which ln the time of
Cicero was /borrowed from the Oreek
alphabet to .represent upsllon In the
translation ef Greek names. The latter ls only used, he ssys, as a vowel te
transliterate upsllon ln loan words either direct from Uie Greek er indirect-
ly through Latin or French. In a great
majority of cases the English "y" Is a
semlconsonsnt co-responding ln value
with the continental "J." Along with
the other Roman letters, **y" was
adopted by the Anglo-Saxons from the
Latin.alphabet with a value approximating to that of �����*." In fact, he
claims that theee ls not a lineal descendant of the Anglo-Saxon "j" now
ln.exlstence. The letter "y" ln modern
English words is, curiously enough, he
claims, not a "j" at all, -but a lineal descendant of the Anglo-Saxon "g,"
which was the Roman "G" evolved by
the Romans out ef an earlier "C."
-t MrateiTs
A rery small boy was watching his
mother sew wlialphones in tier dress.
"What are they, tuaV" lie asked.
"Bones," she replied.
"Whoser .continued the little fellow.
"Mine," she/answered.
He regarded her a minute ln amazement and then asked solemnly, "How
did you get 'em out?"
HM Shndr Observation.
Miss Jones tto Mr. Brown, wbo has
survived three wives)���They must get
kind of mixed tup ln heaven with so
many Mrs. Browns about
Mr. Brown-Ob, no; I calculate not
Teu *eee, now, they're all -different
shades of Brown.
A FaUnr*.
"Tes, 5 consider my life a failure.**'
"Oh. Henry, how sadl   Why should
youcay that?"
"I spend all my time making money
enough to buy food a d clothes, but
the food /disagrees wltu me, and my
clotbes-don't fit."
Hatare'a Cartons Tree Law.
Let us observe a law common to all
trees.    First, neither the stems nor
. boughs of the maple, elm or oak taper
exceut at the ipoint where tbey fork.
Jerry���Is tbe world getting bette 1
Jack���It's getting wiser.   I hsve an
awful time trying to borrow money.
Three Months-
Of Hot, Dry Weather will necessitate you getting SCREEN DOORS
We can supply you with the above���HOME MADE and WELL
Hitchen ��$ Pantry Furniture
Windows, Doors, Blinds,
and Brackets
A Different Question.
Perkins, Jr.���Why don't you buy that
horse of Seth's, pop? He's .got a Una
Perkins, Sr.���Pedigree! The question
Is, Is he wuth anything? Why, bey,
them sassiety folks what comes hen
ln tlie summer has pedigrees.
Pallshed Oral*.
Betty-Mr. Cynique ls too polished
for words, isn't he?
Peggy-Oh, dear, yes. Everything ha
says reflects on some .one.
Morten aatlc.
Th* son ot a kingly fanatic
Loved a maid whom his father, ���
p ha tic,
Forbade hlm to wed.
" 'Tis the style!" the prince said,
"For -combines to be Morganatlcl"
Her Achievement.
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs.
Torklna. "you know you-said we ought
to put something by for a rainy day."
"Well don't you think this bargain
Tain coat ls pertecUy lovely r*
Holy iConimunion, ist and 3rd
.Sundays, at ti a.tn Other Sundays at 8.30 a.m.
Morning prayer. 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday^Scbool at 10 a.m., Friday
evening, Ifcitany and choir practice.
Evensong, 3 p.m, at Boundary
Rev,.s.Canon Hilton, vicar.
Reverend "Father Edm. Peytavm,
O.M. I. Services first and third
Sunday of each month at 10:30 a m
Services next Lord's Day at 1 1
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sablratli School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Rev. A. N. Miller, .castor.
Services next Lord's Day at 3p. m
Sabbath School  at 2 p.m     Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock
Thos. Oswald, minister.
Service eveny Lord's Day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Services conducted by
Rev. A. A. McLeod.
Howiare you'fixed for Shooting
Notices?   Every $ helps us.
i mmm.
The Commercial's Views
of Our JBxfaibit.
The following, taken from The
Commercial, of Winnipeg, speaks
volumes for B. C. truits:
"Tke exhibit of British Columbia fruits at the Dominion exhibition, in charge of R. M. Palmer,
ses-Tetary of the Bureau of Infor-
nation, B.C., attracted,jjreat attention and elicited much. praise. /It
consisted of choice specimens of
both preserved and fresh fruits. The
specimens were remarkably fine.
The array ot preserved fruits included apples, pears, plums, peaches, currants, quinces, crib apples,
logan berries, blackberries and
strawberries. Ot the last thiee
there were many varieties. One
large spray of crab apples was particularly remarked upon.
"But the fresh fruit--was-what
caught the eye of the western fruit
merchant. Despite the long journey, and, it is stated, deficiencies in
the way of proper means of transportation, the ( aily shipments presented a most attractive appearance.
Particular care was given /to the
packing. Tomatoes, especially
Woodwards, eight or nine kinds of
cherries, including lamberts, royals,
olivettes, Windsors, English morei-
los and royal amor varieties,, apples,
raspberries and -red currants combined in making a most Effective
display. An extension of the ventilation car system, already available as far east as Calgary, would,,
it is asserted, make it possible for
British Columbia fruits to find a
ready sale in the Winnipeg market"
Paraerfaa; Maa.
"Mean!" exclaimed the museum
freak. "Why, he's so mean that ha
broke his.engagement to the two heeded girl because he was afraid of het
millinery bills."
Tha Orla-laal .flirt.
sSht't quit* original, they aay.
A blltha and winsome alt;
She playa Beethoven ln a .way
Be didn't know himself.
���atte> Neeesaara*.
*Well," ssld the plain cltlsen, "there
are always two sides to a question."
"Of course," replied the diplomat
"otherwise how could we dodge it?"
Recommends Ch_nib��T.airi's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrh-aea Remedy.
Atv ut eighteen -months ago Mr.
W.iS. Manning, .df Albany, N. Y.,
widely known in trade circles as
the representative of the   Albany
(ChenHch! Co., .was suffering from i><
pro'tacted iif.nck of diarrhoea.   ".I
tried Chamfjerlatri's Colic, Cholera
and Diarfhcea Remedy,"  he says,
"and obtained immediate relief.    I
cheerfully recommend this medicine
to those similarly afflicted."    Sold
by F. J. MacKenzie.
Tbe Place -for 'Ttaoxutihing, .Bath 'Tubs, Stove
Pipe, Coaaductor Pipe, Roof Plates, aad Everything Etee in This Line.
3010 -Westminster Hood.
100,000 Bulbs to arrive scon from
Holland, Franee and Japan.
Home Grown and Imported
Garden, (ij.ld and Flower .Seeds
Alwaysin stock in season.
Agent for'
Gurney Eoundry Oa"8 -Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho .Bath Heater.
J ust the thing for making water 'hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Greenhouse full of Plants, Cut
Flowers, Floral Work.
Catalogue ifres,or call and examine stock.
Clothe* Altered, duncd-md Hcptind.
Purcote left at W.I.. M<*Brlde'8-*itore and'A. We.
ker'eand'W.��t. MctlclUn's barber ��tao|> witl'ta.
cnlk-.l im- ou Mouday ait.1 returned ou .Saturday
a. vv. WALKBft.
Ui ill Ml
CWestminster Branoli)
Time Table
Cam Heave West min.ster rlof Vancouver Ats^yr
and 6.50 11.111. uud hourly thercafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at ic p.m.
Cars leave"Vancouver for Westminsters at. 5.5c
and 6.50 a. ni, and hourly thereafter .until iU),p.
in.; Saturdays aud Sundays at 11 p.m.
Wetrun first-class freight cars "between -Weftt-
minslLT and Vancouver aud all Ktiipinems are
handled with thr utmost eare and delivered tr
consignee without delay. Special attention puifi
to fruit shipments, Our wagon* meet all buatfc
and trnins. For rates, etc. apply to
I)   kifSBstsUSS, r. R. OLOVKR-
Truffle Mgr. Ivocdl Mgr.
We��tmitwter, B.C.
Suburb ana Country
Together, $t.50 Per Year.
Subrub and Country, is ;i new paper published in Victoria lor Farmers, Veteriuary Surgeon isn connection.
-60 YEARS'
*���' MADE  IVI Mra%9
Anyone senrtlng-n sketch and deacrlptlomwr.
iiil^lily ascertain ournplnlon free wh    ,
iiventlon Is probablrpntenu_____:onnuiniea-
iiotiastrlcllycnnfldenttal. HANDBOOK cnVsUent*
sent free, .oldest naency for securing patents.
Patents taUen th.-'.-iis.h Munn &'Ca.T0��aUi
t*l��lat notice, without cunrse, latha
Scientific American
A handsomely IllHitmted weekly. larceat-Oto
I'tiluMon-of any Klentiae Journal. Terme, ���������
year; lour months, IL Bold by all newsdealers.
JKni ,    S1SUS    IUU.ISUB. ffS.     OSS.S. W| SS.SI   SIS. ��. SSSIS-n . ssn.
WUNN & Co.��6jBTr*ThNew Yoit
ur l>ir* rvn t a ttwvs: SATURDAY AUGUST' 20, 1994.
School Supplies of every kind.n
stock at the Drug Store.
H. McCormick spent a few hours'
Visit here early in the week.
T. E. Ladner and family have
tfloved in from the Bay for this season.       ___i_^11_l____
G. B. and Robertson's Chocolates- Fresh every week ���City
W. Erfeksoti,' of Erfcksoti A Son
of Vancouver, was it town this
week on a business trip,.
Canon and Mi��. Hilton, accom
panied by  Miss Berney,  went to
Vancouver ��n Wednesday.
O. H. Dingman, representing the
itfaclUan Punishing Co., of To
rbnto. spent Thursday^ here.
Mrs. Jos. Jordan spent TuescTay
���jfith Mrs. W. Abercrombic, who
bias been confined to her'bed.
W. ft.1 Saitb and F. J.' Mac-
iienzie spent Tuesday on the Nic-
0-aeld Phasing the finny" trfb*.
Try a bottle of "Amorita"' to
*^eshen the' coiAplixiori' after a solium at the**Bay���-��F. J. MacKenzie.
Miss Berney", of' M&cIeOd, has
ifeen visiting' liadnef for a week,
the guest ef Canon and Mrs. Hilton.
Mrs. TimHck, of New Westminster, returned home-* on Monday,
alter spending a few days- visiting
m\h. W. J. Braftdrith.
Mrs. F*. W. Howay, of New
IrVfetttttster, retnYned hottfe this
week after spending' a few weeks
Visiting at liadysmitU'. ���
R. P. Hill, representing The
Obmtfterfcial, of Winnipeg, Man.,
spent Wednesday in town on busi-
ratesin connection with the above
1      Ti 1      ll -i     1 il'tn
Th����"Ve_terable Archdeacon Pen-
treath will arrive in Ladner to-day
shid will preach in All Saints'
dhurch, both morning and evening,
Miss Bessie*' Melitony,. of- New
Westminster," accompanied by* her
Mother; arrived on Monday for a
Sfcw darys visit vtt'.h' friends on
Orescent Island.
Jas. Jolteton, of Barrie,- Ont.,
i* visiting art T. R. Patereon's. Mr.
Jjbhnstoh first came to this province
fh 1887, but has been in Ontario
far'a nnr_iber of years ���since'. ���
P. Melirtiai** sold his farm tb
Ada* Reid. lart week, and has resigned his seat in the' Council. It
i* understood that Mr. McKenzie
is about to-visit'the Kootenays.*
Stoilfrtg-faces seem to be tbe order Of the day, R. Ci Abbott' is
(taong the crowd1 of sailers, being
the proud possessor of-a* bouncing
boy vititor who arrived'on Monday.
Nontf nation for a1 Co��n��lipr tc
HQti&m ^���rd'R, Vic* McKenzie,
ifalgted, will thlee place' in tht
1Wi HW1 oh Monday, August 22.
and tht ektttten; if necesitery, 011
'PkmdHf,'the 35th.
' On Saturday* las* flt'e destfoyed
lire car shops belonging to tbe B.
& Stectrfc Railway Co., situate at
Hit* *JN**t*4��Uiste*!>.    Mr. Buntzeu.
the manager, has received instructions from the directors to rebuild
at once.
Orange Meat, the finest cereal
for breakfast, silver pi emiums���-City-
���-*   ��� ���    ������
H. Creech, we understand, is improving nicely, and expects to be
allowed up to-day.
Mrs. P. Riplinger enters CoTum
bian Hospital on  Monday next, to
undergo an operation.
Miss Irene Robinson gave a
birthday party to her little friends
at camp at Boundary Bay, this
The boys in blue and white go to
Cloverdale to-day for a laerosse
match. CloverdaJe returns during
Mrs. E. J'. Abbott, of Mission
City, sister-in-law of R. C. Abbott,
was visiting at the Creamery and
Parsonage this week.
Alex. Davie cut, thieshed, sold
and shipped the prbduct of 100
acre's in about ten days. Cargo
was ��eiit to Skagway.
For the benefit of the marriageable portion' of this community, we
wish to state that Robt. Smith, of
bank fame, is still on the market.
W E. Vansfone and family, of
New Westminster, returned home,
Monday from the Bay, where they
had been enjoying the sea breezes.
T. Shortreed is back to work
again. He says he wasn't so sick
but he could eat three squares a
day. MriSt have lieen his girl he
went to see.
Mrs. NewComb, wife of Commander Newcomb, of the D. G. S.
Kestral, accompanied by her" children, spent this week visiting at
Dr. and Mrs. King's.
From' this- date the charge for
weighing grkin on Marshall Smith's
Scale will be reduced to 5 cents.
W. A. Kirkland and wile,. A.
Clausen and wife, H. J. Hutcherson und wife, and Mr. Cosman, oi
Vancouver, composed a very pleasant fishing party, ��� on Tuesday, and
did fairly well*on the Nicomekl.
C. G. Major, Mrs. Sivewright, J.
A. Lee and wif��: proceeded to the
Bay on Thursday. Mrs. Lee has
been very ill for the past' ten weeks
and istrying the Bay as a means to
recovery. We hope she may succeed.
Ch_.s. Morrow, we regret tojsay,
had a very expensive runaway on
Tuesday. It appears that the team
running the binder took fright' at
something arid bolted. In their
mad career they demolished quite a
bitoffencing, smashed the binder
and cut themselves up some. The
team is able to work again, btit the
binder is total wreck.
This has long been regarded as
one of the most dangerous and
fatal diseases to which infante are
subject. It can be cured, however,
when properly treated. All that is
necessary is to give Chamberlain's
Colic, Chelera and Diarrhcea Remedy and castor oil, as directed with
each bottle, and a cure is certain.
For sale by F. T. MacKenzie.
Westminster Would do Well to
take tt w&rning from tbe cdinrauiii-
cation received from H. J. Kirk>
'.and, re supplying liqiior to Indians.
The system at' present iii vogue
there has been the means of sending thousands of dollars of good
Indian earnings out of town or
itito the' hands of suckers. Fine
those who supply the terrible fiie-
Water antf' let the Indian free. No
worthy'citiXen' will engage' in thfe
trade of felling the terrible stuff to
an ��� I ndiati-j. wy, wajfr. ���
Tenders Wanted.
For Clearing 20 Acres of Land,
more or less, on Crescent Island,
For particulars apply to
At a meeting of the above Association,., held on Friday, Aug. 5th,
in Oddfellows' Hall, it was decided
,to make the following rate of
chsirges for threshing, etc., forthe
coming season:
Wheat, Oats and Barley, $1.25
per ton.
Timothy Seed, $4 per hour.
Not less thau $15 will be charged
for a set.
Tankman, supplied with thresher,
20 cents per hour extra.
Horse Goods!
Out   Harness und   Horse  Furnishings
hate long proved reliable, and they ar*
if built uot only for style but wea-r.
I hugh Mcdowell,
T LADNER, B. C   ,
Brackman-Ker Willing (&
CASH, Delivered at Victoria, Vancouver,
New Westminster or Ladner.   .* .   .   ,-  .
H. 3Sf. RICH, Agent,   -   -   Ladner.
Andrew Clausen,
Ladies-  and  Gents'   Watches
and Chains.
Sterling    Silver    and   Plated
Jeweller, ���ke, Etc.
Buy Your
dot Water theater How!
The Yoho Bath Heater is Row
on the Market for $17*501
You have seen them demonstrated in your city ant-
know just what they can do. ;
Just think of Hot Water (Boiling at That) in 90
Seconds, and onlj' an Old Newspaper or Handful oi Old
Chips to produce the result.
They are neat a.s well as ornamental, and weigh but
25 lbs.
���r FOR	
You can not get better b.irgains than at- Port Guichon.
We keep the best stock of everything that is** needed for the
general public. Call'or send**.* your order*and we guarantee satisfaction.
Telephone 5;
Buggies, Etc.
Our Stock of Buggies; Road
carts,   Wagons,,   etc.,   are of
First-Class* Quality   and   we
carry aicompleteline.
Q. T. BAKER'S ^^^m
Binders, Etc.
Frost & Woods, Dfeering) an."
Piano EitK.ttrs, Adams' Wagons
Agent for T. J. TRAPP & CO.
Gall and See
Our Steel Frame
Yankee Gates
4-tt. For 14-ft. Opening, $8.50
4-ft. For 16-ft.. Opening, $9.50
J.   \Se   W/VUn, LADNER. B. C.
W*   Jm   Brandrith
Horticultural Supplies, Fruit* Boxes, Berry'
Crates, Etc.
A Few Thousand Cabbage Plants- For .Sale-
* lyardman & Bryson,
DEA'I.K-RS' in
Graniteware, Tinware, & Hardware, ,
Steel Ranges & Stoves.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing a Specialty.
Columbia Street. 823 Granville Street,
New Westminster. Vancouver.
Yoho Bath Heater Co:, Ltd., &
737 Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.
Write for Catalogue.    Mail Orders Receive Prompt
ReisL May, Agent,
Fresh,   Smoked   and   Pickled   Meata
Of AH Kinds Kept Constantly on
Hand at the        .       ,*       ..     I" .���
Delta Meat Market
That's Where you will find u�� really
to buy almost anything you have, in
the way of Farm Produce, Dead or
Alive, at as Small a Price as Possible,
and for which We Always Pay the
Cash. We also Handle Produce on
Commission through our CommodioUa
Warehouses        .-
*f^**-_y_f  4*


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