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The Delta Times May 5, 1906

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 =S_ wi .""V -7-1*7    ' H   ���' '-���        \i        i     e."   _.
M ____C?5 -_-_���*���        j; j   fj   g   H
____.    ___L - T ___. _j .      -?����..
���AY 9-190^   p
i  ��-WW ^Li____*-
Vol. si. No ^35.
Sl.CO ye*
Spring Suit.
HiW 1-MW   N-_-*- I
X Stock which Is now complete, contains
fabrics, besides stand.i
that ti
r\f\ and Ladner
: in a win for Westham Island
the very ne'V
._m *_._���-
?si& s*__��l._ -.
Tbe game "1 association   football
: played last      ��� urdav   rt   Treuant
Park between the Wesl bain   Island
jtinio���  teams, resulted
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  I   a
score of 3-0.    Tii*  gam:  was  nut
by   any   means one-sided   ls  the present.
score woild i:dicat: but  v.a>   ..on      Minutes
by Westham J.-Lnd   from   u   better
understandiBj; ol the tin ��� pi hits  of
the game and takin;   advantage  ot j
Council    met
Chamber on  Sa
with the   Reeve,
'.iie   chair,     and
Davie, Paterson.
the Council
ay, April 28,
Ii. Laduer, in
mils.    Gibbie,
11 ii fT" aud Kmbre
oi    previous   mectin
were adopted US read.
Fr m.   Mahon,   McFarlan
and    the
Men's Fai
ill sizes, at $7.50,
c, r-r,
3. best trimmings
10, 12 d, $15
Boys' 3-piece Suits  a. $4,25.
D.QQ   UT3
Little Grent3* Buster Suits in Linen Crash,
['white Kid Belt, very neat at $2.50.
Men's Spring Topper Coats in  Plain an
_k Covert at $10.50 & $14.50.
Ovt-r 500 pairs Mn's Odd Pants at-��>i i>
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        .Vlakou, re subdivision o
every opportuni vottered while  tke'. ,. .-, ,
'   rr - ton   Farm.     Received,
Ladaer team lacked that uuited *���*--. Reeve inilructefJ t9 sigl]
lioa on th -  ��_rw_rd line required to : satisfllctorv_ ^^���
break through the strong defence of     From A E Whit<;> ^^ New
the Wanders. Westminster   Board  o    Trade,  re
I   '    'I fai��     ��arQ(*s     was      a      r*l��*��i>       and' is,.,
meetiug to   be arranged wilh   Mr.
The   Sixth  anniversary of Victoria Day Celebration will be held
her-   on   the   24th hist.,   when  a
good   programme   will   lie  run off
: consisting of athletic sports, aquatic
j sports,   horse  racing, football, trap
shooting, elc��� to be concluded by a
giand dance.    A good band will be
_<: in attendance.    Special rates by car
aud boat,    liriug your wives, sweethearts,   sisters   aud  children, and
when  come early and stay late.
The game was a clean, aad
splendid exhibition of the socker
game auu it is to be re-.
gretted that a larger crowd;
did aot tu.u out to encourage the
boys in playiag what is bouud to
be British Columbia's great wiute
Everything points to a successful
turn out on the day set apart by the
exjntsi deSire of King Edwaid, tbe
Peacefflaket-i to ever keep green the
Buntzen,   ot the B. C. Electric Ry.
Co.    Received aud bled, B
From A. A.  Falk, re  gravelling | memory of hi., mother's most glori-
Riverroad.   leceived and filed.     ! 0'Ji   ^<'i'.,1   ��ud   ihe Empire  over
On  motion the   Clerk   was   in-
j game. By ul! means boys continue
to play the game in the clean friend-
j ly manner in which you have commenced and in a few yenrs you will
have the Senior'pennant of Ii. C.
SI-HAM   I_._,AND.
Coal,   A
.   Swerfsen;   lacks,
II. Wrigfff,  :.al.c-ba
i structed to purchase a gravel pit 011
the bighlan 1 n;ar River road.
The Clerk was instructed to cui!
1 tor tcuder* for the cutting and
. burning ot brush along the River
I road from Mitchell's to the high
land. Tenders to b: in by one
'o'clock, Saturday, liay 5th.
which she so long and sa nobly
held sway. Ladner, at lenst, does
not mean to be bthind other places
this year in celebrating the 24th of
May and we trust that it will be so
from year to year.
Committees have beeu formed to
see to it thst everyone shall have a
good time, nnd it is the intention to
L. Kirkland, ... Williams, L.   Gil
more;   Forwards,    W.   Tamboline. j I)J*es on *be Boundary Bay road
B,   McDonald, J. Palmer,  A. McDonald, S. Gllmore.
The Clerk vi?.-. instructed to noti-' extend the programme ot sports ta
fy  the  Telephone  Co.   to  remove! it-cb-.de everyone from the youngest
child on the Delta to the Celestial
with the longest queue. The following committees have been forns-
(toil, W. Liyiugstone; backs;
j. Davis, D. HeTmef; talf-backs,
fl, Hume, It. Davis, i'. Guichon;
firwards, V. Taylor, S. Rich, V.
-..uiciion, Hurae Hilton, !,. Harris.
The following accounts were or
dered paid; f. __ir_.!��i_d. jr., j>ij j
Holme-*, 3.23; B. C. Gazette, $7 50
Delta Tiinis, $8.05; ilrs. Fentou
���Jkj; musk rat account, $50; Schoo
Accounts for March, $640.
Council  then adjourned till ,Sat
urday. May 19, at 1
���;'���''   ;-.      SHOE  DEPARTMENT.
See our Traveller Shoe for Men at $4, the finest shorn in the m
;the price, in Oxfords and Bals.
"True Fit" Shoea for Women at $3.
"P_oyal Purple" Shoes for Women at $3.50.
Ne*w Waists, New Summer Skirts, Children's and Misses'
[���Ready Trimmed Hats, All Strictly Correct,
' U   C'jI
New Westminster, M_iy i,���La��l]
week Mayor Keary applied on be-1
i half oi the company which has 1 een '
. organized for the purpa*ie of manu- j
facturing wooden [lips in this
i city, for a record of 2y> inches o.
: water irom Gold Creek, a tributary :
of the Coqui-latu river. The .com-!
' pany has arranged to iusull  water i
systems in Surrey, Delta aud Rick-;
mond municipalities and itx engineers  have  already   surveyed   pipe
lines Irom the point of diversion   to
the ilistributiii!. points through thej
ed aud are working well iudivid-
uallyaiid c.llectivelv to the desired
end of jiviug all a good time;
Transportation���to look after wag*
on. to take out the children; Sparta
���to make litem tired, and Refresh-'
went.*���:o revive their droopin;
spirits during the Jay and bring
them liuiiie happy.
Details of s-rrasgemeHts -will ap*
pear in next week's issue. The
subscription lists in the bands ot"
the children are for their sports
alone and it is to b* hoped that
Loudon   arid wife  visited j parents  and others will   assist the
committee  in making   the  day   a
Westham Island.
.*., Loudon is visiting his brother,!'
G. W. Loudon.
G. W ^^^
Vancouverou Monday
II. Trim and wife west up to thi
Koyal and Terminal Cities ou Mon
Carpet Squares, Rugs, Stair Carpets, Linoleums and Oilcloths below | different municipalities.
The new  industry  will
fCity Prices.
A-sk your friends to trade here, we can please them as well as you.
[���can   a
big ad-itioa to the commercial  im-
__���_���___���    -__-_���   _________ Hm
' portance of this city.   The company : urdav to take up their duties at the
' has agreed to emplov 25 men stead-1 Currie-McWilli*ms' Cannery for the
1 ily, and to be  iu  operation  within j season.
six months from  this date.    The;    St,P,k   UlievM   TilUe<   G    w
large quantity ol pipe necessary fork0_don>, bam recently and cut the
the construction of these systems will I lead-lit&e away  from a net hanging
give the  plant employment   lor  ��� : there, as well as ��  seasoned pole fit
long ime, ind owing to the fact that for a m*&\ etc
The Savage brothers, kave under-; -.
taken to crop tke Ewen propert. ,    The Xe_. Westmiister District of
this year. ithe Methodist Church  held its an**
Paul Swensen returned home-on n*al session in Chilliwack Church
Tuesday eveniu.; from a visit to up-1 ou Thursday, the 3rd inst. There
river points. . was a good attendance of minister*
Peter Garfick and S. B. Colston, | aad ]*'mta and * ROod detl of im-
of May.. Island, arrived  last SatJ Porta-.it b-.i,i��es. w��* trau.acted.
Two young men, probationers for
the a-inistry, were examined and
given their proper promotion and
one candidate was recommended ta
the Conference to be received on
probation lor the ministry.
Rev. W. J. Sipprell, D.D., Piin-
cipal of Co.umbian Methodist College, 1 resided  at all  the  session...
The feurth auction si.e at  the
|i)elta Steck Y��rd took place on
*Vedne..d__y l*st. H.. N-. Rich, in
.pening tke sale, thanked his
patrons and bnvers for their attendance. There was ��n��ite a large at-
ftenc_auce of bnyers nnd others and)
[very fair fitnres, as a rule, were
rphtained. The sheep sold welt but
I 'he feottom seemed to have droppen
1 ont of the horse market, _orae very
fine animals being withdrawn from
\ sale from a la,ck of bids.
Among the buyers were: Messrn.
J.   Grauer, Burns _k   Co., J.   Mc-
f/Donald, ��� Charuley, Wm.  Pybns.
-P. T.  Gibbie, W. J. Frederick, P.
jjSwetisen,   J.    Richardson,   Smith
[Wright,  I). Woods, J. Jordan. C.
Arthur and J. Ellis.
Buras &. Co. have ptircuuseo tie
Sturiy farm of j^en acres at $40 an
acre. This is anetber addition to
the oig deal recently put through.
__*____M-___i -
. v .  W. J.
t_r. ��� a
New   Westminster
News was receive J ��� (
ing   that   the de,;r-
At the n eetin.. of the Field Trials! Divinity  of Victoria
Club last week, it  was decided  to ronto ���,p y,��� conferi
hold their annual  meet at  Ladner p"aj W.   I. Sipprell,
again.    Among  the officers elected ate:.   H. J. Hutcherson,   F.  J.
Coulthard and  Dr.   Wilson,   Vice-
Met. odift  Coilegi
cation which will
ol  C >h
it   ll c
held to-
wosden pipe* is making ;reat strides
in usurping the field of ruefulness
ol iron and clay pipes orders will no
doubt   be forthcoming   from other
________________________^_____________________________________________an__i_____n_���   .     ,
... i.i ception  of lncnbators, and  a snug, ordered   turwarded   lo   that body
V aneouver has two wooden pire     ' -     . .   , .
r     * .^:.., 1 1 _!__   1 ...1   ;   tl,,,s,,��ls    .V,*   MVAM-kts   /.Is m r, sss ss,lsa
 1 industries aad the product of these
1. , ,,
��� is used principally tor sewers, water
mains, etc.     Mauv lar^   01 lies such ^__________________________________________
ckicken raising on a large scale.
II. Trim has received and plant-
l"��-''- cision of the company to operate in J ed a rjwantitv of four-rowed barley
1 *��" New Westminster is mainly due, for raaiting purposes and nearly
nVl '. to the efforts of Mayor Keary,   whe  everyone is r_!��iii_ some barley this
has been  pressing the  matter  for j year.    Three thousand tons oi this
nearly a year.   Th. industry  will j grain will be required, this year, tc
be ba.-bed by English capital. MtPH__|
Denver,  Colorado,   are discarding
iron   rup'*s  ior  wooden.    The  de-
D. Robertson and Sun have made't Tkis being the year of General Con-
qnite a little improvement to their; terenee, the supreme legislative
place. A nice new storey-and-half' body ofthe chnrch, a large number
cottage has been erected for the re*| oi mentoriala were presented nnd
ception   of incubators,
ckicken house has also been erected ; thtough the proper channel...
which, together, when   enclosed by      Tke work showed very enconrng-
a  neat   fcr.ee, will be  utilized for ing progress in nil its department!.
H. J. Kirkland was elected by
the laymen as delegate to Conference which assembles in Victoria
on Fneay, the nth inst.
The S.S. sSonomn leaves Lndnet
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. nnd 5 p,m.   Jlvery
Nanaimo market, while
it  is  estimate.! lhat, in two years'  jay except Sunday
time, ,".,o.:.o tons wiil be required. _______H______I
There is a.great scarcity of perk
in this.and the neighboringing  dis-
BRAN,   SHORTS, Whole   Corn,j tricts.     La$t week John Ellis trav-      C_pt. Cross,  of Vancouver,   liasi "  | ' *~~" 	
Cracked Corn,   Rice Meal, Ckit: died through Sir. u-'.   snd   Ungleyj taken the wheel of the S.S. Sonoma, DINNA FORGET ���*--Th��t  the
Rice,  Chick Feed, Timothy and | Municipalities   looking   for  young   vice  Capt'Purdy, nnd W.   Riddler,      When you wish  to  buy  visiting'"Popular   Place"   to   have   yonf
Clover   .Seeds,   Sutton's Garden : hogs nnd  had   to   return   empty- will 'tahe charge of the engine room] ctrd$c��ll on the Delta Times whp Photo taken is nt thc Royal Studio,
and Field Seeds may ke obtained i handed.    Willi ; -.ri-. rum in    1 t  jc a
at Brackman-Ker Milling Co/sj and over, live weight, it is surptiz- a
warehouses,   Ladner, trom   Mr. j ing thnt more of our   farmers hnve   return about  the   firs,  of June in' are money in pocket by  calling   oh  Cloth.    First class work at secon4
not gone into this rhyiti**; industry.   I double li.'.vv ��� ;. t,'10 Delta rime.'; Iivst. [gl^ss prices.
id purser's, department during  the wiil sell the best money   can   buy,  New Westminster.    Vou can hnve
iseuce oi Fred  Keeling  who  will|lfyoir need them printed, why yen your   Pkoto  on   Postal Cards or
H. N. RICH, Local Agent. Tm.
..j. \ .
Subscription, $1.00 per yoar.
A.BV_iRTl_,l.X6 KATK6.
Casual A,sls-tit.��en��--,its, so c_i,i- vc* U_e *'
_h. firll iui.rti'.u, isud _ t*uli pet ltu. lo- c.is
_a_a.l|��es.t ty��.!lian. The in'ir-lx-v -t lun
r-vkosie-, by kii.  spu.e occupied,  i_ _���_-W thc I III
���-������ - ���"-������--*"-"-'
T.   "
..      ...
Tin-: r.rs
V.TR :���. '.:T :���*.
Y '��� ',''
A stor. is go
��2   the   ."iir.-ls   rn
F'cei.l a
1 1 givii
business is fhirlv
New Voik of a
' is. ussion between
j;oou    wi
:1     HO
-'>.., iul t.at.ur'.'   to
two well-known
business men wbo
Outs ,
nd hay are pleuli*
visit tbe- Maine
Woods ev. ry slioot-
)     �����      St
IccV'sl    live   hogs
111 ;   S( ShCM.
fetch pf.
15;      i'i'.'
its a.i.I fats, $6 90
(ales lor Coiaui-._>,-t A^rort-MtaMti aaa b-
___ ou apph_.lutu ul Otis at-io..
....taper '.:: - ts.r tudi ia-
��iriii and Baatli a��*i_.., mc., Marriages$-.�����.
K*-ssVin_ notic.
()'ie has been teiling ol   his out- per .00 lbs
iu$r, which he hnd found doubly de-*
lightful, because for  the   first  time
he ha��l taken his kw.UI boy along.
"A boy nf twelve?    I   should   lie
A-jr ��veci��l nallc*, IUe .-.j.r-t ot wlilcli in to
Cf .mote the f_M.__.s_r_! Ixra-la ol nay ladmuual
or r.iafiaay.tobe cau-isl-M. ua  ..-.vcr'.i-scaica. , alraid,"   Said    the-   Other,     "to    give
miss ca��rs_tsl ��li_��r-i__'.T. f|
i-iasiT.niM_u.ta __.ar_a_ _>r until .i-.re,: | *���� boy the responsibility ot a gun.
e*l -ttiil  uutil let* ,
C��*n*j*eutl*uc*f iuriteJ on witter**. ��t public
i. ���_�����*<-. Com��Hiiic*ti������-��� e��tit��inimU bc mc
e*-n|**iii*'-- \>t ftAMC yl* .vr.fter, ftttt Mecessartt)
t>r  pubUtMUtBM, but tin cv.de_.ee  of _..*��-. fftitU
'**i-rr*p��iii_wi.K-   turn**, ret*. �� tkii*-*��-h.*<  twv Tbnt.-i
:VT t-TCuVnf.
A    O.   1.7   W.
1 ���".d_,e1 No.  1 2 meets first
and thin
1 Tuesdays ol each  m< ath '
iu Ocklf.
Hows' Hall.
Thos. Todb, M.W.
T. W,  Kkuk, Recorder.
R. M-akucy,
II!.. Itt 11��.
Wc take this opportunity of informing the public that the business
formerly carried on by the lute W.
L. McBride will now be worked on
a cn-h bi'sis, by wbicb means we
shall be better able to give every
satisfaction, both as. regards price
and quality. The stock bas, a.--
c ndinglv, been marked down a.t
greatly reduced prices, rui inspection of which is cordially invited.
Thanking ou.- numerous customers ior thrir kiu<i patrowige and
support iu the past, and hoping, t>\
s'r.ct attention to business, to b.
favored with a continuance ol  the
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Dono at SpacSaKy Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone "Ladner" No. 10.
>++.j.f* -.*H"t*+���H***M'***+*T***>+*t'-+**^
en- I same.
"Well," sakl the fijst, "I   should
; be afraid to deprive my boiV   of his
; share   of   responsibility.    Nothiug
develops a, btv) Ike responsibility.."-
!     This  mail's  view   is  exactly   ill
line   with   t'r..-   propaganda   being;    JXelta Lwlge, No. 21..���The
carried forward by tke J.  Steveus(������*������* "Meetings of this Lodge _rc held j Vou.s faithfully,
I Arms and Tool Company, Chicopee I ev.ery  Wednesday evening at 8 p. | p
i Fall.,    teas*.    They   argue     wiv   *��������    Visiting Brethren ctwdially in-;.    [jijllg jj| |g [jj|g ^|if^_ \Q^^
; reasonably that by   putting   a  fitle
. or gnu in the hands of a  by   you
Hushing a, little oftetier-, thd* wea- teachhitatobe careful, vou increase
Chicken Time!
_,MMV* '--a -*���*��� ml
��_k*����!NBAT.,   .ttAV   5,    1006.
The  ditches in the  silln^e _iee<!
ther, than is being done.
his .elf-respect and nr.iike him  self-
-  -���  ��� reliant aud m.inly.
With such an extensive dry spell!     The Steye-ae  Company
Pott Guichon, B.C.,
March 29th, 19,06,
and the tanks all  empty our atten
t-ien is drawn more  particularly to
Vie need of a system-of waterworks
and   a more *p to  date method of
disposing of sewage.    Dr. King has
sued a cit*l.2�� on rifles, .shotguns Barristc|.    and    Solicitor,
and   pistel-i,   which   every   lather
skjsnld see.    It osly describes  the 1
many diftereut styles  there are  to-:
day. but it is a perfect mine of in-  HEW WESTMINSTE*.   -   B. C.
formats:).1 on  all  points  connected | __   . ,	
Guichon Block,
(i.l'iij-Us  as,:   ilcKeaai.   Wraai
W. N. Draper,
-���HOVIMQIAt  I..S.SI) yrwBv.iK
Kaaus :. Hilar- Sls.it. Mt sr WaatBtlaatar,
the  miter of 11  sewage, system in j ��ith  *h��otin.g,   whether for sport -_ C+��KIoc
.     _      , .        - !a-fielrl, or target practice. We have! raSFf.00     btilDleS
hand aad ���  wocden pii.-e- ceinpany 1       ,    , r ,
.read  tke   copy   sent us witu   the!
McRAE & Co
If you contemplate buying1 an Incubator or
Brooder you cannot do bettor than to get prices
off the Ladner Agent for the CHATHAM.
has had a whole lot to aay  ��*���*��--1 gWEteBt illterest. and strenlpy ad-j
i,ng  the supplying of water to the iTi-_   onr  rc��derr.  to write  for  it. !
Delta, bnt aj_. yet- have   not- com-- The company's only request is.thai.)
muiiicated officially with tine Delta (four  cents  in   stamps be   sent   to
Council.    We wwld  like to  hcarjcover P^age; the catalogi* itself i,s
, '��� free,
Horn them.
Trucking ami Draving.
Livery  work of all  kinds at-
teiuled to tv_ompth_
LaUatr, a. c.
mil Ann
liii U\) 1 i U   sum a-
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
A lull line of  English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings al-
j ways kept in stock.
ln��n-��..-.t-<l IJift'l.
We �����tice thnt at the election fo*f
Sclsool Trustees in Ma'squt District! ���
the Reeve a��d two Councillors have      "\ ictr>t i:i,    Mk*.
been elected t. >k;it I.oard.    Now,   h.is   been ie:c:-:.
that Board   is  under, direct control! effeft th"1 J;r'l:cfi
ef the Council.    II such is to be al
lowed   why   huye   sn election for
; sworn in us G,
��� as he is  rca._
here is to   the
Bitismuir will be
\'Ctnor just  sis  soon
.-  tf- assume   office.
Trustees at all, why not constitute j this donc |jntll
4he   whole   Council   ns. a, Trustee bas.probably hee��
Hoatd ?   We  v.ou!d ssggeBt as an change maiV take
amendment*to \ke School .\ct thai   tlf'*9 month.
..'���fiincillo.-:;    and   caiididates    for ~���
the Council be disqu-sl.ified lor the
Trustee Boatd.
The daily mail service between
fyadnpr- -ind Vancouver has been
established .nt last; but, under tbe
present ar,r-angemeuts we derive less
benefit than under the old .sv��,teir,.
What vi-e need is a daily vv.ail service to and from Vanceuver and
way points.
At present _ letter mailed at Ladner for Fort Guichon, and West
_iam  Island on  Saturday evening
Dunsmuir's nish was not to have.
midsummer b���,t this
uitered  and the
,.l;ice  seme  time
We can supply you with the finest, quality
Of the above articles. at reasonable coat.
Remember the place
Delta I
Ladner, B.C.
-_-MBBWMW__BB-_B5g-aW-W-BgB .HL"BJLi '-.! .������ . \* BOgBnzs ���
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Trade Mrfm-s
_B.lla���..**,!>s_t��li imd descrlPlUw bis.
. >-*ly mr3.rumt.mK. epiiiinn trel vhuUiar us.
.-*s-.li*sa   -n vr��a��l.ly p.sttfBs.alsli;.   CnmniuTiiya.
mstrtaUytentMentlal. HANQBOBlt onPmeuts
fr��_. Oliloat nattnii   "
MAal*. t:Uiisa wirf.i.
i��� - ... ���         . _ _.
la *_ro___ly P'steBtaisii;.   Cnmniunleu.
.yaanMenrlal. HANQBOWt onPateu'
���.'*-!. tt*s~ Oliloat isattnisy fur peouiin. patauta,
hrr.r-*    *'	
.y.__a.a_.s.lea, s*MV,s*��t
sijrli  Mumi * Co. reo.lv.
mkhv-s In the
Sdesit-fft JlmricaM*
K htnAx-maly RhHriM.!-**-. wWWf. T*rr��i*t ���*?-
'ralr.fct"!i oi nwy invtwuiftft ionmni T*rn��s, *8 a
row, loor rufntLhs, fi. fiolcl l_>y*n Tifwjrt.rAl**TA.
i^H^0o.8ciB^*����* New York
f.r .nrti '..i'i. tr, V BL. WariHasiea. D. C.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 61 BRANCHES.--	
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson,. Rossland, Victoria,. Vetnon, ChilKw��ck, Cvnwherland aud
New Westminster.
Practieal    Horseshoeing,;   _
Carriage Building and Painting, and General Jobbing ^\mt��W^W
All Deseriptfons. ^8^^i
We carry the finest class)
of Carriages uud Farm luipleuieuts at roele bottom prices.!
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.I
BenafsoHM as
reacl-.e. it? destination on Tuesday
eveniuK at the earliest, and Westham Island is.iiot "_qoret-l.au half an
liour distant on. the -puts to Vaa-
Th_ mail to Vancouver, etc , 1
would giy* greater satisfaction il it'
'eft here in the evening apd arrived!
here iu the _B0Fjui��g, hut there is I
no reason why, it s��iho_l!l not
aad depat'.'twice a day trom
end taking the way points a
ouce a day wheu we v/ould have a
respectable seivice. It is to be
bored thc Postal Department will
look into this matter mor.e fully.
LE Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cuts
���3 Commending
A   short  whi'.e   ago   a despatch |
.fom Ottawa vr��s published in,these.
cvlumtis,    annotiucint    the.   with-1
drawnl  of Arnericaji  silver, but it
was. not. until  '.bi.-v week that the
local bank received  instructions to1
tbat   effect.    There fore,   no   more
Americtn  silver will re-issue from
tbe batiks iv.  future.    IJanlyi. will j
continue to receive A_n.ericaj- _,ily> ��� :
at par until further ribtic.e.
r of A Full Line of
'!0W fs flu
Everythag is
OL �����
Get a Suit at Once.
���r.+t**-** �����*������ m*m*qoime ��� 1 mefommanwmeannaai pemem
Crooa* ha,vf\ bcea. lafcc?.:* co-Biug* 131 this y-s.&r so we
.biHlterlain's COHfjh ReiP.Sfly Idown to such a figure that will compel their Clearance.
- __'s-s*,t.l_   r....,ss ^,,,1 Wlinnplllv CfniRll-        I ���*
,1 r, - . /-.
Csitm Colds. CroiiD ami WI fUE L��L'*A TIMJJ&, SA-Tuiii^AY,     AY   , r$o6.
��� ��� 'l'"-������tm*"
Pianos, Pianos, Piano..
-       Holy    Communion ��� Sundays,
_:jo  a.m.    ist Suuday   in mouth,
ii a.in.
Matins, u o'clock.
;       i-,'.' C ti So 11 _;, 7 0 C.uC*_.
J_,  _|    Sunday School at to a.m.
_'!�����  Hon. I.i'iln Oavenillsb waaatllini
tion nliclo Isoiiiiiii't. p.t the bazaar got i _>
limdM^'     """���-*-.."-.
I. r
r.t     ',
Ibe   fact   is   Undisputed   that   WO   haVO    the      Friday, evenins. service 7:30.
greatest cnoice in the Piano line of any nrm ml Rev. Canon 11 iiiou. vicar.
B. G.    We have been in the business for t'ortj- 	
five ysart; and  have   had  the  pick  of the b83t|
i agencies going.   We represent the following1 most
notable manufacturers, tbe names of which are
j Stein way & Sons Pianos, New York
'Nordheimer Pianos, = Toronto
[New Scale Williams Pianos, Oshaw.aj
[Dominion Piano?, - Bowmanvil!e
Palmer Pianos, - Toronto
Prices thc Lowest.
.Services Grst and third .Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
���Sunday school at 3 p m.
Low Mass and Holy Coturf union
first and third Moudu) * at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.W I.,
l'.'irisb Priest.
'^^'<^5_rS_9' ",��'i.*"'*��� vr"h1 ��:/.��.'*
'MLf3**   V...J_r.k!jdliUUl
\Xfflv    ������
WU .i���.is couat rs .'.. ithij .        :    ., ... .
AJi  Fcr j 1 yr .. . N _  ,-.. ,.
rJ can:..:.?:;'!-.! :.r;:ii honoki f<_ ac.
'?] CURACY.  Ourii.-i-:
D Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols
2        lilt. ..!:..- :  ' .s .���
iv *������'��� lis '1 M *������;hi.ni  l< ll
.mc cf ll.t ;:.!.' it*I '.�����* t.-li
' A 11'     * 11   ( tjilijj    to   1 ;i.
.!���-'  sho asked
' V.;..   1  Eflmll Bt,ft (/(*!,-. k.
tied r.uiit h_si_ui_t._-.3 .h<_
It    t:- U 1 Cliff t (*1  .. ;���     t    J.
II yon ...an-:
we si.ln flirf t, c. ���
/�����_���.���/ frtpni {, 1 ������ -.
receipt of c&talosi ���*��� o
i j ��' *i. In *:.ar*i'.3
i.,-v:g Catalog
:i ��� ..*���_ tut :. A
. - ��� kofrtfer.
-- i t yment an !
Lea-infillthree-rolnr Aluminum Hanger will
Lc forwarded (or to ._-.,.���_ m itampt.
i. Stevens Arms _. Tool Co.,
P. O. Eot 4006
Terms the Easiest-
Servicas next   Lord's Day at  ii;
a. in.and 7:30 p.m.
Class   meeting, 1.1.30a.m.  every'
Sabbath School  at 2 p m  every
.Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every j
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. i;. iielts, pastor
.   Mill     If    |H
���..-I ra 11 .:;. I    .1
ii ,...1.,.....,! 1.
I tlu 1" i.i-i i'.ly. "
No, rocll*,?   Wn
ihe?  i. Id yi a
1 1
1 I.l
.1111,1. T
Bt tht
r himi!
1* linn
my re
"   ti��W
1,   ,D
1 know
II   'l
1 .-.-.
in i 1 llrvi
i'...>a y
It Is Daugerc
to Neglect a Coli
j     .Services next Lord'ti Day at   11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbatk School at 2 p w Mid-
1 week aieeting on Thursday evening
' at 7.30 ���'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
i��w _a ��5    _r> ��� i        t~* _l       v r Sabbat., se: vices at Iv-
5*55 uranvile St., Vancouver �������>���.��*/?��������
<    Sunday __<��osl *t 10 1
Sabbatk se: vices at La_uer at 11
How often do we hear it remarked: "it's ouly a cold," uud a few
days later iearn that the man i-1 ou
his back with pneumonia. This is
of such common occurrence that a
cold, however slight, should not be
disregarded. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy counteract- any auy teu-
deticy of a cold to result in pneumonia, and has gamed its great
popularity and ext-rsiv,-: >a!e by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment. It always cures and is
pleasant to take. For sale 'oy All
And If il'iyoU! yon to tin _onn
7,-oi.L! you obey."
'Hew CsMi ,.011 ill nli'. II?"
Ilia lutu ws* ffrtiVB. und I .iila ('al nu'
ot_trve il.ti i.:airii.'tl  cn,j h.--.i;i \rlii
OtiXl I ��� .;i.i!   bit   vYortlfl      Slil   ': - -\'-(!  ;i\'-.-,t
di.il I ...1 ainj lo Iwiktiru ii. n imldxr 1111 -,H
voiituroaa plotvrbli li pt'iviistrntly him: led
liui- ibiiHl iii.d would i '.1  I'- di'lveii ,-.\v .v
sir Felli's name Imcl li... 11 oonpU'd ��
0I1.11 v.lth  Ihut of  l*il�� CttVO'.iOlih Hml
sho tad i- n.-lile-. il  hlm ����� quit* 1	
lOlinl |..'(i|-uxy Bill uf lata !.,.' Imd .'.: nwi
ti ino-t stupid tendency l-o nduilrr t\".\
Billy, (..iluii-d litllu Hot , lllot_-8.ui', .-.������'.
Leila really could not t.ili.k nf all :. .���
lliut At a few uiliiuteii i�� i < udl>i.-.,(l
til bar flower t:-_,v mid t..n_.i .ii.v.l.r : ii!
with a iletpruilacd -i.|i lowai'd tbe | tlm
1st a taut, where Kir fuli. hud qultti'd ' :'
iband Ui tssi_.j-t Li. uuat Ui hor ..-.ri-!*.,;*
Anolhcr luouieat of hesitation, and il....n
I .'.I.i drew aside tho eilkea oni'txln nne"
twept lu.
The pal IU lit vfiie attlrod in n lni;-< trim
iuii doTuinu. wilh a loug blank muuk. end
win apparently aiiiiu to leav. Hhe t-m 1 l.y
a sl'oisi-iI opoaiiig to nnjoy hor well t*iii*tH*d
rest nnd tea Ou ;tmli,_; [__rll�� ah�� iiiriied
back aud ennnned wll*h deep Intact..! ih.
eui'tovii. Imperloira fai u
'1 wi.h." ..ul the fair Intruder, brook
���nif silence with dlflli'iilt.v���"I wlsli ynii
wi_��l(l lot n:e wt-iir ymir i-l.i.U iinil Kine>li
f.jr u ftiw uituut-ee, ouly a v_iy ahort, 1 hr.e
Vou have already U hi i-y hand, :_:.,. _i:l
1 should ploy lor u {_.-:ii stake.   Von wei-
e. ui.
Prayer  .ae.Utig ou Tliunday at!
7.3* p. ih.: choir j��r��sctice at I.
Pianos, Pianos, Pianos nm wan mm.
At _. recent mteting of ths Quart-
; erly   Board   ol   Wesley Me;h uiist
i Cillirch,   Vancouver, it was decided
'to  petition the General Conference
to extend the lime of a minister's
stay st any paiticular Circuit.
rltfl't; I am  playing  it  imw     Ois'v
otiii help ine  hy l__.(i!'.a  niathladl ;
fur ;. sn.all yxpoiimuiit I wish nil'..-
wi'I  n'i:e ynu  plenly of money fur
dl_ ii'iiy ir-y.:n will consent te my n
Iiookl   This is half forfhr*lid_*Mr nnu
for yourself.'   She lit !.1 tu li her Iiip .:
#e>t.i..l   gchliilecee    _iiMi:.*i1   a^ui: .'
white 1--',(( i!�� it umi Isrii tb. astoitl,
ualiulgt'i Utsen
1 otinuot,"she li^irsn l.tM-s-vlnsrlr. v.-
iiBri'i.'i  rttflttul coTpt.iualy tin men:'.:
Time  i able.
must  and will," an.il   l.cils
"It. in inly for ��� f_w lulii-
thew ttiiinjs     !>��, dn _lv��
mnmrnnmnam... ���_<_���
Cut Gla
; (
Train leaves Cloverdale at 3:4*
1 p.ai. and arrives at Poit Gvie-hot. at:
I _^5�� p._a.
: Train leave. Part Guickes at
j 5:10 p.Ki. aaal arriv-�� at Cl_ve.'_lale
i at 1725 p.tn.
According to Tke Commercial,
��f Winnipeg, the visible supply of
aats iu the United States and Can-
sda, eust of the Rocky Mountains,
"i 18,190,000 bushels, compared
with 15,359,000 buskelsa yejr ago.
Mvadavs ��_ilv.
t*m%     a_j     -n i_*_ i       x t  __    -i Tkwe  are  two tUrougk pasatea
T*   And all kinds of Jewelry      4 ,       ,       \
Mr J ! ger traius per day etch wav  to aai
R&pairiaff a Spcstaliy,
I Iron. Seattle aud a  mixed   train \e
. aud from b_!H_g_a_u.
uaiT-BM cui.uuaiA
.  uait sen,
I Ml
15080 Telegraphers
[Annually, to fill tiie new positions
J*reaic.-| '>-y Railroad arid Telegraph
sCempanies. We vi-ant YOUNG
' MKN and LAI>IESofgood habile to
per cent,   of the
talioti  Agents  in
���f,Y I'urni: h
K)perator."i an
{America. Our six schools .ire t!.e
[largest excluiive Telegraph .Schools
fii tKe v ���" Established 20 years
pud endorsed by ail leading Rail-
ftvay OfBeials.
T*fe execute a ��25/* Mend to every
l.stti.lent to lur.vi��.h him or her a
mwitien payin**; from $/|o to $bo *
IwentVi in "-itate*. esst ol the Rocky
[-.���nutains, or from '5*75 to _"rcx>a
t,����>nt_. in .States west of the Rockies,
fe'ian-eiediately upo�� gradtiation.
f-tHfients ean enter at anytime.
[~Ko vacations. For full particulars
fregnrding any of our seheols, write
Idirect to our esecuti* e office at
[Cincinnati, O.    Calalog'uc free,
lCincinn_'i, Oliio.
[Atlanta, Ga
Huffal 1,
lul llfWlBSS S 0
Vancouver, B. C.
Headquarters   for Pacifi:   Coast
Grown  Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds.    New crop notv in stock and
on test   in our greenhouses.    .V.k
���yntir niercViKiit   for lliem in  sea'.ed
Iracknj'cs.    If he docs  r;ct   band'c
them   we  wiil rpsil ,-.o assorted  ���
, packes   of   rezelable   and   Hon  r
seeds (our on-n selection, suitahle
for B  C. gf.ideii5i  ior <i.    Spe iul
j prices on your bulk seeds,
1     Fl.   C.   GROWN   FRUIT A   !���
1 ready for spring shipment.
I    Kxtra   ��iee   slock   oi   two   and
jthree-vcar Apple  Trees  at $20 per
I too,    $"i.s.o   per    1,000:    Maynard
Plums, J.i each; Italian Prune,'two-
year,   fine,   $25    per   100;   Sugar
I Prune, two-year, fine, ��30 per 100.
Full list of other stock at regular
prices.    No expease. loss or delay
of fumigation or inspection.
Let nie price your list before placing your order.
Greenhouse Plants, Floral Work.
Dee Supplies, Fruit Package., Fertilizers, etc.
J*J M.J. KliNRY, Vancouver
w IS
(.Westminster Brasick.
Time Tablr
C��s*�� 1mt_   W-��ls.i_-*..T lor V��tir_.��o. -t S.St
an. ..*. a.su. -u.l Iteurly tUcreafter   uatil ti  p.
. *.; Sat��r-��*/�� aad Sunoaya al 11 �����.*-.
\    Cava lc��Te Va��....v. r fer Weatmlnatera at ^.s��� |
1 and . ..so a. hi. tied  U-arly tlicrcuftcr uatil  l.f.\
, ut.-. Sature*aya aud Suad'aya nt 11 e.ei.
Wi raa tirtt-tlaa- fr��ij���t c��ra W.tw.f��  W��t-j
uiiustti- au_ Vaeceurer aa-1 all Bltipiaeeta arc
.a.alr- witli tkr atuiaat rate aa. d.- lisrtrrl ta |
1 canlifa.- witkaat Srliy     Special attratiau f.il)
I ta fruit a'ai|>airuta.    o��i waffoiia wrrl all kaatu I
an. traius.   I'nr ralaa, etc. apply to
I)   A. SHIM'S, r. R. OI.OVKt
Traftc Mir. Local Mgr.
Wcatuiiaalai.B. C
11 1.1. .1.1 '
i-i ' I ' I '
la iki ii��i- _.v_r��<��. eK-or star  ��*��w
WsuUmfts vr is**!���-'����� iee ^;- _MM*
rr is vtiv umi m�� mmx* mmme,
sives HirHn wiATiin mer p-onswn,
rs Fmc usirms. am bust pho-f
m>u ossTt vtrr _nnt
Camimsr il�� Sua oipeflr-u-* ��� i'~
apts-M--  ��.!��_-._; ^n-S-ci   mU n-*W
���r     ������.' -w-W I* aarve ;mr c�� n
kaat ias-rom ky aaeac *l-
Fiifcxt _-_-l_i a��* b__Ti>��_B_ in our
Whoieaa-se ��ai��MfB<rtMa.0l^i
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
Re the Fractional North-east Quarter of Section 27 ; the Fractional
South-east quarter ol Section 3.1
(except the North So acres) ; the
Fractional South half of Section
35 all in Township 3, New Westminster District.
A CertiGcate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
to George Burton Kmbree nn the
30th day of May, 1006, unless iu
the meantime a valid objection
thereto be mad* to me in writing
by a person cr persons clsimin; sn
estate or intertst therein, or in <itiy
part thereof.
District Registrar af Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,   11. C   23rd
April, 19C6,
The peisoa or persons having in
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the
said propertv are requested to deliver the same to tlie undersigned.
27th April, 1885, Crown to J.
Moriarty Grant in fee.
2ud May, 1S85, J. Iloriarty to T.
McNeely Couvevance in fee.
24II1 November, 18151, T, McNeely to 17 A. Wadhams Conveyance in fee.
Netv Westminster B.C.,
Solicitors lor George 15. Fmhrce.
" 1nu oan,
Imp.��� lively
ultra 1 wniit
Mi .ui. ii in!"
By ���.lti<rn_t. determination mm! persua.
���Ion the Hell wiii.j.i (.iri (in*, hoe own w��t,
nn!.l (In* issiiictnut gimlet r��tirvil nnd
stoncl cloeo iigtllnsd tlm 1��i,f onreitl", dfi-
ti.-i'n Incd to lipnr wh��t would ba tlie result
ut thin Rtrnngu vvklni. Leilit eottly atnlt
fntl?.i curtain, puUetl It hM* and sitlc!
iwet'tly: '��� Tou ikkmIb1. wait. Think you,
1 kin nil ri;_i;t. li'i.T."
"I���uiy���my dif-W vrH* i:.in_ht.." niur
mured tlie 01 hor, rjnitkiiig,
��� your (iri����iM wdM i ituglit. Ok, I faunio-l
It win yem who were **iiii*;lit!"
Tho r-lmliit departod hurriedly, mid
Leila watched ber vanish lmfm. sIm m-
turned to d��.u the crimson rolmaiid niail.,
Iiiilinj her hat carefully awny from si'.ht.
.'!>����� o'clock r*��ng out In suitorou* ii��t��l��
fnun tho bells of St. Hlmeon's ett-ple, nnd
Sir Fiillx w��a punctual to the minute, lie
Vinllrd aside the curtain* end cniuu In
with an ��ir of ��wWwerdu����* nnd daflnuco,
feriinj. nml 1....tin;, like a guilty person
tatiKht In fi fon!i..h set
Lnile nsssiiinwl & lew, {.(tnll- voica, and,
��niliii_ lirr.clf (sit ono of lh�� [sUslmist.'-
eitry i hiire, drew Htn.ihtir ulosti bealde her
for Sir l''cli...
"You wish to know your past, present
nntl future"'" the questioned.
"Va*,  if yon pIlflsisT."
'Come and sit here, and 1 v. ill do my
haul n*. enlighten yen."
He nlieyeri, nnd hold onti two well msi'lc
���tl pnlina for h.*r Inspection. Lnili. g;*r.tly
took hold of one hnnd to draw it nearer,
nnd Sir IToiil started away h< if there w:m
_r.iiniihi_tc disturbing or ihrilllng iu her
'Yon are gsnsrous, obstinate and Im-
pulaivc." wsiid thu fair deceiver. "Yon
act on llrst motives, aud seldom alter your
"I)o I?'
'Ynu have a long linn of l!f��. unbroken
by any illness or serious trouble, Your
life, n;.|.niv<,! iy. wil! Lxt a ��uinotli aud hap
py one."
"That'll good I"
'Ton -re a Icitiit of orwer end liko te
** aT(.ry' hlng in It. correct plaoo,"
"Ws>li, yes, I'm fslrly tidy, ' *i��M Sir
fells, stroking hi* hslr back and Instlno  -
tirnly iiettllnx his avavat,
"You lost a near relaliye Whoil jn*_
wave���nnii vary old," said Lolla, wonder-
in. how Ion* ago it w^3 tluoe Lady Tre-
 -���'*��������� ...t1-"-.!     '��� ' -    ...       _.. J .   . IU.J.I
Sciatica Cured Alter Twenty Years
1 ot ham aiea.
> .ni are quite corrf. :.'
"y\nd you have liad u narrow sscapa
from denth by dron-nlu^ 1 ihltik," eon-
tiutied Leila, thinking m a hairbreadth
advunturucm Luke Uonio which be lad
to;il nor ui at ala.or ut.i.-.r.-sS' Qinntr
'Iii 'lit again," said *": i ..ll*;. looking
tip al llic black i,:".A whlrli Ij.lst Iron!
his hm. ai il leaned attentively over his
0i__sl 1 .-i.'lissii hands, '
'Vt.ii have  had   p*-T''  I   lr*v    nfTnira."
���I'lll'-.-l..-.,   I 1 "l-i.      ������*..;    ..','. engI'OSa_s_ fn
n \*PI7 liiiporuuit one uu��i
"CA       'ii  !  "
" '������.-
' '1 '.!*  i ���   .  It III ,   r.;i,0 ,-:...-'!    r. "
"I mnsi rvs-r.il uhat I - _ Injourlian..,"
i-.li'   i.ii\  \.':.-:.. -il L_  iiw.1 uot 1. ..'lit In
an 1 �� i-iii.. tl hi Ipli sslj is= Leila oontinm .1
1 il illy, "Krom -hut I can '...-1! jour uffeu-
t i   ii i* ret ui'ppd. "
'And     \s,:..(     id    U_li    !ij/....l-:,,siJ    '-ll-'
"She Is dark and oi t:.:. !j tmull/. I
should Imagine by this p<i llhr lino that
���he bus �� ill In." (lie uiiialii t thiiiL iis
thnl I nrrii I   lint.)
IsCiIIm'i hwi'l lc.it fn:. u.i the watched
He fi eel :ng_ ami ti..e.lr Hush holly
tn hi* uhei 1>
" ���' 11 - 11 hi; married 1! Is �� irand livo
�� ri-i-v tmpp.vlitf.   st. scniiit'Bdiii'i'Vo'isiy.
���: hat .. muds rutin ���: like the < tiding i.f
r. f.-ilry tale," snhl Sir '��� *) ������ w'y.h au In-
orriliilouH and rather conUmiptuous emile
"Httl i: iu in;,', ui will '-. If you do u.t
htnlt-at..     Your   fate must   L��   decided
ifj.T . ,1: ��� -
"Ynu tue right; It L-ust.'
'l.o.-.i uu lime  111 settling and -e-juring
a h.-i. 1 y (i.-stlny "
"Histl 1 sgKtu; I will 1 ���;.'
���li  I. _. babil ol yi ins to 1 rot re-tliiuto
���a b.-.d hiiblt that u.u '  Ui inuLfled.    if
not. I will notauswerftir ihixionsetjiieiigGS
��� I diiimii,'' said Leila hastily, "1 e^u-iut
rr-i.il  l ; "tc. "
;-,: ['mix meditated, ourlfng -.Is uius-
Imc!-.. in .nine t erpl. ���:li y
"It ii ... lie I .1!-.," he uinrniwed buif
unt'nnsolnt'.sly, is..;! it we ss^ii _bat Uui
vi'i'i-i mn.- hid those '������ ining ci.'.eks.
"ii mih.*. In," rl.e -.,..j. ' i.t;t 1 am u<>
thought re.ii'er. I ouly leil yotl Ihe lines
c,' yciii' i'.ftriil, 'a-|i ... els v i'H-, o_ thu [,*.*���,
Ih - preseul and Iheiuture Is turn.��� iiitoa
pii :o-.-. *rl_il ie Ln our eyes only. I baD-
hisl leH if ih�� ideal of yotii* though ta i.s ll-_
si*r person whoee dwatlny sec::? |_ti.��__
vs ,in so ��i i, t* _,! y with ,.-ur "Wll life
���:. ' .. ,.���.-! !-;_i--i Jon to [fluke
r< im lor lilhera    1 c��ti t-^'l yuii no uiol*e."
Sir lex rose, dropped hie oolns cu the
isHl'-le and i.'s'i j-.-i a. !hw i-i ;U ^altulat
(.'������ii the out-i' euri^iin and entered her
i i. -. i-.
"Yeu may hnve your r-li'i hack," er.!.l
! 'le, .To" ens! off Iho olnak Irom I., r
(stiiiuM' !'.����� The owi'nr iMsumed it t\i..i
::', ���left! with H-croi .uiiosslty nl the treui-
hlinj Hi . rs whii ii ..<������,.���-���' lo.��t.b to ratnovo
Hm w'.n��k. -i-i sh lily r".-rr. i-hu l.iHok rllj-
hons uulie.1 nmi ihn  _   ire  d '.''i-d     Uiitt
;,-|c-l-.-    hflt   ::-,' ���'. i. ���':':��� ���'���  1 ,',H le.nl,  oti."-
vvtirtlly rjnile c.-.i';i and * ���' possoitis :1 Sho
nv'iiik'.l a lenooiilii) wlili ilir l-'eli*-. ��i d .
rosutini her old stand nt thc flowor stall,
A   tiieirtl   \.!.i  nwned   lint   region  of
lovely In v -.! *.'t!-.i.l(* wur.ee reniavked thft*
kite leaked i :i' her vs loui and weary   " Yot;
have beun working too haul. .Ilsa Caveii-
���Yr-...'  asaunUKl  I-ell.i, w'ith on odd lit.
tin so.ii.i.    '��� i   hie,'.- ,'.;-i ., working hard
vnry hard.'
'..nt have you i i��da :i I  "���'
'Well .1 t'.oii'fc quite i-::i ���'- * el. yon Fcfl
hut���bul   I   hi no  i !....-.   ..... success i
UoikI night, Mr Hau itlon; ' ho narrii o
will he waiting foi n:i< 1 ���;,��� .in.* li.-ce ! i,
Captain White, you ara not to oome wish
nm. Howls th' -... ii, iii roi broil tub w>
gut. on without yii_V'
Sir fell* wni. standing hy the iUkc. hs
I.e.lla come out flinging n ll���ht capo
around her sh. ulders, and he liastt :i*xl f. r
ward t*i luck imr fur ru;; warn ly over I' r
skirts and gallantly kl.-.-d Ihe scent._l
finger* which tj-ied t*i h. iLtic hin g;--'.*>}
"Well, Wis* Cavendish, did you have
your fortune tdd by ih. palinlrtf"
"Yes, I dei, vrniu'c it foolishly Insane
of ire*    And yon?"
"I also had  my future fata rovoolcd,'
h�� answered j.r.i'-.ly
U*iin laughed uneasily, and tooknswift
wiiTisy of his unreadable face.
"Have you bean ordcrtd ta fulfill any
task���to tmibaik on any ventaref'
"Yes, I have."
"I sin fnnrtully curious, but do tell tne,
���ball yon obey."
"No, I think not. Tho fact le 1 base
hist, -4U iiieal today."
"What do you mean*1"
li�� Rave a nignul l.i the coschraBl. to
drini on, and then tn-ut hurriedly toi��-c.nl
ln-_>, saying quietly, "Toko rev advice,
Miss Lalla; next timo you play at paliuis
try remove yon. pearl ring!"���Madame
-bonlit Do -tn-,.
Crlmeonbeak���Microbes ar�� not hard t.
Yeast���V.'hy so?
"because ll Is said 8.0,000.(100 cnii Is,
got nn n single postage Stan p."���iookors
Tbo Soldier** K*-tiirB.
They ��reet��d hl'n with -mil" ~a.l tears,
Flilcil liim with hei.r snd mutton���
And carried sway tor souvenirs
111* iA.it remalr.ini- button.
���Indianapolis Jenrnal.
���_til      -,:7.
: Torture.
�����-^���,*{iiS s_s a .;��^-^a.sl..a.s{. _-.^-a-s_s^sfsM
, *s\\.y.-..ikn.uivT-j!_. San Ftn,-i.ci.s_v),C_
.WIO Westminster Road.
1.   C
NKW WKSTMINSTKR,    :-:   ��. C.
ManufACtureri of aU kitidio.
Soda Water, Qinger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
For mors than twenty years Mr. j
J. IB, Massey, of 3322 Clinton .St..
Minneapolis, Minn., was tortured
by sciatica. Tiie pain aud -.ulTer-
ing which he endured duriug this
time is beyond' comprehension.
Nothing gave liim a*.v pernanietit
relief until he used Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, One application of
that liniment relieved tin* pain and
. made s'.ee;. and rest posiIble,and le-i*
than oue bottle has effected a permanent cure. If troubled wiili
sciatica or rheumatism why no'1 try
a 25c bottle of Pain Tln^.v and see
for yours-li how quickly it relieves
the pain. For sale by Ail Drug-
a**^eWimaaf%mn*^m*W --mm ***��-. "-*..*���   '
O-'i '   t
A    W- :.
1 ! CI
The Children's Favoritt-
' ' . Colds, Croup c;id
Fi        .������������; Jjargre Bizs,60 cts
\-.-S;-���..��_��� ���.'���"��� -s.swK-S^IS.VflWfcK.-AW-*11, DELTA rfi.\l.
Af. \ V
���r?X.*_-.   ���
School Report.
tr-r-'j-j.-?.1:-..-. ,j_!ji.-."-.w--3*a=fc^':i
'��" CMfftf STORE We Beg Le
Wm, Lasseter paid a visit to  the
Royal City this week.
Mr. D. R. Grant was a visitor to
the Royal City this week,
Total number ot pupils enrolled.
Average dailv attendance���Division I., 17.15; Division II., 32.10;
Division III., 31.8.7; Division, IV.,
41.15; total, 122.27.
Miss Woodward spent a day  or
so in Vancouver this week.
Form IV.,   S-nior���Ada
Mrs. Voung, q_* New Wcrstmin-
sler is visiting Mrs. I,. Monkman
.his week.
Herbert  Hume,   Warren
ForiE.IV., Junior���Haiold Davis,
Vernon Taylor, F.lia Stainton.
F.rm III., Senior���. Florence
Lord, 1.-/-1 Woods, Hume Hilton,
Annie Soroat, t.u!>v  Thirkle, Wil
li. N. Ri
ney.   weut   over   to  '.he.
City on Monday..
U and ion. Master Sid
Terminal I:
Hi. D.   JJenson  -ame  t ver  trom
LvereU, 011 Tuesday, to take a look i Ham Frederick,
ar.mnd tke farm. Form IU .Junior���Minnie  Mar
  desich, Marv ..elic.., George Leary
Annie Brown,  Winnifrec. Hutcher
son, F.dwanV I.iyingstOBe.
-Philip Gui-
Gra,oe Fred-
*    '"* ' crick,   Leonard   McBride,   Austin
Mrs.   Hiltc-ii, left,   M��nday,   foi | Hume.
Victoria on a visit to iriends. Canon      Form II., Juuior���l-.ay._t .Shirley,
.Jli.ton   accompanied   hi-*-   wife   to {-Edith    Leary,    Lester   If aud ford,
Vancouver.. 'Alice Thir.k^e, Inez Stainton, Bessie
 ,  j Fenton.
Second Reader���Arthur McBride,
J_B_f __G_& .*<_��
Wa d��&&
Is the Cask Store of New Westminster
Form,   Hi.,   Seiiiof-
i chon, John Kiskl-.m'
Our Stool.: id not only a large one bat a
well assorted one, and one in which
are very moderaJ*.e.!y- priced.
the goods
To notify the people of Ladnar and surrounding district that we are now in s.
position to oiler Vancouver laiand
'Hand  Cemmnt
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about th��
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
WMte doite-i Swiss  Muslins  und Flotwt
Saml. Abererombie, of Lull*, Is- j
l-Bd. L-��__e _V_fy on Jf.nday last,
on a visit to his brothe.., Watson,
at Boundary Bay.
Muslins hi pink, blue, green, red,
Hundreds of yards of EngTisH Dress I
�� 1
B. C.
J    Muslins,, white and colored, sc*me wit
Evelyn Lord, Tkeln_a Clark, Chris-!
tie McGregor. Ismail wreaths and rosebuds, dots,, flowers, etc.
First Reader, Senior���Davia Mc- i
Waters,   Sidney Welsh, CatUeriue |
.1  I:
7nnThousands  of yards,   about   seventy
ii ||f
_.   Mil'
ft UUPve
I yards encb,
Ireland and; Switzer
o-{ beautilul
pieces, containing  from
muslins from  France,
25 to 50
 ___ -feMfh.
Rev. J. F.   Betts  spent   Monday!     First   Reader,   Juuioi-
yi the Tttpipal-City, antf on Wed-j Davis,   F.ileeu   McBride,
yesday left here  for  Chiliwack  to  Hilton. Annie Brown,
attend tiie District Meeting  of the      FlfSt  Reader, Junior  ?..���Mable
MetUodiat Church in session there. JLar./in.-,,   koy   Ander.on,   Frank.
  i Kettle,, Myrtle Kukland,  Beatrice
I Smith Mildred Brawster (equal).       ���*���*���-.,_ , ,.._i-    ���,*��� >,������-,���,'."���, . .    -.      ���       ���"���     ������* ������ m-v-' ��� -������*=-
Betore unloading'anv more rock   ' Second   Primer���Suil;y Clalj_j
oreravelat tie,, dupipon Geortia|Wai)d;l   ^.ciallan, Flora   Living- If YOU 0311 t   CG/HO   and   SC6   these   gOOdS  drop a j
St. it would pay the Council to iu- j .^^ Jeoff>(jy McCallatf. * postal card for samples, they'Te free.
Fir** Pii.aier���Ruby Welsh, Ira.;
l_,arriu��t_n, Harry Mart?nich, Nor- j
mat Lord, -Jdward, I.eiry. (��.,_, m ��, *&*, ��. �������, BKEsxtes *s >
Wall Paper, Paints, Varn.sh.es, Etc.
New, up=to��date Paper
select   from,
also   some
bargains in
vest in a. little more lumber and
put down a floor for tiie gravel, etc,
as much ti.ne will I15. sawed in reloading.
AboHt thirty members of Helta
Lodge, No. ..j, I.O.O,1>7. turned
ont, on Sunday last, to attend the
Anniversary Service ia. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Ckurck, which
iraa comfortably filled*. Kev. A.
_kts.At.le_r, the pastor, preached a
**;ery  excellent; sermon. w,hich was!
267 Columbia St..
New Westminster, B. 0
������" tea ...
Biuck appreciated by all.
The fo.iOTV.ug letter ha. been  re- j
' ceive.lby l'. 17 McDonald author- j
. ix.iujj him te-proceed witk the wir-1
I ing of the Delta district to be  tap-;
{** 1 by the B. C.   17   17   Co.,   and
fpr which  Mr. McDonald hm over
For Men, ti.-e cl
Siood worth of Steele on hand:
;        r ' Mr. P. 1). McDonald, j
The   Methodist  Charcb,  which Electrician,
i,_.9 been dosed for several weeks' Ladner, B.C. |
while   undergoing quite, exteaaive j     Dear Sir:   The General Manager,J
yepair*. and renovation, will  be  re-Mr.  Sperling, instructs   rue to in- (
Opened   to-��orr(��w,   the 6th   inst. j fprei you that this Company  will j
lev.   _$.   Roiis&n,   D.D., a former! try an 1 lave its lighting and power:���
f-astor,   will   preack   a$ both   thei service iii  Laduer  by  the  lirst ot I
SHorning and evening service*. The; Octcbrr, '06 and t_git vou niav take
t>octor  will be greatly pleaaed to | contracts for  wiring of  bvaldiugs
ipeet ki3 many frieuda   of; former:.n   Latlner   and   start   wiring   a1.-
years once more.    In the afternoon \ once.    We    vr ill,   on    the    return
Br.   Robson  w.i.1  preajrh  atWett-jof   our   General    Superiateudant,
kam Island where he.hop,es,te meet: Mr. Ifclae, from thesout-h, send  to
Jjis paii-shioners of other day* and ; you a sketch shewing t'ie territory I Xuead-tj. evenin
We are showing   some  spiendid values in White Muslin
Blou.es, prices from $i.BO lip.
Ready-to-*-Wear Hats.
We- have   a   wide   range of the  Newest Stylts at prices
rill appeal very for ibly to the thrifty bu_r.tr.
*.! S_>slH ���
. * s��s7
>icest j.roduction of Canadian Shoe Manij/acture,
New Solid Goods, new prices.
Modern  .^hoea ia a Modern  Shoe  Store..
-    Ladner, B.C.
niRTCH,.        -    .   - 27.S Columbia Street
t_S_____;s__B_-_-w I
��� _���-..   ! "a.-J-i-
J. F. Stainton rttnirned h.eme  on'i
r-^new acquaintaace.
O.i  Sniisiay  last   fire consumed
%he house aud all tke personal be*
fpngings of  Mrs.  17
Valdez lelandi
C. Yeattnan
It will be re_t.emti.red  that  two proStable-oae,
years ago, I. C. VealtnaB, bfo'.hei-
jn-law of onr. respected citizen Jas.
C_ook;.was !pst in tbe bnsh on Vancouver Island duiinc a stoim while
hi'-rting, snd t*j4nc- tl tn Mrs. Veat-
man and Ker^ family of sevea ckil-
drcn, fh* eldest- of wlom is only'
s.-venteen, has been endeaycring to
i_i_*.ke tkeir living wlk-h' was hard
enough'but ��ow tney have lost
ever-}��thing. A. snbscription ha��
been started in Vaiic-uver in aid
at the vnidovy *nd ber. homeless
family. Pioyincial Constable Jones,:
of lferiot  B'av,  hss  afforded them
iu  the immediate neighborhood ofj
tke town, which   it is  intended  to
tap wit-k the dUtributtpn wires. Tke !    Not if as Rich as Rockefeller.
'General X-'anager will decide with-1	
in the   next  two   weeks mpr.n   the.     ,,        .    .   ,, .. . .    , _    ,
           ...        [f yov_.had all the wealth of Rocke
route by   which  the  r.ncs  will  be'
taken to the village. felfcr�� lUe ^^'^  ^  ^agpate
I am i leased to kear that pros-, yo* could not buy a bettet*medicine;
peels on  the   liver  are   good   and. for bowel  complaints  t'n.ni   Cliam-
trust   youv v-ntv.re vr.ill  prove   a berlaia's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy,    The roost emitienl
| physician can up. prcsonibie a better
preparation for colic and, diarilitca,
both tor children and   adults.    The
uniform success of this remedy   kas
shown it to be superior to all others.
It never fails,and when reduced with
water and sweetened, is pleasant to
Transfer will leave jtake.    i'.very family should'be sup*
v-p.-n. o:i and a.'.er j.lie.l with ii.    Sold by   All   Drug-
I gists.
15-th inst , the
onen   to box-
Ii. c.
Yours truly,
F.L1.CT.UC Ry. Co., Ltd.
Pei 17 RyMMitb.
Notice is hereby given that I   intend to apply, te the Board of Licence 1
Commisiouers tor  Delta Municipal-!
ity,.at its meeting  in June next, I
for a transfer of the Liquor Ljcence L
ofthe Port GuiclKMi Hotel at   Port
Guichon, from in-yueli   as   executor
of the estate of W. L.  McBride deceased to Emily Susan McBride,   ofj
Port Gnichon, B. C.
Dated this 27th day ef April 1906.
RICHARD Me BR IDF,        j
Under ir. structions from the Executors of
th*  Estate of the, Latft W, L. McBRIDE:
All Saints at t 1
Tlie steamer
Westuii-istei rj
the 15th in. t.
(')m and site,"-
Postofficc   will
ommnnion  to-morrow  in
oxl ock.
��� _,***�����-"���. wf-'-jeJiLLur*
ment ot the Municipalicy of" Delta
rill be held  in ihe Council Cham-;
holders until 8 -.m. V"VVn" ' * hers. Ladner, on Saturday, the 19th I
Rt.    ktv.   _J.shop   Dart   will   be * * j day of   Uiy, 1906, at  10 a.m., ind
temporarv shelter until neighbors7i guest at-the Vicarage next,Thurs-i Whfic-nie.-is'cp s.nil chi k.n.pox any person desiring to make coni-
c.n rebuild a.hpuse for them. Bovs' day. His Lordship is'cumin.: dowu exist in .1 hi pie all children must be; plaint againat his or her assessment
clothes are principally needpcl, and for tie Apostolic Kite ot' tjpnfirma-! kr-.*t fr< m school until the epidemic must give notice in writing to the
iiparel for children of almost any titin. 'Iheie will be a privaii* Con- in iliat._iaiiacular home kut ceased,, Clerk, staling the groaad of his or
a^e up to seventeen years'vtjjl.be firmafioii in tin* afterhnmi at 5 |*itherwi��e. the hornes,wiP be rjiar-| her complaint, at least ten dices be-
thankfully received.' .VdilrcssCon
stable Jones, Union Steamst-ip Co,'.-
wharf, Carrall Street, Vancouver,
Or .1?:--. Cook, Trenant ''ark
Will be offered to the public at
To make room for an-
otic, is  kejteh, give, that the I Entircl y* JSJeW   StOCk 0'.        0
it   of  Revision  ofthe   Assess- V
Delta Municipality.
Coaic and  *?ee Cur Special Line of
Boots and Shoes.
o'cloL'.; and 1   ;.:\7.- Co l.^inaiipu j.nntined.
fi>re ss���il il.ii-'.
in Tlutrsdav evening at   '/.,v>  witk l                    By Order-.
shortened   Evensong i,nd  address'               A, A. KING,
C. M., C.
by the Bishop.
M. II. O.
Ladner, Apiil 1 jtli, 190(1.
Port   Guichon,  P. C,


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