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The Delta Times Sep 9, 1905

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Array ;-:���/'
-^   SEP 13 190b
SI."<<* y��*
Royal Purple Shoes
SteamYachtSonoia   L0J.M.0J.W.
[Walking a Joy.
A youtliful and springy gait results from the constant wearing of
"Royal Purple" Shoes. All the new lasts are now in stock. Oxfords
and Boots all at the one price���$3.50 stamped on sole.
j.S Oases New Shoes just marked off and ready for your inspection.
ie "MegilH Shoe for men is a beauty, with new "viscolised" waterproof
lildren'a Fancy Shoes and Strap Slippers.
[This Store is Headquarters for   High   Grade  Shoes.
To   Hun   Between    Ladner   and     The I adies of the Maccabees of
F.  Keeling,  of Vancouver, who beneficial organization for  women,
own,   and   operates   the   steamer This'order, although but  13 years
Sonoma, paid our 'town a visit on
Sad Enough.
On Monday afternoon last, about
the World is the leading fraternal | _ o'clock, H. N. Rich discovered a
fire raging, in a large straw stack,
Thursday last and stated his intention ef putting hit? steamer on
the run between Ladner and Steves-
ln  existence,   is now  the seventh
strongest in membership and funds
of all  the fraternal  orders in the
"world, the other six  being  men's.
, . ,. ... This order  is  governed and  con-
ton,   making  connection  with  the   .,..,,
.��_..,/. 'ducted entirely  by women lor wo
Vancouver-and Steveston branch of
the ii. C. Electric Railway.
The Sonoma is a screw propeller,
having  been   built   in Vancouver
this yeaT, ancl will be an  ide.il boat
for the service.    She is 46 feet long,
is fitted with a Holland Water tube
boiler, fore  and  aft compound en
on theproperty of John Honeyman,
at East Delta.
I    Threshing operations had ceased
' on Saturday, on this piece, and the
j machine had been  moved into  an-
j other field for work which was to
men, with a membership numbering! ^Draa,Cm-e ��"  M��*J��v. and, there-
one hundred and  fifty   thousand   fore'   ,he   fire   must   have    ���*��
Below will be found tbe record  forrraoulc*r���g from Saturday to Month- first six months of 1905 . \'d*y-    M thc time the &e was dis-
-w, m,     ���. ���    , covered all the new grain was piled
Number Hives organized ><���: * '
'Certificates issued	
���4 nearby, but luckily the only  dam-
���4.360  ���_,_, rW_ ___ At_ , , ^  ^    _
\2G per cenl* off the balance of our Summer Waists
>rookeLry and &lmsswa*r e
We offer a large and well -assorted stock.    Call and inspect our
Stock "When wanting anything in this lice.
in light Soap.
We  offer 25 boxes at  120 p.er cent,  less than the regular price.
$4.75 per box or -5c bar in less quantities.
[Fruit Jars.
Pmte, Quarts and -^-Gallons���Mason and Grown.
felly Glasses.
Pull .Size!, 60c per dozen.
(Gran Sugar for Preserving,
.ake of the Woods and Ogilyie Flour,
Protection written $6/178,000
gines of 25 h.-'p. and 'has a speed in  Benefits paid ���     593.679
excess of 11 miles per  hour.    .She! 'rotal benefits-to July''05 4,049,562
has accommodation  for 45 passen-Emergency fund    1.. 144,585
gers and will also he able to handle Total of all titfds    1,3:71.332
light freight. At January ist, 190-;,  the  L. O
It is Mt. Keeling'** intention to;T. M. O. T. VV.  stood seventh   in
commence the run in a week or ten 1 membership and third in nett  gain
I days' time and to make  two round J in the numlier ot benefit  members
j trips per day at first, but his steam- during T904,  among   '.he National
j et is quite capable of making four; Fraternal Congress .Societies,
trips should the bttshtess wtrrant it.!     A Hive of t'lis gwnd  order will
! She will-also be available for special j be organized here shortly by Deputy
trips at any time that will not in I Supreme Commander Mrs. Janet C.
terlere with her regular schedule.     ; Kemp.
This service  wiA  be greatly ap-1  .	
predated by the people of tlie Delta
who,   in  the  matter of steamboat
I service, have had to  put up with a
I great deal of inconvenience, making
!-travel  with any degree of comfort
or despatch,   impossible.
age done was the loss of tbe straw
stack, about one hundred sacks and
quite a patch of (peat. Tbe latter
will likely cause considerable
trouble ere the fire is extinguished.
Mr. Honeyman is to be congratulated on having succeeded so well
i n pre ve ut i ng fu r ther dam egg.
The  services  in  All   Saints  to-
We  be-1 morrow  are: Holy  Communion at
j speak ior the Sonoma thepsttronagej 8.30 a.m.;  Matins end  Sermon at
7of the travelling public.
Rev. Jas. A. Banton outlined work
j'to be 'undertaken by tbe church and
! congregation   during   the   coming
months of winter.    The work  sug
Editor Dhi.ta. Tinas:
Sir; "One Interested"  last wcer
certainly ostod tlie .village Trustee*
' for imp-ntantmiornaaiion. Here m
j what Superintendent Robinson
j wrote toiniet.'a*7ye_n��-egataingllii*i
j subject:
"I may  state, in  reply  to  your
letter of the soth inst. (.August,
j 1904),'.that in many .mral school!
'. ot  British sCielumbia tchHdren   are
pursuing a High -School course.
; When this matter has been submit-
| ted   to  th�� -Minister of 'Education
the invariable  answer of this De
lia, m.; Evensong and  Sermon  at
7.30 p.m.
Rev.   A.   Shildrick,   Hector   ot
Trinity Cathedral, wilt conduct the I partment has been that HigfeSchodi
I sem'ices in All Saints to-morrow, in, children *ie tto jeieiste instruction
Last Sunday night at the close oT| fhe absence of ^^  mUon< who  wHh ^ mhe_ ^^ ,ttendi
the service in the Baptist  Church, j w,u officjate fa the Cathedral. j the schocl but ^^ ^^ ^
Theaunual Harvest Thanksgiv-: Education Depaftmeirt escpectsth*
ing Service  wili  be held   in   All i most of the teacher's time and  attaints on Sunday, Sept.   17th, the j tention will'teegi-ren to the younger
"""'u-rthS und ay after Trinity.   Special! PUP'-*-     Still,   the   High   School
gested and heaittily adopted by tht|   ��** .      . -t.iu   ������ ���s,.u_ ��      iv
��.     .        .���.,.*' .'    , .       .Jl       .* music and sermon for the occasion.  chll<i  <* children  must not be ne-
frietids  present  is  of a social aud
I.-       *!*.,_ <*...,.��� nf .i,��� 1 The church will be becomingly de-
i devotional nature.    T he hrst of the a J
...   ,      .   ,,       ,,.,   _.      corated.      Holv     Communion    at
series   will   be   held on   luesdayl
! evening next .in "the church.     A i mK'*dav*
good   literary   and    musical    pro I     The Pan-Canadian Synod of the
gramme will be provided; admission  Church is  now  in session at Que
You Save Money Here.
Marshall Smith
will be free and all will be cordially
welcomed. On Tuesday, the 19th
inst., a young people's prayer and
praise service will be held; on the
26th a social will be given and on
October 3rd there will be a missionary concert. Special music will
be provided, for all of these meetings. All are cordially invited.
Admission free.
The thresher owned and operated
bee. Bishop Dart and Archbishop
Pentreath are present trom this
diocese. Some important subjects
are before the Conference, such as
"proposed addition to the Prayer-
book," "the compilation of a'Cao-
adian   Hymnal,"   etc.    After   the
glected!"  ���''*   *
Why -ehouK the Tfrt-istees be consulted at all.*? tl understand that
the Principal has orily -some fifteen
piipik. Whe Kast Belts teacher-*-
with fofty pupils acd every >clase
from First tir?riiB��r to iSntnnce���
��a*#eiHigh SrJkool subjects to one
pupil last'term, and passed his entrance pupils with high marks. Another .pupil in that trhaol sons
years ago,   gained   a   second-chus
_. . , ,,. ,       ..   _ . ,.   I certifiaate in the same  way.-andil
Conference, Bishop D.art leaves for 1.. . ' .
_    ,    .7,     ,      ���,. 0 , .know meat at least one of our Til-
England, to be absent till February. ___,_,.. . ....
6       ' jlage teachers also  never  attended
any but a country school.
'The progress wbich is being
���ade by the Columbian College iis
\ -something that the province of B.
i C -should be proud ot.
The unmbeY of applicants Tor ad*>
unrssion this ye*sr exceed those of
any other year by over uoo per
���cent, at the present date.
Extensive dmprovements are be->
vog made .0 t?be -value <of about
TheCeTlege isitbewaipiaet of -a
���large and -very superior science
plant, a contribution from iriends
in the East. The -possession of this
plant will place Columbian ��College
an excellent position io do first class
-work in this deoattaneitt ot -education.
There are ttwo graduates in .Arts
this year, the pioneer class ol li.'-C,
Mass Helen Robson ami Rev. VV. L.
With Ae isUy-srovsMnents in buildings and the addition of thc above
plant the College will doubtless
make more rapid strides than
Cured of Lame Back After 15 Years
ot Suffering.
"I had been troubled with-lame
back for fifteen years and I found ai
convplete -recovery in the use of
Chamberlain's Pain Ba>lm," says.
Jdhu G. Bisher, Gillam, Ind. Tbis
liniment is also vmthout aa equal
for sprains sand bruises. It is for
sale by F. J. MacKencie.
Editor Druta Timus:
Sir:   Should   "One  Interested,'
who evidently is ashamed to sign
his name, ask almost aay {paxpayer
he will .undoubtedly get the  information he seeks.
The Secretary of the School
Board is at all times willing -lo give
"One Interested," or the public,
any information in his possession
re��a��ding.tlie.L��stdner-Publlc School.
Respecttully yours,
f. j. Mackenzie,
-Secretary-of-School Board,
Young Percy Slater had tbe mis-
fortune to tut off the great-toe et
by Messrs. Davis, Parmiter 8c. Mc- his left foot, on Wednesday last, by |
Callan was  taken  over to Wood- j coming into'tor.tact with*the'tun.b-'
ward's  Landing  on  Tuesday last.' ler saw.    The toe was hanging by
While the engine was being backed J a small piece of skin<only when Drs. \
up to the sapartltOT, through  the | King and  Woodley   arrived   whoj
steering gear going wrong, it took 1 decided  to amputate   the   injured1
i a tumble into the ditch  with the'member at fhe second or big joint.   ;
j water tank on   top.    Luckily   no;    Previous to Percy's accident Mr. |
i-rne was injured aud not more than' Slater ran a saw .tooth through one |
I $50 worth of damage done.    The; of his fiugers, while later on 'the;
j damage has  all  been repiired and j third   accident   happened.       This;
everything'ftO.K. for threshing��� I time the  victim  wa.s a Chinaman, I
j who  had  one of :his legs -npped 1
; open by a :piece of .timber.    No less
than sixteen stitches had to be.put j
"Yours trajjr,
'Miss Whitwotth is visiting /lienfe
in .\Tancouver.
Mrs. M, N. Reid and daughter.
Miss Ethel, leit yesterday for  Vsus*
couver via Steveston.
H. J. Hutcherson and W. R.
Suiith wereon a injirtiifg and'Sshinf,
trip this week and had lair luck.
except the weather.
Chamberlain's n"_rcrw!! Remedy.
-Ktmrfalls.  Buy It no��.  .It m^y JWelifa.
The pheasant shooting season
opens frcm*ffict 16 to Dec. .stk^os,
inclusive, on the Lower Mainland.
The Island District opens from Oct.
2 to Jan. 1 06.
The Collegiate  College, of V-ic-
toria, opens on "Monday-next.   Mr..
Laing, the headmaster, has secur-!     [)r ^ p ^^ &[ WeStminstcr,
ed quite an additional number of wa8marded ,��� the :],:ast ,ou Wed-|
pupils, --amongst  whom .is Master  uesdayiiaatto Miss Orpha Hamlin,
Edwin Hutcherson.    We wish him U m^ ^^ ^.^ Mirn    ^^j
j every success in .his college life.        , m vfiX.temted trip ;of ^ Jiastern
 ' '  I cities 'they    will   return "to   New:
j     New  shipment of Old "English! Westminster, about the 16th of the
'.JkcakfastTeiUiistin���CitfyLUikery.   prcsqin month. ,
Mrs. H.J. Hutcherson went over
to Victoria, today, to introducr
Master Ivdwin into his new Kthodl,
���G. A. Crosbie, eupervi��or't-T"BTh-
ish Colurabia branches of .the Roysti
Bank of Canada, made his annual
inspection of Ibe local branch, this
week, and, tfter a thorough examination of tlie books, -at_vpresse'd
himself as -weTl fpleased -with tht
perfect condition iw which -he feunE
''ss.-cr^tbiqsp. .it  L~e      i.> M'J__i   _-
>*~i x \j l\.ijJ\ *
Siva a KiVJ i>i-i,iv  w.   X��03>
_r.r=*aa_dlti: e_*s ��� -.-���..-:
_   .. ._.,   _    f.    ,      ...j
the delta f^Wufimw Coim.!.
SOUBCRIPTION,  $1-00 per year.
A.   O.  U.   \\7
Delta Lodge   No. ta meets 1
and third Tuesdays of each month
Council met iu the Town Hall   in Oddfellows' Hail.
MrMAFiV (Dei ��� t*^��� 's^,i'"*T^*f"*��*^r��4_^����-;'"��^*j^hI
irst] **" "* , ; .'..
ilSurrey Centre, September  2nd, the
W, C. Pybcs, M.V.7
Gko. R. Mavu*-;, Record
c��kui iUwttH0mt��tK.-n>'.eeut�� coUn��foriReeve'and*ail members being pre-!
ti-cirst io* rticm, sad 5 its'.* per Uiic tssr cscli i o    -        1
��r.ljs��|B*��t instrtiuu.     The   numUr   it   lines   sent
s-ckonvsl I.t thc nps.ee occupied,  i.!.i;s.tu lue ,
jcii. Miuiio.:., of .r.t previous  meeting j
> st��s  tor Cnmn:��rci.il   ACs-et-tiscmcnts cr.u  lie
Vail e* applicatiou st thiSOCisK-.
B.mM*t notices w ��iitf v��r line _for ��c_ in-
Ss^riism. 1
_rtis.,(iDR:iiil.n��.5��,M3rr;.s��ji-��.  !    From   Martin,   Weart   &    Mc-! every  Wednesday  evening at 8 p.
iiEDiifyT tiiiftDfl t
Delta i ransfer Stable
A lull lina of English aud Irish ��� *.*
were read and confirmed.
Delta Lodge, Xo. 2. .-The regu* | Tw(SS& a,id  Fanc-�� Trouserings **, f
, br meeting.*, of thi-- luidge arc held, ways kept in slock.
T&&m Wank Stems at l:Ji>joia'!y Haw Prices.
JOSEPH .JORDAN, Proprietor.
���r>+��������������� **���*��� ���l-t-H-^-t-i- *H- *��-* ���
key ��u'��-i��i notice, the object oi which i��to Quarrie, re Liverpool road, saying ro. Visiting Brethrep cordially in-   ���.,������,.av��:��....:.*-v.-.v��..-..s-<-��...:.....>..^%; �������� _                  _ '!      ,. .                                                                    t
S&is^SlIW t   .,;.,-,,,   ||n  !T*   B|TrM   f $T.k,.a,me-i.,d���er'   No. _o.                                                                *
""_,;H::-;;::;r;^,; fw ����.�� i*���-1 ^-' * ���*���������-w** ���� ������* **' - ���R E^ v*G*     ! i NHtRRL HD ill HOo i| ^vr���..l���^tv^H���:���*.H���;.HH.������^t���^-��.^+vtH���^t+..H+,
��*i u.4 paid *r. ' imm; :i- Ir. H- ���  irkisiiMlitv of elns-1 D"H    A.   A     KfNri,   .-.._;. T'____ '       ..    ; 1 i ___
�����mt^* p��idft*. repoi* as to-th    tdvisability of clos-
Osrrr_f,-^<its.<- lavilesl s>m  matters ot public , ,,        ���       ,
-��tiT��rt.   ComniunicntiotMto edltOIUlllsst 1st- :so   lllg lutih ll!'.      tSsCCei-VCQ,
V^^d^ ddd^-dd'-^^ :    *����*- Dr. Pagan, Secretary  P.o*
^^r'0" ��-lr~h.t).l.ott�� by Thurs-jv.nc.a] ,,oaR,   rf Hcajth    encl08lng
Ci   0    1'
. J-l ��>��� I.  '-���SJI*.
.   ViAX'.HY,
.���1CMPKK    <���),
reguhui.    regarding milk  snpplyl    p��urt   Frasw   ^-3*)8, ineets in [A kkw westminsykb,   :-: b. ��
and slaughter houses and trusting I ,d<lfeUc,ws   l!:11  se   '"'  -""'  �����* 1 nuten of aiiuiudsoi
.,    ,���         .        ,1       .,   , ,,              Phnrsday evenings of each  month   * <.-    ���      -sir   .        ^--
the Council would see thnt the same 1              >            ��      .                       .��, Soda   Water, GlOffei
1     1      ,-.      ���   ..,                j at  S  0 clock.      VisitiiiEf Hri-t ircn   ��� , ,            ,   .-
are earned*out.    Received              I ] _                                          |! Ale  and   Summer
'. Drinks.
���' Your patrrinagi solicited
���ATi'JtiJAT,   ski'i'i.mm'i*'   9,   .y--*-      From J, Bnttt ?��Iorgait, saying he
s_���i . .    is -. -    -���  -��� ��� hoped to 1 ave the pieasiife of meet-'!
Tc thosQ wl o c!.ti:u that ihe Hats! ing th   C ounctl, Septemhej 2nd, iu
canrtovnrodncc .ruii  with  a good \ (jrde��' '�� takt?
A.  _*ORKE, 0. R.
I. HI B*E,  U.S.
X \\J tEssssxaans*   *L mtSBsaaoasnaiasssiBai **^_s8___b_bi��
{1 The Place for Tinsnuthing, Bath Tuba, Stove
'(jPipe, Conductor Pipo, Roof Plates, and Every-
X thitig Else in This Line.
,,. ithe Tram, Power- & Light By-law. I"_
bloom on, we offer the suggestion : I �� , .-. -    -    1
, ,     Received. f rtOt'Se    (lOOdSl   1
n<    see Ion     ���        ���.   ,,-  .        .      , ...   1 -iii*/s.J*w-     <x /->u.^>.    -a
From w. i':.;*1,, saying; he would   -i- i
thai   thoy  come  here
discontinue the use of tbe Campbell  I. "uv �����>*��"" ����J--"���� i^��Wiw_i*
*vths--.- long pr->Tctl rellsble, t.n4 they are  *
River btidge for dumping logs and. ri
1 rj-;
(ttegling,   o(   Vancouver,   is restore it to its original condition,   i
h   needed | Received.
Moved I v Conn. Wales seconded   ":
.    s
>y  Coun.   Lawrence,   that in  the  M
iii l uin ',r.'..  '., -.    r v <��� ',,:,  ., ,���,.;-.
about to supply  tt   muc
t.iver   Service   between    i'.eic   and
Steveston, which wilt put Delta ini e^ent   oj   ^   Reeye   and
UAUNEK, B  C ��t
lusc touch witb Vancouver.
Boothrovd not being able  to carry.
'   . .1
out  negotiations  with  Mr. Milton   m%mm
(.i-nep and   others  concerned   re   Miltpn vtmam,
Agent tor-
tv a*mWitSSm\
On First Mortgages.
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Y'oho Bath heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hog?,, ar lor wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
!?G7s tbo intorxmatlon of all
,,     water trouble, that they be empow- ,,���,,,.������   ,���
concerned, we beg to state that the        . * dhaliiRJ..   in
ered to carry out   Mr, Martin s ad-
World's report, re fair, at Ladner, is vicc    Carriedi Wellington Coal,.
incorrect.    Delta vvill have po fan      Thc contract of building a bridge Rosebank  Lfme
Portland Cement,
H. N. RICH,* LADNER Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Mawi'-r*�� Spreaders &        i
1 1
Mollne Pi&ws
this; year.    Sue!; tvas the decision on C. M. road, neai TyuebetQ, was
arrived at in July last. I awarded to ]. I). Cameron for $55.
  j    The   Surrey    highway   By-law j Smithy  Coal,
passed its 6rst,  second  and  third Qewei5   Pirve    Drain   Ti!p !        take the"lead everywhere,
ss men will ~^a\,^-^ rcwc"    *   *c'   -*-'iaut    -"������*������-��
show their wisdom if tbey pht on a     On  motion,   Alex, O. Matheson'
decent,    icspeetable,    comfortable, | and Jos. Drinkwater were appointed j Ohatbant Incubators &
safe and  fairly  fast boat  between  police constables,, .Steam Tug   ''Flyer"   and
e nr.
vv estmuister s busine
Are yon going to build this fail ?
Steveston a��d  Weattuinster.   The
Barges lor I lire.
accoui mods lion m ust
:f thev wish to do business.
The usual monthly accounts were*|
passed and cheques issued.
Council then  adjourned to 0
'again  on   Monday, October 9th, at Officu: Front St
j * P.m- X
 <��.._ _
If so, you cannot afford to do so without
Brooders, I getting our prices.
call and see them. Wxpd Cars of Lumber and Shingles our
.ac: Front Sti        IWi: 1-, :   (J (J   C^W^J
slew Westminster, B. C.      | Ci/*  *  * MeflUU. i VII
I Specialty.
Give us a trial and be convinced.
B.   L.   Inman,   of  Pennsylvania,
lu regard to the Query by "Qne who bas !-1>Ci! ^i[lu- liis '^ughter,   y^'^����^
Mrs. D. Mc( !re��or,
0:1  M.011-'��.,
"������'vst**a -"J f     9 ���>.*���'/.* f L ��i ���:"*
day   last,   for  Burlington,   '.Vas' ,,
when- he will visit  another daugh-
Interesred;" wliich appeared in last]
"ssue, we wish  to  state  thai, alter
'.���onversiu_; with tbe  Principal and: ter_     j^rs.  McGregor and   family]
-me of the Trustees on  the matter, accompanied   Mr, Inman     After al
we understand  live situation to bal.short stay  at Burlington,  Mr. [n-
i% f0nows. : 1"''11. will return East vin California,
Iii   order    to    undertake   High|
School work, her.: it  would  be  ue- Chamberlain's Cough Remedy A ids'j
vr _f tf   fit
o.easary to-emplov another teacher,1 Nature, \m a-mi\
A first-ciasr- joint put up in hrst-rlass style
call or send your order to the
" GEO. M. THRIFT, Manager.
\ Hazelmere,        - British Columbia
as c'ner.: 19 an objection to setting
pupils back into a lower rouu even
though their studies are unchanged.
Medk 7es that aid
Cough Remedy a<
11 allays  th
nature arc ai-
ou  this  plan, j
;;7i,   telieves thei
Phone 9.
Ladner, B.O,
j it  aiiays   tue   ca^gu,   [.eneves  uie    ���~ ,
The  way  which  has been   sug-  U,ng*i,-aids expectoration, opens the    ^#//f/��'$$*Zz
sted lo overcome the difficultv isi secretions, and   aids  nature   in  re-  ���^-���''fHH'*4''"
school, bring 'tbe scholars into town ; condition.    Sold
Close   th?   Crescent    Island ^storing  tlte  system   to   a   Healthy
1'.   J.   MacKenzie.
aitd   distiibtitc   ihein   among   the
classes here and uiov.e the Treuant ,  . ,; ...
apbool building   into   town   which ���0^^^KfCiiPzmENCZ
ivo^ld give both   the  increased ac- **^3   ^ ^*W5^m"iS
commodation and ueces.*.a 1 y teacher.     "S&i
The   government,   in   that   case,
ivoubl  pay   one-half  tbe   c^^i of-i
If you want a nice new I
Buggy,   up-to-date   in
every respect, or if the.
one   you   have   needs! JO&
painting, call ab
'Wi if* nj
oris. Etc
S booting- notices*.
"jee-ne���Westminster '.uaihct, Friday, Sept. 1, '.05.
A arrived,from Ladue; witb crate
of i. chickens B; a counerer ol
jhickens, witbp.ut counting thera
. Fia^:: T.M.H':.:
Anynnit ncodtni: .���. ���-iijV. acd dflBOrlptloTi ranj
iltilnUlv naeartsiln our optnloi^ irt-o whetlisir an
InvonKnn n. probnbly ; lAetitanles Conimvnlna.
11 inaatrlctlysaundauttal. RANOBuOK onBotoul*
i<��� ��� 1. > free, Oldaal asanos foTaacurlng-atoiiisSs
i :".i!.,n i.tlicn tBrouKli Munn t. 1 ... r'-c-ivci
s-fi.-i.is! ru t:,:, ivHhoutoliorRA, intii..
T     Pi A V PD'S New Showrooms.
nr nilVfll D81IV (IE MIMI
t II11 uf HI
A h*nnl**.erii,.iy llliiRfniti-'l wo^kjv. I/flfffajt fMr-
mil tion ol uny BoletitlOQ jonrniu. Terms, $3'ft
'���(���nr; four moTiH-B,!.!. Sold byuU newndealars*
MUNN lCoi8,iwd^ New York
tacorporstcd iko'*.
0 tie re-j
���'.)-.    A suni sue
Between Wellington Cannery and \
CAPITAL, - - -* $3,000,000
RESERYS FUNDS,       - - 83,302,743
TOTAL ASSETB, - - $31,183,625'
A General-Banking Business Tronsooted.
X Full LilK. itf-
Fruit Jars,
Jar Rings,
Jelly Glasses.
3 sr.id no, I'll givs you J8.50 and; Ladner, a Black Cloth Cape with]
After B had \ aid the Pur Collar. Findef will receive:*
ffe-rd  titem   for  sale at  ���5"'tftWe rewVd il it*be returned to  |
no  more.
cash, and offexd them  for sale at
:���*!_   he discovered   the  end..' con
;aiued only ?*2 chickens.    Then tht
fun eomineiKped.    11  accused   A.  q
runco,niuc:Hed.    B  accused   X  ���    ||^|   ^^ &   ^JHg
���cheating and   threatened to  cab in u- is
Szzwmg^ B&pm��unemt*
.Deposits oi $1 aud upwards received and Interest AllTrwed at Highest Current Rates.
gantt  tureuteuea to cait.inj ����� *        r*rx��*~  SO  BRANCHED. ���
thc poiicc.    A. went to the tnarket
clerk. U. K   MacKen.ic.  f7��"^ hl :,M(,r(ler| u,,^,.^ Ior l]]f   ..._,   j ;.(.    ^^^  ,.!.r,;..    :,,:,,,; ��� :,;,;... ,     ,
irtattzrs and   oflered   to rettvfn thi j-aeasoii.      For   fuither   p��rticular7
nionev but B   thought  be  hat", to:   ajiply to
troo.l a thing for that-. 11.  K.   RICH,
;��� Qiterv���W.hif:hwsi>.the,rogu.' Ladner    ' R.  E. Vv'ALK u.R- Manager..
i in 11 in
BRANCHV.sS  PN* BRiTlSED GCHvuMBIA���- Vancouver.  Vancouvei
nd-   V;ctor;..t, Cliilij.
wack, Ladner, Cumberland.
T ADN ER.  B   C
H ��
@ a
f son s _CP-R_ Cf O
��_? MMMgs afwo/se
Zi -*>i wfc sflS* is e &
��9    r5? jg f-x-fk+t) ���"-?* <*?*?.�� .",-<-3      ��**fB/s*? ��.*3 ft* *>*
fammmW��3mmM3&M  '      ^^.ti/J
7 he i/EJi ������ n ���'���<,
L.t.  K :
i   ,. :J-. bii ^.7:-.    .     . j .> .
une  i ao��e.
CHURCH    170117;;.
777*    RACHELOI    HAS    FI A1
i-:\i i ch Oi  rr.
Has been moved to Beaver  Dam;  on   the'   in effect ma.
Scott road, and is now prepared to supply j   'Train ,..,,,, Cl0ve
all kinds  of Bough  Fir Lumbar at reason-'
ab:e prices.
H ';���    Comiaunion  -   Sundaj s,
:-..,  ;:.Hj.     -.st  Sunday   in i lotith,   "���
; ha\i   ���������������'   ,*, '',':���  .;...,,  ' ������ r. ���
3.. 0- Dennis,
East Delta.
i ai y.xq   | ,
tp m. and arrive5* at Po-i 'Ouicltupi a<
: 2:20 p.m.
Train   leave.   Port   Oiiibhoh   a-t
2:40 noon and.,arri.vt-i   .' 'wiovtiuajei
j at 3:55 p.m.
.U, b;   -
. ...;
��� ���   as
���7: ���ins      ��� ���   clock,
!7.vi. ifinjj, ' ,?o o clock.
Suusiay icboo! al i ��� a.i)
Rev; Canon ililtci. vic-ir.
Mondays and Friday.* ���.���:���'-,
There  are  two through passei
CA'nt' ii.i.'
��� i have ut   :��� ' b tchin      lor th     It :.
:-: " '. '��� :-    ."��� ��� : inch    '  <<    '-Id like to
hi ��� sa.y. ���','.���'.: ��� \ ;������.. e ���'������.
"Ian..::,** to do a   i.nv   bett  r  iflati
ilnti uder, 1 nevei got lo t.h - ;tat2  ���.'
efficic-jts y ol the Noi - '.���'-*;'.  ������.; lors
In fact   j-uiij     .   Lrtitv)   a   I mg   e -,
:" rience    :   :.,,: A-   they   are   i*?r
A New Tort ; ..; broke ;.. 1 arm riiaklnt
biim'.B with  h  ��� iwnu.    Th��t'�� wlmt .ha
,':.: lur ti-.. .���������- bliu ra s-r-l, a forma!
gaui iu:-.-- I'l'tlliideipbla N - tb Amuricao.
V ��������� 11 . - .1 ���-.. -.������.-. thi t one pit b-it
. ��� kl 110I Iii hi c hu . ind*a fariiilj,
It Is - ������ ...-..; :., .iniag titut it ii nor
1.- ftDod losjltlng .,., tbe rest.���Atobbsftfi
:).;.-:.����� n    .'inMrpts-bo '..v:;..M ���*,
�����-1 ���! v>' SU ������  .-!���.      r.is return of  his lo-,��
!.--..-.'/..;?    | ���..-- li   tu   ;    j:l:::-..li    ilia
-������:'    '.if     Hi: -.-sucii-i Illlt'H    i-itmi'iU,
" .-. 1 ., r .. s.s., ;s   !...._. .ai'L'.-.j   isu   i.ii_   ijok-
t'.-j." ���ii_ . -ii-- ' '���' IVorbl.
Reverend Father Rflin. Pf-ytavtii, fri ��� ��� ��������� _cimi its
ML T.    Services first  and   third b. *  -.oor work  1 most cordialh -7--
* , auiif.'iv '"��� each month at 10:30 a in i,ocl 1, ,,.,...���. ,,.1.   ,,,,,1 ,  ���    . ,    ,   , _
.-.-���V  1��� line   ,-,,  ,-  fl<*t��   e-jz-'r,   ,-      u     ��� (,   'in.1   ! , *     '-   "OUSeWOrlC,   ailli    VVilCP    .      U      'il
ger trams pe / e.tcn ���,.���..y  lo ^110   Henedictjon, 7130  (.m ,. ,
from Seattle and a  mixed   train to-j Rev   ,   t^,.,:f.r Ijcularly intt  ��ed outside cr very
; and from Be'.littghain,
*-. M cor.i ��� ��� ��� i
W*$k --$ aw
��� ���:,. i,���-i.n.. >   ���'�����. >i^'  *�����.%   ���""'<   fi-v\   /iijSP '3hs
its ii c - nt -.: Lordj5 i lav at (11. m
ousy.   hou��,eworK   ��*   aoue   in    a
scramble,   sonic   vyei iis  :.   ma ,-���   b
, -kan >\v:--   \;eek.   said   som " .-.
not for two \\i-' '.���*. \   often   w 1;     r
[tmfin^   \dddd   rArnnfiR*   l-^l      ,i:is;*   ii^**ttng,-ib.-3oa.n>.  eve))   ,,
ILltluliii)   ilviilJili]   U-illiplliij   'i'i  5.   day.
'.:'  ���' miitstei I Iran'crl 1
Time '17'*
.'  rs leave  W -:,;t'.'"-i. ���  ��� .-  ,    ������ -   ���    ��� m -.
nnd   I. .     .....-��� I.- ; ,'.   III,.: '-1.IV-]      '.;.:l- ; 1    jj,
iii.:   :..: iird'ay .:;.. I ;-::i:;:.'v., nt     \i m
'.:    a leave Vu'iicuiis   i for \v'_.stiiiiii?i.-vfl nl
:���'..::-. ..1   s.:l'i     '  -1: '"������:-'    II   ���    ���::;:!    I'S :���.  I  ,  V.,   .      .... A.. ,,.,.   ....   , T ,
.....������..:i..y.l...���-���..���.!���-  :������:-,���.-.     p.m. ���      NDRE-Wb  PRESB\ rftKTA
Wc run first-class frciffhl   -���:- 1 -twr-u  \t'?si
i;;:;,2:, ;:���'',;, '\ddd< r.;.-   71.;'77'V;���" abbath gcjutf!  at, P ni     Mid-
coiistgnee;wi|.iioiit delay. -.- aoi attention -.. ��� ..,-,_. i meetins; o i TbursdaVevenins
ls> tsui- '.-ilj. ll   n's.      Our   -.s^-ni-.   : is-.-'. t,il ti. :. ������ ,         -'                                       *                        "
and trainsi   ).'ot rates, etc. a;   '��� , at  "tJOOOlOCK
��� lore girls d-u not cain,e oui   *������  ;--
est   from   lh ���   liast,   consirii   ;������ .
.thet   ary   need1?..!   ho   much   in    ill
���n.ii ftctiODi   at % v tn  evejy
;'   iiday,      F:::v,r   meeting   every  ''-"-'*' ��� ' -'-   al   se;   ii
Thnranay evening ait,.t|. :-:   iroin j  p,io $40 a  uiont'u      .7
Kev. j. P. Belts, p-astcr. :;; '''  {,,er*   ii!:-  the   m4*inerj   7
  tpai'triietits,   and     nowhete   in   the
world doi .  a   -dvl  queen   it   mor.
than   G��ut   here,      :���'.';���;   ;ouiit -   .. 1
ber vices next   Lords  Daj   at   11
in. and ;:;,o y.in.
II    A. :;i: li. !-..-���
I'i.:  ���C M^i*.
\\ pr!n:in:,
1. 1   ������! -:;���:>���
I.OCBl  -i::.
9   _    ��
*        Ei A)*.,/' M.   IqU -t-i* W   fi    .-;��� ���.,
"p**��Si:^sS*^7'*sm*:7*4^i,���-���** ���;'-.s-ai
; |pffi'--��'*'^S!^**;���? :Vk��-;-*^
mCd-d'- rrd.^d,---m
Rev. A, McAu'ev. 1\iM:t.
���abbath senic.*; at Lidner at 7.;;"
Plain or Printed]! onr-sheet
admirers like sand on the seasii    e
gtrt-euggge.d :ibi.,n  t,wice  a   year,!
im   is   pette I   and   spoiled   till   11
good for a ivife or a mother,    liow-j
ev< -. the   das   uf my emancipation
from  liousework is tieaf, for   1  _m
selling  out  everythiaj   stid  nevei
more will I bc fbund  "baching"   it|
on a ranch or anywhere  else-.    Sly
Su'tdiij Sc-bcol  il io-aV.in. meals   will    be    cooked    f6i     ae,j
���yyci liiceiiii;;' on Thtirsdaj att> land I'll trj and live as God int6iid-|
6i'.;-.choir i.wutice,at 8;3<*. ed a   iii'tin   to   live,    foi   honestly,]
Jas. 7. Banton, pastor.     | baching ��� 11 a ranch is  a   viilaim it-
 .�����-  way of living.    I've bad Chinamen
,,.      .. cooks   wbevever   I't't   rxtra   i n ,
Accoidmg to   rhe Commercial, l,       ,- .,   ,   ,	
,,...-,        .... , --lit ol two < vils i think  I d   choose
! \\ inmneg  the  visio e iJUpplv 0;    , ,
'he lea^t, and   lake my  own  ci
n ���  m ..<
������/...>       :
'ii ?s_r*_f-**_^s**>��1   'W'-"'\i~i.ji~-- S   oats in tUa EJuiled States and   Can-1,
H iTiexSssi JC , -U1.18.S I ,, ,    ,.   ,    ,, mg
g ,1, ,im ' ,i    ��... .�����...��. wj   ada, east ol tna   Roc-cy Mountains, j
Vfy solid   op lici'li is
If��� _fS>
OIFpi   ���-  :   ��� :���'.-.':���   miprevemp, '.   nt
: 1.1:.:i ci st, ti   any ������-   ������ ���' '���':   ���  r-
\\t    il.ilk.'   I'll -in   Csinr-i..-!.-,   lo   ..lilt
an> ���i.' >1 or shaped strmturu ��� the
entire metal Jini*1! ii ��� "..i'��������� door nnd
window ca|js, elsmlces, etsv in n , r<-;it
variet) of styles
nnd enduring,  practi, luetiou.
��',��� Biv( , tinmt. ii j .11 , end
measurements iiu.l oui. ..- ol thu .building
Think it over.
Metes-llic R-oofing Co.,
Limited, ^
\Vho'Ies4le Ma.*.s.fe.cUii'o-.s. M
Torot.:^, C:-.r\z.*a.. %���.
373,000    0 .'.::
; lUgnt to  start rarennig
with 6,.;/ii,.,>',.:i husheis a y< ar ay 1.
iror Sale.
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
Let ils Talk li $$ver.
W. N. Draper,
pRoyrNciAi, land siiuvavoa
Koutu :. Kllard Block. Xew tVestmiusLer.
, wife to hi ip him   due I ow c 11 earl li
s ngle  ivotnen  tn lei . ���.,-.
stead   and   run   it  all   titeintelves, i
beats  me     A   man's   work   on   a
ranch is never dene,   and  G,   how
quickly    bijead-makiug    seems   10,
ri'itm 7.5 to 100 cordi of wOo :   at   :ome r01]nd_    As sure as Vtu   buSy
the  Bbithflary   m   ranch;    Price,   there's a bate'd" or bread   to  make.1
-I.J-, per cord on the ground. |N0) j wouldn't "bach" on a   ranch
��������� (-'i;."v' ' :*-      again foVHhe beftt onfe'in the ri.-uii-,
try.    '!'���' gifls with b taste for farm
,\o;k and   tyith   a   contented uiiud,
I say,  Come  out   West, Mid  theie I
are huqdreds of wed 1."-'i.i young j
Separator,   in j farmers with good  homes   waiting!
'���*. C.uTrst class  conilition (owner   is :nJ  tp. get married.'  Some  don'i   l!ave ���
...     stalling.'largjer, one, same m.ake)i        ti��ue.(to^o a-courting,  and,-indeed,
For. further particular? apply lo    iit's not much usi    u1  here,   as  '.be !
I Ss". MITCRMIA... girls make fools   of so  maiiv.  an'd !
Crest ;nt Maiid  |^��me don't care tbVfite ti anyl ody
1.   they've never-seen; and so they go :
��� oninthesamQ old way,   w��ith  au
rash.on  Stables-I��phm agin tor..,u, i,7-s!.,,.��the
future   will see  a  change  iu  the
Ri.VEH AND g��A.
Thr, !������ ;> t i'.:.;:-. !j ��� ;,en ',u nn>lj��at*lo��
(t.it :.      ��� .   .��� .   -,   nr.
Tori V.K:, woll iics-;t_ lioltig raoMd
si'. ������.-.'���. ..t 1 ;.;���--.���-. i the -.roilil. if,
I- t|iivijjm '11 f.ir uv:*r - 000 :i.!!;--, nnd tu
Wit.UfD a i_vr iiuiiurwi siiile- ������! ,-'u Vnu-i-o-
li ity.
Turtri, k, T--S-- *h*��. (*����nlnn oVftrftom &t&
FH.-.. ...I ���::,..        . ui   lish-   -:.   loli-lit. to fetd
!'..��� ���.���.���;...;.���   ,:     ;jts- !   'i ���' i, n' atltimtiBfM
i-i   I'i ; :. . ii ol t^ue .iiiu.iii**- rossKUnssd
%-s;Wi uy iii��,..-v.
Two Kinds c * \\ ;i��r.
In nn  town  law court   au  Rtlortie*/
wm  tiff-'Ulng   witli   gfient   Ettriiestiiesii
:. ' ... uenee. In tlie imii'i vt his ar-
':������ ii Ui paused :i a uit'ieiit, Buys tlie
Gr��*tn !'..'���_*, .-iin] said:
"! '-i. yottp honor olinkt-a his bead at
tl nt si inn..at. I desire t.i rraiiinn 11,
Rlthniiiili your hnnnr lllsspiits."
���| liav.i not intiiiiitii-i!." nepllcd tht*
Judge, "bow f should construe tlie brl*
;���' in-e or sVhitt my d-��� isim; will be Iii
iIio case, aud youi- remark is uncalled
"You shorn; yi-.r.v hp.-iii."
"Tltivt 111:.s be ua:..." the court re*
pilM. "Tbcfu tvas a fly on iny ear, nnd
] reserved tiia right to remove it In any
ninmier I saw tit. Proceed with your
in. ument"
t";tije::,   t'lislil.ijr'*'   lleess.
Caleb Oushinjr's inciiliitr miinner ol
di't-ss nml 'iis eeeriitrlrltiea won* -fre-
qa'nntly the subject of uewspsper artl-
':.������. Altliougb ntiitc r !an:'.. nud portly man, hi-i elotlies rtlwayi- sopitifd to
be ttvo or thn . si; us toi Imve foi' hhi.
aud of ills' . lit*:ip'osl u'l'iliitriivl. ill- .il-
���'... ��� duriiiK UiUi stn in*r nml wlntev
wore a lai'jco si**'i. .-.ii. pulled close
down on his heiid nnd nltoirplher look-
n!  unytbiiig   bul   ioo   brilliuut  Jurist
nd diploi ir. On Jay, niter ruhdlug
.-,:i tiutisiiiill.v I'an-:-- coiriiuent iifoti hi1;-
flresi he i ���.- . ni..'.. -i Ihe writer., "I
guess by tl; I '-:'���- ti I Cool Is us old us
: nm '..-��� svill car*-' i.uore [or eomfoi't
than fusbioi'."
--. '���. i*      C^. I ���- 3 s'^
Sci-l-. ssn ns  (,..trfc*U  |."srm.
It is uo niicoiinn iu tiling to See i:
ntrtlo ostrich Btru i tfAjr liHotit follbAved
ly ihree or four dlstit-.et broods, nil ot
,\\"ii ren! sizes, U in u 111.- Lucubulins
pi ���-:���' is ( 11 ii j i i ��� .. J, tii.' eoeli bird
leads his yotinii i ,os off nud If hf;
meets anotuer i r.m.i ptipu ciiga_,i*s in
a terrifle conibnl wi:!i liim. The vuu-
qiiisliud I'.'il ro;.-. ������ w iih.ait n single
chick, while th itiier. sniTonndoU by
tii.. (two broods, wniKs nwny ti-luni-
Oexx Hliii  -It Aii-ay.
After [ii*s>itcTi_tig on tin- ot-(*nsl*on ol
the reopening ot a . siou-d church tln^
i.i:'...,. thanked tit huichwuiilei, an
old farmer, Cor his sltnre In Hm g06U
work. "Aud ' i.-i:-i '.liank yoar lord
Bhip Cor your scrtin a," was tbe reply,
"I.ut t coiiltl i. 'I help thinking, as you
t::;:,:'i! about 1-111, tbat .nun- lordship
imtst ls.ii 0 bei 1 n little wlldisli yourself -'I'lio)- .vou ivore ri young mail."
Have yon, young man 01 young wontrtv, ever given the! Hi" || p. \j '��� Q \\\''()[\\f\WQ
futuite any Cwiisidcnitiou?    Are you content to drift along as| M !�� W U I    A ��JijlVf wlj A
you are with .1 superficial public school education which does; | j |_ j| || |    (J IllJllULSuLiU
not prepare you for earning yeur living. j
There are openings for young men in the business world'-
as stfeijiographers or ele ks. Women arc eligible for tbe same; t\*ew  Crop   how !n Slock
position-;, v. hat could youdo in such a position? Are you a good:
peO-lxjin? -Are you rapid and accurate at figures. Canyouus^J    HOMEGROWN and import. 1
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can youdo,       GARDEN, FIELD AND
well the many things that are required to bedorie ir the busi-1 FLOWER SEEDS _____gp__S
Trucking and  Drayihg,
Liyery  work  of all  kuitis at
tended to promptly.
W'r it, the finest country.
li. C. FARMER.
I���Montreal Star.
iii:,- who hn'd tri.it several timos |r-
Jtitnp noross a stream nnd had repent-
.ill- futibii in finip:.-, siio.-ok!.-..1. ���.'hoi;
he ?M'l to ;i frioud, "How aluoll i'otior
1 na: thr.u you in i.avini; rtceoniplished
h diHlculi feat."
��� Xot at all." replied ois friend. "1
n.i bettor than you In not wishing to
|um;i ne oss "
l_fa>a����     ��6S/a'ermmaamfa&.Bal     *'���   '���   Mackenzie   leturned   on
, u eancsday evening trom a visit   to
_0_ii.1r.-s, c. Westminster,
5Q00 Telegrapher?
Annually, to fill Ike new  positions
Icreate I by Railroad and Tel : ;l ip'11
tiess office of large cities? Wholesale and Ri I til
Unless yftn have taken a course in the above you are xiu:fsj-H.ciai Prices to Farmers* Ins) 	
.     ,- ff ��� -1 .     * 1 -1 'ii . -. * \      1 . ��� 1 111    ' ��� 1.1 s '*..v \ \ L \ .i t. t '        UliU
ipr-ip-iret for office *^orR except tn a- small village.    We  <;an ;    .;-rr.:,:,;,;,.,i.v, ���...., ^.,,     , ..,-N .._. . ���., ,, .. h,:,;,. ..���     Mr. G. w. :
prepare I'd! for a good position ���aposition that wil in a few -ii Trees.
Of Cholera Morbus with Oue Small
Bottle of C hamberiairi's Colic
Cholera and Diai rluca Reinedy.
tuuiLiis pay for your iuvestnj*int.    oonie ol our
ates are earning S40 a month and over.
liiii iDODENDRs 1N.S,       8,1 > -.. I
Gill   iNIIOUsSK  \.ND HA ������'';V-
Ala   relates -11 ��� ��� :* 1 '���* nt e lit ba
while servinc ou  ci jWit jn.-y iu a
ru'nrdet case al i-.-i   arch . ilie, coun
Miss W.  K. Smith   receives 40  per   mouth   from   thei    PLANTS
Hastings Sh-ijigle Maijufacturing Co., as sttinographcf, Missi^ow growing in ;,.;   N��� liih
Meiizic starts  for the Yorksliire Guarantee and   Sectititiesifepriiig plantiiig.
Corporation at $45     Several art working* for'the   C.   P.   R.f Eastern prices or less. White Lai
at $30 per month and upward
If you come to us and work hards It you want, further
���proof of the way we help to positions wiitc- ns and tre will
send you more names.
But don't put off. Every month y<*& d ��� . \ means ok
month's sala-ty lost. The sooner j'bu iraduatt :h( saSt: r
you are iu a position.
We fttrrrjsli-,75  per  cent;   ol   the ���>.   seat <���������!  Clebourne   pi'.nty, Ala*
Operators  aiitl   Slaliou   Aeon;-   in baina!    ftc  savs   "While   there  1
America     Our six schools are the ,.,c so      fresh .,,,,.. .��������� some s6llS(.
targest exclusive 1 .-:ol;: iph Sehools . ,   .
r- Un 'he world,    Established .0 vears 1,K>a' '':!'1 " gave   ;!!"  cilolera ';u"
The   l-lfterciUM-.
"What n hixaiy u clunr cusciciiee
_s'.'' I'XilaiOH-il the lii^li n.ii,.Iiil slates
"Tps," answered S(*'nntDf Sorghuni
"it's a luxurji", bnl II Isn't a lasvssity,"
WaOash���Hotv loug diti It r.-;k�� you tt.
(lv Ibat iiictinv'..
l-'foarli Artist (;ii-oiullyi���I nm nn
gage ai''ii oet tor scex BiOBttial
WnliaBh���Jusl aa I thought Yott'/*t-
dcittl slcnv ov��r Uere. \Vi:y. I've saw
fellers ip Ohlcago tiirutn' them Tint.;.**
cut while ye wail
,.,:*�� ���_���
ai ! endof.sed by  till   leWiri-J ' P.(
,v���v Official i.
We execute ���  -   ~    Hotid to -'. 1
student  to  lurnish   him  01   her
iv! .
HRMDV     \!n .��  .   .-.,<   Moun    111!
1 ll-l-lK J  ,     V'Uill,. ):. . '. C
us in ���'. very severe tortn. 1 wus
. ���. : mo,rc sick in m> lite and Senl
1 th. drug Htore (01 a certain
li il< ra mixture, but the druggist
::; mt ii bottle ol Cbafuberlain's
'oiit, ('lioleva and   1" itFunen kem-
U) Wi   I Mn .'-.-.��� 1  R    -
Vancouver   BsiBmess  College,
:\\0 Hastings Street,     -     -     -     Opposite Province Office.
P. H. ELLIOTT, Principal.
i-        -..*      A.'i"-
W EDDltjfi >:\ .-iTiONiiis'i .
:v "in.:- - ��� rres 'v--.' : -..i;   Kockies,   :tiv   msi;eau,   saying   mat   ue   nao
.mmediateb   ..-   11 5jraUuatioti. what I sent for, but tiitit this  med-
gtudenta '.-ail  a.ter. ai  aay time.   ir;,,r ���;,iS��� ���,���,.., bette*i he  would
L^u vacations.     Fbl"   !.:!! parlicu'ars ,   . , ��� -    T
,. ,     , rat ter :;**i.;    lt  10   mi   mi   the fix I
regarding any ol. our schools write
[direct   to   onr  execu'tive  office  a'.v-'asin.    1 trtok.one dose oi  it and
, :. . i-aii.iii, O.  'Cata'Og-tic free*,        'was   Un;:   in   ' ' .   minuteg;    Tho
i m slfcji i!i!Piii^"v: dd'\d::,\d:
,,.    .      ,.   ,,, ,,'.'.,..     ... ..  s-iiiti nianhei and   1 tie smia.il bottle
tjnciniiaTi, Ohio.        Lturtato; >, \
\ L'ii !.*., .7: :.:iCr<ssf..-W.**:',"'[''1 ''""'   li'r'-e   ("  �����'���       ' ��r  ���"	
''''.���v.s-ii'-'.'.'ia, Tc\. San Francisco,Ca 'by 17 1. MacKenzie
It sho-i-. i-: bofne in ltiirnl tlt.it
\-cr\ colli weakens the hinps, low-
tk tlie vitality nnd pre]iares tlie
vstcm for the More serious .li^
lists, among wiiicb nre Ilie two
'.a (V.-St d."-7:-v;S "I" lltllllll'l lite.
-.   pnenutonis m<J, cQUSutrspliot^,
J   Chamberlain's
I Cough Remedy
" prompt cures ol this fiost coinraoti  (
a ..liiin-iit.    ft   ids expeetoralion'i re^  "
H !iives   ti.-       r..-   and   opens  the
3 secretions, r-ffcctini1 .1 speetly ami
5jj perntahent   cure.     !t  counteracts
I any u-ni;,ii... toirardpneumonia.
f.   Price 25c, Large Size S^c.
^t*�� rtnr ���*"��� ���_��_-�� _*iaKia___i*�� 1 THF. DELTA TIMES.-SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1905.
Rey. J. F. Belts vis'ted the Roval
City on Tuesday.
Henry Garrow left on  Tuesday
fast tor Harrison.
local news. | ummm fair. THE CASH STORE
New Westminster, B. C,
Bearskin Coats
$2.50, 3*25, 4.00,
5.00 S.00 each,
AH Styles for Ages up to 4 years.
H. M. Vasey went over to Vancouver on Tuesday.
\V.  B.   Skinner,   of Vancouver,
���was a visitor here this week.
Harvey Creech,  wife   and son,
spent Labor Day in Vancouver.
G. W. Brewster and wife returned on Wednesday evening's boat.
M. Betts and wife, of Fairview,
.visited at The Parsonage this week.
Mrs. Beadleston and Mrs. Mc-
Crea returned on Wednesday evening's boat.
Mrs. W. J. Brandrith returned,
Wednesday, irom visiting friends in
Mrs. W. H. Ladner returned, on
-Wednesday, from a visit to New
Miss Minerva Smith returned on
Tuesday last after spending a few
days in Vancouver.
Mrs. C. F. Green and family and
T. E. Ladner, wife aud family,
-leave, during next month, for Cali-
S. P. McNeil and wife, of Mac-
Jeod, Alta., arrived on Wednesday
ou a visit \o Mr. and Mrs. John
Mc Kee.
Dou't forget the organization of
the Ladies of the Maccabees on
Tuesday next iu Oddfellows' Hall,
at 3 p.m.
Mrs. H. N. Rich, accompanied
iby hef daughters, Misses Gertrude
grid Amelia, spent Tuesday in the
Jtoyal City.
Mrs. p. MpLean returned last
*^eek, frotn yancouvpr, where she
Jiad been pn a yisit to her sister,
MJ8. P. ]_{c,&ensie.
Alex. Forsythe and wife, of
preenwich, N.S., who are on their
way to t.he Portland Fair, visited at
-The Paisonage this week.
D. McGregor left, vesterday, for
Whatcom, Wash., where he will
meet his wife and family and proceed to Sitmas, returning here
about Mon lay.
Marshall Smith, wife and lamiiy
felt on Wednesday last for Los
Antjeles, where Mrs. Smith will remain during the winter and Miss
Crissy will attend college there.
Mr. Smith will be absent three or
(our weeks. Master Hedley is at-
Ignding school jn Vancouver.
Belt w  will  be   found   the  pro- j
gramme of horse races which are to[
take place,  at  New Westminster,
during the Dominion Exhibition.
i���3 minute class, trot or pace;
1 u iie heats, best three in fare,
purse $150.
2���Six furlongs, weight for a��e,
putse {200.
3���One mile, weight for age,
purse $200
4���Four furlongs, weight for age,
purse $200.
5���Five furlongs, weight for age
purse $.00.
6.���2:40 class, trot or pace; i
mile heats, best three in five, purse
7.���One mile, weight for age,
purse $200.
8���Ponies, 14V. hands and under, weight 115 lbs., half mile,
purse $100.
9.���Gentlemen riders, owners up,
i mile, weight 155 lbs., trophies
10.���Four furlongs, weight for
age, purse $200.
11.���Trot or pace, free for all; 1
mile heats, best 3 in 5, purse $350.
ij,���One mile, New Westminster
handicap, purse $350.
13.���Six furlongs, weight for age,
purse $200.
14.���Five furlongs, weight for
a_e, purse $200.
15.���(.Post entries) Consolation
rice, running', weight for age for
non-winners at this meeting; 1 mile,
purse ,$150.
Further information may be obtained on application to the following committee: Arthur Malins,
chairman; Lieut.-Col. J, C. Whyte,
T. J. Armstrong, James Learny,
Robt. Jardine.
When You Want to Ship or Stor
duce or Live Stock.
Van Camp's Celebrated Canned
Soups at the City Bakery.
True Oliver holds the record tor
the biggest bag on the First, having captured 23 ducks.
Remember the only place to buy
the "Genuine Slater Shoe" at Montreal prices is at W. li. Sinclair's,
the Leading Shoe Store of New
Westminster. *
H. D. Benson's dredge, I.X.L-,
left on Monday morning last tor
Everett, Wash., where it will be
employed on dyking work for about
a year and a half.
Work was commenced on Mon
day last on a large new granary for
the   Brackman-Ker   Milling   Co.,
alongside the one already filled with
gtain, near the B.-K. wharf.
An organization meeting ot the
Ladies ol the Maccabees of the
World will be held in Oddfellows'
Hall, Tuesday afternoon next, at 3
o'clock.    All ladies are invited.
Rev. J. A. Banton left on Thursday morning last for Vanpouver,
.jiq attend, a it p ignition Council tp
Welcome into theSis|:Ml:oodof Baptist Churches the newly formed
fairview Baptist Church, which is
Wilder the pastoral care of Rev. P.
H. McEwen, former pastor here.
t i. -���*       I  i  1 '     ' '
For Sale.
A young Cow, just come in; and
Heifer Calf.    Apply
i��i, tlTi.
Mrs. Kismpawl daughter, of Van-
puver, ..���" a guest at the Delta
Jiotel. M"-.?. Keipp is an organizer
pf the Ladies of the Maccabees ol
tlie World, aiid is ertdeayoritig to
prganize a biaucfo pf that order
here the iteetint; jor which will be
held in Oddlellows' Hall on Tuesday next.
Mrs, C. E, Banton,
Voice and Piano
Pupils prepared for Concert. Church
and Home.
Special Attention Giyen to Voice-
placement,  Tone-production
��ind Expression.
For Terras and Lesson Hours Apply at Temporary Residence,
.Mrs. A. B. Barbkr's, Eadner.
Over 300 Garments in stock and more to
Little Ones from $1.90 up to $4.00,
Larger sizes from $2.75 up to $7.00.
VERY SWELL GERMAN JACKETS for Children, from 4 to 12 years, at S4.50 to $10
every few days.
400 Beautiful Dress Skirts,
all sizes up to 36 bands,
.   -   *
Capacity 5C0 Tons
Space 24,000 Square Feet
See our Stock before the Eair.
We are this week going to cut prices neaTly ra two.
hi and see if we don't do it.
1905-Sept. 27 to Oct. 7-1905
Under  the auspices of the Royal Agricultural   and Industrial Society,
New Westminster
British Columbia.
Stupendous  and   comprehensive array of Exhibits representing the resources of ail Canada.
$100,000      ATTRACTIONS
Enlarged  grounds, new, handsome
and spacious buildings	
Special Inducements to Live  Stock Exhibitors���
The most valuable special and general prizes ever
offered in Western Canada. New and commodious
.stock sheds capable of accommodating an unlimited
number of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Swine.
Horse Racing, Broncho "Busting," Military Parades and Exercises.
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous Bands.
GRAND WATER CARNIVAL���Parade of Fraser River fishing fleet
patrol boats, H. M. warships, Indian war canoes, etc.
For  all information  wiite  W.  H.  KEARY,   Secretary  and
Manager, New Westminster, B. C
We want to get acquainted with your, w-s waimt to stay right
here, we see good prospects ahead.
In Order to Bo That
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do 'out
part. We will give you a First-class Strit at a Second-class
pTice*, we intend to treat you right; we hope to grow with
you; we furnish the root, yon furnish the fertilizer and watch
tire plant grew.
J. P. McPherson
Ladner, R. C.
At nominal cost, private individuals or business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a.
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during ail business hours
to the renter, who holds the key.
RATESs  $1.50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Limited.,,
Authorized Capital, $25,*ooo.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C.
"Watches and Jewelry at Lowest Prices
Repairm*? n S^-cir.lty.
Cedar Fence Posts, Shakes and
Drain Boards.
Apply to
Box 387. New Westminster, B. C.
If You Want
A   First-Class   Buggy,   with
rubber  or  steel tyres;  or a
Democrat, call on
J* F* Stainton*
4-OZ. ���OJ.Il�� ���ILVMINK OA��B ������*��**���
W-��_i^��.ii win,emmmimliAm*nnwr>
Niixn. aw�� . >m<fci mm, mm mm mUk tmA. mm m
Im*  B MM. aifm m NN*  CmeAmtm.
DUCBElT^H l_i____|     WOT ^4m*.mmm.*mmmicm*,.,r.tmi*mm ��� u Tm
anwrmv*. ^^maaamma*w^        Mts��i.rm.ii,t*��ii���� e�� mumtm*��i��w.��>������������
��wkH*Q*iiipK U jm mm * mm fat*, A. mmnm
p4.trmm.rn in �� i in-n a^emtmCm/memm*****����� *****.mrnm*.ml*)*,*******
*m m mmimt ������� im. MM,   Q*m* mm. m em mm m, 1 hi   ��#��h.   wm. w**. imuIh ** <**-���
& WAGNER ft CQ., 163 Cordovn ��t., Vancouver. B. C,1
depend���more than anything else
���whether a liome is "real cosy"
or otherwise.
a selection from these lugges-
tions which   will help "you   to '���
attain this effect.
Drapery for Mantels, Pianos,
Overdrapes, etc., ^1.00 to $1.25
per yard,
Tape-Sty,   beautiful   goods   lor
Portieres, etc., ^.zsy-artl
Most popular for Cwrtaims���Reds,..'
01 .   _i.   sw ' pers Blues,   Greens,    Terra   'Oottas,
How do yo.i do without    ������? Pinks, etC , $1.25 *�� $5 ?f* .'-ItftL
CRAKD  RAPIDS,   -   -   -   -   $3.25 Kadi.    GALOONS,   LININGS,   CORDS    AND
pWEILlSR   BRO^.   I
���I   'Jt-TMOME'-HOTtL AND CLUB f U P * lSHERS'--*VIC TOR I A. B. C    ���     I


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