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The Delta Times Apr 29, 1905

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Array 7~>
MAY 2.
C"rCR!A, $
Is-   .r��-^-��  - *
Vol. 2. No. 34.
.51.00 a ycc
���Tdrnttrs'     jWestham ls,anc?-
Mrs. F. Kirkland is visiting in
Vancouver this week.
 ,___ Miss   Oliver,    of   Westminrter
1     _     ,        , j spent the Easter holiday with Mrs
I   -Ou Saturday evening last,  las- Savage.
) Murray, Western Superintendent of j
Ihe Seed Division of tlie  Dominion :
h ap
eC KWiP^ |f put very appreciative audien
^���Wld^ VV   WC**   [the very important matter of'
Whatever we show you now you can fee?'
assured is the Very LATEST STYLE.I.""-
*v IS c
Miss E. Jackson,  of Vancouver,    . ^ C��UncH me* ifl tLe CottncH
is spending a  few -dey; with Mrs.  ���C;amber<   ��"  Saturday last, April
Department of Agriculture, deliy-jc. Albertsou. 22��d, with the R*eeve. W. H. Lad-
ered  a   very  interesting  lecture in I     M. PaImer  hftg secured a situa. ,>*r, in thechair. and Couns. Gibbie,
the 'I own   Hall, l.ei ���. �����,   -i   small, -Uon 0n Ae Aeamer VakaB and kft Davie, Paterson, Huff aud Embree
ou  Monday to enter on his new' present.
ence, on
portant matter of "Good
Seeds."    H. M. Vasey,   the  presi-
U' | dent, occupied the chair, and, after
a   few    remarks,   introduced   the
lecturer, who said
The mutter of "Seed Selection"
is oue of the most impo-taut lines
of agriculture, and one  which  de-
Ladles' Neckwear and Belts=
Minutes of the-previous meetinjj
The Ladies' .Social Club were At (were read and -confirmed.
Home  to their  many   friends   on; communications.
Monday evening when they gave a
very successful danc. iirthe hall, at Fro,n A* De R* Taylor asking
which about forty couples were in for a Tax SaIe 1>eed fer property
attendance.    The hall was prettily   bou&ht at ra* sale-in Sec. 13 Tp. 4.
mauds  the  best of attention fromj decorated ���th  fiaS�� a!!d h���^ \Tht Ckrk W3S authorized to iss��
agriculturists.    The average num- and   the   floor in  splendid shape. ; sa"e"
ber of bushels raised per acre from!The  Iadies were  the  recipients cf;    *���
ten   years, j many congratulations -and thanks |Cl110 ��azette a 10ad tc,,ll's property.
From D. Robinson asking Coun-
Large range of Ladies' Lace and Embroidery Turnovers, silk and
chiffon stocks, etc.
Also nice range of Ladies' 3:0k Belts from 35c to $2.
���selected   seeds, durm_   .......   ,Mn, - ���     .    ,      , ���,   ,
r 11 ^ .      r ,  for a ver. successful and  eninvihl.*- i Keceived and Clerk to reply,
was  as follows: Oats���Large seed y BU*-*-CS!"0' ���*�����*�� enjoyaoie r
From the B. C. Canning Co., asking permission to place ..telephone
poles along outside of the dyke "from
.Men's Neckwear-
SSee Our New Saster Ties,
I produced 62 bushels per acre, whilei l-'vei'in-i-
; medium  and  small  seed produced': : ==  '���        l~!
I only 5 1 and 46/7 bushels per acre The Minister of Agriculture has
] respectively. Wheat���Large and framed a bill aiming to benefit those
j plump, 21.7 bushels; small plump, wishing to buy clean seeds. Am-
I rS: shrunken, 16.7. ; ong other things contained therein
These samples were s.-lect^d year 1 *s a clause which  prohibits -the fbl-
after year trom  the kinds named, plowing weed seeds being sold with
m Strin;
fs, and all the NewDerbys. Ia,ul pla:.lt0<1 -vear afler
vear for t*n
Plain Colors are the Right Thing this season.
Wash Ties. ^       ,
Ladies' Underwear and Hosiery:-
3'ears with the above result.
Also nice line  Of-     With the continuous selection of
Ladner to   Deas Island.    Request
ranted; poles to be moved when requested by the Council.
On   motion   the  Reeve,   Conns,
j Gibbie, Embree, Davie, and P.tetf-
y.. ...     ,,,, . ,,      . ,   -sou were.appaiute8 members of the
Mo. 1 quality; \\ hite  cockle, night  Coun ,.;f j^^-
enng  catch ,v, fake flax, Can-      Th_ Mtg ^
thistle, oxeve   daisy,   curled  ,                      ���,_,"��
,     ,.  ,            ,           .     ,..,��.���., _       ..                  ,   law was passed as  finally reconsid-
1 seed oats, heavy plump, 76.9; light, -dock,   blue weed,    ribgrass   and        ,       ,     ,      ,      ,      .       ,      ,
��i    /��������           ���             itiLu' ered, and ordered to be signed and
I 57.7, -the -Ufftsreiice is  19.2   bushels j chicory. . .,
j per   acre,   and   the   difference   ill      After a hearty vote of thanks had
���'weight was /.'Jibs, per bushel. j been passed the meeting adjourned.
1     Thus it will be seen that by con-j _  , ,
Ladies' Cotton Vests in sleeveless and ^-sleeve, at 10c, 12Uc to 25c' tinuaiiv selecting the plump seed, JncIfs lor r"ectl"f a barfl*��***���
au _-.   _ _i ��� ,, TRUNK kO\D Tenders.te be m by next meeting
Lisle Thread and Silk Vests, Lace Yokes, etc., at 35c and 50c       ,    b���lsurc t,i"t f "s seed lias '   ' ot the Council.     "
' v/v**^.        | been   well   matured,   the   average 	
.Novelty Lace Openwork Hose at 35c pair. yield is increased to such an extent ?Editos Dklta Times':
Fine Lisle Thread Openwork Hose at 50c pair. '*st0 m?k?il7^7'�� ^T*
x- uv  sV""' i the seed at all.    Mr. Murray  does
ao. advocate changing seed  un!,ss, ^ P**t a descent sidewalk from  the \~ ,        -   Ppv'icinm
Lperfectly satisfied that better seed isi-****^**  ��� ^ ��� t��e  Agricultutal WULH l    "*    iVC.V J&IUW
being obtained.    The system of se- Grounds during the summerto pre- 	
lection   properly   carried   out  will j Veut a repetition of last year's ex-       The Council .met 'as ->a ''Court of
produce better seed each year aud Lerience of i00t.passengerstrying to Revision at  ii a.m. on Saturtlay,
The Clerk was instructed to draw
��� plans and specifications and call for
Council then adjourned to  meet
igain ou Ma\--i3 at .2 p. m.
Sir: The Council should be asked
.Men's .Summer Underwear-
French Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 50c and 75c.
.Fine  Natural  Wool  Shirts and   Drawers  with  Silk   Ventilated
Gussets at $1 and $1.25.
that same seed will be better suited |
to  the  soil   by  being grown year
get out to the Agricultural grounds the 22nd inst., in the Council
after vear on the same soil. Thc-;frcm the viIIage- as k makes a ; Chamber, with all members present.
first ten days of growth controls i vtTy P��or showing for the munipal- The appeals of F. H. GoodeU,
the amount ol crop.    Now,  it this] ity to have strangers tryingto pick , R- amJ  *�����  Mackie, Robt. Ward &
.'Co., and Wm. Alexander were re-
is the case, you cannot be too care-! their way through the mud  to  the
vbp Siitswm ##e_p��_f
ful   that   the   conditions are   just I eroun(js
right before planting.
Speakins: of smut, the lecturer
said this is a fungus disease which
germinates inside the seed and
grows with the plant, therefore it
may be overcome by treating the
J seed iu the following manner: Take
If the side walk was put
ceived and assessment sustained.
On the appeal of'j. Kerr Wilson
along the side ofthe  lng ditch on j the assessaTent on Lot I28 was low.
north side of the road it would have |,;red $5  per  acre;   ou Lot 129 tbe
a tendency to keep cattle from  fill- j assessment was-sustained,
���ing up the ditch, besides where  60 j    On the appeal  of E. E. M. Wil-
or  70 cows are driven  over that  son the assessment on  Lor 120 was
partoftheroad about four times aday | sustained,
one pound cf formalin and dilute in they make the road very dirty and j    Ou the appeal ot Andrew Brown
15 gallons of water for 40  bushels 'really deter p.opie from walking out jail land on Tilbury Island was re-
l-ofoats.    After mixing and sprink-; ��'*-t*le road at all for plt-aure   If [duced to $30 per acre,
ling  thoroughly   cover  with   old- the sidewalk were raiseH up a Uttle.     On the appeal 0! J. Rutherford,
I sacks or sheet of some kind  to pre-  '��� would also bea protection to peo- !the assessineiit.on Lots 19.3 and 194
vent the gas evaporating.     Blue- 4>*e driving along the .road  as that j was reduced to $15.per acre.
David Robson, the late govern-
:_nent agent, whose three months'
leave of absence will expire on the
���30th of this month, will this week
ibe gazetted as superannuated.
The new government agent, C. C.
Fisher, formerly assessor and collector has been in the provincial service for 16 years, since Oct. 1, 1889.
He came to tbe city in 1887, and
,two years latex- he entered the civil
service, which branch has retained
his valuable s-rvices till the present
I-date, whetiie takes aipthe duties
-of representative of .the 'provincial
government in New Westminster.
A Mother's Recommendation.
I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for a number of years and
have no hesitancy in saying that it is
the best remedy for coughs, colds and
crotip I have evey used in my family.
I have not words to express my con-
iklence in this remedy.���Mrs. J. A.
Moore, North Star, Mich. For sale
by F. J. Mackenzie.
The monthly school report will
.ajipear in n.ext issue.
Del.-a Lodge, No. 21, I. O. O. F.,
will attend divine service in the
Methodist Church, tomorrow evening at 7.30 o'clock, when Rev A.
N. Miller will conduct the service.
Members   wishing   to  attend   will
stone may also be used as-iollows:1 d-**'ch is certainly a most dangerous
Teu pounds to 40 gallons ol water. USm for either a timid horse or
The best way to dissolve the blue-' ''river in case of an accident or
stone is 10 put it in a bag  and sus-j runaway.    This is a work that the
  ; pend it so that it will be just cover- Council should take_pr.de in having
i ed with water.    Immerse the grain' done so ..soon as.possible a_.it would
lo   those   of our   readers who in ttf}g so]ut}on. 1 not- be a very costly, affair and would
have invested in Rig  Four shares,'     ^ust cannot  be controlled   like1 benefit a large number of the  tax-
the following will be welcome news:1 smut as it  attacks  the stalk.    It| payiiig-couKiiunity.
The Court .then   adjomrued  till
further notice.
"We now have a force of men cross-; only takes five or six  days lo de-
cutting the No. 1 vein from our No.! veloP-    TIie best xva-v t0 overcome
���.  , .     ,������  .,,    ,   , .   1 this disease is to grow the u-rain on
2 tunnel to  tap the ledge now in1
, " "   we" drained land.
place 111 our T\o.-1 tunnel at a depth I    -nt. 1 * <-
r F    i     There is a growing demauu for-a
of 250 feet; it will yet  take 75 feet; better  quality  of  seed  grain   aud
that we know ot to do it.    In doing; anyone taking up this matter would
tliis we are taking out some  of the! find a good  market forsame.    He
richest gold and copper ore that has thought  li. C. should  produce just
ever  been  produced  in  the camp,  as good   a  quality   of seed   oats-as
The No. 2 vein in the same tunnel i anywhere.
A. W. C. Finbow and Miss Jennie Stuart, daughter of James Stuart,
507Hastings street East, were married- at the. residence of the bride's
  i parents un thei9 inst., the-'Riv. R.
A.E.'idon die: Hiddeu'.y tor-day.  Newton   Powell    performing -.the
! ceremony.   The bride was attended
Harry Burr, we understand,   lias|byhe_ rfrt|r> j,^ Afnesa ^u^
wonderfully .improved during the
last day or so
aud the groomsman was Jebn Bennett. A sumptuous repast was serv-
O-viug to the ftmeral of "the .late Jed alter the ceremony at which the
Mrs. Embree. there will not be any I tne health of the happy couple was
service in the Methodist Church to-(duly-honored.
Service will be !    Mr* a"d Mrs. Finbow will Teside
morrow morning.
held in the evening as usual.
ol tbe same character of ore ns the, it was very important for a  man toi
No. : \-eiu, and is the same width:; understand ihe w.-ed seeds>likely to: Frank C. Bidgelow, president of
this is to the west Both these be found iu the clover and timothy the First National Bank of Mil-
ledges apex  on our own ground, seeds.    A large amount 0! poor or waukee, was arrested on  Monday      Mrs. Davis and family, who vis*
kindly- assemble at the Lodge Room and di^ iuto our level bottom below bad seeds has  been sold through charged with the embezzlement of j ited at the Parsonage during Easter.*.
at 7 o'clock sharp. at.an angle of 70 degrees." I the ignorance of those selling them, [.over $100,000 of the bank's funds.   I returned home on Monday,
on  Granville
Daily World.
street. ��� Vancouver THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY APRIL 29, 190.-;.
A.  O.  U.   W.
Subscription, $*.���>*> per >*-**������"���
Cnstir.l Advertisements, io outs prr line To'
tin hist ins 11:011. i.mi J ieels pi r lint- I'" CTCII
Buliseqiieiil insertions Tl��c number *>' lines
reckoned by the si>ace occupied, ijlmcalo the
Kat^s lot Commercial Advertisement^ can be
had on application at this ollice.
Reading notices io cents pet line  lor each in-
Birth nnd Death notices, 50c., Marriages ; 1.00.
Any special notice, the object ol wliit.-h is to
promote the pecuniary benefit ol any Individual
or cmpaiiy, to he considered an advertisement
snd cbaryed accordingly.
AU advertisements charged  lor until ordered   gg master O
out and p.,id for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public'       AniOUg those  present   were:
interest.   Commituicatioiis to editor must be accompanied  by natns   ol writer,  not nt-cessiirils ���
lor publication, but as evidence of good faith  ! t*In:.i,     \fr
Correspondence must reacli this office Uy Thurs-   s-)inuii,   nil.
iny evenlUK.
Deltil ^odge, No.  12 meets first
I aad thjrd Tuesdays of each month
A   v-iv   pleasant   eveujng   was ��� ;n Oddfellows' Hall.
spent  nu   Monday  last  in Oddfel- W. C. Pybus, M.W.
lows' Hall, when the Treuanl P.irk j CiEO. R. ManliiY, Recorder.
Clnb entertained their'frieiids at an     ~ ���   - ���	
assembly.    The music was supplied j 1.0.0 F.
by Mesdames W. II. Ladner, I,. Delta Lodge, No. 21.���Theregu-
H. Nicholson, Hilton and Miss V. | Inr meetings of this Lodge are held
Laduer, piano; and a trio composed every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
as follows: comet,   F. \V. Harris; Uj.    Visiting Brethren cordially in-
Gko. R. Mani.kv,
violin,   Miss  Lidner;  piano,   Mrs
W. H. Ladner.    II. N. Rich acted
and Mrs. Harris, Mr. and  Mrs. M.
and Mrs, 'P. Ladner,
Canon and Mrs. Hilton, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Coleman, Mesdames W. H.
Smith, W. L. McBride, J.   Honev-
vited to attend.
W. R. Elms, N.G.    *
Dr. A. A. King, Se'..
.SATURDAY,  AP   11.  29,   19,05.
man, J. Fredrick,   L. IL Nicolson, j
F. L. Lord, W. H. Ladner. wcio-im-
Misses Mason, 17 Lynch, C.
Smith, N. Farrell, E. Honeyman,
S. Kittson, I. Robson, IC. Muir, M.
C. 0.  F.
Court Fraser No. 398, meets in
Oddfellows' Hall, second and last
Thursday evenings of each month
8  o'clock.      Visiting  Brethren
Jus.   Murray,   Western  Superintendent ol the  Seed   Division, Dominion Department of Agriculture, j Cook,     A.    Ladner,     S.    Pybu ,
though a young man, is among the 1 F.  Frederick, E.  .Scott,  M.  Burr,
brightest    of   the     Eastern    stars! E.   Benson,   G.   Lord,   L.   Scott,
which have come to us.
Smith,       L.       Hutcherson,       D.i f^****^**^********
Horse Goods!
4     Our   Harness ami  Horse  Furnishings
SfShuve long proved reliable, (iiid they are
In looking around the district we
see the ditches being constantly
filled in through cattle having access to them. Last year a certain
ditch was cleaned  out at consider-
E Johnston, L. Tretheway, F  Bun   J. buiu not only for style but wear
M. Lord, G,   Rich,   B.   Smith,   D.    "'
Lord, M. McLellan, J.  Bourne,   R.
Bain,   V.   Ladner,   D. Hornby,   E.
Granger, M. Arthur, M. Hilton, F.
Messrs. L- Harris, F,. Lord, H.
Mitchell, S. Page, G. Honeyman
N. Brown, S. Kendall, Ed. Lord
K. Hutcherson, H. Hilton,  R.   Py-
I hugh Mcdowell,
bus, H. Burr, R. Kittson, D. Honev-
able expense, while it  will  requite I matl| H .Smith,  \V.   Stoess,   L-   j.
Thomas, C. Mason, S. Rich, H.
Wilson, J. Mason, H. K. Wright,
A. McGregor, A. Johnson, W.
Siddal, F. Arthur, A. Parmiter, G.
Frederick, B. Harris.
the same outlay again this fall if
something is not soon done to keep
cattle away from it.
Now, this is an age of progress,
or ought to be, and, as we have
pointed out before, a nice sidewalk
run along the edge of ditch, would
not only have the desired effect
of protecting the ditch but would
be a means of saving money and
au ornament to the district.
The cost of cleaning out the
ditches just once would go a long
way towards paying the first cost
of even covering over the ditches
completely. But just a couple or
three plank sidewalk will do the
work of protecting the ditch against
the depredations of cattle. If a
sidewalk should have any objectionable features in it, how would it be
to tence it off with barbed wire ?
A versifier in the Bangalore Mag
azine thus depicks the difficutlies
of a foreigner in learning the  Eng-
glish  language:
When the English tongue we speak,
Why is break not rimed in freak?
Will you tell me why it's true
We say sew but likewise few,
And the maker of a verse
Cannot cap his horse with worse?
Beard sounds not thc same as heard;
Cord is different from word;
Cow is cow, bnt low is low;
Shoe is never rimed wit.i foe.
Think ol hose and dose and lose,
And of goose, and yet of choose.
The annual Easter meeting of
AU Saints Church was held on
Tuesday evening last. Rev. Canon
Hilton in the chair. The wardens'
report showed tiie parish to be in a
good financial position.
Elections for the current year resulted is follows: Delegates 10 Synod��� T. E. Ladner, Marshall
Smith, A. De R. Taylor. Wardens ��� Vicar's, A. DeR. Taylor;
People's, T. E. Ladner. Sidesmen���
Marshall Smith, Robt. Smith, H. N.
Rich, W. Livingstone. Auditor, H.
N. Rich.
Votes of thanks were passed  to
the Ladies'Aid for their faithful work j
and substantial assistance,   also to!
the choir,   organists,  and  violinist!
for their voluntary work.
The first Rural Deanery meeting
of this Deanery will be held here
ou Tuesday and Wednesday next.
Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock
there will be divine service, when
Rev. Rural Dean Bell will
preach. Wednesday evening Hoiv
Communion at 8.30. 9.30 business
meeting of the Chaptei.
Wellington Coal,
Rosebank Lime,
Portland Cement,
Smithy Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile,
Steam Tug "Flyer" and
Barges tor Hire.
Office: Front St.        Phone 1-6.
New Westminster, B. C.
McRAE & Co
A lull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Gone at SpeoiaJly Low Prloes.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Laduer" No. io.
f  J. HENLEY   T
B. C.   <.
���*��� Manufacturers of all kinds ol ,���.
| Soda Water, Ginger
��    Ale and Summer
a Drinks.
*4       Your patronage solicited
������������**������..������������������.*���.������*��������������.����������..������.���.���?���.�����������**�����������������.* ���*���������*.��
Notary Public,
ittiioiw. Estate l insurance Aaent
Ladner, B. O.
PurchminE Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Manure Spreaders &
Mollne Plows
take the lead everywhere,
also our	
Chatham Incubators &
J.T. Stainton
The Place for Tinsmithing, Bath Tub^ Stove
Pipe, Conductor Pipe, Roof Plates, and Everything Else itt This Line.
Agent form
Gurney Foundry Co.'s Stoves.
P. D. Dod's Mixed Paints.
Yoho Bath Heater.
Just the thing for making water hot for washing dairy
utensils, scalding hogs, or for wash day. Every
Farmer's Wife Should Have One.
Westham Street,
Ladner, B. C.
Sammmmammumme mnn mmj^mmm^mmeemm^aaaeaaaaaaam^wammamm^a^mmmi^^maaaam
A first-class joint put up in first-class style
call or send your order to the
Weat &
Phone 9.
Manufacturers of all kinds of First-Class
Rough and Dreqsed Lumber.
We can deliver to any point on the Railroad in Delta.
Our Price Is Right. We Con Savn You Money.
Crop Gs a Line, Our Agent Will Cell on Yoo
GEOa M* THRIFT, Manager*
Commission (&
Ladner, B.C.
The road grader arrived on Mon
day   last.
Fred Jackson, foreman of the
Columbian and brother-in-law to P.
Think of comb and tomb .and bomb,! Shirley is laid up with appendicitis,
Doll and roll and home and some. I a"fl i<* to undergo an operation
And since pay is rimed with say,' shortly.
Why not paid with said, I pray?
We have blood and food and good.
Mould is not pronounced as could,
Wherefore gone and done and lone?
Js tliere any reason known?
And, in short, it seqms to nie
Sound and letters disagree,
H. K. Wright, manager of the
Royal Bank here, vacates that position to-day for tbat of manager
of the Vernon branch. Mr.Wright,
during his stay here, made a large
number 01" friends and at the same
time did good work towards establishing the ban.k here. The quality
of his work is testified to by his
promotion to a much larger banl.
in the wealthy district of Vinton.
May success continue to attend you,
Mr. Vyright;
Going for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Don't put yourself in this man's place,
bnt keep a bottle of this remedy in you.
iiome. There is nothing so good foi
Solic, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
! Di.vrhopa. It is equally valuable foi
���in miner Complaint and Cholera Infantum and has saved the lives of mote
:hildren than any other medicine in use.
When reduced with water and sweet*
9ned it is pleasant to take.
You, or some one of your family, are
snre to need this remedy sooner or later
and when that time comes you will need
it badly; you will need it quickly. Why
not bny it now and bo prepared for such
��U emergency V   IJrice, 35 cents.
If you want a nice new
Buggy, up-to-date in
every respect, or if the
one you have needs
painting, call at
Q. T. BAKER'S **'*������������
Before leaving Laduer I wish to extend to the patrons of
the Bank my sincere thanks for the many kindnesses shown.
It has been a privilege to have had the establishing of a
banking business here aud the experience will always remain
a pleasant memory. In my successor, Mr. R. E. Walker,
you will find one at all times ready to extend all courtesy and
attention and I would bespeak for him the kind and liberal
patronage so readily extended to me.
1 remain, yours very faithfully,
The Royal Bank of Canada,
Ladner, B. C., 29 April, 1905, ,
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Sailor
Hats, Ladies' Skirts, Whitewear, Etc.,
A Fine Line of Embroidings and
Laces Just Opened.
Rib  Rock Hose
H. J. Hutcherson's ���   ��� ���-*!>*
: BE*3SSS5S2B_*fi**!_ES_��__J
I'! -
According  to  The  Commercial, |
ol Winnipeg, tbe  visible supply ci
j*ai.-, in liit* United States and  Can-
ada, east of tbe Rocky Mountains, J
lis   r,y,oi5.000  'bushels,    cmipare.l'
] with to,: 49 o'io bushels a year a.-o.
Mission Band.
il iii wiii size eft
illiu.r i:':i -r tUtO '! >����
The Richest  Province i;i the British  Empire.
Us coul. oil, mi.l tiwl)--r; ilH fislu-ru-.s u-i 8**a,1nk. ami n-.vr; it-* mtnaal n:i.1 ;isxiciilt:'ral
-sources; it, citie* nntl towns; it-* rifc-r, l.-i':.- mid tuountain scenery, especially ilin-Jtratiiig
lo,Hueut, with flaw.�����*-all tii ? principal miiiL-s,
Ho3v Communion, ist and 3rd
Sundays, at m a.i!i. Other Sundays at 8.30 a.iti.
Monn'ng- prayer, t-t a.nj,
Evensong, 7.50 p.m.
Sunday School at 10 s. tu., Friday
evenitig, Litany and choir practice. '
Kev. Canon Hilton, i-icar.
50  YEARS'
, jiiili.s, smelters, etc.
IN g-tvsv   nun lti
Sanl Pobt Fres on Receipt of Price, $1.00.
Address James LaWler, Rossland, B. C
c vn:
The Cargefct Advertised in and fur (Iritis!) cntimtbta
Mine.-*."    '-Press Clippings 't.tut I'lilufrble Information,*''
fco., S.c.
flilrt ;ncth -r of "Mllll
'A Kift in Clouds."
i'iis M ide
Tor II. C
Reyerend Father Kdnt, Pevtavm,
O.M. 17  Seni.-cs  lirst and   that?]
Sundav-of each month at 10:30 a m.
Tradi: Marks
���Copyrights Ac.
A iivftnR rending ft Sketch irK description mny
���nl'-kly ascertain our opinion free whether on
'iss-rltion In prtihnblvr p.-uentHhle. CinrniEiilrn.
lonsstrlotlycoiiBdentCal. HANDBOOK on liu-ints
'���i,t*ffeo.-(>l'l(s.��.aaeney forsbeunn*rparents.
"itcstts taken tlirmieii Tilunn &. Co. receive
������i'h rwtice, wilh'jttt cbfirge, in tl.e
Host fiuy m
15 cents.
Greatest Gold
Discovery  of the
Ajjfa Is im B.C.
Consolidated Gold Mis_t��s, Limited.
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent in shares
is  now in our Treasury.     Shares fully
paid -and non-assessable.
Mines directly West of thc* Ivei-loi and l*c
feoi No. 2, War 'Magic and Centre Star, lour
of the largest fcold-cuppcr mines i��': llic
world, nil of which have paid large dividend��.
.-time id*nticnl ore nnd veins iv w in sight
011 the HIG TOUR.   l.argt- ore bt-die.-..
AHSi*3*�� from *$5*l*�� -*Si:-o in (gold, copper-.^-H-
vtft, etc. Very rich di��|;lity as -mow on t-\-
*1 it bit ton iu the city ure exhibit, causing wide
We have nearly two miles of ndlway on
Hig Four property with wnter and timber iu
Kossland ore shipments for igoa, 350,0'0
���Sons. Shipppcd fur 1903, about 410,00(1 tons.
19-14. about 400,000 tons. -Total value of Kossland ores mined, I31.oou.euo.
RoSdflnd'a ore bodies are a gr��*:at suece.s.s
with the concentration system 01" ore reduction. $3.00 ore now pays to mine as now
proved'by the latest reports aad dividends.
No less than 100 shares sold. Shares can
be U'rl ou iUsSi'iUmcn* plan, payments
inonfilaiy Tweift-y *pcv -etui rash, bcUrnce
witfh'm i.y.-ar.
Company has no debts sr liabilities, and a
full force of men now working.
References.���Tlie Hon. Mayor. Cold Commissioner, postmaster, or any bank or business.-; liidii in city. ���
There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which taken at the flood, leads emtio fortune;
omitted, all the vovflge of Vteir life
Is bound-in shallows and in miseries.
Services-next Lord's Day at m
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class mceti-ug, rta.30a.u1_ every!
Sabbath School at 2 p m -every
Suuday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. A. N. Nffilter, n&astor.
Services next Lord's Day at gip. m;
Sabbath School at 2 p m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7:30 (/clock
A hanrtsomr-Iy illmtfmtefl weeldr. TATfttimt elr-
'iildfci.ju i>t nny scientWe Journal. 'J'ortitif, ���*"��� a
vf.-ti; f'Hir j'ji.nt hs, $i. fitfJU'byab nowBrtealersj
rslUNN & Co.��������~���^- New Yoj*
Brunch OIUco. 025 F Et�� WashiUtfton. D. C.
Time Table.
IN EFFECT MARCH   _6, 1905.
Train leaves Pert Guichon a
12:40 noon and arrives at Cloverdale
at 2:00 p.m..
Train leaves Cloverdale at 5:10
p.m. and arrives at Port Guichon at
6:30 p.m.
At a meeting nf ihe Mis-ion
,'i ,n-l >)t ,c t Am'.; ;\\7-s Presbyterian
Churob, which w.is held oa the
" ;th inst:, it wm unamiuonsly .resolved that the followiajr Setter of
condolence be i:--- -r'!>t?d oh fke
minutes and tlwt a cop1.- of the
l-sinie he forwarded ' > the parents:
���Dear Mr. and Mrs. McGregor:
At this our fi.-fi! me-lang- of Si
Andrew's Presbyterian Mission
Band, since tbe decease of your
.loved daughter, who had become a
member of our little band of Christian workers, w-e wish to express to
you our heartfelt sorrow and sympathy at the great loss you haye
sustained, and we trust mid prav
that God, Who doeth all thini;-; lathe best, will support and comfort
you at this time, as He only can.
.Signed on behalf of the Band
LEON A WHI'rtf t )RTH,
Y.yv.r They  \rr Slcktni nnd Brai-gM
Ul�� Front tbe*W>tter.
Tlie spoilt*"h ^ coiiimown nnd tha i\rl'6
vporiiuons of i.i hep specie-, nra not th;i no-
*ual animals, but nnjrely I heir skoletom
nr frainousork. *EJmt adiich oonsfJtutat
: -rhpir vita! |.i_ftt ii-;--rom-,;v. '1 in preparing
tl'i-iu for nnufkst.
Sponjrcs do not Imvo t i: p-swer of mo-
s'l-ion ?ju.s.0Sf,P(l '������;.' I'f.y't1.:: 1'..���;,'���,. TIiot nTt
���]���-��� fly alma's wtixSicil i> mijnlorgedob*
'.������'..1.   Sir-��� ���* it is fjupobi>iLlo for tbuin.M
I ':i   SOUl-l ': .-'1    fr/ii, fliey <-;m   fsiovr on)?
im |.l,,ofisw'i: t-ot-Jioro lflpluntjrof food ��lt;Jr
as tiiey -n*- j i' * t-t ���
tf.'hoj' nr moro ictlvfl In frosh than la
.fill wiiti-:- anil iliu in a Bljort Umo if ct-
fosed to tbo i,lr    i'h'o surface uf niirlnf
1 Esongo   i���  oovered   with   minuto iiores,
11 rough �� liii h -.vali r is imbibed, onu-.virj
with it both thc air and th�� organ!" parti 10s neoi  ;; 1 > > fo*.- the support of life
fcjpongiid inI-distributed tbrougb all �����>,-��
1 mid an-cliir-ii'id ohiofly in-i-irdlji^* .in li i
.: 1 ,]'-rui** nr the sUeieto*      ,'.<* Mr-liter*
raiuiiii n,n_ i\,u it-' ���<.���.,...,,. ;i rj\na
grounds of t?io oid-wnrM     i'no u. oiiniin
it. the tievi ivui-ia aro tbe i.'diajiiiis.'.soiitii-
cu aiifi v:  tern 1 nrida and psirit, of th<
West Iiidi'-s
Thu In --i i-i ' ;i^*oof ooiuiueroo is found ta
, tha lledia-i-rancan and id known as tl*
Turkey or .- n> i.na. fi|��nif;e. -itsin obtain^
I.*- divrfv.. who go-elad in armor whan div-
IS Cts '^,^r.^atG
Any amount less'lhim JIO0��nil postoffice
or express money orter; ��*verlHis'��iino*sint.
Jby bank draft to Secretary.
.Service at j..t,�� -fi.re., Tastor T1.
H* McEwen will .preach. Subject,
"Belsbazeaf's Last Night."
Special music.
Prayer meeting at 8:00 Thursday
evening. Singing practice at 8:30.
All cowSially tin v. ted to any or -all
usuully obtained by flsbiQn
V.'iie.'i 11 Bponge vessel arriTO!
ng gi-sJUJiUs iu tl** Dahftinas, tt
/i."l the ureWsiiuiuodiatoly gat
SS.'lr 'Pisa   ,->...,.....   Yl.l ,_      .
Ottawa,   .\pril   26.���Karl  Grey,
the governor-general, speaking a"t
Toronto last-night s��id-that Canada
Monday, Wednesday  aud  Friday, j migut l00k forward to v.u enormous
  trade wkh Japan.-and later on with
There sore two through passen- lthe 8reat conl'D'ellt of which Japan
Good   Worfi   Tot   Chamberlain's
*G<JU_Jh "Remedy.
FOR ONE MONTH. (Ltd )   Rossland, B.Cs,, Canada
inter lllanks and our tus-.-st comprelieueiye anil complete ttlm.rated ProHpectiH showing
all Kossland mines and giving valuable i il'il-ihatio:!, with Map.i and Reports Irom Mining
Kiigiueers, sent only to investors or tlime desiting to invest. Sent free on receipt of 10
cents in stamps for postage.
"In December, igoo, 1 had n sever*
cold and wa.s so hoarse fhrti 1 could
not speak above a whisper," says Allen Davis, of Freestone, N. Y. "I
-.tried -several remedies, but got no relief until I used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy,  one  bottle  of  which   cured
Camp Hope
Lumber Mill
Has been moved t�� Beaver J3a:r_a, tm the
Scott road, and is now prepared, to supply
all kinds of Rough Fir Lumber at reason-
<&b_e prices.
Q. 0. Dennis,
East Delta.
Let Us Talk It Over*
gei trains-per day each way to and
from Seattle and a mixed train to
and from Bellinghaip.
Wi ill! Cilf 11
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
CATS 4*av* VVesss-iniiister ior Vancouver at 5.50 J
ctii_*s~i:_o a.m. and hourly ther/iafter until 11 p. I
in.: Sntunl.-n:, anil Sundays at 11 p.m.
CRrs leave Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50 ;
nud 6.5" si. in. uml hourly thereafter until  v, p,
111.; Saturdays and'Sundays at 11 p.m.
Werrun hrststlwiss irt.ighl cars between West-
minster ami Vancouver and all shipments sre
handled with the utmost enre and delivered to
..... . , ,   consignee without delay.   Special attention paid
me.    I will always speak a good word  to fruit shipments.   Our wagoua meet all boatt,
i'f.rflin't tnetlicine."    For sale by F. J. laud trains.  For rates, etc apply to
Mackenzie ;-�� a- sun.'i*--, .?-. k. glover
I Trafirc Mgr. Local .Mgr.
1 - Westminster. II. C.
l-spongi-.- ar
f.>r then,      V
j    Hi till' li-
j is nnclior
; tealy for vevk     Theisspdngd flsther's outfit oonsi:,t��� of n small boat enllod u. "din-
1  gey," n loi'g hook and ,1 v,-,;ter glass.  Th_
j spongolioul; Isatliroo pronged iron fork
attached to the end of a very long pols.
:  Tiio water i;l;iss is simply n wooden water
; Inii'Uet with a boltoni of eomnion window
To use it, tbe.y'_<* bu<;tpmi.-'.turu��t into
the water, itbo tfls'hern'iiii]  puts ihc UaH
around his ueok aoCitbon buries ids hea-l
-  ciL-L-.p In IheJjiirkut ta ejwliiri.��� tie.light
There iir^. alwf-.t.i two men to eaoh ditigsy
���ono in act as "setiller" and the other at
I   'liooLtf."    Whlla the sonHcr propels tin
1 dingey along very slowly the ImoUer, in*
1 kneeling position, keeps his bead in tie.
wnter '.'lesu, looking down In t���ilo.w���ati�����.
was   only   the   porch.    He  spoke
of Canada assuming its share of-l'it ' v,hvu ���"��� Booiweose** eiglttsiljtlteitneim
.  ,,      , . .      , ,   , I gives.j, Mvnnl,.ni.u lhy.(iii,gev stops.
imperial burdens, ol its having led
the way in .preferential taiiil and
I preferential postal arrangement, and
said he read, with delight, notices
1 in the press which welcoired the decision of the  Dominion  to assume
Tof!''t-: -.- the wiiller nnd hooker thru��t
j the s|,o;i.,e hoiikiiiiwn thronyh ibo water
, and nm ,it .iinflor thO'tjponge    'fbo t-ooM
I ai-u thus pMhwHooso troiusthe tvn-ks, ariB
[ bii'ju the g.-inio Is in thsMjlngoy.    Thus the
1 work goos 011. iintiJ. >i l.-i,satliii��ias ohtninod,
' ..nhtlien--iliey arectakon ashora nml placet)
' '.n trawls to I.t; eni\.il.    Tho ciutWlititM
I i.;,:lt by sticlssR-,; pieu-stif lulifh r,r��(ak9S
esponsibilty for the defence of Ha2i-   into tho -sand just out, of the water or
Where- it. Is very shallow.
.They remain in tho crawls while under-
���sgolng i>:iieerat-ioa, and tho refuse isearri*i
away  in  liiu obb am. iflow-of the_tid��.
Usunlly they ara left In tbe crawls for*
week; (hen  tbo  fishermen  reluova lbe��!
-and give tbeni a boating for the purpose*.
I --removing .all -chan'oo   iiujurriijea.    Ait��
thu healing theyvons thirot^liiyiJeai.sa-
: ami ju-_. ready tor meWsetl,���PhUadelphl*
fax and Esquimalt.
Grandma ? look at that.
Gully, man ! do babies squeal !i!
this all the  time ?    II  so,  then
don't want anv more.
It is rumored that a certain you
carver of meats got lost on Suud
last and was very suddenly lou
near the Nicomekl.
New  Crop   Now 111  Stock'    Cedar Shakes, Fence Posts,-Drain
Boards and B;iin Posts,
Apply to
Alluvia (Mud Bay).
"Have you, young man or young woman, ever given the
future any consrderatiotii? Are you'content to drift along as
you are with asuperfficia-l pn*blK-school education which does
jaot prepare you for earning your living.
There are openings for young meu in the business world
as stenographers or cleiks. Women are eligible for the same
positions. "What'could.youdo in sit-ch-8 position? Are you a good
penman? Are you rapid and accurate at figures. -Can you use.
the typewriter so as to write 40 words per minute? Can you do
well the many things that are reciuire.dlo.hedoue in the business offices of large cities?
Unless you have taken a course in tht above you are tin-1,
prepared for office work except in a.small village.    We  can.
prepare you for a good position���a position that 'will in a few
���months pay for your investment.    Some of our lad}' gradu-
<ates are earning'jtyo a month and over. J
Miss W. K. Smith receives 40 iper aionth ffrom the.
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co., as strnogra-p-her. Missj
Menzie starts for tlie Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Corporation at 145. Several are working for the C. P. R.
sat $30 per mon h and upward.
If you come to us and -work liard. Tf you fwant  ftntlier j
���proof ofthe-way *we help to ^positions write *.us  and .we -will
H_end you snore names.
But don*t ptrt off. E*very m��n,th yoo. delay means one
month's salary kist. - The socater you graduate the -sooner
you are in it position.
HOME GROWN and imported
Wholesale and Retail.
Special Prices to Farmers' Institutes.
Thcsiands of Fruit and Ornament
.al Trees.
now growing in my  Nurseries  for JEasterfl  Rail.vay  and   Navigation
Spring planting. ,|Cnmp.itiy will-apply to the Parlia-
Eastcrn prices or less. White Labor, j nieilt 0f Canada at the present ses-
FERTILIZERS, Ision  thereof for an Act declaring
BEE HIVES AND SUPPLIES, {that the said Company is and has
CATALOGUE FREE.       ' |ljeen  since ir rililv"ay 'was ��y 6l
  Victoria, Chapter Sg declared  'o be
M.J. HENRY,  VanCOU veria work for tlle general advantage of
I that   the  Vancouver, Victoria and
Thoy Can lUnrrj I'hein*e!vrj ant) Raw
the Vss>iidiuK (��������*.
"Tbe law Is vrr;- IjInr.Js ontlip t;ut<e:,ioB
whii'li (jt:i.'.isi'uiiilJy oome.*: up jia to t-l.u ]o<
gill rirl.cuf a olergj-nian to mnrry bini-
���elf," ubsorvedolawyer. "Of course ther��
arc not many olergyuMd who have ever
l-oontciulml (but tbey had the legal as wel*1
  ni tshe��colo_tefitio��lrightiojKirfornajunai
i s'i:ige v. bun tboy wore peratMiuyyi.wrtlel
One   of Ladners   lights went to | to it, nml there never will be, from tht
the Point on Sundav   lasl   aid  dis-1 Pwn*'"'* ���-���ir.uiiustan.iesof the caw.  As far
as the Inns of t.ns District nro co
covered the inscription, "No minor
allowed." "I didn't know there
were any mines here!" He is still
looking for the mines aud we wish
him luck.
3010 Westminster Road.
Vancouver  Business  College,
149 Hastings Street,    -    -    -     Opposite Province Office.
JQ. H. sEJLXIOTT, Principal.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you apteniid -Smprovement, at
���small cost, for anyi*tyte**f buUdin^.
\Vc make - them - tcrrjiplete, to suit
any.ffizad or sh��jK*c;-stnict��re���the
enHr*?*mtUt'finish] iiiUtKlint,^door ana
vindow capK'-ccwucpKfCtc,��� in a great
variety of stj/ies.
They give-a, ve.ry*handsome effect,
and oiidtirmy:,' practical satfefaetion.
Wc give cstimntw if 'you send
measurements onU- outline of thc build*
Metallic Roofing Co..
Wholesale MmnufoHurera.
Toronto. Cacnada.
Canada, a company under the legi:,
'iafive  jurisdiction   of thc   Parlia-
1 ment of --Canada  and authorizing
i the Coinpauy to construct  and op-
ierate in extension of the undertak- 1
ing  already  authorized a  railway
from Oliver's  on  tlie  line of the i
I Victoria   Terminal    Railway   aud 1
1 Ferry Company to the Scuth  Bank
of the Fraser River near Liverpool;
! and*to a connection witlrihe bridge !
j over the Fraser River ne..r Liver- j
j pool  with  power to-connect with
railways operating in tlie -State ofj
I Washin_fton and with   the Vancouver, Westminster and'Yukon   Railway '-Company;   the '*\rict<>rk Terminal Railway aud Ferry-Compauy
nro concorned,
however, s clergyman is just ascoiupnteirt
to lunrry himself ,ia he la to uinrry others,
lor [ho-F-rtson that tho laws.du.not Bff
aiivthinpt to the contrary, end tho clergyman's cort-lfloate th.it the inarringe has
beon I'i'i'foruied is t,li tliat -.is needed J��
uuiko ic loWlul.
"i a .-a not up in et-rlefiastlc-sl law to any
' ngreat extent, and I nm not able to explain
i tho church ordintuioea. but r,.s (nr us I cau
A lady coming to an Australian   imra �� olergyman of najof the lending
,  ..        _���    ,_.,.     . ..        1      1     j'unominatloTM hns nil tho chnrrii rieht*o
station, finds tbe boss out, and only   ���,____ himseU th;i^ ^ t(j]|mrry ^JJJ
au old Irishman at home.     She tie- ! Tho court of qneon'atianah in Duhliu op
-, j   1   ���        t    s 1 ! Xov. lrt, ISfiS, h;it! (t enso-of ihig kind un*
cidestowait,   and  being   hot  and L��� ���n_M_m-M1i*_o only point in leevm
dusty after her ride, asks if she can Mj-ing trbetlier-a olorgyauan scould m.irrjr
. ,   ,,      u   . ,     ,      .   ,. .     ,,   himself    Tho oaso waB-vcrjv-fully argued
Have a  tiatii.    t aaa\   ;.a>*j     yes,   | Bmi is,-eporii'ii m the ropmtsof th.it cou*��
aad   shows   her    where    to   go, -*ndquoted by many English law writer*
, . ,   . ,, , ! Tho Uooislon-WM in the unintuitive, arid
which is a small room under a tree   that it. tholawot; Knglaiid-.todw.   .^me
nf the stnto laws may hove Uitmght It nco*
ossnry iu uxpromAi>>oriti_ion in the mutter,
but i havo nuvi r i-ou:i jiny. 'i'lio onso that
1 nil -r .1.1 is f iiiil Iji thu books as that'll
Ben!;.iJi vorsus Jioaniish. Itwnsnpro-
ooodi...; f-.,r tt r >'. 1*60, Imwhiuh liui ijlK'Ss
'tion was rnlswl thnt theroJiovor bad bossn
a luai rltvgo. "- Washington-s-iur,
without any rool, the bath being; a
tub, with an old kerosene tin, pierced with holes, hung up above it.
The lady undresses, and looks round
for the cord to pull to let loose the
shower, when Paddy, who is Up the
tree with a pail of waler ready to
pour into the tin, sings cut, "A
little mere to the right, please,
ma'am; you ain't underneath it!"���
How to Ward Off an Attack ot Rheu
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
"For .years when spring tin-ie came
and 1 went siJUo..gardening, 1 was surr
to hnve an atta.k <jf rheumatism, and
.very  attack  wai
the preceding one," says Josie McDonald, ot Man, Logan Ocran'ty,
West  Vs.    "I   tried  everything  with
Siij-mIkiI  Wit,
Ai Bonrdmun of Minnswporli ��<*l!s *
Story tMustrmlag tho envious rivalry between bis tuivn nnd St.-.'Vsil:
"An 'I'islim-m fi.-ai St. Pnal.go. h"i*
tomehuw ovor.ut Uluuunjiolt. mid v.te
taken to oi'.oof the hospitals Hi��injiiii*i
wero painful, but not ,-daugeroilS. However, ho felt sure that ho would nut survive,, nud lit* constantly walle.) t.; tho aur-
" 'Och i-'doobtor, do somethtn for ma
<!iiick. I'm-dyin. I know-I;*am .lti
never seo .St. Ptml *Iive.'
'��� .See at. Paul tillveS-' blurted mt "At
surgeon. ' Vou'1.1 die- of old ��jp bufoca
*��UVbody ever eccs St. Paul nllre.'
"And it mado thnt. Idsbman ao mad ha
wanted to thrash the ..doctor, and nobody
im-re  t-c-s ere titan I befd "n*v, "'or�� w��lln�� fr?_n h1���; but ���*���
i got out of tho hospital at the earliest pat*
; gibladay."���.St. Lonls Globe-Uemooral
McGIVERN & HAYDON,      I liniment.
Solicitors ior the Applicants. I zjc.
-How to Be 9ncpfi��fnl.
Thf successful mnn grows up from tha
���toy ivlK,se motto is���everything in plnce
��L::iinst tho timo of need. Whether In the
school room, with the lesson prepured
hours in advance; in: the workshop, with
��!1 tho tools In order,.-no matter if be
ikuows thoy will not be required for day���
to come;'in Iho warehouse, where a thou-
Band and ono ��� ihlngs enn be found to op-
, bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm in !slI!-y the spnw moments, or in theworM
.f n.ind, wlioro tho impnrtnnco of storila
| tne house and when 1 feel any symp-1.^ |,rniii with tmofui f.iots is taken into
toms ot a return 1 soon drive il away | ��jnsidorBtl6n, the sueeossful eni-eor of th��
with one or two applications of this : '     ' ' ""
and the New Westminster Southern I no-relief whatever, -uiit'i 1 procured a
Railway Company or any of them,   hottlc of ChanVberlain's  Pain  Balm,
and extending the time limited by  and the first application gave tne ease,
the  Acts respecting the Companv   --nd"before the first bottle was used
i,     ., , i'i felt like a new  person.    Nov.- I feel
tfor the commencement and completion  of  its undertaking   and   lor |
other purposes.
Dated at Ottawa this 31st day of
March. 1905.
like a new  person
\ that I am cured,'but I always keep a
For sale by F. J. Macken-
- . S Is    l>*\ls^..' THE DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY APRIL 29, 1905.
Mrs. N. Mitchell returned   home
on  Monday's boat.
'E ���MSi
Miss  Kirkland  paid  a  visit   Ir
Westminster yesterday.
Miss Barber,  of Milton, Ont., is
visiting at S. Morrow's.
Mrs. H. J. Hutcherson  returned
home on Tuesday evening.
H.  N.   Rich  left  to-day,   on   a
business trip to Vancouver.
Inauguration   Sale,
i, m ion
At 1.30 p.m.
W.   H.   Taylor and   wife   spent
paster in New Westminster.
N. A. McDiarmid went  to  New
Westminster on a business trip.
J. F.  Harrison  was  among  the
passengers up riv^r this muniiig.
Bert Arthur drove into town, on
Monday alone.   Good for you Bert.
Miss Hutton spent the Easter
holidays vi.'iti ig Miss Olga Kirkland.
Miss L. Tretheway, of Crescent
Island shool returned fiom Vancouver on Monday.
M's; B. White returned home on
Tuesday after spending the E ister
holidays with Miss Kirkland.
Rev. W. R. Reid, of Michel, B.'
C will preach in St. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church, to-morrow.
20 Dairy Cows and Heifers-, wilh
and in calf; 5 Fat Cows, 4 two-
year-old Heilers, 14 two-year-old
Steers, 6 Yearling Heifers and
Steers, 6 Registered Shorthorn
Bull Calves, Registered Ayrshire
Cow. Registered Yearling Ayrshire Bull.
Oxfordshire Downs: 30 Ewes
and Lambs, 24 Yearling Ewesj 1
2 Registered Yorkshire Brood
Sows. 1 Yorkshire Pedigree Boar,
5 Berkshire Brood Sows, 3 Berkshire Boars, 4 Brood Sous, 40
Store Pigs.
1 seven-year-old Mare in foal, 1
three-year-old Colt, t Bay Horse,
good worker; r Buggy Horse, 1
three-year-old Filly, about 1300.
One 2-wheel Dog Cart with back
seat. 1 Phaeton.
Further early entries are solicited.
Mrs. Bell and grand-daughter,
who had been vis ting Mrs. D,
Wipds, returned home on Monday.
Mjrs. T, Armstrong and daughter,
JJora, returned home on Monday,
after spending the holidays at J. A.
Tenders will 1 e received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till
May 12th, for the erection of a bam
For further part culars apply to
the undersigned.
CM. .7
'There are so many decidedly new
styles in our Ready-to-wear Section, so many Garments new to the
world of fashion that we think we
are safe in saying your wardrobe
can hardly be complete without
some of ihe garments shown  here.
For summer weather wear mir
blouses have an immaculate air of
dressiness tint is all their own. It;
will hardly be rdvisable to let
E.ister pass without seeing them.
Ladies' Skirts and Blouses-
We have a very complete assortment of Dress Skirls aud Shirtwaists that have proven verv popular, Our patterns are exclusive, shown only at The Big StorOc.
Tailor-made Costumes & Blouse Suits
We have exclusive con'rol in this city of Ready-to-wear Garments made by the leading manufacturers in the East Vou
.'hould see them.    They'll interest you,
Colored Muslins, 10c Yard-
A special lot of Dimitv Muslins, suitable i'or Ladies' ancl Girls'
wear, very remarkable value.    While they last, ioc yard
36-ln. English Prints, 12^c=
.Special Imported English Print, 36 inches wide and equal to
Crumm's celebrated prints.    To clear, while they last, at i2^c.
Flannelette, 5c Yard=
A nice lot oi Flannelette, suitable for linings and very good
Ladies' Hose*
Cashmere and Cotton  Hose, imported direct, for ladies, men and]
children.    All sizes and qualities. j
Go up agairxst it and buy inferior Seeds.
Has the  BEST  and  FRESHEST
!&*&&&*  Wet$@talBle
Flower & Closer
You can't come in to See Us, just "Wait for
the Wagon."   We'll Treat You Right.
Those who have investigated our methods
ol business, have fully satisfied themselves of
our standing,
Value is Assured
hy our direct buying, which enables us to cijt
i     out the "in-between" profits and expenses that
s' Dr.'stJing rabies burden the ordinary dealer, and put the differ-
iiiarto illustration   e,,ce jnt0 quality���Send for our catalogue, 230
$20.00, , " 1
."rtOfyany Pi:ri*j|v.       pa_**eS, Is S liCft,
New Westminster,
British Columbia
A. Fenton is up .against it. His
wife is only recovering from a se-
ysre illness and now he is laid up
with pneumonia.
Marshall Smith and wife accom-
Djnied their daughter to Vancouver,
on Tuesday, where Miss Smith is
attending school.
R. E. Walker, of Cumberland,
will relieve H. R7 Wright as manager of the Ban's: here, and comes
highly recommended.
For Sale.
We  are  this  week  going to cut prices nearly in two.     Come
in and see if we don't do it.
We want to get acquainted with you;  we want  to  stay  righl
here, we see good prospects ahead.
Ten young Pigs about 2 months
old.    Apply to
J A '-**, FOLLIS.
in Order io kWo That
The thankful  hearts  this week
are: T. Todd and P. McKenzie.
We must have your trade and co-operation. We will do our
part. We will give you a First-class Suit at a Second-class
Price: we intend to treat you riyht: we hope to grow with
you ; we furnish the root, you furnish the fertilizer and watch
the plant grow.
Mrs. W. E. Curtis returned home
on Wednesday from   Vancouver.
Ladner. B. C.
P. McKenzie  has taken  up his
abode at Mt. Pleasant  temporarily.
Mrs- Embree, -wife of Councillor
limbree, of East Delta, died at her
home yesterday afternoon, The
funeral will take place from the
family residence to-morrow at
$0 a. m��� to the eemetary at Sapper-
The annual  meeting of the Lacrosse  Club  will  be   held  in  the)
Shirley Hotel on  Monday  evening'
next at 8.30 o'clock. All those having an interest in  this matter  will
I do- well to be present.
The Bachelors of Laduer entertained their friends, last evening,
in Oddfellows* Hall, to the last
dance of the season. Quite a nice
companv of young folk responded I graphic description of the little
to the  invitation  and  tripped the | episodes which crop up#on  expedi-
Oti Tuesday evening last Rev. A
J. Brace entertained a small but
appreciative audience, in Oddlel-I
lows' Hall, with a very interesting
description of his experiences on]
"The Fighting Line," with the C I
M. R,, 3rd Contingent, during the |
Boer war. The lecturer gave a very
tight fantastic until about 3.30 a.m.
The Sutherby brothers supplied the
NOTICE OF SALE���Sorrel Gelding, 4 years old, by "King
Patchen," a good driver, single
or double, and fast; Imported
Chestnut Mare, 7 years old, by
"Dcxterwood," in foal to "Glen
garry Patchen" ; one 3-year-oid
General Purpose Filly; cue Dark
Brown Saddle Pony, 14^ hands,
by "Little Mid"; one nearly new
Covered Buggy; one .Skeleton
Driving Wagon; one Eraser Road
Cart in good order, which
]U"R. II.  N. RICH 1ms   received
instructions  from   Mr.  C, 17
Green   to include  in   his Sale   at
above Yard on May 10th, 1905.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, KUnrd Block. New Westminster,
Messrs. Hodges and Coode have
been busy during the week   buying
Cattle of different breeds, to the ex-1 and  file,
tent of about  forty  head, for Gra-! fails entirely to reach Tommy's soft
tions of this kind. On reachin^
the fi-dd over which Buller led his
men to the relief of Ladysmith, the;
lecturer said he could not help but
speak a word of praise for both him
and General White for the gallant
work accomplished. Mr. Brace enlisted in the ranks for the purpose
of coming into touch with the rank
The   ordinary chaplain
For Sale.
Two Pigs strayed onto my property  some  time ago,   owner may-
have same by pro.ing property.
ai5tc E. B. LADNER.
ham Island,Queen Charlotte Sound.
Messis. Va-sey, Paterson and W. A.
Kirkland, we understand, were ani-
_Mig the sellers.
Tbe  purchases  were  shipped to
Vancouver via Woodwards, Thurs-
spot. The description of the voyage, crossing the line, sailing the
coast line to Durban, the rush overland to the front, the battle of
Hart's River, the blockhouse line,
and the proclamation of peace made
up a very interesting list of events
day, where they were to join an
.other band  purchased in Victoria! with wbich to entertain an audi
ftgrn, Messrs. Pefnberton & Son,      j ence,
A number of Fine, Purebred
White Wyandottes and Buff Orpington Cockerels for mating.
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and  Draying.
Livery  work   of all  kinds attended to promptly.
If Your Eyes
Bother You
Tbey require attention. Do not
trifle with so serious a matter. We
will fit them to your entire satisfaction by the latest method known to
the optical trade.
Graduate Optician,
Consultation & Examiuation Free
T.  Gifford's Jewelry Store,
amy m m to it.
At nominal cost, private individuals or "business
men can put their important papers and valuables in a
secure and convenient place.
This is a boon to those who do not possess a safe,
and to families travelling.
These boxes are accessible during all business Jaours
to the renter, who  holds tlie kej-,
RATES s   $Sa50 per year.
Westminster Trust & Safe Deposit Ca, Limited.,
Authorized Capital, $25,000.
F. J. HART & CO.,
New Westminster, B. C
Ladies' Chatelaine Watches from $5 up.
Ladies' Gold Watches from $15 up.
Out Glass, Silverware and all kinds of Jewelry at EASTERN PRICES.
Jeweller, ���tc.f Etc.
What's Saved
Constitutes a large part of -what is earned in this age
of progress. You can't be too careful of the pennies.
Realizing this and making a strong bid for your trade,
We have our goods marked at the lowest possible price.
Our values cannot bfi beaten. We invite yeur inspection.
Bed   Room    FURNITURE���Suites from $.15.00 up
Dining Room FURNITURE���
Carpets, Linoleum, Oilcloth, Mattingst, Awnings, Pic*,
ture Framing, ike. &c.
You will be pleased with anything in our line anfl
can save time, money and trouble by oomiag direct here and
making yotir purchases.
0   _>={._?
If;��lm.T. Jl. C.
Lee's Furniture Emporium,
New Westminster R. ��


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