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The Delta Times Jun 19, 1909

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Array !
i-H ^^
No. 42
DeSfa Council.
ly, Accumulated KAormous
The  usual  meeting of    the    Delta
council  was held on Saturday after-
MoitIsou, Who Di��l Keevnt.'��00".  Jun��    12th;     present,     Reeve
Jiulchcrson,   Councillors  Oihhie,   lito-
rey,  Morley  and  Davie.    After  reading  the  minutes  or the last meeting,
li  is often  only by death  that the   Coun. Gibble moved and Coun. Storey
world  is  made aware of some of its   seconded:     That     they  he    adopted,
most   interesting     characters.       This  Carried.
commonplace  applies  very    remark-       Moved   by  Coun.   Gibble,  seconded
ably  to  Charles Morrison,  the  eccen-   by Coun.  Morley,  that  the communl-
tric multi-millionaire, who recently
died near Heading, England, aged 92.
Mr. Morrison was a man of so
strictly retiring and austere a disposition that few outside his business
intimates were aware of his enormous
wealth, now variously estimated fit
from  ten to fifteen millions���a    for-
eation from J. Parmlter be laid  over
The Masonic       \ Special Prizes at
Grand Lodge!    Prov. Exfiibition
ft fc'reeiunsoiis in Annual Conference���H. x.    Itloli,   erf   l,:iilner,
KleeUil Grand Muster.
Exhibition    hi
by Coun. Morley, that the communication from Messrs. Bowser, Heed &
Wallbridge   be   received.  Carried.
Moved by Coun. dibble, seconded
by Coun- Morley, that the request of
tune which will yield the exchequer j the Delta Agricultural society for a
In death and succession duties a grant of $800 towards the annual ex-
windfall of something like two and hibition be granted. Carried.
a half million pound.?. |     Moved  by Coun. Glbbie,    seconded
In these days of exacting publicity by Coun. Morley, that the reeve and
ft seems an even more extraordinary Coun. Storey be a committee to In-
feat to hnve concealed from notoriety' terview Mr. Whenller regarding com-
n. fortune of this vastness than it munlcation re the Delta Municipality
does to have accumulated it. ! vs.  Wilson case. Carried.
The secret of the millionaire's Moved by Coun. Morley, seconded
well-preserved (obscurity was his by Coun. Gibble, that the reeve and
consistency In  avoiding  anything  re-   Coun.  Storey act on the comiriunlca-
The largest Provincial Grand Lodge,
ever held opened at Vancouver on
Thursday at the Masonic Temple.
There were present delegates from all
parts of the province, as well as representatives from the Yukon.
Business wus transacted   in a most
i expeditious manner, and the result of
Moved   by  Coun.   Gibble,   -seemdei | the,"cioctjon of .officers was as .follows!
Grand  Master���Bro. H- N.   Rich.
Deputy Grand Muster���Bro. E. B.
Paul,  Victoria.
Senior Grand Warden���Bro. S. J.
Junior Grand Warden���Bro. W-
Skey, of Kamloops.
Grand Secretary���Bro. R. E. Brett,
of Victoria.
Grand Chaplain���Rev, Bro. H. G.
Grand Treasurer���'Bro. If. H, Wat-
We offer our    congratulations    to
Mr.  H.  N-  Rich, who,    on    Saturday
I Big Ml  Awarded for Competition at  'ast  celebrated  the  20th  anniversary
New of  his  wedding.     Upon  reaching  hi.-*
office in the morning Mr. Rich was
astonished at receiving a phone message from Vancouver congratulating
him upon his marriage. Needless to
say, Mr. Rich was non-plussecl as to
the meaning of it ail���he had forgotten the anniversary (we excuse
him) of that happy event which occurred 20 years previously, .Mr.
Rich tumbled to the joke. hv��wevor,
upon   reading the News-Advertiser  r,f
Grand Tyler-
-Rro. Mitchell.
motely     approaching     sensationalism tion  from  Topper &  Griffin  i
jn  tht- conduct  of his  huge  finances, vs.    V.  V. &  E.    Railway
Although  largely    and!     continuously Carried.
engaged In  the city,    he    was    never       Moved   by  Councillor    Storey,
tempted  into association with    those conded by    Coun. Morley,    that
of the spe-
awarded  at
,New West-
, vis:
AnnuaS Meeting
of Stock Breeders
Association Held Meeting in Victoria
���Season's Work Discussed���
Important Meeting
The  following  is  a II
c:al   prizes that   will   b
the Provincial Exhibiih
minster, October 12 to
Presented by C. A. Welsh, Esq.,
New Westminster, n.c., Shorthorns,
owned  in  B.C., Silver c    p, value  $25.
The Holstoln-Prieoi.'in association of
CaSiada (G. W. Clemnv is, secretary,
St. Cleorgo, Ont.): Champion Hoisted p.-Frlosian bull,    owned    in    B.C.,
$25;       Champion     He -aeln-Frlesian   tnp  13th  In  which was  the fo]
cow, owned In B.C., $25
The   Hnlstoln-Friosltin     association
of American   (F. L.  !!r ,;;hton, seore-
tary.     Hampton,     Iowa.-:     Holstein-'
ffirleslan Cattle, silver cup, value ^*25.'
The   Holsteln-Frieston
of  "Vancouver 20
Prospective i&ilroad construction in
company. :,.cntrl1i Washington Is    attracting    a
'great deal of attention once more, In
se-   Olympla.  the    Great    Northern    has
the  flip,] a certificate of a resolution voted   Sjfcllage,    secretary,
of  Canada:   Dairy  cow.
ver cup,  value $25.
E. G. Prior & Co., "
caitle: One No. 2 S. 1
value $30.
Wilkinson Plow Co.,
(through their agent.', '
Co., New Westminster
the first prize for herd ���
g|\ing most butter far,
j. ftbeock test, during 4.S
hibition, one No. 30 PI*
value $30.
Presented by H.  Dull
Victoria:   Draft   hcrr-
Stiver cup.
ClydcsdoTe Horse So.
Britain nn.i Ireland  <.\
under the  h
Years   Ago":
Mr.    H. N. Rich    and    Miss    May
Green,   Ladner,  were  married  nt  All
association  Saints,  churcn   Lad'ners,  on   Monday
Holstein,  sll- '
morning,     Rev.   Croucher   officiating.
torla:  Dairy   .        ���������	
Road  Cart,
grandiose speculations which have reeve and Coun. Gibble be a commit- |,v t,jle directors for the building of a
made household words of the names tee, with power to act, re communlca- ]ine fr���m Wcnalchee along the Col-
of other great financiers. Adventures tion from E. J- McBride, Port Qui- umbift river an I tv.en up the Okan-
tn company promoting and market-; chori, regarding repairs to the road-! fgan river to Oroville. It is inti-
rigglng were never in his line. j way in  front of his store. Carried.       mated   that  the  work is  to   begin  In
His simple method was to boy: Moved by Coun. Morley, seconded jne ntar future. The road will open
largely of sound securities when i by Coun. Gibble, that the request of' up tt large and fertile area In Oknn-
panlo or other causes had depressed J. Thompson be received and that It agan county. The Great Northern Is
the market, and to sell when the sub-; be not granted. Carried. | n0w at  work  on a  $35,000  depot In
sequent reaction showed a respectable' Moved by Coun. Gibble, seconded Wenatchee and Is also enlarging ib'
profit   on   the;  purchase. I by Owim. Morley, that tne petition of   terminals there,  giving reason to be
lli times of panic these large  pur-   Mrs. Simpson and others re the grad-| Hove that the people of that  part of   ?10.
chases by Mr .Morrison were ot enor-   Ing of Charlatan  street  be laid  over| the state will get transportation after I /     j10 *e    an' ��
mous  service  to  the  stock   exchange   for consideration. Carried. | waiting  these   many    years.      There. j?q.  Beeori(ji  530;   thn
rand):  For the best Cl
lion, any age, gold    in
best Clydesdale femal ���
I     Shetland ponies, to h.
proprlate   vehicle,   and
��� by boy or girl under  Ifi
I Fir.'.!, $15; second,  $10;
Shetland pony, to bo
���or girl under In years
1 $10; second, $7; third ���
I      Mares or geldings,   ii
< t- shown     fo    hrougln
! veVdede:   First $25;  sec 1
,id., Toronto,
. J. Trnpp &
Winner of
t three cows,
ns shown by
hours of Ex-
v    full-rigged
111   exhibition,
le:y of Great j
chibald Mae- |
asgo.w, Scot-;
tdesdale Stal-
lal; for tlr.v
' hy age, gold 1
s iown to np-
'.-.. be driven
years of age:
;'Mrd, $5.
ridden by boy
cf age:  First j
Jv or over, to
u    or    other
fid, $15;  third
Vancouver, B.C., Crock of dairy butter not less than 20 lbs-, Cash $20.       !
A. W, Peters, Vancouver: Crock of
dairy butter, not less than    20    lbs.,'
Cash $10. 1
J. J.    Mulhall    Vancouver,    10-ib.
crock  of dairy butter, cash  sin.
.T.   J.     Mulhall.     Vancouver,     5-lb.'
crock of dairy butter cash -$5. i
Ogilvie  Milling Co,,   (through  their |
In   "stopping Hie  riot."    The    Tiroes       Moved  by Co.'.n.  Gibble.    seconded   -lire  oher reports  that  a  branch   lino j     Presented  by    Ryri
mention* that he is believed to have  hy foun. Morley, that the transfer of   |s to be constructed  into    okanagan
Diamond   trail,   Toronto
I rider, silver medal.
Ryrle   Bros.,   Ltd.,
rider,   bronze medal
The elydesdnle    Uoi
Of Canada   (J. W. San
kept   habitually a  large  sum   in  gold   mortgage asked for by Parmlter Bros.   county along the Methow river.
ns a reserve against a time of serious   he granted. Carried. | ,__
financial trouble. |      Moved   by Coun.   Morley,   seconded j
Apart frem Mr. Morrison's market by Coun. Storey, that the clerk in-1
operations, he hsd important inter- struct Mr, Inkster to have the ditch
'csts in city tanils. He owned Basil- ne clug on the Trunk road Idled In
don House. Finshury House, and within 14 days. Otherwise action will
other large block* of offices, comprls- be tahen to enforce same. Carried.
Ing .some of thtj most remunerative Moved by Coun. Gtbble, seconded
properties In the city of London, by Coun. Morley, that the dyking
These alone would provide him with commitee be authorized to take scan enormous income. He was also tion cm repairs of Gulf dyke on roof the largest landowners In celvlng the report of Mr. Le Baron,
big    estates    In   Carried.
Moved by Conn. Gibble, seconded
by Coun. Storey, that the clerk be Instructed to advertise for applications
n'son were romantically laid by their for poslton of constable for three
founder, James Morrison, father of' months, commencing July 1st, also
the late  multi-mllltonalre. for the position of road and dog tax
The son of a poor Hampshire yeo-i collector; applicants to state if salary
man, ,7ames trudged to London in the   or  percentage   Is  required.    Applicn-   fr()m n non-.patty point or view. The
early   eighteen-hundreds,   and   seeing   tions to  reach the ctcrlc by June 25.   British   foreign   ofrice   was   certain-
a notice in the window of a Cheapside   Carried. ! ly one of the busiest In    tbe    world.
drapery warehouse, applied  for    and       The   council   then   adjourned   until   -n^e work was interesting, hut some-! nl,'cg'   Man.,   (thr
obtained  the  situation.     Mr.    James 1 June 25. at 9 a.m.
Todd,  his amptoyor,  liked the    lad's I __ wopfc  eonrtated greatly    of    troubles
ernl pu' pose
.agon: First
Bros.,     Ltd.,
Toronto:   Lady
so    Assorintion
stor, secretary,
Berkshire, and had
Story of a Fbrfnne.
The  fortunes of the house of Mor-
���      TIED TO OFFICH.
  j Toronto: Clydesdale Stallion, $25.
"A man without a holiday," was a j j. n. Watson, Ne\." \( --��mlnster, B.
definition of a cabinet minister given : C: Foal of 1900 (sired by "Robbie
by Sir Edward    Grey in a    speech at ��� r'��tehen") casl^jU^
the Newspaper society's dinner at the i     presantBd by The   American Oxford I
Savoy hotel recently. I Down   Record    Association     (W.     A.,
He" could sometimes withdraw from jShnfdr, secretary,     Hamilton,    Ohio):
,       , Vearlng ram,  1  $10;     2   ^5;    vonrllng!
London   to   continue   his   work   else- | ^^  j  $,^  2 _.  >(,r   ���f 4 ,     ^     I
where,   bift  he  was always  attached   jjn   o $5.
by a tether to his ori'ice. And, in the.    Adams Wagon C ��� .. Brantfortl, Ont..!
case of the  secretary  for foreign af-   <"*ox>gh their agents   C. J. Trapp &'
Co., New Westminster)':  Pen of sheep
fairs, the  tether  wai     shorter    than.n|!J. Dre<?(1   nno c
that of any of his    volleagues.       He   stuck rack, $2S.
was  liable  to  be  jerked  back   to  his!     Canadian  Bank   of   Commerce   (H.
..�� ^���. ��� 11. ,1,,. 1,.,,m,,���.,i R. Davidson, manager; New West-
office not merely by  ivhat happened ���
minster: Ram lamb  stlvar medal.
in  places  outside   his   own     country.       G|ant  Po���.(ler     r ,,       Consolidated.
But  he   had   this  compensation:   that   Victoria   (through their  agents, T.  J.
the work of his office was regarded   Trnpp & Co., Nci, Westminster): Fat
wether  lamb,   01)1 1 a e  of  Stumping
Powder, value J 7.
The Ideal Fence Company, of Win-' Mi,li,1K Co- Lt,1-: lno "����� Wlli|p Mm"
thelr   agents,   lnS Oats, cash $.";     100    lbs.    Golden
,T. J. Trapp & Co): SwIn'O, 100 feet   >f' Vi,,e Pous'  cas1'.  ?5-
times It  was  depressing,  because  the 13(|,,Inch  ]uwn  f.i|(,ri|K     wUh    R    fu��� _Vult.
Presented   by    George
uhlnatlon Hay and
agent,   D.  F.   Dickson,   Vancouver   B.
('.:  Loaf of home-mii,le Bread, from
their "Royal Household" Flour:  Firs'.
$15; second $10
Easterbrooke  Milliner Co.,  IHburne,
I B.C.,   (through   I,.   McQuarrlo   &  Co.,
. agents, New Westminster: Loaf of
home-made bread from their "Imper-
! inl" Flour; First $15; second,   $10.
Okanagan Flour & Feed  Co.,  Ltd.;
Armstrong: Lour of home-made bread
from  their "A No.  1" Flour:  First  2
barrels  of Flour;   second,   1   barrel  of
: Flour.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co.,   (J,
j K.  Wall,   manager,  Vancouver):  Loaf
t of home-made broad from their
"Royal Standard" Flour: First, 1
barrel  of Flour;   second,   \z   barrel of
. Flour.
I Lake of the Woods Milling Co..
(through their coast agent, 3. I.
Loutit, Vancouver): Loaf of homemade bread, from their "Five-Roses"
Flour: $25 cash divided as follows:
First $5; second 55; third, $5; fourth
$5; fifth $5.
not Hod  Fruit*.
I Presented by the lames Smart
Manufacturing  Co.,     Brockvllle,   Ont.
j  (through   their   agents   Messrs.   T.   J.
i Trapp �� Co.: Bottled fruits (homemade):   One   Home  Perfection   Wood
1 Cook  Stove,  value $25;  second,   Rob-
I ert Kennedy, New Westminster,  cash
: $20; third, P. Bowler, New Westmin-
i ster, cash   $10.
Vegetables and Fruits
Presented by the Hudson's Uhj- Co.,
(H. T. Lockyer, manager. Vancouver)
Cottagers' exhibit of fruits and vegetables: Dining roem suite $100; second,  dinner set,  $23,
Presented by Asahel Smith, Ladner,
B.C.: 16 lbs. of "Early King" potatoes
First $3; second $2.
Fifteen lbs., "Extra Early Moonlight" potatoes: First $3; second $2.
Giant Powder Co., Consolidated,
Victoria (through their agents, T- J.
Trapp & Co.) Exhibit of Vegetables:
One case of Stumping Powder, value
Field Produce.
Presented   by    the    Brackman-Ker
��� I   that
to  ilea
On the evening of /June lllh, the
directors of the B. C. Live Stock
Breeders' Association met in the office of the Agriculture department,
parliament buildings, Victoria, to discuss the work to be taken up for the
A. D. Paterson, president, was la
the chair. Hon. Capl. Tatlow, minister of agriculture; H. M. Palmer,
deputy commissioner; Messrs. G. if.
Hadwen, Duncans; Geo. Sangster,
Sidney; S. Smith, Dewdnej", and A_
Davey, Ladner,  were present.
1. The association voted $500 to
assist lo the amounl of one-half railway fare, in the transportation of live
stock and poultry to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exhibition, the amount
expended on transportation of stock
not to exceed  $500.
2. That the association would assist breeders who were members of
the association, in the  transportation
if .-tick  from  the east.
3. The question  of holding a   Win-
ir was taken up, and it was de-
the matter be left with
���y-trc��surer, R. w. Iiod-
1 with, he being advised
to interview Mayor Hall of Victoria,
and Mayor Douglas of Vancouver, on
the question.
4. That two cups be given for st ick
judging at Victoria fair, for the sama
The association appointed the following committees to deal with their
respective   classes:
Horses���light���D. C. McGragur, G,
H. Haihven and K. H. Wilkin: >n;
heavy���D. Montgomery, Geo. S.ia.g-
ster and Paterson,
Cattle���K. A. Wells, J. M. Steves
and   Bishop.
Sheep���Alex. Davie, Sum Smith
and  G.  H.  Hadwen.
Swine���Shannon, Thompson and
Pouitry���w.   Bayllss,  secretary   of
the Vancouver     Poultry    Association,
secretary of the Nanaimo roultry association, *n
R. W. Hodson to act on each and
all   the   committees.
I      Capl. Tatlow then     addressed    the
! meeting for a   few  minutes    on    the
j past work of the association, und the
j work which was still to be done.
A vote of thanks was voted Capl.
Tatlow for his interest and assistance In  the  work  of the association.
Industry and perseverance well, anil
nave him rapid promotion, vo that at
S5  he  wirs  manager.
Uy thl�� time he  had followed    the
example of many a  hero of r immer-
A big steer, raised SO miles north
of Glelehcn. is to be taken to the A.-
V.-P. exposition, to show the poesl-
dial romances before filmi tintl fallen billllett of Alberta's natural grasses.
In love with his master's daughter. The animal, although only three or
Mr, Todd favored lire suit, nnd In or- four years old, stands 6 feet high, Is
der to facilitate the marriage took, 11 feet J Inches long, measures S
the young: man into partnership.        I feet 8  Inches around  the girth,  and
It was a wise move from every 6 feet on the hips, nnd weighs 2,5(?0
point of view. The marriage was a pounds. The steer was worked in an
happy one, and the business develop-! ox team last fall and was turned ottt
ed rapidly titto the great firm now' on grass, never seeing the Inside of
known as the Fore Street Warehouse a stable throughout the winter. Tt Is
company. | thought the steer will before the end
Mr.   Morrison, the    elder,     entered I of   the   season   weigh   S,i>00   pounds.
parliament as Liberal member for St.;  ���
Ives,  and helped  to pass    the    great j TRAMIM.F.D TO DKATH.
Reform  bill.    In  1S2S  he bought thoi _J	
present   family  seat,  Basildon  House,
which were not of the country's own
! making and not  under  our control.
j f*roll top, value 55;..
Fit-Reform Wardrobe Co., Vancouver,   (through   their   manager.   Thos.
Foicler): Boar ae,i two sows, first, one
) suit of clothes, $.25; second, cash, $15.
1     Giant   Powder     ��� ���>..     Consolidated,
Victoria!  Winner of the first prize for
Vancouver:   Exhibit of winter apples, .
not less than 5 varieties: Cash $R.
George Thompson, Vancouver, exhibit of winter pears, not less than 5
varieties,  cash $5.
SAN FRlANCISCO, June 17.���
Rushing across the Pacific loaded with
over 100(1 tons of tea, ths steamer
Asia is seeking to land her cargo at
this port before the additional tax
Iwhich importers fear will be fixed
on this commodity by the present
congress, goes into effect- In order
that no time may be lost in the race
with the passage of the Payne tariff
bill the steamer has been scheduled
to come direct, omitting the Honolulu
j     The   roundup   of     buffaloes     commenced about ten clays ago    In    the
Tluthead   mountains.    Over 118  head
| 1 ave   been   corralled.    The  work   of
, rounding up the animals is difficult,
' and  although there were 100  horses
] and  35  men at the start,    and    each
horse  worked   every   third   day,  yet
it is found necessary to procure more
mounts, as the present number is not
, able  to stand  the work.    It    is    ex-
j peeted   that  the  whole   herd   Will  be
I gathered In in u couple of weeks.    A
1 train  of   20   ears  will  be   needed   for
Case of Stump-
three bacon hogs,
ing Powder, ynlu    ; 7.
Presented by A . ifenton. Oliver
read, East Delta: Ten Barred Plymouth Rocks, ���:,: Ten Black Orpingtons, $5.
C. Ar Welsh. >e�� Westminster:
Buff Orpington,- tin goods) $5.
J. Stewart, New Westminster: Ten
White Wyandoti s (in goods) $5.
George  Thompson:   Packed   box   of    f'P  and   thereby  saving     two     days.
npph>s for market:  First  $7; second   The Manchuria and  the Choyo Maru
$5. I ,
Manufacturers   and   Industrial.
Presented by the Poison Iron Works
Toronto:   Specimen   of  workmanship
! by non-mechanic: First $0; second $4.
1      Presented   by  the   Gnrham   Rubber
1 Co., Seattle:  Collection of three dozen
Dahlias:   A   50-foot    section     of     3-4
! loch  Artesian   hose    with  nozzle    at-
recent  arrivals,   bi
cargoes of tea.
th     landed     large
J.   Reichenb:., h
Partridge  Wynntlo
T.  J.     Trap, .
White Leghorns 1.
Albert Heath   f
Orpingtons  (re .   .
��� ������ (cash)   $5.
��� ��� w    Westminster:
n  goods)  $5.
���ott    road:    Black
irom    his    eggs),
WINDSOR,     June     17.���John
near Reading, and  there established I Pickering was traw'pled to death yes- j
the   famous  art  eollectlon  which  his   terday morning hy his    team    which!
| the  transportation  of the
K'    Alberta.
animals  to i
The Columl
son. with Inherited taste nnd enthu-
slasm, greatly extended. He died In
1857, worth over four millions sterling; leaving three sons, of whom
Charles was  the  eldest.
Charles never married, and tt is un-
ierstood that the groat fortune Is (II-
(ConVinvwd on Page 3)
took   fright   at   the   blowing   factory)
JOPL1N.   Mo.,   June   17.���Ic  is  reported that Purely and  Monette, Mis-
KILLED  BY  HOUSES. 1   0||r|>   we���  ,vreo|;(,(,  nm]     ^    __.
TORONTO, June 17���'William Hills rounding country devastated by a
was run over and killed while drlv- tornado yesterday. At least two
Ing through a lane on Gladstone ave- ' persons were killed. The report has
mje.   The animals took fright . ' pet  been confirmed.
....    Ltd.,    (J.    P.
aylor, M.P., managing director, New
i Westminster):  flreeiling pen any var-
I let}': First prise, Dally Columbian for
one year;  eerond,  Weekly Columbian,
for one yen)-
J. H. Vlda: >..'�� Westminster: Trio
of While W'yanilottee: First, $3; second, $2.
nurqultlam, P.O., B.C.:
��� ���; 1 i���, poultry shown hy
let  14 a pair of Cochin
Boys nnd Girls���
Presented by Messrs. T. A. Sharps,
superintendent of the Experimental
Farm, Agassli and It. W- Hodson, live
stock commissioner, Victoria: Mouul-
1 ed collection of not less than 23 varieties of Weeds by a boy or girl under
I IC years of n:;e: First $10; second $G;
I third $4.
Presented by Messrs, John Taylor
I .?- Co., Snap manufacturers, Toronto:
i Twins under one yonr: First, one dor.-
| en Infant's Delight Talcum, and ono
I dozen  Infant's Delight    Soap,    $3.50;
W. Walker,
Poultry silver
boy or girl oil
Presented   b
J, w.
w Westminster,   Inched,  value $7.50.
W, H. Keary; Cut Flowers from
other entries: First  $0;  second  $4,
P. W. Ellis & Co., manufacturing
Jewellers, Toronto: Collection of
Sweet Pens: Fir.'l Silver medal; sec
���mil,  bronze medal.
1.ndies'  Work.
Presented by the T- Eaton Co., Ltd.,
Winnipeg:  Collection of ladles' fancy I secqnd % dosea Valley Violet Talcum
work, cash $25; second N. H. McQuar-   and   Vi   dozen    Valley    Violet    Soap,
ric,  New Westminster,  cash   $15. | $1.75.
Henry Blrks .% Sons, Ltd., (per G. Sir The*. Dewar, managing director
E. Trnrey, managing director, Van- I of John De-war S Sons, Ltd., Perth,
couver): To the lady winning the
largest, number of prizes under this
division: First silver medal; second
bronze meclal.
Knitting, sewing. Etc
Messrs Weller Bros., Victoria:    For
work done by ladies over sixty years
if n��e: Firsl goods $6;  second, goods
Bland.     V.S.,
Scotland 1 Trophy shield, valued at 20
guineas to the winner of the first prize
in  Ihe District  exhibit each year-
The same firm have also contributed a Trophy shield valued at 10
guineas, for n game of Intermediate
lacrosse, during the exhibition, footworn the Victoria, Vnncouver and
! Vi ve   Westminster intermediates. r a
Subscription,  $1.00: Per- Year.
Band and Glee Club
The McNeety Eual! ott Thursday
i;!U was  tbrongsd  with a gaily-
Casual  Advertisements,     10     cents
per  line  for  tli* first   insert'on,  anlj -    -
5 cents per line for each subsequent dressed audience- who bad gathered
insertion. The number of lines reck- there for the purpose of listening to
oned by the. space occupied; 1-2 Hues |ia, progimmme given by tlie Ladner
to the inch.
Rates for Conwierch l Advertise.
ments can be had on application a'
this office. 1     'M
Reading notices 10 cents per line
for each insertion..
Birth, Death anct Marriage noiices
Any. special notice,  the  object
which  is  to  promote  the    pecuniary
benefit of any individual or company,
to  be  considered    an    advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered out and' paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters
Of public, interest. Communicatlcns
to editor must he necompanled by
name of. writer, not necessarily for
publication, but as evidence of good
faith. Correspondence must reach
this office bjt>Thursday evening.
GBO. S. VICKERB, Mstnage-rr.      !
The plant, and goodwill of the Delta
Times having been offered for sale
by the recent proprietor,. Mr.. Geo. R,
Mauley, have been secured by local
interests wi!.h a view to the continuation-of thj business at Ladner. Mr.
Geo. S. Vicljers, who has taken charge
as manager, la an expert printer who
makes a specialty of job- work, and
may be relied" on for, high- quality in
workmanship in all orders entrusted
to him,, while the printing plant will
be improved and enlarged and; the
office stocked with first class quality
papers and inks, It is hoped that
with a continuance of ioyat- support
by the business and general interests of the Delta, the printing office
may be maintained as one of the
conveniences of the town, and the
weekly paper so,imi>a'ovecl as to be of
greater interest to its readers- at
home and abroad and of- increased
value to  the Deltas
Bund and  the GSee Club ; and at
J the same time to spend, a teal social
J e\ eniug.    Tbe efforts ot febe- ongan-
| izers were rewarded to. the fullest
I extent judgijje, hgj  the aUeadsinee
! and the appreciation of the various
j numbers in the programme.
1.1      The  work  of providing the ice
cream, strawberries, etc., devolved
upon a joint committee ��f ��&e two.
organizations and was carried out
most      satisfactorily,      Chaiuiing
ladies gifted  about the  hall with
trays of. refreshments,, and, theis bewitching manners and smiles helped
to relieve the male portion of the
audience of their silver, '
Among tha numerous company
present were-: Mrs. W. Lanning,
Mr. H. Siddell and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. T. Johnston, Mr. E. KjnlUand,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Fisher, Mrs. W.
H. and Miss M-. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. T. H. ��timer.,. the Misses
Lord,. Miss M. MflCteHan-,, Mips. H.
D. Benson, Miss- R. Brown,, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Davie, Messrs. W. and.
A, Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Fisher, Miss F. Kiiskfefldi Mr. D.
Ellis,. Mrs. T. and Miss K. Foster,
Miss Hansen, M,r>. A. and Miss
Teller, Miss L. Ba.vie, the Misses
Whitworth, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Taylor, Mr and Mrs. Morgan, the
Misses Kirkland, Mr. and Mrs.
Sheldrick, tbe Misses McKenaie,
Miss J. Mclnues, Mr. Kitson, Mr.
I, Dennis, Mr. Weaviax,' Mi*.. S.
Honeymoon, Mr. Clinton Loud,, the
Misses Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Calvert,.
Mr. H, McDowell,. Mr.. Polsen, the
Misses Burr, Mr. Jj. Guichon, Miss
Gibbie, Mr. and Mrs. W, Pybus,
the Misses Gu:hi,. Mies- Williams,
Dr. and Mrs. Woodley,. Mia. H.
Wilson, Geo. Elsouer, Mies* S.
Pybus,. Miss A. Sprout, Mr. A.
Shirley, Miss B. Fintou,. Miss G..
Devereaux, Messas, R. Wilson, H.
Hilton, H. Smith,. S. Smith; C
Giffortl, j. Smith, B; Guieluwi, F.
Guichon, J., iliplog and Biiandrith,.
etc., etc.
The proceedings.'bpanad with a
selection, by the baud, following
which- Mi; Calvert gav.e a, short
address. He stated that the Ladner
Band  had, been., formed  1.25 years,
Tasbion Stabks*
Trucking: and; Draying.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand
J. ft COLUNSON, Ftorx 20, LADNEB, B.C.
We Bav? it oa good authority
that Messrs.- J, Johnston of the
Delta Hotel and E. 3. McBride ol
Pert Gaichon have bought out. the!and during that geriod. hadi been
interests of the non-existent Deltaj entirely self-supporting. The- ob-
Express.    The deal; took place on | jeet of the concert that evening, was
m'iSfz-: zmxassmwikt.
Clement &��� Lambert
(Successors to Latiner & Elliott)
Hardware, Graniteware, Tinware
Gurney Stoves and Ranges
Maple Leaf Paint
Gasoline.       Coal Oil
Dairy Supplies, Lead and Oils
TiitsfliMng: ant!: Nambiiig : a: Spcci^ty
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL PAID-UP,      - - $ 4,600,00C
RESERVE FUND, - - $ 5,300.0C
Total Assets  Fifty-Three Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special]
Savings Department.
Accounts- may be opened! with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on June joth and December
31st each year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER. B. C.
J. Johnson, Prop.
tbe Delta Saw mills
Newly Furnished Tbroaghoat, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates 041 Application.
B.   H.    WEARE
begs to announce that he has reopened his Mandolin atid Violin
Classes in Waddell's Hall, over
Gifford's barber shop.
For further particulars apply to
Are Prepared to . . -
Furnish All Kinds ol
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish  of  All   Descriptions.
IWandfolmsj Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City Prices.
Garden Tools,
Saturday the 12th ult.���after the
banks had closed. The proprietors (?) left town tbe same day.
3everal other tradesmen narrowly
hissed  taking slock  iu  the same
to augment the funds.-of, both the
band  and   the   GJ.ce   Club.    The
prpceeds would be equally diMtded
between them.
The   programme    proper   com-
'SY  Waies*   Tanks
Made mi This MsIL
new wasTTiMNSXiR, :-: a. c.
Manu&cturan oCatf kimfooi
Soda Water, Ginger
Ate and Summer
o Drinks.
��       Yout patronage solkttea
i I Spraying Materials,
Bee Supplies.
ooncern���thay   are   now   shaking Lmeuced \';ith'a lively movement in
hands with themselves, j march time by t!:.e band, fblLowed
_ 1...  .., ! by a serenade and a very good set
! of waltzes, all  of which- wets well
The  annual   celebration  of  the j rendered.      Following, this   came
King's Birthday will  take-place on ' three numbers by the Glee Club���
Saturday   next.     There   will,   no j "The    soldiers'     chorus,"    (from
doubt,   La   a largs influx of the j Faust), the well-known but always
sporting fraternity���flies   audi fly- popular Irish, ballad by Moor* "Be-
catchers     (bookmakers)���to-    the iieve me if all thosti endearing young
races.    To the punters our advice is \ charms,''   and    that    soul-stirring
���be  yout own. bookmaker.    We Welsh   martial   air   "The men   of
quite agree that  mouey is to  be
made on the turf, but. not by the 99
Harlech."    Each of these was well
rendered, but especially the latter,
per centi ofthe "flies."' The bookie! which went with'a swing-, and dash
makes the "dough"���he's the one that was-really good. Air interval
in the hundred. j followed,   for,   refreshments,   after
 . which the nrasical part of the pro-
��� i gramme  was   resumed*   the   band
The police department of, Seattle- opening with a. lively two-step, fol-
Has been busy appreliersding fake
employjuentagents during the past
week. In-one day thirty.complaints
were made by person*, vvha bad
paid lees ranging, truaj, $t.w to
j&.oo for- jobs that were uey��r received. Soma of- them have been
pretending to. book applicants for.
places at the AlaskarYukon-Baoific
lowed by a selection "Cleopatra."
The next three items.were a. pleasant change from the-prevdor.��:eon-
certeJ work, being a piano and
mandolin duet by Messrs, H. and
F,. Howard, which was. antored. A.
contralto solo,. "Asthcre,!' by Mrs.
tanning, was sung in herr usual
good.s'yle.    The next, item, was a
I player's execution excellently and.
he : was well received.    Two,selections
Exposition, oflering attractive sal-  piano solo, "The burning of Rome,"-
anes, without the least authority foj by Miss Smith,  which, showed,fcbtt
ilo so-. Ccptainiot Detectives Teunat
says   that   all  complaints- will
vigorously, prosecuted iu an ellort to | by "tlieT band- followed, after  VAhich
clear the city of the scourge.. ;the  G1&e  Club sanp;  "O, Canada,
  , I land   of our  Fathers"   (a   chorus
'which is- becoming mone and  mose
We read that Mrs.  Ra��ielIlSage popular and is now considered one
has been giving  her  fortune away j uf. the leading patriotic songs) and
at the rate of $25,000,a.d��ji.    Wei "The belfry tower."    Dr. Woodley
wonder if she could
to  contribute   one   (Wiy's- gilts  to
I���adner's. water, supply.    The  hoi
weather is-coming fast and we can!
already taste thosedark, ilfesmajlingj
waters  hidden   in  those  tanks   of.l
ouis, with which we will- have to
slake   our   thirst during the  hot'
weeks that are coming.    How delicious a nice-, clear, cold, sparkling
draught irom the hills would'be-on.
one of those hot, sultry, days when-
be persuac!ed,| tilen favored the company with, a
song,. "The mighty deep," which
showed- his. range cf. voice to. perfection and w.as macli appreciated-
The band gp.ve two oil.it tuirabers-
after which' the final item of- the
programme w<is rendered- by the
Glee Club singifg. "Wood'night,
G-nt'e 'oik.'" "Anld Lang Syue"
and "God save the King" b&ought
to a close a very pleasant evening.
Mrs. Hilton presided, at the
piano, Mr. Calvert acted as con-
we can't find a cool spot anywhere
Surely if she knew how. we long for- diiotoMo the Glee Club and
just a cup ot cold water sometimes jfted iland bandmaster.
she could be induced  to  look this At the conclusion of the enten-
way tor one clay.    Will not some tainment the ball was cleared  for
kind-hearted, generous-minded and- dancing, and the light fantastic was
IovrI citizen who has the welfare of indulged in   until   the   wee sma'
imntnity at heart, please write I hows.
Persons found
trespassing on
th�� Crop-in tho
^(j.tkinst. will
be- prosecuted.
R�� A��� Cbleman,,
We-are.-handling a splendid blend
of ooffee at. 35 cents, per pound,
equaL to any fancy priced coffees.
vV. H.Smith
The banel boys played an open air |
aoncerl for the benefit of the' Crescent
inland folk at the school, house there
on Monday, awning The ladles provided relre��hmonts nnd all war* de-
tlghted at the program reuiluresl..
W�� bav.e iust. received a large
shipment of Fftuit Jars for preserving purpose* including the S hrani
Automatia- Sealer,. Crocoji Fruit
Jars,. There i* no- danger of your
fruit nob keepiiig if these jars are
used.    W.. H. Smith
Mrs.. fiVtmk Slitlianliy of? r,:nlner,
u��i(lar\vt.uit a serious operation ut the
Burrarel Sanatorium on Tuesday last, j
Wf. Kihg, ot: Ladner, and Dr. Hall of
"WfOttjria, w,"ra-the surgeons In attendant. We are pleased to heaa that
Mrs; Suthcrby is prxgresjilng favorably:
(484) (10821)
The Imported Hackney Stallwir,.
will stand for the season of 1909 iu
the Delta district Stands 16 hands;
colour, dark chestnut; age, 3 years.
For Sale.
Lady's wheel, in good condkion.
-Apply this office.
About 15 or 20 acres ol new land
ploughed, either by day woik or
con'ract.    Apply to.
ifita: .vr-ottjiwa.
OTTAWA, Jane Iff,���Fire yesterday die! d'amagB to the extent of
$20,000 at the remtr ot Hanks and
Somerset streets. Six small stores
and  dwelling houses were destroyed.
are for sale by all progmarT*
Hardware and Sporting
Goods Merchant*
DAN BEARD'S splendid tfori
���<' GUNS AND CUNNING �����
will be mailed postpaid to mj
applicant by J. Stbyins Aims
& Tool Compact, Chieopee
Falls, Macs., upon
receipt of price.
For paper ooTcrodi-
tion forward 30 cents;
for cloth bonnd book
send 80 cents.
for nnd published by
P. 0. in 4039
Oic<>���� FnlU, Mui.
is mi
(Westminster Rraiivdi}
Time Table-
Cans lea-ve Wes^inistfiber tor Vnuficniver ab 5.50
and G.so a.nu awd hourly thwrcaflcr until 11 p.
m-.; Sutiirtlaysaiid'Siiiidu^s at 11 p.m.
Cats;leave:VaueDuver for Westminstets nt 5.50.
Mtd<Sb50 tu.iiu.und* Imurly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; Saturdays aud Sundays at 11 a.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster aud Vancouver and all shipments ure
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to.finutshipments. Out wagons meet all boats.
nnd*trains.   I-'��r ratts, etc. apply to
'i-wffic Myr. Local Mgr,
Westminster. B. c.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, Ellard Block. New Westminster.
Commencing April ist the S.S.
Transfer will leave Brackmau-Ker
wharf every wee4-��fey afternoon,
except Saturday,. uX 3 p.m. for Ladner, Westham island and way ports.
Saturdays at 2 p.m., returning to
New Westminster Saturday evenings.
Retaining, leaves Westham Island eveiy week-day morning, except Friday, st % a.m.., and Ladner
I 7:45 a.m.. Fridays leaves Westham
Island & a.m. and Ladner at 6.45
Additional trip Monday morning,
leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subjjert to change
without notice.
For freight and passenger rates
apply to
Fruit and Ornamental Trees���
borne grown, hardy, tested and
proven. Qnr trees do not
have lo be fumigated.
They are grown in the only
part of the continent not infested with the San Jose scale.
157-Page Catalogue Free
Greenhouses and Seedhouses,
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
Branch Nursery, South Vancouver
British Columbia.
Late-Stevestoii ferry
During tbe Summer Months
S.S. * Sonoma'
will leave Ladner at 8.30 a.m. and
3.30 p.m.
Sundays leaves Ladnei at 8.30
a.m. and V3�� P-ni.
Extra trip Saturday evenings,
leaving Laduer at 6.30 p.m.
Piano Tuning.
Mr. W. J. C.oard tuned our
"GRAND" Piano and regulated
the action to my entire satisfaction,
and I can conscientiously recommend him to anyone requiting this
line ol work.���Arthur Bewell, Organist and Choirmaster, St. Andrews' Church, Vancouver, B.C.
W. J.
will make regular trips here and \
anyone wishing their instruments
tuned or repaired will kindly leave
their names at This Office.
Dell Times,
ts  in   The
onlv r)arw
tin OTi
(Continued from Page i)
vieltel by the will of the late millionaire among the brother and sidte-r,
who are both over 70 and unmarried.
An Eccentric Uoutscbold.
Mr. Charles Morrison, it is nut .-surprising to learn, had his personal eccentricities. It was port o�� the aud-
tore system of his life to avoid publicity in any shape, and notwithstanding ihat In Qasilaon Park (which was
the seat of the Fane family in the
IStli century) he owned a large and
beautiful domain, he mixed in society
practically not sit nil. He had no
tar'te for display, and the curious
household at liasildon lived with the
utmost plainness.
It was one of his peculiarities that
he woTe clothes, which, if not abao-
lutely_shabby, were obviously ready-
made; and he kept no carriages 'of
ln.i own, riillns-���when he1 did ride���
in hired cabs.
For all this, he was not mean. He
pave generously in private to charities, and was exceedingly kind to his
employees in 'he city and country,
who are believed co be liberally remembered In bis will.
Interesting details of the 'secluded
iife led by Mr. Morrison are told by a
correspondent. Few people knew
him, and none intimately. A great
reader of books, he kept largely to
his beautiful house, und would often
read until three and four in the mor-
wiiKi's ix comer.
bean J
NEW   YORK,   June   16.���For
first   time  since   the   hearing   of
i suit   for   separate     maintenance
! gan;   -Mrs.   Gould   broke     down
I cried   yesterday   when   Alfred      Kieh-
ai-els,   steward   of   ihe   Pullman     Car
company;  formerly steward  i>f Castle
, Gould, testifk'el that he had frequently  seen   her     intoxicated.       Itlchards
said   he  sent   much   liciuor     to     Mrs.
Gould's  room   and that at  one    time,
she remained  in  her room    for    two >
weeks, consuming,during  that     time
seven bottles of brandy.    He said that'
he served cocktails for   her    In    the
morning, whisky at noon ami brandy
at  night.    Itlchards aaid    that    Mm.
Gould   used   profane language to  employees of the castle and once slammed the door of her room In her husband's face,  shouting so    the    entire
household   could   hear:  "Get    out     of
I here,  you  damned little  hound."    He
related  an  Incident when she abused
workmen  at  the   castle,    and    swore
that she was Intoxicated at the time.
Under a  rapid  Are  of questions,   Richards  admitted   that some     of    the
statements made originally In his af-
. fltiavlt were untrue. '.
QUEBEC,   June   17.���The  19th annual   convention     of     the     Canadian
uing. i ElectrlcaJ    association    opened     here
,He was, however, widely respected j yesterday. Delegates were present
as a splendid landlord. With the ex-| from all parts of the Dominion. They
ception of four acres he owned the j were officially welcomed by Sir Geo.
whole of the parish, and many arei Garneau, mayor of Quebec. The eem-
the stories that are told of his gener- j ventlon will  close on Frlelay evening.
oslty in dealing with his tenants. One '  	
tenant, for Instance, who could never;
seem to do well, never paid a cent,
for 2�� years. One who knew 'Mr. ,Mor- I
>-ison well said that the old gentleman
lost at legist f-l.dOO a year in keeping
up the estate.
Gave Away a Pound a Day. !
"All the Morrisons," said the infer-,
mant,  "were  cjuletly    generous,     and
they gave at least one pound away a
day in the parish in small things.    Of
ATLANTA, Ga., June 16.���Parsimony that would startle the most
ardent disciple of rigid economy Is
charged against A. Lee Douglass,
Willi halt' a million dollars. In suit
for divorce brought by Mrs. Kiiinia
.Wal Douglass; Mrs. Douglass Is
worth in her own right some $300,-
000, and  in view of the combined re-
Hotel Register
Mrs.  Gustafson.
H.   L..   Newsun.
A.  Fulton,  New   Westminster.
A. S.   Bain,   Victoria.
J.   Morrison,   Kijurne.
Jus. Johnston, Vancouver.
J.   D.  Campbell,    Vancouver.
D.  A.   Jeffery,   Windsor,   out.
A. is. Godfrey. Vancouver.
H. Gramstad, Crescent Island.
Geo.   M.   McCluskey.    Crescent     Is-
Ben  Marriek,  Point  Roberts.
H. Thompson, Ladner.
A. Domas.
J. G. Mcintosh, Vancouver.
H.   L. iMcKInnem,   Vancouver.
Russell  Kearley,   Vancouver.
Robert  Morrison, Vancouver.
D. Silverman,   Blaine. t
3.  Fortesctie,   iBlaine.
Floyd   Hunt,   Blaine.
M.  Sordle,   Seattle.
iF.   Markovlch.   Seattle.
E. Burchlll,   Merrickville,   Ont.
W.  N. Draper,   New  Westminster.
C. H.   Moner, 'New  Westminster.
S.   B.  Martin, (New   Westminster.
W. S. Strangman, New Westminster.
H. H. B. Abbott. New Westminster.
R. Hawthorne, Westminster Junc-
J.  H.  Jefferson.   Vancouver.
E. Davenport,   Vancouver.
A. Scott,   Blaine,   Wash.
F. Monkman,   Blaine,  Wash.
T.  M. Bueksplt.   New  Westminster.
Anglic in.
Holy  Communion���Tirs.l   and   thiid
Sundays nt S:30   a.m.;    second    and
fourth ������ unlays ul  II a.m.   .Vailns, 11
1. Ian
v nsong
at     10
al   7:30.
7 3 i
Lev.   10.   I.
f-'u d ly
ev i ing
I a tlett.
Ci:ii lie.
II st  and   liii-1
!i at 10:30  Li;;.
p.m.;   S.-inlay
sen Ices II st and ili'rl Su ..'ay of
r-aeh m -i.th at 10:30 'i.m.: i entdi ���-
tion, 7: 0 p.m.; S. nday -��� eh'ol t *
-.:..! , mass an ; i ol.. coin i.anion,
llrst and tiilrd Mondays ;*t I! a.m. liev.
Father Wagner. O.M.I., parish priest
Services n<?x;t Lord's Day at 11 a.m.
and 7;30 p.m.; class meeting, after
the morning se:v!co every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2 p m. every Sunday; prayer meet'n;; every Thursday
evening at 7 30.
Rev. j. H. Wright. Pastor.
Services next Lord's Day ae 11 a.m
I and   7:30   p.m.;   Sabbath  school   4i3l��
p.m.;  mid-week meeting on  Wedne -
day    evening   at    7:30.    Rev. J. II
White,  M.A.,  pastor.
1 Sabbath services���Crescent IslinJ
j 3 p.m.; Ladne-r, 7:3) p.m. Sunday
I school at II : !0 a.m.; prayer meetlag
1 on Thursday at 8 p.m.
E. J. Chave, B.A.
the way  of charity when he was as-   piaint   Mrs    Douglass     alleges
Mr. Morrison  Wmseir I    can    safely gourdes of  the  couple,  believed   they
s iv that be never refused anything in   should live  In comfort. In  the  com-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that
during her honeymoon trip her husband compelled her to pay for every
meal she ate, He presented bills at
the end of each month
titer alleged he would permit but one
light to be uscel in the house at night
ainl objected If the servants were given anything more than bread to cat.
sured  of the  genuineness of   the   ap
peal.    Again and again he has handed  out   HOOn  when  asked  for some-.
And yet, with all his great wealth,
his kindly heart, and his store of
learning, he neither mixed with any,
people at Basildon nor any of the
county people.
One night a year e>r two back,
Mr. Morriswn got out at Tllehurst, the
utaHon before Pangbourne, by mis-i
fake, it was rather late, and he
walked to an Inn a little out, and
asked for a trap to drive him to Basildon. The landlord appeared to
eye him with great disfavor, and curtly told him that he couldn't have, a
trap. Mr. 'Morrison had, of course,
only to be identified to have the fin-
'est equipage in the place pressed upon him. But his accustomed reserve
made him say nothing, and he stead-,
lly tramped the whole of the way
borne In the dark.
A day or two later sominme in Ba-
Blldon heard the story, and, being in 0( tne wol.i,|
Ttlehiirsi. eeJleel on the landlord, and
asked him If an old man had asked
for a Imp a few nights previously.
"Yes,"   said   the     landlord,     "but     I
OTTAWA, June 16.���At the Invitation of Sir Frederick Borden, Percy
H. Baldwin, the young Canadian engineer who has been associated with
Dr. Graham Bell in the successful
flight of the Silver Dart at Baddeck,
will experiment at the Pettawa camp
wj^h two aerodromes that have Just
been constructed at Baddeck on the
model  of Silver  Dart.
The form il opening of the new steel
bridges over Lynn and Seymour
creeks took place y. sler 1. y. Th-
occasion was marked by addresses by
Premier MoBl'l le and Hon. Theima
Taylor, minister of public worls. I!
was the llrst visit of the prime minister and his colleasue to the muni-
cl|Kilily. An address wa�� presented
to Hon. Mr. McBride by ltceve Mo
Naught on behalf of the council. II
expressed pleasure at the presence of
the distinguished guest--. Ail was
required to construct a Joint r ilway
and traffic bridge across the second
She fur- ! nnm,ws. Premier McBride, who ��-a.
cordially received, said that lie would
he justified In prophecylns t'-at within three years the bridge wou'd be
Constructed. Tie pr mler re ceil
to ihe development that bad cone to
Vancouver and New We-tminster i
through the construe ion o!' lh->
bridge over the Fraser 1 Iver. He
then formally declared the bridge
open. Hon. Thomas Tayl >r congratulated the municipality on the completion of the task. A luncheon was
then served at Larson's hotel.
Ontario   boasts   an   eighth   wonder
a mining  camp    that
lacks  a  saloon,  a  dance  hall,   and  a
faro outlit.    For such is Cobalt, such
is Elk lake,  such   is Gowganda, such I     BUFFALO,   N.  T.,   June   16
are   a  dozen   others  in   the  mineral   S|clttan   "black   hand"   today   Is    re-
belt,  where  the  law  has    said    that   Sarded   by   police  chiefs   throughout
mur/n-M ��.i.roxAi re dead.
OMAHA, Neb., June IS.���Guy C.
Barton, former president of the American Smelting & Refining Co-, and
one of its organisers, died at his country home last night. Barton retired
from business several years ago. He
was rated as several time a millionaire.
wasn't going to let the likes of    him
have one." "Well," said    the    other,   booze  ��r any other thing that mak-   th�� country  as the  greatest problem
eth   a  lie  shall   not   enter   in. Bu,t! In  crime  that  faces   them.    Leading
don't  think   because  Cobalt   is out-1 chiefs  who  are  attending  a conven-
'"lt was Mr. Morrison, that was all!"
"Lord," said the astounded and disgusted landlord, "I wish I'd known."
And he never ceased to regret what
he called  "his  lost  opportunity."
wardly  virtuous there shall    be    no! "��>��  of   police  chiefs  here  have  re
more cakes and ale. The blind pig
is a creature that gives vile beer nnd
viler whisky, The blind pig pays
toll In the shape' of a 'fine to the government once every three months. It
I is a license, but it is not called so.
Cobalt is  full   of  blind  pigs.    It Is a
CHICAGO,   Ills.. June 16.���Owners
and  publishers of    dally newspapers,
holding  membership In    tbe    Inland, choice  between   them   and     a     lake
Press  Association, will   patronize  the   stuffed with typhoid  fever.    The dif
ference between a blind pig and a saloon is that the blind pig pays twice
as much to do business nnd sells hell-
fire four times as hot. When a Cobalt   man   wants   to get   drunk   on   a
open market for print paper    instead
of getting material by contract under
a decision of the association reached
last night.    The representative  of    a
Caiuulinn print paper    mill    asserted
that  he would   furnish    paper    at a
figure  which  the   repre'sentatives     of, .    ,��� , ,     ,,   ,     ���  ������������������
*.��  . .    ,       , , ' half-way   reasonable   kind   of  poison,
rival  concerns declared     was    lower
than  the cost of manufacture In the- that  won't bum his- heart    out,    he
United States. : goes to Halleybury,  four miles down
��� the   line,   where   they   have   licenced
hotels.     And   he   doesn't get  It   even
I  there.
solved that they will use concerted
efforts to stamp out the society and
have pledged themselves to render all
possible aid in keeping the "black
hand" members un.ler surveillance.
It has been suggested that a special
congress of lenellng police officials
and detectives be called to decide upon measures to be taken, against the
lands of terrorists and assassins. An
intimation was made at the meeting
that aid in running the bandits to
e.lrth would be given by the United
States secret service.
OM.VHA,   Neb..   June   17
Xhe .Hiii-Ieybulry  (boos*  (is \ are rumored  In the Western Baseball
LONDON, June 16.���After making
J69 In their llrst innings, to which
the Australians replied with 3!>0, the
all-England eleven collapsed In their
second effort, being all out for 121,
and the Antlpodenns hud no difficulty in notching up the 41 runs reepilr-
ed to win, thus winning the second
test mutch by nine wickets, and
evening the score to daie. Surrey
beat Northamptonshire by 2 wickets
and Worcester beat Kent by
unspeakably bad. Indeed, some of
the Halleybury hotels have morgues,
large bear rooms, where the (lend
ones are dragged to sleep It off on the
harel  floor.
HOUGHTON,    .Mich.,    June     17.���
Cnpt.   Johnson   Vivian,   a   millionaire
mining man,  died  last night  In     his
10S   home in  this city.    He was SO   years
I of age, ���   .   ���   ,' ''3f
league with Pueblo to get out, the
franchise going to St. Joseph. The
tiansfer probably will occur within
the next 30 days- John Kling, former catcher Of the Chicago Nationals
who Is now running u billiard parlor in Kansas City, is said to have
bought the franchise and, believing
there Is money In baseball at St. Joseph, will lake the team there. For
three years Kling has been seeking to
get hold of a franchise in the western
league and It Is said that this is the
'first  opportunity.
Any available Dominion Lands within tile Railway Belt In British Columbia, c.ay be homesteaded by any per-
! son who Is the sola head ot a family,
1 or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent ei-f one-quarter section    ol
! 160 acres, more or less.
Entry  must be  made  rgrsonajly at
! the local land ofllce for the district ln|
which the land Is situate. Entry by
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions by the father, mother,
son, daughter, brother or sister of an
intending homesteader.
The homesteader Is required to perform the conditions connected there
with tinder erne of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land In
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother. If the
father Is deceased) of tbe homesteader
resides upon a farm In the vicinity of
the land entered for, the requirements
as to residence may be satisfied by
such person residing with the father
or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence uyon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence
upon the said 1-ind.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of Intention
to apply for patent.
C0AL.���GoaJ mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years, at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2.5*0 acres shall
he leased to one Individual or company. A royalty at Uie rate of five
cents per ton shall be collected on
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N. B��� Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be P��'<1
Founded 1802
Incorporated 139S
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a prenaratory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L-, and M. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science^teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, arid has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
arc required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Afterwhile���we have in view
A far scene tn journey to,
Where the old borne is, and where
The old mother waits us there,
Peering, as the time grows late,
Down the old path to the (fate.
Now we'll click the latch that locks
In the pink.-, and hollyhocks,
And leap tip the path once more
Where she wnits us at the door !
How we'll greet the dear old smile
And the warm tears���afterwhile !
Ah, the endless afterwhiles !���
Leagues on  leagues and miles on
In the distance lar withdrawn.
Stretching on, ami on, and on,
Till the tancv is footsore
Ahd faints in the dust before
The last milestone's granite face.
Hacked    with : Here    Begiuneth
O, far-glimmering worlds and wings
Mystic smiles and heckonings,
Lead ns through the shadowy aisles
Out into the alter whiles !
James Whitcomb Riley
At the present time there are 974
elevators iu operation in Western
Canada, with a total storage capacity of 55,000,000 bushels, and a
further 100 are expected to be
ready for the 1909 crop.
We make this assertion without
any fear of contradiction. We are
here only for that purpose.
you requU: Printing
just send it =============================
along to us.   We are prepared to accept any order, large or small.
There's no need to send it away
���we can DO it before the order is in
the hands of the other printer. You
won't have to wait six days or even
six hours if it is possible to complete
the job in that time.   Try us.
The Delta Times
Ladner,        -        -        -        -        B. C.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the periot) of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Aibos'.of, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only eost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbbstosidk is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
A��k for aampltM* and pi-ices.
576 First Ave. S,; Seattle, Wash*J
1    r-
New pews . re being placed in the
Baptist Church this week.
A. Neaves, of-TCaat T>elta, was. visiting Vancouver last week end.
Sacks. Bran, Shorts and Feed.
H. N. Rich, Ladner, B. C, Agent.
I    ^. Smith and Miss Smith of Delta
were visitors to Vancouver last week.
Mrs. King, of Winnipeg, is
visiting htr nephew, C'r. A. A. j
Jfjng, tbjs, week;.
Try a tin cf pure Maple Syrup.
We have it.    W. HX Smith.
S, J. Preston, of Portland, Ore.,.
was here on a business trip ou
'j r^irsday.
Sacks aud Blnder-.Twine. Leave
vour orders at Lan.uing, Fawcett &
Wilson, Ltd..
Cluny McLean, of Vancouver,
registered at tbe - Delta Uptel on
Raspberry. Vinc-K-ir, Welsh's
Grape Juice, Lime Juice, etc., for
summer beverages.    W.. H..Smith.
F. H. Trapp of New Westminster, was on a visit here- on Thursday.
Bracktr.an-Ker Milling Co.. Ltd.,
H. N. RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
The Steamers For.ager and Trader
Ipaded'farm prcduce or Victoria on
W. McLeaa- Day, Roy Grant
Henderson and R. Barringer, all of
New Westminster, were visitors to
the Delta 0:1 Thursday.
We are receiving daily a choice
line of dairy butter.    W. H, Smith
The S��S. Ophir- is. making her
second trip-this week to Bsllingharo
lor hay. On ru-r lust trip-, she
brought in 70 tons lo Vancouver.
Dr. Hall of Victoria was in town on
Monday for ihe purpose of operating
on Miss Gla lys Benson. The patient
is recovering- slowly-, .
As 11 proof, ot the fertility of-the"
Delta, a local poultry expert has produced.stock that hatch from 32'U> 3$.
chicks from  .10 eggs.
.% Munckton has instructed his
solicitors, Messrs. Geo. Leake &
Co., ofs Perth,. West- Australfii, to
dispose of the wlar.le of his valuable
building lots���sixteen i:t. number���
i�� that-city.
"A Great Man's Mistake"' will
be the subject of Mr. E. J. Chare's
sermon in the (Baptist Church on
Sunday evening next; Dr. Woodley.
will sing. You., win be nia.de'wel-|
qocte.       ��� \
The-friends of J- Parks and Joe
Daamis (Dad> will be sorry to hear
they have left town, having completed their work here. They left
for Vancouver on Thursday morning. Point Roberts will once m.ore
breathe: easy.
The attention-- of: the municipal
authorities is respectfully directed
to the bicycle, rider.* who are majt
ing an hitolsrabla imi.'iance oftfts||
selves-by-riding on the' sidewalks.';'
Such conduct stvggests both ignorance and bad nmnusrj, and their
education should be attended to by
the police magistrate.
'������' Qne of our;local blacksmith had
a narrow escape on Wednesday
evening. While out driving, the
horse took fright at some object nnd
got beyond contupl. After going
about a mile the horse ran into the
Canoe Pass Bridge,- damaging the
rig to slight extent and injuring tho
runaway. Beyond a bad fright the
driver escaped injury. ',
Mr.  H.   Burr,  of Efreacani   ii-iaml.
had a strenuous time on Monday last
fighting a .Ore wJUcb started in titty Mil
acre hay lielj. - A careless Uhinaman
elnippi'd     it    buriring-   cigarette, butil
,,. Benson of Lailner waa a visitor
to Vancouver on Tuesday.
N:  U;  Fisher, of Bgdnaq  was on a
business triij, tp Xancpuvor-- Qiji Tut->%.
' day.
-Vlr. and Mrs. McDiarmid, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. H.. Wilson,
spent tlto week in Seattle at the fair.
W. J. Bra-ndi-ith register)*!, at. the
Winters- hotel;. yanqouycr-, on Tuesday, j
Mr. H. IV Tlieli* left for Vancouver-
on Wednesday, where business elB-
t.iinfjd him lor a few days;
The .tjarraers'- ijoys wilt- give their
annual dance, In the Town, hall on the
evening of- the 25th. A three-piece
orchestra will furnish the music.
R- W; Cooper, of Kelly Douglas ��t
Co., was In town Wednesday on busi-
nes* r    *:!lip,f
Chief Carlisle of-the Vancouver fire
department-,, a-nd- family have taken
up their residence at Boundary Bay
for  the  Summer month*,
Mr. W- Hi Smith of- liadner, returned home on Saturday after
visiting New- Westminster, apd "Victoria/.
Mr. W- J" Bi-andrith has-returned
from tho tower Kootenays where he
has been on- a- tour- inspsefcing the
fruit ranches-.-
The Rcvj.Jr Sr Hendaroon ofNew
Westminster, preached at both- morning and evening 'services in the Presbyterian church last Snnday.-
S. U. Denlson, of Orescent Shingle
mill, has applied to Commissioner
Fletcher for a water record of a cubic foot for mill purposes fr��m a
spring near th* Bryaner-Shingle- mill,
Mast Delta..
Gvtaranteed upon absolutely safe security-���first
mortgages on substantial city properties .Seven and
Eight Pes: Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Sbiks <J
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Hautord fire Insurance Co. Insurance C, ot North America
Fhernix Insurance Co.. of Brooklyn    Tlie Ocean. Accident & Guarantee C..rpora-
Connecti-iut I'ire Insurance Cov tion,. Ltd., of Lpudon, Eng.
Imperial Trust Co    Atd.  Vancouver-. D.C.
"""���II    , B       I      I       J,,IU Ji'lli-JH-ll.'     EBB   l-JJ.MULl -wm^y
Are a, family of talented musicians
from England, who will give a
unique program in the McNeely
Hal! on Thnrsday, July 8t&, A
gr; ad combination of mn6ic, mirth,
T���eCommittee ofthe combined
ente..iainiuent of Band and Delta
Glee Club beg. to fchaak all those
who io kiiidfy contributed towards
the enjoyment of the evening by
donating cake, cream, etc.
Sig,t2��d on. behalf of the Committee.
M. V. McKBE, Secretary
Potato Machinery
Cuts the cost of Growing in Half
Cpp  I Iq For Aspinwall Plant-
vvC   U^     erg5 Sorters* Cutters
and Diggers-
We will meet all competitors in thess lines
both in prices and in- the field..
Planet Junior Cultivators.
of ALL KINDS you will shortly neodL We
have them.
Bargains in
Til       11 ��� 11     I      !<���������������>���HI     I      33m-m   .        ���
Summer Blouses
Big Clearing Sale of all Ladies' Blouses
They come in Silk,  Cream  and Ecru Net and White Lawns.
Shop early while sizes are g'ood
This is bathing weather and we have a complete stock of Bathing
Costnraes for Ladies and Children, Men and Boys.   Also
Ladies' Bathing  Caps
Hardware Department
Fly time is here.    We carry a  lr.rge stock of Screen   Doors,
Window Screens, etc.    A large shipment of Dr. Williams* celebrated "Fly Killer."
Camping Outfits.     Sacks and Binder Twine.      Paints and Oils.
Grocery Department
Speeial Blend Tea, worth 50c. lb., on sale at 35c, cr 31b. for $1.00
Large shipment of the new ''Schram" Fruit Jars
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
.>x��x-:">*j��x��:"M~x~w~x~;~:"K~x~: <~xk^~x��x~x~x,*x����x~X'*x-��X"X��xh
Sow about that Chicken Runl?
You will need to keep the hens out of the
garden. We have the wire to do it at. right
The Very Latest in Marine Motors,, fast or i
slow speed, make and break or jump spark.
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to after Vancouver Island
Por tlmmd Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
A'PI ications will be received' until Ja .tiary 25th, 1939, by tbe-
undersigned for the position of
Constable for thre�� months. Applicants to state salary required.
Duties to commence Jnly isti 1909..
Ladiier, June 1$ 19091       C.M.C
Appli. itions will be receiyed un
til June :15th, 1909. by. the underr
signed lev the positien of Rocd anfE
Dog Ttut Collector. Applicant to
state if salary or percentage re-
Laiinsr, June 15, 1909.        CM.C.
For Sale or Exchange
Ten 1 >ts, covering' two acres.
Pretty place, house, lawn, shrubs,
100 trees ('3 years),.bBf|f acre straw--
berries. Electric light. ciSy water,
new sewerage and irrigation-. Ornamental treeson tbe side walk and
also i.i front ot tho- house. For
particulars apply to A. ,G. Hankey,.
Estate Agent,  Veanou,  or Albert
while  puling through  the fl'eM,  Biib| Mllllcktoll) Ladner, B..C:
for the timt'ly notice of Atr.. Burr, theci l-.,--^-..-==^==
whole  crop woultl  have been lost; aa
the ai'termiUh Qf last, season wasjusj?
dry enoush to run, at a  lively rate.
About   an- acre ,w;is��� deatroyeel liet'ort-
the Jlt'o  ',va<- g��ttm 'imnev- con-iroKv''
Titat choice ten acreS, known as
I the  BwftlcMi  Rlace,  Slough   Road,
I with   good bouse,   stalling,   barn,
A;ti exciting incident occurred on j;cnni:i.,c  house,  building* for 600
Thursday   afternoon- ns   the- S.S; hew,   hot house 30 by iejit, cold
Sonoma was leaving the Steyeston i frame, 30ft.. by 6ft . andother build-
wharf..on  her   return jourrtey,, to, ings.    Eveiy corner is cnltiv.ated at
Ladner.    It.appenrs a Greekfishei-s present; as follow:-,: a good bearing
- jpan-'frbm  the Brunswick  cani'ieiy, orchard of about 5C<trees (r.M kinds),
. was rowing in a small boat to tie-; about   one   acre   of   strawberries,
* iandlrig for the purpose of boarding1 about six acres of potatoes, balamat
" -tHe Sonowar    He vviis uit"bservefl,  in tiinothy and elove'r hay.    There
howeve*,and, astrest . mer swung
.cfe'ar'Bf l^>#i��ai'r-'thav!Hiii.Ik boat
oollidcd with her, throwing the
flsheiman into the water.    He man
is at present abo-ilt- r,ooo head 06
chkJ^efc; and dnek* on the place
and every needftti piece of maehittr
tcy.   This is an ideal-home and a
aged to grasp the boat until assist-1 money   maker.   A^ply for   price,
ance was given him, and vias hauled retc, to
Sri little the wone for his im- ��� T. PINK1CK Owner.
StUw. Wner, B, Q, ,
$250.00 En Prizes Given
Away Free with
Hoyol Standard Flour
Everj^ 491b. sack of Royal StancJard Floiar
leau.ing; oui Mills contains a numbered coupon. On
tbe last day of tbe miciiitb tea utinibers are drawn and
published in the first issue of this paper follawiag;.. If
ygu helcEone of the lu<d;y timbers, return it to us, and
we will forward you* free of charge, a handsome China
Dinner Set of 109 pieces. Full particukrs are ou the
back of each coupes*
Royal Standard Flour
is- the- pride of the British Columbia .housewife. It is a
perfect fl.our,.made from specially selected wheat by the
most modem process, known to tbe- milling industry���
a pure,, sweet,, wholesome flour,, unsurpassed in
Sold, by W. H. Smith-.
Vancouver Milling & Oram Co., Ltd.,
B. 0,
1 >$"**���
E. S. McBride
General Merchant
Phone 5
Port Gufchon,    -   -    B. C.
The Delta Times
$1.00 a Year, Payable in Advance
'MWJWU'.ii.wiwii'iPm wii"i"H  mwi��*w


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