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The Delta Times Feb 24, 1912

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 Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Excellent Bull Given in -IcNit'ly Hull
by the Merry Ball Chasers of
Etmt   Di-ltii.
The- Shamriie-ks Of East lielt.i did
themselves great credit last week at
their annual ball in McNeely Hall,
which was the best given in the history of the Institution. The committee in charge used every means of
assuring the enjoymi-nt and comfort
of their guests and every effort toward.-, that end u-tis recognised by
these present ami highly appreciated,
The Bast Helta tidies assisted lhl"
boys t.i bhe fullest extent in their
power along the line Of decorations
and the dance hall showed thi- result
'if their handiwork, Tin- Shamrock, nf course, predominated in tho
decoration scheme and everywhere
the eye rested upon the- charming
little emblem of Ould Ireland. Green
and white, were the- prevailing colors,
but here and the-i,- the colors of the
Beave.r.s a.ml the M iple leaves, the
two ui her teams connected with the
district league were- courteously and
cunningly introduced.
There were- present about 180
guests. Some e'nming from Vancouver
and some, from New Westminster and
from al! the regie,n round about La I-
ne-r. The- musiv was among the best
ever heard on a local dance floor anel
was provided by the Franklin orchestra  of Vancouver.
The supper was served In tho hotel
in J. J. J.'s very best style and was
much appreciated by the bunch of rangements the clerk and engineer
healthy young people- present. The and their .staffs will occupy the
dance Will be long remembered by ' ground floor, the upstairs portion will
all who were present and will occa- be devoted to the various inspectors
sion still greater guccess in the future and their -taff and the basement will
when the Shamrocks announce an- j be sot aside for police headquarters,
other ball. magistrate-'!    office,    three    cells    for
Mr. E. II. Dick, au ex-tlre chief of
nsiderable experience, now repre-
i -entlng the Dunlop Rubber Company,
I was in town during the past week
and expressed surprise at the slackness of the town in the matter-'of
lire- protection. He interviewed the
council with regard to the supplying
..:' hose and equipment for fire lighting purposes. He- was informed that
before the council took any action, a
requisition along local Improvement
lines must come from the citizens.
i Later, Mr. Dick me ��� a numheir of the
leading business men and laid the
matter eif tiiv protection before them
and pointed out th. advantages to be
derived -"rom the ppolntrfient of a
volunteer tire   brigade,
He -HtH-ned the -.Jans adopted by-
other towns of similar conditions, and
as a result It is expected that some
action will shortly be taken, looking
toward t.ii it ..mi.
The Delta Times has freeiuently
called the attention of the clttsem
to this gr.-at lack in the. civic equipment and there is no doubt but that
one little fire would In a few minutes
sweep away property many time.s the
value of the appliance- necessary for
th.- extinguishing of the' fire. It is
h.ped that the present agitation may
e-rystalize Into some-thing tangible and
result in supplying  the existing need.
Provide for Construction of 860 Miles
of Railways Within Province
VICTORIA, Feb. 21.���Shortly before six o'clock in the Legislature yesterday afternoon Premier McBride introduced by message freim the Lieu-
tenant-Governbr six bills that should
mark an era in the development of
British Columbia. Speaking approximately, they provide for the construction of SfiO miles of railway Wtthin
the province, covering large tracts
both on the Mainland and on Vancouver Island.    <">n all the;.., efbnstructlon
m*N-jO_P__Ij -.ALL.
Still no word about the erection
of that much needed municipal hall.
The hot weather Is fa-st approaching
anel for humanitarian reasons, to wR,
the we-ll being of the municipal clerk
and office staff, and, with apologies
to the aforementioned for mentioning
them in the same paragraph, the unfortunates who are gathered in by
the long arm of the law, It is surely
time- to get busy and build a building
The third bill, the Premier stated. '" ke,*PinK <*'lth the dignity and unprovided for the extension of the lines ! PortattC6 of one "f the richest muni-
of the Canadian Northern Paoific j c'"a"tieH '" th" Prajrar Vallfc-''
Railway Company.   The    terms    were'     Th" I'rosent building is an eye-sore
the same as In the other hill.    It  pro-
and    more   than    tha.t    if   tire   should
vided   that   the   company   must  biuld I hllP""n *" '*"n"* "l���*-  hosts of ivalu-
150 miles from the 100-mile post of Ito  ��...'i*?!!J "*"*'_ /_W_*'-_' Cn_"!_ _��'
Barclay   Sound   extensbm,  .procer-eling
In a northern and  easterly    direction
which would bring the system as far,
If not a little further than Strathcona
Park.     The   company   was   to      build
is  to  be started  within  the next    six I still another line from  Kamloops    to
POINT i; It I_ V. Feb. 23.���'excavation work has been commenced for
the additions to th. municipal ha::.
It is intended to extend the present
building at the- rtar about ten feet,
to construct a basement under the
whole of the hall and to add an upper
storey. This, it is considered. will
afford ample accommodation for the
Staff. The cost of the additions is
estimated   at   a'.out   $12,000.
According to  the contemplated ar-
magistrate'"    office,    three
prisoner-fa vaults and heating
The  Point  Grey Teachers'   Assocla- A large  number of tickets have al-
tion held its regular monthly meeting ready   been   .told    for    the    Cantata,
at   Municipal   Hail   on   Friday.    The I "David, the Srieph-rd_$oy." wWch will
topic   under   discussion   was   "Nature be  put  ein  In  the  opera   house  on  the
Study   in   the   Intermediate   Grades." evening of March the first. The music
Jl scow smashed Into the south is said to be of an exceptionally at-
abuitment of the bridge to Sea Island tractive character and the soloists are
on Wednesday*. The bolsters were well Worth hearing. Pt the benefit
knocked out of place near a foot. In Of the choir, the New Delta will make-
consequence the traffic was delayed specia,! trip,- to New Westminster for
for a considerable time yesterday the- purpose of conveying the singers
while the repairs were being made. h_re   anel    taking   them    back    again.
Mr.   R.  J.   T_.lt  is  preparing  for  a The choir will appear under ithe aus-
large- business  block  on  the e-ast side pics   of   the  Ladner   Raptist   church
of Fourth street, north of the Mooso- and the pro* eeds of the concert, after
min  avenue.    One  of  the stores  will having paid expenses, will be devoted
be   occupied   ns   an   impleme-iit   sales- to   completing  the  spit
room  anel  warehouse. Baptist  churoh.
month's and all are to be completed
by the memth of July In the year 19 1."),
a period of three years, with the exception of the E. & n. extension,
which is to be finished by the i-nd of
Many of the large crowd that had
gathered in the galleries in the expectation that the policy would be
announced earlier in the afternoon
had drifted a Way before the bil*3
caime In. and there were few of the
general public to hear the Premier's
announcements, calling for a total expenditure on the part of the province
of $1,850,000 and guaranteeing bonds
for railway construction to the r-x-
t��nt   of   *25.O0n.nnf).
The largest part of this expenditure
is incurred in a bill to repurchase 2.-
500,000 aces of the Columbia and
Western Land subsidy at 40 cents an
acre, a total cost of $1,000,000, but as
a s.-t-off the C.P.R. agrees to
return to the province the $387,000 it
has paid out in guaranteeing the
bunds on^the Shus-wap & Okanagan
Railway. The Pre-mier made: a brief
prefatory explanation  on  each  bill.
The first bill introduced was an act
to ratify an agreement between the
government and Messrs. Foley. Welch
& Stewart and between that firm and
the Grand Trim Pacific Railway Company for the construction of a railway
Vernon, uneler the same subvention as
was given to the G.T.P. eeintractors,
with a branch line to I.umby. This
would be a dfirtanee of 140 miles,
Which added to the ISO miles they
were, to build upon Vancouver Island
wenild make 295 more miles that this
company had tee build within the province in the next three years.
Speaking of  the.   fourth   bill,   which
Is to ratify an agreement between the
replaced, would in a few mlnute-s
I bo reduced to ashes. A proper buiid-
i ing with a properly constructed vault
I is growing more Increasingly neces-
Isary as the days go by.    it Is a fact
that  not am         In  :'-.    \ lib .
Is doing in business in such undignified quarters as that of Delta.
'     One  of  the-   beat   l"Ls  in   tho   town
has      been     already   secured    for   the
buililing   of  such   a hall   and   a   non
and    commodious    building    Unrein
j would, besides in.ing very useful,   i.i.i
i much  to  the  dignity  of  the  town  and
{of th.- municipality,
I     Point iGrey is building a oonslder-
. able   addition   to   Ita   beautiful   llttl.
government   and   the     Kettle     Valley
'municipal   hall.     Biw-mil.y  has  built
I beautiful structure, and Coquitlam has
: recently greatly improved Its accom-
i modatioii.    Surrey   i.s   also   falling   in
line and Oblltiwa* k will soon have
.one of the finest halls in the province
for its size.
WEST  POINT  GREY,     Feb.   23 ���
The'Conservatives of West Point Grey
Railway Company, the Premier said
that lt provided for a subsidy of $10,-
900 a mile to that company in order to
bring their system over the Coast
Range to the Parlflc ""oast, thus pro-
ii;__. (j,_ -���,--��-., connection hettveen
the Kootenay-Boundary country and
the cities of the coast. Under the Dominion Act which governed the operation of the road there was ample protection for other lines to use the
trackage of this corporation. The bill i m-'t in the echodlhouse, t-orneT of
provides also for a subsidy of $200.-: '-""iirtli avenue arid Trimble street, on
0-00 towards the construction of a' li"rirl'-���*���' evening, to consider the ad-
combined railway and traffic bridge I vlsa/htlity of organizing a ward club,
over the Fraser River near Hope. [After !Mr.   S.   (!.   rhiirnbill.   chairman
The fifth bill was the agreement f*-.r!"r thc' general executive for Richmond
ihe- extension of the E--*quimale and I'lis'tri<"t- explained the objects, a mo-
Nanaimo Railway northward. The!tir'n *v:is uut and carried unanimously
Premier said that it provided for the, t0 proceed to organization. There
extension of the E. & N. Railway to i w'c'-"e about sixty present.
Comox. There was a provision that j Tnfr following we-re elected officers
enabled them to elase all the lines to  "f 'he new club: Honorary presidents.
fJi'im  the   City   of  Vancouver  to.Fort'the  C.   P.   R.,  and   the  C.P.R.      had   Hon.   It. L.  Borden and   Hon.   II.  Mc-
George, The first agreement provide-
for construction, and the second that
the Grand Trunk Pacific shall have
the first option of purchase, and shall
also have running rights over the
The Premier, in introducing the
bill, said it provided for the construction of what was commonly known as
the Vancouver and Fort George Rail
way.    It would be of standard gauge, | the government of the remaining Bri
agreed in return to pay taxation on Bride; president, Mr. W. E. Wilson:
the Hands of the E. & N. which Would Vice-president, Mr. M. F. Blackwell;
add approximately $18,000 a year to secretary-treasurer, .Mr J. W. Morri-
the treasury of the province. The j sr>n: additional member? of the execu-
compaoy agreed to construct the t,ve aro 'Messrs. C. M. Woodworth,
line to a point at or near the village! A- W- ,'ruisi'. -*������ ���'��� J- Weeks and
of Courtenay and have it in operation i pharles Barton.
by  December  31,  1915. ��� "	
The sixth bill, thP Premier explain- AFTER  NINE  YEARS.
! ed,   provided   for   the   repurchase   by
After nine years'  residence in Lad-
and would run from Vancouver to j tixh Columbia Southern and Colombia ner, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Logan re
connect with the Grand Trunk Pacific | & Western lands at 40 cents an acre. I turned to Montreal, starting on their
at Fort George. It would receive fre.m j The bill at the same time provided for journey on Thursday last. Mr. Logan
tho   provincial   government a   subven-   the  reconstruction  of  the  Kaslo,   S!o-   came .to   this  town   in   the   year   1903
Street  naming,   telephones   to   parties <>n the Mage e.  lioar!. and the < | it��- - -
:ion  of -term  water flooding the  low,
lands  were   tbe  main  questions  taken'
up at the regular meeting of the Ker-
i iselab-
Mr. Asahel Smith, the potato king,
received from Mr. M. J. Henry, who
Ratepayers' Asso. i iii. ii. lost Is well known in this place, a photo-
We-'m-sduy, at nhit-li tb, President, graph of a remarkable fish which Mr.
Ma.| u- Tito, occupied  tin   .-hair. Lenry  caught  at  Ocean   Beach,  San-
Water  se.r-.iee..   sewerage   and   fire j tii-go,  Cal.    it   is   called   a   Mermaid
protection   for  ffhurhe,   w re  subjects   ti-ii     It   ls   nailed
brought  before- tho  Point Gfty coun-   apparchtiy  about
<���!! at their Tuesdhy night's meeting ' ��� ��� '*- tt Is tvnlte in in'nr 'and has
.m' i.-'s '.-.night no hv a delegation a hideous but human looking face
from the Eburne Ratepayers' Assocla- and htiman-shapefl body, - hb h shows
tion which was headed by Mr. M. R. very plainly tho rll/s, Mr. Henry In
Wells, who stated that ho had been a letter which accompanies the post
instructed to urge upon the council card states that he Is returning to
the need of taking'these- matters into Vancouver ju>t as soon aa spring ir-
very serious consideration. rives.
tion equal to that already given to the i can Railway, which was to he token | and accepted a position in the Mar
Canadian Northern Pacific in the over by the C. P. R. and standardized, j shall-Smith departmental store. He
guarantee of its bonds for $35,000.^ The agreeemont also provided for the, left the. employ of the Smith firm to
the local j Provision w-as also made for adequate j return by the C. P.R. to the govern- > go into business for himself. After
traffic   eoneention   with   the  cities   of I ment of $387,000 which had been paid i opiM-a/ting    his    business    successfully
  [New Westminster and  Victoria.  Con-' by the prot-Ince on account of the 8. i during    the    intervening    years,    Mr.
structipn  is  to   be  started   within  ten j and O. guarantee.    There was also a   Logan,  accompanied   by   Mrs.   Logan.
miles of Vancouver by July 1. | provision  feir a remission of the  taxes   have  returned  to   their  former  home
The s<K*dnd bill, to incorporate    the ! that  had accumulated  on the subsidy : in  the  east.
Pacific   Great   Eastern   Railway   Com- j lands since the negotiations had .coin-1     'M.   F.   Cullis,   the   recent   purchaser
was.     the.   Premier     explained. , menced.
Of    the-    bUSille
Is  now   running   the
simply a complement of the iirst. The.     The bills all wore given  first read-i business himself.
company   would   bo  authorized  under   Ing. The Premier will deal with them ! 	
that name to carry out the Vancouver-, more   fully   when   they  come   up     fer: WATCHING  THI"  BORBFJI.
second reading today. 	
 Inim-gratlon  Officer   ,!. Law
to    i    door   .-ml   is ' F"rt George undertaking.
I'-, i  e:   inches  in ;
IHl-.RII.il   TRIP.
i -+-i
-. ���
���. p
. ft-*
;  *���-
At an emergency meeting of Nicola
'   edge,   No.   53,   Gt.R.B.C,   A.F.   ,v
A.M..  held   on Monday  evening,  the
.re-ihrii   were   honored   by   the   visit
if     Most     Worshipful' Brother   P.   J.
' I'.urd. of Vlurcctrver, Brand Master of
the (Jrand  Lodge of Rritish e'eilumbia.
a. . ompanied     by     Most     Worshipful
[Brother H.  N.   Rich,  of Ladner,  Past
Grand iMaater,   W .rshiptu!   Brother S.
J. Solomon, W.iM., welcomed the elis-
The Priau   Minister of British Co! umbla, who yesterday promulgated his   tinguisheel    visitors   in    the   Lodge.	
railway policy in the Provincial Hours. I Merrill Herald.
'������ .��-"/������ '
: Editor  Helta   Times:
I     1'ear  -Sir.���Looking   through   your
| issue of Saturday  last.   I  was greatly
j surprised    lo    re-ad    such    an    entirely
i misrep.resente.il account of the meeting
(of   the   Board   of Trade   with   the  gen-
i t'e-me'ii   who   were  sent   down   by   the
Westminster P. inl of Trade..    It was
I my   privilege   to  attend   that   meeting
ll  I   hear  the    rem irks  given   by  both
parties,   The  conclusion I take it, that
.   ne  would  arrive at,  who was not
present at  tiie   actual- meeting,  wnuV
be 'run your account, that the Delta
Board  of Trade,  bad  given   up  their
' -land  for -i  bridge and  were lead  to
-    .    up  all   th.ir  work   of  two years
: ���    .  low   ihe-  advice  of  such gentle-
mi i  tvho'se only argument \e.t-:  "We
��� ��� your trade" and  had nothing to
.   .- ... . ������  a  .....      What ��e wan!  Is
I an   outlet   for  our  produce  and   Van-
...vi r i.- the market w e- have to make
Ami   what   i   "bridge" means   s
the     ..-,'eiiiiig   out    of   tiie    Helta    with
tram lines eonnectlng with the Chllll-
\ . -In line al Kennedy station. Soun-
li.n--. Bay, Gulfside ind Westham Island.    From th.- information given to
Delta   Board  of Trade,  the  tim6 | slon and prohibited any further travel.
: is  In slgrht  for  ihe  bridge-, and  1   take
. ;; that it la tor your paper to adyoe iti
what   la  the  besl   for  the  Delta  and
I   make   us   pay   mileage'through
Westminster.      in  your report  the re
n ���    little or nothing of tthe remarks
given   by    Mr.   D.   B.   Grant,   Mr.    II.
HutchersOh,    Mi*     T.    E.    I.adnor    and
ai iln portion of    Mr. C.    Brow n's
r- :-i i������':-.    In   lustic*? i"  the efforts of
the B ..iid ol Trade I  .\ ouid be pb
If you  would   Issue this letter imyour
next paper.
Thanking you in anticipation;
rence of White Rook, reports that tho
un-des4ra_.es who atteanpet to (.toss the
l:iie- from tho .-kite?, these days are
Frank Smith's horse, dissatisfied having troubles of their own. At
��ith things in town, sudden'.;,- took present the department has special
a notion to take a trip out to West- men at Wqnk keeping out fotrelgners
ham Island a few days ago and was wno Ree^ tu t.ntl-.r this province by Bhe
only deterred .by th. fact that the underground route-, and the special
swing bridge was openee!; lt fact whieh ! men are doing thieir duty well. On
the- runaway noticed only whe.n within Molday a bunch Of C**~e.k*s and Bul-
a few feet of it. The animal was garb-Xis were round,,) up and placed
being driven near the Radnor w.harf jn ttle tockU*p at Cloverdale by the
when one of the traces came loose, Iinuntgratlon officers ajid three of
which was too much for the temper them were proeekSuted an.l sent back
of any good order-loving horse, there-jto the United aaatee. Last nigiht two
lor., it prin ...did to try and kie-k the Italians wm-o captured by OWii-iT
Other trace loose. Failing that, It ]Collishaw ami will be tried it Clover-
started with the whole outfit over the | dale today. In a.ii i.r.i.ability they
-familiar road to Westham Island.  The will be de-ported.
; rig   came   along   also,    miu-h    to    tie- .	
disgust of tihe traveller,  who was hit-       m\NI)AMI"s WRIT QUASHED.
ting mi a g"id pace.    Th.. bridge felt
g 1 and a little .xtra .-port lo mak. j      -,'ICORIA,   B    '*..   Feb,   21.  ���  The
up for lost time was being made1, when   wrlt   ,,,-   mandamus       not   long
the   ntnawa-j   noticed   that   the -'.raw   Bg0  dlrect*ng   ,,���.   ,, .. ,,sml(  commls.
jumping,   under  B)onera fl,  Ul.     c*tJ     ot  Roaaiand  to
Produce   Coming   in   Prottj    w.-ll���.
Large- Areas Will  B<- Planted ill
Potatoes  and   Oats.
There is "very etvldence of a very
large, area being planted in potatoes
this year. Those who are posted m
the question plar,. the area to iia
planted in potatoes at freim two to
throe 'thousand acres as a conservative, estimate. One of the m...si deplorable phases of the question seems
to be, however, that the great bulk
of the potato industry is being captured by Chinese, growers who ara
paying fancy rents tei the farmers :.r
the privilege. Cases of this kind were
noted a number of years ig.. in certain   sections   Oif   California   and   tha
result  is that  the  while  i ple have
finally been crowded out of these particular districts altogether.
Oats  bid   fair  to again   be a   popular
er..p this year and farmers are right
intei thell1 spring plowing T-irgo
areas of now land, hitherto used only
for grazing purposes are being broken
and will lie cropped for the first time,
and with ordinarily favorable conditions during the coming summer, the
De-'ta should have the- pleasure 0. recording n-xt fall the tianner year in
h.r history.
At tho present time there is a considerable quantity of hay moving and
the local dealers n.r.- shipping considerable quantities on every freight
boat nhat comes into port.
Good milling oats ar.. in considerable elemand hy local buyers and for
the best article, $35 per ton Is being
The butter and egg market is drop-e
ping slightly and there i.s every indi-
e-atioii i��f a still further decline ''n
prices. The farm yards are no -V
with the music of the hens and their
companions and lots e.f eggs aTe coming in.
t'he following are the quotations for
the week:
Butter,   wholesale,  per lb 30c
Butter,  retail, per lib 35c
B|ggs, p.r doz., wholesale   30c
Eggs, pe-r do/.., retail   35c
Bei :'. live weight, per lb.  . . . 5e to 5V_c
Mutton,  live weigiht,  per lb 6c
Pork,  live weight,  per lb 9c
Veal, live weight, per lb 7c to So
Potatoe.s, per ton   $27 to $30
Milling oats, per ton   $35
VICOR1A. B. C. Feb. 21. ��� A
board meeting of the Women's Exchange was helel on Monday morning
ln the new quarters next to Kirk-
ham's, on Fort street, the acting
president. Mrs. R. B. McMieking being in the e-hair. Several matters
came up for discussion, general satisfaction being expressed at the success that has attended the moving of
the quarters across the street. The
first annual meeting will be held on
March 1st, b. ing the first Friday in
the month.
Janus Gusrnan. a merchant of
Meletgan river, Digby, N.S., who died
some time ago and left an estate of
about $50",000. made a very peculiar
will. After certain comparatively
small legacies wore paid the will provided that the capital should he invested and tho income allowed to accumulate for 100 years. At the end
of that time the accumulated funds,
principal and interest are to be divided, one half going to charities in Ireland and the other half to building a
hospital in every county in Nova
Scotia. The will provides that the
Archbishop of Halifax should appoint
three   trustees   of   the   estate. His
grace has named Mayor J, A. Chisholm of Halifax, Judge Wallace and
T. W. Murphy. Gosman was a widower and  had  no children.
existing conditions, was somewhat
hazardous, bhe animal dlscretly decided to st.p Its caret r until circumstances should be more favorable.]
The bridge was slow In .using and
an   unkind  male  creature  took  pos s-
Foertunately no one was ban and but
little   damage  iras done.
nO\. KI< ll\|--> M. BRI 111
show caure tor cancelling the lieiuor
lu ens., of i he Collins hotel t in re, has
bi en v.. - h id I     u -   . . I 'lament
on the point rais.d by Mr. S. B. Taylor
K. C��� tor th- board thai the order
was directed to the commissioners
personally after thej had relinquished their office w mi t he termins I. m
of the y ir. Mr. A M. Johnson fur
the hotel   ar   .< ���! that the new bo ird
was responsll he   acts    of    Its
pt< di   esscrs  In   offit e,     his lord h lp
One of the be it aalea ever ��� induct-   ruling,   however   thai   the  contention
eel   in   this   district   was   that   e.f   last   di.I  n,.t  apply     An  application  for a
week at  A.  I.in.lseib's  farm,  when  II.   new   wrll   ol   mandamus   againsl   :;i-
N.   Rich   disposed   of   the  farm  stock   pi    ��� h    '    ird will  or  Imbly be  i
and ImplejTH nil . i to     Tl       r     - ri at- ,	
i/.e li   were  no..el and -it   the sain,-  time MWY   TROI ULHS
both buyers and seller  were satisfied	
In   a   case   such   as   this    where     the       PORTLANI"    Or*   .   F��h,   ...
neighbors are all conversant with the ite   M.,ri;l.     raan3      -        -...,;���   walled
character of the stock   md effects ll;.   ,.;.,     waiDkliwt We balby to -sleep
well known to bs first  class.    Ladn      h,    dropped   tbe   off_ptrln-g.   His   wife,
ia always ready with purchasers wt     ,nII:.(,., chbsea  him frwn    he
have the- money and who an   willing wtthaknife   and   Tonj   was an
ln  his  *ir-h_-h :������   :   r  d-isorderly  oon-
dui t.
TACOMA,  !���.��..   IT.    Ptrotect-ad by   i
see! < ige, Mee.-r Cohen, "i Ta.- una,
th s ifti mon at 2 o'clock wiKH brave
������ tihe quarries of
thi He . il s i-lindstono 'Company at
Tenlno when two aa-d a half ear'
md p . ���; r a :i be expl
In  a  s ngle I    the     uge       i
th    i   . ���   ' i to  moi *
        ' ihen   will
��� p ���    el       ... ���  .
T"    ������: i..  ...  ::        ���       ii i
uJ peromlnent  m.n
i   \!*i        I     ��� II WkS.
Gulfside.    w
m inv  fri -nd�� foi
i Ith 'I'-   de ith    :  hi
moth   r.  M: '
.   la d   up
to  invest.
It is reporti .1 thai Capt dross, wh
recently left Ladner tO reside in Vanceiuver, waa knockeel down on Satur
flay last Uy an automobile, In Vancouver. Both of the captain's leg-
��ere- broken and he- is now undergoing tr, a; tin nt in
General  Hospital.
ONTARIO l\   i.''!P
or   GR1  _T    STORM
1 nile.t   rrr����   I ee-e-el   Wire.
Toi.  INI ��� i 21
WINNIPEG,     Feb.     W     WflnnJpeg.O    worst  storm   of
dramatic and musicaj cli-les has lost
a most capable and energetic member in Mr. Edgar Smith, who has received promotion in -the C N R. land
the- Vancouver I department, and will hereafter reside
in VaiK-ouver.
raging today all
tu-e four
late an<i all str-
is  tied  up.
'he    year
iver  Ontario
ten   ���
���   ��� ar  trait]
Government to A��k People to Endorse
Railway Policy Now Before
the House.
Premier MoBride, Speaking on Railway Rills, Indicates His Desire
for Early Dissolution,
VICTORIA, Feb, 22���-Premier McBride, in a two hum-.' Bpeech yesterday    afternoon,    moved    the    set I
reading of Uie. sis railway bills
brougiiii down in the previous day.
While tb. address was an Impressive
one and was followed with marki .1
attention by the bouse, it contained
little thai was nol already foreshad-1
owed .ii the bills I hems* Ives,
in dealing with the Vancouver-Fort
George line, be- Intimated thai arrangements would be made whereby
the new company, the Pacific Great
Eastern, would acquire on satisfactory terms the nine miles aleadj
built by the Howe Sound & Pemberton,
Valley Railway Company, lie- further stated that while the contract
only provided tor construction as tar
as Fort George, he hoped the elay
was not far distant when tiny could
push the line further north and out
Into the Peace river country.
While the Bchedule contained no
mention of Oriental labor, the government would have an agreement
with the different companies that
would provide against any yellow
men being employed on the construction or operation of any ol these
A fair wage clause would be inserted In all contracts, and it was also
provided that where- they could do
so on equal terms with outside places,
supplies musl be purchased In .British Columbia. Thi agreements also
gave the government control of rates.
in speaking of tie- Kettle Valley
bill he. look occasion to roast Mr. .1.
J. Hill and the Great Northern Railway Company rather severely for the
dilatoriness of their actions In British
Columbia, lie pointed out that they
had abapeloneil the Kaslo .v.- Slocan
Hallway anfi sold their land grant.
After nine years' work on the V,  V,
& I". connection between lhe Coast
nnd Kootenay completion was not yet
in sight, iti��� el the province In the bill
before the hous�� was obliged to provide another means of connection in
Another Distance,
Another instance oi their dilatoriness was their promise of terminal
Construction In the City Of Vancouver
and if anyone wanted an example of
their style of "pirating railways in
British Columbia !>������ needed only to
take a ride over the Victoria & Sidnej
line on  Vancouver  island.
On tin other nana ne praised the
Canadian Northern Railway Coi ipany
for the celerity with which the . had
fulfilled tb.ir obligations, and
prophesied that the extensions of
their system further north on Vancouver island and  into the Okanagan
district we i work great benefits for
those places. I i. pointed o it the
advantages that Vancouver ten., other
coast cities inns: p ap from tb
structlon of the Fort George
Kettle Valley lines, an l bow v
must benefit from the extension of
tin- Canadian Northern and ii. v .\".
systems  on   Vancouver Island. He
defende I lhe repuTchai i of .:. Columbia ' Wi stern lands whi( h were
now hobling back thai section of the
country, it was as pari of ibis bargain thai the Canadian Pacific Railroad was returning to the government
nearly $400,000 spent bj the government on tin' Shuswap and Okanagan
guarantees, and they had also agreed
lo spend $400,000 in repairing the
Kaslo ,v Slocan  Railway.
Toward the latter undertaking the
govi-riiiiie.nl was also giving a subsidy
of $100,000 but had the line not be-on
repair.-ei   they  would     have    had   to
spend   $20 i,l n  a   wagon  road   to
assist the ^settlers il tie district, lie
Intimated plainly thai on the policies
he   hnd   placed   before   the   house   the
government would a] peal to the country with mt delay; 0
Mr. I irewsti r mot ed adjournmi ni
eif the debate on all the   bills      - one
on  which  Mr. William!     i l    ad-
__ I
For the Children
Qood   Joke   a*  the
Children's     Party.
Copyright by American PreSS Association, 1911.
tori i
F:nk liberty satin veiled with white
lai e of some classic design. Around
the hem of the tunic there Is strip of
black silk voile, and the bodice is
partly veiled with the
I luring tbe period eif Venetian* sti-
i premaey when the court of the doge
! was one of the most splendid and delightful In tbe world ii young patrl
| i-iau. Leonardo di Guldn, while filling
! ui riis gniiaola on the Griuid i luai puss
' ed a woman who at once attracted bis
! attention,   she was one of those stat-
Uesque beauties with lustrous eyes, u
! wealth of blat k hair, full round checks
ami lips.   Ihstead of lowering her eyes
I as DI Guida passed she brought them
| to bear boldly upon bim,
Di Gulda IHBtrui ted his gondolier to
! turn about and follow tlie lndy.    flie
i disembarked mi the steps of a bouse
\ near tU? rialtq.   Hi Guida shot by as
Bhe was stopping from  bet gondola,
She turned mid gave- him another look.
The young man  learned  that  this
.harming creature was Senorita l.in-ia
I Abotl, recently arrived from Florence,
I He, being onC of the promlneni young
nu n al the doge's court, had no tremble
j in se- urlng an Introduction to her, and
his i Nits t.t once became frequent.
Leonardo was at the ii:n��' betrothed
j to Blunca V'ncenzn, the daughter of n
. Venetian noble, o ��� Irl just the reverse
from i.tie-ia Abotl n rUir"-* religious wo
! man, beloved and respected by all wb'j
| knew hor. For awhile Leonardo was
: like, a shuttlecock between tic* two In-
Pastor Russell, Gen. W, P, Hall
and Others Reach Singapore,
Sprlug Business Opening l'p Well���
Personal and social News
of Isluiul Town.
Hlmto by Arnorlcan Press association.
At a .-uniiiii-r resort In the Catsklli
mountains there was given uot long
ago a masquerade party for the little
folks. The photograph shows two of
tlic participants who took tbe characters of bride and groom. The bride
was very much admired by all who
saw* them ami complimented em her j fluences, though neither woman knew
sweet nnd de.mure demeanor, And of the other's ex1st*fnee. one night
here is where the joke comes in, for I after u vlsil to Lucia be went home
then- wus much laughter when the i with his brain in a whirl. He Strug-
truth was made known. It turned out pled with himself till morning, when
(hat the beautiful bride who had been
so much admired' was a little boy
dressed in bridal array, while the
proud groom  proved to be a  girl In
s clothing
RT.  Il'>.\. THOS.  Mi'MWPN  WOOD
appointed chief secretary for Scotland, in ihe Asquith cabinet. He is
regarded as a coming man in British
politi s,
.-^'���"**;���:*'?'""*: ������-::
he swore before a crucifix Hint be
would never visit her again.
Lucia. e\\ pcting liiru the next even-
in-:, had nil arranged to make bim \\er
They were the big hit I slave.    IThen  the usual  hour for his
ide. coming arrived nnd be did not appear
                     ���    Bhe Was troubled.
How to Make a Compass. Leonardo hastened his marriage Wltll
A   magnetic   needle   is   very   easily' Biancn, and after tho  weddiog they
made  where  a   magnet   may  be  had. 'i vi-frc I...1I1 .-x.-us-iU'ly li.-ip-.iy.    Leonar-
Thls, as you know, is used to ascertain I do did no)  bnppen to meffl bis other
1-tine    pretty the presence of Irnn. j love for some time after bis marriage
j   A bit  of line stefl  wire, or a long   Then it w:;- at a dinner.    After t.ik
  thin stocking needle which lias had a   ing bis seat he looked np and saw Lu-
quarter of an inch cul off al the point. |cla Abotl sitting opposite bim, looking
lis to bo heated in the center until it at him. He expected to see some iiuli
(is capable of being Bllghtly bent: then, Ication of resentment. He was ngree-
! while hot, a piece of sealing wax is at- ably disappointed, Sbe gently chtc^ad
tached to the center, and the point j bim for not having Invited ber to Id*
i which was cut off, being made hot at j wedding and asked him to tell her all
the thick end. is to be flxed ln the-wax, about bis wife, who ^at at another
so that Hit- sharp end may serve as a I pm-t of the table, manifesting through
pivot, descending about cpe-elghth of i ,,ut marked friendliness.
an inch below the center, Inking care j    There was no danger in all  tlus tei
Leonardo, (luce be had conquered
himself lie remained conquered. lie-
hived bis wife, ni:d loved her alone.
But ho was deceived in the woman's
proffers of gdod will, and when Lucia begged him to brin*; his wife- and
dine with her tin- next evening lie
consented. ITo did nol relish the enmity of any woman, especially on his
wife's    account.    Those    were    tines
when death lurked anywhere, everywhere, and if this woman were really
friendly he desired to tix hor friendship, not to excite be-r enmity.
He made a confidant of his wife,
telling her all thai had passed between
bim and Senorita Abotl, urging Blan-
c-i to accepi tii" Invitation and thus
avert an enmity, Bianca yielded reluctantly.
The bride- and groom were received
with, (he same marks of friendship
that Leonardo bail received at her for-
tint- meeting wit'i the woman be bad
jilted, Her expressions of cordiality
fen- bis wife- we.re especially warm.
She kissed Bianca, but Leonardo saw
en* thought he saw a faint shiver pas.
over his wife. When the three went
Into dinner Senorita Abotl placed the
bride on her right and the groom on
her   left   anil   sceinoel   anxious   to   do
that both ends of the needle fall enough
below the pivot to keep it from overturning.
It is now ready to be magnetized.
This may be done by sliding an end
of tbe magnet half a dozen times or
so from tin- center to one end of the
needle, and treating the other end 14
the same manner. A small brass
thimble Is best for the support, lite
point of tho pivot being placed in One
of the indentations pear the center of
the top, when, if well balanced. It will |
turn uniil it points due north 1 ud
smith. If one side tends to preponder- j
ate, it should be nipped until balance
be restored.
lik>. a bell?
to send
she- keeps
\ When is a chicken's nee
! When it is rung for diim":'.
Why does Sweden not bavi
abroad for cattle?   Becau;
Iber StOck-bolm.
What   is   the   difference   between   11
Clock and a partnership?  VJ'lien a clock
,1s wound up il goes; when a firm is
wound up it stop--.
When do the teeth usurp the tongue's
righi  ?   V.";.. .. ::.., chattering.
; Vt'hut should you iio .. you split your
I sides wiih laughter? Run till you got
'a stitch in them.
j Why is Sunday ibe strongest day in , everything in ber power to convince
the week? Because tbe rejit are w.elui<eonardo that she regarded the past
(weak) days. (affair between them obliterated.
Why is u plowed field like feathered ,   The last, course of tbe dinner was
Because it's part-ridges,
is  11  crow  the  bravest bird  in
1 the world?    Because  it never shows
'the white feather.
Oldest  Newspaper.
Tho Tsing  I'iio, or  Peking News. Is
tbe Oldest newspaper in the world, hav- j
I in*-* been  Issued  regularly  for uearly 1
, 1,400 years.    Its circulation is about !
nuts nnd sweets. The hostess sat
cracking nnd eating nuts, chatting
glibly till in an almond she- found a
double kernel. Tossing one to Leonardo, she asked bim to cat it, while
sin. ate the other. He was about to put
it in his im.nib <nli��n be saw his wife
looking at him in terror.    lie paused.
"Why do yen! not eat lt?" asked Lu-
e-ia.    "Vim don't  ine-ali to tell me that
Mayor Oeorge Armstrong has been
re-electi d mayor ol Greater Ed litem, tie. firm election sine., the amalgamation of Edmonton anil Strathcona. Hi.- opponent Mayor Saundi rs
lost  by somi   800  votes.
According to C. Hamilton Ferns,
chairman of the board eif assessors,
���lu per cent of Montreal's present
valuation, the staggering sum of
$.00,000,000, will this v.ar ... added to the assessed valuation of the
city for 1911 which. Including property exempt from taxation, will
bring the total up to "601,000,000.
Naturally th.. new assessment will include valuations of buildings whieh
have been put up since thc past year's
valuation was computed but at the
same time the increase- in property
values in the centre of the city are
largely responsible for the advance
of valuation above the SGoft.OOO.Ouo
mark. ' The value of non-taxable
property amounts to IJiO.000.OOJb at
the present time while th. taxable
property amounts to $3'1.14..206.
' ��.."..\iv   "...   RYAN.
President ol the International B Idge
, nd Structural li  Workers of America     With  his vice presidents und I stant death.   Another Chinese newspa-
.veui fear to eat anything In my bouse."
"'hero v ������ ��� ���:   '   rif e of manner and
���       .*      ���..-: rei-ct vears the pun |***f *? ���'faking the words wbJch seem-
,���,.,.,��� ��� ���i_,i��� ��� i��� ! ed to indicate an inieinioi. to dominate
' 10.000,   The extreme enre necessary in .
pubiisbiug this paper :-. showu by Uie
Msliiiieni for an error in printing was In-
some ni'ty others Ryan  was arres'ed
on   barges oi conspiracy In the dyna-
per, tip- Kin Pan, Is a thousand yours
Leonardo to obedience
wjll. He held the kerne
by   force   of
iu his linger.
One  Busy  Potato.
]>id you know Hint If there were but
l.l\ KKl'i 11 H..   I', b.   20���-The  Jour- I one good potato in the world and that
nal of Commerce says that contracts ' was placed iMule-r the euro e.f a   Iirst
bave  been completed    (or    the- con-j class gardener it would probably pro-
true tion    of    twenty-one    oil    tank j dnce   10,000.000  other   tubers   in   ten
steamers adapted  to the consumption 1 vears' time?
ot  coal or oil and ranging from 9000 	
to   16,000   tons  capacity.     Several   of
the tanks Will  be built  lor American '���
owners. ���
"Well, then, give It to me. I'll eat it
"Let yie have it." suiel Bianca under
her breath.
Leonardo reached across the table,
Lucia playfully tried to seize it. but
Bianca got it. Lucia turned 0 ghastly
white.   ���
"Come," saitl Bianca; "it is trine for
US  to  go."
The hostess made no attempt to resume ber former manner.   On her face
��-.->���   ��� loot: (,f -!<��� *"-������ j. almost n doom-
Wlth silent bows the
Marjorie's  Feast.
*"Oh. won't you have* a piece of nice mince
pli ?
Anel neres a bit ot lobster salad, eie.it.
SHOOTING   ITALIAN. j The**** oysters, fried,  yoi   1 purely like to I ed  expression
^______ ut. I guests descended  tbe steps to their
sr.ATTI.i".   Feb.   21���Following  an j   Aml do ";',''.'u ,ak*- your "^"^ st""on'" *""<1 j gondola.
altercation over money matters, Jak" j tear. ^    ^^  w^   nl,.rnjn_.   when  Leonardo
ii.   an    Italiun    laborer.      iwie-e   Much more I heard behind the maple tree j passed the palace where he had dined
shot  i..  C.J Lane,  a    contractor    this     About lea eteaiu and caramels and cake. I *J2e night befpre.  lie saw that it. was
Abotl hnd
The   shooting   occurred   rtl' thought.  "What eareless mothers there
must be-
When  children  these  forbidden  dainties
take!" ,
a place where Lane was superintending the clearing of some land. Lane
was taki.. ��� , .1 hospital,
closed.    At  du win  Senorit
deparied for Florence.
It   was   nut   for   several   days   thnt
Leonardo   received   a   report   from'-a
I passed the open gate and entered there.     .       , ...       , __'__,-._
The   Land   of   Make-Folieve-onchamed ! chemist   with   whom   be   hnd   left   the
land: 1 almond  kernel  lis  hostess  had invit
Anfl M.irjcrle. with hospitable air. j ed him to eat.    The report was:
Clave me a generous dish of clean, whits       ....   ���- v .    fl (le.Kiir ri(.|urtn   r.roh��t.lr
-uici-iv stops  COUOM6. cures colds. I .and . V   . ""-�����������.** poison, procably
hcais thc tmrost ��NO kUNftB. 2s ccnts -Chicago Nsws.     brought from southern Italy."
SMcfi's Gun
In His Public Address Pastor Russell
Declares, In the Words of St. Paul,
"Of a Truth I Perceive That God Is
No Respecter of Persons"���Various
Beliefs Dissected.
Singapore. .Inn-
uary -S. - Pastor
Russell's text for
today was. "Of a
tml Ii I perceive
that fiod is no respecter of persons.
but in every nation he that fear-
e-th 111 in and work*
cib righteousness
is a c c e p i e il of
Him." (Acts x. .'ii.
36.1 A brief report of his excel
lent address follows:���
Never before bave I seen so cosmopolitan a City as Singapore. The
swarms of Chinese, Malays. Hindoos.
Javanese. Siamese, Singhalese, Burmese. Afghans. Mudrassl. Tamils anil
many oilier nationalities are here In
(erspersed by representatives of-prac-
tie'iilly every nation in the world.
The sight of these commingled peoples, only a few of whom know of.
worship, or in any wise acknowledge
"the Only True tlod. uml .lesus Christ
whom lie btttb sent." stirs my heart,
nnd my head as well.
We recognize tbe clear statements
I of the  Apostle that "Without  faith it
is impossible to please duel (Hebrews
I xi. lb: and "How shall they believe in
I llim of whom they  have not  heard?"
< (Romans x. I4i anel also tbe comuils-
| sien:  -This Gospel  eif  the-  Kingdom
shall be preached in all the world for
a witness."
Tried and  Found Wanting.
a considerable clous of very go..d
! people by their creeds tell us that if
l Cod had foreordained Ibe heathen to
j salvation lie would have seen to it
that tbe (Jospel was preached to
I them; and that their not hearing Ihe
Gospel siiriillies that <levl "passed lliem
I by" ns "Don-elect:" thai the "elect" are
j tei he found only amongst ttinse who
! have been favored of <*od and who ac-
' oept that favor anil are "sanctified."
Another class of people by their
creeds, which no longer truly represent them, tell us that they believe as
j above, only that they neld another condition, namely, that "the elect." In order to 6e of "the elect." must be
brought to a knowledge of water bap.
tism���complete Immersion���and must
obey this teaching.
Another    iheory    helel    denies    that
there   is   "election."   and   denies   that
any   quantity  of   water   is  necessary.
I although it does recommend a ilttle.
! This theory declares (iod's love for the
j heathen,  but says that  He made fnltb
I in .lesus' sai-riiii-iai death a condition
I of salvation and that the responsibility
! for  the   heathen's   not.   knowing,  and
consequently   tbelr   gdlng   tei   eternal
torment, -rests  with Cbiistiaus  them
selves.    They  say   that   God  did   His
1 part in providing the Savior, and that
the   carrying   of   ibis   knowledge   Is
Wholly dependent upon Christians.
| One would think that with this view
j few Christians would be able to sleep
j ii single nvght
Some dear people, holding the views
i last mentioned, have started a "Men
[und Religion Forward Movement."
They propose tei use iiluhir two million
eleillars in starting the movement und
thereby to collect a fuiiei of thirty million dollars (sis million poundm.
Dear people! How I lore them for
their zeal, oven though it be ns the
Apostle sniel. "not according to kniwl
edge." (Romans x. 2.1 If they Coilltf
stand in Singapore's streets and journey with us a little the eyes of their
understanding would be opened, 'rhe.v
would begin to ligure out that (be sum
they expect to Rpend In converting the
world would be ilttle over half a penny per soul!    The United States Gov-
ertupent statistics  show  that i n-
tury ago the numbers or heathen were
six hundred millions und that today
the number Is double.
A  Batter Hope Found.
Some, repudiating the creeds of the
past  ns  no   longer  tenable,   fault  the
Bible  with   being  the  basis  for  those
creeds and abandon lt with llie creeds
Let us. on (he contrary, declare tbat
the difficulty with the creeds of the
pnst has been that they divided up the
Word of <Jod amongst them, and (lint
������nob  creed  has a  certain  amount of
gold as  well us a  large accumulation
or dross     It would be too serious uu
undertaking for  Unite* to  put all  the
creeds into a crucible and .separate the
gold from the dross.    Let us take the
easier,  tbe simpler  methoel   to  which
all Christian people should be willing
Ito accede, namely: to wholly cast aside
| ��inr creeds and go buck  to the  Word
| If God���to the Bible���tei the utterances
of .lesus. the Apostles nnd Prophets,
St. Paul's declaration is tbat tbe
Word of God is sufficient tbat the man
of God may be fully furnished. (11
Timothy Hi, 17.) His further sugges:
tion ls thnt we "rightly divide tbe
j Word of Truth." anil that "lt is able
to make us wise unto Salvation." Let
us follow this course nnd allow God's
Word to be its own Interpreter���allow
tine passage to throw light upon anotb-
|er: and thus let us reject none of tbe
I Divine testimony, but. bringing tbe
whole together, find therein the Wisdom of God. the Justice of God. the
Love of God. the Power of God unto
salvation, to every one that believeth
-"Tl'Vli.S'i'i.i.W B, C, i'eb. 1!)���
Tliiiib's ar. opening up well in tho
business line- in Steveston, The lumber yard lias experienced il very
heavy week. TWO new places ol
business are starting, e. shoe shine.
parlor In the barber shop opposite
Uu- Richmond hotel, and before .another   week   is   out  another   batcher
stoic   mil  be  ill  full swing.     Tile eun-
ueu-s ami fishermen are getting things
in  Rhapi    lor   Ho-  coming  season.
���Mr. r.  Windsor, of cannery fame,
Is  going   io   build   a   new  and   Up-to-
date   cannerj   un   Jervis   Inlet,    to
contract   for  sashe   Will   be     let   this
Mr, ami Mrs, u". T. Walker and si n,
ot The I'n ii>i ni ii in. arrived home
Wednesday (roin a six ucek sojourn
in California and other cities. Mr,
Walker made this a business us well
as a pleasure trip, visiting most ol
the largo tirins in -New York and
..In.a (re at 1.'. .'. oltles. Ali. Walker
wus Hue .i me fitted iii health k.
his trip.
Mr. James Marshall    COrmerlj    of
the   li. C   L.   I:.  CO.  at Sleveston,   has
accepted a position with the Richmond council, assisting Mr, C. Blight
as municipal clerk.
Reeve bridge u_d wife and two
children hu Wednesday for San Diego and other   California oltles on a
well eaiio d holiday. They expect te,
be ao ay lour ur five weeks. Councillor Jos. .Miller is i-ctiits as reeve
In  Ins absence.
Mr. S. Oranscombe has erected a
well lighieei conservatory to his residence on No. .Nine road. Mr, Crans-
conibe makes a specialty in the cui-
th ating ol house aud out dooi* plums.
St. Valentine paid a visit, to tha
lumber yard at Steveston Wednesda:
visiting the home of Mr, Tom Leslie,
lea.it.g thereat a. nice lusty Infant
giri  nl  the  proverb.al   weight and  tie
usual    Infantile   strength.     Tom   ..-
wealing '.ne smile that won't cyme oil
mote especially us be can say "both
doing   �� . II."
Uwlng  io the wind ami  tieie  Wednesday, ti SCOW bumped into ..no ol thi
...     on.-its of the bridge extending l
Sea island, the traffic being Interrup
ed i". a corisiderable time until son
ot    io   limb rs    Were    put Into the  i
propi i  position.
The Steveston  ladles Orange  bni.
held  iheir monthly meeting on Tuc��-
day, Quits a number of members bi
ing pre.sent.   Several candidates wei
Initialed ami other important buslDe -
was transacted. Final arrangement
were also submitted for their second
leap year ball on February 2.ih In ftp
Orange* hall. Reynolds' four piece or-
Chestra Will be In attendance. i'iio
grand march will stun at eight, it
ia the intention of the ladies to maki
this the event of the season and a
record attendance Is antlolpati A
The fifteenth of March will be disguising night in Steveston and violn-
Ity.      Tin-    Orange lodge    ami    ti..-
Steveston .Social   Club   will   each   h i .1
a masquerade ball on March I 61 h, th
former In the Orange hall and th
latter In lhe Steveston opera bouse.
Mr, Franklin will supply the mui
leal programme at the Orange hal
and Reynolds' orchestra :ii the Opel i
hons.-. a good attendance is loo ���
forward to at both functions.
The Methodisl church will give i
limelight entertainment on Frlda;
evening In ihe Steveaton opara house.
Dr.   Sparling   *g  coming anil   will   give
hi-< well known and appreciative lecture on "Yellowstone Park," v hie h.
will  be fully Illustrated by limelight
views.       Dr.   Sparling's     powei    as   a
speaker la so well known, a full bo
is anticipated.
Social Cluli  Notes.
The young men and old  men  too,
are   hard  at   it   now,   trying  tu   outdo
one another,
Last    Wednesday was   lull    muster
night when about twenty-live took
the  floor.
Tin-   ll adcr     lor lhe     i-viming   was
"John"  w ho  gave  s urns  hard   ��i .
to follow.
The   question   Is   being  ask. el,   who
Is going to take up the challenge of
"i Mi.- Round Moffeit'"? v,. i nis aspirants "' the punch bag come forward.
Whore ar.- you  boys'.'    Why do you
let Norman get all the honors ol
long wlndodness?
Not content with gym work  some
of  the members are aspiring  to  be
corns  miniature  George    Anlexanflei
ind   Barry  Louden.    They  Intend  t"
give two plays in the Dear future.
The arrangements tor the masquerade ball are well forward. Reynolds'
orchestra has been engaged'and a
late car provided. The floor will bo
put in the best possible Condition.
rAHLi\*ii:vr s<>- .\ri* gardens.
VICTi Hi/A.   it.  i-���    -.vs.    ia.    For
tend days "f n  fortnight past, expert
yard-Tiers  have   be-on    engaged   with
retry    epnatderaibJe    efhanges    in   tho
grounds   fronting     the-    g-o-veroment
ll ulld&ngs, the re.-,u!'. of which mill be
la m irked enhance*- svot of tfhn attractiveness  of  these  grounds during  the
looming sensein.     Tho  principal  chan*fo
lis  in  the  breaking  up  of the central
lexpunse eif  lawn,  the concreted   p-ith-
luay   leading  from   Beillevillo  >erept  jn
ithe  main  entrance,  past the fountaJn,
to he bordered hereafter with beds ot
flowering  plants anel  shrubs with rotation   of   bloom* .
Shilohs Gun
��� SATURDAY, FEBKUARY 2-, 1912.
P. 0. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON. Prop.	
LADNER,  -   ���   B.C.
', All Modern Conveniencies, Newly Fur-
It-ished.   Well  Heated,   Sample  Room
American and  Europeah Plan
First  Glass Cuisine
Prompt Service
' Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Lump   Coal   for  Sale
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 i.m., second and fourth
Sundays at - a.m.: matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at lu a.m.; Evening
Service at T.ui' p.m.; Friday evening,
Jjitany at 8.30. Bev. C. C. Hoyl-i,
���S$>'|| Vicar.
Church services will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
November  14,  11)09:     Parochial m**
| at lt:39 a.m.; Sunday school, 2 p.m.;
K evening  devotion,   3   p.m.;   low   mass
I the following    Monday,    *  a.m.     F
KienU, D.L...   parish  priest.
Services next Lord's .'"���ay ai 11 a.m
nd   7:30   p.m.;   clasi   meeting,   aftei
he morning  servic*  every     Sunday;
bbath school at  H:30    p.m.    every
unday;  prayer  meeting  every Wed-
esday eveniiiB at  7:30.     Kev- J.  H.
'right, pastor.
St. Andrew's PraBtiyterlan.
Services next Lord's Day at 11 a.av
lanu 7.30 p.m.;  week night services on
[Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock. Bev
|J.   J.   Hastie,   minist.r.
Sabbath   ssrvicss.���-Crescent  Island,
ft p.m.; Sundayschool, i p.m..   Lad-
_|-*ar, 7:30 p.m.;  Sunday school st 11
��**�����. m.;  prayer meeting on Wednesday
^Jfct  7:30   p.m. jRtv.   C.   R.   Blunden.
*'. Hpastor.
;-*.**^BiT^ ... .*. .%. ... .����� ��������� ���* ��������� ��� ���*��� ��������� ��������� ���**��� ���������
Delta municipality Is situated at
���the mouth of the Kraser river in the
���finest agricultural district in Canada.
���The chief interests in the Delta are
���(aiming, ehiM-yinr-,-, fruit culture, mar-
��� Wet  garden I IH   and     horse     tireedin*,'.
��� The   shipping   facilities   by   rail -and
��� boat to the markets ot I.'.ritish Co-
Ekimliia and  the States are  unrivalled.
��� The crop yield is the largest per acre
��� lu Canada,  in the year 1908  between
��� 40,000 and 'O.OuO Ions of produce
Jpvere raised in the Delta district.
|Along the south -banl-  of  the  Fraser
river there are sites for all industries.
Board    of    Trade ��� President,    A.
Davie; Secretary, W. H. Wilson.
Justices of the Peace���It. I-. KiU.s-n
.  D.  Benson,   II.   J.   Kirkland,  Wm.
. Curtis, J. B. Burr, J. McKee
Coroners���Dr, A.A.  King and Dr.
.   Kerr   Wilson.
Medical Health Officer���Dr. Dudley
School Board���Chairman, S. Wright
Robertson,  A.  deli. Taylor, J.  Mc-
illum.    Secretary, X. A. McDiarmid.
Farmers'     Institute���President,    T.
me; Secretary,  N. A, MoDiarmid.
1 irlta   Farmers'     Game     Protective
ociation���President,   John   McKee:
Bet retary,  U.  J.  Hutcherson.
>elta Agricultural Society���Presi-
lent, H. J. Hutcherson, Secretary, A.
left. Taylor.
.Member of Parliament���J. D. Tay-
jr.   Now  Westminster.
Member of Loca' Legislature���F. J.
.-Kenzie, New Westminster.
Hoat Sailings*���S.S New Delta**".
seaves Lndiu-r every day for Steves-
Ion at 8:30 a.m., and 3:30 p.m.. connecting with the B.C.E.R. for Van-
Duver. Returning leaves Steveston
It 9;S0 u.m., and 4:30 p.m. S.S.
[Yansfi r leaves for Now Westminster daily, except Sundays, at 7 a.m.,
*nd returniii!-- leaves New Westmin-
ter nt 2 p.m., reaching Ladner at
>:30 p.m.
Railways���Great    Northern    leaves
fort   Guichon   ("ally   for   New   West- j
nlnster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.; reaming leaves Vancouver at 2:30 p.m.
eachlng Port Guichon about  7.30  p.
We are offering bargains in
Boots and Shoes well worthy
of your consideration. Come,
see and be convinced.
Boots Shoes Rubbers
Custom  Work a Specialty
Made in <'<itin<-rtioti with Expenditure
ed' Fundi! of Multnomah County,
PORTLAND, Or., Feb, 8���Charges
of graft li the expenditure of Mult-
ui in   county   lunus   wnich   tnvoi ���
the mty    commissioners,   county
clerk ami county judge, brought by
the Portland Dally News will be Investigated by a oomnilttee appoints I
by 3 ive rnor  West,
This was assured by the governor
today -Alien b. promised a committee i pn senting the Easl Side Businessmen's ' Hub thai be ..o.ibi appoini
the ���iiimittee and see that the
ohai. . - .i ere probed to thi bott im.
1 '������ '���"<:   J u ���  ' 'b-eion,   or C    bo
officials Involved,, said the officials
would welcome an investigation and
would pay tor an expert to gxi over
the books,
lhe   last   county  grand   jury   n, id
a partial Investigation of the charges
aad recoi imended thai th i suecei lit ���
grand jury continue  the  probe.
Tie i ev spaper charged graft !**
connection with the construction ol
ihe Multnomah county court house i
million dollar structure, the purchase
'���( furniture of the county poor farm,
si oi county property for sums under their ��� allies and handling of the
oo mty road funds,
_.____._-   ���    __      --.        -      -       -      .._,-..
���_* ._*--*-.*- _*.--.-���. .��. .s. .* ..a.->----_i_.-i_fc_._._._.__   _   _    -_.__   _   _   _
M r,  T.  i'.. 'I'.-ni;.im   ��� ��� a ,,   . isitoir In
rancouver this week,
.Mr. Haley W|1�� .n  .���..., in the   Royal
Ity  on   business o-n Tuesday.
Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Arthur wi re
i-lsitors   In   the.   city   this   week,   and
i 'I home  .a Wi . .     .
Ir Thomas Poster, with hor Ilttle
.- ���:. and -laughter, were \ Isltors in
Ni ,\  Westminster on Tuesdas last.
Mr.  Giffen.  of  Vancouver,  has accepted a position on Messrs. Lanning,
������'���  and  Wilson's staff.
Mr. Walter-, of Vancouver,  was
the   town   this  w. ek,   looking   o\ i r
-. ��� . -���- prop .-ition.
T i o ��oo ���. lo ids ;' 'ambei' for the
..���Lilt: m to the Di Ita Mi rcanl , Co.'s
store   trrived   ... Thi ���
Spring Machinery
Potato Planters, Cultivators (1, - and 3 horse), Garden Hand
1'riils and Cultivators (Planet Jr., etc.), Plows of all description.-,
Disc Harrows, Manure Spreaders, Seed Drills, Land Rollers, Fan.
nlng Mills and Baggers, Waggons, Buggies and Democrats, Gasoline Engines (Fairbanks, Morse and International), Chaff Cutters',
Incubators  and   Brooders   (Cyphers and Jubilee.)
E. T. CALVERT, Agent
TO IMPROVE D I..  172.
A- a re ill ol the rlslt of Aldi i n n
| Graj  and  I   ���  Ing'i       md   "ity Engln-
��� ��� r Blackman to Victoria, it is be-
leved ju-oi Inclal government
win agrei  to macadamize ths road: In
Distrlci Lot 172, whieh adjoins the
' city, and Is i' present an tutors inlzed
I district,   and   also   to   jiavg  Columbia
street from Leop Id place to thc penl-
! tent la ry grounds.
' mi   T ct,  .Mr.  H    "���'    l:    ;
b III   ae.ll   by  pub in      in  I he   farm
stock  and   Impb '  Mr,   Frank
I lanford.
1 !oun  lib r ll.  D. Bens in was'ln th*
II ��� on Tuesday,
Mr. T.  Poster returned    u
fr oi;   a   bUKlm ss trip  to  the  ���
Mrs. ,i.n k Green ;-- enjoj Ing ��� 11st
With   friends  In California.
Mrs. A. \v I '.arti r ��������� nl a i ,.
of day- during the past wei k In \ in.
\v. Soi age, who ha - ... en In ths
hospital in Vancou' er I r some time,
is Bald  b. lo   Improving In health.
Mr.   E,   T.   C
i!\ er
wis   in
th i   cfit)
thl       eek   on
busim ���.-  trips.
Mrs.   ��'",'a I i in  an I   M rs    O. SI
er, wel if Mr.
���inl   Mr     .1.   John   m,    if  th     ) lelta
ll del,  thJs    reek.
WHEN IS  \ "MI-;AT.?
PORTLAXD,   Ore.,     Fab.     22.���-P.e-
cause Ju.i.e TaseWell ruled    a san-i-
which is not a meal, many so-called
r -s:.i.irants which serve liquor with
'meals" * v, imen :.:������: j out >f bus-
ness and   the  women  go dry.
Uhe *Delta U
y ayeid/c
E. Books. Vancouver.
G. simm. Vancouver,
obt. M.  Rolbson, Vancouver.
Longfellow, Vancouver.
Henley, Vancouver.
Dawson, South Vancouver,
I lopkins, Van.���ouver.
II Franklin, Vancouver.
Roberts, Vancouver,
Peebles. Vancouver.
i 'oii'ias. Va in ..uver.
li.  Harris.  Vancouver,
It. Pollard an.l wife, C    ���  n.
MoGIlllvray, Vancouver,
lameroen, \"ancouver.
Mar.'bant.  Vancouver.
. J. duff,   Vancouver.
S. Elmkhamer, Stratford.
I:   S  ngste r. Vancouver,
If.  Dick, Vancouver.
It. ('handler. Vancouver.
K. Stinson, Vaneouver.
A.  Murphy.  Vancouver.
Poynton,  Vaneouver.
L. Thomson, Vancouver.
Tailor,   Vancouver.
A. Forbes, Vancouver.
Williams, Vancouver,
Bircall, Vancouver.
A.  Evi rott. Vancouver.
Westman. Vancouver.
\V.   Comett,  Vancouver.
J. Lawrence,  Montreal.
M rs.   Llvlnig!
the   i: '"     ir me h        the  '\   C T U .
in  Ladner   in
Itor j brand     ( the or ler during  I hi
;.,.-���    week.
In   the   Rn   il   Clt;     luring   th
i*, eek. and was the -���   ��� - islns
Mr.  and   Mrs.   Lassiter,   of  Eas Sp,          Lenti i   ������ - . .-  are  In prrv-
n iby. I lt. ss in lhe Anglican char b. the enn-
  I egation     meeting    on     Wednesday
Mr   Percy Le'froy, who recently had    ifternoon  and  Friday  e enlng in ad-
hls jaw broken by a ki.-k from a q di             ���   to the usual Sunday ser' li ���
Is   getting  along   rerj   nicely   In   thi 	
Royal   Columbian    Hospital   at   Xew
'      ���".'    of  the   young   men   of   th*
-.������.in took in the dance al Point llob-
Plana for the Beaver Lacrosse -.ub|.arts '""' ,h" oonc<?rt ��iven ,ir"lpr the
' ispices of the Poin-1  Robetrts Choral
Soe i.iy  last   week.    They  report having had  a very good time.
ball on Mir h 18 aire going merrily
forward. The c unmittee in charge of
arrangements    are    making    carefu
plans   for   making   the   even!    one   of 	
the  ni"-- su  cessful  In  the hist   rj       ���     i in     Sunday.     March   the  3rd,  th*
the club. . in. in!., rs of the local Methodlsl -hiirch
  | will   take   their   vote   on   the   subject
������Miriam's Crime" is the title ���: i, if Church Union. Ballol papers are
new oomediy drama wihch Is being being distributed and the result wit"
rehearsed   by   the   members thi    be   watched   with  considerable   inter-
Delta  Amateur Dramatic  Association. | est.
"I".... -ketch is sai.l  to bo full of toughs 	
from beginning to end and the pro-
... ,.<i-  ,.: ���  ited to securing spe-
:       em ry for the hall.
Mr.  York,  of Victoria,  who   Is the
Messrs. T. nnant and Adair are taking over the ng established business
of Mr. W. If. Smith, Mr. Smith it
building an addition to the property
���  them  and   will  remain  In  Ladner
owner   "'.    considers ��� ���   p  ri        i   for some timi   before going into bus)
Via Steveston and
S. S   "iNLiW DELTA"
Daily���In Effect October I.
Leave  Steveston���9.30 a.m.;  4.30  p.m.
Leave   Ladnt-r���5.30   a.m.:   3.30   p.m
I Lulu Isiaml Branch, Q. H. Franklin.
���pull Manager; Vaneouver to Eburne
Ind Steveston���Cars leave Granville
fctreet Depot (at north end of bridge
pver Feilse Creek) at 6:30 am. ami
lourly until 10:30 p.m. Special car
or Eburne at 6:00 a.m. Care leave
ttvoston at 6:30 a.m. and hourly un-
* 10:30 *��.m. Sunday Service���First
re leave e-it'her terminus at S:30 a.m.
ourly service tiherenfter un'til 10:30
Post Office���Hours 8 a.m.. to 7 p.m.
ail for Vancouver close at 3    p. m.
'or   New   Westminster   nnd   up   river
"points at 6.30 a.m. Closed all day Sun-
I Municipal Council meets Municipal
(ellall, Ladner, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in oAeh month at 2 p. m.
Following are  the  members of the
| Council:
Reeve���Join Oliver.
Councillor*,���C.  Brown. H. D. Benson, W.  A.  Kirkland,  H. Lewis, A.  D.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster. K. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Mares, Geldings, Chickens,
Pigs, Implements and Effects
(Comprising - brood mares in foal,
2 heavy diaft fillies rising 2 years,
1 filly (driver) rising 2 years, 2 heavy
draft geldings rising 2 years, 2 heavy-
draft sucking colts, 2 sowsf 5 dozen
chickens, binder, seed drill, mower,
McCormick rake', cutaway and scratch
j harrows, 4-inch tire wagon, hay fork,
pullies'and 200 feet .aide, 2 sots of
heavy harness, grindstone and frame,
platform scales, democrat, buggy, 2
14-foot -Mies. 850 lbs, Magnet separator, De Laval separator, shovels,
forks,  tools,  etc.;  all  tho property of
:.\lr.   R,  L.  Handford.
11    pony,    buggy   anel   set   eif   harness,
'harrow, binder, hay press, horse rake,
iplow.     harness,     Magnet     separator,
churn, set e.f platform scales, rnd as-
jsortment of tools, the property of Mr.
I My rom Wharton, which MR. TI. N.
'KIc'.II   will  sell  by  auction  at  Mr.   R.
L. Handford's farm, Uoudy Road, two
j miles east of Ladner. on
Tuesday, February 27th
at  two  o'clock.
Auction   Offices,  Ladner, B.C.
��� -   i .    was    i    visi-toir   In   Ladne r   on
- I i��� .    I!������   is   the   owner   of   the
��� ��������� iupled  by Mr.  H. 3   '' ��� *  he
port* and Is looking the tmlldlng over
with a view to making a number of
much   needed   Improvements  then   n.
In a few days the ' addil   u
the Smith store,  which "will  In  future
he    known     -   the    Q Ita    Mer
Company,   will   he   commenced.    The
now   section   will   be   two   storeys
height and  will  measure 25x80.    The
present proprietor- will  pul  in a complete   general    stock   j 1st    SS    -
they have the require 1 room.
:.  --  In the  Royal City.
In  .i lother pm o_ this paper wlT?
n  i   M.-s.s.  Lanning,  Fawcett &
Wilson's    a.ha :���:!-. in  nt.      They    are
opening   up    i    :h     ,    stock  of
spring   goods   whieh   are   worthy
attention of i in ful  buyers.
At a recent dance hold in McNeely's
hall it is reported that some of the
ge-ntleri"ien in attendance declined to
comply with the request of the committee in charge, that gloves bp worn.
The managers of the Beaver Lacrosse
Club  bi        -     ��� al     the    request  that
' Is rep rti I thai Mr. K, D. Simpson, who has for a longV time been
manager of the Ladner branch of ihe
Royal l'. mk. will shortly be removed
to Vancouver. Mr. Simpson ls very
popular In Ladner and the prospect
of his removal Is a matter for genera-
Mr. Asahel Smith is shipping out
very large quantities of seed potatoes
thi -e- aays all over the country.   Mnt
.   \    of   his   orders   are   sent   to   th.
1'nib l   States   to   pe iple   with   whom
.i.i.it  ' ' ���- when
gloves bi   used at their ball on March   I lection   with   the   B.  ���'.  e*ch bit
ihe 18th. | ������' : ��� tatoes  il New "fork and Chicago.
tn it
Incorporated 1910.
We are prepared to install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance in connection with
our service.    Apply tc
A.   Dell.   TAYLOR,   Sec
' 'H  SALE    A  fi ".   i ii..;,.   pari d
Sinirie  Oomb   Black   Minorca  i 'a k-
erels;   Imported   stock.     X.   C.   Mc-
''a . . m, Ladner.
'OR SALE���B-Meno used by music
'....���her for short time; must sell
quickly, Barvg-a'in, oash or terms. A.
M..  Box  B5B, Van ���."nor. B.C.
VV, Burn II, late of the McKen>s
stables, - prepared to clip, break and
train horse-s. Apply l ".ark.-- Blacksmith Shop.
M W   PI \( 111   ril.LI>.
VHCTi ' 1:l A. B. C, Fi b. 21 Reports continue to reach Victoria from
the Okanagan indicative ot substantial worth in the ni w placi r ground
recently discovered at Whiteman's
creek. In a letter recently received
by a member of the provincial service here It is stated that some of
the lucky gold diggers have been securing as much as J1..0 to the pan
and are fully expecting to bo millionaires within tho noxl few ..ears
at the  latest.
MoiV'flM; SIGNAL mi.I. (.1 NS.
FOB SAL!*���Galvanized iron water
tank; nearly new. Holds 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros..
l-'e >1! SALlv--.li r>, ;, e-ui : i'. ���> Peerless Incubator and Brooder. W.
H. Smith.
VICTORIA,   it.   i'..   Feb,   21.���The
Work Point garrison  has commenced
work  I., prepare for the   i lountlng nl
Ithe two 6.2 guns on Signal   Hill,  or-
I ders for which work were recently received,   Stores  have   been   drawn   tot
"I the   work,   ami   the   roaels     i        .    ig
made  ready  to     haul     up   thi    guns,
The  holdfasts  are   In   place,  and  the
engineers and artillerymen are going
ahead  with  the work,  preparing for
the mounting nf the guns.
WANTED���Hay and oats in exchange
for shingles. Add:.--: Maple Leaf
Lumber' Co.. New  Westminster.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator: nt-vty fails. These
piils are rxceedmnly powerful in regulating the
generative portion ol the female system. Refuse
-ill cheap imitations. Dr. tie Tan's are s-'Ul at
���5 a box, or three fur $10. Mailed to anv nddres-.
The S**^_be!! lim* ^o.? 8t. Catharines. <?I'-
Spring Opening a. the Big
It is Your Privilege to look, to examine, to price, to
buy or not to buy, as best suits you. It is our pleasure
to be of service to you.
So pretty ! That is what they all say. The wash goods are so pretty this year, and they
certainly se_m to be prettier than ever before.    First the Prints, so  fine and  soft' abso-
lutely fast colors,at, per yard 10c and 15c
White and Colored Muslins in great variety ol patterns, Vancy  Vestings, Victoria and
Persian Lawns, India Linens.
English Zephyr Ginghams,in large range of pat'terns.    Special at, yard 25c
New Laces and Embroideries
See the pretty Laces and Dainty Embroideries, the nicest we have ever shown
New Shipment of Girls' Navy Serge Sailor Presses, all  sizes.    Also separate skirts  and
White Middy Blouses.
Big Stock of pretty Wash  Dresses in all the new styles, just like the Fashion   Piatt-*.
S .- the  new Spring Su   s;     re are   show Rg    the
highest grade ready-to-wear Suil
Lhe new  1012 models   :. im     *jl.'..ii(i   to  ��S-.O0
Boys' t**i . and three-p!
iltt       -��*hi inl Prices.
We     .1  . ned up       ��hipi Ji
-    ��� . , . ��� : rom   I   i   <���<���
.  . . \-   .   ii.-
mail    n Hal
New Furniture-New  1912 Wall Papers - New Linoleums and  Oilclothl
Lanning, Fawcett &. V/i!son
SATUKDAY, lTe-lllU'AHV 2J, lot..
WASHlWii-J-OM eiTAiiii
by Catherine de' Medici.
Modern Adaptations That Are Being
Mads M0w.-rf--.y-3 Ars Attractive For
Ho'utehold Decoration���Bible Stories
ln view of thp important revival
which is taking place in the making
of darned not laces, it is interesting
to note that very early in its history
large quantities of it were used for
household purposes. In the posses-
he hns sious of Queen Catherine de' Medici a
coffer is enumerated containing 381
squares of the net ready for embroidering; another chest contained 538
squares, "worked with rosettes or wilh
bleissoms, and others with nosegays."
We are told that the maids of the
queen's household consumed much
time In making squares of this re-
scull.   These plain  net  grounds  were
'I'll:- Vote '"HI ,;"'-
SEATTLE},   Feb,  22���Official   prim-I ,
ary returns show that filram C. QUI
receiv-d :m,63o votes tor mayor, or a ��,--, industry That Was Fostered
little-  more  than  83  i>e-r cent  "f the :
ten;ii   \e-iii'.       Former  stale-    Senator
George   i������.   Cotterlll,   who   was    also
ftomlnati d,   polled   l f,_31   votes,
The.- election will be held  Maroh ���".
She Pell to Death.
BEATTl-E, Feb, 22���Miss Grace
Hughes, nged 34, an Insane patlenl
al iiie- riiv hospital, oltmhed lo the
win in.', li Age of li. l' padded ce-ll lasl
night, squeezed her rn in i-ui t .-<! form
thrmigli an I'iglit Inch space between
the Iron-grating and the stone coping,
and letting go, dashed 60 feet to the
bottom ot the uirslnifl. She- ilieil
several   hours   later.
Reconciled b.v Shooting.
SEATTLE, Feb. 22���Reconciliation
with his wife, from whom
be.-n divorced, was the result nl' a
shontiny affray yesterday, in which
Levi p. Lane, a pontractor, was
wounded by John Perovlch, ������< laborer.
When Mrs. Lane hearel nf tin- shunting she rushed tei tin' hospital uml is
staring by the bedside of her former
husband, it is stated today thai the
couple havo CorgAtlen their cause of
separation ami have eie-eiiieii t.i remarry a- ".ii as Lain- recovers.
\\ (irking I'm- I'nlle-i-kmi.
i iLTMPIA, Wash., Pob, :':' -l-'t-ie-nels
,.t  ,l pip    Mark  Pullerton of the state-
supreme  bench  an   actively  engaged
today in a camp ilgn i" li i ve him ap-
pointed a    i successor in Judge Don-
i.orth  "ii   the  fedoral   bench.       I 'nn- I
Brorth is expected    to   resubmit    his I
resignation to President Taft soon,
Tin-  Roosevelt  Boom,
SEATTLE, I'Yli. if���A) a banquet
to be held here tonight the boom tor
Boose veil for president will be for-
mally launched in this state. More J
than imi prominent progressives have
accepted invitations, ami Mayor Geo.
W. ["lilllng will in- tons'tmnster. _   ,._,_,   .
Rutus R, Wilson, who wu Senator     "     ' '
Poinele-xter's campaign manager, will
conduct the campaign I'm' Roosevelt
in  this state.
Seattle Market.
SEATTLE, Feb, 22���Butter: U'ash-
Ington creamery firsts 36c; .-astern
fresh 34c to 36c; do storage 28? tei
82c, Eggs: i.neal ranch 21c to 25c.
Onions: Walla Walla $2 to $2.60 per
sack, Potatoes 126 t" ISO per ton.
Hay: Timothy, Eastern Washington
ISO; do PUget Sound fir. in $16,;
straw S'�� to $10; alfalfa $15. Oats:
Eastern Washington $'���'���- to fill; Puget  Se.lillel   {30   to   $31;
Way  Clear  for  Project.
SEATTLE, Feb. 22.���The comple-
tin nf tun work nf th,. jury in condemnation proceedings in the Itenton
Waterway oases before Jilclge John F.
Main malices possible the beginning of
the active wmk. It is announced that
Renton will in connected with Lake
"Vashigton by a waterway -On feet
wide. H'.a feet deep, ana V.DOO feet
long by Aprtl I. 1913, makln* that city
accessiiile- to salt-water traffic with tin
completion of Bhe Lake Washington
canal a year later. Tin- maximum
benefits nf ten waterway to the dis*
triet aggregate $ir.s,ooo. Tin. oost of
the improvements is estimated to  he
IIOO.OOO, of which ",'0,000 will lie lev-
led ni'i'ii tin- property oiyners or Che
district, an dthe remaining cost will he'
met hy tin $60,000 appropriation e'.in-
taiin-il in tin. Kin-; County harbor
bond issue.
I'ostmusters m Convention,
OHP8ALJS, Feb, 22.���:A.t the postmasters' convention on Tuesday U. S.
Farrell, of Toledo, whs re-elecfetl
presldent, ami Jas. O'Neil, of Menlo,
secretary. Delegates orefe chosen t'i
the'joint convention of Oregon anil
Washing! m postmasters to he held
during Portland's rose earnlyal,
:'.. i.'.v: : law's County, 1.. I. W.ilrath,
Min.-ral; X. 11. Tower, Morton; Pacific,
C. B Hantly, Francis; Jas. 0'Nell, Menlo: f-bwIU. \V. J. Mattchette, Ladu; 10.
. .mil, I'.iin.i.-; ,;.  W.  1'ia.kiiii.i,  lliilge-
fleldi     Wahkiakum- I..  C.   Kennedy,
Skamokawa; Jas, Glrard, Caithlamet.
Build Big Tender.
SEATTLE, Feb, _:', officials of
the Alaska Pacific Fisheries Company,
of Seattle���. ha\e. closed a coniract with
Wilson BroHhers, nf Astoria, fur what
will he one of tin- largest nol most
modern cannery tenders propelled by
gasoline power ever luiilt on this coast.
"Che vessel will In- SS feet over all, 19.
feet beam anil >.��> feel in depth, She
will I... equipped with a 160 horse-
p.iucr ".-'in an.l her estimated cost I
is $15,000. I
Arbor Bay anil Good Roads,
OL. MIMA. Feb. 22 Governor M.
E, H I ������ Thi rs ' '������'. A pr'.l 11 Ar-
Tien- 11 ��� ��� i      i.i.   with  the an
nual e.. ��� .mi Govei nor Hay also issued . procls nation naming the following day, Friday, April 12, as State
[Courtesy of Ladles'  Home Journal.]
continued iu the same manner us are
garden or lishing nets of tho present
day. The square mesh, according to
an old pattern book, was made by
conimene'ing with a single thread aud
iiii-ri-asing a stitch ou each side uutil
tiie required size was obtained. Then
the piece was finished off by reducing
a stitch on each side. This plain uet
ground was much used for bed furniture, window curtains and valances
ami was usually quite iiiiornameuted.
The plain .character of the net also
rendered possible most elaborate designs���life sized portraits and representations of Bible stories whose scenes in
the lives of saints and heroes, together
with lettering descriptive of the same,
are not Infrequently to be met with iu
old examples of, this lace. This darn-
ii.CT' stitch of ancient origin ls to easy
to accomplish and the results are so
beautiful that tbe modern embrolderess
has taken up the work with enthusiasm. Illustrated is a table cover, Ihe
design fo be darned with colored
silks The ,'a'jric used is a cream
colored crash.
Shipments  for the Year Were targe
ami  Results Satisfactory lor
M0LSON, Feb. 12.���The necessity
for the standardisation of varieties of
i; pies suitable '" the district covered
by the Kootenay Fruit Growers' Union, for the besl possible packing, for
the shipping of pears and p. aches before they become too ripe, and absolute loyalty to the organization on the
part of its rnembers is advocated in a
report   presented at  tho  first annual
.     ,< ...     :.-.��� . .       ...       r> lV..- .... i     T,
llieke s. manager.
'.luring the year 2."13 boxes of
apples ,\er,. received I>> the union,
from :ll grower-,. The varl*ftles represented numbered 89. The crab apples received totalled 215 boxes and
the-rt. were 160 boxes Of pears and 155
crates eif peaches. Plums totalled 96
crates and five and a half tons of potatoes, three-quarters, of a ton of assorted vegetables anel 19 crates of tomatoes were handled, Ih addition to
During the small frit it season 1.900
crates pf strawberries. 570 crates of
eherrii-s. 69 crates eif currants. 84
eates of raspberries and 40 crates of
gooseberries were handled.
Mr. Hicks condemned the practice
of some members of the- organization
who send only a portion of their produce to the union anil market the balance  themselves.
Mr. Kicks condemned the practice
of some members of the organisation
who send only **, portion Of their pro.
ilin-e to the union and market the
balance themselves.
Express Great Rope for Future.
In the absence of C, W. Husk, president, Gordon Halfetl presided. The
president's report ar.d finincl.il statement which were submitted were
adopted as wa.s also a report from the
manager. The principal feature of
these reports was that the volume 0*
business had not been sufficient to
meet the necersary expenses. The dlf-
'';.'" .- ndlns the working for thc
first year of a new business wen fully
recognized and the usefulness if -He
organization admitted and gre_: hope
of success in the future was expressed.
The retiring directors were fl. F.
Atlree-, John Hys'op. G. lfallett, C. F.
McHardy and n. T. Hiekes, and the
new board is compose,! of: President,
C. W. riu.sk; vice-president G. Hal-
lett; executive committee, J. E. An-
nable, G. F. Attress, Major S. Goode.
A. J. Curie ("Kaslo), P. J. Locke, C. F.
Mcllartly; secretary-treasure, Raymond T.  Hiekes.
The resignation of B. K. Beeston,
who resigned the management in October and who has since been acting
only as secretary-treasurer, was accepted and a hearty vote- of -thanks
was accorded him. with full acknowledgement of his services in forming
the union anil acting for the fruitgrowers for the past three years.
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incorporate*" IM*.
CAPITVI. PAID-UP �� 0,200.000
RBSBRVE 1TNI)  .. $7,050,188
Total Assets Over One   Hundred and Ten Millions.
Jiccounts ot Out-of-Tjoion  Customers Stuen  Special Jtttention
s.vv.n<;s dkpahtment
AoocvntS may be opened with (tepee, ts of ONE DOLLAR and Upward*
Interest paid, or credited, balf-y early on June 30fh and Deoemher
��1st,  each  year.
K. D. sivti��so.x. Manages i.ai��.nki., ri. c.
: I
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
Jff/atres a  Specialty oft
fob ana
!. &
A  Modern  Fire  Danger.
Modern electr a aiipliauces. while
they ce.-tninly .1.' 'ift endless work
from the shoulder- of lhe busy housekeeper and have many excellent qualities, have still certain dangers of their
own, to ward off which the family
using tliern needs to take sensible precautious until their "tr'i'ks and manners" are'entirely   .a.ul'la".
A man In the ins ira ice ' ii-'ness re-
asjcently related the story of n fin; which
nii-jht have been disastous which resulted from the use of the convenient
electric Iron.
The attic of the house having elec
trie Imh;-. (lie hiMS"- mother ofleu
found ii convenient to eutach her electric iron and use it up there for pressing. Late one afternoon, having fin
ished work, she wn.--. called downstairs
lu u hurry, and Inntend of turning off
the current al the iron itself she
turned the switch for the entire attic
fldor. Later one of the children went
upsi.iirs on some err*uid. turned on
tho current lighted up. found what
was w; iipi", turned out the light and
went deiw istalrs again, shutting the
doors behind him. Still later the tire
riepiirtntenl arrived and put out a
blaze that hnd consumed the ironing
tnhle and surrounding woodwork to
the value ot -*.ime J-'-*!).
l*amil> Troubles in State of Washington Cause Son to Shoot Ills
SEATTI-K. Keh. 12.���To save the
lives of his mother and sister, according tei his statement, Jenhn Olark. aged
19, shot and l,n��tontly killed his
father, John H. Olark, In a small farm
house on the old milltJary road between Sunny Dale and Riverton ait
2:30 o'clock this mornijis.
The niun'n.nd man had separated
from his wife", who, with her sein amd
daughter, had ta-ten thfl little truck
farm whore the tragedy occurred,
OlaTk followed, arriving crazed with
drink. His wife admitted -Mm. He
threatened to kill the entire family.
The boy sprang from bed. seized a
shotgun and fired. The olKi.r-ge entered the Itack of the neck and passed
throusfh the lungs. The son has been
arrestod a_id '.-rotiTht to Seattle.
The People s Trust Co., Ltd.
Capital Authorized, $500,000-00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Executed
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
H. A. MacDONALD, Mgr., Notary Public
People's Tru��t Building Ladner, B. C.
SEATTLE, Feb. 17.���Butter: Washington creamery firsts, 35c; Eastern
fresh, 30c and 31c; Eastern storage,
2(ic and 29<-.
Kgg.s: Local ranch, 85c.
Onions: Yellow, $ 1.50 and $2 per
sack;  red,  $1.75 and $2.
Potatoes: $26 and $31 per ton.
Hay: Timothy, Eastern Washington,
$20 per ton; elo Puget Sound, $15 to
$H.;  straw, $9 to $10; alfalfa, $15.
teats: Eastern Washington, $32 to
$34 per ton; Puj*et Sound, $30 to $31.
ills i:\riirsi\sM.
iim   tire    'm-.in-.v   trua
Z      Profits are Awiurcil from .four Hen-sen, Cuttle * Poultry, by the use of I
I Pottie's Celebrated Australian Stock Remedies |
9 They have behind them over 100 years of success and are hulls- ��J*
X      pensible to stock owners.    Their  use means  hundreds  of  dollars  to x
*y      vou.  Thev can be secured from JL
X      38fS Bridge Street. Vancouver. B.C. X
���:~x~:->->��*-x~x--*w->��'>��x~m~:��* *x^��i-*>-����*>-ii����->����������*����������oo-����.0
I.' .    I
Iloaels  Day,    it  ig  the
thi     i   i ei-
Trom   a  Girl's   Notebook.
,'"hnt |ieison  who is e-ver reqnestiiiK
another to do his work for him may
plan  ti i i,e a mtiP more genteel than a beggar,
ll .   IS of
i.i    actual
th,'    .; ...     ,', , ,,,,     ;|n.
,\. .
Will  Build  I ii.i-,ii.\.
i'K.V'I'!: Al.l ., Feb 22. Bids 'have
been a*?ki I ' u ih onstructlon of the
reie i'i,-i .-_ . library in Central la and
will be opened on M"arch 18, The
civ bulldit .- i 111 eogi approximately
f 15,00-1 and will ocoupy a site in the
.-ii' | trk, which is almost th�� exact
peogra-ili: i] centre of the city. A
year ago the i Ity i ouncil pi ..ige.ei $ 1500
per year us malnitenan-oe fund p'n
condition thai Andrew Carnegie florae $ 15,00 I for the building.
Reservoir in i-k-.
BVERETT,  ]'��� b.   22.     M-����� or   It.   Bi
but no more honest,
Any one can turn some one down,
but it Requires real ability to go to
work nnd turn something up.
Gootluesa. what a number of flat
tbluga continue to go round!
"A woman will flght for a cause."
Yes, bul inure frequently she lights
"just because."
These days a pirl who rides a big
wave at the shore successfully acts as
If Bhe were in  wilh the "swells."
Tears tench us to endure mir own
allot led pain. Hut we cab never learn
to bear the grief that comes from ln-
alility to share or stay the agonies of
those we love.
I I.     i 'onipar-
t.i   the   black
ban I .iii.1. similar ocaalaatio.nj and
protesting   strojiglj   agalnsl   the  AM.
r.eh  i.;ii.!,in-  phin tot Un ncentra-
tina Of t he non -v pow er amd the prl-
. iti Issue -if 1 -g.ij t-. n'.t. C-ngress-
man IU n v i :.. m, of Texas) today
.'.... oi' the House wit- a red->ho1
speech. "It Is -high ttotte," said Henry,
'thai tin- i ion ������'inn,;,! Inquire in tn
ih. black han 1 methods of the finan-
. i.i; Maila. No eiii ettve legljflatloin Is
posstMe t-o contirol che ramlfloatloii-j
of e u-nrencj teglslaiHon, ii-ustH anel
corporations until Cong.ress ua.lii--
staitds thr methods of tin- ins'.dioii*
and alrrvoel strpre-ne money pOweij-.
Should we not .enow Ri.inctliing of Ihe
depth of villainy to which this financial Mafia wlej] i'.-j. e-nil liefore we rfe-
..ril.. ...iir i-ui*:. a.-y taw's���_*fcore we
.nv.iiinw Bhe AJdriah plan."
cr  in
, : irmally turned the water! ,l ������*ll<,'���, !l lof of P1'"'1' to �����* tl" the
jupiy ���::��� . the new reservoir of the fejithfr! off the boarding hem:-e ehlcU-
Kveret: Railway, Light & Water Com j en *.s| ee-ially after it Is on the table.
niini on Tuesday after Manager D, C,
'i-irr.,.- ha ! spoken a few words, dt-di-
<>.\l*   I��V  OVK TIIKY   1-'.M��KI��.
An  Eggshell   Funnel.
Bottles having small Decks are hard
to fill  without spilling the lleiuid.    A
funnel cgnnot lie used in n small open
eating :ht- big storage basin to the city
i.f   Erereft.     The   reservoir   cost   $9'.-
000.     lt is 5T5  feet in  length,  240  feet'1
eiiele. and twenty feet in depth. It holds', . ,
io.ooo.ooo gallon, ,-,n,i required the'lnK" !1"d "m,rl,'B witb a tfT!d__5te Klass
eteavatlon of 30,000 cubic yards of te<l>'l,-es a steady fyind. Wh-n you do
earth. I not  have n  irraduate nt  timid  a  half
leggsbell with a small hole pricked in
the end will serve belter than a fun
ri'-l. Place the shell In an oven to
brown the surface slightly, and It will
VITBJRBO, Itaily, I-Mb. 17.���Twu additional defi'iirlan-w v/ere dilsotKurigi d
by ihe courl to-lay on the. ground that
they a.'lrea.ly had sp-etlit live years in
pri.-ion when the trial erf the- Cam.meir-
!rists charged with t,he murder of
lOenriaro Ouoce-o'o and his -wife, was
resumed, The men ordered <lis-
jeharged are Torelli and Amati. lloth
'were absnUed' of all e.harge..s in e-ein-
iriection  with  the CikhioIo  murder.
Groceries and Fresh Fruits, Boots,
Shoes and Rubbers, Blankets,
Comforters, Sheets, Hosiery,
Men's Gloves, Umbrellas, English
Prints, assorted patterns.
Highest Prices Paid for Eggs
���x*-*-" x-x*<-**:-<*--xk--*-:^
l��ROVINCT..l. BLACK   KXK'MTS. IIJ"I>U;Y   IIOSl*.T\l,  <;R\V1\ '
Bills of
Call and Sao Samples
R_J\ 'K-I-ST( ���[<!���:. Fill. 20.��� The annual meeting eif the Provini ial Grand
Chapter Royal Black Knights of Ireland, opened at 0 o'clock this morning with the Grand Master. Sir
X'night Geo. J. .Grlmson, <>' Victoria,
in  the  chair.
S/j/Ms Gun
STOPSCOUCHS.-KI-E,�������_.?��� "���les9 br,ttl*and ta8f moc-* lonc��'
Shilohs Gun
('Hi   'AGO,   Feb.   21.���The   will     of
j the late Richarel T. Crane was filed for
\ probate here today.   Wis sons, Charles
it. Crane and  Richard T. Crane, Jr.,
executors under the will, filed a joint
bond of $18,360,000.
VICTORIA,   I'.,   it'..     Feb.   21.  ��� A
communication has been addressed
by Hon. Dr. Voung to the directorate
of the lleilie-y Hep,-ral hospital advising the-ni that the-ir appeal for spe--
cial aid made through Mr. Shatford,
M. P. P.. has, upon that Bi'ntle-mans
urgent repre* ntatlon, be.-n allowed
a grant of $1000 being Included in
this ye-ar's estimates.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSphonol re**"""-- every nrrvei ia the body
.     ��� .to its proper teusiem ; restores
��������� ��� io us proper tension ; remiorea
vim and vitality. Premature decay anil all sexual
weakneas avorled at one*. Fhosphoaol will
make von a new man. Price J8 a box. or two lor
It. Mailed to any address. Ita* SoobeU Drag
Co., tt. Catharlnei, Ont.
The Delta Tlsnes is publlahsd erery
Saturday fT-Ci^e times Bulldls*.
Ladt-ar.   B.<XfB\ D.f lkglo��.


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