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The Delta Times Feb 17, 1912

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$1.00 A YEAR.
I-iH-iii  Artists  Under E. T. Culvert's��� -wl-dloai Health Ofiioor PrcM-ms inter.
Lt-iulerslii*-   Provide  Splendid
Evening'* Pi-ogTuniim-.
The fifth semi-annual concert Of
the Delta Glee Club, umler the able
leadership of Mr. B. T. Calvert, took
place on Friday evening, Feb. 9, in
the McNeely Hull. There was a. large
and appreciative audience and the
programme was one of the best ever
listened tn in Ladner, The; soloists
were nil geieid, and the ace-nmpanlste,
Miss Leila Kirkland, deserved special
praise fur the- admirable- manner in
which she- I'illed her very responsible
and   difficult   position.
The conductor, Mr. E. Tl. Calvert,
is a mnn of whom nny town or city
might be justly proud and to his enthusiasm anil faithfulness Is due almost entirely the success of the club
and the excellence of the concert. He
has by reaseen eif Several years' association with the musloal people of
the Delta win the eemfldence and respect of all.
Of the glees, perhaps "The Bells of
St. Michael's Tower" was the- best
cotnributliin. but according to taste
and    temperament,    iiirtercr-t   people
preferred different selections ,\ It was
a matter of regret that the male quar-
tette was called off, but In Its place,
Miss i:ie-h rendered *t pianoforte solo
In a most acceptable manner. The
following is the programme:
������ART I.
1���National     Chorus.     "O,     Canada."
n.accIle-Rie-harelsonl   ..  Glee- Hub
���-'���Chorus.    "Thc Bee  King."  (Smart)
    Glee.  Club
8���.Cornet Solo. Selected. ..Mr. Kilpln
4���-Soprano Solo.    "A Man Who Would
Woo a  Fair Maid."     (.Sullivan)   ..
   Miss Garwood
"���-Part Songs.
(a)���"I   Know  a   Maiden   Fair  to
(b)���"Little   Boy  Blue."   (Minton)
    Glee  Club
H���.Vocal   Duet.     "A   Venetian  Song."
....  Mesdames Cross and Lanning
7���.Quartette. "It's Time to (.lose Your
Drowsy   Kyes   and   Sleep."     Misses
Lord   and   Garwood,     and   Messrs.
Scott and Brawn.
8���Soprano Solo. "Geiod-Byc."  (Toatl)
     Miss   Heath-Fox
9���Part Songs.
(a)���"Blow,   Blow     Thou     Winter
(b)���-"Who Is Sylvia"  (Macfarren)
1���iPart Song. "The- Watchword."
(Pinsutl)   Glee Club
*! ��� B iritune     Solo.     "Thre'e-     Fishers
Went Sailing."       A. T,  SCott
C irni't Solo. "Sweet Spirit 11. ir
My Prayer."   ...   Mr.'o. J.   Kilpln I
4���Soprano Solo. Selected. Miss Fisher]
r,���Glee. "The HeUs of St. Uiehnel'l
Tower." .... (Sir K. P, Stewart)
    Glee Club
�����Contralto Solo. Selected. Mrs,   toss
7 ���i!'::i!in   BolO	
8���iPart   Song.     "Shim
CM.  Watson)   	
9���.Closing   Chorus.
(W.   L.  Thompson)
e-llng Siiiii-imni on Past Vuur's
lle-altli and Sanitation.
At the last meeting of the municipal
council, Dr. King, the hue medical
health officer, presented the following report:
1 have the pleasure of submitting
my report as medical health officer
for the year ending February 1, 1912.
The following is a list of the contagious diseases whii h had to be dealt
with during the year j__t ended. ,
Diphtheria, 2 08 ae; no deaflia.
scarlet fever. 14 oases; 1 death, small
pox, (i cases; no deaths. Typhoid
fever, 6 cases; 2 deaths. Whooping
cough, 10 cases; 1 eleath. Tuberculosis  I consumption),  6 cases;  1  death.
The- diphtheria cases were duly
quarantined and the dwellings afterwards disinfected.
As you will note, there was quite
a wide-spread epidemic of scarlet
fever���14 cases in all. Every effort
was made by strictly enforcing the
Quarantine Law. and disinfecting
dwellings, schools, etc., to Mmlt its
I in March 22nel. 1911. a cas�� of
small pox was discovered In the municipality, which was at once reported
by wire to the Provincial Board of
Health, and also to the Local Board
of Health. Every effort was made to
stamp it out, by quarantine and vac-
e inating of all those who had been
in contact in any way with the infected perseins or dwellings.
All parts of the municipality were
visited and suspects examined, and
where any doubt existed, they were
quarantined. I am sure it is a matter
for congratulation tei know that only
five cases developed at that time. The
smallest number In aiy municipality
In the province where small pox made
Its appearance. On December 21st,
1911, a case of small pox was found
in Chinatown. Owing to the over-
iTowding existing in that area, it was
found necessary, as a matter of precaution, to quarantine as suspects the
whole town for 16 days. No other
cases appearing at the. expiration of
that period, quarantine over the town
was raised, but was continued over
the infected house until January 29th.
19-12, when the period of contagion
being passed lt was considered safe
to raise the quarantine. The dwelling
and effects were thoroughly fumigated
and the perseins In contact with the
disease disinfected before being allowed to come in contact with the
public. J
These precautionary measures, together  with  the striata ess  of quaran-1
_-_. *
Transportation Problems in the Delta
District Debated���Steps Taken to
Secure Railway Facilities
That the time .has really arrived for
definite action to be taken in order
to provide better transportation service between the Delta and adjacent
cities of Vancouver and New Westminster was the impression received
from, the large attendance and enthusiasm evinced at the regular
monthly meeting of thc Delta Board
of Trade,  which was held  on  Monday
Basket Social under to,, aus-
pices of the Ladner Methodist church
on Tins.lay evening was ,i very pleasant and profitable event. There were
ii large, number present ind the programme was much enjoyed. One of
the most appreciated Items was a dia-
login- entitled "The Ladles' Aiel Meel
tine, and the vaccinating of all suspects whei had not previously been
vaccinated, or had the elWe-use, pre-
vented its spreading. This result,
when we- consider the> highly contagious nature of the disease, and often
Its fatal termination is something for
which  we should  be-  thankful.
The other contagious diseases were
Mis-   |; ,n i handled in the usual manner.   Whoop-
on O ' Moon." |lng {'"ll;-rh ;in'1 chicken pox by exclud-
Glee Club!'n* ehilelren from infected houses,
from the schools; typhoid, by destroying all excreta from infected patients.
To -ir-vioit the spread of Tuberculosis I had houses in which infected
persons  had   eiicd   or   been   removed,
lorrether with clothing, etc., thoroughly disinfected before, again being occupied by healthy Subjects. All cabin*
bunk 'muses, etc., OCCU piled by Indians
vvorkln'g in the canneries or fishing on
ti!.. river, l caused to he thoroughly
scrubbed with a solution of Formal-
dehide.    As I was-convinced th it these
'Good    N'igbt.'
evening at the McNeely Hall. In the
[absence of President Davie, Mr. E. T.
���'iivert, vice-president, took the chair.
The presence of a strong deoul itlon
consisting of Mr. Dune-���, chairman
of transportation committee, and Mr.
T. S. Annandale, chairman of agricultural committee, and Mr. L. M.
Richardson, manager of New Westminster branch of the Royal Bank,
and formerly, of Ladner, from New
Westminster Board of Trade, helped
c-einsid-erably to*focuss the attention of
the Board upon the all-important subject of transportation.*
The  routine  business  was  disposed
of   with   the    utmost   dispatch,    after
which   the   chairman    welcomed    thj?
j deputation   and   they, were   voted   a
j seat in the meeting.
Fa eh _of the visitors then briefly
addressed the Board, explaining the
purpose of the visit as an effort to
get a better, understanding of the
wishes of the Delta Board of Trade,
so that the New Westminster Board
of Trade could the meire intelligently
co-operate as far as possible to secure
them. Of course, they were after the
business of the Delta and they were
heart and soul with any move that
would hetsp the business of British
Columbia generally. They recognized
that by helping the Delta they were
helping themselves and they respectfully submitted that steps be taken
to form a joint committee of representative members of the Delta and
New Westminster boards of trade to--
gether with others of the Vancouver
Board  of Trade, if thought desirable.
They earnestly desired there '
should be a very' free and frank discussion of the question from the Delta
viewpoint, so that they could get to
know the feeling of the Board on the
The friendly overtures of the visit- I
ing deputation were acknowledged by
Captain Brewster, chairman of transportation committee, and Mr. T. Lad- I
ner. The former, opening the discussion by remarking he saw no reason
why the Delta should not secure in
the n'ear future better service either
to Vancouver or New Westimnster,
which ever was best. Mr. Ladner,
who has taken a lively interest in
the question for many years, was
strongly of opinion that efforts should
be put forth immediately to obtain
a quick service with both places. This
was not a question of a day or a
year, but for all time. They were
within IS miles of Vanceiuver. which
offered   them   a   splendid   market   feir
'their products am!  he looked forward
ito   seeing   Vancouver,   Coquitlam   and
| New   Westminster  one- great  city,  and
I he was more than ever convinced that
a   belt   line-   tak-lng   in   these   districts
with     ths     Delta    was    the    feasible
soheme.    lie-  would  llke to ask  New
VVestirinster  Hoard  of Trade to assist
'he   l>i-lta  in  getting   e   bridge  SO   as
to  be in  touch  with  both  Vancouver
and New Westminster. Fx-lleeve
Kitson was of oplnl fi that if they
waited Tor a bridge they would wait
teen lung: he ad vocal,.,] going after
what roulel be got e Ury tirst. namely,
a line from Scott lto.ul em the Chilliwack line, the 1.1'. miles necessary
ceiuld lie laid ve-ry cheaply. Secure
this a.nel that could help to incerase
the trade between Delta and the cities
which at present was not enough to
warrant a bridge.
Mr. H.J. Hutcherson reminded the
company that the Delta raised nn*-
tenth Of the total produce of British
Columbia, and yet they were worse
off than the-y were. 2 5 years ago in
the  matter of transportation.
Mr. Lanning was in favor of getting
closer   to   New    Westminster,    but   he
was not prepared to do anything that
would in any way  mar the  prospects
of  getting   a   bridge   later.        If   New-
Westminster   were     so     anxious    for
trade, why was the SjS.  Transfer laid
off two or three months every  yeas'?
Councillor  C.    lirown   challenged   the!
meeting   to   show   how   a   tram   line-
would    ke,-p    a     bridge   back.        Neit
knowing   of   the    movements   of    the
Board   of  Trade   he  had. made   a  few
enquiries   on   his   own   ace-ount   with '
the officials of the B.C.E.'K. and had
been   told   that   the   1.14   miles   from
Scott   Road   to  Ladner  could   be   laid
down   for  $ ISO,000.        Mr.   Annandale
agreed that efforts should be made to
g-et  that  line.    He  was in  a   position
to say that there were three directors j
of   the  B.C.E.R.   with  a  sum   of   15,
million dollars to be expended  in new |
buildings and  lines  in  British t'olum- ,
bia now on their way out from Eng- J
land, and thought they should be approached   in   the   interests   of    Delta.
Mr. D. B. Grant thought now  was the.
time  to  stritfe  tor  a  bridge. '
Messrs.  McDiarmid,   H.   J.   Wilson.'
Dmbree and Wm.  Kirkland also took
part in the discussion. j
The   chairman   suggested   action   be
taken in accordance with the sugges- j
tion    of   the   deputation     from     New-
Ultimately it was agreed that
Messrs. 11. J. Hutcherson, T. Ladner and C. Brown be a committee
to meti representatives of the municipal councils and boards of trade of
Vancouver. South Vancouver, Pblnt
Grey, New Westminster, Richmond,
and Surrey, to me-et and eeinfer in
the   near   future.
The meeting closed with the usual
courtesies between the Hoard uf Trade
and  the- deputation.
Laci-oHsc Loonw Big for Another Season���Officers  l-'.livt-'il���Date of
Ball   hived.
The  Beaver   Lacrosse   Club   has  re-
e organized    for    another    season,    and
every'hing  points  to  a  most successful  year.
One great cause for satisfaction is
the fact that arrangements have been
made with Mr. Norman M-dOallum,
whereby the club will have- the use
of a lieid right in town for practice
purposes. One of the drawbacks of
the past has been the long distance
from the exhibition grounds, which
discouraged the boys from turning out
to practice. That particular difficulty
will be obv)ated this year and the
trouble of Insufficient practice, which
was very apparent last year, should
be eliminated.
Membership tickets are now being
sold and a healthy spirit of enthusiasm prevails.
The colors of past seasons will be
retained by the club; and the annual
ball will be held on March is. The
committee in charge of arrangements
is Messrs. J. Williamson. Ft. Wilson,
G.   Grauer,  A.   Scott,  H.   Brown.
The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows: Hon.
president, X. McCallum; president,
'no. Guichon: vice-president, w. h.
Taylor; secretary-treasurer. H. A.
MacDonald; manager. J. Williamson;
Club Captain, F. Guichon. Executive committee: W. McRae. W. H.
Wilson. J.  W.  Fraser, B.  F.  Douglas.
The Honor Roll for tin- Ladner S-linol
for tin- Month of January, (913,
Is as Follows:
High School���1. May Martin; 2, Roy
Anderson;  3, Fred Cederburg.
Senior Fourth���--1, Frances Mason:
". Catherine Reagh; 8, Arthur Roger-
���Tuni..r Fourth- 1, ViOlaf" Hoey; 2,
Roland  Dunning;   3.  Jennie   Rogerson.
Senior Third���1, Viola Richardson;
2,  Margaret  Wright;  3.  May  York.
Junior Third���tt, Evelyn Monkman;
2, Harold Siddall; 3. Lillian Taylor.
Second Class���1, Deonard Grant; 2,
Daisy Simpson: 3, Ada Deane, Oswald
Reagh  (e-qual..
Senior First���-1. Teimmy Foster; 2,
Annie   York;   3.   Alex   Eytein.
Junior First���1, Walter Lanning; 2,
Hallett  Reagh;   3, Harold  Lanning.
II. Primer���1. Stewart Gifford; 2,
Alex.  Calvert.
I. Primer A���.1. Albert Rogerson;
2. Fina Macdonald; 3, Frances Webster;  4.  May Stokes.
1. Primer B���1, Marjorie 1.aiming:
2.  Irene   Raker.
Mcl.ciiiin Lumber Company Asks for
Concessions on Taxations ami
Water Supply,
At the regular meeting of the Delta
municipal council, last Saturday, a.
communiention was received from tho
McLellan Lumber Company, outlining
their plans in connection with the
erection of their lumber mill and asking exemption rrom taxation for a
certain time and also for free water.
The matter was referred to committee.
The question of civic employees was
taken up and the clerk was instructed to advertise for applications for
the posltl ms .if assessor, road lax and
license collector, and police officer.
The municipal clerk, Mr. N. A.
MoD-iarmld, was appointed clerk of
the Board of Health.
Dr. A. A. King, the retiring medical health .'il'tieer, presented his report
for the nasi year, which is reproduced
in this issue.
A resolution was passed unanimously by the council, expressing highest
appreciation of Dr. King's administration of the I'epartment of Public
The fl.c. R. Railway Company,
thorusrh Mr. Cawker, wrote asking information as to which side of the
puhM ��� roads the council desired pole
lines to be erected for light and power
tr nsmission. Th�� clerk was Instructed to supply Mr. Cawker with a copy
of ���'*��� hvln��������� dealing w!th the matter.
H. Mitchell wrote protesting against
the water supply, and the matter was
laid over Until the next meeting, for
further debate .
Warren Oliver wrote objecting to
an account received for water oon-
'"    linns. The   letter   was   receive!
and   fyled.
Tenders for crushed rock were received from Messrs. Gilley Bros., of
New* Westminster, and the matter was
left in the hands of the Tleeve.
T'*r-re was a full attendance of the
council with the exception nf Councillor Paterson. who is at the present
time in the east for the purpose of
attending the Holstein Stock Breeders'
.ins of temporary resident a had be
ing," in  which the participants were-; ,..,,���,.   breeding   places  of   contagious |
MSedame"    Ellis.    Lanning,    Roberts, | diseases, especially tuberculosis, i was |
Nelson,   W.   Kirkland,   Misses   Skinner.    ,,,.   -, ,., .,.   ,|,:,t    t]-.j_   vvo*rk    was   thor-1
|Heath-Fox    and    '���������    L.iieiiaw.      This joughly  done   each   year.
Inumber was very funny. A11 infected Indians I had removed
Among  thosi-   who   assisted   in   the   bac"t   tn   their   reserves  from   whence
pr.igrumme- wife  the- Misses  Kirkland. ' , ,,.v   ,.,���,,..     |   claim   thai    w,    e-_nn"t j
"o-t;   Mrs   Wright,  solo;  John l-.-   too   particular  about   keeping  nut
Kirklanel. song;  Mr. Attyco. song. I these .aSes of tuberculosis which come |
Th.n   came  the  auctioning  o'f  the!,,   M_   _ach   J|ljr   ,j.ur*ng   tli.    fishing
baskets   by   Mr.   A.   Coleman.     Oni    "''   s,. .son.
the  baskets    possibly   for sentimental i     ln   regflrd   to   saniftrj    >.
i-ea.sons    fetched   as   hrgh   a.   J-4.50. |nocted with this office   under instru.   I
Xoboily begrudged thi   prices paid, as   ;i.,n,   ,. ,,,. ,.,,   rteevi   ind Council, sit-]
the viands contained therein were of ,;,,,, tta ., Board of Health, I visited
m.. :n..-t tasty--character and nv:s!i rj-^irfatown, and Investigated the sani-
Iquantities.       everybody      apparently Uarj    condition,    over-crowding,    etc.,
id  time..
Mr. M.i.kie.. aged 81, died on Friday
of last week at his ho'me on Sea Island, after a serlouj llln.ss. The deceased was one- of th- oldest residents
on the- Island,  having lived  there since
existing In thai  town.    ' made   i  full !
,, irt .it the time, I .-��� ther **j Ith sag- j
-osteins  as   to   h 'w   i  inditions   there
might  be Impr verd.    I  am sorry thai j
no steps have been  taken  to remedy"|
these con'dil Ions as yel
From  time  t.i time  '  made reports
t.i tiie. Schoo] Board r< g ird.ing the un- !
sanitary conditions of the toilets con-
There Is a growing need In l_adner
nf improved police service on.! it is
hoped that the council in appointing
its staff for th,. ensuing year will pay
more   all  rttloii   to   that   department.
During the past week several citizens have been greatlj ann >'i by
drunken strange.rs. begging (or bed
and board; women have, been accost
e,l on tiie sir, ets at niich:. doors and
windows have been tapped  upon, and]
.io: n ��� ���- ��� ry to put i
stopper on nonsensi ft that character.
It   would   hardiy  s, ,.,p   necessar*    tt
the jo e .-������ nt   time   to   pay   a   m in   to '
!���     ti    ill  his  time  to  the   pollei   ���'������ -
p  rtment,   bt*t   a   man   tn Ighl   be   en- |
gaged   t '   a.-s^st   the   munlcii
in his duties,  etc., and  make-  himself
generally useful.    A policeman would
thus  always   be  on   the  jeib.   and  the
town   being   - tnpact,   such   steps
should  result  In  very  much  Improved
conditions In every respect.
Tn connectiem with the recent death
of their baby girl, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Land %vish to thank their many
friends for sympathy nnd kindness received and to also acknowledge the
following floral tributes which were
laid upon the casket.
.Mr. and Mrs. J. Mill? and Family;
Mj*. J. B. Burr and family; Ancient
Order of United Workmen; Mrs. Hus-
bahd anil family: Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burr;
Maggie anel Willie Ollehrlst; Mr. and
Mrs. John Burr; Miss McDonald;
Margaret McDonald; Mr. and Mrs.
Chid-ell; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harris;
Mr. and Mrs. Blunden: Mr. and Mrs.
J. Johnston; Mr. E. Musty; Mr.
Findluy Murray: Mr. ami Mrs. John
Ha-rris; Mr. and Mrs. 1>. Price and
family; Mr. ind Mrs, Wm. Pybus;
Mr. and Mrs, J. Mason: Mr. D.
Gilchrist,; Or. and Mrs. King; Mr.
.itiii Mrs. U. Pybus; Mrs. Gillanders
and  daughter.
Mr. Flack, a well-known Manltol i
trotting horse owner and trainer, was
In town list week. iMr. Fraser. the
s ere tary of the loc'al turf club, took
him DUt to th.. race course and stables
with which Mr. Flack expressed himself as very much pleased. He proposes bringing oul a string if horses
for the oast racing circuit and will
in ill probability make Ladner his
lo adquarters.
Thi      tnei       if M rs    A     11 .   "���!
who  dbd   al   lo r   home    il     :
��� ni  Monday  last,  took   place   ���"   We rt-
- . iy,  R, v.  c.  .-.   ii
After the  usual  sen; ������  i-    VII S
! church,   the   remains
I to   Boundarj   B there !
: laid in, their
18*6. at which time he and bis tamilj   '"���������" <' with the different schools; these
cam.-   to   British   Columbia.    He   was   ahve during the. past year 1   en greatls
burn in  FvflYshiro. Scotland,  In   is::l.   Improved.    The condition-i existing al
Mr.    Mackie    was   one   of   the   best-   *<.���  Ladner ���*   ���    d  School   ��� ���  I
known and most highl]  respec.ed  s t-   ' - .���   : .  ',
tiers  In   the-  district,   and   is  survived   report   to   you   that   during   the
by tiv,. sons and  three daughters, all   year   an    up-to-date    sewagi     system
of  whom  re-side  In   British  Columbia.   --  "''ic   tank,   etc..   has   1 n   Installed.
  I This was made,  possible bj   the-  Instal-
i       ��-..,,-������, |,,,,|V ilation of the  water system.    I   would
_____ recommend   that   all   schools    where
Miss Edith Rich entertained a nun,-   wat"r la *~H*_M��- In   equipped in the
ber of friends at  her home on  Wed-   ���""',m'' n-lJ-
needey    evening.      Profp-essive    Run.] W.-ll l-:<iuipi��-d
was th- game, of the evening. There Or. King, who was at the council
were six taTiles in use-, and a most meeting reported verbally in addition
enjoyable time ensued. The winner to the. report presented in writing that
of the Iirst ladles' prize- was Miss the Ladner school now had the most
Florence Dord, and the tirst ge-ntle- : complete sy-te-m of toilets in Ladner.
man's. E. Ilutchersoi). The boOby The tlme had come when it was abso-
��� -izes were captured by Mrs. Hayes lutely necessary, especially in view of
and F.  Smith. . the  fact  that  the  district   was  on  the
After refreshments and been served   eve of fre?h development,
dancing was indulged  in  until a late I     At his own expense he had brought
Prominent Toronto  people   who  wrappel  In  each  other's arms,  in  the
sight of thousands who die]  their best  to save them,  were- swept  down on an
Ice   ll"-   to   the-   Whirlpool   rapids.   "VlagaTS   Falls,   where   they   were   drowned
together, or crushed  to deMth  between the swirling Ice Roes.
in  a  duly  qualified  sanitary   engineer
to   look     ., . :    thi    - : I '
also covered the ground with Dr.
Pagan, He bellei. d thut it wo I
quite Feasible th Install ���< system which
could be flushed twi.e a day fre.m
Cnilucfhan Slough, and running th'
refuse out to ei*-.-j> water. He rei im
mended thai a health area be m*pped
out nnd the residents within that territory taxed for sewerage impreeve-
In connee'tion with live, cases nf infantile paralysis whuh developed in
the- el.istrie-t. I >r. King maele special
reports t.i lhe Canadian Public
Health Department of Canada at i U-
tawa.     The article was read at  one of
the    iiepurt'rnent's    conventions,    and
highly approve.-d. and Dr. Kim; -e.e-
honored by being made an honorary
member of the department.
of  the  late   W.   Mason,    n  i   cai  ���
this   country   front   Oakdene,     -
shire,  Rngland.    She had ri iched
advai   ��� '    age    of    82    \   . ��� -    .. nd    6
months,   and   was    -     derftt
and  active   for  hi r  matui
She ��� ��� t;n. .
.rimes   Mason,    W.    Mason    md    Dr. I
Mas..p.   the  latter  of whom   is al   the
present   time   in   England;    and
: i ighte r. Miss Mason.
The "Mi     et was      vei
sent   In   I
of  the  family.
The pallbearer- were: Messrs. M.
Mi mis. W. -siddall, C. Davis, K i.oilier. S.   Morrow, .1.   Honeyman,
P__TTTION   I'.I.IM.   -li.NED
I     ���' "|-N|.-.
Mr. an l Mrs Fre i Hick lington
havi     ented I home al  Kerr - lale
and leavi th reek for Abbotsford
where they Intend spending the sum-
to. r al   Mr   H    '   Ington's fruit ranch.
The boys r>l '-ie- Eburne Lacrosse
Club have been very bti-y thi
two weeks pr ring fe.r what will be
one of Vie social events of the year.
They intVnd hokMng a concert and
dance on Friday evening. February
23.  in the Odd   )" Hows'   Hall.
The- activit;. In l.ulu Island real estate continues, mostly in the vicinity
of Brighouse tvl ri local agents have-
disposed     e.f    several     small     lots    of .Columbia   h iy    is   the   market   la   filled
\ petil Ion 1
ll n. Martin Burrell, Minister of Agr
tilture praying that the duty on hay
from the U.S.A. be made equal to
:N duty charged by thai country, i ���/. .
5 1.00 per ton. British Columbia has
... -ome the dumping ground foi
(Va-ahington dealers and its markets
slaughtered by thorn. At the present
time   there   is   little   sale   fe.r   British
I. id-ner, B.C.,  Feb.   15,  1912.
l'.1!-..-  Delta Time s:
Ma    [, thi   ugh th    med lun   o! your
useful    and    in:, '-es:Ing   �� tekly,
call   a ttentlon   to   the   m ed   of  pi
pr .'��� . Mon   .oi   the   strepts  of   La 	
On  Weill,. - ... ���.   evening  then      en    i
,  ei men   under  thi   Influence
...   nl -      irowling    rou
.    th        tin    e��      '     prson-
. em to a hotel
ghl      i''.       i iter    .ui
ni      vith rien        ve
I by a di the
i in  Thursd i>   :-" ri
... .
���r : lie Infl tei llquol       J (
naklng i
...-,��� ������ ��� ���
���p*v, Sir, sti lb -    i
mediately   to   -
s constable >uM
clear - ich objectionable
geni that   the
I    nn.   sir.   youi
"Pri i bi '\i' piubl-ic- i."
acreage during the past week.
j with Washington hay.
sl'l't I \l. MEETING.
A.   special
board    was   held    in    M ind I ���
I [lgh   Si h   ..     pi . ���
nn. .tier.  til. r, with, the m .  ������ ������
n is   take ���;    ip    on    or  two
;. iken of as di
cl led    upon   and   Tra ste<    Md !all am
... en   to \--.i  Wi ttminster to see s h il
could  iie done 111  the  matter ��(
lag it.
It la hoped thai be fore the summer
is  past  a  tin.-  building  will  be
��� lar-,. oi construction. THE DELTA TIMES
SATURDAY, FJ-J-R-'ARY ll, l��lj.
The Higgtlns Picture show was in
town Inst T'iiursday nigh:", They rented the 0|K-ra House ami pave an hour
anil a heilf's entertainment of high-
class educative and amusing films, The
first fa.voi-i'.e with the- audience was
ithe litai depicting life- in the Italian
navy; second being Sha'kespeaire'8
Othello, with tin- laugihiaibile sketch,
mad dog, a close tfhird. Mrs. T. Howard reiieli'i-cil a beautiful ballad to
the great enjoyment of the j�� ople
A gay company of daracbrs gathered
at the. Steveston Opera House on Friday evening at the second annual ball
of   l'he-   Catholic  Circle.       .Many   of   the
old timers participated in the sii'taii-
coming from mist of the a Ijaicent districts. Them usic furnished by the
Reynolds four piece orchestra was;
well up to the standard. Messrs. .1.
Loiforest ami 1) Reynolds ware very
thorough in their oversight of the
evening's      entertainment,      refresh-
ments    were      served      al       midnight.
Dancing eves oonftaued until ���''. a.m.,
the guests enjoying one- of the most
pleasti:n eivi mugs held in Sti veston
for siomc time.
The Steveston branch of the E"bnj*rne
Sawmills has added a In-avv draught
hi.r.sv and rig to Its eqUipcmen'. li is
their intention to aeld a le'nn .is SO n
aa trade warrants it ami roads are' .a
good condition,
Mr. tin,i Mrs, W. T. Walker and sou
of the Emporium are expected home
nil    llle'S.M.e    l,,.\l   ailef   lu.'ll*   pic   IveeKS
Bojourn  in California.
Mucii sympathy is felt for Mr. dmd
Mrs. /".. l.iite- and family on the loss.
of their son Barret Lutes, and 23
years, who died in Steveston on the
6tih inst. The funeral was held at
Mountainvieiw cemetery un Wednos-
eiay, ih,- Rev. Mr. Parker officiating.
A special car teml< a very large number of mourners (rom steveston to
Vancouver where t'lvey were joined by
Mr. Lutes' city friends. The palll-
beatrers were Messrs. Karl Murch-son,
N. Mjarahall, R. VorU, T. Slm-pson.
Mr. Th��� .lii.i.- Laird Mnekie, aged Si,
died   Friday   morning   after a  serious I
i'lncss.      The deceased  was one of the |
oldest residents mi Se-a  Island, having |
Tin--  Sncnk   Subsidy  to the  Ot, T.  P.
Which the Laurier Administration
Was Bcsponslblc for.
OTTAWA, Feb. 15.���Hon. W. T.
White yesterday put through a bl'l to
pay the Grand Trunk Pae-itic Railway
Company $10,000,000 sneak Jilbsldj
for which the- Laurier government, by
its careless bargaining let the country In.
In moving it the Finance. Minister
put tb.. duty of explanation up to thc
Liberals, who had a very bad time,
while the Conservatives drove home
tiie. Irnprovldence of the government
in 1904. After this Hon. Frank Cochrane revealed the fact that the transcontinental will cost J268,0O0;000 or
$143,000 a mile-.
Tn mining the si'conel reading Mr.
White saiel that lo- asked to make it
clear that responsibility tor this heavy
liability must rest with the Laurier
government. The public had been
shocked by the announcement and the
onus was on members of the Laurier
government to exculpate themsi Ives,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said thai If
i.i inn. there was to he, it should be al -
! i.���',,.,i to those ��im had be en In office
when ibe bargain was made, Tins
v ,,s an in. i.ii nt In th.- creation ol the
National transo'ctlnental. He acquitted the pre* nl government of any re-
the Laurier government, by Its lack of
energy, had failed to build the line
from Winnipeg to Cochrane. That lino
will not be finished for a year and a
half or two years yet. In Including
Mr. White referred to Liberal stories
that the Conservatives nre wearing
long faces.
II,. wished, he toll Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, that he (Laurier) could have
Seen his followers' faces when he rose
to make his elel'ense.
Finally Mr. White assured tho
House thnt If llie. government ever
uses tin. word "implement" again, it
will be in its agricultural sense. Tie
bill wis put through committee ana
read  a  third  time.
After passing the- (i. T. P. bill the-
ll.uisi went again into committee, on
the bill to reduce, the number of National Transcontinental Commissioners from four to one. Hon. Frank
Cochrane made, a statement showing
that   the  completed   rond   Is estim ,:.  |
t ist,   exclusive   Of   Interest.   $17],-
726,000;'and   that   thc  interest   would
bring  the  capital   coat  on Jnnuarv   I,
mil. up to $187,781428.    Adding li
terest an.l other charges, it  w:
by January   1,   1921,   1286,000,01 i
January 1   192 l. it  Will '-..st $258,450
nun, or $i 13,000 per mile.    About i6
per cent, of the grading is com]
and  1878 mii. - of track laid,
This statement so staggered tho
Libera     thai Sir Wilfrid  _-aurl< i   .
week.    The ie-e m
awful death.
the  utmost confidence,  thousands were taking
Ch lllce
iuntaln may be seen   to the  left of the  picture,   pr
,m   tile   Ice   lb-ids   be!
vieni.s to tin- breakup,
iw  Nlag ira
when  three
Falls all  last
pe-i's..ns met
VI \\   is   PBESIDEXT.
'�� "Strong Man" Is Elected
-.-in111 \   ami   Millie  Ileal  of
the- Republic,
lived  ther
LSSG,  at  w.hieh
J-.e and -his family came to British Oo-
liim.liia. He- -was born in Fyiteahiire,
Sootlamd, in 1831, Mr. Mackie iwtas one
of Uhe most respected settlers in phe
district end is sunned iby live .sons
nnd three daughters, till of whom reside in British Columbeta, They /ire-
Mrs. Slnclailr, Agassis; Mrs. T. bong
and Mrs. W. Williamson, Sea Island;
Mr. Win. Maokic, Aigasslz; and .John.
Thomas, Alexander anel Kobert, of Sea
Island. The rein.'ins were removed
to Messrs. Centre ,V I lamia's) i-hapel.
the funeral being held up Monday.
���The Rev. J. W. W-hite, of the Richmond   Presbyterian   church   officiated.
Realty is getting more- active e-ae-h
week, The Northwest Canada Trust
Company purchased over twenty aicres
of the P. Houston 'property on the
���corner eif Xo. 9 and No. 1 roads. The
purchased price has not lieen made
public. Townsite lots ane in pineal de--
*mani1 and local aefremts reip-O-t ihav'ng
disposed of several parcels of acreage
in the vicinity of Brtghouse.
The social department is as active
as the real estate bureau, as fair ns
dances are concerned. Owing to the
Success of their last function, the Li-
dies .have decided to bolil another of
their Leap Year dances on February
29,  in  Orange Hall.
The Steveston Opera House under
tihi-. auspices of the S. s. Club a I tin-
Oriirtge I! ill mi Xo. a r.i-i.l. under
the auspices of the Orange bod-" will
each be tiie seerte oi a nias.ii; rade
ball on March 16,
AlderiTKiii .los. and Mrs. Hen;.;*, of
New Westminster w r... the gue s ,,f
Mr. and Mrs. Jas, Md'iilLich, :..,. 2
road for a few* days.
miles from the Pay and two and a
half miles from the settlement which
was  partially  destroyed.
A large numuer of the residents
had .narrow escapes from drowning.
Thos-e who took refugee on the tevps of
their shacks were carried along by the
swirling tide, many of them only escaping when the broadening expanse
of wateT hurled their shacks to dry
land oh either side of the flood es It
made its way to Union Bay.
States the  Blaine Journal:
The report is current that the
transmission line ot the British Columbia Electric Company is being
constructed toward Lynden from Sumas und that the poles are now within two miles of that town. Coupled
with this report, a Vancouver business
man stated In Bellingham Wednesday thut this company would soon
apply for a franchise for a pole line
in the city of Bellingham, with a view
of entering that field.
These reports, coupled with the
well known fact that a man named
Cooke some time applied for a franchise in Lynden for electric lights
and power and the further fact that
Cooke ha= taken options on a power
site near Maple Falls, as well as a
site for a sub-station in Bellingham,
have revived the belief that the British Columbia corporation is backing
the Nooksack Valley traction line. It
is also well known that Cooke has
been working with J. E. Morrison,
manager of the Nooksack project.
iesldLh. .   rdtii:  hkfa b-n
The entire county will wait with
eagerness some announcement from
either company as to this matter, conceded to he thc- most Important that
has ever been contemplated. The
Nooksack people have succeeded recently in getting all of their franchises either renewed or extended,
.'uvl is in a position to push construction work rapidly as soon as the ne-
cessary capital is secured.
sp.insibility iu the matter.
The (A'holi   d-ffloulty was over inter-   , j  .���,,,. .,��� adjournmenl ol the ,]..',.���,
pretation, ��inch had been In dispute
[or some > e irs, The got ernmenl at
the lime had engaged the most able
counsel available, Messrs. Newcombe
and Shepley.
Mr.  MiiMiebi-.i asked why the g
��� rumen! had not put ;a u clause making the nn inlng clear.
���It |s easj to in- f. Ise after an
event," said  Sir Wilfrid,
Mr. Mid Metro observed that it had
been   pointed   out,    that   the
might  mean   a   cash  subsidy.
\'es. said the ex-I're mi.-r, Mr. Barker pointed it out.
Mr. Mieieiiebi-o pressed the point
tli.it when it was hinted that there was
ii possibility of such an Interpretation
it   would   llil\e   be'ell   Well   tO   Insert   all
amendment to make the point clear,
Th.- artist herewith illustrates from telegraph:.- descriptions tbe unsuccessful attempt tq rescpe the unfortunate tourists as they floated down the
sir.-am oh the ice Hoes', towards the awful Whirlpool cataract, where they
were seen to fall off in the- water among the giant icebergs,
in  the  maelstrom.
whirling about
Cost More Than Expected,
Hon. Prank Oliver took tiie- groin I
'.hat this was p trivia! matter compared with the acquisition ot the new
ranscontinental line. Be admitted
that the railway had cost more than
...d been . xpected, but 11 was letter
than if it had cosl half as much.
Mr. Meighen asked if the railway
was better because- the g ivernmenl
was paying ten millions, not the eom-
The money has gone into the reel.
answered Mr. Oliver, and the government i.s not undermining the country
In Baj Ing It.
Referring to the rein,irk by Mr.
Oliver that the obstruction of Conservatives in : 903 ii.ni delayed the Grand
Trunk   Pacific,   Mr.   White   noted   that
NANKING,   Feb,  5���The   National
Chines., assembly today eleoted  Vim i
Shi K.u former premier, president ol
: be i 'bines,, republic.
This aetion followed the' resignation
late yesterday of Dr. Sun Jfat s.-n as
provisional president lu*. Hun urged
his adherents to rally to ihe supporl
'oi   Yuan  Shi   Kai.     Despite contrarj
reports ii  is believed thai  Tang Shso
I Vi, who acted as "Juan's represent
tlve it 'lie- Shanghai poaci conference will be made prime thlnlsti i
Tang Shao Vi. it is said, declined the
proferred premiership, but ii is believed Yuan will be abb- to obtain his
ae ptaneo.
Dr,   Sun    Vat    S.p    will   retail.
presidency   until  Yuan Shi Kai Is I
augurated and his cabinet name I,
The si lection  of  the-  ministers
scheduled for tonight   in his lettei
the  National  Assembly Dr. Sun snv-
"Vunn  Shi   Kai   is  a     man.   ot  I
strnctive ability ami one  upon  who
a  united  nation  louks hopefully. T  ���
happiness ot the    country    depends
upon your choice,    Farewell."
i'uan  shi  Kai's  failure to com.
Nanking has caused many to oppoi
him  fearing he  plans a military  dictatorship.
Bui'-t'iii:   Diiin   Destroys Mirny  F   iim-v
���Several  Lives Reported  l.o-t
at Union, B, C.
VICTORIA, Feb. 12.���The burning
of a dam at 4 small lake near aion
Bay on Saturday afternoon let -ose
an immense Hood of water, which
swept down the valley, destroying t"
dwellings, with a property loss variously estimale-d at 1 etween $20,00 i
and $30,000, Seven persons, all of
w-hiom are believed to be Chinese, are
Tbe accident occurred about 5'.30 p. i
in., when, through the heavy rains, tin-
dam, used by the Canadian CoWeries,
Limited, in generating power'tor their
plant  at  Union    Bay,    collapsed,     A
huge wall of water, gathering impetus
j-with  each   succeeding   minute,  gwepi
lilo.vn thei valjey.    The resident- o�� the
'district  known  at  Chinatown  had  but j
fi-.e minute-s'  .yarning of the Impending   disaster.      Many   e.f   them   (led   to I
the surrounding    high    land,    while
YtTriTs sought refuge on  the tops of
thei:'  '.:   ��� t s.       '.'.".... ..  I .     ...���'..   ���<���   .-
eel the- settlement lis depth was tistl-
iiisite-el at fifteen feet Tiie dwellings
whi.h were mostly of th< shack va-
triety. were broken up like mlat-b
-wii.oii. and carried ailontg on the ere I
of the wa\.. being hurled aside in
ruins as the valley broadened and the
tide of wated emptied itself into the
eea. The Chinese a.nel Japanese sections in the district are reported entirely destroyed. Other buildings
which shared in the ruin, were Uie
co-operative store', th, main business-
house of the district, and the government telegraph station. The coal
rninkers were also damaged, but not
.-eriousiy. Telegraph and telephone
wires were carried away and communication with the affected district
Conflicting accounts of thc occurrence reached Victoria, one received
"by the telephone station at Cnion Bay
-stating that but e,p-> Chinaman a is
missing. Tlic la*ke from wtbich power was generated for the collieries ls
a small unnamed body of water about
a mile in length and half a mile In
breadth-      it   is   situated   seme,   four
Within   the  Past  Two  Months  They
Bave Ordered Over Two Hundred Locomotives.
TORONTO. Feb. 13.���Canadian
railways within the past two months
have ordered 26o new locomotives, re-
presentlng an outlay of $4,000,000.
The greater number of the engines
are- for use on the prairies.
The Grand Trunk have also placed
a large order for rolling stock, according to advices received from Winnipeg by the Vancouver office. To
handle the im-roenes freight business
offiTing 1000 freight cars are included
in the. order,   These will include:
Two hundred and fifty refrigerator,
40 tee t long. 50,000 capacity, from Canadian I 'ar an,| Foundry Co.
Two hundred anel fifty refrigerator,
to feet long. 60,000 poudns capacity,
fr..m American Car and Foundary Co.,
Tl . hundred and fifty automobile
Steel underframc- cars, 10 feet Ion*.,
80,000 icmnls capacity, from American ( _J and Foundry e !o., i'. troit.
T \ . hundred en l fifty steel under-
frame cars, 40 feet long, 00,000 pounds
ipacity, from Amen, an Oar and
Fnundr.  Co., Chicago.
Delivery of these cars arc to com-
tn a ��� In Apii. 1912, and to be com-
pleted at the rate of twenty-five e-ar*.
per day. The Grand Trunk Pacific
evidently intend to be properly equipped U'r th.- opening of the "Transcontinental line.
Shiloh's Gun
BBLLINGHAlt-, Feb. 7���The Whatcom County Railway & Light Company have tendered the < ity a cheque
for $1,126 In payment of the percentage diie upon the earnings if certain
lines udner the franchises granted
some time ago. According to the
schedules presented to the council by
the company the earnings on the main
line, Fairhaven division, were $64,-
192.59 last year, as against .{���',5,527.15
in 1910. On the Happy Valley line
the earnings last year were $6,084.10,
as against $5,542.35 ln 1910. The
earnings of the Harden street "ine last
year were $12,135.45 and in 1910 they
were J12.5S4.20. On the the North
street line last year's earnings were
$23,014.30 m against $24,193.10 In
From the Toronto News*.
The  Provincial    governments    must
not  be  encouraged   to  seize  upon  "tiie
promised   Federal  grants  for ngr'cul-
turul  purpose's as an excuse to reduce
thc Provincial appropriations in aid nf
agriculture.       Agriculture    will    .not
benefit   if   tihe   money   placed   in   one
pocket is taken out of tihe other.    The
situation   throughout   Canada   is  just
th.s.    The  cost of  living  steadily  Increases iarg-'ly    because    the farming
community .cannot extend  the volume i
of Its :prnductionsat    all    i,n    keep ngl
wHh the growth  of population.     The !
heavy   inilux  of  immigrants    to    the]
Western   plains   has  not   lessened   tne I
shortage     of     food     supplies.      The
nciwcomers    devote      -hemselves    te> I
wheat cropping, and the West imp .ns j
it-- dairy produce, and even its meats
���u-.d  veige'tni'ib'S from  <Mlture> and else.- j
where.      The  proportion  e.f  live  stee-k |
to the population has fai Ir n off mater- I
ially  despite  the  hig-h   prices  obtain- I
able for cattle, sheep ami hogs.
Recognizing these conditions the
Dominion government hns undertaken*
to stimulate asrriculture l.v liberal
money grants for n-r'oulturul education, good ro ids and the supply of
farm labor. Northern Ontario hopes
to benefit as much as any part of the
Dominion through this expected Federal   assistance.      The   oirW-r   parts   of
I the province should likewjpe derive
material   advantages   from   Mr.   l'.or-
' den's   departure.       First-class   high-
1 ways, a closer rural settlement, the
Importation   ot   farm   lands,   and   the
[extension of practical agricultural
education is certain to Increase the
output of the farms, Improve the fin-
'anilnl   position   of   thc   farmers-   -i.nd
I'.li.'i'it tin. hii-Ji COS) of living in cities,
These    eery   ele-iraibie    ends   will    be
achieved here and In other provinces
!���-   the   Provincial    governments    ���'"-
... i . ���    ..tn  . ...���   i'.... e*.,    .-���
a  gr-ncrous sprit.     Tt  would  be sheer
folly  for  Ihe  local  leg'sla-tures  to accept  the   Ottawa   appropriations  ae�� a
reason for lessening tiieir own grants,
What   they  should   do  is   match   the
IFederal appropriations    with    corres-
eor.eiin-r  lucre ises-  lm   the   funds  they
themselves  set  aside   for  agriculture.
I Mr   Borden will be well advised If hw
I insists  that  th"  provinces  meet   him
I half way. The shortage and high c >kI
jof  ordinary   food   supplies   iu  a   food-
growing country demand effective co-
i.peu-.ition  between  the  Provincial n.nd
Dominion capitals.
Mrs. House
Stop Cleaning Smoky Lamp
Chimneys  and Old  Burners
Our N.w   L-amp   Burner   will
clear, white light.
in   r
idm i
11  nl
ej es,
s  an>
to    wash   e
give  light  six  ti ���,, a aB  much   .,-
u   can   turn   light as h;gh   us
ght.     No  bad   smell
lie  of  Kerosene  oil,
Always  clean.    Burn
you want  t.
on   K
Bts   any   N*.
the   -.bi   ��
lamp burner, and i
moke ohimney. You
even  light, does  not
imp,   no   mantle   to   break,
Will      1,1st
years    tnadi
no   black
best      Steel
Our Guarantee
Send  ns
lN"iiti:\Mi> I.xpouts.
SEATTLE, Feb, 15���F ; I und
exports for the month of January
were the largest In the history of the
Sound collection ilisttie-t. Tiny were
more than double the exports of any
previous month, the total figures being $0,17.*.,st:;.   From this city gooeis
valued   at   $2,623,683   were     shipped,
while- Tacoma Vtxa a close second with
irner  60
ui  ever saw
cents In coin or monej order, .\n,\  we  will  send  you  one  "f Die
. an.l if you don't say it- is the best  .amp burner
11  .. . ,,,-ed. Just  writ,   us a postal card slating you ar,- not satisfied with !n
Thi.- ia the best burner yet,    All  we ask
satisfaction _    year  or  give  you   new  mie free
mr  money.
oi  to give  ..-  a  Lrlal
burh**ra  pre-paid.
and you are nol
��� win promptly return
We guar,int. e burner
Wo will send ;i burners prepftlr St.no.
���8 Gun
���\ATIn.\AI. UtMIT CO., N'ei. . . .
Baraga, Michigan,
Enclosed   Bnd   35   cents   for
which   send   mr   one   ot   your
'..... .   !..- .:  Lamp  Burners per
your Advertisement, with Understanding I 'mi use I'.urner 60
days ami if I am not well pleased
with   same .   my   money   will   be
Name  of Grocer of your City.
National Light
t )
P. 0. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER,  -   -   B.C.
All Alode-n Conveniencies, Newly Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample  Koom
American and  European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   tump   Coal   for   Sale
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 vm., second and fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
Service at 7.30 p.m.; Friday evening,
Litany at 8.80, I*e>-. C. C. Hoyle,
Church service** will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
November 14, 1'iu.: Parochial nm
at 10.38 a.m.; Sunday school, 2 p.m.;
evening devotion, 3 p.m.; low masm
fite follo*ivliig Monday, 6 a in. W
Klentz, D.L., parish priest.
Method 1st.
Services next Lord's Day at 11 am
and 7:30 p.m.; class meeting, aftei
the morning seivicw every Sunday;
_ Sabbath school at 2:30 p.m. every
j| Sunday; prayer meeting every Wed-
i?v nesday evening at 7:30. Kev. J. H.
Wright, pastor.
St. Andrew's I-reehyteiian.
Services nest Lord's Pay at 11 a m
and 7.30 p.m.;  vrttk night services on
Thursday evening at 7.30 o'cloek.  Kev
J.   J.   Hustle,   minister.
Sabbath services.���Crescent Island,
I p.m.; Sundayeehool, 2 p.m.. Lad-
a��r, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school at 11
i.m.; prayer meeting on Wednesday
*t 7:30 p.m. Rev. C. R. Blunden,
Stock - Taking  Sale
We are offering bargains in
Boots and Shoes well worthy
of your consideration. Come,
see and he convinced.
Boots t   Shoes
Custom Work a Specialty
Copyright hy American Press Association, 1911.
1'a.pt. Stewart, of Bburhe, waa a vi.-;
tor  in   town   nn  Thursday.
�����.    .��.    .��.   -��.
Delta municipality is situated at
tho mouth of the Fraser river in the
finest agricultural district in Canada.
The  -hlet   interests  In  the  Delta are
��� farming, e'airylng, fruit culture. mar-
Beet gardening and horse breeding.
I The   shipping   facilities   by   rail   and
��� boat to tne markets of British Co-
jhimbia ai   I tha .States are  unrivalled.
��� The crop yield is the largest per acre
��� In Canada, in the year 1909 between
140,000  and   60,000     tons    of   produce
��� were raised   In     the     Delta    district.
��� Along the south bank of the Fraser
���river there are sites for all industries.
Board    of   Trade ��� President,    A
j&Davle;  Secretary, W. H. Wilson.
I  Justices of the Peace���R. K. Kittson
fc.   D.   Benson,   11.   J.   Kirkland,   Wm.
"t:. Curtis, J.  li. Burr. J. McKee.
I (joronors���Dr. A.A. King and Dr.
yj.    Kerr   Wilson.
I  Medical  Health i 'tin-i r---Dr.  Dudley
I fchool Board���Chairman, S. Wright
h% Robertson, A. del:. Taylor, I, Mc-
*Ca ! nn.     S.-e-rr-i.-ii-v,  X.  A.  McDiarmid.
I Farmers'     Institute���President,    T.
��� n*ii.; Secretary,  N. A.  MoDlarmld.
��� # Delta Farmers' Game Protective
Association���President, John McKee;
Hei-retury,  II. J. Hutcherson.
T Delta Agricultural Society���President,  II.  J.   Hutcherson,   Secretary, A.
]|(R. Taylor.
Member of Parliament���J. D. Tay-
r. New Westminster.
Member of Loca' Legislature���F. J.
acKenzie, New Westminster.
1'oat Sailings���SS New Delta,
ives Ladner every day for Steves-
n at 8:.'"0 a-m., and 3:30 p.m.. con-
ectlng with the BOER, for Vaa-
uver. Returning leaves Stcve-ston
,t 9.:.0 a.m., and 4:30 p.m. S.S.
ansfer leaves for New Westmin-
er daily, except Sundays, at 7 a.m.,
d returning leaves Nrw Westmin-
er at 2 p.m., reaching I-idner at
:30 p.m.
Railways���Great Northern leaves
Jort  Guichon   Sally   for   New   West-
Slnster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.;  re-
rnlng leaves Vancouver at 2:30 p.m.
���Machlng  Port Guichon about  7.30  p.
K I-ulu [aland ftrnne-h, O. 11. Frainklln,
Jjc.i,il Manager; Vancouver to Kburne
tUliel Sti.\e*>ton���itars l<-��ve Grainvllle
���tr. ft De-pot (at north end of bridgp
���Ver Falsi- ('reiki -.it t;:."0 am. end
fcotirly   until   10:30   p.m.     Kpecial   car
s tear   I-il'iirne-   at   (1:00  a.m.     Cams  leave
Ptt\is:,n at (1:30 n.m. anel hourly un-
Ml   10:30   Sin      Sunday  Kervie First
mwT'- ;. a\ i e-ithi r term in ns at S:30 a.m.
Bpur.y wr, ii e the-ritefle i* iint.l Io:30
fost (ifTlcc���Hours ! a.m., to 7 p.m.
Mall for Vancouver close at 3 p. m.
For New Westminster and up river
points at 6.30 a.m. Closed all day Sun-
I Municipal  Council meets Municipal
-Hail. L.-nliicr, on the 2nd and 4th Sat-
^^pdays in _ach month at 2 p. m.
re  the  members  of  the
Spring Machinery
Potato "Planters,   Cultivators  (1,   ���;  and   3  horsei,  Garden  Hand
Drills and Cultivators (Planet Jr.,   etc.),   Plows   of   ail     descriptions.
Disc   Harrows,   Manure  SpreadeVs,   Seed   Drills,   Lanei   Rollers,   Fan_
ning Mills and Baggers, Waggons, Buggies and iDemocrats, Gasoline Engines (Fairbanks, Morse and International), Chaff Cutters.
Incubators and  Brooders  (Cyphers and JubP.ee--.>
E. T. CALVERT, Agent
Uhe *Delta U*
Via Steveston and
Dally���In Effect Octolier 1.
Leave Steveston���9.30 a.m.;  4.30 p.m.
Leave   Ladner���S.30   a.m :   3.30   p.m
B Following arc
8 Reeve���Join
Councillor*���C.  Brown.  H.  D.  Ben-
W.  A. Kirkland. li. Lewis, A.  D.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
Mares, Geldings, Chickens,
Pigs, Implements and Effects
Comprising   2   broi .1   mares   In   foal,
1 heavy elrurt fillies rising 2 years,
i tin'y (driver) eking _ years, 2 heavy
draft gel.lings rising ! years, - heavy
ih-ifl   sucking   e'olis.   .   S..H--.   .",   dozen
chlokens, binder, seed drill, mower,
McCormick rake-, cutaway and .scratch
harrows. 4-Inch tire wagon, hay fork,
pullies* anil 200 '��� ��� ' ' de, - sets of
heavy harness, grindstone and frame-.
platform scales, democrat, buggy, 2
14-foot gates, 6S0 lbs. Magnet separator, Do Laval separator, shovels,
forks, tools, etc.! al! the property of
Mr. R, Lm Handford.
1 pony, buggy and set of harness,
harrow, binder, hay press, horse rake,
plow. hiirni'ss, M.igm I -��� -par.itor,
churn, s.t ot platform scales, anel assortment of tools, ihe property of Mr.
Myro.ni Wharton, which MR. II. N.
RICH will sell by auction at Mr. It.
L. Handford'a farm. Goudy Road, two
mile's easl of Ladner, on
Tuesday, February 27th
tl two b'eloi k,
Auction i 'fii.'cs. Ladni r, I'..C.
Iiiioi porati il 1910.
We are prepared to install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance in connection with
>ur service.    Apply tc
A.   DeR.   TAYLOR.   Sec.
Horses,  Dairy  Cows, Implements and Effects
Comd}rising one team, or" mare 10
years old (-400 lbs.* and one ivrse
11 year* .. o (1800 ' ���-.) and one team
by "Royal Citizen" ..." ;: year-old gelding (1400 ' - ' and filly, 3 years old
(1400 lbs. i. 1 fresh COW, 4 years old;
1 cow, 7 years Old, due to calve on
March 1st. 2-year Old heifer, with
calf; veal ... f, 4-inch tire wagon, hay
rack,  democrat  wiih  two  seats,  new
buggy,   sel   ol   I .-���   harness,  set   of
buggy harness, Massey-Harrls binder,
Deerlng mower, two-horse broadcast
seed drill, 12-Inch plow, scratch harrow, pots! .to*. Planet junior seeei eiriii, ind cultivator,
Magnet . r. ...m separator (new),
No. :! Daisy h urn, md s mtsi ells ne -
ou.s assortment ol tools, which MR.
H. N. RICH has received instructions from Mr. A, Lindseth, who lias
sold his farm, to sell by am lion, on
the premises, 0. B, Main Road, l '_
miics west ot Ladner, on
Tuesday, February 20th
at two o'clock p.m.
Au.-;Ion   Offices    Ladner,  B.C.
New Westminster. B. <*.
Mantifacturer of
AI,K and all kinds oi
Your Patronage Solicited
Personal   application
celved by the Delta mrualclpal couni
j  up till Saturday,  February ���".th   it
o'clock    p.m..   for   the   positions
. I Assessor,  Road Tai and  License Ci
lector  .111,1   Police  Constable.    App
cants to state salarj  required.
By order,
N.    A     M. MI Alt.Ml 11.
Ladner, l-v .. i *.. j:��� i t. i-. m .���
noi'k i: TO HORSEMEN.
\\".   Burri        ati   .f  the  McKen-^
stabli s. is prepared lo cltp, break an l
train   horses,    Apply  Clarke's   Blacksmith   Si:  |]
I"' IR SAL__--Ob ranlsed Iron wate r
tank; neai evt. 1 Colds 174 Impi -
rial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
At, kMe Frtnch regulator: never fells. Tlic��e
pill-t are excee 1 i i i vreffnl to regulating the
genei-atli*��� portion ol tin- female lystem. Kefuiee
nl] cheap imitations   Dr. deTwi'i .n- s
, *.', a 1. .\. or three Im 110.    M-iit '. i i ;m\ a l!o -   .
I'lia S-oboJ! I>rlJB ""o.. St. �� Mtt.ai li .'���   ��""
Tom Tomklns. the son of a rich
pinker, having no oc-asion to work,
went abroad. He landed at Naples
nnd took n train for Rome.
The railway coaches over there are
built   in   compartments,   and   in   a
compartment  with  Tom   was  a  lady
traveling with her ruiiid.   The mistress
appeared to be a hlshhorn tfanip, and
her maid treated her with unbounded
reverence,    The two  conversed  in  a
foreign language, though Tom, not being   a   linguist   himself,   couldn't   tell
whether it wns Italian or French,   It
might have been Latin for all be knew,
Tom tried to get some Information
j from the conductor, but failed, and tlic
lady kindly came to his assistance In
i broken  English.    This started a con-
I venation between lier nnd bim, during
I wlil.-ii ii came out that she was tbe
Princess  Bobbelonl and tbat be was
j Mr.  Thomas Tom kins of the  United
States.   Furthermore, Tom let out during the riele to Ite.iiip that his father
was   mi   American   millionaire.     M
didn't  tell it In so many  words,  bul
managed to get it in so that be might
���bow   something  to   make   him   se-em
I worthy   of   the   notice   of   an   Italian
And here it should bo explained thnt
princes  and  princesses   In   Italy  don't
I necessarily belong to the royal family.
j Italy   formerly   was   broken   up   into
Ismail   trnf-'is  or  principalities.    They
are now united In a kingdom, but their
1 princely families retain their titles.
I.  Before  reaching home the  Princess
| Bobbelonl became very gracious to Si
j giior Tomklns, as she called bim, nnd
I invited  him  to  visit  her  In  her villa
on the outskirts of Itome.    But lie was
: not to call for a week, since the place
( had licjn closed and needed to be open-
j ed.    She took his address aud prom-
; Isc-d   to   send  him   hers   later.    From
I Something she said Tom gathered that
| She desired time to ask the American
minister something about him.
Tbe  week  passed, and Tom  waited
Impatiently nt his hotel without receiving any word from the princess.   But a
couple of days later a liveried servant
!called and presented a little note with
:a crest on  it containing an  invitation
, for o o'clock English tea at her villa.
j Tom   presented   himself   at   the   hour
named and funnel the lady in a sumptuous home.
"Ah.  Sighor Tomkins,"  she said  in
| charming broken English. "I am glad
; to see yon.    1 confess that having met
I you as a stranger I thought it prudent
to make inquiries about you.    And  I
i am happy to announce that they have
I resulted satisfactorily.    If there were
titles in your country you would be at
1 least a baron."
"Thank  you  very much," said Tom
I In bud Italian.
"How quickly you are picking up our
I language," replied the princess.   "You
will soon apeak It like a native."
Tom   drank   tea   with   the   princess,
spending a  delightful  hour with Jier;
j then she dismissed him. saying:
"I will be happy to hnve you meet
some of my friends. Let me see���this
evening there ls a court ball; tomorrow
j I dine with the Duchess of C'hevriui;
Thursday I am free. Have you any
engagement for that evening?"
Tom said he had. but he would break
ft for the inestimable privilege of
meeting the princess' friends. Ills
evening was free, but with true American instincts he didn't propose to
cheapen himself.
On the proposed evening Slgnor
Tomklns presented himself at the
princess' villa and was introduced to
several princes, an English duchess,
who was found useful as an Interpreter, and other magnates They were
nil very civil to Teim. considering that
he was a titleless American, and he
was delighted at mingling for the flrst
time in his life with a real aristocracy,
Card tables were set. and the princess
proposed bridge whist Tom was honored by being placed at tbe hostess'
table and especially so by having her
for a partner. One of the gentlemen
proposed to innko the points .*. francs,
but the princess would not consent 'o
more than a franc.
Tom did not wonder that Bhe objected to a sizable stake, for she proved s
very poor player Sbe and Tom began to lose with the firs*t game nnd
losl steadily Then tbe prini ess -g
I ti red that she had lost 2.600 francs, or
.<."i��i This seemed t<< trouble her. aud
she proposed to make the points stand
for hi frun '8 each in order tee recoup
Tom was a loser equally with ber, but
!>iid not object. Meanwhile refreshments were Rerved, Including wine
As tbe princess lost she kept proposing to double tbe stakes, uml at
Imldnjgbt Tom found himself playing
for $20 a 'point anel had lost JT.OOO
i His partner was plunging desperately
to re'imln ber losses and raising the
stakes with every plunge.   Al '���'��� In tht*
mornlng   Tom   und   the  princess   were
leers each  to  the amount of $25,000,
and Teim. who nsunllv r d drink n��
[much as any one, found himself affected by the wine. At daylight he
L'ave' checks on his bantfers for his
|.ess,.s. and. as t!n> princess begged him
io do the same, for her, in. consented.
The next afternoon Tom woke up
jnnd went to his linkers, to lind that
he hail given checks for .st.'.ooo
1 This didn't trouble him. but when
'ha went to the princess' villa to leave
n card be Found It deserted. It had
been hired feer the occasloq. His Introduction to aristocratic European
I society bail bi'e-ii e-ostly, and the so-
cio'y bad been swiudlers.
W, *V.  Forrest, of th.. k, lly, Douglas Ai* Co.,   was .in   town  on Thursdaj
ii  business.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Dave   McKee   left   the
��� the w<   k   .:. a , Isil to Califor
Car of Bran and Shorts arrived at
Fox Bros.' i ire house; now ' .- sale
Prici s right. ������
-.rat-class music supplied for
dances, banquete, etc. Apply Howard
Bros.,  Ladner,  B.C. ������
'I'. G. Tennant went to Vancouver
j on Sunday and ret irm d to I. idner mi
Dr. A. di i:. Taylor and ll. 0.
Lambert are among I ... m< -: n ��� ent
automobile ���-.\ ner��  In thi    listrli t.
 __, ���
Pel      Lefi tnisfor-
tun. his j ivf   fr -,. ;i    ,
���  ��� Improi in_ nice
Hospital, New Westminster.
Mix* I ��� i: inden, wl I . ���
t Isitli g hi r paaents, Rev. C, R. an.l
Mrs. B linden, In i ompany with her
friend Miss Tudor, of Vancouver, return! ii Rome to the city on We Ini s-
day last.
W     .Mi!1, ar   ami   family   apenl
e*> k end in the Royal City.
Miss (;. Dove haa been the gne*;
of Mr, and Mrs. k. *j*. Calvert during the pa ;  week.
Mr     E,   T.   e-       ������   ������
UP for the post ���        j. .     ..;;.,     ...   -
.utile k of la grippe.
Miss Edith Rich si enl the week cn#
In New Wi tminster, i ��� ���,, Miss iiork-
rill, and took in the "Doll Shoi
Hauch-   Born   on   February  ^th.  U
Mr.  and   Mrs.   c.   \v.   p.   Hauch     a
I Messrs. Coulter and McMahon, of
Vane mver, representing bhe Bankers'
Trust Corporation, In conjunction with
Mr. E. T Doug! is, have bee n -��� 11-
Ing considerable stock in the .li-:-: ���
this  .veek.
���I    ���' ihnson, ������ ho      gi   dually recovering  ' rom  s   bad   ittacl     if  pleui I
���' d  by  rheumatism and  se
n \        ��� .    r on Tue iday, retu
ing Wed in sdaj.
A  grand i mcert and  danci    trl
11 it Point R
��� ie    ���   ening    il    Feb.   17,
Hekla      nglng     icl  ' ���   ol   thai   p tc<
���   ii r  ���������; i.i in.a-  pi op ...
��� ���.   ..nt.
\: i mi etlng ol iii.' .fii i.i] board
of the Methodist church held last
We Inesday afternoon, the pastor.
!:��� ". .1. II. U'rii<!it. roceh ed a ur^
inimous Invitation to return to tbe
clrcull  for a  fourth year.
In the   I '��� 1: i  hotel  a  new I  lephone
I ' ii has been built for the convenl-
' ence   of   o*uests.    A   new   bar   Is    i - i
j being built by Mr. W. Chapman, and
i- abi m re miy for in.-: .   itioi
Tt Is rumored that steps wii! shortly
i.e- taken to secure the appointment
of a  stipendiary  magistrate in  Delta.
Sue 1:  ,i i,  ainiolntmi.-.-   -e   ���    '..    .-.   .��� .n:
cd by all  lot ers of law a nd ordi r.
Root's cant ita, "The Shi p erd
King," will be rendered in the Mc-
v- ��� Hal] "ii Friday, March the- first.
The soloists are among- the best pro-
curable t the c iast and the choruses
are lf an excee.iin-;:;.- muirfcal and
pleasing ��� haracter.
Citizens are loudly c implainlng ol
the excei dingly poor pressure iff ird-
��� 1 by the water system it present
In many of the houses i*. is Impossible to secure a drop of n at( r il ni��h;
anci   '> ��� *"���   '-; tie  during  the  elay.
Mrs. Housewife: Stop cleaning old,
smokj lamp chimneys. Send (or on*
of our n-w ::.;-.��� ..| lie now. - While
Light Burners. Cut m ' the coupon
in our big id, in this papei todaj
National   Light  Co. "
A meeting of the members and adherents     ���   ���       Met!        ���     hur -h
Ladner   i ircuit   is   being       ���". :     for
March ".th to vote on the  sstion of
union, to discuss the- present tin;.-,    tl
I standing of the- church, and to arr  ���
and adopt a  financial system for the
neu- church year, commencing May 1,
The Rev. Mr. Hoyle, of Uie local
Church of England, delivered a most
comprehensive an.' Interesting address
em ''Read*ing" before the Epworth
League Society, of th.- Methodist
church, last Wednesday evening. The
meeting-, which was arranged by the
Literary anel Socia] Committee of this
Sociely, is one of a a rie - for which
the committee hope to arrange from
time to time.
T ���     ithletlc   club  is  installing a
punch    bag,    wrestling     mat,     trape-ze
bars Roman rings, etc., and has also
ri ��� I. ed .i n. ... gel if boxing gloves.
Pre paratlons for then vaudeville con-
��� !*: on the 23rd of F&bruary arc well
under way and a whole bundle of
'aughs Is promised.
Qi irrelsome d*ogs about town who
ins -i ' n keeping up their noise ��r"
night, fi re "/sing the ire of resi-
dents if the main business thoro.are.
l'i ess these troublesome barkers and
si rappers '.urn wisdom or their eiwn-
ers ad-op- corrective measures, ihey
(the dogs) may. some of them, make
a hurried trip to doggie's paradise
_om<    if th. s,   ,iark evenings.
Thi B \ Social held under the direction ..." the Ladles' Aid .Society o_
the Methodist church, last Tuesday.
was .i KTe.it Buccess, and about $ce
���e.i- netted fe.r ihe funds of the so-
clety. The present, object of the
Ladles Aid Soclertj is to lit up a bath
room In the parsonage, and to make
Improvements in the church.
.1 .
Delta  Hotel.
''.  Jackson, Vancouver.
R.   Fleming.  Vancouver.
Wylie,  Vancouver.
J.   Lord,  Vancouver.
Riddle, Vancouver.
F, Schneider, Vancouvi r,
Cressard,  Vancouver.
Reid, Portage la Prairie.
A.  Wilson,  Vancouver.
,1.  Shield,  \'iiii.-..uver.
W .   W v,  M.D.,  Vancouver,
II.  Home, Victoria,
MoMah in   i nd    vife,   V inc   ivei
E,   i 'oulter,   Vanci uver.
W.   Forn st,   Vam ouver.
W.  Wllliamsi Vancouver.
i'.. king,  Va nco ivi r.
Hei matin, Vane iu\ ��� r.
II \l DWi:  RTEl'RXS.
BERLIN, Fi b. 13, Reports that
the mlsolon I i ' lerm my of \ Iscoun
ii.iiii.iiie. Bril -a -������ i ������ tar; for wai
had   been   a  failure circulated
on th    i >' ii���-.   ' ids i rlbuted
to the pi evallln_   ��� ��� ���    i  - - and  pessl-
mlsm.   '! in- rumors were        I  -���
how e*. ��� r.    Vis 'oum   Ha Idane returni i
to London ii ��� ���,.,.,-   ,
. ���   - Htm
proposals,   no     Pharta        8   '   ���    fs  :
::i ii   thesi    have    nol     ��� :   bi en   com-
munlcat.d   to   thi      ���:- rm in     '��� leral
mnc I.
American  Vessel Carrier  Dotc Meets
With   Disaster���The-  Crew  Is
VICTORIA, Feb. ir..���The Seattle
power flshdna schonetr Carrleir Dove*,
e'iipt.iii: Dumlels, was WTeoked on
Tuesdaj on ' -tt.-t- Point, Cinqeue Is-
'and, Disco erj Paasiige, In thick fos1
when on fhe way to ;che fishing groum]
in He-, ate Strait. The crow was r*��
cued by the Canadian gov.-rnm.-n;
si. am, r Quadra, Captain Mcpherson,
and ��ii ii : he exi eirthm i>f three men,
who are standli . by the wreck, .in
.oi !> iir.l :ln -���..'���.���nnne'nt sfeajner e-n
i. nte to Victoria, ��-' e. e : ie-5 n ;|! -r-
rive  tomorow a-temoon,
Phe Cairrii tr I ion e >��� i - m 11 Ing h.r-
ivay   through      tin'     narr..'.      imssh.-.-.
���.   .'. echo,  wii, n  she struck
In a. i v .i n.i s ion riii.-ii. crew n ftoli-
���:,e -here iwar by In the vessel't dories. i\i|r::,.n McPhers n sends word
by wire ess from th* Quadra saylnc
the -. ��� --������ I     i      .   ��� ���     ' rta.il -
i.s   sent.
IAN*    WAXTE1 '     \V      havi      losil
for a  good  oi.i
tilon, 'e . irnlsh referi nee, w ������
will   give   .ten ���  	
pa>   a  sti light   -.  n     to  thi   right
party.    Pi i     intox
liquors sat ���      oi'- -   i -ii |is     See    un
big   ad.   In   : his   pa pi r   toda>.     Xa-
Llght Co.,  Barag  ,  M
Fi IR   SALE-   .!.:-. y  e Peel
less   I ni ub it. ������     n ;   Breiodei        W
il. Smith.
i.oMi'ius  i:\eiM-.i: \'i i ;>
Deportment of Justin'    I ���in-    --.:;ite-.
menl Clearing   V F. L. OfTlclalu���
Not   Indicted.
kV ..-"' VGTi ���"-    I '��� :
.   ii   n       ���!���     Sam ...
�� other
���  .-.j       .       . i   :���   ���
i    ���
dj na-mlti    plot  foi       il Te  "1
In   .   Vi 'rki rs1
hi .-       lie
���     .   ���        .'     ��� .   .
.!,,     -N III-  :
;    .���.��� i'    d    thi
������. ���. -1 ���. ���
IM a.\'i i       .For person want ng   i h  r
tf..;n.    .,    havi     i    dight       isi .1   Instrument.      A     r . ;     oppoi
Hicks & Lo .    mo Co    L
117    Or un llie    Stre   t,    Vai
��� -RGAXS    S( seil    Org
��� :-i   prl . s.        Hicks   .v    Lovick
Piano Co., LimKed   1117 Gi
Stre et,  Vancouvi r.
u ANTE! 'li       . itch
for shlngli i,    Adi ress    Maple  Li .if
1. im .. ��� S        ������ iter.
', I. Tl >RIA,   I ��� b,   I i     New
real ri ���' ���
....      -     irded   to J
Los Angi li s for
���    ��� >
men am
,, hose exti
n estm      er is  sought
< aelit-el His Document.
SEATTLE, Feb, 5���Found secreted
ia a vault three feet from the private
���ftlce of W. E. De Lara In the Empire building, the financier who disappeared when the discovery was
made that two of his gigantic com-
-jaiiies kit a trail of $5,000,000 in
-te'Ms with only $50,000 In assets, a
cart load of books, papers, memoranda, Stock certificates, journals, cntl-
true-ts, and other office docutlfents,
are at last in the possession of Louis
-iciiii-i, temporary receiver of tho
Washington orchards Irrigation and
Fruit Company.
These papers were the subject ot
persistent search for the last two
weeks. Slchler was given a private
Up as to their location. Another lot
ot memoranda Is stored away in another vault, according to the same
lip. and will be dug up immediately.
Record Registration.
SEATTLE, Feb. 15���When the registration books In the Prefontaine
building closed at 12 o'cleick on Tuesday night, the biggest registration in
lhe history of Seattle was completed,
ibe total being 74,619. The registration for the recall election of 1911
totalled 71,175, or 3444 less than the
registration   for   this year,
Murderess is lusune.
WENATCIIKI'*, Feb, IB���Mrs, Pel-
la Totten. whose appeal lo the Supreme Court from the Chelan County
Superior Court's life sentence for th-i
murder of Jiynes Sutton near Cashmere nearly two years ago resulted in
the. affirmation of the verdict, may
never be placed in the penite-ntiarj
aa she: is now confined in the insane
asylum at Medical Lake. The author,
ities in charge pronounce her incurable and say her condition is growing
gradually  worse. /
A Fellow of Infinite Jest.
KKLLINGHAM, Feb. 15���Two
flours after he escaped from a wagdp
in which lie *was being hauled to the
sail on tho county farm, Harry I'l-
rick wus back at the county courthouse and joshing with some of the
prisoners through the bars of the jail,
while the authorities were scouring
the city and sending word all ovef
the county to apprehend the escaped
prisoner. To further provoke the
authorities Ulrick went to the home
of his sweetheart on Broadway
���treet, stole food from the refrigerator and took a suit of underwear
from the clothesline, He then disappeared, and has not yet been re-captured.
Thaw  Was Gradual.
NORTH YAKIMA, Feb. 15���In
spite of the heavy fall of snow on the
east slope of the Cascades during the
last winter, the thaw has been so
gradual this spring that the danger
from floods has been minimized, says
lhe report of the United States reclamation service. A. H. Gulickson,
chief clerk in the reclamation office,
states that work on the government
���Jam can soon be resumed at Bumping
lake. The fall of snow at. Lake
KeeoheluR this winter was seven feet.
Railroad Plans.
EVERETT, Feb. 14���New steel
will be laid by the Northern Pacific
fcetween this city and Snohomish next
summer if the present plans of the
eompany are carried out. The statement is also made Ihat the Northern
Pacific is considering the double
tracking of its line between the two
Wanted  u  Holiday.
TACOMA. leti. 14���Refusal to
grant K. Mlmura of the Reliance
Lumber Company a holiday for which
he bad been asking for some time,
caused him to attempt to stab T.
Nishi-akii, the foreman, last night.
Nishizaka turned and shot the man
three times. He then telephoned to
the Japanese consul and gave him-
S-'lt  up tei  the  police.
Contracts Awarded,
TACOMA, Fl-h. M���Nelson Bennett, of Tacoma, has been given the
contract lo build the Point D-eliaiico
tunnel for the Northern Pacific Hallway. Th-- contract for the' construction Of the line from the south end
of the tunnel tei Tenlno has been
. awui-ehii t.i Porter Bros., and Grant,
Smith & fu.
Dr.   FilUlOgnn  Dead.
AXACoitTKS. Feb. it���Dr. Chas.
J. Fltinegan died on Monday of
pneumonia and pleurisy. Dr, Flanagan was horn In Whitewater, Wis., in
isct. He graduated from Ruah
Medical College iu 1886, and prae-
liced in Watertown, Wis., and EDsca-
naba, Mich., and served the government in Molilalia, Arizona, lehihei
and  Washington.
JllHtlrlrH lhe Lad.
SEATTLE, Feb. ll���John Philip
Clark. , i year old boy, who shot and
killed his drunken father here two
days ago, in order, hi said, to save
his mother's life, probably will be
release il. Evidence collected since
the shooting, all tends to substantiate- the boy's story that his father
appeiii-e I iit their home at 2.30 o'clock
in the morning and threatened to kill
his mother and sister. lie. was attacking his wile' when the boy leap*
ed I rom iiis bed, soizi-il a shejt gun
and  shot  his father.
Women Registering,
SEATTU', Feb. 14-���-Registration
re-cord in Seattle lias been , broken.
Wiih 5129 men ami women registered
yesterday, the last day, the total ran
up   to    74,618,   e-.Ne eling   the   figures
lor   the   Gill    recall   election   of   last
year  by  "1114.
��� lie-Ian Emit Crop.
WE.VAT-'! I BE, Feb. 10.���The first
.iccurat ie port of the 1911 fruit crop
in Cheian County, made public by
Deputy .State Fruit Inspector P. S.
Darlington In his annua] report to
State Hortieulior.il Inspector Huntley,
estimates the- total value at 12,000.-
000. Tills represents 2738 carloads,
classiiifd as follows: Apples, 2000;
peache-s. 413: peara, 135; plums, 3".;
apricots. 75; cherries, 30; melons and
vegetables,   50.
ShiMfe Gun
��������� AAiinu* HEALS THE LONGS
Chinese Quietness and Courtesy
Examples to Christendom.
The Pastor Did Not Advise Chinese to
Become Identified With the Sects oi
Christendom���Told Them That the
God of the Bible Is All-Loving and
Ever-Merciful and Not a God Who
Would Torture Them or Their Ancestors.
Hong K o n g.
China, Jan. 21st.-
The Foreign Mission s Investigation Committee of
tbe International
Bible Students Association spent
several days ln
Hong Kong, Can
~ ton and vicinity.
. For efficiency they
divided, some giving more attention
to one nnd others
to auotber phase of missionary Interest. Pastor Ittissell's address to the
Chinese iu Hong Kong in their tine
City Hall Auditorium wus both helpful
and encouraging. He directed special
attention to the words of St. Pupl, applicable to humanity tu general aud ut
the present time specially to tbe Chinese: "Tbe whole creutiou grouneth
and trnvailefh in pain together until
now���waiting for tbe manifestation of
tbe sous of <iod."���1-oniuns viit. __.
China's war experiences in recent
yeurs have been severe trials, particularly tu a people pt liieir temperament
���peace-preferring, gentle, courteous to
each other and to foreigners. He had
been told that their courtesy of manner arose, not from love and sympathy, but from law and custom centuries old. He could not Judge tbe
benrt. but had sincerely wished that
some of the favored race of so-called
Christendom possessed in a larger degree" some of the admirable traits of
the Chinese���their respectful demeanor,
their courtesy, civility and energy.
The God of All Grace.
It shnll not be my mission, said Pastor Russell, to urge you to become
identified wltb any sects of Christendom, nor to recommend to you any of
their creeds. Nevertheless, in all of
those creeds there is more or less of
the most wonderful truth tbat ever
came to the ears of humanity; but.
alas! in a darker period it became so
mixed with human tradition as to be
today dishonoring to God and offensive
to tbe intelligence of many. 1 can
readily see reasons why you have not
been more Influenced by Christianity.
Very properly your beads and hearts
refused adherence and worship to One
whom you were told bad foreordained
tbe eternal torment of your ancestors
and all mankind except a favored few.
I may never again bave the opportunity of addressing you; let me. therefore, toll you uow of another Christianity (of which probably you nave
never before beurdi from the same Bible used by ibe missionaries here and
confessed by Mil to be (Jod's Message,
but a very different Message from that
which my brethren here confess.
"Waiting For the Sons of God."
My text declares that tbe relief for
the groaning creation waits for the
manifestation of Ihe sons of (lod.
Jesus, as the pre-eminent Son of (iod.
died for our sins, and ascended to tbe
right   ntitiel   nt   Divine   Mniesty.   where
lie is waitluy; mui meantime tne
groaning creation must wait also for
the same tiling���for tho manifestation
of Un- sons of (iod. Here Is n matter
which seems to have been for a time
hidden under the rubbish of the Dark
Ages-the fact thai (Ind neit only fore-
ordained .lesus. the great Sou of (Iod.
tei be the world's Messiah to deliver
them from sdn und death, but that He
foreordained also the selection of a
Special class from amongst mankind to
be the Redeemer's nssoe-iales and joint
iieirs in His Kingdom,
Surely all will admit with me thai
no Rod of any people has ever manifested such n love ami interest In bis
i-rwtfures as n:i�� the "��<>fl eif the Bible
the (bul eif Christianity. It is the- Love
ot (ind Which I'onstrains UK���draws us
mot the threat of eternal torture, which
hits no foundation In tbe Blblei. And
ills exceeding great nnd 'irerlott* promises work iii our hearts both to will
und to do nis good pleasure,
It is my understanding of the Se-rip-
tltt'es that the time for milking our
"culling nnd election sure'' to this
Kingdom e-luss Is now very short. It
therefore behooves all who desire this
glorious relationship with Messiah to
"give all dlli-zeni-e' ami io ������run with
patience the rRCe set before us" in the
��� rospei. looking untei .lesus. the Author
of our faith
The   Nono'ect   Also   Exhorted.
The wonderful blessings of our day.
whieh make it so different from nny
other Bpocfa In the world's history,
bnve reached even bore to China, and
what we already see appears 'u be only
lie beginnings of wonderful things.
(evidently Divine Tower bus within thn
past century been lifting the veil of
Ignorance and superstition. We unjust on the threshold of tbe Npw Dispensation. The Church (Hie e'ect sons
of Godi is about complete. The manifestation of tbe sons of God for the
aid nf the groaning eTeation is at band,
aud Messiah's Kingdom Is about to be
ushered In. The blessings of the present are only a foretaste of those glorious blessings tor tbe wor!4 ot
*   ��� -
[These articles and Illustrations must not
be reprinted without special permission.]
Why is It trains must slack up speed
When they run through a town
And autos have to slack up, too.
When constables are round?
If this is law and law ls made
With justice to all men
It's time that limit is put on
The speed of others then.        '
Now, there's that gossip with her tongue
That whizzes through a town
And in a half second runs
A hundred people down.
And there's that liar that can lie
KaRter thnn  horse can trot.
I've hoard him kill a hundred men
With just one shot.
Now. I know the latest stop watch
Can't keep tab upon her tongue.
Anil the liar knocks all records
Just a-lyln' with one lung.
But, say. aren't laws for buzz cars
Really, simply all bombast ~
When  I hey   let  these  tongues* loy   rldf
And kill us off so fast?
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate** Ittl.
CAPITAL PAID-UP f  -,2-<-,000
RKSI-HVl" FUND       ,  ��7,050,18H
Total Assets Over One   Hundred uml Ton Millions,
Recounts ol Out-of-Uown  Customers Sioen Speeiai Jfttention'
Aoc-x nis may be opened with deposits ot ONE DOLLAR   aud    Upwards
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June    SOtb and    December
Slst, each year. \-
K. D. SIMP.--10-V. MANAOKR ..AltNER, B. C.
There'- au old saying. "Money makes
the mare go." but boodle's not tn :t
with briiijis nnd brains are t. t all
found in books, but practical investigation is really tbe brain furnish--!
and brain burnisher. Our pedagogical
penitentiaries and diploma dispensaries
haven't cornered all the gray matter.
The whole world's a free library.
There are books tn the fields, the
woods, everywhere. You need only
open tbe volumes and learn. The ani
mal kingdom is a book. We are study
Ing man, woman and roosters.
Note the victim of our knife. ��� We
opened him like the leaves of a book.
That black "wart'* on his wing Joint,
his emaciation, were an index to bis
contents. The Interior showed dark
congested   lungs  and  cheesy   growth
Photo by C  M. Barnlti
that confirmed the tip given by the tubercle on the wing that the disease
wus tuberculosis.
To be a successful poultry physician
you must study the exterior and Interior of fowls, and the postmortem of
a fresb fowl is easy und not so disagreeable, l-'irst write down all ex
terior symptoms, then nail fowl to
board, pluck fbathers on breast and
cut through to bone at junction of neck
and breast Break this bone light be
fore breastbone, cut down along sides.
but not too deep, nnil draw down the
breastbone so ihat the upper ot**-ans
ore expeised. but do not tear nwuj the
peritoneum, or lining, nf abdomen unti1
you have observed the same. A sprln
kle of weak carbolic solution will dis
infect ami destroy any offensive, odor
Hy a comparison of outside symptoms
with Interior conditions you may often
secure knowledge thai helps you to a
cere or preventive to tbe disease anil
sure data for future diagnosis.
Don't put off till tomorrow what you
put off l.ist year to du today Put oil
your coat and do it now
Don't oxpee-t to butt right Into n fnb
fair and make a Clean sweep if you
haven't quality birds to burn these
Don": wait to enll o;i: the knock
kneed cronkbneks and wrytail runts
until after tiny bave gobbled enough
|:-ttb to raise a respectable Dork.
Don't fortret in feeding pigeons thnt
you must provide both for parents aud
squabs, and there must always be
plenty to carry to the little ones all
Don't sell anything nt market that
you wouldn't gladly serve to your millionaire raotberln-lav who ls about to
write- u will leaving all her Bpondnllc*
to you
Doa't keep that old hea over another
season simply because rears ago she
won a green ribbon. If you can't cut
ber e-ar-kler the preacher will slay her
without s single compunction of conscience. , v
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
ThePeople s Trust Co,, Ltd,
Capital Authorized, $500,000*00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Executed
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
H. A. MacDONALD, Mgr., Notary Public
People'* Trust Building Ladner, B. C.
^x^x^^x~:-��><-:-->:-y***+�� ���^<^^���>x*���x-<-<-��^K-4>^^^-<-^<-��x-<-<^x-^
X      I'roflt-i are Assured from your Horsces, Cattle -�� Poultry, by the use of   $
i Pottie's Celebrated Australian Stock Remedies
They have behind them over 100 years of success and are indispensable to stock owners. Their use means hundreds of dollars to
yoiti  They can be secured from
_3���9 Bridge Street. Vaueouver. B.C.   X
.     BLAINE   NEWS.
In re-Terence to the report that a
re-survey of the international bounel-
ary line, which Is now, in progress,
may bring Blaine Into Canadian ter.
rltory,'the Hlalne Journal says: "On
this side these reports are not taken
seriously. It Is argued that it is hardl*)
probable a mistake in tho survey
would be discovered now after several surveys had been made- In years
p,w with thr same result. Etowevar,
-trnn!?.- things have happened; and
we in iy wake up some morning and
find that we have besn annexe il tei
From San Francisco comes the report that the. Harriman railway ys-
tern Will have a railroad line connecting Vancouver, B.C., with Kan Francisco within the m-xt two years, touching at every port on tidewater eif any
consequence.      This     announcement
puts at rest any talk of the O.-W.,
R it N". Co, see-tiring rights ove-r the
Oreat Northern between Seattle and
Vancouver, .and will mean that a new
roa.I bed will be constructed.
pounty -Ljsessor Kaufman will as-
sess Whatcom county this year at 40
per cont. of its actual value. To arrive, at this valuation ho h.-i.s kept a
record of real estate salts for a year
or more.
.Word reached here Tuesday of the
death of Mrs. J. I!. Mclntyre, mother
of Mrs. C. B. Seely, at her horns In
O-lympia, which occurred on Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'oloek. Mrs. Seely
left last week to be at the bedside
���if her mother, and Rev. S.aJJ- left on
Monday  morning's  owl.
E. A, Wright, the architect in
Charge of the improvements being
���made at the Stout mill, came up from
���"veretj, Monday on business.
Wm. Hartman, a millwright, of
Ever&tt, who came up Sunday to work
on the old Stout mill, fell from the
dock Tuesday morning to the water
below,  string  a  timber and   injuring
his back. His Injury is not dangerous
but will lay him up for a while.
F. E. Brown, of Bellingham, was in
the city yesterday nn business. 'He Is
now manager of the Apex Fish Company's cannery at Anacortes. Mr
Brown Will be ronu-mboroel as the
tirst anti-saloon mayor of Blaine who
also made such a hard light against
the granting o( the Jenkins water
anil light franchises. "Wimigh he was
unsuccessful in bis li-jht, time has
proven that ha was making a light
for the best Interests of tin- city.
II.   Biguardso/l   and    family    moved
Tuesday to their ranch on California
Creek,   which   was   purchased   .rom
Mans ii ins..n recently. This ranch i*5
highly Improved an.l consists or about
15 ncri-, nearly all cleared, with a
large house, ami large orchard. Tho
consideration was $3,soo. Mr. and
Mr--. Stguardson are ihe parents of
Mrs. O. 0. Kunnlfsiiii and came to
Blaine fi-eim Manitoba just before
Thanksgiving, with their two daughters an,] two sons.
C. P. R. 1HVIIM--M*.
Mu.Vl'r-AI., Feb, 13���At a meeting
of the- directors of tin? Canadian Pacific Hailwuy held ye/nlereluy the following dividends were declared:     On
' th- preference steick twe. per cent for
the half year ending December -1
last.    On the I'oinmon stock two and
j one-half per cent for the quarter end-
ed   December  31   last,  being    at  the
; rat>> of seven  per    cent    per annum
' from interest on proceeds of land
sab's  and   from   other    assets,     both l
. dividends payable April 1 next to
shareholders of recorel at 2 p. m. on
i March 1 next.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSphonol re-tores ertty nerva in the body
 ; tu ita proper tension ; restores
van and vitality. I'remature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phonphonol will
make von a. new man. Price 18 a b.��. or two lor
����� Mailed to any sddress. Tha SeeMl ttrmg
0��, M. OattSM-a-M, Oat. ^
Iffakes a  Specialty of*
fob ana
Bills of
Call and See Samples
The Delta Times ls paMUh-sd -tv*NT
Saturdogr from tha 1__s_s Bulld-a*.
Ladner. B.C. i. D. Taylor, eaan-


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