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The Delta Times Nov 27, 1909

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��� ������ *   .   ..-  *.
Volume 7
���I 3
Next Legislature   Will See Only Three  Liberals.
Frank MacKenzie Elected for Delta Riding
by Big  Majority���John   Oliver
Defeated in Victoria
37 Conservatives:
3 Liberals:     2 Socialists
Member Elect for Delta Riding
is History ol E, S. Brown, Who
rived In Delta In ls��->���Delia
Soil  Best  III ( lunula.
In a-manner scarcely paralleled in
Canada the people of British Columbia have expressed their confidence In
tho McBride government. So far as
can be judged ai presenting writing
(Friday) to a House of 42 members
the country has returned 36 straight
Conservatives and one Independent
Conservative (Mr. Duncan, in Oomojj).
I The remaining Ave seats are divided
between the Liberals and Socialists.
j The Liberals are Mr. J. Jardine in
| Esquimau, Mr, H. C. Brewster In
Alberni and Mr. M. Eagleson in
Llllooet. The successful Socialists are
J. H. Hawthormhwaite, of Xunaimu.
anel Pinker ".Villiains, of Newcastle,
both Vancouver Island seats. The
entire Conservative ticket was elected
in Vancouver and Victoria. The country apparently decided In favor of
local option, but this is not deflnately
known yet.
In Delia.
In Delta riding Mr. Frank MacKenzle won a decisive victory over
Mr. John Oliver, the past member
for the riding and lhe leader of the
Opposition. At present writing all
the returns are not available yet, but
it is conceded that Mr MacKenzle's
majority will be In the neighborhood
of 200 votes. Mr. Oliver's majority
nt the election three years ago wus
69. Although complete returns are
not available at the time of going to
I press it Is gem-rally --conceded that
the vote was much larger than that
of the last election. Great interest
was taken in the election  in Delta by
| not only residents In the riding but by
the province at large, this being the
seal so long associated with the
leader of the Opposition. At Ladner
there was a large crowd to hear the
ri turns, -which were received in the
Opera House'. The Conservative member-elect arrived in the afternoon and
] left for Xew Westminster at 6 o'clock,
arriving  there  In   time   to   receive   a
j great reception    at    the Conservative
I mass   meeting   in   the   Opera   House
I there.
Mr.   Oliver spent  the  day at  South
, Westminster returning home after
close of the polls.
The returns In Delia as received by
Friday noon are as follows:
Ladner 107
Westham   Island       4 0
"There seems to be no wear out to
the Delia soil," says Mr. E. S.
Brown, of the Slough road, and Mr.
Brown should be an authority on the
fertility of Delta soil for h.e has been
a resiilvnt of the Delta for nearly | country
half a century, living
strip of land for 47 years.
"I have been cultivating the land
for a g.-i\il many years,' he sai'd,
"and 1 can get as good a crop oft
it now as at any tim," during tho
years  I  have  worked   it.      The soil   is
some  elaj; it  would  prove  his  contention that the Hals would be a valuable
agricultural area.      He little  dreamed
that it would turn out to be as valuable   as   it   has,   for  had   he   realized
its  great possibilities  he  would   have i
taken up two or three thousand acres, I
which could have easily been acquired  instead  of  the  one  section,     In-,
deed   he   ultimately   disposed   of   eon-!
slderable of the section until   in.  inn.
now but a eiuarter section of land left.
This   land,   for   which   he   paid   $1  an
acre,    he    recently    refusc/1   "J: J *i ."">    !ui
\\ hen   he   first   came   here   farming
was not a profitable venture and  fori
years  he  found  work  in  the logging SoU-ng ,������ ,.-���,,.���, v,.ov,.,.ty Thove ���as
camps   on   Burrard   Inlet   and   doing
stull other work as offered itself.      In
the'earlier days  there were no  mar-1
kits  to  sen   pm,lure  anil   it   was  only
h's  implicit   faith   that some  day   the
Annacis Island
j Sunbury   	
j East Delta   	
I Hazlemere	
! Oakes  Corner   ....
' South  Westminster
Langley  Fort   	
i Aldergrove	
Murray's   Corners       43
Clayiton    23
Kensington         9
. .133
.. on
Past Member for Delta Riding
��� i
Effect of    Materially Reducing
Attendance at School,
The   real   estate   boom
���cen existing at Sunbury
Hid    go   ahead   that   kept
the   same   him   here.    The   best   bee f   could    be'
pincased   at  4   cents  a  pound   on  the
N  w    Westminster   .market,   land   the
Ilnesl head of cattle were io be ���**""* weeks, threatens a
bojcht li. m upper country breeders suit, Quite a number
fo- $1.1 and $16 a piece. There wereihuve disposed of their
a good  rrany  Indians around  at  that   that   neighborhood   lately   anil    have
As a  result the school
more  durable soil  anywhere   in  Can-j in   the  Fraser,   but   ii   was   not   until   ing so  much  so  that if two  or  three
ada thin Delta land.     If theree should   many    years    after his arrival    that  more families remove from the combe   the  slightest   sign   that   the   land   canneries     were     erected     ami     the'  munlty  there  will be no children  left
which   has
for the past
peculiar   root     people
property   in
NEW YORK, Nov. 25.���Full,wing
the banishment of football from the
Ipublic school league sports, the Board
\ of Education has issued an order that
| hereafter no school boy will be allowed in athletic competitions unless he
Jias a certificate from the school
physician showing his physical fitness
I to compete. This safeguard is expected to prevent the physical col-
j lapse of many of the youth athletes
during strenuous  competitions.
Helen   Patterson, Widow of the
Hceve Patterson Died  in New
j party character.
simply   wonderful   and   I   do   not   bo-jthnt  but they  wei\�� all  peaeealbly  In-| moved away.     Asa result th
licve  that   there   is   more   feriile.  or  cltned.     There  were salmon  running attendance has steadily been
is feeling the effects of continual
crops, seeding down for a year or
two brings It back again richer and
more   fruitful   than   ever."
Mr. Blown, despite his 47 years residence on the Delta, was not the
llrst white man to settle here. Mr,
"Wm. Ladner, having settled here a
year before him and Mr, Thos, Ladner having taken up land the other
side of the slocgh. Like his predecessors here, however, he recognized
the virtues of Delta soil. .Settling on
the Delta 47 years agei was a different proposition to what it Is now,
and it Is owing to the courage and
faith of such men as Mr. Brown In
the country that made the present
pleasant  conditions possible,
geild excitement, going to Big Bend
ll. met with but Indifferent 'success,
although near there, ai French
Creek, some good strikes were mad".
Looking back over .|7 years of life
on tiie Delta, Mr. Brown says he
die's not know nf any place hi' would
Despite the approach of his 70th j rather have settled upon in British
year. Mr. llr urn is we'll preserved, Columibla than his present holding
Upright and clear 0*t eye nnd mind,; here, He bad. to ):������ sure his share
and his own assertion that he feels, of hard work ami hard times, still ho
us young today as he over felt ln his has had the extreme satisfaction of
life Is we'll ebome out by his appear- , having overcome those difficulties an.l
ance'. Bklward Sloan Brown Is Ills feeling that his Ufa his beeo well
full name nnd he Is a native of Bos- spent, Enjoying good health, llior-
oommon, Ireland, He first landed in oughiy satisfied with tho climate ami
America at New York n:id nl'ter some Delta envlreins he desires no ch inge,
time spent there started for the Pa- That this hardy young-.del pioneer
olflo coast byway of Panama, which will  live    tee enjoy    many    pleasant
was crosseel  by rail.      Some time was   years In   th," ovnlng of his life   Is  lhe
spent  In San Francisco nnd "Portland   wish of many friends on the Delta,
nnd   then   he  journeyed   to   Victoria, |	
nucleus of the present great Industry to attend school
of the' present great Industry es- There have been times when as
tabllshed. In those days New I high as forty scholars have attended
*'��� estnnni ler was a city e'f stumps and the Sunbury scool and until recently
consisted of three grocery stores and; te Itttendance lavetraged laround ' 20
one hardware establishment. Mr. pupils daily. At the present time
Cunningham ran a hardware store ��� it is saiel that the attendance will
and had also .the largest grocery store not run mor�� than 8 to 10 children.
In the place, Mr. Armstrong, had a Mr. Chapman, the teacher, is about
grocery store and a Mr. Ross also to li nibr his resignation and the
conducted a grocery. school   trustees   are   now   facing   the
Mr. Hi-own also flguned in ihe early problem of what is to be done to till
���'''��� '     "     'ihe.  vacancy,     whether    a     qualified
teacher drawing the regular salary
Will be sent there, or a monitor only,
will be er gaged. Realizing the Importance ot educational facilities tor
even a very f.-w scholars, Hie trus-
tc"s are extremely desirous of making some arrangement whereby the
school work will not lie Interfered
LONDON,   Nov.  24.���The    government's plan for the early prorogation
of the  ii,ruse. ...  Commons was upset
to-day.   As soon as the House of Lords
met this afternoon,   it  was announced
thai,  ],eiouse SO  many peers  Wished  to
speak  on the  budget bill,  il  would lee
neci ssary t..  prolong th" debate into
Lntejnext week, and  that a division would
not  take  place till  nevt Tuesday.    It
| had   Iwen   hoped   that   a   vote-   would
Ibe reached to-morrow, and the belief
jwas current  in   parliamentary circles
that the House of Commons would be
prorogued   mi   the   final   dav   of  the
The death occurred  at Xew  We9t- present month.    The Bishop  of Can-
minster  mi   Tuesday  last at the  resl- terbury  said   that   thfl   bishops  would
dence  of Sheriff Armstiong,   SH  Sixth stand   aside   from   the   discussion,   as
���. ,. ,, ,      ������ ,, ,. ,      ,. the   occasion   was   one  of   a  strictly
Street,  e,i   Helen Patterson,  relict    ofj
the late Reeve Patterson, of the Delta
The deceased was a native of Luc-know, Ontario, anel-had been a resident of the Delta I'm- 23 years. Her;
husband died in December of last
year ami th" widow never recovered
her usual health after his death.
She took up her residence in New
Westminster making her home with
her sister Mis. (Sheriff) Armstrong.
Tin. lime ral took place in New Westminster from Sheriff Armstrong's residence on Friday afternoon ami the
steamer Transfer, for the accommo- I
elation of those attending from the
Delta, did not leave Xew Westminster
until after the funeral, so that quite
a large number were enabled to
ten dfrom here.
The  deceased   was   an   aunt   of
Alex  Patterson  and    of    Mrs.
Davie of ih" Delta.     She was on
Judge   Howaj  Makes  Order
of Rachel Clark,  Ladner,
cii-cd of Burglary.
in   Case
NEW   YORK,     Nov.     24.���Aroused
by a  peculiarly  atrocious  Instance  of
disregard   of  human  life by  a  chauffeur,  the  police  commission  to lay issued   a    call    for   a   mass-meeting   to
urge  executive  action.     Alice   Mohen
was struck down by a touring car last
night, and when  the. driver found her
body  clogged  the  wheels,   he stopped
tei jolt  the  machine free,    and    then
made off at high speed.     In his statement,  Commissioner  Baker says:   "it
is   lime   for a   radical   change   in  the
law   regarding  speeding.      It   is  time
t_ .for the citizens of Xew  York to  hold
a   mass-meeting,   and   protest   to   the
jjr   legislature against  this slaughter.  We
Alex iurrest a chauffeur and he is lined $10
,. 0( which he' pays with a laugh, and goes
He travelled to Victoria In the same
boat that brought the late Postmaster
Tait, of New Westminster there, and
al3o R. P. Rlthet and James Bowen,
the  latter  of  Bowen  Island  fame.
Following some months In Victoria
Mr. Bowen came up the Fraser on
the Hudson Bay steamer Otter, which
made regular trips up the Fraser In
those days to New Westminster, and
Supporters of This  Method  of  Election Conflilcnl of Scouring Ro-
iliilri'il   Nilmos.
As will be. seen by their advertlsi -
i.i. ni "isewhe re. a concert will be held
In MoNeely's Ball, December 14, mill, r the ausplci s of the Delta dec
club and the Ladner Band. Both
organisations one giving much time
to preparation for this affair and no
ibeubt there Will be a very large at-
tendance to appreciate their efforts.
Further particulars will appear in
next week's issue..
the best  known women on  the  Delta|out a'"'l does it again
and   very   highly   thought   of   by   all
who know here,    She had the happy
faculty   of  making   many   friends   and
her memory  will  be  held   in  respect
In all parts of the Delia.
comes to i,\D\i:i:
-Mrs.  10.    T.    tiilvi-rl    Entertains
Number oi Young People on
Monday livening.
At   today's   council   meeting   Conn-,
clllor dibble's notice  of motion  for aj
by-law  providing   for   the  abolishing
after   Inspecting   the   land   along  the  of the ward system  In  Delia  iniinici-l
south  bank decided  that  the  flats on   pnllty elections will come up  for ills
the Delta  would prove good lund and   cession.      The'   petitions   already   re
took up a section of land here,  pur-  celved from Ward  111. and V. asking Calvert en.- >    "
chasing  from  the  government  nt the  for the procedure of election to be by  friends
the municipality at  large,  have, lioen progressive  whist  pany.     Tn
LONDON, Nov. 24.���Lord Rosebery.
the former Liberal prime, minister, today raised the historic struggle between the Lords and the- House of
Commons to a new plane by one of
'th." finest speeches he has ver de-
The Ken-. Mr. Hastie hu- accepted : llvered, lie warned lhe Lords of the
the call to the pastorate of the Pros- grave, risks they were running, if they
byicrinu church at Ladner, Induction a lopted the Lansdowne resolution to
services will be held on the 7th elay reject the budget. The Interest In
of Decemiber and the church, which to-day's debate was Intense, There
lias recently undergone repairs will! was nol "in.ugh room to seat all the
be re-opened In December 12, Mr. peers attending, and the public gal-
Hastie is an Ontario man bul for the lories were crowded. The Duchess of
past y-'ar bus been In Australia. He Connaught headed a long list of the
has filled the Presbyterian pulpit here foremost peeresses, many of whom
for the past several Sundays and has
The case of Raehael P.. Clark, arrested about ten days ago at Ladner
charged with burglar, has aroused
considerable interest in this section.
The iv..s��'! appeared for trial at the
County Court, New Westminster, on
Tuesday morning before Judge How-
ax-. The evidence of three physicians was taken and the accused was
adjudged mentally unbalanced and
was committed to. the public hospital
for the insane until the pleasure of
iii Lieuti ni nt-Govi r lor-ln-Councll
was made known with regard to the
case. In th.- meantime the charge
preferred against her will be left in
abe;   nee.   The Columbian of Tuesday
When the a ��� us d cam up for trial
yesterdi y, * P. Myi rs Gray, who appeared for the Crown, drew the attention of toe court to ;ii" report that
the accused was n d right menially.
He did this in view of the fact that
.she had no one to conduct her defence, Ju Ige Howay thanked Mr.
Graj for having raised the question
and adj.mi in,I the case to allow of
her being examined as to her sanity.
She wns examined yesterday afternoon ai the jail by Drs. Doherty, Walker .nni Jones. All threi  medical men
[gave evidence this morning that In
their opinion '.In- accused was non
compos mentis. Her reasoning powers were weak and she was evidently
suffering from hallucinations, being of
the opinion among other things that
certain men whom she OOUld not name
were, vindictively following her from
place c place ami poisoning the
mill Is of bin- employers so thai She
would !.".��� her position.
A;':, r Itsti n,n.; I.. Hu- conclusive evl-
1 i. ... to. medical men, Judge
Howaj   ruled ns above,     nn  the ad-
v :  Dr, Doherty, medical superln-
'.. id. ni of 'he rn..in- Hospital for the
insane- in New Westminster, his honor
ordered that  the ai eu&ed  bo confined
I in thai Institution In ti ml of in the
.��� immon jail.
given  every satisfaction.
Will Appear in Concert nt Ladner on
Nig I it of December t",
were compelled to stand throughoul
the session. Lord Salisbury resumed
the d-abaite with a speech supporting
Lord   Linsdowne's   resolution.
Delta .'Ian has Found Thai ilic Secret
of  Happiness  i.- Contentment,
rat," of a dollar an acre
In   honor  of   the   birthdays   of   Mr.
Brown   and   Mr.   Calvert,   Mrs.   K.   T.
number of her
in   Monday  evening   last  at  a
At  that   lime   the  river   from   what   largely signed,   about   $000,000   of the! wore  taken  as  follows.-   Special  booby
is now Ladner across to Woodward's,  totr.l  assessment  of ihe  municipality Mis'" F. E. Lord; 1st   tfrlse,   -Miss   I..
was entirely open and the Otter used  beln.; represented,     The total as s- Lord   and   Mr    Calvoit;   b,���,',,   prlae,
to run  across what  Is  now  for much   nr*-it  |s about   $3,000,000  an.l   before   Messrs,   11.   Hilton  and   K.   1 lewes.
of   the   way,   a   solid     bank     of  sand   the  request  of  the  petitioners  can   be!     The   loll..wing   young   people   were
covered   with   rushes.      As  remarked,  acceded to one half of the assessment, >" alien, lance:
the- Delta land In those days was not  must    be    represented    on    the    pe-|     Miss M, MoLellan, Mist   i>   i: n.
what  it    Is  now.     Dyking    was    un-   lillons.     There  are still   out   through   Miss   ('<
Known and water lay freely over the  th-   district  several   petitions   In   fa-  Miss 0,	
lines.   i���   whiter   being snlinii'i-ged   un-   vol- of the ward sysle in an I th.'se sup-   Mlsi    E..Rlch,   Miss     AI       Ibnii   f-
der two feet eif water,      Men ennie to   porting   this   View   ar ml'liuit   that
look at the land and told Mr. Brown th" required number of names repre-
!h;.c he was a fo-d to settle here and Bentlns the' renuir** I anion"! of ns-
llvii they wotihl not have his ground s**"-**n*i.ent will be secured by the lime
ns a gift The Intrepid pioneer hail all the petitions are presented lo the
faith   in   It,   however,   believing  that council.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov, 24���Acaible-
jgrain   from   Panama   to-day says that
���The  original |Edgar  S.   Dan is.  of  Columbus,  Ohio,
mmerclal traveller who
.n at MoNeely'sIhas-been "ourlng Central America, de-
Miss   Lucy   W'e bling,
Little Lord Faiintleroy," of the Eng-Ian American co
-111        1,        ��� ��       llnVunl,'.  llin.     1..U... ^ I ,.
Devereaux,   Miss  G,
Whitworth,   Miss   K.
Miss A. H":ilh-Fox, Miss S. Tishes,
Miss M. Smith, Miss (I. Dove. Miss F.
Lord and Messrs, C. Brown. R, Voor-
he.se. A, Scoll, I". Hutchison, G,
Turrell, n. Jefferson, H. Hilton, C. 0.
Ush   stag.
Hall, Ladner, on December 17. when dared that several Americans are iu
she appears here in company wilh jail at Managua and other places in
Miss E. Pauline Johnson and Mr. Nicaragua-; inning been arrested on
Walter McRaye in a concert t" beiorder from Zelaya. Fvery American
given on that date, in whieh lhe Lad- In business in Xicara-iuan who refns-
n,er band will  also appear. | "d lei contribute to the war fund, lev-
Miss Webllng is a little ibrown hair- led by Zelaya, was arrested and
ed girl, known in private life as Mrs.! thrown Into prison. Harris says. A
Walter McRaye, who by her pleasing, few of the Americans arrested bough;
voice ami winsome manner has won their way mil of jail by paying the
her way on recent appearances Into price demanded, .but a number are
the hearts of Vancouver audiences, still held In communication. Harris
Miss Johnson and Mr. McR-aye have says il is unsafe for Americans to ap-
appeared In Ladner before with muchlpear in the section o.f Nicaragua con-
success and no doubt there will be a; trolled by Zelaya, He was himself
very large turnout to greet the trio subjected to jibes and Insults at Cor-
here on  December 17 as well as the into  and  left the   place  on   the iirst
One Delia man al least has solved
jto his own satisfaction lhe secret of
happiness, As reflected in him the
magic password is contentment A
resident of this district for 40 years
this Crescent Island Parmer would not
change h's place of residence for all
the inducements ihat could be offered
to him.
"What can money do I'm- you?"
asked the man in question, addressing
a   group   of  nun   the   other elay.   who
available steamer.
were discussing the real estate boom.
"Tin. besl it will do is clothe, iv.-.i
and give you a home. 1 have all
Ihat now and if 1 had millions of dollars in the bank it could do nothing
more for me. Xo slree! 1 would
not sell my farm for $1000 an acre,
l like tli" locality, l am attached to
the district and I would not change
for th-. besl property you could .give
j me. l am contented and therefore
j ha.ppy."
I With the utterance of which phll��
| osophy ii" put a quietus lo tin- .am-
, bilious of the real esiate man who had
I designs on  his  property. THE DELTA TIMES
��� ���Be* ������*'
WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 17���The
"Rocky Boys" band of Chippewa   In
MEL1LLA,  Morocco, Nov.  24.���The'
Riff tribesmen at Xador formally sur-|
rendered to Genera] Marina, governor
of Melilla, early to-day, I
xov.    22,-nMrs. Outfits, Panels,Frames, Brushes
wife of the Labor member Calendars, Match,  Glove and
.   iif     , _.itish parliament for Black- ' '
dtanV^aid to belong "to c'a^adaThave] land reef, has been abandoned by the! burn,  and  a  noted  Suffragette,   tried Tie Holders, Book  Hacks, Col-
DULUTH, Xov.    19.���The    steamer
James  M.   Herit.   ashore on  Otter Is-
of the Bri
been reiunded up in Montana under
ihe superintendent of the Blackfoot
Indian reservation, according to information received ai the Interior
owners to the underwriters.    Captain j to   see  President
Reid. who is ac Bayfield, was taken to l failed,
the Herit yesterday to command the I
caring for the boat. i
Taft    today.     She
lar, Cuff and Glove Boxes.
COTHA. Germany, Xov. 17.���Thc
dirigible balloon Parseval HI. while
proceeding to Bitterfleld yesl rday,
���was compelled to land after several
hours of hard fighting against a snow
storm in which It was Impossible m
gee in which direction it was heading
The vessel "has been entirely ,p Hat, ,|
tend will be transported i" Its destination this morning by train.
NEW   FORK,   Nov.    17.���The   Tribune  to-day says   President  Gompers
of the American Federation of Labor, I
will lend Iirst hand assistance to ihe
4aon shirtwaist makers e.f the local
union in their forthcoming strike, according ;o lb" announcement of
Witaskln, general organizer
XI-1W TORE Xov. 17.���The steam
y:-c-ht Xoiirmahal. with, her owner,
Col. John Jacob Astor, his son -Victor,
and two friends aboard. Is still unreported today in the West Indies where
they were cruising.
NEW STORK, N iv, lib���William M.
Laffln, publisher of the Xew York
Sun. died early ibis morning at his
home in Lawrei , Long Island, following an operation for appendicitis
i" rformed  Monday,
NORTH YAKIMA, Nov. 28.���Wilfrid Blair lost his house, its contents
anel }J00 and was himself painfully
burned because of using kerosene In
an endeavor to get a epilek lire in his
kitchen stove early this morning.
Mrs. Blair saved herself and baby by
MONTREAL,  Nov.   17.���The
adian   Pacfiic   Railway   tralfic
Ings  for  the  week  ending November
: 14th   Increased     $154,000,     compared   -.   Ana,.
i with the same week last year.     Those  i-iaClnei,
; of the Grand    Trunk    were    $70,048,	
over  the   same   week  last  year.
: fisher's Drug and Book Store
S. W. Fisher, Phm. B.
-      -      -      B. C.
NELSON, 'NOV, 22.���John Lamont,'
a filter ln the C. P. R. shops, lies at
the "hospital with a badly fractured ;
skull, caused from the bursting of i
an emery wheel in the shop. He may
recover. D. McCarty, another C. P. I
R, employee, is also at the Home!
hospital and will lose his right eye I
as the result of a flying piece of.
steel striking the eye ball and enter- '
ing  'lb-   head.
-M"I"t"I"H"'I"H- -H4^-H^"W+-H--H^4--H-"J- -M--M -I-I h***��
Something New in Ranges
MOOSE    JAW,    Nov.   17.���Roland;
Billing,   aged   2"\  years,   fireman,  was
killed and Engineer Butts and Brake-'
man   Barber  injured   in  a   wreck  on
the  C.   P.   B.   nt   .he  yards  at  midnight  last   night.      A     heavy     wheat
train ran  into some cars w'.icli  were
standing on  the  tiacK.     An
���will be held.
OTTAWA,     Nov.     22.  ���  Canadian
Trade    Commissioner   Ross,    oX    Melbourne,    reports   to    the   Trade     and
climbing out through a back window. ICommerce Department    that Austra-
HELSIXGFORD, Finland,  Nov.   17.
���At  an  all night  session  concluding
today  lhe  Finnish   Diet  rejected   the
government   bill   providing   for   Finland's  contribution  to   the   Russlaan
ii.cuest   military    appropriation.     A    resolution was adopted requesting the Em-
��� epror  to  reintroduce the  measure  in
a  constitutional   form.     The  dissolution of the diet is expecced.
CHICAGO,   Nov.   17.���Keteigh   Col- j
Tiie Discriminating
ian  business   men   are  exercised   be
cause of the fact that on January 1910
freights on heavy merchandise from
(Canada and United States, will come
j under   the   control   of   the   American
shipping  ring  and   result    in     higher.    ��� , .       , onnortunitv
i rates.     They   express   the   hope   that  glvcs  W?   ""-*   Dcsl  Opportunity
'the  Canadian-Australian   line  will  be  for showing her skill���tO have a
Appreciates   the   flour   that
11ns, a famous tennis player was
killed by a street car last night. Col-
lins held ihe western championship
almost continuously from; --J S0 7 to
1906. He lost the Western championship to Nat Emerson, of Cincinnati in
1907 and since then has taken no part
in tournament play because of his
Every advertisement in this paper
represents personal enterprise, zeal
and Initiative on the part of the advertiser. Not every man who has
these qualities manages to indicate
them in an advertisement every day
������but no adv. rtisement, any day,
c.-imcs from a mnn who docs NOT have  Baro.ne.ss
ATLANTA, Xov. 19���Governor
Brown has commuted to life im-1
prisonment the death of sentence of,
Dr. J. M. Elliott, ���f Langrange. who
was io he hanged today for the mur- I
der of G. L. Rivers on August 6, 1908. i
Thus is terminated one of the most |
noted murder trials in the history of,
this state.
MOOSEJAW, Nov. 23.���A blinding
snowstorm and 'blizzard which raged
last night was directly responsible for
a wrec
SEATTLE. Xov. 24.���Baroness De
Knoop registered at the Perry Hotel
yesterday, arriving by steamer from
Victoria.    She will  leave this morn-
constantly   perfect   product in
baking or pastry work.
Royal Standard Flour is the
kind of flour that is giving sat-
k on the Canadian Pacific, re-   isfaction tO the WOmen of British
suiting in the death of two stockman,   .-,  ,    , ��� ~-., ,.
C liver and Bolton, and injuries to En- Columbia. The reason lies in
gineer Corbin and Brakesman Healey. its inherent goodness���the best
The caiboose and a stock car were re- . . .. i -. ���-ii:-- aT1 J Induced  to  matchwood  and 25 steers wneat, me Desi milling, ana tne
were killed. James Riley, a Canadian most skillful blending combine
Pacific brakesman, lies in the hospital tQ make jjjjg flQur a spec*al em_
in  a precarious condition after being  ... , r
knocked down by a yard engine.        bodiment of superior goodness.
captain b~ai!k7,ey dead.      |    You should use Royal Stand-
victoria, Nov. 22.���captain Ed- ard   Flour   for   its own  sake.
ward Barkley grandson of the fam- J^q is another reason tOO.
cms mariner Captain Charles Barkley,
who made a voyage along this coast You are likely to draw a coupon
regi-steroV't^fi-en'm " London'    The   "" t'"e EflstvIndian toj"-rlal En��-*e '"  from   yOUr  Sack  which   entitles
'      1,om     London,     rhe  1789   was burned to death when his . J     1ori    . ,.        ,.
these qualltle
So that, in answering   States.
She will  visit California and I ,   , .. ,    ..���,.,.,,,,,
an ad., you are getting in touch with   Mexico  before   returning   home.    She
one of the people who make the city  declined to  be seen  yesterday,  saying
      ���           iisii,   was   ourneu  io  cieatn wnen -.lis ion     ��� !_��� v
ightseeing in the united> home waa clestl.oyed by fire at West- you to a iuy piece china dinner
���one of those who "start things,"
who DO things, who kt,"p life, and
business, in this town full of Interest
and   zest and  possibilities!
that she had nothing to sa
paper men.
to news-
���WASHINGTON*. Xov. III.���The
first cabinet meeting since the adjournment of the special session of
congress early last summer, was held
at the White House to-day and during the greater part of the time the est gra(ies
Bivgar trust situation in X. w York
was under discussion. Attorney-
General Wlckersham anel Secretary of
the Treasury MacVeagh, whose departments are directly Interested in
the Inquiry, -gave a detail d statement of the. .situation, so far as they
understood it, and explained that the
Investigation into the frauds had really just begun. President* Tan became keenly alive to the situation
as soon as he returned from his western and southern trip. He had an
immediate conference with Attorney-
General Wlckersham and ever since
that interview it is said there has
been no doubt as to the vigorous attitude th.at the present administration
will  take.
captain Bark- set.    There have   been many
; ley, who was  SO years of age,  was in   .���������_������       ..tl ���        ;ii  . i	
the burning house with a chinaman, winners ���there  will  be many
I and both ran out, but Captain  Bark-  more.
I ley went back again to try and save
[some family relics,  notably the diary       For Sale By W.  H. SMITtl
SUBSTITUTE FOR REEF. | of -nl.s  grandfather's cruise,   and  was
PA IMS,  Nov.   2 1.���The colonial an-1 burned    to     death.    Barkley    Soun
thorities  have   inaugurated   a  seriousj was named    after    his    grandfuthe
attempt   to    introduce  in  th." French  and Destruction Island    was    named
market the Zebus of Madagascar as a   by the sailor on account of some of
substitute for beef.    The first batch of j his  crow     being    killed    by  Indians
a   dozen   carcasses   sold   in   the   Paris] there,
stalls, brought the prices of the higli
cattle. Large shipments are now on the way here. M.
Carrougcau, the manage, of the gov-
e-rnnient stiiel In Madagascar, is enthusiastic over the new project.
XEW YORK, Nov. IU.���Wilh his
departure for England expected on
the Lusitanla the visit of Sir Thomas
Lipton is said to have practically assured an international yacht race for
the America's cup in 1911. Although
no   definite     understanding  has been
LONDON, Xov. 17.���A striking
point in Mr. Balfour's speech at a
great meeting at Manchester tonight
was the admission t'hat Tariff Reform
was the only alternative to Mr. Lloyd-
George's budget���an important admission which seems to indicate that
the leader not the Opposition has at
last been won oyer to acceptance of
Tariff Reform as a plank in the Unionist platform. The rest of the
speeca was mainly a repetition of Mr.
Balfour's denunciation of the budget
which has figured in previous Union-
appeal  to
i Vancouver Milling & Grain
���d ��
Company, Ltd.
The New Chancellor Range $
The latest and most up-to-date on the market
This range is specially adapted for the Delta trade on '"
account of fuel facilities, and st one of the handsomest *
made.   Full nickel trim.*ned and complete with every JL
modern convenience
The Hardware Store
J    Phone 36 Ladner, B. C.
f**I*'iI**'I**>I**lM!,*IoI" >|">2mI*"*I*,1"''I*'*3
J^ashion Stables
Trucking and Draying.    Livery work of
all kinds attended to promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood always on hand.
f.^.Collmson    Phon.20    Xadner, SS. C.
Just Arrived
Star Coaster Wagons for the Boys. Strong, roller-
bearing, and the best possible present.
A full line of Glass Shades for electric fixtures.
These are very pretty and the price reasonable.
Come and see the "Cannon Ball" Barn Door
Hangers and Track.    Something new.
We want to talk Gasoline Engines to you and can
give you a choice of vertical or horizontal, skidded
or mounted, at from $95.00 up.
Phone 2
P. O. Drawer S
WASHINGTON', Nov.  16.���Uniformity in  prael i ���
to railroad admlnisl ra tion Is the ki y-
note governing the work of the National A.-s.H 1 niii.n of Railway Commissioners who In yan their twenty-
first annual convention here to-day.
This organization la made up lang ly
of officers of state commissions
whose functions toward Inl rs!
commerce as summoned an slnllar
to those of national body In the administration of th? Inl r-Stati Commerce Laws. Many Important mat-
teis are to be considered, Including
amendments to thc national law, uniform classification, rates and rate
malting, car service and demurrage,
miii. ad taxi s, nnd plans for asci r-
tralnlng the fair value of railroad poverty, ami 'railroad bomm*! salons.
These questions have been In the
hands of committees appointed by
Pre-i le ni   Decker some time ago.
announced   in  regard  to the  changes
in the rules governing the cup races Ust speeches, and a special
which Sir Thomas has been anxious to! his audience by the representation
obtain, or the promise of a formal | that Tariff Reform would be specially
challenge, -it is said to-day that the beneficial to tne cotton industry,
negotiations of Sir Tin.mas with his whirh was seriously threatened by
friends in the New York Yacht Club European, American and Japanese
have paved the way for his forth- j competition, nnd the growing diffi-
comlng challenge, John Westwood, culty of obtaining sufficient supplies
matters pretalning his secretary, said to-day that Sir j of "raw material,
Thomas was greatly pleased with the
results of his visit here In regard to
the yachting matter.
MESSAGE   ['ROM   THE  ''IX*'.
OTTAWA,   Nov.    22,���Among     the
many    messages    of    congratulation
which   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   received
cm the occasion of his 68th  birthday
n Saturday,  was thi   following from
ICIng  Edward:    "Windsor, Nov. 20,���
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Ottawa, Ont.    Let
my hearty congratulations
Hi... anniversary   of    your
Lord Pentland, secretary for Scotland, jbirthday.    i  hop,, you will  be -spared
In   the debnt...  on   the  budget  in  the|lor '���'���"'������' ���*'' '���""' '" '*""'" '" serve ""'
I'm r   Hon...   to-night.    Lord   Pemt-
LONDON,   Nov,  2:!.���That the Lib- j
era]   government   has  dohe   for   ever
with  Hi-  present stale  of things,  nnd
that  the   constitution   and   character
of the House of Lords must be modi- Me <**"Pres
lied, was the warning to the peers by1!" '.'""  "-'
FORT WILLIAM, Nov, 16. ��� The
steamer [onic, a Northern Navigation
Company freighter, with Capt, Iron-
Bide in command and a crew o-f about
twenty, is believed to have been
wrecked early Monday morning near
Passage Island and all on board lost.
All of the- Canadian boats that saileid
from Sault Stc. Marie for Fort William and those that sailed from here
-for  the East have been accounted  for
Crown  and
land reminded the Lords that a long i**iinl���"    ln
constitutional   straggle   might   hand!- |fo '
e-riip Hie. country In case of war,     and
asked  the peers to consider whether]
the penalty  might  not  be dlsprojpor-
t onate  to tin- offence,    Lord  Russell
predicted  that  the adoption    of    the'
i.ansd.nvn..  resolution to    reject    the1
budget   would   start   a  revolution  that
would  sooner  or later  bring a read-
Justment which would leave the House |
of Lords  pow.'i-less.       Lord  Avebury I
strongly     criticized   the  budget.     He I
declared that it would frighten capital '
out of the country,  cripple enterprise
and create a, feeling of insecurity.
Empire.    (Signed)     Bd-
i ply s.r Wilfrid Bent the
Ottawa, e mi.. Nov, 20.���
Edward R, I., Windsor: sir Wilfrid
Laurier presents ins iiunibi,.- duty to
"four Majesty, nnd begs in express
his deep gratitude for your Majesty's
kind message of the anniversary of
his birthday, Signed) Sir Wilfrid
Any person who is the solo head of
a family, or any male over IS years I
old,   may   homestead   a   eiuarter   section   (160   acres,   more   or   less)      of,
available Dominion land in Manitoba, I
Saskatchewan or Alberta,    The appll- I
cant  must appear  In  person    at the I
Dominion    Lands   Agency   or      Sub- i
Agency  for   the  district.     Entry   by j
proxy may be made at any agency, on
certain conditions, by father .mother, ,
certain conditions, by father, mother,'
intending  homesteader.
DUTIES���Six months' residence |
upon the cultivation of the land in1
each of three years. A homesteader ]
may live within nine miles of his;
homestead on a farm of at least 80
acres solely owned and occupied by;
him or by his father, mother, son, |
daughter, brother or sister.
In certain districts a homesteader
in good standing may pre-empt a
eiuarter section alongside his homestead. Price $3.00 per acre. Dutios���
Must reside six niemths in each of
six years from date of homestead entry i including the time required to
cam homestead patent) and cultivate
fifty acres extra.
A homesti ader who has exhausted
his homestead right and cannot obtain a pre-emption may take a paribus,,] homestead in certain districts.
Price $3.00 per acre. Purchased
homesteads may be acquired or nny
available lauds on cither odd or even
numbered Sections south eif Township 45, easl of the Calgary and Ed-
monton   Railway  line.     Duties���Must
The Delta Hotel
J. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Newly furnished throughout.    Modern Sanitary Conveniences.    Travelers' Sample Rooms.    Good Wines,
Liquors, Cigars, etc.
Coal for Sals
-Best Vancouver Island Coal.
Apply J. Johnston
Concert and Dance Hall���McNeely Hall, only concert and dance hall on Delta.���Terms, apply J. JOHNSTON
> ocooccx"'Ocra
CUOI'TON" AS A TF.RMIN \L. I r'"!'ll�� s!x months in each of three
CROTTTON, Nov. 22^���The report is l"*ars, cultivate fifty acres and erect
current here that the C. P. It, has a nn"*e worth -5300-
chosen the site of the tidewater ter- SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN* NORTH-
minul of (he branch line of railway; WRST MIXING REGULATIONS,
which is to tap Cowichan Lake coun-' COAL���Coal mining rights may be
tr/ al Crnfton and that the pretty leased for twenty-one years at an
i '��� ri -i-  with rniv. ,mle   townsi'.e   on   the   east   coast   of   annual rental of ?1.00 an acre.    Not
"'' "*���*'' ""u LlllNA. the   ls,;and   wl[|  shortly  be  the   scene   more  than  3,500 acres can be leased
Lisbon,   Xov.   19.���The  Seculo    to-|o*f-   renewed    activity.        This      new   to one applicant.    Royalty, five cents
day  says   that   the  Chinese   delegates 1 branch line is mainly for the aeeom- ' per ton.
with the exception of the Ionic, which   to the Hong Koong conference,  hav- Imodation  of  the American   Securities       QUARTZ���A person eighteen years
left   here   early   on   Sunday   evening.   inS refused Portugal's claim In (Macao j Company,   which   a  few  months  ago   of age and  over having made a dis-
or to submit the question to arbitra- j purchased 54,000 acres of limber covery may locate a claim 1,500 feet
tion, Portugal with the support of' lands from the Esquimau & Nanaimo by 1,500 feet Fee, $5.00. At least
Great Pritain, has opened pour par-1 Railway Company. Crofton sprang $100 must be expended on the claim
lors direct with China for the main-| Into prominence as a promising port each year, or paid to the Mining Re-
tenanoe of the status ejuo. Mi.-n, In ion the oast coast ot the Island when corder. When $500 has been ex-
China, which is situi'ed on an 'sli.ndla large sue Her was erected there pended or paid and other require-
of the same name at the moel'h of,in the fall of 1901 by Messrs. Breen ments compelled with the claim may
.ns with tho two land B.-dllng,.>r, who had leased the Le-   be purchased at $1.00 an acre.
The fact that leads local marine men
to believe that the Ionic has been
wrecked is that yesterday afternoon
the crew and passengers of the C. P.
R. steamer Assiniboia reported that
they had sighted considerable wreckage close to Passage Islaml and several members of the crew stnteel that   the Canton river,
Small adjacent islands of Tai Panlnora mine at Mount Sicker from the- PLACER MINlNii CLAIMS gener-
and Coloane, a province, the city be-|I.cnora Mount Sicker Mining Com- ally 100 feet square. Entry fee $5.00.
ing divided into wards, one inhabited pany. With the advent of the smelt-' DREDGING���Two leases of five
by Chinese and the other by non-ling company a townsite was laid nut miles each of a river may be issued
Chinese, each having Its own admin-i and lots found a ready ^ile. For a to one applicant for a term of 20
istration. China holds chat the de-, time, the population of the little place years. Rental, $10 a mile per annum.
storm was raging and the captain pendencies of the city of Macao "iave|piiinh<rtO several hundred souls, and Royalty, 2 1-2 per cent, after the out-
was unable to make out the name on been Illegally occupied by the Por- [th * cut c.ok seemed very rosy. Hut' put exceeds $10,000.
the cabin. tuguese  for some years and that the  w th  the closing down of the smelter W. W. CORY.
The steamer Ionic cleared from only concession of territory ever made a cooplo cl years after it had been Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
Fort William between 5 and fi o'clock to Portugal was the town of Macao, estaidl ?l,ed, Crofton relarpsed Into Its ' N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
Sunday  night.     She   had  a  cargo   of  and she Insists that the territory and  former    state,   and   to-day there   are   this  advertisement   will  not  be  paid
in their opinion it was that of the
Ionic. Captain Pyatl, of the Assiniboia, stated that he was astonished
to see wreckage close to Passage Island about 8 o'clock yesterday morning.     At the  time   a   blinding  snow-
55,042  bushels  of wheat  for Tiffin.       Islands   be  evacuated   by  Portugal.       f^w pie pie resident.
Any person wanting Light or Heavy
Harness or Repairing done would
do well to call and see me. Your
patronage solicited and satisfaction
Ladner  7
���   McNeely Wharf,
XJhe fDelta 7Jn
Sl.OO A YEAR   mf'SSH SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER   27,   1909.
************���:<********* *******���}���*******
Kitchen Range, Washing Machine.1
Incubator and Brooder, 3 beds, tables
j Chairs, Kitchen Cabinet, Cupboard
' and other articles. Also horse, har-
I ness and Democrat, will sell cheap.
|A,i.i\-   Secti.m   House,   Port   Guichon.
High-class Machine  Wire   Wound  and
Continuous Stave Wooden Pipe
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
A closet that can be placed
anywhere either in or out
of the house, and is perfectly Sanitary and
For particulars write
Hall and I,avery Block New Westminster
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1809.
CAPITAL PAID-UP 8 4,600,000
RESERVE l'UXD $5,300,000
Tolnl Assels P1I ly-Tliree .Millions.
Accounts ot  Out-of-'Uown  Customers Stvcn  Special Jltlenlion
Accounts may lie opened with deposits uf ONE DOLLAR anil "Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, ha 11-yearly on June 80th anil December
31st, each year.
K. d. simpson. Manager ladner. n. c.
Clothes Talk
Christmas will soon be here.    Why not get that New Suit
or Overcoat NOW ?    Let me take your measure for one
of my Special
English Tweed Suits, $30.00
Or I can show you anything in Black,  Blue
or Brown
McNeely Hall, Ladner
Every Saturday night. Doors open
at   7.45,   show   begins  at   8.80.
Finest picture's ever shown���Cowboy life, adventures, melodrama and
good comics.
Beautiful Illustrated songs with fine
$1.00  cash  prize given  every  week.
YOU may be the lucky one.
Children, 15c. Adults, 25c.
Ladner and Westham Island
Via Steveston and
Leave Steveston���9:30 a.m.; 4:30 p.m.
Leave Ladner���8:80 a.m.; 3:30 p.m.
Commencing Oct. 31st, Sunday tiips
will be discontinued. A launch
service for freight and passengers
will be arranged for Sunday,
running on regular weekday schedule,  weather permitting.
The Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.
Limited, of Vancouver and Victoria, have moved their Office
and Piano Showrooms to 1097
Granville St. (cor. Helmcken
St.) The Company's business
on the Mainland will now be
conducted from this address.
Vancouver, B.C., Nov. 7, 1909
SALE���Seven  Ions
toes for
1 OR
bull   c
.ilf.    O
Tamworth ho
.h sex.
. A.
...LOCAL ITEMS...    I
******************.i ********.}.**********%,
Register-    Register!!     Register!
Hutcherson, the grocer, has all the
Christmas  -grocery   delicacies.
Mr. G. .Mcpherson, of Pitt Meadows
was in Ladner this week.
Notice is given that anyone found
shooting on my premises on Sundays
will li.. prosecuted to the fuiles*t extent of tiie law.
H. D.   BESON.
Mr. Brooke-Smith, of Vaiicouv i, Is
paying a visit to the Delta.
Mr. Geo. Graner, of A lui-..ft, was
a visitor t.i Uie Delta  this week.
Don't borrow your neighbor's paper. Subscribe for tbe Times your-
Win :i   ia   doubt     �� n.ie     .
del looey to buy examine  Hui  hi
Delhi Glee Club and
Ladner Band
The U'.'.T.r. and Loyal Legion will
In.1.1 an entertainment in the Tow
Hall in Monday evening, November
29th. The. prize essays on Woman'?
Suffrage, written by the children wiE
be read, and an oratorical contest uIT;
be held, a silver medal to be award-
ed to the .best reciter. Mrs. SpofTorL
provincial W.C.T.U. president, will Im-
present anil give an a.ldress on Woman's Suffrage. Special music by the
Loyal Legion. Admission* Adolui.
25c;  children,  free.
Then, will be some new hats a
the-   Delta   us  a   result   of  Thursday'*
McNeely Hall
Christmas  fruits,   candy,   in:--    and
le.tiie-r Christmas delicacies at  Hutcherson's.
Mr. m. Mends, .if Westham Island.
loaves shortly to spend Christmas In
Everything for Xms-; new nuts,
Dal.s, FUs; a line assortment. W.
H. Smith.
Miss Dedl Orant of Vancouver was
the guest of Mrs. Brewster for the
week   end.
Mr. anel Mrs. J. J. Murphy, of
Belllngham, were visitors on the
Delta this week.
Household* rs who wish a vote ii.
the forthcoming municipal eieei-tiira*,
ai-. rem tide .1 thai they will have tc
n i -1, : 1. Ii 1 , 1,1, a b 1. 11 mber 1.
Full    par 11 -'revm
Municipal Clerk McDlarml ^ht���
��� iters list this year lo Is fair to b*-
tnui 0 lat H' . :ii. n thai 01 Jasl year.
year thi re were some 2'>o or.
the   list   hui   ��� . ..���   ;i   j-   i��� ��� .     1
li ���-!    b!     tl:..   I   11,.     Ih,     lists   l-ieise-   here
w 11   1..    about   350    Mine-s,   ih.-   suh-
,! "���   01      n  thi   high! mds    0.1    Srott
1   1 :    Uli     many  more peopli tt
C. O. Lambert and W. H. Smith
Joint  Secretaries
Reeve. Hutcherson and Mr. J. Jordan were, visitors to New Westminster on Tuesday.
Three and  a half miles South  of
George O. Dennis
���-���'."��� 1
Agent for   De   Laval   Cream
Strict attention  to all business
entrusted to me and satisfaction
Notice  of sale  by
Comprising���Six heavy work horses
and mares; 6 colts; saddle pony; 23
Dairy Cows, in milk anil in calf, pure
bred Durham cow and calf; 3 yearling heifers *and steers; li calves, pure
liiiel Durham bull, 3 years old; 2
breiod sows wilh pigs, Berkshire boar,
5 store pigs; 2 do&en chickens, the
usual assortment of Implements
found 0:1 an occupancy of 300 acres,
anil a useful assortment uf household
furniture, which
All!. II. \. KICH has received Instructions from Mr, Sam Morrow to sell
by Auction, on the premises as above
on Thursday, December 16th, at 11
a.m. Further particulars in sale
hills, which may be obtained of the.
Luncheon will he provided.
Auction offices, Ladner,  B.C.
Mr. \V. Pyke left tor England last
Saturday. Rumor has it that lie will
not   return   alone.
Mr. F. Levett, e.f Crescent Island is
contemplating a nip to England for
the Christinas  holidays.
Now ihat the. provincial elections
are eiver the next excitement will be
the   municipal   elections.
Our new shipment of Currants.
Raisins, Peels, is in. Led us show
you  our steicii.     W.  H. Smith.
We have the finest assortment of
Candy of all kinds from 10c per lh.,
to  $".00  boxes.      W.H. Smith.
Mr. John Oliver arrived home from
campaigning on Wednesday. Thursday he spent at South  Westminster.
A very large, number of anvwen
91 r.. received rrom all purls of the
I'-ltn this week in answer 10 the
"ail" contest started in last week'*-
issue. Answers were received up Is
thc 25th in order to give those resid-
Ing in distant parts of the munimpai-
Ity a fair show. All the answers on
correct and in order that residents
of the village, who could of course
have reached the office' with a )eHer
a few minutes after the paper '..a*
out. should have no advantage over-
those residing out in the country, all
the replies were, shaken togeth****
placed in a had and Postmaste r Tav-
Ieir asked to draw out a letter at rnn-
dom. The re ply of Miss Evelyn Lord
was the one drawn am] she- is the
lucky winner or the box of candy. Shi
will receive i. hy applying <it l.aa-
ninir, Fawcett & Wilson's atone, li
whose advertisement the "mistaJt-j"
occurred. The weirds- "See Snow
Window," she.uiii have read "See
Show Window." Watch ihe advertisements for another mistake this
week. Rememiber the mistake may-
he in any advertisement.
Venerable Archdeacon Pentreath
conducted morning and evening services at All Saint's Church on Sunday last.
Holy Communion���First and thlr*I
Sundays al 8.00 a.m.; second sum
fourth Sundays at 11 a.m. Matins. 11
.i.m.; Sunday school at 10 a.m. Friday evening, L*>tany at 7:30. Rev. E.
R.   Bartlett,   M.A.,  vicar.
P. 0., DELTA, B. C.
W. N. Draper
Room  2, E lard Block,
New Westminster,
"The Tailor,"
Ladner, B. C.
Advertise in The Times
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about
the same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices
New Westminster, B. C.
(Westminster Branch)
Cars  leave  Westminster  or    Vance, uver  at   6:50   and   0:50   a.m.     an.l
hourly thereafter uiuil  ll  p.m.; Saturdays ami  Sundays at   1 1   p.m.
Cars  leave   Vancouver   f r     Westminster al  a  *>) and   'i:'1"     a.m.     an 1
hourly until   in   p.m.;  Saturdays and I
Sundays at 11   nan.
\\'e. inn first-class freight cars be-j
tween Westminster and Vancouver
an.l all shipments ere handled with
the' utmost care and delivered to
cons gnee without delay. S.ioe-ial
attention paid to fruit shipments. Our
wag,him meet all boats an.l trains
For rates, etc., apply lo
TiafCIa Manag r.
Lnc 'l Manager.
Public notice is hereby aiven to the
electors of Wml 3, of ihe Municipality or Delta thai I require the presence oi' '.he .-aid electors at the Council Chambers, Ladner. on the 1st flay
of November, 19.09, at 12 o'clock
noon, for tic purpose of electing a
person io reipresent them in the. Municipal Council as Councillor.
'l'he mode of nominating candidates
shall  be as  follows:
The. candidates shall be nominated
m writing, the writing shall
be subscribed by two voters
of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall
n,. el, :iv, red io iho Returning i iff ���
at any time between the date of Lhls
notice a iel - pin. of tin' day of n uh-
Inatli n. and in the event of a poll !��'-
Ing necessary such poll will be op. tie ,1
��� ���ii the iih eh y or Novi mber, 1909, at
th.. Council Chambers, Ladner, and
wiil he. kefit open from |i a.m. till '
p.m. of wh'ch every person is hereby
re quired to take notice and ��"-, ei .
themselves accordingly.
'Pie.  quallnc-Ulons  for  ;i   Court  lib
shall he hi . being a male Brltli
Jed  and   having  bee a   for   the
months next preceding the da-,  of his
nomination,   the   registered   owner  in
the  l.an i   ReglBtry  Office  of  '.an.l  "i-
;val property situate within the municipality of tin' assessed value, on the
Inst   Municipal   Assessment    Roll,   of
two hundred and fifty dollars or more,
over nun   above  any  registered  judgment, anel being otherwise qu illfted as
a voter.
Given under my band at Ladner
this -13rd  flay  of October,   1909
Returning Officer.
Mr. anil Mrs. .Marshall Smith of
Vancouver spent several days in Lad-
:vl this week the guests of Mr. and
Mis. II. Hutcherson. They returned
home on Friday.
Church services will he held erar*
other Sunday, beginning with Sund
November 11. 1909: Parochial man
at 10:80 a.m.; Sunday school, 2 p.m.,
evening devotion, .1 p.m.; ! iw mast
t.ie following Monday, 6 am. F.
Kientz, D.L.,  parish  priest.
Mr.  G,  \v.  Clement,  of Cli ment &
I.i'iiiL'Ti, spent --.���viral days in Van-
conver tins week Installing a h..f
water system on a contract see ired
hy the- Lain..:- firm.
Mr. Charles S. Cosgrove ami b ys
wi-,. iii Ladin:- this \vi e k on their
Wdj from their home at Ketchikan,
Alaska, l e Polnl Robl il-. to Visit Mr.
1 losgrove's brother there.
It'  you  havo   neglecte .1   to   i-
your   name   on   the   municipal  vol   rs'
list,   attend   to   the   mailer   a:    o
���;".'���   1st   closes   at    Municipal   *'i. rk
McDIarmid's office ..n December 1.
M r.   Thomas   Ladn  r     reci h, ed     a
telegram from San Francisco ..a Wed-
nes lay   from   hi -  se  i   Ell Is   notlf
li in   of   iln    bir h   of   a  son   to   Mrs.
Ellis Ladner.
Services next Lord's nay at ll a.ic
and 7:30 p.m.; diss meeting, after
lhe morning service every Sunday;
Sabbath school al 2 p m. every sun-
day: prayer mrifn: every Thursdi-j
evenin,;- .,t 7 30, Rev. J. It. Wri-jV.
Services next Lord's Day ������ 11 a.m
and   7.30   p.m.:   mid-week  meeting 01
Wedni sday ev, a ng  ���.:  :.'���'. 1.
Sabbath scrv.ces   Cres eat    Isl .ni.
���'!   poa.:  Ladin r,     7:3 )     p.m.    S 1
school at 11  a. m.;    prayer    meeting
on Thursday ai   !> p.m.     E. J. 1 lh
The bi ys    of  thi      Ladner
fool b   il team  .. Ish to thank thos.. v. I   .
so generously  . ontrib it .1   for a   pur- j
pose ,,f  buying  a   p. :      to er   iurage
competition     with     the     neighboring
ti ��� ms. 1
The   I. idle: *   Guild   of All
; will hoi 1 their s tie of  .-. n :, on Wed-
0 -.la; .     I le-.e 'll',,, !���     *..     in     the    ' P" ra
lion--.-.     "Aunt  Sail*,."   a
:  ,. ������ her fish pond.     N'um -    is other
attractions,      I'm.   ia the evi 1
Mr. .lames Stove-. ..,' .-:���. v ..n. will
leave shortly on an exte n li d trip
e as; where he will ins,., ct
!��� a I ng Holstein lo rds ti a
selectl iw .1 herd of 2.', to p. p in ed m
the' asylum farm at New Westminster.
That word solves the problem of Christmas presents.
Come in and make your selection in time. No need to
buy out of town when I have a splendid line of Jewellery, Silverware and Cut Glass
Novelties in Waist Sets, Brooches, Stickpins.
"No order too large and none too small."
A. Clausen, The Jeweller
B. C.
'rip. iirst calendai   ,'or 1910 n ci 1 -
1 .1   at   the.   T mes   office   is   thai    of   a
local firm, Lanning, Fawcett & "\ -
son. Th." calendar is ia panel form
depicting a pleasant brookside scene.
I The colen-s blend harmoniously ami
I with pleasing effe ;��� It is a hand-
si.me calendar an 1 a credit to ihe
Proprietor   Joh'nson    of   tin.    Delta
'Hotel   nn  sooner   completes  one   improvement   on   his     place   than     he
starts  on  another.      Ho  is  now  about
i t.i  install   a   modern   hot  water   system   for   baths  and   Unlets.      Increas-i
;i'ig   iiatronafie   of   this   hotel   demon-j
jstratea that the public appreciates Mr.'
Johnson's progresslveness. I
.ludginft- by it visit  to  the  stores of
Ladner   merchants,   aid  a   glance   at
the   advertisements   ia   this   issue   of.
the Times,  there  will be  no  occasion1
for   Delia   people   t<>   send   awuy   for
their    Christmas    presents.     A    very
complete range of seasonable articles'
can  be   had   in   Ladner  and    at     ns
cheap prices as can be obtained elsewhere.     Before you  buy your Christ-1
mas  presents see    what    your    local
merchants have for sale.
Sh ploy   ll.i
e:.   1-.    Daveni ort,    Va      mvi r.
A.  F.   Batti,  New  We
Wm.     ',::'
Rev. A. M.  Ri
J. ,1. Murphs.  if lllngham.
Mis.   Murphj, Bell    -
Mis.   X.   Morris,   '
11.   C   ..lew, :l.   Vai   iouvi :.
Dolla Hotel.
R.  W. Hart, Vancou>  r.
il    -; , Se mil'.
'   .     !���.    r, Seattle.
P.  -1   ly   1, nl ier,  Van 'ou\ ��� r.
C. S. 1 Iii! ���:..���������. and I iys, ICctcbikas
;:.   Wats   ���',  V   n ouver.
I-'   :������'.. Logan,  New   We
r.  Brool .  *'m tl    '.      ouve r.
Pi     Boultbee, Vancouver
II.  .1.  Montizambert, Vancouvi r
!:.  ll.  Pox.  1; isl   i' Ita.
(I.   W. Turn 11,  East  Helta.
,1.   I).   Williams.   Y 111  ouve r.
B   Stanley   Ross,  Van 'ou\ er.
J.is.   1:.  a *idi 1-0 1.  Vancouver.
W,  P.  Conheii. Vancouver.
s. McPherson, Pitt Me idows.
,1. A.  Russell, Vancouver.
James Stables, Vancouver.
M.   Macmillan,   Vancouver.
W. s.   Phipps.  Wa   Westminster.
L.   Day.   Ne w   Wesd-mlnste :.
P. A. Sutherland, X.-w Westmlnstec
S. P. Martin, N.w   Westminster.
C. McBride,  New Westminster.
\\'. s.  House, New   We   tmi 1 i. r.
Tom Rivers. New Westminster.
11.  II. Abbott,  New- Westminster.
.1.  aMtherrson, New  Westminster,
Thomas Forster, Whonnock,
13. J.  Wad,., Surrey
W. D. Reid, New  Westminster.
C.   A.   Lnyanel.   Pt.   Robl ris.
P.  Meaoher, Vancouver,
R.  Straw,  Vancouver.
Geo. Graner, Ashcroft
BROKEN All ROW. Oklu., Xov. St
���Mistaking the head of Pearl House
11   years  of age,   for the  bod}* .it    ��.
duck, John Boatwrlgh'i shot and killed  the boy  when  hunting mar hert. TIIE DELTA TIMES
c r
,.   "eae^EKSiDE
" ""SBES    NDENCE..
nd illustrations must nol
tiled    w iih.mt   special   permls*
���   ittll Inte e-1 cits long ago, for the
in   survive,   If   they  don't   gel
mill o.inse an  epidemic, do  mil
.   the  cheap  pgg  season   anil
��� immature breeders.
��� pictures show the ureal differ-1
ii   ���   hetweeu April ami Augual chicks
>! s;:i,".. nge.
���':. Si pt. In Hie April birds weighed
-. ��� . , on. -half pounds nnd I he Ail-
sir.--* .illy one ami oue-nuarler pounds
-csd nrere just facing Iheir Hrst frosts.
���;C ;~ .
���    ���
J   ��� '
| ���'.,.  *
fi  *i
"larch. April nnd May are lh" Ideal
.*-.    ��� li'.-nlhs.     Then   1 .pi������ ���<ii'fs   fe
ll eh' youth  in Uie balmy spring
i r. I    i on  fresh verdure, catch the'
"...nn  a inl  are a I  Iheir  besl   in
ud egg production, and their re-
.  powers, doi'tmiu! nil winter,
��� clive.
:���   lints   highly   fertilized   hatch
ii ..runs   chicks;   liens   sit   well
tin' have every natural advantage for
[eat-In**   their  broods  to strong early
i    ,    iy.   Then comes the beat.
��� tiers after three mouths' breed-
- . in ' laying nre worn down, heal
"wervtttes; thus come poorly fertilized
tgtas nnd weak chicks. Incubator heal
*��� bnrtl io coutrol; brooders and bens
ire v.oi-se.
render   vegetnTlop   and   juicy   bugs
tint worms, ou which early chicks wax
fat.me mostly dried up. Mild weather.
Kblch  lhe Hrsl  chicks sported  on
dewy   grass   and   scratched   In
I  soil, is succeeded by  the sun-
msoii ami pnrched, 1ml ground.
This is ii"t overdrawn.   Witness the
rartul drought of the past two sensous
' -".---a.;---
c+m;ff*-> *^,}
Vi. i~.?SZ\J":i��>
I'our wedding, dear, is very near.
Pome, listen to a word
From one who's had her number two
And tisftes tor a third.
Don't ever try to boss your man
Nor use that big word must,
For just as surely as you do
Those wedding bonds will bust.
Now. when 1 got my number one
I tried that shelf worn trick.
Then didn't he to the courthouse run
And get a divorce quick]
But when 1 caught my number two
1 irieel another plan.
And now  I'll,tell you how,  my dear,
To in.ira. -<��� any man:
Man has a stomach.   Hear ihat. dear?
The >." i-.-i .a success is here.
His stomach and his heart are one.
'1 o manage him, you see, is fun.
Is it a summer trip you wish?
.lest  get   lam  up a special elisli.
Pill tiiiii with tender chicken fry,
lee cream, sweet cake anil apple pie.
ls it a diamond, hat or coat,
Autei, Bwell house or pleasure I.oat,
A trip across, a Paris gown,
A string of pearls tei stun the town?
Well, turkey roast will fill the bill
An.l pumpkin pie with flaky frill,
Then �� Idle he .-at.- just coo end Pill
Atiet lovey dovey around anel trill.
Ami when tint turkey is a wreck
And he I. is stuffed about a peek.
Just throw your arms around ins neck
And you will get a big fat cheek,
Put this last word nnd 1 am through���
Dyspepsia   Killed  my number two.
.-���,. keep ii". Btomach hitlers round
ur you may put him underground.
fes. you've i n mad long enough at
those lie'ns ihat puff themselves like'
circus balloons nnd eat and eat and
siiu.it in the corner and lay not in
winter days, when eggs are worth having.
Now. John, you know II" a man
doesn't exercise he becomes n flabby
Jellyfish, and a hen whose blood doesn't
cut capers around her egg capacity is
a mutt.
Don't show- nbsence of gray matter
hy buying poultry'secrets em how to
tell n layer nnd make hens lay and,
enrn you a living off a Id by 10 lot.
Their hen hypnotism is mysticism and
will give you pessimism.
Chlropi dize your hens.
You're short on long green because
your Inns ai" long on toe nails and
short mi  pgg records.
Those I.iiia nails are the nails in the
coffin of your poultry funernl.
Make iliein scratch oft' those nails.
Rig up a scratch Hour, provide deep
litter, make them dig fe't- their grain.
They'll sing merrily, they'll lay. lay.
lay. and you'll never again hear wifey
sny. "Didn't 1 tell yon chickens don't
Those who are looking for a location
where 1" 1  is cheap will  be- wasting
time. About the' only thing that hasn't
ndvnnced in this locality is a tunrrlage
The Louisiana railway commission
has old-.reel all express companies in
tIio slate in make half rules for poultry shipped to the fairs, "'"nuclei's nre
robbed in nearly every slate. Let ev-
e't-y follow yell at his commission be
order remission.
Tin' Wells I'nrgo Express company
lias boosted rales -J." per e-ent on the
Chicago, Mlhvnukee and St. Paul, and
it cosls all the profit on n rooster to
gel him to a customer.
O Shylock, do not lift the lid.
Phi Keep your skinflint face- well hid!
If you should dare to come T,ove ground
Ami shoal,1 oy tiie express be found
It- big tight list would squeeze you so
you'd torn to an unseen zero.
A funny thing about our customs is
The fishing Industry in British Columbia for the year 190S yielded a
return of $6,466,038, according to
the 42nd annual report of the department of marine and fisheries, just
issued. This production was greater
than that of the previous year by
$342,116. Hut as the total value of
1907 was $S80,425 below that of the
year 1906, the year li)0S is still half
a million dollars behind 11106, ami
three and one half millions behind
ithe record year of 1905, in which
British Columbia produced a greater
; value, uf iisb than Xeiva Scotia and
stood easily al the- head of tbe list
of fish producing provinces of Canada.
in district No. 1 (Southern B. CM
there Is a decrease of $676,018 in all
kinds of salmon, while halibut shows
an Increase of $148,831. Other kinds'
of fish show small increases mostly, i
Sturgeon, however, nearly doubled
the total of 1907, though still far be-
hiiiel the years when this fishery was
first carried on for commercial purpose's. There Is a total decrease., in
the district, in the value of all kinds,
of $643,149 which is moiie than made
up hy the other two districts.
District Xo. 2, comprising [he northern part of the province, is by far
the best fish producing section. Apart
from its great salmon fishery, the.
rich halibut grounds of British Columbia lie within easy distance of this
district, and large ns the halibut Industry Is at present, greater production is looked for when the Grand
Trunk Pacific reaches the western
Salmon fishing in ihe northern district, is greater than that of 1907 by
$366,384. Halibut value, advanced
$11,550 and that of herring $12,3sn.
making a total value of all kinds
$1110,177 greater than that of 1907.
Vancouver Island, district Xo. 2.
and a portion of the mainland adjacent thereto yielded $485,184 more
than in 19H7. Herring, chiefly in
Xanaimo district, shows an increase
in value of $2-13,047, while, salmon of
al! kinds show" an advance1 in value
of   522",174.
It is worthy of note, stales the report, that British Columbia con-
tributed no less than four-fifths the
total value of halibut landed in
Canada  during  the year.
The whole catch of fish in Canadian
waters hy Canadian fishermen, in-
cliPling fish products, s'al. etc.. during the year   190.S,  is  valued  at  $-.*>,-
4 r, i, n s r,.
British Columbia has a sea-washed
shore of 7000 m 1 s, along which am
within UK- limits of the tcrritoria
waters, there are- fish and animals ii
greater abundance than anywhen
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Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
O Manufacturer of
Q AI/E and all kinds oi
(3        Your Patronage Solicited
! 80000000000000000000000000
can   Import   bogs   free'.   l'iil;u"'  river.
regular  run
ml  -ii) c.cl,ts  a  setting on  ���"-     ,e'u'  '
unisl  pay 3 cents a pound on poultry j
-.     lfi
'in-  harebrained  legislators  can't see
he inferiority ��� >f a bog in a hen. what
In 1 hoy know about aujtbing then'.'
The government foot! report advises
Something new in the1 way
fre Ight and passenger boat will be put
iiiiuVi'Vicc on the Fraser river in the
course, of tiie next few days, when I'.o.,
Troup, son of Capt. Troup, of Victoria, wlio is iii charge o'f the C. I'. It.
shipping on the Pacific Coast, wit
bring his gasoline sternwheeler to the
Fraser i" run up ami down the river.
-Mr. Troup planned to bring his vessel over from Victoria yesterday in
tow of the Trader, but owing to the
rough weather he postponed the trip.
The boat is known as the White
Swan Flyer and is a small stern
wheeler propelled by a gas,.iio - i u-
gine. She- is capable ol carrylr
sengers ami small quantities of freigh
and is eminently suitable for use o:
I the  river.    Tlic owner plans lo malt.
Electric Engines, Strain Engines,
Locomotives, "logic Lanterns, Moving
Picture. .Machines, Dolls of al! kinds.
Trains, Rocking Horses, Games of
every description and everything
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Toilet Sets, Shaving Sets, Smokers'
Sets, Hall Mirrors with brushes, Travelling Sets. Perfume Sets, Handkerchief and Glove Boxes, Writing Sets,
Fancy Stationery Xmas Cards and
Calendars,  Etc.,  Etc.
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Tea Sets, Bread  and    Butter    Plates,
I'll", "late     Pols,        Jardinieres     and
Fancy Ornaments of every description. Also a big range of Dinner
Sets in latest shapes and colorings.
Art Brass Goods in Fancy Vases,
Candle Sticks, Jardinieres, Etc,
Carving Sets, Scissor Sots. Silver
Knives and Forks. Tea Spoons, Dessert Spoons, Etc. Big range of Pipes
With and without cases, Cigar Holders, Tobacco Pouches. Cigar Cases,
New Xmas Fruits now in. "a little later than last year, but we wanted
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Commencing   Monday,   December   mill  Store will  be open  evenings.
from  New
rt   Langley     and
Patent Leather Boots and Shoes
Special All This Week
We stmlnster
intci111. di.lie-
.-.corsT (,-incRs��� note rsiali. size.
-0 the eastern stales.    Even the Imts
Jell from their hiding places, nnd large
maples died on the si reels.
Sin h dry weather is not just right
lev yiuing turkeys niul chicks, us some
iup|Hjse, as it destroys their natural
IihmI, stunts their growth and brings
disease. Summer is the lice breeder,
hiiul lire (���specially, the curse of young
i-blcks. breeding very rapidly. The
���.-���til,, chicks are not bothered much
���with vermin and pull III rough the teu-
*"er period without uiueb trouble front
these bloodsuckers,
lli-us shot.id tint be sel in hoi weather. The inactivity ut hatching and
���elf denial of brooding, wilh lice and
lieat, weaken them for thai trying
��� r leal, Ihe molt. We- seldom hatch
after lh" Hrsl week in June, for the
eitru feed and cure, plus the loss.
Bitilio ii a niuipuylug proposition.
Don'l jerk or shirk, litll work. The
**tendy have money ready: the* rash ore
Bhot't'of cush.
Don'l si il preserved eggs for fresh
,i|, I* on Sai unlay anil occupy the
i-Ilfel sen I in tin "tynngiigue mi Sun-
1' iy.
Ilutl'l   let   greed   rule   yon   to   conn
Hie  feed  and  skin  those  in   lu'ed  and
then   in cupy   tin'   amen   corner   and
/.ray  "Allien!"    A  hearty  amen  does
met always denote an honest man.
Don't I"! .-my 'in- argue you into
lielfevitiB licit poultry can cat nny-
Bilug, and try to save money feeding
musty feed. If you do such a thing
-the fools aren't, all (lead yet," but a
fool's chickens may be.
Don'l put of I'll tomorrow what you
1, ;t off yesterday to do today.
ivju't sell your sin-plus birds before
.r.,v nre so' matured that you may
tiiuvc fi I' seite tinit you have kept the
test lot show aud nest.
h* r du
lleves there Is
business on the
(present time.
lias neen i
tin.   pasl
lh,. North with
river   at   -.he
us  mil   to accustom our stomachs to I    Since 11
food thai is loo easily digesied nor to   the  Beave
tight   meals.    Thus  the thl'ee-eeuts-u-  ca ado on
neal man gels one in the eye and the!1'' havi.i
knocker at  tough lieu must chew her
down or die.
When cold full rains arrive there is
nothing gained by letting chickens get
soaked for the little they pick up.
Colds thus contracted end lu ravages
of roup and deadly diarrhea.
Stpilre Littleton of Georgetown, Del.,
.it one meal ate thirty-seven sparrows, i
sliol from mie tiv, and expects to eat
ill  lhe sparrows in town.    If his gas-j
triinotnlcul   powers- are  equal   to  the
lest, we hope he'll keep ill ll nnd clean .
���;i lie post.
New York, Pennsylvania and New
It-racy aii' ihe- chief duck producing
-lates in tiie I'nioii. Tbu failure of
the corn crop in these states puts the
tin. I; producers in a predicament, its
corn Is Hu- maiu feed for fattening the
Seuiie poultrymen think that word
���'specialist" simply refers lo the., man
who keeps a single breed. Hut that
single breed may he cull and their
owner may he numb dumb skull.
Don't kill Ine woodpecker, lie gets
the boring grub: nor the cuckoo, he
gids the caterpillar; nor the lark, he
gets the grasshopper; nor the bob-
white, he onls lhe potato bug. The
farmer's   wife  doesn't:  run
wn Li;   of  th..'   Strath
���r   has   ha.l   more   than
the. up-river run. frequent-
to have quantities of freight
Tiie- new steamer Paystreak will he
launched i:i a tew days, but she- will
hardly he ready for us., much before
the last of the. yar. Up the river the
Strathcona slip lies where she sank.
Her stern is in dei i> water and it is
believed that she is gradually slipping
oft tin- s.ia.1 bank on which her bow
is resting. Tin. chanes of raising her
appear slim.
Shippers  along  thfl  Fraser   regard
I with favor lie- more being made by
Un. boards of trade of New Westminster nnd Victoria to secure better
steamer service between New Westminster an,1 Vancouver Island. Plenty
nf freight i.i iii Frasi r river valley
:s now being son'  io Vancouver that
I would   he-  directly shipped  to  tho Is-
llond, if regular steamer service was
provided on which shippers could depend. The higher prices paid for produce 'in th.. Ll.iinl they s:iy, would
assure good   business.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes; regular $3.50. $4.50,
$5.00 and $6.00, reduced Twenty
per cent.
The Shoeman,'
Ladner, B. C.
fund roit surrF.itF.iss.
CHICAGO, Nov.  23.���The    Chicago
relief   fund  for  the  Cherry  sufferers
I readied   $"0,000   today    besides     the
; actual  cash  donations  of    food    and
clothing having been shipped steadily
over  the  Chicago,  Milwaukee  &    St.
Paul  Railroad.    Many  churches    are
planning to take up collections    next
high   hat | Sunday for the fund.
fills, but the fashionable feather fiends
just cost him $:i8,0(iU.l)()0 dnmtif-e an- 	
nunlly that would be prevented by the	
birds killed for feathers, PORTLAND,    Nov.    23.���From    a
A citizen of Indiana inserted this ad:   communication which has been    re-
"Kvery person who has nol the means i":?ivcd  from  a  Chinese   company  by
to provide sufficient feed fpl* Ids horsi
To Be Given Away Absolutely free
To  Mve  first  person  making  the largest number of words out of the
We will give free of charge���deiLlvercd to your homo���a handsome
couch, upholstered !:i raised plush; frame finished with solid oak
To the person making the second  largest  number we will  give  you
the choicj  of  any pair of lace curtains  from  our  stock.
To  the person   bringing in   the twentieth list regardless of the number of words contained, we will give* one genuine English axminster
hearth rug.
Letter can be used ia any one word only as often as they occur
in tne weo-els aheive, For example the letter E can be Used bhree
tines in any one word if necessary.
Tin- decision of Mr. C, M. T. Sapsford, of Vanejuvr will be
I.ist to be written <>n one side of the paper only and answers
must hi' mailed on or before the nth of Dece**nber, 1909 and signed
with   full   name   anil   aelelress.       Addressed to
43 Sixth Street.
New Westminster
^/fa/res a  Specially oi''
Job and
or mule can obtain feed from tne free
nf cont." I'ily he doesn't live In l'l'im-
, ���'-"������'-, nnd hpijt'.iborlnp: slates where
the eort! and outs nre dried up by the
Mayor Joseph Simon, of this city, it
would appear that this company fears
an outbreak of Tong warefnre to oc- I
cur In this city as a result of the
recent fight which has occurred In
San Francisco.    The letter notifies the
I drought,    Wo would turn our roosters ; Mayor that there has been an Influx!
i loose on him. i of hatchet men to this city and asks,
that the Chinese gambling houses be
closed, the Inference being that It ls
one of the places that is feared that
the trouble will start.
Celebrated English
Registered inOunada, tSnidnndand th s. a. iTseet bj tbe ECntrltsh Government for
eiven-(iii yours,  ' ln-v ui-e' the Kie'iiti'Mt or nil animal rofirulators nnd are KUflfunteod. Stock
 I Poultry Food, Condition Powders. Heave Pemedy, Cello Ouro, Reallnn Salve,
Hull-Growlnn Salve, Medicated Wnsli Couuh nnd Colli Cure, I hiiiiieni for Stock, I.ini-
nieiii tor Hume Dse, Hoof   iiitnii'iii, Corn Cure, blister FI Ish. Spavin Cure. ���
Royal MsM Stock food Co., *sV,c��i Vancouver, b. c.
I,anninsr, Fawcett & Wilson, I,td., Local  Agents
{Bills of
Call and See Samples
The Delta Times Is published every
Saturday from the Times nuilding.
Ladner, B.C. J. D. Taylor, managing-director.


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