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The Delta Times Dec 14, 1912

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Array I Volume 7
I Delta M��.v Have Direct Cominunica<
tion  With  Vancouver���Ferry
Service Suggested.
$1.00 A YEAR.
It   is   quite   possible   that   Ladner
Will soon be connected directly with
the markets of New Westminster and
Vancouver by a thoroughly efficient
j transportation service.  Through this
Leans, Mr. C, B. Tisdall, M.P.P., In
the interests of the Vancouver people
j hopes to reduce the present high cost
f living through eliminating the ne-
essity   of   Importing   truck   garden
products from Washington and Cali-
jfornia.    This transportation line will
(also prove a very valuable outlet for
I ii,,. |u,HOO acres of rich farming land
in ihe  Delta.
The  plan,  although   It  Is  not  as
Iyet matured, is the operation of an
adequate ferry service between Wood-
I \minIs Landing and Ladner.    At one
time  the scheme of constructing  a
[bridge between these two points was
much mooted here, but lt is considered too  large and  too  expensive an
undertaking to be assumed until the
settlement of the Delta warrants it.
Such a bridge it ls estimated would
cost in the neighborhood of two mll-
j Hon dollars, as the foundation would
Ibe extremely difficult to establish in
j such a deep river.
The ferry service would also meet
lall present needs if operated properly,
1=0 that the government would scarcely [eel justified in  making the expenditure  under  the present  conditions.
About a year ago at an initial outlay of $10,000 the government estab-
ihed a ferry service at Mission be-
itween that point and Matsqui, a distance of 35 miles.    This service has
Iproven liishly satisfactory and, from
I a view point of the colonization, that
district   has  almost   paid   for  itself.
| A similar service to the Mission-Mats-
i|iii ferry is advocated by Mr. Tisdall,
although the ferry In question wouln
:i, essarily be much larger to handle
Ithe trade between Ladner, represent-
[ing the Delta, and the cities nn the
[peninsula.      It can  be readily dis-
tcerned,   however,  that the cost   of
Jsiili a service would be trifling in-
Ideed compared to the construction of
|a bridge. *nn
It has also been proposed that a
���pier of piling be constructed beyond
the sand bank, which at present
hklrls the Ladner waterfront a short
Idistanre out. Prom the end of this
[pier to Woodward's Landing would
probably be less thiyi half a mile,
[���which  would  Insure a splendid Ber-
Brisk Business Was Done by Ladies
of All Saint's���The Evening
The "All Saints" Guild sale
work which was held last Friday was
a great success, the proceeds amounting to over $190. A brisk business
was done during the afternoon and
early evening by the stall holders,
who were arranged as follows: Fandy.
Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. McRae; competition, Mrs. Richardson,
Mrs. Haves and Miss Mason; fish
pond, Misses Field and Gifford;
candy, Mrs. Douglas and Miss Wilson. During ,the afternoon, tea and
refreshments were served to the large
crowd which assembled.
In the evening a splendid a-setn-
blage listened with evident appreciation to the rendering of the "Pear-
let Mysteries." which Incorporated
Mutt and Jeff. Judging from the
hearty and spontaneous applause
which greeted each offering in this
number it met with the hearty appreciation of the audience. The
companv consisted of "Signoro Mys-
tero." Mr. C. D. Lambert; "Corners"
Mutt and Jeff, Mr. B. H. Weare and
Mr. E. Howard; "Sides," Mrs. Lambert and Misses Garwood. Heathfox
������"d Plewis. Messrs. Victor Taylor, H.
Howard and B. Howard. Pianist.
Mr. Alex. Howard.
The comic sketch "Mixed Pickles"
was especially well rendered and
aroused the mirth of the audience
to some degree. The caste com-
nrised the following artists: "Mr.
Grumpy." Mr. C. D Lambert: "Miss
nrumny." Miss W. Garwood: "Lucy,"
Mr. B." H. Weare; "Mr. Golightly,"
Mr. E. Howard.
The lengthv programme also constituted a large selection of voca'
music, which was well rendered and
well received. "Let Hpr Drown."
Mr. B. H. Weave: "Dreamland." M1*"*
Heathfox; "Let's AH Go Down thp
Strand."    Mr.    B.   Howard
Board  of Trade Members  Addressed
by Mr. Tisdall, M.P.P., on Project-
Approval General
to get the ferry
assurance of Mr
now. He had the
Carter<!otton that
he would do his best to take care
of the ferry at Woodward's Landing.
The Richmond Road would require
planking 18 feet in width with three
At the regular monthly meeting of
the Delta Board of Trade held on
Monday night here, Mr. C. E. Tisdall. M.P.P. for Vancouver, ably outlined the mutual benefits which
Delta and Vancouver would derive
frojn the improvement In the transportation    facilities    between    these
centres which stand In the relation truck system paying and he instanced
of producers and consumers respeo- the increasing use of this means of
lively of agricultural produce. Mr. j transporting commodities on the In-
Tisdall frankly declared hts belief In terurban roads. Referring to Mr. Tay-
the practicability of a steam ferry to lor's letter and Mr. MacKenzle's as-
run tetween Ladner and W iodward'_ | surance of support, Mr. Tisdall's con-
Landing,   assured   the   seventy-five  elusion  was that with a joint push
Local   Glo\>   Artists   Display   Good
Form in Friendly Bouts���Lots
of Entertainment.
A very successful boxing tournament was held in the spacious reading room of the Ladner Hotel last
Monday evening. Some of the promising talent of the Delta assembled
there and made the evening one or
interest to the spectators who had
gathered. A ring was formed in tn��
middle of  the floor  and  the  chain-
Delta ranchers and business men
tiresent that such a project would
have his hearty support a3 well as
that, of the members for Richmond
and Delta, and that he ?*'*. the government would support the project
If at all feasible.
Mr, Tisdall was aceomnaiiicl 'iy ; be joined to Vancouver by a direct
Road Superintendents McBride, of' means of communication. The lat-
Richmond, and Sprott, of New West-, ter city furnishes a cash marlset for
minster, and Assistant Gi/eminent lall the farmers produce. Hero we
Engineer G.  P.  Napier,  of Victoria,   are sendine down to the Sound ren-
who also gave their vi^ws on the
question, that of Mr. MeBrid. being
distinctly in its favor as far as the
advantage in improving traf''e facilities went. Mr. Napier, while guardedly expressing himself, indicated
that this was the era of the auto
truck, and appeared to be impressed
with the necessity of providing a
direct means for reaching Vancouver
with the produce of Delta farms.
The  remarks  of  these  gentlemen
brought  forth  many  expressions of
opinion   from   the   members   of   the
Hjard of Trade.    All were  in  favor
River | ci improving the means of transpor
inch   plank   for   heavy   auto  traffic,   were arranged so that all could si**-
There was no doubt about the motor | the different matches.
The feature of the evening's sport,
which constituted some six or seven
different bouts, was the first one of
the programme, between Mathews or
New Westminster and Rassall. Enthusiasm rose when these two scientific boxers of the 160 pound class
met and gave a splendid exhibition
of the art of boxing. The other
bouts were also good, although being
friendly bouts the referee withheld
his decisions. Fenton and Beasley
met in the 145 pound class, Gnot and
Brown in the 175 pound. Smith anrt
Fredericks in the 140 pound, Slater
and Fenton in the 125 pound and
Slater and Calvert in the 100 pound
class. In each case the bouts went
for two and three rounds, and a large
variety of style was displayed by tne
galaxy of Delta star boxers.
During the evening, Mr. H. Beas
Final Organization of Local Women's
Council  Postponed Until
they could get a sum placed in the
next provincial estimates for a steam
"f think the time has come," said
the energetic member for Vancouver, "when Ladner and Delta with
Its rich agricultural resources should
Shannon." Miss K. Plewis; "Months
and Months." Mr. E. Howard: "Good-
Bve." Miss W. Garwood* "The Bassoon," Mr. H. Howard: "Mr. Moon."
C. O. Lambert; "Sllverv Moon," Mr.
Victor Taylor, and a closing chorus
"Good Night" was rendered by the
artists present at the close of the
During the interval ���_ the programme, Mr. B. Howard and Geo.
Matthews rendered "Many the Wreck
Below" in a manner whfh the audience appreciated very much.
The champion club swinger of Alberta, who was fortunately present.
gave a splendid exhibition of the art.
which was a treat to the people, and
will   be  cherished   among  the   m-iny
tat ion ln order that the products of
Delta might reach the Vancouver
irarket more quickly. Son**? Eist
Delta ranchers and Councillor Patterson rather objected to the criticism levelled at the freight service
on the Port Guichon line of the Great
Northern. But the meeting was unanimous In supporting a hearty vote
of thanks to Mr. Tisdall and his associates, a motion being moved by Mr.
John McKee and seconded by Mr.
E. Hutcherson, both of whom expressed in general terras their sympathy with the undertaking.
Vice-President S. W. Fisher presided, and to his able handling of
the meeting, much credit must be
given.      He  called   upon   the  right
tres for farm produce when lt is
grown right at our doors. It Is a
crying shame, and I shall do what
I can to assist this nroject through."
Favorable Opinions.
Reeve Benson, being called upon
bv Chairman Fisher for an expression of opinion, said that a ferry was
the besc scheme they could advocate
at the present time. The sand bar
onnosite I.adner could be nlled, and
much of the land was higher than
the prairie. If by the ferry, the
B.C. Electric Railway and Vancouver
could be shown the advantages of
the Delta. th��n in a sh.rt time thev
would extend their line over the
river. There was no chance to de-
velon a satisfactorv milk trade with
Vancouver until they had a seven-
day  service.
Mr. E. Hutcherson said that the
milk business was a seven day industry. It had been dropping he-
hind in this section of the Valley
owing to the competition of the
Sound. The ferry scheme was one
they could carry through. He suggested also that Delta should apply
for a tramline charter; that might
helo to hasten better transportation
Dr. A. A, King referred to the
advantages of a seven-day service
and the help it would afford In bring-
After a short session on Wednesday afternoon the Women's Council
adjourned until the early portion of
January when it Is hoped that they
will be enabled to have some of tho
Vancouver women present to complete the organization of the local
council. Much as the ladies would
have liked to have a meeting before
January it was the concensus of opinion of those present that it would
be Impracticable to call a meeting
until  the Christmas  season   Is  past.
The proposed organization will bo
affiliated with the world-wide
Women's Council movement and will
carry out a work along the channels in which that organization is
now operating. This work comprises
educational, industrial, social and
philanthropical efforts but is In no
way to be associated with the suffragette movement. Every church
aid society or auxiliary are entitled
to a representation of four on the
executive committee of the local
The fortnightly Wednesday evening
social dance which is given by a number of the younger members of tha
community was held in McNeely Hall
last Wednesday evening. A splendid
lev provided some musical selections I social time was spent, by the young
which aided materially in making the   People,  who gathered  for the  func-
event a success.
Boned of Trade Committee Report on
Rulings  Regarding G.  N.  R.
tion, and everybody enjoyed themselves thoroughly. During the evening the orchestral portion of the programme was provided by several of
the local artists, nearly everyone who
could manage the piano, at some time
supplying for a dance. After the
affair as usual the party, which was
over  fifty strong,  adjourned   to  the
At   the   Board   of  Trade   meetiiiR Delta Hotel, where a late supper was
on Monday, Messrs. A. Davie, W. A. served.    These  dances  will   be  con-
Kirkland and L. W. Embree reported tlnued throughout the winter months,
on what had been secured from the
Railway Commission  with reference
to improving G.N.R. train service on
the Port Guichon  line.    Within  fif-       Mr.   Robert   Montgomery   and   his
teen days a new train schedule would  sister. Miss Agnes Montgomery, were
'" rsSThat^th'ere^l^at preset i remembrances""of" this'^fair.      He j men^at the right moment jo *pr��n j tag summer'residents'to  Boundary
was accompanied in
good wharf at Woodward's, which
with the addition of a landing apron
'or the ferry, would prove suitable
for all present requirements.
Mr. Tisdall, when interviewed,
stated that broadly speaking he
thought that a half-hourly service
'or the round trip would be quite
reasonable, The ferry, If built, will
accommodation for wagons and
automobiles, as It ls thought that
In the event, of such a service beinir
established that, motorists would
come across this way when travelling
tn \ew Westminster. It would also
I'teatlv enhance the value of Boun-
darv Pay as a summer resort. Transportation has been the outstanding
drawback to this resort which for
year�� has been conceded by many
cf the camners as the best summer
re   ir|   available here.
At the, present time the Grent
Northern are operating a service six
flays in the week to Ladner. but the
farmers find It well night impossible
to get their milk to town on the
seventh day. A grent deal of dis-
satisfaction has been rife among the
shippers, too. in thnt verv often ner-
lnhable roods eo astrav and are In a
ihorl time ruined. For these rcn-
Bon i the ferry service would prove
a hnnn io the Del'a munlclpnlltv and
would undoubtedly act as one of the
Inri'Mt stimulants tn Intensified
farmlna which hns yet been cxperl-
11  ������<] here.
n'i Wednesday afternoon, neenm-
��� '1 bv Peeve Benson, Engineer
'i* and Mr Snrott went along
dvke nnd found thnt the most
'' line place tn construct the nro-
1 tiler would he nt a nolnt about
Mtarter of a mile east of the
"t landing ctnee nt Ladner. Al-
ch Mr. Tlsdnll sugireated thnt
ferry service be conducted to
r'**ton, through the onpo��ltlon of
Peeve and Councillor Kirkland
Proposition was dropped.
Is   thought   that   the   ferrv  ser-
the exerrises
by Mr. J. Jeffry on the mandolin.
After the programme was completed
the floor was cleared and a short
season of dancing ensued.
Celtic vs. Weatbam Island Game
Called on Account of Accident
to Victor Guichon.
A very unfortunate and painful accident occurred to one of the Westham Island players in the Westham
vs. Celtic game, which was played
last Saturday afternoon on the athletic grounds here. Victor Guichon.
while  in  a  scrimmage,  crossed  legs
their views and the opinions thus
elicited were very interesting and informing. Those who took part in
the discussion were Reeve Benson,
Dr. A. A. King, Councillors C. Brown,
Patterson, Embree, Dennis and
Lewis, and Messrs. Alex. Davie, W.
A. Kir.kland. W. Montgomery, W.
Pike and E. Hutcherson.
At the opening of the meeting,
Secretary W. J. Lanning read a letter
of regret from F. J. MacKenzle,
M.P.P.. on his inability to be present.
Mr. MacKenzie Is now in Ottawa on
business connected with his riding,
but expressed his sympathy with any
practical project that would give
Delta better transportation. A letter
from the Minister of Public Works,
the government engi-
I neers had been instructed to make
��� a full report on the steam ferry proposal,  was also read.
Vancouver's Need,
Mr. Tisdall, in his remarks, clearly demonstrated how important it
I was that Vancouver should develop
I her nearby sources of supply for
! food products. With a population
I which   was   now   estimated   at  some
with   one   of   the  opposing   team   in j
some, manner twisting and fracturing I ���"���������"'-
both bones.    After attention by  Dr.
King he was removed to St.  Mary's
Hospital, New Westminster, where he
is reported to be resting quietly.
This accident occurred about twenty-two minutes from the final time
and neither of the teams had managed to secure a goal. The game
sister, IMss Agnes Montgomery were
W ButUtwo gamefpowremaln to be I i'-MOO, with populous environs, and
played  In the Senior League.      The'logging
Rovers of New Westminster will
again meet the Westhnin Islander**,
and the Thistles are scheduled to do
battle With the Celtics. If the New
Westminster team succeeds In defeating the Islanders they will win the
championship of the league. Manager Grant, of the Hovers, feels confident that he will be able to accomplish that feat, but he will undoubtedly find It a much more difficult
proposition than wns the case in the
protested gnme. The Westham Island team, however, will miss tho
presence of Guichon on their lineup
Christmas turkeys aud greese and
poultry of all kinds was the feature
will cost In the neighborhood of j of  the   regular   weekly   New
l(1o.  as  It   will   be  necessnrv  to j niinstor  market  on   Friday.    There
> 'rtict  roads both   on   the  Island! waB uiHo a further weakening in the
approaches to the ferry I price of eggs, which are becoming
j more plentiful
landlne** through boggy land.
When leaving, the engineer stated
thai he exnected thnt the government
"onid |nRtni-t -,)rn tn    n,)tn|n    f���ll
nnd prepare an estimate in
*t'1 of the expenditure required to
'nstall such  a service.
and   Industrial   sections   on
the   coast   looking   to  that   city   as
the distributing point  for food supplies,  It  was a problem  for Vancouver  to  obtain   food   for the  200,000
people at least who must be supplied
with  COO,000  meals a day.      Therti
was something wrong, he said, when
they had to send to Paget Sound for
commodities    which    could    be   furnished   by   the   rich   lands  of   Delta.
They would agree with him that Vancouver   should   get   a   large   part   of
her food  supplies  from this section.
Turning to the present transportation conditions, Mr. Tisdall said thut
the Great Northern line was a roundabout   way to reach the city market
j and provided only a six-day service.
! The enterprise of the Delta residents
I as  shown   In   their  waterworks  sys-
' teni. their splendid  roads and farms
! was an earnest  that they would not
i he backward  in supplying the needs
iof   Vancouver  if  direct  commnnlca-
! tion  was provided.     The government
had   uot   snld   they   would   not   build
! a bridge,  hut  he was under the impression that they did not think the
Bay beach.
Councillor Paterson agreed that
the ferry would provide a shorter
route and quicker means to reach the
city, but he reminded the Vancouver
neople that they were not, now helping Delta when buying milk from
the American side. He questioned
the value of the motor truck or that
the fenry would ever pay unless direct   tram  connection   wns obtained
be submitted by the G.N.R.. The
original committee will report on this
to act with the secretary.
During the discussion lt was intimated that the railway might operate a passenger service distinct from
the freight, thus cutting down the
running time into Vancouver.
As for the Sunday tram, the committee reported that the Railway
Commissioners had said this was outside their jurisdiction. Mr. Embree
had been informed that there was an
on the train which was held up by
the masked bandit last Saturday,
while travelling between Vancouver
and Barnet. They are on their way
to Ireland on a visit after an absence
of several years from their native
land. Mr. Alex. Scott was also on
the train, but fortunately these Ladner people were unmolested by the
rohber. Mr. Scott Is on his way to
exception for milk trains.    The committee will take this matter up. Greeks Still Fight.
Mr. E. T. Calvert reported on the ATHENS, Dec. 12.���Fighting has
board's booklet. It would be ready been resumed between the Greeks
about the first of the year. land Turks in the district of Jania.
iA battalion of Greeks occupied the
On Tuesday last, one ofthe workmen employed on the construction of
the McLelan Lumber Company mill,
assaulted   the  foreman   of  the  gang
i village   of   Drisco   near   Jania
'several hours fighting.     Many Turks
1 were killed and  wounded in the affray and  tho survivors  were  driveu
from the field in utter rout.
I What Does Russia Want?
I     VIENNA,   Dec.     12.���Under    the
If   Delta   residents   saw   fit  to  sub- ] aml PffPeted considerable damage to  heading "What Does Russia Want?"
ferry   all   right,  but   he
to  see  something  sub
I "m i * 11. o
lnr Trade.
' ' ���'[ to forward to the railway* com
railway   transportation   coin-
appointed by the Delta Board
met  inst, Tuesdav and  de-
Geese live weigh,! were offered at
from 20c to 23c a pound and a number of sales were made at the torm-1 expenditure of one and a half mil
er price,  Vancouver and  local  buy-  llons was called for as yet.    The B
ers being present and obtaining sup-   ('.   Electric  had   ninny   franchises
plies. Turkeys were offered at 38c
nnd 86c a pound live weight, and
at 38c and 40c a pound dressed.
Ducks were offered at from 18c to
20c a pound. Chickens $5 a dozen.
broilers $3.50 a dozen, and young
birdB   $6   a  dozen.
Vendors who lust week asked 56c
and 60c. a dozen for eggs nsked the
W- In addition to the present ' same  prlrcs  nt   the  opening of  the
r In
ons heforr, that body n request
''Her passenger nnd  freight  ac
''"'niodatlon   especially  the   express
min !''    Th-!y  wln  ft'"80 aBk  for a
"K train running on Sunday as well.
market, but there was no demand
nnd the price dropped to 4SC and
50c a dozen retail, while the best
wholesale   price   that  could  bo  ob
tained was 40 cents.
look after before undertaking Delta
extension. In his mind the best
thing was to get a colonization ferry,
i ne to accommodate large auto
trucks and at least eight wagons
He instanced the success of the Mission ferry, yet the MatsquI section
thus served was not anything like
as well settled as Delta. Mr. Tisdall assured the board that all Vancouver, the Ponrd of Trade and other
public bodies were working for this
ferry. He did not say that they
could not in time get the bridge,
but the best plan ln his mind was
sidize the
would like
Mr. Tisdall, In answer to Mr. Paterson, subsequently explained that
it was not the intention to ask Delta
council for" assistance. He called it
a colonization ferry, one to be built
and run by the government as a
means of promoting trade and agricultural development.
Councillor L. E. Embree would be
glad to see a ferry, but would like
to see the tram line at the other side
also. Milk was being shipped in to
the city from almost Seattle. The
milk condenser pays 45 cents butter
fnt test as against the Vancouver
price of 65 cents. Thus the Delta
farmers who had to ship to the condenser  were under  a handicap.
Councillor Dennis was not sure
that auto trucks would fill the bill.
Put he was glad to see n start. He
thought the bridge was a large order.
He knew the milk men were handicapped by the service on Ihe G.N.It.
on the "Buttermilk six-day special."
as he dubbed the mixed to Vancouver, Freight over tho G.N.R. was
n question; for 28 tons of potatoes
to Vnncouver, $57 had been levied
on them.
Mr. A. Davie added some amusing
experiences about the G.N.R. service,
a ferry was a beginning���better than
none���and he was of the opinion that
they would soon have the B.C. Electric at the other end If it were Installed.
Mr. W. A. Kirkland. who said that
ho   was   a   strong   supporter   of   the
his  features.
It Is understood that Knott had
been quarrelling with McWilliams.
who is the foreman of the construction work, for some time over the
manner   in    which  the cement   con-
the Vienna Journal protests bitterly against the war alarms which
are keeping business in such a
state of uncertainly that an industrial crisis ls feared ln Austria-
Hungary.      The     Journal     accuses
struction work should he done.  These , Russia of playing a    double    game
two parties had come to words several times and finally Knott was discharged. Knott, as far as can he
ascertained, being older in the employ of the company and a thoroughly competent man, resented the foreman's correction.
Finally the quarrel resulted In the
attack on the foreman last Tuesday,
when  McWilliams received consider-
and declares there ls every reason
to believe that Russia Is standing behind Servla.
Peace Talks.
LONDON, Dec. 12.���Diplomats
here today predict that a formal ambassadorial conference of the great
European powers will be held In
Pari, early next year as the result of
the meeting  of    ambassadors   here.
able punishment  about the face nnd  The   ambassadors   plan   daily   inTor-
body.    It Is understood thnt the two  mal,  non-committal     "conversation"
men have amicably settled their dlf-   "ext   week   while   the   peace   envoys
ferences  outside  of the court. jot Turkey and the Balkan allies are
 I holding their conferences,     The Inference taken from this plan ls thai
If   the  ambassadors     Hnd     anything
cropping up which needs formal dls-
a formal
service    three    times    a    week    and
freight   three   times   a   week.    The
applause testified to the approval of cusslon they will arrang
this among the Kast Delta ranchers.
Mr. Napier then summed up what
he hnd gathered as of value from
the discussion. If of real use a ferry
must give a seven-day service, go ns
to benefit milk producers. Vegetables and other commodities would he
transported. What about bay and
grain? Motor trucks were coming
Into use In the cities like Vancouver.
conference after the Balkan negotiations are ended.
Some military observers still discern grave danger to the peace of
BJurope in the Austro-Servlan situation, but the majority are Inclined
to think that war will be averted.
Serbs  in   Hungary.
BUDAPEST,   Dec.   12.���The   government  has  discovered     systematic
The cost of running a seven-ton truck j and organized agitations directed
three miles would run per ton mile; from Servla among the Servians and
and return, he had estimated as 18! other Slav populations In Hungary,
cents. It would be hard to say ] Numerous arrests havo been made
what would be the tourist traffic! of spies. The Servians In Hungary
over a ferry, but thnt of the Mats-1 are urged to flee across the frontier
bridge, which was what they wanted j qui-Mission   ferry  had  surpassed  ex-i and Join their brothers in the event
and which, he believed, they would
get In the end, though the ferry
would show the need of a bridge.
In his opinion milk could be hauled
by auto truck and still a better price
obtained by the  P oducers.
Councillor Paterson reminded the
critics of the G.N.R, that the railway picked UP freight at every mile.
It was a great convenience to Delta
shippers. Not the best service In the
world, but best for shipping freight
iu Canada, he declared amid applause.
A good one for products not perishable, agreed Mr. Kirkland, but for
vegetables, butter and eggs, not In
his view, and le* gave instances.
W. Montgomery also born testimony to the G.N.R. freight service
ap being all right for the East Delta
shippers.       He  wanted  a passenger
peetatinns. lie believed thai the
traffic on this ferry might equal anything In the province. He reminded
the members that the government
would view the proposal as a business project, one which. If undertaken would return the money expended on It In another form, Small
fruits had heen grown with success
In Delta. Mr. Hutcherson added, but
quick transportation was needed. He
also instanced success with lettuce
growing and failure in getting produce to market. Delta farms would
be turned into small garden truck
holdings if there was quick transportation.
Mr. Tisdall concluded the discussion by declaring his belief in
it being the best available scheme
and he hoped to see It iu operation
within less than a year.
' of war and not to obey the mobilization orders.
Kai Roiinianla.
PARIS, Dec. 12.���Semi-official
advices received here today state
that France and England have declined to accept the demand of Rou-
manta to participate in the Ambassadorial Conference to be held in
London. It is feared that if I'.oit-
manla were admitted il would "ii-
large the scope of the conference
thus causing complications,
HOME,   Dec.   12.     Reports   iveeh-
ed here today contradict dispatches
from Athens declaring a force of
Greeks had defeated the Turks nt
Janlna. The dispatch says the Turks
annihilated a wliole Greek division
compelling the (ireeks to abandon
the siege of Janlna and retire toward tho Adriatic Sea.
(From Canadian Farm.)
If Canada does not become one of
the greatest horse-breeding countries
ia the world, it will not be tbe fault
���f the enterprising importer. For
several months past there has been
a constant stream of stallions and
fillies coming into Canada. These
are being well distributed and should
mean a marked advance in the im-
prevement of the horse flesh of the
country. And importers are catering
to the Canadian trade as they never
i\e before; more particularly in the
quality of horses they are bringing
ia. This country demands a draft
kerse of a certain type. Quality in
feet and legs are in as mueh demand
as ever; but mpre substance is required, and importers are endeavor-
iag to supply it. The Clydesdale
man Is out after a little more substance, while the Percheron breeder
is looking for more quality in the
uaderplnnlng. The Clydesdale importer finds It easier to get what he
wants in Scotland than he did a few
years back, though the average price
���f herses there has advanced considerably In recent years. "Anglo��
Scot," In last week's issue, placed the
aycrege Increase in the price of
liorses In Scotland this yi ar over
last at from $10 to $20 per head.
Canada Is Scotland's best customer,
and the breeder there is trying to
meet the Canadian trade by producing the type suited to this country.1
A few years back the importer had
to take what the breeder there offered him or do without. There 's
a different order of things today.
The Canadian importer's wishes receive every attention, in so far as
lt is possible for the breeder in Scotland to do so, with the stock he has
on hand. It required a long and
a strong pull to get things coming
our way, both on the score of breeding and the quality required.
The question may be asked, is
there the need for all the breeding
horses that are being brought in?
We would answer yes. The importer
knows his business, and if he had
not pretty sure prospects he would
��� ot do so. When then will tho time
arrive when Canada shall need no
breeding srock from outside? It ie
impossible to give definite answer tc
this question. It may be five, ten.
fifteen or twenty years���no one cartel!. Everything depends upon thi
West. So long ns there are millionF
of acres of land awaiting settlers, and
eo long as there are settlers coming
In to settle on these acres, horse?
will he in demand. Some claim that
the big traction outfit that will plow,
sow. reap and mow, is fast supplanting the horse in the West. That may
he true to some extent, but as yei
it has had no effect upon the demand
fer breeding stock. '
VALDEZ. Alaska, Dec. 11.���Captain Blhridge T. Barnette and R. B.
Dnsenbury stand acquitted today by
Federal Judge Thomas R. Lyons, of
making false statements concerning
the condition of the Washington-
Alaska bank at Fairbanks. The bank
failed owing to depositors $.r>00,000.
Surrey   Municipulity   Feels   Need   of
.More Educational Facilities���
Address Given Secretary.
(From lhe British Columbian.)
The proposal to construct two
new schools in Surrey municipality
was considered at a meeting of the
Surrey School Board held in the
Brownsville school, South Westminster, on Saturday afternoon. One
of these will be built on the Hjorth
road, east of the Chilliwack tram
line, while negotiations with the
Delta municipality have been opened with a view to erecting a modern
school house near the boundary line
between  the two districts.
A periodical increase of salary to
successful teachers was one of the
points urged by Inspector A. Sullivan, of the New Westminster district, who made a verbal report on
tbe condition of the various schools
in the municipality.
During the meeting Rev. Mr. T. H.
Wright, secretary of the board, was
presented with an illuminated address. The trustees, with Inspector Sullivan and others were entertained at dinner by the chairman,
jvjr. A. G, Marshall, and Mrs. Marshall at  the  Melbourne  house.
Vacancies caused by resignation ln
various schools, were filled from the
twenty applications by the following: flails Prairie school, Mr. W.
T. Reid; Mud Bay school, Miss Winnifred Wells; Surrey Centre school,
Miss Maggie Wade, and Johnston
road school, Miss Maleina McRae;
White Rock, Miss S. E. Parton.
Sir   Wilfrid   Urges   Canadian   Fleets
on Itotli Coasts lluilt and Manned
Ity  Canadians.
OTTAWA, Dec. 12.���-In one of
the greatest speeches of his career
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, former premier of Canada, announced in parliament today the Liberal navy plan as
an alternative to the proposal of
Premier Borden to contribute $35,-
000,000 to the British navy. Sir
Wilfrid suggested a Canadian fleet
for each Canadian coast with a
super-dreadnought as the centre of
each fleet, the establishment ot ship
yards in Canada, the building so far
as possible of all the warships in
Canada, and that the fleets be manned, so far as possible, by Canadians.
He maintained that Canada would
always be ready to aid England in
an emergency.
Sir Wilfrid's speech was received
with wild applause, the Liberals in
the House rising and singing "Rule
Brittania" in a mighty chorus.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier concluded his
wonderful appeal with an amendment to the Borden proposal expressing lack of confidence in the policy
of the Conservative government.
OTTAWA, Dec. 10.���The post
office department has been notified
by the postal administration of
marry of the leading countries forming part of the Postal Union that
their regulations will not allow them
to recognize special commemorative
stamps, or stamps sold or distributed
in aid of patriotic or commemorative purposes, and that all letters
or other articles of mail bearing such
stamps will be returned to the country fronj which they were sent. Consequently, this department can no
longer permit such stamps to be placed on the letters or other matter,
as they prevent the department from
rendering to the,public the service
which is expected when the ordinary postage on such articles has been
LONDON, Dec. 10.���All railroad
employees at Sunderland, York and
Leeds' struck today in sympathy
with the Northeastern Railway strikers. Ten thousand men are now
out. Freight traffic on the Northeastern road is paralyzed, passenger traffic is greatly hampered, and
all industries along the line are
affected by the strike. Colleries and
iron founderies along the line are
preparing to shut down indefinitely
unless a settlement is effected. The
strike was precipitated by Engineer
Knox being reduced in rank for intoxication. His comrades allege he
has "a perfect right to get drunk so
long as he attends to hiB work."
Knox appealed today to Home Secretary McKena asserting the charges
of drunkeness preferred by the company are untrue.
The Royal Bank ol cwm
I-uorporated 1841*.
Capital Authorised     *25,000m.
CapiW Paid Up   |11)800;2
Reet      -HSJJQMl,
Aggregate Assets,   One  Hundred and St vent-Five Midi   I
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make ��-*--*�� j~*
positor welcome, and to give the be st possible attention to his tt/___n I
affairs. "'I '
Horse Blankets
The Harness Maker
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upward
Interest paid or credited at the highest current ratea, on May 3i8t ���''
November 30th each year. '
H. F. BISHOP. Manaorr _-A1>NI.k, r r��
OTTAWA, Dec. 7.���Lord Roberts
sent! this cable to Premier Borden
yesterday: "You have earned the
gratitude of England and the Empire for Canada's wonderful offer of
a contribution to our defence. Personally I send my warmest thanks."
Annual Drawing Contest
With each 50c cash purchase a coupon will
be given, entitling the holder to one chance
in the drawing to take place on December
31. Five prizes of $5.00 each, and five
prizes of $3.00 each, will be given in goods.
There is nothing more acceptable or appropriate as a Christmas Gift than a pair of
Slippers or Shoes.    Always useful.
We have at the present
time some available
lo loan on  good security.
Corner Westham and  Delta
favorite Resort for Automobile Parties
\* "��� "��� ' -"-���" l
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
Beautiful Large Size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene Oil which we claim to be the Best Grade of Oil made yet.
In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear, white
light and last longer.
In order *o advertise this oil, and get the people of the north-west using our oil, we are going to give
away 2000 of our new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamps that stand 24 inches high and have a
large White Dome Glass Shade. This lamp gives 100 candle power light, and is a beautiful lamp for any
home and cannot be bought at any store for less than $6.00.
or one Barrel of our famous Silver White Kerosene Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gal-
ions or oZ American gallons ai. 27!/2c. a gallon.    We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as men-
Send us an order for
gallon.   We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamp,
tioned above, and if you are not well pleased witn this oil and lamp we will make no charges for what oil
you have used and will refund your money cheerfully, We
make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it cannot be
broken. We will give away only 2000 of these lamps, so
fill out coupon below and send us your order at once.
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene Oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor Lamps
Free, with the understanding if I am not satisfied my money will
be returned.
Address all orders to���
Empire Oil Company
Box 2196
Winnipeg, Manitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14,  1012.
�����>���<������ ��*-��H^W��-W'W-��4'H IIIHM.
I    ...LOCAL ITEMS...
Visit McRea's Pool  Room!     Pull
of  pipes,  cigars and  tobaccos.
Mr. McKlllop paid a business visit
to   Vancouver   on   Wednesday   and
Mr. Wrightson, a well-known
Pelta farmer, who has been spending
the past few days In Vancouver, returned on Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. C. E. Tisdall and Government
Engineer Napier were in Ladner on
Wednesday last, studying the Ladner-
Woodward  ferry scheme.
Mr. A. D. Patterson and J. P.
Creeii, of the Delta Agricultural Association, were in Chilliwack last
week, inspecting the Agricultural
Hall and buildings there.
The Crescent Island Sunday school
entertainment will be held on Monday evening, Dec.  23.
The Ladner Baptist Sunday school
tree and entertainment is to be held
on Thursday, December 26. A good
attendance ig anticipated.
The provincial government are
now calling for tenders for the erection of a large one-roomed school at
line  of
McRea's  Pool  Room!    Full
pipes,  cigars  and  tobaccos.
Mr. John M. Sprott, of New Westminister, who is the superintendent
of roads for the Delta riding, together
wlth Provincial Engineer Napier,
were over the proposed ground of
the I.adner-Woodward ferry on Wednesday.
Sunday will be College Day in the
MethodiBt church. Rev. E. W.
Stapleford, B.A., educational secretary of the MethodiBt convention of
llritish Columbia, will preach both
morning and  evening.
Miss I. Blunden, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Blunden, of I.adner, is visiting her parental home here. Miss
Blunden is enjoying a short respite
from business activities in Vancouver.
Mr. Murray, the Dominion Post
Offi'*p Inspector, visited Ladner on
Wednesday and inspected the office
here. He found everything in a very
latisfactory condition and commended the postmaster on his work. While
lure he received a petition from the
Boundary Bay residents, petitioning
for an office in their district. He
will lay this matter before the postal
authorities at once.
The MethodiBt Sunday school will
hold their annual Christmas tree on
Friday, Dec. 20th, at 8 p.m., in the
church. A very pleasant social evening is anticipated.
Mr. S. W. Fisher, the Ladner pharmacist, now has his complete line of
Christmas novelties, bopks and merchandise installed and Is attracting
the Christmas shoppers by the many
bargains which he is displaying.
Rev. H. G. Estabrook, Superintendent of Baptist Home Missions
for British Columbia will give his
celebrated lecture on the Highways
and Byways of B.C., in the Baptist
church, next Thursday evening.
Lanning, Fawcett and Wilson.
Ltd., have decorated their store and
made provision for the fancies of
both young and old in their extensive Christmas stock. Toyland is in
evidence and the Santa Claus spirit
seems to pervade the whole establishment. '
Rev. and Mrs. A. A. McLeod will
be in Ladner next Sunday and conduct services in the Baptist church.
In the afternoon, Rev. Mr. McLeod
will hold the services which are
regularly conducted on Crescent Island, and Mrs. McLeod will eive a
missionary address in the Baptist
church here under the auspices of
the Ladies' Aid at 3.30. Mrs. Lanning, of I.adner, will sing at the
RAILWAY COMMISSION. disagreement   between   Major  Leon-
���  ard. chairman of the Transcontlnent-
NEL80N,   Dec.   10.���Orders   have al Railway    Commission,    and    Mr.
been   given   to   the   Great   Northern Chamberlain, president of the Grand
Railway to build a suitable depot at 'irunK, nas oeen referred to t.hP aro-
Salmo near Nelson  to give shippers tration of Sir Wm. Whyte, of Winni-
fiom thai point a fair proportion of | peg.   formerly   vice-president  of  the
bos* cars and to sell return tickets
on trains. Investigations will be
made and decisions rendered later
en complaintB by A. E. Watts that
the Canadian Pacific has discriminated against him in supplying cars
and on applications for orders compelling the railway to fence its right-
of-way along the Moyle river, to restore roads alleged to have been destroyed by the company and to restore the Bteamer landing at Watts
Landing on the West Arm.
C. P. R.
CUMBERLAND, Md., Dec. 11.���A
freight train on the B, & O. broke
in two near here today, the rear section rushing down hill and crashing over an embankment. Two
trainmen are known to be dead and
three others are believed to be buried beneath the wreckage.
MONTREAL, Dec. 11.���An agreement has been reached hetween the
Dominion government and the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway in regard to
the operation of the Winnipeg Superior Junction section of the Transcontinental Railroad. The effect of
the agreement will he the opening up
of Ihe line from Winnipeg to Fort
William for passenger traffic and
the immediate operation of the
Trangcona shops.   The long standing
Delta Hotel.
D. A. Miller, Francois Lake.
T. Keagle, Vancouver.
John   Simpson   and   son,   Colllngwood.
H. Swensan, Vancouver.
J. E. Milligan, Vancouver.
E. Burchill, Port Guichon.
A. Griffin,  Seattle.
J. W. Cunningham, New Westminster.
R. F. Ruddock, New Westminster.
J. w. Deptford. Vancouver,
J. T. Chapman, Vancouver.
Charles Taylor. Chalfein.
T. Woodland. Vancouver.
Geo. McKenzie. Hazelton.
John Schafer, Prince Rupert.
E. S. Malcome, Fraser Mills.
C. J. Ballard, Vancouver.
C,  .lopson.  Vancouver.
Ladner Hotel.
,T. Jones. Vancouver.
J.  C. Chllds,  Vancouver.
.1. Edgar, Marland,
C. Winsklll. Vancouver.
II. B, Leuty, Vancouver.
Bert   Parker.  Vancouver.
3. II. Wright. Eburne.
Rev.  Lyons.  Eburne.
John IT. Sprott. New Westminster.
(i. P. Napier. C.E.. Victoria.
C.   E.  Tisdall.   M.P.P.. Vancouver.
Mr. Bride, Vancouver.
Carry in stock a full line of
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
For SaJe, For Exchange, Wanted to jZ
Purchase, To Let, LobI, Pound, Work A
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent per *
word. Minimum, 26 cents for any one *
advt. These rates for cash with order. ���>
All Want Ads. must be In by 2 p.m. I*_>
on Thursday. \*
Guessing Contest
FOR SALE���Several used pianos,
from $150 up; a second hand organ, $75, equal to new. Hicks &
Lovick Piano Co., Ltd., 1117 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.
fowls.    A. T.
few  White  Leghorn
Fawcett, Ladner.
FOR SALE���Piano, English make;
price $100. Apply before Wednesday. Mrs. Geo. Lassiter, Trunk
Road, Ladner.
STORE���Messrs. Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson have opened up a
Free Tea Room for the convenience of holiday shoppers, and invite you all to make a visit ano
try our Special  Blend of Tea.
Successor to P. C. Clark
Gcners! Rlacksmithing
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd.
Incorporated  10IO.
We are prepared to install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance in connection with
our service. Apply to
A. DeR. TAYLOR. Sec.
Beginning September 1.
Via Steveston and
S.S.    "NEW    DELTA"
To Vancouver and New Wostmlnsier.
Week Days.
Leaves Ladner���8:30 a.m. and 3:30
Leaves Steveston on arrival of car
leaving Granville street, Vancouver, station at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30
p.m. New Westminster passengers
will take car leaving at 8:00 a.__.
and 3:00 p.m. for Eburne car, to
connect with the boat.
kol" No. 14954, "Fanny Calamity
Dekol" No. 10527, "Jemima Johanna Aggie" No. 15768; two REGISTERED HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES,
milk and in calf, which Mr. H. N.
Rich lias received instructions from
II. D. Benson, Esq. (who has sold
ii is farm), to sell by Auction on the
premises, Benson Road, 3\_ miles
southeast of Ladner, on
Wednesday, December 18th
nt   1:30 p. m���
The registered stock were imported from the herd of J, W. Richardson, Caledonia, Ont.. and pedigrees
of the registered cattle will be produced at the sale.
Terms cash.
$50.00 in Gold given away free
on December 24th, at 8 P. M., at
The White Store
For every 50c cash purchase at our store from Saturday, December 7th, to Tuesday, December 24th, you
are entitled to one guess on the bottle of beans displayed
in our center show window.   Drawing Xmas eve.
$20.00 in gold free to the one guessing the actual number of beans in the bottle. $15.00 in gold to the one
guessing nearest to the number of beans in the bottle.
$10.00 in gold to the second nearest. $5.00 in gold to
the third nearest. $4.00 worth of any kind of merchandise to the fourth nearest. $3.00 worth of any kind of
merchandise to the fifth nearest. $2.00 worth of any
kind of merchandise to the sixth nearest. $1.00 worth
of any kind of merchandise to the next five nearest.
Remember  the   place   and   the   dates   at
Ladner's Low Price Maker
���     ii ���  ii
line of Grand Trunk Pacific,
and Pacific & Hudson Bay
Railway. It is the desire of
the Railway Company to
make it one of the most important towns in the entire
Canadian West. Lots $10
down, $10 monthly; no interest; no taxes. Write today for full information.
Pac. Bond & Land Corp.,
Ltd., 428 Pac. Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that all
persons having claims against the estate of George. Joseph Lassiter, late
of I.adner, B. C, are required to deliver their claims and full particulars of such claims to Elias Lassiter
of Ladner, B. C, on or before the
18th  of December,  A.  D.  1012.
(Signed)  GEORGE  .1.   LASSITER
Christmas Confectionery
Special   .Mixtures;   regular
Special  Chocolate;   regular
Society  Chocolates,   per  lb.
G. B.'s Best Chocolates; 32
Stuffed  Dates, per Hi	
Candied  Figs,   ner 11)	
per  lb.
;   per  lh.
flavors, handsome box; yer lb.
. t."rc
. 7.V
boxes   from
to $8
Renjember ���
coupon   with
every  2
>C purchase.
S. W. FISHER, Phm. B��� Prop.
\A/MY    NOT
Have your next Suit made irom Good English  or Scotch
goods.    We have it.
Tailors   and  Designers
B. C.
Shows Decrease in 11)12 as Compared  With   1011���Due  to  Absence of Pinks.
(Prom The British Columbian.)
In the report of the B. C. pack
for the year 1912 is contained the
information that the pack for the
Eraser river district is about 125,-
000 smaller than that of the pr i-
vious year, the figure being 173,-
921. ln 1911 it was 301,344. it
Is also considerably smaller than
that of 1910 when tbe total for ths
Eraser river exceeded this year's
count by aobut 50,000. The sockeyes ran 50 per cent stronger this
year than last, but the pinks in 1912
were a comparatively negative
quantity while in 1911 they ran up
to a big total, There were also a
few more cohoes last year than
this, the diference being about 10,-
000. In 1910 While there were
practically no pinks running as was
the condition this yeaf, there was a
still larger number of sockeyes in
! tho river than during the present
[season. Tbe Skeena river district,
shows a total ot 254,000 for both
J1911 and 1912 there being but a
| hundred or so different in each
year. Both of these years show an
increase over that of 1911 in tbi**
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New We-stnuusU-r, B.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kind* ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
BhIntfJe*-, Lath, Sash. Doors Turnings and Hou��s Finishing-
I'hone R 14 Bburne Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow
OTTAWA, Dec. 5���Mr. Clesicnts
of Comox-Atlin has given notice of
a resolution declaring that Jn British Columbia and in other portions
| of the Dominions where similar conditions exist, the construction mt
wharves should be by day laber under the supervision of district engineers and that as many wharves ar��
in frequent need of repair and new
wharves are often required, tha
money for wharf construction should
be voted by parliament in a lump
sum sufficient to meet all the needs
of the country.
Royal Brand
Dried Breeders Grains
Dreary dairy owner should
frod tbem. Writ* us for prices
delivered to your nearest station.
The Royal Stock
Food Co.
Scotia and Front Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
How About Your Xmas and!
New Year Presents?
You Cannot Do Better Than Call and Inspect Our
Splendid Lines.
Taney Jewellery of every Description���Ladles' aid Gents'
watches in gold. Hold filled and silver cases, diamond rings,
lockets and fancy pendants. See our splendid line of gold
brooches, no-hour, 8-day Westminster chime and 400 day
clocks. Kin lien and Haby Alarms. Engagement and Wedding
-���111   III
assortment ot rich cm glass, silver and electro plate, at
Violins  and   Mandolins,    Repairs,
LADNER                 B
j���ii���iimm ii ni'mil'wu ii i' i   '    in 111 mui up 1 ���
In Our Frost-prool War..uoust. at
Drake and Homer S't**.
Or Market Square
will be money-makers three months from now. Our warehouses aro
absolutely dry and frost-proor. Consign your shipments direct to us.
and send us the shipping bill; we will do the rest, and you will
have no worry.
Xew WeetmLnster. Vancouver.
('real Northern,    II. O. Bled ric und Canadian Pacific Tracka*;
' t
Famous Brood.
SEATTLE, Dec. 12.���Five blooded Orpington pullets, part of a brood
of the famous $10,000 white Orpington "Peggy," were stolen last night
from the chicken pens of Mrs. G. R.
Morganroth. She paid $50 each for
the chickens in Kansas City, Mo.,
when tbey were a few weeks old.
Puget Sound Customs.
SEATTLE, Dec. 12.���As soon as
the customs service reorganization
plan containing a provision for the
removal of the Puget Sound customs
headquarters from Port Townsend
to Seattle, is received by President
Taft, he will sign it, according to a
message received here today from
Congressman W. E. Humphrey.
Irrigation Improvements.
WENATCHEE, Dee. 12.���W. T.
Clark, Tuesday announced that he
recently refused an offer for all his
irrigation and land holdings in the
Wenatchee Valley. Instead of closing with the offer he made a deal
���whereby all his associates retire
and turn over to him personally all
their properties east of the Columbia river. They take all the mortgages and Clark assumes the obligation of making $50,000 wortli of
improvements in the Wenatchee
canal system.
i-'ruit  Men Organize.
BBLI.-NQHAM, Dec. 12.���With
some forty district association re-
presentatives in attendance preliminary steps were taken iu Ihe Chamber of Commerce Tuesday afternoon
towards the formation of the Whatcom County Fruit & Produce Association. A second meeting is to be
held December 21 at 10 o'clock a.m.
���when permanent organization will
be affected and a manager chosen.
It is planned to establish canneries
at Lynden and Blaine, while other
canneries and jelly manufacturing
plants may be established later.
New Flying Machine.
SEATTLE, Dec. 12.���A new flying machine built entirely in Seattle
by Walter Edwards, the Potlatch
aviator, will make its first flight,
over this city Friday, December 13.
the machine is now in the hangar
on Harbor Island, waiting to be
$���2,000,000 Hotel.
SPOKAN'<", Dec. 12.���Some of the
largest construction firms in the
United States will enter bids for the
main contracts of a $2,000,000 hotel
to be built  in  Spokane.
Contest Itight-of-Wny.
SPOKANE, Dec. 12.���The Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. will lose a strip of right-
of-way twenty-seven and a half miles
long and 200 feet wide on its main
line between North Yakima and the
coast if the government is able to
prove its contentions contained in
a bill in equity filed in the federal
court here today. The strip of land
lies in the Rainier national forest
and constitutes an essential link in
the Harriman system's main line.
SPOKANE, Dec. 12.���An automobile interurban company, to be
capitalized at $100,000, and to be
known either as the Big Bend or
the Davenport, Reardan & Spokane
Automobile Interurban Co., will immediately be formed in Spokane.
SEATTLE, Dec. 12.���The total expenditure on tbe parks and boulevards during this year amounted to
1872,433.51, according to a report
submitted to Mayor Cotterill, at his
request, by tbe board of park commissioners   Tuesday.
OTTAWA, Nov. 27.���In the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon on
the application of Ncwcombe, K.C.,
deputy minister of justice, the retir-
ence in regard to the nspe"tiv.
legislative powers and the Dominion
and the provinces in relation to tbe
Incorporation of companies was entered for hearing at tbe Feoruaty
Argument then proceeded on the
reference by the Oovernor-General-
In-Councll as to the powers ol the
legislatures of tho provinces to grant
���^elusive tights of fishery and a3 to
the ownership there and of powers of
regulation by the Dominion. The
questions submitted  are  as  follows:
(1) ls it competent to the legisla- |
ture of British Columbia to authorize j
the government of the province to
grant by way of lease, or otherwise, j
the exclusive right to fish or in any!
or what part or parts of water with-1
in the railway belt.
(A) As to BUCh waters as aro tidal
and (B) as to such waters as, although not tidal, are in fact navigable?
(2) Is it competent to the legislature of British Columbia to author-
ire the government of the province
to grant by way of lease or otherwise the exclusive right, or any
right, to flsh below low water mark
in any or what part or parts of tho
open sea within a marine league of
the coast of tbe province?
(3) Is there any, and what difference, between a marine league, of
the coast of British Columbia and
the gulfs, bays, channels and arms
of tbo sea and estuaries of tbe
rivers within the province or lying
between tbe provinces of the United
States of America, so far as concerns the authority of the legislature
o" : ;' :.' : I ibla to authorize the
government or the province to grant
by way of lease or otherwise the exclusive right, or nay right, to fisli
beiow low water mark in the said
waters, or any of them?
Newcombe, K.C., deputy minister
of justice, and Don. A. W. Atwater,
K.C., appeared for the Dominion
government; Lafleur, K.C., and H.
A. McLean, K.C., deputy attorney-
general for British Columbia, for the
jokernment of British Columbia;
NeBbitt, K.C., George, K.C., Bailey,
K.G., and Chris. C. Robinson, for
Ontario. Quebec, New Brunswick
.tad Manitoba; S. B. Woods, K.C.,
lor Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Counsel for the Dominion govern-
���t were first heard. The argu-
it will be continued tomorrow.
j Several   Suggestions   for   Improving
Supply to This City Advanced
By Witnesses.
(From The British Columbian.)
The Provincial Milk Commission
'held their last sitting, preparatory
to making their report, in this < ity
yesterday afternoon. After s.ating
(that the milk supply ln New West-
I minster, generally speaking, was
'very fair, Dr. McQuarrie, the medical health officer, made several re-
| commendations with a view to improving the inspection of milk and
the dairies which contributed tbe
supply to the city   .
ln stating the purposes of the
commission Chairman Proctor **-|n-
nounced that it was their intent to
enquire into the milk supply generally, it being recognized by the
government that this matter waa
very important, being largely a question of public health. One of the
most significant statements made by
the chairman was to the effect that
poor conditions ln handling milk by
the farmers ls due to their lack of
knowledge of what to do and to the
fact that they are ignorant of the
dangers of infection of milk rather
than to a wilful intent to ship milk
which is not certain of being healthy.
The principal suggestion made to
the commission by Dr. McQuarrie
was that a better system of inspection of the dairies be adopted sc
! thut It is assured that there would
] he proper drainage, a source of good
| water supply and a better method of
handling the milk right through to
the consumer. The milk supply ot
New Westminster was obtained from
such distant parts that it was impossible for him to make an inspection of the dairies and if he did find
that they were not up to the stand-
dard he had no power to compel them
to make the necessary improvements.
At this point Commissioner Knight
stated that the provincial health
board had a number ot inspectors
for this purpose and that the cattle
had been inspected in the Westminster district for tuberculosis���a more
thorough inspection, perhaps, than
in any other district of the province���and that there had been very
little signs of tuberculosis developed. The result of these inspections, he stated, were published in
the local papers. The commission
concurred in the opinion of Dr. McQuarrie, he said, that more inspectors should be appointed so that the
field could be more carefully covered.
Dr. McQuarrie raised a question
that had not been previously brought
before the investigators when he
suggested that lt would be a good
plan to make it compulsory for a
physician to report a case of infectious disease occurring in the
family of a dairyman to the medical
health officer. Upon consulting the
statutes in this matter it was found
that the cases are now reported to
the provincial authorities and are not
necessarily brought to the attention
of the medical health officer. The
commission stated that this point
would   be taken under consideration.
Alderman Dodd, chairman of the
health committee of the city council, made the suggestion that the
city be given the power to inspect
the dairies and to enforce proper
regulations. He thought that it
would be a good plan to establish
a central milk depot���something in
the nature of a clearing house for
milk���where the milk could be
passed upon before lt went to the
consumer. He thought that in this
manner the milk could be watched
from the farm to people who use the
commodity. Chairman Proctor stated that this matter had beeu brought,
before them ln Vancouver and they
were considering its advisability.
City    Sanitary    Inspector  Pearce, I
the only other person to appear be-!
fore   the   commission,   asserted   that |
the  city  should  be  provided  with  a
dirt   teBtor   as  well   as  a  tester   for
butter fat.    He had seen a great deal
: of dirt in milk and In one Instance
[someone had put a fish In a can
without extra charge. An idea advanced by Mr. Pearce that was entirely new was that the milk be delivered in pasteboard boxes instead
of bottles and that the boxes be
burned after being used. He said
that it was almost impossible to get
the milk dealers to properly sterilize
their bottles. He also suggested
that milk cans be properly sealed so
that no one can tamper with the
cans after they have been inspected.
Sometimes, he asserted, when persons found that they had more than
the required percentage of butter
fat they proceeded to lessen the proportion by putting in water.
Chairman Proctor stated that the
commission was considering grading
milk into three classes: "A," which
is a high quality milk; "B" which ls
certified milk, and "C" which is
milk unfit for sale. He asked Dr.
McQuarrie what he thought of the
plan and the reply was that he
thought it would be a very good one.
and that lt might be well to publish
which grades the various milk dealers were handling.
Bradner School.
Sealed tenders, superscribed
"Tender for Bradner School," will
be received by the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to noon
of Wednesday, the 18th day of December, 1912, for the erection and
completion of a large one-room
school-house at Bradner, in the Del
ta Electoral District for the Provincial Government, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day of December, 1912,
at the office of S. A. Fletcher, Government Agent, New Westminster;
Mr. Wm. Merryfieid, Secretary
School Board, Mount Lehman, B. C.J
and the Public Works Department,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque
or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable
to the Honourable the Minister of
Public Works, for a sum equal to
10 per cent, of the tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fail to complete the work contracted
for. The cheques or certificates of
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the form supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Vlotoria,  B.    C,  2nd    December,
1912. <*e5
Just Eight
More Days
Till Christmas
.Don't delay your shopping a minute longer
Santa Claus has made his headquarters here
with the finest array of Christmas Gifts
ever shown in Ladner.
TEA ROOM���For the convenience of shopper^
we have opened a Free Tea Boom, and invite all
to conic antl try a enp di' our Special Blend of Tea;
packed especially for us.
Don't forget the Big Xmas Drawing!     Ten
valuable and useful presents given away. Ticket
with every 50 cent cash purchase. Drawing Christmas Eve, as in former years.
Jap Orange Special at 50c���Get a box of our
new Jap Oranges; every orange wrapped.
Goods that satisfy at the Big Store. From now
until Christinas the store will be open every evening.
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
Jflfmtces a Specialty
fob ana
j D efts    Hotel j
| J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor \
\ Ladner, B. C. Phono 2 \
%        All Modern Conveniences, Newly Furnished, Well Heated, Sam- 3
%    pie Room.    American and European    Plaa.      Flrst-clase    Cuisine.   5
Prompt Service. 3
Beet Wises, Liquors and Cigars. Rates Reasonable.
Coal mining rights of Ihe Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of tho Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term
ol twenty-one yean* at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2f*f>0 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In perHon to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
aro situated.
In surveyed territory the land
must he described by sections, or
legal sub-divisions or sections, and
In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked out by the
applicant   himself.
Bach application must he accompanied by a fee of $5 which will he
refunded if the rights applied for
aro not available, but not otherwise.
A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton
The  person  operating    the    mine
,shall  furnish  the Agent  with  sworn
returns accounting for the full quan-
'tHy of merchantable coal mined and
pay tbe royalty thereon.    If the coal
,mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished
at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal
i mining rights only, but the lessee
may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be
!considered necessary for the working of the mine at the rate of $10.0
: an acre.
|     For  full   information     application
j should  be made to the Secretin-,
,the Department  of the Interior, Ot-
'tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
I of  Dominion  Lands.
Deputy "Minister of the Inferior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publications
of this advertisement will not be
paid for.���30690.
Good Por Forty Dollars
as Hrsl payment on a Piano at sale prices if presented on or befOreDecem-
ber 31st, 1!)12.
1117 Granville Street, Vancouver. Corner Helmcken Street.
Bring or send the above certificate to ns; yon can select any Piano in our
stock. We will accept this certificate and also give von a receipt for $2.00 for
every $1.00 yon pay up to $40.00 as first payment on the piano.
Present this certificate and pay $20.00 in cash and get a receipt for $80 00
Present this certificate and pay $26.00 in cash and get a receipt for $90 00
Present this certificate and pay $30.00 in cash and get a receipt for $100 00
Present this certificate and pay $35.00 in cash and get a receipt for $110.00
Present this certificate and pay $40.00 in cash and get a receipt for $120 00
We must absolutely clear our stock of Pianos before December 31st 1912
Call and select your Piano or write to us at once.
Hicks & Lovlck Piano Co.
1117 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
fiitts of
Call and See Smmplms
The Delta. Tkmea to
Hat-irilaa* trom tkm
I-adMC  B.C.    3.  D.


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