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The Delta Times May 11, 1912

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Array ���
$1.00 A YEAR.
Claim to ijoooKuition
Ports  Is  Now Con.
Aliens   Need   Not   Attempt   to   MuUc* I
Ladner Their Jumping Off
That the Federal government recognizee the soundness of Ladner's claim
as a port is indicated by communications recently received by Mr. J. I>.
Taylor M.IP., from the Department
of    Public   Works   at   Ottawa.    These
state ihat Mr. Keefer, Dominion resident engineer at New Westminster,
has  le en iiuth.iri7.ed  fo  expend   "li.OOO
out of the gen. ml appropriation tor
the Fraser and Thompson rivers. With
which to build a wharf at Ladner.
and further that he has been Ir.-tru t-
,.,l to attend to the muter of dredging Ladner Harbor immediately.
Tills action of the Department l��
In part the result of representations
made by Mr. Taylor, at the Inatanci
if a deputation of Ladner men who
united upon him some time ago aid
asked that he urge the claim. .f the
port on the Department. This. .Mi-
Taylor did. wilh the result that satisfactory assurances are now forthcoming.
It is not yet ascertained how soon
the work will be started, but it Is
understood that this will be at the
earliest possible moment.
Mr. Malcolm Held. Dominion immigration officer, and his staff have had
tin re hands full lately. Early yesterday morning they captured, ten
aliens, mostly Greeks and Italians, en-
ti ring by stealth from the American
side of the boundary near Ladner. All
were bl I -rht on to Stevesti n yesterday afternoon. informations were
hud and persecutions entered by Mr.
Reid. Magistrate Faulkner round all
guilty and imposed fines ranging from
$ion to *"oo, or Ittdefault from one
mor.th to three months' Imprl. inmeht
The inghi st fine was imposed on ."���'-
phonso Massegerle, in whom the authorities  believe  they   have   lhe     mm
primarily responsible for these Illegal
In a letter dated January, 1911, discussing the reciprocity pact between the United States and Canada, William Taft, President of the I'nlted States, wrote to Theodore
Roosevelt,  ex-Preslder.-:
"The amount of Canadian products we would take
would produce a current of business between Western Canada and the United States that would make Canada only
an adjunct of the United Staies. It would transfer all their
important business to Chicago and New York, with their
bank credits and everything i lse. and it would increase
g-eatlv the demand of Canada for our manufactures."
To  this Colonel Roosevelt re Hed:
"Dear President,���It see ns to me that what you propose to do v.lch Canada Is admirable from every standpoint."
Miss Daisy sininis Becomes Mr*. Jas,
Faulkner Amidst u Shower "f
Delta's Athletic Instructor Routs Vn-
iiisiinii Boxer In Seven Hounds
at  Point Roberts.
A  very
d.ng  to lit
The   following   letters   received   by
Mr. Taylor explain the situation:
Dept.   of   Public   Works   of  Canada.
Ottawa.  Ont.
J. D. Taylor, iM.P.,
New Westminster, B.C.
Sir.���'I am Instructed by the Honorable the Minister of Public Works to
acknowledge receipt of your letter of
the 22nd tilt., regarding the wharf at
Ladner. B.C., and ln replv thereto,
1 would inform you that, on the 10th
tilt.. Mr. District Engineer Keefer was
instructed to expend out of the general appropriation for the Fraser and
Thompson rivers a sum of >3,000 for
a wharf at that place.
Yours  obediently,
Chief  Engineer,
Dept.  of  Publ.C  Works  of  Canada.
Ottawa.   Ont.
J. D. Taylor, 'M.P..
New Westminster, B.C.
Dear Sir,���'Referring to your letter
of April 23rd to the Honorable the
Minister of Public Works, in connection with the dredging at Ladner,
B.C., I beg to inform you that Instructions have this day been issued
to Mr. District Engineer Keefer to
attend to this matter Immediately.
Yours very truly,
H.   R.  DUFREINE,   "*
Assistant Chief Engineer.
The   Ladner   Dramatic   Club's   pro-
luct'on   of, "Miriam's   Crime"   was   a
complete su<   ess.    All the parts were
well   acted   tuid   it   would   be   ��� '"������'������<<'���
to  single  out  any  particular  part  for
exceptional approbation.    Despite this
Mrs.   iLanvbert's   presentation   of   the
heroine   must   be   noted.    Mrs.   Lambert has a natural gift as an actress
ind  the  Interpretation  she gave  of a
somewhat exacting part has met with
unstinted praise.    The applause of the
large   audience    which    crowded   the
MoNeely Hall  was the best guarantee
bf   the   play's   success.    The   players
had  not only  their  parts  word     perfect���an   achievement that few amateur   aramatlc   presentations   can   attain��� but   also   interpreted   the   parts
alloted to them  with marked success.
The   Howard   Bros,   orchestra   was   a
notable   feature    and    the    incidental
music attributed in no small measure
to   the   success   of   the   presentation.
The staging and scenery  were exceptionally tine and the Ladner Dramatic
Club   must   be   congratulated.        Mr.
Weave was indefatigable, both on the
stnge   and   off.   and   must   be  relieved
to   find   that   his   tireless   efforts  mei
with  such success.
pretty and charming wed-
place at "The Maples," the
beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
\v. London, Westham Island, m Tuesday, April the 30th, when Mr. James
Faulkner and Miss Daisy Simms were
united in the holy bonds ��if m itrlmony
by the Rev, C, C. Hoyle.
The bride entered (-he drawing room
on the arm of h.-r rather, to the
strains of Mendelsohn's Wedding
March, and looked chic in a beautiful
g'.vn of white silk with an over dress
of lace and  wearing a bridal  veil  with
orange blossoms ami carrying a
shower  b oiquet  of  white carnations,
She was attend..! by Mi--.- Lena Tamboline, who w:ih prettily attired '�� ft
gown of salmon pink cashmere trimmed with satm and holding a cluster
of   white   carnations.
The groom's gift to the bride was
i. handsome gold brooch set with
pearls and turquoise, and to the
bridesmaid   a   beautiful   maple   leaf
brooch and to the best man a gold
,scarf pin.
I     After the ceremony,  which  was attended   by   the   immediate    relatives,
' the   iruests  sat   down   to   a   sumptuous
wedding dinner,  the  tables being ar-
husband.   Mr.   H.   J.   Cresswell,   and,Mr.   and  Mrs.  C.   O.   Lambert,  Mrs. i tlstlcally    decorated    wilth    carnations
a large circle of friends to mourn heriw.   MdCrea and Mrs.   C.   Beadleston.! and KIM*".  wlt'h '��� msJMrtVs yet beauti-
loss. Sprays���Mrs. K.  Calvert. Mr. and ���*uily decorated bride's cake occupying
The funeral of the late Mrs. Cre**-I Mrs. F. J. Green. Mr. Hoey and tnfc Place ot honor- Th*- dinner was
well took place on Wednesday. May I Miss Violet Hoey, Miss G. Devereaux,IProvtldea by Mrs. London and was a
8th, from All Saint's church, Ladner, I Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Grant, Mr. and ' magnificent display of her cullnery
when many of her friends showed |Mrs. H. L. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.;art
their sympathy by follow.ng the bodyjH.   D.   Bensor,   Mrs.    Maclnnls   and'     Th>?  happy couple  left on  the four
Many Mourners followed the Remains
of the Deceased Lady to Her
Last Resting Place
lime  i'e_��u-ii. u_  _,<__..-.     _.._ .���-______-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Mr,
t' ghly esteemed by all who knew her, ��� ar.d Mrs. H. A. McDiarmid, Dr. and
was a sister of Dr. A. de.K. Taylor. jiMrs. A. A. King, Miss Viola Rich-
postmaster of this town.   She leaves a   ardson.    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Mackenrot,
The death of Mrs. H. H. Cresswell
took place at an early hour on Monday
morning The deceased lady, who was
an old time refsdent of Ladner    and
Fisher. Mrs. D. Harris and Mr.
Mrs. F. Land, Mr. and Mrs. A.
m.ter. Mr. and Mrs. W. Ansell.
and   Mrs.   J.   Cook   and   family.
t to the Boundary Bay cemetery.
VICTORIA,  May  8.���The desirability of the Introduction ot some form
of religious Instruction  in  the public
schools of Victoria was the chief subject ot discussion at a meeting of the '
ministers ot the city, which was held
yesterday at the Y.  M.  C.  A.    Very
Reverend Dean Doull presided and the
following    gentlemen    were    present:
Archdeacon Scriven, Rev.  E. G. Miller,     Rev.   Dr.   Macrae.     Rev.     Dr.
Campbell,   Rev.   J.   McCoy,  Rev.   W.
Stevenson.      Rev.   T.    W.    Gladstone,
ar.d the Rev. R. A. McConnell. There
was considerable diversity of opinion
as to  what steps should  be  taken  In
approaching  the legislature  to obtain
a measure  that  would  carry  out this
object, and III the end it was deemed
Wi'se to lay the matter over until the
opinions of ministers In other parts of
the province could be obtained and a
representative    committee   formed    to
guide the movement.
Government Ownership Proves Losing
Venture    in    Manitoba���Farmers
Did Not Patronize Them.
WINNIPEG, May 9.���Premier Rob-
lin  announced   last    night    that the
1 Manitoba government had decided to
go  out  of  the government ownership
liof the elevator bu-sinese at the close
of the cri>p year, Auguet 31. Ail employees have been notified that their
services .will be dispensed with between now and that date. Negotiation are under way to sell the elevators to the Grain Growers' Grain
Company, in which the province has
Invested  }2,000,000.
Mr. Roblin says his reason for selling 's that he is tired of lcslnig the
people's money ln the enterprise. Last
year $150,000 was 'lost and there will
be equally as heavy a loss this year.
The farmers refused to patronize the
elevators aifter "demanding them at
conventions and continued to load direct  from  their wagons Into cars.
���    _ . ��, _   .,        o'clock   boat   for  a   short   honeymoon
  Mrs.   J.   W.   Fraser    Mr.   andMns.   OOIWW   '..^^    Rfi_    ,hp*   <,���������,,
The ceremony in*ihe church, which   E.   A.   Bown,  Rev    C    R.  and  Mrs. MIovved bv the good  wishes of
was filled to overflowing, was not lm-, Blunden   and   family.   Mr     and   Mrs ^ showers  of  rice  and   other*
pressive.    Mrs.   Wilson,   the   organist, , Jno.   Richardson,  a friend  and   Mr-. I ���    ��� k        of   he honeymoon
played  the  dead  march  from  "Saul,"; A.   de  R.   Taylor,  Mr   J^ and   Miss ^   ��,)m
as   the   solemn   cortege   filed   out   of ( Mason, Mr.  and Mrs.   R.  Smltn, Mrs.. ��*""��� received   many  beautiful
the sacred  edifice.    The Rev.   C.   C. , P.^.   M��shall. M*-^^    R.���} and U3etu, presents of which the fol-
C.  R. andMrs.  Blunden and family i'o-ngU a,,artia,..sts
Mi*,   and   Mrs.   W.   J.   Lanning  and      "^to? j,   Tamboline,   clock:
Mr.   and  Miss Weare,  Mr.   and  Mrs.   Mr    and   ��� umhrel,a;    W,
���    S **��, [Tambonne.slRer butter dish   D. Tam-
^Star^Mr-^Chas.  Lord and family.' bollne. candpg set   gJ^JJJg*
Anchor-The   ladies   of   All   Saint's water set; Mrs.  M. Fajlkner. cne<*u  .
Hoyle* conducted the service and the
reading of the liturgy, impressive at
all times, had an added solemnity ln
the beautiful enunciation of the reader
and the affectionate regard with which
all present remembered the deceased.
Below Is a list of the floral tokens
of esteem:
Wreaths���Mr.    and   Mrs.    S.    W.   ��ulld
OTTAWA, May    9���The    Canadian
. Northern  and  Great  Northern   Rall-
I ways   have   come   to   an   arrangement
whereby   the   difficulty   arising   from
I the operation of Great Northi rn trains
by  American     crews     on     C.   N.   R.
tracks  will  be removed.       Notice     to
this effect  was received today by thi
department   of   labor,   but   lt   did   not
state the basis of the arrangement.
Titanic Victims lived Hours in Icy
Water���G. T. P. Estimates on
Mr. Hays' Body.
HALIFAX, N. S., May 7���The
steamer Minta's toll of dead showed 17
bodies found, including two burled at
The first body picked up was that
of Mr. Charles M. Hays, and the last
that of Thomas A. Mullin, a steward.
On Mr. Hays' body were found estimates of the future construction of
the Grand Trunk Pacific. Vice President Kelly received these. Of the
bodies burled at sea one was identified
and the other was tnat of a fireman.
Mr. Hays' body was found several
miles from any other. The Muckay-
Bennett brought ln 190 bodies, and
the  Mlnla  15.  a  total of  205. Of
these 137 have been shipped abroad
or buried in Halifax, leaving 68 still
at the morgue.
The body on which the largest
amount oi' funds were found was tnat
of Col. Kmil Brandels of Omaha, who
hud $16,500, including letters of
credit for $10,000, three cheques aggregating $i)000 and bank notes
amounting to $500.
AH the funds taken from bodies of
the Titanic victims are in the hands of
the  provincial   government     for  safe
ki eplng.
The steamer Montmagny sailed at
.*) o'clock this evening, it took coal
lor two weeks and three weeks' pro-
ision. tor the crew. White Star of-
.lclQ.ll and shipping men here b lleve
the government steer-Hsr is likely  to
succeed  ii: recovering B  large  number
of  bodies.
Rev. H. W. Cunningham, rector ol
St, George's church, who accompanied
the Mlnla on its quest, notes the fact
worthy of special notice. "So far as
could be judged by the ship's doctor."
he says, "about one among the seventeen bodies was found wno iiad died
from drowning, in the case of tho
other sixteen, death was caused from
exposure and it did not ensue for
some four horus.after the sinking of
the ship."
' Hollies Those of Christ inns.
A remarkable Sact developed at the
Titanic morgue tonight. Ten bodies
taken by Hebrews from Fairview
cemetery and removed to the Hebrew
burying ground are those of Christians,   either      Roman     Catholics     or
Protestants.     The   White   star   i.ine
had telegrams from friends regarding
all the facts. That they were Christians was established to the satisfaction of the local Hebrews' Association. The bodies will now be sent
back to  fairview cemetery.
Mr and Mrs. T. McDonald, cut glass
fruit dish; Miss M. McDonald, silver
berry spoon; Miss G. MeH-ona'd, hand
painted   mustard  pot;   Mr.   and  Mrs.
..._.       jT      Williamson,    silver    knives    and
Ladner has the best bunch of par-  forks;   Mr.   and   Mrs.   ��*��*��J
sons in the world, and what is more,  glass    cruet    set,   M.    P^mer.   simher
to the point they are all Jointly and  cake  dish;   Mrs.   and   Miss Wlam*
S. rally po'pula/wlth their Joint and  cake dish; H.  William..out glass bon
several   flock.    ��One   thing  Is  notice- | ���������  dis-h;   Mr.   and  M".  L.^TMrtO
able .'r. Ladner above any other town Mne,   cheque;   Mrs.   J.   Bat age.  .live
and that is. no matter the denomlna-! knives  and   forks;   MUw A.   weMter,
tion of the speaker, you cannot hear   clU glass cruet set:  A    A.J;1  ' ra    ;
anything    but     praise     of    Ladner's  silver desert gpttOiM.   K.   WKM
���clergy.    In the Rev.  C.  R.   Blunden.   g*a���   bor.   bon   d.sh;   Mr.   ana   -ir
Rev   J-.  J.  Hastie.  Rev. C. C.  Hoyle,  -Rowing,   silver   tea  ipo'On*.   Mr.   M
Rev      P     A.    Wright   and    Rev.    T. i Mrs.  Martin, table cloth and napkins.
i in Tuesday night, May 7th, BUI .
Ill.-kards and Ted Manson met ir. a
li'*-.on-round bout In the Town Hall,
Point Roberts, Ab ut 1��0 of the
boyS fr.m I.adner and district were
pn-si nt. Rlckards being particularly
popular wiih the Delta boys, Rlckards
was seconded ���- Joe Du*puls and Pete
M-aGi rley, while 1" DTitlwall and
ci usir.s were In Mansion's corner. Th.
n ''.re,    n as  G.  Martin.
Poth men stripped In the |>lnk of
condition. Rlckards had a great advantage in weisht tipping ihe scale
���it IPO Iby.. while Manson weighed in
at 160. From start to finish the bout
was i lean and scientific and both men
f..ugh! throughout in perfect temper
and while many tellini? blows were
exchanged there was not a part.'ci*-.
o* persinal spite In the whole bout.
Manson is a game boy and stood up
to his heavier and scientific opponent
all the time. Rlckards, however, had
his man beaten all the way. There
was no knock-out. but in the seventh
round, Manson, who had been floored,
asked thos,. present If they wished
h'm t" continue, flood, clear., game
boy that he is, he would have continued, but h<. was so absolutely OUt-
ClMSed that the onlookers refused to
allow h'm to receive more punishment. Tf Rlckardi goes on the way
he ls going the Delta may have another advertisement besides growing
Ihe he^'t potatoes In the world, and
may have the honor of putting up
.n the person of her popular athletic
Institution the greatest fighter in the
Dominion. This Bill Rlckards Is
some fighter, and what he will do
to Tommv Burn�� you have only to
ask the Delta sports to find out. If
the Calgary sports fancy Tommy
Burns for the scrap at Bitspino ar.d
have any excess dough, they need not
cry long. If they cannot get It all
"overed in Ladner. Vancouver and
Xew Westminster*will take the overflow.
In Ladner they will b��t you 6y��D
money that Rickard wins, they wilt
hot you even money against his being knocked out and they will 'ay
all kinds of fanciful odds against his
being knocked out Wi'thlr. a specific
number of rounds, Mr. Tommy Burns
was supposed to have put down $1009
on Vancouver on the Labor Day lacrosse game at New Westminster and
failed to connect with the goods. It
he ha t.ny more thousands tucked
ur.der his belt, the Ladner people
want them.
Klentv. Ladner, has a clergy which H. Peden. salad bowl; Mr. and Mrs.
has the affectionate regard of the. Warner, cut glass salt cel'lar. A. irirn,
whole community, and if It came to a oher,ue: J. .Savage. ������lv->rJ>u"*r """'
show-down. The Times is prepared Miss M. Cotton, doy ie; Mr. and Mr
to stake Us reputation as a prophet c. H.'Trim. cut glass butter Olsn.
in declaring that it believes that the. p. DoU glas. cut glass cream^andMr*
I.adner clergy could beat any four-|bow,: Mr, and Mrs. H. Sa ag cm
oared   crew,   seafarers and   fishermen   breddered Uneni w.   Mall*, sll    r cara
; Included, in a straight pull from Lad-
. ned to Port Guichon, round a buoy
j and back to Ladner. It would make
I a good sporting event for any Saturday   afternoon.    The   ranchers   might
receiver; Mr. and Mrs. F. Kirkland
anf  family,   china  muffin   dish;   Mr.
land   Mri-.    P.    Swensbn    and     'im"v.
I white bedspread: Mr. and Mrs. H,
Trim, boflroom f'^-e's; Miss R. Cedar-
uay   ai.ei noun.      _ ,lt-   ......	
get a crew, the real estate men might.   ,,���,.'_." 0dylie; J. Trim, pickle jar:  Mr.
the hotels might also, and surely the | and MlM  Montgomery,  pearl-handletl
mercantile firms could get up a crew.   lntUer   knife;   Mrs,   M.   Vitlli.-h.   em-
The grain men would be sure to havejbr0l(jere,a   cushion   c ��*er;    Mrs.    Q.
,a   c'"""'"   ""���''���   "'hen   !,*   cam--   to   the  T ,_.,--    ..,,,...  ,a,.h-   Mr��.   Alberfon,
machinery   men,   there   would   be   no I ���,,-.-    frui t  spoon    ;lIll1    iiIu.n    ,;,-,;,.
holding  them.    A   four-oared  race  to   c\oin
Port Guichon aud  round  a buoy andi     Th(,   happy   (..-,upie   were   tendered
I back   would   be   good   sp irt   and   the   a   receptlon    upo]1    lhelr    rot���rn   0n
"Times" dollar would he on the Par-,Tno-,.lv eVenlng, Mav Bth, at the home
si ns- b'ess 'em ��� me if the pros- of Mr im- Mra j Tamboline. when
perous merchants woy'-d doubtless U-out seventy-fit e quests assembled to
put up substantial prizes. As a be-lwl3h .h, > ., ,,,-��� harnv .ln,, .,..,...
ginning, however, the "Times" will perous married life. AU spent a very
offer a free two years' subscription j deUghtlul even1ni- with muS|0 Rnd
to the "Times" to each of the winning gancing t-11 the small hours of the
four ami  cox ,  and  a   me year's aub-   morning.
BeriptTon  i i  i I'ch  of  the  *   mil   four!	
and   cox,      The   second   prisse   biing VICTORIA HOI��E SHOW.
conditional   on   four    crews    starting, j 	
>"'w sail up y .ii merchants and mike ��� Vancouver Draught liorsos Make a
your  offers. . Sweep���Culcnry Horse Wins the
The  orchestra   at  "Miriam's  Crime" High Junto
v.-e*-,.  ass.sted   by   Mr.   George   Kilpin. |
of New Westminster.    Mr. Kilpin has
VICTORIA. May 2.���iMr, H. W.  R.
Moore, barrister, of this city, has been
named   by   Attorney   General   Bowser
to represent the crown at  the spring
assizes,  opening in  the city of Kamloops   on   Monday   next.    The   docket
is remarkable for its light showing of
ser.'ous   crime.    Here   in  Victoria   the
assize  sitting  opens  on   the   27th   instant,    there    being    listed   only    four
cases   of   local   origin,   one   of   these
traversed   from   the  autumnal   sitting
0" the court.    They are:   Rex vs.  XI-
Cho'.as    (traversed!,    rape:    Rex    vs.
Parelll, wounding; Rex vs. Willy Bill,
rape,    .and    !'-x    vs.    Hansen,    theft.
From   .Xana/mo   there    will    be    two-
cases   in   Rex   vs.   Shepherd,   and   the
two charges ag.air.m the Japanese i'flk-
Id.i, far shooting a male and a female
compatriot   with   intent  to  '������'*'!   them.
There   will   also   in   all   probability   be
a manslaughter indictment from Cumberland.    Mr.   W.    E.    Moreby   w-U
appear for the crown. _i>
(Published by special arrangement with the Ixmdon Sphere.)
JOHN REDMOND, U-ADBB OP THEllfijjg ��"��, Mt
Speaking to a hundred thousand people     AnW mate pictur
John Redmond taken durln-g the Home Rule Campaign.
fatal blasting accident occurred on
North Lonsdale at about 1:30 o'clock
yesterday afternoon, when Edward
Brown was killed and Mike Mekitone,
a Montenegrin, was severely shaken
up. bruised and scratched by the flying debris and now ls in the North
Vancouver Hospital. The deceased
had placed a box of powder near a
fire In the open and was standing near
when sparks ignited It.
many  friends  In   the
and no enemies.
The weather .n the Delta during the
past week has been* lerh If sim-
i-.f these city men tha.t haunt Hastings
and Granville streets In the Tenplnai
���city, would spend their week er.-ls
here, they would tackle the daily
round of business with added vim.
James Turner, Ladner's new constable,  is  living  at  the  Ladner  hotel.
VICTORiA. May 6���In heavy horses
iat 5aturda~-*knlght'a session of the VI?-
XAXAiMn. May ".--.Ti*-.i i McN-ilr,
firth engineer of the steamer Irafts-
man. In port bunkering, ��� is ������������������-
tally killed somi tin��i   ' irlng th    early
hours of Taos lay mon-,;!;-'. He took
the wrong trestle leading : his -aip
and fell through an opi n coal chute, a
distance   of   thirty   feet,   sustaining   a
fractun d   -���'   11      " ��    - a -   not
found until Tuesday if* rn ion r hen
it w is disi i en '������ by ������ - p! i ying
football. It was lying on broken
timber, directly under the open chute.
NEW TORK,  May 9.���rtT. S.
Judge Hand today denied the
application of John McXa-
mara of San Francisco for habeas corpus to prevent his extradition to New Westminster,
B. C, ln connection with the
$258,000 robbery there of the
branch Bank of Montreal.
McXamara's counsel appealed
ffom the deet-sion and announced that he will carry the
case to the United States Supreme Court
,wn of Ladn>r, j~rla Hor_e"~show, the Mainland
i Transfer Company again made 1
sweep. The now famous. Don, llarrv,
Sandy and Tom. with a couple of
others, won the blue in the six-horse
team class. They did the same in the
special pair of draught horses competition. Hunters. middleweight,
brought. Schwitzer. the veteran, owned by Miss Mabel French, to the
front. She was awarded the premier
honors over Calgary and other outside
In the mare or gelding class, shown
to a gig. Mountain Belle, exhibited by
Mr.   S.   L.   Howe  of  Vancouver,     was
placed  second.    There  was some  disappointment over the absence of Credential  when  the  htgh jumping contest   was   called.     There   were   three
entries   for   this   .namely,   Sioux  and
Tobie, owned by Mr. E. D. Adams and
Mr. George  De Roaldes, Calgary and
Muskrat. exhibited by Mr. J. A. Cold-
well, Vancouver.    The two latter went
a   little   over  six   feet,   while     Sioux
'. broke his Calgary record  of six feet
four  inches  and  his Vancouver  per-
__,  formance of six feet six inches, clear-
O  ing  the   hurdles  at  six     feet     seven
O  inches.    In trying a jump of six feet
O' ten inches,  he hung up on the bars.
O -.   	
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC)  The contest closed with this effort
Late chairman of the Railway Cotn-
miesinn, whose sudden death yesterday is conceded to have removed a
man whose place it will not be e*aay
to  ft'.!.
SATURDAY  MAY 11, 1012.
In (.rent Demand by the Residents of
Lulu   Islnml���Damages  Are
RTCHMOXI', May 7.���-The Richmond Municipal Council held a protracted session at its fortnightly meeting yesterday. Several deputations requesting water connections with the
main, and sidewalks were heard and
satisfied. There jS a great demand for
water connections throughout the
municipality and the Water Superin-
' tendent, Mr. C. F. Lockhart, ar.d his
men are taxed to their utmost to supply it. The influx of settlers consequent op the many subdivisions of
the Island farms into small holdings,
especially road the Alexander town-
site, Camble, is accountable for this
gratifying feature.
Ar. important  discussion took place
over a communication from Mr. Stein
outlining a  plan for the development |
of   Richmond   which   was   referred   to |
the   whole   council   for  more     mature j
Reeve   Bridge   presided     over     the !
forenoon   meeting  and   in   the   after- i
noon,  owing  to  his  having  been  delegated  to  attend the harbor extension |
scheme   meeting  of  Great  Vancouver
his seat   w-as   occupied   by Councillor
Joseph   .Shearer.    The  other  Councillors   present   were   Messrs.   Shepherd,
Fentm.an.   Gay,   and   J.   McCallan.
A deputation of ten ratepayers, Including a number of ladles, were
heard, requesting a 2-inch water main
and sidewalk on Xo. 17 road between
Nos. 4 and 5 roads. The council instructed the water superintendent to
do the necessary work in his department and granted the lumber for the
aid walk on condition the petitioners
execute the work.
A communication from Messrs. Livingston and Company, solicitors. Vancouver, was read in reference to the
proposed prosecution of Mr. A. Mitchell, South Vancouver, for permitting
a Chinese tenant to keep an unsanitary piggery on the western portion of
Lot 527, his property. It was explained that Mr. .Mitchell had no legal authority to interfere or stop the nuisance as the man had his lease before
Mr. Mitchell acquired the property,
and that flu- Chinaman, Sam Yung,
had been convicted and fined $10 for
the orfence already. Mr. Mitchell
was anxious to get the Chinaman off
the property, bat was powerless ln
the matter. This was referred to the
municipal solicitor.
An application hy F. Dobson ,_ Co.,
on behalf of a client, asking If there
would be any difficulty attending the
establishment of an abbattoir on Lulu
Island, was considered and the clerk
Instructed to request an interview
with and explanations from the applicant regarding the matter before final
Action for Damages.
A letter from Messrs. Taylor & Co.,
solicitors, Vancouver, was to the effect that they had been instructed to
raise an action of damages hy Mr. Leslie Overhaugh, Vancouver, for personal Injuries, sustained by htm or. the
night of I Oth April by falling off the
sidewalk into a dyke leading to the
depot, a distance of six feet, breaking
his wrkst and straining his arm
It was claimed that the accident
happened through the negligence of
the council in not having the dyke
fenced and the locality sufficiently
lighted. The letter concluded with a
query as to what the council proposed
in the nature of a settlement.
Councillor Fentman expressed himself appalled at the Idea Involved in
���fencing all the dykes on Lulu Island.
The matter was also referred to the
solicitor of the municipality.
Water Extensions.
Mr. C. F, Lockhart, the water superintendent's important report was
submitted and approved. It showed
that twenty-elgh new connections had
been installed during April. Extensions on Mitchell and Edwards Islands
ha'1   been   *-n***.***   (*~*-f*   f--f   O.l-e**   "'nc
between Nos. 1 and 2 roads; 5000 ft.
3-in. h - 'i.e. dyke .\esi ot oeventn avenue; 600 feet 3-inch pipe; Woodwards
900 feet 2mch pipe, and 1000 feet 3-4
inch and 500 ''inch galvanized pipe
through other parts of the municipality. A serious break down In the submerged Pea Ts'.and main had occurred,
necessitating Ihe services of a diver
and equipment for eight days. The
break was covered by 12 feet of water
at low tide. The bursting water had
scoured on' 'bo _..-,,' -uportlng a number of sections of the main and the
superintendent was compelled to hire
a scow and gasoline tug to carry out
the work and nln"-* ftSifl hao>. 0f p-.-.i
In position to support the main. Tht
diver's expense unounted t > >35 per
day, ns against $f>r. per dav the cost
of a diver to New Westfinster.
The diver. Mr. F. Madison, report,
ed the main, so far as he had examined It. to be in a somewhat critical position and recommended a number of
devices whereby it could he safe-
quarded, among others that lengths
of the pipes should be shorter.
The road overseer's and chief of
police's reports were also approved.
Amongst other business Items transacted were the supplying of planks for
a two-plank* sidewalk on No. 17 road
for ar. extension of a quarter of a
Delta Mercantile Co.
The   r.ew   store  is  nearing  completion   and  we  expect   in   a   few
days  to  open   up   In   full   blast.
In tht meantime we would ask you not to overlook the fact
that we carry the best assorted and freshest line of groceries in town.
Fresh  bakery goods almays on  hand.
Delta Mercantile Co.
Phone 37
A Possible Mistress
of the White House.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate*" !��������.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED     $10,000,000
CAPITAL TAID-UP .,       * 0,251,080
llKSHK- I. FUND     * 1,050,188
Total Assets Over One Hundred and Ten Millions.
Jtccomnts ot Out-of-Tjoton Customers Siva Special Jftiontion
Acc-ynts may be opened with deposit- of ONE DOLIiAR   and    Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, half-y early on June    80th and    December
31st, each year.
CQ_.OVERD.-I-_", B.C., May 6.���The
Surrey Municipal Council met at the
s"hool house, Cloverdale, on Saturday
May -1th, the Reeve and all members
being present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.
Communications wer6 ��..c-eived as
follows: From the Collector reporting collections for April amounting _o
"2736.56.    Received.
From A. H. MacNeill, enclosing
blue prints of station grounds, customs and detention buildings at White
Rock on the V., V. & E. Ry, and
saying copies of all these had beer,
forwarded to the Board of Railway
Commissioners, Ottawa, and that an
application will be made to the Board
for approval of the same upon their
receipt there.    Received.
From G. F. Sykes, et al, asking to
have improvements made on the road
running between Sections 21 and 22,
Township 1, South of Elgin. Received
and referred bo Councillors Brown and
From D. Wix re the bad condition
Of the North Bluff road from the cemetery to the east boundary of the
municipality, and asking that the matter be looked into. Received and er-
ferred to Councillor Keery.
From D. M. Robertson re agreement desired If the council cross hl.
property and remove gravel from the
bed of the river. Received and clerk
instructed to prepare agreements for
execution by the Reeve and Clerk on
behalf of the municipality.
From Geo. H. Wales, W. D. Frost
and thirteen others requesting the
council to make a start towards opening the Davis road between the Clover
Valley ar.d the Coast Meridian roads
as this is the only road t0 the C. M. ;
School from their vicinity. Received;
and  referred to Councillor Inglis.
From J. H. O'Neill, superintendent:
of G. N. Ry., re crossing at Hill I
street, Port Kells, asking the datei
crossing was shown over .the railway
on any registered plan. Received, I
clerk to reply.
From Thos. Laughren ar.d A. E.
Connolly, asking the council to oper
the Pike road between Wards 3 and 4
traffic in order to facilitate the clearing of __id land. Received and referred to Councillors Brown and MacKenzle.
Appropriations were made aa follows: J100 each in Ward 3 and Ward
4 for the Pike road north of Bose
Accounts to the amount of $2170.67
were passed.
Council   then   adjourned   to     meet
again   on   Saturday,  May   18th,     at  2
p.m., at the Cloverdale School House.
^E.  M.  CARNCROS8, C.M.C.
�� J. C. Strauss.
Should Joseph W. Folk succeed William Howard Taft as president of the
United States his wife will prove a
gracious chatelaine of tbe executive
Mrs. Folk is a delightfully cultured
woman of southern birth, Teunessee
being her native state. Although she
Is not strictly speaking a society woman, tbe gubernatorial mansion during her husband's administration as
governor of Missouri was the scene of
much charming hospitality.
Like Mrs. Taft. Mrs. Folk is an accomplished musician, and ber tastes
are decidedly literary.
The champion Sady walker .eaving
the office of a New York newspaper
for her thousand-mile walk to Chicago on raw meat diet. She has agreed
to eat nothing cooked, and reach her
destination by June first.
VICTORIA, B.C., May 8.���Mr. D.
N. Mclntyre, deputy minister of fisheries for the province, has started upon a visit of inspection of the fishing
district?, to confer with the government overseers and generally get a
line on the condition of things for the
purpose of devising departmental improvements with a view to developing
the Industry. The trip includes a visit
to the Naas and Skeena districts, together with brief excursions to many
of the fishing camps in remote parts
of the country. The trip 1.-* an annua
one for the fisheries department, but it
is the first time that it has been undertaken by Mr. Mclntyre. He expects to be away for about two weeks.
TORONTO. Ont., May 6.���
Hon. J. P. Mabee, chairman of
the Canadian Rail-way Commission and regarded as the
most expert man on the bench
either in Canada or the United States In knowledge of
transportation laws, died here
today following complications
after an operation for appendicitis.
They'll Please You
Our new Spring Shoes and Oxfords wilt
please you. There's a touch of originality and indefinable natty effect about
them that goes straight to the heart
without any damaging effect upon your
pocket book
Come, See and Try On
Woman and the Home.
A house without a woman In it
amounts to very little. It may be a
sojourning place or a hermitage or a
makeshift, but lt cannot be a home.
Woman is forever the center of home,
nud home ls forever the center of
things. Christian Ity looks back toward
the home at Nazareth, nnd reverent
painters portray the holy child ln Its
mother's arms for countless shrines to
enthrone. National glory rests upon
the pillars of the home. Business*
gathers its millions duly to adoru
chosen homes in the end, and each
toller at the bottom strives for his
dream, too. of a happiness between
four walls with wife and child.
Woman at present, however, ls
tempted to decentralize herself. The
kingdoms of the earth and the glory of
them Beem to her to be offered for her
choice. She desires to work for hire,
as men do, and to prove herself In industry outside the houses. All this is
well enough If she realizes ln time
that home ls better still. But the modern world ts full of decentralized women who either cannot get back to the
center of things or have lost the wish
to do so. Even If they marry they do
not want to be "tied down" to bonse
and children. And lt ls perfectly pos
slbl3 ln tbe flrst part of their lives to
remain out from the center and still
find life worth while.
But after thirty years or so the decentralized woman must lose by It
Sbe ls not the soul of anything. Sbe
ls not vitally necessary anywhere.
Her life ls essentially shallow. The
house without a woman in it, the woman who ls not making a home for
others���these mean life without a cen
ter. life gone awry. If It cannot be
helped It Is sad enough. If lt can be
helped ls it not the worst and bitterest kind of mistake?���Harper's Bazar
Ladner Investment & Trust
Corporation, Limited
Authorized Capital, $2S0,000
Real Estate Insurance
Conveyancing Executed
Financial Agents Estate Agents
Titistees       Executors
Lad.ier Investment & Trust
Corporation, Limited
H. A. MacDonald, Mgr.
Notary Public
Delta Times Bldg. Ladner, B. C
Is Being Inquired for
at Present
List Your Property With Us
The Peopled Trust Co., Ltd.
W. H. HA1RE, Local Manager
People's Trust Building Ladner, B. C.
Hat and Bag Match This 8easen.
Small hats and huge band bags���thts
Is tbe mandate of fashion for fall,
and some of the smart little helmet
hats to be worn with tailored suits of
worsted and mohair are shown ln the
milliners' siiops, accompanied by band
lags to match. This bat and reticule
ire of gold colored velvet braided witb
One white soutache, a heavier black
soutache being worked into a bolder
pattern over this ground.
Take notice that I have received objections In writing to the retention of the
following names on the Register of Voters for Delta Electoral District on the
grounds stated below.
And take notice that at a Court of Revision to be held on the 20th day of May,
���'H2. at the Court House, New Westminster, at 11 o'clock ln the forenoon, I shall
hear and determine the said objections
The following are objected to as be!
and unless such named persons or some
other Provincial Voter on their beh.'tlf
satisfies me that such objections are not
well founded I shall strike such names
off the said Register.
Registrar of Voters.
Delta Electoral District.
New Westminster, B.C.,
29th A-pril, 1912.
ng absent from the District:
192]William  Brown   'Port Oulchon.
lSB'Thomas Brown   'Port Oulchon.
"flllw.lllam Johnston  IPort Oulchon.
(".lOIOharles King   Port Oulchon.
Ml* I ram Helmer   'Port Guichon.
9721 James Thomas Marks  Port Oulchon,
990IFrank   Masalln    IPort Oulchon.
1089 Arthur Munt   Port Oulchon.
j I
The following are reported as deceased:
._. (
No.) NAME.
j j
457 --'rank Farcelll   Port Oulchon.
1281IFrank Pavesick  Port Oulohon.
l.lSOjJohn  Roan    Elgin.
_J  i   ___---
When Women Vet*.
Mere Man���What are those little
statues ln front of the ballot boxes?
Poll Clerk���Those are reproductions
of tbe various candidates. A woman
couldn't think of ordering anything
except f-ott a pattern, 70a know.���
For Planting Now
A. J. WOODWARD, Sole Agent
512 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C. SATURDAY  MAY 11, -9M.
!    ...LOCAL ITEMS..
"1,11 Arthur," otherwise Arthur Fax,
is buck again and hard at work again,
Our  slogan   Is  the   Delta   llrst,   last
ana all thc tlme'
The preacher of All Saint's church
nn Sunday Will be Venerable Arch-
deacon Pentre'Uh, D.D.
Rev. Chas. C. Hoyle, M.A., was
a passenger to New Westminster on
nrget it kid.    That man Rlckards
Certainly gol an awful punch
The alterations and improvements
on Walter's store are progressing
F. Mclntyre, buyer for Malkin's, of
Vancouver, was registered at the Ladner Hotel, this week.
Aldus Willis, brother or Mrs. E. F
Douglas, followed his brother's exam
pie a
We are all jingoes In I.adner���
"We've got the land, we've got the
men  and  we've got  the  money,  too."
Mr. banning, the popular secretary
la-*, ru'uoweu n�� ui__ii_. p _���....,- |     .,_,, uu���������.   ,,,,   ,.	
,nd fell a victim  to measles, but   of   Delta's   board   of   trade,   is   most
nuw on the road to recover*.
j anxious  that  all   members  should  be
I In attendance on Monday night.
Mr.    M'C-K.nn.m,    brother-in-law 	
Mr.   Slater,  the genial  proprietor    of'     The     Vancouver     gentleman     who
the Ladner hotel, has been or. a visit   kindly sang    "Tosti's    Goodbye,"    on'
���-  the Town. Wednesday,  was some  singer, and  hi*s
a.tidience  were duly grateful.
I    New Westminster IsJcrosse boys will
.have  lota of Ladner rooters on May I
Professional Advertising
The physician has a sign en hti
door. That ll an advortltoment to
the pasior-by. Comparatively few
people tee the elgn however.
Why not carry your slfin Into all
the best hornet In town ? Vou
can do eo by a Cla-oified Want Ad.
and without ion of professional
dignity too.
P. 0. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER,   -   -   B.C.
All Modern Conveniencies, Newly Furnished.    Well  Healed,   Sample   Room
American and  European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Lump   Coal   for   Sale
joe Jordan drove the lucoeasful con-
.,',,,,,, to Poind Roberts, the other
��� lav, whieh was next best thing to having tha scrap pulled off in his barn.
Edith,   daughter   of   Mr.   and   Mrs
11. A. MacDonald, has recovered.from
her   attack   of   nu isles   and   will,   ir.
a   few   days,   enjoy   the   outdoor   life
.4th. Many of the sports art making
their  arrangements   already,
Come and  see  lhe  (1. rden of Eden!
The must convenient way is by the
New Delta, leaving Steveston at 8.80,
1.3'Oand    7.30.    Lad nor   is   the    mosl
^S^S^m^m^O^m^m^O^mmmmmmmmmmm*        i .-p'lt
.Mr.   and   Mrs.   E.   F.   Douglas are 	
now settled ln their new home at Port |     m-, Tennant, manager of the Delta
, Mercantile Company,  was in Yancou-
Ou.chon. Before and after business
hours it Is now chickens and garden
for Dug,
Mr. B. 1}. Askew, representing tht
Dominion Bed Manufacturing Com-
pany, Limited, was in I.adner on
Thursday ir. connection with the busl-
ness of his company.
ver over Wednesday ni-^'nt. The new
Btore la rapidly getting Into thorough
working  order.
There I? a contract  worth  $ l r>.ooo
advertised  on  the  door  of  the  Muni-
it ^^^���""���l"
"Bunny" Howard was to have '������nn:;
at the Glee Club's concert on Thursday night, but he had a nasty cold,
and us consequently off song. At bis
best he takes a lot of beating.
Tor 8ale, For Exchange. Wanted to
Purchase, To Let, Lust, Pound, Work
"v"*ante<l, Situations Vacant, 1 cent per
word, minimum charge 25 cents. Three
Insertions at the price of two. All Want
Ads.  must be In by 2 p.m.  on Thursday.
FOR SALE���Fresh young cow, aged
3 years; calved 4 weeks. Price $75.
Apply W. Mason, Bex 7, Ladner.
B.C. 3t
FOR SALE���Galvanized Iron water
tank; nearly new. Holds 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
���   ROUTE TO
Via Steveston and
Go and  have a  lo.lt at it
not be too late.
....   .,_  ....     I     Don't forget ,the Shamrocks and the
for   road   grading.   Boavers ,-jn May  17th at Ladner.    The
may'-5est   Delta   boys  are   going  to   make!
  the    Beavers   play   for   all   tlu-y   are
Nell  McDiarmid,  the  popular  clerk I 	
to the municipality, to on a visit to      A ne   ,acrowe , ha_ ,       g
Princ.    RUPert,   and   "Ted.     like   the ^h Mr_   PrankI1_._ .
dove on the masthead, mourns and -^^ ��� ^ (hp c*hamrocKs, the
mourns   and mourns. j Beavers,  the  Salmon  Bellies  ar.d   the
.��� ~ ,",',_     dough   wailo.pers  from Vancouver.
It   is   affirmed   that   a   local  scribe i
mistook    "Otter"    for    "Blue    Bell."       M1-s   Florence   Lord   ���      leads   in
This   story,   however,  has  been  offl-   he_   ,,������,���   _*,   t���     ,v,���,r���   conte_t
a      _�� hied,     rhe theory of mistakes nothing extraordinary in this,
happening In the best regulated fam.-'     . ,������-.. ensuring it. It was too
lies did not apply this time. L^ Kivin_ h, _ ,ln old wmKo& part
.���,    ,   ,,,, _-,-,.      , i in "Mlrlam'e Crime,"
lhe building at the McL-l ar. bum- , 	
ber Company I, going ot without ,n-, Mr ,|;li lhe lof.al mnnag(.r pf
terruptton. M.e wharf-flooring Is [h ,,, ���,,,s Tr,,,. ���m]Ki,n, ,s f���.
Pi-a.-tically completed and s.eows are tbusiastio about the posstWMties of th'e
bringing in ihe necessary lumb. r D(.,..,_ .|m, beHeva_ th;U the cojnlag
'      (1��^_-_^^^H I ]lcar  wiu   -pp quite  a  move  ,n realty
in  the district. ,
Mrs. J. C. Chollet will be pleased
to give private lessons In various
branches of the French, English and
German languages. Weil experienced
In good society In Paris, Great Britain
and Switzerland. Addreas The Delta
Doily���In Effect October I.
Leave Steveston���9.30 a.*m.;  4.30  p.m.
Leave   Ladner���8.SO   a.m.:   3.30    p.m
Incorporated 1910.
We are prepared to Install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance In connection with
:>ur service.    Apply to
A.   DeR.  TAYLOR,  Sec.
Re   the  North   15   Chains  of  the   North-
East   "4  of  Section  4.  Township  4,   in
the District of New Westminster.
A   Certificate   of   Indefeasible   Title   to
the   above   property   will   be   issued    to
Dominic Burns on  the 30th day of May,
1912.  unless in  the meantime a valid  objection  be  made  to  me  in  writing  by  a
person   or  persons  claiming an   estate  or
interest  therein,  or  in  any part  thereof.
C.  S   KEITH,
District  Registrar  of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., April ISth, 1912.
The person or persons having  in  their
custody    or     possession     the     following
Title Deeds relating to the said property
are requested to deliver the same to the
ilrant  from the Crown to William McKee  of  the  North-Bast  h  of  Section   4.
Township 4. in the District of New Westminster, dated 24th September. 1888.
-TGH. Solicitors for lhe Applicant.
Vancouver, B.C.
I Wtv.tworth's big new trader is
tepidly nearing completion and w.11
shortly repay the owner for the infinite pains and indomitable perse-
verer.ee he has shown while building
!     The   "Austrian"   now   rides   on   the
bosom of the Fraser.    The launch was
a  great  success,  the  boat  taking  the
, water  in  great style.  M.   Martlnolieh
^^^^^   j deserves   congratulations   for   the   in-
' dustry and enterprise he has shown In
l  .ere are few more gifted pianists   ,he building of the tug.    She ls a tight
* '  ���  "������-���lit  to her build-
in the West than Mr.  H.  P.  B*��hop,
:he popular manager of the local
��� ranch of the Royal Bank. Mr.
Bishop has the true musician's ear
and touch, and is a great acquisition
to the iown.
I1_1..B      _.      v -__.
little craft and a credit to her build
ers;  ar.d  that she  may long ride  the
waters Of the greatest river on earth
(the Fraser) is the wish of all.
There   will   be  an   Important  meet-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_    , ing of the Ladner Board of Trade on
if you are a judge of pointers, ask   Monday.    Mr.   McMillan,   manager  of
T.    Douglas   about   the   bitch   he1   * ^^^^^^*^^
.H'lll'lil. .       .....
the Vancouver City Market, w.ll be
present and place the opportunities of
his market before the producers. A
deputation from those interested ir.
Eraser street transportation will also
be   present.       The   questions   are   of
    vital   interest    to    the    Delta   and   all
���������- . members of the Board of Trade should
Last   year   there   was   a   picnic   or, j make a point of being pr-scnt.
the 24th of May and a programme of '
----- ..,..!     The following acrost.'c is apparently
the work of a lacrosse fiend:
"S" stands for Shamrocks, not Emerald Isle;
had presented to him. He bubbles
over with pedigree dope when you
mention pointers. He figures that the
pup* he will breed will account for
a'l the pheasants in B.C. twice over.
He is sure some calculator.
races was got up. but unfortunately
the major portion of the -vents had i
to be abandoned on account of ra.n.
There was quite a surplus of funds |
left over on that occasion. Now ls
the time to organize this year's celebration. Tt i.s r.o good letting things
drift till  tbe last moment. ^^^
A  "Times" representative drove out I ,,_
the Slough  Road ithe   other  day ard |
was   Struck   with   the   appearance   of
,,-vthing���homes, land and stock.
*'"hat a magnificent country surrounds
the little town of T<adner and what
abundant prosperity Is nntlcenhle
everywhere. Some* day the outside
��� n,1 mav get a change to share th6
good th/ngs; but not yet.
Carriages,   Wagons and   Farm   Implements of all
c.assen > r_J descriptions.
Horseshoeing ani General Blacksmith Work.
Repairs of all descriptions on Automobiles, Carriages
and Geneial Machinery.
Ladner Carriage and Automobile Works
G. T. BAKER, Proprietor
it. A. Macdonald and Wm. H.
Smith ha.ve been fishing. People *iy
that the Nlromekel will be useless
f.r other anglers to come, lnde.-rt.
the number of fis*h removed from the
river are paid to have made a distinct
fall In the water. The two Isaac *Wi*l-
tons are not a bit averse to confessing
lo iheir prowess, ever, although Ihe.r
friends nre, as friends will be, sceptical. This trip will be the subject of
discussion among other jealous piscatorial  nrtlsts for many  moons.
Nelson Howard and  Robert Kettle,
both men of vast proportions, left for
Fort    George     on     Thursday.    Fully
equipoed with team, wagon and farm
implements,    they    will    sure    make
good.       They   will   tra.n   from   Vancouver to Ashcroft and then strike out
on   the  old   Cariboo   trail.     "The  trail
ihat is always new."    Both are going
to settle  on  land  that they  have acquired    about    1-    miles   from   Fort
Oeorge.    They   have   besides   all   the
materialneceslstles,  the priceless assets   of   youth,   enthusiasm   and   grit.
The sp.rlt that prompted them  to go
out Into a practically unsettled country to build a home is the  true  Pioneering spirit.    "It's hey  for boot and
saddle    and    round   the   world   away
young  blood, will   have  its   fling  lad.
��� ol   every   dog   Its   day." ,     P"..s.an^
Kingsley   nearly  a   century  ago,   and
youth   lg   always   the   same.       Good
luck   to   the   boys.    They   havo   the
best wishes of the Ladner people.
Ir.   good   old    Kas-t   Pelta   they   tarry
the while,
stands   for   beaver,   our  national
has  no   eagle  screen,   but   makes
himself heard,
ana   "B"   stand   for   what?    A��ik
the kiddles to tell  us;
The    answer    comes   pat:   "Why   the
great Salmon   Bellies."
Kn,  Mr. Con  Jones, the 8.B  game
does   not   mean   the   Salmon   Btllles,
but  the   Shamrocks   and   Beavers   on
May 17th.    You'll llr.<l all the trouble}
you  want on  May  2 4th  without coming down  to the Delta to look  for It
over early.
Poets seem tO lu- plentiful In Ladner these days, as witness the following ver.es picked up on the dyke ln
Oiinatown. A Chinese Interpreter In-
��� dlgnantly denies that it Is Ir. his na-
) tive language. As the gem may have
| some archaic value,  we quote lt:
-When  ye gang awa  Kelly
Far .nto the South, Kelly;
When  ye  gang  to 'Frisco  town
"What   will   ye   bring   tae   me,   Kelly.
���I'll   bring  ye  a   miss   in   balk   laddie,
Or a deportation  order laddie;
For  when  I  come  frne  'Frl.Jco  toun,
It's a' that I'll hae left), laddie.
That's r.ae gift ava Kelly.
Thai's rae gife ava Kelly.
I  e'en  had thocht ye'd  bring  tae  me
A stoup o'  u.squhaugh.  Kelly.
Dry  your tearfu'  een,  laddie,
Dry  your  tearfu'  een,  laddie.
For I'll no gang tae 'Frisco toun
As lang as Johnson's here, ladd.e.
Boundary Bay I? mine, laddie;
Cnewassln's almost  ditto. laddie;
And when a' want a hauf day off
I'll gang tae auld- Vancouver,  laddie.
The rest of this painful ditty has
fortunately been destroyed by a Rhode
Island Red rooster In an apparent
attempt to become perfect In Bill
Rlokard'a uppercut.
"Manufacturers und Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, b.ts'i   Doors Turnings and House Finishings
l'hone R 14 Bburne Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow
Best Soda Biscuit Made in Canada
Made in Vancouver and sold by all high-class stores. Coupon in
every box which entitles you to participate ln monthly drawings.
Sewing Machines, Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Gold Watches, Silverware,
etc.   See the coupon for full iMtruietlons. You may be lucky.
National Biscuit and Confection Co, Limited
Makers of Haila Confections and National Biscuit. Vancouver, B.C.
Something in the Clothing Line You
Can't Afford to OVER LOOK
Saturday, May 11 and Monday, May 13
Any suit of clothes in the store up to $18.00 on Saturday
or Monday at
$4.00 OJd Pants on Saturday  or Monday only at, pair
Successor to H. J. Hutcherson
Phone 39 Ladner, B. C.
Goods Delivered to all parts of the town.
Curd  of Thanks.
Mr. Or. .-swell desires to assure all
friends who ;\ kindly showed their
regard for his wife by their floral and L
written tokens of affection, ot his deep
appreciation of their sympathy thus
Si)"iO,ooo Contract.
SPOKANE, May S���A contract for
the construction of twenty miles of
the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget
Sound Railway from Plummer, Idaho,
to Bell, Wash., a point on the Oregon-
Washington Railway & Navigation
Company's line midway between Freeman and Roekford. has been awarded
to  H.  C.   Henry,   of  Seattle. The
contract price is $950,000.
Increased assessments have been
declared by many of the leading
orders. If your's hasn't, it will be
the next. Will you -land for it? It
interested In opposing higher rates
with r.o greater advantages, communicate at once with Box "W," c'o
Delta Time., I.adner P.O., B.C. '
I>clta Hotel.
Mr.  and  Mrs*.  Hoist, Vancouver.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hallman,  Vancouver.
Mrs.   and  Mrs.   Le Fiber, Vancouver.
Mrs.  Jessie  Close. Vancouver.
A.  I.aing, Vancouver.
A.    II..are.   Vancouver.
Rogi rs. Vancouver.
O'Neil,  Vancouver.
L. Handford, Vancouver.
DupulS,  Vancouver.
McGnrlick, Vancouver.
II.  MeOallum, Vancouver.
FindUiy. Vancouver.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
Fred   Klliott. Vancouver.
Peter Mc-Keehnle, Vancouver.
n   Murch.e, New Westnuinstier.
Thof. Paiseii, Victoria.
A. IT.   Fraser,  Vancouver.
B. 8.   Connolly.  Vancouver.
Orant F..  Sargent, Vancouver.
Frank Van Dyke, Vancouver.
I..   Morrison, Vancouver.
Murphy, Vancouver.
Mulholand, Terra Nova.
M.   Tauley,   Vancouver.
W.  Widdess, Vancouver.
IT.  Stevens. Vancouver.
George Burnside.  Vancouver.
T.   J.   Mitchell, Vancouver.
F.   D.  Fir.dlny, Vancouver.
C. B.  Dayfoot, Georgetown.
A.  Campbell Hope. Vancouver.
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Ladner Hotel.
W.   J.   Domnirk.  Vnenuover.
John R. V.int, Vancouver.
J.   H.   Jacobson,  Vancouver.
Jas.   Turner.  Vancouver.
Ed.   J.   Pelletier.  Everett.
George Randall. Hazlemere.
T.   Mclntyre, Vancouver.
A.   J.   McKinnon, Vancouver.
��� i.auuiim
���     Makers of E
Vancouver City Market
The Market Is operated by the City  as a  means of bringing the
Producer and Consumer together.
You Are Invited to Send Your Produce
We  handle   everything  from  the Farm  (except  milk).
By consigning your Produce to the Vancouver City Market you
will get best prices, sharp returns and prompt settlements.
JOHN McMILLAN,   Manager
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and ln a >ortlon of
the Province of British Colu.nbla, may
b6 leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of (1 an
acre. Not more than 2.560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application foi a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
tht Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which the rlgnts applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsur-
veytd territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five  cents  per  ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not bfing operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
, once a year.
I The lease will inch ie the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to pure lase whatever
available surface rights ma.- be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized  publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
Carl Stavan Succumbs Very Smldrnlv
���Roily Found oti the Polo
Lino Road.
(From the British Columbian.)
Carl Stavan, aged 23 years, a resident of this city, died under peculiar
circumstances on Saturday evening.
He was employed as a swamper by
the Western Canada Power Company
and was a member of a camping
parly near the Pole Line road. On
Saturday he told the foreman that as
he was ailing he would lay off for a
time. He had gone but a few yards
when he fell dead on the Pole Line
road, where the body was found irj
the evening. Deceased was a native
of   Sweden.
Soott Road School.
Staled Tenders, superscribed 'Tender
for School il "ise. Scott Road," will be
received by the Ronoyable the Minister
of 1'iibiic W irka up to 12 o'clock noon ,if
! Wednesday, the 23nd d;iy ot May. l'J12,
for   the   erection   and   completion     of   a
; one-room   frame   s- hool-house   at   Scott
. road,   in   the   Delta   Electoral     District.
I B. C.
Plans, speeifientions, contract, and
forma of tender may be seen on and after
( the tirst day ot May, WIS, at the offices
of the Rev. T. II. Wright, Secretary or
the School Board, Cloverdale, B.C.; the
Government Agent, N.w Westminster;
and   the   Department   of   Public   Works,
, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria.
Qaoh proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada, made payable to the Honorable
the Minister or Puhllc Works for the
sum of $200, which shall be forfeited if
the party tendering decline to enter into
' contract when called upnn to do so. or
If he fall to complete the work ��� on-
tracted for. The cheques "r eertl *a
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returmd to .he:      .:-,-' -.
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made  out  on   the   forms  supplied, I
with the actual signature Of the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neccs-
s.at-ilv accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public   Works  Department,
Victoria,  B.C., 30th April, U12.
SATURDAY  MAY 11, 1912.
BY-LAW, 1912
A By-law to provide tor draining parts
of  Townships  Three   13)   and   Four  (4)
ln   the   Municipality   of   Delta   and   for
borrowing  op   t.i--  credit   of   tin-   Municipality   the   sum   of   "17,m   12-100   for
uontpli-Liiig    the    sann.       Provisionally
adopted   the  1st   day  of  May,  l'.'l--
WlTKltKAS  a   majority  in   number  and
value   of   the   owners   as   shown   by   the
last  revised  assessment  roll nf the property herednafter set  forth to be benefited
by   the   drainage   have   petitioned   the
Coum.il of the said Municipality of Delia
praying that th.- Coun ll take such steps
and proceedings as are necessary tor the
draining   of   the Bald   parts  of Townships
three i:i)  and  four (4) situate within the
said   Municipality;
AND WIIIyI'iia-* thereupon th.- said
Council procured an examination to be
made by Albert .1. llill. being a person
competent for such purposes, of the siid
locality proposed to be drained ami has
also procured plana and estimates of the
work t.o be mole by the said Albert .1.
Bill and an assessment to be made by
him of the land and roads to be benefited
by such drainage stat.liut as nearly as
he inn th" proportion of benefit which
ln his opinion will be derived in consequence <>f su.-h draiua-o by every lot
or portion of lot. the sal.l assessment
ko made being the assessment hereinafter
by this by-law enacted to be assessed and
levied upon the lot's and parte of lots
hereinafter in t.hat behalf specially set
forth and described, and th.- report of
the said Albert J. 11111 In respect thereof
and of the said drainage being as follows:
New Westminster,  ii C,
Manh 2!Hh.  bill
"To  It's AVo..-vn  t.he Reeve  and  Councillors ..f  Delta:
*���-*���,.-.i,,.,, ,,
"We have tbe honor "o subir.lt herewith   -i   detailed   plan,   specificst'on    ,-i '
est/ma-o of cost of 'he tip ���""������.1 '*ii-
prnvom<''-'s to 'he dralna-t of ������ '*���**��� * in
of Bast Detta the surveys of wif-h have
l*-een carried out under you** 'nstru^'-lonf
nml th" s heme found tin ' ,. in ***" *-e-
apecrs feasible and satisfactory: with the
Assessment   sheet  adjusted  to  date.
"We also emlose a des rir-tinn of the
lands Included In the proposed si-hem**
of   Improvement   In   cnrnpiltan' e  with   the
requirement of the Act.
"The continuous profile of the proposed
ditches, required In connection with the
contract and for the information of the
Couroetl. ls also prepared and awaits your
further  Instructions.
"I need not remind you that on account of the very close grades throughout this portion of the district snee'n'
attention will be required to ensure the
successful   oneration   of   the   scheme.
"A plan of the district covered hy the
proposed scheme .Is also appended and
copies of a.11 plans required for attachment to your final contr.at and specification await your commands.
"Yours   faithfully.
per "Albert  J.  Hit"."
'���DescrlpMon   of   lands   to   be   benefited
by   the   protected   Improvement   of   the
drainage  of  EAST DELTA:
"Commencing at the Intersection of the
Wes" hnundiHPv of Fractional Section 2fl
, Township 3 New Westminster District
Willi Hifrh Water Mnry of Boundary Bay
thence North Insti Bo the Nnrth'vest
corner of the Section 32 Township 3 afore-
BaM; thence East fast! 40 chains to the
Southwest corner of the South"is'
Qiwrter of Section 5 Townslv'n 4 New
Westminster District aforesaid: thence
Nor'.h fasti to the N'orthwest eorner of
the Northeast Quarter of Seetilon 8 Town-
Ship 4 aforesaid; thence Bast fasti t"
the Northeast eorner of Se tion 9 Town
ship 4 n.foresald: ithenee North (nst) to
the N'orthwest ejorner of the Southwest
Quarter of Soctlon 1" of Township 1
aforesaid: thence East to the East
boundary of Section IS Township 4 i
eighty f80_ chains; thenee South Cast)
twenty (301 chains; thence East last) to
the Eastern Wm.lt of the Prairie: thence
Bou'theatstwardly following the said limit
of the prairie to an Intersection with th"
East boundary of Se-rtlon 11 Township 4
aforesaid: thenee South (ast) following
the Hast boundary of Sieetlons 11 and 2
ot Township 4. ��nd of Fractional Section 35 Township 3, to the High Water
Mark of Boundary Bay; thenee West-
wardly and Southwardly following the
windings of the shore of Boundary Ba��-
. t.o   the  point   of  commencement.
per "Albert J.  Hill."
'���SPECTFTOATION  of  work  to be exe
��� cuted for the Improvement  of the drainage of the area shown In  yellow on 'h1
plan    hereunto    annexed     and    thereon
marked   "A."
"Commencing ait tho Inner end  of the
Automatic    Sluice    Box,    clean    the    Big
Slough   of  all   obstructions   to   the   leve*
of   tihe   floor   of   the   S''ulce   Box   at   the
tnner    prfd    of    the    East    compartment
thereof   and   to   a   width   of   fifteen   fee-
to tht point  whtre the Robertson Slough
Inters? ts   the   Big   Slough.      From   the
latter   point   nnd   maintaining   the   same
level, eliar the Slough of all obstructions
to a  width  of ten feet to a point  where
the   Slough   forks   near   Weaver's   P.arn.
a distance of 220O feet; thenee, n-.alntiln-
ire-    the    same    level,   clear   the   Nnrt""
channel   of   all   obstructions   to   a   wilt**
of    e.leht    feet    to    the   Trunk   Road,    a
distance of low feet: thence, maintaining
the   same   level,   construct   a   ditch   club'
feet v.iide on thp South side of the TrunV
Road,   to   the   West   side   of   the   Kittson
Road, a  distance of 500 feet;  thence -on
stru t    a    ditch   eight   feet    wide   across
the T'unk  Road and  thence North alone
the   w. 't   side   of  the   Kittson   Road   en-
targe  t-he  niiteh   lo  a   width  of  s'x   feel
and   to   the   dopth   shown   on   the  grade
stakes   along   Its   course   to   the   Northeast   eorner of the Southeast  Quarter of
Bect*on    3.    Township   4,    a    distance    of
7?n feet;   thence  West along the Section
lino to  th"  Wesl   side of Section   I.  us'm-
th"   Section   "ie-   for  the  centre  of  tin
(iii, h   and   throwing   the   earth   equal!*)
on  either s* '������. a  distance of lo.'i) feet:
Al so   COMMENCING   at   the   Intersection  of   the   Rohttts-in   Slough   with   the
Big Slouvh, .���r.iart'.. ihe Robertson B! lugh
to a  whtth of seven feet  and  to the salt*!
lev������'   bs   the   work  in   the   Rlir  Sl-ac.*'-   ft
"���- i ���      riicularly In-li sted  by elevatlor
p.-es  and   _>\>.1.<  stakes  as   far  as   11-"  in-
terse Hon   with   th"  Section   Line   on   the
North side of Sod-Ion 2. being a dlstam-e
of   B020   feet:   thence   enlarge   the   ditch
already existing to b widtfi of s.-.-.-i feel
p-,,1 ., the level above ment'oned '. thi
West   side   of   the   Kittson   Road,   a   further distance of 980 feet; thence constnnt
a ditch   to  a   width of  six  feet  and   ti
an   a-.'i.e.-'   depth   of six   feet   as  s!io"-n
on   the   grade   stakes   placed   along   the
line   "f   dit h   to   the   West   boundary   of
the Northeast Quarter of Section 3 Township 4.  a  dlstan e of 2.120  reet.  throwing
the  earth  equally on  either side;  thence
enlarge   the   ditch   already   exlstl'ng   on
thc   South   side  of a   dyke  on   the   North
boundary   of   the   Northwest   Quarter   of
Se tion  3 Township  I  to  a   width  of   ;!%
fei :    and   to   an   average   depth   of   six
feel   as  more  particularly  shown  op   the
grade   stakes   placed  along  the  ditch,   a
distance  ot  2ND   feet,   tne   earth   to   be
thrown to the North of the Dyke alreajd;
ex'stlng;   then e   crowing   the   dvke   or
Bast   Bide   of   the   Holmes   Road   to
th.  .lite', known   .... the  Lorne Ditch and
being   on   the   North   si.b    of   a   dyke   on
th" North  boundary of Section 4 Township  4;   thence   following   the   said   Lorni
Dit h   enlarge   the   same   to   an   avsrsgi
depth of six feet as shown by the graai
Stakes to  the   West boundary  of Si  t*
4. a dlstan e of ,"270 feet and to a width
of six feet, the earth to be thrown alto-
(tether to the South on the dyke already
exist inst.
"Construct a Concrete Sluice-way with
a clear cross section area of 100 square
feet at a point on thc- West bank ot
the Big Slough South of the present
BHr.ce-way; the tlorir level of said bo>
to be one foot lower than the floor level
of the present box at Its Inner end anri
the floor level of the apron to be one
foot below the level of the floor of tn.
"The width of both ditches and slough;
given In the above specification Is across
the bottom, and both ditches and sloughs
must slops upwards and outwards not
less than eight Inches horizontal to
.���twelve Inches vertical.
1 I**M*JII*"**_T_*}D    EAST    DELTA    DRAIN-
j AGE.
(Ertttmate of Cost),
(���leaning    Slough   (Weaver's)  200 $
l-o.l.H              1(01.00
Dit h  8  in, h   bottom,  30  rods  at
$0.60         198.00
Ditch (i Inch bottom, 700 rods al
t&.BO          3t��*0. ill)
IMtich  7  Inch  bottom, 70  rods  at
JO.00          420.00
Ditch 6 Inch bottom, 640 rods  at
JB.00          3200.00
Clearing Robertson's Slough���
250 rods at 16.00       lSKO.na
50   roils   at   $2.00          100.00
'".caning    Sloughs    and    digging
ditches at above   *loois.oo
RigM of Way estimated      3356.00
Bridges         -BO.oo
Concrete Sluice  Box       2M0.UO
lOngineerlng and contingencies ...      969.18
I-.IUDl.__-��� Estimated Cost.
On Trunk Road (Weaver's)���
12 Cedar Strlngtrs; l(i inches din.,
2o   feet   long,   24   pes.   3x-2  Inch.
x   :til  feet;   S   Inch   spikes     S   120.00
2 Bridges on Kittson Road���
i  Stringers  14  inch.  din.  22  feet
long,   22   pes.,  3x12   Inches   x   24
feet;   S Inoh   spikes          120.00
2  Bridges on   Holmes  Road���
S   Stringers   14   Incih   dla,   22   feet
long,   22   |K's.,  3x12   Inches   x   21
feet; ii Inch spikes         130.00
AND WHEREAS the said Council Is
of opinion that the drainage of the locality   described   is   desirablt:
the said Municipal Council of the said
District Municipality of Delta pursuant
bo the provisions of the "Municipal Act";
1. That the said report, plans and esti-
���ikites  be   udopled   and   the   said   drains
and the works connected therewith be
made and constructed ln accordance
2. That the Reeve of the said District
Municipality may borrow on the credit
of the said District Municipality the sum
of Seventeen thousand one hundrtd and
ninety-three 12-100 dollars 1*17.193.12) being
the tunds ne easury I'm* the work, and
may Issue debentures of the Corporation
of the said District Municipality to that
amount in sums of not less than one
thousand dollars Ul'Jon.itrt) ta.oti and payable within twenty years from the date
thereof with interest at the rate of five
(5 OjO) per centum per annum, that is
to say, tn halt-yearly payments, such
debentures to be payable at the Roytu
Bunk of Canada ln the City of Toronto
in the l'rovinct of Ontario, or at the said
Hank in th. City of Montreal in the
l'rovinct. of Quebec, or at the said Bank
in Ladner ln the Province of British
Coluirbia, or at the said Bunk in the
City of London, England, or at the said
Rank in the City of New York in the
United States of America, and to have
attached to them coupons for the payment  of  interest.
3. That for the purpose of paying the
sum of seventeen thousand one hundred
and ninety-three 12-lon ($17,193,121 dollars,
lining the amount charged against the
Held lands so to be benefited as aforesaid, other than lands belonging to the
Muiilcipullly und to cover Interest thereon for twenty years at the rate of five per
centum per annum, the following special
rates over and above all other rates
Klia.ll   be   assessed   und   levied   upon   the
undermentioned lots nad parts of lots;
and the amount of the said sptclul rates
und interest assessed as aforesaid against
each lot or |��irt of lot respectively shall
be divided into twenty equal purls, and
one such part shall be assessed and levied
as afoptsakl in each year for twenty
ytsirs after the final passing of this
By-law during which the said debentures
have to run:
Copyright,  1912,  by  Associated Literary Press.
- _ _
�� �� a
C.  fi
I   S.E. % Sec. 2 	
4   S.W.  i,i Sec.   2  	
I   Start  N.E.  Vi  Sec 2  	
4   Dart   N.   V_  Sec.   2   	
4   Part N.W. "4 Sec. 2 	
4   S.E.   U Se'.   3   	
4   N.E.  Yt Sec.  3  	
t   S.W.  Vi Sec.  3  	
4   N.W. V4 Sec. 3 	
���I   S.E.   Vi  Stc.   4   	
4   Part N.E. '4 3ec. 4  ...  .
4   Part N.E. Vi Sec. 4 	
4   N.W. Vi Sec. 4 	
4   Part S.W. Vi Sec. 4 	
4   Part S.W. Vi Sec. 4 	
4   N.E.  Vi Sec.  !i 	
4   S..E.   % Sec.   5   	
4  S.E.  'A Sec.  8  	
4   N.E. Vi Sec.  8 	
4   S.E.   Vi Sec.   9  	
4   N.E.  V4 Sec.  9 	
4   S.W.  Vi Sec. 9 	
4   N.W. Vi Sec. 9 	
4   N.W. Vi Sec. 10 	
4   Part N.iE. Vi Sec. 10 	
4   Part S.W. Vi See. 10 ....
4   Purt S.W. V4 Sec. 10 ....
4   Part S.E. V4 Sec. 10 	
+   Part  E.   V.  Sec.   10  	
4   Part W.   V4 Sec.  11  	
4   Part  W.  V. Sec. U  	
4   Part N.W.  Vi Sec.  11  ������
4   Part   Sec.   11   &   14   ....
4  S.W. V4 Sec. 11 	
4   Part N.E. Vi Sec. 11 	
4   Part S.W. V4 Sec. 14 ....
3   Part N.E. Vi Sec. 35 ...
3   Part N.E. V4 Sec. 35 ...
3   Part S.   V_  Sec-.   35   	
3   N.W.  V4 Sec. 35  	
3   N.E. y4 Sec. 34 	
3   Part S.E. V4 Sec. 34 ....
3   Part S.E. V4 Sec. 34 ....
3   Part S.W.  V4 Sec. 34 ..
3   Part S.W. VI Sec. 34 ....
3   Part N.W. V4 See. 34 ...
3   Part N.W.  ��4 Sec. 34
3  N.E.  _, ""-. .,
3   Part N.W.  V4 Sec.  S3  	
3   Part N.W. V4 See. 33 	
3   S.   V4   Sec.   33   	
3  s.   v_  Sec.   aa   	
3   Part N.E.  Vi Sec 32 	
3   Part N.E. V4 Soc. 32	
il   N.W.   Vi Se*.  32  	
3   N.W.   Vi  Sec.   29   	
3   Part S.W.  Vi Sere. 29 	
3   Part  N.E.   Vi  Sec.   29	
3   Part N.E. & S.E. V4 Sec. 29
3   Part N.W.  Vi Sec. 28 	
3   Piart N.W. Yi Sec. 28 	
.3   Part N.E.  V4 Sec.  28  	
3   Purt N. V4 See. 27 	
la 4.50
vl 0
US 0
A**! .< ��.    . ���*�����      ��� -���'       ���- -I"     ft
u 8ec.>_.....^      **??������
79"). 00
3. ....00
79 50
248 40
59 44
66 89
1010.23        28803.10       1440.17
4. This By-law shall take effect on
ind   after   the   First  day   of  July   A.D.
5. This By-law may be cited for all
urposes as the "EAST DELTA DRAINAGE  BY1I-AW  1912."
I>ONiE AND PASSED in Oi>en Council
'his 1st day of May A.D.  1912.
PlL-v-ow-;! DRRFiD      AND      FINALLY
A.DQPTED   by   the   Couni 11,   signed   hy
he   Iteeve   and   Clerk,   and   si-oiled   with
the lopporate seal all  on  the
day of A.D.   1912.
hove   Is   ji   true   copy  of   a   by-law   pro-
iMlonU'lly aH-OpitOd by the Municipal Coun
cil of the Corporation of Delta, and that
a Court of Revision _.or hearing any
appeals against the assessment thereby
imposed will be held at the Council
Chambers at Ladner, commencing at 10
a-m. on Saturday the 22nd d��y of June.
191_; and further notice is hereby given
that any person intending to apply to
have this By-I>uw or any portion thereof
<-iiash"d must, not later than ten days
after the Una,] parsing thereof, serve a
notice In writing upon the Reeve and
noon the Clerk of the Municipality of
bis intention to make an application for
that purpose to the Sunreme Court during the thirty days next ensuing after
th" final passing of this By-law.
Ueiu-ou Goodhue wus a good tuuu.
You could be sure of that by his miinc
He loved his neighbor as himself
and wronged do tuan. He guve to me
heathen nnd was grieved when he read
of the wickedness at home.
For n good many years the deacon
went on Just being good in a general
way. uithouph there were tiu#s when
he wished be hud a specialty. One
came liis way nt last and he wns surprised ibal lie bad never thought of It
But n few tramps came to the village whore tbe deueon lived. Cousin-
ble Baker hod the reputation of being
a liai'd kicker, and the knights of thc
road look In other towns instead
Therefore tbe Rood man hnd never hnd
a chit me to study the tramp at close
Constable Baker was taken III of
fever, and while lie tossed to and fro
on his bed a tramp took advantage
of the occasion to make bis appear
ance aud do business, lie came across
Deacon Goodhue almost the tirst thing,
and be tuid the old. old story of the
great Chicago tire���loss of his all���suicide of bis wife���loss of his children
and the other particulars. Tears cume
to the eyes of his listener.
Here was what the deacon hnd longed for���a specialty,
Mrs. Deacon (loodbue was a good
wquian, us every deacon's wife oufibt
to be, but she was not too good. When
the deacon brought bis tramp borne
there were some words about it.
"Why didn't you bring a pig and
done with it'.'" was asked, after tbe
ragged and dusty wayfarer bad been
looked over.
"Hannah." replied tbe deacon, "this
wan has u soul."
"If he has It ought to be scrubbed
with soft soap aud hot water!"
"Hannah, be stays!" said tbe deacon
as he set his Jaw and tbat ended it
He was a good man, but now and tben
it became necessary to let it be known
who was running tbat bouse. Tbe
tramp bad a Hair cut and a shave and
was filled up. When his rags bad beeu
exchanged for a whole suit the change
tn bim was great He looked himself
over and wept As he wept be said
tbat his gratitude overpowered bim.
"Overpower   nothing!"   snorted   the
deacon's wife, and he came back wttb:
"Hannah. It's as be says.    No oue
can deceive me.    You can see gratitude sticking right out of bim."
"Ton Just wait awbile," tbe deacon's
wife replied wben be boasted of Uie
success of the upbuilding.
"Hannah,   he'll  grow   better every
day.   What do you think be asked me
"For a dollar, probably."
"No, be didn't.   He asked me If be
might ring the church bell on Sunday
mornings to call out tbe congregation."
"And you told bim be might'."
"Of course.    Don't that show that
the man Is having serious thoughts'.'
"No. It shows that he's getting
ready to steal the rope and tbe bell.' '
Samuel Smith, a villager, bud left
his hoe banging on tbe limb of a cber
ry tree in tbe gardes, lt disappeared
Mr. Jones had some tools ln nis Darn
Tbe tools went   Mrs. Adams left tbe
It  Will Be Considered
a Favor
If all persons who are not receiving their copies of The Delta Times
communicate  with The Time.-* office,  I-adner,  lr.  order
rectified at once.
that the matter may ibe
(Signed)   N.   A.
Municipal  Clerk.
May Oth,   1912
Former Judge of Admiralty of England, appointed by the British government to investigate the wreck of the Titanic. The London
Times has criticised the United States Senate enquiry rather severely,
po.ntlng out that the Titanic was flying the British flag when she
went down, and any placing of blame on a scapegoat should be left to
regularly constituted British courts. The English people are also very
Indignant at the "persecution" ot J. Bruce Ismay by the Ne��w York
newspapers.   Umay is a British subject.
.Municipal Laborers Get Three Dollars
per Day���-Chinamen Get
ii Contract.
RICHMOND, Mny 7.���The petition
uf clv.c laborers on streets ar.d roads,
for an Increase from J2.60 to ���*'-.'-'"
for a nine-hour day, wtus granted by
the Richmond council at Its weekly
session, Another petition from a different department f.-r an lnoraasa to
"IS  per  day  was refused.
it was resolved that Messrs. iiut'f
Brothers, llie Jrcdg-. contractors, be
Instructed to discontinue their work
until the Pj'i. and the Uoad Overseer
Instructed tn measure up thc ivork
and report. The contractors ivere
granted $900 on account of their contract price.
A two-plank sidewalk on No. 18
road was authorized, the Council supplying the timber and the residents
the work.
The clerk was instructed to advertise for tenders for $20,000 live per
cent, school  debentures.
The Reeve was asked to accept the
j Invitation   to   attend   the   address   nt
I Vancouver by Mr. McCarter, an Amer.
j lean transportation expert, on the lath
"Joy," a Chinaman, tendered for
work on No. 13 road at $1.30 pel
rod, ar.d his offer was accepted. Thi
tender for No. 9 road, the cleanlnt
of a ditch, 214 miles, by Mr. D. McKay, was accepted, providing Coun
cillor Gay was satisfied that the tenderer understood what the work he
specified for was. as there was some
ground for thinking he misunderstood
It. Alternately, the Chinaman's tender would he accepted.
The clerk was Instructed to get the
municipal solicitor to furnish his
opinion as to the liability or otherwise of the Council tor the account
rendered by the Municipal Construction Company for work on the submerged main from Lulu to Sea Island
in addition to that under contract.
A Great Graft.
SEATTLE, May 9���H. W. Hrodi..
general passenger agent of the c, /
adlan Pacific at Vancouver, u, ,���
with the aid of detectives employed
by the company, has unearthed a
graft participated in by ticket action
freight clerks and assistant purgeri ���>
Vancouver, Seattle and Taconm
which netted them $600 a month
Fourteen Canadian Pacific employees
have been dlsoharged, and Broil
says he Is not through with th,
The alleged methods   was   for    .
freight  clerk  or assistant     purs, r
stand nt a steamship gangplank, iai ���
Ing  tickets,  some  of  which   he  Wou !
fall to punch, later returning then.    ,
the ticket clerk to be resold,
Seattle Market.
SEATTLE, May 9���Butter: Washington creamery firsts 27c; California 27c to 28c.
Eggs: Local ranch 23c to 24c.
Onions:    Walla Walla $4 per jack.
Totatoes $26 to $30 per ton; Call-
fornia 4  1-2 cents per lb.
Oats: Eastern Washington $40 to
$41 per ton; Puget Sound $39 to "40.
I-ninl of the ""rec.
NOR1JH YAKIMA, May 9.���For ap.
plying the epithet "tin soldiers" to tha
men of Company E, Washington national guard, as they marched up Yakima avenue on Tuesday night, C. J.
Watson, W. J. Law and K. II.
j Schmidt were placed under arrest by
| the guardsmen. Capt. L. J_. Boles
was In command when he heard th-
remarks from the sidewalk. He detailed Lieut. Diamond and three militiamen to make the arrests. The thr���
men were taken to the police slat; m
and will be held until a warrant :���
DanKcnms Delusion.
SEATTLE,  May 9.���-Ohalres Die. i
aged  30.  aa-'istant, dook-master a;  tl
government  navy yard  at Brerm r:
was  instantly  killed,  and  George \\
Trihey, teh  doek-master,  wounded
John  Haley,   aged  43,   who  has '������
declared   by   physicians   to   be   Ittsai
Haley   had   th^  delusion   that  Trait'
and   Ditton  conspired   t��  prevent  tl
governmetn paying him a large sum
FOR HICHMOXD'S DEVELOPMENT   mon,?>'*    H<" had betn "��� 'he ('ml'
  ] ment  of   the  government   for  tw��-n
years.    Haley was captured after tb
Authorise Bond Tsuso.
Muutolpal Auditor   Presents   Suggestions for Bnslness-IiUce Organisation of Municipality.
RICHMOND,   May  7.���In  order  to
prepare for the anticipated rapkl de- 	
velopment of Richmond Municipality I people of Ohehalls have voted
as an Important Intercity section, the favor of Installing a gravity wa
auditor of the municipality, Mr. W. j system. The city commissioners
T. Stein, has presented to the consideration of the council some busl-
neas-llke suggestions. He advises that
an advisory oonvmlttee be farmed to
act with the reeve and council, and
suggests the resident engineer of the
Dominion government, chief commission of lands and works, provincial
government, Dominion and Provincial
M. P.'s for the district, as that committee. Also that an engineer be advertised for, his duties to be to ascertain the most suitaible grades and
routes for trunK roads an'd canals, and
Monday wash on the clotbes'llne that isllbmlt  PIans  therefor,   where   neves-
"Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm       I future,     there    Was    going    tO     be    great
night, and not n garment was to De
found next morning. Tbeft after theft
occurred, and the whole village became
After that a bouse was entered
and robbed���then another and another
Constable Baker bud been getting
along, but these things brought on a
relapse. Six houses were eutered and
robbed, und as many us a score ot
thefts took place before Deacon Goodhue became aware of tbe fact that nis
"patk'ut" was suspected Then ne
met bis fellow men to exclaim:
"Can lt be possible! No, you can't
be so cruel and unjust! You might as
well suspect n_e!"
They couldn't go against Ibe deacon,
and so they bunted the county over,
though without striking u trull. Tbe
deacon felt ii his duty to mention
thiu-ts Io Moses, aud Moses wept after
bearing them. Tbe robberies also
censed for a week.
"See how unjust the world is!" sigh
ed the deacon. "Because misfortune
has dragged you down I alone urn a
believer in your integrity."
"1 knew the world would not give
me u chance!" walled Moses.
"But lt must. It shall. You shall
be uplifted."
The night after that there were two
robberies, und lt wus found In the
morning that Moses had departed. He
had left behind bim u note that read:
"You bave been good to me and I
bave tried to show my gratitude and
appreciation. I-ook under the bay in
the barn."
The deacon went out to look. There
were four or five of his neighbors there
before bim. Under the hay had been
found everything the community had
beeu robbed of. The trump had done
It to reward the man that was uplifting bim!
Of course tbe good man was asked
to explain mutters, and of course be
tried bis best. Tbat was ten years
ago and he's explaining yet. Sometimes the villagers seem to take his
view of things, and sometimes they
shake their heads and say:
"Mebbe so. deacon, mebbe so: but,
you see, when you are trying to uplift
��� man it's your duty to tie him to tbe
bedpost o' nights eo's you ca* tell
where Be ts.
development here In roade, transportation facilities and harbor works,
and tt would be well If the municipality were In a position tn lay down a
basis upon which the works should
be carried out.
Ultimately, after discussion, the
sub'ect was referred to a committee
of the  whole  council.
Terminal   Plans  United.
SEATTLE. May 3���'Harold Preston,
counsel for the Seattle port commission, has handed an opinion to the
commissioner?! on their direct solicitation, which abruptly ended negotiations with the Pacitic Terminal Company for a lease of Harbor Island. The
opinion, covering a series of questions
asked by the commissioners, came on
the eve of the departure from New
York City ot B, F. Ayers, 'president
of the Pacillc Terminal Company, and
his associates to negotiate the proposed lease. Charles Fenn, local representative of the company, immediately wired them to cancel their arrangements.
For Good Roads,
BREMERTON, May 8���A movement to establish a system of trunk
roads In Kitsap county has been started by the Bremerton Commercial CMub
the plan being to bring about a bond
issue to pay for the construction of
new highways. The board of county
commissioners hns announced that It
will hold a special adjourned meeting
on May 20 to discuss tbe plans. Citizens Of the county will appear before
the commissioners with petitions for
new roads and an effort will be made
to obtain the indorsement of the commissioners.
Pioneer Business Man  Dead.
SEATTLE, May I.���George Frederick Frye, ipioneer business man of
Seattle, died on Thursday evening of
pneumonia, at the family residence.
1306 Summit avenue. Mr. Frye had
been 111 only a few days. Mr. Frye
.vae born at Drackenibury, Germany,
January 15, 1933, In un old atone
mansion bultt ln 1649. His father,
Otto Frye, served as burgomaster of
his native town for 24 years. Mr.
Frye wbs the only surviving member
of a family of ten children.
CHBH-VLIS,  May  9 ���-.By  the over
whelming  majority  of  737  to  41   tie
take steps Immediately to sell the
water bonds and to appraise the pr. ������
ent uater system of the Washington-
Oregon corporation preparatory to
purchase. The bond Issue will be for
$185,000. Of these $70,000 are to be
municipal bonds guaranteed by 'lie
credit of the entire city,  while $11*-
000   are   to   lie   special   water     fu
bonds secured by the plant itself.
Clark fs Ctiolco.
WALLA WALLA. May 9,���Ch *
Clark, speaker of the house of r.;:*
sentatlves, is the choice of the Oenin-
nrats of the state of Washington u
presidential nominee. Out of a total
of f98, he received ln a prefer.'ti:
ballot taker, at the Democratic si ite
convention, after a two dn>s' session,
Khe votes' ..f 455 delegates. Woodr ��� v
Wilson received 106 votes, William
Jennings Reran 13-*-_, and Jul.- "
Harmon 1 V_.
Bank Opens.
T-A rOMNBR, Mny 9.���The l.a Conner tSate Rank opened fir busln I
this morning in the quarters form'-''''
ooenpied by the private hank "f '���'���"���
ES. Schrider _��� Co. The new bank h '������
a paid-up capital of $2-5.000 to begin
with, which will he increwed Ultimately to ��50,000. The officers ir :
N. B. Hanany, president; A. I. Dun-
lap,  vlce-presidenti   w.   s.  Ifackai i.
cashier.     The   directors  lire:     N
Hannny,  A.   r.   DuttlfU), W.  ft.P
ard. J.   A.   Mum-li and A.   Q,   -Ml     -*
Mine Bale Pending.
BELl.INGHAM, May 7���Negotiations have been opened between J. ''
Hewett, of this city, and W. B. R
Inson, of Seattle, and a group of V n-
eouver, B. C, capitalists looking
wards the sale of the Many Si"!' ra
mining claims, located In the Mouat
Baker region and about eight mil*""
from Glacier. Quite recently a hugo
strike of ore was made on the property, showing a ledge about ten feet
wide, carrying an average assay ���'(
about $100 In gold to the ton. H "
reported that an option, involving '
sum in six figures, has been taken '
tho claims and that the purchase will
be put through ln the course of another week or so.
Pine Box Plant.
NORTH YAKIMA, May 3���To *'
ufacture fruit boxes a plant has : '
established in the edge of the timber
belt on the east slope of the Case'''"
range, twenty-six miles west of Nortn
Yakima, by a group of men of ' '
city, who have Incorporated f,,r "-���"
000 under the name of the Pine B *
& Lumber Company. It Is estimate"
by growers Ihat the fruit output of (""
Yakima Valley this year will renu'.re
from 4,000,000 to 5.500,000 boxes.
The Delta Times la p-Mt-hed ever.
Saturday from Mm Tlmea BolKSls*
Ladner. B.C.    J. IX fay**.


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