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The Delta Times Feb 10, 1912

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i .1
Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Well-known Horst, Trainer Meets His . Two Holdups AUcgnl to Have Taken
heath   ut   Can**--   1'aw   While
Crossing tho Fraaer.
Ott Sunday evening last, while
crossing from Steveston to Ladner, in
a gasolene launch, Mr. li.eibe.rt Marshall, a well-known speertsman, of
Vancouver, was drowned by falling
Twee other men were- in the la'jn"*".
with him, and when passing the mouth
of Canoe Pass. Mr. Marshall undertook to change his position in the
"boat, and In doing se>, tripped over
a coll or rope and fell overboard.
His companions did all they ee>uid,
but never saw him again, more than
that they are not now sure of the
exact spot at whie-h the accident occurred. The Provincial police were
Immediately   neititied   of   the  accident.
The deceased wus 44 years nf age
and was on his way to Ladner to
take a position as assistant trainer
at the Ladner Race Stables. Last
year he- drove the we-ll-known Cranky
Thorn in the local racing circuit.
The brother of the deceased, Mr.
William Marshall, of Vancouver, was
Immediately notified of the accident,
and came and- superintended dragging
Operations, which, however, proved
Place  During Week���Grounds
for Doubt in Each Cunc.
The first attempt at burglarising in
Eburne was made Thursday evening
shortly after 6 o'clock at G. L, Orms-
by's store, corner of Townsend road
and 'Granville street. Mr. Ormshy
was attacked by a stranger while he
was closing his store. .Mr. Ormshy
kicked the fellow, who immediately
ran away. In company with Mr.
Vermelyea, an attempt was made to
locate the fellow, but without success.
Fire destroyed the residence of Mr.
W. Tufnail on Friday morning. The
cause was a defective chimney. About
five o'clock. .Mr. Tufnail lit the fire
in the stove, later going to the barn.
Mrs. Tufnail. awakened by the cries
of her child, hurried with the child
from her mom to find the house a
mass of flames. The only part of the
furniture she could save was a sewing
machine and a few chairs, these being
near the door.
Delegations from Point Grey and
South Vancouver called upon the
municipal committee of the Legislature on Thursday morning. The delegation from 'Point Grey consisted of
Reeve Harvey, Councillor Allan and
Mr. B. A. Cunliffe. Some time ago
they asked the government to give
the municipality power tee run motor
bunas within the boundaries of the
municipality and also to extend such
service to neighboring municipalities
with the consent of three-fifths of
the electors voting on the question.
The government referred the matter
to the municipal committee and the
argument on the matter was presented.
'Mayor Lee, oi' Mew Westmlnstt r.
and several members eif thft council,
and engineering department, made a
trip of Inspection bo Point Grey ..n
Wednesday feir the purpose of inspecting the road-making equipment
of this municipality. As a result of
the trip, the council decided in committee to purchase two steam wagons
similar t.i the one in use at West
Point   Grey   for  New   Westminster.
Mr. Geo. Webster, who has been
bookk-eper at the Pheie-nlx -Tannery,
for a number of years, has been promoted    to    the-   position    as   manager
Bam Cory and Harry Cote have
severeel their connection with the
Steveston Transfer DO., an.l have
opened up a business for themselves.
As Mr. Cory is a practical blacksmith
and Mr. Cole, a re-glstered plumber,
there is no doubt that they will make
a  success   In   their   new   undertaking.
Captain Stewart and Mr. M. C.
n-ne-dor. of the Point Grey school
hoarel, went to Victoria on Tuesday
to see about a Government grant towards building the new schools needed ir. Point Grey.
The-  EBburne Choral Society,   under
the-  1111e   .iii-.. -tion ol  Mi    M    i lo   ���  ���
is    assuming    generous    proportions.
Forty-two members responded to roll
call al Wedneslay evening"! rehearsal,
|-<>\KI> <>l' TRADE
A meeting of the I ��i U i Board or
Trade will be held on Mond iy i venlng
at which a full attendance of all in-
terested   cltlzi ns   Is   request!
it in expected that deputations will
be present freim the- New Westminster and olier boards eif trail,' to discuss with the local board the- problems
of ra llwaj b b nd transportation.
Two holdups have been reported
during the past week, but strange to
say, neither of them are being taken
at  all   seriously.
The fi""-L't occurred about a week
ago, when a resident of the district
was on his way home. He claims
that he was joined on the road by
a man who took a seat beside him
in the rig, compelled him to drive
two and a half miles past his own
premises, relieved him of a dollar a
mile���to wit, two and a half de>llars,
and then ordered him to move along
ln such a way as to enable him to
make a getaway. Report says that
the alleged victim was asleep in his
buggy al! the way home and dream-d
it all.
The next alleged holdup was on
Wednesday night, and Mr. G. Baker
was the supposed victim. The event
toe��k place near Mr. Ormiston's house
on Westham street, when a man
ste-pped onto the sidewalk In the darkness (the electric light near there was
out, as usual) and confronted him.
���Mr. Baker thought he noticed something suspicieius in the holdup man's
hand, and he therefore leaned forward and reached for his hip pocket,
as though to draw a gun. The suspicious character is then reporte-d to
have turned tail and "skidooed." No
words were spoken anel in all probability it was a case of mutual misapprehension.
.y,-.-:--_--,_-~___,r __,,.,    .....
���t :   1'-/  ..'���!&  ������;.
Leader of the Unionists who are e
making .'he demonstrations in Ulster,
Xtremlsta against Home Rule and are
against the proposed meeting of John
l>*-|ta   Deputation   Waits   on   (lOTcrn-
meeiii and Hopm to Secure a
Hia-li School.
Prospects f-ir a high schoo! in Laii-
ner are of the brightest and matters
are moving rapidly  in that direction.
At Saturday's school board meeting, Messrs. McDiarmid. Hutcherson
anel MoCailum were appointed a delegation to go to Victoria and approach
the Provincial parliament with reference tee the building arid equipment
of a high school in Ladner. tbe board
having assured itself that the required number of students would be
available by the time such an institution waa in  readiness,
The delegation returned on Thursday well pleated with their reception
an.I very hopeful that their request
will be granteel. They were well received and closely questioned and succeeded in demeenstrating the fact that
such an institution was necessary in
the Delta district.
The delegation will immediately report to the school board and it is
understood that the school board wtil
approach the municipal council and
request them to take immediate steps
to provide the requireei site for the
High School, after which the govern-
', ment will undertake to supply the
funds for the building and equipment.
Annual Event Under Auspices ol tho
Farmers' Institute Attracts a
Bumper crowd.
Careful prepar-ati-ins are being
made for the Shamrock's lacrosse club
ball, which will be held in MoNeely's
hall, on February 16. The hall will
be appropriately decorated with the
club colors and everything along the
line of music, programme and refreshments will be provided to make
the  event  a  great  success,
Rudfe Kittson, Deputy Master of
L.O.L, 1612, of 'Ladner, an<l James
Kelly, financial secretary, attended as
delegates to the large Westminster
county annual meeting, held in Westminster on February 6. They were
well pleased with the progress of the
different lodges in the County during
the past year. Mr. Kelly was elected
to the office of County Financial Secretary,
Who    Wdi*    the    Five    "V.'m"    Who
Vbitted the (Hue Factory at the
Hour of  Midnight'.'
A vicar, a veterinary surgeon, a
valuator, a vocalist and a voyageur
were the victims of the viewless fog
on Monday evening, and many and
dire were the difficulties they bumpe-d
into before they landed up in the little
old village of Ladner after a return
trip to Vancouver.
The trip was taken in a specially
engaged gaw>line launch and all went
well until near the end of the return
The fog was very dense and caution
was necessary !n order to avoid <n.i_s
and sand bars and other obstructions.
The little craft suddenly ran
agr-ound, and as the tide was falling,
the victims had vivid visions of a
night beneath the stars, wrapped only
Woulil-bc Chinese Suicide Jumped in
River���Water Wasn't Very Deep
and Caused Reflection.
Mr. Percy Lefroy waa the victim
nf a somewhat serious accident on
Wednesday evening. He was working around the stable when one of
the colts lashed out at him and struck
him in the jaw, breaking it very
Dr. King was called in, set the jaw
and immediately sent the patient to
the 'Royal (Columbian Hospital at New
Westminster, where he will have to
be fed  by means of a tube for some
A  Vancouver Chinaman  undertook 'tlme
to commit suicide on Sunday last by |
jumping   into   the   Fraser  river,   near! 	
Chinatown,  after announcing his  de-       Mr.    W.    McCtea   has   decJded   to
parture   for   the   next   world. I ���"���"e't   or*   the   property   opptisite   the
u.   .,_    v.^   ;,._--��� i    -_j   .v.-   ��� ..Delta  Times   office   a   new   building,
He   ran,   he  jumped,   and   the   icy |    . . .   ,        ...  ���.
water  closed   around   him,   but   only
about   up   to   his   breast.       This  evi-
Brillsh  Admiralty  Launches  Floating
Dock With Lifting Capacity ot
32,000 Tons.
LONDON, Feb. 5.���The largest j jn~a blanketly blanket of Impenetrable
boating dock In the world has just
been successfully launched from the
shipyard of Swan, Hunter & Wigham
Richardson, Limited., of Wallsend-on-
Some Idea of its immense size may
be gained from the fact that the
ground   area   of
fog. The m.imentary lifting of the
veil revealed the intelligence to experienced eyes that they were in the
vicinity of the ruins of the old glut
Then   came   the   difficulty   of   negotiating the distance between  the boat
the actual dock i3|and the w-harf. It could have been
equal to two aj\i a half acres, while |do_e ea31*y in two jumps, but jump-
the height of the side walls Is sixty- j lnj- WiXin-t g.���ui. They therefore
six feet. This is one of three docks j waited **���- the tide to fall still lower
that Swan, Hunter & Wigham Rich-|am, then hy the aid ot two -r thre(-
ar-daon.   Limited,   are   constructing  at!pmlltv   naiI   keg8i   they   m.lntl<ed   to
; empty
present for the British admiralty.
A good idea of the increase in the
sizo of docks for the British admiralty hich has taken place in recent
years   is   gained   by   a   comparison   of
this recently launched dock with the j _ua���ded the rear
Bermuda dock. This Bormuda dock
waa  built  in   1902
et Wigham Richardsein. Limited, for I
the British government and was con-
sietereel a wonder at that time, it being far ahead of any other -dock of
that day. It had aocom.-moda.t-on for
vessels displacing 17,000 to,ns. The
now dock has nearly twice the capacity oi the Bermuda dock, for it has
a    liftinfl    e-ni-acity      of    3.,000. lt
is double-sided, At the bow end there
is a pair of pivotted, flying irang-
ways to give access from one wall of
the dook to the other, in the walls eef
the el ..-I. i.s living accommodation feer
a lar ..��� ber of offiet ra and  -
A complete telph0.ne system is also
installed to Rive communication between the engine and boiler rooms,
..... different parts of the men. There
are e - hi sti un boilers, and a ootm-
plete outfit eel stea maml hand cap-
sta,ns,    It ;.- lighted by electricity ant; ���;���
h.-e two electric travelling carnes. The sacred cantata, "The Shepherd
In order to facilitate rapid  repairs   King,"
a   comodious    workshop   is    provided   Neel}
In one of the wall with an e*~fuipm*atn~t   March
.f maohtnery, tools and all necessary  twice
j make a landing, and after tieing up
ithe boat, started for home, in the
'inky night. In order to ward off the
I powers of darkness, the vocalist
] headed the procession, while the vicar
The   wharf   was   ricketty   and   per-
by_Swan,.Hunter forat6d  by me.lns ot bTOlten  pUlnks;
'the old factory was full of pitfalls;
the single plank along the dyke was
.much the worse for wear; the mud
'was soft and the sides of the dyke
'were slippery, and as a result, sundry
��� duckings and disasters were endured
with more or U-ss equanimity, ac-
; cording  to  temperament.
The mile between the glue factory
and Port Guichon seemed almost interminable, but the distance- was tra-
ve-rse-il at last and from that point
the trip was pretty smooth sailing.
I The principles In ibe drama are
still having sly digs it bach other's
. xpensee over the eventualities of the
'evening, and an still trying to remove j
the   mud   stains   from   their   clothing, i
dently gave him time for reflection,
and he was afraid apparently to
launch out into deeper water and too
proud to come back to terra "run,
Therefore he camped for five minutes
or so in the water, his teeth rattling
ike castanets, and ii. looked, after
a while as though the icy water had
ileprived him of the power to ioco-
Charlie Duck eventually, like a
brave, self-sacrificing hero, jumped to
the rescue and dragged the despondent one  back to dry land and safety.
So far as can be learned, the would-
be suicide came   over  from   Vanc-ou-
whlch he will fit out as a pool room
and cigar store. Later he will build
an addition so as to provide a bowling alley.
The building will he of a substantial character and has been contracted
for by Mr. Elliott.
First Lord of the Admiralty Opens the
Government Campaign In
That City.
BELFAST, Ireland, Feb. 8���Threats
of death and violence to Winston
Spencer Churchill, first l.*>rd of the
British Admiralty, John Redmond,
the Irish leader, and Lord Pierrie,
ver tor the purpoes of collecting a \ -f they carried out their announced
debt. The debtor refused to "whack I intention to deliver address ln sup-
up," in spite of threats and entreaties. . port uf Home Rule for Ireland in
and   so   despondent   was   the   creditor   }je|fast  fen   nat     her���   today. Al-
that he decided that life was met i though the speakers were subjected
worth while, and he would enjoy t0 a-. manner of abuse, no attempt
peace among his revered ancestors. at actua* physical violence was made.
The shallowness of the water and tne thousands of troops and police
the bravery of Charlie eDuok resulted having the situation well in hand at
in   his   staying   for   at   least   a   while ja!|  times
longer among the turmoil of the living j ' Accompanied by his wife. Churchill
rather than enjoying the repose of arrived here at 8.40 this morning. He
the dead. j wag ]|let Ht  the station  by  thousands
Of hootin;.; anel jeering Ulster men.
Gathering around the automobile
which was reserved for the use of
the first Lord of the Admiralty and
.Mrs. Churchill, Belfast mill hands
I applied ali manner of epithets to the
annual . statesman, but he was not to be intimidated. After the police ha_
cleared a way for the machine Churchill drove smilingly away to the
Grand Central hotel, where he and
other Liberals were entertained. A
crowd of Liberals sang the national
anthem on tho outside, while the entertainment was In progress in the
hotel, ant then tjuli tly dispersed.
C.  Fruit Growers  Sleoet Men  For
Ottawa     Conference     After  a
Strenuous IK-bate.
will be reprodu- ed  In the  M
hall   around  aboul   the   1st  of
The  cantata  has   be* n   giv. n
In   New   Westminster   to   very
large  audiences   by   thi    cho'r of  the
Olivet     Baptist     church   and   is   well
worth   hearing.    Thi   - do si s  are   ill
capable   and   ibe   leader,   Mr.   Bak. r,
VICTORIA, Jan. 31 ���Tli
convention of the B. C. Fruit Growers' Association was opened yesterday
in the Unitarian Hall. Many Interesting addresses were delivered on
subjects of peculiar inte-Test to fruit
growers, one of the leading of these
being the necessity for a greater exercise of co-operative work on the
part of the growers, which was spoken to learaedly by Mr. II. C. Atwell o
Oregon and Senator W 1' Pa'ulhamus
of Puyallup,  Wash.
Report- of the past year's work
were submitted and adopted. Mr. B.
H. Agur of Summerland, presided.
Al the evening session, which was
prolonged until 11 o'clock, there was
a keen discussion created over the
appointment of di egatee to tbe- Dominion conferene e Io be held at Ottawa,     Delegates   were   appointed   to
The Farmer.-.' Institute annual ball,
held In Mc.Meely's hall on Friday of
last week, was eme o-f the biggest
events ever held in this section e>C
the country. There were in the
neighborhood of 500 people present
and the floor wa.- crowded all the
time with a merry and good humored
throng e>f dancers.
Upstairs, cards tables were provided
for   those   whose   tastes   ran   in   that
The choicest music was provided
by the Franklin orchestra, of Vancouver, and everybody was apparently
abundantly satisfied. There were no
wall fbiwers. except from choice, and
the fun did not cease till after four
O'clock a.m.
Supper was served during the evening  in  first-class style.
Among the visitors fr.em outside
districts were noted: Mrs. Sinclair
and Mrs. Meji_;iian. Vancouver; Mr.
C. Reideius. Vanceiuver; Miss Phyllis
Dockriil. New Westminster; Miss
Kirkland. iOollingWOOd' Mr. A. Simpson. Vancouver; Mr. B. McKenzie,
New Westminster; H . Hilton, Vancouver. L. Harris. Vancouver; Miss
Robinson. Vancouver; the Misses McWaters, New Westminster; Mrs. J.
MoKechnie. Vancouver, and others.
One of the features of the evening
was an old-timers' dance, which was
very much enjoyed.
Delta Telephone Comimii.v Holds Annual  M<-etiiur���Imv-  Plans for
Extending Its SyHtem.
The Delta Telephone Company held
its annual meeting on Saturday last
when most gratifying reports were received from all departments.
During the past year 11M: miles
of new metallic circuited lines were
built and over 3o new subscribers
were added  to the  telephone list.
The hour3 of service have been
lengthened from 3 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
to a continued night and day service
and three aperators are now employed
at the Delta central office.
It ls the Intention eif the directors
to continue the extension of the system wherever need arises and to keep
the service up to as high a standard
of efficiency as it is passible. A
number ot applications for 'phones
are on hand and will be filled just
as rapidly aa possible.
The finances of the company were
shown to be in healthy and satisfactory condition.
The retiring dirr.-tors, Dr. Wilson,
Cr. Dennis, J. Mi*Kee. j. B. Burr
:inel A. de R. Taylor were re-elected.
Dr. Wilson was re-elected president
and Dr. Taylor, secretary-treasurer of
tbe. company.
Ne-.w directories will be issued to all
subscribers about April 1. Included
in th,. programme of advancement
outline-d for the ensuing year is the
extension to Westham Island of tne
present telephone system. This will
be good news for the people in that
see tion of the Delta who have '.-"eng
felt   the  need  of   telephone   facilities.
f |
RKLLLVi',11." M. l*'b. 7���The Whatcom County Railway ,<t Light Com-
.panv have- I. ndered the city a chorine
for C1.126 in payment of the percentage d��e upon the earnings jf certain
lines Heine.r the franchises granted
some time ago. According to the
schedules presented to the council by
the company the e-arnln-s on the main
line, Falrhaven division, were $64.-
192.55 last year, as against $65,527.15
in 1910. On tbe Happy Valley line
the earnings last year were $6,084.10,
as against $5,542.35 In 1910. The
earnings of the Garden street line last
year were $12,135.45 and in 1910 they
were $12,584.20. On the the North
street line last year's earnings were
$23,014.30 as against $24,1S?.10 in
has  demonstrate-.!  his ability  t"
; duct.
Tiie.   musii    '-   -:. irkll-
:i r t r,11:11 \ e,   and   chara* (erit;..
i composer���G.   F.   Boot.
The   choir   will   appear   under
oi -
KBRR-SeDAJ.-T-, Peeint Grey, February  7.���Further    comprehensive.     1m-
j provement  schemes   for  the  Shaugh-
nessy  Heights  district  envolvlng    ar.
xi., ndlture  of between  $300,000  ai  I
j $400,000 have been decidcel on by the
' ('.   I'    R.      Mrs.   A,   H.   Nlcoi,   of   th... |
C P R ,  waited on the council at Its auspices  of  the   local   Baptist chureh
'meeting  to  notify    the    municipality 'and the proceeds will g.. towards de-
:that the C. P. it. would nol be able to !fraying the expense of completing the
hand over Shaughnesay Heights until   tower eif the  church   building.
next  July  and   possibly  not  until   the I
lend of the year, owing to the amount ATHLI-rriC CLUB CONCERT.
of work still to be completed in that j 	
locality. The   participants   in   the   vaudeville
 | concert  being  prepared   by  the  mem-
MAY   OS"SEAT COUNCIL. bers   and   euppoTters   of   the   Ladner
SOUTH   VANCOUVER,   Feb.   7.���It [Amateur   Athletic  Club   are   weirking
is   rumored   in   the   municipality   that i hard,   and   the   best   kind   of   a  good
| an   attempt   may   be   made   to   unseat J'time la promised  in the McNeely hall
the entire council and school trustees [ on   the   evening of  Friday,   February
on the ground  that the recent muni
cipal  elections  were  illegal   owing  to
the   votes   of   holders   of   agreements
for sale.
2 3.    Tickets  are  geilng rapidly  and
full  house  is assured.
The   funds   will   go   teirwards   purchasing gymnasium equipment.
But  Delegation  ��� rom South Vancouver Wants Another Legislative
VICTORIA     Feb.   6���The   question
*  gi\ .._   Rl hra .*i l     ici      ���!  representation in tl     Provincial legl
has been brought  to the attention of
the ���- ���������.-,-'' Mr. Se nnel Chur-
the conference   last  year  in   view   of   -hill,   of   Podnl   Si I  .   Mr.   U.  C.
th6 anticipation   that   the  conference   Hodgson,   of   South   Vancouver   who
would   be   held   some   time  last  year,  made   a   trip   over  here,   a   tem   daj
but that  was render.  I Ible on   agio In orde matter with
account of the politl    ' - I latton.   At the Premier,
today's session a motion was made to The visitors were apparently act-
consider the appointment ol new del- ing on the assumptiem thai there
egates and this an-t with immediate'would be a - Ustribution bill inlro-
opposltion from Messrs. Brydon sndjduced during the present session of
Maxwell Smith, who had been elect- the legislature. On tbie pount it is
",t to repri lent tin   -onvention by bal-   not undersl I       received   .a1--
lot taken at the last meeting. nform it on   from     thi    i'i   ���      i
lu view of the t.i.t that the minutes  they   might  easily   ha." led   thai
of the last meeting, wherein tho elec-   the  genera;   Impression    among    the
tion referred  to   raa    recorded,    had  members  la  that   the   nexi
i.e.. d adopted, it was contended by the   election   s I ���"   any
delegates  named  that  it  was out of (alteration     i constltu-
order to consider the- appointment orjencies.
election of substitutes. The chairman,! Richmond it was urged b; Messrs.
however, gave a ruling on the subject Churchill and Hodgson, bay. a vopula-
ceintrary tee tbat opinion, which waa'tion of 35,00) or more. M.
upheld by the convention, and as a re- it is to a large, extet-l an urban eir
suit of nominations for the position Isuburban constituency and should not
of delegates to go to Ottawa to attend ;!>,. Umiteel to on., member while Victim Dominion confernce, the following toria with 31,000 pop-urartiop has four
were elected: .members.     No dissatisfaction was ex-
Mr. W. F. Somers (for Vancouver pressed with tho present member. Mr.
Island), Mr. J. C. Metcalfe (for thfc,Carter Cotton, but there are several
Lower Mainland), Messrs. R. H. Agur good patriots in the rieling who feel
and W. C. Ricardo (for the t)kan- that he needs assistance. The Pre-
agan), Messrs. T. Abriey and J. Rooke | inier promised to consider tlwnr repre-
(for the Kootenay and Boundary). ssntatlone.
Attention is called once more to the
interesting fact that Delta now has
an efficient water service, and for tire
protection, hyelrants have been located
at points whe re- considered most
necessary. One peculiar tact, however, is worthy of comment���there is
not a foot of hose available for tire
tightmg purpose's. It does seem wonderfully like owning a perfectly
equipped automobile���all except the
spark  plug.
Surely some influence could be
brought to bear upon the council to
i provide- sufficient equipment in order
to afford the use of the hydrants in
. .--. of fire-. A few hundred dollars
expended on hose, reel an.! neizzies
I would probably be the means of saving thousands ��� f dollars worth ol
propi rt5
I     fj    .    |td   | ��� ���       m       ���������"'   io
. .���   ���   ���     i volui    ��� -   ' '     id(     n
I Ladm r and get down  I ��� A
���     ��� ind  an   alarm     ��� -'  m,
.        , ... the
n  of a circular a
netghl oi hood.       Th I   to
I of a few h ���
bl iz i,
i: '.      ns' oomm
on   the   coun* *-
meeting  it  m
in tb,. matter '���
publi        i ":"
ial   govern mei "
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��� ,,  the  -C ���  ������"-:.   "���'���"���
N.  A.   MoDlarmid.
Th.-r..     re    . ks    n
,    |
of the -1 i-= tn-��� r w mid ... wel to 1 >k
[Into the matter .cl avail thems ��� n
of  the  books fhus  provided.
Just as soon as th.. books are I
out the present llbran will be moved
along and replaced by a new-one. THE DELTA TIMES
I��omini-ui    Government    Will    Place
New  and Fast  Vessels on  Ihe
Pacific Co����t.
OTTAWA, Feb. 6.���Yesterday afternoon Mr. II. S. Clements (Com'.x-
Atlin), moved for the papers, correspondence and reports between Capt.
Newcombe and the Marine and Fishery Department, relating to the patrol and protection service for the
fisheries on the Pacific .Coast.
He pointed out the importance of
the protection of the Pacific fisheries,
last year amounting to ten million
dollars out of twentynine millions for
the whole of Canada. He pointed
out how a few years ago there were
52 poaching vessels which pilfered
two million dollars' worth. Now there
are over _00 poaching vessels which
steal 65,000.000 pounds of halibut
yearly. The present protection vessels are Inadequate, being able to
steam only 8 to 10 knots hourly, while
the poachers are much faster and are
equipped   with  wireless  telegraphy.
He advocated the building of three
up-todate steemers able to steam 15
lo 18 knots and equipped with wireless telegraphy. These, vessels should
not be under the control of the Naval
Service Department. They could
drive poachers freem the bays where
they catch bait and clean their catch.
Mr. G. H. Barnard (Victoria) commented on the open way in which the
poaching business is conducted in Seattle, and on the humiliation Inflicted
on the province and Dominion by the
Sarins way in which the American
"j-eachers defy Canadian regulations
and interests. He mentioned a case
where a vessel was seized and was
released on paying a $50 fine, because
the owned was a friend of the Laurier government. He held that new
protection cruisers should he built ��n
the Pacific Coast.
Wanted Three New Vessels.
Mr. H. H. Stevens (Vancouver)
urged the construction of three vessels of the same type as the poachers,
about 100 tons and of 15 knots speed.
These should be under the Fisheries
Department, the Canadian navy being
a joke. He went on to refer to the
substitution of Orientals for white
-sen ln the fishing industry and the
far reaching effects on the industry
Mr. Stevens also drew attention to
the farming out of licenses and to the
wasteful and inhuman methods pursued in the wha'ing trade
.Mr. W. H. Sheppard -.Nanaimo)
dwelt upon the scandalous traffk- in
licenses, and Mr. Thompson, of Yukon, spoke of the poaching in Hecate
���Straits Hon. J. D. Hazen, after paying the usual compliments to members who had opened the subject, said
that their statements had teen correct. Protection within the three-mile
limit had been inadequate, and the
r'i hlng fleet was n [inhered ly hundreds,
He   then   outlined   at   some   length
the  measures  which   the  government
is taking to meet the situation. These
are that the obsolete and useless Kes
trel and Restless are to be sold.
Three vessels are to be procured,
two for protection and one for patrol
Appropriations of $275,000 for the
former and $75,000 fe.r the latter are
in the estimates. The new vessels
may be ready this year. One of the
protection vessels may be bought, but
the others will be built, and the building will be done on the Pacific if possible.
Pending iheir completion, tw ��� suitable vessels \eill be chartered a; $100
per day. An appropriation of S'0.000
is provided for this purpose.
Mr. Hazen. however, declined to
iake the protection service cut f the
Naval Service Department. The administration was the same It. any
event, he observed, and there were
reasons  of departmental conve.   ence.
SALARIES I.\\l"T"'"l"..Tl
VANCOUVER, Feb. 7.���Tb the
salaries and facilities connccte" with
the office's of harbor master ai ' port
���warden are entirely Ina'dequa for
the needs of this growing port, was
ihe decision arrived at on Tuesday
iiii-"ht at th.. meeting of the Board of
Trade. The members of that body
ea-me to the conclusion that some f-C-
lion should be tajten, root only to pay
the officers more money for the services rendered, but the men should be
pupplle-d with equipment and facilities for doing a work that in the view
of tbe board i.s sorely needed at the
present time In this city���the cleaning
up and maintaining or order in the
waterways  adjaci-jit   to   Vancouver.
NEt.Se (N. Feb. 7.���A boy named
Jack Wright was drowned at West
Fernie Monday night. A number of
children    were   playing   en   the   river
snowballing each other, 'p.. e-seaps
being struck with the snow, little
Wriyht covered his face with his arms
and stair ted across the river. About
the middle there was an airhole, but
!his eyes were covered and he- die! not
pee It and went in. Two wen ks a-go
Mr. Wright's tveusc was burned to
lhe ground, the children having a
hard time to ---et out oi  ii safely.
TORONTO. Feb. 7.���The Provincial Legislature was formally opened
here today. Mr. W. H. Hoyle was
elected speaker. The speech from
the throne foreshadowed no new
policy. It referred to the advantage?
that will accrue to Ontario through
the co-operation of the two governments regarding immigration and agriculture through the development of
Northern Ontario. The prosperity of
the province, especially in agricultural
development, was favorably commented on. A high tribute was paid
to Earl Grey and an equally warm
welcome given to the Duke of Con-
Constitution of R. A. & I. Society ls : Socialist  Leader Makes His Presence
Radically Altered at Adjourned
A nu iial Meeting.
At  its  adjourned   annual     meeting
Felt  in  Provincial   l.e-gl-latiire
���Tilt With Speaker.
VICTORIA, Feb.  .���Mr. Hawthorn-
held in New Westminster on Friday , thwaite, who spoke for the first time
last changes of vital importance | In the session yesterday, started off
to the R. A. & I. Society were made, i in characteristic style by having a tilt
The committee that was selected to | with the Speaker. The Inner history
revise the constitution of the society I of this seems to be that a few days
reported, and the revised constitution | ago he sent to the Clerk of the House
was adopted as read. The most rad- ja question to be placed on the order
leal change made in the revised con- j paper which read: "What steps does
stitution is the abolition of the board j the government intend to take to pre-
of control and the creation of an I vent the use of the knout by mounted
Executive Committee that shall have | e^ossacks upon peaceable residents of
general management of the affairs of I the City of Vancouver "
thj society. Following is the section i He also sent In a second question,
of the constitution regarding the I which has already appeared, asking
management of the affairs of the so- ! what steps the government was going
ciety: | to   take   to   protect   the   residents   of
ARTICLE   IV.���OFFICERS. i Vancouver    in     their     constitutional
Section  I.���The officers and direc- I riRht t0  Peaceable    assemblage    and
tors of this society shall consist of
the honorary presidents, president,
first vice president, seven vice presidents, manager and secretary, a
treasurer and not more than two
hundred  and  fifty directors.
There shall be an Executive Committee, which shall consist of the
president, first vice president, treasurer, manager and secretary, eight
directors, the mayor and two members of the above executive to be
elected by ballot at a meeting of the
directors to be convened Immediately
at the close of the annual meeting
and the members of the City Council to be elected by that body.
The  executive  shall   have  the  gen
free speech. The latter question ap
peared upon the printed votes and
proceedings for Thursday, but the
first did not. When the house opened
this afternoon Mr. Hawthornthwaite
rose to a question of privilege, and
demanded to know why both notices
had  not  been  printed.
After some questioning and cross-
questioning, .Speaker Eberts admitted
that both questions hael been submitted to him by the Clerk of the
House, and he had decided that the
first question should not be primed,
as it did not come within the rules
Of the house.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite said-he would
discuss  the  matter    fully    when   the
eral management of the affairs, make ! second   ��-""-��t-��'-     came     before    the
house  on   Monday.       It  is    assumed
the necessary arrangements and preparation lor all meetings, fairs, exhibitions, etc., elect the chairman of
such sub-committees as they may
deem necessary and elect from their
numbers five members which shall
constitute a finance  committee,
that the Speaker ruled out the first
question on a rule of the house that
requires that a question must be free
from any comment, criticism or
statement of fact.
Mr.  Hawthornthwaite also opposed
President T. J. Trapp presided over Itne second reading of Attorney Gentile meeting and he stated that it had eraI B��wser"s bill to amend the Hos-
been suggested that as the constitu- I Pltals for the Insane Act. The bill
tion was being revised it would be a slmP-** gives the government power
good idea to have three honorary t0 remove from the penit-sntiary a
presidents and that the names of ! Prisoner who may have become in-
Premier  McBride  and  Hon.     Martin | sane and to place him in the hospital
Burrell   hud   been   suggested.       They
, for the insane.    The attorney general
were elected honorary presidents, and I explained that they might now re-
then the directors for the various move an insane inmate from the
municipalities were elected. Those J Provincial jail, but could not from the
for New Westminster are: Thomas I Penitentiary.
Gifford, M.P.P.;  F. J.  MacKenzie,  M
P.P.; J. D. Taylor, M.P.; P. T. Bowler, W. R. Gilley, Nels Nelson, Rev. A
E. Vert, T. J. Armstrong, T. S. Annan-
dale, J. H. Watson, G. D. Brymner, L.
Williams,  A.  W.   Gray,   F.  J.   Lynch,
F. H. Cunningham, J. il. Dashwood
Jones, S. G. Tidy, Principal E. H. McMillan, L. A. Lewis, T. Meredith,
Marshall Sinclair, 1). S. Curtis, W. H.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite said it was
another case of the government taking power into its own hands, since
the bill provided that they could not
only remove a prisoner to the insane
asylum, but if he was cured, they
could also take him back to serve out
his term.
The bill passed second reading,
Messrs.     Hawthornthwaite,    Williams
Keary, John A. Montgomery, Frank ! anc- Brewster voting against it. As
C. Cook. Changes in the directorate u requires three members to call for
from other municipalities were left i rlamcs before they can be recorded
to the executive committee to alter !on the voles an'' proceedings, this is
as circumstances required. I Uie firsl ih,*e an opposition vote has
Alderman   Gray     brought     up   the I been  I'1'1"''-' on  the  records  this ses-
Good Sized Congregation Attends First
Service Held i�� Now Baptist Edifice In (jucensborough.
The new Baptist Church at Queens-
borough was formally opened on Sunday afternoon by Rev. A. F. Baker
and Rev. Mr, Howe, a recent arrival
from Wales. There was a good sized
congregation and the sermon delivered by Lev. Mr. Howe, on "The Touch
e.f Christ," was listened to with interest and attention.
The erection of the building was
made necessary by the fact that the
Sunday School, which has been carried on for about a couple of years is
Crane's Hall, found itself without a
place to assemble. The hall was
cheerfully granted by Mr. Crane until
such time as he found it necessary to
remodel it for eethe-r purposes. The
new building was therefore erected
and c.implted so that but little break
has been made in the work of the
Sunday  school.
The little church, which is located
a short distance beyond the Queens-
borough postoffice, was erected by Mr.
D. Bell, the contractor, and is comfortably finished within , being neatly
plastered and wel! lighted. The structure freem back to front is 39 feet In
length and is 2. feet wide. It Is built
up well from the ground in order to
be free of the dampness of the island
soi! and will seat from 150 to 175 people comfortably, The property as it
stands is valued without equipment at
from $1200 to $1400. It is hoped soon
that the street will be opened up and
that the electric light will be laid onto
the ouilding.
Hereafter the .Sunday School will
assemble at - o'clock each Sunday
and a preaching service will be held
at 3 o'clock.
I bave worshiped In cathedrals that are
And In temples that are modern tn their
I have seen the art and beauty of their
And the glories of their altar and their
But tn me there ls a temple tbat Is fairer
It's the old white church down In the
Where the birds that nest up ln the belfry
Start to sing when the sexton rings wm
bell. ���
] There it stands among the tall old maples
j    llai k the music of its ��weet old bell
j Bounding through green hills and golden
|    Soft and low tt echoe�� through the dell
' There the honest country folk now gather
!    Hark to their heart)' prayer and praise
i As It floats out on tbe Sabbath morning
Like sweet Incense that wild roses raise.
Floats above the peaceful ancient graveyard,
Where  beneath  the  flowers  loved  ones
! Soars above and brings a heavenly blessing
From the realms that are forever blest.
1 have worshiped In tbe grand cathedrals.
Heard   their   themes,   their  chimes  and
anthems swell,
But   praise   seems   higher,   heaven   seems
In tbe old white church down In tbe dell
question of increasing the membership ticket from $2 to $3 and giving
the holder all the privileges of the
grounds, but after one of the Chilliwack directors had told how their fair
had increased its attendance by having two kiads of tickets at nominal
prices, and Rev. A. E. Vert had suggested that it might be a good idea
to have two kinds of tickets printed,
it was decided to leave the price of
the tickets at $2.
During the nominating of and the
voting on some of the directors from
outside-     points,      Mr.     Vert     again
Mr, Schofield presented a petition
from the Vancouver Power Company
against the bill to divide North Vancouver municipality, and form the
municipality of West Vancouver. The
petition recites that the power company is subsidiary to and controlled
by the Bitrlsh Columbia Electric
Railway Company, that they had
made an agreement with North Vancouver municipality in 1905 by which
they were given a certain franchise
over the whole municipality, but the
division bill states that West Vancouver  shall  take  over  all   contracts
brought up the subject of each outside municipality electing Its own di- assumed by North Vancouver for that
rectors and notifying the society of '. P��rt'��n with the exception of this
the action taken. He believed that I with the Vancouver Power Company,
more active directors would be ob- 1 and that such a change must affect
tained in this manner. It was agreeel ' the'r borrowing powers,
that the secretary should write to! Mr- Hpyward continued the debate
each director and inform him of his I on the Forestry Act. He denied the
election, and if he did not see fit to ' statement of Mr. Brewster that the
retain his membership then the government derived a re-venue from
executive committee would be able to . the timber as it stood, they also col-
name his successor. Life member- , -ected royalties when it was cut, and
ships were boosted from $25 to $f.O ] anor the timber was taken off the
and the following clause conclud 11 1 lan<1 reverted to them so that they
the constitution: :could   use    it     for   agriculture,    re-
' al'forestratlon or other purposes.    He
generally   heartily   approved   of   the
No alteration or amendment shall
be made to this constitution, unless
a notice of same shall have been made
in writing to the secretary on or before the 15th of December, nor until
same shall have been sanctioned by
a two-thirds vote of the members
present at  the annual meeting.
At   ibe-  conclusion     of  the  regular Imonths  natl  worked  a   hardship    on
meeting or  the society the directors i man-v  farmers.       Outside  of  this he
bill, but thought pioneers shouM be
given more liberty in burning to clear
their land. He considered that the
order of the chief fire warden last
summer in forbidding the issue of
permits   for  burning  for     about  two
The Sumas Tub'ic Library will be
ready far actual operations at the
commencement of the week. The liberal donations received from the people of Sumas have enabled the
Women's cluss to pro.eed very ra; Icily with the work and what Is of more
importance, have enuibled them to
bring the \e ork to comipletion without
going into debt.
Sumas in v.- has a nursery. Messrs.
J. Newton and G. M. Fisher, proprietors.
It is reported in the current issue
ocf the Maple Falls Leader that there
Is considerable activity in Maple Falls
and vicinity in the matter of water
rights on the Nooksack river. Albert
F. Foote, agent for a syndicate of
Canadian capitalists, accompanied by
J. E. Morrison, the promoter of the
N'ouksack Valley Traction Company,
has been buying up a oumber of options on lam! suitable for the erectie-n
of a huge power plant. In the neighborhood of 1".0 acres are involved ln
the deal and it is announced that the
intention of the purchaser ls to bui'.d
a dam below the land upon which
the options have been secured, thus
storing a sufficient supply of water to
furnish the necessary power. There
is a fail of about 70 feet at this poi:.*.
and the construction of a large- tiara
will furnish all the power necessary
feir the lines contemplated by the
Nooksack Valley Traction Company.
The new Bryan LaPoir.t building
will be the first of the brick blocks
to be commenced this season. Operations will commence during the coming week, (-ommencing with the moving of the old building to the adjoining lot on the corner of Boundary
street, allowing of business to be conducted until the new business is com-
Work has commenced*.on the Sumas
' State  Bank building.
Within  two years fruit  raising will
be   one   of   the   important   industries
| of    Whatcom   county.    Last    neek    a
| fruit-growers' association  was organ-
' ized at Ferndale with an active mem-
I bership of forty. This week announce-
| ment is made of the location at Somas
of  a  large  nursery   which   will  make
la   specialty  of  fruit   trees  and   berry
plants adapted  to  this section.     It   ll
estimated that over two hundred acres
Sf   berries   will   be   planted   this  year
j in the county.���.Sumas News.
heartily approved of the bill.
Mr.   Williams  moved   the  adjournment of the debate.
Mr.   Watson     moved     the    second
Shihh's Gun
met and elected the following eight
members of the executive committee
out of nine New Westminster men
nominated: W. R. Gilley, Nels Nelson, Rev. A. E. Vert, L. Williams, F. j reading of a bill to incorporate Ryer-
H. Cunningham, A. W. Gray, S. II. I son College. He explained that the
Shannon and L. A. Lewis . j college  was  being     founded     by  the
With the instructing of the secre- Methodist chuch in affiliation with
tary to notify the City Council to ' the Povlnclal I'nivesity. it passed
elect   its  members   of    the   executive ! unopposed.
committee and with a vote of thanks j     Mr. Brewster has given notice that
on Tuesday next h�� will ask the
premier If it is the intention of the
government this session to introduce
legislation carrying out the recommendations of the commission on taxation.
to  the retiring    officers,  the  meeting
.-. '_o-:-;itd.
VICTORIA, B. C. Fab. 7.���The annua) meeting of the Daughters of the
Empire took place at the Alexandra
Club, the president, Mrs. Croft, in the
chair. The final work of the meeting
was tbe annual electio.n of officers,
which resulted as follows: Regent.
Mrs. Croft; first vice-regent, Mrs.
Jones; second vice-regent, Mrs. I ux-
ton; treasurer, Mrs. Bennett; secretary, .Mrs. Hanington; standard bearer. Mrs. Cookson; councillors. Mrs.
Curtis Sampson, Mrs. McMickin^.
.Mrs. 1 ee.wdne-y. Mr.-. .7 .1). Gordon,
Mra it. ri. Day. .Mrs. rlasell, Mrs. I
Denll Harris. Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs Wat-
BOn,  Mrs.  t'evan.
VANCOUVER. B.C., Feb. 7.���Geo.
. bertson, a professional blaster, who
lives on Fifty-eighth avenue, near
Main street, South Vancouver, was
instant,y killed at 11:10 this morning by a premature explosion of dynamite at the corner of Twenty-fifth I assistant superintendent of the schools
avenue ar.d .Ontario streets. His j of Vancouver city, has been accepted,
head was torn completely oft and the the resignation to date from January
body   was   frightfully   mangled. 3lst.
VICTORIA, Feb. 2���The following
provincial appointments are gazetteo
this week: C. L. Flick, of Lower Nl_
cola, to be a justice of the peace;
P. F. Casgrain, of Montreal, J. D.
McDonald, of Dublin, Ireland, and
William E. Farr. of Leeds, Eng., to
be commissioners for taking offidavits
for use ln the courts of British Co-
License commissioners: Phoenix,
Aid. A. D. McKenzie and W. C.
Hower; Slocan. Aid J. A Anderson
and Peter Sw?v, Kelowna, Aid. W.
Raymer and Edwin Weddell; Ender-
by, Aid.  F.  H.   Barnes and S. Teece.
Police commissioners: Kelowna,
Aid. R, A. Copeland and George
Rowcliffe; Endcrby, Aid. Hi E. Blen-
chard and R. R. Glbbs; in Phoenix
and Slocan, the license commissioners
are also police commissioners.
The  resignation   of   A.   C.  Stewart,
Hate   on   Farm   Lands   Stated   to   Be
Exorbitant���Limit of $500
Per Acre.
EBURNE, Jan. 22.���The following
important        resolution protesting
against the high assessment rate on
farm lands in various portions of the
province was passed at a meeting of
the Richmond Farmers' Institute helJ
here recently and copies of the motion will be sent to the Premier, the
Minister of Agriculture and the Cental Farmers' Institute:
"Whereas, owing to excessive speculation in farm lands ln British Columbia for subdivision and other pur-
poses, the assessment In some Instances has been increased beyond all
reason, thereby compelling majiy
farmers to sell their holdings; and,
whereas, many of these subdivisions
are left lying idle growing nothing
but weeds; and, whereas, there Is no
farm settlement In British Columbia
Immune from speculation, and especially In the vicinity of cities and railway centres; and, whereas, this speculation is a serious detriment to permanent agricultural settlement and
Intensive farming, thereby contributing largely to the high cost of living.
"Therefore, be it resolved by the
memlbers of the Richmond Farmers'
institute, that the Provincial government be hereby requested to at once
amend the Municipal Clauses Act,
fixing a limit, not to exceed $500 per
acre, on the Assessment of fatm or
agricultural land. In any part of British Columhia while held and occupied
hy bona fide settlers for farm or agricultural purposes."
Shilohs Gun
Q,���Does it pay to cross tbe Belgian
hare with tlie common cottontail?  A ���
O. - In breeding Belgians, what is the
Interval between litters? A.���Thirty
Q.���How much nutriment Is con
tallied in fifty pounds eif sklmmilk.
and how may lt most easily be extracted? a.-skiinmiii! is largely
water, fifty pounds containing but live
pounds of nutriment, mostly protein,
wliicb is best secured by milking It
Into "Cottage cheese."
Q.���Why Is the Aylesbury duck not
popular in this country? A.���This
qunck has a white skin and picks hard
inrl is not so e:t��r fo raise its the Pekin. which is a better layer antl Just
fits the American market with its yellow, tender. Juicy care ass.
Q.���What is meant by '"pinioning" as
regards geese? A.���Those wli'i keep
wild geese, like the Canadian, are compelled to remove the outer wing Joint
to prevent their escape. They are thus
"pinioned ''
Q.���How much of a cut is piven a
show bird for a missing tail feather.
and how long does it lake for new
wine and tail feathers to grow? .\.-
If the variety Is subject to color disqualifications, one point: if not. one-
I half point   Six to elctit weeks.
Q.-Wbat Is an "emasculated" cock-
' erel?  A.-Your dictionary will tell you
that It ls a capon.
Q.���Which are the great duck raising
states In the Cnlou, and which is the
most   popular   dnck?     A.���Massaohu
setts. New Tork. Pennylvania.   Pekin.
O.���What is mennt by the word "fan-
! cier?"    A.���A   breeder   of   pure   bred
j chickens Is termed a  fowl fancier, a
I breeder of pure bred dot's Is cslled a
| dog  limcier,  nnd  a   breeder  of  pure
' Chester Whites is a hog fancier.
I    Q.���Which   is   tho   more   Important
| side of the poultry Industry, meat or
I eggs?  A.���Eggs.   The return from this
j source Is two-thirds of the whole total
I from the poultry Industry.
Q. ���What   are   fancy   breeds?    A.���
Thpse are the omnmentnl In poultry ���
! like the Sultans. Silkies, bantams and
! peafowl.
There nre two things that make
j many flocks unprofitable��� too much
��� grain and too little animal nnd green
. food. This makes n narrow fattening
, ration, and the hens do not receive the
I elements necessary for health and egg
1 production.
Edward Taylor of Alexandria, S. D..
wrote his name on an egg thnt was
shipped to Brooklyn. Miss Margaret
Graynor ate the egg, anil it was so
bon tou thnt she wrote to Mr. Taylor.
They later sent out their wedding announcements written on eggshells.
One reason why turkeys crossed with
the wild do not get blackhead so often is because the wild blood In their
veins lends them to wander and to
keep nwny from the barnyard and the
hen runs, where the black head germ,
the Amoeba maleagridis. flourishes.
Among the gifts at a donation party
to a new preacher at Terra Hill. Pa.,
was n flock of fourteen lino chickens
They were placed ln a new henhouse
th. members hnd built and started
right in to lay. This beats serving
preachers antediluvian clucks and
The fellow who claims he hns discovered the secret of the sex of eggs
snd can control tbe same should get
busy on the problem of perpetual motion, if there is any llnr that onn
find the secret without balf trying he
enn. His own wagging tongue could
bo used in the experiments.
Allentown. Pa., lias a female society
called Ye Old Hens. While It Is
composed of young and coy mnidens
and the principles of the club are not
antl-matrlmonlnl, the young men of
the famous Peanut City are giving tbe
fnir mpmhers the cold shoulder, ns
they fear eacklers and henpeckers.
Dogs soon become proficient nt open
ing spring gates. Our bulldog Ted
easily opens the ordinary store door
by rising on his hind legs and snapping tbe latch, but when confined ln
a room where there is a window b>
doesn't bother with preliminaries, but
chews tip the sash. To avoid flocks
getting mixed and cocks getting Into
mixups use bolts, bars or hooks to
keep out tbe pups.
Social Club (.Ives a Basket Social aad
Dance���Personal News,
of General Interest.
STEVES-TON. B. -., Feb. 5���Another financial and successful function of the week-end was the basket
social and dance herd In the newly
renovated gymnasium hall. Reeve
Wm. Bridge, who was called to dedicate the edifice, made a few brief
remarks on the- efficient manner tho
Stevestori Social Club has undertaken
tee make ihe- hall one of the most
comfortable and homelike, The citizens were assured that the committee,
would aim to provide tho members
the same comfort as they would get
in their own home. About eighty
couples were present. Tile music was
provided by Mrs. Franklin |n a creditable manner. Thee fifty elaborate
baskets sold by the energetic auc-
tioneer J. I). O'Neil petted the sum
of $167, one mammoth basket being
solel for the sum of $23. Itefresh-
nie-nts were also served by the committee.     A  special  car  at  3  a.m.   was
engaged tee convey the guests to their
distant home.
The Methodist church congregation
has changed their hour of service to
���even In the- evening instead of three
In the afternoon. The Presbyterian
service which Is held in the- earns
church will be throe in the afternoon
Instead of seven In the evening.
The Atkinson property on the
southeast oorner eif No. Nine rn,vi
and tram line- has changed hands, the
five acres I..ing sold feir $10,000 J
L'. I '.Neil also reports having solel
three  lots.
Miss M. llci'Worth. who has been
residing with her brother Dr. Hep-
wnrth for senile- tune, has returned to
visit another brother In Duluth. Kiss
llepworth has made many friends
since residing here, her departure has
occasioned regret.
Reeve Wm, Bridge and family intends  leaving    toon    for  a  visit  to
A party of young people assembled
at the home oi Mr. and Mrs. D. McDonald, Sea island. Thursday, when
ie  pleasant evening was spi nt,
The McOnd annual ball under the
auspices of the St. Augustine's Catholic church will be- he-id in the Steveston opera house Friday, the 9th.
Reynolds' pioneer orchestra of :���
pieces has be-e-n engaged and a la-.e
ear will take the- visitors to Vancou
Ver  and   way   points,
Mr   J.  I.afoie-st has moved  his ro
deuce,  from   Steveston     to  the  varar.k
house   opposite   the 'Orange   hall   .
Xo. Nine road.
Mr.   Fred   Emery    and    family  i
New  Westminster,   have     moved   to
Lirlii    Island,    having    acquired    the
house for m r!j  occupied by J. M
On   No.   Three   road.
Mir-'. I.iela 11. Bastard Is Found Guilty
of     Maii-laiigliter     at     Port
Orchard  Wu*>ii.
l'liUT lelU'HAItl', Wash., Feb. 5.���
Mrs.  l.ida B. Ha-zard. the fast specialist, accused ol starving to death M e-1
i Claire- Williamson, is in the custody o<
|She-nff   Howe  today,     while     her  attorneys  are-  arranging  for  her release
j under $10,000 ball, pending an appeal
to the Supreme <\>un from the verdict e.f manslaughter returned against
in r    ast  night.
The  jury   dell.crated   for  about   20
I hours.     The   Iirst   ballot   w*as  fire   '���
first  degree   murder,   four   for SSCOl
.and   three  for  manslaughter.      At  n.>
jtime during the balloting was there a
vote feir acquittal.     The maiislangh:.
lis  punishable   by  a   penitentiary  sei
. tenee  up  to   *-0  years,  a Jail sentence
! up to one year, a fine up to $1000,
I by both  a fine and  imprisonment.
The reading of the verdict was oi:-
Of the most dramatic moment.s of
the dramatic trial.
I     The   lights   went   out   a_   the   i ler_
'..-,m  to read  the verdict at C:3f.  last
nr.rt,t.     A  bailiff struck a match and
i Mrs.   Hazard   heard   heT   fate   in   its
flickering   light.      Later,   when   Judg-I
lYakey   refused   her  attorney's request
Ito  place   the  bail  at  only  $6000,  and
she  was  taken   to   the  sheriff's  house,
she  broke down.     She started to tei 1
;tbe  newspapermen  that she was the
{victim   of   persecution   and   misrepresentation   when  she   was   checked  by
|hiT  husband,   former   Lieutenant  Sam
lilazz-r.l     t'.S.N.
The trial bega,n January 15. Claire
j Williamson died at Olalla, Mrs. Haz-
jzard's  sanitarium,   on   May   19,   1911.
Mrs. Hazzard  was arrested  August  5.
II .
H .
A .
Delta Hotel.
I'.ir-e 11,   Vie'torla
Swain. Vancouver,
G,  T. imam. Vancouver,
Lyons. Vflfccouver,
li.   Peele,  Ne-w  Westminster.
D,    Beynon,   New   Westminster.
King.  Vancouver,
P.  I'nwin. Vancouver.
stark.  Vancouver.
J.    M-Qulre,   Montreal.
Greer,   Vancouver.
Barker,  Westham,
chandler. Vancouver.
Waiter. Vancouver.
Ilundas.  Vancouver.
Ceperley,  Vancouver.
Franklin, Vancouver.
Peebles,   Vancouver.
Morgan.   Vancouver.
Moray.  Vancouver.
C.   McCaig.  Vancouver.      ,
McCaig.  Vancouver.
Fraser, Bagot.
A.   McCaig.  Portage  la   Prairie.
(Tassels,  London.
Swain.  Vancouver.
3.   f'o.unrd,  Vancouver.
Miles, Jr., New Westminster.
0.  (Marshall, Vancouver.
Dorer.   New  Westminster.
MciOeorge,   Vanceiuver.
Farmer,   Scotland.
MeiLend,  Vancouver.
O.   Blrdsall, Vancouver.
R.   MacKenzle,  Vancouver.
C.  Johnson, Victoria.
Marich, Victoria.
9m SATrWDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1*12.
P. 0. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER,  -   -   B.C.
All Modern Conven encies, Newly Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample  Room
American and  European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Raths Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Iyntnp  Coal   for  Sale
Stock-Taking  Sale
We are offering bargains in
Boots and Shoes well worthy
of your consideration. Come,
see and be convinced.
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 s.m , second and fourth
tuadays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
H-nday school at Id a.m.; Evening
Bsrvlr* at 7.30 p.m.; Friday evening,
Utany at '.... Rev, C. C. Hoyle,
Church service* will be held every
S-her Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
Nevsmber li, 1-C��: Parochial mast
at lttll a.m.; Sunday achool, 2 p.m.,
evening devetlon, I p.m.; low maae
��_��� --Mowing Monday, �� a.m. F
Kiei-tx, D.L., parish priest.
Servicer next lord's Dsy at 11 a.m
and 7 2* p.m.; class meeting, aftei
the morning eeivic* every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2:30 p.m. every
Sunday; prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:30. Rev. J. H.
Wright, pastor.
St. Andrew's Prasbyteflaa.
���ervlcs- next Lord'- Day at 11 am.
and 7.30 p.m.;  week iii*jbt servlees on
Thursday evening at "SO o'clock. Rev
3.   3.   Hs.M.e.   nlaiatsr.
Sabbath services.���-Crescent Island,
f p.m.; Sundaysehool, 2 p.m.. Lad-
aer, 7:80 p.m.; Sunday sehool at 11
cm.; prayer meeting on Wednesday
M 1:10 p.m. Rev. C. R. Blunden,
Shoes Rubbers
Custom Work a Specialty
Pastor Russell Speaks to
Crowds In Manila.
...LOCAL ITEMS...    I
Miss    Ivy    Blunden    Is   ."pending   a
WeelC or two at the parental home.
Car of Bran and Shorts arrived at
Fox Bros.' warehouse; now* for sale.
Prices  right. *��
Delta municipality  is situated    at
the mouth ot'  the Fraser river in the |
finest agricultural  diBlrict in Canada, j
Tiie   chiel   Interests   In   the   Helta   are
farming, dairying, fruit culture, mar-.
ke-t  garde: Ing   and     horse     breeding, j
Th*   Shipping   labilities   by   rail   and
boat   to   the   markets   oi   British   Co- j
Iumbia and  the States are  unrivalled. |
The crop yield is the largest per acre
In Canada,  in the year 1909   between
.0.000  and   &0.000     tons    of  produce
were raised   in     the     Delta     district.
Along   the  south   hank   of   the   Fraser
river there- are sites for all industries.
Board    of    Trade- ��� President,     A.
Davie; Secretary,  W.  H. Wilson.
Justices of the Peace���R. *"��� Kittson
i H.   D.   Benson.   II.   J.   Kirkland,   Wm.
E. Curtis, J. B. Burr. J. McKoe.
Coroner and Health Inspector���Dr.
A.  A.  King.
School Board���Chairman, S. Wright
\I.   Robertson,  A.  de-K.  Taylor,  J.  Mc-
Cai'inn.     Secretary,  X. A. Mel narmid.
rarmers'     Institute���President,     T.
|Hume;  Secretary, N. A,  McDiarmid.
Helta   Farmers'     Game     Protective
Aasociatiis���President,   John   McKee;
Secretary, H. J. Hutcherion.
Pelta Agricultural Society���President, II. J. Hutcherson, Secretary, A.
AeR. Taylor.
Member of Parliament���J. D. Tay-
' lor,  New  Westminster.
Member of Loea* Legislature���F. J.
| "MacKenzie,  New Westminster.
Boat Sailings���S.S New Delta,
���leaves I_ulii��r every day for Steves-
jtcn at 8:80 a-m., and 3:30 p.m., con-
! nectlng wits the B.C.R.R. for Van-
I couver. Returning leaves Steveston
���at 9:"0 a.m., and 4: HO p m. S.S.
{Transfer leaves fur New Westminister daily, except Sundays, at 7 a.m.,
land returning leavee New Weetmin-
f Ster at 2 p.m., reaching Ladner at
I 6:80  p.m.
Railways���Great    Northern     leaves
' Port   Guichon   daily   for  New   West*
'minster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.;  re-
> turning leaves Vancouver at 2:30 p.m.
teaching  Port Guichon about  7.30  p.
I   Lulu Island Branch, G. H. Franklin,
Ixnc-al Manager;  Vancouver to Eburne
���Mi    Steveaton���Gars  leave  GramvlHe
Ssreet  Depot   (at north end of bridge
eveer   Failee  Creek)   at   6:30  a-m.  and
������hourly   until   10:30   p.m.     6pecial   car
���for  Eburne at  6:00  a.m.    Care leave
-. Steve-amn at 6:30 a.m. amd hourly until   10:30   p m.     Sunday  Service���First
.gs_r-9 leava eeithc-r terminus at 8:30 a.m.
���Hourly service  thereafter until   10:30
K m.
Post Office���Hours 8 a.m., to 7 p.m.
Mall for Vancouver close at 3 p. m.
For New Westminster and up river
points at C.30 a.m. Closed all day Sundays.
Municipal Council meets Municipal
Hall, Ladner, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in each month at 2 p. m.
Following are the members of the
Reeve���John Oliver.
Councillor*���C.  Brown,  H.  D.  Benson, W.  A. Kirkland, H. Lewis, A.  D.
Spring Machinery
Potato Planters, Cultivators 01, 2 and 3 horse), Garden Hand
Drille and Cultivators (Planet Jr., etc.), Plows of all descriptions,
Disc Harrows, Manure Spreaders, Seed Drills. Land Roller., Fan.
ning Mills and Baggers, Waggons, Buggies and Democrats, Gasoline  Engines   (Fairbanks,  Morse   and   Internationa!),   Chaff   Cutters,
Incubators  and  Brooders   (Cyphers and  Jubilee.)
E. T. CALVERT, Agent
Foreign Missions Investigation Committee Given Every Means For Noting Civil and Missionary Activities
Amongst tho Filipinos���Pastor Russell Tells Auditors That Christ's
Kingdom, When Established on Earth,
Will Exercise Autocratic Powor.
Manila, Jan.
14th.���Gen. W. P,
Hall, second in
command   of   the
D. 8, Army and at
one time Military
Governor of the
Philippines, is here
In compuny with
Pastor C. T. Russell, Prof. F. II.
Robiaon, Dr. L.
W. Jones, Mr. J.
T.   D.   Pyles,   Mr.
E. W. V. Knehn
and Mr. R, B. Maxwell, the special
Committee Of Foreign Missions Investigation, appointed by the luternation-
|hI   Bible Students  Association.    They
j were heartily welcomed and given every  facility  for noting civil  and  tnls-
Isionary  activities nmongst the  Filipinos.   Pastor RusseJl gave two address-
'es   today   to   large   audiences,   chiefly
I Americans.     We   report   his   address
j from  the  text,   "Thy   Kingdom  come.
Thy will he done on earth, as it is done
in heaven."   He said:���
Many of us have learned to appreciate  a   Republican   form   of   govern-
I ment as the very highest type of civil
I administration.   Nevertheless, the Bible
[teaches   that   Messiah's   reign   will   be
I that of a   Monarchy;  not only  so,  it
will   be a  very  exclusive and  aristocratic Monarchy,    Additionally, it will
| be mos; autocratic���theocratic.  At first.
I in alarm, we are ready to say. Would
not that  be a  most dangerous condition  of  things?    Ordinarily   yes.   but
First-class music supplied for
dances, bane-net*--, etc. Apply Howard
Bri -���.  Ladner,  B.C. *������
R?v. Mr. Taylor, rector of the
Anglican church at Agassis, was a
vllstor   in   town   on   Wednesday   last.
H is reported that four doctors
were in attendance at the Farmer.''
Institute  ball  last  week.
H, A. MacDonald and Asahael Smith
motored over to Aldergrove m Thursday e.n   business.
Mr. A, elf. 7:. Taylor was in Vancouver .luring th- early pari of Ihe
. week,
if     McCormack,    of   Vancouver,  a
'former   re-siele.nt   of   the   Delta,   was   a
visitor   in   town during the  nasi   week.
Thi    Rl ���       ���*     "      H   ;.-,    ;.:.,;   Mr.    II.
1N.   Rich  w-re- passengers to Vancouver on   Monday las:   -end   .ittended  the
funeral  of the late Father Clinton.
Mr. "Asahae! Smith returned on
Wednesday from the Royal City,
where he attended ii meeting of the
direct..rs of the People's Trust Company.
The fi-'ta school hoard at its meeting last Saturday passed the estimates
for the ensuing year ind also appointed Mi.ss Pierce, late of Paris-
boro, N.S., as teacher of the Westham   Island   school.
J. 'V. Ile.ilingshf-H'l, tho ]e,ra]
I horseman, has secured the service- of
jWm. Btirrell. formerly connected with
th,. R. J. McKenzie stables at Winnipeg. Mr. BurreM has had a long
experience in this line and ;> at present training two or three horset for
. the   Pacific   ' '< -Si   eir   ni*.
when I shall describe the nature of the
7Jhe *Delta Ui
(jriCKEST     AND     MOST     DIRECT
Via Steveston and
Daily���In Effect October 1.
Leave Steveston���9.30 a.m.;  4.30 p.m
Leave   LadneT���S.30   a.m :   3.39   p.m
Notice is hereby given, that 30 days
from the iirst publication of this
notice, the Corporation of Delta will
apply to Hi- Honor the Lleutenant-
Governor-in-Council for the approval
of the plans of the Delta Water Works,
and that said plans art open to public inspection at the office of the
Municipal Clerk, during office hours.
Ladner. Jan.  ICth, 1912.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
AI,_5 and all kinds ol
Your Patronage Solicited
Horses,  Dairy  Cows, Implements and Effects
Comprising one team, of mare 10
yeara e.ui iltoo ibs.) ana one horse
11 years old (1300 lbs.) ami one team
by "Royal Citizen" of 3 year-old gelding (1400 lbs.) and lilly, 3 years old
(1400 lbs.); 1 fresh cow. 4 years old;
1 cow, 7 years old, due te. calve on
March 1st; 2-year oid heifer, with
calf; veal calf, 4-inch tire wagon, hay
rack, democrat with two seats, new-
buggy, set of heavy harness, set of
buggy harness, Massey-fHanris binder,
Decring mower, two-horse broadcast
seed drill, 12-inch plow, scratch harrow, potat.) cultivator, Planet junior seed drill, and cultivator.
Magnet cream separator (new),
No, 3 Daisy churn, and a miscellaneous assortment of tools, which MR.
H. N. RICH has received instructions from Mr. A. I.indseth. who has
sold his farm, to sell by auction, on
the premises, G. B. Main Road, 1 "_
miles  west of Ladner,  on
Tuesday, February 20th
at two o'clock p.m.
Auction   Offices,  Ladner,   B.C.
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till February 9th. for the delivering of 2500
yards of (No. 2) medium crushed rock.
Rock to he d_livere_ at landings on
the river below Tilbury Island.
X   A.  Mi'DIARMlP.
Ladner, February 1st.  lie] 2.
Mares, Geldings, Chickens,
Pigs, Implements and Effects
Comprising 2 brood mares In foal,
2 heavy draft IHiies rising 2 years,
1 filly (-driver) rising 2 years, 2 heavy
draft geldings rising 2 years, 2 heavy
draft sucking colts. I' sows, 5 dozen
chickens, binder, s,e<] drill, mower,
McCormick rake, cutaway and scratch
harrows. 4-inch tire wagon, hay fork,
pullies and 200 feet cable, 2 sets of
heavy harness, grindstone and frame.
platform scales, democrat, buggy, 2
14-leee.t gates. 650 lbs. Magnet separator. De Lava! separator, shovels,
forks, tools, etc,; all the property of
Mr,  R. 1.. Handford,
1 pony, buggy and set of harness,
harrow, binder, hay press, horse rake,
plow, harness, iMagnet separator.
churn, set of platform scales, and assortment of tools, the property Of Mr.
Myrom Wharton, winch Ml;, n. n.
IM-C.H will sell by auction at Mr. II.
L. Handford's farm. Q-oudy Road, two
miles east of Ladner, on
Tuesday, February 27th
at  two  e.'clock.
Auction  Offices, .Ladner.  B.C.
Dr. de Van's Fema.e P?..t
A reliable French rvgtUfltoi; never (nils. These j
pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the
generative portion oil tbe female system. He-use
.'ill cheap imitations. Dr. de Van _ are told at
15 a box, nr three (or $10. Mailed to any address.
The Scobel! IJrnc -^o., St. Catharine... On    J
Incorporated 1910.
We are prepared to install single
Dae or party line phonee at short not-lee. Long diitance in eonnectkm with
our service.    Apply to
A.  DeR.  TAYLOR,  Sec
Kingdom and  its  personnel,  all  jour
fears will assuredly vanish.
The Reason  For the  Failure of Napoleon and Papacy.
Scripturnll.v. the Kingdom is desertb
ed as Earth's l-'ifth Universal Empire
I remind you of the Divinely Inspired
dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, as iu-
terpreted by the Prophet Daniel. The
great image of Daniel ii, 31 was described as representing the four successive Universal Empires of earth-
Babylon. Medo-Persla, Grecia aud
Home. No tifth Universal Empire has
been possible: bence the failure of Nn-
poleou and of Papacy to accomplish
their intentions.
The Pastor declared that the present
governments of Europe represent the
ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image,
and expressed the belief that very
soon they will be smitten in a great
time of trouble, as outlined In this
prophecy. The trouble will entirely
sweep away all present human govern
ments. and the Kingdom t-f Messiah
will gradually, during a thousand
years, fill the whole earth.
This, in Nebuchadnezzar's vision
was pictured in the stone, taken out ot
the mountain without bands, miracu
louBly, wbicb smote the image in its
feet and then became, itself, a great
Mountain or Kingdom, and filled the
whole earth.
Anticipating thoughts in the mind-
of bis hearers. Pastor Russell claimed
that Christendom has been astray for
some time on this point: that it has dee-lured Christ's Kingdom as already ex
isting The kingdoms of Europe unit
edly are called Christendom, which
means Christ's Kingdom. But alas:
said the Pastor, how untrue! The king
dems claim upon their coins to be
reigning by the grace of God. yet the
Bible says that they are -'kingdoms ot
this world,' and that the great ruler
is "Satan, the Prince of this world."
The Church Is the Kingdom.
Tbe Pastor claimed, however, that
the Church is the Kingdom of Messiah,
ln an embryotic state, it is tiie Kingdom of heaven suffering violence, as
.lesiw said iMattbew xi. 12.1 The
King suffered violence. His Apostles
suffered violence, and all of His faithful followers since then bave suf
fered violence, This lesson, to en
dure violence us good soidiers. is oue
of tbe tests of loyalty upon the called
and Chosen, who. proving faithful, may
become Joint-heirs with Jesus in His
Messianic Kingdom.
As the glorified Jesus is to be  the
Great King, the Great Priest and the
Great Judge of the world during the
thousand years of  Mis glorious reign.
so the elect Church, gathered from ev
ery nation, people, kindred and tongue,
are   to   be   under priests,   under kings
and subordinate judges.    The   Kiugly
Office will be for the ruling, controll- j
ing aud subduing, with authority und
power: the Priestly Otlice will  be ex
ercised   for   the   blessiug.   encourage- j
ment. Instruction and assistance of a!!
who will avail themselves or tbe glo- j
fious privileges of that time to become |
perfect men and to attain everlasting
The title of Judge is a comprehensive one: It includes the giving of a
trial as well as the passing and exe-
e-utlon of the sentence at the close.
The trial Day for the world will be a
thousand years long. (See II Peter 111.
7. 8.) St. Paul says. "God bath appointed a day in which Ue will jndge
the world in righteousness." He also
advises ns. "Know ye not that the
saints shall judge the world?'
Miss O. Cederberg Is suffering tram
a felon on  her thumb.
J. Johnson, proprietor of the Deiit
Hotel, is still eon-fined to his row*
by a severe attack of rheumatism.
Mr. II. Trimm was In New West-
miii-ie r on Tne;. iay an . returni ii i
bis home on W. Inesday.
At the Shamrock ball gentlemen are
requested to remember that white
glbves   are   called   lor.
Ploughing is general throughout
the- district and large areas of land
ar.- already  In shape  for planting-.
Waterworks Engineer Jacobs has t.
gang of men at work at the waterworks putting the- finishing touches oi
the  Bystem anel  plant.
���"m Sunday ne.xt the pulpit of the
Me th...list church will be- occupied ny
Rev Mr. Lyons, who recently came
from   Ennlskillen,   [Teland,
Among those- from this district win
took In the Firemen's ball in Vancoij-
\i-r, on Thursday night, were Missel
Lord, Devereaux .end Cederberg, an,
Messrs. Scott, Brawn, Hutcherao***,
Oliver,   Smith   an.d   Grauer.
Mr. L. Hornby has just returoe*
after an extended visit of thi-.-*
me.nths through the United States ane
the ('!il Country. During his star
;e!.r..ai! he- purchased a very line two-
year-old shir- stallion weighing about
1-900 pounds and expects it to arriw
at Ladner about April 15th. The
sir,, of this animal won Iirst prizep
st   London   and   Birkenhead.
W. H. Smith has sold out h'Bf
grocery and bakery business here te
Mr. T. i;. Tennant, of Vancouver.
It is understood thai the lotileling wio
be greatly enlarged an.l Mr. Tennsn-;
.- ���' convert it into a departmenta.
store, Mr. Smith will in all proba-
billty open up in business in New
The white gentleman above Is one of four who started out withou'.
capital to walk around the worid for a prize of ten thousand dollars giver,
by a Colorado newspaper, His name- is Slbbert W. Kriez. He got as far t\e
Sumatra, where the ciuartette was taken for a contingent of Dutch spies
and fired on by the natives, who were enemies of the Dutch. Kriez's thre-t
companions were killed���ami two of them eaten by cannibals, Kriez escaped
and is still walking. He must return to Denver by January 5th, 1913, t*
get the money.    (Cop.-, right by Underwood.)
Hie Honor the Lieutenant-Governi _���
in council has been pleased to make
the following apepotnts Frederick
Dangerfic-lel. of the City ocf Victoria, to
be a janitor in the Parliament Buildings, from the 1st day of January,
191-. Joseph Singer, at the City oef
Vancouver, l.arriste-r-at-la.'.v. to be a
notary public, f.nd a commissioner tor
taking affidavits* within the province
of British Columbia. Phi ������ pe Re y,
of   the   city   of   Paris.   Fra-u e.  general
.   tnmis�� loner    foj      .:  ' .   :
commissioner for taking affidavits
within the State of Fran, e, for use in
tha Courts of British Coin ml. a.
Fi >i: SA__K���Galvanized Iron water
tank: nearly new. 11-.Ids 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
NOTICE TO 1|-*I_S-"".I'V
TWO   MI I I l>  TRAIN".
alt _, Hill and T. Jansen, ranche ���
of Port Haney, wi re run ei >> n and
killed by a Seattle-Vancouver train
on the C. P. R. tracks just easl
W'e stmlnsti,- .) unction about half
past five yesterday ai'ternoon. The
men were returning from an auction
bi li and wiie walking arm In arm
' on the trae k, when the train came up
behind them. Eye-witnesses stati
that the victims of th* accident step-
ped from a track on which thej  wei
 ling it, and so short v..l.< the eiii--
....��� c ..:,: Be
done to stop the train, they were
Hill was killed outright, and Jansen died a tow minutes afterwards:
The former leaves a widow and twe
daughters, Mrs Davit of the Junction  and   Mrs.   Osgre  n,  of  Lillooet.
Coroner Dr. Rothwell drove out ��*,
'the Junction at noon today to hold
an  ini|uest.
\V. Bum.':, late of the McKenzie.
stables, is prepared to dip, break ;in.l
train horses. Apply Clarke's Blacksmith Shop.
SMofi's Gun
��..- ..���.���. HEALS THE LUNGS
SATURDAY, F-lBJtt'.VKV 10, l��|*
Ke wiiiil  (ho   Boy   IVjienl.
SKA'i i i.i.. Keo. ��.���After helping
return a \-rdict of mit guilty of attempted robbery, women jurors hearing the case of the State against Harry
Hurnphey. spoke to the defendant and
e-autioned him to keep out of saloons
nnd be a better boy in the future.
"Then he heard this the judge gave it
i�� his ..pinion that a man aged It
years old. was beyond the boy period
at advice.
Babies Will He riif-cked.
V'a.-'"... rt
Changeable Effects In Soft Colorings Shown In Fall Modes.
the purpose of making it possible for
mothers with infants to attend church
_-abies will be checked free at the
Free Methodist Church beginning Sun-
,tev A room in the basement of the
church has been fitted up as a nursery and Sunday School teachers will
keep watch over the infants while
therir mothers attend the services.
Quite incidentally other members of
Ihe congregation will not be disturbed
any more by the cries of c.licy babies
during the services.
Fruit TTrt* Not Exempt.
OLYMPIA. Wash., Feb. 8.���Despite
che fact that the State Legislature has
passed a law exempting fruit trees
from taxation, the State Tax Commission, in an opinion to the asse.s-sor
Of lOheian County, declares that fruit
trees are not exempt. The ommission
holds that thc- custom of not taxing
tree* is without authority, tinder the
State constitution. In this connection
a decision of the Stat. Supreme Court
is cited t-i show that the Legislature
has no power to exempt any property
from taxation.
Wanted in Oklahoma.
OHEHAL!.-*, Wash.. Feb. 8.���After
evading arrest for three years on
Cherokee County, Oklahoma, warrant.-*
-rharging them with assault with intent to kill, William and Jesse Hol-
eomb, brothers, were accidentally
found here by Sheriff Urquhart. They
admit they are the men wanted, but
say the alleged crime "didn't amount
fo much.
Victim of Heart failure-.
SEATTLE, Feb. 8���After being
"rescued from the waters of the bay
today, Wm. Brown, aged SS, sat up
and said to his rescuers T guess I am
all right now." Then, without another
word, he fell back deal. He had succumbed to an attack of heart disease
caused by the shock of plunging into
the water.
Cracks in Concrete Bridge.
flPOKAXE, Wash., Feb. 8.���On ac-
oonnt of shrinkage following the recent cold snap, long cracks have ap-
->eared in the surface of the concrete
seed in the construction of the Monroe
street bridge, which spans the Sipi>kane
river. The bridge i.s the largest one
-composed entirely of concrete in the
i-lght-Hour Day for Nurses.
BELLING HAM,      Feb.      8.���Efforts
are  being  made   by  the    Bellingham I
Central   Labor   Council   to   bring   the
���arses   in  St.   Luke's   Hospital   under
-he eight-*'our a day for women  law.
'The   hospital   is   now   working   about
thirteen nurses on two shifts    If the j
Eabor   union   forces   it   to   divide   the
work  into  three  shifts it  will    mean '
Rbat about five additional  nurses  will
have to be employed at an additional
��pense of about $200 a month.    The I
Hospital officials contend that this in-
-rreased expense will be too much of a]
>urde n for the hospital to carry.
9124)00  for Sewer Improvement.
"BBLLrXGHAM.   Feb.   8.���Following
lhe recommendation of City Attorney
W,  H.   North,   the  sanitary  sewer  on
Broadway street is to be enlarged and
ronverted   Into   a   combined   sanitary
and  storm  sewtr,   such   as  hxs   been
���-horoughly tested in such cities as Seattle   and   Tacoma,   the     cost     being
-lightly   over   $12,000,   a   decision   to
ihis effect being reached at the regular  meeting of  the  City  Council    on
1'uplls* Failures Cost $13,000.
BELLINOHAM. Feb. 8.���'More ungraded classes in the public schools
e��f the city aie needed in .riier to do
away with the large numebr of fail-
ares, according to statements made
try Superintendent Elmer L. Cave to
ihe board of education. A total of
J36 pupils in the grades failed at th6
end of the first semester of the term
and Mr. Cave estimates that this condition will cost the school district approximately $13,000. The addition of
more ungraded classes to re-educate
at least a part of the backward pupils
***ou!d save some of these failures.
Gauzes and Thin Materials Lend
Themselves Charmingly te These
Soap Bubble and Rainbow Surfaces.
Fichus to Continue Populalr.
It looks very much as though the
majority of our clothes this fall would
be changeable in color. This Idea is
already beginning abroad and Is quite
the moment's madness among the
women who are expected to exploit
something new each month. At the
coronation ln London a great number
of gowns, hats, wraps, parasols and
stockings were worn that were
changeable and iridescent.
There is no doubt that this novelty
will be greeted with quite a good deal
of enthusiasm. There may be many
mistakes made tn choosing unbecoming   and   ungraceful   colors,   but  the
amateur can be more safely relied
upon to do this than she could to
choose among the vivid colors, sue h
as red, blue, green and black, that
have been forced upon her for the
last two years.
Mind you, these changeable tones
will not be vivid. There ls no splash
of opposing colors, such as in plaid or
stripes or checks. The mingling is
very well done by artistic dyers, and
tbe fabric simply looks one color ir
one light and one color in another.
Women have been delighted with
the effect as already seen in chiffon
cloth and ln gauzes. They prevailed
last winter among those who dressed
exceedingly well, and the effect waa
alluring. The gauzes lend themselves
admirably to the changing lights and
shadows of mingled tones, and as the)
were draped over solid colors the effect was not startling.
A soap bubble Is always less vivid
than a rainbow, and so It is that >i
changeable surface is far less conspicuous than a welt denned one iv,
more than one color.
Felt hats, It is said, will carry out
tbe idea, and Instead of being dyed in
a solid color will be done in two o��
three mingled ones and then trimine*!
In changeable satin or velvet ribbouts.
Extremely attrae-tive is the flchu pictured���a uew* model that will be much
seen during the fall and winter season
SEATTLE, Feb. S���IJutter: Washington creamery firsts -2c to Tic;
���astern fie sh soc to -lc; do storage
_6c to
Ebks i,e, al ranch Sic to 82o; eastern storage 27c.
Unions. - el low $1.60 to $2 per
sae-k. re .1 $1.76 to %'l.
Potatoes ���*���."��� '.. I ������- par ton.
H\ Timothy, Eastern Washington ii< . .1 Puget Hound $16 to |16;
straw   $9 fo    10;  alfalfa $15.
Oats. Eastern Washington $32 to
L$S4* i'ii_-..- .-.. md ' ;���> to $i!2.
Many  Uses  For Salt.
A pinch of salt on the tougue, followed by a drink of cold water, will
cure sick headache.
It hardens the p-inii anil makes th-
teeth white.
By adding a little salt to the water
cut flowers may be kept fresh much
By usinsr very fine, dry salt as one
would snuff for colds hay fever maybe relierod.
A shallow teaspoonful of salt dissolved in a cupful of hot water will
relieve dyspepsia and  indigestion.
Strong salt water will revive an un
cons'ious person quicker than brandy
or whisky.
Salt and pineapple juice will cure
mild cases of gastritis.
Salt added to water in which colored
Sresses are washed Will prevent fail
Smooth flatirons bj" rubbing over
dry salt.
Sprinkle dry salt on carpets and rttjfs
before.- sweeping.
CHILLIWACK,      Feb.      7.���Mayor
Waddlngl -Idermen     Eckert,
Gervan and O'Hearn aic- visiting New
Westminster and Vancouver today.
Their business is to secure a more satisfactory ��������� for light an 1 power
aad to interview
Mr. Jone -. pre�� li nt of The Elk Creek
Waterworks, tu t. the possibility of
the city acquiring its own wateer supply.
VICTORIA, Feb. 7.���South Vancouver is to be allowed the privilege of
taking the Anderson tax sale case to
the Privy Qouncll and paying the
cost of the appeal out of the municipal treasury. A bill for this purpose will prabably be introduced
within a few  days.
Black In Furnishing.
.    Quite a number of people- are nsin->
| black   largely   iu   the   furnishing  and
|decoration  of their  rooms just  now.
Some of the wall papers ''*ilh flowers
cm a block background nre delightful.
but as they aro expensive they cannot
'be within the- reach of all.
|    People who do not go iu  for black
, wall   papers  or  cretonnes  or  carpets
j contrive  to  get  tou. ties  of  black  In
some   other   way.     Black   iron   stair
ro.l-s.   for   instance.   Instead   of   brass
ones  look  very   well  against  crimson
stair ' arpets.
I The demand for old black laeqaei
fnrnitun.- h-is sent the prices soaring
[op, and old black Wcdirwood teapots
I are being t'ikeii ont of <'Una cabinets
by people who are lucky enough to
possess them snd made useful as well
��s ornamental once a-;aln.
Shilohs Gun
*_���-____- MMIA-Sfl-e HUU THE LONGS
Stops coucis frics. ��ecu���
Down Pillows.
Those who have been troubled by
lhe sifting through of down tn pillows
% ill be glad to learn ot the following:
Iron tbe muslin intoriirrfu;: cm tbe
wrong side with a hot Iron which has
been well nibbed" rn beerwax. Tba
wax will act like varnish on ths
smooth surface and thos
Is-wb from
Moioi-iiian Anderson Hoots iM-aiii in
an  Accident iu  Vancouver���
Two Men Hun.
VANCOUVER. B. C, Feb. 5���
Plunging Into the rear e-nd of a '
stationary iat.rurban tram through
the thick Lfttervenlng bank of fog.
ClraHeiview car No. H.s, heavily loaded wuh passengers, telescoped itself
upon the great st--c-l frame of the
Westminster tram on Hastings street
ea.t at 11 o'clock on Saturday evening. After an hour's toil a wrecking crew were able to jack the pro-
j'icting platform ol the larger car far
enough above that of the other to pull
out the mangled body of Motorman
Anderson of the* city car. who was
killed. Conductor Frede-rick Sumner
of the interurban suffered s>_vere
bruises about the head; Ueorge Pur-
cell, a companion standing near him.
was injured about the head and an
artery of the left shoulder peaetrated;
James Kirkham, a passenger on the
lirandview car, suffered injuries
which made his despatch to the hospital necessary, and some dozen of the
passengers received bruises which
were attended to in nearby houses.
Motorman Anderson, who lived at
224* St. George street, had been in
the employ of the IS. C. E. K. for
some time. He was not married An
inquest will be held.
lt appears that the Westminster
tram which left the i.'arrall street
station at 11 O'clock with Motorman
Carl Lickburg in front and Conductor Sumner behind, was proceeding
very slowly along Hastings street Oe-
hinS a Hastings street east car, and
followed closely by Qrandvtew car No.
288. At Heatley avenue the interurban car stupp-d suddenly owing to
the trolley of th ��� car in front coming
off the wire. The Urandview car
c-aime en at the same rate as before,
and tiie platform of the interurban
crushed in the chest of the motor-
mia  before  h-�� could  escape. The
he*avier framework of the Westminster tram prevented very much of the
city car penetrating the vestibule, to
which fact Conductor Sumner probably owes his life. The roof of the
Oraadview car tore great pieces of
flesh from his head so that several
stitches will be necessary, but it is
not believed that the skull was seriously injured.
His companion. Mr. Purcell, suffered most from pieces of glass striking
him. The passengers who received
injuries were mostly in the rear end
of the Grandview car.
Grand Annual Ball
���OF THE���
Shamrock   Lacrosse    Club
Will be held in the
McNeely Hall Ladner
Friday   Evening,    Feb.,   16   1912
Everyone Cordially Invited
Doors open at 8.15
Grand March at 9 P. M. Sharp
Gentlemen $1.00
Ladies Free
Supper at Delta Hotel
Earl Groy Ttooeive-g Coveted H-OMor���
Historic Ceremony Performed in
Sewn of Pageantry.
liONDON. Jan. 23.���Amid a scene
of pageantry and in the presence of
an Illustrious company, Earl G-rey'-
name today was added to the roll of
the Freemen of *.ho historic city of
London, in recognition of his services
to the Empire as governor-general of
Canada. This, the highest honor the
citizens of LnnJon can bestow, has
been the coveted poseesslon of the
first British statesmen and warriors
all through English history.
By his accession to this body, which
from Saxon and Norman days, has
preserved London's liberties against
kings and parliaments alike, Ear!
Grey gains quaint privileges. He is
given the right of Ingress and agresa
and freedom from arrest within the
city limits. He may even raise an
army in defence of the King, or to
safeguard civic rights. Unhappily for
freemen, in these Lloyd George days,
they have lost the old privileges of
freedom from taxation.
Lord and Lady Strathc-ina and Dr.
R. J. B. and Hon. Mrs. Howard were
among the Canadians and friends of
Canada specially summoned to witness
the ceremonial. There were al90 present Lady Grey, Lady Minto, Hon. G.
H. Perley, Sir Hibbert and Lady Tupper, Sir Thomas Skinner, Genera!
Hanbury-Williams, Viscount Milner,
Lady Eileen Roberts, Mr. Alfred
Smithers (chairman of the Grand
Trunk), Admiral Sir Archibald Douglas, Admiral Sir Charles Drury, Sir
Hugh and Lady Graham. Hon. W. S.
Fiiding, Lady Kirkpatrick, Mr. F. Orr,
Mr. Lewis Arderman, Sheriff Hanson,
Dr. Pelletler (Quebec's agent general), Mr. and Ms. G. McLaren Brown
of the Canadian Pacific, Mr. Ronald
and Mrs. Armour, Mr. Richard Grigg,
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Griffin. Dr. and
Mrs. George Parkin, Mr. Donald McMaster, M.P., and Mrs. McMaster, Mr.
W. M. Botsford, Mr. F. Williams Taylor, Mr. W. L. Griffiths, Mr. J. Obed
Smith, Mr. G. C. and Mrs. C-hlpman,
Mr. Arthur Hawks, Mr. R, H Ben-
ne-tt. K.C.. Calgary, and Mr. J. (J. Col-
mer-Woods, Vancouver.
Rudie Kittson Pres.
Leonard Dennis Sec, Tres.
^wjltfakes a Specialty of-**
fob ana
���:->��<~x-<-o-^^-���<^~���w-^<fr^>^���> -:--->-*x--��-<---x-<~x--*^^^^
A       Profits are Asenrecl trom yoar  Hors***-!. Cattle & Poultry, by lhe u-��* of A
| Pottie's Celebrated Australian Stock Remedies |
}��              They have behind them over 100 years of success and are indis- v
A      pensible to stock owners.    Their use  means  hundreds of dollars  to X
y       you.  They can be secured from   *| w        �� ���
\               E. T. CALVERT, LADNER, B. C. J
-J*      iSM Bridge Street. Vanoourer. B.C.    S
Tne Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate*" IHI.
CAPITAL AVTHORIZBD 11"),���*>,"��-���-
CAPITAL PAID-UP f ��,_--,00-
KFJSHKVi:  FUND          fT.05��,18-
Total AsMet_i Over Oae   Hundred and Tea MillieHw.
Jtccomnts mt Omt-et-Uemn  Customers Simem Speeimt Jittention
Ac-p-v nt-i may be opened with dapo-rits erf ONE DOLLAR and Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, half-j early un June SOth aad Deonehet
Slut, each year.
E. F. Douglas
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
9T.  J'iUN".  N.B.,     Feb.   '.   -Pr**jnri ���������:
I'lemrn:.-..   .-���  ted  *imo time a*,ro  tbat
(20,01    ���   .-- ������  '   he  spent   Si
ment (Work in  New  Brunswick  within
rs, He hs   :   >' sod his i ittm i te
Bind at ' ���   on Monday evening
placed tl si   '25,000 0 :0   Th's
u-;i! include railway eonsttructl-mii   harbor development at St. John, Jevjel ip-
ment   of   water   powers,   mineral   resources,    luTk-iiltnra!     r     ���  - em     ind
new ini ..iti   ..    Tih*e federal Minister
of the interior anncranced <-,:i Mopc-ay
that he ha= . ...n; ,. '��� .1 am arrangement
with the- New Brunswick   Premier re-
| SardinK the manner in  which the  Iio-
, minion  gov-arnmeini   would   grant aa-
I Biirtance  to  the  province   In  carrying
out   a   more   ai -      s -e-   Immigration
! Policy.
VICTORIA, Feb. 5���In a loss of
$S,61".0n on buildings and contents
given a*> the total fire loss for the
month of January in the fire chief's
monthly statement the principal loss
is put down as the fire at the provincial jail.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phnsnhnn-nJ restores every nerva ia the body
rnm-iiiniiui ~ jjj proper tension . -e,*0re��
trim and vitality. Premature demy snd all sexual
weakness averted at once. Fhoaphoael will
make yon a new man. Phce (8 ��� box. or two for
K. Mailed to any sddress. Tbe BeakeU Drmg
Co.,-..Catharine-,Out. ,
The PeojriesTrust Co., Ltd.
Capital Authorized, $500,000.00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Executed
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
H. A. MacDONALD, Mgr., Notary PuMic
People's Trust Building Ladner, B. C.
Skills of
Wedding I
7/fe mortal
Call and See Samples
The Delta Times fas published every
Saturday from th* !__-_��� Buildlm-
Ladner,  B.C.    3. D. Tartar, saaa-
__��� --*������  ��� ���-"


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