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The Delta Times Mar 7, 1914

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Array Volume 7
jjju.il of Trade WU1 Discuss Transportation Issues on Monday
$1.00 A YEAR.
One of the main topics to be dis-
Grant Smith & Co. and McDonell Are
Successful Tenderers at
OTTAWA, March 2-The contract
has been signed by the Cabinet for
the harbor development scheme of
Victoria, B. C. The successful
tenderer was the firm of Grant,
Smith & Co. and McDonell Limited
the contract price being $2,244,745
With the letting of the contract
for Victoria harbor the government
has now under way big national har
assed at the regular meeting of the j bor development schemes in all the
leading ports of the Dominion, including Halifax, St. John, Quebec,
Montreal, Toronto, Port Arthur and
Fort William, Vancouver and Victoria.
A breakwater is already under
construction in the outer harbor of
Victoria, and the present scheme of
development provides for a series of
piers inside the breakwater.
Delta Hoard of Trade on Monday
evening next will relate to the present ferry service, and in this reject Secretary S. W. Fisher is in
teceipi of a letter from the Vancouver Automobile Club, iu which
several objections to the existing
service are embodied and the suggestion is thrown out that a delegation from these two bodies get
together and endeavor to arrive at
some determination which would result i'i a prompt betterment of the
-service, in the way of giving a
greater number of trips.
The main objection of the Auto
Club seems to be that there is now
no trip made in the afternoon between the hours of one and six p.m.,
all,i they wish an extra trip thrown
Ir. or ihe hours of the present service changed. Secretary Fisher
points out, however, that the contract of the "Scanlon" calls for only
!our trips and  he  opines that  the
Attorney-General Bowser Introduces
Bill Which WiU Affect the
Doukhobor Colonies.
VICTORIA, March 2.���A bill
which ls Intended to regulate the
government of community settlements in the province, and which
will directly affect the Doukhobor
colony, was introduced on Saturday
in the legilsature    by the attorney
Mr. Thomas Todd Sustains Loss of
Left Eye When Gauge Glass
in Boiler Breaks.
Mr. Thomas Todd, night watchman at the McLelan Lumber Company's mill here, had the misfortune to lo*se his. left eye on Thursday night last when the gauge glass
on the boiler, near which he was
standing, suddenly broke, the pieces
flying in 'every direction. Several
of the flying splinters struck Todd
about the face and neck a��d one
lodged in his left optic, inflicting a
deep gash.
The injured man was hustled to
the General Hospital, Vancouver, as
soon as possible, and last Sunday
evening was successfully operated
upon by Dr. Bouchier and the eye
Mr. Todd was upwards of fifty
years of age and had resided in
Ladner for a number of years. He
is progressing towards a rapid recovery and much sympathj U felt
for him  in his misfortune.
Council Lay Tenders Over for Further Consideration at Saturday's Meeting.
Plowing   is   now   in   full   swing
general.   The bill provides that every
board would be averse to having thei person who ls a member of the com-, ,.    _..     ���   _.,    ^
hours changed from the present andj.munlty shall be under obligations to! throughout the Delta "and" upwards
would only favor a change which; register the birth of a child born in1 of two-thirds of the land under cul-
troutd _ive an increase in trips. I the community and to give notice ot  tivation here is 'already turned over.
There the matter stands at pres-  death in any case of which he may Tne m-ld weather followed by indi
est, but it  is  altogether   probable  have knowledge.
that a delegation to meet the Club       It  also  lay8 upon  every  member
of the settlement or community the
men will be appointed at Monday's
meeting. The board are confident
of an   increased  service  being  in-
cations  of  an  early  spring  caused
the farmers to commence operations
_ rather earlier than usual and all are
duty of seeing that    every child ln| optimsItic   of   a   splendid   growing
the settlement between the ages of1 season   for   1914-       "Prospects  are
lugurated   shortly   by   the   govern-   7  and   14  shall attend     h   �� excellent  for a  bumper crop," said
ment to meet   the  demands of the | a;80 provlde8 tht ���..., ex-Councillor   George   Dennis,   to  a
mm- montha and anything which |b^ representative,   "and   I   am
hasten such a step would be! Health Act In the same way  hat  he confident that this  year  will  be a
owners or occupants of houses are tbanner ��n.e ����� the crop growing his-
now liable. tor-v of  t!le  Delta- Out towards,
i East Delta the-plowing is practically
conplete and owing to the baked na-
Tenders for the supplying^ of the
municipality with crushed rock and
ot which a number of prices were)
received were left over until the
April meeting of the council ab
their regular session on Monday
last. Tenders for the clearing and
grading of the Peck road also followed the same course.
Communications were reeved as
Royal Columbian Hospital, notifying council of patients admitted. Received and filed.
Delta Agricultural Society asking
for annual grant of $300, received
and request granted.
Delta  Game   Protective    Assocla
A   Bill   Introduced   by   Hon.   \V
Bowser  Provides   for  Power
to   Impose   Fee.
Hereafter the Iieutenant-govern-
or-in-council under powers conferred by a new act will have authority
to require all fishermen in the
province to pay a tax. The measure, insofar as the question of fees
is concerned, follows .out the principle observed in the collection of
license fees from huntsmen. This
particular Fishery Tax Act. however,
makes no distinction between the
sportsman angler and the commercial fisherman. The commerclad
fishermen who are employed during
the salmon season by the canneries
have been of course covered by other
regulations providing for various
net licenses but so far nothing has
been done in the way of collecting
a fee from the lake or coast fisherman who goes out with a troll and
sells  tUe  result  of his  day's  work.
H. Creech Breaks Leg in Stepping
Off Train���Dot-tors Fear Necessity of Amputation.
Snapping a bone in his left leg
as he stepped off the local accommodation train near Cloverdale last
week, W. H. Creech, a Great Northern brakeman. well known in Delta,
was removed to the General Hospital in Vancouver, where fears are
voiced that th"? injured member may
have to be amputated. Details of
the accident are somewhat, meagre,
but it is stated that the man's leg
was broken near the ankle when his'
Hon asking for refund of one half .may hereafter at any time provide
fines  under  the Game Act  for the   for the collection of fees from both
Nor has any effort ever been made * ,eg lwisted uuder him as ,    . d
tc collect a fee from the sporting * ctf the movl tra|n M Jc * h
angler who casts a line simply for , wag well known in Ladner and Port
Pleasure Under tbls proposed ac Gulehon at whlch latter lace he
the       lieutenant-governor-in-couucil | ,,-_  --_���',,��,-  f-,. ���,_. -..��  ���i.   --_���-_
i welcomed by all concerned.
\o ordlng to the figures obtained   SAVS ROAD IS HIS   PBOPBWtrJ ture of the clay at that centre drain-
from the local school board, the at-1,,    _.    _. .,      ~  ! age is much eaBier facilitated there
tendance  at  the   Delta  schools   for     * -?.   lr,te* Drops   Bombshell   on 1 than  at other parts of the munici
the month   of   February  reaches  a!
grand total of 260 average daily attendance.    This   figure  includes  alii
Richmond Council Discussing.
Boundary  Road.
pality.    To this fact a great deal of
the credit must go to the originators
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 3.��� ! anu   Prora��ters   of   the   East   Delta
of the schools   ln  the  municipality j "Half of the Boundary road at New
with the exception of the Annieville", j Westminster ls on my private pro-
from  whence  the   figures   are   not j petty.      If  I  care   to,  my  solicitor
yet available. Here are the detailed figures: Canoe Pass, 40; Sunbury, 12; East Delta, 15; Boundary
Bay. 19; Westham Island, 20; Inverholme. 12; Trannant. 22; Ladner High School, 19; Division 1,
Ladner, 17; Division 2, 39; Division
.";  25;   Division   4,   24;   Division  5,
--���   i tiiia
The school board will meet in the
municipal hall this afternoon ln reg-;
j      Bslon  commencing   at    2.30. j
i   ia!   routine  and  the  passing i
of the monthly accounts will be the j
main    topics    of    discussion.      Mr.!
David Price, trustee elect, will takej
-I   at  the board for the  first
advises me, I could fence it off and
traffic would have to pass along in
the ditch. I may do that if something is not done about the re-survey
pretty quick."
Mr. F. N. Trltes interjected this
statement in the midst of a discussion at the Richmond council this afternoon of the proposed re-survey of
Lulu Island, east of No. 5 road.
Opinion on the matter was divided.
Representing the Ewen estate, Alderman Jardine announced his satisfaction  with  the  present survey  lines,
Drainage Scheme by the completion
ot which about 6,000 acres of valuable farming land was properly
drained at an approximate cost of
$7.50 per acre to the owners.
VICTORIA, Feb. 26���Estimates
for the public works department
brought down this afternoon ln the
legislature amount to $6,316,575
awarded as follows:
Works and buildings are $2,319,-
500, roadB, bridges and wharves $2,-
8fil,000,  subsidies     for  steamboats
and his opposition    to any    survey j $96,075, contingencies. $40,000
IN   l-'AVOR OF C. P. R.
Railway     Board     Gives    Judgment
Against Applicant* in Complaint
of I i.lleriou Company.
OTTAWA, Feb. 26.---Judgment
pa lieen given by the Railway Board
w the application of the Fullerton
Lumber and Shingle Company, Ltd.,
Vancouver, B.C., for an order direct-
tag the C. P. R. to desist from
charging a higher through rate than
[He sum of the locals, the decision
being againgt the applicants.
The application    was    concerned
which did not take in the whole island Mr. Nelson spoke similarly.
Mr. Jardlne said If the mistake in
surveya .vas made by the government, the government should pay for
the re-survey.
The chief supporters of the proposed re-survey were Mr. F. N. Trites
and Mr. E. A. Cleveland, the latter
of the firm of Cleveland & Cameron,
to whom the re-survey has been en-
I trusted. The former said that in
order to register certain lands east
of No. 5 road in the registry office
he had been obliged to define lt by
metes and bounds. He said Steveston needed a re-survey badly, and
if the whole Island was surveyed
again it would save many thousands
of dollars, besides endless trouble.
Mr .Cleveland estimated the cost
of the proposed survey at $6000.
When Reeve Bridge   stated    that
������ith the through    rates   on""group ' unless a resurvey was made it might
"t>" lumber from Bellingham, Wash.. 1 he very difficult to get government
'* points in the Canadian Northwest, I aid for the No. 19 road to New West-
11 being alleged tbat the through I minster. Messrs. Jardine and Nel-
r��es are excessive to the extent that l son said if this was the case they
u��t*> exceed the sum of the locals, j withdrew their opposition to the re-
Group "D" lumber,  which Includes ! survey.
er. poles, piling and timbers, Is   -
Of this there is half a million
Provincial university, $30,000 for
the London building; Essondale hospital, $24,000; Colony farm, $15,-
000; Westminster mental hospital,
Roads and bridges: Delta, $25,-
000; Dewdney, $77,000; Point Grey,
$20,000; Chilliwack, $37,000; Richmond, $140,000.
Second narrows bridge, conditional re-vote, $400,000; Chilliwack
ferry, $8000; Lytton ferry, $480;
Mission ferry, $8000; Hope ferry,
$3600; Pitt river, $900; land registry office, New Westminster re-vote,
c-iKnincttf Moves Second Reading of
Bill  to  Prohibit  Publication
Criminals' Pictures.
1 general concerned with fir, hem-
wk. lurch and spruce lumber, and
s>"iifl-d   manufactures      therefrom       Now   Westminster's  weekly   mar-
J1"! I- the lowest of the lumber rate   *cet yesterday morning had an abun
���roup covered by the Northern Pa-
-"�� tariffs.
!'���   P.   APPOINTMENTS.
MONTREAL, Marcb 4.���Announcement is made from the pas-
���enger I raffle department of the
'������""���l Trunk Railway at Montreal
������" the following appointments bave
���"en made:
51 r. W. E. Duperow, general agent
r["8enger department, Vancouver, to
�� 'I'*! ant general passenger agent
���   he Q. t: P., witb headquarters
'" Winnipeg.
tirl'r' ( '  K-  Jenny,  city  passenger
"'-" agent of the Grand Trunk, To-
juo, to be general ageht, passenger
''ix'11 ment,   Vancouver \ succeeding
���'���������  liiiiierow.
Ml- W. J. Moffatt, travelling pas-
agent,  headquarter-  at To-
to he city passenger agent nnd
'��'i agent, Toronto, succeeding Mr.
���J I'll || y.
Ml; S. It. Joyce, ticket clerk in the
office, to be travelling pas-
agent, with  hearquarters al
'. succeeding Mr. Moffatt.
"���ron to
fl ;,,.;,,
;yN'DON,    March  5.���Bf a sub-
last night put on record a de-
"Mial majority, the House of Com
thVo1'"*1 t0 ��f'lclally participate in
.    ' anama-Paclflc Exposition    and
" 'o Participate.
"1!H the government reconsider
dance of supplies, potatoes, eggs,
fish and flowers being especially
Some twelve tons of potatoes were
to be seen which were selling at $1
a sack.
Poultry was fairly plentiful, the
average price being -1 cents a pound
live weight. Eggs were on the market in quantities, selling at last
week's price of 35 cents a dozen
retail. With the approach of spring
the hens are now laying well with
the probable result that by next
week another fall In the price will
be recorded. Butter was quoted at
40 cents a pound retail.
Spring salmon of all kinds appeared on the fish stalls this morning,
while spring being quoted at 12 1-2
cents of pound, red at 18 cents a
pound and steelhead at 15 cents.
Other fish prices \\ere the same as
last  Friday's.
Meats we*e on the market in fair
diur-tities and at the usual quotations.
Flowers, especially carnations,
daffodils and potted spring plants
were, as usual, plentiful.
OTTAWA, March 5.���In the Senate in moving second reading of a
bill to amend the Criminal Code,
Senator Choquette said the object of
the bill was to prevent newspapers
publishing pictures of persons accused and convicted of crime. Iu
tlie United States there were news-
paers which printed portraits of
every criminal they could secure. He
did not think was a good thing for
the public. Attention was called to
the fact lhat the bill had not been
distributed so second readiug was
, | adjourned.
The following bills were given second reading:
Respecting the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company.
To incorporate the National Council of Women of Canada.
To incorporate the United Empire
Life Insurance Company of Canada.
Senator Belcourt's bill respecting
the pollution of the navigable waters aud a government bill extending
construction time in the Maritime
province section of the N. T. R. were
put through the committee of the
year 1912. Received and laid over
for consideration.
District registrar re application
lor registration of mortgage matter
was left in the hands of the clerk.
H. J. Ford asking for permission
to dig four rods of ���ditch osrMat-
thews road.    Permission granted.
Messrs. Burnett and McGulgan
were appointeu municipal engineers.
The McLelan Lumber Company
were granted permission to build st
railway spur on Savoy street, Guichon, at the pleasure of the council. The B. C. Milk Condensing Co.
were given permission to put a wa>
types of fishermen.
The taxation as imposed by order
of the lieutenant-governor-in-council
shall apply to "all persons who fish
' or take fish  or attempt  to -fish or l
take fish" anywhere in British Co-1
Iumbia.       All   persons  who   in  any
has resided for the past six years,
and much sympathy is expressed for
him as .hls is the second accident
of an exactly similar nature which
has happened to him within the past
two years. The broken limb ls very
badly swollen and although strong
efforts to preserve the foot will'be
made the doctors are not overly con
fident  of  so  doing.
Creech   is  a
way assist as boatpullers or other-  married man and lives with his fam
wise the actual fishermen shall be
deemed to come under the act. The
order-in-council provided for may
impose taxation either generally as
to all fish or to certain specified
varieties; it may extend to the whole
ily at Port Guichon for the past five
or six years.
of  the  province  or  to' any  portion   Attorney-General Believes Number Is
and  it  may vary  in  amount  as ap- j       in Excess of Reiiuirements of
plied to the taking of different kinds | Province.
ter pipe through the road oppositei0f fig*-.. I /-, _.
the factory and also over the dyke.      For first offence of fishing with-!     VICTORIA,    March   4.���That the
The clerk was  instructed  to  notify I 0ut having paid the tax will  mean | passage of the Trust Companies Act
a fine ranging from $in to $50 with might be the means of retiring some
from $20 to $100 for second offence,! of  the companies now  operating in
failing  payment  of   which ' the  jail Uhe proviuce, but that it would put
term   will   run  up  to  six  morths. Ithe  business conducted   by  the  re-*1
Each  day on  which  fish are  taken ! mainder on a safe and sound basis
J   A. Dewar & Co., $1.40 per yard  will   constitute  a  separate   and  dis-1 was the prediction made by the At-
on cars. I tinct   offence.       Onus  of   proof   of, torney-General    in    discussing    the
Potlatch Creek    Quarries,    $1.50J having paid  the tax will rest  uponLprOvislons of the new bill in the leg-
per yard delivered on scows. ; the defendant. ' islature yesterday.
Champion & White, $1.50 per yard
all parties on the   Wellington road
to remove their fences   off road a
Tenders for crushed    rock    were
received as follows
delivered on scows.    -
Gilley Bros., $1.40 per yard delivered on scowb, $1.50 on cars.
B. C. Transport Co., $1.25 on cars,
$1.15 on scows.
Tenders laid over for consideration.
Tenders for clearing, grading and
gravelling 20 chains of Peck road:
Hindus clearing, $200; Ford &
Hamilton,     $760;     J.    Aitkenhead,
One clause of the bill  reads that i     "The difficulty in the  past," said
whales shall be deemed fish for the ; ���*,--.   Bowser,  "was  that  some  trust
purposes of the act. companies operating in the province
____-������ __-_������_��������� I w*ere    good,    some were  bad, while
HI GILL ELECTED. some    have   been    "onductlng their
  | business   on   principles    thut   have
Re-Called Moyor of Seattle Is Again: aroused  suspicion.    Some  are reck-
Given Reiiis of Power���Great       i less and  extravagant,  son>e  are  ignorant   of   the  principles  of  sound!
Mr   Hiram' finance, and some are almost fraudu-
The Attorney-General said at the
Given Reins
SEATTLE, March 4.
C.  GUI, w-ho was elected  Mayor of j
Seattle in  1910,    recalled  in  1911,
$975;  J. Duncan, $800.    Laid over!jUEt  after  the  women  of  Washing-1 Present time there were more than
*" __ _ _ * i.L'ji .-..���. nt hunt ai .1 . . 1 1 1  ir lm im li . ._*.-.        IH
till next meeting
A temporary loan bylaw authorizing the city to borrow up to thei
amount of $50,000, in anticipation;
ot the general revenue, received its
first three readings.
The clerk wns Instructed to commence the assessment on March 2nd
ton had been enfranchised, and de-!480  companies    doing    business in,
feated in 1912, was yesterday elect-1 British Columbia, which number, he
ed  Mayor of Seattle by a majority j believed,   was in  excess  of  require-
of  about     14,000,    defeating     Mr.   ments.    "While," he said, "the pro
James D. Trenholme. posed   net  was   intended  to  curtain
The other city officers elected are: ! the number of requirements, it wilL
Corporation counsel, James E. I believe, inspire confidence among
Bradford; comptroller, Harry W.! investors." Ho explained that thej
the roll to be returned to the court: Carroll; treasurer. Ed. L. Terry, recently proposed Dominion bill was-
May St.li The clerk was Instructed These candidates were associated ' framed along tbe same lines ns tha
to call  for tenders for the piling of "''th   Socialist   nominees   and     were ; bill   now, before  tho   legislature.
een ] elected' by overwhelming majorities. |     The bill passed its second reading
the Oliver and Mathews roads.    Tho'A!> three are the present occupants      Tho great bulk of the legislation.
instructed to re : 0l the resPectlve offices. i before the House lias been advanced!
BirLn-lftwi.tr-.flt  also to h-ive milk       Incomplete returns    indicate    the   t0  lts  final stages  and  the business
,.iu  I..U..I..V. .'net, alMi in imii  nll|K| election of the following members of
,the   city   council:      Robert   B.   II".-
fol.owing accounts  werej-Maed^ foi!| ketUj 0Hver T_ Erickson, Allan Dale,
'  ' 'L ' Norman B. Abranis, C, B. Fitzgerald. All but Dale and Abranis are
members of the present council.
500 feet of East Delta dykes between
the Oliver and Ma
load foreman wus
:, also to have l
stand, moved  off the roads.      The
. pas
payment; Dr. A. A. King, $38
News-Advertiser, $28; T. W. Foster,
$100; D. Burning, $5.10; B. Gibson,
$25; B. C. GazetV, $1.80; Miss A.
Williams, $2.50; Government agent,
$4;   W.  H.  Robinson, $10.20;  N. A.
McDiarmid, $265. ���,.,�����_     ^Minister at Public Works Announce*
Council adjourned until Saturday,       Tlmt Work wn, lle ���--.- T,���8
March li at 2 p. tn. Summer.
of the session will. It is expected, be
completed late this afternoon, when
prorogation will take place.
B. C.  E. R.    Objects to Clauses in
Irrigation Act���Trust  Lo^isla-
at ion Und-i' lire.
VICTORIA, March ..���With the
session nearing completion the legislature shows signs of greater activ-
VICTORIA, Feb. 27.���Hon. Thos.
Taylor, minister of works, announced to Aid. Frank Woodside und Mr.
"Jock" McLennan, of Vancouver,
yesterday that the government pro-
posed this year to bring the Barnet , Duft-stiiart and
road    rom Vancouver city  1 mils to   ,;i.ov|(led  tlle coulldl
Port  Moody  to  a  permanent  grade.
Militia   Department   Willing  to  Pay
for Diversion of Road in
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 3.���
Involving the   expenditure   by the
Dominion authorities of a sum said
to exceed $100,000, a proposition for
the diversion of that section of N'o.
5 road, lying in the path of the Richmond Rille ranges, was submitted to
Ithe  council  yesterday afternoon by
Major   Gary.
will   give au-
.There will also be h
Ity than have yet dev^oned.    Con- made m surfacing this high
siikrable   opposition   hrti   developed ling the coming season and the en-
io three bills now befo.fl the House.' tiro work will be finished next veur.
Mr. G. R. Conway, chief engineer of!Bnrnet   road   is   a   continuation   of
the  British  Columbia  Electric  Rail-' Hastings street. East, and is an 1m-
v.ay Company, and  Mr. V.  Laurion, iportant thoroughfare.     It has fallen
solicitor of  the company,     weie  in | into  disrepair,     however,  in  recent
Victoria yesterday to protest against j years and vehicular traffic between
certain clauses In thfl Irrigatlot Act, Port Moody and Vancouver is praeti-
vhlch was read a second time at the jcally Impossible,
afternoon session.    The officials of
thority for the diversion. thc. Militia
eavy expeiulitiire i d '^    h ^
nis highway dur- | -^ a,  ^  w--t _nd  the SUrtou
road, will construct on its new route
route the No. 5 road, and will pay
back taxes claimed to be due on the
The council agreed to give proposition consideration. That there
will undoubtedly be opposition to it
from ratepayers is acknowledged.
The council received yesterday, ob-
When the  road  is built,  the only..       .     n       .  ..      f Assessor
the  company   claimed   that   the   in- link  to  be  completed  on   the  road  ttS?*_I!gJg       r      d.creastn" X
elusion of these provisions would d*- between Vancouver and Mission will   ���"_   ^'' 1,   'lj '''  f'":,,,     !
priye them of certain rights    undlr be  the  Pitt  river  bridge,  and  this   ��*��e ��..������� ^^���u^ of S mu
their present charter, and until the | road with its connections will open   ^'.^nty      ��* declared    the    rifle
ranges were a "menace and detriment both to life and property,"
and the council should not encourage their stay.
matter can be further Investigated I up the Dewdney country and much
the clauses in question hav? been I of the Interior on the north side or
laid over. the Fraser.
The Trust Companies Act hae also 	
PLYMOUTH, Eng., March
6.���Funeral services were
held todny fer the eleven
men who lost their lives
when submarine A7 dived In
Whltesand Bay. and failed to
come up. Anglican rites were
read on board the cruiser
Forth, anchored over the
spot where the submarine is
believpd       to       be    burled.
met with some opposition aud several delegations waited on the Attorney-General yesterday to protest
against .its passage. The Land Kegis-
try Act is the third act which is uot
meeting with unanimous support,
and it is probable that several modifications will be made before it
passes its third reading.
EDMONDS. March 4.���Members
of the Burnaby branch of the Social
Democratic Party of Canada will
nominate   three   candidates   for   the
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 4 ���
Municipal Clerk Wlllson  Is now en-
office of school trustees at the com-(gaged in verifying the petition for a
i ing election on March 14.    The three dyke between No. - and No. ���"��� roads.
The third reading of the P. G. E.   (u''-"   w*   Dingle,   of   Edmonds:     K.
bill was given during the afternron | SoIlls- of Jubilee, and E. E. Winch,
session, while the C. N. P. bill passed
its final stage during the evening
of Jubilee. The la'ter was a candidate for schoolvtrtistee at the lnst
election on January 17.
ROME, March 5���The chamber of
Deputies by a vote of 361 to 83 yesterday approved the budget for the O Thirteen submarines stood
new African colony of Libya. ThejO by, their crews standing un-
Soetallsts and some Republicans j O covered,
were virtually the only members of | O
PARIS, March 5.���Madeleine-Suzanne,  the  French  "Siamese   twins,'
CHRISTIANA, March 5���That the
last year was a prosperous one for
O [ Norway Is  shown    by the    official j were separated yesterday by a surg-
O I government     report    Issued     today   leal   operation   of  extreme   delicacy.
Oj showing that the national wealth of! The  operation   was   performed   with
the chamber to vote against lt.
O i the  country  Increased   from   2,848,
O I 479,000  Crowns in   1912  to  3,883,-
���J I 619.000 In  1913. an Increase of ap-
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC   proximately   $250,000,000.
especially constructed instruments hy
Dr. Gustar Le Filliatre. Dr. Ris:u her
and If lie finds it correct, the engineers. Cleveland S- Cameron, will
Without loss of time proceed to prepare estimates for the work. The
p.( Mtion is understood to be approved by a very large majority of those
interested. The engineers are now
engaged in preparing estimates for
llie Sea Island dyke, and very soon
these will be in the council's hands.
TORONTO,  .March  5.-
Sir Ueorga
and Dr. Victor de Launay nnd hisjRoss took a restless turn at 11
wife, who is also a surgeon. ' o'clock last night and he Is very low.
4  of
1 26
| to
I or
$i ���
if i
v ���
' j,
'    ��� 0
. eet
f':'f   ',on
1 | ,'ec-
.''������   ���.;.     ext
i :         ], ;��� on-
,.'���. ,'j     lit-
.:,-���'  v;fiy
.".;;    the
! 1 ��en
L Ing
?   are
���i; .   j
'   !
��� ^��*i-*>��.
;��� I ir-
��� Id.
' _t*J  �����
/:   ���'!
L 2
I for in new officials in the Forestry
; Department, Land Registry and Po-1
i'i,   which  have-  been  rendered ne-j
ceesary   by   growing   requirements. I
Some statutory officials are now in-j
'eluded   in   the   estimates,   provision i
��� also  being  made  for the  Municipal |
  Department.     About $75,000 of the
I vote is for statutory increase of sal-
Money Stringency Has Had But Lit-   aries.
tic Effect���Economy Will Be "Hospitals and charities have been
Practised. reduced $120,000 in accordance with
��� the policy of general retrenchment.
                             The administration of justice lias in-
.      creased   JliO.tiOO.     The   expense   in
VICTORIA,   Feb.    27.���lhat  the : counectlon  with  this department  is
agricultural production ot the Proj- constantly  growing,  In  consequence
ince   is    rapldl/ increasing despite of jn^easlng population.    The vote
statements to tiie contrary, was as- j for eullcatjon   Uas   been    increased
j?;i00.(J00  owing  to  the  increase in
WILL ATTEMPT    REGISTRY ACT    The ROpl Mill. 01 Ctttt
Strength of Response to Present Ef- ' second session of Thirteenth Parlia-
iort Will  Determine Fate ol merit oi British Columbia Is
Association. at an End.
(From The British Columbian.) VICTORIA,  March  5.���Objections
A special committee lias taken ' to tiie Land Registry Act which have
chaige of the affairs of the Fraser ��� been fermenting for several days
Valley Development League and a j found expression in the House at
reorganization of that body along i yesterday morning's session of the
lines that are expected to prove legislature, when Mr. Hayward, mem-
more satisfactory to the municipali-j ber for Cowichan moved that the
tie�� and civic bodies of the Fraser tut ire act should be held over until
Valley will be attempted. This ac-jthe next session of the legislature,
tion was decided upon Feb. 27 by , He argued that owing to the late
the adjourned annual meeting held , date at which the legislation had
iu the Board of Trade rooms. The, been introduced it had been impos-
coniinittee consists of one represen-j sible to give the measure adequate
tative of each of the five bodies rep- I discussion. He said that thirty-live
resented in yesterday's session. ! amendments had been submitted to
Reeve Marmont, of Coquitlam, is;the Iiouse since the printing of the
stringency in the past twelve mqntus I Mtu*.-?"of"he"workB*and*bun^bgB"_or I chairman, the othei members being  bill but that the members had been
���"     ''!'the  province  are  nearly  completed    Reeve     Lougheed,    Maple     Ridge;   afforded no opportunity of digesting
and it is not now necessary to make j Councillor Rose, Burnaby; Alderman   the provisions proposed,
further  large  appropriations   There 'tJaler'   i'ort' Coquitlam;   G.   O.   Bu- i     Mr. Hayward said that he knew of
is  a   vot*.  of  $1*0 000   for govern- I cnannan, Maple    Ridge    Board    of ! no act on the statute books that had
serted by Hon. Price Ellison, Min-
i.-ter of Finance, in his budget
speech in the House last night. Mr,
Ellison pointed out how tne increase
in population had been so rapid in
tbe province that agricultural produce still lagged behind.
the per capita allowance, as the result of the increase of population
a'nd increased grants to assisted
schools; $96,800 of the appropriation is for technical education, a new
departure, and one calculated to have
He was optimistic as to the busi- beneficial  results.       Public    works
ness outlook in the coming year. navc beell reduced from  $9,600,000
in the course of his statement the j to  $5,300,000, being a reduction in
'inance   .Minister   referred    to    the ] -���  of  -54,300,000 as compared with
*'   the   world-wide  financial ��� t]le  e8timates  of  the  present  year.
and   its  etfect  on   llie  expansion  01
the province.
He proceeded: "The financial
stringency has, of course, had some
effect upon the revenues of the ptov-
ince, but these have beeu well maintained. The appropriations for
1814-16, as will be seen, have been
considerably reduced this year.
There are, however, large undertakings, such as the Provincial University, Strathcona Park, certain
public buildings, and trunk roads
that must be completed, and for all
these purposes It Will be necessary
lo borrow money.
Deliberate Policy,
Incorpora ted 1800.
Capital Authorized      -$23,000 _�����
Reserve Funds ^JJ
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Mill-
Dollars. ",0"
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make everv _
positor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his fin. ,
affairs.   '-aanc]_l
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Unwa
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 31 �����
November 30th each year. w��
H. F. BISHOP, Manager. LADXER, b,c
i<h>.x--:-:*-xk--x*-:*-:*->'>-k*<*-m*-><^>>->^>-m*^m>^> >�����������{���*���������� �����x*��;��-..-..w4
ment buildings at Prince Rupert, i iru"e; J' w* Cunningham, New .caused more irritation than the act
$500,000 for The Provincial Univer- Westminster Board of Trade. Mr. under discussion and he was sure
sity and $486,000 for public school ��- Wllkle, for the past year secre-'that while the Attorney-General
buildings In roads streets and tarj of *'"e lea��ue* was retained as I might understand its meaning that
bridges there has been a uniform'cretar'' ��- tne committee, without! none of the members of the legisla-
reduction to $2,800.00b. making a salary. The committee will meet ln | ture knew them,
total-reduction of $3,000,000. tlus clt-v next Fri(lay, **'hen the fin- \ Popular Subject 01 Attack.
anc-ial affairs of the league will be ,     Hon. W. J. Bowser in reply said
l-orestry Branca. arranged, the constitution of the or-  that it  was a popular thing  to at-
"Uhder the head or miscellaneous j ganization revised, and the question ; tacij  tne  administration  of  his  de-
the   appropriation     for   a   Forestry , of   affiliation   with   the  league  put partment and ho quoted large folio
Branch has increased from $253,000   up    to    the    various  municipalities.   0f statistics    to    show    the    results
to  $331,000.     This increase is not ; Continued     existence of the league   achieved by the officials of the Land
only   necessary   in   the   interests  of   depends upon tha response received ! Registry Department in the branches
to this effort. | throughout the province.     He paid a
Mr. G. O. Bflehanilan was voted to ! tribute  to   the  subordinates  of  his
the  chair  yesterday,  and  the  reso- ' office for whom he said he was glad
pressed  on  that  account,    lhe tact i head of 'Lands Branch' were decreas-  lution passed bv the general annual 1 to hold a brief as they were not able
is that the spending of the surplus ; ed from $270,000 to $146,000, and ��� meeting adjourning the session one j to relate  the  charges of  incompet-
"The government has been severely criticized on account of the fact j efficiency, but it is justified by re-
that it lias practically exhausted its ' suits obtained from the forestry ser-
Burplus,   ami surprise   has   been   ex-, vice.        Appropriations    under    the
on   works  of  development  has  been   of   the   Surveyor-General's   Depart
the deliberate policy of the govern- , ment from $773,000 to $608,000. It
mt-nt,  and   it   was   well   known, .at  wi)" be seen that the Water Rights
least   to   every   public   man   in   thei Branch hns increased from $125,000
province.    During the last two fiscal j to    $102,000.       This   increase   was
years���1912-13    and    1913-14���the | rendered necessary by the getting of
estimated deficits amounted to over 1 ihe record in shape and the making
$13,000,000.    That  fact must  have  of  surveys   in   connection   with   the
been familiar to everyone who takes | watersheds.      Under   the   head   off
the  slightest  Interest  iii  public  af-| Department of Railways is included
fairs, and lt was not one whieh tne | $340,000   for   the   improvement   of
government endeavored in any sense   the Songhees Reserve; also a re-vote imembership
to    conceal.    It    therefore    is    not   of  $50,000  to  the  Canadian  Pacific |     _ , *,'
month, was read.    Secretary Wilkie | ency and laxity levied against them
was asked for a statement covering
those organizations in arrears, and
of those still in affiliation with the
league. He could not give this, explaining that his books were in Van-
as they were uot members of the
House aqd he said that when the
time came that he could not attend
to the business of his own department   without  outside     interference
something which should have occasion! d any surprise.    It is a tribute
couver.    Later it developed that all '��� he would resign his porfolio.
affiliations  lapsed   on  January  1st, j     The bill wns finally read a third
and most of the municipalities were   time, the member for Cowichan still
waiting to see what the league had | objecting to the bill when the final
to    offer    before    continuing    their 1 reading was put.
Water  Act.
Hallway   for   the   reconstruction   of ]
Reeve Lougheed explained the ob-
Which permitted the Legislature to
expend such large sums on works of
development, which placed the province at least ten yeais ahead of what
it otherwise would have been. The
actual deficits have not, or will not,
for the two years in question,
amount to more than half of the
estimated deficits, owing to actual
expenditures being curtailed, but in
any event tbe government's policy
of expenditure was a definite one
and one for which it accepts full
Heavy Demands,
"From all parts of the province
have come demands for roads, trails,
bridges and public works of every
kind. To ihow 10 what extent the
requirements In the way of roads
alone are, there are In existence 30,-
1)00 miles of completed or partly
completed roads, ln ten years the
government has spent about $20,-
OOu.noo in roads and trails. To link
Up the systun of roads, as shown
by the estimates received, It will require the enormous sum of $66,000,-
000, and that dots not by any means
include th-' r qulrements of the
years to come. In a rougher way
it has been estimated that between
$100,000,000 and $125,000,000 will
be ultimately r< quired.
Public Accounts,
"Coming now to the public ac-
corn's of 181.-13, we fi d that while
the es liuated tevenue mis $10,387,-
000, ihe actual revenue was $12,-
510.21".. or over $2,000,000 more
than v as estimated. On the other
hand the estimated expenditure of
5-17.ull.noii w;;s reduced to an actual expenditure of $15,444,822. an
actual deficit of about $3,000,000 instead of an estimated deficit of about
��7,000,000. The lapsed balance of
$3,070,870 will be found in detail
In the peb:ic accounts for the year.
Estimated Receipts.
"From the estimated receipts for
1614-16 submitted it will be seen
tnat the levtnue is sightly less than '
ihe tstimates I r the present year,
ai 1 the-se have Been conservatively
! ;��� 1 ed , nd with a view to prese
1 ond th us, 1 . ball deal brii fly with
the principal chances made.
Land sales have been reduced
$500,uoO and land revenue $100,000.
Timber licenses have been increased
���; - i,000   iiml   limber   lenses   reduced
$20,i      The Item of timber sales,
$110,000, is new and is created un-
di r the provision of the Forestry Act
ci   tlie   present   session,   permitting
Public Debt.
The next act to be discussed was
the Water Act and Mr. Williams
offered an amendment which would
have  practically  defeated  tlie main
the  Kaslo-Slocah,  an equal amount Ijee,i' ��,r tne league as originally or-
to the financial policy of the present   bavin* already been paid.     A vote ! jr*1'-'2'.'!-   W  said  it  had  got away
government that it has been enabled   of  $400,000  in  aid  of  the  Second , ,'0"1 "s ��"Sinal purpose, and faced ,,,,,,       ���    ,   ,
to  create  revenues    and     surpluses  Narrows  bridge,  Burrard  Inlet,  ha*  J5llure, *'  '.-'I.-0-��� was.-on   --��-���   provisions of the bill      He raised the
The organization  was primarily for  Question   of  the   rights  of   riparian
the purpose of aiding the farmers of  owners which he said were injurious-
tlin   Fraser   Valley,   and   the  league
The net debt of the province, ex-  should be brought back to its orig-
clusive of the $1,500,000 of treasury :inal     purpose.       He    wanted     the
bills, due 28th of May prox., is $8,-  league to undertake the organization
500,000. When tho proposed loan
of $10,000,000 is floated it will be
$18,500,000. Against this we have
arrears of land sales of $13,000,000,
bearing six per cent .interest, as
against three per cent, interest on
the old indebtedness, and the four
and one-half per cent, on the proposed new issue of $10,000,000, so
that in reality our debt will be very
small after the new liability is Incurred. When we consider the vast
assets we have in land, in townsites,
in timber, coal and other minerals
of the farmers into co-operative societies, and to aid them in dispos
ing of their products. The way, said
the reeve, to get new settlers, was
to make those already settled in the
valley prosperous.
Reeve Marmont did not agree with
Reeve Lougheed. He believed the
industrial side of the league's work
should  be retained.
The chairman said so far as he
had learned, he could not take a
report to his board that would en-
nd flsh he must be very pessimistic, ��� 'WR1, V0, rc'tain,u,s membership,
^ *      r '       111-,/"        A IH fn    ni-     cn I A      li n      mnn      1.1      �����_-...
Ind ed. and of little faith, who will
and  Aid.  Galer  said  he  was  in  the
ly affected by the new bill.
Hon. W, R. Ross in reply said that
all holders of riparian rights under
the act would be allowed until June,
1916, in which to record their
laims and tbat he was opposed to
the amendment which he said would
defeat the main principle of the bill.
A division was called and on a
straight party vote tbe amendment
was defeated.
contend that this province cannot i |"-me P��si,i0" !*s -*-e representative
bear, with a large margin of safety, I *rom Ma')le RklKe'
many times the debt already incur-1 Mr- w- G- McQuarrie, president
red. If wa compare the two new 'n- ihe New Westminster Board of
provinces of Alberta and Saskatche-; Trade, said the work of the league
wan with British Columbia in that ' v'as an important one, and one that
respect, we find the first, without its , sl'(l1--'1 he kepi up. He had spent
natural resources, has a bonded In- ��� Practlcally all his life in New West-
debtedness of  $26,383,633, and theifrninster;   there had  been  little im-
;provement and settlement in twenty
! years; there was plenty of land, and
i supplies should be produced here instead of Imported. There was,
however, something wrong with the
j organization. It should get down
I to some basis on whieh its work
could be carried on.
J.  \V.  Cunningham,  of the  Board
; of Trade,  said the  board  was anx-
j lous to see the work carried on;  lt
was not a question of benefit to the
1 city but to the  Valley;   dissatisfaction was widespread;  what was the
matter!     Responsibility for existing
conditions in the league must be put
up  to  the    executive,    and not all
thrown on tbe secretary.
Reeve Lougheed moved, seconded
by  Reeve  Marmont,  that a   special
eommittee be appointed to take over
I AMBIB, Lulu Island, .March 5.���  and conduct the affairs of the league,
Notwithstanding  the  exacting   work  to   revise   the  constitution,   and   to
laiter one of  $15,"00,000."
Richmond Poultry Association Plan
Co-operative  .Marketing  and
Purt busing ot Feed.
place the question  of affiliation  he-
���ounclls    and     Boards    of ,
ttl Odani    on    ;he   hiitr-lium   season.
ihe msimbers ot the Richmond Poul- fore the
try Association  ure making progres-1Tradt
'���'. Islve plans for the future.    These in
dude the co-operative marketing of1 able  time,
and  the co-operative  purchase      chairman   Buchannan,  Mr.  I
VICTORIA. .March 5.���Shorn of
the pomp and ceremony that marked
the opening of the session the legislature prorogued last night after
hearing the message from His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor, thanking
the members for their labor.
The routine work had been flnish-
' d during th'e two earlier sessions of
the day, and when Lieutenant-Governor Paterson entered the chamber
the labors of the sessions were re-
tapitulatul in a list of the bills passed, which was read by the clerk
1 of the House.
At  the close of this    recital    the
supply bill was    presented    to    His
Honor  by  the  Speaker,  who  thereupon read the following address:
Great Loss to Empire.
"In relieving you of your legislu-
Mve duties I am convinced I voice
the sentiments of yourselves and the
people of British Columbia in ex-
pressing dot-p regret a* -he gr'at lois
the Kmpire has sustained by the
death of the Earl of Minto. As Governor-General of Canada and in his
long connection with the Dominion,
he was universally respected for his
high sense of duty, ris devotion to
bis country and his abilities as a
statesman. The qualities were recognized by the many honors con-
ii rred on him by his Sovereign and
the important positions he was called
upon to fill.
Imporinnt Questions.
"It affords me pleasure to convey
to you  my  high appreciation of the
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
.a do or, B. C. Phone fi
I Sample Room. Prompt Service
jjj   Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Rates Reasonable '
Manufacturers and Dealers ln all kinds ot
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, T urnings and House Finishings.
Phone R14 Eburne. Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow.
Studebaker Cars Cole Cars
M. R. Wells & Son
Salesroom   -   Moosomin Avenue
Indian Motocycles Phone Eburne 17 L
Grocer and Baker
Support     L.OOAL-     INDUSTRY
Buy E. L. B. Bread���Baked on Premises
Try E. L. B. Brown Bread
careful attention you have given to
e of the valley, the Committee  the important questions    submitted
���o bring in Its report in a reason-   for vollr consideration.
"The authority given for the rals-
.   special   coninilt.ee   is I RK bnrdson.  Reeve Lougheed. Reeve I"'8 "f a P'ovl,1-,;l1 lo;,n  *��' ^ ���
Auto Truck, 45 H.P., 4-Cylinder J
Capacity up to 20UU lbs.       Easy terms can be arranged |f
Address   -
1099 Hamilton Street,
New Westminster
Vhe Weita Vi>
engaged   in   dealing   with   the |Marmont,   J.   W.   Cunningham  and
j ercised with due regard for economy
'and  so as to enable works already
former,  collecting  information   with   Councillor Hawthorne spoke on the j ������,-,,- .vav *.., ,.. ���.���,��,���.,,   ,��� ���.,,',
n gard to the Individual  production iresolution, which carried.    The com- '   1, '.[ "  L��  ,^ ?,.r lh��� L,^
ol  ranches,    market    data,    selling Ulttw was appointed and upon ad- '*      -"* m"-eMftr> for the continued
ui  hods,  etc.     There    is a    strong ; journment wet and  organized  with
sentlmenl   In   favor  of  the   assocla- ; Reeve Marmont    chairman,    and Ot
tlon  taking  upon  itself  the  sab- of ] Wilkie secretary,
| growth of the province to be under-
j talun.
irtherance    ot the engage-
*1.00 A YEAR PayabAd;n,_ce
U. S. A.
tin- sale of timher In small lots. Ths
revenue from n-nl property tax bas  eu8Kested.
i   ,ii   ncreased by 146,000. from wild      The   association
eggs,  and  the carton  method Is!     Those present at the meeting were i '"ens already entered into with
��� I  "________ _   _ t    1 1 I ��� I ��� f \ l~\        I   h A        /       '. *-l  -i  . 1   i ii  ��� , V* r-. _*J  1-.  ......
Messrs.   o. u.   Buchannan,   Maple
negotiating ' Ridro  Hoard of Trade    and    Aber-
spect to tho Canadian Northern Pacific Railway and the Pacific Clreat
"-'astern Kailway and the Kettle Val-
witb the Municipal Act and for the
better control or companies dealing
with trust funds.
censes  showin?  how   Important   an Lnst  evening the committe    (!- McQuarrie, Past 1'residnnt ).. M.
rssel   game   propertly  conserved  Is.   held .    ueel ng a< the home of Mr,   K'coarason and J, \v. Uunnihgnam,
i i from   olnl    stock    companies   R. Wilson   al Lulu   station.    It   lslNew  Westminster Board  of Trade.
have been reduced by $32,000, while Ipossible that thi   entertainment will j Industrial commission-ir Darling vas
rees under the Motor Regulation Act Ibe pui    on    bi        il    Bburne   and "ls0 present.
have been Increased by $40,000. The |Steveston,     Members of the commit- 	
tee are R. Wilson, I-'. Dumareaq, M. Suit Continues.
F.   Miller,   J.   I'ree,   l-\   A.   Tomsett, I     a  suit  for  $2000  commission  be-'Labor *Wi  no 'loubl, greatly assist
John   Stevens.   It.   V.   Peate,   D.   I". : ^ brought bv the Shaw Heal Estate rtl(-'
McKay and W.  E. Buckingham. Co., against Asa B. Steele and Bam-,
  uel Shore, \, proceeding    before Mr J ^tnnt ''������"ests
fees of $27,0on from moving pictures
are also a new source of revenue,
interest (miscellaneous) has been
reduced by 1150,000 consequent
upon the withdrawal of money from
the banks.
"The chief feature of the Budget
is the very large reduction in the
estimates of expenditure,   imount	
Aid Prom Commissioners.
"The conclusions arrived at after
careful investigation by the Royal
' Commissions on Agriculture and
will, no doi
legislature in its consideration
In  the  near  future ot  these  all-im-
! Justice    Murphy    in    the   ��^1^ g-^JWt-JI^*
: court.    Judgment    having   b.en on-'���nd t0 make the Btnre8 of the ���.,.._
LOS INQELBS, Cal.. March B.��� | *ere(1 against Steele, the de.encant ���r-, M ,-,,- ag possible available ror
to considerably over $5,000,000. The After having carved on a slab of oak. novv >* Shore, who is represented by tlle benefit of humanity must meet
total estimate is $13,760,000, as v,ood the epitaph "Robert Laboreau., Mr. J. A. Aikman. The payment be- with general approval.
against $19,000.000 for the present a failure," Laboreau took his ilfei'ug sought is said to be due on th3 -The amendments to the School
fiscal year. ' Civil service salaries yesterday by turning on the gas in: sa e of ."��� acres of land in the Mount Act, extending the scope of education
are $327,000 in excess of last year, his room. He was a tombstone Tolmle district for $40,000, the pur- and providing for the teaching of
Nearly $250,000 of this is accounted ; carver. I chaser being Mr. J. A. Cavanagh.      [technical   subjects,  are  Intended  to
keep pace with the demands of modem life.
"I thank you for the liberal supply granted, for the administration
of public affairs, and in taking leave
of you,venture to express the hope
that your labors may prove of the
greatest benefit to the province of
British Columbia."
Session I'nils.
At the conclusion of the address,
the Lieutenant-Governor left tho
(hair and Mr. Speaker occupied the
chair of office on which he i**at
through many tedious hours during
the last six weeks.
The Hon. H. E. Young then rose
in his place and read the following
"Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of
the Legislative Assembly:
"it is His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor's -will and pleasure that
the legislative assembly be prorogued until it shall please His
Honor to summon the same for dispatch of business, and this Provincial legislative assembly is hereby
prorogued accordingly."
At the close    of this    announce
ment the House rose and sang
Save the King," thus ending tne i
ond session of the thirteenth pi
ment of British Columbia.
South     African      Assembly    P����
Clause in Indemnity Bill in<"
iiiK Action of Government.
CAPETOWN,     March     3.--
House of Assembly yesterday   J
vote of 72 to 15, adopted the ��U��J
in the Indemnity Bill ���'"��!;"""v'.:)0r
deportation recently  of  �� :"     ",,-���
leaders because of their conne-
with the general strike.
WiU Iletnliiitc
,      9      Mr    Tonl
LONDON,    March    9^-VX.    ���-,
Mann, English labor leader,����,w
heen at the head of    -
movements,   will    sail    t'or
Africa on Saturday to organ'   m
labor agitation in retaliation i
expulsion of the South Africa"
leaders after    the    recent
strike. SATUBDAV MARCH 7, 1914.
Miss Gladys Devereaux was a visitor to Vancouver this week.
Mr. Robert McKee and Miss Heard
spent Wednesday ln Vancouver.
Mr. S. W. Fisher was a business
sitor to Vancouver on Tuesday.
Mr. Weare was a business visitor
to Vancouver last Monday.
.Miss Mabel  Lanning spent Tuesday in Vancouver.
W.  Wells,  of  Eburne,  spent
days ln Ladner this week.
Parcel!, of Vancouver, spent
days in Ladner this week.
Mr.   Stone,   of  Vancouver,   spent
week in Ladner on business.
Mr. Harry Benson expects to
leave shortly for Alberta to begin
work on his ranch.
Miss Grace Grace Frederick re-
turned on Sunday after a few days
spent in Vancouver.
Mr. P. W. Forrest, of Vanco.\yfer,
.as a business visitor to Ladner on
Monday last. t
Rev. C. C. Hoyle journeyed to
New Westminster on Wednesday
.Miss Fields, of Vancouver, spent
Monday and Tuesday with her sister,
Mrs. C.  0. Lambert.
Miss Mary Kilby is in the city on
a visit to her sister, .Mrs. Follis.
Mr. Cauley, of Victoria, spent a
few days in Ladenr this week.
Mrs. Stratton hag just returned
from a  winter spent  in  California.
Dr. Alton, of Eburne, spent Tuesday in Ladner.
Mr. Britton, of the B.C. Telephone
Co., was in Ladner on business Monday.      *
Miss Burnsides, of Vaneouver, is
the guest of Miss Grace Gray this
Mrs. D. A. McKee returned home
on Wednesday after a few days spent
in Vancouver.
day  in   Vancouver,   returning  Wed
nesday morning.
The annual meeting of The Mutual Fire Insurance Company ������;'
British Columbia was held in the
large board room, Crowe & Wilson
Chambers, Vaneouver, on Wednesday, February 11, at 2 p.m., when
there were present: A. C. Wells,
hon. president; Thos. Kidd, president; Capt. W. F. Stewart, vice-
president; L. R. Ruthier, James
Bailey, B. W. Garratt, W. J. Frederick, Wm. Heaton, David McKee, J.
Laity, J. W. Miller, Jas. Thompson,
directors. There was also a representative gathering of the company's
agents and members. Mr. A. C.
Webster, of Agassiz, was appointed
a director of the company.
The manager, Mr. Wm. Townsley,
laid before the meeting the balance
sheet and report of the company's
auditors, Messrs. W. T. Stein & Co.,
and stated that the year had been
a most prosperous one in every way.
During the year the companv
wrote $1,647,220.00 of insurance,
and the total amount now in force
! is  $4,059,175.00.
The fire loss during the year has
V. D. Paterson spent Tues-  been very light, amounting to only
$1740.00.    The company has added
over   $9000.00   to   its  cash  reserve,
which is onw $15,617,92.
.Mr. Alex. Davies returned from al     In   addition   to   its   cash  reserve,
business trip to Vancouver on Wed-1 the company has collateral security
nesday  morning last. to  the   amount  of   $83,456.68;   this
 ��� is  in   the   form   of   premium   notes,
Mr. Walters, of the White Stores, | each member giving the company a
Ltd., was a business visitor to Van- j note for 2 per cent, of the amount
of his policy.    These notes average
$39.45 per member, and this amount
Clnuse in Game Act Giving Farmers
Free Licenses Is Eliminated
by the Legislature.
FLINT. Mich.. .March 4.���-Ninety-
seven names of candidates appeared
on the election ballots today when
Flint voters went to the pollsfor the
city primaries. J. A. C. Menton,
Socialist, and present Mayor, is seeking re-nomination, his opponent being J. R. Sloat. Four tickets are
in the field.
couver on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Murphy motor
ed to Vancouver Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Presley, Miss Elsie Honeyman   and   Mr.   R.
with a small annual cash payment
constitutes the average member's
total liability. They can only be
called upon pro rata in case of necessity, and such necessity has never
Baker   spent   the ' arisen.    The company has now been
Mr.   and   Mrs.   J.   McEachern  returned on Friday last from a three j
i,ninths' wedding trip and will make
their home  in  Vancouver.
week   end
>uests   of   Mr.   and   Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Fisher, who
have been visiting relatives in Nova
scotia the past two months, 'are expected home early next week.
Mr. William Maxwell returned to
Ladner a few days ago after an extended tour of Eastern Canadian
operating about twelve years, and
not a cent has ever been levied upon
any premium note.
At 7 o'clock the members helcl
their aunual banquet at Spencer's
lestaurant. The caterers had excelled themselves in the repast they
  | had  prepared,  and  the  tables  were
Registered   at   the   Ladner   Hotel j beautifully    decorated. Speeches
this week are:  Messrs. G. A. Hyde, i were delivered by a number of those
W. Watkins and F. Forsyth, alf c/, present, and a most enjoyable even-
Keep Thursday, March 12, in mind
���the night of the concert in McNeely Hall by the Hastings trio and
i,i)iers of Vancouver. * .
I Vancouver.
ing was spent.
VICTORIA, .March 5.���Amend- I
ments to t.ie Game Act, whieh have !
beeU the subject of considerable dis- I
eus'sio.. among niembres during the I
last few days produced an argumeu- j
tative debate that became heated at j
times during yesterday afternoon's j
session of the legislature.
Hon. W. J. Bowser moved to re-I
consider the amendment introduced |
several  (lags  ago,  providing free  li- '
censes for farmers over the electoral
districts of the licensees.    He claimed that  farmers as a rule did  not
shoot out of their own electorate and
that the elimination  of  the license
tax would cut down the revenue ob-
ained  from  this  source  by  25   per
The Premier said that for a long
time he had been opposed to game
licenses and on the suggestion of
the farmers themselves had put a
stop to the sale of game. He argued
tnat the exemption of farmers from
the provisions of the act would be
considered as class legislation.
Mr. Parker Williams in opposing
the re-entry of the clause said that
the member for Cowichan, who had
originally introduced It, wa3 in a
better position to know the wishes
of the farmers than the Attorney-
In opposing the re-admission of
this clause Mr. Hayward said that
he could not agree with the Attorney-General in this matter. He said
that among farmers shooting was a
necessity and not a luxury and that
the game procured was used for
food or for the salvation of their
Mr. Lucas, member for Yale, suggested the repudiation of all free
licenses and on a division the Attorney-General's motion was carried,
twelve voting with Mr. Hayward.
Mr. Eric O. Taylor, of Vaneouver,
spent Sunday of last week witb his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. deR. Taylor.
in your
J.  Du,
Please cut out and place
Telephone    Directory:     R.
469;      L.    Dennis,    612R;
Moulin.      585;        S.     W.
Druggist,   G2;   Mrs.   C.   O.   Lambert
Remember the splendid concert to
t)< given by the Hastings trio and
ethers In McNeely Hall on Thursday, March  12, at eight  o'clock.
For all Building Supplies and Fuel
Oil, apply to the B.C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust Building. Office phone 826; wharf phone
The Hastings trio, of Vancouver,
fslsted  by  Miss Garland and other
artists,  will  give  a  concert  in  Mc-
������:���. Hall on March 12, under the
mspices of the Presbyterian church.
Thoroughbred    Black    Orpington
rels   tor   sale   at   $2.00   each;
also other breeds at 75c each.    Apply H. Howard. Ladner, B.C.
Mr. H. F. Bishop has purchased
a brand new Ford runabout and announces his intention of burning up
a few of the roads in the vicinity
of Ladner this coming summer.
Municipal Clerk N. A. McDairmid
has now an assistant in his office,
Miss Thelma Clarke taking up the
duties of stenographer there last
Kev. J. J. Hastie  was in Vancou-
vi r this week where he attended thej cinating   dance   were
Laduer young folk had their first
real "Tango dance" on Friday night
last when the intricacies of this fas-
xplained    by
iference of the pastors arid elders : Professor Winskell, of Vancouver.
, ;   the  Presbyterian  church' in that
i Ity.
An enjoyable time is assured at
St. Patrick's Ball. A good selection
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kirkland en- 0f Irish melodies will be rendered
������ rtalned at "bridge" last week when ty a special six-piece ore).���.<>���.
ten tables were filled. A number Don't forget the
ol handsome prizes were distributed . .March 17. Come and Tango
the  winners during the evening. I
The Steele Briges Co., of Toronto,
well known throughout the Dominion as the producers of the finest
classes of seeds, are one of the first
to forward a special prize to the
Delta Agricultural Association. In
a catalogue and circular to Secretary A. deR. Taylor they say, "We
have what will prove a real addition to your'prize list ito interest
exhibitors and make competition
lively at your fair, at the same time
it will keep our name before growers and thus be mutually beneficial."
The following is the special:
Steel  Briggs  Special.
To the exhibitor obtaining the
most points In prizes at the fair from
the products of Steele Briggs' Field
and  Garden  Seeds,   $6.00  cash.
One point to be allowed.for each
prize on a single variety.
Three   points  to   be   allowed
each prize on a collection.
In case of a tie preference to be
given to first prizes. ***
Messrs.   Roy   Pearson,   Ran   McDonald  and  C.  R.   Gordon,  of  New
'. ��� siniinster, passed througli Ladner
Thursday on their way to Boundary
Among the Ladner people who
went over to Vancouver and attended the Clara Butt recital last week
were Mrs. D. B. Grant, Miss Elsie
Honeyman and Mr. Stuart Honeyman, of East Delta.
Seeds���Timothy, Alsyke and red'
'lover, bran, shorts, Soy bean meal,
oil rake meal, dairy chop, Purity
Hour, fertilizers, kept in stock by
Brackman-Ker Milling Co. H. X.
fiich, agent, Ladner, B. C.
At the meeting of the Board of
e on .Monday evening, Mr. E.
L. Berry, secretary of the banquet
lomimttee, will present a balance
sheet showing the expenditures In-
i urred in connection wuli the annual
dinner of the board held last week.
The regular meeting of the Ladies'
Guild ui the Anglican church was
held at the home of Mrs. McCrea
���his week. There was a good attendance and an enjoyable afternoon   was   SPent'
The Tumer-Brennon marriage announcement, particulars of which
were obtained over the telephone,
last Friday morning, was incorrect
in several particulars. The name ot
the bride should have read Mrs.
tfeorglna Brennpn and not Brennan,
as reported.
The   Beaver   Lacrosse  Club   will
hold  their  annual   ball  and  supper
lu the McNeely Hall on Friday even-   winter's dan> e=-
Ing, March 13, and a bumper attend-   held  last
s being  prepared  for. ns  this | of  rte  J----^ aml  ,-������������_   ��*,.-
One of the most enjoyable of this
was  the  social  ball
week   under  tbe   auspices
Dandelion club.   There was
dance  is  one  of  the  events of
into the morning hours.
"'  *��������'��� "'��� ii: '���'" ������"��� a:i ""���    "1;'       :'" " "n^llrown'   performed    credit-
folk are concerned.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McKee entertained at a progressive whist party
Friday evening last.      Arrange
ments we're made for nine tables and
������me    very    close    scores   resulted.
i'lizes were won as follows:  Lady l
cup,    Mrs.    Lambert:    booby    prize,
teey-e A. D. Paterson.
ably at the piano.
Fisheries  Cruiser   Nawington   Damaged in Collision With G. T. P.
Vessel Prince John.
VICTORIA, March 4.���While
cruising off the Queen Charlotte
Sound on Monday the Dominion
fisheries patrol steamer Newington
was badly damaged in collision with
the G. T. P. steamer Prince John.
Meagre details of the mishap
were received yesterday afternoon
in a wireless flashed to the agent of
Marine and Fisheries here, which
tported the Newington seriously injured at the result of her impact
With the Prince John. Tlie position
of the vessel when the collision took
place was not given-in the message
received here, but the curt paragraph "cut to the waterlme, ' indicates that the fisheries vessel suffered badly. Captain Bilton, master
of the Newington, notified headquarters at this port that he was
making his way south for repairs.
Another  message   from   the  Newington stated that she w-as not mak-i
ing water and that she was anchor-1
ing for tlie night in Fitzhugh Sound.
I The Dye that colors ANY KIND(
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Chine* of MJt-ultet.   Clean snd Slmplr.
_ . >niggle, or Dealt;-  "
Tbe Jo tin ton'Richardson Ct
Jn*. �����*���--.���-���.
(or Booklet
Limited, Montreal   .
An   auction   sale   will   take  place
at Courtenay,  Vaneouver  Island, on
Tuesday, March 31st, 1914
The whole of ithe farm stock, including 40 head of Cattle, Horses, Sheep,
Pigs, etc., and Implements, the property of Mr. George Jeffries, who is
leaving  for Alberta.
A boat  arrives at Comox Wharf,
2   1-2   miles   distant,   from   Vancou
ver, Nanaimo and Islands on morn
ing of sale.
Courtenay, B.C.
" Vessels Large May
Venture More, but
Little Ships Must Stay
Near Shore."
Th* larg* display ads. are good
for the large business and tho
Classified Want Ada. aro proportionate Ir good for the email firm.
In fact many large fjrraa became
auch by the diligent uae of the
Classified Columna. There example la good   atari now.
For Sale. For Exchange Wanted tn
Purrhase, To Let, Lost, Found, Work
Wanted. Situations Vacant, 1 cent p��r
word. Minimum, K cents tor any on*
advt. These rates for cash with order.
AU Want Ads. must be In by 2 p.m.
on Thursday.
FOR SALE���I am leaving the city
and will sell my $600 Heintzman
piano for $150 cash. Apply suite
20, 840 Nelson street, Vancouver,
B. C. or the Delta Times, Ladner,
Box A.
EGGS FOR SETTING���Settings of
White Leghorns and White Rocks.
$l.oo per setting of 13. Mrs.
Minchen. P.O. Address, R. R. No.
1,  New  Westminster.  Phone  411.
The Ladner - Steveston
Ferry Service
A very interesting lecture and
demonstration in cooking was given
by Miss B. Livingstone of Vancouver
at the home of Mrs. G. W. Atchison,
to the members of the Tynehead Women's Institute. The lessons were Beginning Monday, September 15,
given for three days beginning-;the steamer New Delta will run ou
Thursday, February 26. The sutH her fall and winter schedule, as fol-
jects taken up ware pastry, bread-1'lows: Leaves at 8.30 a.m. and 3.30
making, cukes and icings. A portion}p.m. Vancouver passengers can
of Saturday afternoon was devoted to'jmake connection by taking the 8.30
candy making which was thorough-';a.m. and 3.30 p.m. cars at Gran-
ly enjoyed by the school girls. Thei villa street station. New Westmin-
meetings were well attended by th^ister passengers should take the
members and a hearty vote of thanks|Eburne cars at 8:00 a.m. and 3:00
was tendered Miss Livingstone at thei p.m. and the Steveston cars at
close. I Eburne,
Mrs. D. McNair is vis'ting in Van | -	
Mrs. P. Trousdell spent last wo��k
at Tynehead    visiting    her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Atchison, return-,1
ing to Crescent on Fridaj-V
A good time is expected at the,
concert to be given by the Presbyterian Ladies' Guild in the public
hall on Friday evening, March 13.!
A cordial invitation is extended to
all. j
Miss Stewart has been obliged to\
resign her duties as teacher in Tyne-'
head school, owing to the death of
her sister, Mrs. (Dr.) Williams of
Merritt, B. C.
A meeting was held in the Tyne-1
head public hall on Tuesday last, to |
discuss the possibility of getting!
rural delivery and a telephone system through Tynehead. The meet-'
ing was very successful in every way. |
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Atchison and'
family have moved to Murrayviile.   [
WANTED���Bees, any quantity in
any kind of hives or boxes. Ad-
drees, with price, W. H. Lewis,
Edmonds,  B.C.
FOR SALE���Mare, about 800 lbs.;
harness and top buggy. Quiet to
ride and drive. A bargain. Suitable for lady's use.
TO LOAN.���$3,000 on first mort-i
gage, improved Delta farm landj
E. F. Douglas, Ladner.
The Barber
Ladner Hotel
Barber Shop
Razors Set
Girls' Huir Pointed and Singed
under   way
Preparation* are now
-  concert to D'
r  the hol.rtlnK "'-"j.roTthe Pres-! eouver to Indian River for tl
  which   thelmer months.    Since th
���taged by the m
byterlan  church and  a'-
feature of the
According to present plans, Captain Brewster will soon shake the
dust of I.adner from off the hurricane deck of his lady love, yclept.
"New Delta." and will soon hie himself with all his belongings to Bur-
rarfj Inlet, where he Will place his
boat on  the tourist   run  from  Van-
evening  a
���.,.    ,he  singing  of   the
trio,  of  Vancouver.   the
social  entertainers.
EBL'RNE, Point Grey, March 5.���
Rev.  James  Hyde,    pastor    of  the
Presbyterian   church   at   Kerrisdale,
has  prepared  a  lecture  on  "A Trip
through Beautiful Killarney," which
he will give before the Young People's Association at Eburne on Mon- j
day  evening.  March   16,  and at  the |
Kerrisdale  Presbyterian    church   on |
St. Patrick's day, March 17.
Mr. Harry Tarry is confined to his l
home with the gout.
A recent visitor    in Eburne    w*   j
Miss Emma Kohse, of Victrola.
Woman's Suffrage will be the subject discussed at a meeting, under j
the auspiies of the Pioneer Equality
League, which will be held at Kerris- ,
dale on Friday evening. Mrs, Ralph l
Smith will be the principal speak- I
Leaving Vancouver on the evening
train   next   Wednesday     night,   the |
Point Grey council will  go to Port- ;
land,  Aberdeen,  Spokane and  other
cities   to   witness   demostratlons   of I
Ladner Hotel
Ladner, B. C.
Special attention given to
fcito parties and tourists.
Telephone 38.
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
Heavy shipment* of fertiliser li-
rect from the factory at Victoria
have featured the shipping here this
vast week or so and tons of this
valuable adjunct to the crop of tne
rogresslvs farmer has arrived here
lately.       Some of   the  largest   con-
. i ments have been billed to
Messrs. Sam Montgomery and William Smillie.
The "Helen M. Scanlon" resumed
hor run as pilot  of  the ferry scow-
en Wednesday morning after being
��� iished    out    and    generally   overruled during Sunday and  Monday.
Construction   work   on   the   ferry
restaurant  hns commenced    and    OJ
the end  of  this  week  the building
should be rendy  for the advent  of
proprietor.    Mr.   .T.   G.   Lemon.
This   combined  rest  and  tea room
-liould prove of great benefit to tt
Mr. Jacl
Johnston has just com
;"   ,h8 Tor,LSe*     r the summer   lea
"�� irt r-��\.1   r7,l hi.h the ther- Pn
thelmer months. Since the resumption
expected | ol the I.adner-.N'ew Westminster
Hastings i route by the Transfer, the New Delta
has found time hanging somewhat various makes of fire-fighting appar-
Idly on her hands and on the com-, atl18* Tlle several companies have
ple'tion of the Stevesto.i-I.adner mail tendered on pieces which Point Grey
.icon ract next month, this snug little I "ltP,1<lK to atU1 t0 i,s '������> department [I
craft, which so long has served tho:and t]ie company awarded the con-
eds   of   the   I.adner    people,    Will i tract  will pay the costs    of the  in-
ferry Auto Stage
Ladner-VaDtouver Service
Auto leaves corner Fraser
Arm and River Road at 7:00
and 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 and
6:00 p.m., connecting with ail
ferries at Woodward's Landing.
Ferry Free.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B.
Manufacturer of  Soda  Water,
Ginger  Ale,   and  all  Kinds of
Summer Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
"What's Your Phone Number?"
Can You Answer This Question
If not, don't you know you arm
losing business and running risk.
Wh-ait is more necessary than a telephone in case of sickness or fire?
Delta    Telephone   Co.,   Ltd
Miss Tyler
Ladner, B.C.
iner and Dressmaker
Will    commence    business    nbout
.March 20, Opp. Mi. Cullls' Store.
Sensitive Cavities l.*'|-nire*l
absolutely painlessly by the
lieu      nitrous - oxide - oxygen
EBURNE    station,    ii.   c.
1 and
new   vein-ire.
avelling public using the govern- .abort M* ��������        ,
ment ferry and the long and chilly boosted to >1|_.        ,
���aits on the    open    wharf    while McDairmid has tn�� v^
awaitin* the arrival of the ferry
bus will be eliminated.
��'"^;;;'m��� ton. ot,
���-�� *S>y��>r ASi��\
rSpTeidWi/^iPP^ and is one
ot the finest In the district.
m.  .  recent  decision  of  the  mu-
H* , ..-.mi the services of the
nlcPai council, vu dlspenMd
hall  Janitor   have wi���
with, and in rntui ".j wh0 ���
he undertaken h,   Ito   ���� pf
and   janitor   will,
Mr. N. A. McDsir-
ncrease  In   M��
':     " "thl'v stipend has been:
per month.    Mr. !
vilege of hir-,
a."      '*   s0   deS re' ( ij-iitkly stops  cmi-Thi.
��� bl t:*.rc^t and lunss.
ave for new and
osperoiis scenes.    The best, wisbi s
of   the   Ladner  and   Steveston   residents   will   gi   with   Capt.
in  hi
s hoped niore^'"'1'*1'""   trip.      Th
' absent five days.
council  will  be i
In      the     (Bburne     Presbyterian
i,       terjchurch on Tuesday    evening,    the
I Young   Women's   Missionary   Band
i .id . meeting for the discussion of
Mrs. A. A, McLeod, returned mis-; affa-r's-
Blonnry from India,  will give an ad-l     Special   services
dress in the Baptist church. I.adner.' ���*''' ���'>   ''���'  '    '
on Wednesday evening, March 11, at
8 o'clock.
also assessor.
nf clerk, assessor
now be tilled by
,id.   and   for   thll
A public social, to commemnraie
Frances Willard day. under the auspices of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, will be held In the
basement of the Presbyterian church
on Wednesday evening. March 4.
commencing at eight o'clock.
are   being   held
every  evening  this     week     in     the
Eburne   Methodist   church.   Vancou-
: ver preachers being present.
A Baptist church has been organised at Kerrisdale.     Bev. ,T. T. Marshall   Is  the   pastor.      Meetings  are
! being held   temporarily  in  the  Wil-
i son road school house.
Authorized Capita]  1250,000.00.
lXSCKAXCI.                       STOCKS ,1X11   BONDS                                LOAN'S
ll. A. MacDonald, Managing Director,
at  his own expense.
ds, and   heals
23 c_nts
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, Feb. 28.���
The cottage owned and occupied by
Mr.  Charles  Jones,  an  employee of
- ' the   municipal   waterworks   depart-
ir vnu are interested in oooWng m��nt. at Garden City, was complete-
-ranges  see  the  Gurney Oxford   line j ^ destroyed by fire this week.    The
tor   sale   by   Clement     &   Lambert. \^uae is not  known
���Prices  with  high     warming    closet ' 'l,0,1-'s   were  absent
from   "133.60   to  166;     prices    with   Eburne.
warming closet and reservoir $3.1.50! East evening the minstrel troupe
! to $74. Every range is guaranteed of ihe Steveston Methodist choir
j as advertised.     See page 4. j gave an  entertainment In  Granville
Mr.  and  Mrs.
at   the   time  in
llali. Bburne. It included a mln-
strei shew, featuring the laiest songs
and a farce by Charles Townsend,
entitli ii. ".\ Family Affair." All of
tin- participants wer,. Steveston people.
A p tition for the dyking of I.ulu
Island between No. _ road and No,
5 rond Will be presented o the municipal council at its r. ;ul:;r March
meeting, which will be held Monday.
Hay in the barn has sold here recently for $12 a ton.
Projected    Thoroughfare    Through
Richmond Is Generally Supported By Property Owners.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 4,���
Tht proposed 100-ft. highway from
the New Westminster boundary
westward to No. 5 road, which has
been mooted for the past three
years and regarding which several
pfeuuous have utui presented to the
Richmond municipal council, is slowly    approaching
cost of building]	
be about sp!��00u a mile, and no
promise has bepn received from
the council as yet that it will be
constructed as soon as all the property owners have signed up!    That
Steveaton Japanese Over-exerts Himself and Falls Dead���News of
STEVESTON, Lulu Island, March
4.���Terrified by the possibility of
missing the Vancouver-bound tram
ear and having an hour to wait for
another, a Japanese yesterday morning over-exerted in running to the
car, aud collapsed as he sank into a
seat.' The body was taken to Van-
roalizatton. The j couver and l_ft at the morgue, where
t is figured, would | an inquest will be held by Coroner
Road Overseer Thomas Hardy has
lesigned and the council has accepted his resignation.
Local business men say that ti|ies
the highway will be a necessity, if it I are better here than for a long time
is not at present, before long, is,
however, recognized by all parties,
and the promoters, the most active
of whom is Mr. C. Gray, are getting
the owners in line as fast as possible.
At the Richmond council meeting
this week Mr. Gray stated that very
Bhortly he would have all the owners from a short distance west of
the Westminster Boundary to the No.
C road signed up. Eor a short distance near the boundary expropriation proceedings would have to be
resorted to, but all other owners in
the route of the highway as far
West as the No. 5 road, he thought,
would endorse the scheme. The
difficulty was that several owners
Jived in foreign .countries, and it
would take months to secure their
signatures. He aske-d the council
meantime to survey such portions of
thc right-of-way as had been secured.
Several residents of the east end
Of the island addressed the council
about the road, saying that not. only
Was it needed but that it was owing
them, for they had paid taxes for
years and received no improvements.
0 o
o o
In the destruction of the Marine
hospital, on the former Indian reserve, an old landmark of tire city
disappeared. It was an inglorious
end that came to the institution, for
forty years a prominent structure in
tlie city, but for some years past it
had censed to be utilized for work
for which it was erected, and latterly it had become a menace from the
Standpoint of health and a refuge for
undesirables, who have been using it
for living quarters. The work of
destruction was In the hands of the
police and fire departments.
To Aid Missions.
The Women's Auxiliary to Missions held their annual donation
party on Tuesday afternoon in the
schoolroom of Christ church cathedral. The object of this yearly gathering is twofold���namely, to endeavor to promote interest in the
auxiliary amongst that part of the
congregation who do not belong to
it, and to raise funds for the missions. The,work lies chiefly in Hay
river mission and tlie McKenzie river
Government Pays Taxes.
The city treasurer has just received from the Federal authorities at
Ottawa, a cheque to the amount of
$13,000, covering taxes on government property here. This amount is
for taxes due upon the old post office building for the years 1910 and
1911. The taxes for 1907, 1908 and
190!)    were    paid
There  is  thus yen	
paid the taxes for 1912 and 1913
amount Ins to about $7700. in addition, local improvement tuxes to the
amount of $4380 have been paid by
the Dominion. ;
Disappearing Landmark,
A relic of the early days of volunteering in Victoria is fast disappearing with the carting away of the remains of the o'd gun emplacements
on the edge of the Beacon Hill cliff.
Health Pointers.
A new departure,- one which was
last year recommended by Dr. Hall,
medical heath officer, but was not
approved by the council owing to
lock of funds, will shortly be instituted. Dr. Hall win be authorized
to issue a quarterly health bulletin
which will contain plain facts anent
the prp'orva+lnn of health by com-'
nonsense methods. I
Contracts Arc Let. I
past. This is due in part to the
construction work of the Columbia
Cold Storage Company, employing
150 men, and to considerable building throughout the townsite. Rumors are now in circulation to tho
effect that a condensed milk factory
will locate near here.
The Vancouver cannery ou Sea
Island was purchased at public auction by C*y>t. R. E. Gosse, of Kerris-
dale, the consideration being $46,-
000. The Star cannery at Steveston
was also put up, but the bids made
were very small and it was not sold.
lt is stated tbat Richmond ls
omitted from the list of government
lectures this spring owing to the
lack of Interest evinced in meetings
held during the past two years.
In the Orange hall, No. 9 road,
on March 17, L. O. L. No. 1672 will
give  a  dance.
Mr. J. Wilson has charge of work
at a building being erected for Mr.
C. Jurgenson, on Fourth avenue,
Steveston, near the school.
The Ward Two Ratepayers' Association has organized for the year
With Councillor John McCallan, honorary president; D. E. McKay, president; James Thompson, vice-<presl-
dent;   S.  Ryder, secretary-treasurer.
At a salary of $75 a month, Mr.
O. E. Darling, of Steveston, has been
appointed police magistrate of Richmond  municipality.
Tomorrow, in the Methodist
church, Steveston, the Richmond
branch, Victorian Order of Nurses,
will hold its quarterly meeting.
PORT MANN, March 5.���At the
regular monthly meeting of the Port
Mann Board of Trade held in Me-
Callum's hall, Monday, March 2, a
motion was passed instructing the
secretary to write the Fraser River
Land Company, the Pacific Properties, Ltd., and the Terminal Cities
Land Company, of Winnipeg, asking
these firms to set aside the portion
of the townsit_ east of Roxburgh
road on the flats for industrial sites,
of which these companies are the
largest holders. Another motion
was passed deprecating the action
of the Colonial Investment Company
In advertising the "Liverpool Addition" sub-division as the ultimate
business centre of the official town-
site, ln the absence of Mr. Manly,
president of the board, Mr. C. S.
Millar, vice-president occupied the
The erection of a large water
tower, east of the roundhouse, will
be commenced immediately thai the
men to be employed arrived. Much
of the delay in commencing lias been
caused by the company having the
contract being the Chicago Bridge
Company, of Chicago. This company appeared to have been unfamiliar with the immigration law and
their superintendent and men who
'should have been here on December
some time ago. 15 were held up at Blaine by the
remaining to b6 immigration authorities and compelled to return. This is a result
ol the recent order-in-c.ouneil preventing skilled and unskilled labor
from entering the province. All lhe
material is on hand to complete the
tower and about six weeks' work
would finish it.
Following the arrival of several
car loads of building material, Mr.
Alex. Gordon will immediately be-
gln the construction of a two storey
private residence on his property,
Block  92,  facing Rudpath street.
Mr. C. Ci Oilly will also begin the
addition to his home on King street,
The lumber and other material to ,
be  used   in  the  new  roller  skating !
rink  and  hall  to  be erected  by H.
A.   Bonds,   on   the   Northern   Hotel
property has already been placed on
the grounds.
7'.._ Opening of King street. West,
which   event  took  place  on  Monday
forms an important step in the pro-
Contracts for tbe two new schools [grew of'the    townsite     Mr     W.'S.
to he erected by the Board of School W**1' p?stmas er' *"}? the ho"or
Trustees   one  on  the  North  Quadra  ��*   living his  automobile  over  th
The Hand That Moves The
Lever Saves 162-3 Per Cent. ��
of Your Coal Bill
Here is the opportunity for the housewife to
deal the high c st of living question a hard jolt
without any effort on her part.
The way is to make sure that her new range is
controlled by a Gurney Economizer, which will
save 1 ton of coal in every 6 burned in an ordinary
The Economizer is to the stove what the control lever is to the engine or automobile. Without
control neither is efficient.
With the Gurney Economizer it is possible to
quickly vary the heat of the oven. Various foods
require different temperatures. The Economizer
keeps this desired temperature absolutely uniform.
It also means that when cooking is over, you
may have a cool kitchen and still hnve your fire
going ��� while you can have the fiercest heat in a
few minutes by a slight pressure on the lever.
If you possess a GUrney-Oxford your advantages
are innumerable. The Divided Flue means heat
for every hole on the stove. The New Special
Grate guards the lowest fire. The Broiler exposes
every inch of the coals.
These features are .exclusively "Gurney-Oxford."
It will furnish your kitchen handsomely���it
will do your work adequately.
Richmond    Advise.s  That    Highway
Project on Island Will Cost
About $27,700.
(From  The  British   Columbian.)
Estimates of the cost of extending
Ewen  avenue  to  No.   19  road,  Lulu
irland.  and     replanking    the  latter
Richmond    Farmers'   Institute Wii.
Buy Lime iu Large Quantities.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 5.���
To combat acidity resulting from the
floods of the past winter, the Rich-
road to No. 5, have been made byj mond Farmers' Institute will pur-
Richmond council and on Thursday1 chase i*me Ule pr*ce of same t0 in_
piaceu in ihe hands    of Mayor Gray,  ,.  ..     , ,        ,.-... ���, -
Ld Industrial    Commissioner Darl- dlvldual mewbers bem�� ** *��r a 2"��
ing by the clerjc of Richmond munic- ,lb-  barrel.      The institute purposes
I pality, who is directed by his coun-  to buy for delivery at Eburne som*.
ci: to say that    Richmond    will be  three hundred tons.
Pleased     to   co-operate     with    New       Severa,      fc u
Westminster  hi  an effort to secure!
government assistance    for building
this road.
The estimated cost of the road,
which is designed to gi.ve the residents of the Delta and of Lulu island a direct route into this city, is
up at the meeting held this week.
It was decided to hold two crop con
tests, one in oats and the second in'
mangels, and to have a district exhibit at the Dominion fair at Victoria in the'fall.    Porter & Tomsett,
i The chief interests in'the"^^**,
of] farming,    dairying,    fruit    -���-*
Compulsory     State      Insurance
Workmen   Is    One   of   the
VICTORIA, March 4.���The report
of the Provincial Labor Commission,
which has beeu    making    enquiries
Delta  municipality i8  situato-i
the mouth of the Fraser River ir,,uat
finest   agricultural   district   in  Bhc*
market gardening,' sheep^and"1^8'
breeding.    There   **-*-������.   _,._-lt* -><-����
are   also
canneries ln the Delta municipal
There are shipping facilities 'by ^i
and boat to the markets of cLIa
and the United State. t_ip -***
yield is the largest per acre in ��rop
^^^^_^^^^_ ada, and the sheep and horses S";
throughout British Columbia for the ] are the finest in British Pni u
past lifiteeu months, laid on the lAlone thn mnnth h._. -_ _~01!_B*b.a,
table of the legislature by the Premier last night contains the following recommendations:
Compulsory state insurance
against accidents to workmen, to be
administered by a Workmen's Compensation  Hoard.
Saturday half holiday for all
Fortnightly, paydny lu coal mines
and other industries.
Restriction   of   privilege   of   subcontracting on railroad construction.
Time cheques to be negotiable.
Eight-hour day    declared    to    B8
matter for Dominion legislation.
.Minimum wage not favored.
Along the CK,uth bank of the Frl4;
River here are splendid ��� sitesfE
industries. es  f0'
Board   of  Trade.���President,  D   a
McKee; secretary, S. W. Fisher
Justices of Peace���H. D. Benson '��
J. Kirklamd, J. McKee(B L K
Police  Magistrate.���J. McKee
Medical Healttr Officer.���Dr J k*_
Wilson. ' ���*' Ke��
'*% King and Dr.
School Board.-*. Wright, chairman.
&..?_!.?��� Taylor' "���"���tary; J. mc:
Coroners.���Dr. A.
J. Kerr Wilson
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    | Farmers' Institute.���C. Davis  n-_.i
Women  inspectors lor shops and j     dent; N. A. McDiarmid  spcra/o
aCt0rle8' Delta banners' Game Pro'teciveTs'
locution.���Wm.   Kirkland,   It,.
dent; A. deR. Taylor, secretary
Delta   Agricultural   Society��� nr   i
Licensing of operators of elevators.
Discrimination by employers
against members of labor unions
should be forbidden by law.
Municipal employment bureaus,
obligatory on cities.
Scii-toldlng inspectors obligatory
tn cities.
Miners entitled to supplies at cost.
Mine operators compelled to establish wash houses for their employees.
' Collective bargaining favored as
means of fixing wages for miners.
No change in method of appoint-
gas committees.
Asiatic exclusion favored.
Assisted immigration to be confined to farm laborers and domestic
Extension of provisions of Factories Act.
White women not be employed by
president;   A.  deR!
Small    holdings    for
dwellings. *M
All text books in public schools
None but British subjects to be
employed on government or municipal work.
Provincial regulations governing-
electrical construction and appointment of assistant inspector recommended.
Kerr  Wilson,
Taylor, secretary.
j License Commissioner.���Reeve A ti
j     Patterson, Councillor   S. MorlVv'
J. Harris, J   McKee, J.P., alld ��
L. Berry, J.P.
Member of Parliament.���J. d Tavinr
New Westminster. '     *     '
JMember of Local Legislature ���F j
MacKenzie, New Westminster. '   '
���Boat Sailings.���S.S. New Delta leavei
I Ladner every day for Steveston at
8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., connecting with the B. C. E. R. cars s a
Transfer leaves for New Westminster daily, except Sundays, at 7
a-.ru.; returning leaves New West-
;     minster at 2 p.m., reaching Lad-
iner at 5:30 p.m.
EBURNE, Point Grey, March 4.���
Lieut. 3, C. Day has been appointed
provisional commander of Eburne
troop, 31st B. C. Horse, taking the
place of Lieut. George M. Endacott,
who is leaving for Winnipeg to attend the Royal Softool of Cavalry.
A pair of twins, the first to be
born in Eburne, arrived recently at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,
I- ifth street.
Thursday evening, March It, n
grand ball will be held under the
auspices of Island Lodge, I. O. O. F.,
in the organization's hall on Eburne
avenue. J. W. Fairhall, C. F. Craig,
A. Ettinger and 3. Hyatt, fire the
committee in charge.
Norman Smith has returned from
a trip to Winnipeg.
workmen's I Railways.���Great Northern leaves
Port Guichon dally for New Westminster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.;
returning, leaves Vancouver at
S.30 p.m., reaching Port Guich.a
about 6.30 p.m, B.C.E.R., Lulu
Island Branch, E, Stirling, superintendent; Vancouver to Eburne
and Steveston���Cars leave Granville street depot (at north end
of bridge over False Creek) to
meet Now Delta at 8.30 a.m. and
3.30 p.m. and leaves for New
Westminster via Eburne at 8.00
a.m. and 3 p.m. Special car for
Eburne at 6.00 a.m. Cars leave
Stevesiou at 6.30 a.m. and hourly
until 11.30 p.m. Sunday service
���First car leaves either terminus
at 8.30 a m.; hourly s*"-vice thereafter until 11.30 p.m.
Post Office���Hours,
p.m. Mail
at 1_ noon;
^^^^^S��.m. to 7
for Vancouver close.
tfor New Westminster
and up river points at 6.30 a.m.;
-ir-sod aJJ day Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in th.
Municipal Hall, Ladner, on the
secor.ii ard fourth Saturdays In
tilth j - -ith at. 2 p.m. Reeve A.
D Pat'i il; councillors, Jas. Sav-
f.ge, ,fo-   ph Karris, Seymour Huff,
M u-iey   Chris Brown;
_.  ..li-DiTmltl.
PIONEER METHODIST DIES.      !-'��� '    .. .lie
GUELPH, Ont., March ."..���Rev. i
James Harris, one of the oldest
Methodist ministers in Canada, died
yesterday, aged 8 7. He was a n&-
tive of England, but had lived ini
Canada tlie greater part of his life,
and was in the-actlve Methodist min-|
istry almost fifty years.
I Coal mining i-glits or the Domin-
ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
jAIberta, the Yukon Territory, tN
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may le leased for a term
iof twenty-one years at an annual
|rental of $1 an acre.    Not more than
first and third!2,5.60 acres wln -"���> leased t0
one ap-
Holy Communion   	
Sundays at 11 a.m., second fourth1 _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;' App-icaHou for ���>. lease must be
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evenim* !"lade by the appll.ant in person to
Service at 7.30 p.m.; Wednesda�� !llu- Agent or Si i-Vgent of the dis-
eyenlng, Litany at 8.30.    Rev. C. C. 'trlct lu which the rights applied for
Hoyle,  M.A., vicar. ^^^^^^^^^
llnptisi Church.
Pastor���Rev.    D.  G.    Macdonald
Ladner���Sunday school, 11 a.m.:
$27,708, exclusive of any sums that* the  Cambie  nurserymen,  will  harei .       �����,��,.__ , ,. . _, -     ;   .. �� -.- :��� ri"
may be paid  for necessary rlght-of" charge of the exhibit, and with the! eTen'ng  VE^1*��2 ft"'5   prl*T J119,3, to\ 9ub,aI1 b,e staked out by
way.      Of new road there^ wM be, experience gathered from past fairs,I ���le^,*--^ *��n��"r-
are situ.-ited. ^^^^^^^^^^
In purveypd territory the land
must be described by sections, or
l-~"! B_n_l\tslon8 of sections, and
in unturvey.d territory the tract ap-
^^^^^^ one on ^^^^^^^^^^^^
street site and the other on Douglas
street, opposite lieacon Hill park,
were awarded at a special meeting
of the board. The bids of Messr.i.
Luny iiros. were accepted for both
structures, their figures being the
lowest of the regular tenders received.
Now Paving Plant.
Specifications for tbe new senr-
ponab c paving plant, for which
tBe City Will shortly call for bids,
nr" now being prepared, and
tenders will Lie asked tor in a slurt
time. The plant will, it is expected,
cost in the neighborhood of 1*20,-
Rank (learings.
Victoria   Clearing  House     returns,
for  (he  month of    February show
total   of   $10,086,102,   as   against  a
total of $13,950,100    for    the same
month last  year.
street for the first time. This street
makes a great improvement to the
town allowing an outlet to the terminal buildings now undaf* cdnstruc-
tion and also for the delivery of
building material to the west end of
the town. This will allow a number
of buildings to be completed on
wnieh work has been delayed for
tins reason.
Mr, Peter North, of New Westminster nnd Mr. Stewart, of Winnipeg,
were here a few days ago on a busi-
the'iiPss trip. The former is an owner
of several pieces of property in Port
I   ______mmmmm-______mmmmm���
K.. returned recently from a vacation trip to his old home in Cape
Itreion.     On his return trip he was
I accompanied by his brother.
1     Mr.   and   Mrs.   Alex.   Gordon,
nearly one and 'a half miles, but! working with the co-operation of all
right-of-way has been secured for all1: farmers, success ls anticipated,
but less than one-quarter of a mile,; Booklets descriptive of Richmond
and it is still    hoped    to obtain an
Lewis Smytbe. engineer C. N.
Battleaford,   Sr.sk.,   and   family   are
the  latest    arrivals    here,    having
reached the town last Friday.     They
��� I intend  to    make    their    permanent
, I home in Port Mann.
Mrs.   A.  Paterson,  who has been
ill for a few days, has now improved
The family remedy for"cSihT-!!? Ccid?, r'ml  "iM  ��* around again within a
Small  dose.     Small   bottle.    Best  since   1870    tew   days.
easement from the owners of the
property, which lies across Boundary
street from the end of Ewen avenue.
The plans for the road call for a
rocked surface for all of the new
road, and replanking, 16 feet wide.
No. 19 road from the junction with
the new road to No. 5, a distance of
five miles. The planking will cos?
Arrangements are now being
made by Mayor Gray and Mr. Darling for a conference with Messrs.
Ferris and Trites, who are said to
be thr holders of the title to the
land through which the road must
pass, and through which'if an easement ennnot lie secured, right-of-way
must i.e expropriated.
Within a few days a conference
will be held between Mayor Gray,
Aldermen Jardine and Anandale,
Messrs. Thomas Gifford, M.P.P., F.
.1. MacKenzie, M.P.P., and Mr.
Carter-Cotton, M.P.P., Mr. Nelg Nelson, President McQuarrie, Mr. A. E.
White and Mr. J. W. Cunningham of
the board of trade, and Messrs.
Dar'.ing and Sprice for the Progres
municipality, compiled by a committee of institute members, will be distributed at the fair.
Arrangements are being made by
the institute for an outing this
spring or summer. The objective
point now in mind is the Dominion
Experimental farm at Agassiz.
Secretary J. W. McGinness has received word from the department o^
sionary meeting every first Wednes- i Each application must be accom-
d.y under the auspices of the Ladles' Ipanled by a fee of $5, which will be
u me' :refunded   if  the  rights  applied  for
Crescent Island���Sunday school. _ arc not available, but not otherwise.
p.m.; service, 3 p.m.; singing prac-iA royalty shall be paid on the mer-
tice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.3f cbantable output of the mine at the
pm- ]r;ite of five cents per ton.
Gulfside Schoolhouse���Union Sui-1    The   person   operating  the   mine
day school, 2 p.m.;  singing practice:shall  furnish the Agent with sworn
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.30.      !returns accounting for the full quan-
Catholic \ti>J ot merchantable coal mined and
Church s-.rvi-.--a win' h_ i- *a pay the roy��"y thereon.   If the coal
other^.SS^^,^^8^!?^-** ��**��� ^e not being operat-
agriculture  that  a  government  lec-'l da7'November l? 190?  W-._*!.!llin:led'.sucb returns .hould be furnished
turer  will  visit  Eburne,  March   26,1 mass at 10.30 a.m
Parochial,at least once a year.^^^^^^_
and speak on "Poultry Raising." li'2~r]'.m.', eVe"nihg"d_votUionay38Cnm01*'' The IeMe win inclwie the coal
appears that the local institute de-, a.m. Rev. Father W Chanut narish'm,"*i*1B rightt onl"'' but the leMee
cided on subjects for the spring lee- priest. '        ��'Vmay be permitted to purchase what-
tures  several  weeks   ago,  and  thatl MAthn^i eVPr avail��ble surface rights may be
Secretary    McCinness's    notification! -neinoaist. [considered  neceeeary for  the  work-
to Victoria  was not delivered.    Not1     Services  next Lord's  Day at     11 :*n^ uf the mine at tbe rate of $10.00
rec-Mving thp communication the de- Rm-  and   7.30  p.m.;   class  meeting,, BI   acre
partment officials left Richmond off be,ore   the   morning   service   cver'vi    For   full   information   application
Sunday; Sabbath school at 1j a.m. should he made to the Secretary of
every Sunday; Epworth Lear-ia'the Department of the Interior, Ot-
every Wednesday at 8 p m, RP,. q, tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
Wellesley Whittaker, pastor. of Dominion Lands
the published spring itinerary.
LONDON, March 3.���The British
Government would be glad to enter
Into  any agreement  for the limita-
9t.  Andrew's Presbyterian. W. W.  CORY,
Services   next  Lord's   Day  at   11 i Deputy Minister of the Interior.
    a-m- and 7.30 p.m.;  week night ser-i    N.B.���Unauthoriaed publication of
tion of the dimensions of warships,! vices on Thursday evening at.  7.30i,llis advertisement Will not be P��Hl
If it could be arranged, according to o'clock; Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.[for*���30690.
sive Association, and the members of) Mr.     Winston    Spencer    Churchill, I ReT- J- J- Hastie, minister. '    -
the Richmond council    to    select a" First Lorn of the British Admiralty       ' ��������� ' *~
delegation to  interview the govern-: He made this statement yesterday in'     Akt  _-.i-,-_.*.��*,..,��   *���   ,u  lThe Delta Time�� * pabH**^..e.*;��'7
ment in an effort to secure provin-] reply to a question  put" to him  in or ��me.Xl"d��be sit^IheSp!    -*tuM*r **" *' 'T"nW ***"**
cial assistance for this road. the House of Commons. ' of the Delta Times, Ladner, B.C
Ladner, B.C.    J.
D. Taylor, man


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