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The Delta Times Nov 20, 1909

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR
John Oliver, leader of the opposition and Liberal candidate In the
Delta, spoke to a crowded audience
on the political issues of the day at
McNcely's hall on Tuesday night, Dr.
Wilson in che ehulr. Occupying paramount place in the present campaign,
the railway policy of the McBride
government was dwelt with at length.
The speaker opposed the arrangement with the Canadian Northern
Railway on the ground that it developed comparatively little new territory in B. C. The road commenced
at the eastern boundary of the province, paralleling the G. T. P. for
about 50 miles, the speaker said, then
ran southerly, for 200 miles down the
North Thompson to Kamloops, where
a new country would be opened up.
But from Kamloops to the Coast the
main line of the C. P. R. would be
paralleled. The more the rates were
reduced over the proposed road
the more the people would lie
called upon to pay under the
proposed guarantee of bonds. The
proposal to run to English Bluff was
mot a business proposition ln his
opinion���a mere vote catcher. He
could not imagine English Bluff as a
shipping point with so many more
and better sites available, at less cost,
on the Fraser. He favored aiding
construction of a line from Yellow-
head Pass via the North Thompson
river to Kamloops, through Kamloops
to Nicola, thence up the Coldwater
river to the summit of Hope Mountains, thence down the Ooguahalla
river 10 Hope, thence to New Westminster and Vancouver, connecting
with Victoria by the most suitable
and up-to-date means from the most
suitable point.
Failing to secure che construction
of this road through the Hope mountains by a company upon reasonable
terms, he would favor the construction of the road from Chilliwack to
Nicola, with a branch to Princeton as
a government road, providing running rights over it on equal terms to
all  railway companies.
The government policy of adding
$21,000,000 to the liabilities of the
province, with an annual liability on
Interest account of $840,000 for the
C. N. It. wutilqd not help to build
cither roads, the necessity for which
was as pressing as for this road. The
credit and borrowing powers of the
province would be exhausted long before the same system of aid could be
applied to railways immediately required. Notwithstanding the Premier's statement, that the province
Wculd have a first mortgage against
the road in B. C. the agreement as
published contains no such statement.
We did not know If the agreement
published was the same as the one
in the possession of Mackenzie &
Mann as we had never seen that.
Objection was taken to the road on
the ground the people had no power
to regulate the rates and no assurance of anything abemt die' rates was
given the Vancouver Board of Trade,
after recent representations made by
.that body. No reduction in rates
/ were feasible either as until two years
ago the C. P. R. had not paid the interest on its cost in B. C. during 20
years of operation. .The Vernon road
operated 17 years In a good country
with no competition and had to have
the government to assist to the extent
nf $11,000 a mile, which th.e Nakusp
j,nd Slocan were assisted to the extent of $259,000 in IB years.
The Victoria-Sydney road in 15
years had paid no interest and the
government -was compelled to pay
$91,000  to  It.    The government    had
turned down the G. T. P. to make a
bargain with the Canadian Northern
Kailway. Fulton, Tatlow, Garden
and others, life long Conservatives, could not support Premier McBride in his present policy and had
withdrawn from the party. It was
not a que-scion of partyism, this railway question, and he appealed to
them to put partyism aside and work
to prevent the contract being made.
Railways were required te> move the
products of the province, and the
province was prepared to assist, but
they wanted some return in the control of rates.
Paying his respects to Mr. Bowser,
who said that there was a white labor
clause in the agreement between the
government and the Grand Trunk
Paciflc( Mr. Oliver offered to give
anyone $100 if such a clause could be
He had represented the riding for
10 years and had every year put in a
written requisition for appropriations.
He had never opposed appropriations
in the timbered parts as claimed, and
they would find in his requisition
money had been equitably distributed.
This requisition was endorsed-liy the
municipal councils of Delta, Surrey
and Langley. His opponent. Mr. MacKenzle, interfered last year, with the
result that a number of roads for
which he asked appropriations, got
nothing. Out of the $21,000 set aside
for Delta, however. $3000 was diverted to put a road alongside Mr. Mae-
Kenzie's brother's property, where
nobody was living and to which there
was no outlet.
He scored the construction e-f
the Canoe Pass bridge, which Mr.
MacKenzle said he got, characterizing
the work as unbusinesslike, saying it
would take $50,000 to complete what
was a  $25,000 job.
He had been intrumencal in having
the growing tax crops removed and
the tax on timber growing on their
own lands taken off, saving then hundreds of thousands of dollars. The
government had brought on the elections ac a bad time of the year, with
the lists unprepared ;only two of the
'lists were to be had here for nomination day and two-thirds of the
nominations were not according to
law. He denounced the tolls on the
Fraser river bridge as imposed by the
government, saying it took 35 cents
to collect ever}' dollar of toll. Further respects were paid to Mr. 1 j'w-
ser, w'ho was described as never having won a case and always seeking to
punish innocent fishermen. Tiie Better Terms question was touched on
and also the Chinese question. As a
solution of the latter question the
speaker said the Liberals proposed co
make the Chinese live up to the white
man's standard, seeing that the
Healch Act was enforced.
Closing his address. Mr. Oliver said
he had represented them for ten
-years and 'had always fulfilled his
duties to the riding to the best of his
abilities. He had never diverted one
dollar to his own use. He thanked
the men of botli parties for the support they had given him and said he
would be pleased to receive their support again in this election. He told
them that the great issue before them
now, the railway policy, was not a
question of partyism. but a question
of what was best for the whole province. He appealed for their votes on
those grounds.
During 'his addrses Mr. Oliver drew
attention to the article in the World,
copies of which were distributed in
the hall, in which it was charged that
the government had sold to one of
its Conservative friends. A. W. Lang,
of Peachland, Indian landa_ at $2.50
an acre.
Editor   Delta   Times:
The Wade Bubble respecting the
action ot the provincial government
In disposing of Indian Lands In the
province has been burst by a brief
statement of the facts of the case
both by Premier McBride at Chilliwack and by Attorney-General Bowser at Ladner. The policy of the government ls to grant the reversionary
rights In Iidlun lands to parties desiring to secure them for $2.50 per
acre when it was considered that by
so doing the settlement and development of these sections of the province would be advanced. The purchaser would, of course, have to purchase the rights of the Indians In
these lands at whatever figure he
could arrange from the Dominion
government, whose wards the Indians
are, and it is only when the rights
are se) purchased that the province
has any reversionary rights in the
From my own personal knowledge
and from Mr. David McKee's own lips
I know that he was offered the reversionary rights on Barnstead Island
by the provincial government for
$2.50 per acre. David McKee is not
now and never has been In the past
a. friend of the McBride government.
He has in this election canvassed on
behalf of Mr. Oliver. If the Mc-
Brld-? government wished to help
their friends, or If this were a wrong
system it seems to' me that they would
not be likely to make this particular
offer  to  Mr. McKee,  of Ladner.
LONDON, Nov. 16.���Lord Strathcona and Hon. Mr. and Mrs, Lemieux
will be guests at the dinner to the
King of Portugal at Guild Hall.
Editor Delta Times:
Sir,���Will  you   kindly   publish   this
letter in your next Issue ?    I  have a
I very    serious     complaint     to     make
1 against thc Sunday sporting man who
1 tries to kill hen pheasants here in the
i town  of  Ladner,  one of    which    fell
I near my house Just as we were com-
I Ing  home  from   the Church   of  England, service  ac  mid-day.    The  game
I laws say  $50  will be the  fine,  but It
ls allowed to run like water from    a
duck's  back.     In     England    or    any
; other part of the world the policeman
j would  be on  them  before  they knew
where  they were.
From   a   live   sporting   man   of   six
days a, week.
Ladner. Nov.  15,   1909.
Premier McBride and party arrived here on Wednesday night by the
steamer Senator Jansen. It had been
the Intention  to come by the Strath-
1 cona, but while waiting for the boat
at   Fort   Langley  word   was   received
j that the vessel lay on the bottom of
the Fraser with water up to her
On the trip down from Chilliwack.
which the vessel left at 7 o'clock
Tuesday morning, on her usual run to
New Westminster, she struck a snag
30 miles below the Garden City, and
near Hatzic, ripping a hole In her
hull and sending her to the bottom,
but by such fortunately slow degrees
that Capt. Patterson and his crew
were able to land -all her passengers
safe and dry upon the nearby north
The vessel is owned by Ironsides,
Rannie & Campbell, of Vancouver,
und will be raised and repaired at
once.     They  have  not  estimated   the
I loss by the mishap.
Conservative Candidate for Delta
Editor Delta Times:
I notice that my recent letter, re
the proposed waterworks, has called
forth criticisms from our Reeve an.!
John Oliver.
Taking the Reeve's interview fit st.
he states chat the great majority of
the Delta people are in favor of the
scheme, and yet ,ie dare not put It to
a vote of the people for it would be
defeated, largely because ic is so
little understood.
Then he says that the council has
tbe written report of Colonel Tracy
"that there was an adequate and satisfactory source of supply." In the
only report I know of, the engineer
says: "I think (note lie only thinks)
this source of supply satisfactory,"
and in the same report he says that
it is not possible to tell what water
there is there unless it were collected
and measured,
Now. Mr. Editor, that has never
been clone, although as long ago as
February 1(1 last, an editorial in your
columns suggested to the water committee that it should be, and so set
at rest the doubts that had been
The only inference I can draw from
this is that the committee itself is
���doubtful of the supply. Then the
Reeve says that there is no Intention
to eharge non-consumers, and yet a
'member of the water committee hold
me  positively to  the contrary.
However, intentions meed not concern us much, for you may rest assured that If the legal right exists
to do so, consumer and non-consumer
will alike be taxed. On the question
of approximate rates, it would be interesting to know how his figures are
arrived at.
As to the engineer recommending
wood stave pipes, that says nothing,
for Colonel Tracy was the Vanoouver
city engineer for years, and yet Vancouver never did and does not now
uie that class of pipt'- I would chink
that thc moisture and acids contained
in our Delta soil would be likely to
have some carroding effect on both
the wood and wire Now che strength
of the pipe ls In Its wire binding, so
let the wood decay en- wire rust ever
so little, the wire becomes slack, and
the internal pressure of water forces
the staves apart, then what's the use
of the pipe ?
Then as to the Reeve's remarks
about the springs not drying up when
the timber Is gone, etc., you will
notice that he throws the onus on the
engineer again.
Yet as recently as September in
last the town of Vernon (whose
waterworks were constructed under
Colonel Tracy) applied to the forestry
commission to create a forest reserve on Mount Aberdeen "to secure
the permanence of the water supply
of Vernon and Armstrong," fire having destroyed so much limber that
those towns fear lor their future
water supply.
What does the engineer say to
that ?
Theen the Reeve compares out-
water scheme to tbe dyking, saying
that opposition to the latter passed
away  long ago.
If that were so, "now then does lie
account for the years of dyking law
suits, the last one only terminating
recently, costing us thousands of
good dollars, which money should
have been spent  on  our roads.
And if eveiyone is so contented
over dyking affairs, why so groat an
amount of delinquent dyking taxes in
such a prosperous community as
this ? j
Turn up the municipal accounts,
Mr. Reeve, for last year, and you
will find that up to December 31 the
arrears of dyking taxes amounced to
$10,922.99, with interest additional
due thereon of over $2300, or a total
of close on $11,000 delinquent, and
tiie amount of arrears increases
steadily year after year.
Does all thai make you think that
opposition has passed away long ago?
There never was any real opposition to the dykes themselves, it was
the bull headed, bulldozing way il
was gone about, and the same feeling
that existed then exists today. Then
where your comparison falls down
badly is, that no attempt was ever
made to force the dykes on us under
any local improvement clause.
Both schemes were put to die vote
and carried.
As to John Oliver's criticisms, be
wants both consumer ami non-consumer taxed, because he argues, ihat
although the water way be useless to
me. it may be of use t'i someone else
in the distant future. That's straining at a gnat all  right 1
And if a 50 year mortgage is placed
mi my land, for whieh I receive no
consideration, my land at once becomes depreciated to die extent of the
mortgage on it \
John says lie wants this water
scheme put through in a legal manner, and yet he endorses what has
been done so far. Then he goes on
to say that che council appointed a
committee to Investigate. Did it, and
when ?
Now, If the council did appoint
that water committee it was an illegal
act, because a council has power only
to appoint comui'ttees out of their
number, whereas there Is only erne
member en- the council (the Reeve)
on this commie tee,
And if the council did not appoint
it, of course it has no legal existence,
��� is in either event the council cannot
legally pay any liabilities contracted
by che committee, But to go furl her.
John, is not the whole business illegal ?
The council, so It advertises, is proceeding under section 269 of the
Municipal Clauses Act. Thai section
applies to a "registered" townalte
within a municipality only, which In
this  case  means  Ladner.
Under this section Ladner may
build the waterworks, and supply the
surrounding country, provided the
cost of the work does not exceed 2 5
per cent, of the assessed value of tbe
real property and improvements within the townsite. That effectually puts
Ladner out of the business.
However, were it possible ie) proceed under the Local Improvement
Clauses. I say that no council would
be justified in passing this by-law, it-
only in face of John Oliver's published apology for having misled a number of people into signing that petition, which goes tei show that the
petition itself is legally defective, and
therefore the by-law built on it cannot stand.
To go ahead with the present
scheme Is t.i invite litigation, nnd the
Delta should now have had enough
of that to last  it  a long  time.
Water we will have one of these
days, but when it comes let us bave
it as tbe Hon. John says in a "legal,
equitable and  economical" manner.
When such a scheme is put for-
ward, you may count on me for one
of its most ardent supporters.
Before a crowded house, with many
standing. Premier McBride, on W'ed-
psday night, in MoNeely'a hall, defended his railway policy as one of
the best bargains that the province
of British Columbia had ever made
and one that would be of particular
interest and benefit to Delta riding.
Mr. Oliver, on two former occasions,
he said, predicted his defeat in the
province, but still here he was still
First Minister of the province. Mr.
Oliver made che boast he carried the
Delta in his pocket and for a third
time the constituents would now be
given the opportunity to see if they
could gee beyond partyism even
though it meant John's defeat. He
(the Premier) had just returned from
a" tour of the upper country, and
Kootenay and the Interior would not
return a single Liberal and throughout the whole province there would
be scarcely four Liberals in the new
John Oliver three years ago accused him of being the tool of the C.
P. It., yet he was endeavoring to
bring in the C, N. R. to run in competition to the C. P. R. The bargain
his government had made with the
C. N. It., a road with 6000 miles of
railway, was a good one. Not one
dollar of the province's money or
one single acre of land was involved
and exemption of taxation was given
lor teai years only. All B. C. gave
was a guarantee of the bonds for 30
years at 4 per cent., taking as security a first mortgage on the road
and a general covenant from the entire CN.lt. to save the province from
any loss. Moreover, it was iu the
bargain ihat the work was to be
done entirely by white labor, paid at
standard wages. Work was to commence in three months and be finished in four years, and the province
held control of freight and passenger
rates. The new road paralleled the
C. P. R. for 123 miles and thac was
a good thing because we wanted competition. If the road didn't parallel
the c. P. R. we would be no better off
than now.
The guaranteeing of the bonds by
B. C. was no experiment. The Liberal premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Quebec had all
guaranteed C. N. R. bonds and had
been the gainer thereby. Manitoba
had done likewise and had as a result
increased in wealth and population;
whereupon the speaker road a telegram   from   Premier   Roblin   to     this
cure a pass there. How were they going to get over the mountain then ?
Have John Oliver cow them over He
scored Oliver's proposed railway
policy and said that any man who
voted for such a shambling, rambling road as Mr. Oijyer proposed,
didn't deserve to be a citizen of Delta.
The C. N. R. had put over 400 towns
on the map of the Nordiwest, was
employing 25,000 white men. Did
they want to change such a road for
Oliver's affair without head or tall ?
Three quarters of the Liberal G. T. P.
road in B. C. we paid and if the road
failed to pay the interest we couldn't)
take tbe road. T.ie G. T. P. was 600
miles away from them. There was no-
comparison between the terms on
which that road was to be constructed
and on which the- c. N. It. weiulc* be
constructed, the latter not costing us
a dollar. Did they mean to tell nlnii
that a road through the Delta, a new
ferry from the Delta to Victoria, did
not mean something co them? Touching briefly on the Better Terms question and the Asiatic problem, the
Premier concluded his address by
saying that his government still scood
for a white country, while every bill
they had passed at Victoria to keep
the Asiatics oue had been disallowed
by the Liberal government at Ottawa.
-Mr. Bowser.
Attorney-General Bowser challenged Mr. Oliver to meet him on the
public platform at North Vancouver,
Saturday night, Mount Pleasant, Monday night, or ill the Orange hall, East
Vancouver, on Tuesday night. He
dwelt on- die advantages to the Delta
of n railway through this section, giving them better markets, and of a
ferry co Victoria, all of which would
be possible did they vote the con-
sumation of the C. N. It. agreement.
He accused Mr. Oliver of bribe giving
when lie said if elected Premier he
would give Vancouver City the old
court house site, which site belonged
co the people of British Columbia, not
to Mr. Oliver or Vancouver City. As
finance minister he briefly summed
up the financial condition of the
country, saying in 1903 the province
had a debt of $11,000,000, in 1902 a
debt only of $9,000,000, and with a
sum in the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Victoria of $4,168,000 drawing 3 per cent. Thus substractlng the
surplus from the total debt their real
debt was only $f>,000,000. Vancouver
City  had a   debt of $11,000,000.    The
eUBnotr.     Premier  Laurier  himself  had���' P""avlnt*ial   holdings    ac     Point     Grey
sanctioned guaranteeing C. N. It.
bonds. Suxaly those Liberals who had
the hardihood to swallow t.ie G. T. P.
today could not turn down the C. N.
It., a betcer proposition, tomorrow.
The C. N, R. Interested them here
ntiilghtly as it would be constructed
here inside of is months, giving
them the advantage of another ferry
io Victoria, via English Bluff and another line to markets eastward of
here. It meant the spending of $30,-
01)0,mill in the province in the next
four years, and the employment of
white labor exclusively, ami che
lowest grade railway to the East on
the American continent, giving them
cheaper freight rates. If a Liberal
had brought forwa.rd this proposition
would not the Delta Liberals support
it ? He appealed to them to vote
for it like men casting aside parti/an
'feelings. Manitoba with only $700,-
000 of assets had guaranteed $15,000,-
(i.iii nl' these bonds and 250 miles of
railway in Ontario. Their freight
rates were cut in two as soon as t.ie
C. N. R. was operating and passenger
rates were reduced. Surely British
Columbia, with a re-venue of $7,000,-
000 a year, witli $14,"00.Dm) of assets
in Point Grey ami Prince Rupert
lands alone many millions more of
assets iu limber, mineral anel other
wealth could afford to guarantee
these bonds, espeeiall when nothing
was risked and the province held the
security of the railway company for
half a million dollars, forfeited if they
backed  out of their  bargain.
John Oliver talked ol' building the
road over the Hope mountains. Well,
the Greac Northern had spent years
looking for a pass through the Hope
were worth $11,000,000. at Prince
Rupert $5,0(10.000. so that financially
the province was in splendid shape,
well able to guarantee the railway
bonds. Referring to the recent order
in council, featured in the Vancouver
World, the speaker said this is a
charge t.uu the government has sold
to one of iis supporters, A. \V. Long.
,..-' Peachland, Indian lands at $2.50
an acre. The province, he said, sold
their reversionary interest, all the
title the province has in these lands
t" Mr, Lang af er lie had got a quit
claim deed fr, .ni Ottawa of the
federal title just as it was prepared
i" sell to any one who gets Ottawa
t.i flrst release Its rights. Mui long before, they had dome the same' thing
for Smith Curtis, the well known
Liberal, and also to Mr. Kennedy, the
well known New Westminster Liberal.
Mr. Bowser said it was easy fur Mr.
Ollvi :- to bet him $100 that the white
la.b,u clause was not in Ihe G. T. P.
bill. Because it was not. But lie
would bei him a $1000 that the McBride government had a separate
agreemenl with the G. T. P. that
nothing bin white labor would be employ.'d in B. c. on 'he G. T. P. The
speaker went into the history of the
Natal Act, providing lor the exclusion
of Asiatics as passed by the McBride
government and disallowed by the
Ottawa   government.
Reeve Hutcherson was chairman
of the meeting and. Mr. Frank Mac-
Kenzle, the Conservative candidate,
opened with a short address, saying
that he had been endeavoring to get
Mr. Oliver face to face with Mr. Bowser, and repeat his charges to him,
but that Mr. Oliver had always slde-
Duntains; the c. P. R. could not se-1 stepped meedng him.
A notice of motion was given at
the last council meeting by Councillor
Gibble that a by-law would be introduced inco the council providing for
the abolishing of the .lection in Delta
municipality by the ward system and
the adoption of the principle of the
election of the council at large. This
no rice of motion was made on the
strength of largely signed petitions !
from wards III and V asking that the
ward system be abolished. I
Three other petitions are at present
being circulated through the muni- j
cipallty along similar lines so that
very strong Influence will be brought
to bear on tbe council asking for the
adoption of the new system of election I
Should this by-law pass council the
! elections   next  January   will   be   conducted along these'  lines,    Before the
ward  system  can   be  abolished   it     is
necessary lo have a petition praying I
' for  this signed by the owners of    at ''
j least one 'half of die assessed value of .
the  municipality.     On   receiving    this
petition   the   council   are   tlien   com- j
I'idlcel   to act   on   It.     If  at   tbe     end
of 12 months thc election of councillors at large does  not   prove popular.
or work out satisfactorily,  the return
to the  ward     system     can     be  made
compulsory   providing  a  petition    is
presented to the ceiune'il signed by the
same proportion of the property owners, that is by names representing one
half of the assessed value of the
municipality. Tbe petitions now out
are being largely signed by the farmers and those In favor of abolishing
the ward system say that they will
have no difficulty in securing the desired number of names. The advantages claimed for the election of the
council by a general vote were mentioned in a previous issue of The
At the council meeting on Tuesday
Mr. John Gilchrist was appointed to
the vacancy on the council board In
ward HI. It will be remembered that
nominations to til! the vacancy caused
by the death of Councillor Storey
were ordered 'by the council, but no
one was nominated. Consequently it
evolved upon the council to appoint
some one to the office.
Councillor Gilchrist, who received
tiie appointment is a man who has
taken a great Interest in municipal
matters, and on the council board he
will be not altogether unfamiliar with
questions chat come before that body.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 17.���The
state department of banking today
closed the American Trust Company
of Philadelphia. THE DELTA TIMES
SATCRDAV,   NOVEMBER   20.   1909.
The Delta municipality lias now a
new magistrate' in the person of Mr.
John Me.Ke. of Ladner, Mr. J. B.
Burr, who has filled che office most
satisfactorily lor the past seven years.
has  retired  and  handed  in his "resig-
nation   at    the   last
Mr.  McKee,  who was recently
pointed a juscice of the peace by
provincial   government,   received
appointment.     Mr.  McKee  enjoys
a lithe
respect  of the  community  and   being
an  eminently  fair man   will  no  doubt
���discharge  the  responsibilities   of    his
office in a satisfactory manner.
He  enters upon   his  new    duties    at
Will   Likely   BO   lhe   Issue   on   Which
.Next  Municipal  Elections Will
Be Decided.
The water question, as will ha\
been surmised ire this, is likely
play a very Important pan in th. ne:
municipal elections, At th.. next mee
���ing of the council the waterworks le
law will come up for final consider;
tion and there is general belief th:
the council will lay the' matter ovi
until next year and that the mini
cipal elections will be fought out o
the cjuestlon.
Good Time Predicted for These Who
Attend Ball Next Friday Night.
From all indications there will be
a big attendance at the masquerade
ball to be helcl in McNcely's hall next
Friday night. The energetic young
(men in charge of the arrangements
are securing costumes for rent for the
evening which may be secured at the
Delta hotel, Howard Bros, tailoring
shop or at \V. H. Smith's store. Those
in costume are requested to write
their names and character represented on a card, dropping the card in a
box which will be conveniently situated in the hall.
A Vancouver orchestra will play
for die ball ami a must pleasant evening is predicted for those who attend.
WASHTNGTi >N, Nov. 10.���The victory o.' Nlcaraguan rebel troops under General Chamorro at Greytown,
is denied.
MO.XTilKAL. Nov. 16.���The annual
statement of the Bank of Montreal
shows profits for the year of $182,-
000  against  $1,957,000  last  year.
OTTAWA, Nov. 15.���In the coming by-election, following the ��� g-
rtntlon of Sir Wilfrid Laurier of the
Ottawa seat, there will be a contest,
owing to the difficulties in set!.inutile various claims for candidature.
The Conservatives are not gol -- to
place a standard-bearer in thi 'I'll.
but Mr. J. A. Ellis, city treasurer and
ex-mayor, will ran as an indepen lenl
Conservative. His organizing will
make him  a  strong candidate.
ROME. Nov. li"..���The episcopal
jubilee of Pope Plus N. occurred today. 'Many messages of congratulations and Well wishes ri ached the
Vatican. The Pope desired t i spend
the day quietly an.l without any formal celebration. He celebrated mass
in the private chapel, admitting only
his own sisters fr m Nice, with'whom
be   afterward   breakfasted.    Later   in
th, day His Holiness received tin officials of the Vatican, who presented
tin ir greetings. To these the pontiff
she.wed the gold pretoral cross which
was given him by Pope Leo in 1884
upon the occasion of his appointment as Bishop of Mantua. In honor
of the jubilee many Homes in the
vicinity of the Vatican were decorated. The pilgrimage from France
ended  here  to-day.
BUDGET  lUIT'K ll/lTl.S.
LONDON, Nov, 12.���Rumors sire
current here to the effect it-hot should
tbe House of Lords reject the budget.
Mr. Asepiltli and his cabinet will immediately resign, with the object of
throwing upon che Conservative leaders the onus of providing for the
country's financial) needs, Whether
or not this report is well founded,
Lord Lansdownc's delay In presenting
the expected repudiation or rejection
of the budget has given rise to .the
idea that closer realisation of the
financial confusion is bound to follow. The leading tinancki'l weekly,
tthe Economist, devotes an article to
the question, pointing out the extraordinary situation that would tollow
suoh action. Duties of avrious kinds,
it says, sanctioned under the' new
budget by the House of Commons
resolutions, have been collected since
April, to an amount exceeding $55,-
000,000, and it is assumed that if the
budget is now rejected, the;-.- duties
would be recoverable in the law
courts. Added to this is $170,000,-
000 of Income Tun collected, which
almost might !..��� required t" I." refunded. In any ease, th," Economist
forsees a terrible financial deadlock.
Lord Swaythling (Sir Montagu
^���amue'l-.Miiita.4U). in an Interview
rays tlwil he still doubts whether the
House of Lards will reject thc budget.
If it does, he declared that the government will have to raise a big loan
to carry on the nutlonal services, anel
that would entail **i very tight money
marks:, with the bank rate rising
possibly even to ten per cent. The
rejection of the budget, aocordilng to
Lord Swaythllng, would be followed
by a very large increase In Im ports.
in anifciclpation of the advent of a
proLece'.ionist   government.
mi!      V^ I   1 a ��� ���
Liberal Candidate for Delta
Do  not  be  ashamed   to   send a
FARMER to represent you.
Eeward:  Ten   years'   consistent
service  by  an increased majority.
As your representative, he is a
credit to Delta Riding.
As Premier he will be an honor
to the Province,
Honest John
Something New in Ranges
The New Chancellor Range
The latest and most up-to-date on the market
This range is specially adapted for the Delta trade on
account of fuel facilities, and is one of the handsomest
made.    Full nickel trimmed and complete with every
modern convenience
The Hardware Store
f    Phone 36
l********* ********** *********** **** fr****
Ladner, B. C.    ������
fashion Stables
Trucking and Draying.    Livery work of
all kinds attended to promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood always on hand.
/. 77f. Collmson     Phone 20    Xadner, P. C.
Just Arrived
Star Coaster Wagons for the Boys. Strong, roller-
bearing, and the best possible present.
A full line of Glass Shades for electric fixtures.
These are very pretty and the price reasonable.
Come and see the "Cannon Ball" Barn Door
Hangers and Track.    Something new.
We want to talk Gasoline Engines to you and can
give you a choice of vertical or horizontal, skidded
or mounted, at from $95.00 up.
Phone 2
P. O. Drawer S
The Delta Hotel
J. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Newly furnished throughout.    Modern Sanitary Conveniences.    Travelers' Sample Rooms.    Good Wines,
Liquors, Cigars, etc.
J   Coal for Sale���-Best Vancouver Island Coal.
> Apply J. Johnston
] Concert and Dance Hall���McNeely Hall, only con-
]   cert and dance hall on Delta.���Terms, apply J. JOHNSTON
Any person wanting Light or Heavy
Harness or Repairing done would
do well to call and see me. Your
patronage solicited and satisfaction
McNeely Wharf, Ladner
Uhe Delia TJi
��pX��iJO     iV       It.  Jl-tiVxV in j���deance SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   20,   1909.
}���***************$. ***.i^i^.^.jfr^.^.^.^.^.^,
High-class Machine  Wire   Wound  and
Continuous Stave Wooden Pipe
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Householders who wish co
have a vote at the forthcoming municipal elections are
warned that they will have to
register at Municipal Clerk
McDiarmld's office before December 1, or otherwise thc-y
will not be entitled to a vote.
Those householders who are
��� Ugliblc to vine are all such
pi rsons w.iei have re sl-ded
within the municipality since
January 1, who are of male-
- x. British subjects, of 21
'������' n rs ".���' age    and who    have
paid   taxes     to   the     extent     nf
I    ...LOCAL ITEMS...    I
3. r
Thursday next���ejection day.
Evety   girl   likes     candy���are     you
wise ?
��������� .     Have you a sweet tooth . Read the
��������� advertisements.
Word has bee.'ti received from llr..
-i.i Mrs, R. McKee, of Delta, who an
spi ndlng the winter in the OkanngM.
country, th;.!. Air. MeKei Is enjoying
much Improved health since ti
moval then. Messrs. .\i ���>. ri ,, ..T]C
H. Vicars havi rented Mr. Mt*Kee'f
1 Delta farm   for  th"  ne xl  year
li���foepfrdTn:SMoVnBIfmi?1Stertram      TbU  WM ''   A""'   Wm-  Kirkland W8
Ave sheep through m., depreclatf*****,
"i dogs nn his property, and Mr J
Frederick     lost     five    animali    ...;�����
.Mr. Herbert  Eve rett, of Easl  Delta
left em Friday for California.
Red Cross Sanitary Closets
/Ask Clement & Lambert about
them.    They  are local  agents   and   can
give you full information.    Also   agents
for the Reliable System of Gasoline Lighting.
General  Agents
Hall and I,avery Block New Westminster
The Ropi Ml. ol Canada
Incorporated 1809.
CAPITAL PAID-tTP      $4,600,000
RESERVE t'l'.M) S 5,300,000
Total Ae-scts Pit ly-Tliree .Millions.
Accounts ol Oui-of-TJoum  Customers Siven  Special Jitter,Hon
Accounts may be opened with deposi t�� of ONE DOLLAR and Upwards,
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June 30th nnd December
31st, each year.
k . i). SIMPSON. Manager ladner, t��. c.
Clothes Talk
Christmas will soon be here.    Why not get that New Suit
or Overcoat NOW ?    Let me take  your measure for one
of my Special
English Tweed Suits, $30.00
Or I can show you anything in Black,  Blue
or Brown
Christmas Books
Dickens, Algers, Hentys, Shakespeare and all standard books
suitable for Xmas Presents.
Also  Girls'   and   Boys'
Own Annual
Call  and  look them   over.
���Mr. anil Mrs. E, I:. Bartlett, nf the
vlcerage, take Kita method ott thanking all those who by sending floral
tributes ami in other ways expressed
their sympathy with them in their recent bereavement,
through  th.' same  -    11 Air.  Kid>
land  now gives notice   thai  hereaffa*
Hutcherson, the grocer, has nil thi    '"���' ,|,,KS found un his propertj  unai-
Chrlstmas g-roci  y delicacies. tended  will  be   Immediate!       I  .-.
  s  "' rtainlj  annoying    tha
Twelve degrees of frost wen   regis-   :'"        *"  '���'"',:'1   '"-'    :     i       I    n
i ri il in  Ladner Sunday nlghl   li si
Beef  cattle  are-  reported     low    In
price.    Hogs are In good demand.
fisher's Drug and Book Store
S. W. Fisher, Phm. B.
Ladner,       -      -      -      B. C.
The Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.
Limited, of Vancouver and Victoria, have moved their Office
and Piano Showrooms to 1097
Granville Pt. (cor. Helmcken
St.) The Company's business
on the Mainland will now be
conducted from this address.
Vancouver, B.C., Nov. 7, 1909
Mr. and .Mrs. W. Smillle, of Easl
Delta, were visitors to Ladner Tuesday.
I>o V<:r I,*;*,*- tiie
When   mi   ei  .ih!     what    Chris  ���
delicacy lo buy examine Hutcherson's
The merchants say it pays to advertise���why don't you get that box of
candy ?
Christmas fruits, candy, runs anel
.-!]. r Christmas delicacies at Hutcit-
erson's. ,
Mr. Leonard Grant, son ...' Mrs. J.
II. Grant, is recovering from a hail
attack of la grippe.
Mr. J. Honeyman returned nn Tuesday from a week's visit to bis
brother in Vancouver, !
George 0. Dennis
Agent  for   De   Laval   Cream
Strict attention  to all business
entrusted to me and satisfaction
P. 0., DELTA, B. C.
McNeely's Hall, Ladner
��� ON���
Friday, Nov. 26th
Under the auspices of the
Do-It-Dandy Club
Costumes for hire may be had at
Delta Hotel, IV. H. Smith's store or
ii    Howard  Bros.
Tii-.-e s,   $1.50.    Ladieii   tree.
Commlttet���R. L Voorhels, Chas,
Brawn,   L.   Price  and   Abe'   Scott.
Holstein bull calf, Oxford Down
rams, ami Tamworth hogs, both sex.
Apply, A. Davie.
"The Tailor,"
Ladner, B. C.
Advertise in The Times
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about
the same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices
New Westminster, B. (2.
Any person who is the sole' head of
a  family,  or any male  over  IS  years
old,   may   homestead   a   eiuarter   section   (ICO   acres,   more   or   less)      of
, avaikible Dominion land in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan or Alberta.    The applicant  must  appear  in   berson    at  iii"
Dominion    Lands   Agency   or     Sub-
Agency   for   the  district.     Entry   by
proxy may be- made at any agency, on
certain conditions,  by father .mother,
e-e-rtain conditions, by father, mother,
intending 'homesteader.
i     DUTIES���Six     months'     residence
upon   the   cultivation   ot"   the Kind   in
each of thre'e' years.    A homesteader
mtty   live   within   nine   utiles   of     his
' homestead   on  a  farm  of  at   least  Se)
i acres  solely  owned  and   occupied  by
1 him  or by his  father,    mother,    son,
| daughter, Brother or sister.
In certain districts a homesteader
In good standing may pre-empt a
I eiuarter section alongside his home-
I stead. Price J3.00 per acre. Dulles-
Must reside six months in each of
six years from elate <>f homestead entry (Including the time required t>
earn homestead patent) ami cultivate
fifty acres extra.
A homesteader who lias exhausted
his homestend right and cannot obtain a pre-emption may take a purchased homestead in certain districts.
Price $3.00 per acre. Purchased
homesteads may be acquired or nny
available lands on either odd ter even
numbered Sections south of Township 45, east-of tho Calgary and Edmonton Railway line. Duties���Must
reside six months in each of three
years, cultivate fifty acre's anel erect
a house worth $300.
COAL���Coal mining rights may be
leased for twenty-one years at an
annual rental of $1.00 an acre. Not
more than 3,500 acres can be leased
to one applicant. Royally, five cents
per ton.
QUARTZ���A person eighteen years
of age and over having made a discovery may locate a claim 1,500 feet
by 1,500 feet Fee, $5.00. At least
$100 must be expended on the claim
each year, or paid to the Mining Recorder. When $500 has been expended or paid and other requirements contpelled with the claim may
be purchased at $1.00 an acre.
PLACER MINING CLAIMS generally 100 feet square. Entry fee $"..00.
DREDGING^Two leases of five
miles each of a river may be Issued
to one applicant for a term of 20
years. Rental. $10 a mile per annum.
Royalty, 2 1-2 per cent, after the output exceeds $10,000.
W. \V. CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N.B.���Unauthorized   publb at'on   of
this  advertisement   will   not   be   paid
Notice is hereby given for the I i-
formation of voti rs. thai the Lieutenant-Governor in Council has determined that the holding of a General
Election offers a favorable opportunity to obtain the views of Electors
on the.' question of Local Option.
For such purpose, a vote will be
taken on the 261*1 of November instant, iit the same time as the vote
for the election of candidates to the
1.' glslative Assembly.
Provincial Se cretary.
Mr.  VV.  J.  Whlceslde, who recently
sold  his  farm   at Sunbury,     has     re-
. ii".veil  with   bis family    to    take     uo
residence   in   Vancouver,
Maternity nurse disengaged after
< Ictober 12th. i llstance no ..L.i- ct.
Nurse Thomas, 517 Dunlevy Avenue,
' anc .uv. r.    'Phone,   R3772.
The Misses Myrtle and Ethel Aber-
eromble, of Eburne, paid a short visit
to Ladner this week, visiting .Mrs.
James Grant on Fairview road.
The ladles are- promising some sur-
J prises at ihe masquerade ba 1 next
i Friday nig.it. Then- are keeping the
'character of their costumes ;i  secret,
Mr. an.l  Mrs. Lafeyette Gifford    e.u
' 11" ������ mber  8   will celebrate  th.-    2." ;.i
tnnivi rsary     cf  iin ii   wi 'Mi;,-,  whie m
took   place   at  Port   Rowan,   Ont.,     in
II  will  pay you  to do so in �����
futur '   ; he i" .'.   : be a i urioui ���>
mistake   in   one  of   -.be     mer- -*���
' hunts    adv. rl             -     , ,,.,.,- .��
week   and    tie    flrsl     person ���-
���vll"s'' I   'i'l   .s ... . ...   I   ,      , ,b(. ...
mistake carefully n rltten    oui ������
and the nam,- of    th.     adi ei*- �����
User   in   whose   advi i lis mi .������
the  mis-lake  occurs,     will     .   - -
celve an elegant box of rawly..-��
wiib  the compllmi ntf     ���:  | bi �����
advertise r.    No  hard  and  law -
rules In fills contest and noth- �����'
ing    to    guy��� ver; body     ne.
come   to   try.     Thi    onlj   onei ���-
barred are the a I've rtlsers a id ��
their  employees.    Address  all -������
answers   to  The   Delta  Times -a
Ladner,  and  mark    the  word -��
contest on the outside.    Pleas; -���
sign your letter and  give ear- ���
lect  addn 80,     The lucky   win- �����
ner will  be announced    in the ���*��
following week's issue. All an- ���
svvers will be- in not later than -���
November 24. ���*
\V. J, Brandrith arrived home on
Monday from the Kootenay, w'nefS
in' had been attending the quarterly
meeting of the B, C. Fruit Growers'
l'OI! SALE���Seven Ions small potatoes for feed. Apply i . J. Fi rgu-
s'li, Ladner.
The' lllek- .V;   l.ovle-k   Piano CO., 1 lib.
of Vancouver, hat e Jusl r .������ -��� ��� d a
large shipment of New Pianos and j
are selling the same at Cm Iff lees, j
Call and see us when In Vancouver
or write for Prices. Catalogues on
application. Note '.he address: ''en-.
Granville Street and Helmcken Setreet,
one  Block  north  of  Davie Street.
It is likely that the election r -
turns "ii Thursday will be heard In
McNeely's hall, a number of gentlemen ii.iving arranged to receive the
returns by ie li phone.
\V. T, Hains, well known here, who
was injured In the street ear accident
la.-t week in which l * people met
eh ,iili, is said to be doing nicely He
n e Ivi .I scalp wounds an I suffi re d a
broken  pelvis.
Delta   Heeled.
���I.  Doher'ty,  Vancouver.
Paul E. Ladni r, Vancouver.
Thomas   Fowler,   Vaacouver.
i'o orge Blswer, Point Robe rts.
'". O, Vincent, New York.
R.   B,  Raymond,  Vancouver,
V.  A.  Wojfenden,  Victoria,
c. MacLean,  Vancouver.
A.  R. s.iannuii.  Vancouver.
W.   b.  Arsenanet,  Ottawa.
Heber  Zambrisk,   Vane mver.
,J. II.  Appleby,  Vancouver.
W. P.  Bassett, Victoria.
John   Montgomery,   Vaneouvec
C. J.   liowboihani.   Vli I i
(l. Fleming, Vancouvi r,
Ft. A. MeCullough, Vancouver.
Charles Buck, Vancouver,
Shirley House,
Robi n   May, Vancouver,
John  Butli r, Vane uvi r.
Win.   .1.   Millar.].   Los   Ang   i'-s
Geo.  E.   Davi nport,   Vancoli", er.
I".   Lagai .. Sunbury.
Geo.   Hassall,   sunbury.
.le.s.   Lagai i. Sunbury.
! 's,  Geo.   I ilxon.  Sebo, A Ita,
Mr leorge Dennis, phone 442, !
be pleased to undertake any i -
tloneering work. He Is also agent f ir
thi D" Lavls cream separator, He
thoroughly understands auction sale
work and  guarantees satisfaction.
W. N. Draper
Room 2, E laid Block,
New Westminster,      -      -      -      B. C.
(Westminster Branch)
Mr. Peter Clark was m New Westminster mi Tile s.lay visiting his
daughter, who is confined i> the
Royal Columbian hospltf.l thine suffering from appendicitis. II" pronounces her condition as being satisfactory.
Tickets for the' masquerade ball em
Friday uig.it may be had from any
of ihe'  following gentlemen:     Mr,   A.
Scott, at  the   1 >������ 11:t  l 1:   Mr.   Price,
at Lanning, Fawcetl & Wilson's store,
and Mr. Brawn and Mr, Voorhi .- .it
W,  11   Smith's  store.
Cars   leave   Westminster   or     Vance uvea-  at   5:50  a nl   U;5ii  a.m.     and
hourly thereafter until ll  p.m.;  Saturdays and  Sundaj : at   11   p.m.
Cars leave' Vancouver f r West-
m'hst.r at 5 50 and 6:50 a.m. an.l
hourly until 10 p.m.; Saturdays and
Sundays Bt  11  P.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver
and all shipments are handled with
the utmost care- and delivered to
cons'gnee without delay. Special
attention paid to fruit shipments. Our
wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
Traffic Manager,
Licil  Manager.
A pro re naia meeting of the' Westminster Presbytery was hi I 1 In St.
Andtew's Presbyterian church, Ni w
Westminster, on Thursday afternoon
| to Issue lhe eall from t.u Ladner
Presbyterian church to Rev. J G,
Ha.stie.  late  of Sydney, Australia.
The auction sa'." at Mr. Shlldrake's
i went off well, cattle averaging good
j prices, though not as high as former-
| ly on accou.ni of the- hlg-,1 price, of
feed. Mr. Williamson, of the Ollery,
; bought three fine hogs with the |n-
. tent.ion   of re-stocklng  the   Island.
Air. George Westwood and bride
returned from their honeymoon on
Monday evening. Tie' buys tendered
them a cordial reception, hoo-ays, tin
cans and other noise producing Instruments added to the vjclTerous
welcome wi:h which they we re received.
Ladner and Westham Island
Via Steveston and
Leave Steveston���9:30 a.m.: 4:30 p.m.
Leave Ladner���I):8.0 a.m.: 3:30 p.m.
Commencing Oct. 31st, Sunday trip-
will be discontinued. A launch
service for freight and passengers
w.ll be arranged for Sunday,
running on regular weekday schedule,   weather permitting.
Polls for election day. nexl Thursday, November 25, will be held in
Delta municipality al i ie' following
places: School house. Westham Island: schoo] house. Ladner; school
house,  Sunbury;  school hous ���.    Easl
'Delta;   school   house.   Anna  is   Island.
I Tolls will be open from s a.m. until
7 p.m.
One of the pleasant things noticeable about tUto two political meetings
here this week was the splendid hearing given both Premier McBride and
Mr. Oliver. Delia people nee doubl
have political convictions .ins* as
firmly rooted ns people elsewhere, but
it is characteristic <>r the Delta to
give all sides of a question a fair
hearing and an equal show.
Who stands lor the Interests and the
rn tv.'T.ty e.f Delta Riding as again*;
John Oliver's insane' desire Cor political  preferment,
because he has conducted his eanv
paign man-Tashlon, free from imnl-
slinging ami personalities .:- ag,'ii:isi
John Oliver's b w .1 urn methods���the
lowest <"l any public man In I-lritish
because John Oliver has abandoned
the farmers ol Delta t,. seek honon
in Victoria, Le! Victoria have John
Oliver, lhe' man who in spite of hi*
i roud im..si", il.ir n .1 mi i McBri ���
..ni Bowser on the publlfi platform
in   Delia.
Vote Against John Oliver
bi causa at tin bidding or ������Wade"
and others he has consented t.i give
away tin' old ei.ui, b use- and lands
in Ibe heart ol Van. -iivr, worth
several hundred thousaml dollars
li belongs to ihe people of Brlt'sh
Columbia ami the McBride Rtuvanv
ment .stands for the people, and ha-o
and will refuse to glv - it to Vancouver. TIIE DELTA TIMES'
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   20,   1909.
Gentlemen,���My      opponent,      Mr.
"obti Oliver, leader o( the opposition,
..- issued a circular to the electorate
tt Delta in which he has considered
���� accessary to descend to personali-
eitei anel to make charges against the
���bich are false, with the intention of
jirvjudieing niv in the eyes of the
electors of this riding. I have made
���a tenir of the riiling in which 1 have
*ttscus*~ed the affairs of the province
AB-i of the various looalitles, without
-���-ny personalities whatever, and I have
.*,.:> iced commendation tor this from
Bn electors of the district, both from
:*W��e*-e who are friends of mine and
��**(ini those- who are opposed to me. 1
*iu writing .this letter merely for the
��*X<- of correcting the erroneous
���Moment** made by Mr. Oliver and
"to show the depth to Which he will
. iHcend In order to try and hold him-
.���������;; in his position as mermber for this
He. says that I "the past and pres-
��it government candidate,. have' in-
tHEfered In a most outrageous nian-
aer." It IS true that I have made
requests to the government and ac-
-BDnjpanled delegations to Victoria at
���ay own expense and that I have suc-
-aeeded In obtaining from? the government various amounts for roads and
ar-eitres in the riding of Delta. I
.kvite obtained $8*00.00 fen- roads and
���nridges over and above some $30,000
or $35,000 now being spent on the
-Canoe Pass .bridge. These amounts
'Art usiele from the $ 16,0(10 appropria-
led last session for the riding. I
���swnsidered I was acting for the wel-
Aire of the people, and if by so doing
X succeeded In persuading the government to spend these amounts here
.Mr. Oliver should feel glad If lie had
Kbe welfare of his riding al heart Instead of having an Insane desire' for
(-siltlca] advancement. Mr. Clifford
rejoices when a deputation from his
.i-ity obtains from the government at
Victoria what aststance Is required
Wj  his constituents,
In the circular Mr. Oliver speaks
���isi his connection with the Westham
Island bridge. He makes one statement which I hardly think il nec.es-
iiiry to deny as I IVe.1 that the people
mi this riding know me well enough
<tu knew that I would not insult Mr.
Oliver or any other resident of the
Aisiriet. In order to create sympathy
"for himself in this election he says
.1 insulted him. What are the facts'.'
During the session of 1908 the residents of Wi'siham island desired me
i�� arrange a meeting with the Executive for the purpose of asking an
appropriation for a bridge across
Canoe Pass, i wired Mr. G-lfford to
snake the arrangements and introduce tiie deputation. This depuatlon
was head',| by Mr. John Patterson,
"Cnen Reeve of Delta, who "went to
flik-clge the Municipality flint il would
maintain the bridge if bull' by ihe
Katternmenl and to show the government that tb" Municipality favored
the expenditure. On the way Mr.
���"Patterson informed us that the MiT-
niclpal Council bail told him that
While they eliei not wish lo ignore Mr,
Oliver, if he- thought that Mr. Oliver's
presence would be a hindrance to us
i."i  to invite dim.
i'-lr. Oliver in some way had weerd
mt the deputation���possibly through
Ills good liberal friend Hit* Clerk of
the Council. He went to the hotel
where the delegation was stopping
and seemed determined to force his
presence on tin in. A'. Hie request 'if
Uie deputation Mr. Patterson, who
��as Mr. Oliver's supporter and friend.
���I it'd the wisiies or Un' deputation
to Mr. Oliver, namely, told him he
��as not wanted, I made no such
statetment   to Mr.  Oliver al   any  time,
The  fact that   Mr.  Patterson  t vey-
*cd this message to Mr. Oliver can be
substantiated by Mr. ii. .1. Hutcher-
sun, the present Reeve of Delta, Paul
.Swanson, Harry Trim and Joseph
I'ainboliiie an.l any ofthe other members or the" deputation.
It is well known that Mr. Oliver op-
posed tin' bridge and teild the people
of Westham Island thai it was Impracticable. I took lhe matter up
.and succeeded in Interesting the g-ov-
frciment and the bridge is now under
'Construction. He neiw comes forward
With tne statement thait he had work-
�����d for years for -the bridge. What
must Mr. Patters.m, .Mr. Honeyman,
Mr. Dave McKee and other nt his
SrienelK Interested la the eastern part
�����f the Municipality think about this
-���tatement ?
He says that at the meeting of the
Reeves I "again butted in and Interfered demanding that appropriations
already decided upon should be'
���banged. Note that he says that the
appropriations had :iln-ii*ly been derided upon. He played a joke on
the three' Reeves and on three Uoun-
���etls of the Municipalities in the riding.
He asked the government to >give
aid to twenty roads in the riding and
���asked the councils to endorse his request. He says Ihey did so but this
is not tho truth as the Surrey Council refused in many cases to endorse
Ills request. The reeves did meet
and I was present on thc invitation
���of tii/.' Honorable Thomas Taylor,
Minister of Public Works, who convened the meeting. The invitation
reads as follows:
Victoria,  March 30,  1909.
F. J. MacKenzle, Esq.,
New Westminster, P.(I.
Dear Mr. MacKenzle.���I am making
arrangements to hold a meeting with
the Reeves of the Municipalities of
���Surrey, Delta and Langley at New
We-s-timinster, at 2.30 p.m., on Monday, April 6th. I have just nolllled
Mr. Oliver, M.P.P., of the meeting
and '..��� old very much appreciate your
1 oni making arrangements with
Mr. Sprott to have a conveyance
Meet me on my arrival on Ihe 10
o'clock tram and I would appreciate
your accompanying us on a short
Srive over some of the roads In the
near vicinity of the city.
I h-.ve lhe honor to be, sir, your
obedient  servant,
Minister of Public Works.
if    accepting    this   invitation   was i
"butting in" of course I "butted  in." j
I   asked   that  as   the   Tale   Road   had I
bad considerable money expended up- [
on   it   in   other   years   that   $2000   or |
$3000  of the  money appropriated  for j
it might advantageously be placed on
the   siel''   roads.     Mr.   Oliver   objected
to  this  anel  clinched   his  objection  by
stating   that  the'   Premier   had   agreed
with him that this $15,000 which was
appropriated   (all   that   was appropriated for roads) should go on the four
trunk  roads, the Yale reiad,  the -rleo:'
road, the River road and  the McLennan   road.        The   Minister   of   Public
Works  at   once slateel   that   Mr.   Oliver's    agreement    what    the     Premier
would   be-  dual  and   that  hi'  would  do
nothing to repudiate  what  lhe Premier had  already done.
Now do you see the joke? The
Reeves came many miles to discuss
the placing of ibis $ Hi.Olio. When
they got there they found that the
whole question had been settled by
Mr. Oliver's agreement with the Premier. Why had they been summoned? Why had the Councils taken up
the question of ihe' twenty roads and
ondorsed many of them? After all
this they were told that they had
nothing to do with the placing ofthe
money but it must go to the trunk
roads. Would the three Reeves not
resent such treatment? The Reeve
of Langley, .Mr. Poppy, did. He has
nol found ou-l to this day what he
drove miles to thai meeting for, when
Hie final settlement had been maele
long   before.
Mr. Oliver says not a dollar was
placeel mi the McLennan road. This
is not tiie truth as some-$3,000 was
placed oa that road as the Government   vouchers   show.
Near  tin-  conclusion  of  that disreputable pamphlet Issued  on behalf of.
Air.   Oliver,   he says  that  I   have  been
lb.- means  ol   spending $3,000  to  im-1
prove   tlic   property   of   my   relatives.
It   is   true  thai   myself  anil   my  relatives have some  1100 acres of land in I
Surrey,  the centre municipality In the I
riding.    It is Indeed difficult to make;
trunk   roads t.i go  through   Surrey on
proper   grades   without   touching   our
The- McLennan road, as originally
built, passes over a large number of
hills with steep grades. By changing it a half mile' south it runs
through th" town of Cloverdale and
is le've-1 from Ladner to Langley with
the exception of one small grade at
Shannon's  Hill.
This road was mentioned to Mr,
Oliver and In- considered it would be
a great advantage to lhe whole riding. Others asked nn' to go on with
this road inn I refused for a long time
to have anything to do with it as it
looked   as   if   my   relatives   would   be
Ibenefitted an.l .Mr. Oliver would be
able to use this against me in a political campaign. However, the matter was  taken up by a  number of tb"
[residents of the riding ami a  petition
I was circulated very widely asking that
this road be built.
I     The petition  is as follows: ���
To the Honourable' Theis. Taylor,
Minister of Public  Works,
Victoria, B.C.
Dear Sir,���Whereas the Trunk
Road through tin- centre 'if Surrey
Municipality, known as the McLennan It.ia.i deviates from a direct line
after crossing the Serpentine River
thus causing very heavy grades and
a longer road: whereas ii is Impossible
to reduce the- hills to anything like
moderate grades, and by straightening the road ihe length would be reduced, very moderate grades would
i"- procured and ibe village of Cloverdale would In- placed on the- main
Trunk road, the ratepayers, residents
and travelling public would be greatly benefited.
We respeetfully request sufficient
assistance from your government to
open the McLennan road through to
Langley Municipality on a direct line
east from Serpentine River.
I).   Ha.leleii.
A,   .1.   Burrows,
A.   Beaton.
Alex.   D.   Matheson.
John Murray.
W.  B.   Wilder.  Jr.
Dan   Milton.
B. MeElroy.
Geo.   A.   Clarke.
David   Harris.
E. F.   Trous.lell.
F. J. MacKenzie.
il. D. MaoKenzle.
H.   H.   MacKenzle.
S.  F.  White.
Alex.   Murphy
K.  Murphy.
Eric E. Anderson, Sr.
Erie   Anderson,   Jr.
T. Thompson.
W. S. Barton.
Lee Burchell.
A.  F.  Richardson.
J.  T.   Heppell.
A. Watt.
E. M. Carncross.
Ole Frysbery,
J. C. Cavers.
J.  W.  Shannon.
Jos.  Parks.
W. F.  Brooks.
L.  Smiley.
J.  W. Creelman.
Alex.  N.   Anelerson.
Logan   W.  L.   Davis.
H.  V.  Parr.
C. WI McOallum.
H.  Nelson.
C. D.  Nelson.
F. Nelson.
G. R  Nelson.
W. C. Jones.
P. L. Jones.
William Jones.
John   H.   Jones.
J. D. Wethral.
B. R.  Whitley.
Joseph   Shannon.
J.  H.  Brydon.
Jno. Armstrong.
B. B. Smith.
T.  S,   Wrightman.'
J. Creelman.
H. Grlgg.
John Fraser.
S. Woods.
E'. G.  Burton McKenzie.
C. Burton-'McKenzle,
R. A. (Fallowfleld.
Thos.   Thompson.
John Keery.
J. A. Smith.
Arthur   Richardson.
J. T. MeManus.
James  MeManus,
John Lewis.
Edward J. Parr.
A.   Jenkins.
W. G. Williams.
S. H. Shannon.
Tom .Shannon.
J.  C.  S.   MacKenzie.
D. K. Armstrong.
W. K.  Molyneux.
Henry   Hornby.
O.  Campbell,
E. L.  Corn.
Frank Olson.
Geo.  H.  Clarke.
John Tarves.
D,   S.  Barton.
J. G. Barton.
R. Barton.
Jas. Clarke.
Julius Thompson.
Wm.  K.  Leaking.
It. A.  Young.
Note the' name's of the persons asking for that road. David Hadden,
one of the most enthusiastic sup-
porters Mr. Oliver has in the riding.
He lives on the old road and asks
for th" new. .Mr. B. B. Smith, the
secretary of Mr. Oliver's old campaign)
committee. Mr. John Armstrong, the
Barton Bros, and other Liberal stalwarts are on this petition. Can a man
be honest who says that I had that
road built for the benefit of my relatives when he knows that that road
was built In pursuance of a petition
such as the foregoing?
It is a pitiable spectacle when the
Leader of a great party is forced to
descend to petty parish politics of
thiis stripe- in order to hold his seat
in the House. I do not think that
statements such as these will endear
Mr. Oliver to thi honest electors e��f
the Riding nf Delta. It will appeal
to them as the dying kick of a dying
P dltlclan,
Yours faithfully.
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I herein pledge myself, If elected, to secure for the residents of
Delta Riding tne removal of the foot and vehicle tolls of the New
Westminster Bridge.
If I cannot accomplish this within two months after the first
session eef the House I will place my resignation In the hands of
the  electors of   Delta. FRANK   J.   MACKENZIE.
i diver promised tills three
Holy Communion���First and third
Sundays a I 8.00 a.m.; second and
fourth Sundays at 11 a.m. Matins, ll
a.m.; Sunday school at 10 a.m. Friday evening. Latany at 7:30. Rev. E.
R.   Bartlett,  M.A.,  vicar.
Church services will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
November 11, 1909: Parochial mass
at 10:30 a.m.; Sunday school. 2 p.m.;
evening devotion, 3 p.m.; low mass
the following Monday, f, a.m. F.
Klentz,  D.L.,  parish  priest.
HAZBLTON, Nov. 13.���Three ,,f
the leading trouble-makers amongst
Northern British Columbia Indians
were to-day sent to jail for terms
of five months each, for assaulting
Itoael Foreman McCully and ordering
His  men to leave the district.
Service.-- next Lord's Day at 11 a.m.
and 7:1)0 p.m.; class meeting, after
Ihe morning service every Sunday;
Sabbath school nt 2 p m. every Sun-
<lay; prayer meet'ng every Thursd iy
evening at 7.SO, Rev. J. H. Wright,
Servie'es next Lord's Day at 11 a.m
land 7.30 p.m.; mid-week meeting on
. Wednesday evening at 7.30,
I in pt 1st.
Sabbalh services���Crescent Island,
8 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 11 a. m.; prayer meeting
on Thursday at S p.m.    E. J. Chave,
OTTAWA,   Nov.   IB.���if  discussion
of   the   naval   policy  of   the  government was unduly indulged in to-day In
the house,  In advance of the declaration  oT   the  government's   policy,   the
chief offender was certainly the Prim.;
Minister   himself.      By    every     other
speaker in the debate on the address
the suhject was barely touched  upon,
and that In deference to the clause in
His Excellency's speech.    Sir Wilfrid
Laurier,   however,   devoted   the  major
part   of  his   remarks   to   an   advance
��� dissertation     upon     the  government's]
position and   the  duty   of  parliament
towards it.    But if  his outburst  was
designed   to  draw  the opposition  Into]
the  discussion  of  naval  affairs  It  ut-'
terly  failed of effiH-t.    Like  Mr.   Borden who preceded him, the opposition I
members  who   followed   discreetly  re-'
fralned    from   debating   a   policy   of'
which   they  are ns  yet  In   i.gnorance.'
The   Prime   Minister  announced   that
the official  record of the Naval Conference with  the Imperial authorities
will  be given to parliament on Wednesday.
To Be Given Away Absolutely Tree
To  the  first  person  making the largest number of words out of the
We will give free of charge���delivered to your home���a handsome
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hearth rug.
I.eetler can be used In any one word only as often a.s they occur
in tne words Bibove. For example the latter E oan be ujoel three
times in any oue word If necessary-
The decision of Mr. C. M. T. Supaford, of Vancouver will be
Una I.
List to be written on one side of the paper only and answers
must be mailed on or before the U'th of Dece-mber. 1909 and signed
with   full   name   and  address.      Addressed to
43 Sixth Street. New Westminster
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of Ward 3. of the Municipality of Delta that I require the presence of the said electors at the Council Chambers. Ladner. on the 1st day
of November, 1909, at 12 o'clock
noon, for the purpose of electing a
person to represent them in the Municipal Council as Councillor.
The mode of nominating candidates
shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated
In writing, the writing shall
be subscribed by two voters
of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall
be delivered to the Returning Officer
at anytime between the date of this
notice a id 2 p.m. of the day of nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary such poll will be opened
on the 4th day of November. 1909, at
the Council Chambers, Ladner, and
will be kept open from 9 a.m. till 5
p.m. of which every person Is hereby
required to take notice anil govern
themselves accordingly.
The qualifications for a Councillor
shall be his being a male British subject-and having been tor the three
months next preceding the day of his
nomination, the registered owner ln
lhe Land Registry Office of land or
real property situate within.the municipality of the assessed value, on the
list Municipal Assessment Roll, of
two hundred and fifty dollars or more,
over ami above any registered judgment, and being otherwise qualified as
a voter.
Olven under my hand at Ladner
this :'3rd  day of October.  1909)
Returning  Officer.
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Your Patronage Solicited
The Delta Times Is published every
Saturday from the Times Building,
Ladner, B.C. J. D. Taylor, managing-director.


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