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Volume 7
LADNER, B. 0. THURSDAY, JULY 16, 1914.
$1.00 A YEAR
Home Team Win   Over    Vancouver
Wholesalers By 3 to 2	
Future Gaines.
The game on Friday last between
the Wood. Vallance and Leggatt
team of the Wholesale League, Vancouver, and the home team resulted
in a win for the latter by 3 to 2. The
��ame was not as close as the score
indicates as a bad decision on R.
W Nous home run drive over the
lefl field fence in the second inning
robbed I.adner of two counters. His
umps called it a foul but It was really fair by a wide margin. Hastings
ciitpltrhed Sparks and held a safe
lead all the time. In the first, hits
by Webster and R. Wilson and a
double by H. Wilson resulted In two
runs for the home team. In the
tiui-l. H. Wilson's hit, a stolen base,
("iiiqhon's sacrifice and Smith's
single brought in another run.
The visitors scored their first run
in the third inning when Dutch
overthrew to second, the ball taking
a had bound over the centre fielder's
head and going celar to the fence
Their other run came In the sixth
when singles by Maitland and Storey
and Stuart's sacrifice brought in
their last tally.
H. Wilson starred with the stick
retting two singles and a double in
three times at bat. A large crowd
witnessed the game, the ladies, who
are always admitted free being present in large numbers. The teams
lined  up  as   follows:
Ladner���Webster, ss; R. Wilson.
3b; II. Wilson, lb; P. Guichon, cf;
Smith, If; Travesay, 2b; Willis rf;
Dutch, c;  Hastings, p.
Wood, Vallance & Leggatt���Maitland, ss; Storey, 3b; Stuart, 2h;
Ynhonke. c; Watson, If; Gurlev. cf;
Purdy,   lb;   Tiarnew,  If;   Sparks,  c'
Dr.    King,    Medical    Inspector    of
Schools,   Submits  Interesting
Report. ���
Dr. King, medical inspector of
schools of the Delta municipality,
submits the following report for the
year ending June 30, 1914.
During the year Dr. King made
two regular examinations of the children of the various schools of the
district, together with the school
buildings, lavatories, etc., besides
this several special visits were made
to the following schools: Boundary
Bay twice, to investigate an outbreak of chicken pox In which case
it was thought advisable to close
the school for two weeks; Annieville one, to investigate reported
cases of scarlet fever. These were
duly reported to the medical health
officer for iinarantine and as no further cases developed the school was
kept open. Dr. King wa.s called once
to Westham Island to investigate reported cases of whooping cough,
which were found to be severe colds
with bronchitis. The children were
kept home until the coughs had subsided. Such conditions not only disturbed the schools, but children with
bad colds are not in a physically fit
o'-dition to be at school and are
better at home until cured.
A visit  was made to the  Ladner
graded school to investigate reported   cases   of  scabies   (itch)   but  he
found  the  school   free     from  such I
Interesting   Discussion   Over   Fraser
Valley Development League's
Proposal Presented
Eggs  Take Sudden  Rise  in  Fraser
Valley Market at New Westminster.
1 steamer    Transfer, sold
The addresse|s before the Delta
Board of Trade at the Monday night
meeting by Mr. R. C. Abbott, markets commiesiioner for the Fraser
Valley Development League, President Marmont, and the other officers
of that organization which is working for the encouragement of agri-
culture in the Fraser Valley, found , lh of $1 50 sack
interested listeners not only In  tne I     ��� mm^���ml
farmers who were present, but also
In the business men of Ladner, th^se
showing, as ever, their whole-souled
Interest In anything that would improve the farming conditions in the
community. Thp concensus of
opinion was that marketing conditions as these concerned Delia farmers could be considerably Improved  by  co-operation,  although  there
Splendid    Success   Attends  the  Cooperative Road  Improvement
to Boundary Bay.
At the Fraser Valley market, held ! D ��<?    Satu/da��     W_hlCh ^l* <Jood
Friday morning,   July   10, at   New , Roads D*V {��T Boundary Bay camp-
Westminster,    tomatoes    from    the ,ers on, thue Canadian side. They im-
Delta municipality were one of the  Pr��ved tQe road to the beach ���
many    features.    They    sold    very ! �������'���"��-��� ��r ^'�� ml'es*    [�� -������
rapidly at 15 to 18 cents the pound
I New potatoes, of which a large sup
for a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. elr ef-
I forts  they  were given  every  assist-
j ance by the inhabitants of ibe Am-
_.___ , -.       """,'"'". T.efl-M  camps.    The  road   was In  a
ply wasTirought from Ladner by the   ve_y bad  shape   be,nj_ be&yj    wU[)
briskly at , gand   for   autoruobl*e   traffic,     _ynd
making it hard for the horses to pull
Board of Trade Favorably Consider
Development League's Marketing Policy.
Peaches grown at Sardis and at
Burnaby were a good seller at 75
cents the box and 15 cents the
Eggs took a sudden raise in price
and sold at 40 cents the dozen. All
or the rest of the prices remained
The following prices were quoted:
Wholesale Poultry
even buggies. The campers have
been appealing for better conditions
for some time, as the week-end traffic is very heavy, hundreds of
motors passing over it. Taking
things into their own hands one ot
the most novel and unique propositions was entered into by prominent
professional men. farmers, civic officials and business men of Vancouver,
was a feeling of  pessimism  as    to I Poultry, live weight  ...   16c to 18c jNew Westminster    and    the  Delta,
how   far  co-operation  in   marketing   "mall chicks, per crate $3..6 j who are residents for the summer at
and in regulating the supply of local I Chickens, broilers, per lb. 18c to 20c   this   popular   resort.     They  donned
food stuffs on the city markets could I Ducks  live weight  13c to 16c   overalls  in  happy rashion  and  Am
be carried  forward to  success  with I Ducks, small,  per doz $2.50   ".cans and Canadians worked hard
the persistent and demoralizing eo-n-l Ketail Poultry.
petition  of  the  Chinamen     market I
of   the   Chinamen      market.       ,        ., ,. - .*  .,    .    ���.
gardeners | Spring chickens, dressed, 25c to 30c
President Marmont In introducing I Hens- dressed, per lb. . .  18c to 22c
the  subject   to   the  board   referred ��� s'mabs, each       Z5c
to  the  apparent  need  of  co-opera- j Vegetables.
tion among the producers of the val-: Potatoes, per sack .. . $1.25 to $1.50
ley, instanced how the Grain Grow-1 Potatoes, per ton  $25 to $30
ers' organization of the prairies with I Carrots, per sack   75c
I which at one time he was associate- i Cabbages, per sack    75c
In all, Dr. King made 607 regular ed-  bv  co-operation    had    been  of j Cabbages, per head  5c to 15c
examinations  during the year;   31o!value to the ranchers of the West, i Turnipe, per sack 75c
children during the first part    and (There was something wrong if theiTurnips, per bunch 3 for 10c
297 the latter term. Complete examinations were made in each case
of the eye, ear and nose and throat,
also the heart and lungs, as well as
the general physical condition of the
The defects and    diseases    when
In keeping their date the W. V. fOUIK* Were duly reported to parents
fi L. team had much to contend or guardians with the result that a
with. A broken down bus lost them g00(* many 0f the children received
twenty minutes and necessitated treatment. There was no opposition
rhe commandeering of one of the] but on the contrary every encour-
firm's delivery vans.    Then an onen'agement and support  was given  by
._,       --       _~ -      ...       ._v
firm's delivery vans. Then an open
drawbridge at the North Arm lost
them some more time. They got to
Woodward's just In time to see the
ferry go out of sight and a special
trip had to be made. All this made
the game very late starting.
A game is arranged for Friday,
the 17th, with the Leckie team of
the same league, and another for
Monday evening with the W. II. Mal-
kln team. This latter engagement
.-linuld be a hot one as the Malkin's
are at present tied for first place
and will probably be Ieadine when
they come to Ladner. Ample precaution is being taken by the home
tpam to secure the rapid transportation of the visitors across the river
children and parents.^^m_mm���---__-
The percentage of defects as compared with last year are as follows:
Mal-nutrition: 1913, 16.1 per
cent.;  1914, 13.2 per cent.
Adenoids: 1913, 39.9 per cent.;
1914, 22.1 per cent.
Enlarged tonsils: 1913, 50.3 per
cent.;  1914, 33.3 per cent.
Eye defects: 1913, 18.6 per cent.;
1914, 16.1 per cent.
Decayed teeth: 1913, 33.5 per
cent.;   1914,  34.3  per cent.
A decided Improvement In all
these conditions, except decayed
teeth,   was   obtained.     The   depart-
perfecting the road. The ladies of
the different camps served an inviting luncheon under the trees to the
hungry workers. Farmers from
both sides loaned teams, there being
eight in all.
Many Indian curios were found in
the shell pits on the American side
from which the material for the road
was taken. The relics were the
bones and skulls of Indians who
lived in prehistoric times and were
known as the Flathead Indians, ow-
^^^ ���
The feature of the board of trade
meeting, held on Monday night, waa
the presence of a delegation from
the Fraser Valley Development League, consisting of the president, L.
E. Marmont, reeve of iC^iqiiitlara;
secretary-treasurer, J. W. Cunning-*1
hum; Mr. C. H. Stuart-Wade, and
Mr. Robb Sutherland, of New Westminster; and Mr. R. C. Abbott, market commissioner. President Kirkland Introduced them and several
addresses were given in explanation
of the aims and practical work of
the league.
At the conclusion of tbe addresses
Dr. A. A. King moved that the Delta
Board of Trade join the Fraser Valley Development League, which motion was declared carried by the
It was afterwards pointed out by
the secretary that there was a motion on the minutes of the previous
month's meeting already adopted,
that the board could not see Its way
clear to joining the association.
This leaves the matter as it originally was. It is now proposed to take
up the matter again at the next regular meeting when a motion to rescind the minute against joining will
be discussed and then acted upon
It is to be regretted that there
was not a larger attendance of farmers at this meeting to hear the
very interesting addresses given. In
order to remedy this and if possible
further the development of a local
potato marketing association among
the farmers, the secretary of the
board of trade, Mr. S. W. Fisher,
was directed to make arrangements
and call a general meeting to be
addressed  by  Mr.  R.  C^ Abbott and
 -   ���><*= ���i_c.iiiu6  wrong u  ineiTurnips   per bunch   3 for 10c . Known as tlle F1��thead  I
farmers  of  this  magnificent  valley | Lettuce' per bunch 5c !lng t0 tlle shal)e ��r the    sku11-
did not get the fruits of their labor; Onions, green per bunch. .  3 for 5c ' larSe moose hl>rn  in excellent state
in larger measure.    It was the pur-! Asparagus, two bunches for  ...15ci��* Preservation, which  judging from
pose of the league to find out what! Parsnips, per sack   75c 'the siz,e must have  belonged to an
was wrong and remedy it as far as! Peas   per lb    4c to 7c i !5ra   'arge   specimen,     was   found.
they were able. j Cucumbers, each      10c ! T,hQfe  J��"��bined   with     the  present
Markets     Commissioner     Abbott   -tadishes.  two bunches for  ....   5c   stat? o! J *Jf sltratasj.a"f> the height. auurHSHeu  Dy lVir
gave an admirable address pointing Tomatoes   ner  lb 15c to  18c !of 'he she" ,pits indicate that these Mr .Stuart-Wade,    on Tuesday eve
out the practical nature of the work  Spinach   3  lbs   for'.'..'.' 10c   ��,"r,.��j3 ,arf u *I��US.!!       of. >ear3 ,0,d-1 nlng, July  21.  in  McNeely hall.
undertaken, how already benefit had  Parsley ' per bunch  5c ��� E'ght fee_t ,b,?low, * .e surfa "e variolls*      Ta-s meeting, while called by the
been obtained for the producers lnt *' %��" mla Hut er fef *?* '."?' lns-���ment* '���M* to   board of tradft, *B not a meeting of
several lines,  how the aim waa ttflf *** ' _-     * 8ht; al8�� a larf '}on\' anchor' ""-the board but is an effort on their
in time organize local selling agen-' Egs��1- retaiI   35c to 40ctle axes, spear heads, hammer, and . part to get together all the farmers
cies to co-operate with a central sell-! E^.  wholesale    .  SOc  mortars, and a large iron cauldron.  or others who are interested in the.
ing agency   so that    better    nricee! Butter- reta11' pr lb 30c to 40c  The fact that these skulls anf- bnnes  direct marketing of produce by the
could be secured for farm products  Butter* wholesale- Per lb 25c | belonged   to   the   Flathead   Indians   farmers.     It  is  hoped  that  a  large
'Spinach,  3 lbs. for   10c  '���'ill be an item of interest to archae-   number will be present to take part
Honey,   per  lb 25c   ologists as these Indians  were    not   *,,  the meeting and consider the ad-
Wholesale Meat. thought to have lived so far north,   visability  of   forming  a  local   asso-
could be secured for farm products
and the market supply regulated. He
instanced how the unregulated shipping of produce tended to glut the
market and lower the price to the
pioducer. His work would be, he
] stated, to so organize the valley that
those handling produce would be
assured of a steady supply. He Illustrated the large amount of produce imported from foreign parts by
Prince Rupert. The valley, If organized, should supply the needs of
the  prairie  and  out3ide  British  Co
ao that annoying* delays will not oc-'-itv of
ur again and the games will start
nromptly on  time.
ment is making every effort to draw j iumbia   markets.     In   time   he  be-
the parents'  attention  to  the neces- Heved   that   by   organization     they
sitv   nf   cnrinir   for   lh_   tooth     utA   j- I ... '
,��i_>^'.i     .uu-     uy     ui gall l/.ui ion mey
caring  for the teeth,  and  is'could have the producer deal direct-
Pork, per lb 11 l-2c
Pork (salt) per Ib   13c
Mutter, per lb 12c
Pigs, small, each  $2 to $5
Leg of Mutton, per lb 22c
Veal, medium, per lb 16 1-80
Veal, large, per lb 12c to 15c
Retail Meats.
Pork 20c to 25c
Pork Chops       18c
Mutton       18c to  20c
Leg  of Mutton    25c
Sugar cured corned pork,  15c to 20c
ologists as these Indians were not
thought to have lived so far north.
Reeve Paterson and Councillors
Brown, Harris and Huff visited the
scene of action in the afternoon and
were all very much Impressed with
the work, encouraging the campers
by promising that the municipality
would further their efforts by making the road from Ladner to the bay
as good a road as possibi..
Norwegian    Government    Must Deal
With   Man   Held   Responsible        j
for Empress Disaster.
OTTAWA, July 14.���It is up to I
In Norwegian government to deal
with the man held responsible for
the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, and the drowning of twelve
liundred people. Ipm
As he Is a Norwegian officer of a ' ,���,
Norwegian boat, Canadian or British
iiitlioritles cannot cancel the certificate of the officer.
The finding of the board and the
evidence taken at the inquiry will be
lorwarded to the government of
Norway at once.
It Is expocted that prompt action
"ill be taken, as Norwegian ships
I-"* enjoy the special privilege of
ompeting with British and Canadian
Bselg In the coasting trade of the
Hominlon, American vessels and
hose of most other countries are
���nrred from this trade.
1 lore     will   bo     no     proceedings
alnst the first officer such irs are
���'ken ngalnst a railway man when
Hfi Is lost through his fault. The
mthoritlei take the view that there
no crimlnnl grounds for action.
issuing   a   circular     entitled,   "The;,., _,<��i. ��ho ����������������_>-���'    m__,,*i--,_ i* I *J������6���", ����**�� *;��""=" !>��'������   *���� <-�� -'���'<i
Care of the Teeth " * consumer.    Meantime It, Home-made pork sausage 15c to 20c
As  to   the    f-initarv  conditions   of _?8 "V""* Profitable t0 raake U9e ��f   Salted  Pigs'  Head,  lb    8c
the schools   Dr   KIns  s    es    tha '���the 8ellinK ageneies tl,at existe,i- He   V*VM Pigs' shanks, per lb .... 10c
the  schools.   Dr.   Kins  state.,     that I eXpIalned hla plnn for forming pota-1 sugar cured hogs' heads, lb 8c
to   circles,   a   matter  of   interest   to j sugar cured corned beef, lb ... . 15c
Delta,  nnd   held  that all  producers, i ficnic Hams, Ib    14c
even  the Chinamen,  would  come In j Pure Lard   15c to 16c
if the value of such an organization | Sugar cured  bacon       22c
was demonstrated. i Sugar cured boneless ham  ....  25c
Mr. Abbott contended that many i Spring lamb, fore ijr., each ...$1.50
now shipping new potatoes to mar- i Spring lamb, hind qh., each.. $2.80
ket   were   losing   money.     Sixty  per [ Kisb.
cent,   of  tiie   new  stuff  now  on  the  -    , , .
market  was not one-third  grown. If  Sockeye -salmon, each   ...
the Valley were organized into pota-! Red S',ring 8almon' per Ib
to circles, there would  be one man
in   charge  of   the   selling   end,   who
schools, Dr. King states
as a rule they are comparatively
healthy, with the exception of Sunbury and Canoe Pans schools, as
they are very poorly drained during
tlie winter months. Wastham Island
would also be improved by better
drainage. Tbe lavatories are kept
as clean as such systems will allow.
but the system of closets in the rural
schools are not good at the best, and
it a certain amount of odor in
spite of every care. Where water
for  flushing   is  available.   Dr.   King
One  of  the  Four Ontario  Vacancies
May t-o to Mr. Harvey Hall,
of Ottawa.
OTTAWA. July 11.���lt is said that
one of the four vacant senatorshlps
In Ontario may go to Mr. Harvey ,
Hall, the legal representative or tlie i Fish
Order of Railway Conductors. Mr.
Hall Is said to have the support of
the Hon Mr. Crothers. minister of
labor, who thin-ks that tiie labor interests should have a representative
In the Upper House
elation, Mr. William Hornby was
appointed as delegate to the Fraser
Valley Development League in the
place of Mr. E. Hutcherson. resigned.
EBt'RNE, Point. Grey, July 15.���
The Richmond and Point Grey
Board of Trade last evening arranged for a conference between the
finance committee of the Municipal
Council and the harbor development
committee of the board regarding a
suitable ?itn for a public market.
PORT ANGELES, July 15.���-stale
Commissioner r.. H. Darwin
was in Port Angeles Monday making
final arrangements for the establishment of a trout flsh hatchery on
the Elwha '-iver. six miles west of
the city Work on the hatchery will
begin at once,
White Spring salmon, each
��� Sturgeon,   per   lb	
Soles,  per lb	
Cod, per lb	
Halibut, 3 lbs.
. . 50c
. 12%c
. . .15c
. . .15c
. . 10c
12 l-2c
aui% means  be  regulated   to  the  dealers.   ^ Herr "**-' 3 lbs' for ***)
'There was a Quantity .of .new pota-- {{!*-"?����� /.V/.V.V.V. V.V.'. 150��!
strong lv   recommends  the   Installing , , .,       ., ...
*     .     , i  f,    i     ,      .        i would   apportion   the   amount   each
ol septic tanks and flush closets,      ��� ,    ,,    ,, ,.       .    ,,
-.',-.      .,     ,     .,        ii,        .man   should   dig,   according   to   hls
Dr. King thanks the school  hoard |
for the assistance rendered him
Ing the past year. H	
loes on  the  market   which   must  be
dumped,    Theae   wero  losses  that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      could   he   prevented. . ..........v���, ,,,.,  ,..,
Battle ��f Boyne is Celebrated With I    *''''��� W.    Hornby, in commending Strawberries, per box ...*uc to -dc
.Much More Control Than the work of a  market  organization,   Ithuibarb, 4 lbs. for 10c
la Usual. pointed  out how Hie Ashcroft  Asso-  Cherries, per lb 5c to 12',_c
14.���The    recog
Military, Not Militant
Gooseberries, per lb.    10c to 1
2 l-_o i
to 15c
LONDON, July ^^^^^^^
nition of the danger Inherent In the
existence of two armed volunteer
bodies seems to have Imbued Irishmen with a sense oi added responsibility ami although the Battle ol
the Boyne was commemorated yesterday in Ireland with tremendous
enthusiasm there was a more notiCB-
n I-I,- absence of disorder than on
past  occasions  of this  kind.
Following the custom the great
procession marched from Belfast to
Drum'beg, where Sir Edward Carson,
the Ulster Unionist leader, made his
now familiar speech, defying the
government either te totally exclude
lister from Home Rule or come out
and n-iiit_
8c to 10c
pointed  nut how ll ���.,  ..__��� ���������.,���, ,,_, ,���.
elation  had done good  work  for the Currants, per lb.
producers there.    There  was just   as Raspberries, per box  ....   6c to 15c
good   potatoes   grown   iii   Delta,   but Blackberries    wild,  per lb.   ..   12V6C1
they needed lo be placed on the mar- Peaches,   per   box    75c
ket so as to maintain a standard, He Peaches   per doz l'c
.remarked how it  would be necessary
, for  a   farmer   to  be  constantly     on
the market  to keep iii touch  with who rented their farms to Orientals
its movements, and Illustrated  how and  denied  the soft     Impeachment
Mr.   W.   Montgomery   managed   this that  he  had  himself B  gang  Dl   11"
year to dispose of hls early potatoes ,|���s hoeing for him.    He wanted the
Si   a  good  price  by just  such  a  per- question laid over.
Sonal   study   of   market    conditions.        Mr,   D.   A.   McKee,   did   nol   Bgree
but all could not do this.    \ markets with  Mr.   " '
commissioner could also ndvi
as to how to ship in
^^^^^^^ ,  did   not^^^^
Coleman's conclusions, an l
them   bis  remarks  were     in   favor  cf  the
arload  lots to   board joining In the movement.    Mr. !
the prairies  when  local  market con
<litIona were not favorable.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1  Mr.   Stuart-Wade  urged   that     co-
^^^^^^^^H operation was the kevnote of Eraser
One feature of the situation seems   Valley     prosperity.    Tho     necessity   rung aim  otni
be that while Sir Bdward Carson -wBg to loarn the marketing needs of 1'the  discussion.     Dr.   King    moved
and the other leaders are using un- the farmers and apply the remedyto that the board join the league and
restrained   language,  the  I lstermen |unsatisfactory      conditions.      Thev  present  a  recommendation  to
irnd Nationalists are showing admlr-1recognised  that  Delta   was  a  great
S. W. Walters agreed with Mr. Hornby as tb the value of gradln*. produce,   especially   potatoes.
Messrs.   Kitson,  John   Mi Kee,   Dr. '
King and other members joined  In
Hbie soil-control.
' VANCOUVER, July 16.���"On my
return to Victoria i will look into
the Question of horse racing as it
niiects thie province and will give
the matter my closes! consideration," Hon W. .1. Bowser stated last
night. "1 am not yet sure what ac-
.tlon 1 may take toward reducing the
length of the race meets In Mlnoru
Victorifti" he continued, "but if
act in this direction I will,
conditions especially
leets do a great
11 can
Under   present
I t'llll''i       jji ira-ciiV     *mw-u_^mw��**>��p     ������,.-������������
Former Minister of Railways un-  I believe these race meets do a great
!,r Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who died in   deal of harm and their length should
��� i ���-,���.._..* ....      XT   rs __      T..I..    A I...     r.i.l ii i*id   "
orchester, N.B., on July 9.
be reduced.
producing district nnd the tongue
needed the co-operation of Delta
producers In a work of mutual bone-
"-.   "ii  snoke at lo'igUi  on  tiie
v.i-i" nl  ���>���'.   nidation  '���������  n-om -;
tiio soiling -'de of production,   The
league  could   be   nf   valuable  assist-
ance it' a fair and square organisation   was run   for the benefit of the
Mr.   It.   A.   Coleman   thought   there; minster,
would   bo   no   hard      times   if   there:      The  river  road
iliere   wero   no   Orientals   here,   and
be thought  that  the farm	
go out and find out the markets for  gravel.
themselves,  SS  lie  was doing.     They
had the ferry now.    He also gently
municipal council to support it.
President Kirkland. durlns thc
discussion, reported on his attendance at the    league's    organization
meetings and llie need, in hls
opinion, of such a marketing organization, If tbe board full In lino
he would be only too pleased to assist the league In Its new activities.
Tlie delegation were thanked .it
the close of the discussion and left
at in o'clock to return to New West-
The announcement was made : ecently that Her Majesty the Queen
had been appointed Colonel-in-Chlef Of the ISth Hussars. The distinctive characteristics of the uniform of the isth. blue, like the re��t
  to New Westmin-
���.-._,   ,.,,,.   ster has been considerably improved
ters should   by applications of crushed rock and | ...�� ._.��._.v.o...iitB ,,;  ,u_ uuuum ,        	
        There   is  still  the   bumpy   Hussars, are the gold trimmings, the bak of garter blue, which hangs on
tion through  Surrey  which  Coun- I the  right  side of the. busby, and fhe   red  ar.d   white  plume.      There  are
Murphy   of   that   municipality j twelve  regiments of Hussars,  which   are chiefly  distinguished  from  oie
ll<*U     llie     I , ���!!.,      uw*., i__     . i , ..,    ^ r- n LI *      .in-*       ,,.',.,..,.       _.      mui,
reproved   those   Delta   land   owners states he w'll look after
another by the bus!;.* hags and plumee. THE DELTA TIMES
Result of Election in St. George Is
Not Yet Finally Deeded���St
Clements Liberal,
WINNIPEG, July 14.���The result
of the election in St. George is even
yet undecided, both parties claiming
tiie seat. Mr. i". L. Taylor, the
Conservative candidate,    claims    he j department
st'Hiding   in   International   Egg-Laying Contest Now Under Wny at
(From  the  British  Columbian'*
New Zealand White Leghorns still
lead  in the international egg  laying
contest   being  held  under the    aus-
i piees of the  poultry  branch  of the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ .. agriculture at Vic-
has a majority of 88, while the Lib-! toria. In the non-weight classes a
cral, Mr. S. Sigfusson, is equally cer- Duncan pen is second with 9S9 eggs.
tain that he has been elected by 10, the  pen  from  New Zealand  having
980 eggs to its credit. The pen entered by P. B. Parnell, Royal Oak,
is sixth, with 799 ^ggs to the credit
of his  birds.    Tlie  Unsworth    pen,
St. Clements, another doubtful
Beat, is now conceded by the Conservatives     as   a     Libera]     victory,     ^	
though there are four polls still to I from Sardis, is eleventh with 734
come. At present the Liberal ma-1 eggs, and the McMullen pen from
jority in this seat stands at 137.       | Haney is thirteenth.
The standing, therefore, is: Government -*1; Opposition 21, with one
The  government   forceB,  claiming
In the weight varieties Read's pen
of White Wyandottes from Duncan
is credited with 909 eggs, while the
pen of White Wyandottes entered by
St, George, makes it 26 to 20, with ] J, H. Cruttenden, of New Westmin-
one Independent, the last named be-'rfr. is ilstta ��"''���) s1-r> eggs. Mission
Jng Mr. F. J. Dixon. Mr. Dixon, it I City comes seventh with a pen of
was said by the Conservatives, being j Barred Rocks entered by D. Gib-
elected as an Independent, was just J bard, the ninth pen is Robbins' Buff
ns likely to support the government
as the opposition, but the Liberals
claim that -Mr. Dixon's platform goes
farther along advanced lines than
the Liberal platform and has little
in coninicn Jrlth the government in
matters of legislation.
The Tribune. Independent Liberal,
declares that the Liberals are preparing for another campaign, believing another election cannot be long
postponed. The government, however, claims its majoritv in the new
House will be ample for practical! The DPlta Great Ji-astern- tne lo��'
purposes   and fully expects    to    jn-'ging railroad in connection with the
Orpingtons from Chilliwack with
705 eggs. Anconas are the only-
birds showing up well with the
White Leghorns in the non-weight
class, one pen of Silver Campines
appearing in the returns with about
the leading pen of Leghorns. The
White W.vandottes lead well in the
weight class, but are sharing the
honors with Orpingtons and  Rocks.
crease the present majority by winning the three Northern seats.
The regular meeting of the Straw
Delta Shingle Company, is hauling
|some 20 to 30 cords of bolts per day
! to the mill.
I Miss Phillis Dockerill, the teacher,
jand pupils of t.ie Scott Road school
' gave a very handsome wreath in
| memory of their fellow scholar, Ear
The Cost of Living
ADVERTISING turns over stocks
rapidly, and therefore multiplies
profits. This means that prices in
a shop which advertises can be short
rather than long.
Of this you may be sure: Prices in a shop
which advertises are not MORE than in a
shop which does not advertise. The chances
are that they are oftentimes lower.
This, also, is generally true: You will find
better goods, better values and better service
in those .hops which turn over their stocks
rapidly. This means, as a general thing,
shops   which   advertise.
Advertising costs you nothing���it is paid for
by  the profits on increased Miles.
Advertising is easy���it is simply saying in
writing what you say to the customers in your
Turn over stocks quickly, if you would make
more money.
Shop Where You are Invited to Shop
Hill Women's Institute wasjD. Jones, whose death occurred re-
Ic Id at the Farmers' Institute hall cently at the home of his parents,
on Wednesday afternoon, July 8, atiMr. and Mrs. E. Jones. The remains
2.30 o'clock. A fair attendance was were buried at the Fraser cemetery
recorded.    Mrs. J. 8. Kirk presided, jon July 1st.
The correspondence disposed of and | Miss Helen McGuigan was visiting
several minor details, .Airs. (I. Ears-jMr. and Mrs. F. Hiclclinton, ou Newman then gave a paper entitled, ton Road, recently.
"Care ol tiie Sick." Each and I The title of a paper read by the
every lady was exceedingly interest-i president. .Mrs. J. B. Kirk, at the
ed and attentive from the time thei Women's Institute Conference, was,
demonstrator took the floor until "How We May Help Our Girls and
the finish. A report was read by ;How They May Help Us." The trip
the secretary of the delegates, re-J to Colony Farm, amongst other
porting the Women's  Institute con-
in  New   Westminster
by   the  ladies,  was
places  visited
much enjoyed.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr,  T,  Sayer had new peas and
new  potatoes   from   hls   garden on
June. 21.    This  is   considered   very
vention,   held
recently,     m
.A  committee  from  the Farmers'
Institute    met the    members of the   ..	
Women's Institute for the purpose of'early for the hill
arranging for the indies' assistance j Although the Scott Road is
in the forthcoming Exhibition. The'having gravel put on, it does not
ladles pledged themselves to assist seem to impede motor traffic in the
in every possible, .manner. After: least, several making the best of it
this the refreshment committee then Ion Sunday.
proceeded to serve afternoon tea to j     The  wild  blackberries  are  about
each one present in honor of the vis- finished.     Quite   a  large  quantity
III''       ' tl   ..   :.    ���vhi b   was   much'have been obtained by local people.
appreciated by all,   During the meet- also a few from town,
ing Mrs. Thomas, New Westminster,!     Mrs,  A.  Jack  is  quite well again
|after iier recent illness.    Her many
friends are   glad  to   see her about
rendered    a solo,    which was    very
pleasingly  received.    A  social  evening was planned :o take place on the once more.
Ust   I ily.    The   roeeti  g liss    B.  M. Cook    and Miss    M.
then  .idji  ,       I    to  meet    the  Hrsl   Archibald,   New   Westminster,   were
Wednesda    In   .ugugt,' ting  friends here on Wednesday.
A reeldi I Ipi-J   of I Is Luree,   Xew   Westminster,  Is
irdale il*  r cup lor busy improving ditches on his prop-
competitio thi   bi       rt;  adjoining the Kennedy Meadow.
decorate,i veran I ���_:���    ir the      Mr. Horton will conduct service at
best garden i.i Surrey municipality,  the  Institute Hall  on  Sunday  next
Effoi ts should *.:.,���      at 2.30.
fer, by somi
for e ich a  >.'. lable
Th    -      nd car 1     I of       _
dispo led of by the Strawberry Hill
Fai mers' Institute    i:i a    matl n  i I
Mr.    Harvey is    building on    his
ty adjoining the B. C. E. R. at
A cottage is In course of con-
 U a the tea parlor
five  weeks,  tt il    *   eipht   wee!      wi  ;   patronized1  on  Sundays  by the
In di p be first ' ai load,
I'll"     I   Cal   0  .ill:..'      li   :_���    hi ' i   ;���
smolci r i  I    Ir busl u -������ meetii g
on   '..'< I .��� ���*    ���..    last   . '   th'
Institut    hi ,.      There was _ good                _.	
turnout . I time waa s]   nt, Hotel, South  Westminster.
Mr.   ! . ���       h   ni    -   In the       Mrs, Fisher and her son William,
conrsi  i isl   ictl in, sdj Inlng - ���        Vaneouver, were visiting Mr, and
school site, , M s. S;;inner last week.
Commissioner    Abbott    Inaugurates
Practice Conceived by Fraser Valley Development  League.
(From the  British  Columbian)
Markets Commissioner Abbott
following the instruction given him
by the Fraser Valley Development
League has begun the issue of a
weekly market report which is forwarded to every part of the Fraser
Valley. The reports are filed with
each board of trade, municipal council and Farmers' institute, and are
posted at each post office, so as to
give all the farmers of the Valley
reliable information concerning markets for produce in this city and in
Vancouver. The report just issued
Few raspberries have been coming into this market since July 2,
Saturday, July 11, being the largest
amount received up to this date,
when some 350 crates were sold
readily at $1.75 per 2-5 crate for
good stock, while Puyallup berries
in  ?>-5 crates sold for $2.25.
Some growers will receive a much
lower figure than $1.75 for Saturday's berries owing to the fact that
they shipped in on the Agassiz local,
which landed them on the "row"
about 11:45 o'clock, too late for the
trade. Growers are cautioned
against this habit as invariably the
jobber will sacrifice rather than
carry them over and more especially on a Saturday, when the row-
closes at noon.
Raspberries  have   been   'retailing
Call Is Issued  for Bids on  Second
I'nit of Sandheads Training
(From  the British Columbian)
Tenders for the construction of
the second unit of the Steveston
jetty at the mouth of the Fraser
river must be in the hands of the
department officials at Ottawa by-
August 11, according to a call for
tenders received from Ottawa today.
Along with the official call for tenders Mr. C. C. Worsfold this morning received the plans and specifications for this section of the jetty.
The usual provisions for the protection of the government are included
in the call for tenders, contractors
having to put up a marked cheque
for ten per cent, of the amount of
i their tender.
The section of the jetty provided
for in the contract which it is expected will be let very shortly after
the receipt of the tenders, will be
7300 feet long, and of brush and
rock construction, 190 feet wide at
the base, and varying in height from
4 1-2 feet to 18 feet. lt joins the
completed section of the jetty and
extends westward across the sandheads in a gentle curve and is calculated to con line the water to the
new channel and prevent it from
spreading over the sandheads. The
wind and tides all s.et from the soutli
nere and the tendency will be to
pile the water up against this huge
training wall and keep the channel
scoured out.
One year will be allowed for the
completion of this section of the
jetty, when the contract for the third
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized         .������...
Capital Paid Up        ��,?����,<M*
Reserve Funds    ,       .  fiJK"?
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Millu
Dollar: ��"
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make ever, a
positor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his fin.n.i ,
affairs. ������nauem
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and iid*��m.
Interest paid or credited at the highest current, rates, on May \ut _ ^
November 30th each year. y 3Ut a*Ml
E. L. BERRY      %--2
Grocer and Baker
Buy IMPERIAL FLOUR, made at Eburne Nil!
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, T urnings and House Finishings.
Phone RI- Eburne.
Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow.
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
Ladner, O. O. Phone 2
Dining Room Open All Day Sunday.   Private Dining
Room for Tourists.    Good Garage
ti***************************************** ************
Fresh and Cured Meats
A. N. YORK, Proprietor.
Phone 21
So, 1 Shamrock Bacon and Hams.
No. 1 Circle Bacon and llama.
So. 1 Southern Cross Butter.
Mme November Last We Havo  Hnndled  Nothing But  No.   1   Stull
Fed Steer Beef.
here for 10 cents per cup or $2.10 j section  will be let, after which the
ai    ,- picnic rartie-; en route to the
b      h.
ni.- & Dorgan, tlie Surrey and
D a real estate specialists, have
��� re ted  a  sign near the Blue Mouse
y~�������� :��� "i" " p>$$r*-** ������ ���l"��*|>��--tfi:
per crate for good stock, while some
stores have been selling [luring the
week for two for 2 5 cents. In some
cases where berries have become al-J
most useless the price has been five
cents per cup and three for 25 cents.
On July 1,1 over 500 crates of raspberries were sold on Water street,
prices being from $1.50 to $1.75 for
2-5 crates. Ilurnaby was the largest, contributor. Washington berries in pints were offering for $1.05
but few sold. The consumer apparently desires to patronize home products when the graile is found to
be good. The retailer is selling berries today for 10 cents per cup. The
difference between the farmer and
the consumer is from $1 to $1.28 per
Logan   berries  sold   at   $1.60   for
south jetty will be built so that the
river will run for several miles between Ills piling, brush and rock
training walls, and the effect will be
as shown In other rivers, to force the
river to cut its own channel deeper
and deeper, and to care for Itself, doing away practically will all necessity for dredging.
Contractors can secure plans and
form of tender from the resident engineers here and at Victoria, and
from the postmaster at Steveston.
MONTREAL., July 14.���Mr. rs.
Mitchell, 10S Marlon street, says a
hag which liis wife lost, containing
JHiHi, and Jewelry valued at $i:ioo
: ally, but worth much more
from a sentimental standpoint, was
found and returned intact yesterdaj
and he paid the promised reward,
$1400. lie does not know who tlie
fortunate finder was, he Bays.
Vhe 7)elta Vi*
U. S. A.   .   .   $1.50
Payable in
in  pints.    Sale limited.
i-Vw  blackberries  offering at  $2
per 2-."i crate,   Black currents, quantity limited, ready sale at  $2.on  par
2-5   crate      Tied   currants     in      2-5
crates  sold   at   $1.50.    While  currants    have    very slow sale, while
gooseberries  are  about  over.    New
potatoes sold at from $1.25 to'$1.50
ner   sack.     The   quantity   seems   to
he   far   in   excess   of     demand     and
ninny have become  practically un-.    .....     . _.     _, -,,����.
saleable owing to the fact that too exhibits at the Panama-Pacific I.x-
large B quantity of these are rushed P"*-"-on has reached the sum of
on to the m ���r'ket at one time and fRB2'9f0' rllls amount has been
many have to be carried over from reached with the $5000 just offered
week to week, and eventually!^ tJ-e_���Am.1_*''a,n.:7_>rse*'..CattIe ,CIUb:
SAN FRANCISCO, July 15.���The
amount of money ln cash premiums
that will be awarded for live stock
In purses for harness races almost
$230,000 additional will he awarded.
W Westminster.
Soldi���    .'I    iTiiti's    oi'      i..:-:Mien*ies      	
were  sold   on   the   city  market     on | ���	
July   10,   the   prices   running   from, 	
$1.25 to $1.75 for 2-5 crates, while ELECTION  CONTEST LIVENS UP.
Orescent I*. O. is Too Far ..way for
Convenience of the Summer
(From the British Columbian)
Following along the lines of a
recommendation made last month by
Col. .1. L>. Taylor, M.P., instructions
are now being sent out by the Dominion postal authorities for the establishment of a slimmer post office
at Crescent Beach, with Mrs. e. Williams as postmistress.
The office Is being opened for the
accommodation of a very large number of summer residents who wou Ml
be Inconvenienced by having to go
three quarters of a mile back to
reach the present post office. This
latter office, Crescent, will therefore
remain where it Is at present.
As to the new name "Crescent
P.each," the department calls attention to the fact that already there Is
a post office of thnt name in Nova
Scotia and on account of this fact,
tiie local inspector has been requested to arrange with the people Interested for a suitable substitute.
bne  4-6  or strawberry crate sold at
Tlu- first local peaches of the season from Sardis were offered In f
MONTREAL, July 10.���With a
ten thousand dollar libel action entered against Controller McDonald
by Tancred Marcll, who is seeking to
ROYAL TOUR OF thi: Mini.wds.
This photograph Bhows the King and Queen at Mansfield.    The directors of the  Bolsover Colliery are  being presented.
carriers   and   although   poorly   pack-jnavij the    controller    unseated,    the
ed  and  too green, brought  75c  pier civic election    contest    proceedings.
crate. [after having pursued a more or less
Cherries from Agassiz ln 4-lh. car- dormant course for the past couple
riers  were sold for  $1.25, while the  ef  weeks,  have  awakened  into new
offering   of  the  vegetables   was  not  life.
|large, the demand according to the!     	
number of people attending seemed'
| to be far below what it ought to be. I from  tho  Chinaman,  who    delivers
In   conversation   with  a  number  of. his  vegetables   to   the  door,  rather
the farmers it would seem that the; than carry the fresh produce direct
.housewives   prefer   to      buy   direct I from the farm themselves.
OTTAWA, July 15.���The immigration authorities have received an
[application from tbe city of Ottawa
for the deportation of forty Ruth-
jenlan laborers on the ground that
I they have become a charge on the
EDMONTON, July 15.���Freddie
Dutton, 12-year-old son of W. S.
jDutton, was drowned about noon
'yesterday in the Saskatchewan river
Residence    Burns  in  Owner's    Absence���Automobiles  Collide
Dining Exc-tomon*..
CHU-UWACK,    July      10.���Fire
last, evening destroyed the home of
Mr, and .Mrs. Joseph Bonrque, Chesn
avenue,   the   loss     sustained
about $1000.     The tire  :
to  have  started  In  the chimney upstairs,  Mr.  und Mrs. Boumue being
away at tbe time and having left
sninll lire burning in the stove when
they  went  out.     The house was s
new  one,  Mr.  and     Mrs.    Bourqui
coming hero early ln the spring from
Manitoba and building It upon
In the excitement of the Are snd
the rush of people to get to it. Mr,
F. Hart of this city and Mr. Q
Abernethy, of Port Haney, who was
visiting In this city, came into collision with their motor cars in from
of the B. C. E. R. depot with th" result that Doth cars were badly damaged but no one was hurt.
LONDON,   July   15.���two
gettes   today   attacked  Mr.  Thorn
Wood,  secretary of State for Scot
land,  with  dog whip, Hashing nlni
several times before the police came
to his rescue an,d arrested both tn
LONDON, July 15.���Rt
Austen Chamberlain yesterday *_
elected unopposed to his fathei
old seat, West Birmingham. /
THURSDAY, JULY 16, 1914.
Mr.  V.  Taylor  visited   Vancouver
011'business on Tuesday.
Mrs. Nelson left on Thursday for
Vancouver and Victoria.
Mr. Ker, of Brackman-Ker, spent
the week-end at Boundary Bay.
Mr.   Griffiths,   municipal   auditor,
-���aB in Ladner on Wednesday.
Mrs. Hoey, who has been ill with
pneumonia, is recovering.
Miss A. Sprout went to Vancouver
on Sunday.
Mr. Wm.nSmiley visited Vancouver
on Monday,
.Mr. Foster motored to Vancouver
on Tuesday.
Mr.  F.  Wilmhurst drove to Van-
iver on Tuesday.
Miss   La  Chance   is   visiting    her
parents at White Hock.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Foil's  visited Victoria  last  week,  returning Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Garvey were weekend visitors in Ladner.
Mr. S. Smith, of Cullls'store is ou
his vacation.
.Messrs,  Curtis and  Dorgan spent
the week end at Boundary Bay.
Miss Bellaire, of San Francisco, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Chevally.
Mr. Carson spent the week end in
V ancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmhurst drove to
the races at Mlnoru on Saturday.
Mr.  Sam  Morley visited  Vancouver on Saturday.
Mr. Gordon Fredericks spent Sunday in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Walters motored
to Vancouver on Monday.
In loving memory of Earl Dalton
Jones, by Violet Spain.
|We  loved  him, yes,  we  loved  him,
But Jesus loved him more,
And gently He called hdm home
To heaven's eternal shore.
The Fraser Valley Fruit Union
;Shipped a car of raspberries to Cal-
igary on Saturday last. This is the
first ear ever sbipped from the Eraser Valley as an individual consign-
Iffient and according to a telegram
:received by Sec. Osborne, the shipment arrived at its destination in
excellent condition. This report ts
very encouraging and if future consignments fare as well and the net
returns are sufficiently remunerative
it will be a wise move if the executive make it a point to get a reduction on the express tariff on car laod
Mrs. G. Wellington returned on
Wednesday after having spent a few
days  visiting her parents at Haney.
Mr. J. Monahan, of Murrayville,
has taken over the blacksmith shop
here belonging to S. Eagle & Co.
Excursion Steamer Tuk.es Full Complement of Passengers on Sea
Trip to Bellingham.
Mr. De Moulin is visiting in Ladner with his parents.
Mr. J. Dorian spent the week end
in Vancouver.
Mr  and Mrs. Belle and family are       m-     jt---.��� ���      -.,
';���'..  chewassin Emerson  Weazel    spent the
tamping at Chewassin. week end ftt Boundary Bay
Mr. and Mrs. D. McKee are camping at Chewassin.
Mr. A. Traversy went to Vancouver on Sunday.
Mrs. F. Green has taken up camp
at Chewassin.
Mr. and Mrs. Waters of Point Roberts made a business trip to Boundary Bay by launch on Saturday.
Mr. H. Cresswell, of Vancouver,
was In I.adner on business on Tuesday.
Dr. Wilson spent the week end in
Mr. Joseph Newell spent the week
end at Boundary Bay.
Dr. Woodley, of Vancouver, spent
the week end at Boundary Bay.
Fire Chief Carlyle, of Vancouver,
spent Sunday at Maple Beach.
CHILLIWACK, July 15.���Yuen
Wong, a Chinese in the employ of
H. R. Whitworth, Atchelitz, lost his
life by drowning on Saturday evening. He was returning to his home
and in crossing a swollen stream in
jthe vicinity of F. Arnold's ranch on
the Upper Sumas Road, walked over
the end of a submerged foot bridge
into ten feet of water. The remains
were recovered Monday, but an inquest was considered unnecessary.
Mr.  Percy Burr spent Sunday in
Ladner visiting his mother.
Mrs. Sydney Trust spent Friday
and Saturday with friends in Vancouver,
Mrs.   W.   Pybus   is   convalescent.
Mrs. Pybus has been seriously ill.
Ir. C. Jones, of Vancouver, was
in I.adner on business Monday and
. nesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Butler of Vancou-
,-ei spent Sunday with Mrs. Apple-
Tbe Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church met With Mrs. Lanning on
Thursday at Boundary Bay.
Mr. Hugh Gifford of New Westminster spent the week end at Boundary Bay.
Mr. Warren Dean and Mr. Callum
Clark went to Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. F. Chevalley, who has recently been very ill, is up and around
Mr. T. Gifford and party, of New
v. si minster, motored to Ladner on
The Howard boys, who have been
tamping at English Bluff, returned
to Ladner on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed, who have been
living in I.adner, have moved to Vancouver.
Mrs. and Miss McMaster, of Vancouver, were the week-end gueUS of
Mrs. I. Whitworth.
Miss Thelma Clark and Miss Myrtle and Lila Grant were visitors in
Vancouver on Thursday.
Mr. Trifversy visited Vancouver
on Monday, returning by the late
trip of the Souoma.
Miss Eva York of the B. C. Telephone Co. is on a two-weeks' vacation.
Mr. Wm. Walters made, a business trip to Vaneouver or. Wednesday.
RANGEBURG, S.C., July 13.���
Rosa Carson, a Degress, was taken
from the jail at Ellore, near here,
yesterday and lynched by a mob.
She is said to have confessed to beating to death the 12-year-old daughter of D. F. Bell.
Mr. Ingram of Vancouver, who has
built a very pretty African bungalow at Boundary Bay, brought his
family down on Saturday as it was
ready for occupancy.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Arthur and family spent Sunday at Boundary Bay.
Mr. Wm. Tupper, of Tupper "and
Steele, of Vancouver, was a visitor
in Ladner on Sunday, motoring
home via NevJ Westminster.
$3000.00 ��� $2000.00 ��� $1000.00
The above,amounts ars in my hands
for investment in mortgages on
Delta lands. H. N. Rich, Ladner,
It is said that four hundred Hindu volunteers are wanted to go back
to India and preach sedition. The
white haymakers about here, who
are finding no employment because
the roads and the hayfields swarm
with the dusky Sikhs, would speed
their going.
Mr. and    Mrs.  F.  Chevalley    and
motored to New Westminster
on Saturday evening.
Mrs. York, who has been visiting
in Edmonton for the post two weeks,
returned home on Monday.
The  Delta council  met on  Satur-
but  the Times has been unable
1    obtain   an  official   report  of  the
 lings  for this  issue.
Mr. Waddel and Misses Waddel,
of Vancouver, motored to Boundary
Bay on Sunday.
Great benefit is derived fron- th<*
oiling of. the streets, the dust celng
kept down and the appearance of
the road improved. The oiling lias
been completed on Delta street.
Westham street and a piece up the
Slotfgh  road.
The local boys played an interesting gam-? of baseball at Boundary
Bay on Sunday.
Among tbe visitors at Mrs. Rich's
'amp at Chewassin on Sunday were
Ur, and .Mrs. Grisdale, Mr. Bell, Mr.
1 'ampbell and Mr. B. Pybus.
Mr, Harker, Mr. Brown and Mr.
Tucker, of the B.C. Telephone Co.,
Vancouver, made a business trip to
Ladner on Saturday.
Mr. W. Bishop and party, of Vancouver, motored through Ladner on
Mr. Houston, newly appointed
principal of the public school, visited I.adner ou .Monday. Mr. Houston's mother accompanyied him.
��i\lr. Joseph Newell while at his
'work on Monday, was kicked in the
! face by a powerful horse, one of his
| front teeth being knocked out. Mr.
i Newell was not able to return on
I Tuesday, but was again at his work
'on Wednesday.
i     (From  the  British  Columbian)
With but 120 tickets to be dispos-
; ed of by the committee there was a
mob of several hundred on the new
; city dock at the foot of Eighth St.
I this morning besieging the committee and ship's officers for tickets,
but the Citizens' Excursion committee were held down to their contract
lor but 800 passengers for the Princess Sophia, and the steamer surged
away from the dock and swept down
stream shortly after 7 o'clock leaving scores of would-be passengers
behind. The Princess Sophia is
bound for Bellingham, Wash., on the
annual excursion given by the committee. Mayor Gray returned from
Victoria last night and was a member of the party aboard, while officers and members of the board of
trade and progressive association
were there in force.
Industrial Commissioner Darling
is with the crowd and today in Bellingham will see several manufacturers who have cast their eyes
towards the Fraser river as a suitable site for Canadian branches,
while Market Commissioner R. C.
Abbott is in conference with Mr.
Floyd Kaylor, manager of the Whatcom County Fruitgrowers' Association, securing tips for the Fraser
Valley producers on handling fruit
from the grower direct to the retailer.
The excursionists are, many of
them, combining business with pleasure, but on the whole It is purely a
pleasure trip. The schedule for the
vessel If followed, will place the passengers ashore at Bellingham about
noon, and the return trip will be
commenced at 5 o'clock. Tbe return will be made by tiie Southern
passage around Eliza Island, the Pea
Pod Rocks, where the U. S. cruiser
Boston was wrecked, and south of
Lumini Island, and through one of
the most beautiful lanes among the
San Juan Islands. Going the ship
will pass within a stone's throw of
Gooseberry Point at the portage in
Hales Pass, where more than a hundred years ago, according to tradition both among the Nooksack and
Lumini Indians and among the
Northern tribes, the final battle of
a generation-long war was fought
between King Ueorge Indians and
the Lumruis. The battle lasted for
several days and the King George
Indians were finally driven off, but.
it left the Lummis so decimated that ���
they were but a handful when the
white men first began to visit Bellingham bay. During this war several battles occurred on both sides of
the carry' across Point Roberts, and
where Boundary Bay townsite is now
The Bellingham Chamber of Commerce and other civic bodies made
every preparation for the reception
and entertainment of the excursionists, and they were met by Mayor
DeMattos, President BroWii, of the
Chamber of Commerce, several aldermen, aud a big committee with
autos for the official visitors and
the committee, while rubberneck
cars were on hand for sightseers.
The White City at Lake Whatcom
was thrown open to the trippers,
while other points of interest were
shown the visitors by guides supplied by the Bellingham boosters.
First Impressions
of tfct'bomt tie oaiiDjp madt through He
decontioa and are alwajn pleuinc vbca
tha wiUf and ccOinfi arc treated with
which can be applied to any win aad ai�����
ARTISTIC ��? g��? b*N "*
CATMTTAPV Thercanbemuhad
SAmiA-il witbaoapandwaU*
aad aatiaeptic ���olutioo-���
afwaldaaotatlao. Do sat have to ht m>
faorcd to be renewed. -_,
Sold and Guaranteed by
Clement & Lambert
Automobile Accessories
Oils and Gasoline
Agents tor Pennsylvania
Oil Proo. Vacuum Cup
Tyres and Special Ford
Tha ucrtt of tha euoeaaa af our
Want Ada. It that thay art ahert
and snappy. People Ilka a plain
butlneee etory told In m few worde
end If they want anythlnr-they
refer to tha place where thay
wM And It with the leaat trouble,
��-_, tho Claaotfled Want ada. la
your feuelneee repreeented there.
For Snle, For Exchange. Wanted to
Purchase. To Let, Lost. Found, Work
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent pelf
word. Minimum. K centa for any on*
ml vt. These rates for cash with order.
All Want Ads. must be ln by 1 p.B.
on Thursday.
FOR SALE���For sale cheap one n��w
Massey-Harrls "Great West"
arator. Will sell cheap for
or will trade for stock or produee.
Terms if required. Machine oaa
be seen at Windebank's Lumber
Yard, Mission City.
Oil Fields Limited, an Oil Company with splendid holdings <Jf
1380 acres in the approved oil
area. Apply to Windsor Oils Limited, 326 Eighth avenue west,
Calgary, Alberta.
FOR SALE.���One Massey-Harrls
binder, almost new; $90. George
Nisbet, Barnston Island.
FOR SALE���A baby carriage in
good condition. Apply Ladner
Taylor Electric Co.
Phone L60. Ladner
For strawberry, raspberry and all
other fruit boxes try the British Columbia Manufacturing Co., New
"V, st minster, B.C. **
Mrs.  T.   McAuliffe,  ol'  Vancouver,
���i'h  her two little sons,  Is a guest
Mrs, II. Slater.      Mr. McAuliffe
��� nt .Sunday in town.
Mrs, Cave-Browne-Cave, who has
been a guest of Mrs. Lanning, returned to New Westminster on Monday.
Mi*, and Mrs- R- 3, Stokes with
Mr. and Mrs. P Clark motored to
Chilliwack on Friday, returning on
Ask of a Canadian born haymaker
seeking a job In Delta, and lift will
fell vnu that the way to oonven the
northwest to British Columbia's
Asiatic exclusion policy is to ship
the Hindus to the prairie wheat
fields. Would not the Ontario harvesters, they say. raise a ruction
when they had their day's wages cut
In two by reason of Asiatic competition?
Mr. and Mrs. Burnside and family
n in Ladner on Saturday, Mrs.
irnalde remaining over at her
mp at Boundary Hay.
Miss M, McKenzie, who has been
a guest of Mrs. T. Foster for the
past week, returned home on Monday.
Ir.  V. Taylor, Mr. Jack Chrystsl,
��� ssrs.   Harold   and   Sydney   Ben   .
spent the week end    al   Boundary
Some  of the    white    haymakers
bout   here  wonder  it  the  farmers
M   call   upon   their   services   when
" Hindu labor supply is exhausted.
Mr. La Heed was the loser of nine
lieep which were killed hy dogs.
'"ur more are In bad condition, but
-���>'  not  die.
For all Building Supplies and Fuel
Oil, apply to the B.C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., ">or> Westminster Trust Blinding. Office phone 826; wharf phone
Among the New Westminster citizens who took part in the good roads
day at  Boundary  Bay  were:      \.   B.
Kellington,  W.   Ker,   of   the   Brack-
I man-Ker   Milling   Co.;    Ed.   Ravine.
W.    D.    Reid,   Dominion   Trust    Co
! Allan P. Grant of the Dominion land
i office,  Ilughie Gifford,   Messrs.  Cur-
'tis  and   Dorgan,   II.   ''.   Major.     Roy
Pearson,  P,  Brings,  M.  Brimacombe.
T       !>       MTurphV      I'-l'l'l    <3*>>|*nrll���,l,    fl
Whiteside anil Edward Barker.
The Ladner - Steveston
Perry Service
Spring and Summer Schedule
Beginning Monday, April 20, thp
steamer Sonoma will run on hei
spring and summer schedule, as follows: Leaves at 8.30 a.m., 12.30
and 6.30 p.m. Vancouver passengers can make connection by taking
ihe 8.30 a.m., 12.30 and (L30 p.m.
cars at Granville street station. New-
Westminster passengers should tak-3
the Eburne cars at 8.on a.m.. 12.00
and 6.00 p.m. and the Steveston cars
at Eburne.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of  Soda  Water,
Ginger Ale,  and all Kinds of
Summer Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Advertise in Delta Times
Among   the   week-end   visitors   nt
tb     Di lu, Hotel  ��cre Messrs. W.  M80-
Kav.  of  Donald;   J,  Mcl".herson,  A.
McLachlan   and   Waller   London.
Mrs. Henry Huston, a former res;
���"���nt of the Delta, and  now o;'  Lulu
Island,  is  the guest  of   Mrs.   D.     I*.
Mrs.   and   Miss   Teller,   Of     Poltjt
���'  lierts. were in Ladner on Sunday,
!"pping   over   on   their   way   home
"in  Vancouver.
Mrs. George Grey and family, who
'ave been visiting Mrs. Grey's
���""ber, Mrs.  Llndseth.  for the   issl
eek,   left   on   Tuesday     for     their
>me In New Westminster.
Messrs.   Jordon.   Tom   Jordon,   B
aser  and   Elliot   Sensible  motored
1   Chilliwack   to   attend   thc   races.
""me difficulty was encountered ow-
"s to  the  flooded  condition   of thej
roads   on   Sumas   flats.     Three  ma-J
!|ines stuck fast in the mud.
Mr. Haley Wilson's setter was run
over on Sunday by a passing motor-
let. The old dog was well known'
in   Ladner.
Word has been heard from Mr. B.
II. Weare, who has been away for
the pas- three weekB. He says be Is
on his way home.
Mr.  T.   M.  timber,  vlce-nresidenl
,in charge of the operating branches
of  the  Great   Northern   Railway,  pr-
rived al  Porl Guichon on Friday Ir
his private car. Mr, Grul  was hi���������������
j to conduct uu Inspection of h's company's interests. He was itccomnan-
led by Mr. T. H, Emerson, general
manager; Mr, C. H. Nye, Driri lp��i
assistant engineer; Mr. J. H. O'Neil,
general superintendent of the w��st-
lern district: Mr, W. R, Rmith, divisional superintendent, and other operating officials. The party lefl thai
evening for Vancouver.
BLAINE, July 11.���The Ainsworth Ac Duun and A. P. A. canneries
have been packing small nmounts of
iish during thc past week, and it is
expected that the run of sockeyes
will gradually increase for some
time yet. Although this is an off
year for the tieh business, the canneries hope to put up a considerable
Tbe Standard Oil Company closed
the deal for five lots at the corner of
Washington avenue and C street last
week, and the company's surveyors
have been here and staked out the
grounds for the construction of the
storage tanks, etc. The lots were
purchased from I), s. Richards, al
$300 each.
With the opening of the tish pack-
log season there Is a rush Cor permits to work for those under ane as
the canneries will not employ liovs
under the age ol ii years or girls
under 16 years of age, unless they
ha\e permits from the Superior court
as required by law,
James Allen, chie! engineer for the
state highway department, made an
Official tour of inspection over the
Pacific Highway between Blaine and
Custer last week.      Contractor Goe-
Irig  has  nearly  llnished  the work of
grading along the entire section, and
i will soon commence the big task ol
spreading the gravel.
Perry Auto Stage
Ladder-Vancouver Service
Auto leaves corner Fraser
Arm and River Road at 7:00
and 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 and
6:00 p.m., connecting with all
ferries at Woodward's Landing.
Ferry Ere*.
Delta Motor Transfer
Freight Service Daily to nnd
from Vancouver, Elmi-iie.
Ann. Phone Sey. 7.">l I.adner 65
IIEKI*.  I'.I.K.II    Mgr.
''What's Your Phore Number?"
Can You Answer This Question
| If  not,   don't   you   know     you     are i
i .osing     business   and   running   risk.
What is morn necessary than a telephone In case o-f sickness or fire?
Delta   Telephone   Co.,   Ltd.
Oddfellows' building
General Office Hours
Miss L. Grant, who has been
spending her vacation in Ladner, re
turned to Vancouver on Sunday and
Miss D. White, who spent the week
end, returned also.
The S.S. Birdswell loaded   a cart
of hay at Burn's wharf, potatoes al
I.adner and grain at Xew Westminster Inst week, all for Victoria and
the Island.
Larr"  tract  nf  tr^od   vullpv   farit-
inc: hnd Just thrown  opi -  for   '���
settlement   in   Oregon.     Over' 200.-
1000 acres In all.    Good climnte, rich
soil, and dons not require Irrigation
to raise  finest  crops of  .-rain,   fruil
and  garden  truck.     For  1 ari.-   map,
full Instructions   and     Information,
and a  plot of several sections of i -���
ceptlonallv rood claims,  send   *���' 10
to John Keefe. Oregon Cltv, Or      i.
Three years a 1T. S. surveyor and llm-
I barman.    An  opportunity   l-i   gel   a
] good   fertile  free  homestead     near
town   and   market.
LONDON,      July      IB.���William
August Gordon Hake, the oldest bar-
; rister in  England,  died  at  Brighton
on  Monday.    He  was  born  In   1811
and was called to the bar in 1835.
Sensitive cavities    prepared    and
I filled  absolutely   painlessly     by  the
! new nltrous-oxlde-oxygen method.
. Eburne Station, 1!. C.
phone Eburne 111
LONDON,    July    15.���The privy
.council reserved judgment yesterday
in  Halifax City  versus  Nova  Scotia
Car Works concerning  the  question
for sewer construction.
Mr.   II.   V.   Bishop,   former   manager   of   the   Royal    Hunk.    Ladner. j
and  Mr. N. F. Denton, or the Royal
Bank,   Vancouver,   were   visitors   In
Ladner for the week end. |
TiUl-'y  f-.ptic  cniR-is.  ci:rca   c.:_s. ��nd   "���-.*.-
Xi: C"_t tnd luncs.        '������ :'���        35 c.r.t.
MONTREAL. July 7.���A double
drowning occurred last night at Pau
Aux Trembles, O. Roy, of Campbell-
ton. N.B., and Louis Touchette, of
Jollette, Quebec,  being  the victims.
Commissioner    Investigating Southampton  Railway Says Evidence
Clearly Shows This.
'FT.EDERICTON,   N.B.,  July   14.  -
The Inquiry being conducted by Commissioner R. A. Pringle, K.C, ot Ottawa, Into the Southampton Railway
Company  to    determine    why     the
|double Dominion subsidy of $6400 a
mile   was  paid,  was    brought     to a
close  here late yesterday afternoon,
i Commissioner    Pringle,   in   a   short
iaddress, stated  that    the    evidence
.proved   beyond   a   doubt     that     the
I road   was   not   entitled   to   the   subsidy.
Commissioner Pringle put the cost
of the road at $17,Tiki a mile. This
is about $.700 short of the $21,400
required In order to receive thc
double subsidy. The independent ex-
I perls employed to estimate the cost
���of the road place it at $159,000.
Government    Withdraws    I'.d'ci imposed mi Company's Emigration
Itiis.no-- in That Country-
VIENNA, July   13.���The Austrian.
government has withdrawn the prohibition Imposed upon the Canadian^
Pacific Railway with r> gard to carrying on emigration business, and Its
il i ai lee are now free to resume thi
The prohibition against the Canadian Pacific Railway last year was
in consequence of allegations that
the company's agents w< re tsting
AuBtro-Hungarlan subjects to evade
military service by emigrating,
Notii ������ of I iu- assl ?nmi al of th^
well known  firm of O. A.  Abbott it
i Company, of Mission City, Is published   in   the   current   lesue   of   the
I B. C. Gazette.
Several  Parties  Claim  Possession of
Scottish-Canadian Company's
Plant at Steveston,
VANCOUVER, July 9.���A legal
fight over the possession of the
premises of the Scottish-Canadian
Canning Co., at Steveston, is being
waged in Supreme Court Chambers
Bel re Mr. Justice Clement. Two
motions are being heard. In one.
Mr. Alfred Henry Sherman, the late
managing director of the company,
is asking that the company be added as defendants with Messrs. But-
tar _;* Chiene In a suit he is bringing, and in the other. Mr. ('. S, Windsor, the present manager, is asking
for an order declaring that he is entitled to possession at once.
At the present time. Mr. It. B.
Dickie, alleged to be a personal
friend and nominee of .Mr. Sherman,
is in possession of the premises under a lease from Sherman, The fact
that the salmon are starting to run
in the Fraser and that the canning
season will open in a few days,
makes the fight for possession an urgent one.
The reading of the minutes of the
directors and shareholders' meetings
held in London disclosed the fact
that there is a serious conflict of
forces over the control of the company, It is alleged that during the
two years of Mr. Sherman's management losses were made by the company despite the fact that 1912 and
1913 were very good years for the
salmon canners.
Mr. Sherman, who has a claim of
$24,071 against the company as a
balance due him, consented to submit his claim to the arbitration of
Messrs. Huttar & Chiene, accountt
ants. After an accounting of the
books, .Messrs. Buttar & Chiene reported that the company owed Mr.
Sherman nothing, but that Mr. Sherman owed the company $691. This
led to Mr. Sherman alleging misconduct against Messrs. Buttar &
Chiene, and in this action he was
allowed to add the cannery company as a co-defendant.
In the second motion, in which Mr.
C. S. Windsor is the plaintiff, it was
alleged by Mr. S. S. Taylor, K. C,
eounsel for Windsor and the company, that Sherman had been removed from his duties and Mr.
Windsor sent out  to  relieve him.
"On June 6, several days after
Mr. Windsor arrived," said Mr. Taylor, "Sherman gave a lease of all
the premises and assets of the company to Mr. R. B. Dickie. Thi.". Jlr.
Dickie resides with Mr. Sherman, I
am told, and is obviously a stool pig-
eon. Nevertheless, they are in possession and refuse to give up possession to Mr. Windsor, and with the
salmon season starting it is imperative that we get possession at
Mr. C. W. Craig for Sherman is
arguing that Sherman had authority
under a power of attorney to lease
the premises. This is denied by Mr.
S. S. Taylor, who argues further
that In any event the power of attorney carried no authority on June
8 when the alleged lease to Dickie
was entered into.
To the Good People of Ladner and
Surrounding District
Do You Know That We Carry a Full Line of
Fanning Implements
A few of our special lines are Frost _. Wood and Deering
Binders. Adams' Farm Wagons, Cast and Steel Skein; Westminster Steel Skein Heavy Teaming Wagons, and Columbia Hay
Do you know tbat we carry a full line of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Tinware, Granlteware and Aluminum-
ware, Gurney-Oxford Chancellor Ranges and Stoves. Cutlery,
Crockery, Ship Chandlery, Machine Oils and Greases, Corrugated
and Plain Galvanized Iron. Bar Iron, Pure Manila Rope, Binder
Twine, Barn Hangers and Track, Harness, and, in fact, everything you want?
Do  you  know  that  our agent,   Mr.   Geo.   T.   Baker      of     Ladner,
would be pleased to supply you with any of our goods?
If Not, We Want You to Know It
T.J. TRAPP & CO., Limited
p. \ Implement Dept.    691
l-iiones:  j Genera| Hardware   59
New Westminster    -    -    -   B. C.
Xew Westminster District.
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt,
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Xo. 5 Xorthwesterly Corner Post,"
at Inverholme Road, SO chains in an
easterly direction along the shore
line; 80 chains in a southerly direction; 80 chains In a westerly direction and 80 chains in a northerly
direction to the point of commencement, being submarine lands in the
Delta Municipality, Xew Westminster District, joining northerly
Township Three (3), West Coast
Meridian, Section Thirty (30), in
Vancouver Land Division, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Xew Westminster District.
SALLISAW, Okla., July 4���Hooper McNeill, 14 years of age, and
John Stewart, aged 12, were killed
and a score of persons were injured
late tcday during a terrific electric
storm, which broke over the picnic
grounds here.
'   - $4.
A copy of an exclusive Parts mo lei
in very rich striped foulard lined
soft silk.
Prediction Is Made That Fraser Valley  Will  Soon  Be  Shipping
Mixed Carloads.
(From the British Columbian.;
Mr. R. C. Abbott, market commissioner of the Fraser Valley Development League, presented to the Executive which met in the Board of
Trade rooms here yesterday afternoon, a comprehensive report on the
market conditions In the cities of
Vancouver and New Westminster.
These had been the subject of study
by the Market Commissioner since
assuming office on July 1 and his observations had led him to come to
an optimistic conclusion as to the
progress of fruit and vegetable farming in the valley. With the local
markets well looked after, a better
standard of packing for local consumption obtained and regular supplies guaranteed, he looked for a
large increase in the production of
food stuffs and more profitable returns to the farmers. As for the
j prairie markets he looked for a
larger control of this field by valley
fi nit and vegetable growers, and
predicted that within a few years,
there would be daily shipments from
the valley of mixed cars of fruits and
The meeting was also addressed at
length or market conditions by Mr.
K. O. L. Clark, inspector for* the
Fruit Marks department, aud by Mr.
lv Hutcherson who has been conducting a survey of the valley as to
tin- amount of produce that would
be marketed this summer and tall.
The executive registered by a
unanimous resolution its appreciation of the thorough manner Mr.
Abbott had undertaken hls market
investigations, of the practical sug-
gesttons he had been able to give to
individual producers and of his successful efforts to obtain for the pro-
ducers better returns for their consignments.
On motion he was authorized to
report as early as possible on a
plan to i ;sue weekly market reports
to the farmers of the valley.
rhe question of organizing market
selling agencies both in New West-
i ter uml Vancouver was brought.
up by Mr. Hutcherson and thoroughly ti -���" t\ Some of tn members
' ,.��� of the opinion that t.io Market
Commissioner should Immediately
undertake the work of organizing
these Belling agencies so that the
producer with a box of berries or
small Quantities of butter could ship
liis produce to au agent on the city
markets, who would be responsible
ii r ,i quick sale and proper returns.
In the view of other members of the
executive, the Market Commissioner
could he Of more value at present hi
pursuing hls Investigations, encouraging the producers to raise the
tid-ard of their offerings and indL-
cate to them the openings for the
sale of their produce, and prevent-
Ims flooding of the markets. Mr.
Abbott stated lhat It. was his aim to
work towards a selling agency. It
was finally resolved that a committee .(insisting of Messrs. Hutcherson.
Abbott aud Wade take up the question and report.
it wis .suggested that ea^h member of the executive In their respeo-
tive districts take up the question of
organizing local associations for tin-
promotion of better marketing with
the producers in their respective
districts and rep rt,
President Marmont,    Mr.    Abbott
and the secretary will arrange for a
meeting of the fruit growers of the ;
valley to be addressed    by    Deputy !
Minister Scott.
District Orangemen   to   Number of
Two Thousand Converged on
Chilliwack, Saturday.
(From The British Columbian.)
Under superb weather conditions
and with al! details in connection
with the affair carried out without
the slightest hitch, one of the most
successful twelfth of Jply celebrations ever held from this district
came to a happy termination on Saturday night last after about 2,000
Orangemen and their friends had
spent an enjoyable day in an excursion to Chilliwack.
Of the number present, about one
thousand were from No. 1 district,
which includes Chilliwack, Mission,
Agassiz, Rosedale, Hammond and
other nearby points. The balance
came from No. 2 district, New West-
minster sending a contingent of ten
carloads. Other outlying sections
well represented were: Coquitlam,
Port Coquitlam, Strawberry Hill,
Aldergrove, Murrayville, White
Rock, Hazelmere, Burnaby, Ladner,
Surrey Centre, Port Moody and Milner. The Hammond contingent
chartered the steamer Skeena for
the trip, most of the' Orangemen being accompanied by their wives and
On the arrival of Lodges 1150 aud
15.3 with W..M. W. F. Hansford In
charge, Mayor Barber welcomed the
Orangemen to Chilliwack and invited
them to enjoy themselves in the city
parks, placed at their disposal fo'r
the day. After a number of speeches
including one from W. H. Madill, of
Burnaby, a lengthy sports programme was carried out, including
a keenly contested baseball game between teams representing Chilliwack and the B. C. O. R. The excursionists departed for home about
8 o'clock, travelling on three special
trains. Before proceeding to the
ball for dismissal the Orange band
paraded Columbia street.
Take Notice tha: I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas. on the following describe,! lands:
Commenting at a post marked
"No. 6 Northwesterly Corner Post."
at Tasker Road. 80 chains in an
easterly direction along the shoreline; 80 chains in a southerly direction; 80 chains in a westerly direction and 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement, being submarine lands in tho
Delta Municipality, New Westminster District. joining northerly
Township Three (3), West Coast
Meridian, Section Twenty-nine (29),
in Vanccuver Land Division, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Xew  Westminster District.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for Section 2 of the Jetty at Steveston, B.C." will be received at this
office until 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday,
August 11, 1914, for the construction of section 2 of the Jetty at
Steveston, at Mouth of the Fraser
River, B. C.
Plans and forms of contract can
be seen and specification and forms
of tender obtained at this Department and at the offices of the Dis
trict Engineers, at New Westminster,
B.C.; Victoria, B.C., and on application to the Postmaster at Steveston,
Persons tendering are notified
that tenders will not be considered
unless made on the printed forms
supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of residence. In
the case of firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation,
and place of residence of each member of the firm roust be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. Ill*
p.c.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter Into a contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted
for.    If the tender be not  accepted
Delta municipality i8 *-.*,���_.
the mouth of the Fraser Rlvi- ?���V*
finest agricultural district in ?,'
The chief interest* iu the Delta .
farming, dairying, fruit cult,,-?
market gardening, sheep and h��'
breeding. There are also _\\V_
canneries ln the Delta munielntto?
There are shipping facilities b\. J*'
and boat to the markets of c. ���
aud the United States. The Cr
:- yield is the largest per acre in p.?
��� ada, aud the sheep and hors.-s br*i
are the finest iu British Columhi.
Along the south bank of the Vr_t
River there are splendid sites f��.
industries. *-"
Board of Trade.���President, w _v
Kirkland; secretary, s. W F^w
meets 2nd Monday in each mo-)tif
Juatices of Peace��� H. D. benson w
J. Kirkland. J. McKee, E. L Be'ir,
Police   Magistrate.���J.  McKee
Medical Health Officer.���Dr J  jr.-.
Wilson. ' *'"
Coroners.���Dr. A. A.  King and Dr
J. Kerr Wilson. r'
School Board.���S. Wright, .halrmaj*
A. deR. Taylor, secretary   j   \<J
Callan. ' ^
Farmers' Institute.���C. Davis  pre*.
dent; N. A. McDiarmid, secretary
Delta Farmers' Game Protective _i
soclation.���Wm.   Kirkland,   pr**!*.
dent;  A. deR. Taylor, secretary
Delta   Agricultural   Society. ���_). '^
McKee, president; A. delt. Taylor
"   secretary.
Take Notice tbat I, Paul Briandt,
of the City of Vaneouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Xo. 7 .Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Smith Road, 80 chains in an easterly direction along the shoreline;
80 chain3 in a southerly direction;
80 chains in a westerly direction
and 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement,
being submarine lands in the Delt^
Municipality, Xew Westminster District, joining Northerly Township
Three (3), West Coast Meridian,
Section Twenty-eight (28), ln Vancouver Lanid. Division, -ijijptftlnlng
640 acres, more or less.
Xew Westminster District.
Take Xotice that I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, In the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to iprospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Xo. 8 Northwesterly Corner Post,
at Matheson Road, 80 chains in an
easterly direction along the shoreline; 80 chains In a southerly direction: 8<i chains in a westerly direction; 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement,
being submarine lands in the Delta
Municipality, Xew Westminster District, joining .Northerly Township
Three (8), West Coast Meridian,
Section Twenty-seven (27), in Vancouver Land Division, contain)]}
6 40 acres, more or less.
Gaspe Line Steamer Canada sti-ik-w
Hocks Near cape ilium-
Light House.
RIMOUSKI, Que., July 18.���The
uteaiuei' Canada of the Qaspe line,
oi. her return trip from Montreal
to Campbellton, N.B., struck the
rocks oi Gape Chatte on Saturday
night in a dense fog a half mile east
of Cape Chatte light house. The
( anada carried about 1200 passengers for Quebec and Montreal and a
general cargo. The weather was
calm and the grounding caused little
excitement on board. All the passengers were placed In boats and
tended on shore, about half a mile
from tlle stranded steamer, As the
Canada went on the rocks at high
tide it Is anticipated the work ol
floating her will be difficult.
New Westminster Dlstrlc
Take Notice lhat I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver., in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend io apply for n license
in prospect for coal, peiroleum and
natural gas. on the following de-
scribed  lands:
Commencing al a post marked
"No. 0 Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Bmbry Kind, so chains in ati
easterly direction along the shoreline;  80 chains in  B BOUlllI   !v din <���.
tion; 80 chains In a westerly direction, and so chains in a northerly
direction to the point of commence-
 ', ' sins submarine lands In I be
Delta Muni' ipailty, New Westminster    District,     Joining    Norther!)!
Township   Three    (8),      Weil    Const
Meridian,   Section  Twenty-six  (28),
llq   Vancouver   Land   District,    con-
|talnlng 840 acres, more or less.
\.\\corvi:i{ LAND DIVISION.
New Westminster District,
LONDON, July M.���Hon. George
E. Perley yesterday received the following telegram from Mrs. Joseph
Chamberlain: "My grateful thanks
for your sympathy. Mr. Chamber-
lain to the end of his life took the
deepest interest In the Dominion of
Canada and appreciated the friendship of Its people."
The   family remedy   for   Courh.   and   Coids.
Small  dote.    Small   bottle.     Beit  sin:.-   1870
Take Notice thai I, 'Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, In the
Province or llritish Columbia, engineer. Intend to apply fnr a license
to .prospect Tor coal, petroleum and
natural gus, on the following <lo-
'scriix'd land *
''"""������ '' -������.,������
"No. 1" Northwesterly Corner Post,''
al   Oliver Road,     ho     chains  in  an
easterly  direction   along   tli,   shore-
line;  SO chains in a southerly dlrec-
iflon; so chains in a westerly direction, and so chains in  -,t  northerly
direction  to lhe point  of ; muiienc*-
Iment, being submarine lands In tha
Delta   Municipality,     New   Westminister     District,      joining    Northerly
Townjjilp  Three   (3).     West   Coast
Meridian, Sections Twenty-five (25)
nnd   Thirty-six   (36)   in   Vancouver
Land Division, containing 64 0 acres,
more or less.
the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind lt-j License Commissioner.���Reeve A. D
self to accept the lowest or any ten- j Paterson, Councillor 8. Morley'
der. J. Harris, J. McKee, J.P., and g
NOTE.���Blue   prints   can   be   oh-1     L. Berry, J.P.
tained at the Department of Public jMember of Parliament.���J.D.Taylor,
Works by depositing    an    accepted      New  Westminster.
bank cheque for the sum of $60.00, Member of Local Legislature.��� F, j,
made  payable  to  the order  of  thej    MacKenzle, New Westminster.
Honourable   the   Minister   of   Public
Works, which will be returned If the
intending   bidder  submit  a   regular
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 6. 1914.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department.���56586.
Daring Attempt    to    Rob    Jewelry
Store Falls and One Suspect
Is Arrested.
OTTAWA, July 14.���With a high
powered automobile awaiting their
coming, two burglars made a daring
attempt early yesterday morning to
rob the safe ln A. McMillan's jewellery store on Sparks street. There
were $60,000 worth of diamonds ia
the safe.
Sam Green, of New York, was arrested at 1 o'clock under a bed ln
the Windsor hotel, which he attained by a fire escape ln the rear after
learning that the police were on
guard. The Windsor hotel abuts on
McMillan's store.
��______���_. ~w
GIJON, Spain, July 14���Major
Montes, a royal aide, died suddenly
yesterday at King Alfoi.sc/*- lunch
table aboard the royal vacht Oir-
alde. Major Montes w.is -in old
friend of the King, w.in was deeply
affected by his death. **r.d nini"-
diately cancelled all hi.* engagements for the regatta.
LONDON, July 14.���The King has
approved the appointment of Rt.
Hon. J. F. Morlarty, K.C, now attorney-general in Ireland to be a
Lord  Justice  of  Appeal  In   Ireland.
Bo��t Sailings���SS. Sonoma leaves
Ladner for Steveston at 8.30 s.m.,
12.30 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. connect-
ting with the B.C.E.R. cars. Ferry
boat leaves Ladner for Wood.
wards at 7, �� and 10 a.m., l.tt,
3.30 and 6 p.m., returning Item
Woodwards at 7.30, 9.30 aad
10.30 a.m. and 2, 4 and 6.30 p.m.
On Sunday leave Ladner at 9 aad
10 a.m. and 1.30, 3, 6 and 7 p.m.
and half an hour later from
Woodwards. The S.S. Transfer
leavee for New Westminster dally,
except Sundays, at 7 a.m.; returning leaves New Westminster at t
p.m., reaching Ladner at 6.30 p.m.
Railways.���Great Northern leaves
Port Guichon dally for New V. ���'_*���
minster and Vancouver at 7 a a;
returning, leaves Vancouver it
2.30 p.m., reaching Port Cu. ja
about 6.30 p.m. B.C.E.R., L.iu
Island Branch, E. Stirling, s.. y.
intendent; Vancouvsr to Eburni
aud Stevestoa���Cars leave Granville street depot (at north end
of bridge over False Creek) to
meet New Delta at S.30 a.m. ud
3.30 p.m. and leaves for Ne*
Westminster via Eburne at 8.00
a.m. and 3 p.m. Special car tor
Eburne at 6.00 a.m. Cars lean
Steveston at 6.30 a.m*. and hourly
until 11.30 p.m. Sunday service
���Finn car leaves either terminus
at 8.30 a.m.; hourly service thereafter until 11.30 p.m. ,
Post Office.���Hours, 8 a.m. to T
p.m. Mall for Vancouver cioiee
at 12 noon; for New Westmlnitei
and up river points at 6.30 am.;
closed  all  day Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in :h*
Munlcipal Hall, Ladner, on the
second and fourth Saturdays lo
each month at 2 p.m. Reeve A.
D. Paterson; councillors, Jas. Savage, Joseph Harris, Seymour Huff,
Sam Morley, Chris Brown; clerk,
N.  A.   McDiarmid.
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a.m., second fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.;   Evenlnn
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta,   the   Yukon   Territory,  the
Service   at   7.30   p.m.;    Wednesday [Northwest Territories and in a por-
h���??'-1'.*"',".*-*0-    Rev' C' C   tion of the  Province of Rrlti.n Co-
Hoyle, M.A.,  vicar
I'np.isr Church.
Pastor���Rev.     D.   O.     Macdonald
Ladner���Sunday school,  11  a.m.;
evening  service,   7.30   p.m.;   prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; mis-
iimbia, may be leased for a tern)
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not mors than
2560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application   for a  tease  must be
Services  next  Lord's  Day  at
aioniii-y meeting every first Wednes-'made by the applicant In person to
day under the auspices of the Ladles'Ithe Agent or Sub-Agent of Ihe ���!!*-
Clr,|e- ttrict In which the rights applied for
Crescent Island -Sunday school, J are situated,
p.m.;  service,  3  p.m.;  singing prac-|     In   surveyed    territory   the   I""-1
tlce and Bible reading. Tuesday, 7.81 j must   be   described   by   sections,  or
P-m, ]|gal   subdivisions   of  sections,  and
Culfslde Schoolhouse���Union Sui j1" '"'"surveyed territory the tract ap-
day school. 2 p.m.; singing practice il'"*"' f��r shall be staked out by [M
and Gospel service. Frlda��, 7.30        (applicant  himself.
-'_'ii���ii, I    Eaf,li  application  must  bs   uoorn-
f'in,r,i, __,.,m ���    .   ,, jpanlcd by a fee of $5. which will b*
other s ���,., ." 7"1, be "ff eve*y refunded If the rights applied for
other  Sunday,   beginning  with  Sun- !are not available   but not otherwise.
& Y.'mm   U- lT- , Pa"W " ro,���lty shall be, paid on the met-
"Hi,      -vi.      V  S"nd*l--��ch00,'i-hantable output of the mine al the
LP    �����.��� T   K   ���Wi0-*'   3   p'm;!rate of  five cents per ton.
a.m._   Rev. lather W.Chaput, parish      The   pergon   operating   the   mi""
,'shall furnish the Agent with sworn
ireturns accounting for the full QU*n'
llitlty of merchantable conl mined -"i"
a.m, and 7.30 p.m.; class meeting, pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
before tho morning service everv mining rights are not being operat-
Sunday; Sabbath school at 10 a.m. ed, such returns should be furnished
every Sunday; Epworth League at least once a year.
every Wednesday at S p.al Rev. c.. The lease will Include the io*
Wellesley Whittaker, pastor. mining  rights  only,   but   the  lessee
St.. Andrew's Presbyterian.        imay b(* permitted to purchase what-
Services   next   Lord's   Day   at   ]llever available surface rights mny ''
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.;  week night ser- considered   necessary for  the ���0T*1
vices  on  Thursday  evening  at   7 30 lng of *he mlne Rt the ra"e of
o'clock;  Sunday school at 2.30 p.m ,an ****������ ���,���,,.,
Rev. J. J. Hastie, minister                ''     For   full   Information   appll""-0"
                          (should be made to the Secretary o*
Any  corrections   in   above   nameslthe Department 0f the Ia'er'0'' "{
or times should be sent to the office *awa- or to any Agent or luo-Agi
of the Delta Times. Ladner   BC        |of Dominion Lands.
 ���-  -.-���-__= | v7. W. CORY.
The Delta Times is m*hllshad every] Deputy Minister of the Inferior.
Thursday from  the Times  Build-(    N.B.���Unauthorized publication oi
Ing.  Ladner.   B.C.    J.  D.  Taylor, this advertisement will  not be pa>a
managing-director. for.���30��90


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