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The Delta Times Oct 4, 1913

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$1.00 A YEAR.
Promoters ol  "dill* Condensing Factory Arc Endeavoring to Secure
Desirable Building  Site.
A party of condensory men interred in the establishment of a con-
Censing plant in Delta were on the
ground again this week, and from
jP appearances their plans are so
[ar advanced that Delta may be as-
,i the building of a plant here
this fall.
[I  is understood that the machinery is all ready, that building plans
repared,  and all  that  remains
procuring of a site that will
needs of the company, trans-
pCi      on   facilities   by   both   water
I being considered essentials.
[I hu-  been    said    that, property
owners are not willing to sell desir-
-  al  reasonable figures, but
ati ment   ls   probably   untrue,
���it crested in the    development of the dairy industry in Delta
,,, that  i here is    no doubt    that a
suitable  =1 te may be found at a fig-
vill not be contidered ex-
British Columbia Field Trials' Association Holding Meet in Vicinity
of Liuiuer.
The annual Held trials of the British Columbia Field Trials' Association are oeing held fills week ou
Delta fields, today being the last
of the three days of trials.
While there are not so many bird
dogH entered as at last year's meet,
there Is good quality and the trainers who have prepared their
charges tor the contest have done
tl-eir work well. Most of the dogs
are setter.-, there being but one or
two pointers.
Many of these bird dogs were entered in the American National field
trials   In   Skagit   County,   Waehing-
i ton   two   years   ago,   and   arc   hlgli-
| class gun  dogs.     In  that year sever;!,  ui  the. National Association en-
j tries, some* from as far easl as New
| York,  were    subsequently    seen on
I Delta fields.    Only a small party of
j sportsmen  are   following  the   trials
' here this year,
Delta and Lulu Island Entries Form Half
of Exhibit in New Westminster's
Judging  Paddocks
New   Laduer  Drug   Hunt   Will   Follow Fine Pnrk of Imported
English  1-o.vluiuiids.
Delta  Board    of Trade    at  Special
Meeting Goes on Record Against
New Proposal,
Department    of   Agriculture  Makes
Aiiouuceuieiit   oi   Opening of
Schools for AVinter Season.
1 following announcement is
ma: bj Deputy Minister of Agri-
cult lit W. E. Scott, concerning tbe
esta lishment of fruit packing
Tin   Department  of    Agriculture,
    ordance with its policy of the
;        mr years,    will continue the
[mi!   packing   schools     during   the
coming winter.
The class of instruction furnished
experts eemployed by the de-
pai ment,  In    previous    years    has
strated its efficiency In meet-
the competition of Oregon and
. ��� gton in fruit packing.   As in
IS years, ihe local admlniatra- i
the  packing  schools  will ba j
plan d In the hands Of ia responsible
local body, such as the Farmers' Inthe Fruit Growers' Association or the Board of Trade. The De-
nt of Agriculture provides the
ir,   and   pays   his   expenses,
lepartment  will  also bear the
cost of th6 packing paper, the fruit
and all other legitimate expenses, except that   of  the    secretarial   work,
.   . It has been found most satis-
ta    :;.   to   'eave   to   local   arrange-
_.���;.   and the rent of the hall and its
b      :- and lighting.
The responsible    organization  in
Be will be required to guaran-
tnlnlmum of twelve pupils, but
not more   than   fifteen,     with   the
;       ���  qualification*, at a fee of 1*3
each, to lake  the  twelve lessons of
two and a half hours a lesson, the
school  "\tcnding    over    the    week,
ill for fifteen pupils must be
���   thirty  feet  by  fifteen
II   lighted,     it   must  be  sufficiently heated  to prevent chilling
of the fingers of the  packers,  and
preveul   freezing  of  the  fruit at
i'he ui partment will as far as pos-
���     ii-'- local  fruit.    At the time
Ling application for the pack-
tiool, you are requested to re-
fruit  at  the rate of two and
wc-half  to   three   boxes   per   pupil,
rder   varieties,   such   as   Ben
*.  are  prefererd.    Fruit   must
good  condition, but need not
d  and  none should run un-
d"r two nnd a quarter inches in di-
,  The   department   will   nay
mate market price as deter-
11     1  '���    the   instructor  on   inspee-
tlon.   The instructor will bring with
Products of the farm, chiefly oats
I and hay, are coming   in    as   fast as
| storage  room  can  be  found  in  the
wi rehouses, pending shipment. Tne
I difficulty   of   finding   storage   room
appears tn  be  general 9nd    besides
there is trouble in getting boats to
take av.-ay the products.
The northwest market is a bit demoralized -at present, and prices
have sagged a little in the last week.
Some farmers have sold their oats
thi. week as low as $21 a ton, and
the best price reported is only $22
f. o. b. Ladner warehouse. Hay was
bought at from $11 to $12 the ton.
Straw is 30 cents a bale, and potatoes have been sold as lo was $10,
the Victoria demand apparently diminishing.
Dr. Tolnue Named President of H. C.
Agricultural Association���Other
Officers Elected.
VICTORIA, Oct. 1.���The B. O.
Agricultural Association's annual
meeting was held at the fair grounds
yesterday morning, when the following were elected for the onBuing
year: President by acclamation),
Dr. S. F. Tolmie; secretary, Mr. Geo.
Sangster; . vice-presidents, Captain
G. L. Watson, Westholme; Mr. Jas
A. Grant, Royal Oak; Mr. A. D.
Paterson, Ladner; Mr. F. J. Bishop,
Duncan, aud Mrs. Hutchinson, Royal
Oak. Alderman Porter was elected
the representative on the advisory
board, in which .the following
changes were made: Mr. J. Wolf-
enden vice Mrs. H. D. Helmcken, Mr.
O. Miller vice Mr. H. S. Fry, of
Somenos; flr. R.^H. Miller vice Mr.
feet, | J. Thompson, of Sardis; Mr. J. Mcintosh  vice .Mr. J. H.  Wilkinson, of
Without the Delta ana Lulu Island stock breeders tbe New Westminster stock exhibition would be a
small affair indeed. Stock from the
farms of Messrs, Hon. T. W. Paterson, Alex Davie, John Savage, Gui-
ehon Bros., Tamboline Bros, and J.
M, Steves, with entries from many
smaller bleeders formed at least
half t'.e exhibition in the 3tock pad-
decks, and goes a long way toward
making up the stock praade, one of
tht leading teatdrea of the exhibition on its last days.
The feature of the horse exhibition was generally conceded to be
the splendid showTng of Clydesdales.
In every class competition was keen,
and. visitors were surprised at the
quality ot the stock entered. ThiB
was particularly true of the young
In the light horse divisions there
were short entries in some classes,
tut quality was maintained, and
throughout the show no second-rater
got an award.
Dr. Wilson won first place in the
standard-bred stallion class, and
later with the same fine animal took
the championship in the standard
and thoroughbred division.
Mr. A. Davie made wins in several
divisions; first for a roadster foal
of 1913; all the awards in the shire
division; tirst for coach mare; first
in the general purpose mare or gelding class; and a special prize for the
test general purpose animal bred in
British   Columbia.
In the Clydesdale division both
Judge Bryce Wright nnd horsemen
spectators conceded that the two-
year-old filly class was the best that
entered the ring, all agreeing that
Mr. D. Montgomery's entry, which
won first place from a strong lot of
youngsters and afterwards took the
heavy draught championship for
mare of any age, was the finest
young Clydesdale female they had
seen in the west.
Mr. John Savage, who made such
a good showing in Clydesdales at
Victoria, again demonstrated his
ability as a breeder by getting second place in the championship
draught division'in the "get of one
sire" class, and a special prize for
tbe best draught horse bred in B.
C. In the Canadian bred Clydesdale
division he secured three awards ln
si ven  classes.
In the sheep, swine and cattle-
branches of animal husbandry, Hon.
T. w, Paterson largely figured lu
his exhibit of Shorthorn and Polled
Angus cattle. In short, he represented one-half of tne Deef breeds
at the fair. He also had a splendid
showing of Down sneep and Yorkshire swine.
Mr. Alex. Davies, a young breeder
of merit, who has risen from the
ranks to the highest office in the B.
C. Stock Breeders' Association, has
an unusually fine exhibit of long
anel medium wooled sheep. His exhibit of Oxford Downs was highly
commended by the judge. In swine
he also was a large exhibitor, and
a bulk of the prize money went his
way. He was the only exhibitor of
goats on the ground. In draught
horses he was also a strong exhibitor as the prize lists will shew.
The men-;, halloa of the huntsman, riding behind as fine a pack ef
nouuds as v ere ever kenneled in
Auierict-., will be heard for the first
time in the countryside about l.arl-
ne- this afternoon. This is the date
sei !'* r the holding of the first meet
of the new Ladner drag mint.
Tuesday the "pack" arrived from
Philadelphia, and were immediately
brou.snt ever to I.adner in charge
of Mr. Fred Wilnihurst, the huntsman.
There nre six couples iii the pack
eiverl yesterday, and they all come
in \i ��� Cluster Mather's kennels
of Brandywine hounds at Philadelphia. This stock was imported by
Mr.   Ma,her.   it   is   understood   from
the Duke-- of Rutland's kennels, .-.nd      	
there aro  DO  finer hunting hounds  docking   facilities,   and   from   nego-
in D e country. tiations he entered into bere, mem-
Mr. Wilins-hurst, the huntsman, Is bers of the Board of Trade became
well known to Vancouver sports-I convinced that the government bad
men. He rode Credential here for j actually decided upon the placing of
tv/C vears at the time the great horse j a temporary ferry.
gaVe* Its finest performances in the | At Wednesday evening's meeting
rih_-    *He was formerly huntsman of, a letter from Mr. C. E. Tisdale, mem-
The Ladner-Woodward's ferry
question was again to the fore thia
week, and, being apprised that thu
government intended establishing a
temporary ferry service between
these points, Mr. D. A. McKee, president ofthe Delta Board cf Trade,
tailed a special meeting of that
body  for  Wednesday  evening.
Al this meeting, Which was attended by representative men of
Delta municipality, Information was
given that It was apparently tbe plan
! of the Provincial government to put
on a ferry service 'from I.adner to
Woodward's   Landing   by   means   of
'tin   iteailier Scaiilb'n and a scow.
On Monday afternoon Government
��� Erglneer Napier was in Ladner
looking  o\er  the  river  frontage  for
Ithe Essex Hunt near Philadelphia,
and his experience should be of grea-
value te- the new club.
"Everything is getting along splendidly."  announced  Mr.  Martin   "rif-
fiu   who has been one of the j-rln-      _^^^_^_^_^^^^^^^^���
tipal  organizers of the  Hunt Club, j vice would not be satisfactory
yesterday.     "We have had  an offer!     The   meeting     unanimously     en-
Of fWe more couples of hounds from j dorsed this opinion, all present feel-
Winnipeg, but of course we will see , ins- that such a service would be im-
ber for Vancouver, was read. Mr.
Tisdale said he had learned that -a
temporary ferry wa.s about to be
established, that this was not what
h_d been asked of the government,
auti that in his opinion such a ser-
Mr. John Richardson, of Laduer,
can be said to be the sheep prince
of British Columbia. He is besides
a prince ot good fellows antl a popular exhibitor at the sheep paddock,
and his rich broad Scotch bespeaks
the land where he early learned his
shepherd's  training     Mr.    Richard-
tow   things  go  before  making  any
further     additions    to    the     pack.
j There is r.o question that the hounds
; which arilved today are from bne of
| the  finest  packs    In    America,  and
should give us some great sport."
: practicable, as winter weather con-
j diiicns would make tbe operation of
I a ferry over the proposed route iin-
| possible on bail days, thus makitig
the service useless for the trans-
Iportation of milk, aud dangerous for
The run    today    will    commence! other traffic,
sharp a'. "..30 p"m., and all members!     Tbe     following     resolution     wa.->
of  the   club   desiring  to  attend   the; adopted   and   the  secretary   was  in-
rueet are  renuested  to be on  time, j Btructed  to  forward  a copy  to  Mr,
, I There will  be a  run every Wednes-   F.   ,:.   MacKenzie.   member   for   tlila
son has nearly every breed of sheep !day  for   *adjeB    and   beginners,   ul- ! district, as a .report to him of tbe
���   . , :   r ,    ,      .      , .  ,.        .although, of course, any experienced (feeding  of  -the   communUb",
and he not Only breeds and shows \ -Unr- wh,-, -nr. tho tim_ .^ __��� ,..,��� I "That whereas it has been reported to this board that the government
intends placing a temporary ferry
between I.adner and Woodward's, it
is the opinion of this boajd that we
require a permanent ferry and approaches, and that a temporary ferry
wculd bo unsuitable and detrimental
to the traffic on the proposed lines
as reported to us," . i
on the list represented in his flocks I
^_----������������������-m���������m    riders who have the time to get out
sheep, but he wins prizes with them, '�����*��  ��� --      mamWa
too. His blue and red ribbons won
at the fair this year would make a
large sized crazj patchwork quilt.
In swine, Mr. Richardson, while not
as large,'an exhibitor as in the sheep
class, won many prizes, and without
Mr. Richardson the exhibits would
be small indeed.
will be welcomed.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, Oct. 1 ���
While the municipal council has not
as yet officially decided to undertake
a resurvey of the eastern end of
Lulu Island, it is extremely probable
that some time this fall the work
will be carried out. Last week, while
in Victoria, Reeve Bridge went thoroughly into the matter with the Provincial government officials, and as-
A very pleasing feature of this
meeting was the enthusiastic and
unanimous endorsement of the work
of Mr. George Sangster, the secretary. Mrs. .1. Anderson movod thnt
the secretary's salary be increased by
$1,000, and, in spite of Mr. Sang-
ster's vigorous protests, this was at
once carried unanimously amidst
loud applause.
Tin president's speech dealt with
the needs of the future. He urged
on the members to make the strongest   efforts   to   bring  the   Dominion
    ..,��� ��_.���v_���_._, ..���. _,     Fair of next year to Victoria.    But
ecessary packing tables and I more accommodation was absolutely
frii-t paper.   The department expects [necessary   for    tha     livestock.     He
���ill   be  met   on   his arrival | pointed  out  that  the Victoria  Fair,
responsible     person,   who | ln   comparison   with   that   of   other
rovide  him with  all  necessity  information,   so  as  to  get   the
school   under   way   without   loss   of
Chilliwack; Mr. Joseph Heany vice certained in exactly what manner
Mr. H. Carlin, while Mr. N. Grim- aluj under what circumstances the
mer succeeds his father as represen- new survey would have to be exeeut-
tative for Pender Island. e"-.    A majority of the council  are
to   favor   an
1'niit   growers  will  gain,  in  nddi-
i"!     deal     of  Information
the methods   and   equipment
the  most  progressive nsso-
also  about   the  interpreta-
oi   Hi,.   Fruit   Marks  Act,  nnd
pbout exhibition packing by attend-
-  thi   packing  school   for  Instruc-
Pupils who gain B wore of 75
'.  for efficiency in  the  puek-
and who put up a credit-
I'1'1,  Park  for the department prizes
���be following  autumn,   will   receive
; ���������Plomn    certifying to   the    same
:: "   '"   department.
"our truly,
WM.   E.   SCOTT.
Deputy Minister.
MOOSEJAW, Sask.. Oct. 2.���
'Min ,\o. 4, the Toronto Express, op
'"'' Canadian Pacific, was wrecked
Giiii'V l"clt Wedne8(Ia'' morning near
nii.i ���akp* wben three passenger*
��� "iaim.it minor injuries of cuts and
���Wies about the head.
The leadins
.     "" ��n the freight was teloscop-
f th     -_?_-"* on t0P of the en&,ne
cities, was receiving far less pecuniary support. Vancouver, for Instance, had been granted $500,000
in the last five yeears and $165,000
last year, and he dared say that this
exhibition was run more economically thai any other in Canada���
(hear, hear)���and that this was due
to their able secretary. (Loud applause.) The Made-in-Vlctoria exhibit was proving a great success,
nnd great credit was due to the
Board of Trade for their suggestion,
ai well as to Mr. Cameron for ��he
generous terms on which he supplied
tho lumber for the building.
Mr. A. E. Wallace recommended
the widening and oiling of the roads
inside the fair grounds before another fair, and the moving of Ihe women's building, and Mr. H. M. Fuller-
ton urged the improvement of the
On motion of Mr. White, of Alberni, a sub-commtttee was appointed to draw up more definite regulations to govern the districts exhibits contest.
ed.    ^^
I understood ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Several years ago quite a number
of the original survey stakes, which
were of wood, were burned; others
rotted away and were lost, and the
lines subsequently surveyed, it has
been learned, deviated considerably
from the original ones. It is stated
now that transfers of real estate in
certain sections east of the No. 5
road are absolutely impossible, as
no purchasers can be found who will
take deeds based on the present surveys.
While agreed that a resurvey is
necessary, the members of the council are not unanimous as to the manner In which It should be carried
out. Councillor Fentiman insists
tbat tbe ratepayers should be consulted before an expensive undertaking I? authorized. Others believe
that the council, possessing the authority, should commence the work
at once.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, Oct. 1.���
The annual meeting of the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial
Association will be held on Wednesday evening, October 8, when the
reports of the various officers and
committees on the annual fair, held
Saturday, will be received. Officers
will also be elected for the ensuing
A harvest festival was held at St.
Ann's church, Steveston, on Sunday.
Two services were held, one in the
morning at 11 o'clock and another in
I the evening at 7.
In the Grauer block, Sea Island,
I tomorrow evening, there will be a
j meeting of the Richmond Poultry
i Association.     Important matters will
ber    of    seed    centres    established
throughout the valleys of the Prov-
come  up  for  discussion,  and  a  full 1 ince.       The  function  of  these  seed
attendance is anticipated. centres, a number of which are now
Reeve Bridge states  that as soon [ jn operation In the East, and are re-
as another site has been secured by i ported to be producing excellent re-
Mr. D. A. Newman, Judging at Fair,
Is on Mission to Provincial
(From The British Columbian.)
Further evidence of the fact that
agriculture is being pushed to the
front in British Columbia is found
in the presence in Xew Westminster
at the present time of Mr. D. A. Newman, of Ottawa, secretary of the
Canadian Seed Growers' Association,
an institution largely endowed, by the
Dominion government, in the general 	
interest of the industry. Mr. New-jC0Vered by the tuberculin testing,
man is officiating as judge of the with the remarkable and most satlS-
general field exhibits at the exhibi- factory result that less than 1 per
tion   this   week. ; cent, have had to bo slaughtered con-
Mr. Newman came over to New sequent on reaction. Mr. McDonald
Westminster from Victoria, where he, doubts very much if there Is any
went from Ottawa with a mission to'0ther section of the continent wheiv
Interview the head of the Agricul- such satisfactory conditions prevail,
tural Department of the Provincial i in the North of tihe Island 300 rows-
Government with- a view to discuss- j were tested without a sin_
ing the advisability of having a num-
Professor W. T. McDonald, livestock commissioner for tho Province,
announced yesterday that with the
exeception of the Victoria diistrict
the whole of the herds of cattle on
Vancouver   Island   havo   now   been
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   e case or
The fourth consignment of cattle
imported by the Government from
tne Blast arrives this week and will
be sold at Victoria at a date whioh
will be announced later. The third
was  auctioned  at  New  Westminster
VIENNA. Oct. i.���Forty thousand
lumped .,
issenger train.   The fireman
*0 ig,
"d the engineer was lucky
���-'"Pe with his life.
,,^'m:.     oet.
tlel ,   ,v:ls '"vaded by 140,000 sot-
���rom the United  States during
"' ending September 30, ac-
'-" statement issued by Mr.
talker, commissioner of im-
:i     This immigration was a
1 'ncrease over last year.
vir-nni. �����������- -*���������"-���*���*����� -���rr���v" ��� berries   thai
of  tho  Sultan's   Bulgarian  BU_.ei.tS,J8"1��   ��"
have ioined 20 U00 Albanians against; {P<J    .*c....__   .u.   t.ie...
..     ������___._".r   i" ��ir-_^onia   it w__!Pea,s both cooking and eating were
In spite of the wtathei venditions
and the fact that the big exhibition
was in progress, the weekly market
Friday morning at New Westminster
attracted a goodly number of people that were eugar to buy and the
market presented a lively scene during the entire morning
Honey again made its appearance
ami sold very readily at twenty-five
cents per pound. The price of butter, remained the same as li'st* week
that of thirty-five to forty cents per
pound retail and thirty to thirty-five
cents per pound wholesale. Eggs
sold steadily at' fifty cents per dozen
retail, and forty-seven and one half
cents wholesale.
A fair supply of cooking apples
were in the stalls that sold at $1.25
and a better quality for no-th table
and cooking for $1.75 per box.
There was A good demand of black-
brought the price of
pounds   for   C.vcnty-five   cents.
fully into the matter with Col. J. D.
Taylor, M.P., explaining to him how-
necessary it is for the ranges to be
located elsewhere. With the rapid
settlement of the Cambie and No. 5
road districts the danger from bullets is growing greater constantly,
and narrow escapes from injury are
of frequent occurrence. When the
traffic from Ladner begins to pass
over the No. 5 road, as it will as
soon as the government ferry' is In
operation, the situation will become
acute. At one time the militia officials suggested that the No. a road
be closed to traffic, but the council
refused to give this the remotest
More sheep have arrived from
Washington state for Mr. J. Grauer, L,
and are pastured ln the large fields I (]
near the Lulu Island bridge on Sea
Island. Many of the sheep will be
killed in the field and sold in Vancouver, several hundred already
having been disposed of In this manner. The remainder will be transferred to Ladner when the wet weather comes on. Local ranchers declare  that  many of the    fields    ln
eed and the soil may have   and   as  each   sale   passes   off   more
an   opportunity    of   developing   the1 money will be available for the pnv-
besn of whioh they are jointly capa-- chase of new consignments.
Newman expects to see th"
officials of the Provincial Agricultural Department, and to take up
with them this- important phase of
agricultural study. He has visited
a number of agricultural districts on
his way to the Coast, and everywhere
he has been met with a demand tha!
his idea should be given practical expression, He has visited
some of the valleys of tin
Province, and is ��� certain that
alfalfa can be raised in abundance,
despite the arguments to the contrary. Careful selection of seeds, he
says,   will   accomplish   results   little
reamed of in this country, and with, the
soil that is so admittedly rich as thut
of some of the interior valleys, he
is convinced that the industry of agriculture can be considerably advanced by the application of scientific methods.
At twelve noon today Hon. Thos.
1 Taylor, minister of public works for
i British Columbia, declared Kings-
i way, the new paved interurban high-
j way connecting New Westminster
I and Vancouver through the municipalities of Burnaby and South Vaneouver,  open   lor  public  traffic.
There was a distinguished gathering of public men mun clpai officers
! and men of business und the professions  at   the   Junction  of   the   new
: road and Park drive, Central Park,
i great concourse of the residents of
two cities and the municipalities
the Servians in Macedonia, it was
learned here today. The Servians
have bppu d'-ivon from Monaatlr, it
was said, and both .-gainst Servians
and Greeks, the Albanians have been
generally successful.
SYDNEY. N.S.W., Sept. 25.���Sir
Maurice Fltzinatirlee, a member of
the firm of Sir John Coode, has been
engaged by the federal government
to visit Austrnlia to advise as to
sites for naval bases.
In de-mar.d and fetched the price of
twenty-five   cents   for   four   pounds.
The price of potatoes took a sudden change dropping from 85c to 75c
per sack tetail, and $12 to $1.'! per
ton retail.
Poultry was not(verV* plentiful but
what was on the market sold
rapidly at twenty-five cents per
pound dressed an'd f5.n0 per dozen
The steamer Transfer brought in
a good supply of potatoes and poultry for the market from the Delta
Richmond become too wet in winter
to successfully    support    flocks    of!     Advices from New fork state that
sheep. ! the preliminary report of the Gran-
Much t0 the delight of her friends, by Consolidated for the fiscal year
Mrs. Falkner. of Sea Island, who has , ended June 30th, 1913, shows that
been seriously ill for several weeks profits from the Phoenix mines and
now, ig on the road to recovery.        | tbe Grand Forks smelter amount to
and a battalion of motor cars, when
Councillor Fau Vel of Burnaby.
chairman of the committee, welcomed the thousands grouped about the
speakers' stand and lining tlie banks
by the roadway, and the formal ceremonies in connection with this, as it
was termed by the speakers, an
epoch-making event, began.
SEATTLE,   Sept.   29.���F.   Martin
Lautz, a soap chemist, 46 years old,
, said  to  be  a  member of  a wealthy
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m $449,955   family  of  soap     manufacturers    of
ning season, the   employees   of the J w-as disbursed to shareholders since Buffalo, sent word
dividend payments were resumed re-'
As a culmination to the busy can- ! $1,207,661, of  which  sue
the Vancouver cannery, on Sea
land, held a dance recently.
Mr. Thos. Connolly, an olJ-tlmer
of Sea Island, is gradually recovering from his recent illness.
sent word to the coroner
I that he intended taking his life and
thea* went to Woodland Park and
! committed suicide by shooting him-
I self   in   ihe  head.
1NVERMERE.   B.C.,  Oct.   1.���The
Mountain Valley View, a ranch house
and tourist home, situated in the
valley of Horse Thief Creek, thirteen
miles west of Wilm'-r, owned by Mr.
Thomas Stnrbird, was destroyed by
fire on Monday with all its contents.
OTTAWA, Oct. 2.���Col. II. C.
Lowther, military secretary to the
Duke of Connaught, left yesterday
en route for England, where he will
rejoin his regiment. Colonel Lowther
has bpen exceedingly popular in Ottawa and a dinner in his honor was
Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Tamboline
and family desire ro express their
thanks to the friends who so kindly
remembered them In their recent be-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'mavemi at bv i'le death of Miss
attended by Premier Borden and Sir'Leona Tsmboline, by floral offer-
Wllfrld Eaurier and ether prominent | ings nnd other expressions of sym-i
people. pathy.
Prize libit.
The  following is a partial list of
Ihe prize winners:
Bull,   two    years    old���1,     lt.  S.
Bull calf of 1913���1, Yv'. Farrell;
2, Jt. S. Forbes.
Heifer, two years old���-1, W. Farrell.
Cow,  3  years and  upwards- -1,  E.
Cooney; 2, J. H. Wright.
Heifer calf of 1918���1
Graded stock
Partridge W.vandottes, pen���1, J.
Rhode Island Red, cock���1, Wilson
3ros.; 2, Robert Wilson; 3, F. E.
Rhode Island Red, hen���1, 2 and
, Wilson Bros.
Kohl Rabi���1, Porter & Tomsett.
Best Hay In bale���1, F. Fairview.
Heaviest 2 Cabbages���1, J. Dahm.
Sunflowers���1, E. May.
Ensilage Corn���1, J. Dahm; 2, T.
Collection of grasses���1, J. Dahm;
Gravenstein���1, J. Bath;  2, E. W.
H. Thompson.
1, F. Fairman; 2, A.
Rhode Island Red, cockerel���1, R.i2* J* H- JJ'-I8,*1*' ,     .-   .
Wilson;     2,  R.  .Mackie;     3,  F.  E. Division I.���Fruit,
Harmer. AI">,es
Rhode   Island   Red,     pullet���1
nd. 3, R. Wilson. Bell Flower
Breeding pen Rhode Island Reds���  Thompson.
1, Wilson Bros.;  2, R. Wilson. Wolf River-
Brahma,    dark,     cock���1,   Alex. 1 Bracewell
Smith. Wealthy
Brahma,  dark,  hen���1  and  2,  A.
Brahma,   light,   cock���1,     C.     F.
Lockhart; 2, J. M, Ford.
1, F.    Fairman;
J.     Usher;     2,
.. Cooney.!     Brahma,   light,  hen���1,, 2   and   3,
|C.  F.   Lockhart.
Beef animal���1, W. Tapp. |    Brahma, light, pullet���1 and 2, J.
Grade cow���1, W. Tap);  2, Brace- M. Ford,
���well. 1    Brahma, light pen���1, C. F. Lock-
Grade heifer, two years���1, A. I', hart;   2, J. M. Ford.
Stewart;  2, W. Tapp.
Grade heifer, one year���1, Rev. J
Lyons:   2,  Braoewell.
Langshan, cock���1, A.  Smith.
Langshan, hen��� 1, A. Smith.
Breeding   pen,   Langshans���1,
Grade heifer calf of 1913���1, Rev   Smith.
J.  Lyons;   2,  Rev. J.  Lyons;
Fat Cattle.
Beef animal���1, W. Tapp.
\. W, H.
W.     H.
Clydosdale stallion���1, F. May, 2,
T. Laing.
Span Draught Horses���1, I). McDonald.
Brood Mare, three yc arn old or
over     1, T. Laing; 2. D. McDonald.
Sweepstake Draught Mare���1, T,
Fillj or ��� ��� Iding, two years o'd -1.
D. McDonald; 2. .1. 11. Bath.
Filly or gelding, one year old���1,
F. May; 2, T. Laing.
Foal of  1913���1, D. McDonald;   2,
F. May.
Span Agricultural   Horses 1.    D,
McDonald;  2. \V. Parrel".
Brood Mare���1, D. McDonald.
Mare or gelding, three years old.���
1, J. II. Bath;  2, D. E, Mi Kay.
Filly or Gelding, two years old���
1, ti. McClelland; 2, D. E. McKay.
Filly or gelding, one year old���1,
D. McDonald;  2, W. Tilton
General  Purpose.
Span General Purpose Horses���1,
D. E. McKay; 2, J. Featherstone.
in,iod Mare���1, D, E. McKay.
Mare or Gelding, thr*. years old���
1, 11. E. McKay:  2, M. F. Miller
Filly or Gelding, one year old���1,
G, McClelland.
Foal of 1913���1, G. McClelland.
Roods ters,
Roadster Mure���1, W. Farrell.
Roadster Brood Mare���1, S. Tees.
Filly or Gelding, t��-o years old���
[l, D. E.  McKay;  2, S. Tees,
Filly or Gelding, one yof,V old���1,
3V. Farrell;  2, T. Laing.
Foal of 1913���1, J. II. Bath,
Single driver in buggy���1, R.
[Brauer; 2. s. Tees.
Single driver in buggy (owned by
farmer)������ li J. Thompson; 2, It
Best horse- -1, .\. W. IT. Thor.-p-
son; 2, J. M. Ford.
Best gentleman ridsr���.1
Best  lady     rider���1,     .*
Thompson; 2, D, E. M-Kay.
Filly or Gelding, two years old -
1, T. Laing.
Host pony (in harness;���1, T.
Laing; 2. A. W. II. Thorr-p-ion.
Best   pony   1 iiniler  saddle! ��� 1,   A
W. II. Thompson; 2. D. ���-'. McKay.
DIVISION   11���swim;.
Sow���1, D. E. McKay.
York' hires.
Sow���1, W. Farrell.
Plymouth Rock, Barred, cock - -1,
2 an I 3, R. Wilson,
Plymouth Rock, Barred, hen���1, 2
and  3,  R.   Wilson.
Plymouth Rook, Barred, cockerel
��� -1, 2 and 3, R, Wilson.
Plymouth Hock. Barred, pullet���1,
- an 1 :;. I;. Wilson.
Breeding pen, Barred���1 and 2, R,
Wilson;   3,  M.  F. Miller.
Plymouth Rock, White, hen���-1, /..      Orpington
P. Stewart.
Plymouth Rock, cockerel, any oth-
*er variety���1, Wilson Bros.; 2, Wilson Bros.;  3, Rev. Lyons.
Plymouth Hock, pullet, atij other
variety--l and 2, Wilson Bros.
Plymouth Rock, any other variety
������1, Wilson Bros.
Silver Wyandotte, cockerel ��� 1,
Wilson Bros.
Silver Wyandotte, pullet���1, Rev.
J. Lyons.
White Wyandotte, cock���1, J.
Nnnn; 2, I). A. Tweedie; 8, Wilson
White Wyandotte, lieu���1, D, A.
Tweedie; 2, .1. N'unn; 15, Wilson
While Wyandotte, cockerel���1,*R.
Mackie;  2. R. Mackie;  3. J. Nnnn.
White Wyandotte, pullet ���1, 2 a.id
&, R. Mackie.
Breeding pen, White Wyandottes
���1, R. Mackie; 2. J. Nuun; 8, D, A.
Columbian Wyandottes, hen���1,
Wilson Bros.
Columbian Wyandotte, cockerel���
1, Wilton Bros.
U'...e....-  Wyandotte,    pullet���1
hi 2, Wilson Bios.
Columbian Wyandotte, pen���-l.
Yvl.-on Bros
1 as.I    Single Comb Brown Leghorn, cock
-1, E. May.
Single Comb Brown  Leghorn, hen
-1, 2 and 8, E. May.
Single Comb Brown Leghorn, cock-
Snow���1. E. May.
Golden Russett���1, A. Thompson;
2. F. Fairman.
Ben Davis���1. F. Fairman; 2, A.
Winter Banana���1, J. Bath.
Rhode Island Greening���1, A. W.
Baldwin���1. E. May; 2, F. Fair-
Northern Spy���1, A. Thompson
Crab Apples, Martha���1, F. Fair-
Crab Apples, Hyslop���1, R. P.'
Ketchison; 2, Bracewell; 3, W. Ren-
Pears, Bartlett���1, Renwick; 2,
J. Usher.
Pears, Louise Bonne de Jersey���1,
Hemstitched handkerchief���1 Mrs.
Darned socks or stockings���1 Mrs.
Set of doylies���1 Mrs. Simpson.
Embroidery      on    linen���1    Mrs.
Simpson;   2   Ruth  Wilson.
Painting���1 C. Nesbit Taylor;    2
Mrs.  Fentiman. '
Drawing, pencil or crayon���1 Mrs.
H.   McDonald;   2  Mrs.  Simpson.
Drawing, free hand���1  Mrs. Fentiman;   2  C. Nesbit Taylor.
Best  dressed doll,  band  made���1
Mrs. Simpson.
Crochet lace���1 Ruth Wilson.
Writing, boys
Cassie  Horton.
l C, N. Taylor; 2
1  Cassie  Horton;
N. Taylor;   2
-1 C.
W. Renwick,
-1, W. Ren-
rel���1, E. May.
Single Comb Brown Leghorn, pul-*     p w,  t      N ���
let���1. F. B. Streatch; 2, E. May.       1 w,_-.
Breeding pen, Single Comb Brown |     g^ -ollec,tlon of    pear_���1,    W
.eghorn���1, E.  May. I Renwick,
Single Comb White Leghorn, cock
���1 and 3, R. Wilson;  2, D. M. Ross.
Single Comb White Leghorn, hen
��� 1, D. M. Ross; 2, R. Wilson.
Single Comb White Leghorn,
cockerel���1 D. M. Ross; 2 R. Wilson.
Plums. Red Egg.���1, F. Fairman;
2, A. Thompson;  3, W. Tapp.
Plums, Damson���1, W. Tapp; 3
W   Renwick;  3. F. Fairman.
Plums, Lombard���1, W. Tapp; 2,
A. Thompson.
Plums,    Imperial     Cage���1,     ,1.
Single  comb  White  Leghorn,  pul-  Bath.
let���1   and 2    R. Wilson;     3  D. M.       Plums, Italian���1, J, Dahm; 2, W.
Ross. Renwick;   3,  G.  McClelland.
Deeding  pen,  single  comb  White       Best collection of Plums���1, Mrs.
Leghorns���1   It.  Wilson;   2   D.    M.   H. G. Richardson.
Ross;   3 .1. M. Ford. Best   Grapes���1,   J.   Dahm;   2,   D.
Leghorn,   any other variety, cock-, Tweedie.
���1 F. E. Streatoh, Quinces���1,  A. W. Thompson.
Leghorn, any other variety, cock- Blackberries, English���_, J. Dahm
erel���1 R, F. Swan; 2 and 3 F. E. Blackberries, Evergreen���1, J.
Streatch. - Dahm; 2, A. Thompson.
Leghorn, any other variety, pullet ;     Walnuts���1, A. Thompson.
I, 2 and 3 F. 1-". Streatch. Best collection home-made canned
Breeding pen, Leghorns, any other j fruit���1, W. Tapp.
variety���1 F. E. Streatch. Bouquet for table���1, R. S. For-
Minorca    cock ��� 1    and    2    J. !bes;   2, D.  McKay.
Thompson;  8 E. W. Myren. Bouquet, hand���1, Mrs. H. Fentl-
Minoroa hen���1 W. Downey;  2 J.jman.
II. Wright;  " J. Thompson. Sprays   of   flowers   for  ladies���1,
Minorca, cockcrd���1 and    2    W. j H. Fentiman;  2. R. Forbes.
Minorca,  pullet���1  J.  H.  Wright; ;     Gentlemen's buttonhole    bouquets
2   W.   Downey. I���-������ R* Forbes;   2, H. Fentiman.
" Breeding    pen,    Minoreas���1    W.       Funeral design���1, R. S. Forbes.
Downey;   2  J. Thompson. Marigolds���1, H. Fentiman.
Downey;  3 J. H. Wright. I     Pansles���1,    R.    Wilson;     2,    J.
Atidalusian,    cock���1     Porter    & I Thompson.
Tomsett. I     Gladlolas���1, Mrs. Eason.
Andal'usian, her.���1, 2 and 3 Por-!     Zinnias���1, R. Forbes,
ter & Tomsett. Sweet Peas���1, T. I'sher;    2,    D.
Andalusian, cockerel���1  Porter & \ * n_? ��?!e-
Andalusian, pullet���1    Porter    &
Breeding     pen,      Andalusiani���1
Porter   -t  Tomsett.
Anoona, cockerel���1 L. C. Spencer.
Ancona,  pullet���1 L.  C.  Spencer.
Polands���C. F. Lockhart won all
Hamburg, cock���1 H. Kacer.
Hamburg, ben���1 F. E. Streatch;
2 H.  Kacer.
Hamburg,  cockerel���1   and 2,  H.
Hamburg,  pullet ��� 1,  2  and  3,  H.
Breeding   pen,   Hamburgs���1     H.
Houdan,   cock���1    M, Turkington.
Houdan,  ben���1  Wilson  Bros.;   2
I and   S,  M.  Turkington.
Houdan, cockerel���1 and 2, M.
! Turkington.
Buff Orpington, cock���1 Miss .1.
1 Lascelles; 2 Rev. .1. Lyons; 3 W. II.
J Brett.
j    Buff Oryington,  ben���1    w.  H.
I Brett;  2 .1. Lascelles;  3 J. Lascelles.
Buff Orpington, cockerel���1 A. P.
Stewart;  2 A. Smith;  3 A. P. Stewart.
Dahlias���1, H. Fentlman.
Division M.���Knftting.
Knitted Plain Wool Men's Mittens
���1, A. B. Dixon.
Knitted Plain Wool Ladies' Mittens���1, Mrs. Robertson; 2, Mrs.
Ladles' Underclothing (handmade)���!, Mrs. Eason.
Collection of Fancy Work���1, Mrs.
Miller;  2, Mrs. Eason.
Plain Sewing, hand-made���1, Mrs.
Quilt, Cotton Patchwork���1, Mrs.
Eason;  2, .Mrs. Simpson.
Crazy Patchwork or Japanese���1,
Mrs. Glover; 2, Mrs. l*-entlman.
Counterpane, crocheted���1, Mrs.
Fentiman;   2,   Mrs.   Richardson.
Braiding���1, Mrs. w. Tapp; 2,
Mrs. A. Dixon.
Embroidery on linen���1, Mrs.
Glover;   2,  Mrs.  Dixoi..
Embroidery on other material���
1, Mrs, Miller; 2 Mrs. R. Eason.
S'hadow embroidery���1, Mrs. Miller;  2, Mrs. Glover.
Eyelet embroidery���1, Mrs. Richardson;  2, M. F. Miller.
Silk   embroidery���1,   Mrs.   Simp- I
1 son;  2, Mrs. Eason.
Wallachlan   embroidery���1,   Mrs. I
,  , P'?  ' *BU-f ",,"!gtf0nS-1   Miller;  2, Mrs.  Dixon.
iw.  nrnLLt    /���        1   ,'   1   a        Shirtwaist,  hand  e.nbroldered-1, j
Buff Orpington, pullet���1 J. Las-  Mrg, Mlller. ,   M      Richardson.
������li- A.   P,  Stewart;   3   Wilson,     F!vo  O.clof.k  Tea  cloth_1>   Mr9 I
2, Mrs. Dixon.
White  Orpingtons���A.  P.  Stewart
I won a:l prizes.
other    variety,
A. Simpson
Hardanger work���1, Mrs. R. Eason; 2. Mrs. Glover.
Centrepiece���1, Mrs. Robertson;
2, Mrs. Simpson.
Centrepiece, embroidered���1, Mrs.
J. Stevens; 2, Mrs. Eason.
Set of table mats���1, Mrs. Robert-
1 son;  2, Mrs. Simpson.
Dessert Doilies���1, Mrs. Richardson;   2, Mrs. G. Robertson.
Crocheted shawl���1, Mrs. Robertson;  2, Mrs. Eason.
Lady's Handbag���1, Mrs. G.
Bead work���1, Mrs. Simpson; 2,
Mrs. R. Eason.
Tea Cosy���1, Mrs. Simpson; 2,
Mrs.  A.  Edwards.
Sofa Pillow���1, Mrs. M. A. Glover:   2, Mrs. M.  F.  Miller.
Fancy Pincushion���1, Mrs. Eason;
2, Mrs.  Robertson.
Outline work���1, Mrs. Glover.
Crocheted silk���1, Mrs. Eason ; 2,
cockerel ��� 1 and 2 Wilson  Bros
Orpington, any other variety, pullet��� 1 and 2 Wilson Bios; 3 A.
Breeding pen, Orpingtons, any
other  variety���1  Wilson  Bros.
Gaines���All prizes won by C. F.
Pair geese, Toulouse���1 D. E. McKay.
Geese���1  D. Goddard.
Pair Pekin Ducks���1 D. E. Mc-
Kiy;   2   W.  Tlllon.
Piiir   Indian   Runner   Ducks���1  J.
0. Neil.
Pair  duiks,  any other  variety���1
D.   E.   McKay.
Pair pigeons���1 T, Laing; 2 E.
Slei-th;   3 J. Thompson.
Pair rabbits���1 and 2 C. W. McRae.
Best exhibit of Italian bees���1 H. j Mrs. Robertson.
Kacer. |     Crocheted w*ool���1. Mrs. Dixon; 2,
Buckwheat���1,   R,   P.   Ketchison. I Mrs. Simpson.
Hops���-l, R. S. Forbes. Crocheted cotton���1, Mrs. Miller;
Mangold   Wurtzels.   Yellow   Globe i 2,  Mrs.  Eason.
���1, G. McClelland; 2, J. H. Wright, j     Knitted   wool���1,   Mrs.   Dixon;   2,
Mangold   Wurtzels,   Red   Interme-I Mrs. Glover.
diatF���1, D,  E. McKay. Knitted  cotton���1,    Mrs.     E. W.
Mangold  Wurtzels,  Red  Long���1,   Mybrln;  2. Mrs. Eason.
J. H.  Wright;  2, J. Thompson. Bedroom    slippers,    crocheted���1,
Mangold Wurtzels, Yellow Long���   Mrs. Dixon.
1. W. Farrell. Drawn  Work���1,   Mrs.   Dixon;   2,
Sugar  Mangolds���1, T.  Laing;   2,   Mrs. Simpson.
Buff      Wyandottes,    cock���1.    J.   J. Thompson. Worked     handkerchief���1,     Mrs.
Nnnn                                                          I     Turnips. Swede���1. D. E. McKay; Simpson;   2. Mrs. Glover.
Buff Wyandottes, hen���1, 2 and 3,   2, G. McClelland. Darned Net���Mrs. Dixon,
j   Nunn                                                     I     Turnips, White���1. T. Laing. Photo frame, embroidered���1 Mrs.
Bull! Wyandottes, cockerel���l and      Turnips,   3   heaviest���1,   D.   Mc- Bason; 2, Mrs. Miller.
->   j   N���nn                                                  Kay:   2, G. McClelland.                          1     Fancy netting���1, Mrs. Robertson.
' Buff Wvandottes, pullet���1 and 2,       Pumpkins,  2 heaviest���1, J. Ball. Hand-made  lace,    Battenherg���1.
J. Nnnn.
Buff Wyandottes, pen ���1 J. Nunn.
Partridge Wyandottes, rock���1, J.
Nunn;   2. J.  Ford.
Partridge Wyandottes, hen��� 1, 2
Bnd   3,  J.   Nunn.
Partridge W.vandottes, cockerel���
1, J.  M.  Ford.
Partridge Wyandottes, pullet���1
nnd 2, J. M. Ford.
Squash,   2   heaviest���1.  J.   Dahm.   Mrs. Dixon;  2. Mrs. Simpson
Sugar Beets���1, T. Laing.
Carrots. Short White���1. G. McClelland;  2. D. McKay.
Carrots. Long White���1, T. Laing;
2. .T .Thompson.
Carrots, Long Yellow���1, T.
Laing;   2. J. Thompson.
Hand-made lace. Honiton���1, Mrs.
Miller;  2, Mrs. Simpson.
Hand-made lace, point���1 Mrs. M.
Miller;   2  Mrs.  Simpson.
Tatting���1 Mrs. Miller; 2 Mrs.
Netting���1 Mrs. Robertson;  2 Mrs
Writing,  girls
2 D. McKay.
Drawing, map
P.   MrKay.
Special Prizes.
Division  A���
Best Holstein bull���R. S. Forbes.
Best fat cow���W. Tapp.
Best veal calf���W. Tapp.
Best 2-year-old dairy heifer���A.
P.   Stewart.
Division  B���
Best draught stallion���T. Laing.
Best team draught mares owned
by farmer���1 D. McDonald; 2 D. McDonald.
Heavy draught team���D. McDonald.
Best 8-year-old or over, filly or
geldiiiL'���T. Laing,
Best 2-year-old draught filly or
gelding���D. McDonald.
Best agricultural team���1 D. McDonald;   2 W.  Farrell.
Best agricultural mare���J. H.
Best 2-year-old agricultural filly
or gelding���G.  McClelland.
Best general purpose team owned
by   farmer���D.   E.  McKay.
Best general purpose team���D. E.
Best general purpose brood mare
���D. E. McKay.     '
Best 2-year-old general purpose
filly or gelding���G. McClelland.
Best three draught colts, 3-year-
old and under, from one sire���D.
Best single driver owned in Richmond municipality���James Thompson.
Best  single   driver���R.   Grauer.
Best 2-yeiar-o!d roadster���D. E.'
Best saddle horse���A. W. H.
Best lady rider���A. W. H. Thompson.
Best  combination  pony,   14  hands
or under, for boys under 16���D. E.
McKay���2  A. W. H. Thompson.
Division   D���
Best  brood  sow���W.  Farrell.
Best   pen  of  three  pigs  or  over,
tinder six months���1 W. Farrell;   2
D. E.   McKay.
Division  E���
Best display of Barred Rocks���R.
Best male Wyandotte���R. MacKie.
Best pair White Wyandottes���R.
Best pen Rhode Island Reds���Wilson Bros.
Best single-comb Rhode Island
Red  cock���R.  Wilson.
Best pair Rhode Island Reds���R.
Best pair Black Langshans���Alex.
Best trio of White Kellerstraas
Orpingtons���A.    P.   Stewart.
Best pen of Buff Orpingtons-
Mrs.  .1.   Lascelles.
Best pair Buff Orpingtons���Mrs.
.1.  Lascelles.
Best display of Crystal White Orpingtons, Kellerstrass strain���A. P.
Best pair Crystal White Orpingtons, Kellerstrass strain���A. P.
Best White Orpington���A. P.
Best Crystal White Orpington hen,
Kellerstrass   strain���A.   P.   Stewart.
Best trio, cockerel and two pullets, Crystal White Orpington. Kellerstrass strain-���A.  P. Stewart.
Best pair Light Brahmas���C. F.
Best pair Rose-comb Brown Leghorns���F.  E. Streatch.
Best pair Houdans���Mr. Turkington.
Be ' pen White Leghorns ��� R.
Best pen Black Minoreas���W.
Best pair geese ,any variety���1 D.
E. McKay;  2 D. Goddard.
Best pair ducks���1  D.  E.  McKay.
Best pen Indian Game���C. F.
Best display Indian Cornish Game
���C. F. Lockhart.
Best pen White Polish ��� C. F.
Best pair Golden Polish���0, F.
Best pair Bantams, boy under 14
years old ���A. P. Stewart.
Best two English Red Caps���C. F.
Best pair rabbits���C. W. McRae.
Best dozen eggs in cartons���R.
Best display of Polish���C. F.
Exhibitor taking highest number of
points In poultry, any one variety���
A.  P. Stewart.
Best two loaves home-made bread
���R. Wttson.
Best two loaves bread���1 R. WtV
son;  2 Mrs. J. Probert.
Best two loaves home-made bread
���A. P. Stewart.
Best two loaves white bread���A.
P. S ewart.
Best collection of potatoes, named���Porter &  Tomsett.
Divisions G and H���
Best sample oats in sack���J, E.
Best collection of grain���D. E. McKay.
Best collection of vegetables and
field  roots���Porter  <v  Tomsett.
(/Ctontlnued on Third Tage.)
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1800.
Capital Authorized            _�����!-..��
Capital Paid Up  J>
Bert       ���' }"��*���
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy.Fiv<>  ami.
Dollars. M,U��*
It Is the aim of the management of this Bank to make
positor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to hi. J*6"-" *-*���*
affairs. Us fina��lal
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and r
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates   0n Mav ,?War(*li.
November 30th each year. ' '��� -l8t and
H. F. BISHOP, Manager.
Carry in stock a full line of
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
I J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
I   Ladner, B. O. Phone 2
? Sample Room. Prompt Service
|   Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Rates Reasonable ii
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, T  urnlngB and House Finishings.
Phono R14 Eburne. Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow.,
Uhe *Delta U
l.OO A YEAR  m��sT
u. s. a.  .   .  $1.50
Carrots, Long Red���1, E. May; 2,   Eason.
i Porter & Tomsett.
Work  of  Children  Under  14  Years.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol ����<"'������ every nerve in the body
, to iu proper ttntion ; restores
vim and vitality. Premature detav and all nerval
���������-���taoal   averted   .t onre.     Phnephnnol   wKi
Vke_>r,i1 a, ntw n'"n- ,Vce ��Sab.>x,ortwo f-
fo. Mall��d to anv addre-n The Hcokoll Drm
1*0., Rt. Cathartnn... Ont.
Friday, Oct. 17th, 1913
EBURNE, Point Qrey, Sept. 27.���
Under the auspices of L. T. B. No.
184, a dance will be held ln Odd
Fellows' hall this evening, commencing at 9 o'clo.k, and continuing until
two. Franklin's orchestra will be
In attendance.
A tennis court is being established
on the grounds of the Methodist
church, Third street.
Now that the season at Minoru
I'ark ls over, quite a number of
iiorsemen who have made Eburne
their horn? for the past few months,
are departing. Messrs. Hoag and
Mulhollacd, owners of strings which
were in evidence at the Lulu Island
course this season, have left for
Victoria and Mexico, respectively,
.lockey Carter left last week for Victoria.
Anniversary services at the Eburne
Methodist church will be conducted
next Sunday evening by Rev. Dr.
(.'bown, bead of the denomination.
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Stewart are
leaving this week on a trip to East
ern Canada and the States.
A bakery has begun business on
Third street,  above  Peter,
Buck's dry good:* store lias vacatpn
the premises in the I. O. O. r\ Musing and is now located in the Grauer
WINNIPEG.    Oct.     !.���WIBS1WI
ratepayers  who voted  yest'*."*h��- ' _
most unanimously endorsed :he *   ���
500,000 bylaw of tho Greater W i"'
peg water district,  but  thev  tU"��
down  $75,000  bylaw  for the N
peg General Hospital, beine
on ithe three-fifths clause.
WINNIPEG. Oct. 2.���D8""--1'
a shorter workln-. day wltnou      ^
duet Ion In wages have been M     .",
trainmen of the Western diw-*"
the C.  P.  R-.    according !,;,'"T:
nouncement  made   last   �� - '      . llt.
men asked that the worKt    '
shortened one hour. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1018.
Vu_.abonds!    Who are they
Come and see the "Vagabonds" at
MiV,.jy  Hall, October 17.
*,*.���. \v. A. Kirkland was a visitor
at "the New Westminster exhibition
Messrs. W. C. Bowman and S,
McDonald made a business trip to
Vancouver Thursday.
\tr N. A. McDiarmid went over to
Ve'w Westminster Thursday    to at-
I the Provincial Exposition.
Hear  the "Vagabonds"  in music,
mirth   an_  minstrelsy���October   17.
Born���To Mr.  and Mrs.  William
Smith, a son, Wednesday, October 1.
The steamer Grainer cleared for
A'ictoria Thursday with a full cargo
of oats.
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Klinkhammer, a son, Thursday, October 2.
Mr. S. W. Walter and family mo-
I tered   to   New   Westminster   Friday
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     I to attend the Provincial Exhibition.
Mr. and Mrs.    George   Sheldrake. 	
. ,'���, party motored to the New West-j Mr. Harry Smith recently under-
, r Exhibition grounds Thurs-. went a throat operation, having his
0 take in the fair.
Prize Winners���Continued
(Continued From Second Peg*)
Best six stalks ensilage corn���1 J.
Dahm;   2 D. E. McKay.
Best display vegetables���1 Porter
& Tomsett;  2 J. Dahm.
Division L���
Best collection sweet peas���Mr.
Best collection cut flowers���D.
Best collection of Seed grain,
wheat, oats and barley���1, D. E.
Division K Painting.
Oil Color���1, Mrs. A. Simpson; 2,
Mrs. H. Fentlman.
Crayon, specimen���Mrs. Simpson.
Water Color, specimen���1, J. W*.
MeGinnes;   2, H. Fentlman.
Water'Color, collection���1 and 2,
J. W. MeGinnes.
Collection of photographs���1, Mrs.
Fentiman;  2, E. May.
^^^^ G.
Best buttonhole bouquet, for chil-'     Painting on Velvet���1.    Mrs.
dren under 15 years���D. McKay.       j Robertson; 2, H. Fen'ir.*,an.
Twelve varieties sweet peas���Por- j     Painting on satin or bolting cloth
ter & Tomsett. I���1* Mrs, G. Robertson.
Division M��� ��� Painting on    wood���1,    Mrs.    G.
Best exhibits in classes 19 to 25��� ��� Roberston,
Mrs. J.  E.  Simpson. I     Burnt work In wood���1, Mrs. G.
Best sewing by girl under 14 r. | Robertson; 2, H. Fentlman.
��� - - For Professionals.
Painting on china���1, Mrs
tonsils cut.
Mr   and    Mrs.  A.   Kershaw    andi     Mr. G.  E. Wenzel was in Vancou-
...            *.-      KT-...     t.T-~._.l��,       I        ,       .       . .
triends went over to New Westmln-
[   ursday   to   attend   the   fair,
in the Kershaw auto.
William     Siddall,    of  Chllll-
penl Tuesday evening in Lad-
,-igiring with his uncle, Mr. W.
- siddall.
ver last week being operated on by
a specialist for hypertrophy of the
Dr. Ottowe.ll and family were vlsi-
t( !����� at the New Westininster Exhibition Thursday, going ovei in their
motor car.
i   ,   regular meeting of the VV. 0.1
ill  be held at the home of
:i   ii. Grant on Tuesday, Octo-
7, al 8 o'clock p. m. \
il   A.    Crawford    and  Miss
.1 will spend the winter with
in Alberta.     They left last
for Red Deer.
A dance will be held In McNeely
Hal] next Friday. Good management, good music and a good floor
���everything that goes ru make a
successful evening is promised.
h     t  forget the time, 8:30 October  17:   the    place,  McNeely  Hall;
and the Vagabonds, with their quaint
. b,  scenic effects and mirthful ni. lodies. I
The dance at McNeely Hall Wednesday was a success. Everybody
had a good time. A splendid supper
was served in the dining room of the
Delta   Hotel.
has  no  district  exhibit   at
Westminster    Exhibition,
bu: has t.o a great extent, made up
deficiency by sending over
a jplendid  high  (trade  live stock���
. cattle, sheep nd hogs.
Delta live stock Is attracting the
attention of horsemen at the New
Wesimlnster Provincial Exhibition
���nr;n who know good horseflesh
wbeu they see it.
At the meeting of Delta Agricultural   Society  held   Monday  evening
J it   was  decided  to    let    tbe  second
j storey of Agricultural    Hall    at the
. fair grounds to ihe Vancouver Drag
For all Building Supplies and Fuel'H��nt Club
Oil, apply to the B.C. Transport Co.,
505 Westminster Trust Build-
Office phone 826; wharf phone
A   harvest    festival service    was
held ia All Saints' Church last Sunday, the service being conducted
tiie Rev.  Principal C. A. Seager.
Reduce your electric light bill one
half and get fifty per cent, more
light by using Tungsten Lamps. A
full stock of all sizes carried at
Taylor   Electric  Co. *���
reeve of Delta,
,..]     Mr. H.  D. Benson
-^j j returned   at  the  end  of   last  week
-._      i___    .-.. ,i i  ���_������i���i  _,"���'��� from  a  ten-day trip  to his  recently
li.-. cho r rendered  special mu- ,-...- ,        ,     ��,,    .
i .   larnulred 3000 acre farm ln Alberta,
, and   there   was
al all services,
a  good  attend-
The church was
Canoe pass has been the best
ground in this district for
the last ten days, the catchet of
- . ��� boats runing as high as 3u0,
thr average being In excess of 75.
- and sockeyes were caught
in equal numbers, and dog salmon
are beginning to appear.
id oOOO   	
which is being developed by his son.
! Mr. Benson Is pleased with what has
been accomplished on his fine prairie
Delta fields have been livened up
s 1.1 this week    by    the advent cf
men.   There have been hi-ses.
be ir.ds  and   degs.     The  horses  nre
11.red    hunters, the    hounds
"mined   for the chase, and the
.���-   are   setters   and   pointers,   he-
��� I on the fields to show
���   rits as "bird dogs."
On the Brodie drift Sunday night
a phenomenal number of white
spring Balm on were caught, some
nets almost totally disappearing
within a few minutes of casting.
Many boats were fairly loaded down
to thc gunwales.
Most of the local canneries have
completed their season's packs, but
the St. Mungo plant in Canoe pass,
is stlli runing strong, taking larsro
numbers of cohoes and sockeyes for
canniiisr and steelheads for cold storage shipment.      The .laps are start-
thelr|ini_, |u on tiu.ir salting and smoking
I industry   with   dog  salmon
In the competition for the Rums' ]     The funeral service for the late J.
'. for the best heavy draught j P. Clarke, held In St. Pain's Church.
' -��� of nny breed in the \'e.w ' v:M.,.,,,,,, - waB conducted by the
Westminster Exhibition horse show,; Bishop of New Westminster, assist-
Mr ii, Montgomery was awarded the fed by tb>*  Bev   F. A. P. Chadwlck
��� >rs for hi" two-year-old Clydes- and the Kev. c. C. Hoyle.    A num-
' lly, which had won first in her  ber of wreaths were sent from Lad-
and   championship  for  Clydes-1 ner,  among    which    were  offerings
dale mare of any age in tbe paddock   from   the     public   and     the     high
Judging, J schools and the lacrosse club.
P.  Ketcheson     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Best writing by senior pupil, Richmond���1 J. Featherstone; 2 J. Mc-
Best plain handsewing���Mrs.
Eason. . ���*��)
Best writing, junior pupil, Richmond���D.  E. McKay.
Best collection of children's work
���Mrs,  Simpson. I
Best collection of knitting���Mrs.
G.   Robertson. j
Best  drawing, map of British Co-' 2. W. Tapp.
Iumbia, by school pupil 14 years or;     Geranium
under���C. Nesbit Tavlor. man. ^^^^^^^^_^_^^^
Best Plant���1, H. Fentlman.
Division P���Miscellaneous. p.,,. niwers���Amateurs Only
Butter, dairy, 5 lbs. in 1-lb. prints	
���1 .1. Thompson; 2 M. F. Miller.
Butter, firkin or crock���1 J.
Thompson;  2 J. McMyn,
Best display of butter ��� 1 E. I
Cooney;   2 J. Thompson.
Best 4-lb. prints, made by person
keeping one cow���1 J. H. Wright;
2  E. Cooney.
Heaviest 12 hens' eggs, fresh���1
M. F. Miller;   2  F. Fairman.
Bread, 2 loaves, white, home-made
���1  R. Wilson;  2  Mrs. J. Probst.
Bread, 2 loaves, brown, home-
made���1   and  2,  R.  Wilson. j
Bread, 2 loaves,    home-made    by
maid  under 16 years���1 Rev. J. Eft I
Wright;   2 D. E. McKay.
Candies,  best assortment,  provin
clal made���1 D. E. McKay.
Best  1  dozen biscuits by maid un
der 16 years���1 D. E. McKay
Painting  sugar  bowl   and   cream
jug���1, Mrs. Simpson.
Division K.���Speclnl.
Best collection of water colors���
1, .T. MeGinnes.
Best   collection   of  amateur   pho-
tcgraphs���1, E. May.
Division li.���Floral.
Fuchsias���1,   Mrs.  H.   Fentiman;
double���1,   ri.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wing Dam No. 3, at Fraser
Kiver (Lower) B. C," will be received at this office until 4:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, October 21, 1913, for
the construction of Wing Dam No. 3,
ac the Mouth of Woodward's Slough,
Fraser River (Lower), B. C.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this department
and at the offices of C. C. Worsfold, Esq,, District Engineer, New
Westminster, B. C.J J. S. MacLach-
lan, Esq., District Engineer, Victoria, B. O.'i and on application to
the Postmaster at Ladner, B. C.
Persons    tendering   are    notified
that tenders will not be considered
unless  made  on  the  printed   forms
supplied and signed with their actual
signatures, stating their occupations
and places of residence.   In the case
of  firms,  the  actual signature,  the
nature of the occupation, and ph ce
of residence of each member of the
firm must be given.
,  Each tender must be at ompanied
| by  an  accepted cheque  on  a  char-
Fentl- i tered bank, payable to the order of
I the Honorable the Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per cent (10
p.c.)   of the amount of the tender,
which  will  be  forfeited  if the person tendering declines to enter into
a contract when called  upon to do
so, or fall to complete the work contracted for.   If the tender be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Adopt thc use of Classified
Want Ads. They hove proved
money makers lor others.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, as they enable him lo
quickly locate the place where
he can nnd his requirements.
Will he find your business
Members  of  Richmond  Poultry  Association Emphatically Endorse
Purchase by Car Loud.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, Sept.  30.���
_ Receiving  the  co-operative     venture
with  avidity,  members  of  the  Richmond  Poultry  Association  have    in
    the past few  days given orders  ga-
Best layer cake by maid under 16 lore t0 llle committee which, on be
half of the association
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, September 16,  1913.
Newspapers will not be    paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department.���46678.
Wright;  2 R. P. Ket-
.levniider Dunn Is One of Three
11 i.n.. red     by Westminster
U-'rom The IJrltlsh Columbian.)
At the sixth annual convocation
oi Westminster Hall, the Presbyterian college now affiliated with the
BrltlBh Columbia University, which
-'.' held ln St. Andrew's church,
Vancouver yesterday evening, the
Ktv, Alexander Dunn, M.A., well
known'in this city and district, was
one of the three on whom degrees
were conferred. In addition a num-
1 ��er i scholarships were presented
to divinity students at the convocation, which was presided over by
Itsv. Principal John Mackay, D.D.
Rsv. Alexander Dunn, M.A., Rev.
John Knox Wright, B.D., and Rev.
J"Iui A. Logan, B.A., were the three'
on whom degrees wore conferred.
'������"' Rev. J, s. Henderson, of this
1 ���'.', in presenting Mr. Dunn for
������"' D U. degree highly com-
led his long work since 1876 for
���lmrch from Alberni on the
coast of Vancouver Island to
���'��� ��� 'in In referring to Mr. Dunn's
further claims to the degree Rev.
"r, Henderson emphasized the
pioneer missionary's thorough
ship, hls literary polish, his
: ������ fervour as an evangelical
Preacher and the high esteem ln
*l"lcta he Is held throughout the
Lower Fraser, where he has labored
jo faithfully nnd 2ealously for 38
���ong years. Though nominally re-
1 Mr, Dunn has continued to dls-
tm i
W( ���
Diplomas   Presented.
The presentation of diplomas followed, the graduating class being Introduced by the registrar, Rev. Dr.
G. C. Pldgeon. Those receiving
diplomas were: Messrs. A. M. O'Don-
nell, B.A., Alver MacKay, A. R. Gib-
sou, B.A., K. H. Palmer aud T. F.
McGregor. Mrs. F. Mi Cowperth-
walte presented each of the graduating class with a suitable memento
on behalf of the Ladles' Auxiliary,
of which she is secretary.
Dr. F. F. Wesbrook. president of
tbe University of British Columbia,
extended his greetings to Westminster Hall. It was, he said, the first
convocation of a college affiliated
wITh the university that he had been
privileged to attend. It afforded him
great pleasure to be present and he
extended nil congratulations to all
those connected with the Institution.
charge ministerial duties and labors
hard as nny of the ministers  in
.Scholarships Presented.
'"'   presentation  of  scholarships
l*',s ns  follows:     Third    year,  the
Jnmes Sinclair    Macdougall,    $100,
Mr. A. M, O'Donnell, B.A.; the John
Langan.   $50,  Mr.  Alver  McKay.
STEVESTON Lulu Island, Oct. 2.
���Now that threshing is completed
many farmers are engaged In fall
Richmond farmers are oftentimes
criticized for shortsighted practices,
lt Is charged that few of tbem practice rotations; that fields are allowed to remain in grass for ten and
more years; that legumes are almost unknown on Lulu Island. That
there are exceptions, however,
would seem to be indicated by sights
to be witnessed this week In the
vicinity of Blundell station on the
tramline. Scv> ral farmers in this
district are miking use of clover,
aud this week are cutting very satisfactory secon :  erops of clover bay.
Potatoes are now being harvested.
The crop :s said to be only fair, and
the acre ge is not nearly so large
as it was last year.
Second year, the Price Ellison, $100,
Wm.  Scott, B.A.;     the Logan,
J0';  Mr.   C.   S.  Miller,   B.A.     First
'he David Morrice,  $100, Mr.
LKI-T 9169,170*
us .Mclvor; the Logan, $50,
'"'Hip Duncan  and  Mr.
-niinan, oqt,al
J.  H.
TORONTO, Sept. 26.���Mr. John
Hill, a pioneer contractor of this
city, who died lately, left $159,170
to his sons and daughter. Mrs.
Louis Marshall. Winnipeg, being left
year���1 J. H
cheson.      M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Best sponge cake by maid under
16  years���1  D.  E.  McKay.
Best 1 dozen cookies by maid under 16 years���1 D. E. McKay.
Salmon, preserved���1 Mrs. G.
Salmon, barrel or pickled���1 W.
Herring, smoked���1 Mrs. G. Robertson.
Division G���Vegetables.
Potatoes,- Early Rose���1 D. E.
Potatoes, Late Rose���1 J. H. Bath.
Potatoes,   Noroton   Beaut}-���1   D.
E. McKay.
Potatoes, Gold Coin���1  Porter &
Tonisett;   2 E. May.
Potatoes, Sir Wafter Raleigh���1
J. Bath.
Potatoes, largest���1 J. Bath; 2 E.
Potatoes, any other variety, named
���1  Porter ii  Tomsett.
Collection of potatoes���1 Porter
& Tomsett.
Turnip*, white���1 Porter & Tomsett.
Turnips, yellow���1 J. Bath; 2 Porter  ii Tojisett.
Carrots, short horn���1 J. Bath.
Carrots, intermediate red���1 Porter & Tomsett.
Collection of carrots���1 Porter &
Parsnips���1 a. G. Service; 2 J.
Cabbage, Summer���1, E^May.
Cabbage, winter���1, J. Bath; 2, E.
Cabbage,   red���1,   E.   May;   2,
F. Miller.
Collection of Cabbage, named-
Porter & Tomeett.
Brussels  Sprouts���1,     Porter
Cauliflower���1, J. Dahm; 2, E
Unions, white���1, Porter & Tom
Onions, yellow���1, H. Fentiman
2, Bracewell.
Onions, red���1,    Porter
Peas, green���1, Porter
Beans, bush���1, Porter
Corn, table���1, J. Bath;
Corn, popping���1, H. Fentiman.
Celery, white���1, Bracewell; 2,
Pcrter & Tomsett.
Celery, red���1, Bracewell.
Lettuce���1, Mrs. H. Fentiman; 2,
Porter & Tomsett.
Radish, long���1, Porter & Tomsett.
Radish, turnip���1,   Mrs.   A
wards;  2, W. Tapp.
Squash. Hubbard���1, D. E. McKay;   2, W. Tapp,
Squash, any other variety���1,
Porter & Tomsett.
Pumpkins for table���1, T. Laing;
2, J. Bath.
Vegetable    Marrows���1
Ketehison;  2, W. Tapp.
Collection of Tomatoes, named���
1, Porter & Tomsett.
Cucumbers���1,   Porter
Cucumbers,   pickling���1
McKay;    2, J. Dahm.
Peppers���1, Porter & Tomsett;
J. Dahm.
Citrons���1.  A.  G.  Service;   2,
Melons���1,    Porter & Tomsett.
Kali���1. D. E. McKay;   2. O
Beets���1, J. Bath; 2, Mrs. Fentlman.
Rhubarb���1,  F.  Fairman:   2,    E.
..Wheat,  fall���1,  G.   McClelland.
Wheat.  Red  Fife���1.  W.  Farrell;
2. R   P. Ketehison.
Wheat, Blue Stem���1, D. E. McKay.
Barley���1, D. E. McKay
Oats,  white���1,  J.   Thompson;
E. May.
Oats, new variety���1, E. May;
W .Farrell.
&   Tom
&   Tom
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ has been engaged In disposing of a thirty-ton
car load of feed purchased of the
Brackman-Ker Milling Company. The
entire carload has now been sold.
The grain will be despatched to
Eburne at once, and in the near future will be ready  for distribution.
After the association had given
the feed question serious consideration for several weeks, in the course
cf which Calgary concerns and local
grain dealers ewre approached, the
matter was brought to a head at the
last meeting and Brackman-Ker's
proposition accepted. This company
is selling the feed, at $30 or $28 a
ton, according to the grade, f.o.b.
Eburne. The association then appointed a committee, members of
which were McKay & Price, B. Wilson, F. T. Wilson, C. F. Lockhart and
,J. Glenton, to take orders of members.
The membership of the Richmond
'Poultry Association is increasing by
jjeaps and bounds, five new members
being received  at the last meeting,
and   with   the  Inauguration    of    cooperative grain buying it is expected
,(hat the organization  will become a
s-till greater power for good  among
local   poultrymen,   the   number   of
whom is legion.
Otiher matters coming before the
last meeting of the association were
[the advertising booklet, containing
rules and regulations, and the annual s-how, to be held November 11.
12 and 13. The committee in charge
of the booklet reported that the cost
i f publication was $31.50, but that
(I've advertising income was $61,
j eaving a good balance. The book-
I et is now being distributed.
& j Arrangements for the show are
(progressing very satisfactorily. Mr.
K* John Hanna. of Murrayville, has
Ihndered his services as superintendent of tihe show, an offer which the
fussorlaitlon has accepted.
The Richmond Poultry Association
iv as recently received into the B. C.
Poultry Association, from which, for
he animal show, a grant of $125 has
een received.
& Tom-
I, F. Far-
salmon Arm    Comei Second,    Richmond Third, nnd Chilliunck
Langley won the district award at
the New Westminster fair. Salmon
Arm cam. second and Richmond
thirrd.     The points gained were:
R.     P.
Ed- j Salmon Arm .
1 Richmond . ��� ���
("hllltwnrk   . .
Maple   Rliige   .
Revelstoke   . . .
160 2
12 8.'
1 B 1S
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd.
Incorporated 1910.
We are prepared to install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance In connection with
our service. Apply to
Tor S-ale, For Exchange. Wanted to
Purchase, Tu Let. I-Ost. Found, Work
Wanted. 31tuations Vacant, 1 cent per
word. Minimum, 25 cents for any one
advt, These rates for cash with order.
All Want Ads. must be ln by 2 p.m.
on Thursday.
FOR SALE���Good covereu top buggy.     Apply Delta Times Office.
WORK     WANTED���Wanted     cord
wood  to  cut  by  contract.    Apply
William Kincard, Laijner Hotel.
WANTED���Lady of 28. desires position as housekeeper; fond of
children. Phone Miss Hunter, 966.
A. DeR. TAYLOR. Sec.
Highest Prices for Live and Dressed
Poultry,   Fresb Eggs and   Produce.
Consignments Solicited.
City Market, Main St.,    Vancouver.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer  of  Sodn   Water.
Ginger Ale,  and  all  Kinds  of
Summer Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
The Ladner - Steveston
ferry Service
Beginning Monday, September 15,
the steamer New Delta will run on
her fall and winter schedule, as follows: Leaves at 8.30 a.m. affd 3.30
p.m. Vancouver passengers can
make connection by taking the 8.30
a.m. and 3.30 p.m. cars at Oran-
ville street station. New Westminster passengers should take tho
Eburne cars at 8:00 a.m. and 3:00
p.m. and tbe Steveston cars at
Successor to P. C. Clark
��� AND ���
General Blacksmithing
Poultry Wanted
Best Prices Paid.
City Market. Vancouver.
Authorized Capital  9380,000.00.
H. A. MacDiiniilil.   Miui-i&ing Dim-tor.
Advertise in the Delta Times
1-inK Exhibits.
&   Tom-
D.     E.
Salmon  Arm  first.
Penticton second.
By this award   Langley   for   the
third year In succession has won first
.place   with   its  accompanying   1500
nnd much coveted Dewar trophy, it
'   Is also  the third  time ln succession
J that   Salmon   Arm   h:i3   won   second
J- 1 place.
Richmond, which bad net exhlblt-
,.    ! ed for a number of y> iv-*, d'd wi 11 In
- c" ' capturinc third,   as  did  Ch_lltwa*_k.
also a comparative   stranger   at the
fair, by taking fourth position, thus
'crowding Mlssto** down to fifth place.
QUEBEC, Sept. 2H.���Eire broke
out shortly after midnight in a
three-storey wooden building at
482 St. Francisco street, nnd lt il
believed eight children of the family
of Urich Trndil, who, with five other
families, lived in the house, were
cremated. The mother and father
as well as the eld-st child, although
injured, were saved.
Mclaughlin carriage <x>��� Limited.
;|t 1
"��� m,
Entries    in   This  Section  Are Pro-
iioiiiiee.l the  Rest Ever  Seen
lu the  West.
Judging of all classes of horses a
the exhibition was finished, yester
day afternoon, and when tlie last o
the entries left the ring the unanl
mous verdict of horsemen   was that
Get of one sire, 3 animals���1,
Capt. Watson; 2, John Savage; 3,
Shannon  Bros.
Special Prizes.
Best Clydesdale stallion���Capt. G.
L. Watson.
Best Clydesdale, female���D. Montgomery.
Best Canadian bred Clydesdale
stallion���Capt.  G.   1..   Watson.
Best Canadian bred Clydesdale, female���Capt.  G.  L. Watson.
Best two heavy draught animals,
bred in B.C.���1, Capt. G. L. Watson;   2, Shannon Bros.
Best three-year-old Clydesdale
mare���1, Shannon Bros.
Best Cl.vdesd.ale stallion; Clydesdale Horse Society of Great Britain's
gold  medal���Capt.  G.  L.  Watson.
Best   Clydesdale    mare    or    filly;
the show of horses in New Westmin: I C1>'f ^ *0^> ^^i?"1���'*
ster's Exhibition of 1913 was the
best tJiat has ever been seen in tlie
The  judging  of  light    horses,   in
which   Mr.   J.   W.   Darby   officiated.
was   finished   at   noun.       Top-notch
awards went to Dr.  Wilson, of Lad-,
ner, who took the championship for;
standard-bred   stallion;   Dr.   Swiner-
ton.   of   Vancouver,   whose;  standard,
mares   got   i he   championship; .Jaa.
McCulloch,   whose   -splendid   stallion I
was made champion in bhe hackney
aud coach class; and D, C. McGregor,
who got  the championship   with  a1
mare in  the sani.- class,     T.  A.  Cox,
of   Brantfor.'.,    Ontario,   was   a   big'
winner, taking a number of first and
second  awards.
There wen- many fine animals in
the light classes, and, though in
some classes there was no competition, no awards went to second-
The feature of ihe day's judging
was ihe splendid show uf Clydesdales. In every class bhere was keen
competition, and visitors were greatly surprised at the quality of the
horses entered, Particularly notable was ihe huh quality of the young
stuck. Among these Capt, Watson's
"get of sire" and "product of mare"
entries  were  remarkable.
Capt. Watson won the stallion f
championship wit'h the well-known
prize-winner, "Barron's Craigie," a
horse that is today as fit as ever.
The two-year-old. filly class was
probably the best in the ring yesterday, the winner, I). Montgomery's
entry, with which he later won the
heavy draught championship for
mare of any age, being possibly one
of the best of her (lass shown in
British Columbia.
Shannon Bros., of Cloverdale, had
a number of fine entries and got a
good share of the best awards, particularly in Canadian bred animals.
John Savage, of Delta, had a fine
lot of Clydesdales, and got a number
of the best awards. The following
is a list of yesterday's awards:
Standardbred   and  Thoroughbred���
Stallion���Dr. Wilson; reserve, H.
Mare���Dr. Swinerton; reserve, F.
W. Rounsfell,
Get of  one sire, two animals���A.
C, Hummer.
Hackney and Coach���Championship,
Stallion, any age���J. McCullocl .
Mare, any age���D. C. McGregor;
reserve, T. A. Cox.
Get of one sire, three aniamls���
T. A   Cox.
I years and upT. A. Cox.
years���1, T.  A.  Cox;   2,
gold  medal���D.  Montgomery.
Best draught horse raised in B.C.
���John Savage.
Best two heavy draughts, product
of one mare, bred in B.C.���Capt. G.
1..   Watson.
Best general purpose animal bred
in  B.C.���Alex.  Davie.
Best team agricultural horses���
John Savage.
Best team, cared for by boy under
20���Brunette Saw Mills.
Best stallion on line; medal���T.
A.   Cox.
lie-: mare on line; medial���T. A.
I hereby give-notice that, an Saturday the 11th day of October, A.D. It'lS, at the hour of 11 o'clock In the fore-
neon, at the Court House, ln the City ot New Westminster, 1 shall sell at public auction the lands hereinafter set out,
of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by the said persons on the 31st day
of December, 1912, and for Interest, cost; and exyenses Including the cos* of advertising said sale, If the total
amount   due   is  not  sooner   paid. "     ;
Assessed   Owner.
���pMM;  _
Description  of  Property.
Arrears  School
of Taxes    Tax
Costs      Int.
 TPt. Sec. 23, Blk, C, N.R. 1 E��� 158.US acres
 WM Sec. 21, Blk li, N.R, 1, I-., 7S.2S acres
 N.'-  Sec.  2-i   Blk,  -j,  N.R. 1 E.,  75 acres
 Sec,  27,  Blk.' C,  N.R.  1 E.,    100 acres  ....
 E.i. Sec. 2-1, Blk. 6, N.R. 1 E��� ii8.2S acres
B.E.14 Sec. 1,  Tp.  40,  100 acres  	
el,   Malcolm
H.   Smith    ..
Are More Strongly Represented Than
Any Other Breed of Cuttle
at the Fair.
to   11   years���U.    C.    Mr
Filly.   ?.
T. A.  Cox
Filly,   2   ^^^^^^^^^^^
Filly, 1  to 2 years���T. A. Cox.
Produce of one mare, 2 animals,
any age��� '1'. A   Cox.
Stallion,     I  years and. up���T.  A.
ti. I.. Watson; 2, J. Savage;  2, Dr.
.1.  K,  Wilson.
Stalling, :; to 4 years���1, Capt.
Vi. l. Watson; 2, Shannon Uros.; 3,
J. Savage.
Stallion, - to 8 .vears���1
inn Bios.;  2, S. c. Gilmore.
Stallion. 1 to _ years���1
G, i.. Wi !-���-in; _', .1. Savage;
Capt. Wi ���.���-ni.
It!- i :n.,:   , foal at  foot
(i. I.. Watso  ;  _'. Shannon Bros.; 8.
Capt, ii. ���.. V, iitson.
yeld man . i years and up���1.
.1. M. McMillan; 2. Shannon Bros.; 3,
linn. T,   w.  Patera m.
Filly, :: years���1, Shannon Bros.;
2, Hon. r. IV., Paterson; ���!, -Thos.
Filly, 2 to :i years���1, D, Mont-
gomery; 2. Capt, c. i.. Watson; 8,
John Savage,
Filly,   1   to   2   years���1,  Capt,   (1.
Judging of Ayrshires commenced
this morning, Mr. Smith, of Spokane,
placing the awards. This breed is
represented stronger than any other,
over seventy entries being recorded.
J. W. Clise, of Redmond, Wash., one
of United States' millionaire farmers,
has a large string of this favorite
dairy breed, and he has the- best
money can buy. There are some cattle money cannot buy, aud they are
being bred right at home in the valleys of British Columbia. Thi_ was
evidenced in the show ring this morning, when Joseph Thompson, of Lhil-
liwack, beat Clise in the aged cow-
class, and also getting first in dry
cow class. Thompson got first ar.d
second in aged cow with i_.lise third.
In the two-year-old heifer class Clise
won from Thompson, who was placed-
second, with Mortison. of Saskatchewan, third. Another large exhibitor
in the Ayrshire classes is R. Ness, of
Alberta. Ness is one of the oldest
breeders in Canada, a brother in Quebec being a large importer of the
The judging of Jerseys started this
morning in conjunction with the
Ayrshires, classes of tho two breeds
being in the ring at the same time.
Through this arrangement no time is
lost by the judge, who foes on with
the work of placing tbe awards
when one class is being brought out
or led back to the barns.
Cox, of Brantford, Out.; Bull, of
Brampton, Ont., and Grimmer Bros.,
of Pender Island, are the principal
exhibitors in the Jersey classes.
Stock from the farms o.' these breed1-
ers is worthy of the best representatives of the liutle island- butter cow.
'file prizes were fairly evenly distributed.
J.  C.' Keith  	
J.  C, Kerth   	
J,   C. Keith   	
J.   C. Keith   	
A,   J, Banham   	
R.  L. CoJd        ^______________________________________________
Chas. Smith    N.E,  hi Sec, 2, Tp. 41. 100 acres 	
Alex   O   Morrison pt. D*L-  2S0- ��P- *��� 35 ac*re6 	
Aiex, o.  Morrison  pt   __ L   ^ Qp   ,   ^ acres 	
 S.W.  .orner D.L. 223. Gp, 1, 25 acres
 D.L.  537,  Gp. 1, 100 acres  	
 L.S.   9,  15   10,  Sec.  S  and  S.',_ L.S.  1,  2,
Sec   17,  Tp.  20,  100 acres  	
Burton    N.  Pt. S.E. >i & Pt.  N.E. U See. 29, Tp.
20,  1!>9  acres  	
Burton    Fr.  S.W.1.*  Sec. 88,  Tp.  20, 110 acres  ....
���^^  W i.  of  N.W.'i Sec   88   Tp. 20,  SO acres
 E ' V'  of N.W, U Sec. 88,   ip. 20, SO acres
 Fr. S.W.'/West of Sloush. Sec. 2, Tp. 21,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M 100 acres  	
F.   J.   Worth    E.i.. of S.W.'., Sec. 3, Tp. 21, SO acres ....
 Fr   N '������ ...-���   ."."   Tp   33,   101 acres  	
  Pt.   S.W.   '4   Sec.   3.   S.W.   '1   See.   1   ._
Fr.   IC '������ Sec. 4.  Islund, Tp. 24. 323 acres
 Fr.   S.W.>,4   See.   9,   Fr,   S.E.   '4,   Sec.   S,
Tp.   21,   154   acres   	
 N.\V.i4 Sec. 9. Tp. 3. lfo ncres, Hanfe-e 30,
West  of 7  	
T,   O,   Townley    Fr   N.E.Vi Sec. 22. Tp, 3. R. 30, West of
0, t" acres 	
Francois   M,   L'aguce    Fr,  N.'_ Sec. 19, Tp. 4.  B, 28, West of 6,
in  acres   	
Yamada    Pi.   S.E.Vi  Sec.  0.  Tp.  3,  Range 2S  West
of o. On acres  	
Baker  Pt. of Sub. S.E.'i Sec. 6, Tp. 3, Range 25
West of 0   20 acres  	
 Pt.  S.E.'i  Sec.  0,  Tp.  3.  Range 28 West
mmR^-^-^-^-^-^-^-m acres  	
McCulloch    Pt   of S.E.'i Sec. 6, Tp. 3. Range 2S West
^^H of 0,  10.32 acres   	
Clarence   Lane Fr   N.E.'4 Sec. 19, Tp. 20, 00 acres 	
.1.    R.   Mck'amey    WM  D.L.   4S4.  Gp.  1.  SO acres   	
Lizzie   Hollingsworth    D.L.   4S3.   Gp   1.  158.S0  acres   	
Edward   Jones    S.E.'i   Sec    31.  Tp.  20    100 acres   	
^^^^  Fr   S.C'4 Sec. 1, Tp.  18, 156 acres  	
 N.W.'i Sec. 13. Tp. 18. 100 acres 	
 N.E.'i  Sec. 14,  Tp. IS,  100 acres  	
 , Pt   S.E.Vi Sec. 23. Tp. IS. 110 acres 	
 Sub.   11   of  Sub.   of  N.*_.   Sec.  25.   Tp,   18,
M.   F.   Shook   	
John   Brisson   	
W.   M,
W.   M.
S.   J,   Lund
A.   Pleasance   ,
F.   H.   Gladwin
Artiede Tremblay
Amede Tremblay
Amede Tremblay
A    T,   Kelllher   ..
H.   Richmond
1 *.
/.-.. i Cyr
A. Legace ..
M, Bouchler
T. Martin ..
G.  Iwase   	
37. SO
John   Brisson
F.  J.  O'Neill
F.   M,  Fyshe
.1   L.  Wilson
Nell  MoNell
Nell McNeil  ...
Nell   McNeil   ...
D.   M    Eberts
D.   M.   Eberts   ,
James   Williams
19.90 acres      __________________	
 Fr   N.E.U 9cc.  25.  Tp.   17,  41 acres    __
 L.S.  13,  14.  15.  Sec.  33.  Tp. 3, R.  2 Westf-   .**
of 7,  77  acres    %
 S.'_ of S.W.ti Sec. 4, Tp. 4, Range 2 West
_m^^^mmmmmmmmmmm���������������������������mmmmmmU     ot  7.   SO  acres   	
Gaspar  Nation    N.W.Vi   Sec.   4.   Tp.   4.   R.   -  West   of  7,
100  acres   	
Gaspar Nation   B,"i of S.E.'i Sec. 8 & N  20 acres of N.E.
'���i Sec. 5, Tp. 4. R. 2 West of 7, 100 acres
N.E.'i  Sec.  1.  Tp.  4.  R.  3 West of 7.  10-1
Chas.  A,  Plows   Lot  t.  Sub.   B  of Sec   1.  Blk   5   N.R.  1
Chas.  A.  Plows   Lot 2. Sub. B of Sec. 1. Blk, 5  N.R. 1, E.
N.\V.D :
Chas.  A.  Plows   Lot 3. Sub. B of Sec. 1. Blk 5   N.R. 1, E���
....Lots 8. 9, 10. 11. Suh. outside Dvke of Sees
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^�� 11.  Blk   5   N.R.   1.   E.   .'	
L. P. Strong   Lots 25,  26.  Suh, o.itslde Dyke of Sees   9
10, 11    Blk.  5.   N.R.   1.  E	
Lot 3. Sub. of Lot 13. Sec. 30. Blk   0, N.R. ;���'"
 II    E���   N.W.D	
J.  L.  Wilson    Lot 0, Sub. of Lot 13. Sec   30   Blk   6, N.R
1.   E���   N.W.D	
Dominion  Trust Company   Sub   "2 of Sec  2   Tp   40   No   2 Dyke	
Neil   MoNell    Sub. 38 of Sec. 4   Tp. 40, No   2 Dvke  	
....Sub, 88 Of Sec. 4   Tp   1ft   No   2 Dvke 	
....Sub   W of Sec. 4, Tp. 40   No   2 Dyke 	
....Fr. Pi. North of River of Sec. 1 & 2  Tp  9
....N.W.'i   Sec.  27.  Tp.  9   N.W.D .'..
....Si:h.  A of N.W.V4.  Sec   35.  Tp   9  	
....S.W.   corner  of  W.V.  of  S.W.Vi   of  Sec Tfi *"r|""
27,   Tp.   9   	
G.   Demers    Lots  8  &  9  of  Blk.   A.   Suh.  of D.L.   2S3     "'       ''  '
Gp.   1    N.W.D	
G.  Deme��s    Lots 4  &  5  of Blk.  B.  Sub   of D.L.   283-TUT  OTf*
Gp.   1    N.W.D.        '
 Rlk. D of Sub. of D.L. 283   Gp   1   N.W.D       P
 Lot 1,  Blk. C of D.L. 283,'Gp. 1, N.W.D.'      **
 Lot 2.  Blk. C of D.L.  28,1. Op. 1   N.W.D.   T"
 Lot 3.  Blk. C of D.L.  283. Gp   1   N.W.D.   ST*      *
 Lot 4,  Blk   C of D.L.  283   Gp   1, N.W.D.   "'"   '
 Lot 5. Blk.  P of D.L. 2S3   Gp   1, N.W.D. ""rn
 Lot 0.  Blk.  C of D.L.  283'  Gp' X. N.W.D.    '"
 Lot 7,  Blk. C of D.L.  283, Gp   1   N.W.D.'"-"   '
 Lot 1,  Blk.  B of D.L.  283. Op   1   N.W.D. ***   ' '
 Lots 2. 3. Blk. B Of D.L   283  Gp i   NW.D   ~
O.   Der
Ron th
95. S4
22. S3
a 7",
2 90
Delta municipality ta ...
the mouth of the Fraser hi U,t8B" "t
finest agricultural distrle?''1' 'D "H
The chief interests in 11 ���,*!' H
farming, dairying, fr, ������ elta are
market gardening, sheen ��� ^Ultur��.
breeding. There are ?, a"d h^
canneries in the Delta Zi saIm��-'
There are shipping* ,������� ' ��*%.
and boat to the markets ,* ny *all
and the United States U-,Can*"la
yield is the largest per ac��� t? ^
ada, and the sheep and 1,,.'" r>
are the finest in British ' bre"
Along the south bank of, h^-1--
River there are splendid Z, raset
industries. ^enum  Slteg ^
B��M**i0f   Trade���P^Bident    n   .
McKee; secretary  s  \v  b , ' ���*���������
Justices of the Peace _.W n ��    '
H. J. Kirkl^d. J. McKee'    aSOa'
Police  Magistrate.���j.  McKee
Medical Health Officer.���d
Coroners.���Dr. A
J. Kerr Wilson
I Kerr
A. King and Dt
School Board.���S. Wriiri-*  -t, ���
0. Davie. A. KXtofTtf*
Callum, W. R. Ellis, N.kuitt'
mid, secretary. McDlar-
F'armers'   Institute.���T    t    w
president; N. a. McDiam!^;.
Delta Farmers' Game Protects _.
soclatlon.-Wni. Kirkland It
dent; A. deR. Taylor, lecrrta-
Delta Agricultural Society-d/',
Kerr Wilson, president; A _PP
Taylor, secretary. R'
Member of Parliament.���J. d t,-,..
New Westminster. a7lor'
Member of Local Legislature -F 1
MacKenzie, New Westminster  '
Boat Saillngs.-S.3. New Delta leave*
Ladner every day for Steveston a
8.30   a.m.,   12.30   p.m.   and     3
p.m.,   connecting   with   the
E.  R.  cars.    S,S. Tr
New  Wfwtmlnster.  B.C.,  September 4, 1911,
Assessor and Collector.
draught grade mare.    Mr. Fred May
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   showed a number of pure bred regis-
Ccntinuing in the Ayrshire classes |tered Clydesdales.    One  of  these, a
yesterday   afternoon,   Mr.   Smith,  of splendid mare, is the foundation for
Spokane,  in  tlie junior heifer class la fine future for Clydes in this local-
under   18   months   gave   Clise   first ity.   Two of her get, a yearling and a
anil  Ness second.    In senior heifer foul, both beautiful animals were ai.-o
under   1^   months,   Xess   was   first shown.    From remarks by a number
:ml Clise second,   Junior heifer un- of local breeders and draught liur.^e
iii.r  ll' months Ness was first, Mort- fanciers it. would appear that if this
non second and Clise third.   Thomp- mare had been given the champlon-
Isnn of Chilliwack got tin- clianipion- gjjip it would have been very popular.
capt.! ship   for   ivnial--   and   Clise   the   re-
i, Dr.|gerVed championship.     For    males,! tattle,
cially the marcs. Mr. Daniel McKay's Mrs. R. Eason and Mrs. M. A. (Hover
entries included a grand Coach stal-|attracted one's attention. Many of
"ion and a good two-year-old heavy j the prizes went to these ladies, but
not all by any means. Ulu-i cards
were awarejfcc! to Mrs, J. Stevens, Mrs.
A. B. Dixon, Mrs. H. Fentiman, Mrs.
G. Robertson, Mrs. A .Siinnson and
others. Exhibits came from every
nook and corner of Richmond municipality.
Taken all In all, the fair tvaB a notable success, a credit to Secretary J. W.
AIcGinness and the other men who
promoted it, and well worthy of that
somewhat overworked and 0T6r
abused phrase, "the best ever."    The
.                         ...                    jrecords of the association r.how that
I Clise   was   tirst,   Ness   second   ana       Some  of  the  cattle  prize   winners|in  -������--,���,. m��� c���i,u.t.-  ��... 	
bull under 18 months Clise was first
Thompson second anrf Ness third.
endance only slightly exceeded last
ear's figures, it doubtless would have
een much larger had weather ������jnili-
tions been at all favorable.
D.  E.   McKay    is proMdent of  the
I, Capt. j Thompson in a-edclass.'Vwo^yeTr-'|wer^
-" * " 'old bulls Mortson was first and Mo- L two classes in the Holstelns, cow,lan*-thlng iM rhe D*st'    W*1*6 ,h" a<
Cliighan   of   Langley second.  Senior ithree years old, and heifc-r. two yetu-a
old.    Mr. Bruce Bracewell, of South
_________________^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. .Vancouver, got two second awards for
rhe herd prize went to Clise, Ness hih       lo HolsU,lns.    Mr.    w> H.
and   lliompson   1���  the order named.  Tapp wm) fi,.st ,��� the g���_de (,a,ry c .    	
 '  lelass and first for a beef animal. First iHIehmontl Agricultura. ani; Industria
KM IIMOM> ������'IK award  for grade heifer  went, tn Mr. .Association   and  with  Secretary  Mc-
  |A. P. Stewart. Mr. E. Cooney got first ,'<'lnnefs llP nn<1 tne s��HPort of strong
Oraln Showing Was Also Magnificent for Jersey cows. committees in  makl-ig the rah* tli,-
-Many Fine Birds in Poultry ���,,,, ,���-���,,,,,      ' *i_K  tJ'T'6'  t0 ^ ���MpssrH    J''
Exhibit. BJUMnltt. |Mackie, W.  Cuckoo,  D. M. Webster,
j    Tbe exhibits shown in the Agricul- T*   T'alnK>   D-   McDonald   and   James
i ural Hall were surprisingly good, and |Th?.mP8on   na(-  charge of  tlie  yard
in grains, vegetables and homo i ook-
,.,-y  were the best seen In the valley
this fall.    Several collective displays
iroused much interest.    .Mrs. (}. Por-
VICTORIA, Oct. 1.���It is understood that the Department of Public Works will shortly award tenders for the conversion of all Its tugboats and dredges into oil-burners.
Tiie department now has a fleet of
about fifteen dredges and tugs in Its
service. It Is understood that simultaneously with the announcement of
the awards of contracts will come
an announcement to the effect that
two big oil reservoirs will be contracted, one at this port and the
other at Vancouver.
 .  B. C.
_______________________ .ransfer leav��
for New Westminster daily, exce
Sundays, at 7 a.m.; return g
leaves New Westminster at ���' nm
reaching Ladner at 5.,10 nm ''
Railways.���Great Northern ' leave,
Port Guichon daily for New WsE
minster and Vancouver at 7 am
returning,    leaves   Vancouver' ai
:; ,Pf.n r6achln�� Port Guichon
about 6 30 p.m. B.C.E.R,, Lulu
Island Branch, E. Stirling, ���**.���,*.
intendent; Vancouver to Eburre
and Steveston���Cars leave Ora-'
ville street depot (at north end
ot .bridge over False Creek) at 6 . i
a.m. and hourly until 11.36 Pm
Special car for Eburne at 6 00
a.m. Cars leave Steveston at 6 1
a.m. and hourly until 11.30 nm
Sunday service���First car leave-
either terminus at 8.80 am
hourly service thereafter until
11.30 p.m.
Post Office.���Hours,   8   a.m.   to   ,
P.m.    Mall   for   Vancouver  close.
at 12 noon;  for New Westminete.
and up river points at 6.30 am
closed all  dar 8unday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in ths
Municipal Hall, Ladner, on the
second and fourth Saturdays in
each month at 2 p.m. Reeve, H.
D. Benson; councillors, A ' D
Paterson, W. A. Kirkland, Hanford Lewis, O. Dennis, Chris
Brown;   clerk.   N.   A.   McDiarmid.
VICTORIA, n. ('., Oct. 2.���it was
decided yesterday, at a conference
between tbe Central B. C, and Victoria Conservative Associations that
the next annual convention of the
party should be held here on January 16 hip!, 17. A thousand delegates
are expected.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
I.. Waison;  2, Capt. tl. I.. Watson; ^^^^^mmaaaaaa-------a
3, Thos. Lang. BBU-RNB, Sept. 2D.���When all tli*-
Foal of 1918 (filly)���1. ('apt. G, exhibits were In place at the Rlcli-
I.. Waitson; 2. Capt, G, I.. Watton; mond Fair Saturday, it was found
3, Thos,  Lang, thai tin- farmers of thi;, resourceful
Foal of 1.113 (entire) ��� l, Capt. and fertile district bad brought from
(5. I,. Watson;   2, Shannon Bros.       [their farms to the exhibition a lam
Holy Communion, first and third
'���  '"    "",      ���"' an-mnls  niimb.-r ot the best ul .Her fine pu..-_,,t Q. h ,    ,h b        , ,    ]|�����
-1, capt, 0, U Watson.  2. EH.an-  redhorw., nearly all of them Clydes- ���    K     \ lrP(,     |u,
wn Bros; 8, Capt. O. L. Watson.      dale,' mute   a   number of excellent uu M    aillnrlan,    having dis-
Canadian  Bred���C-ydflBdiUed.      |,1:"'>' ���"s; "<��� ��Wins and Jerseys; a L       d    ��� competltorB    at  previous
Stallion���1, capt. G.  L. Watson; I 0*,0*      ���'"* !'      "m*       !,fai'-8*
, . ��� 'seen together In a poultry exhlnit at
l, joim savage. Iany fair ,��� tnp Fr.1S(,,. valley, a sbow-
Q.   I..!
ing of grain that was by all odds 'he
ibest  seen  at  any  of  this  year's dls-
wbllo E. May, G. Porter, M Mills, A. j Sundays at 11 a.m., second fourth
V. H. Thompson, and Mlsa Minnie Mc-jSundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Donald looked after affairs ii. the Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Brfenlng
ball.     Loyal  support   was ylven  the Service   at   7.80   p.m.;   Wednesday
sejter won fTrirpriie"Vor"the'bMt"etiirb.l^' ">' ,": ";',iCftHf ef tT ,'ftDbhe��� J&it'i.1!**^'"*0,   *"' ��* C'
rel..    -- on Luju Is   nd and Sea Island ]Moyie,  M.A.,  vicar.
Among the visitors from outside
the municipality were noticed col. J.
D. Taylor, M.P.; Mr. W. G. McQuarrie, of Westminster; Reeve Churchill, of Point Grey, and the Vancouver
horsemen, llr. W. Swinerton, his eon,,
Dr. L. D. Swinerton, and Mr. Herbert!
Bllgh. '
Stallhm.     2     years���1
Bros;  2. I). S, Gilmore.
Stallion    1   >ear-l,   Capt.   ���.   ... Wn M       a of f. w i(n(]
Watson;   2,  John  Savage ,      products,    and    a display of
Brood marc, foal at foot-1, Shan- ��..��� ^ wftJ 0X(?tlUent> notwithstiml.
"���"i*8' 1   t   m   m Mil  n   ,n8 the  {an tll!lt  Richmoiwl miinici
rniy, ., years -i, j. m. mi..xinuin,,    ��� .. h     nev &     , , fn,|lln  m   ,. ,.,���..   ���  ,,���..   ,   Hnth ���. , T lo   ,        ���
2, Shannon  Ilros. l.-__��iVrn__. !D- 6.. M'Kaj, h. JIa>, J. Hath anil T. p., formally ojiened the !
iLalng.    Porter & Tomsett won from
lo.Wfi. !.T. Dahm In tho class for the best col-
Among the many fine horses exbib- lection of vegetables with an exhibit
Watson;   2,  Capt.  G.  L,  Watson.        ited  was   a  splendid  team   of   heavy never before equalled at a Richmond
Stud  or filly foal ���1, Capt. ('���.  L. draught Clydesdales, the property of fair.    Fifty varieties    of vegetables,
pality has never made claim t-j fruit
-.,,     _ _    -""' .   ,.    .   ,.   i   'specialties.
Filly, 2 to 3 years���1, ( apt. G. L.| '
Watson;   2, John Savage,
Filly, 1 to 2 years���1, Capt. G. 1.
James Thompson won first prize in
oats, with E. May second. U. K. McKay, Ketchlson, McClelland and W.
Farrell were other successful exhibitors of grains. Porter & Tomsett won
the most prizes in garden vegetables,
though competition was very heavy,
among the exhibitors being J. Dahm,
Watson;   2. Capt. a. !.. Watson. jMr.  Duncan  McDonald,      Tiny  were every one of which was of top-notch
Agricultural  Horses, beautiful animals, two years old, pure quality, appeared In the exhibit.
...      .                           . bnd  and  registered.    Hugh   McDon-l     Exhibits in the floral section were
m r n eft 0I"                     " ill(1  also   showed   some   tine  Clydes, rather slim, but this deficiency was
*   1    fun 1   \tpf-  ii    i -wo slronP fillies, a two-year-old and more than made up in  that  part of
nm! ot   i.u.s    .1. .mc uiio n. a V(1.ir.lini, particularly attracting the the hall devoted to needle and fancy
Champion Draught, attention    of    horsemen,    Mr. Thos. work.    There  was hardly  a  class In
Stallion���1, Capt. tl. I., w.usmh; Lang exhibited two excellent Clydes- which there w*as not he ivy competi-
reserve,  Capt. Watson. dale mares,   and   the  entries  of   Mr. tion, and the specimens on view were
Female, any age���1.  D. Montgom- John Mackie, well bred heavy draught beautiful In the extreme.    S-i-me beau-
ery;  reserve,  Dr.  Watson. Clydes,   wore   good   specimens,   espe-tiful embroidery by Mrs. M. F.Miller,
Introduced by Reeve Wm   Bridge
who is honorary    president    of the
Richmond   Agricultural   and   Indust
rial Association, Col. J. D. Taylor, M
NEW YORK, Sept. 27.���Betting
ipened here at even money on the
coining series between the New Vr>rk
(Hants and the Athletics tor the
���vorld series.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliabl* Frtiich rtfil.it,.'. never falls. Th-se
pills irt cucwHidrIt power uI in regulating the
(cuerative portion ofthe fc/*nle (vstam. Kcfuxe
ill i.ne.p imilations. Dr. de ������_.'��� are sold at
*h i bnx. ar three t ,r lie. Mailed to anv a.Mreas.
I'h�� Soobel! Oriuc -"<���-. 8t. CMhsrlnn-,.'**���
Baptise Cburrl..
Pastor���Rev.    D. O.    Macdonald.
Ladner���Sunday achool, 11 a.m.;
evening service, 7.SO p.m.; prayer
m-tetlng, Wednesday, 7.SO p.m.; missionary meeting every first Wednesday under the auspicet of tbe Ladies'
Crescent Island���Sunday school, I
p.m.; service, S p.m.; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.St
Gulfside Schoolhouse���Union Bus-
day school, 2 p.m.; singing practice
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.SO.
Church services will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday, November 14, 1909. Parochial
mass at in.30 a.m.; Sunday school,
2 p.m.; evening devotion, 3 p.m.;
low mass the following Monday, 6
a.m. F. Kientz, D.L., parish priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; class meeting,
before the morning service every
Sunday;   Sabbath  school at 10  a.m.
Application for a lease must be
.made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land
must be described by sections, or
legal subdivisions of sections, and
In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be Btaked out by the
applicant  himself.
Kach application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will bs
refunded if the rights applied for
are not available, but not otherwise.
A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tb"
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the min-
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being opsrst-
ed, such returns should be furnished
at least once a year.
The lease will Include the coal
mining rights only, but the leasee
may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be
considered necessary for the working of the mine at the rate of $10-rt0
nn acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W. W. COR)",
Deputy Minister "of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorised publication 0.
this advertisement will  not be pal"
TORONTO, Sept. 26.���Higher
temperature prevailed yesterday
throughout Canada, and ln Ontnrl"
summer temperatures were reenn
The Delta Times M published every
Saturday from the Times nulM;n*-
Ladner, B.C. J. D. Taylor, man


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