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The Delta Times Feb 3, 1912

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
"Plan  for  Road  Improvement���-Reeve
Reports Favorably on Rcquir-.-d
At Saturday's council meeting after
the hearing of the international Railway Company's representatives, the
regular business was (proceeded with.
The Reeve reported on the crushed
rock situatiei.n and stated that between
railway and other charges from Ved-
der Mountain quarry, the cost ot the
rock laid U-wn in Delta was so far
as he could lind, prohibitive. The
roek at the quarry was cheap enough,
"but thut was only the amall end
Of St.
The Reeve also reported on the
condition of affairs at Victoria, wihere
ht) had been watching the progress
of certain legislation reeiuired by the
district in eonneotlon with dyking and
He expressed the assurance that
fhe required legislation wouild be secured.
J. W. Holjingshead wrote asking
tor a loan of $5,000 on a flrst mortgage on property i,n Surrey municipality, which was left over for investigation.
A communication wiaa received
train from Mr. E. Kirkland, asking
for a culvert under the Westham
Island road, adjacent to his property.
H. Quinn and H. Savage also applied
tor a culvert beneath Oa,noe Pass
road, both of which applications v, ire
referred to Councillors Lewis and
Kirkland,   with  polwer to act.
Dr. A. A. King and Dr. Dudley
each appllled for the position of medical heaeth officer. Dr. Dudley offered to take over the responsibility
tor the sum of $100 per year. As
this was far ebelow Dr. King's otter,
Dr. Dudley received tihe appointment
at  his own figure.
The clerk was instructed to advertise for tenders for 2,500 yards of No.
2 crushed rocK for road construction
A number of accounts were passed
and council adjourned.
It is surely strange that in such
a district as Delta there should be
no fully qualified police magistrate
to attend to the administration of
justice. At the present time cases
are- heard before tjwo justices of the
isii:i--ii|ei<iii<-ii   Kentucky   Entire  Colt,
Five  Months Old.  Arrives  for
Lot-ill   Hor-c  Man.
A thorougNbred stud colt arr.ved
i.n a crate by expross from Kentucky
this week. The handsome little ani-
anal 'which Is live months old, is the
property of 'Mr. E. S. Knuwlton. ot
Vancouver, and cost f.o.b. at point
of shipment, a thousand dollars, ana
the express charge-s were very heavy.
Mr. Richardson, manager of the
race stalbles at the Exhibition grounds
went to Vancouver anil took charge
of the colt and escorted him to l__d-
ner and eventually lo the racing
fltaibli'S, where he has already made
himself quite at home.
Mr. Knowltem "hopes to raise him
successfully and to use him for breeding purposes. His ancosti-y is of thu
iblueist descriptio.ns. anil It i.s expected
that he will grow to he a decided
acquisition  to   local  racing  stock.
Local Artists Stage, Excellent Comedy
Drama���lull   House  and  Enthusiastic Applause.
The ooimedy-drama "The Squire's
Daughter" was staged .in a most
creditalble manner on Friday eve-ning
of last week by the Ladner Amateur
Dramatic Society.
The hall was crowded for the occasion and there was not a dull moment in the entire play. The stage
management wag very good, and the
furniture was kindly loaned by Lan-
niiig,   Fawcett  &  Wilson.
The   folowineg   was  the  caste:
Squire   Hawkins C.  O. Lambert
Member of Congress.
Josiah  Brown B.   H. Weare
From the Country.
Albert   Ileade       T.   Oliver
Not Beyond Redemption.
Pied  Dudley O. J. Kilpln
A Lawyer.
Francois V.  Taylor
A   Descendant  of   Natpoleon.
Mrs. Hawkins Miss F. Lord
The Head of the Family.
Stella Brown Mlse E. Rich
Able to take care of herself.
Lilla Hawkins. . . .Miss C. O. Lambert
The Squire's Daughter.
The dramatic society are to be congratulated on tihe excellent results accomplished, and the general public
will watch with interest for the announcement of the title of their next
public contribution.
People are looking forward to the
inauguration of the Vasey scheme,
which by means of stage connections
at Woodwards, will place Ladner hallf
an hour nearer to Vancouver and
New Westminster. The scheme looks
eminently feasible and all that is
necessary now is to arrange for the
Iboat connection which will be pexssibly
coasumated after the Transfer resume's  her  regular run.
Representatives of International  Railway Company Wait on Council
and Ask for Sympathy
Beavers   Will   Hold   Annual   Meeting ' New    Westminster   Board   of   Trado
���Bailee  to  Be   Held on  Su
PatricU'-   Day.
Mayor of the City of Chilliwack for
the Year 1912.
As many as t-ould find stand.n^
ruom iu the municipal council oevaim-
ber last Saturday afternoein were lo
toe tound tnere In order to hear whai
H. T. Thrift, Mr. Lesson and iu,
McDuff, aJl oi the international Railway Company, had to say witn re-er-
ence to transportation matters in thu
Delta, <oid to d-SOvver what Kind of
concessions    the-   premioters   required.
As sunn as the minutes of me ia_i
"business session had been read, the
Reeve, after having ascertained that
the council were agreeable, invited
the gentlemen to adaress the board.
Mr. H. T. Thrift was the Iirst speaker.
He stated tnat the wish of the deputation was to rind as to whether the
council was willing to give their support to a railway, end bridge project for the Delta. The company he
represented had received a charter
two years ago, and the propositi.n
was to bu'ild feeder lines throughout
the district as necessity required.
The proposition was suported by old
country capitalists and practically unlimited funds were assured. At the
present time there was deposited in
the bank the sum of iHOO.OOO.OO, afld
other moneys would he forthcoming
as necessity required. The best-
known aapitailists of Vancouver were
interested in the prope>sit*ion and the
company's head office would be in
the wejst, not in England, which he
spose of as an advantage In ru.i-
rung   the   company's affairs.
The company had now rea.-h^d a
point where preliminaries Must be
closed and to avoid coming i.iuo ce n-
tlict with the B.C.E.R. .omp.i.iy the
internat.onal company wished to secure the permission of .he council
to utilize the dykes with a v.jw to
getting to New Westminster U i.-pid-
ly as possible. The company had
secured ample water Hgeits v UI in
160 miles of Lainer and p...' r w.-.s
available fur the development of from
300,000 to 500,000 horse-powor, Wi ie h
Ti-ould be sufficient for all lljht, power
and industries of the district for m*.ny
years to come. Engineers w>'e e.1-
ready employed and the . iniplny,
just as soon as the .preliminaries were
disposed of, was prepared to <o light
The plan in view Included the erection of a railway and trafac iiric'ge
at a point as near Dadner as possible, which would be free to the gen-
tdul public. Tiie company S ( Ian
also included the erection and iipe'H-
tion of a line of cars to Point Roberts.
Mr. Deeson was the next speaker.
He supported all that Mr. Th-ut I ad
said, and further stated :hat m.iii* rs
had developed very rapidly taring tie
past few weeks and the condition it
affairs called for prompt actio l. The
object of meeting the Delta council
had been to discover whether they
were  for or against  them.    The com-
Th.e Shamrock lacrosse team, of
East Helta, he-id its annual meeting
o- Thursday eveprag, and reurganiz-
jed for the coming season, .there *vas
B, large attendance and the lacrosse
spirit is Just as strong as ever in
Bleat Delta. Ail the old players were
j-reusent as well as a lot of new ones
and there Is every reason to expe'.*t
that a geiod strong team will be- In
the running during the coming summer.
it. E. KiitMi.n was In the .hair and
W. H. Smith, secretary of the Lower
Fraser    Valley    League,    was    present
Officers were elected as follows:
Hem   president,   Unlit,   M5cKee;   presi-
elent.    Rutin-    K'iltwon;     vie e-previ'lent.
S. Weaver; secretary, L. J. Dennis;
manager, Chris. Brown; captain, R.
E.  Kittson, jr.
Executive committee���.11. Weaver,
OD;  Honeyman,  B.  E.  Kittso.n. jr.
Mr. McKee has kindly granted the
���use of his grounds for the use of
the  club.
D. Macdonald, eif Crescent Island,
ia laid up with a badly fractured foot.
He was out at Boundary Bay, with
his team and by Some mise-hance erne
of the horses Stepped fairly on his
foot, inflicting serious injuries which
will incapacitate him from walking
for some time to come. Dr. Wilson
is attending  him  .
F.   J.   Alderson   and   W.   H.   Buns-
more,    shocking    machines.    ��.'.
Conklin, students' chair, W. Nepean-
Hutchlson, lock washers, A. Lemieux,
price tags, G. W. Mallory. animal
bits, H. L. Mason, trousers, W. C.
Weeks, gravel washers.
"You come e��ut to the Delta country and 1 will show the grandest
farms and the tinest climate you ever
saw: in fact e>nr climate Is so tnlld
you can swim In our waters In January just as comfortably as you can
in July."
So quoth Frank Hanford to his Odd
friend, Mr. H. Essery. of Crystal City
Manitoba, only one sheirt month ag'e.
Mr. Kssory came-���he saw���and ���
he swam, and it nappened In thi.s
way: Frank took Mr. Essery for a
drive in order to show him the Delta
district, last Wednesday afternoon.
Frank's horse shied and the horse',
ibuggy and Messrs. Essery and Han- i
lord went inte, the ditch, After Mr.
Essery was through Swallowing his
share of the water, he stated in a
chattering voice: "Frank, 1 like your
Delta country, your climate is great,
but I don't like the taste of your
water���I   am   going   home   tomorrow.
Mr. Essery le'ft feir Manitoba e.uly
Thursday morning,
To the- great delight of non-poultry
raisers, e-ggs have taken a little, tumble and a still further drop in price
is  ilOOked   feir.     As  a   result   Of   spring
activities   em   the   pari   of   feaitttered
friends   Of   the'   farm   yard,   eggs   are
now demanding 85c i"-r dozen wholesale, a.ml in cents retail. Butter remains at present unchanged, but will
in all probability drop a little very
The price of poultry keeps pretty
well tip, the farmers of the district
generally    having   weeded   out   their
docks to iiieir own 8aiIsaac 1  There
is  a   general   tendency  to  gel   rid   of
scrub   poultry  and   Specialize   on   the
better   class   eif  'lords.     Meats   remain
the same as last week.
Butter,  creamery    40c
Butter,   creamery,   retail    45c
Butter,   dairy        HOC
Butter,   dairy,   retail       35c
Eggs,   ppr  dozen    -5c
j Eggs,   retail     4 0c
I Beef, live weight,  per lb.   . .5c to 6*_c
Mutton, live weight,  per Jb 5"_c
Pork,  live weight, per lib 9c
Veal, live weight, per lb 7e to 8c
Poultry, liv*. weight, per lb 22c
Potatoes,  per  ton    $26 to $27
I Hay,   per  ton    114
I Straw, per bale   35c
pany  had   Investigated  several  different  propositions  suon   as  steam   and
monorail   systems  and   had   come   to
the conclusion  that the electric tram
was  the  most  serviceable  and  satisfactory   proposition.       The   company
j was not asking any kind of a bonus,
' simply   concessions   whieh   it  was  ln
! the  power of  the  council   to  give  ln
return for greater car and transportu-
, tion facilities.
,     Mr.    McDuff,    the*    company's    engineer, stated that he knew the country  thoroughly  and   kn<3w  of  no  en-
I gln*?ering   diflicultles   so   far   as   the
| road   was concerned.    At  the iprese-,nt
| time he was not prepared  to suggest
In connection With the .bridge project,   the   company   was   prepared   to
build the bridge, provided it was possible   to   do   so.    The   proper   survey
, had  not yet been  made  to determine
I whether it were feasible to build sueii
la  bridge.    There were   cases  in  districts such as this  where  it was im-
posible  to  find foundations for piers.
Such a  test   had .not loen   made  and
no   di-flcutl'ty   might   be   experienced,
tmt  there   was  always  that  phase  of
the question  to  be considered.    If  it
were  posible  to  build  such a  bridge,
the bridge would surely 'be built.
Reeve Oliver addressed the deputation briefly and in a practical manner. He stated that the people of the
district were anious for any proposition which would help them out on
transportation problems, and so far
as he knew no exposition would be
offered to the railway company. However, at the present time nothing
definite had been proposed and just
as soon as the company was ready
to come forward with a concrete
proposition, stating in writing what
they wanteel and what they were prepared to give, then the council would
immediately ascertain wihat powers
they had and do the best they could
to meet the company as far as was
consistent with the generail welfare
of the district. The council and the
people of Delta generally were juat
as anxious for transportation facilities aa the gentlemen who had addressed the aueiience were anxious to
secure concessions.
Mr. Leeson and Mr. Thrift both expressed themselves as satisfied with
the Reeve's view of the matter. Their
object had been to find out whether
the council was fa\ora'bly or unfavorably disposed towards them. They
did not, of course, feel Inclined to
show their hand if the pe-uple were
against them. They promised that
within a month a concrete proposition would be placed in writing before
the council.
They   then   thanked   the   Reeve   for
the courteous  hearing they  had   been
���-'iwn   and   retired.
The annual meeting of the Beaver
Lacrosse Club called for last Monday,
evening, has been -postponed until
Monday, i'eb. 5th. at McNeely Hall,
at eight o'clock p.m. Inasmuch as
the organizatiem has a number of
new matters to take undeT consideration it is hoped that all those interested in the sport of laerosse will
attend this meeting and make 1.12
a banner and winning years lor "The
Heavers." ,
j It has been decided by the iJub to
give a "St. Patrick's" dance on March
18th at McNeely Hall, and if their
past efforts to give a good time to
their friends count feir anything, citizens may be well assured that the
dance this year will even far surpass
all  previous oneis.     "Ijest you forget":
Beaver   Club���iMoNeety   Hail���March
18th,   1912.
Sending Delegation to Discuss
Quo-thin.-* of  Interest.
The Delta Glee Club, or fi-fty voices,
will hold Its fifth sem'i-annual concert ln the McNeely Haill on the evening of Friday, February 9.
The club under the capable leadership of Mr. E. T. Calvert has become
quite   an   institution   in   Lidner  and
is always sure of large patronage.    A
most  delectable   programme  is 'being
'outlined,   emlbracing   the   choicest   of
'glees Interspersed by solos, duets and
instrumental  numbers.
I     Ladner may be la a somewhat out
i of the way place,  but within its borders   is   to  be    found     musical     and
dramatic  talent such as   would gTaue
any city in the land.    These combined   with   a  strong   community   spirit
result in a pleasing coalition of forces
for the gemeral gewid of the community and the  mutual  enjoyment of all.
At the approaching meeting of the
Board of Trade a delegation of seven
members  from the New West/minster
Bc-ard   of  Trade will   wait   upon   the*.
the   local   board   in   connection   with
transportation   matters.      The   objeut
of tihe delegation  is  to seek a closer
Union with Ladner and to aid in any
possible   manner  in   the  devolo-pment
of  the  resources  of   the  district.    In
an Interview  with a representative of
j the New Westminster Beiard eif Traelo
[ who has been closely allied with that
(institution   f.ir   some   years,    It    was
stated that In the matter, New West-
jminster was not actuated by any particular    desire   of   personal   advancement,  merely a de��sire  to benolit  the
���whole of the valley.    A line through
the   Delta  district   could   be  secured
without very much trouble and would
open  up a  large tract e>f country at
present   lying   practically  idle.    They
hope   with  Ladner  to  eventually  see
a   bridge   erected   aen-oss   the   Fraser
River   at   a   point  .near   Ladner  and
will rejoice with the Delta when that
Is accomplished.    But, if that proje-ot
were  found   to   be  feasible  and   were
.started  immediately, It would still be
I a  couple   eif  years     before    such     a
librldge would  be  available for traMc
I purposes.    The  district  by  that time
| would have developed very materially
as a result of quicker connection with
; the Royal City. ,
In  the  past  the  New Westminster
Board of Trade had demonstrated the
! fact that they were favorably disposed
te>wards   Delta    by    doing   strenuous
I work  in connection with the securin-j
'of   a    better   service   on   the   Oreat
| Northern line.    It Temained ye*t to he
shown  what Vancouver had done for
the   Delta   country.       Thr   Board   of
Trade was  interested in  the development of the whole of the Fraser Valley and  was worki.ng on the assumption that the wihoU- valley arose and
fell   together.    The   object  of  having
the   delegation    wait    on    the    Delta
hoard  was  to  find out just what the
Delta wanted and to as far as pissi-
ble   to   lend  aid   in  the  work  of  advancement.
t hiiiaiiuin   Ih   Itelieved   of   *l_7   and
Watch anil Chaui���Three Men
Were-   on   the  Job.
Mayor  of  the City  of Chilliwack for
the Years 1910 and 1911.
A special meeting of the municipal
council was held on Thursday afternoon to discuss conditions at tihe
Waterworks. In order to more intelligently discuss the question, the-
memibers of the council made a special trip out to the reservoir on Mem_
A box social under the auspices of
(the   I.idles'   Aid    erf  .the    Methodist
church will be bell in ,the "del Kel-
I leew-s'  Hall, on th.- evening of Fe'ib.   13,
There will be a good programme pr.e-
'vided,    the   most   Interesting     portion
being a diatogqe entitled "The Ladies
Resident.s of East Delta are greatly
annoyed by nightly shooting on the-
Wilson farm, night after night, fr.mi
8:30 tei 10:3., Tho fusiiaele- of shooting continues, and Uie- ducks, which
come there to feed are either slaugn-
tercnl  or driven  away.
It Ls pretty we'd known iwho th"
thoughtless oins are- and it is i'X-
pected that the Delta I la tne Protective Association will shortly take a
hand in the- matter and take steps
to stop the slaiigihter and annoyaiu i .
It is just possible that the offenders
may take a timely lint and save
themselves  further  trouble'.
Aiel   Meeting."    Children's   boxes   wil
be sold separately.
Orovllle has an apple tree' *4 years
obi win !i Is atlll bearing well and
yielded 70 boxes e>f apples last year.
The annual meetings eif the two
congregations forming the Presbyterian charge in this district were
held lately, and reports from Bhe vuri-
,..��� departments show that 1911 was
a year of steady progress, in all ove-r
$3500 had been raised in the charge.
Tne ireaoure-r for Ladner reported
$2,642, out eif which $1,042 had in*-. n
contributed towards the reduction of
the debt i-ontracted by alte-ratinns in
the church in 1910, ami the purchase
of thee I,,t at the- rear. $117 iiad been
contributed Po Westminster Hall,
Vancouver, anil other sOhemes of the
church had had money forwarded to
During the year the Sunday School
and Mission Band had been oond-u-cted
with 8_0Ce_s! ami a Womajl's Home
.Missionarv Bdciety formed wltb a
membership e.f lie. The memibecra of
th.- l!..arei o-t Ma nag rn. at are:
Messrs D. It. Grant, A. Davie, ll. D,
Benson,   K    D,  Simpson,   it.   l_aimible,
O.   A.   Me'Ke'e.   N.   \.   Mi'Diirnii.l.
After th iii'iusioii of business an
adjournment was made to the- .-*:ho<ii
room, where * social loon w.is ... i
i.n the enjoyment ot muni and re-
The St. Stephen's churoh jh sting
K.i-ei Delta, was a week sariler. S'.'D
had been received for all purposes,
including $190 for Westminste-r Hall,
while money had be.en contr-blrti 6 ���
various Objects, The W.emi'ii's _"or-
. igii Missionary ���"'������ etj reported tio-ir
banner year since their org.i.ni/..iii m
having raised th'* SUt e>f SI"!!).00. The.
secretary was isked t" forward flic
thanks   of   the   -angr-ega-Won   tee   the
executor   o fill ol  -bi   I U
McKee,  whose interest  io  Uai_ e;.......
waa always warm and practical, for
the handsome donation of half an
ae.ro of laud (mmed-h-tel) e .u->t of the
e-hurch. fen* thc put-jaw e.r building
a shed upiyi. Needless to say that
th-' e-ongregatiein that last year SO
quie-kly wiped >ut the debt "or church
repairs had all accounts paid aud a
small balance left.
Delta has a he>Idup to report, the
tirst for six or seven years. A Chinese poultry buyer reported t<i Constable Jordan ein Wednesday after-
��� noon that on Tuesday night about
seven o'e-lock he had be-ein met on
the Crescent Island road hy three
white men. two big and one little.
These had rolled him in the- mud,
relieved him e,f his watch a^id chain
ami a hundred and twenty-seven dollars   in   cash.     Of   that   amount   $1-4
had been In bills and the balance in
silver, lt was dark and the- vieuim
stated that he could not recognize
his assailajit-s. His Olobhes were- plastered wtth mud and amply bore out
the statement that he had been rolled.
The information was not turned in
till eighteen hemrs after the holdup
was consummated, and the- prospects
of getting to the -perpetrators Is slim.
Considerable fnter-BSt was manifested last Tin.-day evening In don-
ii. .lion with the literary meeting
held in I h< ��oh ..-i room ot Bt. Andrew's. Previously It bad been de-
. ui.id to hold a Canadian night, and
theise attending were invited to bring
na.t.'Mial songs, readings, instrumental
selections, etc Tbe result waa most
gratifying. The attendance wat lat
and the programme i hararte'i-
Tho first numb. r. .���!' course, was the
National Anthem, Then the younger
portion pn sen! gathered a boi I the
p. em, and rendered luutional sal .������'
songs, K'i ni hour patriotism, Indian logi nds, i nd e in "i.i
bj Mr. K. K ttson, ��H ti such in . i
as ������.Men >n the N ��rth," followed,
Mr J. A i "��� an, w ho luring all these
v. ai~s has hi Iden his ll tit, ca >���
forth  ai  a     upital   reader  of  Drum-
|'s    p..i- ii-;      :.ll(!    it    W LS   dellgh.1 ful
i.i be ir the French accent, and see
tho sbrug ot the shoulder. Aliss
Whitworth read th. "Prospector,"
ami Mr. Hastie, j short papei on
'"Canadian Humor.'' Mr. J_-~. Creelman nas chairman.
The beautiful lady-in-waltlng to the Duchess of Connaught. who
le creating quite a stir among the millionaire's sons, in New York city,
where she is visiting, with the Connaughts and Princess Patricia.
TORONTO. Feb. 1���Three thousaml
citizens gathered In Massey Hal! last
night and passed renedutions de-
l mandlng that the council rescind  the
bylaw prohibiting tobogganing in the
* city parks on Sunday.
The remains Of Mr. and Mrs. ]���'.
Dand's little two and a half yeajr-O-d
daughter were Interred on Sunday
afternoon in Boundary Bay cemetery,
Rev. C.  R.  Blunden  officiating.
The little one died at Rurrarel Sanitarium e,f typhoid fever, followed by
serious complications. The. bereaved
parents are the recipients of the .-in-
cerest sympathy of their friends and
acquaintances  In   the   district. THE DELTA TIMES
A Prof liable Session at  Victoria���Address hy   Minister���Work  of
VICTORIA, B. C, Jan. 25.���The
annual convention of the li, C. Dairymen's Association, was held yesterday in the Bontanical Chambers of
the parliament buildings. There was
a large and representative attendance
present to hear the annual reports
of the association, and to hear interesting addresses on subjects peculiar
to dairying and welcoming speeches of Premier McBride, and the Hon.
Price Ellison, minister of agriculture.
A notable feature of the convention
was the announcement of the' increase
in the government grant to the association, and also the announcement of
the government's Intention to issue u
bulletin setting forth the prospect*
and methods of producing alfalfa In
the province. Sessions were held In
the forenoon, afternoon and evening,
and a large amount of business of
paramount importance to the advancing ef the interests or the association
was transacted. Mr. VV. i.. Buckingham, the ex-president, presided until
the effices of the year were elictenl,
when he retired in favor or Mr. Hish
In the annual report of the asso
ciation, which was submitted and
adopted, it was stated that the season had been a prosperous one for
the industry. Owing to the demand
for produce good prices had been
realised. The trade with the cities
and towns in milk and cream is daily
assuming larger proportions, and in
some locations the supply has been
far from eeiual to the demand. Much
���f the milk which formerly passee"
through the creameries, is being diverted to meet the cities needs, and
ta consequence,the make of butter is
ths province is decreasing. This, however, offers to the outlying districts
additional opportunity and incentive
to supply the butter that the near-by
sections find less profit in manufacturing. During the year the work of
ths association has been the continuance of the policy of previous years.
Competitions Successful.
The dairy farm competition, which
has now completed the second year of
its existense has proved a worthy fac-
tsr In arousing interest and stimulating effort toward better conditions.
Fourteen competitions took part altogether, six in class one and eight in
class two.
The prize winners sre as follows:
Class 1 (B. C. Dairymen)���A. C
Wells & Son, Sardis, ("Sophy and medal; 2, J. M. Steves. Steveston, silver
medal; 3, A. McQuarrie, Armstrong.
bronze medal.
Class S (i-ieutenant-Governor's)���1
W. H. D. Margeson, R. N.. Turgoose,
trspky snd gold medal; 2, P. Owen,
flals-en Arm, silver medal; 3, *B. T.
Maurice, Agaasiz,  bronze medal.
Ths practice of offering cash prizes
_er classes of, dairy cattle and swine
at fall fairs,  was continued  st Van
couver,   Victoria,   New   Westminster
and Armstrong fairs.
Vancouver exhibition: Best senior
herd���1, Bamford Bros., $20; 2, J. T
Maynard, $16. Best junior herd���1,
Grimmer Bros., $15; 2, Bamford
Bros., $10; 3, J. T. Maynard, $5. No
awards in swine classes.
Victoria exhibition: Best senior
hsrd���1, A. H. Menzies & Son, $40
2, J. H. Bonsall, $30: 3, Bamford
Bros,, $15. Best junior herd���1,
Grimmer Bros., $30; 2, Bamforei Bros.
$20; 3, J. II. Bonsall, $15. Swine��� 1.
Braefoot  farm,   $30.
Westminster exhibition: Best senior herd���1, A. C. Wells & Son, $40;
2, A. H. Menzies & Son, $30' Bamford Bros., $15. Best junior herd���1,
OS. hompson, $30; 2, J. M. Steves, $20;
3, A. C. Wells & Son, $10. Swine���-1.
J. Thompson $30; J. M. Steves $20:
& Son, $17.50.
Armstrong exhibition���No awards.
At Victoria and New Westminster
milking contests were held. Difficulty .was experienced in securing perfectly impartial conditions owing te
the vast difference existing between
ths animals to be milked and on account of the limited time allowed.
Victoria exhibition���1, Walter Dickie, $10; 2. P. N. Grimmer, $5; 1, F.
C, Smith,  $2.50.
New Westminster exhibition���1, G.
Bryant, $10; 2, Ed. Welbourn, $5; 3,
W. S. Dickie, $2.50.
Importation ot  Breeds.
The work of the association in assisting the importation and dispersion
���f pure bred stock throughout the
province has been continued wllh
good results and has been taken advantage of by many members. Since
August, refunds were granted on the
transportation charges of the following animals:
August 20, 1911���2nd owners and
applicants for rebate, Scott & Walters, Ganges, B. C, Aryrshire bull,
Bessies Kind of Beauty, 33581 C. N. R.
Sire Lessneesock King of Beautv
(imp) 52C1 C. R. of P. test 1676!*l;
dam, Bessie, 10082. Calved October
1��, 1��10. Bred by A. C. Wells & Sons.
August 9, 19112nd owners and applicants for rebate, Hawes Bros., New
Denver, Ayrshire cow, Deaconess of
Avon, 33680 C. N. R. Sire, Standona
Avon, 271C; dam, Deaconess, 19027.
Ayrshire cow, Anes Dewdrop, 31498
C. N. U. Sire, Dewdrops King of
Beauty, 25415; dam, Annie Roonev
of Eden, 30504; bred by A. C. Wells
li Son, of Sardis.
December 2, 1911���2nd owned and
applicant for rebate, W. C. Calder,
Revelstoke, Ayrshire cow Annie Roon-
ey  of  Eden.    Sire,  Marquis of Deu- ] gentleman   was   accorded     a   hearty
tonla,    15233; dam,    Annie    Ronney,   vote of thanks for his address.
2317. Bred hy A. C. Wells & Son, Sar- j Thc  Premier's  Speech.
dis. i     Premier McBride in sddressing the
November 1, 1911���2nd owner and
applicant for rebate, W. Paterson.
Koksilah,  Holstein  cow   Rosa Wayne
convention later said: "It has been
my good fortune to welcome you here
on behalf f the porvincial government
2nd,   7756  C.  H.  F. H.  B.  Bought  of | and  to express to you  the  hope tha'
.las.   Erskine,   Eburne.
December 15, 1911���4th owner and
applicant for rebate, R. M. Hallielay.
Sandwich, Vancouver Island. Jersey
bull Merry Maidens rlgadier, C. N. R.,
896���8040 A. J| C, C. Sire Merry Maid
ens 3rd Son 60516 A. J. C. C; dam
Dairyman's Dairy Queen 186352 A. J.
your meetings will be productive o'
the very very best results. I feel that
there is no one in the province who
understands in an indifferent wav
the economic advantages of the country who does not recognize ln our section of the Dominion of Canada the
worth  of  the dairying  iudBtry.    i'eo-
C. C. Calved December 15, 1907, bred j pie   may   discredit   that     view     am'
by   H.  Taylor,  Orfnrdvllle, Wis.,  2nd j point to the fact that three millions
Shilohs Gun
owner, A. II. Menzies, Pender Islsnd
Third owner, A. H. Menzies & Son
Pender   island.
Realizing the value of annual records to the industry, the association
has offered a silver cup for the animal making the highest record based
on cash values above the amount required for qualification in its particular section of the Dominion record
ol   merit   in   i:riti'*h  Columbia.
The directors are or the opinion
that this feature is one of great importance' anil demands the attention
of all Who look for resl progress being maele by the dairy inelustry or
the   province.
The membership ef the association
has made a good increase during the
past year, and It is expected will continue to do so, as the efforts of the
association towards the advancement
of dairy prosperity se-cures the co-
OPsratlon   of   all   its   members.
in the treasurer's report It \vw
shown that there was a balance at the
bank of $1,045.20. This report was
also adopted.
Minister's A-*Jrcss.
The Hon. Price E*��ison visited the
convention in the morning and wa��
at once called upon to address the
members. He stated, however, tha'
he would perfert to listen to their deliberations for a little before addressing them. After some of the preliminary business had been transacte*"
he delivered a short address of welcome, in the course of which he said:
"If we are going to make British Columbia a grsat agricultural country,
an.l we all say we are, then we must
have  more  agriculturists.     That  is a
worth of dairy product had to be imported into the province last year in
order to meet the demand of the consuming population, but 1 think thai
can be explained by the fact tha*
there are large areas of land suitable
for farming and darying In particular which are inaccessible on account
of the lack of transportation facilities, i think that with the increased
transportation aid we expect that
both ln the way ot railways ane'
trunk roads, we will at last coin-"
Into our own in this connection, and
that in addition to supplying all the
demands of the local population we
will become exporters of dairy produce to a very large extent. (Applause.) Statistics to which 1 have
generally referred are sufficient in
themselves to justify you and your
ceilleagues, the provincial government and the public as well as exerting more strenuously in the future
than has been done in the past every
effort toward extending and improving ths development of the industry
in the province, i understand tha'
the dairymen of the province together with the farmers are taking steps
to introduce into the province an infusion of pure bred stock from the
east for the purpose of improving the
standard of the stock of the province. 1 think that that is a work
to be commended and I am sure that
it will meet with the approval an'1
support of the department.
On Dairying.
In regaid to dariying particular^'
w�� know that it is as cheap to keep
a good animal as a poor one. Le*
me mention to you with regard especially   to   the  milk  supplies  that  are
land dresses of Mr. John Nunces, who
wore the Royal Stuart garb, and Mr.
John Bowsle in the tartan of th*
gallant "Forty-twa." Mr. D. Lamont
in the kilt and plaid of the MacDonald also showed prominently ir
the moving throng.
Mr. John Munro and Mr. Nei'
Fraser acted as M. Cs and a most
excellent programme was brought to
a close at 4 am. Every item throughout the whole proceedings was favorably commented upon and thu^
was brought to a close one of the
most successful entertainment of
the   season.
Thc Burns' club has now been established on a sound basis anel wil1
meet once a month and any "Scot"
who is in the neighborhood will be
warmly welooniea at tne meetings,
problem    that   the   government   ha# ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^^^^^���^
been thinking about.    1 have been re- | required for our towns and citieB tho*
ferred to for a solution of the problem and 1 can tell you, gentlemen
that the task is not an easy one. There
are large numbers of people coming
to the province to take up farming,
but in many cases we find that they
are men Advanced in life. Some o**
them think that it is an easy proposition but 1 can assure them tha*
they will have no picnic. British Columbia must have more people of th��
farming class. In order to make that
possible the government is going to
try and open up the country so that
it will be easier for the settlers te
make connections with the cities and
other points. The man who has to go
out into the backwoods cannot stand
the strain long. The government of
British Columbia has spent a vas*
sum of money in the making of_good
roads because they realize that"good
roads mean practically everything to
the farmer. The farmers are no'
alone in ths cry for bsttsr road'
throughout the province. They have
the strong backing of ths motorists
who insist that something more
should be done at once toward making the country more passable than
it is today. And in that connection I
would just like to say that in the
province it is a much more difficult
task to make roads than it is in anv
of the other provinces of the Dominion on account of the nature of the
1 do not suggest that that should
be regarded as a barrier but I would
just like to keep it in mind when yon
make demands upon the governmen'
for wholesale appropriations for
Would Help Dairymen.
I can assure you gentlemen that we
are desirous of helping the dairymen
of the province at far as possible, but
1 bhoulel imagine from the looks of
you that you do not require much assistance. We have placed a new man
at the head of affairs in connection
with the work of the department in
the person of your secretary, Mr
Rive, and we are glad to know that
he is doing good work. The grea'
trouble of the department has beer
the getting of men who were qualified lor the work snd therefore, w��
are all the more gratified to learn of
the success of Mr. Rive. It was on account of the lack of properly qualified men in the country that mad"
it impossible for me to appoint a liv*��
stock commissioner. They tell m*"
there is not a good live stock commissioner in Canada and rather than
make a bad appointment I have not
made one at all. We are now negotiating with a Canadian gentleman at
Washington who might be able to fill
the bill if he will come. I wish te
congratulate the association upon the
success of its competitions. I congratulate the winners and hope tha'
the losers will take heart of grace ane"
do better next year. At the same time
I may as well inform you that the department has in mind the idea of increasing your annual grant from
$2500 to $3000. (Applause.) I air
glad indeed to see that you have ordered four carloads of live stock from
the east for the purpose of improving the stock of tha province. That is
a great work and I hops as time goer
on the practice will be followed to a
greater extent until the farmers o*"
the province are in a position to better their herds materially by the infusion of pure blood. The time ha��
come now when we wish to do better along the lines of dairying. It
is very important to the province because its development is now an integral part of the progress of th��
province. If there is anything I can
do to assist your organization I shall
always be glad indeed to do it, because I know that the department and i scene presented a perfect kaleido-
the government are more than anx-j scope of color. A Scotch reel, headed
ions to be of service to this deserv- I the programme and conspicuous le
ing branch of agriculture."    The hon. ' the animated  square  were  the  digh-
because of the many reports to th��
government of late it was desme*"
advisable to appoint a commission
whose principal duty would be th��
investigation of the conditions generally. (Applause). Not that w��
would have you believe that we consider the dairymen of the provinc��
unsuitable for their work but rathe"
would we have you believe that th*>
matter is of importance all round an*1
that through the agency of this commission we will be able to discover
by what means not only the publi��
will be benefited but ths producer a��
well. We want the co-operation o'
your organization in this and other
work because it is only by that means
that any progress in the industry
can be made. It ls not desired te
strike at your investment. Far from
lt. What we want to do is to brins
about a hsslthy condition in the community and realizing that that ls of
as grsat importance to your organization as it is te anyone slss. we ask
your co-operation, fllontlemen, I un-
dsrstand that your msmbership i��>
now over 200. 1 wish to congratulate
you upon the fact and also upon the
success that hss attended your efforts in the past.
"Build'ng Up a Dairy Herd," am"
"The City Milk Supply' were paper*
read by Prof. J. W. Mitchell, B. A.,
Manitoba Agricultural College; "Cooperation Among Dairymen" was described by Mr. J. W. Berry, Dangley;
"Production and the Show Ring" was
discussed by Mr. H. Rive, the secretary; and " Cow Testing Associations"
was the subject spokeh to by Messrs.
H. Rive, V. I'.ojesen, and Dr. Tolmie;
and an instructive address on "Forage" was delivered by Dr. J. Withy-
combe, Oregon. All the addressee-
were marked with keen insight inte
the actual experience of dairy work
and evoked the heartiest appreciation of the large audience.
The following office bearers were
elf-ted for the year. President F.
He'd sympathies for all in man
Except hypocrisy.
And so we honor him today;
The happy thoughts he's given,
For if we'd more of Robbie's way,
The world were well to live In."
These verses recited in Mr. Lam-
pard's own genial way were received
with   great  applause.
The Haggis was then brought in
"warm, reekin' rich," and Mr. Um-
pard addressed the steaming trencher in Robbie's own words.
The company did ample Justice to
the viands provided and then followed the toasts.
The chairman rose and proposed
the "King,' which was loyally responded to by the company. Afterwards Reeve Dick in a well choser
speech gave "Our Empire." The toast
of the evening,"The Immortal urns"
was allocated to Rev. R. Erskins Pow
who did ample justice to this important toast and showed the Mission
citizens that he was no stranger te
urns and his works, and those of the
company who failed to get admission
to the supper hall lost a real literary
Mr. Wm. McDonald proposed "The
Ladies who had catered for the excellent supper Juat enjoyed." This ��a��
In a racy and felicitous speech responded to by Mr. W. Elliot.
Down stairs again was then the
cry and as we enter the hall from
which all the chairs have been cleared we hear the (strains of U\etr
Scotch music rendered by Mr. Frc*1
annlster's orchestra. The hall wa*��
tastefully decorated in bunting an**
evergreens and with the elegan*
dresses of the ladies and the blae of
tartan from various clansmen dressed
in  the  "kilt,   plaid  and  feather,"  the
Careless 'blasting is becoming a
menace to householders and the pu'i-
lic in general. This week in Eburne
a blast set oif close to Mr. A. D,
Grant's residence em Moosotmln street
did considerable damage to thc outside  of the  house".
Captain W. F. Stewart, of Point
Grey,  R. MoBrlde, of South VanooU��
ver. James Erskine, of Richmond, and
.Mr.   Atkins,   of  Coquitlam,  appeared
be.fore' lhe municipal committee- this
morning and askud that the assessment on land shall be limited to five
hundred dollars pit aire, so long as
sui'h land is used for agricultural
Mr. O, L. Foreman Is preparing
to open a restaurant in the mi lelle
steere of the  Hopper block.
The new Gordon Blocit em Fourth
street, north of Moosemln street is
again under construction. It is expected that this Ibuiflding will lie completed about the first of March.
Messrs. Gordon & Son. hardware
merchants, will ocupy one half the
lifiy-1'o-ot block.
Consulting Engineer R. S. Lea, of
the joint Sewerage committee, pronounced himself in favor of separate
SCWers lor handling the storm water,
mucn to the surprise of several mem-
tiers of the Loam of Wioss ot uie
city oi Vancouver, held on Tuesday
aiie-rnoon at that city.
LAir.   Vesey,   an   oiu-timer   em   Lulu
leland,   Is  applying   to   the   Rlchmjiki
Council  for a charter to run an auto
service-    between    Wood ward s    1..ma-
ling   and   tne   .Norm   Arm   "bridge,     It
j i_.  his  intention   to  establish   a   letter
| boat   Service   Between   Ladner   md   the
Delta   in   general,   transporting   them
across   Lulu   Isiand   lo   one   Mainland
by motor.
At toe lushi.inaibk- heiur of eight
o'clock on Thursday evening, the re.si-
uents ot Eburne began to sit up and
wonder just wnal was the reason ie r
the Sieau> string of automobiles that
wa_ fas,, lining up in front of the
HeTtei Bb turtle, ot'iicial ihotel headquarters lor the Vancouver Autoimioiie
Club. The reason was oon made
known when it was announced tnat
it, was the night of the first banquet
to  be  held  in   the   new  eiuarters.
The police have been notified of the
disapearance from her home of Miss
Margaret L'phofI, who lives with her
brother at the corner of the liodwell
and Qlere roads, Point Grey. The
lady is described as ibeyig thirty-
eight ye-ars of age and weighing about
160 pounds. This is not the hrst
time that she has wandered from her
home, and her brother, while confident that nothing has 'happened to
her, has asked thc police to be on
the  watch.
The Kerisdale Conservative Association was formally organized last
Wednesday evening. Mr. S. Churcn-
*Jli, president of the Richmond Executive, convened the meeting, and in
opening explained that the object of
the clubs formed was to promote the
ideas of Conservatism as well as to
provide opportunity feir social intercourse.
I The business of the meeting was
formally introduced by a motion,
' moved by Mr. B. A. Cunliffe, and
seconded by Col. A. Mark,ham, "that
I we organize a Conservative Association to be called the Kerrisdale Conservative  Association.
Nomination was next made for the
president, Col. Markiham was elected
to the position unanimously, as were
the following officers, Mr. F. Dowser,
vice-president; Mr. li. A. Cunliffe, secretary; Mr. W. H, Demibke, treasurer;
and the following other executive officers. Messrs. Stanley Carr, H. W.
Windle, A. E. Barker. W. Lewis
Brown and  11.  Bee-man-
B. C.  Fruit Growers Stoocit Men For
Ottawa    Oonfervnoe    After a
StrctiuouH Debate.
VICTORIA, Jan. Sl.-VThe annual
convention of the B. C. Fruit Growers' Association was opened yesterday
in the Unitarian Hall. Many Interesting addresses were delivered on
subjects of peculiar interest to fruit
growers, one of the leading of theBe
being the necessity for a greater exercise of co-operative work on the
part of tbe growers, which was spoken to learnedly by Mr. H. C. Atwcll of
Oregon and Senator W. P. Paulhamus
of Puyallup, Wash.
Reports of the past year's work
were submitted and adopted. Mr. R.
H. Agar of Summerland, presided.
At the evening session, which was
prolonged until 11 o'chick, there was
a keen discussion created over thc
appointment of delegates to the Dominion conference to be held at Ottawa. Delegates were appointed to
the conference last year in view of
the anticipation that the conference
would be held some time last year,
but that was rendered impossible on
account of the political situation. At
today's session a motion was made to
consider the appointment of new delegates and this met with immediate
opposition from Messrs. Brydon and
Maxwell 'Smith, who hail been deeded to represent the convention by ballot taken at the last meeting.
In view of the fact that thc minutes
of the last meeting, wherein the election referreel to wan recorded, had
been adopted, it was contended by the
delegates named that it was out of
order to consider the appointment or
election of substitutes. The chairman,
however, gave a rulkng on the subject
contrary to that opinion, which was
upheld by the convention, and as a result of nominations for the position
of delegates to go to Ottawa to attend
the Dominion confernce, the following
were elected;
Mr. W. F. Somers (for Vancouver
Island), Mr. J. JO, Metcalfe (for the
Lower Mainland), Messrs. <R. H. Agur
and W. C. Ricardo (for the Okanagan), Messrs. T. Abriey and J. Rooke
(for the Kootenay and Boundary).
Ladner,  January   31,   1018.
Editor Delta Time's:
Dear Sir,���1 have noticed with interest that the New Westminster
Board of Trade has decided to send
a delegation to confer with the Delta
Board of Trade iwith reference to the
development of this district anel the
question Ot transportation. 1 should
just like to say a word along that
There   is   no   doubt    in   the   world
that  a tram  line  to New   Westminster
would   be  in  some   ways  beneficial  to
the  district,  but  the question  is,  how
much would It really benefit the business men of the community and residents in  general.    We  have some  excellent   stores   in   Ladner,   and   as   a
j matter of  fact  we  can   buy  our groceries,   meat,  ebutter   and    eggs    and
jsome   lines   of   dry   goods,  iboots   and
] shoe's cheaper in Ladner than we can
in   Vancouver,   certainly  a  great  deal
cheaper   than   we  can   in  the  city   of
New  Westminster.
Prices charged for goods In the
Royal city are practically prohibitive
jand a resident of New Westminster
informed me, a number of people will
cluib te-gether and go tei Vancouver
for their suptplies, and they claim
that alter paying freight thereon they
neill save 2f> per cent, over New Westminster prices. Just you take a trip
through the New "Westminster stores,
tane a note book and jot down the
prices. Then gel lei Vancouver and
set over against them the prices pal I
in that city and it will .be very' Obvious why we should prefer to shop
in the latter city.
As a  resident  of  the  Delta,   I   consider   that   the    people   of   the    Delta
have been  held  up by the New Westminster   merchants   (they   even   hold
up   their   own)   and   until   they   ceimc
down to something reasonable, for my
ipart   I  say iboost with  both hands  for
; the    development   of   the   Vancouver
i Idea   and  do  anything  possible  to  secure    closer    connection    and    closer
business   relationship   with   that   city.
Yours truly,
Port Town is Lively Willi the Winter's
Social   Events���Realty  Continues Active.
STEVESTON, B.C., Jan. -S.���Fire
destroyed the reelelence of Mr. W.
TQfnail on Friday morning. The
cause being a defective chimney.
About 5 o'clock Mr. Tufnail lit the
fire in the stove, later going to thc
barn. Mrs. Tufnail awakened by the
cries of her child hurried with her
child from her room to find the house
a mass of flames. The only part of
furniture she could saw was a sewing
machine and a few chairs, these being near the door. The house '.s
owned ly Mr. W. El. S ,: _ ��� and no insurance was carried. Much sympathy is feit for Mr. and Mrs. Tufnail in
their loss. Their many friends are
now assisting them in evory manner
TORONTO, Feb. 1.���.After spending
a half-century of .married life together, the double death of Mr. and
Mrs. James Trimble occurred within
a few hours of each other, at their
daughter's residence, 996 Queen street
east One son, James, resides in Vancouver.
Mrotlx-r-ln.Uiw    of    the    King    Expires, in Egypt���I"rlncews Royal
With  Him.
TORONTO. Jan. 29.���-A cablegram
leeiiver he-re today says the Duke of
Fife,   brother-in-law  of     King Geeirge
is dead," in Egypt.
The Duke has been suffering with
pleurisy nnd congestion of the lung*"
contracted during his experience or>
the steamer Delhi, when the ship wa*
stranded off Cape Spartel last De<-
cember. He was at that time on hi��
way to Cairo, where he is reports'*
His wife, the Princess Royal, and
his two daughters, were with the
Duke   when   he   died.
LADNER, Jamuary 27.���The death
ocurred yesterday of the two and a
half year old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. Lands, Delta, of typhoid fever.
Kamloops bartenders are now by
by-law required to be duly licensed.
W. H. Dinsmore has been appointed
a provincial constable and assigned to
Grand Forks.
Trinity Valley reports G5 inches of
snow as against 33 this time last year
and 28 ln January, 1909.
okanagan merchants report the
best Christmas season they have ever
The C. P. R. last year brought 150,-
00o settlers to Canada from the United
Kingdom, as compared with 26,000 in
The killing of deer out of season is
reported to be a very common practice on the lower mainland.
Port Moody residents are energetically urging the dredging of the Second Narrows at Burrard Inlet.
STEVESTON, B.C., Jan. 29������'Realty
id again active in this section. Mr.
T. fc>. Kulkiier sola ten lots one day
last week. Mr. J. D. O'Neil also reports Ihaving sold six lots in tho
townsite. lt is expected that real estate will increase in value .rom now
on a's a result of tne federal contract
for construction work on the harbor
being  about   to   be  awarde...
Many fr4e*Ad�� of Mr. a. Par-ter,
postmaster will be pleased to hour
that he is rapidly recovering from a
severe attack of la grippe. He was
relieved in the office and other elutles
by his 'brother, S. Parker.
Miss N. McLaren of the city is visiting Mrs. W. Bridge, No. a road for
a low days.
The Richmond Council v\ill hold
their regular .meeting noxl Monday,
February   5.
Mr. A. F. Green, the shoemaker,
has moved from the Gay 'building to
the store next door west of the bakery. Mr. Green also Intends Increasing his stock of shoes lor the spring
Mr. L. Morrln, of Seattle', is litting
up the Gay store as an oyster hemse
and cafe. Mr. Morrln who has had
wide experience In the business intends making this a llrst class establishment.
Mr. Geo. Webster, who has Dcen
bookkeeper at the Phoenix Cannery,
for a number of years has been promoted  to   the  position  as  manager.
The Catholics Intend holding a ball
'n the opera house on February 9. A
good time is expected.
Sam Cory and Harry Cole have
severed their conne"ctlons with the
Steveston Transfer Co., and have
opened up a business for thomselves.
As Mr. Cory is a practical blacksmith
and Mr. Cole a registered plumber,
patroas can be assured of getting
work done to their entire satisfaction. It is hoped this firm will sue -
teed  in their new undertaking.
Mr. A. L. Cornwall, of Lulu Island,
has acquired a Position in the polic
department, assisting Chief A. E.
Needs in his wide circled district. Mr.
Cornwall is an accomplished musician
and his coming to the town is welcomed.
Messrs. C. S. and Geo. Windsor ami
Scott McDonald returned home the
other day from a shooting trip up
Jarvis Inlet. They report the game
as quite plentiful in that locality al
The young men are going forward
with their club in fine style. The
hall has been entirely remodelled and
put In good shape. The gym apparatus has been put In position and
s now at the disposal ot the members.
Last Monday they had a general meeting for the purpose of electing offic*
hearers and arranging the programme
for the season. The following officers
were elected: President, Mr. Stanley
O'Neil; Treasurer, Mr. P. S. Falitner;
Secretary, Mr. Walter Telfer; Executive, Messrs. Anderson, T. Howard,
Ed. Ireland, Joe Johnstone, F. Watts.
A. E. Green and N. Marshall. The
officers hope for a large turnout at
their basket social and ball on Frida:..
February 2, when they assure to all
an  eveing  well and  happily spent.
One of the most successful anel eu
jnyaible events of last week was tho
leap year ball, held ln the Oran-e-
Hall, under the auspices of the Lad
Orange Lodge. Over fifty couples
were present. Franklin's orchestra
providing   excellent     music. Much
credit Is due the committee and Mrs.
Gllmour, as M. of C, for the efficient
manner in which they carried out
their duties. Dancing was Indulged in
until midnight, when elaborate refreshments were served by the ladies.
A leap year cake containing a ring
was partaken of, the lucky guest being Mr. Ed. Ireland, of Stevestnn.
When Dancing was resumed the ladies retained their choice for tho
entire evening. At the conclusion of
the dance, at 4:30, a motor stage was
engaged to convey the satisfied guests
to their distant homes, all appreciating one of the Dleasant evenings they
have had for some time. It ls sincerely hoped the ladles will hold another of their successful functions
Among those noticed present were
Mr. and Mrs. J. LafoTest, Mr. and Mrs.
G. Larorest, Mr. and Mrs. P. linking.".
Mr. antl Mrs. N. Lee, Vancouver; Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Draney, Mr. and Mrs.
S. O'Neil, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ho wan I.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Murchlson, Mr. anel
Mrs. W. E. London, Mr. and Mrs. C.
London, Mr. and Mrs. T. Bownes, Mr.
and Mrs. L. Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Mollis, Mr. and Mrs. S. Branscombr,
Mr. and Mrs. G. Harris, Mr. and Mrs
G. H. Hodgson, Mrs. Gllmour. Mrs.
Wilson, Burnaby; Mrs. McCulloch,
-Irs. G. London, Westham Island; Mrs.
W. Bridge, Mrs. A. Green, Mrs. Kydd,
Mrs. Tweed.ie, Mrs. Madill, Vancouver; Miss L. London, Miss E. Murchlson, Miss A. McConnell, Miss H.
Tufnail, Miss G. Kldd, Miss T. Tiffin.
Vancouver; Miss W. Blair, Miss E.
Blair, Miss A. Harling, Vancouver:
Miss N. O'Neil, Miss L. Westcott, Miss
S. Esterbrook? Miss M. Baxter, Miss
Pybus, Ladner; Miss Clokey, Miss N.
McLaren, Miss R. Murtagh, Miss E
Crabib, Miss Levelton, Vancouver;
Messrs, R. Blair, W. S. Trites, A. L.
Cornwall, J. Palmer, L. Gllmour, H.
Gllmour, R. Gllmour, R. Graner. 1:.
Moore, C. Lewis, Chilliwack; W. Telford. J. Hammett. A. Blair, J. Glenzor.
C. Mang, L. London, C. McCulloch, E.
Irelland, J. Blair, T. G. Hall, W. McAllister, J. Glass, F. H. Ryder, C.
Martin, J. Jeffries, W. Lee, E. Cole,
W. Houston, J. Houston, E. Murchlson, F. Watts, J. Blair, W. Calvert.
Vancouver; J. McConnell, H. Mar-
rington, J. Cook, P. Lulsler, P. Windsor, T. Johnson, G. McConnell, G. S.
Smith. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1��12.
l!   U.
P. O. Drawer S.
Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON. Prop.	
LADNER,       -B.C.
All Modern Convencies, Newly  Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample Room
American and European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Ratbs Reasonaiimc
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Not   and   Lump  Coal  for  Sale
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a^m., tenons and fourth
flan-flays st S a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
"tanday school at 10 a.m.; livening
Barries at 1.SO p.m.; Friday evening,
litany  at  ...0.       Rev,   C.   C.   Hoyle,
Church ssrvtees will be held every
���ther Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
Ks-eamber 14, 1I0I: Parochial mass
at lt:II a.m.; Sunday school, I pj��.;
srenlnot devotion, t p.m.; low mast
4_m following Monday, ��� a.sa. F.
KlenU, D.L, palish priest
Ssrvtees nest Lord's Day at 11 a.m
and 7:10 p.m.; class meeting*, after
the morning service every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2:30 p.m. every
Sunday; prayer meeting every Wednesday svening at 7:30. Rev. J. H.
Wright, pastor.
St. Andrew's Prssft|tsrtsu.
���srrioes next Lord's Day at 11 a.sa
and 7.30 p.m.; weak nitfht ssrvta-s on
Thursday evening at T.IO o'closk. Rsv
J.  J.   Haatle,  mialster.
Sabbath  santosa.���Crescent  Island,
t p.m.; Sun-ajsshool, 2 p.m..  Lad-
nsr. 7:10 p.m.; Sandsy sobool at 11
.; prayer meeting on Wsdnesday
7:10  p.m.    Rsv.  C.  R.   Blunden,
f, ,*- .
���> -.
Delta municipality ls situated at
ths mouth ot the Fraser river in the
finest agricultural district in Canada.
Ths chief Interests in the Delta are
farming, dairying, fruit culture, market gardening and horse breeding.
Time shipping facilities by rail and
boat to the markets of British Columbia and the Stales are unrivalled.
Ills crop yield is the largest per acre
In Canada, ln ths yesr 1900 between
40,000 and 10,000 tons of produce
wsrs raised in ths Delta district.
Along the south bank of the Fraser
rlvsr there are sites for all industrial
Board of Trade ��� President, A.
Davie; Secretary, W. H. Wilson.
Justices of the Peace���R. B. Kittson
H. D. Benson, H. J. Kirkland, Wm.
E. Curtis, J. B. Burr, J. McKee.
Coroner and Hsalth Inspector���Dr.
A A. King.
School Board���Chairman, S. Wright
I. Robertson, A. dealt. Taylor, J. Mc-
Callum.    Secretary, N. A. McDiarmid.
Farmers'    Institute���President,    T.
Hume; Secretary,  N.  A.  McDiarmid.
Delta Farmers' Game Protective
Asaoclati-M*���President, John McKee;
Secretary, H. J. Hutcherson.
Delta Agricultural Society���President, H. J. Hutcherson; Secretary. A.
deR. Taylor.
Member of Parliament���J. D. Taylor, New Westminster.
Member of Loca" Legislature���F. J.
MacKenzie, New Westminster.
Boat Sailings���S.S New Delta,
leaves Ladner every day for Steveston at S:SO am., and 3:30 p.m., connecting w'tb the B.C.E.R. for Vancouver, n .turning lssves Steveston
at *:30 a.m., snd 4:30 p.m. S.S.
Transfer leaves for New Westminster daily, sxospt Sundays, at 7 a.m.,
and returnlag leave* New Westminster at 2 p.m., reaching ladner at
0:00 p.m.
Railways���Great Northern leaves
Fort Gulckon daily for New Westminster and Vancouvsr at 7 a.m.; returning lssves Vancouvsr at 2:SO p.m.
reaching Port Guichon about 7.30 p.
Lulu Island Brancih, G. H. Franklin,
Local Manag-r; Vancouver to Eburne
aad Steveaton���dairs 1-save Granville
Street Doped (at north end of brldg-e
mrta False Creek) at 0:30 a-m. and
hourly until 10:30 p.m. Special car
l tor Ebucrne at 6: 0*0 a.m. Oara leave
, Sttnnemon at 6:30 a.m. and hourly units 10:30 p.m. Sunday Service���First
S-jre leave e*lfh-e*r tenmlnruB at 8:30 a.m.
Hourly -service thereafter until 10:30
Post Office���Hours 8 a.m., to 7 p.m.
Mail for Vancouvsr closs at S p. m.
For New Westminster and up river
points at t.30 .��� m. Closed all day Sundays.
Municipal Council meets Municipal
Hail, Ladner, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in each month at 2 p. m.
Following are the member* of the
Reeve���John Oliver.
Councillor*���C. Brown. H. D. Benson, W. A. Kirkland, H. Lewis, A. D.
Stock-Taking  Sale
We are offering bargains in
Boots and Shoes well worthy
of your consideration. Come,
see and be convinced.
Boots Shoes Rubbers
Custom Work a Specialty
���, *<>-��*-*��--->-k��<'--��**:^^ ������'������������������. �����������������-�����������> ���������'���<��
S    ...LOCAL ITEMS...
A > r
%b^A6A+&At,M&AAAAAAt^AA< *<*:~:-*.x~W"W~>:--:-<--x-<~x~:~m-��x ������:-������>-:-* ���
Miss  Eula  Gifford  spent  the  week
end  In   Vancouver.
Spring Machinery
Potato Planters, Cultivators 01, 2 and 3 hurse), Garden Hand
Drills and Cultivators (Planet Jr., etc.). Plows of all descriptions.
Disc Harrows, Manure Spreaders, Seed Drills, Land Roller-*, Fun_
nlng Mills and Baggers, Waggons, Buggies and Deme>erats, Gasoline Engines (Fairbanks, Morse and International), Chaff Cutters,
Ineulwetors   and   Brooders   (Cyphers und Juhllee.)
E. T. CALVERT, Agent
JJhe 7)etta Ui'i
$1.00 A YEAR   ��S3SZ
Via Steveston and
Daily���In Effect October 1.
_save Stevaston���9.JO a.m.;  4.30 p.m.
Leave   Ladner���8.SO   a.m.;   8.30   p.m
A special general meeting of the Lower
Mainland milk and cream shippers will
be held in St. George's Hall. New Westminster, on Friday. February 9th. at one
p.m. Business: Inspection of milk and
dairy premises, tuberclin testing of herds,
dumping of milk from the State of Washington condensing factories Into B.C., and
other questions directly affecting the interests of the dairyman. It Is expected
a report from the committee appointed
by the B. C. Dairymen's Association to
Interview the Provincial Government on
many of these matters will be submitted
to the meeting. All interested Invited to
S.   H.   SHANNON,
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Municipal Council up till February 9th, for the delivering at 2500
yards of (No. 2) medium crushed rock.
Kock to he delivered at landings on
the river below Tilbury Island.
N.   A.  M I'D 1A KM ID,
Ladner. February  1st,  1912.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
from the first publication of this
notice, the Corporation of Delta will
apply to His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor-in-Counctl for the approval
of the plans of the Delta Water Works,
and that said plans are open to public inspection at the office of the
Municipal Clerk, during office hours.
Ladner. Jan. 16th, 1912.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds oi
Your Patronage Solicited
Delia Hotel.
J.  D.   Keilenig, Vancouver.
A. B. Kellington, New Westminster.
W.   C.   Chamberiin,   New   Westminster.
D. Adamson,   Vancouver,
H. Peterson, Vancouver,
T. W. Lambert and wife, Nelson,
Dr.  A.   R.   Baker, Vancouver.
C,  A.   Peters.   Vancouver.
A.  L.  Super,  Lulu   Island.
Geo.  Cline,   Vanceiuver.
H. O'Brien, Vancouver.
J,  E.  Passmore,  Exeter,  Ont.
E. R. Saneg-ter, Vancouver.
W. W. Alton,  Eburne.
C. E. Mi,nk, Vancouver.
II. Swain,  Vancouver.
V.   Ellenelsen,   Vancouver.
F. B.  Elliott,  Vancouve-r.
D. Collins, Vancouver.
J.  Work,  Vancouver.
J.  G.  Scott,  Vancouver.
T.  Parsell,   Victoria.
If.  Swain,  Vancouver.
T.   G. Terinant,  Vancouver.
C. Lyons,  Vanceiuver.
Hot Water as ��� Tonlo.
Drinking a cup of hot water Is a
more efBcacie-us treatment for many
Ills than some persons realize. There
are pbytlcltins who prescribe It for In
active livers, a glassful to he taken as
v-ein as one wakes iu the morning. The
warmth aa well as tbe liquid sre liene-
iciiil. for it Is a well known fact tbat
few persons drink as much water
through tbe day ss they should.
Thnt the dose streets the complexion
favorably there Is no doubt Some per
sons add the Jules of half a leinon to
the water. There Is so doubt tbat for
certain systems this Is beneficial, but
It is a matter that a physician should
decide In individual Instances.
Many a case of simple indigestion
may be cared by drinking a cup of
hot water, the dose to be taken as
soon as there is any sense of discomfort Adding a half teaspoonful of bi-
carbonate of soda Is recommended bj
some physicians where there la pro-
noiiiiieii acidity of tbe stomach, the
soda acting as a neutralizes while tha
warm liquid carries ths matter from
the stomach.
Persons who are dieting for reduc
tion find hot water more thirst quench
Ing than cold, and they therefore caa
get along comfortably with a smaller
quantity. That water taken with food
is fattening there is no doubt
Hot water ls sn excellent substitute
for tea for persons made nervous by
the beverage and on certain occasions
may be used as a food substitute.
If for any reason there Is a desire
to get along with tbe leust quantity of
food and the stomach becomes empty,
hot water is soothing and Oils tbe void,
so that for a time a feeling of faint
ness Is obviated.
It ls In no way a food, however, and
should not be regarded as snob.
X. A.  Mel lalrmid was in Vancouver
this week on  business.
Mrs,   G.   W.   Brewster  was a   visitor
in   town  this  week,
Mrs. D. Robinson has returned to
Ladner after spending the past two
months In New Westminster.
W. Forrest, of the Kelly, Douglas
Co., was in town em Wednesday on
ejuite a number of Ladner pe-eiple
will take in the I'iremaji's Ball in
Vancouver next  weeK.
Photographs���iRunloni Bros, will
be back in Laelne-r about February 5.
Get  ready  to   look   pleasant.
Sm i lh
horse s, |i
Wright   is
nviiig sod.
"iusy   with   four
Mrs.   Fa Ik.   of   Westham   Island    :i,
reported   to  be  111.
11.  I!. Grant was a passenger to anS
from  Vancouver this week.
Reeve Oliver had r-.ii.-.n.el to '"ic
toria in order to watch the pr igresi
of  reeiulreid   legislation,
A. I). Paterson leaves this wee'k for
the Pure Bred Holstein Breeders convention  at  Ottawa.
Rev. Rural Dean Bartlett, M.A..,
Of New Westminster, was ;i visitor
lu  Lael.ner em Saiturday of lest week.
Flrat-Claae music supplied for
dames, banquets, atC. Apply Howard
Bros.,  1-adner,  B.C. *"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S Fields .if fall sown wheat are' look
Capt.   Cross   and   famllj     left   this! ing   beautifully  green   and  springlike
week for Van* i;er, where theey will throughout the district,
makei their home-.  ���_.
h.lia    Lodge,    No.   IS   A.D.I'.W..
Dr. W. Alton, Veterinary Inspector,
waa in town this week on official
business. i  ^J
paid a fraternal visit to Maple L-euJ
Lodge at Hammond on Saturday evening.
Miss Phyllis Dockrill spent the | Encouraged by their 'past success
week end with her sister, .Miss Nora the- Ladner Amateur Dratnaiio Clu*,
Dockrill, of the local public school, la planning to put on another plat,
staff. I'.before   the-   long   evenings  come.
Bunions Bros., photographers, will
be back in Ladner about February 5.
Same old bunch, Bame reasonable-
R. H. Hutcherson has returned
from Victoria, w.here he attended the
Agricultural Society and Farmers' Li-
stitute conventions.
Changing the Hair Line.
So much has been said of ths folly
���f changing ths coiffure to snlt each
passing style tbat tbe other side is apt
to be overlooked. Hair can be worn
too continuously In one style, snd If a
woman Is not careful aho may find
herself without say hair on the top of
her head tn the place where tbe hair
ought to grow.
The girl who thinks she looks picturesque with parted hair should oc
csslonslly take weeks off for a pompadour unless she wants a broad path
across her cranium. This holds good
of tbe angles at which the long hair is
arranged, and there should be fre
qnent changes. If only la the privacy
of the boudoir.
Tbe benefit of thea* changes Is real
teed when one finds that dandruff accumulates under the thickest part of
ths hair, and If tt Is too long In one
spot there ls danger ef ths titrable bs
coming chronic.
Mothers have much te bs responsible
for by not regarding hair strain fer
their daughters. No girl whs wears
her hair la one way from the time she
is six or sight until she puts ou long
frocks can hope to hare a good bead
of hair. It Is bound ts bs worn In
Cosmetics ss Charsetsr Builder.
Cosmetics as an aid la character
building are advocated by many doctors \fho have an extenaive practice
among society women. One of those
physicians say* women who bave any
little defect that can he bidden by
powder or paint abould never hesitate
to employ tha artificial method "Ap
pearances." he sxpiains, "mean much
to a woman mentally aid socially. A
girl who has some alight personal de
feet snob ss s scar, a pooi ?omplexioD
or bloodless lips, la enormously bandl
capped The knowledge of ber defect
and the thought others may observe tt
make her shy and lacking ln self con
fldencs She shuns society snd becomes morbid snd miserable. 1 know
of one case where a girl'a life was
ruined because of complexion troubles
So long as a woman's makeup Is net
so obvious ss to be objectionable ber
means to an end are justifiable. Sbe
does no one any barm and sbe does
herself a great deal of good Tbe
knowledge that ber particular defect
la no longer visible to all beholders
gives her a contented mind, and tbat
has its Inevitable result upon ber character and outlook on life."
The John Stewart property on
Slough road was sold last week, the
sale being carried through by Mr.
E.   F,   Douglas.
Mr. Grey, of Vancouver, was the
guest of his sister, Mrs. J. Johnson,
this week and enjoyed a few day*
duck shooting.
Miss Sproat returned from New
Westminster, whero she underwent an
operation, having her tonsils removed.
'Miss Grace Grey, of Vancouver,
was a visitor in Ladner last week,
and attended the play and dajice ol
the  Ladner Dramatic Club.
Miss Katie Plewes entertained at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Tal-
vert on Wednesday evening. Miss
Dove, of Vanceiuver. A numiber of
guests were present and an enjoyable.
time  was spent.
Mr. Bond, of Vancouver, general
manager of the Coast Shale BrieK Co.,
will oe at the office Of E. F Douglas
on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 3rd, at
whica time he will explain the plans
Of bis company as well as to demonstrate lhe proces by which they will
produce their product. Mr. Thomas
E. Ladner, Who ia a heavy stockholder in this company, will be pleas-
to have 'his friends attend this meeting.
The Last Week of the Big Sale.���
Our Big Annual Sale closes Saturday,
February 10. We are offering extra.
Bargains for next week, in all departments. [Don't delay; shop early while
the good things last. All Winttr Goodt,
al Sale Prices. Lanning, Fawcett &.
Wilson, Ltd. . *
Mr. John Johnson, the proprietor
of the Delta Hotel, has been eronifine*-
to his room for the past week witb
a .severe attack of pleurisy. At this
writing, Mr. Johnson is doing very
well and all hmpe to see him tinkering with his auto "in the same old
way" before the next issue of thie
Two large firms have made inquiry
regarding the price asked for the old
Jenkins mill site here recently, both
having been made to George S. Shaw,
who is handling the site for Mr. Jenkins.
Connection with the Pacific Highway at Blaine must be made where it
is now located, the Journal quotes Mr.
F. J. MacKenzie. M.P.P., as stating. In
view of this the Journal says that
Twelfth street must be opened up and
graded to D. street and that the city
acquire ay purchase a right of way
across a small acreage next to the city
limits. Blaine cann it afford to fail in
doing its duty, and although there ls
little money available, it must be done.
With a small appropriation from the
city, private subscriptionus and donations of work, the road can be opened
up and placed in fairly good condition
next summer.
The local business men an_ government officials are a unit in the belief
that  a  greater     sum     than     $50,000
should be secured for a federal building here and steps have already beet
taken  toward this end.
The new officers of the Oranges for
the Blaine section are: Birch Bay, B.
P. Roberts, master; Fred E. Henspet-
er,  lecturer;    Mrs.    Frances    ThraH,
secretary.    Harmony Grange, Rev. T.
, J. Wright, master;  Hugh J.  McDon-
| aid. lecturer;  Rev. E M. Smith, aec-
I retary.
Th.> machinery, etc., ln the old machine shop and foundry of the Blaine
Foundary & Machine Company, now
owned by John Nlcoll, has been aol*
to a Vancouver trim of junk dealers
and is being removed for shipment
across the line.
, Seven h ad ot cattle were sold under foreclosure of chattel mortgage
Tuesday. Tbe cattle were nought ta
by Jack Anderson, who held tbe
! mortgage giveD by Karl Hayden foe
J $250 Mi. Anderson later sold tb*
cattle, consisting of one cow and sir.
heifers, to Rev. R. I. Case, who wil"
take them to his ranch near Lynden.
Having purchased tho store and
stock of Mr. J. A. Logan, I respectfully request the patronage of the
people of Delta and hope by fair
dealing to merit a continuance of the
Tours  truly,
Incorporated 1*10.
Wa are prepared to Install single
line or party line phonoe at short no-
tfce. Long distance in connection with
our service.   Apply to
A.  DeR.  TAYLOR,  Sec
Cost of  raving.
BELLINGHAM, Jan. 31-���The cost
of improving Elk street from Ivy to
Bryant streets will be somewhere in
the neighborhood of ��21.000. according to a preliminary estimate made
by City Engineer W. H. North. This
means that, for those sections which
are replanked, the cost will be about
$1.50 per foot frontage and $4 per
foot frontage for that section of the
street which is to he laid with asphalt. The board of public works
discussed the matter at some length
anel finally referred it to the city
Shilohs Gun
Grace Without Petticoats.
"Are you a pottie'oatless woman? And
If you bare discarded your underskirts
have you learned to go without them
gracefully?" said the beauty lecturer
to her audience. "The advice I wonld
give to the unpetticoated. to the worn
an who* wears a skirt so snug and
clinging thnt she must adopt some
Ither style of underwear than the old
time petticoats. Is this:
"Look at your shoes. Your skirt
may not be cut off at your boot tops,
but it is certain that they will show.
"Have your ankles trim. Wear buttoned hoots aud set the buttons over
until they abseilutely pinch your ankles.
"Don't wear shabby shoes. Your
feet simply must look nice.
"Wear thin stockings, tbe gauzier
lhe better; under them wear flesh colored silk bose.
"If yon go without petticoats your
feet will show all the time, because
your skirt slinks in. So learn to toe
out   Don't be pigeontoed"
,��<ffl   '   *��*^!i��|K*re-��:aK?'^* ,,W1��>��
LVe.,   _ _���_..   .  ._"_.-_,.
The Patricia, of Toronto Bay, matched to race a racing automobile
o nthe Iirst good windy day. Ice-boating is one ofthe be-st of Toronto's
winter sports. There are. m.ert than two huialred iceboats on the
bay ice at times. TIIE DELTA TIMES
Will Not Testify,
PORT OKCUAKD, Feu. 1���Tria"
of Dr. Linda Burfield Ilazzarel, th��*
Seattle fun cure s|iecialist, who !�����
chargee! with murder in the first degree- for starving to death Claire
Williamson, is rapidly approaching
"toe end.
Mrs. Ha__ard will not testify. I'
is probable that all the testimony
both for the defense and the state'"
rebuttal will be in tonight and ths*
the arguments will begin tomorrow
morning. A ruling of Judge Yakey'e
has materially shortened the lengt"*
��f the defense, by eliminating th��*
testimony of about fifty wilnisse"
milled to testify that they had take**
ihe same treatment as the Williamson sisters under Dr. Hazzard, an<"
found it beneficial.
E. Mehner, father of Paul Mehner
mayor of Bremerton, was the first o'
these witnesses.
"Were you ever under the care o*
Dr. Hazard, and If so, what were the
results?" queried Attorney Karr ft>��
tne defense.
Special Prosecutor Kelly wanted te
know if the witness was called as a��-
expert witness.
"No," said Karr "we want to show
that the same treatment given othc
patients as that given the Williamson sisters so as to prove the absence-
of inteiu lo commit crime in the cas��
at bar."
Kelly objected. Karr argued tha*
-he court admitted such testimony
when he allowed Miss Dorothea Williamson to testify as to Uie treatmen'
she secured and 'what effect it had
The court sustained the state's objection saying that 'Dorothea's evidence
was admissible as showing a commor
design on the lives of the sisters.
James    Watson     Webb,   who   wa->��
given   thc   sobriquet     of   the   "pure
minded youth"  by Prosecutor Kelly,
was put on the carpet in a star chain
tier session with Judge Yakey and the
attorneys for having delivered himself
of comments  unsavory to  the court
��� state's counsel  and  the Jury  as well
in  the  court   house   corridor   in   the
presence   of   several     witnesses   whe
bad not been called    yet.      He  wa��
permitted  to  go   without  punishmen*
after a reprimand by the court.
Thrifty Sailors.
BREMERTON, Feb. 1���Two hundred thousand dollars was distribute*"
today among the crew of the orotect-
ed cruiser New Orleans which arrived yesterday from the Asiatic station.
The men's pay averaged $1000. >
considerable number reueived more
than $5000, representing four years'
Fell Into Well.
EVERETT, Feb. 1��� John McElroy
aged 70, fell into an unused well here
last night and was dead before rescuers re-ached him. He had recentl"
moved to a new house and knew nothing of the presence of the well covered by old planks.
Recall In Everett.
EVERETT, Feb. 1���A movemen".
was started today to recall lhe three
Socialist and one Democratic member
of the council who voted down th<��
���rdinanee for the publication of the
"proposed commission charter.
Socialists  Complicate Matters.
EVERETT, Feb. 1.���The three Socialist and cyie De-mocrati-c members
who comprise a majority of the City
Council, have made a stand against
the ordinance authorizing the publication of the proposed new charter
because it paves the way for commission   form   of   government,   to   which
"The Earth Abld8.li Forever,"
Say Scriptures.
Symbolic, Not Literal, Fire It Imminent.
Pastor Russell Says Our Lord 8sid
Nothing About ths End of ths Earth,
Simply ths End of ths World���London Tabernaelo Crowded.
Oct IB. ���Loi��-
DOJ" Tabebnactle,
Lancaster Oate
W., was crowded
today to hear
Pastor Russell.
He spoke of mistaken notions re
the end of the
world. He assured his audience that "the
earth abldeth
f o r e v e r," and
claimed tbat errors were built upon misinterpretations of "Script ure. His text was Revelation x. 6, 7. "And the angel sware
* * * that the time should be no longer (delayed)."
Pastor Russell declared that his text
has no reference to tbe end of time-
that time could never end, must al-
ways endure. The word delayed
should bave been added by tbe translators to catch the proper thought
Tbe time mentioned would no longer
be delayed The fulfilment of delayed
promises would be accomplished.
These views in recent years have
been most pronouncedly voiced by
Christian brethren styled Adventlsts.
but really are to be found In nearly
all the creeds of Christendom. Tbe
erroneous theory has been further bolstered up by the misinterpretations of
our Lord's words translated the end of
the world. Our Lord said nothing about
the end of the earth, ge; what He did
mention was tbe end of the aion or
Age ln which we live. Various atom
or ages bave followed one another,
eacb ending in turn end giving place
to another. So the present aion or age
we believe, will soon give place to a
better aion or Age���tbe aion or age tn
which sin and death have reigned will
give place to an aion or Age in which
Christ and His Church will reign triumphant.
Heavens snd Earth on Firs
Those who have not learned tbat the
Bible frequently uses language ln ti
symbolical manner may be excused for
taking literally some of Bt Peter's
statements respecting the burning of
the heavens and tbe earth. A critical
study shows that the Apostle could
not have referred to the literal earth
and tbe literal heavens as being consumed. He used the term ear'h sym
bollcolly, as representing society, of
which tbe mountains or kingdoms ure
the backbone, just as be used the word
heavens to represent the ecclesiastical
VICTORIA, Jan. 26���The most important convention in connection with
the agricultural department of the
province of British Columbia which
are being held at this time was opened yesterday in the Botanical Chambers of the Parliament Buildings,
when the Farmers' Institutes congregated for' the discussion and transaction of the many broad and vital
questions of business affecting the
farming industry in the province.
The session lasted throughout the
day and it is likely that an extra session will have to be held in order lo
complete the business. Many questions were discussed and in a few
instances action was taken by means
of resolutions.
Perhaps the most important question that arose throughout the day
was that concerning the telephone
service in the province. A resolution
was brought in recommending that
the government be asked to facilitate
the granting of charters to private
companies desiring to operate ln the
province, but when the matter came
to be discussed it waa found that the
vast majority of the delegates���and
there were about a hundred of them
���favored much more drastic steps
being recommended.
Government ownership was frankly
advocated, the argument against the
private owner being the dual one that
where he did operate a line he charg-
i ed an exorbitant rate and that ln any
case he was not likely to invade tho
parts that could not be expected to
pay, the parts which, so lt was stated, required the telephone the most
on account of the railway and road
Finally the matter was left to the
committee to draw up another resolution. Another resolution fixing the
limit of assessment of agricultural
land at $300 per acre was passed by
the convention on a division.
Mr. Scott, the deputy minister of
agriculture, presided over the meeting and the Hon. Price Ellison delivered  an  address  in  the  afternoou.
The eogai Bank ol Canada
Incorporate** IM*.
CAPITAL I AID-UP .-   , $6,200,000
RESBKVi:  FUND           |7.05��.I88
Total Asuets Uver One   Hundred and Ten Millions.
Jteeomnts mt Out-of-Z>own  Customers Siuen Special jtitention
Aoe*-.'nu may be opened wltii deposits of ONE DOLLAR
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June
Slst, each year.
S.rh aad
Press Will Give Trophy.
SEATTLE, Jan.  31���Believing that
a  "chicken  is  a chicken"  so  long as
I ii can either crow or cackle, the Seat-
j tie Press Club will present a beautiful
silver cup to the owner making the
best display of bantams at the Coast
Poultry   Association's   show   here   on
, Feb. 5-10. The irophy offered by
the newspaper organization is one of
the prettiest of the many cups to be
: competed' for at the big sweepstake
show. The Palmer and Orrell cups,
also to be placed in the bantam class,
will   give   Pacific   Coast   breeders   of
t the classiest fowls, something never
before offered, and from the entries
received up to the present time, this
will be one of the notable exhibits to
be seen next week. The breeders who
attend tho show will not lack for entertainment while in Seattle. Burt
Lucas, chairman of the entertainment
committee for the week, has arranged
for a complimentary banquet at
which not less than 75 covers Will be
laid. This event has been set for the
evening of Friday. Feb. 9, and Mr.
Lucas promise-s that the menu and
the fun will be a harmonious quantity suited to the tastes of the most
tastidious. The event will be given
in the Press Club's auditorium.
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
powers which are even now rolling to
they abject on the ground that it is a gether as a scroll from the two ends-
gov-rnmejit by autocrats, one not de- j the  one   Protestant,   the  other  Cath-
signed to assist  the  laboring man As
the   situation   now   stands   some   property holder will  be compelled  to institute  mandamus   proceedings  in  order that the cily may comply with the
plate 'latw which prescribes 'the publication ol a proposed charter.
She Is Insane.
SEATTLE,     Feb.     1���Mrs.     Emm**
Jones,  widpw  of Edmund Jones,   whe
Wfla louii.i    dead    i_.nl    .'ri-Jayi will*
three  bullet wounds in  his head,  wa"
today   committed    to   the   Steilacooir
Hospital   for   the   Insane.     At   the  insanity hearing it was shown  that fo*
several   years   past   she   had   tried   te
prove  that  her   husband   waa  insane
while   the   fact   was   she   was  insane
herself.    Physicians testified that an��
one  oi   the   three     wounds  in  Jonec'
head would have caused death or ut*.-:
Clergyman 1'iisiilisl'nctory.
HOQU1AM, Feb. 1���It has just beer
learned that petitions are being circulated quietiy here lor the recall o*
Mayor Han/ Ferguson, a clergyman
A threat lo recall him was made before tne . iiri.-tii.ii-5 holidays when ��
scaiid-., Uf.ejiopi.-U In tne p eliee department which resulted in the resig-
uaticn   of several   policemen.
it is reported that a large numbc"
of persons have signed the petition
and that either Dri li. C. Watkin.s or
J. T. Dekay, manager of the loco.)
gas company, will ann-fta*-** hiscan-
Uie.acy lor im ' mayoralty nomination,
Seattle Markets.
SEA'-TLt,, ESb, 1���l'.ggs: Local
ranch 31c to 32c* F-astei u lresh 29c
to 31c; do storage 27c. Oniony
Yellow |1.50 to *S2 per sack; reel J.1.73
to $2; Walla Walla $1.50 to $1,75.
1 otatoes ?-.-i to $B2 per ton. Butter;
Washington creamery firsts 32c to
3 ,c; Eastern fresh. 30c to 32c; storage 2fic to -He. Hay: Tl-uothy.. Eastern Washington $20 per ton; do Puget
Sound $1C. to $16. Straw J;i to $10;
alfalfa $15. Oats: Eastern Washington $32 to $34 per Ion; Puget
Sounelt $30 to $32.
Can Factory to Open
BELLINGHAM, Feb. l.���Anticipating another banner year in the xil-
nten industry the Pacific American
Kfc.herii-i Company has -practically
completed all arrangements ��� for the
Starting up of 'its great can 'i*::*>ry
about March 1. This factory is starting slightly earlier than usuil ana,
with a full force, will employ about
4.0 -women and girls.
Shiloh's Gun
 ��.���.��. HEALS THE LONGS
STOPS COUGHS mice, as csNTt
Will Repair Bridge.
BELLINGHAM, Feb. 1���About *L-
000 is to be sepnt by the city in repairing the Taylor street bridge on
the south side, according to a decision reached by the City Council,
following a recommendation hy the
board of public works ajid arrangements are now being made for the
advertising for bids. Councilman
Mullin reiterated his objection of last
week to the effect tbat no action
should be taken until the Supreme
Court has decided whether or not the
bridge is within the city limits.
The People s Trust Co., ltd.
Capital Authorized, $500,000.00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Executed
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
H. A. MacDONALD, Mgr., Notary Public
People's Trust Building Ladner, B. C.
Vtfakes a Specialty ��/�����
fob ana
Studious Youth.
BELLINGHAM, Fob. 1. ��� Clyde
Reed, a student of the Normal School
was on Monday arrested on a warrant
issued by Justice of the Peace Fea-
therkile, charging htm with asaualt
and battery on his girl wife. The
complaint states that Reed threw his
wife on the floor, kicked her and then
struck her with a broomstick. Re��d
ls said to have been attending Normal School for ae number of months
while his wife has been working at
various Joebs about the city, earning
money to pay the expenses of her
husband in school.
Dcutli of  Mrs.  DeBavoVl,
otic.   The social conflagration ts being
generally fetired.
Although many expect tbe social con
flagration. not many yet fear the re
llgious blaze' predicted by tbe Apostle.
It surely will come; not a Jot or tittle
will fall. The religious "heavens" and
the social "earth" will catch fire to
gether After the grpflf conflagration,
upon tbe tishes of bumuu institutions.
Messiah will establish tbe Kingdom
of glory and blessing in tbe interests
of our poor, dying race. Tbe "new
heavens" will be the new ecclesiastical
power���the Church in glory The "new
earth" will be the new social arrange
ment which Messiah will inaugurate.
Some of the Difficulty
The early Church hoped. In harmony
with the Apostolic teachings, for Messiah's Kingdom to be established and
for tbe resulting "times of restitution
.f all things'which God batb spoken
by the mouth of all the he>ly Prophets
���duee the world began."-Acts III. 10-21
After the Apostles fell asleep and
the Kingdom still delayed, false doctrine's crept into the Church, amongst
others the theory thai Christ's King
dom was not to be waited feir���thut it
cprue at Pentecost and the Apostles did
not know of it; that It must conquer its
way'to the Throne of eartb���that con-
verts must be made even thouch the
usslstanee of Inquisitional-? torments
were necessary to effect this.
False Kingdoms of God
When the Protestant Reformation renounced Catholicism and denounced it
as ADti-Chrlst lt proceeded, neverthe
less, along the same lines Various
Protestant Churches did their best to
fill tbe place which I'apucy claimed
and to get earthly kingdoms to support
their claims to spiritual domination
Thus the Czar of Russia Is the Head
uf -the Creek Church, Emperor Wil
liam is the Head of the Lutheran sys
tern. King George is Head of the
Church of England, theoretically. We
may be sure, however, that none of
these talented men believe for a mo
ment that they are reigning as and for
and Instead of Messiah.
None of these are Kingdoms of
Christ, nor could all of them together,
called "Christendom." hope ever to
bring to pass tbe glorious things
promised of Messiah's Empire���that
"every knee shall bow and every
tongue confess to the glory of God."
Indeed. It Is becoming more widely ,ater on in order t0 keep the asso.
known dolly that heathendom, as well datlon on its feet. February 17 is
at Christendom, It doubling ia popula I Mt ag the day on which this sum
tion aach century. will be raised.	
BELLINGHAM, Feb. 1.���After nn
Illness of about a year Mrs. J ,s-ipnine
E. I>eIIaven, wife of T. H. Del la.'en.
\vlie> for ye^ars has been a psa***- officer
of this city anil county passed away
on Tuesday. Mrs. DeHaven .i.*.>J in
Bellingham for twenty-two years and
for a number of years the fam'ly residence has bee,n at 2306 Lynn street.
Hhe leaves, besides her hu3*>.ind,
three daughters, Hazel, whei is a |
teacher in Steeling, Wash.; Edith f-id
Milllcent, who live at home. . There
are also three brothers and ti to sisters, all living hi tho Fast. Mrs. De-
Haven wa.s a member oflhe J ir.i
Congregational chur.-h and ( ">'��� of
the Women of Woodcraft.
Will Ask for $4000.
BELLINGHAM, Fob. 1.���The budget of the Young Women's Christian
Asociation for the -coming year will
call for 14000; "1000 more :han last
year, according to an official statement given out this monnring. The
additional amount required is due to
the fact that last year's expenditure's
were insufficient for the work of the
institution, with the result :!ut all
sorts of devices had to be resjrted to
Since the return of '.'arelinal Farley from -tome, the authors of
Ntw York styles have been putting forward this "Cardinal's" lace
cape, and it is taking on well with the strollers of Broadway. It is
held hy the smallest part of lace caught together by a brooch in the
front, but the back has all th*, decorations in unbroken lines.
His American Wife.
SEATTLE, Feb. 1���I_ay Lan, *>
Chinaman who married an Ameriear
wife at Douglas, Alaska, in 1909, today applied for divorce charging tha'
he had been cruelly treated and tha*
his wife had beaten him up on several occasions. Later she deserte***
him and has not shown up.
He Wanted  Proof.
DAVENPORT, Feb. 1���A marriag
license for Samuel Held, aged 80, o'
Elmlra, and Mrs. J. A. Balmer, age**1
(5 of Spokane, has been held up
pending the arrival of friends t<-
Identify them. The marriage license
clerk refused to Issue the license until the couple had been identified.
Skills of
Card j
tTfe mortal
Call and See Sample*
Ths Delta Tta-ee Is puWlS-ued evsrr
Saturday from ths It-ass BoUdlM.
Ladner.  B.C.    J.  D.


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