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The Delta Times Mar 30, 1912

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
p   -
Municipal   Hull   Under   Construction
Shortly���Dyking Contract to
Be Let.
 '     1
CLOVERDALE, B.C., March 22.-���
With the exception or a few (lays this
month has so tar been an ideal one;
a little brisk at night, but nice, bright
sunshine throughout the day, and the
farmers are all busy with the plow,
getting ready for the spring seeding.
Matter* polltloal are ruther quiet,
considering that in another week thero
win be a provincial election, but '"'-
rangements have been made for several meetings In the meantime, which
may arouse a Ilttle more intcre'st in
the  matter.
Hedily for Highway Work.
Wnrk -<-lil ��w he finished on the
bunkers here to be used for crushed
rock   and   gravel,   and   this  morning,
l,ie   ...    .     ..... ,c   i 'x ..-   i- '-ni; ..in >
received some of the new cars to be
used for hauling the material, so that
everything will soon be ready to St in
work   again   on   lhe   Pacilie   Highway.
Arrangements have been completed
for the building of the new municipal
hall on tho old school site here, and
It ls expected that work will be started at once on it.
The Surrey dyking commissioners
have gold the bonds on which the
money was being raised for the construction of the dyke and dam. for
the reclamation of thr. Nlcomekl and
Serpentine valleys, and the contract
will   be  let  shortly  for the  work.
The Maple Leaf Stock Company,
presumably from Vancouver, advertised a show here last n!?ht, but for
some unknown reason did nit put In
an appearance, so those who' came arranged for a dance, which lasted until
about midnight.
A  Church  Concert.
The Ladles' Aid of the Presbyterian
church are giving a concert in the
opera house here on Saturday night.
March 30th. In addition to local
talent, Miss Slater, of New Westminster, and Mr. Rea, of Vancouver, both
uf whom have assisted very materially
at former concerts, will give recitations, etc., and Mr. Prothoroe, of Vancouver, who has also been before the
local public before, will render some
of his Interesting songs. The ladies
promise an enjoyable evening and It
Is hoped there will be a large attendance, the addmls'ion being only 25
On Friday, March 29th, a dance
will be given In the opera house h6re,
to which everybody is invited. A
specia] car w.lll leave from New Westminster at 7.45 p.m. to bring out
any there who may wish to attend.
Ladies will be admitted free, but gentlemen will be charged $1.50 each for
Personal News.
Mr. H. V. Parr has returned from
a month's holiday In California. Mrs.
Parr, who accompanied him on the
trip, will remain in the south for a
couple of months yet.
Mr. B. R. Whlteley arrived home
last night from Nicola with another
carload of cattle, which he Intends
selling for beef.
Dr. Swenerton, V.S., of Vancouver,
paid a buslnel visit to Cloverdale on
Mrs. A. Milton, ef Vancouver, has
been spending a week with her parents here.
Mr. G. D. Brymner, manager of the
Bank  of Montrea     *-'e n ..��� ���
was  out  on   business  un   Wednesday
Lacrosse  Hoys of  the  Lower  I'm-
Lac.osse   l.i>fc��(ie   Prepare   to
Battle for Supremacy.
The 1 leaver Lacrosse Oiuib is preparing ,f..r the Summer's a -tivity and
will in 'till pr tw-blUty 'commence
pracftlae a', ut K i-uer. The new
grounds ar*s to be ivii.-.vi and a dress-
ll g r an is to- In- built for the eon-
vertlen1 e of the boy
51 tr's   players   are    i .aii:i��� ���:,-   and
Country   Goes   Solid in Favor of the
Government���One Lone Socialist
is Returned
Big Project to Run Carllne to Delta
Town  Ftom  the Terminal
Delta  returned Mr.  F.  J.   MacKenzie  on Thursday by the magnificent
Neaily ail] list  m   o*t*"ty of  M- and take.- the money
.    John Oliver, hu Liberal opponent.
the boys get touey  ther   Is no rea*on   The vote stood .MacKenzie Til. Oliver
why the icuii Bh0U-d not be consid-
. ubl; strengith ni d. Theire are oni
ot fcw o no**  -ton - sprlng-ln-** up In the
Mel.i-an,  COU	
Wright,   Ind.-r..n	
Ilarr id,    SOC	
���' i:--. rvatli e  maj irlty
Mr,   Ma-cKenzli   goes baick   i i : x.v.\*aim
ii pport Premier MoBrlde, who la returned t> power without a Liberal oP-
:   .mi   an i   the   linn-   n r.v   doing   bus.-    p   ultlon   and   with   an   almost   unanl
ne* -    are    adding   to    their staffs of
i erks,    Thi fe ie no reason . hj 8 im i
nun   ye  -       ��� >-1!>I     not     be     lionvw
p] -. es,    '. : l-   ��n uM   meai     i '   !   ;'u-
t new  Woo I  and  ten I -t    ii un
��� n  .'i.-  i..c.      . irosse  Interest. I
it is un'fli' sttfod '.iiiai the Bart
11,-it.: iv -r .- i 'in t>f st' _ h i ���''������ ���
<(f ';������������������ - r 'u ii'-vi by ' ��� ' i ' -i
Of in- ir two men hitherto for.-
nected with  the city teams.
The  We.-'-ham   island  bunch  expect i
to   play   the   same   te-nm   ass   Bhait   of
last  year, 'and  with  their test  year's
experience     togethi r     should     again '
make a  bunch of fuernen  well  worthy
of the  a.tten'tinn i.,f any  lacrosse team ,
outside   Otf   the   cities.     Altotri ther   It j
looks   as   though   there   m-ight   be   ai
i'ne  series  of  lacrosse   played   in   the |
Delta during the coming season.    The
fact   of   having  grounds   adjacent   to
the   centre   of   the   town    instead   of  "'j*
n: ius legislature, only one. or perhaps.
two Socialists being elected,  for  Xew-
istle  and  Xanaimo.
Bleated by Acclamation.
AtLn���Dr. H. E. Young. Conservative.
Alberni���J. G. C. Wood, Conservative.
Chilliwack���S. A. Cawley, Conservative.
Grand Forks���Ernest Miller, Conservative.
Kasio���N". F.  Mackay, Conservative.
Revelstoke���-Hon. Thos. Taylor,
Similkameen���L. W. Shatford,
Cranbrook���Thos. Caven, Cur.serva-
the  local  t.-am going all  the way out
Richmond��� F.     L.     Carter-Cotton
The Returns.
to  the exhibition  grounds,   will  make
a  great  improvement   in   the  facilities
for   practise   and   also   make   a   great.     The results by constituencies follow:
il.ff. i-cnce to the number who will at-  CARIBOO (two members) ���
lend    to    witness    the    games    of    the,      M.  -.Minium.  Con      38
Major liaser.  Con	
John Holt, Lib      22
Five polls heard from.
i-i iLC.MHIA������
' '     The       Foster,  IihI.-Coii .,,   198
i' irso'n,  cor.	
Some polls to hear from.
STEVESTON,        March
school  money  bylaws  voted  upon  on
Thursday passed by a vote of 42 to
1. This school loan bylaw for $20,000   COMOX���
will  provide     for    the    extraordinary i     \y.  Manson.  Con
school   expenditure   of     the     current
year which  includes the  purchase of
new  sites and  ths    erection  of new  dO-WKJH-VN���
W. W.  Lefeaux, Soc    379
Mr.  Mansor. elected   (15  polls).
Th. amount will be    allocated    as
follows: Mitchell     school,       $150;
Trltes.   $50:   Lulu,   $154);   Sea   .Island,   DEDTA-
H.   Ilny-wii-l.   Con    339
Alexander Herb,  Lib    10'2
Two polls yet to hear from.
���"150; English. $1000; Steveston, $450;
Bridgeport, $6500; additions to
buildings new sites, new buildings
and capital expenditure, $11,500,
makin ga total of $20,000.
This amount is  in addition  to the
ordinary   expenditure     for   which  an
amount  of   $9060   Is   provided,   made
up a3 follows:  Mitchell school,  $450;   gJSODTMAiLT
Trltes,   $50;   Lulu.   $4j0;   Sea  Island, I     K   H   Poolev   Con
$150;      English,     $1100;       Steveston'
F. J. MacKenzie, Con  7.1
John Oliver, Lib  299
Conservative majority  442
-T. J. Manson, Con  799
Mr.  Mc.N'elce,  Ind. Con  194
Douglas poll to hear from.
$1100; Bridgeport, 84850; Incidentals,
John  Jardlne.  Con  96
II.   I��.   Helmcken,  Con  188
M,   B. Jackson,  Lib  156
G.   Oliver,  Soc  24
$260;  secretary's salary, $300;  health
Inspector, $300:    and transportation,
' 1850.      The   last   amount,   for   transportation,   is  to  pay     the     fares  for
I bringing children in  from  the outly-
��� ing districts to attend school,  the mu<-
' nlcloallty   bearing  half  the  cost  and
i the  government   the    other  half,  so
I that  with  the  government    contribution   of   $250   the   total   amount   for  que EN*WOOD���
this   purpose   will   be   $500. I    .Jaokaon,   Con.    . .
|      The vote stood: Camble town hall |     Hetherington,   Soc
���For,     22;     against.     1,     Steveston ' 	
court   house���For,     20;     against,     0.[ Conservative   majority       260
Total   4 2   for   and   one   against.
Majority      no
FE'l *'.\-I'E���
Hon. W. R. Ross, Con 1112
W. Davidson, Soc      799
Conservative majority    313
Place, Soc	
riant,i.   Con	
Aid. Henry Shepherd, Lib,
Con. maj. fiver tub.   . .
*'i''V   .' "TILE���
P.   Williams,  Soe	
I!.  B,   Dier,  Cm	
Socialist   majority   ... .
Thos. Gilford, Con	
George Kennedy, Lib.   . . .
.   528
.    100
.    177
.   (121
.   371
.   2 0 4
.   380
.   373
.      13
.   625
Conservative   majority   . . .
Hon. Price "Ellison. Cot    . 1547
. .G.  T.  Stirling.  Sor-    373
Hon. P. Ellison returned, 18 polls.
ROSi**I-A'NiD   CITY���
Campbell, Oon       330
L.  D.  Taylor,  Lib    168
Casey,   Soc      85
Some polls to hear from.
KIm-i-1-*,   Con	
Noble,   Lib	
Conservative majority
W. M. Manson, Con. .. .
.Montgomery,  Lab	
Alex.  Manson,  Lib	
Clayton,  Ind.-Con	
Conservative majority . .
Win. Hunter. Con 283
Anthony Shilland, Soc    159
Conservative majority 124
Hon. W. J. Bowser, Con 5109
A. H.  B.  MaeKoui-.ii. Con 5027
(i.  A.  Mc-rfuire. Con ...5109
H. H. Wat-on, Con 5001
C.  B,  Tis-1-ill. Con 50��7
W. Bennett,  Soc.   . 1150
J. Reid, Soc 11-54
W. A. Pritchard, Soc 1069
J. P, Lord, Soc 1126
J.  McDonald, Soc 1272
S. Greer.  Ind    918
Ralph   Smith.   Lib 3139
J. X. Ellis, Lib 2628
Alderman Enrlght, Lin ,2977
Alderman  Cameron,   Lib 2727
Maxwell Smith, Lib 2866
Majority���'Highest     Conservative
over highest Liberal, 1970; lowest
Conservative over highest Liberal,
MiiBricle.   Con 3228
II. B. Thomson, Con 2517
Fred Davey, Oon 2375
llelu-seii.   Con 2390
Brewster.   Lib 2048
Elliott.  LIh 1998
Mldgeley,  So    R62
By far the biggest project yet discussed tor the construction of a car
line was acted on by a lar^e meeting
of the Fiaser street Ratepayers' Association held in the Municipal Hall
last, evening, jvir. George Stuart presiding. The proposal Is tor a carllne
to run from Vancouver to Ladner
via Fraser avenue.      The    plan  lias
1 n   . ndorsi d    by    the    Va/ii ouver
Board of Trad., and the Ladner Board
of Trade and Is considered feasible,
A transportation committee composed of -Messrs. j. i: McDonald, Q,
F. Baird, J. G. Campbell,. T. O'Neil,
George Stuart, J. I!. Martin and others wu.-, ePcteil to put the scheme
before the South Vancouver Board of
Works at its next meeting.
The British Columbia Electric Railway has already promised to double
track the Fraser street carllne as far
as Page road ahd tho association's
field secretary reported that quit
claims for property necessary for the
widening of 'he street from Twenty-
Eighth avenue to the North Arm of
the Fraser river were expected to be
all in by next week. Grading operations are already being carried out by
the municipality from Page road to
Fifty-ninth avenue so that thc road
will be almost as level as Main street.
When all the quit claims have been
received the municipality ran go
ahead with the widening of the thoroughfare to SO feet, making it the
main business artery through '.ho
i-;i:i"i:\E. March 27.���Provincial
Bridge Inspector Napier and Provincial Road Superintendent M-BBride
visited Ebume and have been shown
over the Sea Island and Lulu bland
bridges with the Idea of looking Into
the question of equipping them with
electrical appliances for opening
Mr. S. Churchill, president of the
Richmond and Point Grey board of
tradc. with several members of the
council of the board were present and
pointed out to the visitors the great
delay caused to traffic by the pr.'-sfmt
method of turning the span by hand.
Mr. Xapler admitted that the proposition was qu'te feasible, and promised to bring the matter before Provincial Engineer Griflith. He asked
for data as to the trafllc, and this
the bridge tender was instructed to
splendid   Miinc   of   Past   Horses   in
Training at the Ladner Racing
l--.|.A\I��S  -
A,   E.  MoPhlllipe, Con 848
Majority���-Highest     Conserv
over highest Liberal, 11 so.
...  1,liens.  Con	
J. P. Me 'onnell. Lib	
i uie poll to hear from.
KAMLm TS   i incomplete)���
tl.   P.   Sliiiw,   Cons 919
R,  I-'. Lelghton, Lib    461
Returns from  seventeen polls.
A. McDonald, ("on     79
Thirteen polls available.
VMM: ���
,1. ll.  Sohofleld, (on	
R,   P.    Petliplece,   Soc	
Returns from S polls only.
. .Stuart  Henderson,  1.11     4;.
Three polls only available,
��� ,	
MONTREAL,   March  27������'"Trade
Conditions In the Canadian West are
I excel Inn t  and  evidences of  prosperity
are   to   be   found   everywhere,"   said
I Mr, J.ime.1 Oarruthers. the well known
Mvlieat   man.     Mr.  Oarruthers  had  re-
,turned  from a  threa  weeks'  visit to
. the west.
"While in the west I had a long
chat With one of the highest railway
Officials there, who predict,.,! that in
11915 western Canada would hnve a
I wheat   crop   of   360,000,000     bushels.
lit will then be ni ssary to use the
I Panama canal, which will result in
the export of n lnrir" amount of wheat
|vla Vancouver. The��west*ls prosperous and there is nothing on thc horizon  to Indicate any setback."
WORST IS NOW <>\ lilt.
PEKIN". March 88.���With
Hui Mancini princes arming
in preparation for in uprising
which tibe.v hope ;**'i" win back
fur their dynasty the control
nf the Chinese igovern_nen>t,
the existence Otf the new republic is menace.1 today by tin
serious   illness   of   President
Yuen Shi Kai. The physicians
declare that the president's
illness Is due to Tlrugs. Foreigners here express fears for
their safety..
LONDON,    March      88..    Willi      linearly  voting   in   the  districts  affj 1 ted
Iby ths stssA    coal    tftrt-ks indicating
I that a majority of ths nn-ii favor returning  to  the coiUerles .<:i   England
I s rejoicing toJ iy, confidently exipeot-
ing  thai   a   million   or   more  miners
twill have returned  1��  work  by  I'a.stcr.
li si-til, incut comes the credll  will
lie   due   to   J.    It.    .Ma   I'.Hiiel.    leader
of th. Conservative LafborWes, who
yesterda) at~tende"d a taoeUng of tits
Minera1   E-eder-aition and  pleaded   w'feh
the men to a c.-pt the minimum w kgs
Pill  as  it  stands,   leaving   il   to   p.11 I'a -
ment  to  Insert  s  minimum   wage  ������!
five Shillings t" adults and tw.i fur
minors In the event Of the district
boards fsilln; t" BgT( n tiii- stipulation.
it is generailly belli veJ that tin-
worst of the trouble Is now over, but
prices of cal and food continue to
rise and municipal authorities and
thi che ri' 1 ble org tnlz 11 ons are taxed
to tin- limn to eare ifor thi   penniless.
The question On which Ohe 01111.1-
are voting  reads a^  follows:
"Are you In favor of resuming
work pending the settlement of ihe
miner's rates of wages in the various
Mradr** by the district l*-:irds, to lie
appointed under the coal mines' minimum wage a*"t ?"
The Infant mortality is (L-JUpalMn-g u
a result of the strike. At Manchester the mortality to children under
five has Inerrtused fromi  S4  to 1.15  per
1000.    -leaith  officers    report    that
nunsing mothers are unahle to buy
nourlshlng food.
Delta���(27  Polling Stations.)
MacKenzie. Ol
Ladner  105
Westham Island  40
Sunlmry  4
Annae.s  9
Fast  Helta  21
Mud Bay , 14
Ki nslngton Prairie ... 17
Johnson   Load     18
Whit,-   Rook     13
HaZellllere     4H
1 "loverdaie  64
8, Wi stmlnster   79
Annieville  ">
Tynehead    24
Port Kells    24
1" tyton  '���'
Port  Langley     46
Murray\ llie     40
1 inter  10
A  lergrove    4!'
cicn Valley   16
Milner  88
Boundary  Pay     s
Glencoe   6
Straw berrj   Hill     18
Sperling  18
Lochiel    6
Total-    741
There is an excellent prospect for
tin- races of the I telta Turf 1 Hub dur-
Ihg the forthcoming year, and already
1 large number of line horses at work
on the track, in f 1,1. never bef ire
have So many equine aristocrats been
��� ted .11 the racing stables.
.1. W. 11 illingshe id, the 11 ter in
horse trainer and owner, has a mini-
bi r nf v.ry promising inimals, which
will be heard from thi-- season.
' 01,. feature of Mr, 11 dllngshead'a
I- - in-,- stud Is Pel i' ilesblne, a promising and beautiful yearling by Palestine. This wonderful little filly is
: '. . to drive a nd is aln id ��� shod.
sh.- is wonderfully tractable and Intelligent and will give exhibition runs
in all  probability thi." summer.
B.C. King, in spite of his twelve
years of age, is In bhe pink of con-
iiitii.r. and :s prepared to live up to
his reputation of being one of the
most wonderful horses of the circuit,
ore,it Northern King was never looking better and is doing good work
-.ii the track. Dandy King, a Una
colt by Nanoose and B.C. King Is
showing up well, as Is also Mable
King, n handsome two-year-old, who
will doublet- in- heard from. -Lilllau
King ls also in tr?iiiir.g and her trainer
is  very   hopeful  of  her  being  able  to
land g 1 money this season.
'. McKiilop has a I'm,, string of
nin,.* or ten. and among them Is the
well-known   Queenle  King.
Mr. Richardson has a number of
fast ones, who are shaping nicely.
Bonnie McKenny Is looking tine and
is doing good work in preparing for
the esasop, Mr. Richardson has about
a   dozen   likely   ones   under  his  care.
John Murray has n couple of fast
colts which it Is expected will be
iu shape tor tiie forthcoming races,
and Will show* clean heels to a lot
who will figure or. the turf this season.
Jos Jordan's Clue Dell has fully
recovered from her accident of Inst'
fall and promises to beat her own-
record  of last year.
.Altogether there is every prospect
of one of the most successful race
meets ever helf In Ladner during the
f.ii-thcoming season.
iI-BUl-XE, March 25.���-The Eburne
Lacrosse Club has re-organized, and
with the organization the members
have started to Interest themselves
in the actual work of getting ready
to   play   the   national  game.
The officers elected at the annual
meeting were: Honorary president.
Councillor Ewart Clugston; president,
Mr. Hugh -Murray; vice-president, Mr.
J. A. Pator.; secretary-treasurer, Mr.
Harry Rattray; manager, Mr. Fred
Cornett; executive, Messsr. Edgar
Buckingham, Rudolf Graner, A. M.
Parker, W, McDonald and Leslie
Richards, ���,
The captain of the Intermediate
team for the year ts Mr, Rudolf
Gra 11 er.
iii,   Mai-Kiii/.ii-'s  Thanks,
To the 1 'e'ta Times in Pri lay Mr,
M 1 Kensle . 1 pressi r] his appreci ition
of 1 ne h .lei- done him by thi eleel irs
or 1 lelta and said 1
Mr. Oliver turely knows this morning thai  the  1 pie   >f  Delta   Riding
do not want him. He ij entitled to
absolutely no sympathy In the hour of
his defeat Was he not willing lasi
Septi mber to sacrifice tin- Interesl of
every farmer In the Delta tor political
or. 1 rment. 1 ttd be nol put the
country to the cost of an election when
he Bald himself he had not "a ghost
of a chance"? Was not his campaign
ont of parish politics, vilification, mis-
r��presentation and personal a-buse?
Was it not alway.s thus and is he nol
1 .,< reaping his reward? it is worthy
of note that whi re the PresT: ter in
pre idler spoke 0 ! his rellgl ius qualities,  it l'u-t Ke" ��� and 1 Cazelmi re, the
Vote  went 24 to 2  ami   19 to 8, 1
lively,   against   Mr.   Oliver.    Lei   me
thank tin- good ; pie   if I >elta  from
the bottom of my heari tor their
hearty-support yesterday and at the
.-jam,-  time assure  them   111 ��� . 1-  wants
-will   in-    -ar.-fully   looked   a���'���
The members of True Blue Lodge
I'-4 are making preparations for a
ben '.'t daiiee r ir Mr. EJber Thomas,
woh recently had tin misfortune to
lose hi.-' right arm in a planing mill.
The dance will be held In the Odd
Fellows'   Kail,   Eburne,  on  Thursday
evening.   April   4th.
The presi nl quarters of the B.C,
Telephone Exchange at Eburne are
mui. rgolng a complete o\ erhaullng.
With the enormous Increase In the
population nf the district* which Is
served  by  this exchange,  the m
which a year ago was deemed quite
adequate has now been pronounced
Al   the   lasi   mi sting  of  the   1:   h-
-niii'l ilouncll, .and over which  Re '"���' ���
Bi. Ige   again   presided,   the   que��tl in
ng   1   second   water m 1   ffl
N'e'.V    We--/iir - ', I-    !  .   1 he    Is   ind,    '    IS
��� .oi- Idered,  md  Rei ve Brl Ige   ra    ip��
ti I  ri interview the W\ tn  1
Coun  il In this conm ctior and rep irl
���    ��� ������  ���
The *'---��� -��� re r 1 tati den that
Eburne hasc i< nown this sprli ��� vas
pul iiir mgh recently. The
which the old "Delta Clu 1." now
1 Iranvllle I tote!, stands . -.- is pur h 1 **���
. d for 820 ' 00, Thi 1 thi
in the corner of Fourth strei ��� and
Eburne aven ie.
At the Ladner Uhletl   C
...  ten  very g 1  exhll      1 1
:   ',   \ - ��� ��� .    liven  anvm-' thi
nn in ..1.-   1 -  well  as two vei
talnlng  exhl 1!   -.-. ird   fighting
by two   'bin 1 mi n     Chong  Pong
participant j,  was  v
".1       n .        md    idg
activity. Is stil    1 good mal
er il of the s uunger men.
Tii    "hoys"   1' ���  moon,
and Fridays,  ij becoming very popular,   and   no   less   than   50   t ���   75   of
Ladner's prldi   -pent two  ���
able h mrs on a ich of these A
SAN" FRANCISCO, March 27���Passing an open door, Charles BchmltZ
siilooii porter heard he might lose his
Job. He shot himself on tho spot, dying instantly.
Messrs. 1!. A. White rule, C, M oi-:-
ion, Murray and .1. Provost are engaged In repairing the < 'an is P im
bridge   ti  Westham   Island.    One  or
two   of  the   piers  ha\.    loosened   and
the gang is busy repairing the same. THE DELTA TIMES
���He hath sent." If we would learn
God's plan, we must start some place.
We shall get our vision then of Jesus
Chr-st crucified for us; of Jesus
Christ     crowned     bur    us;     of    JesUS
  ! Christ coming to set things right here
and   you    will   see   you   have   a   part
A  Sermon Dealing With lhe Signs of   ������  th]rs great p*an.     \f we suffer with
tlic Times and the Vnivst of the
World  ut  I-iirgc.
Notes 0f a sermon preached on Sunday,' March :14th, at the Baptist
church, Ladner, by the pastor, Lev.
C.   lt.  Blunden.
Text: "Then spake Jesus again unto
them saying I am the Light of the
world; he that follsweth me shall not
���walk in darkness but shall have the
light of life."���John  S: 12.
We are living in days of disquietude   t)l(
and perplexity. The "World of Na
tions" is passing through a period of
unrest and change of a unique character. Ominous rum-lings are heard
on every hand like distant -thunder
suggesting a gathering siorm.
In the world of industry and commerce, the dark and forbodtng cloud
is international in its threatened
sweep.    In   the   world   of   religion   a
Mini,   we   shall   also   reign   With   Him.
Crucifixion   to   self   life   alone   leads
! to   the   crowned   life  and   the   coming
I glory.
iAs   you   obey   the   Heavenly   vision
|so the life plan will unfold and the
light wihe-h dispels all darkness will
shine   brighter  and   brighter  unto   the
j pel fi ct day.
Yonder moon shining so brightly
tonight gets ner light by following
the sun, steadliy. Ur.deviatingly, persistently and e\en so if we follow
the   Lord   Christ,   we  shall   not   walk
'in   darkness,   but  shall  have  not only
Light   of   Life,   but   the   Life   of
Light, and be among those of whom
our Saviour spake when He paid: "Ye
are the Light of the World."
STEVESTON, March 25���The question of laying a second water main
from New Westminster to the    island
similar anxiety and sense of pending , ���.-_ oong*deaea at the *-st meeting
storm Is everywhere fe'.t. Current of thcf*couneil and Reeve Dridge was
literature and secular strli.es the same iappointed to interview the -.Vest-
anxious note and there can be ��t"e | minster council in this conneetlo i a-,..l
doubt that the times are critical and report lo ,he next meeting. The
portentioua "Pacts���not fancies���of subjec, was introduced by the reading
great significance are confronting the Q. & ^^ f_om tmj N_w We8ttnlnl,.e-
civilized   world  today. I council  inviting the  Richmond  coun
cil  to appoint a committee  to  confer
upon  this matter.      The    proposition
I has been  under consideration   by  the
In   the   llritish   Isles-
our   Empire���a   struggle   is  going   on
tory.    In  tbe words of Mr. A. J. Bal-
four,    who
has    again   assumed    the
two  councils for sojnc  time,   the  idea
, being that  by  having two  mains the
the   opposition   of   the j mun,-,pajlty wou!d    not    be cut    0��
, , .  .   ' ! from  its  water supply  should  a ser-
never before faced with such a crisis;   ,oug  a_c!dent  occur  t0  one  of  thom
are   witnessing  the  spectacle  ofa j whlch   wpuJd   bfi   ^   case   wUh   __,_
the   single   main.     Westminster   sug-
j gests  that     Richmond    should    bear
! half  the   cost   of  Installing  the  sec-
,      ' ' ond  main,  which  it  Is estimated    hy
expeTier.ee    in    relation    to    modern (
single organization acting within Its]
legal powers, threatening to paralyse {
the whole trade of the country."
Dr.   F.   B.   Meyer,  a  man   of  ripe:
movements among the men of .England, says: "We are on the eve of
one of the greatest revolutions in history."
Germany, threatened with a similar
internal conflict, appears to lie waiting and watching for bigger things
France, practically given over to infidelity, is menaced with grave problems of her own, with her miners on
the verge of striking.
Italy, Turkey and Portugal are each
coping with trouble more or leas revolutionary in  character.
In this Western Hemisphere W6 see
the States facing a possible miner's
strike on April 1st.
Engineer Blackman of the city, would
be about $1000 as Richmond's   share.
In regard to a piece of the d*rtte
on the eastern part of the Island that
has broken away, It ls the intention
of the council to construct a new
system of drainage and dyking
throughout the whole of the eastern
part of the Island, and for this purpose the worW of clearing out the
old ditches and making new ones is
proceeding. In this connection the
council asked Municipal Solicitor G.
H. Cowan if they could build tbe new-
dyke under the old maintenance bylaw but the reply received was to the
effect that it should be done as a new
The road tax bylaw was introduced
Here in  British Columbia, and right
here  in   Ladner,   we  have  listened  to   and given three readings by the coun-
the  Premier  in   measured   tones,  and!011'   This provides for the payment of
carefully chosen words, warning Of
lhe yellow peril, and the immediate
need of coast defence. Over there in
China the aftermath of revolution i's
rampant. Starvation and suffering
Is appalling; hungry parents are selling their children for a dollar each
in order to buy food. As we think
of these th.ngs and ponder the possible paralysis of trade the world over,
the consequent sorrow and suffering
and inevitable lawlessness and loss,
we should stand aghast absolutely bewildered but for one thing. That one
thing is this Book���the Bible. The
word of God, which has long foretold this age and Its condition, due
to the ripening of sin to Its terrible
harvest. In this "maddening maze or
things," there arc those who are asking, "Is there a safe guide" in the
gathering gloom? Is there a light
to lead? Con we-be sure of the way?
]�� there safe footing? Thank God,
yes! This word of our text answers
with a strong affirmative all these
quirles; "I am the Light of the world;
a tax of $2 by anyone residing ln the
municipality for over a term of thirty
days who does not pay any other
J.  "_.  Murchlnson    was    appointed
road tax collector.
Miss Elva Gertrude McKenzie and
Mr. John Langs, two popular young
people of Haney, were united in marriage at Haney Wednesday toy Rev.
Mr. Findley.
Mr. J. Stafford, one of the pioneers of Peardonvllle district, passed
quietly away on Tuesady morning at
the ripe old age of 71 years. For
over a week he had been suffering
from heart failure.
The final game for th6 Haddad cup
will be played by the football teams
of Langley and Mission, at Mission
City, on April 5. At a banquel following,  the Mission City boys  will  be
presented with the Hill-Tout cup, won
he  that  followtth  me  shall  not  walk j from Abbotsford, this season.
liirkne--.  but shall   have  the light, |     Mr. Lee Walton returned  this week
from   the   prairies   on  a   visit   to
parents, Capt. and Mrs. Walton.
of life." It is in darkness we ask
for a light. If this time of gloom
and shadow but lead men ti turn to
"The i-lght of the World," it will r.ot
hav,.  come  in  vain.
If the speaker of those words were
only  a   man,   It would  be  the  utter-      STEVESTON,   (B.C.
nnce of madness or  blasphemy.    God   Steveston   lots   still   continue   on   the
only can  speak, so from this sublime ' move.    Mr.   P.   8.   Faulkner,   reports
March    25.-
Steveston Regius to Look Forward to
Active Times���Building on
STEY1ESTOX, March 23.���Canneries
on the Fraser and up the coast are
beginning to order supplies for the
cosilng season, The steamer "West-
ham" is making additional trips to
the Fraser wlih supplies for the numerous canneries, and the "Celtic"
went up river on Tuesday to load
lumber at New Westminster, also retorts and other gear at Ewen's cannery. She will also load up coal at
Xanaimo before taking her cargo
north to Bella Coola and other points.
Reeve. Wm. Bridge, who with his
wife and family have been spending
a few weeks in California, returned
home on Saturday after a delightful
trip. It was their Intention to be
away longer, but owing to the esrlous
illness of Mrs. Bridge's father, their
sojourn was unexpectedly cut short.
Although delighted with his trip, he
sa-**= he is pleased to lie back antl expresses a decided preference for the
balmy clintate of Lulu Island. Mrs.
Bridge is at present In Chilliwack,
where her father resides.
A carload of the famous Jamieson
paint oils recently received by the
Emporium, has been in good demand
the past week, as many new residences
are helng erected this spring. It
would be lucrative to contractors and
others to consult Mr. Walker in their
hardware requisites.
Th6 B.C.E.R. is erecting poles to
Sixth avenue to comply with the
agreement with the council for extending the street lights in the west
end. The light will als0 be installed
in the Church of England and vicarage.
International egg laying contest.
under the joint auspices of the British
Columbia Poultry Association, Vancouver Hoard, and the Provincial
Fifth monthly record, February 20
to March 20th,  1912:
Pen EM"3
No. Class   I. l-:''-'1
2���-White   Leghorns
9��� White
10 -JWh'.te
2 3���(White
22���Huff   1
I    6���Brown
I     1���White
| 13���White
| is���(White
I li!���-White
' 21���Mottled
1   7���(White
i  11���White
I I5i���(White
Leghorns      277
(Leghorns      230
Leghorns      211
Leghorns     2<ii
Leghorns     'fi
Leg-horns     190
Leghortis   (  ]52
Leghorns      14 3
eghorns     1*8
$8, sixth *f6, seventh $4. Of this amount $60 will be paid by the. province,
the remaining $15 to be partially defrayed by entry fees ,to be contributed
by the institute. The British Columbia department of agricultur, at Its
expense, will furnish judges, but
where necessary the Institute must
furnish a non-Interested guide to the
country. Further regulations governing the competitions will be published later.
109 |
Ploughing   Match   Denotes     Iniiiort-
anci* oi Pursuit mere���A Greenhouse Established.
Leghorns        108
  103 I
  95 j
Eggs .
33���|R.t:.    Reds      248
91-*���CfJ'.IU.   Reds
ss���White Hots
34���(White   Dots
40���Silver Laved
39���-Ruff   Orpingtons
.statement alone. Lenm Christ i��
God, for "God Is Light."
I notice 11,, is the light, not ht
gives or sends���"I. am" the light; .he
that followeth MiE, Therefore, thc
great thing Is to know him.
Ileirt fellowship with the Person is
the one thing needful���yet ofter the
last consideration of all church membership, churoh Interests, ordinances,
creeds, knowledge of Scripture even
put before Him���all must be subordinate to knowledge ���r Himself, There
Is no other light.
Apart from Christ, no real light.
Beyond the circle of Ills fellowship,
there ls only outer darkness. There
are false lights, but these only lead
there.     Beware of them.
having sold a double corner on Sixth
avenue and Moncton street for $11,-
000; acreage is also ln demand.
Tho many friends of Miss Ethel
Lutes will be pleased to know that
she has returned home from St. Paul's
Hospital, after a serious eperatlon.
Although still In a weak condition,
It Is hoped Bhe is on the way to a
complete recovery.
The employees of the Nels Nelson
farm, at the east end of Lulu Island
reports having seen on several occasions a large sized cougar. Several
expert sportsmen of Steveston have
gone up to try their luck with this
unusual game.
"Rascal   Pat"   Is   the   title   of   the
rnii-iiy to 'be presented by the Steves-
An Event of Very Special Interest to
Horse   Lovers���Opening
April  22nd.
The Vancouver Horse Show, to be
held In Vancouver April 22-27 Inclusive, will ecliipse every previous exhibition of the kind on the Pacific
Coast. The opening will be a very
brilliant affair. The chief officiating
figure will be the Lieutenant-Governor, Hon. T. W. Paterson, and there
will be present also Premier Mc-
BrMe, Hon. W. J, Bowser, Attorney-
Genral; Hon. Price Ellison, Minister
of Finance and Agriculture, and most
of the other ministers. The wives
of these honorable gentlemen will be
the guests of the association alsc during the show.
This year's exhibition, the fifth to
be given by the Vancouver Horse
Show Association, Is attracting a great
deal of attention, not only because of
past excellence and aecamipllehments,
but also because of the handsome trophies which will b- hung uip for competition this year. There will he
championship trophies ln every class,
In addition to the usual prizes, but
the great feature for exhibitors will
be the cup offered by the Duke of
Conn&ught, Governor-General of Canada. This 's the first time that a
Governor-CV-neral has donated a cup
to a horse show in Canada, and British Col'vubla's big event should flatter itse.l: that It has attained such
fame ln the east that such an offer
should have been made unsolicited.
A cup will be pfferetj by the Duke
of Connaught to the Vancouver Horse
Show Association each year he ls in
office. This trophy has aroused
much enthusiasm, and as It will be
coveted by horsemen there will be
keen competition for It.
The prize list contains full entry
for all classes nnd soine fine displays
of horse-s will be seen. The judges
will be Dr. Webster, Ottawa; Dr.
Sinclair, Simeooe, Oih.*, Dr. G-rt-n-
uldc, of the Ontario Agricultural College staff, Guelph, and Mr. Robert
Clraham, Renfrew, Ont., men with
reputations as im.partlal horsemen
and who are much sought after to aiet
as Judige.. at horse shows in the large
eastern cities of Canada and thle
United   States.
26���(Barred    Rocks        187
29���Buff   Rocks       150
37���Barfed    Rocks        149
82���31.1.   Reds        112
30���(White  Dots       102
36���(Partridge   Dots       101
33���iBarred   Rocks    i      99
25���Buff Orpingtons         92
27���"Silver  Pencilled   Dots    ( 69
28���-Columbian   Dots    ' 30
Average price receiver for eggs, 30c
per  dozen.    Pen   temperatures,   highest    92    degrees,   lowest   25   degrees,   servlrig   the   work
average   mean   39.24.       Rain   fell   on  makes ot  ploughs,
9.���Ploughing matches are useful and
interesting from a practical or educational point of view as^-ell as for
social reasons. They foster a healthy
emulation among ploughmen In
skillful wont and they provide an opportunity for farmers and others to
compare notes and exchange social
amenities. There is not too much variety in a farmer's life an'd such gatherings as these tend to refreshn Interest  in  agricultural  matters.
The ploughing mach on Friday on
Mr. Wark's farm at Langley Pi .trie,
a detailed report of which has appeared in The British Columbian, although not so well attended as was
expected, was a well arranged affair.
It ie supposed that the lateness of
the season and the fact that several
large  farms  in  the  district  have    re-
jj|| cently  been  divided  Into  small  hold-   	
Ings   had   something   to   do   with   the j' -���- ~"r ��� '    *���
meager attendance. Be that as It rooms, dining rooms and other apart-
may, it Is ho pea that local interest ments for the purposes of reading and
In these and similar gatherings will re-reatlon are provided for the in-
not be allowed to wane and  that  the   mate9.
useful purpose they serve will be j T--e system and arrangements for
b^rne   ln   mind. | (he benefit of the patients include not
At Friday's match there were a only comfortable housing and treat-
number of farmers trom various die- | mentl but also suitable outdoor em-
tricts and keen Interest was taken
In tihe progress of tho- competition.
An opportunity 'was afforded of ob-
of the different
and   there   were
Conservative Membef for New Westminster.
four  days,  snow   on  one  day   (19th),  c,mp*e Qf representatives of the man-
and  frost  occurred on  22 days.       On   ufacturers   or   selling   agents   on   the
several mornings during the frost, the  ground.     The   wather   was   ideal   for
water     pipe     was     frozen.       Heavy pl ,UKhing, being dry, mild and bright.
charges  of  stumping powder are  be-  Tne g0���f  however.  was still more  or I Jft0" &T-.ygenl_ p.to0lplii"~H*r6 Is
ing  continually   fired   during  the   day,   -efs   frost-bound,   and   the   work
ployment. Everywhere could be seen
patients employed in varlo.us capacltl-
tles ln the open air, some clearing
the land, grading roads and otherwise engaged in useful and remunerative employment.
In the cattle department the arrangements are of the most up-to-
date kind,  based  on  the  latest scltn-
the forenoon hours being the worst not too easy for either the plough-
period. Except for the heaviest con- man or tne horses,
cussior.s. the birds do not seem to \ The rules stipulated for a 'depth of
be disturbed as far as class two Is I ploughing of five and one-half to six
concerned. The light weights do not inches, and called tor six vilible fur-
stand teh noise so well. It is evi- 'rows'for feerlng, to start and finish
dent that the egg yields from the at the same end. No ohalns or other
whole pens has been seriously affect- jart'cles were to be dragged on .the
ed   by  these  adverse  conditions. [surface of ploughing, and  no plouih-
Conslderable changes will be noted |ng was to be wider than 12 inches.
In the various pens' positions since There was n class arranged for boyis,
last month.    Pen 3 has dropped fropi  but  none  entered   for  it.    In  Judging
j fourth   to  sixth   place   and   has   been  the contest  40  points were alloted  as
replaced   by   Pen   14.       Pen   10   has follows:     Feering  1),   even   ploughing
| climbed  up   two   notches,   and   Pen   5   10, finish 10, straight ploughing 5 and
! has dropped two.    Pen Zu has jumped, enatest ends 6.
over  four  competitors. 1    Langley  Prairie and   district  is  one
a hay and feed barn with a capacity
of 350 tons of hay. There Is a milking barn and a breedl**-*- barn which
are models of their kind.
In the milking barn, which ls a well
i designed  structure  with cemenl floor.
| there are  now   126 head  of  Holstelns.
j comprising 77 cows, 3 stock bulls, and
, 46  young  bulls and  heifers.
I Of the stock bulls .one champion
bull, Mercena Vale (5828) won seven
prizes during 1911 from Winnipeg to
the coast, and has never been beaten.
In the milking barn there are nine
box stalls of talvanlkeij iron, which
tie up 94 head of cattle. The cows
fac6 windows, and there, an eight-
foot cement floor space between the
69,   16   and   22-66. |whlch the ploughing match was heia,
The following'jiens deserve special's one of the best in the district,
mention for having laid six eggs In , Land values are steadily advancing
one day: 2, twice; 9, 10, 12, 14, 18 In Langley Prairie, Milner and nelgh-
and 21, once each! Iborhood.     Recently   at     the     former-
Owing to the confined quarters, Iplace, 1600 acres were sold through
feather eating has been rife amongst Mr. Kerr at $300 per acre,
the pens comprising Class One. The | Mr, P. O. Nell Is erecting a house,
principal offenders have beer. Pens 22, real estate office and garage at Lang-
1, 9, 10, 3, 4, 2, 6. Birds In eacn j ley Prairie, the builders being Messrs.
pen have been successfully treated Barton & Tarves.
with a mixture of pure lard and Bar- | A Greenhouse.
badoes Aloes. This pernicious habit Another important development of
has been found very hard tr, treat, Langley Prairie Is the erection of a
owing to the fact that the birds can splendid greenhouse or plant house,
not be removed from the pens, be- opposite the station, for the Tlmms
cause of jeopardizing ;heir egg yields, iMarket Garden Company of Vancou-
Dufing the month (29 days), a great 'veT* *l wi" be chiefly devoted to the
variance in food consumption and re- igrowlng of 1 ettuce, cucumbers and
suits has been noted. For instance, tomatoes. Two acres are under con-
Pen 39, producing 88 eggs, ate only [stBUOtlofl and there will be thirty-
one   pound   more   food   than   Pen   28,  thl*ee acres ln all, Including the mar-
whlch produced only 18 eggs, and Pen
whilst   laying   98    eggs,    consumed
ket   garden.     The   whole   concern   ls
of   th     emost     uip-to-date   character.
They    are    the    three  elements of   ton  Social Club,  the  week  of  Easter,
trolled   the    life   of   Christ   on   earth, | As   Steveston   1s   looking   forward   to
nnd If we would "walk in the Light
as He ll in the Light" these three
things must govern us:
1. A clear vision of thc Father's
plan   and   purpose  In   this world.
-. An obedient spirit to all It
m ea ns.
3.    A heart  of love ln all.
These three must be Interwoven in
one like the strands of a rope.
Tehy    are    the    three    elements    Of
their initial appearance before the
footlights, a full house is anticipated.
Further details and date will be given
Mr. Thomas Watts, late of the firm
of McAllister & Watts, stationers, of
Winnipeg, accompanied by his wife, is
here en a visit to the coast, and is
a guest of his mother, Mrs. T. Watts,
of Steveston. Mt. Watts Is so favorably   taken   with   the   climate   that   if
MONTREAL, March 26.���That <"*an.
ada should some day erj?ct mngnillcent
monuments at the mouths of the Mackenzie and Fraser rivers, to the memory of Sir Alexander Mackenzie and
Sir George Simpson respectively, was
the suggestion made at the**Canndlnn
Club's weekly luncheon In the Bailors'
Institute yesterday by Hon. Arthur
ln a highly Interesting address on
"Pioneer Voyages to the Northwest,"
Mr. Boyer dealt more particularly with
the achievements of the two explorers a_0Vg mentioned, die spoke of the
deht Canada owed to Sir Alexander
Mackenzie for the discovery of the
Polar Sea, and gave an account) of Sir
Alexander's Journey by canoe Through
the Rocky mountains and down the
Fraser river to the Pacific ocean.
strong  ilfe;   they are   three  essentials; he  linds  a suitable  location  in  either
of victorious life;   they are the  three   of   the   cities,   he   will   take   up   his
governing principles of Christ life.
This was the way the Master went
He  walked
to do    the
permanent residence here.
Mr. and Mrs. It. IMorrin, and Mlsa
this way. He came here e. Morrln, of Seattle, who were visit-
will of    Somebody else���jing  Steveston   last   week,   the   guests
whether in the carpenter's.shop. mak-! of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.
ing a table or a neck-yoke, or feeding j Morrln, returned home on Wednesday.
5,000 hungry people or walking on - They were very enthusiastic ever the
the sea���all a part of the plan and enterprise of Lulu Island. It is the
purpose, and he has a plan for us. intention of Miss .E. Morrln to return
The Jews asked him what they should to Steveston and reside here perman-
do   to   work  the   works  of  God,   nnd'ently.
He told them: "This is the work Of I Another industry Is added to the
God   that  ye   believe  on   Him   whom ' ever-Increasing number of enterprises
I of  Lulu   Island.    This   Is   a  cleaning
and    pressing    works    for   Stevcs'ton,
, under the management of H. R. Lee.
| As tho new firm will make rates.
���uwklv ���tops couoms, cures colds. il is ���"��P<"d they will succeed in their
MEALS THS THSOAT AMP LUN08. 26 CENTS   new venture.
WELCH, W. Va��� March 27���Fifty-
five corpses of miners entombed in
the mine of thc United States Coal
and Coke Company at Jed. three
miles from here, had been recovered
at dawn today. Rescue parties are
still continuing the work, but lt Is
expected that all the men remaining
In the mine will be found to have
John Lalng, Inspector of West Virginia mines, declared today that 83
men have perished. Ninety-three
men were in the mine when the explosion occurrd and only ten escaped
two Ihs. more than Pen  1.  which pro- iThere   will   be   private  car  siding  for
duced 45 eggs. ^loading  and   small   tram-ways running
Ju"t    one-hundredweight    of    clam ""rough the plant houses a.nd grounds
shell Was consumed durtng the month.  -��' ,he """""P'-dltlous handling e.f goods.
In class 2, even greater changes There will be an electric motor appll-
have taken place. For the first time ,ance toT "Penlng and closing slimul-
durlng the contest, Pen 40 have had j taneously all the eenMIators of the
to yield up the premier position. By ��,',ant buildings. A planing mill In
only producing 28 eggs during the if��nnectlon Is now nearly completed,
month,'they nave dropped to lifth iwh|oh will enable Mews Timms to
place. The eggs from this pen have |rnaKe tholr own tt��xe-s and other
been even smaller during the past |P"-("ltlnK material. In the same struc-
month than previously. Pen 39 have|l"re ���'*'ere wln *��� accommodation for
drawn away from the pens succeed-lthe Pe0Ple employed on the business.
Ing. Their performance during thei0-"- Ty)nnt ho,""! ,!" already under the
month has been the more pralsworthy cultivation of lettuoe and the other
owing to the fact that three hrondy b"1I<,lT-B** are nearlng completion,
hens had to be Mmoved, These
were broken up very easily. In fact
all the brnffijles have been returned
t,i their respective pens within three
days of their removal. The following
p^ns have supplied broodies during
the month: 39 (3), 36 (2), 31, 3'.ri, 25.
(one each).
The following are the month's
homiest producers: 39 (88 eggs), 33
(TT), 38 (T4), 26 (72), 31 (71), 34
(69), and  2 5   (66).
lYi-ex for  I Winer*
The llritish Columbia Department
of Agriculture, with the assistance of
the Hon. the Minister of Agriculture
for the Dominion, offers for 1912,
prizes   for   fields   f��or   field-   of   gram
Application of S-H-nitlfli- l**rlii<i|ile�� to
Farming Operations���Description
of Features.
18-���Tho farm colony here and the
various buildings In conjunction with
tho new mental hospital ln course of
erection, has been doing active and
useful work during the past few
months. The splendidly designed and
equipped cattle and horse buildings
are now In good, working order, and
are really models In their respective
A visit to the farm is a revelation
of what enterprise, the application of
the  latest and  most scientific  princi
ere are 24 el<
trie lights, and the ventilation Includes
28 windows with lever attachment
for opening, and 30 Intake air ventilators level with the floor. There are
also 24 electric lights, and the danger
of fire ls minimized by the provision
of four stand pipes with hose attachment.
The breeding barn consists of 14
box stalls, which tie up 70 head of
The milking capacity ef the cows
is exceptionally high. Several hav--.
an output of 20,000 lbs. In 12 months,
and an average of 9o to 100 lbs. a
'ay is not uncommon.
- The milk ls practically alt" con-
lumed by the hospital at New Westminster anjj the Mount Coquitlam establishment.
There are two dairy buildings in
connection, one for butter making,
cooling, pasteurizing, separating and
testing, and the other containing
boiler, sterellzlng plant, washing rats
and can racks.
The horse barn Is also a splendidly
arranged department of the farm
colony. It ls JOO feet long by 100
feert wide, and has an arena in the
centre for exercising. There are two
rows of box stalls on each side of the
arena, with cement floors, electric
Mghtlng and excellent ventilation
throughout. Here are 28 stalls with
38 horses of three breeds, Clydesdales,
Hackneys and standard. These Include 16 Clydesdale brood mares of
iirst-ciass pedigree.
In connection with the horse building Is a grain storage, with a capacity
of 200 tons of hay and oats. In
I rout of tho structure are tho offices
and dispensary, snd there ls also excellent accommodation on the second
floor for the stable employees.
It should be mentioned that lt has
been decided to dispose of the surplus stock at an Annual sale to be
haid about the first week of January,
the Idea being to give the people of
the district and provinoe tbe first
chance and benefit of acquiring the
potatoes, corn,  field,  roots am!  fodder
crops. /
ire?bv,ChTnrnli1r?rft0b.l'0rgan"ipU!K   ","*   K""d   -f^"^l   management   '�������-
ZVl,r     '���'���"������'"clfll department of I can accomplish.    For these successful
agriculture, and conducted  under tho   results,   the   Hon.   Dr,
M_-I__��01N, March 216���The Rambler-
Cariboo wllver -lead mine, one of the
pioneer properties of the Slocan district has a fln-e body of ore  blocked
Shihhs Gun
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSphonol restores every nervo In the body
to its proper tension * reMore-,
vim and vitality. Prematuredecav and all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phonptionol will
make vou a new man. Fiice 18a box or two fo��
15. Mailed to any address. The Soobell Dna
Co., St. Catharines, Ont.
auspices of the Farmers' Institutes,
and each Institute may provide competitions for not more than two kinds
of crops. Competitors will be allowed one entry In only one institute, and
A contract Is to be let for the con-
Young, ably i struction of a loo-ton mill on the
supported by Dr. C. E. Doherty, the McQuigan basin of the company's pro-
superintendent of the New Westmin- , perty and for an aerial traniway from
ster   institution,   deserve   the   highest the m��yu*th of the deep level tunel to
credit.       In  the management  of  the
farm, these gentlemen have been most
fields entered must lie within the \ capably seconded by Mr. D. Mont-
area governed by that institute. | gomery, the general farm manager,
Notification of competitions pro- | Mr. C. W. Holmes, who ha. the super.
,*!"���_ L ,W \h, C,r��P"1 R"l"r,,'<]' "���'"���' He | intendency of the horse stabjes, and
f��rw*rd,d -0 the department of agri- 1 by other, actively employed in office
culture, in Victoria, not later than I and other capacities
May   15.    Ten  bona fld-< entries must!     The   farm  college   proper  is  a  fine
substantial three-storey brick building with accommodation at present
for over 60 inmates. There Is a corrugated Iron annex, now housing 25
patients, and In the old farm cottage
to the east of the new nsylum building on the hill, there are now over
80     patients.       Dormitories,     sitting
appear for each competition, and an
entry fee of not less than ten cents
and not more than $1 will be required.
In each competition not less than
$75 must be offered in cash prizes,
first $20, second $15, third $12. with
prizes for every additional five entries
over ten as follows: Fourth $10, fifth
the mill. The Emerald mine In the
Sheep Creek district ls being Installed
with a compressor which will greatly
fac_i.(ate mining operations. The property ho* been n steHdy shlinpeT since
1905. The vein Is continuous and permanent, averaging about three feet,
shipping ore earring values, lead 40
per cent, silver 2 oz and since 7 per
cent. '  i
- The Jewel mine near Greenwood, vs
once more on the active list.
���p. 0. Drawer S. Phone 2
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER, -   ���   B.C.
All Modern Conveniencies, Newly Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample Room
American and European Plan
First Class Cdisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Reasonable
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Lump  Coal  for  Sale
Holy Communion, llrst and third
[Sundays at 11 a.m., second and fourth
[Bus-days at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
|��und*y school at 10 a.m.; Evening
I Service at 7.30 p.m.; Friday evening,
[Utany at 8.30. Rev. C. C. Hoyle,
I Vicar.
('   Church serrlces will bs held every
I ��ther Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
Itfovember 14. 1101:    Parochial aaass
at 10.80 a.m.; Sunday school, I p.m.;
veaJng deration.  8   p.m.;   low  mass
he following    Monday-    ��� am.    F.
"tats, D.L.. palish priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11 a.m
)nd  7:80  p.m.;   clasa meeting,   aftei
ths morning service every    Sunday;
ISabbath school at 2:30    p.m.    every
lunday;  prayer meeting every Wed-
sday evening at 7:30.    Bev. J. H.
Pright, pastor.
BC AadreWs Prsstryterlan.
-Services next Lord's Day at 11 am.
  7.30 p.m.; week night services on
"Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock. "Rev
J.   lUstls.  minister.
Sabbath servioes.���Crescent Island,
p.m.; ���un-i-ars-hool, 2 p.m.. Lad-
��cr. T:30 p.m.; Sunday school at 11
r��.; prayer meeting on Wednesday
till  ��.m-    R*��"r* c* R- Blunden,
Delta municipality Is situated    at
,,e mouth of the Frassr river In the
msst agricultural district In Canada
be chief Interests ln the Delta are
nting, dairying, fruit culture, mar-
;et gardening and    horse    breeding,
'taw  shipping   facilities  by  rail and
__,t  to  the markets  of  British  Co-
imbia and the States are unrivalled.
ie crop yield Is the largest per acre
_. Canada, ln the year 1009 between
10,000 and  80,000    tons    of produce
���ere raised  in    ths    Delta    district.
Jong the south bank of the Frassr
Ivor there are sites for all Industries.
Board   of   Trade ��� President,    A
.vis; Secretary. W. H. Wilson.
Justices of the Peace���R- E- Kittson
D. Bsnson,  H.  J.  Kirkland, Wm.
, Curtis, 3. B. Burr, J. McJCee.
... Coronors���Dr. A.A.  King had Dr.
kj.  Kerr Wilson.
I  Medical Health Officer���Dr. Dudley
School Board���Chairman, 8. Wright
h Robertson, A. deR. Taylor, J. Mc-
Callum.   Secretary, N. A. MoDiarmid.
Farmers'    Institut*���President,    T.
Sume; Secretary, K. A. MoDiarmid.
Delta rarmers'    Gams    Protective
 etl-**-*���President John McKee;
dcrstary. H. 3. Hutcherson.
Delta Agricultural  Soclsty���Presl-
lent H. J. Hutcherson, Secretary. A.
|��R. Taylor.
Member of Parliament���J. D. Tay-
br, Nsw Westminster.
Member of Loca' Legislature���F. J.
iacKenile. Nsw Westminster.
Boat Sailings���SB New Delta,
eaves Ladner every day for Steves-
on at 8:80 am., and 3:30 p.m.. con-
keotlng wltk the B.C.E.R. for Van-
ouver. Rsturnlng leaves Steveaton
It ��:80 a.m., and 4:30 p.m. S.S.
.tansfer leaves for New Westmin-
|tsr daily, except Sundays, at 7 a.m.,
Jld rsturnlng leaves New Westmln-
Esr st 2 p.m.. .eechlng Ladner at
|:I0 p.m.
I Railways���Great   Northern    leaves
jolt (Rulchon  Sally  for  Nsw  West-
ilnster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.; renting leaves Vancouvsr at 2:30 p.m.
chlng Port Guichon about 7.30 p.
Lulu Island Branch, G. H. Fnamklin.
Manager; Vancouver to Eburne
Steveastoo���Oars leave Onunvllle
Depot (at north end of bridge
Fa-ee Greek)  at (130 am. and
y  __rtB  lt:.�� p.m.    Special car
Eburne at 8:00 am.   Can leave
veaton at 8:80 a.m. and hourly un-
0:30 p-m.    Sunday Service���First
leave either terminus at 8:80 a.m.
uxly service thereafter until 10:30
Post OKloe���Hours 8 am., to 7 p.m.
Mall for Vancouver doss at I p. m.
��br Nsw  Westminster and  *>p river
Joints at (.80 am. Closed all day Sun-
_ Mr*
Municipal Council meets Municipal
all, Ladner, on tha 2nd and 4th Sat-
rdays In each month at 2 p. m.
Following are the members of ths
Rssve���John Oliver.
Councillor*���C. Brown, H. D. Ban-
ion, W. A. Kirkland, H. Lewis, A. D.
A poor shoe makes you miserable
all over.
We have shoes of the best makes
suitable for all sorts and sizes of feet.
Shoes Rubbers
Custom Work n Specialty
Via Steveston and
Dally���In Effect October 1.
t-eave Steveston���9.30 am.; 4.30 p.m.
_*ave   Ladner���S.30   a.m.;  2.80  p.m.
otiiA wmt CO,, LID.
Incorporated 1110.
We are prepared to Install single
Ins or party line phones at short no-
-Jes. Long distance In connection with
mr service.   Apply to
A.  DeR. TAYLOR, Sec.
Scott Road School.
Competition for New University Build,
lngs to be I-rccted at Point Grey,
Near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Columbia invite Competitive Plans for the
general scheme and design for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed Plans for the
buildings to be erected first at an
estimated cost of $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful Designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent in by July
31st,  1912, addressed  to
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
'<f ���-'>>-*
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE ahd all kind* ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a lortlon of
thc Province of British Colu.nbia, may
be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
nrre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application foi a -ease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated. ���
In surveyed territory the land must
bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veytd territory thc tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $6 which will be
refunded If the right** applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on thc merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five  cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with .worn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not helng operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lewse will lnc-1 a* tl"p t>oa' min*
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface right, may be considered necessary for the working of
the mlne at the rate of $10.00 an
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
,N.B.���.Unauthorized publication of
this advertise ment will not be paid fur.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender   for   SchooUHnuse,   Scott   Road," I
will be received by tht Honorable the
Minister   of   Public  Works  up   to  12 '
o'clock  noon  of Wednesday,  the  3rd
day of April,   1912,  for  the erection
and completion of a small one-room
frame school-house at Scott Road, ln !
the Delta Electoral District, B.C. \
Plans, specifications, contract, and I
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 20th day of M'arch 19H2, at
the offices of the Rev. T. &. Wright,
Secretary of the School Board, Cloverdale, B.C.; the Government Agent,
New Wetsminster; and the Department of Public Works, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria.
Each proposal mil st be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum of $200, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fall to complete the work -contracted
for. The cheques or certificates of
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.,  18th March,  1912.
Sprins TillinK of the Farm*  Is W��*ll
Advanced���Seeding  Will  Be
[Prom The British Columbian.
. Ploughing throughout the Fraser
Valley is now well advanced, and in
m..si of the districts will be finished
within a couple ot weeks. Due chiefly to the exceptionally One weather
experienced towards the end of Feb-
1 ruary  and   the   beginning   of   March,
��� ploughing  is  at  least  a   week,  If  not
uio weeks in advance of last year.
i Everywhere, therefore, advantage
! has    been    taken   of   the   propituuus
��� weather to expedite ploughing operations. In some parts, especially east-
[ wards towards Chilliwack, the soil has
been still more or less frost bound,
; but not to the serious extent of pre-
1 vious years.
At  Fort  Langley,   Langley   Prairie,
. Milner and  district,  the  ploughing  is
'practically   over,   and  sowing   will  be
started   within   the   next   two   weefcs.
Mr. John Brow'n, of Cloverdale,
states that in his district ploughing
is further advanced than during the
past two or three years.
Mi S. Stevenson, of Elgin, Mud
Bay, ..-ports that ploughing hns bi en
done in ideal conditions for the past
three ->r four weeks, and that given
fair weather, the ground will be ready
for sowing In about a week. The
grass in this district is coming up
well and farming prospects generally
are very promising, ln this district
it may be mentioned that dams are
to be erected to prevent the overflow
from the Gulf of Georgia. Potato
planting has been started in this district.
Mr. Henry Hornby, of Cloverdale.
states that ploughing in his immediate
neighborhood will be finished In about
a week, and sowing commenced soon
therea*****-. The grass has begun to
grow and W. Hornby expects a big
and quick growth If the fine weather
continues. In this district teams generally  swing  a   16-inc'h   plough.
Further east, at Chilliwack and district, while there still remains evidences of frost In the ground, the
ploughing is also more advanced than
in years. Here as in other districts
the dry and mild weather has greatly
facilitated ploughing which is expected to be generally mrough ln the
course of the next two o��* three weeks,
and sowing commenced at least a
week earlier than last year.
...LOCAL ITEMS...    j
iltev.   C.  C.   Hoyle   was  n   visitor   in
the Royal City during the pa-t wick.
Mrs.  W. C.  Pybus  is laid  up  with
a severe attack  of quinsy,
Mrs. W. L. McBride, Of Victoria,
spent a few days visiting relatives
this week.
The W.C.T.U.   will meet on "tues-
J day  next  at  the  home   of  Mrs.   Her
bert Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hennessy are
rejoicing over the arrival of a young
daughter   on   Tuesday   of   last   week.
Mrs. I-inders and family have made
their   home   in   I.adner.    The   son   is
| engaged   in   Messrs.   Lanning,   Fawcetl
and   Wilson's  store.
Mr. and  Mrs. John Orant  ami  family   have   arrived   from   Ontario   ami
may possibly mak,. th. ir horn,- in Ladner.
Mrs.   F.   T.   Arthur   and   M.ss   Mir-'
garct    returned    home    Sunday    from
Kamloops,   wher,.  she  had  been  visit- .
ing   her  sister.
Proposal for Dredging North Arm of
the Fraser River Now on Its
Way East.
Suttorfs Seeds for 1912
Flower, vegetable and farm seeds���
Imported in the original sealed packets
from Sutton & Sons, the King's Seedsmen. Reading, England. Send for
catalogue. A. J. Woodward. Sole
Agent, 512 Granvllle St., Vancouver;
also Victoria.
the Corporation of Delta will apply
to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for the approval of
the plans of the Delta Waterworks,
and that the said application and
the plans of the proposed works were
filed at the office of the Water Recorder at New Westminster, B.C.,
and at the office of the Comptroller
of Water Rights at the Parliament
Buildings in Victoria, B.C., and that
objections may be flleid at the office
of the said Comptroller of Water
Rrlghts within twenty days after tho
date  of the  said   filing.
Dated at Ladner, B.C., tho 11th
day of March,  1912.
N.  A.  MoDIATlMlD.
C.   M.   C.
���EBURiNE, Point Grey, March 13.���
In accordance with the instructions
given by the Joint waterways committee at the meeting held here recently, Mr. J. C. Gibson, the chairman, forwarded today the resolution
passed at that conference to the
minister of public works at Ottawa,
and also to Mr. H H. Stevens, M.P.,
and Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., concerning the dredging of the North Arm
of the Fraser  River.
This resolution urges on the Dominion Government the immediate
dredging of a channel fro mthe mouth
of the stream to New /Westminster
fifteen feet in depth as a tangible installment of a great national harbor
scheme; also that a new suction
drredge be provided for exclusive use
of the North Arm. '
In a communication the need for
this work Is urgently pointed out,
as under present conditions, 1t is
stated, Industries on the bank of the
stream are severely handicapped
owing to the Inability to bring vessels In at any tide.
-Mr. Gibson states that the committee is very active and is leaving
no stone unturned In obtaining an
appropriation for the development of
the North Arm. He says the committee has good reason to believe that
the Dominion Government will look
favorably upon the scheme as outlined by the committee.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fails. These
pille are exceedingly powerlul in 'ejutot-gg the
generative portion of the lemale system. Krluso
all cheap imitations. Dr. da -"ra-s are sold at
IB a box, or three for IIO. Mailt-d to any idtltM*-
The So-**--"" One *"o.. Bi. Cuthmttn... ��""
Dissolution of Partnership
Messrs. Stokes and Ellis hitherto
doing business in Ladner as butchers,
have desolved partnership, the same
taking effect on February 29, 1912.
All outstand accounts due the firm
must be paid In to either Mt. Stokes
or Mr. Ellis at the old place of business, and all accounts against the firm
presented immediately. In order that
the old business may be wound up as
expeditiously as possible.
NEWMAN, Cal., March 26���As a
result of a visit of two members of a
Chinese Tong here. Tong Fong Kl Is
dead and Lee Hoi is seriously wounded nnd probably will die. .Charlla
Funk was shot through the foot when
he got In range of the flying bullets.
Tong Fong Kl was shot through the
body seven times and his hfad riddled
with' bullets, The two Chinese who
did the shooting arrived in Newman
on the 6 o'clock train lust night nnd
arc thought to have oome from Ban
Francisco, They escaped after the
shooting. Tong Fong Ki was a
wealthy merchant.
Miss  Grace  Fredericks   returned   to
her    home    this    week    after   a    few
months   spent   In   Kamloopg   for   her j
Mrs.   W.   L.   McBride   Is   intending!
to build a r.ew store at Port Guichon,
and turning the old store into a first-
class hotel.
B, _'. Douglas was In the city on
business  this  week.
Mr. 'V. L I.aiming wa.- a visitor ir.
the  Royal City on Thursday.
IMr. II. N. Rich was In Seattle this
wn-k on business connected with the
Masonic order.
W. J. Hollingshead returned to
Ladner on Thursday, after a visit to
the  city.
Seeding throughout the district ls
now well advanced and according to
reports the agriculturists are looking and longing for rain.
Dr. A. de R. Taylor was In the city
during the pats week ar.il attended
the meeting of the B.C. Veterinary
A-8 ii iation.
Work or. the addition to the Delta
Trading Company's store Ie now well
advanced, and ihe addition will be In
use in about a month.
Mr. 0. Crandall, of New Westminster, spent a few days In town this
week, in the interests of the Canadian Home Investment Company.
Miss  Bessie  Fenton,   who  has been
visiting  friends  in   Vernon  for  a considerable time, is expected  home this
j week.
W. J.  Rrandrlth.  who has been on
I the   sick   list   for   some   time,   has  so
far   recovered   as  to   be  ab'.e   to  go
into Vancouver  on  Thursday.
A start has been made on the erection of the pool room and cigar
shop opposite the Delta Times office
for Mt. MoCrae.
The pulpit of All Saints Church will
be occupied nn Sunday by Rev. Canon
d'Easum. Rev. C. C. Hoyle will
preach in Holy Trinity Cathedral on
Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dole are the
guests of Mrs J. H. Grant, or Falr-
vii-w road. Air. and Mrs. Dole come
from Kansas and may make their
home in the Delta district.
O-TY HR-EAD���We are now carrying a large stock of Bread of all
kinds, fresh daily from City Bakery;
full weight loaves���4 loaves for 25
cents.   Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson.    ���
It is reported that Capt. Cross, who
recently received serious injuries in
Vancouver, as a result of being knocked down by an automobile, is progressing favorably and will be released from the hosp.tal this week.
After considerable comsultation on the
part of the doctors in attendance it
was decided to remove one foot which
had been badly crushed.
Thirty-five dollars per ton is being
offered here for good milling oats.
Feed oats demand thirty dollars a
tor. and potatoes are worth $14.00
per ton.
Mr. C. Nelson, who has been receiving treatment in the Burrard Sanitarium for some time past, is now
convalescing at home, and is much
improved in health.
Speeding autos are getting to be
a menace throughout the district and
sxinie of those who wield the reins
of power In the district are among
the worst offenders. Only a few days
ago. as a result of this reprehensible
speeding, a valuable dog, belonging
to Mr. Cairns, of the Westham Island
school,  was  left  dead  ln  the  road.
Wurk at tost has been comm-enre-d
on the M-cLellan Lumber Company's
proposition amd the pile "driver 1* on
hand and doing iblM-Dees. The contract for that portion of the work
has been awtarded to W. A. Gtil'ey otf
New Westmlnst-er, and -with hiB customary despatch will doubtless complete the job in a short time.
The originall ipl-ans for tiht- mdi" are
beiing stmi-Whiait remodelled, and the
Intention uf the 'primwvters is to make
the imill mtare otf a lumiber than a
tlmlber pro-po-sit-on. The machinery
end equlponent wfMl be of the best
character obtainable anid .tihe mill will
be   in   operation   at  as  early   a  date
as  jMiHsibie.
'     GREENWOOD,   Ii.   C,   March   27���
I W. J.  McVVilliams was found dead ln
a spring near Eholt.    Being old and
i weak   he  fell   Into     the     water  face
i downward  and   was  unable  to  extri-
1 cafe  himself.     His  body  was  frozen.
He was CS years old, a native of Ireland and had lived at Eholt 13 years.
The coroner's jury rendered a verdict
] of accidental death, and recommended that in future the government of-
' ficers be empowered to take    lnime-  '
Idiate charge of those in sick and dos-
i titutc circumstances.
'__-__  ���_________.
FOR SALE���Galvanized Iron water
tank; nearly new. Holds 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
Wanted to purchase twenty acres
of Improved land near Ladned; state
price.    Apply N,  Delta Times.
PARIS, March 2fi���The chamber of
deputies bus been asked to authorise
the oltV of I'aris to bOITOW "10.000.-
000 for thc purpose of erecting model
tenements for the laboring classes.
In recent years rents have almost
doubled. Wages hnve advnnced but
little. The result has been to push
the poor out of halfway Comfortable
tenements Into tuberculosis-breeding
hovels, to force large families to live
In single rooms where daylight never
penetrates, etc. The cry for uanitary
tenements at reasonable rentals, the
city of Paris hopes will  now be met.
SEATTLE,   March   2 7���This  city  \��
without a  mayor,   mayor    pro    tern,
city council, or board of public works
today.    Mayor Cotter.ll and the entlro
council,  as well as the heads of the
light,   water,  streets  and   public  utill-
j ties department are in  Estacada,  Or.,
today  to  Inspect  the     Estacada  dam.
.There ls no one left ln Seattle    upn
1 whom  the   mayors'   mantle  may  fall
FOR SALE���Pony, harness and buggy |
Apply Delta Times Office.
FOR SALE���Manure spreader In first-
class working order; cheap for
cash.   Apply P.O. Box 25, Ladner.
Shilohs Gun
Easter Necessities
You must have new Gloves for Easter. We are showing
an extensive range of Kid Gloves, in all shades.
(every pair guaranteed.) Pair $1.25 and $1.50
Silk and Lisle Gloves, in elbow lengths for the new shott
sleeve blouses, at 35c to $1.25
Lisle and Silk Hose are more popular than ever. See the
lines we are showing at, a pair 35c to 65c
A large shipment of Ribbon just arrived direct, in all
widths, at Special Prices.
100 pieces of English Guaranteed Print. Special, yd. 10c
See the New Suits for men and boys. The finest range
of high grade clothing ever shown in Ladner.
Sample Books Sent  on   Request
New Furniture, New Linoleum and Oilcloths.
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson
Ol.Y.Mi'iA. March 28���A victory f'>r
the fruit growers and cannery men of
Washlngi in ls shown In the an��
Boundement today by the Northern
Express Company that it has made a
Kut ui one half in the rote on fruit
ami vegetable shipments, with a minimum charge of 25 cents.
�����������-��'���--��.'��� _����-&
Seattle Market.
SEATTLE, Mar. 38���Butter; Washington croamery firsts ;s_c; Eastern
fresh 26c i" 30c.
Eggs;  Local ranch -'���'<��� to 2 1c.
Onions; Walla Walla $3 per sack,
potatoes (38 to $40 per ton,
tia.s: Eastern Washington i',\\ to
135 per ton;  Puget .Sound $33 to $34.
Hay; Eastern Washington timothy
$30 to $31; do mixed $18 to $17;
Puget Sound timothy $15 to $1(1;
wheat hay $14 to $16; alfalfa $M to
$15 per ion,
Ciune Round the Horn.
'TACOMA.   .March   28���Adam    1 -
ston, SS years old ,one of the few remaining me ers    of    the    original
Hudson Hay colony at Kurt Nlsqually,
died at the home of his .sun, Adam
Benston, jr., near Hillhurst, on Sun-
lay.' Mr, Benston,-who was a native
ot Scotland, rounded Cape Horn and
same to Puget sound in 1841, The
Hudson Hay post, a fortified colony j
ui whites, was situated where Dupont
n.iu is and there trading with the
Indians was carried on, Benston. being a hardy worltma i, had b.*i i engaged to come from Scotland to rare
tor the cattle and perform other
duties aboul  the fort,
is Mow Certainty,
BELLINGHAM, March 28���Thai
the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget
>s.Hind it.iiln ail Company has purchased the Bellingham l"ny & British
Columbia Railroad Company and
that the line will make an entry into
this city from the south and alonff
the Terminals line to the north, is
now a matter of absolute certainty.
It is also a certainty that the Bellingham Bay & Terminal line will be
used by the Chicago, Milwaukee Sc
Puget Sound Company in co-operation with the Harriman system as a
joint lin-e. allowing the latter company an outlet to Vancouver, B. C,
and possllby the Milwaukee Company
an entrance into San Francisco.
l'liin Huge Basin,
BELL-NO-HAM, March 3S���With
the early completion of the Panama
canal and tho preparations for meet-
in-; tiie demand of the shipping world,
created by the big increase in traffic
on the North Pacific coast, the necessity for additional dry dockage is being considered seriously by those who
will be called upon to care for this
traffic. In this connection there has
been a revival of the project to utilize
lhe great natural drydock of Chucka-
nut bay, and plans for making a great
ship repair depot at this point are
now being considered, it is reported,
l>y James J. Hill, or by a company
with interests closely allied with the
empire builder. It is proposed to
Tbulld a sea wall across the upper
portion of the harbor and to create
not only a drydock, but a huge fresh
water basin.
Revoke Franchise.
TACOMA, Wash., March 28���Tho
city council has recvoked the franchise of Ihe Home Telephone Company, which has about 19 years yet
to run. Tho plant was recently
"nought and dismantled by the Sunset
Company, which paid $550,000 to get
rid of the competition. Thc council
revoked Ihe franchise to prevent the
Boll Company from attempting to
operate under the Home franchise after its own franchise expires in 1915.
Aged Suffragette Dies.
'������"I.UNCIIAM, March 27���The
sudden death of Mrs. Eliza Bawll occurred at lhe home of her son, Coun-
iiiiir.an i'   s. Jennings, on Champion
street,  on  Sunday  morning.    Cerebral
hemorrhage was given as the cause
of her death. Mrs. Bawl! was quite
prominent in club and social work
and wa? an active member of Trinity
Methodist church. She took a;i active
part in Hie cause of woman suffrage
and wa.s one of the pioneers of tbe
movement in this state, Mrs. Bawll
lacked bul two days of being SO years
old, ami iu spile of i���.��� i- extreme age
her death was a surprise to her many
Mends, as she had always i a very
active and seemingly In good health,
Millionaire  Bunker  Dies.
SPOKANE, March 27 John ,i.
Browne, one of the founders of ih<-
city a millionaire capitalist ami
banker, dropped dead in liii office on
Monday from neuralgia of the bean.
He oame to Washington in l sts and
bomesteaded a large pari of what
now is Hi., residence section of Spokane,
Dr. Persona Dead,
BELLINGHAM, March 117���Rev,
fu-   RJ1\. rn Persons died ni i>is m	
at . I.. 11 ikIi Mi."I on Sun lay. The
cause of his death was bear! failure,
Dr. Persons was the father if Miss
Persons, one of ihe teachers in the
High sohool hen-. Mrs. Persons wus
in Seattle al the time of ibe doath
and wai notified of the sad occurrence by telegram, A son of Rev,
Persons is a  physician    located    on
Whldby island. Another son lives ir.
California   ami   one   In   II asl.        Mr.
Persons was T:i years of age nol bad
bee;i prominent in churoh ami educational circles for j number of years,
Sensational suit,
SEATTLE, March 87 "ral testimony was begun today In the sense
tional divorce trial by Bar ah A. Gust
aghlnsl A'i..lob a. (lost, reputed ('*
be worth s:;iiii,imiii. Mrs, Gusl charges
that  on.,  year after  ihe    marriage,
Which   Occurred   in    November.    1910.
'inst transferred his affections tp an
old sweetheart, Pauline Miller, whom
he employed as his bookkeeper, Mis*
Miller recently loot her   damage suit
against Mrs, flust for slander. She
Still has a suit pending against both
the Gusts for $25,000 which sho
claims Is her shnre of real estate
Investments  made  by Gust.
Compliments John Wanamaker
on Princely Gilt.
Pastor Russell, Accompanied by Foreign Missions Investigation Committee, Preaches In Victoria Hall, Madras���Large Audiences Heard Him
Twice Yesterday.
Madras,   India,
Feb.    11.-The
"Foreign Missions    Investigation   Committee"
is here.   Our finest    auditorium, | $
the Victoria Hail, I ��
was   crowded  to   y
hear Pastor litis- i ,**
sell.     He   spoke | $
twice today.   We
report one of Ills
(^TQ_L_-USJj_GQ)   discourses   from
the    text:    "The
Shihh's Gun
blessing of ihe Lord, it maketb rich;
an l I ie addetii no sorrow therewith."
(Proverbs x, ���"���.'.i   He suiil:���
The thing which strikes me specially
ns I visit your great city for Hie first
lime Is the marked contrast between
(lie palaces of your superior ijuiu-tei'
mid the hovels of Blacktown���the contrast between great riches and great
poverty. But think not that I have
come to speak words which would engender strife or even discontent. Bather tny message is one of peace.
The Inequalities, mental and physical, which prevail amongst us ns members of a fallen race, produce naturally our inequalities as respects wealth
nnd social conditions; it is well, therefore, that we should not accept tbe
rabid views entertained by many, but
we should think soberly, dispassionately, We should rememlior that God
Himself is very rich. All the gold and
silver nre His, nud the cattle upon
a thousand hills, with Infinite power.
beyond human comprehension.
We should remember that it Is writ-
len Hint "Abraham was ver? rich." nnd
Unit his riches did not interfere with
the fact that he "was the friend of
God," and thnt to him God gave that
grent promise secured by ths Divine oath,
which is the basis of all hope for the
blessing of the world: "In thee nnd in
thy Seed shnll all the families of the
enrth be blessed." Other noble char*
nctors on the pages of history are noted ns having possessed grent wealth.
We should therefore view the matter of poverty and riches philosophically. Both poor and rich should be
encouraged to use faithfully the opportunities which they possess and to
wait patiently for the Lord's time and
way for the Introduction of the new
order of things which He has promised, assured that lt is not in our power
to hasten or delay the Divine program.
Bible Counsel For the Rich.
The Aiiostle says, "Charge those
amongst you who are rich that they
trust not In uncertain riches." Tbe
history of centuries corroborates the
Apostle's words. The rich und prominent of one dny become the poor nnd
forgotten of nnother. "IUches take
wings" in a manner that poverty rarely imitates. The tnlents and opportunities which h.ve brought great wealth
to some of our prominent Americans
hnve brought wealth nnd prosperity lu
smaller measure to those associated
with them in their enterprises. Indeed, In some respects the entire wor'd.
and particularly America, owes ibem a
debt of gratitude for their energy ind
perseverance In Hie exercise of their
tnlents along such broad lines.
My mind tool* this course of reasoning ns I looked nt the handsome edifice
occupied by the Y. M. ('. A. of this
city, nnd I was informed Hint it was
Hie gift of one of our American mer-
eliaiil princes, Mr. John Wanamaker,
of New York and Philadelphia, I said
lo myself. Behold un instance ln which
riches have been generously expended,
even In a far-off land, for the benefit
of Hie masses mui with n desire |o
promote clean and noble niniihooil
along Christian lines.
Cod's El-ming Maks'.h Rich.
Our text is un epitomised statement
Of   the   Gospel   of   Christ.      All   God's
blessing for our race will come through
' I*:..;'! .:  \i Abraham   TUeChrl it. The
giving of His Son to I inn's Redeem
er nnd Deliverer from sin ami death
was God's blessing to mini���making
mnn  rich.     Messiah,  having died  fur
the redemptl *f the world, is about
lo bestow upon men the Divine bless
ing promised  to  Abraham���"In  thee
nud In thy Seed shnll nil the fnmllles
of ihe earth be blessed."
Thnt blessing to the non-elect world
v III be a glorious opportunity for rising up out of sin nnd death conditions
to i'ii11 1)111111111 perfection in the Image
ami likeness of God as Adam possessed this before bis fall. It will mean
the bringing of the enrtb to the conditions pictured in Bden, The earth,
God di c'ares, lie farmed not in vain,
bul lo be Inhabited.    At  present  mnn
fs iii n condition of enmity and separation from his Creator and his earthly
home is disordered, God's footstool,
for 6.000 years, hns been the scene of
a terrible reign of Sin nnd Death,
The only hope Is in Messiah's Kingdom, which God hns promised shall
be established for the overthrow of
Sntnn. the abolishing of Ignorance nnd
superstition, the enlightenment of mankind and the uplift of all the willing
and obedient and for the destruction
of the wilfully wicked lo the Second
Basket Social and Dance
* , ,  .
The ladies of Westham Island are
giving a Basket Social and
Dance at
Westham  Island
Easter Monday, April 8th
Everybody   come   and  enjoy  the
final event of the season
Franklin's Orchestra
Proceeds to be given to Maple Leaf Lacrosse Club
Grand March 9 O Clock
S. S. New Delta will leave Ladner at 8:30.    Ladies will
please bring baskets
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate** l-OU.
CAI'ITAL PAID-OP ., 1 $ 6,800,000
ItESBItVi- FUND ' * $7,0,*��,i8*j
Total Assets Over Ono  Hundred and Ten Millions.
Jiccounts ot Out-of-Tjotun  Customers Siven Special Jfttentio,,
Accry nts may be opened with depasi ts of (INK DOLLAR and    Upwards,
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June    'tilth and    December
31st, each year. ������..-.���  . ^i
VVVVVVTW*VVWrVVTVY ��"VVVe^^ **********
A  Worthy  Son   of   a  Great Sire ��
���';   ������'"'  ... ?���"���--?',.'      ,-���<
V                "                '"''    .* '%���&��� i.                     ���"'   ,..''*���"
"X                       *."������-        .-/:���;������"-������;������:;**X''               '7'''7- -M
���" *-*C$&   ,u   ||.,i:-...;t:;
yf$' "'                             \4S>"' **       t__l__
Bonny McKinney
Two Year Old Trial 2.20
One of the Best Trotting Bred Stallion in the West
By the great McKinney (2.11 "4); dam, Martha Frazier, dam of
Melody (2,15) by Rustic (2.30) son of Hambletonian, 725, sire of
the dam of Azote (2.04 3-4. He is a perfect type or trotting bred
horse, of good size and great subs-tance. He la black, stands 15.3
and weighs 1200 lbs.
If you want size, quality and speed, breed to this horse. Bonny
McKinney will make season 1912 at Ladner, B.C. Fee, $30.00 season;
cash when mare bred. Money refunded if mare proves not with
|    foal,
���> Mares pastured at reasonable rates by Mr. IMchardLson.
|       E. S. KNOWLTON, Owner
1   15 Hastings St. East Vancouver, B. C.
i Racetrack, Lidner, B. C.
Uhe *Delta U
in   jfr/veTnca
OFOTGERS i:i.i*<t.*i>.
ViCTO-UA, B. i'., March -1. ���At
Ithi- annua! meeting orf ths vi fris
��� Poultry anil I'd Stock Association,
j whieh was held tost evenlwB a.1 Labor
I Hall, officers for tIn- now term wen
elected as follows: Honorary president, JihIro p. s. Lsimpman; non ir-
ary vlco-presldr-nt, Jas, Ito-incy; pros-,
blent,   James   Wood!   I'lrnt   vi :ir.'si-
'dent, J. H. Hughes! second vloe-prei
blent, W. II. Y.-iiiii'rnin; t-hir.l .tie-
dent, Wm. Jennlnw. serr,-' irv-trcis-
urrr. H. D. ReM; aslstant re iretrry
a   ,r. Oruyi sxeeuttve eommittae, ^r.s
| Wood. J. II. iiui-br**. il. D, R il 1. A.
J,  riray.   B.  Greenwood,  J. Etanith;  .1
jtllack, Oeorce Adams, .T.  D, \Ve*\  M
hilnekp'nok an.l  F. Garland,
. tohi'RN"F, March 20.���An adjourned meeting of thP Itlchmoml Council
was held at the Town Hal*. BSburOS
on Monday, March 11th. Present, trie
Iteeve and Councillors J. Miller, J.
MnTalliim. H. Fentim.in. W. day and
s. Shepherd. E vsral applications
were made for tl ��� extension of the
water system. A i ommlttee was ap-
pointed consisting of the Reeve and
Councillor J. Miller to attend a Joint
meeting of the mullclpalltles re the
tram line eictenslon with regard to the
Delta. J. Murchlson was appointed
road tax collector for the year 1*12.
A PKirnv si,.:.;"- i:.
This ile^ii^n shows a return to a
fashion of some years niro in the
sleeve, which ls tight fitting from the
shoulder and then beraks Into a soft
frill of tucked  net and  lace.
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
Spring Machinery
Potato Planters, Cultivators (1, 2 and 3 horse), Garden Hand
Drills and Cultjvators (Planet Jr, etc.), Plows of all descriptions,
Disc Harrows, Manure Spreaders, Seed Drills, Land Rollers, Fan_
nlng Mills and Baggers, Waggons, Buggies and Democrats, Gasoline Engines (Fairbanks, Morse and International), Chaff Cutters,
Incubators and Brooders  (Cyphers and Jubilee.)
E. T. CALVERT, Agent
The People s Trust Co., Ltd.
Authorized Capital, $800,000.00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Executed
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
People's Trust Building
Ladner, B. C.
Boots, Shoe* and Rubbers
Men's  Furnishings, Prints
5 Roses Flour, Red Seal Pastry Flour, Rolled Oats,
Graham Flour, Carnation Wheat Flakes, Cream of Wheat,
White Star, Magic, Coledyke and Royal Baking Powders,
Davies' Pork and Beans, Fresh Fruits, Evaporated
Peaches, Dried Prunes, Climax and Chivers Jams, Household Ammonia, Teas and Coffee.
���������������������������������������������������������������� ��M��0�� ����������������� �������<�����(


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