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The Delta Times Mar 26, 1914

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 Volume 7
���tt.00 A YEAR.
Centra] Conservative Association iu
Annual Session���Two New Or-
gunlzatlwns  Approved.
$50,000 LOAN
Delta  Council  Passes  a  Temporary
Loan  for  Current  Expenses
���Council Matters.
Every association in the Delta rid- At the last meeting of the mu-
iug was represented at the annual | nicipal council the Temporary Loan
-meting of  the  Delta <��Central  Con-   ���.���,..,.. ���,.. _     .,
aervatlve   Association in Cloverdale; B>Uw for |50'000 was flIlally Passed
on Monday last, and the organization  and    ordered    signed    and    sealed.
Other communications were received
as  follows:
, From Burnett and McGuigan, en
of two new associations in North and
South   Surrey   were   approved   and
their   representatives  seated.       Mr.
IV    A.   Kirkland,   of   Ladner,   was���. , ,    ,
eected vice-president, and the Delta I ����?inf, P'T of   \* 8,irvey ��f *
members  to  compose  the  executive | Bou"*l;"'- Bay and Benson roads.
...ill   be  Messrs.   F.   Hutcherson,   F.
Kirkland,     Westham     Island,    and
liuorge Dennis, of East Delta.
Work of the Session.
Spuds Show Improvement Over Recent Prices���Embargo on Shipments from South Cause.
Farmers of  Delta   Butty   Ploughing Mr. and Mrs. Itobiuson Have Narrow-
Present indications all point to a
raise in the market prices for spuds
and local growers who still have a
supply on hand will do well to hold
them for a few days as the price in
Vancouver has gone up considerably
during the past few days and Is still
on the mend. Local spuds were
l,e | quoted and sold freely this week at
$20 while the famous Ashcroft potatoes brought $32.
The Issuance of the recent order
aud   Seedinjt���Early   Spring
Seems Assured.
Escape When Raring Big Collide*- With Their Buggy.
Planting and  sowing   throughout
this   fertile  district   is  now  in   full I
swing and a considerable portion of
the arable land of the Ladner   Delta I
and Lulu Islands is now  ready  for
the  disc  and  seeder.    Potatoes  are
being    planted     by    almost    every I
rancher who goes in for the growing
of the tubers and acre   after   acre i
has been  planted  during   the   past I
week.    While  it  may  be somewhat j
earlier  in  the year than  usual   for
Discussion of legislation and the^o. for the supply of crushed rock
work of the last session of the Pro-, was accepted formally as it was ap-
vincial parliament particularly as it proved of at a special meeting some
affected the riding, was led by Mr J weeks ago. Clerk McDiarmid was
Frank J. MacKenzie, M.P.P., who instructed to prepare a new assess-
dealt carefully with the railway ment roll under the 1892 and 1895
policy, the new Municipal Clauses j dyking scheme.
Act, the Game Act, P'orestry and the. Accounts were ordered paid as
Land Act, ending by advTsing his: follows: Schools, $1283.29; George
constituents to get busy and go afterj Dennis, $15; S. W. Fisher, $11.40;
tnat $5000 reward for the discovery B.C.E.R., $243.57; Gilley Bros.,
cf radium. At the conclusion of, $153; Westminster Iron Works,
the address Mr. MacKenzie was; $24.30; Marcum Lumber Co., $23.-
given a rousing vote of thanks for: 80; I.etson Burpee, $5; Clement and
his labors and of confidence of the'Lambert, $18.40; G. T. Baker,
electors of the district. 1 $14.95;   Robert   Dean,   $27.50;   W.
,    ,,      ,.,   . | Smith, $5; G. Gurulich, $24; G. Sco-
_^        Organization "Aork. ! penich,    $16.50;    George   Ormiston-
The subdivision plans of Lot  115
annroved  ^ThbTi"/^   natt   n/rtia ' that   California   potatoes   are   to   be | seeding, the fine weather of the past
Ladner Estate *ne | tarred  has  stiffened   the   backs  of  few weeks has induced the farmers
. ' j those holding stocks and a further   to take a chance   and   should   the
ine tender of the B.C. Transport | advance may be looked for.    There   weather   not   cool   off   too   greatly
are fair supplies of the tubers held
yet by local growers and now that
sprouting .time is here and the potatoes will not keep solid much longer,
it is likely that the local markets
will be flooded within a week or so.
Washington and Oregon have
plenty of potatoes and prices in Seattle  are   going  down  steadily.    But
within the next two or three weeks
all danger of frost will have passed
and in all probability the majority
of the grain will have been seeded
before the middle of April.
Out East Delta way the land is
slightly dryer than obtains in Ladner proper and cropping is somewhat    farther   advanced    In    conse-
then it costs nearly $10 to land a ! quence.      Here   hundreds   of   acres
ton in Vancouver outside of the
price paid to the grower, and in consequence there is not much competition from these quarters.
Locally there is not much change
have been turned over for some days
and the farmers are keeping their
teams and men busy from early
morn getting the field in shape for
the   planting of the  famous   Delta
in  the market prices for hay, oats i oats, of which euormous quantities |
or produce, but outside commercial | are shipped from Ladner every year
centres report   a   marked  improve-
The member    of   parliament was $100;  J. O'Keefe, $65;  T. Holmes, I ment in general condition and whole-
followed by    Mr. D. E. MacKenzie,   $65;    E.
district representative on the execu-j $18.05.
tive of the British    Columbia Con-j
servatlve Association, who discussed
organization  work    generally,    and _
congratulated Surrey and Delta rld-j lnionistli IJe,*evP Gover���.���e���t Plan-
ing on the formation of the two new
Trim,  $38.70;   E.  Baker,  salers are decidedly optimistic as to
The quality of the grain is high and
no farming spot in the province has
ever    successfully    competed    with
Officers Elected.
Officers elected were:
Hon.   presidents,   Rt.   Hon.   R.   L.
ned Coup Which Wiu Only Frustrated by Defection.
LONDON, March 24.���The defection of the army officers who refused  to serve in  Ulster is now    a
the future. In all lines they say local growers in this respect:
business is picking up and that coii-t Seeding will commence within two
ditions are gradually improving, not I weeks and as a consequence of the
with any great strides, but surely! rush of spring work there is a no-
and steadily. I ticeable   falling  off   in   the   number
The recent embargo on Southern | of dances and social  parties and in
Constable Morgan is ou a still
hunt for the drivers of two Westham
Island rigs which in their mad race
into Ladner last week collided with
the buggy of Mr. J, Robinson aud
upset himself and his wife and child
Into the roadside ditch, luckily with
uo serious eon sequence, to auyone
beyond a severe shaking up.
From information in tho hands or
the local sleuth, it appears that the
parties started for Ladner just after
dark, Saturday evening, ostensibly
to take in the picture show. Both
rigs were well loaded with youths.
and not long after the start a race
to Ladner was proposed, eagerly accepted, and the mad dash of over
a mile commenced. About this time
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were" proceeding quietly in the same direction
when the inevitable collision occurred. Mr. Robinson's rig was
struck a glancing blow by the passing racers and his horse, taking
fright, bolted, throwing the occupants into the ditch and badly
wrecking the rig and harness. The
racing rigs continued on in their
tumultuous career and as luck would
have it the victims of the accident
picked themselves up unharmed beyond a few slight bruises. Constable Morgan is justly wrathful
over the incident and, as he knows
the names of the young scamps involved, it is likely that further developments may be looked for in
order to prevent a recurrence of
similar accidents.
spuds is given as one reason for the
rise in this commodity and also it
is said that potatoes are very scarce
in Alberta and Saskatchewan and
that   British    Columbia   is   already
fact the social season here is practically at an end  until  next autumn.
Borden,  Sir  Richard   McBride,   Col.! closed incident, but its consequences  shipping    to    the    latter    province. [ Premier Asquith Indicates That This
1). Taylor, M.P. and Mr. Frank J.'are likely to prove far-reaching.1 Butter prices remain unchanged and
"lacKenzie, M.P.P. i Premier Asquith and Colonel Seely,, tlle demand i.s only nominal.    Eggs
President, David Harris, Lang-, Secretary of State for War, made have been going down in price stead-
ley; vice president, W. Kirkland,, explanations before an excited and "'' and are now wholesaling at 27
I.adner:  secretary, E. Wade, Surrey turbulent House yesterday that the  cents.
Centre. j affair was the result of a misuuder- rVAVm.,
An  executive   of , .line members, standing. UFJfJflBBD CYANIDE.
three from each municipality in the:     The misunderstanding, it was in-
district,  was elected as follows:       I ferred. although he did uot dfreoUy ""^fSf^^gS^g^ lB~
Langley, Alex,  Vannetta,    Alder- say so, was due to misconstruction        �����*���*���' "f  TV*   iSfitT
grove;    George Blair,    Murrayville; I of the government's plans    by    the -iii.iM--.-cum.
Wm. McClughan, Fort Langley.        I commanding  general      Sir    Arthur
surrey, H. T. Thrift, White Rock; ! Pa^. whereby he informed tbe of
| clared  that a striker  there, suffer-
Summoiied to London.
SVDNLV,    N.S.W.,   March    25.���
Speaking at a Socialist meeting last
urrey, ��. _. innu, www noc*,, - --:���-.  * -----  ��� evening, Mr. George Kendall, an or-
Shannon,    Cloverdale;     Logan ���ve on Ulster for    a    repressive  8*nizer of lhe Amalgamated Society
Davis    Tynehead. _ ! enmnai-rn. ;ol   Engineers   of   South   Africa,   de-
Delra,     Ernest     Hutcherson,     F.
Kirkland, George Dennis.
The association took time by the;     Genera* Paget and three senior of-
Project Is Within the Sphere
of Possibilities.
LONDON,   March   24.���A conference of the Home Government and ,
of those of the Dominions Overseas,
upon the question of naval defence
in the Pacific is not within the realm
of   impossibility.       This   was   made
clear by Premier Asquith yesterday
when in reply ito Captain Faber hej
added that the Colonial Office had
opened  negotiations  with  the gov-
ernments of Australia and New Zea-|
land regarding the holding of such
a conference at an early date.    In
view of the fact that tbe government
had refused recently to hold a con-
forelock and elected Mr. H. Hutch-, fjcer8 from the Curragh camp���Gen-
ing from phthisis, offered to distri      ���
bute enough cyanide to poison all the j ference "which  was to  Include Can
  "scabs' at work during the recent | adai lt -g *nferred the nevv turn of
erson  of  Delta,  its delegate to  the;,,--* Gough,    Colonel McEwan    and; troubles,    himself    included.       The j e,.eIlts  is  entirely  due  to  pressure
1915 convention  of the British Co- Colonel Parker���were summoned to ��� meeting applauded the statement.        from  the  AntiPodean'government-*
biitibi.-i Conservative association. iLondon   for  a   conference.     Accord-       Ibe stipulation of the striker was .	
In the forenoon the executive ot ins t0 official statements, the mis-' '"-4 his wife and family should be SEEMS ONLV EST.PF
looked alter.      Mr.  Kendall says he i *"*** ��� **'*  -M-t-flis ��*"*n._   l-WUAt"*,
ing  to
tit ral     association     met     and  understanding     has     been     cleared
wenl .over  organization   pltins,   ap-  away, and these officers returned to
proving the application of the North   Ireland   last  night.     Prior   lo  their
Surrey and South Surrey Asso<-iii'
' n ml recommending to the association the acceptance of the application , and expressing pleasure at
tin activity being shown by the
'"���-a 'i-'-.-ttivfs of these two portions
of Hi.- riding.
il. parture they said they were entirely satisfied with the results of their
visit.    The  terms on   which  the of
relused   the  otter  as  he  thought  It f
much too much to poison 400 or 500 |Ci'*hiIi   ol
men in cold blood.
Mr.   Kendall   was    one   of   those
whom the South African government
Lai or-Uailiial     Cabal
Endangers Life of Liberal
LONDON, March 25.���The wildest
fleers remain at their posts were not   ^tended to deport  from the colony, political rumors are ailoat in conse-
iiscuU'i    but  the general  belief    is'1-"-  he evaded arrest    and    arrived quence of ihe rapid development of
that  thev were  assdred   that     they   bere on a cargo steamer.     He escap- Uie   situation   and   the   dramatically
would   not   be   compelled   to     tight] ed   ul   a  ^^T  SlldSen change of the basis of con-
,-.in_  motor inpTi     This is consid-i _  ""__    _ __ __ llict.
test   Fight   of   Heliel   Leader's
Career    ('becks    Triumphant
Advance on Ton-eon.
KL VKRJEL, Mexico, March 24 ���
Me* tiug stubborn resistance at
Gomez Palaolo, but a few miles
north nnd east of Torreon, General
Fn.ncisco Villa and his 12,000 rebel
is fought tlie must biocdy bat-
If" ol the constitutionalist levolu-
tion a e yes eid.y and the robe"
chieftain's inach io Torre n, along
tho route cf which he hud piled
upon vi.tory, was seriously
cho<k d.
against Ulster men.   This Is consid
ered   a  distinct   surrender   by     the
Kin*? Used Influence.
The part the King played In the
crisis has not been disclosed. Army
officers addressed their resignations
fo His Majesty and the report is
that the King Insisted thai tha reels.
nations    in  the    present
Col. Seely Gives Up Portfolio-
Radical   Cabinet   Is   Now
LONDON,    March 25.���Col. Seely,
Secretary of Statu lor War, resigned,8
lhe clearest fact emerging from
ihe confused political gossip is the
growth of the Labor-Radical cabal,
which seriously endangers the life
of the government. A general eiec-
ion prior to July is now anticipated
the only means of ministerial ea-
L'lster Army  Is  a Bluff,  Says Bert-
m��nd; Officers Seduced By
Society Influences.
LONDON, March 25.��� "The Ulster
Orange plot has been revealed," Mr.
Jthn E. Redmond, the leader of the
Irish Nationalist party, said in a
statement yesterday. -'Sir Edward
Carson." he said, "and bis army havo
uot and never had lhe slightest intention of fighting.
"As a fighting lorca against the
regular troops they could uot bold
out  for a Week.
"The plan was to put up the appearance of a tight and then by society influences seduce the officers of the British army. By tbls
means tbey intended to intimidate
the government and to defeat tho
will of the British people. The action of the commanders of some of
the crack cavalry regiments officered
by aristocrats has fully disclosed the
plan of campaign.
"The issue now raised is a wider
one even than Home Rule for Ireland, lt is whether a democratic
government is to be brow-beateu and
dictated to by the drawing rooms of
London and by that section of officers of lhe British army who are
aristocrats and violent Tory partisans.
"The cause of iti.sii freedom has in
this light become tho cause of popular  freedom    and    ordered    liberty
throughout the world.     It is lmpos-
; sibie  to  doubt   whin   the  result  of
' such a fight will be.
"The second tending of th0 iiome
Rule BUI will be takon up Monday
nnd the bill will be proceeded with
until it iiuds its place ou the statute
B.c; Condensed Milk Factory Near
inK  Completion���Handle  I>arge
Quantities of I>elta Milk.
Installation of the machinery fo
the big plant of the B.C. Condensed
Milk Company commenced this week,
and by the end of the month it is
expected by officials of the concern
that the factory will be In actual
daily operation. Mr. C. Payne, secretary of the company, was in Ladner on Tuesday inspecting the machinery and superintending its
proper installation.
The completion of this factory
should mark an epoch in the history of the dairy farmer, who for
years has been compelled to send
his milk and cream by routes, devious and varied, to the markets of
Vancouver and New Westminster,
who will now be enabled to sell his
entire production to the new Industry, the management of which will
specialize in the manufacture of high
grade brands of condensed milk and
cream, and who will pay the going
market prices to the farmer, thereby
eliminating to a great extent the
tedious methods of hauling and shipping to outside points. The benefit
thus derived will be considerable
from the shippers' point of view and
local dairymen are jubilant over the
establishment of the factory in their
The building itsel*- will be up-to-
date in every respect and will be
fitted with all modern conveniences)
for the rapid handling of the lacteal
fluid and although the factory may
not be able to handle all of the milk
at present going out of the Delta.
il will nevertheless handle a very
large portion of it, as large quantities of the manufactured product
are to be made dally. The first of
April should see the completion of
the factory in every detail and a few
days more will see the concern operating steadily.
LONDON, March 25.���Tbat the
Asquith cabinet will survive the
Home Rule crisis seemed unlikely.
For the administration^ surrender
to the army officers who resigned
rather than light. Ulster, the premier
blamed War Minister Seely. Seely
accopted the responsibility and
offered his resignation, but the premier refused it. This is taken to
intimate that Asquith intends the
ministry to stand or fall together
Dissatisfied with the cabinet's
handling of the Home Rule situation, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lloyd George Ib said to contemplate
retirement. It is assumed the pre-.
mier will refuse to resign, but it ls
freely predicted that the other ministers are a 1.1 ready to quit their
This would not mean a national
election, provided the Liberals retained their parliamentary majority. Instead, precedent would require King George to choose n new
Liberal premier. That the offer
would bo made to Lloyd George is
expected. It is known that the
Welshman is not a favorite with tho
king, hut. ii Asquith is not ihe Liberal lead' r, Lloyd George, everyone,
recognizes, certainly is. Without
violating every British tradition tho
king would have no option in the
his  portfolio today.    It Is generally j capo from an intolerable position.
In ii. veil   that   he   was   the   minister
responsible  for  the  blunder
.-.,,,ni,I u.it be accepted and used his1 precipitated  the crisis that split the
Influence   with   the   Cabinet     for   a   cabinet, Messrs.  David Lloyd-George
, nipromlse  with  tho  army. and  Winston  Spencer Churchill  and
���l'he Unionists firmly believe that I their adherents being angry with
���ho government bas participated In Premier Asquith and the moderates ti nipt the exclusion of Ulster In view
i fiasco Thev think thai lhe two! for yielding to the officers and that of the Nationalist attitude; and that
���im'f'enieri.r-i'n" spirits of tlie Cab- the outcome is not unlikely to be a the referendum idea put forth by Mr.
Lloyd-George and Mr. new Radical government headed by Uonar Law has been killed by the
Tbe view taken Is that the gov-
which erniiietit has found that it is unable
lo coerce Ulster, and finds that the
passage ol the Home Rule Bill without excluding Ulster is Impossible;
ihat it is equally Impossible to at-
liiei,     Mr.   .
Churchill   were llie chief movers in
the  plan'and  thai  the government
'"he field hospital h.re Is crowded  ,,"]";,,,i'i,".,i the movemenl of troops Into
J0|i��y with wounded whieh streamed   Ulster to overcome the Covenanters
Intn |"| Verjel as  fed  as they OOU  I
iinied from  the fiont.    G-eu
1,111 "K n y attention here, the se-
fi'uiHly wnunled wee hastened on
Jo the general hospital at Bermejll-
Tlie %dei*nl loss appears lo hav
by a display of superior force
,:,,. arrest oi their leaders, and that
Tho regular session  of  the   Delta
Council  will  take  place on Saturday;
Liberal and Nationalist opposition.
Therefore, the only outlet seems lo-
iday to be a general election In June,
'or even earlier.
'""'��� much heaver than .hat of Ihn
:''1' ��� but no accu ate estimate of
['"I" dead nnd woundi d had been
1 and today.
lion of "full steam ahead" or
Ing force with force" was heard from
I th?  Liberals  In   the  debate    of  the
! House of Commons yesterday.    None
'"'" ���"������>' Branch Will Give Concert of the fire and firmnessi which per-
'-���morrow Evening in Phi-Upa'       | mealed the speeches ol the ministers
,i,��� ..inn was frustrated only by the afternoon, commencing at 2.80 p.m.
"'    ���    . , ,,, , nttip.ra A number of important mutters will
I'linosi   on of the oniieis. ,_ j   .,
Th,> Unionists also aocused the! ' cine up lor consideration and the
���i.*,,���anient O- 'making ���' scapegoat date for the annual court of revision
of  Genera!   Paget   for     Iheir     "own . sitting will also be sou	
b0T?eakbtUUredof"the Home Rule bill! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
is   wrapped   In   clouds.     N'o  declare
...  ..    .   .__ ..,. ,," ,._ fi..i....I
' meel -
Hall, McKay.
V'K\V, March 20.���ln aid or the
1 % branch of thc Victorian Or-
"f Nurses a concert will be given
Trow   evening  in   Phillips'   hall
imber of noted artists or the
���un.Mliy district and Injm the cities
"f \ ancouver and New Westminster. |
,". i-rogramme wilt consist of some
1 ''bias vocal selections, a number
">'t solos, Borne selected quar-
"nl duets and humorous read-
. I:i"���" hi take part are:  Vocalists.
,,r:'  W. .i. Brew-er, Miss M. Roxyna
ni  |p-,  Mr   ,,   ^  -onn3  fr,,)n,|,���.tor
I   VVp'sh   Choir),     and   Mr.   D.   A.
solo    pianlste,    Miss    Cave-
llll   .UT.I     >���"      ���-.,  -M._       LJ
onlv last week was In evidence, The
army   has ���beckma.e,]   the     Sovern-  ��.
ment.   according     to  the   Unionists
view, and the Covenanters of Ulster
liav,. won their fight.
TORONTO,     Maicb     24.���Frank
Harris of 4.17 Grace street, 'Hod las'
night nnd'-r peculiar cfrenmstrnces.
He wm ft nek by a street c r while
crossing Boo,* street, near chnstie
whil* on hi? w y    hem-.      H s In-
jurle- 1*11 not seen   s-r'oar ft the
ilme. and he walked to the efflce of 0
n- Whale, where if "a; found tnat o
SHU  he did   o
'"-('"ve;  elocutionist, Mr. Ales ; his  nose   WM ^(k "'.,.. .   ���,,;
on,   K.C.-.     humorist,     Mrs. j not appear to DO   B t,ier|001   ��� ntli
""""   l-w*--;   solo   viollnlste,   Mrs.   lim. and be walked en home.   La oi   u
r  ''���  Zelgler    and  accompanist, j he brcime uncon
John  F.  Belyea. minutes w; s dead
nsoiou*, and in a few
i!4���To   search     the   Arctic
Circle lor the lost Canadian
exploration   Biup  Karluk,  is
the   mission     of   the  stoam-
o    whaler   Herman,   which left
O    San Francisco yesterday for
O    lhe far north.   The Canadian
O    gov ernmenl    is sending    the
O    whaler  to  the   relief  of  the
O    Karluk.     winch     with     the
O    greater*, pa it of her crew, has
O    been   missing      for     several
O    months.     Captain C. T. I'ed-
u   erson,  skipper  or   ihe  iior-
O    mnn, lielievi-s he will lind the
U    Karluk   somewhere   between
O    Point Harrow    ar.d llerschel
O    Island,    locked    among    lce-
O    bergs      By     the   Umo     tho
whaler reaches tho Arctic, it
is expected  that the Ice will
be sufficiently  broken   up  to
pe-mlt the ship to search the
O'.er   a   Hundred      Killed     on   I>>(||
Side�����Conitltntionaliata  claim
BROWNSVILLE. Texas, March -5.
-���Fifty-two Constitutionalists and
q I sixty Federals were killed, wounded
Qior captured in yesterday's battle at
/j Guerrero, Mexico, according to the
q I official report or    General    Antonio
Villareal, a rebel commander, rein ived al the Matamoros Constitutionalist headquarters last night.
I Captain Jo��e Maria Montamayor is
reported among the rebel dead.
General Villareal's message, dated
! at Guerrero,   claimed    a   "complete
Victory";   ror   the   Constitutionalists.
lie reported 25,000 rounds of am-
I munition, sixty rifles and other sup-
, plies  nnd  equipment  captured  front
the Federals.
!     Berore  the  engagement  Guerrero
was occupi id by Federals under Gen-
(3   erat Gnaniiola.
Secured Written Oiini-ante? That Officer*.  Would  Not  Have to
Fight Ulster,
LONDON, Alar, li *;.*,..- According
to lhe Dall) News' Dublin correspondent, Geneial Gough secured a
written guarantee only utter a tenacious snuggle and an extremely
, healed   Interview,      In   which   Field
Marshal Sir John   French   severely
criticized    the   action    of   General
Gough and Ills fellow officers as
I meriting   im>  severest   punishment.
'J hen   Field   Marenal   Lord  Roberts
' Intervened and restored a calmer atmosphere.
Determined  efforts  were  made at
! Iirst to get General Gough to accept
a verbal guarantee. These failing,
! a long document, couched in Intri-
. cnte legal phraseology, was present-
' 6d. General Gough objected, say-
1 ing they wero plain soldiers and
' rould   not   understand   legal   terms.
He then wrote:
I     "Do we understand we are not to
i be asked to bear arms against Ulster
| or to enforce the present Home Rule
Bill, and we can return and tell our
1 officers so?"
I     Field   Marshal   French  subscribed
to this document: "Yes, this is so,"
j and sinned his name.
Kin iini-j, To nt orey, March 26.
���Tnrough    the    Point    Grey    and
j Richmond Board Ot Trade, a laundry
Company   is attempting  to secure  a
dhange In tit ��� municipal laundry bylaw whieh  Will allow them  to build
on  Bburne avenue.     The company
j gnaratees to employ   at least forty
white persons  an  tha year  round.
and that there will be nothing ObJsell lonabie in the conduct of the busl-
' iios*.     l'he i ouncll  has  manifested
I willingness to consider the proposal,
and  has  asked  thai  complete  plans
and specifications be presented.
WASHINGTON. March 25.���Railroads today filed with the Interstate
Commerce. Commission statements as
to the amount of free time allowed
for loading and unloading carload
freight. These statements were made
In connection with the commission's
Investigation of requests for Increases In rates on Eastern lines.
!     CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 26.
i���In the poultry sections of Lulu ls-
land considerable    excitement    has
: been     caused        lately     by     chicken
, thieves, tho depredations of whom
j have  been   Indiscriminate.      Almost
I every well known    poultryman    has
I lost   birds.       During   the   past   two
; weeks,   one   ranch   was   visited   on
I throe occasions, on the last the proprietor putting the nocturnal prowl-
i ers to fl'ght with a clv-fe ol hu.-k-
shot.      One  poultry-man   has  commenced   to   slPPP   in   '���       ''en   house
nnd others are    exorcis'ng    a    very
close watch.
| BBUKNE, Point Grey. March 26.
���A Vancouver seed company has
lensed the greenhouse near Marpole
i station owned by Mr.  I. r. Huichin-
! son, and win use ii for experimental
'���'his evening the Voting People's
So loty of tuburne Presbyterian
church will hold a meeting to adopt
constitution and bylaws and appoint
; various committees. A report will
be made by tho tennis committee.
Mrs. K. I. "Thompson and daughter
Helen have l"h on a trip to Toronto,
where Mrs. Thompson's parents will
be visited.
Plans are being prepared for a
116,000 residence which Mr. i>.
Mawhluney will have erected on Bel-
: mont aie ue in W st P .int Grey.
I      \tt   Eburne     bn ed������*���     is     S IIIng
I young sous In litter lor ���fill) eacb.
Several transfers of real estate
are report d In Wesl Point Orey dur-
j ing tb.. past two weeks.
Tl tide-'s  h I ve  b I n   rail, d   by   the
[.Provincial government  tor the bon-
I Struction of a four-room school,
costing fl2,600, in t>. L. 189 This
(llslrii-t   lies  ai'i'iir   midway  betw en
iKerrlsdale snd vV'st Point Qrey,
and during the pas! yen*, f fliwintg
opera'ion of th ���  Dunbar siror,.   ,.,r_
| line,  hs ''U'lt  "ji very rail'Iy   The
:sito for the school Is now being
"i _ if '���&
Steveston Factory I* Coming up to
Expectation   of  Promoters���
Lulu Island News.
SI1_\ __>10.\, l-uiu island, March
-J.���lhe local brick works, now
that they are operating, are coming
up io the expectations of the pro-
motors. A patented process, involving the dredging ot sand from the
river bed, is used. the first carload shipment of bricks went to
Cedar Cottage, and the company is
understood to have a large number
of orders on baud.
i be Kerrlsdale lacrosse club will
s. no. a delegate to the annual meet-
jug of the Richmond club on March
;'(i, the oojeet being to arrange, if
possible, a league betwen Richmond
and Point.Grey loams. Richmond
bas not yet decided with whom she
will uiilliato this year. ln some
quarters there is a strong feeling
thai the Delta league snould be
George Tulnail lias decided io
build a bungalow on Second avenue,
near lhe school.
Ward Two Ratepayers' Association will hold a regular meeting in
the Lulu school next Monday nigbt.
Alexandra chicken ranchers are
busy. Mr. Wilson is hatching four
hundred this spring and Messrs.
iiird, Wtiuenead and Ulenton are
j'-fco ncreasing mtir noca. co;:
Miss Minnie McDonald, Sea Island,
bad as her guest recently Miss
Marion McAllister, of Port Moody.
Thursday evening, March 26, at
the South Arm Presbyterian church,
Rev. James Hyde, of Kerrisdale, will
lecture on "A Trip Through Beautiful Kilarney." The lecture will be
illustrated with lantern slides.
A "daffodil" dance will be held
under the auspices of Richmond
branch, \ ictorian Order of Nurses,
in the Orange bail, No. 9 road, Friday, evening, April 17.
E. Ireland has taken over the
businessoflreland Bros.
L. O. L. 1672 is giving a dance in
its hall on the No. 9 road on Friday
evening, March 27.
A live-room bungalow is being
constructed by Mr. Atkins on Fourth
In the first baseball game of the
seaon. Bridgeport Juveniles defeated Eburne by a score of 12 to 11.
A series of lacrose games ls being
arranged between the Bridgeport
and  Eburne schools.
( liu.imi.ui  of  Norm  Eraser  Harbor
C-OnuuisMon   Is   -'Getting   All  -
He  Asked."
STEVESTON, Lulu Island, March
24.���During Uie council meeting this
alternoon, a telephone message was
ieceivt-d lrom H. B. A. Vogel, secretary ot the North eraser Harbor
Commission, announcing receipt of
a letter lrom J. D. Taylor, M.P., in
which Mr. Taylor said that Mr. R.
Abernetny, wno on uenaif ot tne
commission conferred wilh the authorities at Ottawa, was "getting all
be asked."
Municipal Clerk Wlllson also presented to the council a telegram
lrom Reeve Bridge, who is also at
utiuwa, reporting success on his
mission. The reeve's specific object
was to arrange for the Dominion
dredge working on the North Arm
to deposit material on the Lulu island dyke.
Acting on a wire from Clerk Will-
sen. lie stated he was discussing
with the department the dredging of
the river at the Lulu Island bridge,
lt is desired to install an emergency
nm in Here, and the discovery has
just been made that there is danger of :ts being damaged by boats
unless the stream to either side of
the central pier is deepened.
A.-.oilier matter winch the reeve
hud taken up, but on which as yet,
there was nothing lor publication,
was the status of the Richmond rifle
Assistant    Provincial    Horticulturist
Addresses Meeting of Fanners'
Institute at Matsqui.
EBURNE. Point Grey, March  23.1
- Mr.   F.  N.  Trites,     who  has  long]
been   interested   in   Point  Grey  and
Richmond, is becoming a resident of]
the   f.inner  municipality this  week.
Mr. Trites has had a residence erected on Second avenue in West Point |
Grey, and is now moving fn.
Councillor Wells left recently on I
a fishing trip to Stave Lake, taking
with him Mr. Hector Andrews, a
local sportsman, and Mr. George
Tweedy, a Prince Edward Island
Mrs. M. R. Wells is on a visit to
her daughter, Mrs. R. E. Hayward,
in Portland, Oregon.
The Young People's Society of the
lil-irne Presbyterian Church has appointed a committee to attend "city
beautiful" meetings proposed to be
held this spring.
VANCOUVBRi March 24.���-Arrangements were completed and at,
agreement signed yesterday afternoon between -the Canadian Home
Investment Company and the Dominion Trust Company whereby ihe
latter company. Will take over the
management of the C. II. I. C. affairs. This will include making a!',
collections from contract-holders
looking aflcr the principal and in-
teiest op mortgages and in gener.il
dealing with the contract-holders on
the tenhs outlined In the contrasts.
WINNIPEG. March 25.���Fred
Frezhall, aged 24, and \. Dallarde
Qourdeau. 30 years, wanted in Vancouver on Si parate charges of fraud,
were arrested here yesterday by Detect iv-' Bums of the city department,
Vancouver hffici s are renorted on
their way to take back the prisoners.
OTTAWA, March 25.���In the
crowded House which listened to the
debate mi 'be National Transcontinental Hallway yesterday there was
one "otic ,ii)ti i nipty seat, that of
Sir Wilfrid Lonrter, The leader of
(he 0--ii"s t'-i> his been in the House
sin'r. Is t -'h"--''av .-nd is eonlined
to his home with a severe cold.
.1. Gascoigne is moving from the
Flats into J. H. Gibbard's new house
on  East Seattle street.
George Wellington, who occupies
the position of telegraph operator
recently made vacant by the death
ot Mr. Shea, has moved his family
into Mrs. Woods' property on East
Seattle street. ���
Miss A. Lester, a recent arrival
from London, England, has settled
on a ranch in Cedar Valley and proposes to engage in dairy farming.
On account of a severe attack of
la grippe, Rev. W. P. Ewing was unable to fill his appointments last
Sunday and is still confined to his
Messrs. Alpin and McGIashan,
steeplejacks, of Winnipeg, Manitoba,
were in town last week and painted
the smokestack at the Kootenay jam
and chocolate factory.
Richard ('lark, of Vancouver, has
mo* il to Cedar Valley, and until
in i an build on his new place
bought of George Gihbard, Sr., will
ccupy ;i shack belonging to Norris
Winch.���Mission  City News.
i;i_uv t.KHALE, B.C., March 24.���
'illere was a Urge attendance at the
dairy demonstration and dairy cow
"t'.-tng al the Shannon rancn yes-
terday afternoon, at which Dairy
Ccmmissioner McDonald lectured, lt
followed by a poultry plucking
demonstration, and a talk-by J. W.
'���<��� ry On 'I"1 n-!."i,i'za'|nn Of a COW
I 11 Ing ! ss c at ion. In the eve-
nit:-.' the municipal ball was comfortably Piled by farmers who listened
to an address by (Tie live stock commissioner, and the illustrated lecture by Dairy Commissioner Rive.
MATSQUI, March 23.���Growing
vegetaoies lor noine consuiupuou
and for market formed tbe subject
of an interesting address given by-
Mr. W. H. Robertson, B.S.A., assistant horticulturist, of Victoria, at a
meeting of the local Farmers' Institute held in the Agricultural hall at
Giflord, on Thursday afternoon. Mr.
H. R. Phillips, president of the institute, acted as chairman. ,
Mr, Robertson gave the audience
present the benefit of his personal
experience in gardening. Among
the varieties of vegetables to plant
he mentioned tomatoes which in the
Eraser Valley could only be grown
under glass to make them a paying
Mr. H. II. Grist, of Gordon Head,
Vancouver Island, spoke a few words
on poultry and gave a practical illustration by killing, plucking and
dressing a chicken in an exceptionally short trine.
At the evening session which waa
well attended, Air. D. Mclnnes, of
Dungeness, Wash., congratulated the
residents of Matsqui on their hall
which he followed by an able address on dairying and hog rajslng.
He related his own experience as to
the value of the various feedB and
breeds, laying particular stress on
males being thoroughbreds. As a
dairying country, Mr. Mclnnes mentioned, that it was one of the beet
he had ever visited.
Mr. Mclnnes was followed by Mr.
H. Rive, provincial dairy inspector,
who gave an illustrated lecture on
dairy cattle showing the types of
barns both modern and otherwise
existent in this province. At the
conclusion of the meeting Mr. A.
Crulckshank moved a vote of thanks
to the speakers which was carried
Company   Offers   to   Extend   Wharf
Twenty-five Feet and Put It in
Good Repair.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 24.
���That a wharf lease on the Steveston waterfront is consl_er*d an attractive proposition in some quartars
was indicated by a letter received by
ihe council yesterday afternoon from
the Goose-Millard Cn-kiiii* Company,
proprietors of the Burrard Cannery.
The concern asked for a five years'
lease on a. wharf at. tub end of Seventh avenue, adjoining tlie Burrard
Cannery, 'Mie letter was laid over-to
the next council meeting.
"In addition to the yearly rental
we now pay,'' the letter read, "we
are willing to repair the wharf and
put it in a eoridition that it can be
used. We are also willing to extend
il twenty-five feet into the river, as
at present, it has only two feet of
water at low tide."
The council received from Mr. J.
G. Lenham a letter in which he offered his services as wharfinger at
Woodward's Landing. The council
decided to look up the wharf bylaw
and go into the matter with the
writer. It was stated that owing to
the large amount of traffic a
wharfinger was really needed. Mr.'
Lenham. who has a small stand at
the wharf, stated that he had installed a telephone. He pointed ou the
necessity for placing doors on the
wharf storeroom.
The Royal Banh of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized    *25,ooo,ooe
Capital Paid Up    ��ll,5eo,000
Reserve Funds      $13,500,000
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Million
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make every depositor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his financial
affairs. ___________
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upwards.
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 3Ht and
November 30th each year.
Mr. John Howes, formerly of this
city, was last week elected president
of the Aldergrove Conservative Association, while H. O. Lamb, also
well known here, and now manager
of the co-operative store at Aldergrove, was made secretary. Mr. F.
J. MacKenzie, M.P.P., attended the
annual meeting of the association,
and addressed the assemblage on the
work of the recent session as it affected the Delta Riding, aud at its
conclusion Mr. MacKenzie was tendered a vote of confidence and of
thanks for his exposition of public
A dance is to take place on Friday
night, March 27, under the auspices
ot the Strawberry Hill Farmers' Institute, dancing to commence at 8
p.m. Card tables are to be provided tnd refreshments supplied by the
Strawberry Hill  Women's  Institute.
There was born on March 20, at
Scott Road, Strawberry Hill, to the
wife of George Atchison, a daughter.
One of the tie makers employed
at Hoyle'p. ~|tti|i met with an accident to his foot last week. The injured man is improving slowly.
SYDNEY. N.S.W., March 25.���A'
contingent of Australians is in process of rormatlon here to fight for
Ulster if It should be round necessary. An announcement to tbls
efteet was made at a mpeting of an
Orange lodge yesterday.
VANCOUVER, March 25.���Mr. .1.
Reginald Davison, of Th'rd avenue
vest. Vancouver, wns yesterday appointed the tirst industrial commissioner for the city of Vancouver.
Work is being steadily ' puBhed'
forward on ithe water works system
being installed st Boundary Bay. A
concrete dam has been built on the
site of the old spring on the Whaleni
property and pipe lines are being1
laid following the street lines which
can be conveniently connected up
���with practically any point on thd
Messrs. Kellington, Savage, Major
and Dr. MacKay are making ar-i
rangements with the Whalen estatei
for tiie extension of the water linei
along the road . leading to the)
boundary line. It is tbe intention of
these gentlemen to have their summer homes all connected up with
the water system.
Mr. E, Phillips of the Auto Transfer Co. Which carries on an exten-1
sive business between South Van-'
couver and the Delta owning threel
gas cars and a steam car, was in
Westminster during the past week
getting information preparatory to
inaugurating an auto bus line from
the Eburne line to Boundary bay.
The intention is to serve the Westminster residents via the Eburne
line to the North Arm bridge and
from there by auto line to the bay.
Thip will be a marked improvement
over the old system of stage line
from Ladner. It Is thought, although notning as yet has been decided, that some reduction can bo
made in the matter of fares.
' Messrs. Herb Ingram and Ed. A.
Darker of Vancouver, who purchased a block of lots during the
past year, were recent visitors to the
bay making preparations for the
erection of their summer homes.
The *iew ferry service from Woodwards to Ladner hns opened up new'
possibilities for the Vancouver people who make their summer homes
at Boundary bay. This service cuts
tho distance which was previously
36 miles to about 18 nnd makes I.
possible for nutoists to go and c^ine
Mr. Michael H. Whalen who has
for many years been in charge of an
Alaskan fishing fleet has resigned
his position " in the company an*?
will hereafter n.a'.e his permanent
re.-,''.( nc- ir  'he !>B>.
********************* ****************************<f*A>44
j    DELTA   HOTEL   \
no 2 i
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
Ladner, B. O. Ph
Sample Room. Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Rates Reasonable I
Manufacturers and Dealers in* all kinds of
Shingles, Latb, Sash, Doors, Turnings and House Finishings.
Phone R14 Bburne. Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow.
Studebaker Cars Cole. Cars
M. R. Wells & Son
Salesroom   -   Moosomin Avenue
Indian Motocycles Phone Eburne 17 L
Grocer and Baker
Support     LOCAL     INDUSTRY
Order Early, Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday
20c doz. delivered     - Fresh Cookies and Doughnuts
Jjhe 7)etia Ui
Richmond Council Awards Contracts
for "two  Undertakings ou
Lulu island.
CAM I'll*;, Lulu island. March 'ii.
���The No. 5 road ditching contract
was let to Smith & McConkey at
$1.31" a rod, ut the council meeting
yesterday afternoon. The much
larger undertaking, tbe canal (rom
the North Arm to the rilie ranges
along No. 4 road, was awarded to
J. W. Pike, who tendered $2000.
Uoih works will be carried out immediately.
The council appointed Messrs.
fentlman, HowellS and McCallum a
committee to attend a conference
Wednesday morning at the Mayor's
office, New Westminster, regarding
the sending of a delegation to the
drain ti rowers' meeting at Winnipeg.
A water rebate of $ti on a house
lately become unoccupied was aKkod
by Mr. E. Challonur. The tenant,
the Applicant slated, had thrown up
a lease,     The request war. denied.
Councillor foster wns asked to
report on a request for the improvement Of .No. 17 road between No. 8
anil NO, ii roads. Mr. H. Randall
May was the applicant. lie claimed
that taxes had been paid tor twenty
years, but the municipality had made
no return  to him  for lt.
The council gavo  linal  rending  to
the health amendment bylaw. The
matter of the No. �� road motor-bus
franchise was laid over. A small
amount of road improvement work
-��� in; anthoris d*. The nexl meeting
of the council Will he held Monday,
April 6.
Sl.OO A YEAR p*"b)
U. S. A.   .    .   $1.50
le in
The abov,; picture shows :i Blackfoot Brave, Squaw, and daughter in  full regalia.     The most of these
Indians are resident  In .Southern  Alberta.     The total wealth of the Blsekfoot Indians, including an average
^H^^^H^H$i��.'''s <
second only to the wealth of the Osage Indians  of   Kansas.      Fortunately  the
bulk of this wealth ;s held In land,   implements,   te.ncing,   building,  live  stock, etc., so that the Indian cannot
squander bis immense w<with.
SYDNEY, N.S.W., Man* _ft.���two
Hve3 were lost in a storm which has
Just swept through the state. A
great deal Of damage was done both
In the city and country. Bridges
were washed away, houses collapsed,
industries stopped rnd machinery
! damaged. _^H
n-iickty rtop* crnrlii.  cures  cotds, and  heu'.i
us .!..-:.. e.i.. luces.       ::       ::       26 cut-
Point  Orey Council  Gives Contract
lor Hook and Ladder Truck
���Point Grey News.
EBURNE, iolnt Orey, March 19.
���A. O. Long & Co., of Portland,
Oregon, was given the contract by
the ��� municipal council yesterday
morning tor a motor hook and ladder truck. The price was $8800
and the machine, which is of the
Lu France make, will he delivered
in about six months.
Reeve Churchill Is on his way to
Montreal on municipal business. He
v ill tie gone about a month.
Mrs. H. B. Morley and family have
returned from California, whore the
v> inter was spent.
On Tuesday, n Shamrock tea was
held hy the Ladies' Aid of Eburne
Presbyterian church at the home of
Mrs.  Thomas  Ussher,   .Marine  Drive.
Tnis afternoon the regular monthly meetir;; of EJburne w. c t. u.
is being held al the home of Mrs.
II   '"V. Garrett, Alberta avenue. *"
Simples of milk were taken re-
centlj i>> Chief of Police Simpson
Hid analyzed by Vancouver officials,
and In all Instances the standard
was exceeded.
The police force haB been Increased   by  one  man.
Under a local improvement plan,
lt  Is  proposed  to  macadamize some
��� three miles of lanes In Shaughnessy
Heights    tills    season.       Permanent
paving of several streets, also under
|a   local   Improvement   plan,   will   be
i undertaken.
LONDON. March    SB.���The Daily
News,   the  chief   Liberal  paper,  this
.morning advises the government to
fat once resign and take the verdict
j of  the  country  on   the  issue,   "the
army versus the nation."
Grade   Ih   Completed   Practically to
Confluence of Mcl-eod and
AthubiiNi-u Rivers.
EDMONTON,    March    84.���Fiual
plans have been filed tor ths roots
or the Canadian Northwestern I "������
way, which is tbe name under wbici
the Canadian Northern system M ��<;
Ing extended  into the  Peace i�����'
The  grade  Ih  completed   on   tne
road  practically    as fnr    as    won
Court,   near the  confluence   01
McLeod and Athabascu rivers,
line  will  follow   the   vaRey ol '
Athabasca   for  about   tiftj   mil'
the south side, crossing tbe M'1-1
by a separate bridge.
' The li.ie will cross   the   Sm��'<e-
River   about  three   miles   iron  u
confluence  of  the  Wapiti.      ������     '
puss Jusl south of the town of uw_
Prairie  between  Saskatoon and
ST.  .TOUN.  N.B..   March  24.- \
important change has been n ���'" 	
the  management   In   the mariu
partment of,the C. P. il ��������;'.
ern section.    It 1ms been  '��"'"'_������
here that Captain 3. T. Walsh, "
has  heen  made, chief  nutlm���
intended! of all Atlantic and Ai"*^
Coats services of the C.  I ��� ��������     -.
Mr. w. J. McOlffln as mai '���';',���
intendent at  St.  .lohn,  ��ml ' ' ,���,|-
rj. O. Elliott as marine ���^','"\r,i,i-
ent at Halifax.    Captain A   ������      ,,,,
bald, formerly Wptfintendent
Pacific coast fleet, has been ap
ed  superintendent  of tne
Fundy steamship service,
Mr. A- MacGregor. TTL
KSDAY, MARCH 26.  1914,.
,-r William Wallace has left Lad-
f ' a will make his future home
jn Vancouver.	
Professor and Mrs. Winskell were
ijitors to Ladner on Tuesday morning last-  \
Mr E L. Berry and son made a
.���'rr.'.Up visit to Eburne on Tuesday morning, returning on the afternoon boat. _	
Cantain Brewster, the genial
..inner and owner of the New Delta,
ha6 removed all his effects to Van-
UVer where he will make his percent home in the future.
The Times is now published on
Thursday afternoon. All copy for
.i.,-:laments andSHews items must
If. in at the Times office, I.adner,
Before noon Wednesday.
For all Building Supplies and Fuel
0,1 apply io the B-c- TrauBP��rt Co*
Ltd ii05 Westminster Trust Build-
j-g" Office phone 826; wharf phone
Shannon  E-l-oS,'  Plant at Cloverdale
Ik  Relieved  to  Be  the  Most
.Modern in B. C.
CLOVEKDALE, March 25.���Sixty
farmeis, all dairymen or farmers
who are turning their attention to
Mr. S. W. Fisher was a business      _______________________________
visitor to New Westminster on Wed-1 dairying, visiied the Shannon Bros.'
nesday last. |dairy   here   Monday   and   examined
.-_    f,������j��� ~"_ .      jwhat   is  declared   by   experts  to  be
Mr    Cordon   Honeyman, of Van-   ,
couver, spent the week end with hia tns  *ines*  c*airy instailation  in  the
parents at Lindore. j province  and  not    only     witnessed
dairy cow judging, out a demonstration of the Sharpless milking machine, recently declared by the New
\ork Experiment station the only
successful milking machine manufactured, made successful through
the application of an ingenious pulsating attachment by which the
milking cups ure made to simulate
the action of the human hand in
milklilg. They examined carefully
the arrangement of tbe stable, witb
its sanitary stanchions, all of tubu-
from jar steel, the cement troughs and
B      floors, the walls, 30 per cent, -glass
  and 20 per cent, ventilating windows,
Robert  McKee has purchased |���ot   or.lv   dust   proof   but   air   tight
.McLaughlin Buick seven-pas- |ceiling of flooring, the litter and feed
automobile.      He   is   much carrier  system,  drinking cups  kept
with the easy running quail- j tilled beside each animal, and above
Police Magistrate John McKee was,
a business visitor to Vancouver on i
Monday morning last.
Mr. H. Elliott has moved to the
premises formerly occupied by Mr.
J. Lougheed, where he will make his
home in  the future.
Mr.   J.   Lougheed   has   moved   to
���the farm  of Mr. H. J. Kirkland on
the  Slough  road.      He   intends  to
take   up   farming   extensively
now on.
a new
ties of
his new purchase.
jevere ope
HThe New  Delta has  departed  for
.  j Vancouver, and is now on the marine
Clements who underwent a! *'ay* at the Wallace shipyards,
aticn on her ankle at the j undergoing some very necessary er-
Ceneral  Hospital,  a few | Pairs-    Her run to Steveston is be-
davs ago, is doing well and expects
to be moved from the hospital next
Mr \. Brown, superintendent of
construction for the B.C. Telephone
Co., spent Tuesday in the city looking into the proposed new route of
the company on the Boundary Bay
ing taken  by the Sonoma.
Alderman Robert Hawthorne, one
of the Port Coquitlam aldermen, is
a former resident of the Delta, and
spent a busy session while here on
Tuedsay, renewing old acquaintances.
There was an exodus'of Ladner;
joiing folk to Cloverdale last week, j
lhe occasion being a grand ball at I
ih.. latter place. About twenty at-1
tended from Ladner and all report'
n good time.
There will be a meeting of the
Delta Conservative Association held
in the Odd Fellows' Hall, Ladner,
on Thursday, April 2. Mr. Frank J,
McKeuzie, M.P.P., will address the
gathering. **
Seeds���Timothy, Alsyke and red
clover, bran, shorts, Soy bean meal,
oil cake meal, dairy chop, Purity
flour, fertilizers, kept in stock by
Brackman-Ker    Milling Co.      H. N.
Miss Fanny Brandrith was the resident  of a  very  handsome Cathej	
dral chime clock with her name en-   RjCh   agent   Ladner  B. C
gravel    thereon    by    the    scholars '
0 her Sunday school class at Boundary Bay. The presentation took
place at the home of Mr. Robert
Smith, and all of the scholars attended In a body.
feature of the municipal hall
that was much appreciated by The
Porl City delegation on Tuesday was
the, large and commodious basement,
in which particular the Ladner people are away ahead of tbe Surrey
edifice.    It   is likely that the base-
i t  of Coqultlam's hall    will
modelled  along  these lines.
Constable Morgan will recommend
to the local health officials that a
receptacle for the placing of waste
papers and envelopes be established
in the waiting room at the local post
office. By so doing he opines that
the usual littering of the street with
papers and other refuse would cease
lo a great extent.
In   order  to  appear against Bela
Singh  and  his supposed accomplice,
Jewel, Magistrate McKee and Police
be Constable Dan Morgan went over to
Vancouver on Monday morning last.
______--------^^^^__     Contrary  to their  expectations,  the
.���. was remanded, however, and is
The Delta Telephone Company are, case was rtuia        ,    _           _._.
preparing for the usual spring rush  to �����_����
of work  and  various and   extensive-   nis   ween.
plans for increasing the area covered   forger*.
for hearing some  time
The   charge   is   one   of
by this progressive local concern are
now under way. Extensions are to
be made east and west and fiu-al
and definite announcements will be
made later.
lady   demonstrator    will    hold
at  the Big Store on Saturday,
���t.   and   during   the   following
and   will   serve   FREE   fresh
halted biscuits and cakes made with
Eego Baking Powder and Five Roses
1'lour, and a cup of tea made from
our Special L. F. & W. Blend. Yon
are cordially invited to attend this
Interesting  demonstration. **
The municipal council are having
a fourth well drilled out nl, the
r.ource of the municipal water 'sup-
pi s, and this innovation is expected
to materially Increase the quantity
of the supply. The board have also
decided to raise the present water
rate slightly, but will give a discount
for cash payments which will reduce
the rate to approximate!
as before.
Howard Bros.
Practical Tailors, Ladner, B.C.
Jail thc cleanly manner ln which all
apparatus and the stable itself were
operated, the floors flushed and
scrubbed and even tbe windows dusted.
Among the crowd that thronged
the stable and watched the cow
judging and listened to tbe lectures
by Livestock Commissioner McDonald and Dairy Commissioner Rive,
were practically all of the big farmers and dairymen of tbe district.
There were .1. W. Berry, of Murrayville, David Harris, of Fort Langley;
C. E. Hope, of Langley; Mr. Frank
MacKenzle, M.P.P.; H. T. Thrift, of
White Rock; D. E. MacKenzie, market clerk, New Westminster; Dougal
MacKenzie, road superintendent; H.
Hutcherson, of Delta; Reeve Sullivan wus there, and everywhere was
to be seen Judge Bose of Cloverdale.
And it was surprising bow many
placed tlie four heifers used for
demontratlon purposes in the judging contest correctly, or at least
according to the judgment delivered
by the Livestock Commissioner. At
least 25 per cent, placed them correctly, and more than that number
were correct In first and fourth place,
the commissioner reversing those
given second and third places.
The judging was accompanied and     	
followed  by    a discussion    of    the [ the  experiments, is supervising the
points in a dairy cow, the commis- I erection of the plant.
sloner tirst giving in comprehensive j 	
terms   the   desirable   qualities,   and j     MAXUAL TllAIMING CLASSES,
showing  the  desired  points  in   the      ���.���.._.���   ,,     .   ���-.
animals presented.     In dairy cattle   _, <* ''HLLIWACK. March 24.
' Bunnell,  of  tbe  education
Have Arrived
can statisi'y everybody
Fit, Style and Price.
Gents'  Suits,   made  to
measure, from $27.00
to $45.00
Ladies' Suits from $35.00
If you have your own goods
we will make them up tor you
at the following prices: Gents'
suits $16 and $18; Ladies'
Suits $20. Don't forget the
Syndicate Will Build Plant With Capacity of a Ton a Day���{.xtenslve
NELSON, B.C., March 24.���Convinced by the result of two years of
experiment, during which scores of
assays have been obtained and other
work carried on at an expense of
$5000, a local syndicate has arranged to build a plant with a capacity
of a ton a day to demonstrate tbe
possibilities of platinum mining in
the Kootenay. A London metallurgist,  who  has been   working  on
For Sale by Tender
Eighty-six and one-quarter acres,
of first-class Delta lands, being part)
of the northwest quarter of Section)
3f>, township 5, New Westminster
This property is advantageously
situated one mile east of the village!
of Ladner, adjoining the Delta Agricultural Society's grounds. Terms,
$10,000 cash, balance with interest)
at 6 per cent per annum, tenders*
will be received by the undersigned!
up to the 6th day of April, 1914.
Tenders to be accompanied by roark-i
ed cheque for $250 which will be re-i
turned to unsuccessful tenderers on,
the 7th day of April, 1914.
Further particulars may be obtained from
Box 53, Ladner, B. C.
Agent for the executors of the late.
George Lassiter.
For Sale, For Exchange Wanted to
Purchase. To Let. L_��t. Found, Work
Wanted. Situations Vacant, 1 cent
word. Minimum, X cents for u; one
advt. These rates for cash with order.
All Want Adi. mutt be \p by 1 p.m.
on Thursday.
will r
ly fhe
rh  Cameron,  of  Westham
nioro than in any other branch of
the live stock industry, declared Mr.
McDonald, the show yard points are
identical with points found to be
necessary for heavy production.
As an example of a most deirabie
dairy cow, the commissioner exhibited Flossie, an 11-year-old Ayrshire,
with a certified record of 11,655
pounds of milk produced in 314 days
in 1913, containing 446 pounds of
butter fat, and it developed that two
of the four heifers used in the first
demonstration, were full sisters, the
progeny of Flossie.
Tho calf pens had many visitors,
in which were seen some magnificent
young animals, in fact some of the
best there Is. The Shannon Brothers are members of tbe Ayrshire
Breeders' Association of British Columbia, and have ln their stables two
oi the best bred registered bulls In
Western Canada.
Lie fore the milking demonstration
-Mr. A.
 department, Victoria, was in the city on
Thursday conferring with the school
board in connection with the establishment of manual training and domestic science classes. The department is willing to assist in tbe purchase of the necessary equipment
tor these rooms and also tn the payment of' the salaries of tbe teachers.
The old high school ouilding could
be used for the classes.
���Mr. P. L. McNeil, of Vancouver,
has been uppolnted municipal audi-"
tor of South Vancouver at a salary
of $1,200 per year. Confirmation
of the appointment was given by tbe
council yesterday.
, v.,,11,^.-...  "'   ���'" "v,a���--tratej Mr. J. W. Berry gave a short talk on
and. who^pearedbetow -��g*����|&i necessity of forming a cow teat-
1111*1*'-A FEARS FOR
Last Sunday saw .the ferry doing
a larger business probably than any
day previously since the Inauguration of. this service and nt the 10
a.m. trip it is estimated thai ninety
pi tengeri came across besides numerous autos. At the six p.m. trip,
ii. addition to the usual nuniber^of
ihere were eleven automobiles
each with a goodly number of passengers, and on the four trios there
must lttive been several hundred people transported.
The I.adner Amateur Dramatic.
Society are working hard nf their
ni w     play,     "Sir   Simon     Simple,'
ich they Intend to put on in the
McNeely hall on Friday, April 17. It
chnrge,   was  allowed   to  go  on  sus*
ded sentence, providing he could
be    found   in   the   municipality
had elapsed.
not ^^^^^
after twenty-four hours
Cameron has caused no little annoyance to the local police at different
times and as he appeared to be a
sort of a rolling stone with no permanent headquarters, he was ordered out of Delta.    He went.
On   Tuesday,   Ladner   was   visited
entire  Port  Coquitlam  city
wbo   came   for  the  express
of inspecting the municipal
with   n   view    to
by   the
purpose  _.   __^^^^^^^^^^^^
quarters with a view to securing
suggestions ns to the best mode df
architecture for their proposed new
civic offices. The visitors were '
pressed' with   the   beauties of
Ing association, while Dairy Commissioner Rive described the method
in which the organization and the
testing is conducted. Mr. Duncan
Mclnnes, of Dungeness, Wash., himself a large breeder and dairyman,
urged the necessity of organization
on the part of the farmers.
In the evening there was a still
larger crowd at the municipal hall
when Mr. McltTnes lectured on dairy
feeds ar.d Mr. Rive delivered his
Illustrated dairy' lecture.
MEXICO CITY, March 25.
���Deep concern tor Tor-
reon's fate is expressed at the
war office today, 'l'he latest
reports are not reassuring.
General Velasco, Torreon
commander, spoke of a new
unfamiliar type of shell the
rebels are using with deadly
effect. He added tneir marksmanship is good.
i inthe
afhall"and after lunch ^roceeted
7ni\r*rwtr�����tinB- pieces 0r.o n^^^-.n.rs
r written and is brimful of mer-9d tie Surrey gsH-W,-*    ��^
nnt from start to finish.   There were: Mayor -LR. ^.-.n w.^  A
Horses, Implements and
Mr. H. N. Rich has received instructions from the executors of the
late Mr. George Lassiter to sell by
auction, on the premises, adjoining
the Delta Agricultural Society's
grounds, on
Saturday, April 11th
AT.*:;*0 P.M.
HORSES���Bay gelding, aged; bay
mare, aged, in foal to Hornby's
Horse; bay mare, 6 years old; black
colt, coming 3 years old.
COW���1  family cow in full milk.
BEES���6 hives of  bees.
IMPLEMENTS���Deering binder,
Deeripg mo-Wer, Massey-Harris hay
tedder, potato planter, disc harrow,
drag harrow, 4 sections, double
mould board plow, 16-inch Oliver
Bteel plow, 10-inCh .Essex centre
plow, one ^4-inch tire wagon, one
3-inch tire wagon, Cyclone grain
seeder, straw cutter, Planet Junior
cultivator, Chatham incubator (200
eggs),   and   miscellaneous  effects.
Also at the same time and place
the property of Mr. F. Wilmshurst:
HORSES���One  chestnut   Hackney
gelding,   8   years  old,  quiet  to  ride
and  drive;   one brown  sa*ddle  mare,
5   years   old;   one   general   purpose
j gelding, 8 years old.
1     Auction   Offices:    l-a-ln**-,   B.C.
FOUND���A gentleman's gold watch.
Owner can secure same by applying to Elliott Sencobaugh at Delta
Hotel on giving proper description
and paying for cost of thlg advertisement.
FOR .SALE. ��� Eggs for setting.
Selected eggs of White Leghorns.
$1.00 per setting of 15. W. Horn-
by, Ladner, B. C.    'Phone 554.
dairy   farm on   Barnston   Island;
103 acres. D. A. McKee, Ladner,
FOR SALE���Delivery wagon with
cover, top buggy and harness. E.
L. Berry.
TO LOAN.���$3,000 on firat mortgage, improved Delta farm land.
E. F. Douglas, Ladner.
Sensitive cavities    prepared    and
filled absolutely painlessly    by thei
new nitrous-oxide-oxygen method.
Eburne Station, IL O.
Phone Eburne 111,
Mineral and
Soda Waters
- New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of  Soda  Water,
Ginger Ale, and all Kinds of
Summer Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
are three acts and three scenes, and
' scenery Is being remodelled
nnd painted. Keep the (late clear--
April   17.
men l{. O'lltinley, R. C. tlaler. A.
W. Keith, D, K. Welcher. R. W.
Hawthorne and City Clerk John
MOOD, is optimistic.
Mr.   Justice   Murphy  Qt��ea   Decision
n Case of Mr. Joa-spb Ledonas
VANCOUVER,     March   24.��� That
llie will  of  the late Joseph   Lafotld,
i  Lulu  Island   farmer residing* near
eyeston, who bequeathed    varloss
funis of money amounting ui ���'JO,-
  to relatives tar ai i near, but 	
irerlooksd   his  wife and  daughter. I Winnipeg ne
must go to probate, is '-be el led  Ol
lhe  judgment   handed   down   yestet-
laj  by Mr. Justice Murphy,    Oi  tne
Mipreme court,  before whom action
i    tnken  recently to set Ihe docu-
ni   aside.     The eHtute  1/     valued ; in
���nil}  $14,000.
.Mayor Rue wm probably Represent
luiei (ii*, in the Elevator
POUT MOODY, .Mulch 21.���Will
thin city get tne elevators? ts the
question heard on all sides ln Port
.Moody these days, nnd tho geuuru!
feeling hero is one ol optimism aud
an abiding faith that the grain commissioners will give their verdict at
xt month iu lavor oi' the
It-lot citv. |
'l'he-council  tccti   that   the   city !
should  be repiosenti d nl  the silting!
und In all likelihood Mayor-Perry u ���
itoe  win leave tor Winnipeg
April.    In  the  usual
TOKIO, March 24. The
cabinet, neaded by Count
Ynmaoto, resigned today as a
result of tho naval graft
scandal. The Mikado accepted the resignations. He has
not decided yet who shall
form the new ministry.
course   of
.events the regular meet ol!JJe coun-
Lfl would take place on April 7, bu
OO'a delegate to the sitting will be ap-
O | pointed  on  that date.
�� I     VANCOUVER, B. C March 24.-
O   _.    ....        1    ..>  the adver-
^^^^1   AT W BIG STORE
Our Millinery Opening last
week was, a great success. We
have received another large
shipment of Trimmed Hats for
this week- -no two alike���
Comprising all the season's exclusive models; also a nice
assortment of Shapes, Flowers,
Wreaths, Ribbons, etc., selling
away below city prices.
Try a pair of o\ir "Lily" Cloves
at, per pair   91,00
Oilier  lines  at.  per. pair, $l._!.">
und    $1.50
See     Ihe     beautiful      Dress
Goods and  Silks;   newest  fasli-
ionJliile fabrics lor the delightful    suits    mui    gowns    being
worn this season.
beautiful line   of   Itlouses   this   season   in
crepes,    voiles,    marquisettes,   etc..
 $1.85 to $5.00
Children's  Wash   Dresses  In  all  lhe  new  styles,
for summer  wear.       We are  agents
Children's Coats, Bonnets,
Hats and Ladies' Suits
All made iu besl style at moderate
prices. (Ladies' own material made
upi. Millinery in latest designs, a
good selection. Hats made an!? av
tered by
Opposite  Ciillis'   Store,   Ludm-r  B.C.
" What's Your Phone Numberr
Can You Answer This Question
If not, don't you know you are
losing business und running risk.
Wh'ait is more necessary than a telephone in case of sickness or fire?
Delta  Telephone   Co.,   Ltd.
allowing a
new    m ate rials
No biddeis uppenred    at
Falls Com-
O i Used sale of the Ocean
pany yesterduy morning at tho;
Hoard of Trade rooms, and follow-*!
ing the order of the supreme, courti'
the property will be offered for sain
We are
all   the
Ladies'  nud
Silk and   1^'sle  Hosiery 	
for the fafl-OUS Penman's Seamless Hosiery for men. women
and children.
WHITEWEAR -We have the finest stock of Ladies Lingerie
ever shown in Ladner. Come and see our goods- whether
you  buy  or not.
Ten mid Cakes served FREE doting Batter Wwk by
Lady Demount rator.
Lanning, fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
O   by private tender,
OOOOl on March 81,
the bids closlni?]
The Ladner - Steveston
Ferry Service      |
Beginning Monday, September 15.
the steamer New Delta will run on
] her fnll aud winter schedule, as fol-i
lows: Leaves at 8.30 a.m. arid 3.30 |
p.m. Vancouver passengers can |
malte connection by taking the 8.30 j
uni.   Bnd   3.80   p.m.   car?  nl   ilrnn-
viiie street Btation.    New Westminster    passengers    should    take    the |
Ebarhe cars at 8:00 a.m. and 3:001
p.m.    nnd     the    Steveston  cars    at ]
Perry Auto Stage
ladner-Vantouvfi Service
Auto leaves corner Fraser
Arm and River Road ait 7:00
and 10:00 a.m. and 1:0>0 and
B:00 p.m., connecting with all
ferries at Woodward's Landing.
Ferry Free.
Ladner Hotel
Ladner, B. C
Special attention given to
auto purl ies nnd  tourists.
Telephone :>s.
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
Authorized Capidil  $880,000.00.
II. A.  MacDonald,   Mann;:ing  Dire-tor.
:'      I
Route   Will     Stretch   From     Milner
Down the Valley���.Member-Mli
is Assured.
M* L.NKK,    IS. C,i March IM.���This
evening a cow testing association will
be organized here and it is expected
that more than the minimum number
of cows  wul  tie placed  In the asso-
ci"t,i,.i.     11 i...  L'om__is8.ony_  Rives |
will pies; m Hit- necessity oi such an I
association to the dairymen after an |
institute meeting and  it  is expected i
the organization will be perlocted.
This association must have a
membership of at least 25, and there
must be a minimum oi 400 cows on
a single route tor testing. Testing
will cost the dairymen *1 per year
per cow, the agricultural department making up the balance of the
tester's salary. All cows will be
tested once per month, and an account kept of feed, so lhat tne dairymen may ascertain the boarders ln
hie herd and gel rid of them to make
room for profitable animals. The
route Is expected to extend down the
valley from Milner and will include
nearly ail tbe large dairymen, W.
J. Berry Will put in his lil'ty cows;
David Harris will become a member; the Shannon Brothers at Clo-
verdnle have signltled tnelr intention of joining the association, and
several others have agroed to put
their herds in. As soon aa the association is Organized a tester and
outfit will be supplied by the department.
Mr. W. Bennett is the latest ar
rival to settle in this vicinity, having
purchased a block of land on the
corner of the telegraph trail and At
exander road. Mr. Bennett is more
fortunate than tlie majority of new
settlers owing to the fact that he
has a considerable clearing to begin
with. The old barns and outbuildings nre being torn down to be replaced by more modern structures.
He has just completed his house
costing $1000 and is now busy getting the land into shape to crop.
Visitors from the cities are very
numerous these fine days. Most of
them are looking for land suitable
for hom'esites.
As soon as the clearing contracts-
are finished on    the    land between!
Wholesalers   and   .Shippers'   Association Fix Rates (or (he Next
Six  Months.
(From The British Columbian. I
Friday's conference between tho
I Vancouver wholesalers and the Milk
i Shippers' Association resulted ia an
! agreement on prices for the next six
j mouths, and the shippers secured an
[advance ot three cents per pound on
the butter fat content of the whole
mill, for the months of April and
May, over last year's prices. The
schedule for the summer months,
April to September inclusive, is 55c
a pound butter fat for an amount
equal to 125 per cent, of tbe amount
shipped by the dairymen during the
winter months. For all.milk in excess of 125 per cent, the dairymen
will receivo but 4 0 cents per pound
for his fat. Last year's prices were
52 cents for April and May, aad 55
cents for the other four months, and
65 cents for the six winter months.
Tho dairymen profess to believe
the new schedule will work out well,
as there will be a market for all surplus mtik, particularly as the Laur-
entia Milk Company's plant Will
soon be In operation at Clayburn,
and the B.C. Condensed Milk Company at Ladner will soon be in tbe
market for an almost unlimited
amount of raw milk, these two
plants alone, it is calculated, taking all the milk in excess of the 125
per cent, of winter shipments to the
The new schedule was negotiated
in the office of the Standard Milk
Company, Vancouver, and the Chilliwack and Edenbank creameries
were represented along with the
price committee of the Lower Mainland Milk Shippers' Association.
Among those present were President
Cbas. Fop_tar, of the association.
Secretary Buckingham and several
members of the committee.
Dole-gallon to Kiclmionil Council Requests That  Engineer Run
Preliminary Line.
**rof. H. D. Lull, of the State University, is in the city this week completing the survey of the Blains
schools started under his direction
several weeks ago. Prof. Lull is
perhaps the foremost man in the
state in this class of work and has
been engaged by the board of directors to ascertain just where, if at
all, our schools are not up to date in
George H. Bombard and Miss
Maude M. Moore were quietly married in Bellingham Saturday last by
the Rev. Temple of the First Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Bombard
returned to Blaine   Sunday evening
(From The British Columbian,)
Supporting the request of Industrial Commissioner W. L. Darling
that the engineer of Richmond municipality run a survey of the proposed new road, connection from the
west end of Ewen avenue to No. 19
Road, Richmond, in order that the
route being mapped, the property
owners concerned might be approached to grant an easement of
the right-of-way, Messrs Robb Sutherland and J. W. Cunningham, of
the Board of Trade, and Mr. A.
Sprice, of the Progressive Association, waited upon the Richmond
council yesterday afternoon. Mr.
Sutherland thanked the council and
Councillor Foster for the engineer's
estimate of the cost that had been
forwarded to the city council and
board of trade of New Westminster
and reported on what steps had been
taken to obtain the grant of a right-
of-way from the property owners.
He pointed out that if the Richmond
engineer would supply a tracing of
the proposed road connection, they
would know precisely what owners
to approach. Councillor Foster explained bow the engineer's line had
followed the gazetted road from the
end of Ewen avenue direct westward
for one subdivision. Th'g will bring
the work of the committee down to
the interviewing of only a few property owners. The council will give
consideration to the request.
Long  Struggle Over at Last.
TACOMA,      March      19.���Kuding* ���
long  continued   agitation    and  controversy,   during     which    a special I
election   wns  held  and  a  bond  pro- j
ject for a municipal car line defeat- j
ed, but which was followed by a new
scheme  of  the city    commission  to
make the line possible, the contract
between the city and the local Stono
& Webster    interests,    the    Tacoma
Railway & Power    Company for the
operation    of a city-owned    electric
street car -line to the tide flats over
Lincoln  bridge  was    signed  yesterday morning by Mayor Seymour and
Veil   lass,   Thoroughbred   Holstein,
Fetched Top Price or 9500���
$140 lor a Calf.
CAMBIE, Lulu Island, March 23.
���High prices ruled at Hemphill's
dispersion sale last w eek. Captain
Erskine. who recently moved from
tlie mainland to a farm leased at
Terra Nova, paid the top notch price
for a cow. laying down $500 for Nell
Lass,  thoroughbred   Holstein.     One
L. H. Bean, manager of the company.
,,,..,,,      , !,V    .,. and will reside in this city.   Both are
the C. N.R tracks and the town it w|de,    known /
is  the  intention   of the    owners to rl ht charaote/an(J t%& have a host
have it ploughed and graded.
Mr. C. Constantineau
[ of friends who wish them boundless
spent    the happiness In their matrimonial ven-
week end here on realty    business. 'ture.
Among  the deals   closed     were the!     The Parents' and Teachers' Auso-
Mordue  estate  sold    to  Mr.    David, ciation  was  formed  Thursday after-
Grant of Vancouver-* ten acres of
Mr. Singh sold to Mr. H. Street,
Vancouver, and also an option given
to another buyer on ten acres of tho
Stockdale ranch. Con has several
more deals about to close in the near
future and may take up his residence
here permanently in the near future.
Mr. Charles Reid is making very
large alterations and improvements
to his blacksmith shop.
noon at a meeting held at the South
Ward schoo! building. Mrs. Harriett
Oweu was elected president.
Reeve   Dickie   Says   He   Will   Only
Take <I1000 of His $_(>(>(>
One thousand dollars went, a begging
at the municipal council meeting
yesterday afternoon, and the municipal  hall   is   wondering  what- is  to
  | be  done   with   it.      Miftwiinstandtng
ful concert and f,o- Heave Dickie's ultimatum that he
would absolutely refuse a salary In
excess of $10.00 a year, the council
A   very succi
cial  was given by the Ladies' Guild
of the Presbyterian church in Tynehead hall on Friday night,    in spite
<*ic!<"i_m.cn������(,I  Grants  Living  Al-
lovK��nce to Railway Mail Clerks
in the West.
WINNIPEG,  March  25.���Western
railway mail clerks are to receive a
large increase in their salaries. Mr.
Thomas  J.   Kneebone,   secretary  of
the Manitoba Railway Mail Clerks' j
Association, today    received    a wire j
from the  Postmaster-General,  Hon. i
L. P. Pelletier, stating:  "An order-1
in-council was passed Saturday giv- |
ing the western railway mail clerks
the same living allowance as is given !
to   otner   postal   employees   ln   the i
This gives Western  mail  clerks a
straight tiv-iug allowance of $15  a!
month in addition to their salaries. ���
SAN FRANCISCO, March 24.���
The will of W. W. Naughton, late I
sporting editor of "The San Francisco Examiner," was filed for probate yesterday and named the widow,
Mrs. Annie Naughton, sole beneficiary. The petition for probate gave
Naughton's estate as $17,156, but
this amount is exclusive of his wife's
community share. He left a home
In this city and a country home at
McLane Heights, near Guerneyville.
Mr. F. Fatlcln. the well-Known
Vancouver tlorist and nurseryman, Is
very shortly to take up his residence
at Bradner. Mr. Fait in owns land
here and intends utilizing same as
soon as thp necessary glass house*,
etc.,  have been  erected.
On Saturday evening the Mt, I.eh-
I man   and   Bradner   Whist   Club   met
once  again   at   Mt.   Lehman   and,  a
i very   pleasant   evening    was    spent,
councillors, I'lntte a large number of players belli.'  iire*-*ent
per  annum, I l-
passed an Indemnity bylaw specify-
Of the ii'   i: ��� .ble weather the hall'ing   *t>^uuu   per   annum.   The   reeve
was crowded with people who came  said ho would permit the bylaw to
from far and near to hear the splen-'pass  this  way,    ir  the
did programme, which was provided Whose salary is    $800  ,   .	
by severa!  New Westminster people,  Would consent lo divide the $100o' '     Judging from the large amount of.
assisted by Mis. Vitchlson. Mr. Mini-'nut this would not be beard of  "if l needlework which ls being completed
gan  and   Mrs,   Fulton,    fer,     Mill's you  make the salary' 52000.  1  will Iweek h>' u,'"l; ''>' ������"" '���"������v members
orchestra    nave    several selections, I refuge to take the    extra    51000 I01   3t-  Margaret's chinch, in readK
Which     "'re thoroughly enjoyed  bv  That was my election statement, and   nc'f*5  for  lhe bazaar,  which   will  be I
all.     Al   the   conclusion  of   the  pro-   I mean to stand by It " tt-'''���  Shprtly alter Easter, all  roads \
gramme the ladies served dainty re-1    "This is the s'uff of which dreams ' v ' '   !"'"1  '"   ""'   ""v      ���hoolroom
inl <���:������- are m <i ," ob.orved one councillor,
tertainmen.) was brought to a close I "There won't be nny money t_rt for
shortly   before   midnight.     Among indemnities, anyway."
tbe sale will be held.
those who came from New Westminster een Misses Beryl and Millie
Smith,  Messrs, gangster, Miss Hug-
f.""'!'- ���V's,(:m":;'' M/' ���'iimnr��n- Mr.loonrl  Rule Thai  Mr. Justice Vie
David  raylor   Mr. Lynne   Mr. Mill,       mew M IS( Mma ���-.,,,.,,,,.,,,
Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Huggard, Mr. sin- |->vn��n����B
to���   nnd   Mr.  Gilley.     The  people  of j ---1MHUHJ-.
Tynehead consider   themselves very;    OTTAWA,   M'��roh   24.   -Tht
fortunate In being able to secure thepreme Court, gave judgment! yester
services of SUCH  talented young peo-   day   dismissing   the   appea.l   of   Mr. '
Pie. (Justice \v. 11. )���. Clemenl  from ihe
Mr. Ttobert Anderson of Vancouver decision  of Justice Cassels,  in  ths
spent  s  week with his brother, Mr.  Exchequer Court.      The Judgment,!
Peter  Vnderson. I however, allows the appellant  costs
Mr. A, McLeod ef Van.���ouver visit- of the appeal.  Tiie Exchequer Court.:
ed   Smith   Porl   Mann   friends  lately,   found  Mr. Justice Clement gniltv ot
.MiPs   ll::""*:r'l   ."fit    M1   -    *"���  '' he-. ' *, ,, |., ���  |,|   ,- . -... ,..,-,���,��� ,*-,,.
* *    * I ��� ������'���:-' ������' ���'������'��������� -; "Inity ,,'.,u,,h through claiming that his of-
last week. \tit:U\ residence was Grand Forks, B.I
Mr,  Taylor and   Mr,  Sangster of (*���  ���,,,-  n()t  \
New Westminster spent   s   pleasant'
ST,  .IOHN.  N.B.,  March  2ft.���Action  lias been     taken     by a citizen
1 lami-il   GalDralth   against   the  commissioners of    the    general    public
hospital  based  on  unusual  grounds.
, The suit  is  for damages  for an  al-
! leged negligeni operation based upon
gu���  a claim that when an operation was:
performed   upon   the  plaintiff  nine j
yean   ago an  instrument way sewed
1:fi   inside  bim  and   only  discovered
lust  spring when be was again op-
er'att d upon,
day with Mr. and Mrs Anderson recently,
Mrs. Gillis snd Mrs. Mc.Krhern of
Mt. Lehman are visiting at the homes
.*! Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Gill!--.
Mrs. James McKenzie is spending a
i"w days in Vancouver.
WASHINGTON, March    24.���The |
������-  n' ��� ' '"'���' ' tw   if Mas
sachusetts was  upheld  as constitutional  yesterday    by the    Supreme j
in CO UVer,    where    ho  Court.
The Exchequer Court |
Mr.    Justice    Clement:
Premier of B. ('. Confers With Premier Borden on  linmigrnl.ioii nnd
Other Matters.
held court.
found thai
Should have declared his official,
residence to be Vancouver, where he
lived most of hls time, and that he
should not have collected travelling
and other expanses on the ground
that he was still living at IiIb original residence In Grand Forks.
cximple cf
Adm'ral S r
��� ml'h frm ,
i" id bv the
March 24.���Tho latest
n e'derly fcildegnom I.
Po cy   "B ���( tt  el   Lndys-
w ���-. w k   q-'-etly ma"'
ng a r.u*   yesterday to
Mrs. W'elman, m'ny yeirs hls junior
Sir P.^icy Is 61 yiats of ego.
OTTAWA. March 24.���Sir Richard McBride, who arrived here yesterday, had a long Interview with
Premier Borden 011 questions affecting British Columbia, and will continue his conference today.
Sir Richard also had a conference CAUGHT A  TARTAR.
with regard to ihe immigration ques- SASKATOON. Sa k.. M rch 24.���
tion. It is understood thai II is tlie Richard Brook way, B young Jew, st-
inti-itioii *"f the government to ex- tcmp'ed to hold U-* Ch-��","es MVgefc-
lend the n   frictions placed on labor-1stein, proprietor ef a First avenue
era for another tli months.
The,   family  rcmr.lv   fur   Coughs   and   Colds
Small  dose,     -mall   bottle.    Beet since   1870
rooming*!-u-p iatst n'ght, btn liis <n-
1 < ri'led victim tiicde a dash for the
robb r. wI'O re'rented, but Was ( ver-
Dowered and handed over lo n p-i-
Irolmm. To the police Br-ckway
snld th-it he was cut of Work and
de.perate from lack of food.
���Anticipating tho passage
of the Rivers and Harbors
Appropriation Dill by th^
House early tomorrow afternoon, advocates of the Sims'
resolution for repeal of the
exemption clause in the Panama Canul Act declare the
resolution will be t-'k'-i ui
immediately thereafter, and
predict It will be adopted by
u majority of at least seventy-five. The House will
meet an hour earlier tomorrow. Majority Leader Underwood reiteraled his intention to speak and vote
against the bill, but said he
wouldn't use his official position to oppose the president's stand in favor of
repeal. Tho exact position
of Speaker Clark is doubtful.
Nothing now remains to be done but
construction of the line by the city.
Arm Scratched; State Pays.
OLYMPIA, March 19.���The state
industria! commission has classified
as in industrial accident the scratching of an arm by a piece of meat
bone in a meat packing house, and
has granted to one ATvador Gernon-
pre ten da\s' compensation for such
injury. Gernonpre wrote the commission that he was scratched by tho j
"boon" of n "peckled" ham, and evidence taken indicated that such was
the case. j
lilaine Case SetU'eU. |
RELLINGHAM, March 21.���The,
suit of a number of Blaine property
owners against the City of Blaine,
being in the nature of a protest
against the confirmation of the
ass. ssment roll for the building of
three concrete culverts across the
wine that divides the city, was settled out of court yesterday afternoon. Au agreement was reached
by which the assessment roll for the'
improvement, costing about $16,000,
was confirmed. j
Means Much to City. |
ISUMAS. March 23.-���A decision of,
the interstate commerce commission
rendered at Seattle    last    week re-i
establishes through rates    over che'
Canadian Pacific from points on the
B. & N. which rates were suspended
.iu J inie o. last year.      The suspen-'
sion of this privilege has forced the
closing down of some    thirty small!
mills along the B. & N. and has di-'
verted to other points hundreds of
ca-rs of lumber    and    finished products which otherwise    would have;
heea shipped  through Sumas.      Byj
the new decision this city wiil enjoy.
its former prestige    in  this respect:
aud  will  be the busiest    brokerage1
station in this section.      Maiiy mills
will open at once now that they can
ship  freely  to  any  point  in  Canada,
and a decided    Impetus to business
generally throughout    this    vicinity
will follow. j
oGvernment   Files  Suit. '
BELLINGHAM, March 24.���Three
suits by the United States government against Whatcom county tim-
bormen, to test the rights of ladlatoa
to soil tbe timber from land allotted
to them by the government, have
been filed in the local federal court
and will be presented April 7. The
government alleges that considerable
timber has been cut from the land
involved and asks for an accounting
of the same from the timbermei
and also for a restraining order to
prevent any further cutting of timber on the land.
Dr. Byrne Found Dead.
SPOKANE, March 24.���Dr P. S.
Byrne, former mayor of Spokane
and resident for the past twenlyl
years, was found dead in -the basement of the Realty building, wnnre
he has offices, Saturday. Apoplexy
was the cause of death.
Sleep.-css Sixty Days.
ABERDEEN, March 24.���Alexan-!
der Ellison, 56 years old. committed
suicide by drowning in a slough
near Montesano, He had been fear-1
ful of a:i Incurable disease and hud'
not slepl for sixty days, according!
to a note he left.. He jumped Into
the slough in a few feet of water
and held his head untler by grasping
an old wagon tire. A broiler, Matt
Ellison, 1_ ., promident rancher.
Slur!   Work  on  Big Mill.
EVERETT, March 2.4 -Work preliminary to the building of a second
large mil! for the Weyerhaeuser
Lumber Company was Started Saturday.
Vonng Hoy Suicides.
SEATTLE, March 24.���Gains Edward RamqulSt, 16 years old, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar B. Ramquist, a
riorisl residing rut 40(! Alkl avenue,
hanged himself In an upstairs room
al the family home Sunday afternoon,
SKATI'l-l'., March -"ft,���.lumping
from a runaway automobile Miss It.
E, Stayton, a nurse, with a child
live-months-old, Mrs. Edward C. Pot-
"'  .      .Ul S.      H i.ll.Uli Llei IIWOOU
miraculously escaped serious Injury
Monday alternoon. l_e auto, an
elOCtrlc  coupe,   broke  loose  from   In
tront oi iii,. Potter residence, 1410
Seventh avenue west, and ran down
tin, street for nearly three blocks,
Wltn constantly Increasing speed, und
finally plunged over an embankment at Kinnear Place and Swenth
avenue west. Tt,e oar was completely demolished,
Swiss Decide t��> stay.
SEATTLE, March 26.���Exprosw-
ing the opinion that they were moro
than satisfied With Thurston county
>s an Id.-al section for dairying,
niany of the members or the advance
guard of Swiss colonists from Mln-
ronntn Wbo ���..���riyprt h-,-,, ., f-w
.,..;.., ago, bave announced tbat thoy
would locate on the Hugh T. Halbert
tract, near Olympla.
No Serrecj   ror Stoever.
TACOMA, March 25.���Kev. C. F.
W. Stoever, pastor of the St. John's
English Lutheran church, who Is a
candidate for mayor at Ihe coming
city election, declined lo talk Imforo
the Ministerial Alliance Monday
when ho arrived at the meeting nnd
found newspaper roportcrs were lo
b" barred. If" has nil along refused
lo become a member because tho alliance held Secret sessions. Several
other ministers left the meeting with
him. 1
Delta municipality i�� ���,-.��� ,
the mouth of the Fraser n'111 f4 at
finest agricultural district f��-.tlw
The chief interests in ,hl u ,**���<--���
farming, dairying, fniit ? ar��
market gardening, sheep ,,,', ,tUre-
breeding. There are also !��'*e
canneries in the Delta mrnici t'
U.S8. tnorougnnrea uoiste.n. one .There are shipping faoiIitiea ��,*
seven-months-old calf brought J140. anu. "<>at '<�� ,the markets 0f c_n.7
IClng of Lulu brought $250, and oue ��{"}: the United States. The or
yearling $176. These were all thor- >'leld is }ae largest per acre in n- P
iHighbreds, and all bred on Lulu ls- lala, and^the sheep and hors.
land """  ' ""   ' "
horses.     i'roud    I'rinee,    a stalion,
which has quite a local  reputation,
brought $700.     One registered mare
sold for $490.
It is understood that Mr. Hemphill will lease his farm, which is located on the No. 3 road.
Iare the  finest in "BritUh't'ol. If*
3d prices were secured for tbe  Along the south bank of tha t,-?
River   there  are  splendid  S|t*    M
industries. c
Board   of  Tratfe.-
-..  .- President,   n   1 1
McKee- secretary, S. w. Pisher.
1 son, h, I
Justices of Peace���H, D. Ber
J. Kirkland, J. McKee. EL.Ti*
'lice  Magistrate.���j. McKsa
Medical HealthOfficer
-'-������J K.rr|
A necktie social was held at the iCoroners.���Dr.  A. A. Kin.
home of Mrs. P. Anderson.    The eve-       J*  Kerr Wilson.
ning was spent in dancing and card 'School Board.���S. Wright  dial
piayig.      A   supper   was   served   at j     A. deR. Taylor, secretary   j   a"
mitllgbt.     Those present were: Mes-I     Callan.
dames P. Anderson, A. ('. Dickinson, j Farmers' Institute ���C   n_.*_
M. L. Peterman, T.    l_apworth,    G.       deiu. N  A   Mpnt^mi 1      ' pre"-
Miles.     E.  Long,  D.     Murphy.    The       "* ''  N' A- McDiaim.d. secretary.
Misses w. Hicks. M. Hicks. E. Hieke.! !-eUa.F*rmen' Qaule Protective _J
E. Murphy. R. Murphy, G. Murphy,      souauoa.���VVni.   Kirkland,
A. Anderson, H. Hitter. Myrtle Hitter,
M. Peterman, M. Peterman, E. Peter-
man, F. Puterman. Messrs. S. Forest,
Capt. .1. Forrest, Carlyle Forrest, T.
Lapworth.       A.       Lapworth,       C. I License Commissioner. Reev
'nd Dr,
Flood, C. Hitter, A. Hitter. D. Hunt
er, C. Flancher, ('. Webb, E. Shaw,
W. Murphy, Greene, Hicks, E. Hicks,
Sidney Herllng, C. Jetter. G. .lohn-
-on, P. Anderson, E. Peterman, A.
Carlson, Ben Mesher.
Mrs. A. C. Dickinson, of Fraaer
Mills is spending several days at the
home of Mrs. M. L. Peterman.
Mr. carlyle Forrest, of Vancouver and Stanley Forrest of Kamloops are spending several weeks at,
Ibeir home hero.
dent;  A. deR. Taylor, secretary'
Delta   Agricultural   Society���_r',
Kerr  Wilson,  president;   a   -..a
Taylor, secretary. '
Patterson, Councillor "s. Moris*?'
J. Harris, J. McKee, J.p., m jj
L. Berry, J.P.
Member of Parliament.���J. d Taylor I
New Westminster.
Member of Local Legislature.���F j
MacKenzie, New Westminster. '
Boat Sailings.���S.S. New Delta leaves
Ladner every day for Steveston tt
8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., connect-
ing with the B. C. E. R. cars. 38,
Transfer leaves for New Westmin-
ster daily, except Sundays, at 7
a.m.; returning leaves New Westminster at 2 p.m., reaching Lad-
A very    enjoyable afternoon and 1 ner at 5:30 p.m.
evening was spent when the Ladies'
Aid gave their bazaar followed by a
chicken supper, "Silver Medal" reciting contest and concert. The
concert opened about S.30 with ten
contestants for the silver medal.
Competition was very keen and the
judges bad a difficult task in seelct-
ing the winner. But this they ably
performed In awarding the prize to
Bertram Campbell, followed closely
by Bessie Carmichael as second and
Gotdon Campbell as third.
Mr. Lamb of Aldergrove very successfully performed the duties of
chairman and his pleasing hits and
sallies caused no little amusement.
iMiss Muriel Philip spent the week
end at South Aldergrove visiting
Miss Alice Carmichael left for Sumas, Wash., where she Intends
spending a few weeks.
Aberdeen will be sorry to lose
Mr. Campbell nnd family who havo
evidenced their intentions of leaving
for the Northwest. They have
always taken a.i active part in
the musical and social entertainments and will be sorely missed by
their ni^ni��rous friends.
The stork visited tit" home of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Fleugel and left a
fine baby girl. Both- mother and
daughter are doing well.
Railways.���Great Northern iea*-ei
Port Guichon dally for New ty.?t-
minster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.'
returning, leaves Vancouver' at
2.30 p.m., reaching Port Guichon
about 6.30 p.m. B.C.E.R., i.u|.
Island Branch, E. Stirling, su.-.tr-
intendent; Vancouver lo Eburne
and Steveston���Cars leave Granville street depot fat north end
of bridge over False Creek) to
meet New Delta at 8.30 a.m. and
3.30 p.m. and leaves for New
Westminster via Bburne at 8,00
a.m. and 3 p.m. Special car for
Eburne at 6.00 a.m. Cars leave
Steveston at 6.30 a.m. and hourly
until 11.30 p.m. Sunday service
���First car leaves either terminus
at 8.30 a.m.; hourly service thereafter until 11.30 p.m.
Post Office.���Hours,   8   a.m.  to  1
p.m.    Mail   for  Vancouver close.
at 12 noon; for New Westminster
-and up river points at 6.30 a.m.;
closed  all day Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets In tn.
Munlcipal Hall, Ladner. on tht
second and fourth Saturdays Is
each month at 2 p.m. Reeve A.
D. Paterson; councillors, Jas. Savage, Joseph Harris, Seymour Huff,
S.im Morlev, Chris Brown; clerk,
N.  A.  McDiarmid.
TORONTO, March 24.���Commissioner David M. Rees, leader of lhe
Salvation Army In Canada, arrived
homo from London, England, yesterday. The trip resulted in the complete  re urn  of his hen I t-h.
S    rU'Tm"~*S!R ���!������*���"������-'
r     ��� /
SYNOPSIS   (���'���'   COAL   Mil-lira
Coal mining rigitif o( thi Domin'
Ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, thd
Northwest Territories snd in a por-
Ition of the Province or British i>
1 Iumbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre.    Not more than
Holy Communion, first and third l2riC0 acres wi!I be leas'''1 ,u "ne af"
Sundays  at   11   a.m.   second   fourth |P"''unt-
.Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m., I Ap-p'iratlon for a leane must be
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening made by the applicant In person W
Service   at    7.30    p.m.;    Wednesday !tllfi Agejll  or Sub-Agent  of tin1 ills-
evening, Litany ut 3.30.
Iloyle,   M.A.,   vicar.
Bev. 0. ('
Baptist ("nurcli.
Pastor- -Bev      D.   O.     Macdonald
I.adner���Sunday  school,   1*1   nm ;
trict In which the rights applied for
are situated.
in surveyed territory the land
I must be described by sections, "r
I legal subdivisions of sections, and
iln  unsurveyed territory tbe trad ap-
evening   service,   7.30   p.m.;   prayet 'piled for shall be staked out by the
masting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; mis- {applicant himself.
btonary meeting every first Wed nee |     Kadi   application   muni   be Bccom-
duy under the auspices of the Ladles jrnnled by a fee of $5. which will b��
(:in'10- refunded   If   th*.   rights  applied  for
Crescent Island Sunday s< h��oi. l\*tt not available, but not otherwise-.
P.m.; servioe, :i p.m.! singing prac A royalty shall be paid on the nur-
tlce and Bible reading, Tuesday. 7.Ml jchuntable output of the mine at. the
I'"1 Irate  of  five cents  per  ton.
Gulfside Schoolhouse���Union Sut !    The   person   operating   the   mi"9
day school, 2  pm;  singing practice ishall  furnish  the Agent with sworn
and Gospel service.  Erlday, 7.30.       jrcturns accounting for the full 'ilian'
CUI-olir. m J'/ merchantable coal mined an
,���       , , .. 'twiy the royalty thereon.    If the �����t
Church services will be held every mining rights Vp not being operat-
other Sunday, beginning with Sun- ed, such returns should be fnniished
day, November 14. 1009.    Parochial,at least once a year.
t    in,     iviln��!d.v2SSn*y_,flBb0m01,      �����   >����   *">   "���-"*<''���   ""'  (!0i"
Inr'RerFXrtcSuLpa^'h  ""'"^   r,Sh*"   ��������*   ��������*�����  1S_
:inay hn permitted to purchase whatever avnllable surface rights may "'
the   wnrK-
iconsidered   ncceiwary  for
Services   next   Lord's   Day  at     1 j  Ing of the.mine at thc rate
0 rn.  an'  7.80 p.m.;  elurs  i-��3eMng   "" ������rn'
ucjort*    tho    morning   service   every 1     '''or,
,- $1D.00
  full    Information   ,-ip"l'|,'lt'nn
Sunday; Sabbath school at 10 a.m. [Should be made to the Secretary ���"'
every Sunday; Epworth Leagueithe Department of thc Interior, '"'-
every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Kev. C tnwa. or to any-Agent or Sub -gem
Wellimley Whittaker, pastor. iof Dominion Lands.
st. Andrew's Presbyterian. W. W. CORY,
Services   next   Lord's   Day   nt   l\\ Deputy Minister of the I"'",or;
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.;  week night ser-1     N.R.���Unauthorised publication o>
vices  on  Thursday evening  at   7.30 ifhls advertisement  will  not  be PB
o'clock; Sunday school  at  2 30  pm   for.���30690.
Rev. J. J. Hastie, minister. ','
Any corrections In above names
or times should be s*>nt to the office
of the Delta Times, Ladner, B C
The  Delta Times is p.
���"hursday from  the limes
Ing,   Ladner,   B.C.    J.   D- Ta),��r


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