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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
As tlic Titanic Sank Human  Nature
Asserted Itself ln Screams and
WASHINGTON, April 23���Because
of contusion at yesterday's -esslon of
the senatorial subcommittee which Is
Investigating the Titanic disaster, the
scene of the committee's Inquiry was
shitted today from the commodious
caucus room in the senate office building to a smaller room.
Here 500 furbelowed, frilled women
many carrying lunches so as r.ot to
lose their positions of vantage during, the noon recess of thc committee,
fought for admittance. Less than 100
of their number succeeded in passing
the doors. Only diplomats, senators
anj their wives or other relatives and
reports were admitted.
Herbert Plttman, third officer of the
Titanic, recited the final trials of the
great liner at Belfast Loch before the'
vessel made  her  first and  fatal  trip   Board;
The Fraser River Must Not Bo Dis.
criminated Against In Any Ar.
The following resolution proposed
by Mr. P.H. Vidal, chairman of the
Navigation Committee and seconded
by Mr. W. H. Gilley, was passed al
the last meeting of the New Westminster  Board  of Trade:
"Whereas this Board is Informed
that it is proposed to remove the lightship from the entrance to the ship
channel of the Fraser River, to be
replaced   by a  gas  buoy;
"And whereas, the lightship ivas
originally placed in this position for
the special benefit of ihe Fraser lliver,
and at tht instance of the New Westminster   pilotage   authority,   and   this
across the Atlanlc.
Pinnum's Testimony.
Third Officer Plttman. admitted
that the Tltahic had been warned that
icebergs were prevalent, but said he
did not see any on the Sunday of the
disaster. He declared that in his 14
years' experience as a ship's officer
he had only seen one Iceberg until
the Titanic disaster. Then Plttman
went on to describe the difficulty in
ascertaining the presence of icebergs,
and explained the difference between
the northerly and southerly routes.
"I saw no ice until Monday," Pitt-
man said. "When I was in one of the
life-boats and again when we were
taker, aboard the Carpathia. There
probably were half a dozen Icebergs
around, most of them being about 150
feet high."
Plttman was certain that at the
time ot the collision First Officer Mur.
dock was on the bridge watching for
Their Morbid Curiosity.
I'ittman started his testimony ln a
laconic  and   brusque   manner,    Com-
"And whereas this Board is doubtful of the expediency of the proposed
change in the location of the lightship;
"Resolved that this Board' protests
against any such change being made
unless recommended by the New
Westminster pilotage authority, and
that a copy 0f this resolution be sent
to the Hon. Minister of Marine and
Mr. J.  D. Taylor, M.P.
In seconding the motion, Mr. Gilley
said he had discussed the proposed
change with a number of shipmasters
plying to and from the Fraser, and
they were one and all emphatic in
their assertions that the change would
work serious disadvantage to the river
shippir.g. So far as ships ln the Gulf
were concerned, the'present location
was equally good, and with ihe addition of a good compressed air foghorn, which the Board had l"ng since
asked for. would give every satisfaction.
Mr. J. D. Taylor. M.P., said the
Roard  could not  too strongly empha-
Provincial   Government    Sympathetic
Towards Helta Member's Persistent Efforts for Delta Pnrk.
 .   _    ���_.... ,...._    _ _,..    ,     size   the   Importance   of   this   matter.
inerUS 0n-h'8.St.0J-'-1_tL-:ere^_'d|b,e._-   The    lightship   had   been   put   In   Its
every part of the room. Then the
committee began questioning him on
the scenes on the Titanic when it was
found that there was no hope of saving the vessel. Plttman's demeanor
underwent a complete change, and In
a choking voice he begged the committee not to press him regarding the
death cries 0f the trapped victims.
"The prayers and moans of the pas-
present position because a small buoy
waa found to be entirely insufficient;
and the Board of Trade and pilotage
authorities had agitated and worked
with the Dominion government until
they had succeeded In having the
lightship placed there. For seven
years It had given satisfaction, yet
now lt was proposed absolutely without consultation to remove it at the
sengers arose  In a mighty ohoru.' of. the letter from the AgMU
woe when they learned that hope hatlir)f Mar|ne at Victoria somewhat curt-
vanished,"  Plttman said.  "It was    a  ,    gteted   of Vancouver and  Victoria
continual  moan for an hour, and It shlpn-ftBterB.
died away gradually.    I wish you ha.A'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
not referred to this."
Women spectators wept and the
senators composing the committee
shaded their eyes as Plttman described the scenes attendant upon the
sinking of the "unslnkable" Titanic.
J.  Bruee  Ismay,  Plttman said,  wa
The gentle art of chicken chasing Is
not obsolete ln Ladner. On Saturday
afternoon last, Mr. John Ir.kst.r, man-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ager for Mr. Dominlck Burns, was
standlnrg near a. life-boat and he outs,de the local post office. Having
heard him ask about a boat loaded procured his mall he lifted the flap
with women. Captain Smith, Plttman of bis buggy to deposit it ln the buggy'
said, followed out Ismay's suggestions box. A hen in possession of all her
ln Issuing orders. I faculties had  already   been   deposited.
Saved Forty Passengers. | there,  and  when   the flap  was lifted,
Plttman declared that his boat sav- the egg provider madc a bold bid for
ed forty passengers m addition to six freedom. Without a second's resita-
members of the Titanlc's crew. He tion she Hew from the buggy and down
heard   tour explosions,  he said,    and  the open road.
then  the Titanic  pitched  perpendlcu-'     With true sporting Instinct, Mr. Ink-
larly Into the depths. ster  declared   that  the  catcher  could
The Vessel's Speed. I be   keeper.       Then   the  chase  bflgan,
Plttman said that when he retired 'and in thc front rank was the popu-
at 10 p.m. the vessel was making 'ar incumbent Of All Saint's.' The
about 21 '_  knots.    He MM:      . ''���"���������   is   t"   the   swift   and   the   battle
"I reached the deck about 11:30' t" the strong, and "hen Al. Jordan's
o'clock. The collision awakened me. terrier entered int.. the spirit of the
It sounded as lt the ship was coming affair and seized the fleeing fowl, uitto anchor I was half asleep and clergyman being llrst In at the death,
wondered   why   w*e   were  earning   the   naturally gut   the   brush    m-   pcrnaps
the corpus delicti  Is a  better name.
There was chicken in t'hlnatowi* tnat
anchors.     1  rushed   to  the deck    un-
dresesd, saw nothing and returned to
my bunk in the belief that I had suf-, '"'""hi
tvrcii :i nightmare,   Then Fourth Officer  Box-hall  came  to  my  room  and
the Titanic had struck an iceberg. I ���^���^^H M^M
"When  I  got  to  the deck  l  found      ������--,,. (oHowlng letter from the Rev.
that tht   lifeboats were being lowered.   ,���    ,.    ftoyle dlrectl  **tubllc  notice  to
I  eaw  firemen  coming up  from  the n danger that has tor i^omi time been
engine rooms. [a source of anxiety to many parent-
"Women   were   crawling   over     the   ������  th(.  ,,,������ ,iml  district',
hatch ar.d I rushed out to help load
tn, life-boats i hrtped to lower boat
No. B which was assigned to my care
To the Editor,���I wish to call attention through your columni to i grave
danger existing In our midst.    I allud<
���re we tailed.   A man ill a dresi-|j��"��e number of children playing In
ing gown an'���i 1______________-________^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Isiuny's Alllluilo.
"You   had   better  get  those  women
ami childern over there and load t'hem
In  that boat.' "
the street corners, of tender age, and
without adequate lupervislon. Twice
in the past week I havi seen narrow
escapes of ohlldren being run over by
motors or carts, and In each ease the
"I learned after thai  this man  WW| v'eh7oies"were being driver, at a  nor
mal   rale of speed.    It  is  impossible
filled   and   shouted:   'Ani   there^any j j'0"'b-nm'e the children themselves, as
more women'.'' There did not seem to
be : . : '..'. some men gel it. 1 put 40
on my boat, Including six men. There
would not have been so many men In
the boat but there were no women
about. First officer Murdoch told me
to take charge "f that boat and pull
out. He shook hands wtih me, saying:
"Good Dye. <>l<l Man."
" 'Good     bye,     old   man   ar.d     good
"I nveer saw Murdoch after that. I:
believed only two or three of the compartments had filled and never had
the faintest idea that the Titanic
would sink. All the passengers ln my
boat behaved admirably. Non
to get on after we struck water and
none tried to get out.
Tlicy Wniit*il to How.
"Women  In  my  boat  were not per
i the   d-eslre   for   play   Is   both   natural
1 and   legitimate.        But,    unless    some
steps arc taken   by  parents for  better
supervision   or   B   recreation     ground
1 provided    for    the    llttli    ones,   some
trouble  is  very   liable  to  occur.
Yours   truly,
rllAKI.K.S C,   llnYI.E.
I.adner,   B.C.,   April   --rd.
Mr. F. J. Mackenzie, the popular
M.P. P. for the Delta, ia delighted
with the result of his visit to Victoria,
where he spent two days in consultation with Premier MoBrlde and the
Hon. W. K. Ross, Minister of Lands,
with regard to the proposed acquirement of one square mile of land lo-
cated about three and a half miles
south of New Westminster ar.d representing one of the most beautiful as
well as one of the richest strips of
timber land in the province, for park
purposes. Before leaving for home
he was given the assurance of both
the Premier and Mr. Boss that they
would use their best endeavors in
such a manner as will facilitate the
wishes of the Delta people.
Mr. .Mackenzie is enthusiastic about
the idea of having this section of land
reserved for park purposes. He declares that there was no finer aggregation of timber in the country than
was to be found within that square
mile. Both the Inter-provincial and
Pacific highways traverse the ground,
and he claims that there is no spot
ln the whole of the province that
proves so alluring to the eye of the
tourist. Being situated about four
miles from the water It has been
saved so far from the fate of good
timber within easier access of transportation, and naturally Mr. Maeken-
| zle is anxious to have it handed over
to the people for park purposes before the ever-increasing facilities for
logging It renders it a mots ea��y prey
to the commercial instinct than lt is
at present.
The land comprised in the proposed
j park is all in possession of the Crown;
the timher on it. however, is leased,
and it is claimed that It will be necessary for the Provincial Government,
should the legislative body adopt the
Idea, to expropriate the lease-holders
and then apply t,, the Dominion Government for the land.
i The Premier was greatly pleased
with the idea of having a park located in that section of the country.
atld Mr. I loss Joined in expressing
gratification at having the matter j
brought before the attenton of the I
Government. The Importance of having such a pnrk preserve right at th*
Western gateway of Canada, as lt
were, appealed to the strongly, and
without committing themselves to the
fulfilment of promises that might
prove beyond their Jurisdiction they
gave Mr. MacKenzie to understand
that the matter would be taken up
at once with the authorities at Ottawa, so that no time would be lost
In having the lease-holders expropriated and the land preserved in all
Its virgin splendor.
Mi. MacKenzie was enthusiastic
over his description of the proposed
park. De declared that not oply was
it most haoollv nUua'Cd to be of th<
very best advantage from an advertising point of view from the entire
province, hut it wns representative of
the very best timher in the country.
Great specimens of cedar, fir, and
spruce are to be found ln abundance,
together with magnificent samples of
practically all the other members of
the tree family kin to the Western
part  of  the  American  continent.
"So strikingly beautiful Is the place
that never a motor car comes In from
the south or goes out from the norm
but it is brought to a standstill at
Intervals while the occupants take In
the full beauty of the scene. The
proposed park section ls located on
the old Tale-Cariboo road and l*
rlnrbt   in  the  Way of travellers reganl-
Ipss ,,r which sign of the compass they
m iy be following. It Is only three
miles ind a half from New Westminster :iTill wtthin easy reach of Vancouver Ahd all the suburban districts
tributary to it. At a picnic ground it
;s I le il, and In the event of the pro-
]i ,-iii,,11 going through, a.s Indeed I
believe it wnll with Premer McBride
and the Hon. Mr. Roes it the bach
Of it. In a few years time, you will
find that pari* one of the fines! recreation gr0Urid*! in the world, and one
'.yhi   h    ' "*    "'"'ri'    charm    nno    Rll-
round accessibility will compare with
any ,,n the continent As the representative of a growing cor.stluency I
recognize that now is the time to provide for the open spaces and I think
I may say without fear of contradiction that if the section of laud I have
referred to is handed over to the
people for park purposes, the Helta
country and all the lower mainland
will be iii possession of a rei-i'i n,oii
ground that one will have to travel
far to heat."
Popular Young Couple Wen- Married
at All Saint's on Thursday
A wedding which attracted a great
deal  of  attention   on   account  of  the
popularity   of   the   bride   and   bridegroom,  was aolemn.zed   in  All  Saint's
church,  mi  Thursday  forenoon,   when
I Miss Muriel Grace Green was married
j to Mr. John Edward Pacey.   The bride
| who   has   a   wide   circle   of   admiring
j friends In the Delta, Is a sister of Mr.
j J.   A.   Greer.,  Mrs.   H.   N.   Rich,  and
1 Mrs. Carter, all well known residents
. of the district.    The bridegroom, while
now  located   in   Vancouver,   formerly
resided in Ladner, where he has many
The   Rev,   C.   C.    Hoyle   officiated,
and the service wa. a particularly attractive' one,   the  church   being  prettily   decorated   for   the   occasion   and
the choir, of which the bride wa.s formerly a  member,  turn.ng out ir. full
force.     Mrs. Wilson was organist, and
| her rendering of the incidental music
j and especially Df Mendelssohn's beau-
| tlful   wedding  march,   was  much  ad-
i mired.
The bride, who was prettily gowned
in cream serge, relieved by light blue
embro.dery on the collar and wore a
hat to match, was much admired ar.d
looked very charming. She was given
away by her brother-in-law, Mr. H.
N. Rich, while Mrs. Rich undertook
the duties of matron of honor. The
bridegroom was supported by Mr.
Potts, of Vancouver. Among the
guests present were: Mr. and Mrs.
H. N. Rich, Mrs. Carter, Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Green, Mrs. David McKee, Dr. and Mrs. Woodley. Mr. A.
de R. Taylor, Mr. C. O. Lambert,
the Misses Lord and many others.
The wedding breakfast was held at
the home of Mrs. Carter, the bride's
Th' re was quite a crowd to witness
the departure of tht young couple by j
the  "New  Delta."  at half-past three. |
and   Captain    Brewster's    tight   Httle
craft came  In  for quite a  fusilade  of i
rice and old  shoes, as with flags dying  she   headed   for  Steveston.     Mr.
and Mrs.  J.  E.  Pacey have the good |
wishes   of   the   Delta   community   for
their  voyage   o'er   the  sea   of   matrimony.
First Shoot uml Annual Meeting Held
Last   Wednesday   Evening���
Officers Elected.
The Ladner Gun Club held their
first evening shoot at the traps on
Wednesday and afterwards held their
annual meeting and election of officers as follows:
Hon. president, H. J. Hutcherson;
president. E.A. Bown* vice-president.
(>. Murphy; secretary-treasurer, W.
H.  Wilson; captain, T.  H. Oliver.
A communication was received from
the Dominion i.'artrldge Company, ad-
Vi'Sing the club that they had donated
a fine leather gur. case for competition
among local shots'. The secretary will
be glad to receive names of all shooters  who  wish to compete.
The president appointed a committee to arrange a suitable handicap,
and report at the next regular shoot,
Tuesday evening, May "th.
This committee were also Instructed
to procure spoons or other suitable
trophies for competition during the
season. The club will welcome alt
shooters, so bring your gur.s on May
7th and join the "sport alluring."
Ther* wan a good attendance in the
McNeely    Hall    on    Monday  evening,
when   Mr.   W.   T.   Ritch,   Dominion
Sheep Commissioner and Mr.  C.  M.
Macltae, of the Dominion Live StocK
Branch,  addressed   the   meeting  held
under  the  Joint  ausiplces  of  the  Dominion  Live   Stock   Branch   and   the
Provincial  Department of Agriculture!
with   a   view   to   stimulating   greater
Interest in  the sheep Industry ln this]
province.     Mr.   T.    Hume,   president1
of the Delta  Farmer's Institute,   was
in the chair,
Mr. Kltch dealt more particularly
with the rearing of "hot house" lambs
for the early markets, and the packing
ami grading of wool. I
Mr.    Mfi.l'Jae   followed   along   the i
same line..    The addresses were much
TORONTO, April .*���W. A. Gur.-
ther, provincial Inspector of neglected
children, claims that many illegitimates disappear yearly or perish
through deliberate starving. He suggests B law Competing a monthly Inspection of unfortunate children the
first year, and then giving them for
adoption, Hon, W. .1. Hanna. pro-
vlncall secretary, admits the truth of
Mr.  Gunther's statement*.
Mr. Peter Latham Passed Away Early
on Monday���"Resided Here for
Several Vears.
(From the British Columbian.)
Peter Latham, aged 73 years, died
at his home on Fourth street shortly-
after midnight Monday night after being an invalid for about 5 years. Mr.
Latham was born ln Middlewich, near
Chester, Cheshire County, England,
and came to Canada in 1862, settling
In Toronto. He stayed there until
1S8Z, when he moved to Saskatchewan, then known as the Northwest,
and was one of the first settlers at
whal Is now known as Saskatoon. He
was there throughout the Blel rebellion, but left In 1887 and came to
New Westminster, where he had resided ever since. Mr. Latham was a
florist and landscape gardener and he
established a nursery here. He was
one of the founders of the Royal
Agricultural Society and its annual
exhibition. A widow, six sons and
three daughters are left to mourn
their loss, two having predeceased
him. The sons are Arthur, Kamloops;
James, Hazeltan; Thomas, Toronto;
Harry, Oscar and Charles, who are al*
resident here. The daughters are
Mrs. C. 8. Keith, who resides here:
Mrs. James Stewart, Calgary; and
Miss Violet, who resides at home.
Mr. Latham was a prominent member of the Methodist church and the
Royal Templars and had a host of
friends In this city who will regret to
learn of his demise.
Representation of "Board of Trade and
Munii'i|Kil Council Are Pleased
with Reception,
Or. Tuesday last an Important deputation visited New Westminster to
press the claims of the Delta for the
dredging and improving of the r.ver
fair way leading to Ladner. Mr. T.
Ladner and Captain Brewster represented the Board of Trade and Councillor H. B. Benson, the Municipal
The deputation first waited on Mr.
George A. Keefer. the resident engineer, of the Department of Public
Works, and interviewed him and his
assistant. They laid beTore Mr. Keefer
the inconvenience to navigation caused by the filling In of the channel hy
silt. They pointed out that at present
it was only at certain stages of the
tide that the larger freighters could
safely and quickly make the Ladner
quay. As an outsome of their representations Mr. Keefer promised that
so soon as the "King Edward" had
completed the work she would be sent
to clear the channel before settlin?
down to her work of deepening the
North Arm. Meanwhile the Fruhling" will he sent to remove a bar
which is impeding traffic. The Fruhling is scarcely so suitable as the King
Edward, owing to the lightness of the
silt found here. It will not sink
properly and to a large extent runs
off with the water, and while the
Fruhling can only remove the sand
when It deposits, the King Edward Is
fitted with apparatus which enables
it to pump the silt below either ashors
or on to harmless bars. The deputation also secured a promise that mat-
trices would be placed at certain
points on Canoe Pass to prevent the
encroachment on the banks and c*r.-
seouent filling of the channel.
The deputation thereafter waited
upon Mr. J. D. Taylor. M.P. Mr.
Taylor expressed his entire sympathy
with the requests made and promised
his most strenuous support both here
and at Ottawa in furthering the wishes
of the deputation and strengthening
Mr.   Reefer's hands.
The deputation express themselves
as thoroughly satisfied with the result
of their visit.
mrs. ismay Distressed.
Wife of White Star Dim-tor Is a Nervous Wreck���Feels Criticism
Many    Are    Dead    and    Injured  In
Storm Whieh Swept Illinois
and Indiana.
CHICAGO, April 22.���Thirty-two
dead and 150 injured, a muimb-sr of
i whom probably will die, Is Bhe toll today of two tornadoes which sweipt
Illinois and Indiana, wiping out several towns. Fifteen were killed at
Bush, 111.; five ai Wll'llsvllle. 111.;
three at Redlck, 111., and nine at Morocco,   Ind.
The town of Bush ls a mass of
wreckage today anil it lis believed
thiu more corpses will be found beneath the rle-tirls there. Forty injured already have been taken from
wrecked   bu,lH_ings.
Mr.  Wuinwrlglit und  Mr.  Clininherllu
to Succeed I.ate Mr. Hays Until
Successor Ls Chosen.
LONDON', April 24.���Passing from
periods of utter collapse to hysterical
t(Torts to call her husband to her side,
Mrs. J. Rruce Ismay. wife of the managing director of the White Star line,
who was saved from the wreck of the
liner Titanic to occupy the spotlight
of criticism of the entire United States
Is a nervous wreck here today, H	
Mrs. Ismay feels keenly the critic-1 MONTR-SAL, April 20.���By dlrec-
ism directed against her husband ami tion of ehe Board of Directors the
declares that he will show that he hasj Grand Trunk and the Grand Trunk
been Judged unfairly and harshly.       | Pacific    Railway     companies   c-aiblenl
The distracted wife has sent cable i yeisterday aid ter noon from London,
after cable to America begging heriEngland, that Mr. W. Wa.iinvrU'ht.
husband to come to her, and asking I vio.-pre.-'iden. oif the Grand Trunk
friends in the United States not to land Mr. E. G. (Tham-berlln, vlce-preal-
.iinlge him too hastily. Mrs. Ismay Is! dent of the Grand Trunk Pacific, are
the daughter of a prominent New
York family.
placed    in    teinnporary   ciharge    Of   affairs  o,f  the  respejitive   companies.
forecastle, and afterwards turned over
and went down perpendicularly. I
heard four reports, like big guns In
the distance. This was probably caused by the bulkheads bursting. 1 do
tried   not think the boilers exploded.
"1 saw no people on the afterdeck
when tho boat sank.    Everyone whom
I saw on the ship wore a life-belt ex-
^^^^^^^^^^^^___^__^^^^^^^^^^    cept a few  members of  the crew.    I
mltted to row although some of them   did  not see Caplain Smith  when  the
wanted to d0 so that they could keep. Titanic sank."
warm. It was about 3"> degrees above'     Asked If 'he heard any cries of dis-
ztro and very chilly." J iress.  he replied sadly:
How She Went Down. "Oh,   yes,   I   heard   crying,  sobbing
Asked     to    describe    the    Titanic'sI and  moaning,  and  praying,  too.     But
foundering, he said: | there   were   no   noises   until   the  ship
"The Titanic was submerged to thc  sank."
Deplores Loss of Mr, ('. M. lla>- us  i
Blow  to Grand Trunk  uml
Whole Country.
MONTREAL, April 25���Thc following telegram from Sir Wilfrid
Laurier has been received by Mr.
William Walnwright of the Grand
"The premature death of Mr. Hays
under any circumstances Is nn Irreparable loss to his family, the company and the whole country. The
awful catastrophe In which he lost
his life adds horror to the -loom
The blow must be particularly severe
for the company at a time when I'
Is engaged In enterprises of such <l
gantlc proportions."
A  sketch by our picture service artist,  whose conception of the great sea tragedy was formed by the last pathetl
wireless message from the ship:  "Are being put into the lifeboats: we are sinking by the head." THE DELTA TIMES
LAW,   1912
HALL     BY"-  purports  as   ''The     Delta     Municipal   cient thereifor on all rate-able land and
Hall By-law, 1912." "Pon  fifty   (50)     per    cent     ott  the
  I    Done   and   passed   in   open   Council  assessed   value   -if   the   Improvements
A By-Law to  enaible  the Corporation  this day otf 1913.       ��*"-��   th<"   real   property   within   the
otf Delta to raise by way of a loan Received the assent of the Electors limits of the Municipality the sum of
the sum. of $15,000.00 for the pur- nt an election for the purpose on one hundred and tnirty-f-ur dollars
pose   of   eon strut- ting  and   furnish-  the day of A. D.  and thirty-two cents ($154.82) for the
ing  a     Municipal   Hall     containing  1912. purpose of forming a sinking fund for
offices, fireproof vault and lock-up.
Whereas a petition signed by A. de
R. Taylor and othei*-s, being the owners ot more than one-tenth in value
of the real property in the Munieiipal-
tty, has been presented to the Municipal Council praying that a By-law be
Bu'otmitte'rt to the vote of th*-Se entitled to vote thereon for the purpose
oif raising upon the credit of the Municipality a smn not exceeding fifteen thousand ($15,000.00) dolinrs for
t'he purpose mf ereciting a Municipal
Hall conitadnlng offices, fireproof
vault and lock-up.
Reconsidered and finally passed t'he paymeinit of the _ald debentures
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and the sum of one hundred and
and  Clerk  and pealed  with  the  Cor-  sixty   1*160.00)   dollars   for   the   pay-
porate Seal all on the
of A.   P.   1912.
C.  M.  C.
Take notice that the above is a
,tr-ie copy of the proposed By-Law
upon   which  the vote  of  the  Munlci-
And win reus it Is necessary to pal'ty will be taken on the "st day of
raitn- the moneys required to defray May, 11*12, between the hours of nine
the above expenditure upon the credit   o'clock  a.  m.  and  seven  o'clock  p.  m.
day me.n!t of the interest at the rate aforesaid, the said special rate to be in
 . , audition to all other raites to be lev-
lied and collected in the said municipality during che currency of the sa:d
.debentures or any of them.
3.    All moneys forming part ofthe
; sin Kins funds to be raised by the spe- !,
cial rate aibove referred to shall be ;lng vab''l'rt Bix rn'k's "'"-th of thi-. city,
Unvested by the Council of the said ;""" tn* Wenaitqhee valley, was el-ctro-
Corp,,r,tion from time to time as the't;ute;1 *,"* -T*>��-<���''���>������ receiving through
law  directs. ihis    0(iy  16'500  r;*lts tram  the  high-
tension  wires of the  Wenaitchee Valley   Gas   &    Electric   Company,      Mr.
Husbands and Fathers.
TACOMA, April 25���With the
mother, H. McWhirter, trying in vain
to keep the tears back, Goldie I'ljgh.
aged 9 and Hugh aged 11, started
alone yesterday lor Illinois, With big
tags on them and about 20 pounds
of eatables. The children's second
father is dead and the mother's sec-
| ond husband has left here, so she sent
j them to her parents, and will follow
!as soon as she earns enough to pay
I off  her  debts.
Received lfl.500 Volts.
i     WENATOHEE,   April     25.���J.     W.
|Card, a well known fruit grower, liv-
The Royal Bank ol Canada
at  the  fo'lowing places, viz.:
The   Council   Chamber.   Ladner
School   lie,use.   Ea��t   Delta:
"W. W. Bennett's Hons,
[law   a.nYl   all   the   debentures   so   pur- ;i.
(chased shall forthwlith be cancelled or
����f  the  Municipality.
And whereas it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum
of five hundred and four i *.',u i.u. i
principal and the sum of six hundred Hilii
($600.00) oon.irs interest making a
total amount annually of eleven honored and 'our $1104.00) ikulars for
the  term of twenty   (20)  years for the
repayment of the suid loan and iwteT-
-ttst there oi as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas Che net value of the
whole ratiab'.e land in nhe municipality according to the bust revised
assessment roll amounts to five million live hundred and sixty-three
thousand flour hundred and sixty-live
($6,668,465,00)   dollars,   and   the   net I**�������� *��r >h* Purpose of purchasing i_nd  c,erk  a_1(J ftealea   ���.iln   ,he Cor,
l' i_t ' ifflce, Annieville,
C.  M.  C.
Ladner, April 15. 1912.
LAW,   1919.
!     1.    The Council may at any time or
from   time   to   time   purchase  anv   of ..
the  debentures  Issued   under  thi_  Bv- 'Cslrtl   tt"ls   ******   a   -lM'lM'1   irris*1*
tion  pipe.    To  remove  a  stii. k  which
had   become  jammed   Inside  he  stood
|the   pipe   strat-gUiit     up    and     oegan
] pouniHn'g it out. Tiie pipe was
Ibrouight into c iii;i.Ti-'t wtlth t t wires
;and   death   was   insJtantancoi;i .
Drowned in Sumas Creek.
I SPMAS, April 25.- I In*.. ,1 ilill-
'stead was drowneid In Suanas creelt
ion Monday and the boiy was recovered an hour later. T.ie it-ad boy
���was 13 years ut age an.l was lishing
from a nait't near the Little mill on the
destroyed   and- no   re-jssue   <��f  debentures   shall   be   made   in   consequence
Strawberry L ^ purcha��e,
6,    This By-law shall take cfifei-'t on
mil  after  the  first day of June,  1912.
6,     This   l'.y-law   may   be   cited   for
'all   purposes     as     "The     Delta   Road
"lia.-nineiv By-law, i;,i2.
i     Done   and   paused   in   open   Council I
jthls day  of 1912.
|     Received  the assent  of t'he Electors
Incorporate*1 1MI.
CAP1TAI- AUTHORIZED         $10,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-DP . r       $ 6,251,080
RESERVE FUND     $ 7,050,188
Total Asset-. Over One Hundred and Ten Millions.
Jtecomnts ol Out-of-Tjomn Customers Siven  Special Jtfttontion
Aoc-y nis may be opened with deposit- ol ONE DOLLAR ami Upward*
Ii.tere-tt paid, or credited, balf-y early on June 80th and December
31st. each year.
H. F. BISHOP, Manaokr 1.ADXEH. "R, c
A By-law t i ena.'lc the Municipality of Delta t<i raise by way of a loan
the sum of four thousand  ($1,111)0.00)
.'tion     for    tbe   purpose  on
day of
(it   an   el
Reconsidered   and     finally     passed
by  the  C'o'iinoil.  signed  by the  Reeve
i south    side    in      company      with    his
value of the improveimcnis upon the iroad making machinery,
real property ao-.-ord.inig to the last re- Whereas it is neceeary to purc.hise
vised assessment roll amounts to four |a Steam Roller as well a_ a Road
htm-dred and ninety-two thousand |Grader and other road- making ma-
and sixty  ($492,060.00)  dollar, jchinery:
And whereas the Municipality has | And whereas the expenditure for
no exlaftlnig Uelbenture d.-bt exclusive |road making machinery during the
of local imip:*o\ eiiieiit ddbte secured [present year will be more than usually   special   rates     or     assessments   Otf   ly  heavy.
���which nunc of the principal or In- And whereas it is Inexpedient .tO
tereist  is*  ln  arrears. |*inicrSase taaxat'on so as to provide for
And whereas to provide for the ithe payment otf the necessary toad
payment of interest and the craa- !machinery out of the current year
tion  of a ..inking fund  for  the pay- revenue.
ment 04 ihe said principal sum of I And whereas it is neceeasry to raise
fifteen thousand ($15,000.00) dollars'the moneys re<iu'lre"d no defray the
St  wili   be  necesary  to  levy a special  albove expenditure upon trie credit of
the  Municipality.
And  whereas it  will be necesary to Ijjiii.
Posit  Office,   Annieville.
annual   rate   smlfu-lent     to   raise   the
Kum   otf   eleven   h'undred     and     four
($110-1.00)   dollars   the  amount  to  be  raise annually by special rate the sum
calculated annually on the whole of fat one hundred and thirtysfour dollars anld thirty-two centis ($13-1.32)
principal, and the sum of one hundred and slaty ($16.1.00) dollars interest making together a total
amount annually of two hundre'd and
thirty-four dollars and thirty-two
cents ( $231.32) for tne term of uven-
porate Seal all  on  the
A.   D.   1912.
A tj younger brother. The younger ��� boy
jgave the alarm when the lad slipped
into the water, but t'he unfortunate
boy never came up to the surface.
The dea'd boy wa_ the eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac IIinstead, who
move, to Sumas from Bellini-ham a
week ago.
Fight Is On.
TACOMA,  April   25.���The  Northern
'Pacific   Railway   has   Started   suit   in
j'the   federal   court   today   against   the
state   public   service   commission   and
ill    shippers   in   the   state   to   enjoin
Take   notice   that   the     above  is  a |them -from enforcing the reduced rate
true   copy   otf   the.     proposed     By-Law   on  freight  to  t'he  interior ordered  in-
Uip-on which   the  vote  of  the  Munioi- |.t���  elf-fetd't  by the commission March  2
pal'ty will be taken on the 1st day of |and now belrug use'd.
May.  1912,  between  the hours of nine | Spokane   Editor   Killiij.
C.  M. C.
o'clock a.  m.  and gwen  o'clock p., m
at  the  following place., viz.:
The  Council   Chamber,   Ladner;
Schoo]  House,  East  Delta;
the rateable land comprised wilhin
the Municipality, ami upon fifty (50)
"per cent of the a'Sseseed value of the
improvements upon real property in
tin    Municipality.
Now therefore  the M-uriicipal Council uf  the  I'lfjioroition  of Delta enacts!
as  follows:  ty   *20'   years  for  the  repayment   of
,      ,    ,,  ,     ,      .  ,  ,      ..      _, 'the said loan and  the Interest thereon
1.    It shall be lawful for the Reeve I      ,       ���     ,. .,       ,
,,,... ,,   ..       ..     'as heri.iia.fter mentioned.
nnd   C erk   of     the     Council   for   thei      ... .. . ,   ,v,
, .     ,     And   whereas   the   net   value   of   the
liurposes a on-siud  to  borrow  or raise.    ,    , . ,     ,      ,   .      ,.       ���      .  .
*. .   , whole   rateable   land   in   the   munici-
Jjy   way   oil   loan   trom   any   person   or       ,. ,.   _   ���      ,v     . _������,_,,,
__..    _ l  _. .      .. ,    luaRty   according   to   the   last   revised
body of bodies corporate whio may be j^,.^--,.^  _���,.,   ���--,.���_,���  ,���  ��������  mn_
willing to advance the same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, a sum not exceeding
���fifteen thousand ($15,000..10) dollars
and to cause t'he same to be placed
in the Royal Bank of Canada at l_ad-
ner, In the Province of British Columbia, to the credit of tho said Corpora- |
limn   for  the  purposes    and   with  the
SPOKANE, Wash.,  April   25.���That
jthe   killing   of   E.   II.   RO-hrcfoj-,   city
editor  "f   the  Spokane  Chronicle,   by
j Richard   Aleck   was   the   result   of   a
W. W. Bennett's House, Strawiberry  crude   joke   p)ayed   on   Aleck,   is   believed here.    Aleck, who is a Riim-ber-
:jac*k,   said   that   men   where   he   was
[employed  in  Idaho,   had  told  him  the
;Chrontele   had     printed     a     personal
story in which he had been slandered.
It is believed this preyed  on h s mind
|and impelled hii,m to come to Spo'kane
,   ,    ,    to demand that the story be retracted,
Pho-phonol ffg-flgg?e^Vn*t!trhA?o0,d.. |4ntermilned to kill the man responsible
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
C.   M.  C.
Ladner,  April  15,  1912.
Electric Restorer for Men
lafes-Btsment roll  amount-  to  five  mil
dbjects aibove set forth and So Issue
debentures oif the saild corporation in .sums of not less than one
thousand ($1,000,00) dollars each, to
the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000.-
00) dollars In the whole In anword-
'M'Uiv'i-i'pal  Act."    And
'thousand  four hundred  and Sixty-five
I ("15,563.1(15.00) -dollars, and the net
value of the improvements upon the
real property according to the last re-
Ivlse'd assessment roll amounts to four
hundred and ninety-two thousand
and sixty  ($492,060.00)  dollars.
| And whereas the Municipality has
no exifltinig 'debenture d'e-bt exclusive
o. local improvement deib'ts secured
by  special  rates     or     assessments   of
im and vitality.  Premature derav and all sexeai ,jf the  retraction was refused,
weakness averted at once.    Pho.phonol will       A{  t)l(,   Il0|irl.  SUKil,���   yesterday
n��_e you a new man. Price 13 a box, or two fo��
��.'. Mailed to anv address. The Scobell Drug
Co., St. Catharines, Oit.
MR.   I-.\XXI\'("TO\   NAMED.
ernoon   Aleck   admitted   the  "jhootlng.
He said he had gone to the offii e otf
the Chronicle and demanded of Roth-
IroC'k a retraction at the alleged slan-
iderous   storj'.     This   was   refused,   he
Lccal Barrister Appointed by Govern. !*���'<>��� "��  he shot and  killed  the  edi-
ment to InveHtistau- Vancouver        ^or*    No stor>- of any nature rclati,��
Hospital Affairs. I10  the  nrm-Pderer has been printed  by
Ithe Chronicle.
VICTORIA.   April   22.���Mr.   Ro-bert | K.sord Year for Woolmen.
Whi'temore Hannineton, a menvber ot      GOLDEN-DALE,       Aipnil     25.���The
ithe  Vancouver  legal   firm   of  Harris, 'namblnig  season   in   Klickitat   is  prac-
Bull  & Haniiington, has been named  tically over and flock masters report
iby   tihe   provincial   government   as   a  a   record-ibreakfni,'     increase.        One
royal   com-m'issioner   to   inquire   into  sheeipman reports that he marked 696
and report upon conditions .prevailing ,ia.n_bs, two weeks old, from a Kind of
530 ewes, an increase of 131  per cent.
Shearing  will commence this week,
in   the   Vancouver   General   Hospital,
.which have recently been  the subject
which   none   of   the   principal   or   in- 1^- SVH.clUc  c.0mpli,nt.     Mr.   Hanr.'ing- an,d the ,Vool crop promi-se.  to be  by
terem  is  in  arrears. |ton  wtn  ent^_  uip,on  hte  dlutles aa    a Sax ,ho ,,._,  Kli<.lk,-,tat ^heeirimen have
ance with  lhe "Miuntctpal Aot."   And I     Am"   Y^6^!^.  ."Tria    --.^-r^   i-WewM   inves.igat'or 'almost   "rmim-dl- 'evwreal-J-ea.    The staple Is good and
the 3aid 'ilel.eiitures sfial!  be Isi-uei  to   J;a'Vni""rnt       .  '"        r   ��� ,    , -   1      "f." I3""1*'*    The charges preferred are gen-   tht.   woo]   weI1   BrfKWn,   ������.���   frtv*ng   to
'tion of a sinking fund for the pav- Lra,ly o�� mismanagement, Inadeqwite keaVy raint, th-s spring is very clean,
m, nt of the said P���"!*-*- sum of Lupervismn otf the cleanliness of the Weather COrtdHtions have been good
four thoueanld (S4.000.00) dollars hul,up,lll;U ,in.d an unsatisfactory stand-;an>- the sheep have remained In exit   will   be   necesany  to   levy  a   special jard  ol f(J0d SUl|)pHt.d  t0  paiaents.    in-   oeMewt    physical   condntlon.   which    is
consist Of fifteen ( 1 a I il.'b.nt ure.--.
eacih Oif the d en o ml nation of one
thousand ($1,"00.00) dollars or may
Hie ixi'i-essi d in the sterMhig eflulva-
lent at the rate of $t.S6 2-_ to the one
(��11 pound sterling; and such debentures shall have annexed thereto cou-
ipone. expressed both In sterling and
1n eurreni y for the Interest thereon
��it the rate oif four (4) per centotm
per annum, payalble half-yearly on
the first day nf June and the Iir.--.t
day of I leia in ,,-r in each and every
year dur.ng the currency of the said
debentures or a_*y of them. And such
debentures shall be delivered to the,,
purchasers tlnr.o:'. and both a.s to ;
-[���rinciipal and Interest siall be iiayable I      '
to   raIse
anmual rate .u.Pficient
sum of two hundred and thirty-
four dollars and thirty-two cents
($234,321 the amount to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateitibie land comprised within
bhe Mnnli ipality, and upon fifty (50)
lie: cent of fhe assesec'd value oi the
improviiments uii"n real property in
the   Municipality.
NTow tlier.il'ore the Miuniclpal Council of the Coporation of Delta enacts
as follows:���
it shall be lawiful for the Reeve
vestlgatlon  waa asked for by  the au-   essential Tot good wool.
Don't neglect your Fire, Motor and Live Stock Insurance.
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to save, and bring your savings here. We pay 4 per
cent interest quarterly.
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The Peopled Trust Co., Ltd.
W. H. HAIRE, Local Manager
People's Trust Building Ladner, B. C.
'tboritie-   a'mosit     as   soon     ;is  these
charges  were  pu'blicly  preferred.
at thc Royal Hank of Canada in the land Cerk ,,f the -���ouncil for the
<"i!y e.f ToTon-.o in thc Province of Ipur*p-0ses aforesaid t" borrow or raise
Ontario,   or   at   the   B-Jld   Hank   in   the   I'.v   way   of   loan   from   any   person   or
city ott Montreal  in  the Provin [ jhod,  of bodies conporate whio maybe
Quefbec, or a: the said Bank In L��d- iWllHtlg to adlVwnoe the suime u.pon the
ner In the ProvlTuce Ot llritish I'olutn- credit of tbe debentures hereinaifter
bia, or at the said Kank In the City of 'mentioned, a sum not exceeding
!,nn.l<.n In Enfflan-d, or at the sml -OUT thousartd i $1.000.001 dollars
Rank in the City 0(f NelW York in the and to cans, the same to
I'ultcil States of America. at the tn Chle Royal Hank of Oana.il
tiolderrs' option. An'd the principal of [tier, in t'he i'rovince of ISrltisl, Coluin-
the said debentures shall be payable Ibla, to the credit of the aal.d C'orpora-
en the first day of June, A. I >. IBM. itfion lor the purposes and with the
2. There shall be raise-d and lev- "''J'"-''* ���"'��'v'-' ��* f"'**1' ""*'' *" las*K*
led   annually   by   a   special   rate   euf- .���'' '"'inures    of     the       saild    oorpora-
fhiei.t   tiii-refor   on   all   thc   rateable .-1""  '" ���*i"m* ',|  ""'    ";-ss    '���ian one
land and  upon  Fifty  (60)   per cent of |thou*S-_ld   ($1,000.00)   dollars .eaich.  f
th.*   a_-tej*i ,1   value   of  the   Inriiprove-
nicnts  upon   the   real   property  within
Naval Service Department of Dominion Government Calls for 'renders
for Vessels for 15. C.
OTTAWA',    April    25���The    Naval
Service Department 18 advertising for
tenders  for  a   fishery   protectibn  vessel for the Pacific Coast,  and    after j
giving the usual particulars says:
"An alternative tender may be submitted, it so desired, using the Diesel
heavy oil.engines as the motive power
Power Company Merger.
SI.ATTI.R.  A'orii   25.���The  oonsoll-
! da tion of certain Stone & Webster
^properties in the Pacific Northwest
has become effective by official notice
I Issued by R. T. l_aiff in. vice (president.
The Seattle BlectrH? Oomrpnny, the Se-
attle-Tacoma Power Cotnipomy and
the Pacific Power Company arc con-
sHddated under the name of the Puget
Sound Traction, iJight & Power Coim-
pany, Seattle I ��.\*!���-i ��n. The tw'der further   contained   the   iBfonmlaltion   that
II T. K'lirar had been appointed manager ;Frank Dabney, aestetant trea,��-
urer an.l W, K. Beet, auditor of the
new   company.
Wireless Plans for Tatooeh.
T.RKMIOUTiiN",    April    Zi.���Tatoosh
for propulsion, bnt such engines would
be required  of the 2-cycle revsrsible |w~j   ^  ,���  hav.   ehe   mog| rfuJ
    ;y"" **?*�����* t<J UPe  u-xas or otner< wdrettess rtatlon on  t'he  i-acii;,-  coast
be   placed i "'���'������������' ��ns- iwheti   the   plane   being   made   by   the
iinttaJ-      ,JI"-* tenderer must state for what (|ii|liirtmi.,lt  ���,  r,.m.w  tht,
'price two vessels of the type proposed .,.;.,,,-   .,,,   ,,���. (.nlr,,���,,.  ,���   Pugei   Sound
Will lie supplied, and delivery must be ,1IV ,,���, ju(l) c.(.f(,(.t     Beto_ u (.,in���..���t.
iiiiule at  Ksouimalt. .���_   ,ink   ,���.,,������,.-   Inf.   (.h,,hl..   (rf   _.,,.
���,  tions  in  Ala-ska  ad   thc  I'liiti-d  Slates,
ifhe   sum     of   fOUI   thousand   ($4,000.-
00)   dollars  in   the   whole   in   accord-
OTTAWA, April 2'5.���Pr.  Torrance,
of Winnpeg, Will go t0 England for the
i Department   of   Agriculture   to   study
the limits of the  Mnni.-lp.-ili'ty the sum ,<""-t'   wiUl   the  "Mun'ileirjW!   Aut."    And I Hriti9h methOd�� of dealing  with  epiz
Of   five   hundred   and   four   ($504.00) .the  said 'debentures shall  be issued  to | 0((tlCj   {n^   much   dreaded   cattle   dls-
for  th,-  purpose  otf  forming a sinking   consist     otf     four        (4)     debentures, j (a_t   whlch   has   he(.n   tnt   subject   Of
���fund  for the i-viymonr of the saul  de-   '''""h    <"f   tihe   denominaition      of   one
bentuivs. an-fi the sum of six hundred .thousand ($1,000.00) dollars or may
($100..10) dollars for the i��a>-ment ofjbe exjpressed in the sterling equlva-
inti*re�� at the rate aiforesaid, the said i1'"111 ���* the rate Otf $4.86 2-3 to the one
special r.'ute to be in addition to all
other  rates to  be  levied  and  collected
careful study in Great Britain.
In the Municipality during the currency of the said detientures or any
of  them.
3.    All moneys forming part otf the
���inking   funds   to   be     raised   by   the
(Cl) pound sterling; and such debentures shall have annexed thereto cou-
ipons expressed both In sterling and
ln currency for the Interest thereon
at the rate of four (4) per centum
per annum, paytalble halif-y<*arly on
tht first day of June and tlhti first Jay
Delia Hotel.
Mrs. C.  Douglas, Belbngham.
Miss O. A. E. Grey, San Jose, California.
and liclng in range of the fim.h of
travel otf many trnnsp-inifir liners, the
navy department has fliviili-i] that the
Tiutoosh Station shall be one of the
ntodt   powerful   in   the   country.     It   ls
proposed to replace the present wooden m.i.st by a steel tower 300 feet
Hoy Miasti-C.
'BnijDIXGIIAM. April 25.���According to wfird received in this city last
night the ci>tnim'iinlty of Ijynden ls
much mystified over the unaccountable disappearance -if George Hamilton, a young man of that city, who
bas been mibtsing from his home since
!April   In.   The   only   reason   thnt   ha.s
II.   Howard,   Tunbridge,   England,  yet  been  given   for the  occurrence Is
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers
Men's   Furnishings, Prints
5 Roses Flour, Red Seal Pastry Flour, Rolled Oats,
Graham Flour, Carnation Wheat Flakes, Cream of Wheat,
White Star, Magic, Coledyke and Royal Baking Powders,
Davies' Pork and Beans, Fresh Fruits, Evaporated
Peaches, Dried Prunes, Climax and Chivers Jams, Household Ammonia, Teas and Coffee.
1   F. CUIUS
sped*- rate rnbove referred to shall i��f Ueceml-er ln t-x-b and. every year j
Ibe Invented by the Council of the ��B-d |'luring the currency of the said oe- i
Con���,r-iiion from rime to time as the peTObtt-ia* or otf ant otf rhem. And such j
lam- tllrects. |dieben.tuTes  shall   be  deliver   1   to   the
4.     The  Council  may  at  any  time   purc'hia-sers   thereof,   and   hi .h   as  to |
or frorm time to time purchase any
of the de'ienturee Issued under this
By-law and all the delbentures so
purcha_.d shall fonth-with be can-
celleid or destroyed and no re-is^ue nf
d-e*bentures shall be made ln consequence   of   such   purchase.
5. This Ry-law shall take effect on
and after the first dav of Jun��. 1912.
principal and Interest shall be payable at the Royal I'.ank of Oatna'da in
t'he City of Toronto, ln the Province
otf i mtar'ro, or at. the said t'a.nk in the 'couver
city (nt Montreal in the Province of '
Quebec, or at the said liank In Ladner in the Province ott British Co-
luimUda,   or  at   the  said   Hank  ln  the
w,  T.   ltietch. Ottawa.
C,  M.  Macrae, Ottawa.
A.  S.   Donaldson,  Vancouver.
R. Clark, Otter.
J.  E. Branston. Vancouver.
J.   A.   Dupuls,  Vancouver.
F.   Reed,  Vancouver.
Henry Elmer, Dublin, Ireland.
Mr.   and Mrs.   H.  R.  Tuttle, Van-
that the boy's mind may have beooime
, unbalanced
City   of  London,   England,   or  at  the
This Ry-taw' may be cited for all l-iald Riank in the City of New York in
the  United  States  of America,  at   the
ho-.ders' ojition.    And the prim-iipal ot
't'he  said   debentures shall  be   pay-able
|on the first day otf June, A. D. 19-_.
stops couaMS, cures COLOS. I     2-     "Th"-^ shall  be' raised  and  lev-
i THC THROAT AMD LUNGS. 28 CENTS  ��������� *���'   annually  by  a special  rate  soitfi-
Shiloh's Gun
T. C.
T.  J.
B. T
J.   R
C. R
ROME, April 20.��� .iieutennnt Pa-
terno, the slayer of Princess TriKona,
lady in waiting to Queen Helena, -will
not become the Harry Thaw of Italy.
IPaterno,   wiho   pleaded   Insanity   an'd
  'iwa.s   sent   to   the .asylum   at   Aversa,
Iaulner Hotel. |nnn.r  Naples,  l��**t   nirltoher  for  obseT-
Fairweather,, Harrison, B.C.  ""atlon.   has   just   been   declared   per-
Kennedy, Harrison, B.C. tfeotly snne and  hns been returned  to
Kagel,  Vancouver. (Prison at  Rome.    Here he will await
Vant, Vancouver. ithe disposition of the judloial authori-
Riel. Vancouver. ties.
H.  II. Stewart. Bristol, Quebec.
Henry Wester.
Col.   John   Adair,  Astoria,   Oregon.
T.  F.  Braden, Vancouver.
J.  T.   Pringle, Vancouver.
ShikM Gun
A poor shoe makes you miserable
all over.
We have shoes of the best makes
suitable for all sorts and sizes of feet.
Boots Shoes
Custom Work a Specialty
ers SATURDAY, APRIL 87, 1912.
Mr. Arthur Fox la expected back
at the  beginning  of next week.
Mrs. Arthur Fawcett is spending a
few da>'s *"'lth her Parents at Ballard,
Mr. F. Ter.nant was a visitor to
Vancouver over Wednesday night.
The Bill Rickard-Tommy Burns
fight will not be pulled off in Joe
Jordan's  barn.
James de Canonvllle, teller in the The bridge across the dyke at the
Royal Bank, ls expected back here on B. & K. warehouse has been r6
the first of May. moved.
Lieut.-Governor Paterson was visit-       The work of sheathing and getting
Ing his nephew, Mr. A.  D.  Paterson,   the   machinery   on   board   the   "Aus
Inverholme, on Tuesday last. trian" is being pushed  forward.
Mr. A. D. Paterson left on Wednesday evening to attend the Vancouver Horse Show.
The moving picture show on Saturday is catching on, and good houses
nre the rule.
Mr. B. F. Douglas is now getting
Installed in his new home. He has
had some vexatious delays in the
transportation of his furniture.
Mr. Cecil Willis, brother of Mrs.
E. T. Douglas, is recovering rapidly
urtd is expected to be out and about
in  11  few  days.
B.   T.    Kagel,   of   Vancouver,   has
been in the t'jwn for a iev aIiys- Mr"
Kagel's visit has been In the interests of his nursery business.
The preparation of the scenery and
stage fitting- f"r tne production or
���Miriam's Crime," on May 3rd, goes
on merrily.
The I.adner investment and Trust
I Company, Ltd., has been incorporated
I under the Companies Act. The un-
i dertaking   is   capitalized   at   $250,000.
Extraordinary, isn't it, that theo-
l logical conferences and horse shows
! should   occur  In   the   same   week.    It
ls merely a coincidence, of course.
1 v  	
1      Jeweller   Weare   is   having   quite   a
run on wedding rings these days, and
! If  rumor   is   not   the   lying   jade   she
is said to be, the ring boom has only
Mr. Mathew Mends, Tort C.uichon,
gave a card party on Wednesday
night. The young people enjoyed
All the sports, Includinft Jim Richardson, Neil McDiarmid, Jack Colll-
iL.,r.. Bill Fraser, Jack Johnston, Joe
Jordon, were visiting Vancouver and
the horse show this week.
The local lodge of odd Fellows will
attend divine service In All Saint's
church, on Sunday, 2 8th inst. Special
choral services have been arranged.
Bev.  C. C.  Iloyle will preach.
Jack Johnson's many friends are
pleased to see him out and about
again. He must have lost 21 pounds
during his short illness, but he is still
as jovial anil optimistic as ever.
Local Business Men
Are realizing more every day
the value of the concise,
memory tickling Classified
Want Ads. Make your story
short and pithy and our Want
Ad. Column* will repay you
a hundred fold for the small
P. 0. Drawer S. Phone z
Delta Hotel
 .1. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER,   -   ���   B.C.
All Modern Conveniencies, Newly Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample  Room
American and  European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Reason able
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Lump  Coal  for  Sale
Per Sale. For Ex< h&nge, Wanted I
Purchase, To Let, Lost. Pound, Work
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent per
word, minimum charge a.-, cents. Three
insertions at the price of two. All Want
Ads.  must be In by 2 p.m. on Thursday.
!"|>I: KAI.I-*���Fresh young cow, aged
3 years; calved 4 week". Price $75.
Apply \V. Mason, Box 7, Ladner,
B.C. 3t
TO RENT- -Bedroom; no board.    Reply   to   D.   A.   Ladner,   Post   Office.
Via Steveston and
The Woodwards run is not proving
ns popular as anticipated, and the
number Of passengers on te Sonoma
have not exceeded the Board ot Trade
regulations. Still Captain Brewster,
with characteristic perseverance, ls
determined to give lt a fair trial.
There was a most successful dance
at Point Roberts last Saturday night.
The Ladner contingent Included
Messrs. Chas. Gifford, Frank Smith,
R. Wilson, R. Robb and W. Maxwell.
II. H. Stewart, of Bristol, Quebec,
is a visitor at the Ladner Hotel. Mr.
Stewart is on the lookout tor a suitable  farm  and   provided  he  can   find
something l" hi slik'n'-' h(" 'vll! locate
in the district. Surely some of you
real estate men can fix him up.
CITY 1��I1EAI>���We are now handling bread from the "Shelly Bros."
Bakery, of Vancouver, arriving fresh
daily. Full weight 20 oz. loaves selling at 4 loaves for 25c. Try a loaf
next time���"You will like it." Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
Colonel John Adair, of Astoria, Oregon, who visited the town during the
past   week,   is   a   very   old   friend   of |
Mr.   T.   E.   Ladner.    It   is   26   years(
since   the   colonel   visited   the   Delta
before,  and   he   expressed  himself  as]
thunderstruck at the Improvement ar.d
development that had taken place.
The wed 'ing of a popular Ladner
mnn is pxpected to take place next
week. 'The bride-elect, who otol? recently arrived from England, was unfortunately laid up on reaching B.C.,
but is now convalescent.
PLANTS���We now have in stock To-
ni"t,, Plants. Cabbage Plants. Celery
Plant.--. Cauliflower Plants, Pansles and
other flowers; orders taken for any
kind of plants. Lanning, Fawcett &
Wilson,  Ltd. **
Rev. C.C Hoyle went to Vaneouver by the afternoon boat on Thursday to attend a meeting in connection with the Provincial Theological
College, which it is proposed to f 'und
at Point Grey affiliated to the Provincial University.
A meeting of the members ot the
Lower Mainland Milk & 'Team Shippers Association will he held in the
Board of Trade rooms. Ladner, on
Tuesday, April 30th, 1912, at 7:30
p.m. All members are requested to
be present. The secretary will address the  meeting.
FOR SALE���Galvanized Iron water
tank; nearly new. Holds 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
Dally���In Effect October 1.
Leave Steveston���9.30 a.m.; 4 30 p.m.
Leave   Ladner���e.30   a.m.:   3.30   p.m
FOR SALE���Pony, harness and buggy
Apply Delta Times  Office.
Incorporated 1910,
We are prepared to Install single
tine or party line phones at short notice. Long distanoe in connection with
our service.   Apply to
A.  DeR.  TAYLOR.  See
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fails. These
pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating the
generative p irtion ol the female system. Refuse
nil cheap imitations. Dr. de Tan's are snld at
���5 a box. or three lor 110. Mailed to any address.
The Scobell Drnsr ""-J.. St. Catharine.. Ou
Re   the  North   IB   Chains  of  the   North-
Basf   *i   of  Section  t.  Township  J,   in
the District of New Westminster,
A   Certificate   of   Indefeasible   Title   to
the   above   property   will   be   Issued    to
Dominic Burns on  the 30th day of May,
1C12,  unless in  the  meantime a valid objection  be  made   to  me  in  writing  by  a
person  or persons elaiming an estate or
interest  therein,  or  in  any  part  thereof.
C.  S.  KEITH,
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., April 19th, 1912.
The person  or persons having In  their
custody   rn-     possession     the     following
Title Deeds relating to the safil property
are requested to deliver thc- same to the
Grant  from the Crown to William McKee   of   the   North-Bast   'j   of   Section   4,
Township 4. in the District of New Westminster, dated 24th September, 1S88.
PI'GH. Solicitors for the Applicant.
Vancouver, B.C.
Wm.   Rickard,  the Ladner Athletic
Club Instructor, has been matched to,
light  Tommy   Burns,   former   world's 1
heavyweight champion.    It Is expect-.
ed   that  the  match   will  be   pulled   off
ir,  Calgary.     There  10  a   $5,000   side
bet  on the result and tho. cluh offering the best purse will get the tight.
Poor old "Ted," Neil McDiarmid's
dog. made a trip to Steveston on Wednesday morning, with his master, and
returned alone. "Ted" Is a dog of
moods and Eelects his friends according t0 his own in clinations. Most
people he regards with a calm tolerance,  but some he cannot stand.
A popular parson performed an act
of    charity    on    Wednedsay    morning,
when he saw an elderly drummer who
had got considerably elevated an board
the  "New  Delta."    The celebrant  was
so    charmed    with    his   .surroundings j
that he did not desire to depart.    The j
clerical good samaritnn. however, had |
different Views, and despite the amuse-
ment of the crowd saw the delinquent
safely on board.    The latter evidently I
imagined   he   was   boarding   the   Car-
parthla, for he chanted "Le.a,i  Kindly j
Light."   as  he   was   led   up   the   gang- |
���way. *j i!TH]
AT THE BIG STORE���'New shipment
of Children's Wash Dresses, Ladies'
BI lUSaS, Neckwear and Belts. We are
still selling our guaranteed English
Prints at 10c a yard. SPECIAL���we
also carry a complete stock ot sheet
music, comprising all the popular hits.
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.    ���*
Carriages,   Wagons and   Farm   Implements of all
classes and descriptions.
Horseshoeing and General Blacksmith Work.
Repairs of all descriptions on Automobiles, Carriages
and General Machinery.
Ladner Carriage and Automobile Works
G. T. BAKER, Proprietor
The National Biscuit Company, of
Vancouver, hesides "delivering the
goods," are carrying on a most Interesting contest. The coupon enclosed
in each box of crackers has infinite
possibilities. You simply HU it ir.
and await results. You may draw a
valuable prize. At the last competition. Mrs. J. A. Cunningham, a New
Westminster lady, won a Singer's sewing machine.
Manufacturers anil Dealers in all kiiuls of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors Turnings and House Finishings
I'hone R 14 Eburne Prompt Delivery by Kail or Scow
Minister to Confer With  Miiiik-ipiiii-;
tics in Connection with Van-Over's i\v Westminster Bond.
VlCTuBlA, April 2'.���lion. Thorn-1
as Taylor, upon bis return from thd
Mainland on Friday, received a communication from the Municlpal'lly of
Burroil-y, suggesting the daite .of the
24th Instant for the promised conference between the government, the
munMipaliitls of South Vanrfouver and
X5urnai-(y, and the mo'tor clubs ot Vancouver and New W'es'tminis'ter, as to
"the proposed paving of tbe intercity
highway be-ween Vancouver and the
Royal City. A-s the minister will be
absent from thc city dairirrg the greater part of the week, this Jrtte is found
vinsultable, and Mr. Taylor will pro'b-
ftbUy 00-lfer witih the Interested municipalities during his stay on tbe
Mainland, to which he goes on of.fi-
iila.1 business attain Monday. The
intercity paving scheme as tt has been
recently tloveloiped, would seem to be
a more ainvbltJimis undertaking than
can at the present juncture he endorsed by government no less than
thirty miles of paving and boulevard
construction be-img coivtennpla'ted at
an ag-grosaite of aomcthing like $2.-
600,444. The government is in thorough sympathy with the ideax generally, but of the opinion that for the
present it should be more modest and
ecomlcally  developed.
Shilohs Gun
With the death of Geo. W. Hume,,
who passed away at his home In Oakland or. February -H. the salmon can-!
n.ng industry loses not only the- last
of the old school of salmon canner.s
but the pioneer of the industry. Mr.
Hume was over se\etity-llve years of
age at the time Of his death, which
came a_ th,, result of hear trouble.
A careful canvass of the canned salmon situation for the year of 1912
would Indicate that there art a considerable number of new canner.es
projected for Alaska, more paiticular-
|y in the southeastern district, but as
fa as known at the present time, as
we see it, states the Pacillc Fisherman,
not more than half at most of the
projected Plans will become a real.y.
' As a result of the exceedingly high
prices which the people "f Bellingham are forced to pay tor fish caught
n gnat Quantities right .n Bellingham
Bay, the local fishermen's union has
decided to cstahlish a union market
at which the members will be enabled
to dispose of their catch, according
to recent dispatches. Salmon, which
the people of Bellingham have beer,
accustomed to buy at 10 to 2* cents a
fish, weighing from six to fifteen
pounds each, are now selling in local
markets at 18 cents per pound.
Preparations are now being made
for the 1H12 salmon canning season
on an unusual scale and It is worthy
ot note that many of the salmon
canners. not otherwise expanding are
Inisily engaged ir. replacing their us
ual equipment wth a niorei permanent and substantial outfit.
Best Soda Biscuit Made in Canada
Made in Vancouver and sold by nil high-class stores. Coupon In
every box which entitles you to participate in monthly drawings.
Sewing Machines. Dinner Sets. Tea Sets. Gold Watches, Silverware,
etc.    See the coupon for full instructions. You may be lucky.
National .Biscuit and Confection Co, Limited
Makers el Ilaida Conifections  and  National  Him int.   Vancouver, B.C.
We have just received a large shipment of House Furnishings comprising Rugs. Linoleums, Printed Oil Cloths,
Lace Curtains, Curtain Muslins, Scrims, cream, white and
colored Madras Muslins in all the new spring shades.
Something Beautiful to Cheer the Home.
But the most interesting feature after this beauty is the
Low Prices we quote them at.
Don't fail to see' our lines before buying elsewhere.
Successor to H. J. Hutcherson
Phone 39 Ladner, B. C.
Goods Delivered to all parts of the town.
Joe Tamboline's
Two Stallions
Will again travel the Delta
District this season, comm.n-
cing Monday, 22d April.
$5 on service, and an additional $15 on the 1st of March
for mares proving in foal.
Westham Island, P. O.
Pony Cart and Harness, Mowing
Machine, Hay Bake, Incubator and
BTOodtr, Root Cutter, Wheel Barrow,
Set of Single Harness, 13 dozen Chickens, 1 Pig, quantity of F.rewood,
Churn, Washing Machine, Home Cim-
fort Range, 'Heater, IChairs, Dining
Table, Couch, Writing Desk, Curtain
Poles, Wardrobe, 3 Iron Bedsteads, 2
Bedroom Suites, Crockery, Tools,
Fence Posts, Pickets, Lumber, etc.,
which MR. H. N. RICH has received
instructions from Mr. Sam Morrow to
gell by Auction at his residence, 1 Vi
miles south of Ladner, on
Wednesday, May  1st
at 2:30 o'clock.
Also at the same time, the property
of Mr. W. J. Fredericks, 2 yearling
Clyde Colts, one two-year-old Colt,
and one three-year-old colt.
And the proeprty of Mr. Chas. Arthur,   1   Fresh Cow.
Grass seeds
Timothy, Alsyke
Red Clover, Rye
Grass, Etc.,  Etc*
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
H. N. RICH, Agent
LADNER,     -     -     -   B.C.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Vancouver City Market
The Market is operated by the City  a-  a   in. ans of bringing the
Producer and Consumer together.
You Are Invited to Send Your Produce
We  handle  everything   from  the  Farm   (except  milk).
By consigning your Produce to the Vancouver City Market you
will get beat prices, sharp retun.s and prompt settlements.
JOHN McMILLAN,   Manager
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a lortion of
the Province of British Colu.nbia, may
bt leased for a term of ts/enty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 nn
acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application foi a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
fn surveyed territory the land mu=t
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsur-
veytd territory the tract applied for
shall he staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five  cents  per ton.
Thc person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tht full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not bfing operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will incli.de the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to pure lase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
For full Information application
should be made to the Stcretnry of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
$17n,0<lr>  for  Richmond This Yean*���
$70,-00 Granted by Government
���Acquire Telephone  System.
OA.MB1E, Richmond. April 22���Cooperating with tho council in tihe
gretiit development scheme ili-ctdetl
upon "Tor Richmond this yi-.r, Mr.
Ernest McBride, provincial road su-
'PerinHendcnt, who has been touTting
the municipality, accompanied by-
Reeve Bridge, baa picked out thcesi
roads' best suited for the grant -t��T
$70,000, which the Provincial 6_T��rn-
ment lvas made for roads in Richmond. Certain roads in each ward
were cr>h_vn and the decision mta.hr
'by Messrs. McBride aad Bridge will
came up betfore Che council at Its next
meeting for  conflrma-km.
The donation received from the
provincial government! brings the total amount to be spent on roads tlite
year to $170,003, $100,000 having
been voted by the people in March.
Putty thousand dollars will be spent
to proviiic additional waiter services*
to all parts of the municipality.
Telephone  System.
Little dmiM Is expressed t~Q Reeve
Brldige as to the llk-l-h >od "f tho
Hum ripiiity's taking ower the tcle-
pbone system. Thi comipamj had offered the ptant at coet, aeklng only
$2'00 for equipment, goodwill and
everything. The WUniO-1 would, ho
bc'ioved, ma��p ftrrarngemenftB forthwith for the extension of the system
so th-ii a cheap service could be offered residents of the municlpattty.
Bontte, he said, wouW be Floated to
secure means tor expansion, and tho
headt-.ua.rte.rs of the system would
prnt-ably be moved to Eburne, or at
lea^t a more central place Uhlan Ktves*-
ton. Long distance rules could thus
be arranged w-ith the British Columbia  Telephone  Company
TORONTO, April 25���The - itecntlvs
committee of the board oi managers
of lhe Methodist Women's Missionary
Society yesterday assigned Miss Isabel
Chapman to Oriental work ln Vancouver.
The Delta Times Is published Wfmrm
Saturday from the Times Bulldiriir.
Ladner. B.C. J. D. Taylor, jnan-
SMIoh'8 Gum
STOPS COUGHS S_;--.r��"c--tS
SAT-TU-AY, APRIL 27, 1912.
The Ladner Investment and
Trust Corporation, Ltd.
Authorized Capital, $250,000.00
Real Estate
)   Insurance
Money  to  Loan  on  First  Mortgages
List Your Property With Us
The Ladner Investment and
Trust Corporation, Ltd.
Delta Times Bldg.
Ladner, B. C.


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