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The Delta Times Jun 26, 1909

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Vol. 6
��s^    LADNER, B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE 28,1909.
No. 43
%. C. Electric Will
Btrild to Late
Prominent   Official of   Hallway Com-
puiiy Gives Assurance That Lino
Will be HuUt.
farmers Welcome
Plenteous Rain
Showers of tlic Week t'auso Agriculturists to Smile Willi Dream* of
A Bounteous Ilurvcst,
Construction Will Not Commence I'll.
til   (ho Present Contracts  Are
The much looked for car line,
*o;;ee day to traverse the fertile
plains of the Delta from east, to west,
(palling Its lull development possible.
Is longer to bje) a myth.. The assurance has been given that U3. soon as
too B. G. Electric railway company
have their hands dear of the construction ot the ChiUiwack cur tine,
they will turn their attention to the
brunch to run through Delia. ��v&-
uceting directly Ladner with New
Westminster by way of the big bridge
across the Eraser, at the lntter city.
The assurance was given by a prominent official ejf the railway company In toucli with all Us workings
ami plans. It Is deduced that It will
be two years yet before the Une will
be in operation. In the meantime
many Ladner people have expressed
the thought that the railway eo**-
pany, it' it so desired, might assist
the residents of Delta by running a
through car at rcgutur times from
Steveston to New -West minster over
the new Kbunte branch when K goes.
��n(o. pjpera.tl.pn, coiaiecting- with Lad-
ner by means of a ferry across the
rrver. So far as passenger service is
concerned, Ladner Is at present.badly
handicapped, although tor M^-- cen-
voyawe of freight it is weft Seirved by
the Great Norlhern and the many
frolght steamers, that malt* It a port
*$ call.
For weeks farmers have awaited
for Just such a rain as has fallen this
week, and now they are wearing that
cheerful smile that makes the stranger feel that here is the homo of happiness, the smilo that conns from
pleasant dreams of prosperity. Of
course Delta farmers always wear 41
pleasant smile, for the rich alluviul
soil of this favored district does not
permit of a crop failure or anything
evenly remotely approaching such a
catastrophe,, but there havo been periods when a delay In the arrival of
the ''gentle dew from Heaven" has
made> them tjnxlnus and feHiv-ful at a
iate harvest and slim yield. The
rati> this week dispelled all such
doubts. It caught the oat crop just
at the right time and the green
blades are springing lifco magic from
the black soli, giving promise of nh
unequalled crop. Wheat Is neit so far
advanced, missing the moisture more
than the onts. but still the growth has
not been retarded and the refreshing
S-eveston   Sw?.rns   With   Ptople   Preparing   To  Catch  the
Sockeyc���Orientals Displace White Men in the
Canneries ��� Scarcity   of   Labor
STEVESTON, June 22.���Once each
four years, on the point of Lulu Is-
lund that project.-- into the Gulf of
Georgia, there springs Into being a
city, Its Inflated population flooding its
streets and Its thousands of boats
transforming waters at the Fraser
from a quiet stream Into a scene of
greut activity. For this transformation, surprising even to the resident of
the coast, the much prized "sockeye,"
smallest of the salmon of the Pacific,
Is responsible. For three years In
each quartette Steveston is content
to slumber, while Its residents make
a comfortable living by Ashing for
the various klinls of salmon. Four
or live uf the Jong row of canneries
are then operated, nnd only a sufficient number of people remain In the
town to keep tlie-so running. But with
the fourth year, when the sockeyes
rain will send the groin forward uh��| come Into the river in their millions,
tit it will be almost possible to see it)there oomes 11 change. Preparations
grow. Hay this year from all appear-' are ntndo for 11 year before, nnd as the
anew, win not be a record yield owing: season  of the  expected   bl? run    np-
VICTORIA, June 2i.���When the
Quadra leffVes again for the island
coast she will take workmen- to ro-
anmo work on lhe> west coast trait,
iin't autumn work was abandoned
When t'.-io workmen were called home
fhrtho election, and lr was expected
thai will' the coming of spring work
woul.i be rrsnnieel. As the months
Went by, though, nothing transpired'.
Wbl'd has now been received from'
0ltttw.a, though, authorizing the continuance of the work, and H will be
resumed at once, parties being isent
to Fnnliohl when the Quadra sails
again. A notable ornithological discovery has been maile on Triangle
Inland, where Wnrburtnn Pike ami
W. F. Hurton of Victoria, were camp-
eel, according to advices received by
the Quadra. They have found some
rare birds, including the little auk,
and have an egg of that rare bird.
to the late cold spring and tho tuck
of rain since. Many of the farmer*
have cut and stookcel tho first crop
and expect to take off a heavy crop
at the second cutting. Potatoes have
been sown more largely than ever
this season and there will, Judging
from present Indications, be a largo
yield. The plants are looking welt
anil with the aid of the rain, a most
valuable asset at thts time, will
well up to th�� average of other
Labor Hearer.
The big year has never failed and
none of the cannery men anticipate
any trouble in lining all their cans.
The one great problem this season iu
that of labor. The white man has
practically vacated the field in favor
of the Asiatic, who will work for
lower wages and elo the work nearly
ai well. Hut now even the Asiatic Is
becoming scarce and the dinners ure
forced to employ Indluns and Asiatic
women. Hindus, too, ure appearing In
the: cannery work in greater numbers
thun hitherto uml ure proving capable workmen in this line. It is expected here that providing tho run
is up to the standard of other years,
upwards of l.uiio.vuu cases will bo
pueked on the Fruser this season. A
dyke has been thrown up along the
waterfront recently leaving a 20-fe.ot
ditch between the houses of the flsh-
11 men uml tho wharves. This is be-
rapidly covered     with    miniature
Abundant Supply
of Purest Water
Ensured for Itesidi-nts of Ladner and
tlic J A) t\ In nils by Next
Horsemen Throng
to Delta Races
Annual   Celebration   Attracts  Crowds
From Near and Fur to Luduer
A supply of pure spring water is
practically nssureel the people of Delta, its accomplishment being a matter of time only. Certain formalities
have to bt compiled with before the
contract for the work can be let, and
these will occupy about three' months,
then the- const ruction will be rushed
with all available speed. Reeve H.
J Hutcherson, who is also chairman
of the water committee, stales that
he believes that by April eif next year
there will be an abundance of the
llnest of water.
The water will b.i brought from
springs in the hills at Bast Delta
about nine miles from town, and tho
plan before the council is to convey
the wuter in a twelve inch main, supplying Ladner and the farms on the
low land, the higher lands being al- j
ready abundantly supplied. The
springs which have hi en selected
were examined by Colonel Tracy, D.
L. S��� last August at the driest season
of the year, and he found 2 1-3 cubic
feet per second registered flow, or
sufficient tu meet all demands for
seune  time  to come.  A     by-law     has
OTTAWA, dune 23���Frank Pedtey.
superintendent-general ef InJiun affairs, says that the department has
no oiTlcial advices to confirm the report from Priitco Rupert that the
Kisilox Indians are on the warpath.
The departiaaent Is aware- that the Indians of Northern     British Columbia
prcmehea, canneries, bouts and nets
are overhauled, ami from at! parts
of the coast men forsuko their ordinary work, go down tbe river to
take   the   tasty  sockeyes.
Year of Big Run.
Thfs Is tho year of the big run, and
Sleveston, the eiulet, has quickened Into life,  to become  in  11 short  month
. from   now  a  booming  industrial een-
I tre.    Already  tbe van  of    the    great
I fish army    has    been     reported���the
first sockeyes have been caught In the
traps out In the Gulf of Georgia, and ;
the  spring  sa-lmou  nets   have  snared i
a few of the larger fish.-   Thetr arrfv- j
! nl has acted    llko   a    stimulant    on
I Sleveston, and within tho  past  week j
even   the   spring   salmon     has    been :
i neglected In the haste to prepare for j
! tho   sookeyo   cutib.     Today   not   half,
a dozen  boats may be been upon the '
water  where In a    few    weeks" time
their   while   sails
bridges or footpaths,, one    of    which! been prepared providing for the rais-1
will shortly connect every house with- ing of $125,000 by fifty year    deben- I
tures.     The   by-law   will   be  given   its I
first   reading at   the   council   meeting
the top of the dyke. The Immediate
necessity of these has caused u rush
and converted the waterfront Into un
exceptionally busy scene. Largo
quantities of eordwooil for domestic
use ut the homes of the -fishermen are
also being cut, iu order that when
fishing commences, the men may pursue that profitable Industry without
i in marked contrast to the Asiatic
' rush, bustlo and chatter In Ihe town
; Is the quiet of the surrounding country. Level as a table, the plains of
Lulu Island stretch green far to the
north and east, dotteel with preigres-
sive, prosperous looking residences,
whose neatness proclaims tbe litre of
the thrifty housewife. The crops, under tbe Influence of the warm sun.
are growing apace and look to be In
a most      healthy       condtion,     from
...   twelve to  eighteen  Inches In    height,
end   gaily   painted   t,^ awt ^^ pf fc    ���   |g        ^ ^^
today and will be advanced as rapidly
us possible. The money will be raised
on the local improvement system, and
therefore, will not go to a referendum of the ratepayers.
Agriculture in
British Columbia
Interesting  Comments on    Its    I*ro-
grvss i��y the Globe���Tolal Area
of Farm I/iud  Large.
In a recent Issue the Toronto Clleiho
In  part says:
The great extent of liritlsh Colum-
blu's timber and mineral wealth and
the growth of the farming area in
tne   prairie   country   have   tended   to
are anxious to have their hind, claims! v,ttf's m"'" l)B numbered In thousands.   am,   roady  for  stacl;ing.     Roots  are I obscure the agricultural development
settled and It has already taken steps . The present Is the harvest time of the ��� wt.���  a(lvancu(,        ,  th       fttrmer8    of' '
-   -- ��� .......    ....    maker.
Kn tries Arc Many and Horses Fast-
Truck   in    tioial Shape    and
Hotels Ready.
This is the day of the Ladner races
a.nd people from the country around,
lyith crowds from Vancouver, New
Westminster, Steveston and JDburne
will arrive by rig and bout this morning to take the popular annual cole-
oration of the Kings Birthday. Many
have already arrived nnd preparations are all completed for the races
and there Is every reason to belleva
that they will bo better than ever before. The secretary has received ad
many entries a�� last year, including
some of the fastest horses on tho
coast. The track has been put In llrst
class condition, and the best Judge ou
the coast, J. A, Fullerton, who handled the bell last year, will again ofti-
The Transfer will make a special
trip from New Westminster to bring
down 1 lie crowd from that city and
will arrive about noun, leaving tl-a
City ut 11 o'clock. The Sonoma will
leave Steveston at 8:30 ns usual and
tvill make a special trip at 11:30 to
catch Ihe Ijitei arrivals from tho
north side of Ihe river. The Shirley
and Delta Hotels have made arrangements to provide the- necessary meals
for tin' hungry visitors, and there will
be no lack of accommodation lu this
respect The boats will leave again
Shortly after the close- of the r.tces.
The gong for Ihe llrst race will
sound at 1 o'clock sharp aud no delay will be tolerated by the Judges.
The races will be as follows:
Five for all, trot or pace, half-mile
heats;  best S in 5���Purse $150.
Three-minute class, trot or pace,
half-mile heats; best 3 in 5���Purso
Three-year old, trot or pace, hnlf-
iillle  beats;   beet  3  In 3���Purse  1150.
Pony race, half-mile, beat 2 In 3;
for ponies 14 1-2 hands and under;
catch weights���Purse,  $75.
to that end. buit whether the reported ��� noBt buftder      nnd the    net    maker.   R|chmon(J  faoc the pletts.int Iiroepect
trouble. Iff trouble there    bo.   which > Without    exaggeration    hundreds    of ��� of a r,ch harve���_
jrONTItKAL. June 2M.���The Canadian Pacific has fofloweel the grade
reduction through the construction of
three tunnels between Hector and
Field In the Rockies, with an experiment m the construction of engines of
larger type than any hitherto intr*-
duced In the service. It IS intended
by the increase in power to dlspenso
with the aid ofthe pusher engine and
to reduce fho time schedule in the
mountains. The new type���the rnrgest
ever built In Canada���.Is being constructed at the Angus shops from ,]e-
slgns prepared' by MY. H. If. Vaughan
assistant to the vice-president. The
style of construction Is known ns the
. articulated���practically consisting of
two complete engines tinder onft
big holler. Tbe locomotive without
rbo tender will weigh 123 tons nnd
with the tender loaded- nearly 2iMr
tons, or 38';,000 pounds; The holler-
wilt possess rho equivalent of 4,000
fjiet of heating surface, which Witt
emahte the engine to develop approximately 2.200 horse power, and to
pull a 000 ton train up a 2 2-16 per
pent, griide. Tho approximate oost of
the new engine !�� JSB.000���about
$7,000 more than the present standard type of locomotive.
OTTAWA, June 2*.���The department of public works has let the contract for the experimental station to
test the value of peat as a producer
or gas.   The station wilt cost $13,000;
In view ofthe great deposits of peati
which exist in Ontarle�� and Quebec, it
Is expected that the experiments wtlr
be followed by important results.
the department doubts, has any rsla
Hon to tho land disputes ,1s unknown
to tin department. Ctentalnly h��
says, no report of serious trouble has
reached the department from any
boats    hnve  beem    either    completed
within the past few weeks or -are un- |
der construction.      Stout    of    build,
broad of beam, and  usually from  22 .
to 30 feet In length, they are capable :
of withstanding even    the    at    times!
Urs. Eimira Smith, one of the old-
, est residents of Delta, passed uway
chappy seas of the SaiidheaelK. Lately 1 yesterday at the advance,! age uf S4
the gasoline engine has gained In favor anet thts season there will lie a
great Increase In the number of power- craft engaged on tbe river, for tho
boats    are    cither
OTTAWA,  -June   2S.���A     ctralleng*
shield will be given by the gewernor.; majority  of new
general  to, that town or    city,    with 1 cqufpiied with power, or so CQWtruct-
oOUO Inhabitants oc over, or that re-: ed as to be capable of easy couver-
cognfeedl coonty  in  any  ��ne  of    thelsion Into launches.    Along the shores
provinces,     not     having     wtthin    Its of the river strings of boats tied end 1 are" r'ejjj'ent m t^,,!,,,.,.,    Mrs
boundartos. a town   of  500ft inhabit-1 to  end,  may be seen at thts season, i vrrs(  Toomtre ami Mrs. t
years at the re'.sidenco of C. It. Beadle
ston. The lui'e Mrs. Smith was an
American, a native of St. Lawrence
county. New York. She came to the
const *-ome 27 yeiws ago, residing on
Lulu Island until three years ago
wben she camd to live- with her son-
in-law,   In   Ladner.  Three   daughters
B, Beadle-
ants,    wWeh etan    show    the greatest j each group painted alike, designating j sl0���     A Bun   Fr���nk   ls living ut Lake
proportion  of cadets to Its municipal   the particular cannery to which it is j (jenevai   Wisconsin.;' another son   has
attached.      Inside   the   canneries,   on | m)t bee'n n)>ar(] ^.om for Jg     aM am,
or county population, on the !fRh erf
May. 1*20, the terra; "cadets" to bo
defined by the militia council, afee*
the methods Joe ascertaining the pop-
tho bench and on the streets of Steves-
ton  Itself,   bonis  are  being   built"    or I iayves
painted.    Net frames with llieir busy
has been given up for elead by his re-
ulatlon. Tho shield will be held by workers forming the ttteshea meet (he
that tmdet corps- of the etty, town or-; ,.y�� at every tu.-n. Elsewhere sink-
county, which, niipon Inspection by the! ��rs are- being east on ropea or oakum
elistrlct  offjeer   commanding  or other. |s being rolled. A few weeks from now
selected nj-tlitary ofTle?����-. shows the
greatest proficiency in military drill
and utile shouting;
all thcf*o scenes will disappear, and
the bright lined fleet will spend day
and night almost upon tho waters
landing the finny treasure.
Asiatics Predominant.
Perhaps the most amazing feature
of this city of wonders to the stranger wtthin its gat*s Is tho smalt percentage of while people. In a moment the visitor liuels himself amid
Asiatic surroundings. Nino out of1
every ton persons ho meets nr,�� Jnp-
iiiinlitH or    Indians,
No funeral arrangeme-nts
havo yet been made paneling the arrival of Mr. Kldd. The remains will
be tulien to New Westminster for interment by the side of tho husband of
the deceased.
LONDON, June 22>-At tho resumed meeting of tho Imperial Press
conference on Friday, tho question
of cable rates nnd press Intercommunication wilt be- again taken up.
The delegates yesterday- visited Glas-
QUEBEC, June M.--The steamer
Campana, which grounded near St.
Valler last week, hus been abandoned
by her owners and given into the
h��.nds of the underwriters..
MONTREAL, June 82.���At a conference at the government altteeB yesterday afternoon, Hon. Mr. Brodcur.
minister of marine, mot a deputation
from the Montreal Chamber of Commerce and made two Important pro-
nouneeaionts���First, on the Canndla" \ uneao, Chinese
navy and tho poller ot tbe govern- Tho Jupitneso appear almost to con-
ment In regard to Imperial defenco; I trol the IVheries of the town. The
second, if only one dry dock hi to, b*! aw* who make the cuns in the can-
built the city of Quebec 1* th* a��oet 1 nerte�� are mainly Chinese, the boats
advantageous location. that cr��wtt the streets are owned ami
The BjJnfeitor reviewed three prwpo- I manned by Japanese, the stores are
sals regarding a. navy: First, whether; Jupaneee, tho property In the limits
to offer (Irent Britain one or two] of Sleveston Is tersely owned by the
Dread noughts-;: second, an annual j shrewd brown man, and he may be
oontrlbullon in a round sum; and j found engaging tn every line of busf-
thlrd���which hi favored by the gwr-1 ness.
ernmem nnd'supported by the oppo-
sltioin ��� the construction ot a Can-'
Julian m��vy-.
This is the first authoritative pro- ;
nowjjec^aent    ��f    'hie    government's
LONDON. June 23.���Mr. F. W.
Morse, former vice-president nnd general manager of the O. T. P. railway,
before sailing for New York, said
that the parts of the O. T. P. now tn
operation weire securing tralTte fsr In
excess of all expectations. The G. T.
P. securities, he said, would enhance
In value and be equal to those of established  transcontinental  roads.
policy in relation to Imeprfal defence.
OTTAWA, Junt 2J.���Hon. Mr. Bro-
deu��,, lpstervfcwed up*" M* return
from Montreal respecting his address
to the Chamber of ConMrnerc* oa Imperial naval defence, said that It
would be more accurate to quote him
a* saying that Canada's policy was
to "establish a naval mtfltSa" rather
than ''construct a Cunadtn navy,"* as
reported In Montreal.
ST THOMAS, Ont.. June 24.--Onpt.
John Ellison, Fenian raid veteran,
died suddenly of paralysis this morning, aged 6R years.
Fifteen Cunacrfcs.
Fifteen canneries will be tn operation at Stwvetton this season with the
arrival of the big run, nnd not less
than 4000 boats wfll make the port
���lnNir headquarters. The fifteen canneries nre preparing to pack half n
million cases thfs Reason, each case
containing tt cans. Th* work or
making the cans has been rushpd
forward ami n few elays will find
them all Completed ready for the
packing. The largest of the canneries, the Imperial, owned by the
B, C*. Packers' Co., will have 35.000
cases In readiness; the Phoenix, of
the Bell Irving Co., .12,000; the' Slnr
will prepare 24.000 and expects to
havo eighty boats at work, and 300
men. The Lighthouse leased by Daw
���"on and German will have 22,000
I" the Pacific province. Tho clearing
of the land as in Ontario or the mere
breaking of the sod ns in the middle
\iesi is an experience that could not
be r- rented In British Columbia, The
f.snt timber on the coast and along
th/' inland waterways represents so
niilth value that In the best areas
ngr'i-i Iture must wait on its removal.
To clear the laud in advance, of tho
profitable handling of the timber
tumid be a sacrifice of wealth that
would be unpardonable. The agricultural development of recent years
has been exceptionally rapid, und
pronilsa8 still more Important results
In tho near future, The province is
so vast that in spite of its many
mountain ranges and the large areus
that must remain for years under
timber there Is In the aggregate an
areu of farm land capable of making
a material contribution to the food
Supply of the empire. The provincial
government, naturally absorbed In
the past in promoting mineral development Mini looking after the
wealth In the fuivsts and flsjierles, is
now devoting more attention to agriculture. There are this year 21 surveying parties in Ihe llehi locating ng-
rlculturul land and making it available for settlement. The regions
which hnve not attracted mining
prospectors have heretofore remaln-
i.l practically unknown, but by the
activity of the government their agricultural possibilities hnve been ells-
closed. The department of agriculture Is also active along the lines
more familiar In Ihe eastern provinces, nnd agricultural societies,
farmers' institutes, and similar or-
gai.lsatlons are being liberally tilde-d.
Accorellng to statistics there were
twelve creameries in ihe province In
1S01 producing 74,873 pounds of
butter of the value of    110,841.      In
HAt'KENSACK. N.J.. June 23.���
Jokn li], Knapp, of East Orange, N/J.,
president of the Maryland Coul company, was so seriously injured in a
collision between an Erie Railroad
train and his auto, near 43prlngville,
N.J., yesterday afternoon, that he is
not expected to recover. Both (Mr.
Knapp and his wife und the chauffeur were badly bruised.
TERRE HAUTE, Ind��� June 24.-
The cage In the Klondyke mine No. 4.,
at Clinton, dropped 811 feet this morning while taking 12 men down to
work. One man's back was broken,
flvo men's legs were fractured and all
the other men are seriously Injured.
It is expected that several will die.
ALBANY. N. Y., June J4.-Word
was received here today tha,' ihe
Fort William hotel, owned by the
Di'laware & Hudson Bay company at
Lake George, was de-stroyrd by fira
at an early hour. The loss is estimated at {100,000,
OTTAWA,  June   23,-The Georgian [ 1008 there were 22 creameries, wllh a
Bay Lumber company today bought   product  of  1,845,977   pounds  of but-
for 334.770 berth No. J on the Dokus
payment feir the berth wilt be funded
Indian reservaafton In the district of
Nlptsstng. The money received In
for the beneflt of the Indians on the
WASHINGTON. June 23���-The
lumber schedule will be before the
Senate when ft. meets todny. Amendments reported by the finance committee last evening wilt be discussed
and  probably will be acted upon.
ter of- the very considerable value of
*!>70,2e7. In tho fruit Industry the
development has been still more rapid. In 1B01 there were 7430 acres
uneler fruit cultivation and In 1008
the area was over too,000 acres. The
outlook for both the fruit and dairy
Industries Is good, and steady progress
Is assured. The number of pre-emptions recorded during the past year
was over one thousand, representing
more than 100,000 acres while 41,300
acres were crown-granted to settlers
who had completed their settlement
duties. In addition many thousand
ncr��s were sold and leased to actual
settlers. It Is estimated that from
1200 to 1500 families were settled
during the year on the public lands,
while  many more     purchased     lands
OTTAWA, June 31.--81r Wilfrid
Laurier has Invited the deputation,
representing the centennial world's
exhibition at Selkirk, Manitoba, to
held in 1913. to visit Ottawa again In
connection wllh the government
grant. Just before the prorogation of
parllameni u deputation waited upon
the government and asked for a grant
of 250,000 acres of land to help to
finance the exhibition, but on the advice of Western members the proposal
was rejected. Now It ls said that tha
deputation will ask for ��5,000,000,
and will argue that that sum will be
well spent on advertising the west.
NEW  YORK,   June   ��S.��Mr.   John
D.  Rockefeller,  jr.,   and   Mr.    James | from private owners.
A.   Moffett   were  elected     vlce-presl- |	
dents of the Stnnelard Oil company
today, to succeed Messrs. W. H. Til-
ford nnd H. H. Rogers. Messrs. W. O.
Tengle nnd H. M. Tilford were elected directors, ,
OTTAWA, June 21,���Hon. Mackenzie King mini tor or libor, was e'e ted
l'v ficclnmntion iu North Waterloo tn-
TORONTO, June 24.���The International Congress of Women opened
In convention at Convocation hall this
morning. The previous meetings
have been of committees. The hall
whs crowded by a multitude of ladles.
Lady Edgar, president of Ihe Canadian council, was in tho chair. Her
Excellency Lady Grey said that Canada counted It no small honor to be
able to entrriam them. It was hoped
that they would toko with them
happy remembrances of this beautiful land, and of the many friends that
they would make. Lady Aberdeen
said when at the last quinqulnlal it
was suggested that, they should hold
their next one In Canada. There were
many who were of the opinion that
on account of the great distance and
probable shortage of suitable halls, It
would bo difficult to persuade many
of the delegates to undertake the long
I I'll! i a>
���I'l-fK DEL'! A TIM:  I SA1    RDAl
Subscription,  91.00  Per Your.
e!ta Hotel
Being Refitted
Casual Advertisements,    10    cents
- line for the first insert'bn, au-,1
- - ms per line for each subsequent
Insertion. Tho number of lines reckoned by the space cccupiee'^ 12 lines
to the inch.
Rates for Commercial Advertisements can be had on application at
this office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line;
for each Insertion.
Birth, Death and Marriage notices,
Any special notice, the object of
which is to promote Ihe pecuniary
benefit of any Individual; or company,
to be considered an advertisement
; ml  charged  accordingly.
Ail advertisements charged for tin-
OJ ordered out and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters
of public interest Communications
to editor must he accompanied by
name of writer, not necessarily for
publication, but as evidence of good
faith, Correspondence must reach
this office by Thursday evening.
GEO. s- VICKERS, Manager
SATURDAY, JUNK   "l6,   1999.
It will be;. welcome information,
:iot only to thee residents of Ladner
but of Delta generally, tint the
municipal council has practically
decided to proceed with .the installation of a water supply system for
the municipality. The shortage ol
an adequate supply of good drinking water both in town.and through
the lowlands . at the municipality
where springs are non-existent, has
been keenly felt, and, in, addition
has afforded material for,the use of
tbe "knocker." Credit is due tie.
council fer trie progressive stand it
hflS taken in :his matter, and when
the bylaw authorizing the raising of
ihe necessary funds for it a.carrying
out the project comes before that
body to-day for approval, we believe that no obstacle will hi permitted to retard the hastening forward of the i reliminaries. Tbe
undertaking is a large one, but
made necessary by the conditions
which it is intended to remedy���
conditions winch. become, more
serious with the arrival cf.each succeeding diy season ; and though
expensive the expenditure is amply
justified. That an, abundant supply
of pure water can be obtained at all
is a matter for congratulation, and
the residents of Ladner may well
look forward with longing to the
day when the turning of a valve-
will send the crystal fluid flowing to
their hotrjas,
l-iiete." \c-.v Management Hostelry Be-
(onus Modern and Business
The; Delta Hotel of today is -i hostelry well worthy of the patronage, of
the visitors to Luil'iipi;. I.ust spring
it was purchased by J. Johnson, formerly manager ol* the Alexandra hotel, Vancouver, and since lie has owned the hostelry it has been renovated
ami iyJ���Uml UivougheAit. T.Ih- accommodation has been Increased by the
addition of an annex oyer 'he Mc-
Noelv store, where eight large ;u
Weill-'furnisneel rooms .'t--' locate_.
Tito rooms in tho hotel Itself are moJ
d'.-rnly furnished, ne-.-i.i and clean.
With the. annex there are now 30
rooms iu nil. Mr. Johnson Is ;,<>w
givinjj- attention to bettor tprlel arrangements; a si'pli'- tank in under
construction and a number of baths
will be installed in the building for
the use of gnosis. The plumbers
are at work nnd their work will bo
completed in about three weeks; The
dining room is run on ihe lines of.'ttp-
to-dilte city hotels, and is comfortable'
and bright In appearance. Improvements Have N .'ii OMyJa in the bar and
the general management of the hotel.
TasMm Stabks* \
�� J Lim,   I** wo. J
liM.rpor.ted IS69b*
Ml Kinds Amended to' Promptly., fCAPITAL AUTHORIZED,
All JpTids^o   Firewood Always On Hand.    IqAPITAL PAID-UP
[reserve FUND,
Delia ilolcl:
i'lias.  if..  Cauley,  Vancouver..
Cant.   Halllwell,   Mexico  City.
P.. Flanagan,  Seattle.
T. Rent,  VTictoria.
C B��� Jppes, Victoria..
('.   S.   ILi'eh.   Vancouver..
W.   Bailey, Vancouver.
L.   K.  Shilley,   Seattle.'
VV.  A.   Montgomery,   \'an.oouyei\
J. Mathew,  Seattle
U  Mardesich, Seattle,
J. Mprrjson, Enurne..
J. A. Savage, Westham Island.
Fred   Vintlrig,   Vancouver.
y. li. Martin, Vancouver,
V. Strnngman,  Vancouver,
J. D. Taylor, M. P., New  WestmJn-
:: ifm Phone 20, LADNEB, u.
I \:. ?*J$ 1 3  ,..���,������������1 ���.���I-.���.���n ������
$ 4>600,000
$ 5,300,000
Total Assets  Fifty-Three  Millions.
Accounts, of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
&.G3uc pssors;tp Latimer & Elliott),
we intent; carrying a. full stock or
Hardware, Graniteware-, Tinware
G-urne;. Stove.:; and Ranges.
Maple Leaf Paint
Gas line.'     Coal Oil
Dairy Supplies, Lead and Oils
Savings BepartmenU
j Accounts may be opened with, deposits of ONE DOLL AS?
and  Upwards.      Interest paid,, or credited,   half-
yearly on June- 30th and Decern bet'
31st each year.
J.   C.    Ilri!e"e
All'.   Turn";',
tag ? anil : Plumbing: a: Spec!
AJKiiu   i&?mW   $M��lllk&
nnd  wife, New  West-!
A.. 11. Westcott, Sleveston.
A. Rosa, Vancouver,
li. a. IVluirhead) Vancouver,
S,   .1,. Rowbottiaui,' Vancouver.
C. Ward,  Kew  Westminster,
Miss ('.  Rlaelwin,  North Vnncouver.
li.  Me' qnm ii.  Vancouver.
J., s. Young, 1 Wgary.
B. Hoopar,   1 '-inn.: Pans.
(.'inr.-. Qerman, Canoe Puss.
Ed, Lomas, Saskatoon.
rjpn.   Alderson,  Burquitlam,
(.',;  PJonj-ing,  Guelph,  Ont.
W",   Dawson, Guelph,  Ont.
Th: gentle rain on the morning]
of Wednesday was much appreciated
by the farmer9 oi the Delta. It
was hoped that a steady fall wou!d
continue for 48 hours, but hopes in
that direction were blighted. Well,
small mercies are thankfully received. (Read the preceding paragraph and hope again\
The S.S. Ophir unloaded 69 baits
of telephone wire on Thursday.
The v, :.:e v.'f.s imported from England by tbe Farmers' Telephone
Company, and is of the very best
quality. Work, will shortly be com-
ir.eiic.d on their .lines putting in the
metallic system. This is a step in j
a forward direction���and betokens
Sirirloy Hotel.
O, \\".  Fisher,   Vancouver*
Edith Blair, Steveaton-.
Helga Becker, Steveaton-,
Annie  Buchanan, Hteveston.
J. M; Buchanan, Steveaton,
J, .1.   ivt'iu,  Vancouver.
Win. Burns) Vancouver.'
SiiHie   Baxter, Steveston-.
Vera   McAij-n,  StevestciR-.,
Bdytha McMyn, 8teveston��
May Hortin, Stevaston.
W;  It. York, Steveeton;
I,. Tamtira, Sterestoni .
L.  A.  WeBcotf,  Steveston.-.
Ida   Ree3,  Steveston.
Vf.   Steves,   Steveston.
Mrs.   Steves,  Steveston.
Edith  Steves,  Steveston.
o. Alexander, Sunhury, B'. C .
L, Alexander, Sunbury, B. C.
A.  Miten, Vancouver;
Chris. Morrow, Vancouver.
It. G. Wade, New Westminster.
R. L. Davidson, Parsboro, N. S.
Ar��  P ��� pared to . . .
Furnish Ail Kinds of
Shingies,,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of  AH   Descs*iptions.
:ifefej*   Ta��2k&   Mr��
Mmiie at Tims MilL
Who appears with the Musical
Clays in the McNeely Ha.E on
Tliursday, July 8th, is quite a
musical prodigy. When only seven
years! old thi^littleielljow wasplay-
hig oirthe stage on four, different
instruments, including tbe vioiiti.
He was known ir. England as the
world's wonder. Gu this tour ! e
Will play on teu different instalments. Tne way Ire menipulates
all theseis certainly most astonishing. He alcne is worth going a
long way to hear.
English papers, just to hand, contain an account of ihe defeat of
Kerr's great rival, Reggie Walker, on
his first appearance in England, as
follows: H. E. Walker, of Durban,
���who won' the 11*0 metres race at the
Olympic games last year, and has
come over to compote in the- amateur
championships, made his llrst appearance of the season as a competitor at
Abergavenny; If'.' won his heat of
the 120 yards op' n handicap in 12 1-5
seconds, buq could only finish third in
the final to Walsh, of Dublin, and
Ci-utchley, Abergavenny, respectively.
In I no 220 yn'-ils. won hy Woodruff,
-Maclien (Mnn.) Walker slipped, and
was unplaced. The prizes in hotli
events were withheld.
He Lots 85, 86 and &j, Townsite of
Ladners, being parts of Lot 106
Group 2; also another part of said
Lot 106, New Westminster District, fl
Whereas prooi of the loss of Cer-
tificateof Title Number 903K, is tied
irvthe, name of Thomas Thirklc has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I
shall, at the expiration of one-month
from the date of tin* first publication
hereof, in a daily newspaper published in the City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said
Certificate, unless in the meantime
valid objection be made to me in
District kegif-trar of Titles
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, 13. C.
i6th June, 1909,
"Slpfi�� Sensation"
(484) (108.11)
The Imported Hackney Stallion,
will stand for the season of 1909 in
the Delta district Stands 16 hands;
colour, dark chcstnut;:nge, 3;years.
For Sale.
Lady's wheel, in good condition.
���Apply this office.
About 15,or 20 acres ot new land
ploughed, either by day work or
contract.    Apply to
Sfi'rr.T.VJIPTijx, June 21.���Tt.will
take two ur three " o-I.;-; lo .r> pajr the
lama:; ��� to the hows of the Keel Star
line steamship Zealand th.-.t was in
:ellislon fm Saturday niyiit east of
Dover wit! an. unknown vessel, Th";
Zealand was proceeding plowly
through tn dense, log when she hit the
vessel amidships. Boats were tmine-
li'iately lowered by..tho. steamer, but
no trace ol the other ship, epuld be
funnel. She sustained no damage
Jth.r.I ban In Ihfl b^ws. Ivo new.* of
The vessel with which the Zealand
apllided has. been: obtained, biit-tho
crow of .one of the boat* lowered by
the iiin - le-rla.->. tbey saw her vanishing In the fosf and it Is presumed thai
-ilie was not Imdly damaged.
MOXTRKAL, June LI.--On Che
steamer LaKe Manitoba-last night lfi
men escaped from ^v'}lat appeared
inevitable death by lni'ro cflahce. As
'they did not come for supper,'.search
was inaeiu and they, were found clustered around the air shaft nearly
suffocated', Tt appears tlie grain
poured In ani fill"d up around the
Second-hand McCormick mow;, g !
machine; price   SiS.oq.; in    good I
running e rder.���Apply W. Mas
WTN'NIPEd, .Tune 2-l.--KaU payers
are today voting'ori money by-laws
aggregatiiig $(ion,(ioo for a bridge,
pa,rk and fire halls. Till noon there
was an,average of less than five votes
per poll.
A red   heifer,  on the farm of G.
H.   Shelclralte,    Owner ..can'have
same by  proving  aud paying  expenses.
Fctr Sale cr Exchange
Teh ljts, covering two acres.
Pretty place, house, lawn, shrubs,
ioo trees (3 years), half acre strawberries, ""-lectric light, city water,
new sewerage and irrigation. Or-
namentaljrees on the side walk and
also in front ot. the house. For
particulars apply to A. G. Iippkey,
listate -Agent, Vernoti, or Albert
Munckton, Ladner, 13. C.
A, number of students from the
surrounding district, including some
14 from Steveston, spent part of the
week in Ladner, writing in the high
school entrance examinations. The
local students who wrote were:
I^stell Brewste., ' Mabel Lannitig,
Winifred Hutcherson, Alexis Davis,
Gladys Devereaux, Hazel Shirley,
of Ladner ; Miss McCltiskey, 61
Crescent Island ; and the Misses
Alexander from Sunbury.
are for sale fey all progreuive
Hardware and Sporting
Good* Merchant*
DAN BEARD'S splendid efort
will be mailod postpaid to any
applicant by J. Stevens Arms
& Toon Company, Chicopeo
Falls, Mass., upon
receipt of price.
For paper cover eeli-
tion forward 80 cen ts;
forcloth bound book
lend 80 cents.
lorand published by
P. 0. Bu MM
OUCHIM Flitl, MlM.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,   LADNER. B.  C.
Ji Johnson,. Prop..
Newly Furnished Throughout,, and
First-Class in F.very Detail.
Rates on. Application.
! lilt 1II KB !
I       ���    ' ==^
t   J. HENLEY   t
t t
*- NHW W1CSTMINSTSK,    :-;  B. C.   <��
<J�� ManufiBCturem of.all Kim's cl c*��
��������  Soda Water, Ginger ���?
Garden Tools,
Spraying Materials,
Bee Supplies.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees���
home grown, handy, tested and
proven. Our trees do not
have to be-fumigated.
> They are grown in  the only
part of the continent not infest?
ed with the San Jose scale.
157-Page. Catalogue Free
Ale and Sunjmcr
X Drinks.
A       Your patronage solicited      J.
Eltt liill (Si! Ut
(Westtniiister Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave VWastmlttslor for Vnnconyer at 5.50
and 6,50 a.m. flt*d hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for: Westminsters at yS0
am.l6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.
m.; SaturdftifSiitntl-Sundftys at 11 p..m,
' We run first-class freight- cars between- \West-
niinster and Vancouvtr and all shipments are
handled wttk the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attettfibu paid
tn fruit shipments. Out wagons meet all boats
and trains.   Kor-rates> etc. apply to
'i't^iuc Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B, C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, KUnvd Block. New WaBtmiustcr.
Commencing April ist the S.S.
Transfer will leave Brackmau-Ker
wharf every week-day afternoon,
axcept Saturday, at 3 r.m. ior Ladner, Westham Island and way poits
Saturdays at 2 p.m., returning to
New Westminster Saturdayjjeven-
Returning,, leaves Westham Island every week-day morning...ex-
j cept I''riday,.at 7 a.m., and Ladner
7:45 a.rr., Fridays leaves Vy'estham
Island 6 11.m. and Ladner at 6.45
Additional t��ip Monday morning,
leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
I    This sciiudule subject to change
] without notice.,
I-"or freight  and  passenger rates
I apply to
I Manager.
Greenhouses and S��edhouses���
3010 Wet;tioinster R'oad, Vancouver
Branch Nursery, South Vancouver
Britisb Columbia.
La(Sner-Sfevcston Ferr^F
During the Summer Months
S.S. 'Sonoma*
will leave Ladner at 8^0 a.m. and
3.30 p-.ra.
Sundays leaves, Ladnei at 8.3a
a.m. and 1.30 pirn.
Extra trip Saturday evenings,,
leaving Ladner ar 6.30 p.m.
P'ww Tuning.
Mr. W. J-, Goard tuned our
"GRAND'' Piano and regulated'
the action to my entire satisfaction,,
and I can conscientiously recommend him to anyone requiring thi*.
line ot work.���Arthur Bewell, Orri.
ganist and Choirmaster, St. An*
drews* Church, Vancouver, B.C.
will make regular trips here and
anyoneNwishing their instruments
tuned or repaired will kindly leave
their names at This Office.
FOR bale:
That choice ten acres, known; a&
the Paddon Place, Slough Road,
with g.aocq house, stabling, barn,
carriage house, buildings for 600,
hens, hot house 30 by 1.5ft., cold
frame 30ft. by 6ft., and other build-,
ings. Every corner is.cultivated at
present as follows :; a good bearing,
orchard of about 50 trees (all kinds),
about one acre of strawberries,
about six acres of potatoes, balance
in timothy aud clover, hay. There
is at present about 1,000 head ot
chickens and ducks on the place
and every needftrl piece of machinery. This is an ideal home and a
money maker. Apply for price,
etc., to
T. PINNICK, Owner.
Ladner, ]"!., C. DELTA TIMES, SATLTUDAY, JUNE 26,1909
������x^K"H<-<"K~k~x~xk~:^^^ t"X"H">H"H+<<< <M&W*WW&444+44&
Piano Recital
^ i
The whole of the Cedar Lumber
lying on the C. P. N. and C. P. R.
Wharves is for sale, either in one
lot or in quantities to suit.
prices and particulars apply to
gramme was ren-
Be   Ml   Waltz,   .Miss  Edna
Agent for
& Co., Nev
tin ins
B. C. ���!���
Say farewell to
NEW YORK, June 22.~Mrs. Thoo-
elore Roosevelt and three of the
Roosevelt c-hJlelren, Ethel, Archie anel
QuenUn, will leave New York on
Avenue! June 2(1 on hoard Ihe White Star line
; steamer Orotic, for Gibraltar and
Naples, to puss the summer on the
continent    The -Roosevelt  party will
  spend a month with Miss Carew, Mrs.
NEW WESTMINSTER, (June ��.��� Roosevelt's sister, at her villa near
trader the awelces of th* ladSea' , K'""e' afterwards aolng to Franco on
aid   of     Queen's    avenue     Methodist   t.?1?.  ��**nn��a
Chmjros.'itlun     ol-    Qaoern's
Cliiiriii SIiiiuh Appreciation, of
Itev  JBurrucknigh.
church n large gathering of members
anil friends at the congregation took
place last evening In the scholroom
of the church to old farewell to their
popular pastor Rev. Mr.. Barraciough.
Rev. Principal Sipprell ocupiod the
chair. Addresses were delivered by
Fre\-. Dr. White, D. St. Curtis, C. 0.
Major, C. J. Robson and H. M��� Mat-
sliall. Mr. ST. 0, Canlreld orr behalf
of the congregation presented Mr.
"".'irraclmigh with a purse of ��100.
Mrs. Gilley anel Mrs. C. U.. Robson, on
behalf of tire ladled' afd presented
Mrs. Barraciough with a handsome
set of slrvorwnr* and reael an address of appreciation of her good services anel help in promoting, th* wet-
fare of the various church organisations,     Mr. T. I
specially for Miss
Ethel's benefit.    Mrs.  Roosevelt    anel
I her children will- sail for America
about Nov. 1,  having abandoned tho
: previously arranged plan of remaining in Europe through next winter,
and journeying up the Nile In the
spring to meet Mr. Roosevelt.
WASHINGTON,   D.C.,     Juno     22.���|     ITHACA,     N.   Y���   June  22���Burg-
Private  despatches  received today by liars blew up the safe at the Citizens
persons financially interested In Honduras confirm the press despatches
coming by way of New Orleans, that
tho revolutionary spirit is becoming
more manifest there. The despatches
express the opinion, that an outbreak
Is certain to develop In the Central
Arnerjcan republic within a few
weeks. The state department maintains that It has received no news of
this character from its diplomatic or
consular officers.
CHICAGO, Ills., June 23.
petition between Western railroads
for the bulk of travel to the Alaska-
Yukon Exposition in Seattle has
reached another notch In the an-
noun.cetu.ent that all limited trains
will be supplied With phonographs
for the entertainment of passengers.
On the dozen new trains put on re-
Pearson, on h��ha!f cently bey the railroads other unique
of the choir presented Ray Barra- hicis for patronage were made. One
eloug'h with a suit case. Master Reg-was a table D'Hot meal for $1, be-
gie was also presented with a book by ' ginning with a cocktail nnd ending
Freddie Meredith and Douglas Rob- j with a costly perfecto cigar. Another
son on behalf of the boy members of ��� road  then announced    the    provision
the W. C. T. V.
Mr. Barraciough In reply said that
H gave him very much pleasure to
hear tho remarks of appreciation
about Mrs. Barraciough and himself
by them all. He paid special tribute
to Principal Slppreit who had been
of great assistance to him tn his
work. He assured any who would
call on them- in their new home fn
Sarnia a hearty welcome. Refreshments were served duriiig the evein-
ihg. An excellent musical program
t\as also rendered In which the following took part:
Misses Dauphlnoo, Mrs. Kelly, Ml*
Watson, L. Johnson and Herbert
of   women     stenographers     and
clothes  pressing  attachment free
National Bank at Locke, 20 miles
in.rth of this city, at 1 o'clock this
morning and departed with between
$2,600 and S2.7O0 most of which was
In (6 bills. They overlooked about
$5,-000 In gold. There were four men
in the band and holding the citizens,
ivh.i were aroused by the explosion
at bay, made their escnpe across
country to the east.
The recital given by Mrs. Hilton's
pupils on Saturday last  was a great
success  and   their  performance  is  a
credit to Mrs. Hilton and her teaching  methods.     Her     pupils     allowed
great  inti rest In their Work.  Some of
rJ"*j the younger ernes showing a marked
&| talent  which   has  been   carefully  Je-
f%\ veliipod  by .Mrs.  Hilton.    The ptrfor-
J     mance of the difficult numbers by the
"^  mure advanced pupils is hardly to he
Criticised   by   any   amateur,   but   was
certainly enjoyed  by  the  large uueil-
ence    At   the   conclusion  of  the  program,   .Miss Kste-lle Brewster read an
address to Mrs. Hilton expressing the
pleasure  they had  all  had  under her
tuition and  their regret tluet she was
to leave this community    where    her
presence had dune' bo much  for  the
advancement   of   music,    .Miss   Edna
Woodley  then   presented  he-r  with  a
baske-t   of  fl'.v.'' rs In   evhie-li   wis  hidden   a   purse-   of gold.
Mrs. Hilton's words of thanks were
few imt Ihe expression on her face
left nothing to bo desired by her
many   friends.
Rev. -Mr. Uartlott officiated as
The follow!
Duet���Gaiety   Polka,   .Masters   Russell Ladner and Roland Lannlng;
Solo���The Dove, -Miss Kathleen .McBride ;
Solo���Frisky   Litlie   Fireflies,   Miss
Anme  Bown;
Trio���V'alse, Misses Hutcherson and
Rich,   -Muster  Roland Lanning;
Solo���Flag Day  March,  Miss Edna
Bown; i
So o���Far From Home,    Miss Ruby
Duet���When     Love     Was     Young,
Misses Kirkland and Cook;
Soli ��� Bird   Malta,     Miss     Gertrude
Solo���Music  Box,     Master    Roland
Duet���Mermaid's Kong, Misses Hut-
^"^ cherson und Rich;
-A-       Solo���Musical   Clock,    Miss   Muriel
���Solo���Bool;   of   Gold     Waltz,    Miss
Grace Fredericks;
Trio���March,    Misses    Welch    and
Solo���Sweet   Daffodils,   Miss   Violet
Solo���The     1'1'ooklet,
Duet���Flying   Denes,
Solo���Con    Amore,     Miss     Estelle
liue-t���Through     Field   and   Forest,
The   Misses   Bonn;
Solo���Andante      Tremol
Gwendoline   Dove;
Seattle Fair
PARIS,   June   22.���The Prix  Neva,
was run at Long Champs today and |
won by Vanderbilt's   Cnordos;
Adams'   Chrlstlanla    won    tho    	
Chateau.       Mr.   Vanderbilt's   Ripolln [ a"eghince.
An average or iwrnty-flve thousand
visitors a i!ay have gone througii the
turnstiles of the Alaska-Yukon-Faci-
lii- exposition since tbe opening day
���on June-  1.
From all parts or the West people
have been flocking to Ihe Exposition
and from present Indications the
stream of delighted visitors Is becoming larger rather than falling off. Up
to Thursday, June 1, the total attendance hud reached ttw 400,ne-t>
mark, a number eQUlvatetM: to one-
third of the population of the state.
The side- trips around Puget sound
and Lake Washington have attracted
large numbers. Every day steamers,
brightly decorated and laden with
pleasure seeker.-, are leaving the exposition grounds on the innumerable
excursions that are offered to different parts of the lake. The Victoria,
trip and the excursions to the beautiful Hood's canal on Puget Sound have
also attracted many.
Next week, beginning June 27, will
I be a gala week at the exposition.
Practically every day during the week
will be occupied by some form of *n-
j tertalnment for special visitors.
I Thousands of people from Skagit
I Valley are' planning to assemble at
1 the exposition during the week, set
j aside as the Skagit Valley week. All
' of the eitie-s in that section are ar-
i ranging to hnve special demnnstra-
j tions. Their programme Includes
many excellent features. Tbe vlsl-
I tors are planning on a banquet and
! many other forms of entertainment,
I including a visit to the Pay Streak.
'On Monday,  June    28.    Snohomish
I county  will  take  charge of the celebrations at the exposition.    The cities
I of Everett and   Snohomish  are' plan-
I nlng on  sending immense delegations
; of  pleasure     seeking    visitors.     The
; transportation  line's between    Seattle
' anel Snohomish   county    are    making
special   arrangements to   handle  the
crowds.    The  day has been  officially
: Set  aside  as   Snohomish   county  day
I nnd also Everett Jay and Snohomish
' tiny.    Prepared to take the exposition
by storm,    several     thousand    people
, from that county will arrive In Seattle
, early Monday morning.    They will be
! reinforced by other delegatlpns during
. the day.
Tuesday will be also a day of spe-
I clnl note- at the exposition. It has
I been set aside for Moscow, Idaho. The
; thousands of Idahoans who are in Se-
1 tittle are planning on a lilting recep-
; ii-ui tor tho official delegation from
! that city. With' this delegation win
I also bo a large' number of visitors
j In in   the surrounding cities.
TANGIER,    .June     23.���Despatches
from   Fez   Indicate   that   the- internal
peace of Morocco Is again thrraioned
by the    depredations    of    the    rebel
Ross   ^��gh' to whom a large number of the
pr]x  tribes are reported as  having sworn
Another    factor    Is    the
ran  in   the  Prix Mairze but  did  not I J*ri,M of niMs conducted  by the Sul-
"ot a place I        3 rel,ollI��ns brother,  Mulal Kehir,
��     '      _J ; who, at the head    of    the    Zennous
I tribesmen,   is   now marching  on  Me-
GET HONORARY DEGREES.       ; 'initio.     The   sultan   has  organised   a
  I flying column of ��000 men to pursue i
LONDON*,  June  21.���The honorary   Kebir, but It Is feared that these will
degree of LL.D. was conferred today | desert.     The points of defence have |
A convention which will be one of
M i sb   "u> bn'gest held In Seattle during tho
i exposition will be that of the National
Duet���Spinning Song, Misses Brew- M'umber   Manufacturers'     association.
star  ami  Hutcherson; The delegate's  will  bo entertained In
Solo���March of the Cadets, MasterIth"  """ -"""  building built  for this
Edwin Curtis; j purpose by the Seattle lumbermen, on
Solo���Valse In E flat, Miss Maggie' T"esilay, A    large    delegation    from
Gilchrist; | Kamloops is    planning    to    celebrate
by the University of Glasgow on six
of tho Imperial Press delegates as
follows: Mr. J. A. Macdonald, of
Toronto; Sir Hugh Graham, Montreal; M. E. S. Cunningham, Melbourne; Mr. F. W. Ward, Sydney;
Mr. Stanley Reed, Bombay, and Mr.
Maitland Park, Cape Town. Lord
Roseberry Is chancellor of the university, and Lord Curzon rector.
been strengthened and the European
residents arc preparing to flee at a
moment's notice.
DETROIT. Mich.. .Tune 23.���Eighty
delegates, representing nil the principal railroads of the United States
and Canada, meet, here today for the
annual convention of railway telegraphers' superintendents. This session will last three ctnys. The principal subject to be discussed is the eTrs>
patchlng of trains by telephone. Reports of the operation of this oyatem
of over 5,200 miles of railroad will
be laid before the convention by sup-
erlniteiwlents of railroads which havo
adopted! the telephone dispatch system..
PHILADELPHIA, Jun�� 21.���Ideal'
weather favors the opening this afternoon of the annual tournament for
She tennis champtonshtp ofthe United
States in women's singles, doubles anef
mixed doubles, on the courts of tho
fhlradetphia cricket club at Chestnut
Hill. Tho greatest interest IS centered in Miss Hazel Hotchkiss of Calt-
"ornln, who possesses a reputation on
the .Pacific coast, second only to that
of Miss May Sutton, by whom she was-
defeated last year for the Pacific
ejhamplonshlp., Aipeng the- other ��n>��
(rants are Miss Louise Hammond, the
Metropolitan champion; Miss Louise
Moses, of Toronto, who reached the
final round In the international tour>-
nnment at Niagura-on-the-Lake last
year; Miss Edlr-h Botch, of Boston,
holder of the mixed doubles championship with N. W. Miles anel'Miss Gwe-n-
rfnlin Reese, St. Paul, Minn. MTSs-
Burger Wallace, the present National
champion wllf be unabe to defend her
t-itlo because of ill health. The preliminary matches in singles will be
started at S o'clock and, if necessary,
' matches will be played both morning
and afternoon beginning tomorrow
until the end of the tournament. Tho-
doubles and mixed doubles will be*
period tomorrow.
Or.EAT MARLOW,' Eng., June 22.
���Edward John Gregory, R.A., president of the Royal Institute of Painters, In water colors, died here today.
Ho was born in ISiiO.
SEATTLE, June 23.-According   to
a letter written by President Sullivan,
of the A. A. U, Walker,  the sprinter
from  South  Africa,  who  Insists thai.
i he has done the 100 yards    In 9 2-n
TO STUDY GLACIERS j scc��nds, and Jimmy Rector, the flyer
SEATTLE,  June  22.���The first ex-L*'����� V'rslnJa- ���ho was Seated By
peditlon ever sent out by the National | J���  ���.**L*^ ��-*?'-!,pl0.g-lP* ln Lon*
Trlo���S11.,t^  u,m     Dach     (Sparrows
Chirping;       .Misses     Hutcherson,
Urewster   aud   Lanning;
Solo���Meditation, Miss Irene    Robinson;
Solo���The   Broojc,   Miss  Mabel  Loaning;
Solo���Dansel'e'cuvsalse, Miss Gladys
Solo���Spring  Song,   Miss Winnil'red
Solo���ValSo in D flat, Miss Minerva
Unci���The Blacksmith, Misses Hutcherson  and  Lanning;
Hoi,,���Minuet,   .Miss  Leila   Kirkland.
After  the  programme     iee    cream,
cake,   and   lemonade   were'  served   to
Tho following parents and friends
wen- noted: .Mrs. Hutcherson, Mrs.
Curtis, Mrs. Dove, Mrs. Fredericks^
Mrs. II. A. MeKee, Mrs. It. Me-Kee,
Mrs. Cool;, Mrs, Clausen, Mrs. W. H.
Wilson. Mrs. Baker, Mrs, Fawcett,
Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. YV. II. Smith,
Mrs. Bown, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Welch
in Tuesday.
nl   the exposition
Geological society of  Washington   D ' <ion' a,'e l)otn coming to take part In   Kt  Lanning,  Mrs.  F.  Guichon,  Airs.
C   Kvrfy5the bl^Bla5SrAlai-h.h? A' A' U' championship games in   ''- Lord, Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Devereux
.,  to sttidj   toe  nu  ..Ueietsoi  -��''1M-! Seattle in August. | Mrs.  E.   Ladner.    Mrs.     Hays,
Woodley, Mrs. Eioneyman, Mrs. Gibble, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Fred Arthur;
ka will sail from Seattle on the steamship Portland on Thursday to remain
In Alaska pursuing scientific Investigation trntl the latter part of September. The expedition will be
headed by Prof. R. Starr, of Cornell
university and Prof. Lawrence Martin
of tho University of Wisconsin. W.
II. Lewis, of Washington, D.C., of the
Uniteel states geological survey will
accompany the party as topographer
anel O. D. Vein Engel, another member
Is the photographer. E. F. Dean of
tho University of Wisconsin will go
along  as  geological assistant.
big isi:i:r order.
WINNIPEG, June 21.--Winnipeg
bank clearings for the week ending
today aggregate $li',290,991, against
(8,308,987 for the same weok in
1'IOS, and $10,548,825 in 1907.
Davis, Miss Ruby Kirkland, Miss
Iloni-yman; Rev, Bartlett, Mr. Gll-
christ, Dr. Woodley.
WINNIPEG, June 22.���More rain
fell yesterday and last night and
most parts, of the provinces have had
a regular drechlng, particularly Swift
Current and what was formerly
known as the "dry belt," where over
three Inches fell in 30 hours. Aid
Fowler, secretary of the Northwest
Grain Dealers' association, estimates
tho increase In acreage needed to
spring wheat tn the three prairie
provinces as just under 4 per cent., CHICAGO, June 22. ��� William1
the ItKures being 7,147,1)00 acres this I Loefter,   formerly city clerk,  and  for!
CHICAGO, June 22.���An order for
1 000,01)0 pounds of beef was received
fiom tfie- British war department in
London yesterday by one of the larger, st. ckyard firms. Tills order Is
revji ided as indicating the complete
re-ltiSiatemont of this country's meijt
supply upon a solid basis, as it Is the
second received since tho packing
elisclosuies of four >vars ago. The
first treler was issued ln February
for .1,000,000 for July delivery.
L> H. Nicholson,  of Vancouver,
Hias 1,11 town on business ou Friday.
OTTAWA, June 22.���The Mowing
Citizen, Conservative, supports the
militia department in Its new policy
of discouraging military units from j
visiting tho United States on July i,'.
It says the action of Catiadan trops|
In assisting to celebrate a BuccesSfulH
revolution against British arms might |
ho misconstrued and it Is certainly not]
appropriate that British troops j
should take port In such celebrations, j
Holy Communion- Hrst nnd third
Sundays at 8��� 80 a.m.; seoond and
fourth Sundays at ii a.m. Matins, 11
a.m.; evensong, 7:3) p.m,; Sunday
school at in a.m. Friday evening
Vliiny at   7:30.    Rev,   M,   H,   l.'jxi llott.
M.A., vicar,
Cal hoi le.
Services llrst and third Sunday oC
each month at lfi:��0 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school it 3
p.m.; low mass and holy communion,
Iti'St and third Mondays at 6 a.m. Rev.
Father Wasnor, O.M.I,, parish priest
Kansas day at tho exposition has
bun sel for July 10, The Sunflower
club of Seattle has taken the matter
of making ii a success In hand, and Is
being assisted by the exposition management In every way possible. The
Sunflower Club has secured the positive promise of United states Sena,
tor Joseph L. Bristow, to be preseut
and Bishop tjuayle of Ihe Methodist
Episcopal church will deliver an address on the subject "The Kansas Microbe." A number of other prominent
speakers will he present, and the days
programme will be made a memorable one. The exposition will furnish
special music for tbe day, and many
out-of-door attractions are provided
The exposition is now in complete
working order, and (he enormous
crowd of the opening elay has not
been followed by the marked decrease In attendance usually nii't with
by previous world's fairs. The exposition management ha* given the fair
promised, and then some more a.-
well. The entire Season will b"
Mrs.! marked by special slate, city, national and other occasions, and amona
these Kansas day will be one of those
-to be remembered.
The Sunflower Cluh of Seattle !s
particularly destroiin of making Kansas day a hlg event, and In Its ao
e'emplishmi'tit re>i|in\sts the assistance
of all Kansans In the Northwest, li
suggests the organisation of othei
Sunflower clubs throughout tbe conn.
try, and that they gome In feirce i
Seattle. All Kansans In towns and
cities outside Seattle are urged to enter Into correspondence with the officers of the organization here, and
communications addressed to eithei
Thus. H. B��in, president, 405 Arcade
Building, or J. A. Rakes, secretary,
-Marion Building, Seattle, will receive
careful attention.
MONTREAL, June 24.���It Is esli-.
mateel that nearly 30,000 persems took
in the celebration of St. Jean Baptists
day in the procession here today.
year, as against t;,871,S3t' last year.
Oats ��liow- i'6.8' per cent, increase,
with 2,0.27,6,00 acres seeded? bftrtey
4.5 Increase, with 1,009,000 acres, and
flax,  3.9 increase, With  333,8J0 acres.
MONTREAL, June 21.-Sir Lemer
Guoln, premier of Quebec, has been
presented wllh a $0000 automobile
by a group of Montreul admirers.,
many years prominent in Democratic
city, county and state politics, died
today in the Ilenrotln Memorial
Hospftnl where he has been ill for
several weeks.
KINGSTON, Ont., June 24.-Henry
Wade, who has run a drug store here
for  30 years,   died  today,     aged     80-
J ears.
WINNIPEG, June 24.���Sir Dsnlel
McMillan, lieutenant-governor of
Manitoba, opened the horse show at
2:30 o'clock this afternoon. A big
crowd was wescnt. The new building, which was gaily decorated, Is a
magnificent one.
MONTREAL, June 24.���The bank
clearings for week ending today
amounted to $34,96S,745 as compared with $27,664,870 for the same
week last year    and    Ji29.272.923    In
Services next Lord's Day sell a.m.
and   7:30  p.m.;   class' meotlng,   after
Ihe  morning  sev.ee  every     Sunday;
Sabbath school at  -' p m. every Sun- |
elay;  prayer meot'ng eve-y Tl.ursd ty
evening at 7.30.
Rev. I. H. Wright, Pastor.
Services next Lord's Day ai 11 a.m
and  7:30  p.m.;  Sabbatli  school   2:30
p.m.;   mid-week  meeting on  Wedne:-
tlay    evening    at    7:30.    Rev.  J.  H
White, M,A���  pastor.
Sabbath service's���Crescent Isl ind,
S P.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m. Sunday
schoo] ut 11:10 a.m.: prayer meeting
on  Thursday  at  8   p.m.
li. J. Cliave.  B.A
CAMBRIDOE,   June   88.���Scientists
representing nil the learned  institutions of the world have gathered here
on (he occasion of the observance "I
the 100th anniversary of the birth of
Charles   Robert   Darwin.      The   celebrations  will  begin this evening,  and
last for three  days.     A  total  of 235
universities and   learned   bodies have
nominated  representatives,    and    the
leaders  of  each   delegation  Will   present their addffwes today.     Tho gift
of America,  a   bust  of Darwin,  will
also be  presented   today.     The  th legates presented their addresses to the
chancellor of    the    university,    Lord
llaylelgb,    Subsequently a number of
degrees were conferred.     Among tho
recipients were Oliver W. Holmes  associate  justice  of  the supreme court
of the United States; Lord Grey, gov-
e'rnon-gcnoral of Canada, and George
IDlloy Hall, of California, who re'colv*
. 1  the degree of Pocjor ot Seionc' *
Sacks, Bran, Sitorls and Feed.
H. N. Rich, Ladnsr, B. C, Agent
Mr. and Mis, A. Fisl-ej visited
Vancouver on Thursday.
For Men's and Boys' Suits go to.
H. J. Hutcherson's. *
C. GiiTord went to Vai c.juv��r;
yesterday on a business trip.
Mr. H. N. Rich made a business
trip to Vancouver on Tuesday
Mr. K, T. Calvert was on bus:-,
ness in Vancouver en Wednesday.
Celebrated Ciown Fruit Jars.-���.
At H. T- Hutcherson's.
Miss K. Foster left this.week on
a visit to Maine, Wash.
Bcackman-Ker Milling Co.. Ltd.,
74. N. RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
The. Misses Lord were visitors to
Vancouver on Saturday last, returning home on Monday.
Mr. I- W. Brandrith left for
Victoria on. Thursday morning, returning to-day (Saturday).
Choice Ceylon Tea, Broken
Qrangs.Pekoe, 31b. for jft.oo."", W.
FJ. Smith.
W. Crepsardj"visited Vancouver
on Saturday last, returning on Monday morning.
Boundary Ba.y. v/111 again be
thickly populated the coming week
for the tourist season.
Fly Time is Here���Screen Doors,
Window Sf*reejps and.Dr. Williams'
Celebrated Fly.and Insect Destroyer
at Lanning, Fawcett eS; Wilson. Ltd.
All Saints' Sunday School Picnic
will be held at. Boundary Bay on
July 1st. Team leaves the ch.urch
at S.30 a.m.
Mr. and Mrs.  W.  A. Kirkland
returned on Thursday from Seattle
tvhsre-they have been visiting for
the past week.
St. Ive.1 and \uqhovy Bloater
Faste, Lambs' Tongues. Just the
things for lunches and picnics. W,
H. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs-. Kodeii,. tit Ladner,
left on Wednesday for Vancouver,
From there they proceed by the
C.P.R. on Friday.to Montreal and
sail for the Old ".Country.	
g Clearing Sah..of all Ladies" Summer Blouses. White Silk, Fine
Lawns, Linens, etc. Genuine bargains; shop early. Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
A new post-office hasbeenJopened
af. Aunieville and Postmaster Taylor
states that mails are being carried
to and from the new office daily except Sundays.
Miss Elsie Benson and G. Dever-
eaux, who have been attending
Columbian College, New Westminster-, are spending the summer vacation at their homes iu Ladner.
The'S.S, Transfer, ^.ft?r an. absence of a week, during which lime
her machinery has been overhauled,
resumed her usual d?jly trip on
Monday. Freight shipments from
this port have been, particularly
heavy the past week.
Headquaiters for Campers' Supplies. Fresh Canned Goods ol
every description* Camp. Beds.
Chairs, etc. Tents in all sixes :;up- j
plied on short notice. Lanning,
Fawcett &r Wilson,. Ltd,
Clement & Lambeit, who re-1
cently purchased the hardware bnsi-1
oess of Latimer & Elliott, have I
made many improvements to their I
store and are running au up-to datej
business. G. W, Clement is *n!
expert tinsmith and plumber and
Mr. Lambert, is a.pas'cmaster.in all
matters pertaining ta hardware.
An accident occurred; on Wednesday as a result of which- Mrs. P.
Pjybus is under the doctor's care.
With a lady companion, Mrs. Pybus
was driving to her< home on the
S'ough road when, by. some mischance one of tbe lines slipped,.aud
Mrs. Pybus undertook to recover it
without stopping the rig. S4ie attempted to get out and was caught
by the, moving wheels aqd badly
The ae.sv.box. factory of the Jar-
vis Inlet'LumberiCo. is now almost
completed and will shortly be in
operation again. A new boiler is
being installed, and once this work
i* finished the mill will resume
wank. The canneries at present
are taking all tbe cut ofthe mill for,
the manufacture of boats iu preparation for the big salmon run. Tbe
mill people expect to manufacture
���.00,000 salmon cases this season..
We are receiving Fresh Dairy
Butter regit liuly from some of the
best butler makers in the.. Delta.
W. H, Smith
Arrangements are being made for
ati.excursion from Ladner to New
Westminster to tha celebration on
July 12th.    Watch for posters.
Miss Lattrr. Hutcherson, whahas
been   attending    college   in   Van
cottver, has.returned home for her
Sydney Rich ha.? returned from
Victoria where he has been sitting
for the McGill University examinations.
Arrangsmenrs are being made for
a joint picnic by the Ladner.Baptist
and the Crescent Island. Sunday
Schools for T.hursday, July 1st.
A1111 o n 11 ce m c u t 3u nd a jt,
The. subject for Sunday evening
in the Baptist Church will be "A
Practical Answer to a Practical
Question." If ypu are practical
you arc invited-
An interesting football game* was
played Thursday evening at Canoe
Pass between,East Dslta and Westham Island,, in which the Islanders
won-by. a score of 4��� to v, Tbe
East Delta were, not iu the same
class with, the. veteran Westham
Islanders, but !��r. a. young team
they put up a good arguyment and
will no doubt be heard from in. the
future, whe:*, with more practice
and experience, they should be able
to hold down a place in the Coast
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on. substantial city properties. SEVEN and
EighT' Peh Cent.. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon- stuns ranging; from five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Sbiks & C*
New, Westminster, B.C
Agenci&s Represented-
Harttcjr,d fire Tusifcance Co.
r hteiiix IniMjiftoce. CS-, of Brooklyn
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co.
Imperial Trust Co
liiHuvaucc Cu. of North Ajucyic^
The Ocean Accident 8c Guarantee Corpora-
tion, Ltd., of Lomlan, fittg..
/,td. Vancouver. B.C.
6i$ Le&w��
To njotefy tki^ peogte of Ltad&er and sur-
rouBfdsctg district that, w are now in a
position- to ofter. VaneAUve? isJ&nd
Portland Cement
At, greatly reduced prices* making it pos*
I sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same   cost a?   piling,  or   other   inferior
I        caateriaL
'Write for Prices,
The fteshet has proved too strong
for the big wing dam erected at
Aunieville, at the head of Lulu
Island, and on Wednesday night
the mass of piles <iiid gravel gave
way before the onslaught of the
water. When the Transfer passed
on Thursday, morning the switt
water ot the river had cat a-icbaunel
clear through the dam, aud the
channel mark at the end of the
structure was separated from the remainder of the wing dam by several
hundred feet of rushing water. Just
what the result of the breaking of
the wing dam will be cannot yet^be
Ascertained, but river men believe
that it had done, much good-work
in cutting away, th?, Ariuieville bar
while it withstood, the, pressure.
The winy data was only recently
completed, a large gang of men and
tke King Edward auction dtedg.e
having bean engaged in its construction since test fa?L
McNeely Hall, Ladner
Thursday, July 8th, P.i.
Tickets, 50c.
Fisher's Book
majk now be had at
and   Drug   Store,
Potato Machinery
Cuts, the cost of Growing in Half
SPP> I Ic For AsPinwa11 ^ant
ww  KJ&     ers. Sorters, Cutters
and Bigger^
We will meet all competitors in these lins��
both in prices and in the field...
Planet Junior Cultivators
of ALU. KINDS, you will shortly need,. W%]
have them.
b. a
How about that Chicken Run,?
Ton will, need to keep the hens out of the]
garden* We have the, wire, to do it., at right
The Very Latest in Marine Motors-,, fast or
slow speed, make and break or jump spark.
are a family of noted musicians from
England who give a hfjth-dass
entertainment altogether,out of tti��
common line, introducing about 20
different instruments;
Prof. MiltoniOlaw
Percy Clay
Known iu England- as; '"She
World's Wonder," who when-only
7 years old was playirtgon^tlicstage
On four different instruments including the violin. On this tour-this
little fellow will-, perfoitn on ten
different instruments, including
piano, violin, mandolin, zither,
mandola, aitto-harp, piccolo-, phone-
fiddle, xlophone. Turkish tuber-
phone-in addititpi!\ to several,wivcl-
Percy-and" Reggie
Harold QJagr-
Mrs. Clay
V 'J-'   -
Prof. Clay will also perform.
The Magic Kettle Act
in which Le boils water on  tfiocl^.
of ice
VICTORIA, Jane 23*-Sergeant Wilkinson, of tha army qrrlnante corps
at Work Point barracks, -was ba<lly
wpnitiad when the detonator ��t a iS.-
poundishaU whlchlihe was extiralnins
eipioded. With Cap'taitr. Gillfn,. the
recently appointed aifny ordnanw
offlcer, Wilkinson was pxarmlnlnij, Uie
Ontario  3* ycar.t ago. In  1*95 hV: *iore�� ofcammiwUiMnln the ordnanco
"VICTORIA, June 24.���Hov. At W.
Dover, late pastor of the 1/unca.n
Methodist church,.died yesterday. Mr.
iDeveiy waij superannuated at the recent PUtlng ot the, Methodist conference and oamo to- Victoria to live. He
was taken suddenly and seriously 111
last ".Hoe-k.,  Kev. Mr. l)eve/, \v:ts horn
entered the Mcthptllat ministry, and.
for 10 years servfc] as pastor In dlf-
ferout parts of his native provlr.cs.
Three years sk.o he came to British
Columbia, nnd was appointed to tha
church at Duncans.
shed at< the fort on Signal'hill. Wilkinson was conveyed by motor car tp
Work Point barracks hospital, and
his lnjnrles attended to. He maw-recover. Wilkinson's time here tvvplres
on Tuesday nejt, when lie was to sail
for Epglai��(l.
Ten Handsome Dinner
Sets GivenlA^ay
The][numbered cotipou contai'nexJ i'n every 49ft*
sack of Royal Standard Flour givesfyoa a chance-
to win a^ftaufeifjil 109 j^'ece China D'mq&fr Set. Watch,
this space the first issue of every month for the lucky
numbers. Gather all the coupons you can. and, coni.-
gare ij&e.iEi with} the winning mini beys.
Royal Standard Flour
is a pure, clean, wholesome flour,, made from specially
selected Vteat brought from the. choicest wheat fields
of the Canadian Wfeist, milled in, Yancouver/'and
handhd with the utmost care through every process,
until it reaches your kitchen���the betst flour on sale iot
British Coliiajhiia to-day.
��rdsr a. sack from your groeer.
Sold by W. H. Smith,
Vaneonver Hilling & Grain C&, Ltd.,
Mysterious Cigar Lighting, Indian
Sack Mystery, and other astonishing feats.
Avoid'tbe crush by. getting ypnr,
tickets in advance or. at the I^all'
day of concert 4 to 6 p.m.
Music    Mirth     Mystery
Mcrfeejy Hall, July 8th
E. S. McBride
General Merchant
Port Guichon,    -   -    B.C.
The Delta Times
$1.00 a Year, Payable in Advance


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