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The Delta Times Oct 23, 1909

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Volume 7
Number 8
Nomination Day, Nov. liih, Eleotlons
Nov. 2,>ih���Xew  House Meets
January  SOlli.
f'liic'hon  Bros.,  Pemberton  Farm, A.  By-Law "Vow Complete ami Will Come  S.S. Sonoma Will Discontinue Sunday'Conservative Convention Will be Held I Death  of  Coun.    Storey   Entails  an
Davie and oilier Delia Horsemen
Made Good .Showing al Tail'.
I this class In the equine department
I has been such a success. This ls a
, remarkable showing in view of the
i fact that it is practically but ten years
Dp tor Reconsideration ami
Then  Final Passage,
An order-in-counoil was issued on j A recent issue of the New West-
Tuesday dissolving the Provincial minster Dailv Columbian says: The
Legislature   on   the    20th   Inst.     The j D, noled      f|)1.     ^   deeding   of
nominations   tor   the   new  House   Willi
be made on November 11, und the Clydesdales, made a brave showing
elections will lake place on "."u-era-1 at the Exhibition this year, In the
ber 25. The new House will meet on Clydesdale classes. Indeed it is large-
January20 |       owlng t0  lhe  Delta  farmers    that
A  plebiscite on local option will be '
heid  the same     time  as  the general
The   reaso-i   given   by  the   government for the dissolution of the House ,
Is to obtain the approval of the elec- I iie�� slnce ""- nm Clydesdale was im-;��� rate upon antl Erom thlJ consurner;s
tors to an agreement with the Cana- 1i'on.ea Into tne Delta country. To : r)r users of tne wa;er provided in ae-
tlian Northern Railway Company. Harry Vacey, who retired two years | cordance with the by-law and may
The province is to guarantee the | as�� from lus farm anJ ls :1"n' Uvln* I from time to time vary the rate so
bonds of the company to the   amount  at    Kamloops,   belongs  the  honor  of, t0   be  im,K,sed,   levied   nnd   colIeet;d,
,1 being the first, man to go into Clydes- ; a,Ki  t|ie  cost
I claled extensively.  Mr. Vacey is in at
Trips Ott. 'ti-t���Launch Service
May be Arranged foi Sundays.
I "iniiieneing
31, the Sunday
Sonoma, on the Ladner-Steveston run
At the meeting of the Delta Council on October 9th, the much discus:--
,'d amendment to the water works bylaw was passed. The by-law is now
| complete and niter coming up for reconsideration will be finally passed.
The amendment, which covers a
serious defect In the ordinal by-law las existing on week day
now reads: every day,   leaving  here
���'Upon the completion of the works
herein before provided  for, the- cou.i-
j cil  shall   by  by-law Impose  levy and i
collect a rate to be known as the wat- I
on   Sunday,   October
'.rips uf  the  steamer
Kamloops, belongs the honor of
of 135,000 per mile, for a distance I oem�� tiie <flrst man to go Into Clydes- j and the c"ost of the maintenance of
not exceeding U00 miles, from Yellow- dales extensively. Mr. Vacey is in at- the works shall be a firs: charge up-j
head Pas3 to Vancouver and English j tendance at the Fair to-day and is on tile revenue derived from such1
Bluff, and from Victoria to Barelav I ��'iewlnr* w'th Justifiable piiue spien-1 water rat0 and bhe |)a|alu,,, o�� the
Sound. Ths Government is to have dld array ��'�� pTlzeB t*-**en this weel"
a iirst mortgage on the road as se- b*" Progeny of his first Clydesdale
curity for the guarantee as well as a m**�����>- fo1' !t is noteworthy, and show-
covenant from the entire Canadian ! ?rs further honors on the garden section that nearly every horse shown
irom there was bred and raised in the
Delta. Accomplishing so much ln the
past ten years who can foretell what
place the Delta Clydesdales will occupy in the horse world at the end
or  the  next decade?
The    Guichon   Estate of the Delta
will be discontinued and the winter
schedule of tile boat come into effect.
Tin- time-table on which the boat will
run after that date will be the same
now that is
it $.30 a.m.
and u.311 p.m., and returning leaving
Sti vision at 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
While- the Sunday t.-ips will be discontinued arrangements are being
made to secure, if possible a launch
I" make the trips, hitherto taken by
tin.- Sonoma. The launch will take
the same Sunday schedule, weather
ps rmitling.
in Municipal Hull. Surrey Centre
on Tuesday���Premier Invited,
Northern system. The route of tha
llne will be through the Yellow-head
Pass to the headwaters of the North
Thompson, thence along the river to
Kamloops; thence, on thc- north bank
of the Thompson, to a point below
Ashcroft; thence, on the south bank
of   the  Thompson,   and     along     the
said revenue shall be applied from
lime to time 'owards tho payment o>f
the interest and sinking funis of the
debentures issued in accordance with
.'hhi hv-law."
south bank of the Fraser across bite ar���*1 making their first exhibit at New
New Westminster bridge to Vancou-1 'Westminster and the brothers have
ver.   and   from   New   Westminster   *���** ! ever'"  reason to  be  proud  of  the re-
I'islieriii.in  Has Narrow Escape Prom
Drowning  in   the   Eraser Opposite Port Guichon.
A large "surprise party" visited the
La hut homestead on Wednesday
night, waiting upon .Mis., Alice Ladner, of Vancouver, who is here on a
visit.    A Jolly  time  is  reported.
But a small crowd attended the c i.i-
e.-ert given In McNeely's Hall on -Mon- I
day  night  by  Miss  Lena   Duthie,  the
celebrated   Scottish   singer,   of  Aberdeen.     Those     who     remained   away!
missed a  rare  treat,  for  Miss Duthie
has a charming voice and is blessed
with a rare interpretive gift in deal-;
ing  with   Scottish and   Irish   folklore
and national songs.
iibel   Smith,   Ihe   Seed   Potato   Specialist  of  Delia,  Carries Off
Grand  Prize.
j-Hpglish Bluff.    Work  is to be started:
��� \. hin three months of assent to the
suit.     Six   horses   were
every one of them tool*
high   hm
is  to   be   completed   within
file maximum grade will,1 bons'   Principally   the    former���heavy
draught    **���������������	
hill   and
four year;
not exceed live-tenths.    The Canadian
Northern  Railway is taking over the
charter   of   tee    Victoria   &   Barclay
Sound   Railway.
A subsi iy lo the Kettle Valley line
is also proposed to lake the place of
the Midway & Vernon subsidy of
$5,000 per mile for 150 miles. The
new line is to cover In all about '.'50
miles, anel connect Nicola with the
Boundary country by way of Penticton and Summerland, thence, along
Trout Creek, by way ef Aspen
Grove, to Coutli��'. In addition the
company will extend  the North Fork
Look at the list of blue and red rib-
A Scotch fisherman working fer the'
Brunswick Cannery, had a narrow escape from drrwnlng on Tuesday after- |
noon.     He   was   being     rowed     from
Port Guichon to the cannery by Mr.
Smallwood when In shifting his place:
In 'ihe boat, he took a header into tiie
river.    Mr, Smallwood succeeded after
Mr. Asabel Smith, the seed potato
specialist, of Ladner, as usual, was a
big prize winner at the Now Westminster Exhibition.    He enjoys an en-
  vialile reputation throughout the prov-
lirsf  two championships, in Smallwood when In shifting hi*  place   lace as one  of  the  most expert and
i which ia  Includet"  the  reserve  eham-: in .,,,��� boat| n(, tol)k a ,u.aile,. lnt0 ,hp  jjUccessfu* po-ato growers In ii so that
pionshlp; tour firsts and two seconds,   ,-iver.    Mr. Smallwood succeeded after  it svas no surprise when last week at
.and all out of six horses.    And they  som...  eu-,���.t   in  .getting hold   of  him i New   Westminster   he   was   awairded
also  have a  ribbon  coming tor three   but   was   una,ble   t���   land   him   in   the .live   firsts   and   live   seconds  unci   the
colts from   one   sire, Royal Citizen.       boat    Mr   Coi)rge Parker|   lvho  vvas [grand   prize  for  the  finest  collection
liny   have   the   reserve   champion-1 pasS|ng  by ,,.,   the  ballk   hll(]   his at.   0f  potatoes  at  the Fair.    Mr.   Smith
snip tor yearly Ally and have the tlis-   tention  drawn  to  the  man's  predion-   carried off the honors in  every class
A general meeting of Conservatives
and supporters of the McBride government in lhe Riding oi D. I:a will
be held in the Municipal Hall, Surrey
Centre, on Tuesday, October li'l, at 2
o'clock in the afternoon for the purpose of nominating a candidate in
support of the McBride government
at the Provin ilal i lei tions to be hel l
next month. Premier McBride, Attorney-General Bowser, J. I). Taylor,
M.P., and others have been i,..\:: I
to attend the convention.
Election to  FBI Vacancy���sainr-
tlay's Council .Meeting.
The stork pal 1 a visit to the home
of .Mr. and -Mrs. E. J. West last week,
leaving them a fine baby boy. The
following day Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Coleman   rec-lved   a   daughter.
Owing to  the  death  of Councillor
���-���"!���������>���, by tho Municipal Clauses Act,
ui electloji is now necessary to hil the
- i mcy in Ward ii. The regular elections are held la January but it is
necessary to lill the vacancy on the
board before thai time. The date of
election will probably be announced
at lhe meeting of the council on Saturday.
a.- yet no names have been men-
-.i.iiied in eonectlon with the vacancy.
The late Councillor Storey was one of
the ni'.-i ardent supporters in council
of the water works proposal and it
is more than probable that those fav-
��� ring tiie scheme will endeavor to
have a man cucceed to the seat who
will support the by-law. Whether
or no* there is any serious opposition
to the water works system, whiclh
has been before council for the last
several months, will most probably
be shown when the time comes for
elec.ing a councillor In the ward, and
the opponents of the movement, if
any, will doubtless seize on that opportunity to express themselves.
Should tuich not be the case it is highly probable that the seat will go by
acclamation in view oii the short time
elapsing before the general municipal
T.  Holbrook,  of the Benson '
iine  to  the junction of  the East
west  forks.
No Oriental labor Is to be used
thd Fair Wage Clause 13 to be
served   in  all   these  contracts.
Many Floral Tributes nt the Funeral
of the Well-Know ii  Delta.
I flngulshed honor   of   taking    the cup
i presented for the best bred Clydesdale
in British Columblt. Princess Bna is
! the proud hearer of this title. The
i brothers showed three horses at Vio-
| toria this year and succeeded In tak-
I Ing three firsts,
It is but live  years since  the  Gul-
chons   secured   their   first   Clydesdale
mare from Tom Mercer, an Imported
animal from the home of the Clydes-
' dale,     Scotland,    and   they are  to   be
congratulated on their success. Phelix
Guichon  and   Samuel   McCallum     are
here  looking  after   the  string.
As  usual  Pemberton  Ranch makes
i a good showing. That knowing horse-1 	
man, Mr.  Win.  .Montgomery, manager   Proprietor Johnston,  of
ment and immediately put out in a he entered. Not only Is he a large
small boat to the rescue. Between j exhibitor at the Fair, but he Is also
the two of them they managed to getj the donator Of several prlesz for
him  into  tlic  boat. j various varieties of potatoes.
When  the fisherman    went      over-1 	
board   he   had   a   cigar   between   his !        STUDENTS  ARE   RESTLESS.
teeth  and   with   canny Scotch  Instinct j 	
held  it  there  all  the time  he  was In !     MADRID    Oct.   BO.���A   dem
the water. The first thing he did
after being somewhat unceremoniously  pulled   Into   the  boat  was  to  turn
his rescuers and ask.  "Ha' ony  o'
got a Iicht."
titration of students against the restoration of the law, which permits the
passage of a money indemnity in lieu
of military service, was broken up by
the police today.
The Vancouver Milling & Grain Co.,
Limited,      manufacturers   of    Royal
Standard Hour, pursue a unique policy
; .  attract  attention   to  the  merits  of
their  produce.    A visit  to  their mills
sold  his farm  and  will re-   ond       ca,.p��ul
move shortly with  his family to Aus-   thr0    ���     w
tralia.    Mr. Holbrook  has resided on   ]H,      m;u] . iol��� ���        enable"
the Delta for about two years. appreciate its great   popularity.    The
quality uf goodness alone is su..cient
ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. t0 recommend  it very strongly to the
  I favor  of the  thrifty  housekeeper.
In the ease of Royal Standard, however, another inducement is added in
tne way of an opportunity to cjbtain
a 109-plece dinner set at no cost
whatever.    The  usi rs  of  Royal  Stan-
The funeral of the late James W.
Slorey. Crescent Island, was held on
Thursday, October 14, from the family residence, Crescent Island, to the
Boundary Bay cemetery. The funeral
was In charge of King Solomon
>.odge A, F. & A. M., of which the
deceased who was in his 44th year,
was an honored member. Mr. Storey
was very well known in the Delta
and surrounding country. He leaves
a wife but no children. A brother resides In Lethbridge, an aunt, Mrs.
Pearson, at Sartlis, B.C., and a cousin,
J..Trimble, besides a number of relatives in  the Delta.
The pallbearers were J. A. Savage,
J. Savage, W.--Rlddler, C. H. Trim,
G. London and A,  Brown.
The many floral tributes received
testilied to the esteem in which the
deceased was held by his many
friends and Included the following:
Emblem. A. V. & A. M.; wreaths, Mr,
and Mrs. A. Brawn, Mr. and .Mrs. H.
lions.-. Mr. T. Hume, Mr. and Mrs. H
Mitchell, .Mrs. Oillaaders, Mr. am
Mrs. W. J". Lanny; glass globe wralii.
Mr. end Mrs. J. Gilchrist anil family:
anchor globe. Mr. and .Miss Riddle;
anchor, .Messrs. Hapcotl Bros,; cros3,
llr. Bind Mrs. A. Mitchell; sprays. X.
A. .Mel.iei niiitl, Mr. and -M.s. WaceW
and family, Mr. and .Mrs. B, Bell, M.
and Maggie Gilchrist, Misses Brown,
Dr. a.ul .Mrs. ,1. Woodley and others.!
of the farm, is here with the Clydes,- ,
Notable among the list is the grand
champion imported mare, Nellie Cor-
ricK. In addition to this honor they
yut second for agej stud, second for
three to get from one sire, li.*st and
second from year-old scud-s, first in
heavy draught, Iirst In agricultural
heavy draught, the latter two In 2-
year-old Clydesdales, first in yearling
heavy draught, second In yearling
heavy draught, and first, second and
third ia geld mare.
Hume & Storey had three splendid
animals     on     exhibition   that    would
1 doubtless   have   won   many     honors.
I They were not placed In tne competition,   however,  owing  to   tho sud ien
! death of Councillor Storey, u.ie of the
j partners, on Tuesday last, .Many were
the expressions of regret heard among
I the horsemen  when the news of the
death    was   received,   for   Councillor
j Storey  was an    exceedingly   popular
i man  with  all  who  knew   iiini   Besides
j being a good horseman he had those
qualities as a citizen that commended
i him to the esteem and affection of all
j | who knew  him,
Alex. Davie, the well-known farmer,   Who. has  mad ���  silt h   a   SUCCOSS   o.
iiis various farms since settling on the
Delta, is another whoee horses showed their h.eis to all comers, His English bred shires won everything In
their class .iu I while, the competition
was not large, it was i i' such class
as  to  make   it  very   keen.
Delta   Hotel. I
Tnki-s Oier   Management   of   .McNeely Hall���New Dancing Floor.
Mr. J. Johnston, proprietor of the
Delta Hotel, has taken over '.he management of MoXoely's Hall. With his
usual enterprise he has already many
improvements under way. Among
other repairs a new floor will be laid
lin the hall. This will be constructed
with a view to making it a good dance
floor as it is .Mr. Johnston's intention
to run a number of dances during the
whiter as well as having it in the best
of shape for renting for this purpose..
Setter Dog, Property of \V. A. Kirkland, Meets With a Peculiar AC-. .
c-lelent While Chasing a Bird	
.lard dour find a coupon in each sack
of flour purchased. The coupons each
beat a number which at some time
will enable the possessor to draw the
dinner set referred to. Further particulars can doubtless be obtained
from  your grocer.
Cup   to  He   Presented   By   Provincial
Government  for a  Commercial
Dub-}   Competition.
A  tine  setter clog,  the  property  ot
W.  A. Kirkland,  met with a  peculiar
accident   while   hunting    on   Wednesday     afternoon.     Mr.   Kirkland   had
j shot    a    cluck   and the dog bounded
after it.     Suddenly che animal elisap-
I reared   but   his   howls   Indicated   his
| whereabouts.    On Investigation it was
found he had fallen into a hole In the
ground and broken a leg right at the
i shoulder.    He fell into soft earth and
j bow the leg was broken Is Inexplicable.    Being a great favorite with Its
I master   the   animal      was     taken   on
I Thursday   to  the  Vancouver clog  hos-
XEW YORK,  Oct.  20.���Mrs.  Fran-   pital  tor  treatment.
ees   Work  Burke-Roche  Batonyi   was , 	
granted  an absolute    divorce
from  Aurel  Batonyi.   an   Ausiri
HAMILTON, Ont., Oct. 20.���The
City Hail officials were Informed today that the Canadian Northern had
completed Its survey for entrance Into
Hamilton from  the Wi st.
MONTREAL, Oct.  20.���The    Allan
liner   Virginian   from     I. \ ei pool     to
Montreal  was reported 150 miles out
! ot Bolle Isle ut 7:80 a.m. to lay.
CHICAGO,  Oct.  20.��� Hugh    Duffy,
i pare     owner     and     manager     of   the
Providence    team    In    the    Eastern
League,  and   formerly  a   member    of
Comiskey and Anson's team, will succeed  Billy Sullivan as leader of    the
I Chicago Americans r-xi year.--  Duffyl^,  w   Kerr ad others vv
, and Comiskey came to terms aft r a   tees,   myself    Included.
two hours- si -si-.n  Monday aand    the
former confirmed  the news al  Mounl
i lumens last night.    The salary ca.ll-
, ii for is -aid to bo one of the bll B -'
ever  paid   for  a   "lilsl  year"  job,   being
I" $12,000.
The 1 Oth anniversary of the Ladner
Methodist Church will be celebrated
next Sunday, Special services will be
conducted by the pastor, the Rev. J.
II. Wright, ni 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
On Tuesday evening the annul'!
supper in connection with the anniversary will be served by the Ladles'
Aid of the church. In the Oddfellows'
Hall. Following the supper a short
program of songs, speeches and recitations will be rendered. If the
past anniversary supper are any criterion to go by a sumptuous supper
and a full hous.- are predicted.
Fader  the  auspices  of   the    socia!!
committee of the Epworth League .
I the Methodist 'Church a large number]
of young people were entertained to a
'social   time  at  the  home  of  Mr.  and
.Mrs.  Wm.  Kirkland,  last  Wednesday 	
jevening. Thi Epworth League topic! At a recent meeting c,f the direc-
for the evening, 'How to Help the tors of the British Columbia Live
Pastor." was taken up and discussed ' Stock Association the matter of im-
for a time, after whieli Mrs. Wright j proving the dairy stock of the prov-
gave a report of tbe Provincial Ep���-fnee was discovered. It was pointed
worth League Convention -held Institut that dairving ha 1 made such
week In Mount Pleasant Church, Van- rapid strides, and the possibilities
couver. i were so great that every effort should
Th.e rest of the evening passed all | he made to promote the industry.
too quickly In games and social chat. The association endorsed the proposi-
Retreshments were served at the' tion of the dairy cattle to British Col-
close, j umbla, and it asked that at least
It is hoped that this will be the three eats of stock be sent. It was
beginning of a number of similar decided that the cup given by the
gatherings during the fall and winter Provincial Government be held for a
season. commercial  dairy  competltlloa.    This
compel tion is to be held to encourage
the kei ping oi better dairy stock and
the practice of better dairy methods
in the province. A gold medal will
also be given with the cup, and a sll-
e ver cup is to be given for second and
third placing, More particulars regarding the competition will be given  out  later.    The  association asked
-The  Delta  Times  is
Editor Times,
re eived   yeguiaVly  and   tis-  1
through its columns I obse ve the doings  of  the   men  ad   womi n   around
the Delia:   unite a   few  v. er ��� children
i���   the Ladner school  when  my  old,,       the government    -.
���'ends   lummy Thirkle,   Frank   I. >nl  . ��� .  .   ..  ..   .,...    ,,.. .o.i.,
re the trus-
Inspi ctor
the earliest  possible
clos ���
MiSS   Rose-, of Guelph.  Out.,  Delights
laclner Audience on  Monday���
Only small Attendance.
A meeting under the auspices of
the Delta Farmers' Institute, was held
in the town hall, Ladner, on Tuesday
-evening last, when Miss Laura Rose.
ot Guelph, Ont., lectured on "Wo"
mens' Institutes and Domestic
Science," and Mr. William P. Elliot*,
of Gait, Ont., lectured on "Dairying."
Unfortunately, there was but a meagre attendance, but the evening was
a. thoroughly enjoyable one. Miss
ifose delivered a splendid lecture. She
Is very entertaining and those who
attended came away satisfied that it
was the best thing on the subject that
they ever had the pleasure of listening to. Mr. Elliot also handled his
subject well but on account of the
small attendance did not go as minutely into It as he would otherwise
have done.
Miss Rose is in much demand as a
lecturer.        Filling   her   British  Columbia engagements by November 29,
she   is   billed   to     deliver   a   series
talks  in   the  larger  centres
York state.
Plentiful    Bul     Wild-
Vancouver  Sportsmen
Pheasant shooters have been plentiful  on  the  Delta  the past  week.  An
abundance of hens are reported  with
the   birds  rather  wild.    Among     the j
strangers who have been shooting over j
the   Delta the  past  week  are   Messrs.
H. Senkler, X. X.  Bain.  L. J. Ladner, '
J.   Gri.n,   A.   Houston,   A.   Field.  S. ;
Cook,  E.   D.   Cook,   L.   and   II.   Dett-;
beraer. Duncan Williams, E. W. Hu'- i
chersoin,  T.  W.  Williams,  Dr.  and  It.
S. Bayfield and Dr. J. T.  Duff, all of
Vancouver; Johnston, of Dees Island, j
and  J.  H.   Rlthet,  of  Victoria.       Dr.
Woodley  and   W.   W.  Kirkland  were
among  the  local   hunters   who   came
home with good  bags. i
TORONTO, Oct. 19.���Martin Downs
proprietor Of Cole Bros.' Circus, and a
native of Toronto, died this morning
in tho general hospital as the result
of a kick received from a horse oa
May 12 last.
VANCOUVER,   Oct.   :
anese,   Yaniomot.i,   who   was   charged   one Qr i;u. iirst
at the autumn assizes with murdering
a  fellow countryman, Abo, by shoot- |
ing  him  at  Steveston.  was acquitted. |
The jury also found a verdict of "not,
guilty." In the care of Peter Frudean. '
a prisoner who was charged with   assaulting  Gaoler  John   McLean.
The M iy
Queen was established In those days
bin I fear it is not In existence now,
The old linn of Grant .v Kerr's Saw
Mill, was 1 believe sold out s ime years
ago to ��� Westminster him. but D. B.
Grant and T. W. Kerr will live on In
the ne mory of the Delta, In the de it i
of the late John Patterson, l sal ai
i.b- i" dslde the day he died, the Di l-
i i lost a great man that day. William
11. Ladner was another outpost that
cVitl great service in his ,1 tj and generation. Thomas E. Ladner, who
fair was open to players of the East- sat in the council in the days when
em Association whieh Includes the the dyking scheme of Delta was bow-hole Atlantic Coast. The contest , ing agitated, will be remembered with
lis at IS holes, medal play handicap, honor, The McKee's will cut no small
j Among the stars who started early swath when their historj is written; i fl.. ,
I was Miss Julia Mix. metropolitan the Kirklands, and seres of others'
champion and Mrs. John W. Griggs, | I could name who have
l'he   Jap-   wjre  of ex-Governor  Griggs  who  was   make the Delta famous.    In the poll
Canadian Northern Rallwnj Will Bun
Through  the  Helm   to  English
Bluff���Posses  Near I.aihier.
MONT c'l.Al;
to  noon   today
started  in  the i
the   Mont
,:.' day tournament of i
Q ilf club,     The  af- |
X.J.,    Oct.    20
:   women  so]!'''!1
MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Oct. 21.���
An engineer and brakeman were
scalded to death today when an Erie
freight train leaped from '.he track
and rolled down an embankment at
Ouermond, a few miles west of here.
New  The fireman Is missing and supposed   ever, ns Paulham  made  34 antl
������  ���. .��.
BLACKPOOL, Oct. 2n. ��� Henry
Fanner, the French aeronaut, today
accomplished at the meeting the longest flight that has been witnessed In
this country. Mr. Farman covered 45
miles, LIS4 yards in one hour, 20 minutes and 1<" seconds. In the flrst hour
ne had male 30 miles, 177,1 yards and
the spectators cried i:i their enthusiasm that he had established a
world's record,     This Is not so, lioiv-
NEW YORK, Oct. 20.���The trial of
Antonio and Philip Musiea, importers,
charged with defrauding the customs
took an international aspect today. H.
McLaughlin, surveyor of His Majesty's customs at Montreal, and P. J.
Gordon, vice-consul of the U. S. at
the same port, arrived to testify for
the government. Their presence has
strengthened the belief that the customs authorities are trying to trace
weighing frauds to other ports besides
New Vork. Thc government charges
that the agents understate the weigh'
of the articles Imported.
tical arena  the McBride  government
| will go to the country  this  winter on j
their    past    records,    with    perhaps
a  more far-reaching policy  which,  to
tiie writer, seems impossible.
Just here, I see John Oliver. M.F.P..
is to deliver his maiden speech in Victoria as leader of the Liberals in British Columbia, to-night, ll am going to hear It).
I have been and come back, and by
actual count I found there were (
slightly over a hundred present to j
hear the member for Delta. Without |
any comments, I hardly think your i
member will require a larger hat so
far as Victoria is concerned. It Is,
j not expected here that even a cor-1
poral'S   guard   of  the    Liberal
1:   will   Interest   Ladner readers  to
know that lie- terminal ���>.' Hi" Canadian  Northern   Railway,   which  company Is seeking provincial government
aid. as announced in another column.
is   to   be   located   at     English     Bluff.
which    is    situated     on the Gulfsiile,
about   live  milts   from   Ladner.     The
road   runs   first   to   New   Westminster
from  thence    to  English  Bluff,
I from   whieh   point   It   is   proposed   to
;'' 'operate a ear ferry to Sidney on Van
couver Island.    As yet. of course,  no
surveys have been made for the road,
nut i; is supposed that, following another survey that wis made some
years ago to th" same place, the road
will travel through the Delta about
two an.l a half miles from Ladner.
���l'he land at English Bluff is not, as
was state,: in the Vancouver press, on
a reserve, but is heid by private parlies, mostly Delta men. There is '
plenty of ground there, adjacent to
the Chewassen reserve.
to be under the wreckage.
miles In an hour at Rheims.
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 20.���The
tour of Lulu Glasrer In "The Girl from
the States'' has been indefinitely postponed as a result of her illness.    Her
will  be returned, including the chieftain himself.
Yours truly.
70S Johnson St., Victoria
This  was  a case  recently  heard  In
party   the  courts   where   the   plaintiff     was
suing the defendant for JS00 damage 0.1 account of alleged foul timothy seed sold to the plaintiff. Judgment was given for the defendant
with costs. THE DELTA TIMES
Of Course the 1909 Styles Include the
Peach Basket Variety.
The number of horses prostrated in
hot weather reaches well into the
thousand's every year, and in many
oases the animals might have been
eaved had their owners or drivers
been careful. When horses first began
wearing hats it was considered something of a joke, but it is now well
known that they are a great protection on a hot dav.    In fact, the So-
NAPLES.  Oct.   19.���The arrival to-I
day of a Russian naval attachee tends
to  confirm  the  belief  here  that Em- ,
peror Nicholas and King Victor Em- ,
antiel  will  visit    the Gulf     of Naples
while  er.route  to  Mesina. i
AMOT, China, Oct. IS.���It is officially reported that there were 7 7
deaths from the bubonic plague and
i"4 fatalities of cholera in Amoy during the two weeks ended Saturday
LONDON", Oct. 10.���Over 600
| patients were marched out to safety
I in less than three minutes when a
| fire was discovered in the main bundling of the London hospital for the in-
;sane last evening. The damage was
less   than   $50.
LISBON, Oct. 19.���King Emanuel's
physician announced that His Majesty, who is suffering from an Intestinal trouble, accompanied with some
��� ''ever, should recover within ten
days unless unforeseen complications
develop in the meanl Ime.
LOS AN'GF.LES, Oct. in���The Japanese-American Panic of this city, a
branch of a San Franciscan concern
and having deposits of about $200,-
000 was closed by order of Stale
iBank Superintendent Anderson. Prac-
| tie-ally all or tiie depositors are Japanese.
The contract for the new car barns
for the B. C. E. It. to he constructed
on the property adjoining thj present ear shops, has been awarded tn
W. \V. Forester. The building, which
will be used for repairing purposes
only, will be 90x180 feet.
Tenders for Freighting of Supplies for
the Yukon Telegraph Line.
cietles For the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals claim Hint horses wenrlng
one of these brain protectors is never
This year the styles of equine headgear nre almost as numerous as those
affected by milady, and even one of
the new peach basket variety bus been
seen on a big Percliei-on or Clydesdale, but greatly reduced in size, of
course.    Probably   the  most  popular
1 ���At".IS, Oct. 16.���The Matins' cur-
rej-icielent at Oran, Algeria, telegraphs a sensation al rumor to the
effect that Mulai Hafld, the Sultan of
I.Mtrocco, has sold the Riff mines,
which were the cause of the trouble
i hn vvevn Spain and the Moors, on the
IP..T coast, '.I a Qerman company.
Should lhe fait *.f the sale be continue 1, the coi s-ei ences of the gravest eiarac'.er would appear inevi-
OTTAWA, Oct. 1!).���Hazel Ilock-
Iriirn was sentenced lo six months'
imiv-isonment today for attempting
suicide. The young girl alleged that
her parents forbade her going to
dar.ies and this made her morose antl
melancholy. j
SEATTLE, Oct. in.���That San
Francisco has made preliminary plans
to hold a World's Fair in commemoration of the Panama canal was the
statement made here last night by
Col. J. A. Filch-r, executive commissioner from California to the A'.-Y.-
P.   exposition.
OTTAWA, Oct. IS.���Mr. William
Sloan, ex-.M.P., for Comox-Atlin, is In
the city. He savs his visit to the
capital has no political significance,
but it would not surprise his friends
here were he treated to political
preferment before his return *o the
OTTAWA,   Oct.   IS.���Messrs.   E.   A.
;O'Brien & Co., and G. Xoel, owners
of  the  Nova   Scotia    schooner    Brit-
,tania, which was damaged by fire by
Dominican troops as a result of a revolutionary outbreak in San Domingo
is being awarded $1,044 damages by
lhe Dominican government as the result of the negotiations of the Canadian government through the British office.
CALGARY, O.t. 18.���From the
latest reports received from its agencs
! throughout the province of Alberta,
the Pacillc Elevator Company has
compiled the following estimate of
this year's Alberta crop:    Heel  winter
'wheat,     1,500,000      bushels;      spring
wheat,  7.011".  bushels;    oats,    20,-
000,000 bushels; barley, 3,DUO.000;
flax 100,000 bushels; total, 31,600,000
OTTAWA  Oct,   10.���The Hull  Electric    Railway      Company's      power
house  was  gutted   by   lire  this  morn- ���
Ing.      The   plant   was   damaged   and I
the   electric   car   service   temporarily
suspended.      Arrangements are   being
made with  the Ottawa Electric Company fur powier,
TORONTO,  Oct.   IS.���The     amount
which  the  province will  receive from:
the insurance companies to eover the I
loss   to   the   parliament   builcli.igs   by'
the   recent     fire     Is     $146,136.     The
amount   was   made   known   t< el ty   by i
Sir James  Whitney,  on  receipt of the
adjustor for the  eovi rnment,
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for
Packing Supplies," will be received
until 5.00 p.m.. on Thursday, November -5, 1909, for the packing of material and supplies for points along
the Yukon Telegraph line between
Quesnelle and Atlln, in tiie course of
the seasons of 1910, 1911 and 1912.
Forms ot tender and specification
may be obtained and form of con-
trad seen on application to Mr. J. T.
Ph. an, Superintendent of Government Telegraphs, Vancouver, B.C.,
.Mi. Wm. Henderson, District Supeiin-
tei lent Government Telegraphs, Victoria, it1', and from the Government
Ti ��� ���; '.-ii Agents at Ashcroft, B.C.,
Quesnelle, B.C., Hazelton, B.C., anel
Telegraph < In ek, B, C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tendi is wi.i not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed With their actual .-igna-
itii's tvlth their occupations and
plans of residences. In the case of
linn-, tiie aclti il signature, the n i-
tu.- of the occupation and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
ivi.ii tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a charter-
eel bank, made payable t > the order
of the Honorable the Minister of Public works, equal to ten per cent. (10
p.c.) of the amount of the tender for
one year's packing, which will be forfeited if the person tench ring decline
to enter into a contract when called
upon to do so, or fail to complete
the work contracted for. If the tender be not accepted the cheque will
be returned.
The Department does not bind
Itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa,
September  24,   1909,
Newspapers wiil not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without authority from the department.
ottawa. Oct. 18.���Capt. Demers,
acting wreck commissioner, will
probably go to Owen Sound at the
end of the week to Investigate the
cause of the grounding of the steamer Athabasca on Flower Pot island in
Georgian  Bay  last  week.
Two tens of Hay; one ton Oats;
one ton straw. Must be No. 1.
Quote best cash price F. O. B. Steam-
��� r Transfer. Alfred W. McLeod, Insurance Man, New Westminster.
horse bonnet today is the panatna, antl
it is the kind chosen by many owners
and drivers because the crown is high
and permits the circulation of air
over the top of the bead of thc animal.
v tbers on the market tire the Boston.
the Gainsborough, the New York, the
"Merry Widow" anil lhe Philadelphia,
and no expense is spared by the manufacturers in keeping up to date on
the fashions in horse millinery.
An American College Baseball Team
Will Play a Nine In Japan.
Much interest is being manifested in
the trip to Tokyo, Japan, of the baseball team of the University nf Wisconsin, where the Americans will engage in a series of ten games with
lhe team of Kcio college, one of tbe
leading educational Institutions in the
Land of the Rising Sun. The Yankee
team has in its possession a letter from
President Tafl, addressed to the United States ambassador at Tokyo, in
which the president expresses bis approval of tbe trip and asks that our
BUFFALO,   Oct.   IS.���Jas.   B.   Wacl-
dell,   of Lakewood,   Ohio,     was    sentenced  to  not less than one year nor
! more   than  two  years at   hard   labor
In   Auburn   prison.      Waddell   is   one
of   those   alleged   wire   tappers   captured   in   a   house   on     Dewitt     Street
where  they were found  with    a tele-
I graph   instrument   connected   with   a
I wire  tapped  onto  a  line  of the  Federal  Telegraph  and  Telephone  Com-I
pany, j
MEMPHIS. T. tin., Oct. 20���Former i
Manager   William   A.   Smiili,  nf     the
Atlantas,   pennone    winners    nf    the ,
Southern   League,   has   been   cited   t)|
'appear before the directors at the an-]
; nual meeting here on November 8  ti
sustain the charges that he is alleged
to  have   made-   to   tiie  effect  that the
: Atlanta  baseball    officials    dismissed
; him because lie  would not    "draw    a
fine  finish   on   tie-   pennant   race  the
past  se'son,"     Smith  Is  at  his  homo
,in Springfield, Ohio.
OTTAWA, O.t. 20.���Tiie Japancs'1
merchant commission paid Its re-.
spects to sir Richard Cartwright this
morning, holding a short conference
with him in respect to trade matters.
In the quest for knowledge of Canadian affairs the commissioners visited
all the local schools from the highest
to I lie lowest grade, the civic water
plant, the government departments,
tiie work of tiie International Marine
Signal Company and the parliamentary library.
OTTAWA, Oct. IS.���The marine
department officials say that no report has been received by them ns to
the charge that loss of life among the
crew of the American steamer Stone
could have been prevented by the
Canadian life saving crew at Point
Pclee, had its members not been absent from duty.
MELILLA,  Oct.     IS.���Three,    regi
ments antl a mounted  battery of the'
Spanish  forces,   while  reconnoitering,
yesterday,   west     of Nador,     engaged
anel  defeated the enemy.     The Spanish  then retired   having lost  a    com- I
mander and two captains  killed  nnd
14  men wounded.     The Moorish  loss
was heavy. i
LONDON, nut., Oct. IS.���A. o.
Geiger, organist of Colborne Street
Church, died suddenly yesterday of
internal poisoning. He was age-d .15
years. The choir ignorant of his
death, waited in their seats yesterday morning until informed of his
BERLIN', Oct. IS.���Princess Victoria Louise, daughter of the German
Emperor and Empress was confirmed
today in the Church of Peace at Potsdam. The princess will now enter
spclety. It is thought likely that
she will be married soon, probably
to a member of a minor Royal family
of Germany.
S. S. Transfer
Commencing April 1st tiie S.S.
Transfer will leave Bcackman-Kjer
wharf every week-day afternoon at
2 p.m. for Ladner, Westham Island
and way points; returning to New
Westminster Saturday evenings.
Returning, le-.vei Westham Island
every week-day morning, except Friday, at 7 a.m., and Ladner 7.45 a.
tii. Fridays, leaves Westham Island
6 a.m. and Ladner at 6:45 a.m.
Additional trip Monday morning,
leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This scheduie subject io change
without n-itice.
For freight an.l passenger rates,
apply to
Mineral and
Soda Waters
Phone 36
************i I I I 1 I Inl H-.M.-i M I -M--H--H--H-M*
Ladner, B. C.   '.'.
All This Year's Cartridges
Special Prices on Quantities
Hardware       Tinsmithing       Plumbing  \l
m m
********* *J********* *********** *********
Jiashi'on Stables
Trucking and Draying.    Livery work of
all kinds attended to promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood always on hand.
/. 71/. Collinson     Phone 20    Xadnor, P. C.
Low Wheeled Trucks
are the things for handling potatoes.
Save half the cost of harvesting
\   Phone 2 P. 0. Drawer S
The Delta Hotel
J. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Newly furnished throughout.    Modern Sanitary Conveniences.   Travelers' Sample Rooms.    Good Wines,
Liquors, Cigars, etc.
New Westminster, B. C.
WINNIPEG, Oct. 111.���Yesterday
500 passengeis from Great Britain���a
whole trtiinloael���stepped clown at the
C. r. R. Jepot, carrying portmanteux.
steamer   rugs  and   hah
ami   fully
LOUISVILLE, Ky��� Oct. 19.���A, O,
Munn, ,i retired manufacturer and
philanthropist, died late last night
aged 91. He w.as actively identified
up to the time of his death with several charitable institutions. He attributed his ion'/ life and full retell- '
tion of his faculties to temperance in
all  things.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kiuds ol
Your Patronage Solicited
Coal for Sale���Best Vancouver Island Coal.
Apply J. Johnston
Concert and Dance Hall���McNeely Hall, only concert and dance hall on Delta.���Terms, apply J. JOHNSTON
three-quarters of them were en route
for Vancouver, ah were apparently
of means. The big waiting room of
the 0. P. R. depot presented a remarkable scene I'm- this season of the
year, ami officials said that this was
one of the earliest back-eddies of the
wove of prosperity that ii.nl engulfed
-die Wei t
RRAXTFOBI), Ont., Oct. 19.���
Joseph McGuire, a Grand Trunk
yardman, who wns found guilty of!
criminal negligence in connection
with the collision at Mount Vernon
,i year ago, in which three men were
killed, wns released today on suspended   sentence.
(Weslminster lirancli)
representative tender every courtesj
possible to the college boys from the
Badger State.
The members of the team represent
twelve Wisconsin cities. Dr. Charles
McCarthy, Ph. D., '01, of the state legislative reference library, will be the
official representative of the university ou the trip. Uenkwnn Bibftta of
Toynina, who won special honors in
political economy at the university lust
June, will be the business manager,
and Edwin C. Jones. '07, Portage, wl'l
be the official reporter.
Loved Her Lots.
"I don't blame Miss Roxlnnd for cut-
tint; y��u," said Miss Pepprey. "Your
interest In her wns purely mercenary."
"Not at nil," replied Mr. Fore-hen-
Hunt. "I love her lots more than she
gives me credit for."
"You're mistaken. She gives you full
credit tor the amount of your love f:r
ber lots."-Philadelphia Press.
Bartcervllle,   In    the    Yale-Cariboo
district,   is   experiencing  a   revival   In
the  mining Industry.     Hon.     W.    .1.
Bowser,   attorney-general   of     B.     C���
who has  recen'ly returned to Victoria
from n  trip  throughout Yale-Cariboo
and   Lillooet,  s-avs  that at  Barkerville
he found   a     great     improvement     lnl
mining   conditions,      New   companies,
have  started   work  In  placer  mining.1
English  capital  Is coming in  and  the'
old "diggings  are   being worked   over.
The  inhabitants  are     sanguine     that
hey   have  entered   on   a  new   era  of
! prosperity  and  there  is a  general  air
of  satisfaction  In  the district.
j     TORONTO, Oct. 20.���"I am in gen-
j eral  accord  with  the  view  that  race
track gambling should be stopped. As,
Ito how it is best to do It or as toj
| what  extent  the  change    should    be
made,  I am  not  prepared to  say be-1
cause I have not looked into the de-!
tails."    This was the statement madej
by Sir James Whitney to  a reporter!
when  asked   to  give   his  views  upon!
the question whether It was desir- ]
'������tile that the betting law be amended.]
Tie     sympathetic    attitude    of    ths!
Premier toward the movement which
! alms a; elim anting gam ling from
| the race trick s al t'-e n-rTe significant because of the ind'flilte a tl-
| tude shown by ot ler prominent citizens an! politicians,
piTTsnrno. oot. 19.���-with hte
head crushed Calvin House, proprietor   of  the   House     Hotel     nt     Kiel's !
Landing,   Pa���   near   here,   was   f id
near his place of business early today and died a short time later without having regained consciousness.
He Is known to have carried a large
sum of money which is missing.
There is no clue to the murderer.
JUVISSY. France, Oct. 18.���A few
minutes before Count De Lambert
returned to the aviation field here
from his liight to Paris, M. Blanc,
the French aeronaut, attempted his
first flight in a Bleriot machine.
Shortly after ascending the monoplane, as the result of a false shift
of the rudder, turned Into the Tribune and fell, mortally wounding a
woman and injuring ai dozen other
Cars   leave   Westminster   or     Vancouver   at   5:50   and   6:50   a.m.     and
hourly thereafter until ii  p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays at  11  p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver f,,r Westminster at 5 50 and 6:50 a.m. an 1
houily until 10 p.m.; Stturdays and
Sundays at  11   P.m.
We run first-class freight cars b2-
tween Westminster and Vancouver
and all shipments are handled with
the utmost care and delivered to
cons'gnee without delay. Sj'erial
attention pad to fruit shipments. Our
wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
Traffic  Managrr.
Local  Manager.
MONTREAL,   Oct.   IS.���L.  O.  Arm
strong,   colonization   agent   of  the   C. i
P.  R.  this morning received work  of
two new finds of copper which    ap-
pear  to   be   of   great  Importance   on I
Lake Mcsomikentla, 2S miles north of
Bisco, and about 80 or 90 m.iles from
Sudburg.      One  find   is said   to   have
created great excitement among prospectors  working   in   the   district   and
already there ls talk about the possi- .
bilitles   of   the   big   copper  mines   at
Sudbury   being   equalled     when     the
newly found deposits come to be developed.
Ladner and Westham Island
Via Steveston and
Leave Steveston���9:30 a.m.; 4:30 p.m.
Leave Ladner���8:30 a.m.; 3:30 p.m.
Commencing Oct. 31st, Sunday trips
will be discontinued. A launch
service for freight and passenger.-:
Will: be arranged for Sunday,
running on regular weekday schedule,  weather permitting.
Any person wanting Light or Heavy
Harness or Repairing done would
do well to call and see me. Your
patronage solicited and satisfaction
McNeely Wharf, Ladner  7
TJhe 7)elta TJu
in' jfdvanco* SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1909.
High-class Machine  Wire   Wound  and
Continuous Stave Wooden Pipe
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
Red Cross Sanitary Closets
^Ask Clement & Lambert about
them.    They  are local   agents   and   can
give you full information.    Also   agents
for the Reliable System of Gasoline Lighting.
General  Agents
Hall and I,avery Block New Westminster
Professor A. Piatt Andrew an Authority on Monetary Matters.
The newly appointed director of Uncle Sam's mint, Professor A. Piatt Andrew of Massachusetts, has a knowledge of money and finance that makes
him eminently qualified to till such a
position. Although not yet thirty-
seven years of age. lie has attained
wide prominence as an authority ou
monetary matters and social ecouomy.
Three years ago the title of otficier
d'academie was conferred on him by
the French government. This Is regarded as a very high honor in France,
being given only to pci-sons of scholarly attainments nnd notnhle achievements.    Professor Andrew was award-
The Royal mm ol Canada
Incorporated 1809.
CAPITAL PAID-UP S 4,600,0(111
RESERVE I'UND S 5,300,000
Total Asse:s Fit ly-Threc Mllliuiis.
jfecounts ol Out-of-Z7owii  Customers Siven  Special jiitenticn
Accounts may lie opened with rteposl Is of ONE DOLLAR and Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly ou June 30th and December
31st,  each yenr.
Made to
Made to
English   Tweeds,   Worsteds
and Serges
Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed
Tailor, Ladner, B. C.
ed It as a result of his work at Harvard and hecause of his writings ou
economic suhjects, particularly on subjects related to finance.
The new director of the mint was
horn iu La port e, Iud��� Feb, 12, 1373.
He prepared for college at the Law-
renceville school. Ho graduated from
Princeton university iu 1804 aud then
Studied for a year nt Harvard. Two
years of study in Berlin and Paris
followed, and in 1000 he received the
degree of Ph. D. nt Harvard.
In the same year he was called to
Harvard' university as an Instructor
In economics, nnd iu 1003 he became
an assistaut professor. During that
time he has conducted general courses
in economics for classes that numbered fiOO at times and has also conducted
courses on money, the theory and history of money, theory and history of
banking and commercial crises.
I'"or the last year Professor Andrew
has been expert adviser to the monetary commission. Harvard having
given him a two years' leave of absence for the purpose. He has been a
prolific contributor to magazines, especially on the subject of money, and
has written many pamphlets dealing
with that and allied subjects. Iu the
new director Uncle Sam has a man
eminently qualified to direct the affairs of his mint.
GATES   ON   STOCK   FARMS. \****~; 1***********1***********^
I    ...LOCAL ITEMS...
Those of 8teel Recommended For Convenience and  Protection.
It is a common observation thai
comparatively few farmers are awukf
to the advantages and economic importance of practical, dependable gates
for protection and convenience, says
the Breeder's Gazette, Chicago. Their
tolerance of the crude, ineffective affairs used ns gates argues a want of
euterprise and business judgment thai
in some sections is astonishiug.
Experiences are common iu every
agricultural community that should
Induce stockmen, particularly breeders
of pedigreed stock, to maintain their
gates and fences hi the best possible
condition.     Many   a   two  dollar  gate
Dominion  shot  cartridges  and  am-       F.  J. Stannard, the feed merchant,
munition   at  Hutcherson's. of Xanaimo, was in Ladner this weiSi
Mr. C. Kettles and daughter, Bel
have  left  on  a visit to Scotland.
Messrs. Crane and S. A. Morley, of
the   Royal   Bank  staff,   paid   a   Hyin-r
\isil to  Vancouver  on  Thursday.
For rubber anel lung Loots  fen  eve
weather go  to Hutcherson's. A beet ring has formed at Salmon
���  i Arm, whereby one fanner kills a beel
Mr.   A.   Davie    returned     Thursday  In   his   turn,   cuts   it   into joints,  anil
I 'rom  a  shot!    visit to Vancouver. | distributes it  among  th<   othei   mi-m-
  |b*-rs of th*- rlug.    Tin. system  comet
Dr. Bland was in Ladner this week  from the, northwest, where  such ring?,
inspecting sheep  tor  P.   Burns  &  Co.   are  K'ncial.
Mr.   Paul   Ladner  was  up  for the
pheasant shooting last week.
Mr, Flaherty, of Vancouver, was   i
Isitor  ;u the Delta this week.
Mr. C, Beadlesten, of the Slough
road, boasts iiic largest potato on the
Mi--s Alice Ladner, of Vancouver,
has h.'-e-n spending the week .it thc
old homestead.
Mr. Fawcett, sr.. uf Victoria, arrived in La I'���.������: on a short visit on
Thursday morning.
Mr. J. Johnston, of the Delta Hi
hi 9 ri itlvi d   me hundn <1 tons of coal
' for    sale purpi ses    fr im    the    new-
pi n- .I  mini s al   Bos    Hoi    >r.    li.
: is  pronoui i ��� .1   ii   nrst-clai -    oal     In
! 1 ou.il of any ether coal mined on Van-
ouvcr Island,
I'ik. Broi.' auc loi sale, I Id Wi -.-
nesday, conducted by II. X. Rich, wa*
quite o successful sale, thi entlr-
tialry stock being dispose i of. It *c
tindi rsloo I thai one of the brother!
will take li trip to the Old Countrjf
111  the near future.
lias allowed stock to smash through It
and destroy $fi0 worth of grain. A
saving of 50 cents in muking or repair
ing cheap. Inferior gates often results
in a loss equivalent to tbe cost of
enough first class steel gates to supply
un entire farm. There is no economy
iu the average type of plank or wood
en gate.
Stock farmers, above all others, re
ulize tbe importance of gates that will
do reliable duty all the time and everywhere, Where pure bred stock Is main
tinned it is reckless extravagance to
use doubtful gates. Live stock breed
its cannot afford to risk poorly constructed plauk gates that are short
lived aud easily wrecked. If they arc
heavy enough to be reasonably strong
they are too expensive in many communities to warrant their use, especial
ly In the face of opportunities to em
ploy steel gates costing less In the long
run. Hundreds of costly accidents
aud complications In the conduct of n
breeding farm are traceable to gates
that fall of their duty.
Attention Is called to this guestion
in the belief that it is entitled to the
serious consideration of all stock farm
ers. Gates are a large factor In successful husbandry. No farmer can se
cure the full results of his work ol
make the most of his opportunities ii
the gate problem Is not solved with
him. Ignored, it Is sure to cause acci
dents and trouble representing linn
dreels of dollars. Good business farm
ers will not Ignore It.
We recommend no special make ol
steel gate. It ls the type that we here
approve and urge as a new and significant departure. Wooden gates of
modern. Improved design should nl
ways be given preference wherevei
cost nnd service favor them ns ngninst
other types. Whether the one or the
other shnll be adopted is a simple question of dollars nnd cents, to be decided
on that bnsls nnd in accordance with
Individual conditions nnd predilections
There ls a large place for both wooden
and steel gntes in agriculture, but n
comparison based on nil tbe qunllties
required in an efficient farm gate
makes the steel type a favorite with
thousands of corn belt farmers.
Mrs. Walker, of ihe Brunswick
Cannery, returned to her home In
Kamloops on Thursday.
Mr. Alex. Davie has received from
England three head of Oxford Down
sheep from  the Royal Show.
Fi-.e dollars reward will be paid for
the fin ling of a setter spade black
and white bitch with tag marked Vancouver, and answering to the name of
"Beauty." The dog. whieh Is the property nl ti. M. Jordan, of Vancouver,
can be n-rt nl the- Delta Ii itel, where
reward awaits finder.
Miss McKenzie w,is among the
many wno attended the Fair at Xew
Westminster   last   week.
Goo I progress is being made on the
Westha-m Island bridge and 'he opening  ceremony  is  expected   shortly.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Ellis returned
Tuesdnj of last week from their
honeymoon spent on the ('oust citl'is.
.Mr. Greenwood, of Barnet, was a
recent \isltor to I.ndnei-. spending n
couple of days with Mr. E. T. Calvert.
The potato crop i> turning ou well.
Mr. J. McDonald, of Crescent Island,
ha-i a  bumper yield  of  line potatoes.
Rapid progress is being made on
the Gulfside dyke so that II Is hi ped
ere long it will stand the winter
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hume,  of Vancouver,  were  among  those  who  attended the funeral of thc late Coum
j -Mr. Bell, the photographer, was un-
avoldably detained from spending the
entire week at Ledner this week hut
I announces  that commencing Monday.
I October 25, he will spend every day
here at his studio, rain or shin-.-, until Saturday afternoon.    Tins will be
i the last chance to bine photos taken
here as alter next Saturday the studio
will be removed and contracts made
use of at the Vancouver studio, S2I
Granville street,
Morley A. .lull, B.S.A., recently connected with the poultry department
��� if West Virginia experiment station,
U.S.A., has bi en appoint' d p mltry expert for British Columbia, The
poultrymi n of British O lumbia have
loni '. ii the need o the -������ rvices of a
Pi li lisl and Mr. Jull finally has been
appointed, Thai such was a wise
movi goes without question! The Pacific province Is destined to become
the greatest  poultry-raising n gion ir.
I America, as all c litions are    quite
the  Pre
Work is progressing
hyterian Church and the imp] -.--
ment will be a great comfort when
Mr. Creelmnn, one of the old-timers
on the Delta, now residing in Vancouver, renewed old acquaintances
here this week.
Mr. aad Mrs. A. Munt and family,
of Port Guichon, arrived home last
Sunday after spending a week at the
Seattle  Exposition.
Holy Communion���First and thirl
Sundays at 8.00 a.m.; second
fourth Sundays at 11 a.m. Matins, 11
a.m.; Sunday school at 10 a.m. Friday evening, Latany at 7:30. Rev. E.
R.  Bartlett,   M.A.,  vicar.
The box factory at the Jervis-Inlet
Mill closed on Wednesday of last
week and the box nailers have returned  to   their  homes.
Maternltj   nurse   disengaged    after
October    12.    Distance    no
Nurse  Thomas.  .'.IT   Duilevy  Avenue,
Vancouver.    'Phone,   it.  :{772.
If the good old saw, "Early to bed
nnd early to rise," really does make n
man "healthy, wealthy and wise." the
milk wagon drivers of this city ought
to have unlimited stores of wisdom,
health nnd coin, says the Chicago
Tribune, for the milk wagon driver
arises when the birds nre snoozing
away in their litfle beds, and he retires, because he's pot to do it to get
any sleep, before said birds have sung
their evening songs and gone to rest.
He gets up and has his work done before many people have arisen for the
Mr. Robt. McKee having renti I his
farm fe.r one year to Messrs. Neil Mc-
Xiven and 11. Vicars, Mr. and Mrs.
McKee will spud the year in the upper country.
Mr. S. A. Morley, recently manager
oi  ihe  Royal  Hank branch at  Essing-1
ton.  is relieving Manager  Simpson  of
the loeal  branch, who is away  on  his
annua] vacation.
Services first and third Su uliy oi'
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Cenedi:-
tinn. 7:30 p.m.; Sunday schiol at S
P.m.; low mass and holy communion,
llrst antl third Mondays at G a.m. Iter.
Father Wagner, O.M.I., parish pries*.
Services next Lord's Day ac 11 a.it..
and 7:30 p.m.; rlass meeting, after
the morning seivice every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2 p m. every Sunday; prayer meet'n,- every Thursday
evening at 7.30, Rev. J. H. ^'right-
Servii es next Lord's Day ac 11 a.m.
anel 7.30 p.m.; mid-week meeting on
Wednesday evening at  7.30.
Sabbath service*���Crescent IslinS.
3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 11 a. m.; prayer meeting
on Thursday at S p.m.     E. J. Chave,
The Delta riding Conservatives are
holding   their   convention   next   Tues-1
day  at  Surrej   Centre.    The  Liberals
have not announced the date of their
nominating convention.. j
Objections to certain names being retained on the register of voters for the Electoral Distrk-t of Delta and to the placing of carta
on the list of persons claiming to vote for the said Electoral District have been made on the grounds stated, and all such names will at
Court of Revision be struck off the said register of voters and off the sail list of persons claiming to vote unless the voter objected to
other   provincial   voter   on   his   behalf satisfies the registrar that the objections taken are not well founded.
Following are the names and objections:
Mr. Alex. Ferguson is another of
the Delta residents who was successful a; the New Westm-instei Exhibl-
: ii . in- showed vi gi tabh s and to ik
prizes on everything exhibit* 1.
n names
the next
or   some
Mr. Jefferson, of thi R ���:��� il Bank
staff, wh" wi nl to Van- iu\ er H ispl-
tal seme months ago surf rlni fr m
typhoid "ev< r has l-eiin-ie I I his
duties here completely reco> r< I In
health. I
Balfour, Robert
W. U Sec 21, Tp 11
Dalgleish, Andrew    Langley	
Goldsmith. Arthur Fuller    S. "W,  V4  Sec   32, Tp. 13
Hlckey,  Patrick ' Langley Prairie	
Jay,   Edward  Jonathan       Sunbury	
Kirby, Charles F. G    Langley Prairie	
Lindsay, John Hazen    Tynehead   	
McLeod, John    Langley Prairie	
McMenemy, William , Sec.  5, Tp 10.
Smith, Fred  Marshall Norris ...
""Sherwood, ErneBt Garfield	
Sincock, James Thomas	
Dougal,  Daniel   	
Poug-nl, Thomas	
Roper, R. N
Contractor    That  he   ceased   for  a   period   of  six
months   netx   before   holding   of   the
I Court  of Revision  to  reside    in  said
Electoral District.
Lot 6, Ladner	
S. W. Vt Sec 12, Tp. 1
Bresseau.   Bazil       Lot 24, Tp. 8, Langley ..
Hine, George    Lot 318, Tp. 11. Langley
Johnstone, James Murray    Lot 42, Tp 11, Langley ..
Shingle Sawyer ..
Storekeeper   ...    .
Cheesemaker ..
About    twenty   young  peopl
entertained  at   the homi   of  Mr.  and j
Mrs. T.  W.  Foster on  Tin-day  night,1
the  occasion  being the  17ih anniver-'
sary   of   the   birthday  or   .Miss   Katie
| Foster.
Mr. F. J. Staiiion. ed' Vernon, paid
a dying visit to Ladner last week. He
reports times very -rood in Vernon.
The damage to the fruit trees by last
winter's severe frost was not as bad
as at first  reported.
Shirley   House.
Geo.   E.   Davenport.  VsncotiVei
Chas. Y. p. Quona, Vancouver
David C. Lew. Vancouver.
Alfred   Peterson,   Vancouver.
Jnu-g-h   McDonald,   Langh -    Pr
Jami s   McDonald,   Langh y  Prairh
H.  Hopkins,   l. ingley  Pri I
D.  .1    Butter,   Langley  Prairie.
Jam, s Warnock,  Vancouvi r.
I-'.  K.  Hale r, High  Rivi r, aim.
T.   It.   Dimsdale,   High   RI    ;.   Alta
F.   J.   Similar i,   Xanaimo
!���'.   l.aea, e
David  Given.
F.   P.   Ki-iliu-,   Ya ICOUVf .'.
George Sutherland.
That he is not qualified to Vote
New Westminster, B.C., 6th October,  1909.
Registrar of Voters,
Delta Electoral District.
J. D. Simpson, manager of the local
branch of the Royal Bank, W, H.
Smith, of Lidner. and Friiii'c Smith,
of New Westminster, are away on a
two weeks' big game expedition on
the Squamish |
We   live   and   learn.     'New   British
Columbia"  is lhe lates:  bulletin    re-,
eelved by this office from the Bureau
of   Provincial    Information,   Victoria. I
It   is  a  well   gotten   up  book   of   112.
pages     describing    portions  of  those
great  a'-eas   in   the   central  and   northern parts of  British  Columbia.    So;
rapidly does the province develop that |
most of the names of the settlements
mentioned   In   this   new  work   of  the
great  province  nre  total  strangers  to
the average citizen of British Columbia i
Delta  Hotel.
.1.  Townsend,   Victoria.
.1.  Rithi i,  Victoria.
John Draney, Vancouver*.
H. n.  Bain. Vancouver.
A. Houston, Vancouver.
E.   Conk,   Vancouver.
E. D. Cook. Vancouver.
10. c'.  Defc-her.  Vancouver.
H. F. Ditterner, Vancouver.
Duncan  Williams,   Vancouver.
E.  M.  Hutchings,  Vancouver
T. W. Williams, Vancouver,
.s E. Bayfield, Vancouver,
H. A. iBayfleld, Vancouver.
J. L. Duff, Vancouver.
Dan Hustings,
G. C. Johnston,  Deag Island
J. F,  tanton.  Vancouver,
A. Sorenson. Blaine.
A. j. stodciert, Vancouver.
Jack Scott, New Westminster,
J. C. Adams, New  Westminster.
James Lyon.
c. C. Clark. New Westminster
Captain Parsons, S.S. Forger.
J. Warner, S.S. Forger.
R. J. Trotter.  Vancouver.
D. D. Dickenson. Vancouver,
Lena Duthie, Aberdeen,  Seutta��J.
E. J. West, London. Eng.
Wm.  Elliot,  Gait, Ont. THE DELTA TILIE9
Vtry Hardy, Originally From Scotland
and  Easily  Raised.
The Cheviot sheep come originally
from the rtiwd hills of Scotland and.
as befits their ancestry, are hardy and
strong. They are a good unit ton breed,
not taking on I'm in excess when being lilted for market, ns do some-heavier breeds. The meat is of line Haven-
and quality and lean enough lo make
(delicious eating. They nre of medium
welghl und grow quickly. They are
not subject to disease and do uot need
to be pampered.
These sheep thrive best on Ihe rocky
hillside unci mountain pastures nearest like their native land.   Their wool
is of very fine quality and of good
qunnlii.v uml is much in demand for
the making of cloth for oilier garments
and men's clothing.
This breed of sheep was first introduced into this country by a New
fork mail who had become interested
in them. They were so well liked Ihat
much pains were taken to keep the
breed pure and improve the Hock.
Wherever these improved Hocks are
shown much interest Is manifested,
aud there is no doubt but that they
will be more and more largely bred on
laud adapted to their habits of living.
Silage For Steers.
The use of silage for fattening beef
cattle has been tested at a number of
experiment stations and by stockmen
with excellent results. In experiments
conducted by the writer in 11104 it wns
found thnt silage fed steers sold at
S4.1>r> per 100 pounds, while those fed
no silnge brought only $4.70 per 100
pounds, a gaiu of 25 cents in favor of
the silage fed animals, It was found
that for every 100 pounds of gain 471
pounds of silage fed saved eighteen
pounds of grain and IDO pounds of alfalfa.��� Professor D. II. Otis iu Wisconsin Bulletin,
Luxuries In Stock.
Senator Bailey of Texas, who once
refused 1*200,000 for his racing stock
farm, including his stable of thoroughbreds, recently disposed of the outfit
in separate sales nnd Is reported to
be selling his oilier Texas real estate.
He says he cannot afford such luxuries nnd is too absorbed in senatorial
affairs to give time to slock raising.
The capacity of milk bullies is something whieh at the present time is occupying the attention of the city sealers iu till the large cities. In graduating thousands of hollies recently all
bottles that were found oue or more
drains under capacity were marked so
much short and all bottles running over
iu capacity were marked O. K., which
would leave the consumer to believe
tuat none was over capacity nnd ihat
they were being wronged by short
measure. In fact, the consuming public was getting many thousand quarts
of milk more than the number of bottles would Indicate.
Density of Cream.
The thickness or density of cream
depends upon two things���the centrifugal force used and the regulation of
the cream outlook, in the separation
by centrifugal force the milk is thrown
to the outside of the bowl because it
is heavier than the butter fat. The
latter works in toward the center aud
is known as cream. The nearer the
center of the bowl the thicker the
cream, provided uniform feed unci
speed ure maintained.
lYlet'-icd cf Separation.
Nowhere is the progress of dairying
better Illustrated than in the contrast
between the old and the new systems
of separating the cream from the milk
upon ih ��� farm. It Is nol clillieuli to
call to mind tho old sprlngbouse with
the crocks and pans of milk sel away
to eoi I. ':..:> r uo circumstances were
these io be disturbed lest perchance
the process of rising should be handicapped. After twenty-four or thlrty-
six hours Ihe cream wns tnken off wilh
a spoon shaped skimmer. Of course
only as niiieh as could he got in this
way was secured.
Dairy Stock  Show.
Recently there was held at Ilutehln-
son. Minn., oue of the largest dairy
picnics of the season, and in connection wns held the first summer dairy
stock show in Minnesota. There were
nearly 3,000 people present, and the
picnic was considered a success ln
ev?ry respect. Many good prizes were
offered for the best dairy animals, and
it is probable that there never wns a
better showing of dairy cattle made at
a sounfj* gathering.
Oleo Law of New York.
The oleo law of New York has been
niiifi.dcd to forbid the manufacture,
sale or use of oleomargarine In Imitations or semblance of butter and requires nil packages of oleomargarine
to be plainly labeled and all public
places using oleomargarine to post
ion--"It nous notices to that effect, and
nl:-o the words "Oleomargarine Dsed
llpvc " mint be printed upon the bill
of lure. Before tbe amendment was
I as- tl oleomargarine could be made
In !-....'':;Hon of butter for family use.
?One Hundred Dollars?
o In Gold. 6
[Copyright, '"OS, by T. C. McClure.]
Farmer Henderson borrowed a bait
bushel measure of the Widow Bailey,
und one of his cows kicked the bottom
out of It. He offered to pay la cents
for the damage, aud the widow wanted 30. This led to hard feelings on
both sides.
One day tbe farmer sold off some
live stock and was paid $100 in gold
The sale wns made at his burn, and
Instead of going at once to his bouse
to put away the money the man wrapped the ten pieces In his handkerchief,
put them in bis pocket and went to
the back end of his farm to see ubout
building a dam across a creek. He
was poking around for two hours, and
then be cut across n portion of the
widow's property to get home, in so
doing lie came across an old white
horse that had been turned out to live
as long as he would without more
In passing the animal Henderson
stubbed Ills loe and took a sprawl,
antl the incident was to hear fruit.
When he reached his house those ten
pieces of gold wrapped up in the bandanna were missing.
Henderson flew to the barn and
searched around for half an hour.
Then he was off for the creek. He
had two hours of daylight, and he
searched the ground almost inch by
Inch. Not a sign of bis missing money
could bo found. He did uot return
past the old horse nor give him a
thought until near midnight that night.
He blamed himself, his wife blamed
him more, and his evening was anything but joyous. Ho woke from a
sleep troubled with bad dreams to cry
out to bis wife:
"I've found it, Hannah; I've found
"Well, don't yell the news-to the
whole county. Where did you find
"Say, now, I passed Widow Bailey's
old white horse in her pasture, nnd
while I was looking at his spavins I
fell down. The wad must have worked out of my pocket then. I'm going
to take the lantern and go over there
aud look."
"And little good It'll do you. if you
lost the money there tho old horse has
eaten It up. There's an article in our
county paper this week about a horse
that ate up money. He had that hundred dollars hogged down before you
were home. He might have swallowed
it all nt once, but I rather think he
took a piece at a time, so as to enjoy
the richness of it."
"But what in thunder am I going to
do?" exclaimed the husband In desperation.
"(lo out in the morning nnd look. If
the money is there, It's all right; If the
old horse has swallowed it, you'll have
to buy him to get it back."
They sat up the rest of the night discussing the matter, nnd when daylight
came the fnrmer wns off to tnke a
look. He found the old equine lying
down and fust asleep, but he didn't
find the money. It had been gulped
down. When he returned nnd reported
his wife said:
"Then you eat your breakfast and go
over nnd see the widow. You've got
to bow the knee. You've got to be
slick. You've got to get up some sort
of a story. You've got lo have that old
horse before noon."
The husband felt thnt he had. It.
hurt nnd humiliated him. but there
was a hundred dollars at stake. When
he hnd finished his men! he walked
over to the other farmhouse, having
nt his tongue's end what he thought
was a pretty good yarn. The widow
was drawing water nt the well. She
censed to draw nnd stood looking nt
the caller.
"Mrs. Bailey," liegnn the fnrmer after clearing his throat two or three
times, "you have nn old white horse. I
have known him for years and years.
I always hnd a soft spot In my heart.
for him. He's no good lo you any
more, nnd I want to buy him."
"About Hint half bushel measure?"
replied  the woman.
"Here's a dollar for It. Sorry we had
any trouble. Wliut do you think the
old critter Is worth?"
"Well, ns he lias served me faithfully, I I bought I would never part with
him, but being I'm thinking some of
moving to South Dakota, and being I
know you'd use liiui well, I inljrht let
Ii 1 in go. I should want a hundred dollars, though."
"Good lauds, widow, but you know
he Isn't worth five!"
"No, he Isn't, but there's n sentiment
about ll. you know. If I wasn't thinking of South Dakota I wouldn't tnke
$200. No, I couldn't look him In the
face If I took less thnn a hundred."
The fnrmer offered ten, twenty,
forty, but it was no good. After an
hour's haggling he went home and got
seventy-five, nnd the old while horse
wns his. He promised to be kind to
him nnd love him nnd help him to live
twenty years longer, nnd It wns af-
feellng to see bim leading the old
wreck home and cheering his crippled
He took him direct to the ban, and
after dinner ho would knock  him ln
thcr bend and have a search for that
gold mine.    He was ln the very act of
I entering  the  barn   when  he trod  on
, that lost "wad."   Ho had lost It beforo
starting for the creek.    The wife ap-
' pea red Just In time to see him pick It
| up  and  hear the Jingle.    She looked
! from him to the horse and from the
] lmrse to the bandanna nnd then softly
sn Id:
"If I had my way about It, flam Henderson, you'd live on horse meat until
you withered up and blew away like
an old cabbage leaf." M. QUAD.
Dc-jigner of New Pieces and His Controversy With Secretary MacVeagh.
The letters "G Q I)" whieh Iiave
been seen so much In print must for
a time give way to "V. D. B." Not
that  the  latter  have anything  to  do
] with steamship disasters or wireless
telegraphy, however. They are the initials of Victor D. Brenner, the designer of the new Lincoln pennies, whose
controversy with Secretary MacVeagh
| over the coins is attracting so much
If you have secured one of the new
Lincoln  pieces you  have probably  no-
FOlt   SALE.
Holstein bull calf, Oxford Down
rams, and Tamworth hogs, both sex.
Apply. A. Davie.
Delta Riding
Conservative Convention
A general meeting of Conservatives
anel supporters of the .McBride government in the Riding of Delta will
be held at the Municipal Hall, Surrey
Cent] e on
Tuesday, October 26
At 2 o'clock p.m.     For the purpose
of pominatlng a candidate in support]
of   the   .McBride .government   for   the i
next   provincial  election.
Premier McBride. Attorney-General
Bowser, Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., and
others have been invited to attend the
Bv   order,
Secretary of Executive.
Lidiiei-,   B.C..   16th  October,  1909.
FOR SALE.���35 acres Improved farm
with   new    barn   and  stables,  fair
dwelling     house,      good       chicekn
houses   and   yards,   young   orchard;
three miles  from- Ladner.  one  mile
from   butter  factory   and   one  and!
a   half  miles   fnm   school,   on  the I
Benson road. Apply S. T. Hjlbrook, I
Heed the letters "V. D. P.." on them.
You thought this wus all right, of
course, as long as you could get full
value for your money, but the bend of
Uncle Sam's treasury is of a different opinion. After 27,000,000 were
Struck elf recently he decided Hint only
the Initial "B." should appear on the
penny. Mr. Brenner, however. Insists
thnt his three Initials "V. D. B." show
on every Lincoln coin issued nnd says
he will take the matter up to President Taft if necessary.
Whatever lhe outcome, the fact re-
mnins that the new pie>ces nre in gre>nt
demand nnd hnve been sold on the
| streets in various cities fur ninny times
their value'. The face of lhe penny.
besides the Lincoln profile, has the
word "Liberty" nnd lhe date, while on
the reverse side ure the mottoes "In
ried We Trust" and "B Plurlbus
I'mini." surrounded by two curved
feathers. These pennies eventually
will replace lhe Indian head pennies
altogether, ns no more of the lnttcr
will be coined.
Amundsen's Famous Vessel to Lie In
Golden Gate Park.
The placing recently in Golden Gale
park, San Francisco, of the steamer
Gjon has revived interest in Captain
Uonhl Amundsen and the famous little vessel on which he sailed through
the northwest passage. Born In Chris-
liauia, a Norwegian of the Norwegians,
Captain Amundsen first came prominently before the pub]'*, ns a member
of the antarctic expedition of the Bel-
gk-n, which vessel lu 181)7-0 cruised in
the south polar sens under M. Qerlacb,
Returning from this expedition, he con-
t-eived the idea of an arctic exploration, the object of which would be the
discovery of the northwest passage
nnd the location of the magnetic pole.
Amundsen told his friends Nanseii.
lhe explorer, und Professors Schmidt
and Neumayer of Germany his hopes
nnd   laid   before   them   In   detail   the
plans which, If followed, he felt convinced  would  solve  two  of the  three
'greatest   of   are-tic   problems.     These
1 fiieiiiln,      thoroughly      believing      in
1 Amundsen, realized at on e the merit
! of his arguments uud unhesitatingly
j indorsed his scheme.    Accordingly the
! OJon, a single masted sloop of forty-
j Seven   tons,   wus   designed   and  con-
!strutted to weather the roughest of
arctic storms und seas, and ou Juue 1,
: 1903, she sailed away from Curlstlanla
i harbor   on   her   long   voyage   to   the
! frozen north, aud after suffering great
hardships  Amundsen  gained  undying
j fame by being the first to sail a vessel completely through the northwest
i Recently the famous little vessel
was beached near the Cliff House, San
I Francisco, and moved on rollers to a
| pond In Golden Gate park, where It
will commemorate Its own and
Amundsen's deeds, having been presented to the city by the Danish citl-
Royal Standard Flour is a
continuous source of pleasure
and pride to the cook.   It makes
the work of the kitchen delightful.    It is made in British Columbia  from specially selected
wheat.    The milling is conducted with the highest scientific!
skill   and   care.    Storage   and|
marketing facilities place it in!
your ho.r-e in perfect condition.!
It is a flour that is different and:
Apart from this, Royal
Standard gives each user a
chance to win a handsome 109
piece ch'na dinner set. Each
49 lb. sack contains a coupon
giving you an opportunity.
There have been many winner?.
If you have not won yet, you
will undoubtedly be among the
many more.
For Sale By Vi. H. SMITH
Vancouver Milling & Grain
Company, Ltd.
Vancouver,      -       B. C.
Any person who is the sole head of i
a family, or any male over IS years J
old, may homestead a quarter sec- j
tion (160 acres, more or less! of i
available Dominion land in Manitoba, i
Saskatchewan or Alberta. The appli- j
cant must appear in person at the j
Dominion Lands Agency or Sub- I
Agency for the district. Entry by j
proxy may be made at any agency, on j
certain conditions, by father .mother, i
certain conditions, by father, mother, j
intending homesteader,
DUTIES���Six months' residence
upon the cultivation of the land In
eai-h of three years. A homesteader
may live within nine miles of his
homestead on a farm of at least 80
acres solely owned and occupied by
him or by his father, mother, sun,
daughter, brother or sister.
ln certain districts a homesteader
ln good standing may pre-empt a
quarter section alongside his homestead. Price $3.00 per acre. Duties���
Must reside six months in each of
six years from elate of homestead entry (including the time required to
earn homestead patent) and cultivate
fifty acres extra.
A homesteader who has exhausted \
his homestead right and cannot obtain a pre-emption may take a purchased homestead in certain districts.
Price $3.00 per acre. Purchased
homesteads may be acquired or any
available lands on either odd or even
numbered Sections south of Township 45, east of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway line. Duties���Must
reside six months in each of three
years, cultivate fifty acres and erect
a house worth $300.
COAL���Coal mining rights may be
leased for twenty-one years at an
annual rental of $1.00 an acre. Not
mere than 3,500 acres can be leased
to ohe applicant. Royalty, five cents
per ton.
QUARTZ���A person eighteen years
of age and over having made a dis-
cuvery may locate a claim 1,600/feet
by 1,500 feet Fee, $5.00. At least
$100 must be expended on tho claim
each year, or paid to thc Mining Recorder. When $500 has been expended or paid and other requirements compelled with the claim may
be purchased at $1.00 an acre.
ally  100 feet square. Entry fee $5.00.
DREDGING���Two leases nf five
miles each of a river may be issued
to one applicant for a term of 20
years. Rental. $10 a mile per annum.
Royalty, 2 1-2 per cent, after the output exceeds $10,000.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
���-v+ytfakes a  Specialty of-***
fob and
W. N. Draper
R >om 2, E lard Block,
New Westminster,      -      -      -      B. C
Celebrated English
' eylstered in Canada, Bag-land and r. s. A. rseel by the ���-nirlisit Government tnr
over n't years, i lic-.v nre the orrentest nf all animal regulators and are tfuarunteed. Stock
. nn i Poultry Food, Condition Powders. Heave Remedy, Colic Cure. Heullnir Sal\e,
Hair Growing Salve, Medloated Wush. Cough undcnld Cure, i inin-.i-ni ten- Stock, Liniment for Home t'sn. Hoof' ilntment, Corn Cure, Blister Finish, Spavin   uie.
Royal Medicated Stock food Co.,
nn Hastings
Street   West
I,atiiiim*r, Kawcett & Wilson, "*,td.
Local   Agents
B. C
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at abou
the same cost as piling or other inferior
"Write for Prices
New Westminster, B. (2.
Call and See Samples
Subscription,  $1.00 Per Year.
Casual Advertlsomenis, 10 cen(s
per line for the first insert on, an.l
*i cents per line for each subsequent
insertion. The number of lines reck
oned by the space occupied, 12 lines
to the inch.
Rates fur Commercial Advertisements can be had on app k-ation at
this office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line
for each insertion.
Birth, Death and Marriage notices,
Any special  notice,   the  object    of      1
ivhich  ls  to  promote  the    pecuniary
benefit of any Individual or company,
to  be  considered    an    advertisement
anel  charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered out and paid for.
Correspondence  Invited  on matters
of public    interest.    Communication*
to editor must    be  accompanied    by
name  of writer,  not  nenessarl'y    for
( publication, but as evidence of    good
1 faith.     Correspondence   must     reach
this office by Thursday morn'ng.
' GEO. S. VICKERS, Manager.


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