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The Delta Times Dec 21, 1912

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
s���itch at Challuckthan���G.N.R. May
C.inuiei-ce Milk Freight Train
Prices Are High���Plire Hied Holstein
Brings $200���98088 Realized
Talented Artists Contribute to Splendid Programme���Audience Is
a_  a  result  ot   the  recent   agitation for a switch near Challuckthan
"t*on the Great Northern Railway
���mpany have, commenced the construction of the necessary track
h .re and it is now but a matter of
"short time until it will be possible
t��� shunt the loaded freight cars on
:" tlie spur during unloading. Tim
���,,,,.,, ���f Trade have been largely instrumental in securing this Improve-
,n,,,lt for the Delta.
" Negotiations are now pending with
the  railway  commissioners  and  the
lrPat Northern Company for the
commencement   of   a   Sunday   milk
�� j, The company claim that they
,','nnot legally operate a local freight
trajn   0n   Sunday  on   account   of   a
Provision in the Dominion Lord s Day
Ct Mr. Lanning. ori^behalf of the
Roard of Trade, has written .-lo the
railway commissioner, however, re-
carding this objection, as he is of
the opinion that such a service would
I under the head of 'necessl-
Hn�� it is then quite possible that
the'Delta farmers will soon be able
o ship their  milk  on  Sunday just
II same as on a week day, and
\ll long lamented disadvantage will
be removed.
Is Doin? Good Work���Keen Demand
for Stallions Reported from AU
Parts of Dominion.
MONTREAL, Dec. 20.���The National Bureau of Breeding is proving
highly successful and from all oyer
Canada encouraging reports are be-
���g received at headquarters Demands for stallions from the west
Tn inue to come in by the score,
and tbe bureau  is  now making an
"for to secure a carload for shipment from Montre.l in March, to
f .rent points in Alberta and Br *
I,"Columbia. Five more horses wUl
��-��n he sent to Saskatchewan, wnere
Se bureau   work -is   making   great
BtMdaeiBor O. W. Stephens, chairman
of the board ot governors of the Na
Twenty-three grade cattle were
disposed of at the auction sale which
was held on Wednesday afternoon
at   Reeve   Benson's  farm,  Boundary
Rovers   Have  the  Advantage   in  thc
First Half But Westham Rally
in the Last.
900 GATE
Which Commenced in  1902  Is j Tenders Will Retailed tor Concrete
Finally Settled
Bonds Are
But one word can ln any adequate*       Westminster lost a glorious chance
measure express the splendid concert   to  win  the   Vancouver  and   District
which was rendered on Friday evening, Dec. 1_, in McNeely Hall, under
tho auspices of the Delta Glee Club,
lood Oates at East
Bay. A ready sale was realized for | by Miss Cave-Browne-Cave, L.R.A
all the cattle, which were introduced : M ���. A.R.C.M., solo pianlste; Mis
ino the ring, and the prices soared.
JGrace Malaher, L.R.A.M., A..R.C
.,-  .,,.���..������      r    i     .  ��r.n i   , ._|M., solo violiniste, and  Miss Maude
an average of about $90 being paid Igorui)yi      L.R.A.M.,      A.R.C��M.,
tor the  animals.    Altogether  $2083 j solo ���cellois*', that "word is thorough!
was  realized  from   the  sale  of  the: it was a thorough musical entertuin-
The    lowest i'uent of a  high order and  it  would
'be difficult indeed td distinguish be-
twenty-three cattle ^^^^^^^^^
price paid for grade cows was $52.50
and one was sold for the neat sum
or $137.50. The thoroughbred cattle brought from $155 to $200 and
some thoroughbred calves were sold
for $72.50 and $67.50 apiece.
The chief buyers were Messrs.
Chiddell, Sheldrake, Heaton, Fredericks and Parmiter, all Delta farmers.
Reeve Benson is now disposing of his
stock as he intends to reside up the
river a short distance on property
recently purchased from Mr. Sheldrake. The reeve recently sold his
Fisher Bros, paid $200 for a pure
bred Holstein, and $155 for a two-
year old pure bred HolBtein. Two
bull Holstein calves were disposed of,
one going to Mr. Lambie for $73.50,
the other to Mr. J. McCallan for
It is quite probable that the cows
would have averaged much higher
In price had it not been for the sale
of several animals which had "blind"
Mr. H. N. Rich wielded the hammer.
tween the merits of the artists who
so  generously  responded  to the  nu
League soccer championship when
she tied the Westham Island eleven
nt .Moody Square last Saturday. This
result came as a very disagreeable
surprise to Manager Grant of the
Rovers and his coterie of supporters
who were sure of buccpss. He evidently expected to find the Westham
team of very Inferior ability, but his
confidence met with unexpected and
effectual opposition.
There Is little doubt that during
the first half the Rovers played a
fine class of football but their efforts
_ ,   .. nil- CIU--5 ui  i _-. ��� ��� ���*   ..,,,   . ,	
merous   encores  of   an   appreciative.. ....	
failed  to  result  In  any tangible  re
.... -  -.,-���., ���*���i-   fv,-������v
Noted   Troller  Will   Be  Broucht  to
Coast, Purchased by A. R.
Perhaps the selections most popular with the audience were the instrumental trios which were rendered at Intervals during the programme. Miss Grace Malaher's rendering of the V'olin solo "Cavatlna"
was thoroughly enjoyed, and her
translation of the composer's feeling
was appreciated. Miss Cave-Brown-
Cave's rendering of Beethoven's
"Sonata Appassionata," left little to
be desired except the wish that the
rendering of the difficult passages'.
which are so filled with expression I
might be heard on a grand piano.
Miss Scruby was also heard In Lach-
ner's "Notturno," and the performance   proved   her  a   master   of   the
During the evening Miss Malaher
rendered    several    beautiful    vocal
The  programme  incorporated  the
following numbers.
Pianoforte   solo���"Sonata   Appassionata";   Beethoven.
Violin solo���"Cavatlna"; Raff.
'Cello    solo���"Notturno";    Lach-
Vocal   solo���"Sunshine   and   Butterflies"; Bunning.
Instrumental   trio���"Tom   Jones,"
dances*. German.
Pianoforte solo���(a) "Chanson |
Triste"; Tschaikowski. (b) "Spinn-j
lied";  Bohn.
Violin    solo���"Mazurka";    Wien-
'Cello    solo���(a)     "Le    Cygne";
Saint Saens.    (b)  "Caprice";  John
Vocal���"Little Girl in Red"; Ger
suits. The Westham style, though
perhaps not so fancy, is more sure
and more effectual. The Rover forward line despite their frequent
rushes, met the stone wall defence
I of Tamboline and J. Trim and. good
i though their play was, It could not
resist the strong tactics of these stalwarts.
In the first half Westminster had
the advantage on point of play and
had lt not been for the wild shooting of their forward division they
would probably have made a better
It hns recently been announced
that the Privy Council have dismissed
the appeal of Dr. I. Kerr Wilson in
the action brought against him by
tin* Delta municipality for tlie collection of special dyke taxes. Dr.
Wilson is now liable for tha taxes
and penalties extending >ver a period
of eleven years on his properly in
the Delta, the collection of theso
taxes having been deferred pending
the settlement of the litigation.
This action was commenced In July
of 1902 when Dr. Wilson resisted
the payment of the taxes, attacking
the validity of the dykln ; tax bylaw
and the legality of the procedure.
He declared that the dykes had Injured rather than benefited his lands
and on the strength of this plea he
filed a counter claim for alleged damages done to his land by the presence of the ditch. An attempt was
made by him to secure an injunction
prohibiting the operation of the ditch.
The case was first tried in tho
Supreme Court at New Westminster
in 1902 and both the action and counter   claim    were   dismissed.       Both
  .---���_^ tter I *y;   ���-*-������    ���������-���
showing. Such, however, was not 8ides ��PP������e*_ and Chief Justice
the case, and the Islanders made Hunter in 1905 upheld the decision
them fight every inch of the little, ��,l1 the Supreme Court Judge in New
advantage which was gained. Westminster     In 1909 the Court of
In the second half the play evened Appeals heard the case on an appeal
��� a -,-��-,- th��. o.nmfi had nio-lby Dr* Wilson. He was again unsuccessful. His appeal was carried
to the Privy Council, where Joseph
Martin (Imperial) argued on his behalf, and Sir Robert Finlay, K.C.
M.G., Mr. W. J. Taylor, of Victoria
and Mr. H, S. Bompas appeared for
the Municipality of Delta.
"Had the appeal been sustained debentures and bonds valued at more
than $70,000 would have been declared worthless.
"Volksliedehen";  Kom-
The horse-racing at the Vancouver
Exhibition is doing an incalculable
nors o. -.. ���*- .amount of good to the horse breeding
it i T-ureau left last night for. in,erests of this country is fur her
r^H-'Jol with him a re- evidenced by the fact that another
Knif the bureau work for 1912, Lj the top notch horses of the Amer-
por,t-.��, ll deBver to General Sir L^n continent, was purchased at the
which he w"1 de"'" �� eral of the ' old Glorv sale at New York on No-
John French, inspector gen-. . u��� . of Van   man. 	
imperial    l��^ JJijJffiS.    Zer     Bon   Voyage.    2:0B.^M     Trio- *} ,-^.rr Kom_ak.
French is a valued member^ o auction  for  $3300'zak.    <���     Mtt��V "Berceuse
> tne work,     [which   was  a  very   large  sale  price      plano.orte-<"      B _
,     \horoughbred   when it is considered that the aver-Un      (b)       *��� ^
The  in. action,  stands   15   3-4  hands and      The glee tn ct,neer. which
' -  fefi.i_.. pound.     He h- been ��ed o^the   ff efforts   -d it   s
The bureau -11-s, Jn^obalt gg^^*2ftS?���,S
"���' Tm/'dbSE''* Btm 'there is not a puff or a pimple
/''.irnorval        Thc*e   two   femous  on him
b-Treau board ��* f^^work. | which "was a very large sale price , *��-*XH-ifiS^" in B
takes a keen interest �� l" * hbrP(, ��� u ������ considered that the aver- pin. (b) ^"'j,* ,n A
JK. ^tcoar^rrWerinl.ont-I^V'ice was ,e��� than^.   _ Jrhopin.     (.)      JjgJ^     an
real. mmm���    _^
breed, and will be
?��fr3 ffjStt-WB SffittS SKV-i"-��� ��l=r-^a *���"
appear on a l-aam i  y <*
I��X to Outario or Quebec ..'��o.n "a.  a nine-year  old  in
... v    . t fheTisDOs'asl of local 'nIIf was the champion two-year old
sires will be at the ^posiwi took r re(1(jrfl of 2:1B
VSXSti o.���"i'�� .ui��."��;.������*. ��j--���T��"'<:��� -^
S���-SU������*i s,aiST. l,2��-1lll.iV'��"i^*--_;
up and before the game had pto-
gressed far, Westham Island drew the
first blood by slipping a fast shot
past Collier. Al Trim was responsible for the tally.
Realizing that their only hope was
in a retaliation the Rovers pressed
hard and, before many minutes had
nassed, one of the Island men in relieving, made a penalty.
Tomlinson for the Rovers took the
chance and converted through a fast
shot past Palmer. This was the last
c;oal of the match, and it is dou-tful
indeed whether the Rovers would
have succeeded in scoring had the
| penalty not have given them an un-
I even advantage. During this half
the Island team had more than their
share of the play and when the Sal-
monbellies did rally they played a
defensive game which was an efficient damper on the ardor of the
Dave Leith, the referee, handled
the game well and kept matters
under control throughout.
The Lineups.
Westham���Palmer, Tamboline, J.
Trim. Hemmett. Cosulich, W. Savage,
W. Tamboline, W. Wright, A. Trim,
Georgeson. E. London.
Rovers���Collier, Lyons. McMillan,
Meiklejohn, Bruce. Shawcross. Cady-
zien, McLeod, Tomlinson, Carinduff,
It is possible that another game
will be necessary to decide the league
championship, as the Thistles if they
defeat the Celtics will tie with New
At a meeting of the Delta council,
which was held in the municipal hall
at Ladner, last .Saturday, the Municipal Clerk, N. A. McDiarmid, was Instructed to advertise for tenders for
the concrete flood box, which will
be erected at the mouth of the big
slough F.ast Delta.
A communication was received
from tho Great Northern Railway,
asking information concerning rock
which they hauled tor the municipality last year. The rock wag used
in macadamizing the roads ot tha
municipality. The clerk was instructed to compile and supply the
railway company with the necessary
The owners of the subdivision of
Lota 60 and 61, Group 2, will be
ordered to remove their lot line from
the Mason Road. It is understood
that the surveyors' posts have been
set within the road right-of-wayj
The council authorized the clerk
and waterworks superintendent to
purchase valves for "dead" ends.
These valves are being installed for
flushing purposes.
The Delta Firearms Bylaw passed
Its first, second and third readings.
Municipal Clerk McDiarmid waa
appointed chief returning officer for
the election which is to be held on
January 13, with power to select
deputy officers. The polling stations for this year will be Ladner
Municipal Hall, School House, East
Delta; School House, Annieville,
and W. Bennett's house, Strawberry
Royal   Oommltee   of   Inquiry   Into
Agricultural Conditions Held
Initial  Meeting.
School   Inspector   Sullivan,   of   New
Westminster, to He Transferred
to Vancouver.
VICTORIA, Dec. 20.���In connection with the recent appointment of
two inspectors, to fill the vacancies
created by "the resignation of Inspector Leith and High School Inspector
Gordon, the latter becoming Municipal Inspector at Vancouver City, a
rearrangement of Inspectorates has
been found necessary. Inspector
MacLaurin is promoted to succeed
Inspector  Gordon   in   supervision   of j the    regret
VICTORIA, Dec. 20.���The Royal
Commission on Agriculture, of which
Mr. W. II. Hayward, M.P.P., is chairman, began it a career of usefulness
Tuesday, when, after the members
had been duly sworn by Mr Justice
Murphy and the commission read,
both morning and afternoon sessions
tor organisation work were hold iu
the Executive Chamber, interviews
with the prime minister and tho
Minister of Agriculture first, being
held for a free and informal interchange of views as to proceedure and
the scope of the inquiry. Much to
Ot   all    concerned,   Mr.
 Hll.    be
descendant   of   aenu   u.^J  success ^^^^, reCord
Canadian bureau bus received by lo    on ��Jf���^^   C-'    where he
stallion  line,   not  excepting  tne  St.  raoe. ft_e,fl ,)n(-*-rPP iB a  mo-t
Si7nF,   Morrow, of Calume,   who i/era^^   ���J^���t
colts by this horse in tha   gut dam ��, Bon J^J     ,h,.po  , M
���f Quebec.    Mr.  Morrow has a   illy (Treat   brno<  J11*^     u      A  tnb.,iation
le'n  months old  by AtheL out of tro'**- toj �� "" ^  y 	
a cold-blooded, mare, this mare being of the n^oigree _m1   hrefl
in  a  five heat
F.ventlde. I
uirn     'tne nny in uw "** -.-r*    __*"-7��� ��._  n     \tiqq   Russel,   ���
u"    ii u hill ���" "-������  ":S S? *���" ' . {.SS.*.* tnat only
to     I
I at present is:
Thistles   . .
Celtics  ....
\V. Island   . .
Inspector  Gordon   in   gupejv-D.uu   "M-"=    '-J-*'""./  ..,, steveston, finds it
he work of High Schools thronghout h"honms H;l��ld. o   bte^ sto
tha Province   his  assumption of his   Impossible to accept tuo ,
^wdutS dating from the ^s,  of ^0^'^
th��� M(1w yen,*.     Inspectors - It Her am    hea   h        ' <      , "�����,, his ro,ig���ation
Winsby, now ln charge of the  \ an-    ivit*   an l cravei, *.
couver public schools, are to continue haB beeu  accepted   wit        ^^
in   this  field,  and   will   be  assisted siderable regr"-     .lu        f Alessr8.
" their growing responsibilities after is   therein       ��   s ��.ampM\,
VB _u- ....-  -T- I January 1  by the.transfer from New  Hayward I .lull n  n   .
ies wii, tie withnNew ^aXiynsteryof inspector Sullivan to oi Nel��m:  J. Kldst��n   oi
The  league  etandinrI     operate wlth them. .J^niSTof 0
,  3
co-operate with them. I Alex,   i ���!< ..  .
Inspector Pollock, who is now in I w. Duncan, of Comox, and S. Shan'
, charge of all the schools of the Coast I non, ot Cloverdale, with Mr, Chris
I from Vancouver to Stewart Is to be tensen, of Holberg, as its secretary
'shifted to New Westminster to re-1 After considerable discussion,,'it
'place Inspector Sullivan, while In-1 was decided to initiate the work of
spector Cower, one of tbe new ap- investigation forthwith and make
pointees to the Inspectorate, will sue-J sllch progress as may be possible be-
( d Mr. Pollock in charge of all the ��� fore the Beaslon of Parliament.    Slt-
i schools of the North.    Inspei lor May ! tings for the hearing of witnesses and
I is  transferred   from Nelson  to  exer ^^^^^^ ' '
���      .    +!,_   anhnnln   o
It became known on Wednesday ci'se jurisdiction over the schools of
that the marriage, of Miss Mary victoria and the adjacent territory.
Fisher, sister of S. W. Fisher, the being replaced in the Kootenay bj
well-known Ladner druggist, to Mr. inspector Bruce, inspectors Denton
W. B. Harris, C.P.R. freight man-jaiid Miicl*enzieNremaln at Revelstoke
ager for Vancouver, had taken place | and Kamloops respectively, and an-
in West Flamboro, Ontario, The . other inspector will be named in the
wedding was held in the Presbyterian . near future to take charge of the
church there, Rev. S. W. Fisher, thej schools of Vancouver Island until
father of the bride, performing the next midsummer,
ceremony. Inspector Dean, it may be oxplni'i-
Miss Fisher was well known ed. is now visiting the Knst officially,
among the people of I.adner, as she with the object of thoroughly inves-
recently spent about eight month? tigating matters of technical educr
vluiling her  brother here. 1 tion -_-___���. jmH
��� .���0-'
Some of the besl
thc North
vet.  without.
Charles Barker while working fori
records II)r*   wils<"'* ol  Delta,   accidentally
'scratched  his hand  a  few  days  ago
*  ���-���   "' 4.1 Pr������****����� a
Municipal Clerk N. A* M;''���',
is now comfortably settled laftte
new municipal hall, which Is practt
cally completed. The furniture,
which has been ordered
Messrs. Lanning, Fawceti * WUlOT,
has not arrived yet, but �� ��ex
pected that it will reach Ladner about
the first of the year.
Along with this furniture the new-
desks which have been ordered ror
Ihe High School are expected.
re. |     Inorderto-a.l.'->tHngatfisl'i^
Steves ton   last Wednesday afternoon
?ound  it necessary to run the prow
1 tue -uiiuu; -^^^^^^-  some
time. ^^^^
The bride was becomingly attired
in her travelling suit of grey tweed
'.villi  a black beaver hat and plume.
Tne popularity of both the bride
and bridegroom will ensure for them
on their return from Victoria, where
a brief honeymoon ls to be spent,
the congratulations and best wishes
of the Delta residents as well as their
throughout    the
��� ���
i -
"Iff i^'MK V
,i_����.V.' .J*A
���   -ST;'
���  xS
.-;      *. 'Iff',
,i_i_ .IL--,.-.-
iuuuu .v -----  _,,.--     ronsiderableinumerous    friends
ofhlshoatontoeho^ C���    ^1 province^ mm,inlonMr
excitement   was  ^!s'V'.ti^u7(1eUyI"' On" their    return,   Mr.   and   Mrs,
^��O^VAWS^^|l*w1. will reside In Ladner.
\ I '���
investigation     of     conditions     have
therefore lieen arranged as follows:
At Vancouver, January 9,  10  and
At New Wesl minster, January 13
and  1 -1.
At   Victoria,  January   17  and   18.
Arrangements hnve also been made
to hear evidence hen- from members
of the Central Farmers' Institute
during its annual meeting, and from
officials of the Government depart*
ments  especially   Interested,
Km ure sessions are not yet arranged for, but will be announced in
due course.
architect Is Frank Worthlngton Simon, of London, England. 2
Lindsay9s Christmas Box
(By Anne Fe'l)
"Which of us shall go down for
Two men matched on the question
Jim Lindsay won.
"You have all the luck," cried his
partner, with affected discontent.
"Luck! Pooh. I don't think much
of the chance, Dick. Christmas isn't
much to me anyway. I've no ties:
no friends in the city. I believe I'll
stay here," and Jim stared at Dick
Butler, who said:
"Rot; What's the good of your
roll if you don't blow it in somehow?
Get a move on and have _ good time
any old way."
Thus adjured. Jim picked his
valise and took his departure. A
week later he stood on the deck of
the boat from Prince Rupert, steaming up the Inlet. There was a gay
and noisy crowd aboard, but Jim
preferred his own company. Later
he would mechanically "go with the
gang" for a "hihu" time in the usual
jnchanical style, but just now the
quiet twilight on the water suited
his mood better than loud jests and
lowdy talk. Shielded by a boat be
looked at the smooth rippling water
which reflected a thousand gleams
of "brilliance from the twinkling stars
way up in the pretty blue sky, from
thp craft moving about the Inlet nnd
from tbe myriad lamps of Vancouver,
Hack of North Vancouver rose up
the mountains, Lions, Grouse and
Sleeping Beauty with their companions���forest clad, snow covered.
The si canier wns negotiating the
First Narrows, and Stanley Park's
dense soft darkness suggested the
enchanted wood or fairy stories.
���Right ahead was flung up the blaze
of white luminance from the
itself aglow with vivid life. He
could hear the inspiring music of a
gay rag-time from some place ashore,
and Jim's pulses began to quicken
to the sprightly rollicking strain.
The linn! iwung plow!;.* up tn her
moorings. Tbe passengers crowded
off. Many were met bv friends on
the pier and wont with tbem ln
laughing merry groups to bright.
homes and Christmas cheer. Some
were like Jim himself, without acquaintance in the city, and herded
together  In   pursuit of a good  time.
the  police  there   would   be  . o   the
look out for them.
1    But   first  he  thought   tha   child
needed food, so he regaled her with
all kinds of dainties in a lunch place.
Revived by cakes and hot m*,lk,
the small lady's spirit came back and
she chatted like a magpie, in the
comical old-fashioned way which
amused Jim. He decided that Miss
Muffltt was socially inclined as he
watched her bright, bird-like curiosity In the bustle around them,
Presently, however, warm , an_
satiated, she snuggled up to his
shoulder and drowsily rested her
rosy cheek on his arm, curling her
little fingers round his.
He paid his check and carried her
out���a sleepy little burden. They
were near the train station and totally neglecting to phone the police
station he jumped on a crowded interurban.
So far as Central Park hi had
to stand, but he didn't care, He
nas enjoying himsefl, with that dear
little soft face nestled on his shoulder. He judged from the child's
prattle that big sister had come t'c
this busy big West to make a betto:
living for herself and her tiny charge
He thought they couldn't be veiy
well fixed, anyhow, and he began
shaping quick plans as to how h*-;
might make a real Christmas for
Miss Mnffitt.. He was alone and he
had plenty of money. This was the
Blessed Feast of the Child���and if
Big Sister would allow him���he
would be very humble in his petition  for the favor.
He had not been in Now West-
city ! minster for years, and when th? car
pulled into the station he looked
about in wonder, almost doubting
his locality. The great double row
of clustered lights stretching east in
a seemingly endless vista, the fine
stores, the up-to-date bustle and
crowds told of a wonderful development going forward, such as he had
not dreamed of finding.
He had, years previously, boarded
at a quiet place out Sapperton wny.
and decided to take his little charge
there, In the event of no inqu'ries
having been  made at the police st.a-
adopted," she said, smiling her slow
broad smile.
Jim stared, laughed, then shook
his head.
"I'm afraid she's got a sister who
has a better claim," he replied.
But as he smoked his old pipe.
long after the clocks had chimed
midnight, he brooded over the idea
From a sound sleep he was roused
by delightful shrieks, then a chatter
Ing and elfin laughter from the opposite room. He was u') in live minutes to open hls door to the pounding
of tiny fists and the shout.���
"Mr. Man���big man���oh, come an'
look at my presents���Santa Claus
brought 'em���beauties."
A night-gowned figure was hop
ping about the hall hugging an altogether lovely dollie in one hand and
a huge lamb that cried ma-a in the
"Oh Mr. Big Man���Merry Christmas���an' it's snowing, real snow���
an' my big sister will come soon,
won't she���an' come see my things."
She dragged at Jim's hand, then
changed her mind.
"You sit there���pointing to the
locker under the window���I'll bring
everything out here."
When she had exhibited her treasures, Miss Muffltt planked herself
at his knee.
"Have you got a Chritsmas present. Did Santa bring you anything?"
"Indeed, he did."
"Oh, what is it?-Show me please. '
Jim fetched the handglass from
his dresser and presented it In front
of Miss Muffitt's own face.
"Why," she exclaimed, "that's me,
but I ain't a Christmas present. Well
���you will have to say that to my
big sister. I wish she'd come, Mr.
"I don't," thought Jim, cruelly selfish. This lovely Christmassy morning with a happy child���all to himself���made him shrink from the solitary hours after she was gone. Outside  the  snow  drifted  down���not  a
Minister    of    Public    Works    Will
'  Recommend Quebec   and Vancouver as Suitable Sites.
OTTAWA, Dec. 18.���The Evening
Citizen says: "Government-owned
drydocks at Quebec and Vancouver
for the accommodation respectively of St. Lawrence shipping and
that of the Pacific Coast, which is
expected to increase greatly through
the opening of the Panama canal,
will be recommended by Hon. Robt.
Rogers, minister of public works, in
the event of companies interested in
such enterprises not being prepared to construct them under the Subsidy Act. The Quebec dock will be
located at St. Joseph de Levis. When
proposals were asked for its construction last summer only one bid
was received and that was irregular.
Difficulty in financing the proposition accounted for lack of tenders.
It seems probable that the government itself will have to build this
particular dock. It is Mr. Rogers'
opinion that both Quebec and Vancouver should have docks capable
of accommodating the largest ship
afloat and the need of one at Quebec has been emphasized particularly
of late by the recurrence of accidents."
0.   P.   B. .AND CANAL.
MONTREAL, Dec. 17.���"There is
no necessity for the Canadian Pacific Railway to operate Its ships
through the Panama Canal," was the
statement of Mr. G. M. Bosworth,
vice-president of the C. P. R., yesterday. He declared that the Atlantic and Pacific steamship lines of
the company work in the capacity of
assistants to the Trans-Canada railway, and if their routes were changed to a direct, service through the
canal it would seriously affect the
railway. Mr. Bosworth says there ls
little telling what the future migl
me Royal Banh of Canada
Incorporated 1800.
Capital Authorized       *25,000,0oo
Capital Paid Up    $11,500,000
Best  ������������'  f 12,500,000
Aggregate Assets,   One  Hundred and Se vent-Five Million
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make every dj*
positor welcome, and to give the be st possible attention to his financial
  \ ������-        _ :
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upwards
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 31st ani
November 30th each year.
We have at the present
time some available
very usual experience for New West-|brinK jD Um- it,m-v be ma6(, ab.
minster on Christmas. Inside was a so1utely necessary that the C. P. R.
well-spread   table,  a cheerful   room|use  the  ro���t-i  bnt  at  th,_  date he
and  a little  cheer.       Some  childish , ���The functlon of our -hips ,8 to|
voices   somewhere    near    rang    9��* I bring grist to the mill, and the da.
fre=hlv  in   a  carol   about   the   shins
cision of the compay is that the ships
sailing in on Christmas Day in the | of the AtlantIc wll! not traverse the
morning.     - es   it was  Christmas.       P-cific>   nor   wln   the   ghlps   of   the
They wore at breakfast when the pacffic operate on tlle Atlantic."
blow    fell.    The    bell    rang���eaget
He was invited to go with the gang I tion, He was loth to give Miss
and followed tbem so far as the Muffltt up, Leave her at tho station
corner by the Post Office. Then a! lie simply wouldn't,
sudden distaste for his companions "This address will find me if any
made him shake loose from their one inquires for the child," he told
society. the desk sergeant, when that official
While they went to look for mail, had taken the little girl's descrip-
he crossed Hastings and lost himself tion. "She will be well looked after
amongst the crowd on Granville I know, if Mrs. Jensan Is still the
street.    It amused him to watch the  landlady  there."
shoppers���to stare In at the windows       "She is," said a constable.    "I live
' -���and   wonder   who   would   buy   all  near   there   myself,   and   know   her.
the frippery. Oh,   we   shall   have   someone   along
He was gazing Into a toy window, presently for your Christmas box, I
where some mechanical animals were  guess."
going through their fascinatingly ah-1 On a Sapperton car crowded with
surd semblance of real life, when shoppers and bundles, Jim finally
he became aware of a pair of very journeyed to his haven. Improve-
bright, very Inquisitive dark eyes ments thereabouts made the nelgh-
aearching his face. Their owner was borhood look unfamiliar, but he
a midget in a red coat and woolly found the clean old Norwegian
cap. In height she reached a little widow's house. She remembered
above his knees. him.
"Say,  Mr.  Man,  I  want  to  know j     "Ay bane glad to see you, boss,"
something," piped a tiny voice match- she   exclaimed,    smiling   broadly���
ing her thin little oval face, as Jim. "This your leedle girl?"
answered her stare with a smile.       I     "Lord, no," answered Lindsay.   "A
"What do you want, to know, sis?"  lost kiddie, Mrs. Jensan.    Hope you
he  asked, politely grave.
She pointed at the biggest animal.
"Is he a real thing? Would he
bite children, please?" she asked intensely earnest.
"Not be. He couldn't bite candy,"
Jim assured her. "He Isn't a live
thing, you know."
"Then why does he wiggle his
"Oh, wheels and things inside liiin.
You wind him up With a key," explained   Jim.
"Then Dick'a "'ie awful big storyteller,  an'  I'll tell him  so.     I   won't
ever believe him���-no, never," she
"Who Is Dick'.'"
"Ob���a little bov T play with. Wo
runned away on Ibe big car. He
[said he'd show me Santa Claus ami
the Christmas things and a big real
Santa Claus  -blgger'n you, Mr. Man
can fix us up. I only came down
this evening from the north, and
Santa Claus dropped her at my feet,
by way of a gift, I suppose."
"Ay ban fix you," and she showed
him into a comfortable room, clean
as snow just fallen. She fixed up
a little bed for' Miss Muffltt in her
own room.
The child was too tired to object
to anything, only whimpering a little
when Mrs. Jensan drew her away
from Jim. He told her that. If she
weiif to bed like a good girl she
would find Big Sister there when she
She insisted, however, on Mr. Man
hearing her say her prayers. These
sleepily uttered, she was following
Mrs Jensan, when a lively thought
flashed into  her feminine brain.
Plumping   herself   down    on   tho
voices sounded outside in the hall
Mrs. Jensan pushed open the dining
room door.
"Is she here?" gasped out a girls
voice���and Miss Muffltt shrieked out.
"Oh, Big Sister, what a time you've
been," ns she almost jumped into
the  arms of a snow-covered  figure.
Then Miss Muffltt was hugged
until she cried out in protest, while
her sister cried and laughed over
her. Jim slipped away and went out
on the verandah, staring at the Fra-
Gift of Battleships By Malay States
Was  Not  Inspired  By  tiie
LONDON, Dec. 18.���Directly the
offer of the Malay States to the Imperial Navy was received in London
reports became current that the gift
was undoubtedly due to ipressure
from the Home Government, the official  despatch  sent  to  the  Colonial
ser's flowing water and at the won- |ofr'ce ,b>; Sir Afrtfh"rM^ounagt' , hig,h
derful mountains which close like .��m_m.i_,_s!0*!er:.?f Jh?,.MaLal S_*ates' }s
mighty   guardians  over   its  course
lo loan on good security.
He did not take much stock In the
view just now. Of course, he was
glad for Miss Muffltt���but���
"Big Sister wants to see you,"
said the little voice, and the owner
dragged him hack to the dining room.
Big Sister wasn't very big���just a
little quiet mouse of a woman, with
a careworn face, and soft eyes, quiet,
but with such a truthful sincerity
shining in them that won Jim's instant fealty. He was awkward as a
schoolboy over the thanks and blessings Big Sister poured forth. She
explained that Phyllis had not been
missed from their rooming house
until she had herself got back from
Port Moody that morning. She had
Btayed to finish some sewing for a
lady there until it was too late to
get back to New Westminster the
previous night; and then tired and
I depressed as a stranger in a strange
lang, she had been overwhelmed with
the loss of her one tre&sure.
The police, however, had reassured her on Inquiring at the station. She was so thankful to Jim ���
she didn-'t know how to show her
Then Jim  found his tongue.
"I guess you can do it, Miss���Big
therefore particularly opportune. In
the words of the Sultan of Perak,
the offer was made as demonstration
of the loyalty and gratitude for the
protection given by Great Britain to
the Malay States and the prosperity
the States had attained owing to the
protection. The gift is to supplement the official naval programme,
and the Admiralty ls to decide whether the vessel shall be a first-class
battleship or a cruiser.
Sir Arthur repudiates the suggestion that the Home government had
practically brought pressure to bear
on the States to contribute to th��
navy. The offer, he emphasizes, wa*
entirely the result of an offer by the
ruler of the States, \^ho stated to
Mr. E. L. Rrockman, chief secretary, that the MalaJ* States wore not
perhaps assisting to an extent commensurate with their prosperity to
the defence of the Empire.
So we run away from where I live���   floor she tugged off her little stock-
VA.NCOHVF.il, Dee. 17.���Carl Lee,
a   mining  man,    residing    at    1436
Qraveley   street,   reported   yesterday
lhat while  walking along  the track
towards Whonnock    he    found    an
apple   bar   placed     lengthwise   over
,     ,     .,    . .one rail of the C. P. R. track and a
.,       r ���?,0n '. k-low1   y��'!r   name'  six-foot steel  rail   placed  cross-wavs
���milling���"I'm  alone  right  here  and
I'd   Hi
1 on having a good time
this Christmas with Miss Muffltt
here. We're pals���and, if you will
be another���why shouldn't we all
have a jolly Christmas here together.
Mrs. Jensan's got a plum pudding.
I know, and Ihere's mince pies���and
Miss Muffitt's got to have her Christmas free dressed. Will you be good
ma'am and help a poor fellow spend
the first  real  Christmas he's known
Ing and hopping upon the other foot
pushed the hosiery into "Mr. Man's"
"What's this for?" he gravely de'-
"It's for Santa Claus���hang it. up.
but write  'Phyllis'.���that's my name
���an'   pin   it   on.    Then   he'll  know i for  twenty  years?"
it's mine,"   she  explained,  the  pink '
spots of excited hope In her cheeks.
"All sereno.    Good night, kiddle."
She pursed up her month and
kissed him, then trotted off with Mrs,
"Well, guess I'm due to get busy
and buy that kid her presents. It's
late"���glancing al his watch "Bul
I'll manage to get something before
the stores close up. Gee whizz, hut
this will be a yarn for Rutler when
I get back. How I blew in my
Christmas wad. 1 hope���yes, I do���
thai ibe kid's folks won't, come along
before   she   gets  ber   fun."
This   anxiety   alone  marred   Jim's | naughty   Dick,   the  cause  of  all
pleasure   as   he   shopped     for    toys, I trouble   and   Joy.   wns   forgiven,
and Dick had ten cents to pay the
car man ���but lie never showed me
Santa���an'���an' he lost me���but I
don't care. Big Bister will come and
find me presently."
The little pointed chin perked up
aggressively, but there was a shiny
look In the game little kiddie's eyes.
Jim Lindsay found himself intensely interested and anxious about this
small young person. Nine o'clock
nnd a losl child whose people must
be  frantic  with  anxiety  aboui   ber.
"Where do you live, Miss Mnffitt""
lie asked, "H Dick's losl yon, you
had better go home to your mother."
"Mummy's dead. I've jast big
sister.We lived in England, an' come
In a big Ship, an' on a train three
Sundays we've lived here," counting
her  fingers carefully.
"But where is your house," patiently  asked  Jim.
"in New Westminster���it's in a
big bouse, but we have one room -
and my big sister makes my .upper
on a thing like that" -pointing to
an oil stove In a hardware window   - Ja ���'"'���'i s fancy, und when he returned home a present.    The young hopeful
Jim  was holding out  his hand  to
Rig  Sister  and   staring    down    very
earnestly at. the tired young face that
flushed   With   lovely   color   and. the
| surprise his  words  caused.
"Helen   will   stop,   I  know.       She
always  minds  me,"   said   Miss  Muf-
1' an' It's tunc we dressed that
tree, Mr.  Man."
"If we can give you any pleasure
sir, we will be so glad," faltered Big
Sister, and Jim's face was enough to
show bow changed bis world was.
Well, that was a Christmas Day,
Indeed    for    all    concerned.        Even
on this angle bar across the track.
Mr. Lee declares the wheels of a
train would have run up on the
pngle bar, struck the cross rail, and
thus have run off the track. As
the Limited, which is due in Whonnock at 10 o'clock, travels along at
great speed ln approaching the station, he declares the train would
have been thrown Into the ditch, or
possibly the river. When questioned last night, Mr. G. E. Graham,
local superintendent of the C. P. R.,
stated that there was no foundation
whatever to the report that an attempt had been made to wreck one
of the company's trains.
\*/MY    IMOT
Have your next Suit made from Good English or Scotch
goods.   We have it.
Tailors  and Designer*
B. C.
Manufacturers and Dealers in nil kinds of /
Shingles. Lath, Sash, Doors Turnings and Houae Finishing* [
)      Phone R 14 Eburne Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow
candies, fruit ��� all the things dear to I MisH  Mnffitt  insisted  on  taking bim
Tho building permits Issued during
tho year in South Vancouver constitute a record, both in number and
value. The by-law came into operation on October -IS, 1911, and from
that date lo the end of the year IS 1
permits were issued of the total
value of  $.88,620.
for she was trotting along now beside Mr. Mnn in unquestioned faiib
in  bis ability to care for her.
Jim found out afterwards thai   h
had wandered for hours looking  In
on the last car be was nervous al- had found his way back to New West
most to enter the bouse for fear that   minster,   but   was  too  scared  to  tell
Big Sister, or Bonby's mother had
fetched away his Christmas guest.
Hut   nn   one  had   been   and   be   pro
file stores  and hoping  naughty  Di. 1: I reeded in company with Mrs. Jensan
would   find her. *to ��� "I* *^'si1 Muffitt's Santa claus.
The   tiny   StOCkin
Jim wasn't used to children, although he liked them well e lough,
Still it gave him an odd comforting
reeling lo have that kiddie tagging
with  him.
"At least. I'm useful to somebody
this  Christinas."   ho   thoug.it.    "It's|
kind   of   pleasant  to  a  man   to   feel j
thai one person at least depends onj
The riddle Miss Mnffitt bad set
him was not easy. "Hig sister New
Westminster.'' was a tolerably \; |
address. He decided to notify the
polire station, and tben go over to
the Royal City. Most likely the
little runaways had been m.s.eii and
wouldn't hold
much, of course, but be stuck a
Union Jack and the Maple Leaf flag
in it witb  a hit. of berried holly.
When everything "'as placed to his
liking, he stopped beside the cot
and gazed down at the little flushed
face on its pillow, and tiie man. lonely
from his boyhood of domestic ties,
longed with a mighty longing for
home  and  love.
"She's a dear little kiddie. 1
shall hate like the mischief to let
ber go." he said, softly putting one
of bis little playmate's loss.
On   New*   Year's   bay,  Jim
walked i��
with Dig Sister along tbe Lover's j��
Walk in Qneen'S Park, and after ai~
good deal of coaxing, she consented ~
to give him Miss Mnffitt as his little !��
i nti :
COQUITLAM. Dec. 19.���A Vancouver realty linn on Hastings street
reports having disposed of Coquitlam reaf estate to the value of $1_\-
250. This sum was made up in
three sales. The property sold consisted   of   lots   71,   72,   ~?,,  block   1,
D.  L.  29fl. sold  for the sum  of $5.-
stray  damp  curl  from   tho childish j non- lot 70, block 15, D. L. 2l'2 for
brow. $4.-00.  ad  lots  1  and  2.  block  234.
Mrs. Jensan nodded slowly. | n.  L.  255  for  $2750.      Other  deals
"Sometimes the leedle girls can be in this locality are pending.
18.���Fire of an unknown
origin completely destroyed
the club house of the Country Club at Jericho Beach at
an early hour Ibis morning
and Mr. II. P, Taylor.
steward, his wife, three maids
and two Chinese servants
almost lost their lives in the
burning building, escaping in
their night clothes. The
building, whloh is valued at
between $15,000 and $2<%0(io
is completely . destroyed.
Furniture, cut glass, and
liquors valued at $5000 and
clothes and golf clubs valued
at $3000 belonging to different members of the club
were lost in the fire.
Horse Blankets
The Harness Makei
Corner Westham and  Delta
fivorite Resort for Automobile Parties
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
i*h__#,--ff ���;>��������*>* imtttt r'it,tttittt1<l***<l>**��*********tt>1Jrt
 -___���-��� j_jj ji  ���i   ���a��� mm/mm a .-��_�����..  ,��._
In Our Frost-proof Warehouse at
Drake and Homer Sts.
Or Market Square
will be money-makers three months from now. Our warehouses are
absolutely dry and frostproof. Consign your shipments direot to us.
and send us the shipping bill; we will do th* rest, and you will
have no worry.
New \\>-,tn*Jnst4rr. Vancouver,
f-rfwt North*-,���.    I*. O. Klertrlr ���.���,* <i,.n��rtlH��� Pat-fle Tri-oknge.
m SATPRDAY,   DECEMBER 21, 1912.
Mr. B. H. Weare was in Vancouver
on a business trip last Monday.
Visit McRea's  Pool  Room!    Pull
of  pipes,   cigars  and  tobaccos.
Mr. H. A. MacDonald returned on
Wednesday from a business visit to
Mrs. McKillop and family left for
Vancouver last Saturday, where they
intend to reside In future.
Special Christmas services will be
held in the Crescent Island Baptist
church tomorrow.
Miss Maud Scruby and Miss Grace
Malaher were the guests of Mr. ana
Mrs. D. A. McKee, at "Westholme,"
on Friday, Dec. 13.
Mrs. Lassiter, sr., and Mr. W. Las-
Blter, left on Wednesday for East
Burnaby, where they intend to reside
in the future.
Mrs.   Smith,   wife   of   Mr.   Asahel
Smith,  who IB  ill  at her son's  resl-
in   Vancouver,  is not   improv-
nid  during  the  past  few   days
condition has been much  worse.
I"or SaV, For Eichangt-, Wanted fo
Purchase, To Let, Lo*t Foiind. Woik
Wanted. Situations Vacant. 1 cent n r
word. Minimum, 25 cents for anv .ne
advt. These rates tor cash with order.
All Want Ads. must be in by i
on Thursday.
Mr. Edward Howard made a business  visit  to  Vancouver  last  week.
The S.S. Trader took a cargo of
20 tons of potatoes and 10 tons of
hay to Victoria last Monday.
line  of
McRea's  Pool  Room!    Full
pipes,  cigars  and  tobaccos.
FOR    SALE���-Household
almost   new.    Mrs.   Chas.
Ladner,  B.C.
P.m. f
 , if
furniture, |*j*
The agricultural commission will
meet In New Westminster on January 13th and 14th, and in Vancouver on January 9, 10, and 11.
A meeting of the creditors of Mr.
McKillon, general merchant, Lndncr,
Was held '�� Vancouver on Wednesday
FOR SALE���Several used pianos,
from $150 up; a second hand organ, *J75, equal to new. Hicks &.
Lovick Piano Co., Ltd., 1117 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.
STOKE���-Messrs. Lanning, Fawcett ii Wilson have opened up a
Free Tea Room for the convenient!, of holiday shoppers, and Invite you all to make a visit aim
try our Special  Blend of Tea.
ih nee
Mr.   Chris  Brown,  o"   East   Delia,       On Dec. 25th. Christinas Day, tli
won the gramaphone which was ri>f-'ss-   Delta   will   make   thp   mornin
fled at the Ladner Hotel this  we(k.jtriI> ONLY.    Other days ns usual.
The   lucky   number   in   this*   contest | ���
was 50. '
Mr. It. 11. Hardwick. manager of
Ho' Royal Bunk of Canada in Victoria
West, and Mr. A. D. McLeod, manner iif the Grandvlew branch of th-
Royal Hank, Vancouver, spent the
latter part of last week visiting Mr.
Bishop, of the local branch.
Hayes was the guest of honor
i well-attended kitchen shower,
which wns given last Monday at the
home of Mrs. J. Richardson. Port
Oulchon. Mrs. Hay<*9 left for her
old home in San Jose, California, on
A trap shoot will be held under
the auspices of *he local gun e'en
on Christmas Day. Every sporl.sm**!
is invited and a good afternoon's
enjoyment is anticipated.
Mils R. Hutcherson has accepted
the position as teacher of the Canoe
Pass School. Miss Hood, of Npw
Westminster, who formerly had
charge of the school, is returning to
her home.
re< eived
iy   tiie I .!���
Delta Municipal Council up till Jan- f
uary 10th. 1813, for building a oon-l��j>
Crete flood box  at Kast  Delta.    For
plans and .specifications apply at the
clerk's   office.
N.  A    McrilAHMID.
C.  M.   ('.
The White Store
We Wish You All a Very Merry
Christmas and a Bright and
Prosperous New  Year
S. W. Walter, SgEte Ladner, B.C. f
In consequence of the sale of work
and entertainment recently held by
the Women's Guild of the All Saints
church, $170 has been raised.    This
The electors of New Westminster
by a plebiscite vote of 742 to 103
have authorized the leasing of thej
new horse show huilding, Queen's
Park, to the Arena Company for four
months of the year for an ice rink.
The Yulctlde  festivities are to be
prolonged   for   the   Baptist   children
fund will be devoted to the liquidat-, ny the arrangement for holding their
of the vicarage debt.
Resides the general raise in salary
which the Royal Rank clerks experienced, about one month ago. a
Christmas bonus has been received
!,;, tiie local branch this week. It is
also understood that the shareholders
have each received a bonus.
Christmas Tree and entertainment on
Thur=dny evening, Dec -8. The
parents nnd friends of the gehopl
children have been invited find a
very happy evening is expect?**.
Victor Guichon, the Westham Island football player, who received
a fractured leg, while playing, for his
team in Ladner two weeks ago is repelled to be progressing favorably
at St. Mary's Hospital, New Westminster.
Services will be held in All Saints
church at Ladner on Christmas Dav.
In the morning at eight o'clock, Holy
Communion will be solemnized and
at 11 a.m. the services will he continued with Morning Prayer, Sernion
and Holy Communion.
The  Celtics  and  Westham   Island
football   teams  will  clash   today on
  JMcCallum's    field.    Ladner.      This
The Crescent Island folk are work-1 same is of premier importance to
Ing with characteristic energy to the Thistles, as their chances of win-
nuike their Christmas entertainment ning the Mainland Soccer ehampion-
thp best yet. Miss Ferris, the popu-, ship hinge on the results of this
lar teacher, has worked hard In pre-, match.
paring the children and a real good j 	
Walters,   the   White   Store,   have
liime is anticipated.    This affair will
Ibe  held   next   Monday.
The Boundary Bay Sunday school
'ill hold their annual Christmas Tree
ntertalnment on Tuesday, December
14th, Christmas eve. The congre-
"iiion of the All Saints church at
I I.adner have been invited, so that
' irge gathering is anticipated.
���anta Claus is expected to attend the
made extensive provision for the
Christmas trade. The store is stocked With choice gifts and holiday necessities. Christmas shoppers ought
to find no difficulty in selecting their
holiday provisions there. The improvements recently made by Mr.
Walter In the store aid in displaying
the Christmas specials to the best
Successor to P. C. Clark
��� AND*
CiCReral Blacksmlthino
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd.
I n c< >i*|��irut ed  1010.
We are prepared to install single
line or party line phones at short notice. Long distance in connection wltn
our service. Apply to
A. DeR. TAYLOR. Sec.
The Lower Fraser Lacrosse League
i**e once more provided  for an ox-
���ellent   social   dance.      The   happy
"nctlon Is to be held in the McNeely
'all on  December    31,    A  fine or-
'"stra  has  been   secured   and   pro-
uii made for supper at  the Delia
IHotel.   This  ball   will   undoubtedly
ttract a large gathering of supporting and  lacrosse enthfslasts.
Rev. C. C. Hoyle, vicar of All
Saints' church, was made the recipient of a handsome set of the1 works
or Bishop Lichtfoot. The presentation was made last Monday night at
St. Mark's Hall, Vancouver, of which
institution Rev. Mr. Hoyle has the
honor to be a lecturer on church
history. As such he has won the
esteem of both faculty and students.
As Christmas Day falls on Wed-
lf a cold wave struck Ladner at I nosday, the Wednesday night danc-
��� present time it would find the ' ing club have decided to hold their
'ii altogether unprepared to resist j regular fortnightly dance on Monday
! onslaught of "Jack Frost." The evening, Dec. 23, in McNeely Hull,
t* of the matter is that there Is j These affairs are proving very popu-
"al famine caused by a shortage ' lar among the young people of the
the supply which the "Westham" [ district. They have been conducted
ngs to this port. J. Johnson, who j on purely social lines, no admission
'tie handles the article, is expect- j fee being asked, and everybody Is
a  shipment  every day. made  welcome.
j Annual Drawing Contest
|i      '*MMBBB_B_B__B__Mn__B__-__--_H-_��-_n
Beginning September 1.
Via Steveston and
S.S.    "NEW    DELTA"
To Vancouver and New Westminster.
Week Days.
Leaves Ladner���8:30 a.m. and 3:30
Leaves Steveston on arrival of car.
leaving Granville street, Vancouver, station at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30
p.m. New Westminster passengers
will take car leaving at 8:00 a.m.
and 3:00 p.m. for Eburne car, to
connect with the boat.
P�� S.���The Guessing Contest which has been advertised at our store comes to a close at 8:30 p. m. Tuesday, December 24, when the beans will be counted
and the prizes awarded to those who made the lucky
If two persons should accidentally guess the same
And It Being a Prize One, a Draw Will Decide the Winner
*. Al) goods purchased, but charged, between December
| 7th and 24th, if paid by Christmas wiil be admitted to
| guess on same.
*******************************^ m>***************i****tt+t4tttMM44+^ .
oooooooooor ooooooooooooooo
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Delta Hotel.
McDonald.   .New   Westmin-
Ackley.   New   Westminster.
Keogh, Vancouver.
Henry,   Vancouver.
Massey,  Vancouver.
Watson,   Vancouver.
Hutcherson,   Vancouver.
We shall be pleased to forward your subscriptions for any
magazine published In Canada, England or the United States. In
this way the magazine costs you no more and yet the commission
remains to circulate in the district. The same applies to all books
and newspapers especially those published in Vancouver and Victoria.
The  subscription
remains in Ladner.
costs  the  same  to  you  and  the  commission
Fred Elliott, Vancouver,
A. W. Rudolf, Vancouver.
II. W. Wright, Vancouver.
j. S. Townsend. New Westminster.
('has. Doyle, New Westminster.
John Bechman, Vancouver.
Robert Clark.  Vancouver.
G. Anderson, New York.
II. Beaird, New York.
Hans Westmark. East  Delta.
.1.   H.   Shirley,   New   Westminster.
Henry   L.   Van  Wyck,   Vancouver.
Ladner Hotel.
II. W. Jones, Cloverdale.
John R. Vnnt, Vancouver,
E. w. Btapleford, Vancouver,
T. Sander. Vancouver.
E. C.  Bong,  K.C.M.,  India.
w. Gilchrist, Vancouver.
VV. S. Sadie, Baltimore,
Ceo   Turnbull,   New   Westminster.
.1. ().  Perry. Victoria.
will probably be made
With each 50c cash purchase a coupon will
be given, entitling the holder to one chance
in the drawing to take place on December
31. Five prizes of $5.00 each, and five
prizes of $3.00 each, will be given in goods.
There is nothing more acceptable or appropriate as a Christmas Gift than a pair of
Slippers or Shoes.    Always useful.
at tbe coming special session of Congress to get
through an appropriation for the
survey of the Nooksack river between
the bay and Evcrson with a view to
having tho river straightened n��4
freed from snags, according to Secretary II. II. Matteson, of the Chamber of Commerce.
Royal Brand
Dried Breeders Grains
Every dairy owner should
feed (hein. Writ* us for prices
delivered lo your nearest station.
The Royal Stock
Food Co.
Scotia and Front Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
| S. W. FISHER, Phm. B��� Prop.
 ri���-_-���__-._-������-__������...   tmm^i    |        t
Any corrections in above names or
times should be sent to the office
of the Delta Times, Ladner, B.C.
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a.m.. second fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
Service at 7.30 p.m ; Wednesday
evening, Litany at, 8.80. Rev. C. C.
Hoyle,   M.A.,   vicar.
Baptist Church.
Castor. Rev  c. R. Blunden.
I.adner���Sunday school.   11   a.m.;
evening service, 7.30 p.m.; prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7.3(1 p.m.; missionary meeting every first Wednesday under the auspices of the Ladles'
Crescent Island Sunday school, 2
p.m.; service, 3 p.m.; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.30
GuUsido Schoolbouse���Union Sunday school, 2 p.m.; singing practice
and Gospel service. Eriday,  7.30.
Church services will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday, November 14, 1909; Parochial
mass at 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school.
2 p.m.; evening devotion, 3 p.m.;
low mass the following Monday, fi
a.m. F. Kientz, D.L., parish priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; class meeting.
nfter the morning service every Sunday; Sabbath school at in a.m. every
Sunday; Epworth League every even-
How About Your Xmas and
New Year Presents?
You Cannot Do Better Than Call and Inspect Our
Splendid Lines.
Fancy jewellery of every   Description���Ladles'  and  Gents'
watches in gold, gold filled and silver cases, diamond lings,
lockets and fancy pendants. See our splendid line of gold
brooches. 30-hour, 8-day Westminster chime and 400 day
clocks.   Big   Den   and   Ilaby   Alarms. Engagement   and  Wedding
a fine assortment of 'rich  cut glass, silver and electro  plate, at
right    prices.     Violins   and   Mandolins.     Repairs
Carry in stock a full line of
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
ing at 8 o'clock.    Rev. C. Wcllesley
Whittaker,  pastor.
st, Andrew's Presbyterian.
Services   next   Lord's   Day   at   11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; week night services ou Thursday evening at 7.30
o'clock; Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Rev. J.  J.  Hastie,  minister.
\ .������...������:
\ f
j l
' i *l
. h
SEATTLE, Dec. 19.���The old constitutional provision of tills state
forbidding the ownership of real properly by persons not citizens of the
To  ltev. and  Mrs. McLeod, of Vancouver, Ki't uriK'-l Missionaries
Front  India.
I In spite of the inclemency of the
i;���,:,-,i ���,-.., i] be abolished 'if weather splendid congregations as-
the recommendation of the eOtnmtt- BBHthled to welcome ltev. and Mrs.
tee on state affairs and legislation of A- A* McLeod, oi Vancouver, wbo
the new Chamber of Commerce is ������ro returned missionaries from the
approved at Olympia. The commit- Telegu field, India, when they
tee recommended yesterday that the preached in Ladner last Sunday,
chamber urge the proper commit- j Mr. Mcl.eod held services at both
tees of the slate legislature to In-!Westham Island and Ladner. while
troduce a bill submitting an amend-'Mrs. McLeod addressed the Sunday
ment to the constitution abolishing school and a special afternoon mei -
this provision, nud the recommen- j lug which was held under the aus
datlon was approved by the. trustees, i pices of the Ladies' Circle of the
Seattle Market. Baptist church.
SEATTLE, Deo. 19.���Eggs, local. At. this service, Miss Cave-Drowne-
ranch BSc.i Eastern fresh 84c; Gave, L.R.A.M., A.R.O.M., pre-
April storage 28c to SOc; hot weath-isided at the organ, and Mrs. Lanning
���or Eastern storage 20c to 23c. But- sang In her usual pleasing way.
ter,  Washington     Creamery,     firsts
36c  to  37c;   Eastern   .12c.      Cheese,
Tillamook 19c; limbnrger, 20e; Wis-j 	
cousin  20c;  brick.  20c:  block Swiss Total    Market    Value    of   Canadian
22c; wheel Swiss 23c; Young Ameri-! Fishing During Last Year
ca  21c.      Onions,   California  !IOc to i
$1   per  sack.      Tolatoes,     local     on
track $10 to $11: Yakima $14;
sweets 2 1-4 to 2 1-2r per lb. Oats
$28 to $2fi. Hay, Eastern Washington timothy $18 to $19; wheat
hay, $17; alfalfa $13 to $14; mixed
hay $16 to $18; straw $0 to $10.
City Shares Profits.
BELLINGHAM, Dec. 19.���By an
agreement reached with the city
counrll all the Sunset nn*1 Pacific
Telephone companies' holdings In
this city come under an ordinance
whereby the companies pay to the
city 1 per cent, of their gross receipts. In return, the city grants
a transfer of the Home Telephone
Co. franchise to the Sunset Company
the Home Company having passed
to the ownership of the Sunset a year
ago. Under the agreement the city
will receive a revenue ot approximately $1000 annually.
Commission Sustained.
SEATTLE, Dec. 19.���The state
Industrial insurance commission is
sustained in its contention that the
Columbia & Puget Sound Railway is
engaged In interstate traffic, and
that its employees are outside of the
jurisdiction of the state insurance
law, under the decision of Superior
Judge King Dykman Tuesday, In the
case of Walter and Martha Thompson against the Industrial Insurance
Schools Progressive.
OLYMPIA, Dec. 19.���That the
schools of Washington are devoting
more time and energy to the teaching of the manual arts and household arts and the making of a mere
flexible course of study, so as to
bring out the latent talents and to
develop the individuality of the pupils, and that greater attention is
being paid to civic questions are
assertions made by H. Ti. Dewey,
in his biennial report which is now-
being printed.
Lyndon Electric Lights.
LYNDEN,   Dec.   19.���Lynden     is
now electrically lighter in a modern
way.    The "juice"  was turned    on
Sunday night for the first time, and
the "Gem of Nooksack Valley" glistened  with   unwonted  brilliancy.
Frail District Planned.
BPOKANE, Dec.  19.���With      th*.
naming of officers  for the first   six
months and the mapping out of the
nine fruit growing districts involved
articles of incorporation were drawn
am'  formal  organization  was  effected  here tqday of the North  Pacific
Fruit Distributors, a co-operative association  formed  lo  market   a  large
part of the fruit grown  in Montana.
Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
Fruit Cannery for Blaine,
BLAINE,   Dec.   19.���   Plans     nre
under way lure  to  organize  a company  to  build   a   modern   fruit  and
ve; . 'able,  cannery,   a   creamery  and |
cold  storage  plant,  nil   under      one!
roof nnd under one management.
Concrete Road to Lynden.
bELLINGHAM,   Dec.   1fl._In   or-
cli - to petition tor a concrete pave-
iii. ni [or  i stretch of ;oad extending
twelve   miles   north   from   here     to
Lynden, land owm<ts along the route
will   seek   to   pledge   the   legislators
from this county to bring about tho
amendment of the Donahue road liw
Was $34,067,872.
OTTAWA, Ont., Dec. 9���The an-
At Hizuni Where Greeks Are Trying
To Force a Passage to
LONDON, Dec. 19.���A further
hitch in the peace negotiations between Turkey and the Balkan allies
came today when the Sultan's envoys received fresh Instructions to
! meet with the Greek plenipotentiaries only under certain conditions.
It is problematical whether the
I Greek representatives will meet the
I imposed restrictions.
More Fighting,
Heavy fighting at Bizani, where    a
Greek division is trying to force a
passage to Janina, is reported In despatches here today.
Information received here is that
a Greek battery is firing on tho
Turkish fortress which is the sole
barrier of the Hellenic advance to
Janina, that the losses on both sides
have been heavy, and that the outcome of the engagement is still lu
nual report of the department of
trade and commerce Just Issued
shows that the total market value of
fish and flsh products taken by
Canadian fishermen during the last
year was $34,6,7,872. This constitutes a new record for the Canadian fishing Industry.
Never before has the total value
of the fisheries of Canada passed
or reached the thirty-million-dollar mark. The value for 1911 reached $20,965,433, which, up to that
time, was the highest ever recorded.
Further Statistics.
These results were produced by
65,926 fishermen, who manned 1648
vessels and tugs and 36,761 boats,
together with 26,206 workers who
were employed on shore. Of the
boats, no fewer than 5580 used
gasoline engines as a means of propulsion, there being 992 added to
the motor boat fleet since last year.
The value produced from the fisheries of each province in its respective order of rank was as follows:
In Order ot Rank.
British Columbia, $13,677,125;
increase $4,513,890.
Nova Scotia, $9,367,550; decrease
New Brunswick, $4,886,157; increase, $752,013.
Ontario,     $2,205,436;
Quebec,      $1,618,836;
Prince    Edward  Island
396; increase, $42,888.
Manitoba,   $1,113,486;
Saskatchewan,.     $139,436;
crease, $33,467.
Yukon, $111,825; decrease, $6,-
Alberta, $102,325; decrease, $19,-
These figures show that the chief
credit of the phenomenal increase is
due to British Columbia. Nova
Scotia's total shows a falling off
from that of laBt year, but the total
value of the fisheries of the province
for the,year under review is far
ahead of the sum of any of the
other past years. The very substantial increase contributed by New
Brunswick is due to the very' sue
cessful sardine fishing seasm of
ln point of value the ten leading
fisheries of the Dominion are; Salmon, with a catch valued at. $10,-
838,070; lobster, $8,790,203; cod,
$4,201,760; herring, $2,446,481;
halibut, $2,27S,S24; haddock, $1,-
316,418; sardines, $1,241,626;
wliitefish, $936,460; trout, $818,-
501; smelts, $780,520.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2060 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land
must be described by sections, or
legal sub-divisions of sections, and
in unsurveyed territory .the tract applied for shall be staked out by the
applicant  himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for
are not available, but not otherwise.
A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quan-
t'ty of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished
at least once a year.
.The lease will include the coal
mining rights only, but the lessee
may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights mny be
considered necessary for the working of the mine at the rate of ?.
an acre.
For full   Information    application
should be made to the Secretary
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N. B.���Unauthorized publications
of this advertisement will not be
paid  for.���30690.
Only Two More Days to Xmas
This store will remain open late Monday and Tuesday evening.    Extra sales force to handle the final  rush.
Don't forget the Big Drawing Tuesday Evening
NOTICE���Any person paying their December account before the drawing will receive tickets.
Late shipments of Christmas Goods have been added to our
already heavy stock, making choosing as easy as at the beginning
of the Christmas shopping.
Holiday Greetings
We take this oppoi-tunity to wish you all a Jolly Christmas and
a Happy and Prosperous 1913.,
Lanning, fawcett & Wilson, Ltd.
" D elta   Motel I
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor |
Ladner, 13. O. Phono 2 J
All Modern Conveniences, Newly  Furnished, Well Heated,  Sam-  X
pie Itoom.    American and European    Plan,      First-class    Cuisine,  j*
Prom pt Service. ���{��
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Kates Reasonable.   X
~-*.7//aAes a  Specialty 0f**,
fob ana
Mariners  nre  notified  ln  the  rur-
rent number of the Canada Gazette,
thai  the fog bell, heretofore naaln-
i......,'.   on   I...   li{ ht .t.p,   ..:..'
replaced by a fog alarm consisting ot
a diaphone, operated with air, compressed by an oil engine. The diaphone will give one blast of three
B iconds every thirty seconds. The
lightship's position Is given as at a
which provides for gravel top only.|polDt on th��� ������,,,,. pdge of tha Band
heads, where the main channel of tin
Rf-jATH E M UlKl'T.
3K v; Tl R   Pee,  1 1     K ���:   local
ranch, :-     ''" di ra f ���   h, 'iof  \ tvll
utoragi     '"  '   '���;-'   ' ��� "'��� :'    '"' ; " "���
gtOT    "" ' lo "" ���     <:�����'<������������   Wn b
,,,  ��� * ���   88c io  :'7r-
: .      ��� ,,    ���: -i     '        THlam i \
1 :i(.: || abni '" ii >h���in, 2tn :
y.       .     .,,...-.. --^  2_c;   Wheel
......     \ ., r ���    y *-i ric is,  21c
(!-��� -'. ������ i     BOi   to $1    oer
ia        i i < ��� i.  - I i to  I'"
pi :   on   '        ; ' ���    16: Sweet*
.,,. ���     .   i  ��� ,i     Oats:   128
to $20.    Hay:    R i W n hin*r'on
1 hay, -17:
'-���;,.  *1R to tl, $15  to j
$16; i     iw. $�� to ��� 10
Fraser river reaches deep water in i
the straits of Georgia.
WILL   I'.MIT   I.'.OtM*.
Read Matt. 34--8B K Von Don't Re-!
lieve   ll���Ollwr   Annoying
DBS MOINBB, Dec. 17.���-"There
won'l be any Panama Pacific imposition. Those poor, misguided
persons i n the Pacillc coast niv
wasting their money. They bad bei
ter be directing their energies In
preparation (or Judgment Duy. For
the gqod Lord ls going to bring
this world to an end In   1018."
Tliis was the declaration today of
1 $40,00
Good for Forty Dollars
aa flrst payment on a Piano at sale prices if presented on or before December 3ls1   1912
1117 Granville Street, Vancouver.                        Corner Helmcken Street.
ltev. w, i).  Parkhurst, pastor
the flrsl Adventlst church, who
In search of Christmas turkeys backed his assertion with many quo-
and poultry of all kinds buyers tatlons from the Bible. He also
turned qui In numbers and swarm- pointed to the Ualkan war as pared the regular New Westminster tial proof of bis prediction.
���weekly ro rkel on Friday, The of- "All the seas and rivers and foun-
ferlngi nod  In  all lines and   tains will turn to blood," paid Park-
buyers took advantage to such  an j hurst.    "Hailstones    weighing     57
It is thoughl that all re- pounds will fall and the sun will be
will be broken  so hot   that  men   will  literally  b<
tor I  amounl     of business burned alive.   Next summer will be
������ in -;     history of the   so hoi   thai   people  will  be cooked
i tie, mar- on their bones.   When you turn the
j_e* ,: , >re hei b a con   kitchen faucet next July warm blood
tion ol  buyers In    the    market,   will How and the Boft skin of wo-
��� ..>-,. offered, live  men   will   break out   In  loathsome
weight al 83     &    ��� ���  nt�� a pound.  Bores,  and   seven   plagues  will  de-
i, live weight, 20 and 23 cents vastate the earth."
a pound.    Turkeys, dressed, sold ati    Dr. Parkhursl advises the peo]
40 , e, 27 ami  to  read   the   24th   chapter  of  Mat-
30 rents a pound.    Chickens dress- thew, verse 25, if they don't believe
ed brought 25 and a pound,   it.
Chickens, live w< l| ht, brought 18
and 2u cents a pound; ducks', 19
and   2b  cents  a  pound.     Lamb  and,
Bring or send the above certificate to us; you can select any Piano in our
stuck.    We will accept tliis certificate and also give you a receipt for $2.00 for
every $1.00 you pay up to $40.00 as Iirst payment on the piano.*
Present this certificate and pay $20,00 in cash and get a receipt for $80.00
present tins certificate and pay $25.00in cash and got a receipt for $90.00
Present this certificate and pay $30.00 in cash and get a receipt for $100.00
Present this certificate and pay $35.00 in cash and get a receipt for $110.00
Present this certificate and pay $40.00 in cash and get a receipt for $120.00
We must absolutely clear our stock cf Pianos before December 31st, 1912.
11 and select your Piano or write to us at once.
pout moody.    Dec    19,   Jack
mutton, wholesale, brought   12 and IThompson, of New Westminster, de-
12 1-2 cents a pound, and pork 1 2 j feated Hart Yordy after s's rounds of
.md 13 1-2 cents a pound. Tho egg a KruelllnR contest at Port M tody
market remained about tho same as last evening. In a four-round prc-
last week, vendors asking 50 cents a liniinnry. Shorty I'arsoin. a New
dozen retail and 40 and 45 cents a'Westminster boy, was defeated by Ed
dozen  wholesale. Shea, of Blaine.
tits &
1117 Granville St.
ano Co.
Vancouver, B. C.
*i*etter heads
SBitts of
Call an J Satt Sa/nplti
The Delta Time*  is V^^^^xm
Saturddjr from the Time* W
Ltda-tr,  B.CL    J.  D. T_y��*'


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