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The Delta Times Aug 7, 1909

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Volume 6
Number 49
Dates   for  Entries   for   Seattle  Show
Have  Keen  Extended   from
August 1 to August 10.
Gang   ��f   Men   Making    EnclosureI
Heady for Filling In���Company
Still Kcticcnt Regarding Plans,
The B. C. E. R. has a gang of
about fourteen men at Ladner this
week preparing the enclosure ubove
the Transfer wharf for lining In.
When the piling and planking Is
reaily the King Edward will pump
the sand Inio the enclosure. It is
understood that the company Intend
to bulhl a large wharf, although for
what purposes no one, outside of the
company, Is In a position to state, and
the company Is very reticent of Its
plans. There Is this satisfaction to be!
obtained and that Is that the B. C.
B. R. have some plans in which Ladner and the Delta are to have a prominent place, and it looks as If the
movement in which they are concerned ls about to start soon.
The men working here expect that
It will be another week before they
are through. It is an Interesting fact,
as showing how the river bed changes,
to note that at the lower end of the
proposed wharf there Is about eleven
feet of water at low tide. A few
years ago, Capt. Rogers says, there
was at least sixty feet of water here.
A shooting fatality occurred at
Steveston during the early hours of
Monday morning, when Frank Davis,
a bookkeeper for the Butterman Cannery Company, opposite Steveston,
shot himself in his room. Death was
instantaneous and it is believed to
have been a case of suicide. Davis
is about 30 years of age and had been I
working for the Butterman Cannery
Co. for some time. He was a book-
keeper for Gt. E. Trorey, jeweler, of
Vancouver, for a number of years. I
He was unmarried and has relatives |
living in Ottawa.
Seattle, August 5.-���By reason of
numerous requests coming from livestock breeders throughout the United
States and Canada, the dates for entries in the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
Live Stock Show have been extended
from August  1st to August 25th.
The $C3,500 In cash prizes which
the Exposition Is offering will bring
the best herds to this contest, and
many sales Will be held during the
stock show dates, September 27th
to October 9th. The leading horse
breeders and importers of the country will be on hand with their latest
and best importations, and it Is
found that ihe grounds which were
originally assigned to the stock show-
will have to be enlarged to accommodate the ever Increasing entries.
Cattle and horses in train loads will
be shipped over the various railroads
In special Pullman stock cars and
only the very best ot the breeds will
contest  for   highest   honors.
Xj one feature will create greater
general interest than the live stock
show and those who witness it will
see one of the best shows ever held
in the country and decidedly the biggest one ever contemplated west of
the Rofky Mountains.
Following Is a list of those who contributor flowers to the late Mrs.
Airs. I. McNeely, Dr. and Mrs. King,
Mr. and Mrs. E. B, Ladner, .Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Lanning, Mrs. W. H. Ladner, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Rich, Mr. and
Mrs. Pybus, Mr. and Mrs. \v. Frederick, Mrs. Guichon and family, 'Mr.
and Mrs. F. Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. T.
E, Patterson, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. A,
McNeill, Mr. and Mrs. A. Coleman,
Mrs. McDiarmid, Mr. and Mrs. Bow-en,
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs.
P. Clark, Mr. -and Mrs. Birney, Mr.
and Mrs. Reagh, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Taylor, Mr. and illrs. YVhitworth, Mr.
and Mrs. James Follls, Mr. and Mrs,
Cortiborough, Mrs. Hand ford, Mr. and
Mrs. York, Mr. and Mrs. D. McGregor.
Mrs. H. Wilson, 'Mr. and Mrs. Gibble,
Misses Alexander, Sunbury; it. Devereaux, Mrs. Alexander and family, Vancouver; Miss Bessie Fcnton, Miss J.
Maclnnes, -Miss Annie Sprout, H. J.
and H. A. Cresswoll, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Lockie Brown,
Air. a.iul Mrs. Kenneth Morrison, Aliss
Jessie Walker, Bellingham.
LONDON", Aug. 2.���It is learned
that In order to confirm the official
status of the Canadian government
appointees in foreign countries and
place them beyond the restrictive influence of the British resident officials as was attempted in the recent
Preston controversy In Japan, which
might have seriously affected the
Hade prospects of Canada, the Colonial office has consented to he the
medium through which notification
shall be given the foreign governments of the appointment of a Canadian officials to foreign countries.
This, it is understood, is the outcome
of the recent strong representations
made by the Canadian government to
the Colonial office.
Body   of   "Scotty"   Smith   Found   nt
I'on Guichon.    Supposed to he
Victim  of Opium Poisoning,
The Times has received a long letter from Air. John Oliver, M. L. A.,
finding fault with the statement in
this paper that Minister Pugsley did
not think it necessary to call at Ladner, when he passed recently a few
yards distant from our landing. The
letter is too long to publish in full,
and besides It Is too bell.gerent In
tone for the Times, as we are anxious
to live at peace with our neighbors.     i
So far as we can make out, Mr.
Oliver intimates that no one asked
the Minister to call at Ladner, because although the Reeve asked Mr.
Oliver to arrange this matter with the
Minister it was too late when he gjt
the message, us Air. Oliver had to
leave lor the Interior early next
morning. He also states that it was
the duly of the federal representative
to have asked Air. Pugsley to visit
Air. Taylor,  the federal  representative,  being asked  about  the    matter,
said he would have been glad to have
helped out Air. Oliver If he hud been
asked,   particularly  as  he   found   Air.
Pugsley  very   obliging   lu   the   matter I
of making engagements to visit other
points  as  to  which Mr. Taylor    pre-]
sented the requests of residents.    Mr.
Taylor was on the boat with the Mln- I
Ister  when   he   passed   up  the    river
from Steveston, and  took the oppor-
tunity,  as  they  passed  within a    few j
yards of the dyke at Ladner to show I
the Minister  the  works    which    hlsj
government have assisted already and |
to  mention  other  departmental  mat- j
ters of Interest to Ladner to him and!
his colleague  Air.    Templeman.    Mr.
Taylor  recalls  that he  took up    this
matter   on   the   floor   of   parliament,
and  differed   there  from     the    stand
taken by Air. Pugsley, who then lately
had  boon  visited by  Air.  Oliver,  that
there was not great responsibility on
the part of  the  federal  g ivernment
In this connection.    Mr. Taylor points I
out that to the extent to which    the
blocking of the channel and the erosion of the dykes Is due to the neglect
of the federal  government    to make
and  maintain  a  proper channel  from
Ladner to  the Gulf,  the federal government   Is   directly   responsible,  and
he feels satisfied that presentation of
this view nt Ottawa would be effective
in inducing the    government    to g ve
greater    attention    to    conditions    at
Alexander Smith, bettor known as
'"Scotty" .Smith, was found dead In an
old barn at Port Guichon last Saturday. Just what was the cause of
death Is not known, although it is
.suspected that it was the result of
opium poisoning. Dr. Woodley held
a post-mortem examination, and a
coroner's inquest was held. The Jury,
composed of Messrs. Thos. E. Ladner,
John McKeo, W. -H. Smith, W. A.
Kirkland. John Relgh and W. H. Wil-
sin, adjourned until to-day (Satur-
daj i. in the meantime contents of
the stomach have been sent to Vancouver for a thorough analysis, when
the juiy will complete their work.
Toe deceased was a Well-known
character both here and at Chilliwack, as he lived at buth places for
the past ten years or more. He was
about 40 years of age, a Canadian
und a shoemaker by trade, although
latterly he had not worked much at
that trade, coming here during the
hay season. He was unmarried and,
as far as known, had no relatives In
this  part  of  the  country.
Many Delta Citizens Will See Rlngllnf
Show at Vancouver.
A great many Ladner people are
going to Vancouver on Monday, Aug.
1(1, to the Rlngflng Pros.' Circus. It
will be the only opportunity this year
and tho railroads are preparing to
handle thousands of visitors from the
surrounding territory, Rlngling
Brothers have made many Improvements since they last appeared In
tills part of the country. Al Madison
Square Garden, New York, where the
season began, the performances were
attended nightly by the biggest
crowds that ever saw a circus in Manhattan, and the newspapers were not
backward about saying that the Rlngling Brothers were presenting, in
every respect, the best entertainment
of the kind ever given there. The
performances In Vancouver will be
identical with those given In the Garden, not the slightest, change having
been made In the lonog programme.
The circus offered this year Is one
of wonderful novelty. Instead of the
usual single thriller presented by
other circuses, the Ringling Brothers
are heading their bill with no less
than seven of the greatest and most
sensational acts that have ever been
presented anywhere on earth.
, The parade will be given in the
forenoon. It will far surpass the
brilliant pageants which the Rlngling
Brothers have given in past years,
having been entirely rebuilt ln the
foreign workshops of the show at
Liverpool,   Eng.
COWES, Aug. 4.--Emperor Nicholas, who Is here on a visit to King
Edward, came ashore from the Imperial yacht Standart this afternoon
for the first time since his arrival
last Monday, and In company with
King Edward visited the naval sti-
tlon at Osborne. Their II Jostles
dr���ve in a closed br.Hur' am.
Bov.    Hamilton    Wigle,   Well-known
Winnipeg Pastor,   Will  S|K'iik  In
Lndncr on   August   2S.
N'ame of Thomas B, Ludner Appears
on Hoard of the Newly Organized B. C. Life.
On August H8rd the Rev. Hamlltoi
Wigle, pastor of Zlon Church, Winnl
peg, will lecture In Ladner.
The Rev. Air. Wigle Is an emlnem
divine well known throughout thi
west. As a lecturer he has been mosi
successful, especially with the leoturi
"A Alodern Crusade," which he Is to
give here. On Sunday, August 22nd.
he will occupy the pulpit of the
Methodist   Church. The   following
evening he will deliver his lecture
in McNeely's Hall. "A Alodern Crusade" is the account of a trip taken
by a party of some seven hundred
people, a few years ago, of which Mr.
Wigle was one, from Xew York to
the Holy Land. The scenes commence at New York and, after embracing old world centres, wind up at
Calgary. Those who have heard the
lecture say that it Is a splendid narration, at once humorous, pathetic
and eloquent. It is popular in Winnipeg, where It has been given as many
as three times In the large Winnipeg churches.
What should add to the entertainment here is that during the evening
the Ladles' Aid Society of the Methodist Church  Will serve  refreshments.
In reference to the protest put In
by the Indians against the proposed
site of the rifle range of the Ladner
Rifle Club, R. C. McDonald, of New
Westminster, Indian agent, was 'here
last Friday. After looking over the
ground he decided to have the land
surveyed to determine where the
reservation  line   runs.
The   announcement   was   made   on
.Monday of the organization of a new
venture   in   the   financial   world   ,the
British   Columbia   Life  Assurance   Co.
On the directorate appears the name
' of a Delta citizen, Thomas E. Ladner.
The new  company   was  granted  a
I'harter by special act  of Parliament
I at  the  last  session,   which  called   for
the   sale   of   $250,000   of   the   capital
stock  of  the  company before  a   permanent  organization   could  be  effected.     Up  to  the   present  subscriptions
for over  $300,000  have, been received
and paid for, and at a general meeting of the company held recently, the
following   officers   were   elected;
President,    Jonathan    Rogers;     1st
! vice-president, John J. Banfleld;    2nd
: vice-president,  Richard   Hall;     secre-
, tary,   Chester  E.   Sampson;  directors,
^Messrs. Frederick C, Wade, ICC., John
T.  Phalen,  David   G.  Williams,   John
J. Banfleld, Jonathan Rogers, Thomas
i B. Ladner, Lytton W. Shatford, Lewis
A. Lewis and Richard Hall.
.     Starting  out as  it  does  under  the
. most favorable circumstances and be-
,' ing the first company of its kind  to
organize   on   the   coast,   the   venture
should prove In every way the success
Its sponsors predict for it.    It has as
, its solicitors the firm   of Ellis,  Brown
I &   Creagh;   for  its   medical   referees,
J lirs.  Alexander S.  -Monro  and  W.   D.
I.rydone-Jnck, and as its fiscal agents
I the Canadian Flnancii rs and Air. Walter McBrlen,  who  together have  disposed  of over $350,000  worth  of the
. capital stock of the concern.
H. Wilson, of Ladner, has been appointed to referee the lacrosse match
between Xew Westminster and Vancouver today (Saturday).
Two Chinamen ran foul of each
other at the cannery this week. One
of them was badly slashed across the
face by his brother celestial, who was
arrested. He appeared before Messrs.
Hutcherson and Kirkland and was
remanded until Saturday to see how
the   wounded  man  progresses.
Shooting   Within   North   and   South
Saanloh  Has  Been
The usual order in council has been
issued with regard to the open seasons for the shooting of game. The
order In so far as ii goes is the same
as last year's. Shooting within the
confines o!   (forth and South Baanlch
is  prohibited,  however.      Tl pen
season  for deer is no!  si Iliad.
Tne order in council follows:
it has accordingly been ordered by
his honor the lieutenant-governor, by
and With til" atlvise of his executive
council, as follows:
That the hunting, killing or taking
of elk or Wapiti in the Columbia,
Cranbrook and Ferine electoral districts' shall be prohibited until the
31st day of Augusi,  1911.
And on Vancouver Island south of
the following described line, "commencing at the mouth of the Little
Qualicum River; thence' following
that stream westerly to its junction
with the Alberni Road to the Alberni
Canal," the hunting, killing Or taking
of elk or Wapiti shall be prohibited
until the 31st day of August,   1914.
That the runting, killing or taking
of moose south of the 52nd parallel
of latitude in the province, excepting
In the Columbia electoral district,
shall be prohibited until the 31st
day of August,  1014.
That the hunting, killing or taking
of mountain sheep In the counties of
Yale and Westminster shall be prohibited until the 31st day of August,
That the disabilities as to the shooting of ducks of all kinds, and snipe,
shall be removed with respect to Vancouver Island, and the islands adjacent thereto, from the 1st day of October, 1909, to the 28th day of February, 1910, both days inclusive.
That the disabilities as to the shooting of cock pheasants, quail and
grouse of all kinds, shall be removed
with respect to Vancouver Island, and
the islands adjacent thereto, except
North and South Saanich municipalities, from the 1st day of October, 1909,
to the 31st day of December, 1909,
both days inclusive.
And it is further ordered that order
In council dated the 22nd day of July. |
1909,  providing for tlic protection  of |
game in the province shall be and th
same is hereby rescinded.
c.  II. Wade, Who 1* to Speak Here.
Ha-   Plan   re   Marketing
of   I'lull.
Next council meeting II Is likely a
dale will be set for the calling together of a meeting at Ladner to discuss
lie advisability of forming a board of
trade for this district. Ther la no
doubt that the proposition will bi i -
thUBiastlcally taken up hi re. C. H.
Wade, the secretary of the New Westminster Board of Trade, has off oJ
his   services   to  address   the   nice. ing.
here Is an Instance where a board
of trade can prove useful.
Talking to fruit growers throughout the district, Mr. Wade says lie
finds an unsatisfactory state of affairs regarding the prices the farmers have been receiving from Eastern and Vancouver purchasers. Pr i-
fltable sale has been practically
stopped by the actions of the dealers
and many now prefer to leave their
fruit in the fields rather than sell It
at the prices offered. One man ln
Maple Ridge told Air. Wade recently
that he had shipped 4 0 boxes of fruit
to the Bast receiving $2.!>ij u case
or seven cents a box. This was his
return after growing the fruit, picking it, packing it, and hauling it for
shipment. This was not a rare Incident, and fruit growers generally had
been discouraged by trie methods of
outside  dealers.
It is to cope with such problems
as these, that Ihe boards of trade,
now being organized throughout the
district, will be called on to deal with,
united action by the whole district should quickly remedy the situation. When all the proposed boards
In the district are organized, a plan
is to be put forth that it is hoped
will most effectively cope with the
present difficulty.
Thomas W. l.awson, the Boston financier, has announced the engagement
of his second oldest daughter. Miss Marlon, to James Fuller Lord, 0 Chicago
society nnd club man. Aliss l.awson and Mr. Lord are both expert horseback
riders, and It was during a run of one of the Chicago riding chilis that they
first met about a year ago. After n rm nt trip lo Maine Miss l.awson returned
home and apprised her father of her engagement, The date of the wedding
has not been set.
I,<.   H �� m WMmB
;/' 3g***sf*flL
S....i ..-���"-  ��� Nik
WTl- ;���.,.���.<i?-'; W 'f iii
Writer Considers thai the Game War-
don's   Department  lias Done
Good Work.
The following letter in the News-
Advertiser is iii reference to remarks
which were quoted In our issue last
"Sir,���In your column of last week
you make reference to the Increased
number of ducks bred locally, and
hazard as the reason the better en-
forcetnenl of the game laws. My observations are limited to the mouth
of Ihe Fraser and the Delta lands.
In that district the increase In the
numbers of locally bred ducks during
the past four breeding seasons is very
marked. At first it was only notice-,
able to those who were naturally ob- i
servant and took an Interest In bird j
life, but in the present season the I
Increased number of young birds is
s i large that it Is being remarked
by almost all the residents of this
district. I have no doubt ii is the
same at the Pitt Meadows and other
places. Without hesitation 1 may say
that ii is undoubtedly due to the better enforcement of the game law
(particularly the shortening of the
snipe season). The birds find they
are no longer disturbed by shooters
In the early spring and are resuming
their old habits. The Provincial Game
Warden's Department has my sympathy and regard If I may be allowed to express It, Considering the
small amount of money appropriated
to ihe protection of our game 1 think
i It has done exceptionally well. How-
j ever,   I   do   not   wish   lo   give   you   or
your readers the ImpreBslor
i there Is no infractions of thi
| law In the above district, Thi re
i plenty to be done.    A g I fasl
1 for the Joint   use of  the gam
] dens and the police would be o
| assistance.    In  justice  to  othei   residents In this district  I  maj  i 15  t'hal
the majority of  the offi udera against
the  game   laws  are  1 ns,      Vours
truiy GARRY. POINT.'
Air. It. Mackie has been on a business trip to the Delta on behalf of
ihe Ked Cross Sanitary Appliance Co,
In company with Air. Roy Harris, who
has been appointed by this company
as Bales agent for the 11. lta. They
are now placing the farmers in pos-
sesslpn of a perfectly odorless closet
which is operated without water and
can be Installed In any part of the
house. They report numerous sales,
and Air. Harris is well pleased wit'h
his Initial trip. "We believe that Dr.
King, the health officer, has inspected
a cliset which has been In operation
at 1 local farm, and he gives it very
strong approval. The salesman who
brings along a proposition of this
kind to the farmers will receive a
Hood welcome to this district, especially when, as we believe, this sanitary arrangement can be installed at
very moderate cost.
is still
���  war-
WINNIPEG, Aug. 4.-The big convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers opened yesterday. The opening address
was given given by W. S. Carter, international president; whiie E. A.
Ball, Brantford, second vice-president, was in the chair. The sessions
are secret.
ViICTORlA, Aug. 4. ��� Reports
brought by the Tees from Quatsino
show that the U. S, halibut fishers
are ever on the alert to take fish
withing the three-mile-limit. That
there Is abundance of halibut is proved by the fact that the British
schooner Simla took 15,000 pounds
off the entrance to Quatsino Sound
in   12 hours only a short time ago.
Accustomed ns Tarls ls to freaks of fashion, the boulevnrdiers gasped at
Bight of the new bloomer gown when Aille. Suzanne Bergere of the Opera
Comiquo first appeared in It. The Bergere costume is a startling exaggeration
of the pantaloon gown which made its appearance some months ago. In
fact. Mile. Bergere's outfit Is more of .1 "they" than an "It," bearing a close
resemblance to u pair of ordinary Turkish trousers.
Five days' horse racing, In which
will compete some of the most celebrated runners and trotters of the
Pacific northwest; the dally ascension
of a modern airship, which will cavort
above the grounds jusl to show that
man bus almost solved the problem
of aviation; a horse show, In which
will be . ntered the finest equlnes of
British Columbia and the nearby
states; an Illuminated portrayal of
the bombardment of Alexandria, to
say nothing of a comprehensive display of pure bred stock, of agricultural products, and of industrial ware,
are some of the features that will
mark Victoria's exhibition to be held
from the 20th to the 26th of September. The fair, in a word, gives
promise of being the finest In every
respect yet held there. The entries In
all classes will outnumber those of
the past while the entertainment programme will provide thrilling Interest
and an uninterrupted round of fun
from the opening day to the closing
i evening. Thousands are expected to
j attend and preparations are made for
I their reception and welcome. Cheap
rates for people and for exhibits from
as far e>st as Winnipeg will be In-
I uugurated.
1'Aitls,   Aug.  4.���Commenting    on
Mho exchanges at Cowes between King
Edward   and   Emperor  Nicholas,  the
' French press generally believes that
Ihe words of the British sovereign in-
tlmate fiial England expects Russia
to develop her constitutional Institutions, and expresses great satisfaction
at the prospect of closer relations between Great Britain, France and
Russia. In this conaction the Temps
says thai a complete reconciliation
between Great Britain and Russia the
antagonism of which In the past 50
years has been the favorite weapon of
IPrussIa, and Germany, against France
is Of priceless  value.     The  battles Of
[Sadowa and Sedan, this paper says,
were a result of the Inability of Great
Britain and Russia to unite for the
preservation of the equilibrium of
HAMILTON, Aug. 4.-The Hamilton Presbytery has accepted the
resignation of Rev. F C. Harper, pastor of Drummondville church, after
the committee had investigated tho
charges against him. The Presbytery
regrets the indescretlon on the part
of the minister, but rejoices that
f nothing has been adduced that can In
any way reflect on his moral character. The committee reported that
It. had found that for some time conditions of things had existed which
seriously affected the work of the
church nnd congregation and that
many refused to attend the church
service or contribute to the church
because of the neglect of ministerial
visitation Too many visits were paid
and too much time was being spent
by the pastor with one of the ladles
of his congregation and rumor was
busy nnd tales were current about
these visits. THE DELTA TIMES
Subscription, $1.00 Per Year.
Casual Advertisements, 10 cents
per line for the first insert on, and
5 cents per line for each subsequent
insertion. The number of lines reckoned by the space occupied, 12 lines
to the inch.
Rates f"r Commercial Advertisements em be bad on app.lcatlon at
this office.
Readings notices 10 cents per lino
fd  each insertion.
Birth, Death and Marriage no'.ices,
Any Bpecial notice, the obje.-t of
which is to promote ihe pecuniary
benefit of any individual or company,
to bo considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered out and paid  lor.
Inspector Stewart Has Plan Whereby
first   Two   Years'   High   School
Work May  be Taught Here.
Correspondence invited on matters
of public interest. Communication!
to editor must be accompanied by
name of writer, not necessarily for
publication, but as evidence of good
faith. Correspondence must reaan
this office by Thursday morning.
CEO. S. VICKERS, Alanager.
Those who wish to see the natural
resources of the province preserved
so that they will become a permanent aud profitable source of income to
the inhabitants will Wait anxiously
for the report of the International
Fisheries Commission which is now
in these waters, Naturally, until
their report is made public the commissioners will say nothing. According to them the flrst draft of the report has been made and their prolonged slay oh the coast is for the
purpose of confirming their views and
making   possible   amendments.
Those who have followed the salmon situation at all will know that it
is far from satisfactory. By the annual run of the sockeyes to the Fraser
each year a great industry has been
found, one that for a few weeks of
each year gives employment to a
great many men and in which a large
amount ol capital is invested. Tne
flrst years of the industry there were
plenty of fish and all were fairly well
Latterly, however, more men
engaged in the industry, the Japanese
have crowded into it by the thousands, tin traps have spread themselves over mil's and miles of the
waters through which the fish make
their way to the spawning gi
and where there were once
sands of feet of net now there are
millions. As the industry has grown
there has been friction between Canadian and American fishermen. Tne
latter want the fish preserved at our
expense, the Canadians want to see
the restrictions applied to ihe Americans as well as themselves. As
years have passed the gravity ot
situation has become more apparent.
Expert knowledge has been brought
to bear on the question
experience  of   -
we know that if the present m. thods
are continued, that if there be not a
more amicable understanding and
more harmony In the matter of the
of   the   salmon   that   the
School Inspector Stewart paid a
visit to Ladner on Wednesday, interviewing members of the School
Hoard on a question of the greatest
moment to the people of this district. It has to do with the teaching
ot high school work in the Ladner
schools. Briefly stated, the project Is
to teach the first two years in the
high  school  course here.
At present Delta pupils wishing to
take up high school work are compelled to attend in New Westminster
or Vancouver. This is not always
j convenient. In the flrst place It entails a considerable outlay of money,
more Ulan many parents are In a
1 position to expend, and secondly, the
successful students in the entrance
class are in most cases very young,
too young to be sent to a strange city
where they have to shift for themselves, away from home influences.
Thus it naturally happens that the
children of the district are handicapped in their education and have
not the same chance as those of the
city  schools.
No definite arrangements have as
yet been decided upon, but it is proposed to have Aliss McNeill take
Charge of the entrance class* and the
high -school work. She is herself a
university product, quite capable of
conducting high school work, and as
has been proven in the past, a most
capable and ambitious teacher. This,
of course, would entail a little more
work on the other teachers also, but
work which they are thoroughly
qualified to do. It is not concluded
that the new arrangement will prove
any more expensive than at flrst, but
even if it does, the results obtainable
are well worthy of it. It places an
opportunity, not to be lost, before
Delta scholars. In two years students can make great advancement
in high school work, achieving, we
understand, Ihe third class certificate
course so that they can go away and
write j>n these examinations and
qualify as teachers eventually, when
they have reached the age set by the
Successful entrance pupils, who at
the time were too young to go away
to continue their work, after the
course here would be better qualified
to go to Vancouver or Xew Westminster, or for an ambitious boy or girl
who would not have had the opportunity on account of finances, to enter high school, alter his two years'
course here, no doubt the way would
be opened up for further progress.
In fact the benefits of establishing
Ihe two year course here arc so altogether favorable that it is not presumed that there will be any opposition to Inspector Stewart's plan. The
School Hoard will meet on Saturday
to  consider   the  matter.
and with the
added  years  of  fishing]
Standing of Clubs.
Won. Lost.
Seattle      69
Spokane      62
Aberdeen     56
preservation ,  ��� .....
salmon fishing of the Pacific will soon         Uaml   __        .        __ 4?
he a thing of the past.                             Vancouver  IS
So   eminent   an   authority as   Prof.   Tacoma  43
as Prof.
David Starr Jordan said only on Monday; "The runs are small everywhere
for a big year. The system is sweeping the sockeye from the breeding
grounds and it is only a question of
time when Ihe runs will be insignificant." It is not for the laymen to
suggest what change there snould be
in the regulations. It does not seem
right though that the Americans
should have six hours the benefit of
the Canadian in the matter of the
weekly closed season. 1 in the other
hand the neighbors to the south retort that the Jan is not only getting
all the fish at the mouth of the river
but killing oil' the future supply. They
point out that their fishing is all done
by white men, wnlc'n is a tact, as no
Oriental can get a license on Ihe other
side, and they do not propose that
Canadians shall allow the Japs I"
reap the present day harvest to the
detriment of the future, uf course,
if the Canadian fisheries were eon-
fined to white men it is nol likely that
it would make any dlfferi nee lo tl.,..
Be all this as il may. jl is evident
thai a very drastic change is ne 1 s-
sury or we will be locking the bar..
after the horse Is stolen, ii is imped
that the present commission will deal
wuh ihe question in the mannei required ami thai the governments of
the two countries will carry out the
recomtn'ondations without prejudice
or favor.
Games Today.
Vancouver at Spokane.
Portland at Seattle.
Tacoma at Aberdeen.
Yesterday's  Results.
!     At   Spokane��� R. H. E.
Vancouver 9     8     2
Spokane 7  10    4
Batteries:     Gilligan    and     Sugden;
Killilay and  Ostdiek.
At  Seattle   (13  inngs)���      R. H. E.
Portland 1     8     1
Seattle 2     7     3
Batteries:   Chlnault   and   Fournler;
Thompson and Whaling,
'     At  Aberdeen��� R. H. E.
Tacoma 3
Aberdeen 4
Batteries:   Annis    and    Dash'wood;
I'ernoll and Kreitz.
It. II. E,
At Los Angel
Sacramento ..   ���
LOS   Angeles   . .
Al  San   I-'rane
At Portland-
San Francisco .
rtland 8
7 9 1
It. II. E,
0 8 2
T 12 0
It. II. L.
2 4 1
9     2
At   Chic
The latest departure In the financial world in the province is the formation by a number of B. C. men, and
almost exclusively by 11. C. capital,
of a life insurance company with a
capitalization 'of one million dollars,
to meet the provincial demand for
that form of industry. The growth
of the province can be estimated in
no better way than by the fact that
men    who   have   made    their   money
; Chicago
: Boston  .
R. II. E.
2 5 1)
i 1
Second game���
At  P'ttsburg-r R. H
Pittsburg 1    6
Brooklyn '1   12
At  Philadelphia-
Second game���
R.H. E.
8 0
5     5
H. E.
2     1
9 1
H. E.
9     2
here   turn   right  around   and   reinvest | Philadelphia 0
it in  local enterprises.    A  good many ', Chicago 1
investments     hitherto    have  been   In |     At  Washington��� R
companies outside   of    the    provnee.  Washington ��
B.   C.   Is   getting   large   enough     now,   Cleveland 9   13     '���
however,  to handle her own proposl- |     Second game��� R. H. E
tions to a great extent.    Outside capl-J Washington 2    6    0
tal is coming in, capital that has come   Cleveland 0    6    4
to stay and which having riallzed on I     At New York��� R. H. E.
its original Investments is replaced in   St. Louis 0    2    1
the  province. New York 5  10    0
There should be plenty of room for |     Second  game��� R. H. E.
the B. C. Life to operate In here.   The   St.  Louis 4    4    2
personnel   of  the   board,      published   New  York 0    3    5
elsewhere, looks a strong and reliable 	
one, and the inclusion of a local man                              Eastern,
in  the  person  of Mr.  Ladner,  should       At Baltimore��� R
much to Inspire confidence on the  Baltimore 6
Was There Ever
��� -
An Uncle Sam ?
K Query Appropriate to the Independence
Day Anniversary ��� History of the
Origin and Development of an
Interesting Custom.
THE recurrence of the anniversary of the nation's birth suggests inquiries about niauy
customs connected with its celebration. One of the pictures that the
mind frames iu thinking of the events
of the ever glorious Fourth is that of
Uncle Sam lining characteristic stunts
by way of expressing his feelings of
Satisfaction on his natal day. Nobody
needs to be told that Uncle Sam ls 11
personification of the American people.
But how did it happen the nation came
to be typified in this character? One
authority gives this definition of the
phrase "Uncle Sam:"' "The government of Ihe people of the United
Stales; a jocular extension of the initials V. S."
This Idea is strikingly confirmed in
the words of the old song, two lines
of which ready,
For ttnele Snm is rich enough
To give us all a farm,
tho obvious implication being that the
federal govern ment owns���or tit the
time the song was composed did own
���enough vacant land���"government
land." us it litis been termed���to give
every citizen homestead rights.
It was quite natural that the initials
"U. S.," standing for United Slates,
should in lline come to have a meaning such as they have been given. But
It was necessary for the custom to be
started in some way, and it is claimed
that there was originally a real Uncle
Sum. "Fugitive Facts," by Robert
Thorne. says: "The practice of calling
the United States government  'Uncle
Delta in the company
Rochester 2
Sum' is believed to have originated in
the following mauner: During the Revolutionary war a man named Samuel
Wilson was a beef inspector at Troy.
X. Y., and was very popular with the
men in his employ, who always called
him 'Uncle Sam." After the Inspection
of the beef it was shipped by him to
a contractor named Elbert Anderson
and was always marked 'E. A, U. S."
A joking workman, being asked what
those letters wore ihe abbreviations
of. replied that he did not know unions
they were for Elbert Anderson and
'Uncle Sam.' The joke was kept up
and spread until It became common to
refer to nil packages marked 'U. S.' as
belonging to 'Uncle Sam.'"
"Fugitive Facts" appears to be In
error us to the war In question being
the Revolutionary war. Evidently it
was the war of 1812, There Is residing at the preseni time lu the borough
of Brooklyn. New York city, a lady
who Is a lineal descendant of Ihe original Uncle Som, She says that he was
born In New Hampshire about the
year 17(17. traveled by foot across the
Green mountains in 1780 and became
one of the early settlers of Troy. In
that city one may find today on the
Anna M. rium Art building. Ferry.
near Second street, a tiiblct bearing
this inscription:
On This Ground
familiarly known as "Uncle Sam," erected the dwelling In which he resided many
years.     He   furnished   beef   to   military
camps during the war of 1S12.   The Troy
roldlers called It I'r.elo Sam's beef.   Others,
supposing  the  name  referred  to  the  Inspector's mark. "U. S.." gradually applied
It to all government property, and "Uncle
Sam"    came    'o    designate    the    United
States, first throughout the army and ultimately everywhere.
"Uncle Snm" Wilson died In Troy on
July 1, 1854. aged eighty-eight years.
His old home escaped the fires of 1820
and 1862 and stood until recently.
There died Inst May in New York
city an octogenarian named Sylvester
Wells Cone, who wns ��� thought to be
the living embodiment of the imaginary figure of Uncle Sam. and ho took
pleasure ln posing In stars and stripes
for photographers who wished to obtain pictures representing this mythical DPIWOXlSirC.
W. N. Draper
Room 2, E.lard Block,
New Westminster,      -      -      .      B. C.
"Tramway No. 1.
Notice is hereby given that the International Railway and Development
Company, Limited, an incorporated
Company empowered by its Memorandum of Association to build tramways, proposes to build a tramway to
be operated by steam, electric power,
Water or such other motive as the
Company may deem expedient, from
a point in the Municipality of Surrey ac or near the international
boundary in Township 7, New Westminster District, thence Easterly
through Hie Municipalities of Surrey,
Langley and MatsquI to a point at or
near the International boundary at
Huntingdon, thence Northerly and
Westerly by way ot' Abbotsford,
thence Westerly a ������'' Northerly
through the Municipality of MatsquI
to Beaver Creek Valley in the Municipality of Langley, thence Westerly
thi u-.i the .Municipality of Langley
10 a p ilnt at or near Port Kells in
tin Municipality of Surrey. A;,y person tnrougn whose lands the line is
proposed to be run or any railway or
tramway company, whether proposed
or in operation, whose line will be
paralleled by the proposed tramway
may within two months after the
dale of the first publication of this
notice in the B. C. Gazette give notice
in writing to the Registrar of Joint
Stock Companies that he or they object to the said Company being authorized to construct the said tramway, together with the grounds of
his or their objections pursuant to
Sen ion 5 of the "Tramway Company
Incorporation Act" and to Section 3,
of 1 lie "Tramway Incorporation Amendment Act, 11100."
Hated this 13th day of July, 1909,
Per   Bowser,  Reid  &   Wallbridge,
Its  Solicitors.
Tramway No. 2.
Notice is hereby given that the International Railway and Development
Company, Limited, an incorporated
Company empowered by its Memorandum of Associalio . to build tramways, proposes to build a tramway
le be operated by steam, electric
power, water or such other motive
power as the Company may deem ex-
pedient, from a point in the Municipality of Surrey at or near the international boundary in Township 7,
New Westminster District, thence
Northerly and Easterly through the
Municipality of Surrey by way of
Hazelmere, thence Northerly and
Easterly through the Muni, ipa.i.y of
Langley by way of Langley Prairie
to Fort Langley, thence Westerly
through the Municipalities of Langley
and Surrey by way of Port Kells to
the Southerly end of the New Westminster Bridge, thence across the said
bridge to a point In the City of .New
Westminster, thence Soutlierly and
Westerly across the Lulu island
Bridge, thence Westerly through the
Municipality of Richmond to a point
at or near Section 30, in block !j
North, Range " West, thence Northerly across the North Arm of tne
Fraser River, thence Northerly and
Westerly through tho Municipality of
South Vancouver to a point in the
City of Vancouver. Any person
through whose lands the line is proposed to bo run or any railway or
tramway company, whether proposed
or in operation, whose line will be
paralleled by the proposed tramway
may within two months after the
date of the first publication of this
notice in the B. C. Gazette give
notice in writing to the Registrar of
Joint Stock Companies that he or
they object to the said company being
authorized to construct the said tramway, together with the grounds of his
or their objections pursuant to Section 5 of the "Tramway Company
Incorporation Act" and to Section 3,
of the "Tramway Incorporation Amendment Act,   11100."
Dated this 13th day of July, 1009.
Per  Bowser,   Reid   & Wallbridge,
Its Solicitors.
fashion Stables
Trucking and Draying.    Livery work of
all kinds attended to promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood always on hand.
J.Tty. Collinson     Phone 20    Xadner, P. C.
-H* ���H-*H*+*H**W- ���H-*H*+*W**H*+.fr.H"H"M"H��
Are Prepared to Furnish All Kinds of '
Rough and Dressed
At      Lowsst     Prices
Also Shingles, Sash,gDoors, and
House Finish of all Description i
 V ;. *--  '."    --    '     ��� ���        '  ������   ��� ���;���   ���    ���.; ��� ���
The tesi waler Tphs are Made at This Mill %
I ���|m|s}��|**-J
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incorporated  18(11).
CAPITAL PAID-UP $4,600,000
RESERVE L'UXD $ 5,300,000
Total Assets Fll ty-Tliree Millions.
jfecounts^of Out-ci-tJcwn Customers Snen Special jfiicniicn
'p. wfltANK BY MAIL.
.Accounts may lie opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR and Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June 30th nnd December
31st,  ouch  year.
k. n. si.mpsox, manager
Inter national
Binder Twine
Go together. They are the
strongest and best on the
Tramway No. 3.
Notice is hereby given that the In-
ternational Railway and Development
Company, Limited, an Incorporated
Company empowered by Its Mi inor-
ainlum oC Association lo build tramways, proposes to build a tramway to
be operated by steam, electric power,
waier or such other motive power as
the Com puny may deem expedient,
from a poini In the City of Vancouver, thence Soutlierly through the
Municipalities of South Vancouver
and Richmond aeross the north and
south arms ot the Fraser River,
thence Easterly through the Municipality or Delta and thence Easterly
and Southerly through the Municipality of Surrey to a point at or near
the international boundary In Township 7, ln the said Municipality of
Surrey. Any person through whoso
lands the line Is proposed to be run
or any railway or tramway company,
whether proposed or In operation,
whose line will be paralleled by the
proposed tramway may within two
months after the date of the first
publication of this notice In the B. C.
Gazette give notice in writing to the
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
that he or they object to the said
company being authorized to construct the said tramway, together)
with the grounds of his or their objections pursuant to Section 5 of the
"Tramway Company Incorporation
Act," and to Section 3 of the" Tramway Incorporation Amendment Act,
Dated this 13th dayof July, 1909.
Per  Bowser,  Reid  & Wallbridge,
Its Solicitors.
TJhe *Delta Vn
SPaya&ltr SATURDAY, AUGUST 7,  1909.
The Red Cross
Sanitary Closet
Can be placed In any part of the
Does not  require waterworks or
Does not have to be burnt out
No flies when this closet is used
The chemical used is  a perfect
B germicide
Dr. King, your Health Officer,  has given it his entire approval.
It can be se^n working right amongst you in the Delta.   Write us for
full information, Catalogues, Testimonial , etc.
��� ���r*-
New Westminster,        -
Ladner-Steveston Ferry
During the Summer Months
will leave Ladner at 8:30 a.m. and
3:30  p.m.
Sundays, Haves Ladner at 8:30
a.m., and 4.30 p.m.
Exira trip Saturday evening*,
leaving Ladner at G:30 p.m.
S. 5. Transfer
Commencing April 1st the S.S.
Transfer will leave B.aekman-Ker
wharf every week-day a'terno n. except Saturday, at 3 p.m., for Ladner,
Westham Island and way polns. Saturdays at - p.m., returning to Xew
Westminster Saturday evenings.
Returning, leaves Westham Island
every week-.lay morning, except Friday, at 7 a.m., and Ladner 7.45 a. |
m. Fridays, leaves Westham Island
C a.m. and Ladner nt 6:45 a.m.
Additional trip Monday morning,
leaving Xew Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subject co change
without notice.
For freight an! passenger rates,
���apply to
ROBERT  JARD1NE,   Manager.
Fresh milk cows, pure bred Holstein
hull calf, two months old. Apply Alex
Holy Communion���First and third
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; second and
fourth Sundays at 11 a.m. Matins. 11
a.m.; Sunday school at 10 a.m. Friday evening, Latany at 7:30. Rev. E.
R.  Bartlett,  M.A., vicar.
File Doings
Of Gotham.
Henors to Tom Paine a Century After His
Death���The Opening of Coney���The
Dangers of the Peach Basket Hat.
[Our New York Correspondent.]
WE are celebrating all sorts of
centennial anniversaries this
year.    No   sooner   are   we
through  with  tlie Toe centenary than we are in that of Lincoln,
followed  by  Darwin und  Fitzgerald,
then  Mendelssohn  and  Chopin, with
j Holmes, Tennyson and Gladstone yet
I to come.   All  these are birthday  af-
j fairs,   however.    It  now  appears that
��� (here  ls  one death  to  be celebrated,
jnnd as It occurred ln this city it has n
local   significance  In   addition   to   its
general  interest.   Thomas  I'alne died
[ here on .lune 8, 1809, und was burled
on   his   farm   at   New   Uoeliolle,   although   the   body  was  afterward  removed to England, where, owing to a
dispute as to lis interment, it was concealed, and its present resting place is
a mystery.   At New Rochelle n monument has been erected, standing In the
middle of the entrance to the old road
that led to Table's house.   The farm
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school at 3
p.m.; low mass and holy communion,
llrst and third Mondays at 6 a.m. Rev
Father Wagner, O.M.I.,  parish priest
Services next Lord's Day at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m.; class meeting, afte
the morning service every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2 p.m. every Sunday; prayer meeting every Thursdiy
evening at 7.30, Rev. J. H. Wright,
Services next Lord's Day at 11 a.m
and 7.30 p.m.; mid-week meeting on
Wednesday evening at 7.30.
Sabbath services���Crescent Islind.
3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 11 a. m.; prayer meeting
on Thursday at S p.m.     E. J. Chave,
General purpose horses, 2500 lbs., 9
years old. For further particulars
apply Delta Meat Market, Ladner.
MONTREAL, Aug. 4.���The Grand
Trunk presidential party left this
morning for a trip of inspection over
the Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk
Western.. The party will continuo
the journey to Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver and Prince Rupert, returning
East on the Grand Trunk Pacillc
from Edmonton to Fort William.
Any person who Is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 years
old, may homestead a quarter section (160 acres, more or less) of
available Dominion land In Manitoba,
Saskatchewan or Alberta. The applicant must appear in person at tho
Dominion Lands Agency or Sub-
Agency for the district. Entry by
proxy may be made at any agency, on
certain conditions, by father .mother,
certain conditions, by father, mother,
intending homesteader.
DUTI"ES���Six raonths' residence
upon the cultivation of tho land in
each of three years. A homesteader
may live within nine miles of his
homestead on a farm of at least SO
acres solely owned and occupied by
him or by his father, mother, son,
daughter, Brother or sister.
In certain districts a homesteader
. in good standing may pre-empt a
quarter section alongside his homestead. Price $3.00 per acre, Duties���
Must reside six months in each of
six yea��'s from date of homestead entry (Including the time required to
earn homestead patent) aud cultivate
fifty acres extra.
A homesteader who has exhausted
his homestead right and cannot obtain a pre-emption may take a purchased homestead ln certain districts.
Price S3.00 per acre. Purchased
homesteads may bo acquired or any
available lands on either odd or even
numbered Sections south of Township 15, east of the Calgary .and Edmonton Railway line. Duties���Must
reside six months in each of three
years, cultivate fifty acres and erect
a house worth $300.
COAL���Coal mining rights may be
leased for twenty-one years at an
annual rental of $1.00 an acre. Not
more than 3,500 acres can be leased
to one applicant. Royalty, five cents
per ton.
QUARTZ���A person eighteen years
of age and over having made a discovery may locate a claim 1,500 feet
by 1,500 feet Fee, $5.00. At least
$100 must be expended on the claim
each year, or paid to ch�� Mining Recorder. When $500 has been expended or paid and other requirements compelled with the claim mas-
be purchased at $1.00 an acre.
PLACER MINING CLAIMS generally 100 feet square. Entry fee $5.00.
DREDGING���Two leases of five
miles each of a river may be issued
to one applicant for a term of 20
years. Rental. $10 a mile per annum.
Royalty, 2 1-2 per cent, after the output exceeds $10,000.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
WINNIPEG. Aug. 4.���It is understood that although Second A'ico
President Whyte, of the Canadian
Pacillc Railway reaches tho age limit
of 65 in October the company desires
him to remain for two years longer
in active service and that he has consented.
For Sale
That choice ten acres, known as
the Paddon Place, Sough R ad, with
good house, stabling, barn, carriage
house, buildings for 600 hM, hot
house 30 by 16 feet, cold frame SO
feet by 8 feet, and other buildlngB.
Every corner Is cultivated at present
as follows: A good bearing orchard
of about 50 trees (all kinds), about
one acre of strawberries, about six
acres of potatoes, balance In timothy
and clover hay. There Is at present
about 1000 head of chickens and
ducks on the place and every needful
piece of machinery. This ls an ideal
home and a money maker. Apply
for price, etc., to
T. PINNICK, Owner,
Ladner, B.C.
(Westminster Branch)
has now been divided up into city lots,
and (he road is called Paine avenue.
The house, which Is the oldest Huguenot edifice iu America, has been moved
to the Huguenot park, which occupies
n portion of the old Paine farm. It
will be used as ti historical museum.
It stands but a short distance from tho
monument, and midway between the
two a little green knoll marks Palne's
original grave. Here on Saturday afternoon, June 5, several associations
from New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, New Rochelle and elsewhere will
gather to hold their centenary exercises over a man thnt they think has
long been misunderstood and abused.
Cars leave Westminster or Vancouver at 5:50 and 6:50 a.m. nnd
hourly thereafter until 11 p.m.; Saturdays  and  Sundays al   I 1   p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50 and 6:.'0 a.m. and
hourly until lo p.m.; Si turdays and
Sundays  at  It  p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster nnd Vancouver
and all shipments are handled with
the utmost caro and delivered to
cons gnee without delay. Special
attention paid to fruit shipments. Our
wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
Traffic Manager.
Locil  Manager.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
I believe fills more charitable nnd
appreciative view of I'aiue 1ms now
become general. The acceptance of
his monument by New Rochelle and
of his house by the Huguenot association, together with the naming of an
avenue in his honor, is an evidence.
Other signs of his renaissance are to
be found in the appreciative reviews
in recent magazines and newspapers
not only In America, but In England
and France, the acceptance of his portrait'in Independence hall ln'1870" and
of his statue a few years ago, the fact
that a Philadelphia paper In calling
for candidates In the Hull of Fame
got more .votes for Paine than any other one man and the existence of one or
two national associations formed for
the express purpose of perpetuating his
memory. It is undeniable that I'alne
first fired tbe independent sentiment
iu, this country, that^ho greatly heartened the soldiers by his stirring pamphlets in the dark days of the war, that
in two desperate straits lie was instrumental ln raising large sums of money
for Ihe colonists, that he was a fore
for good In the French revolution ns
he had been in our own. that he helped sow the seeds of reform In England which later resulted In peacefully revolutionizing thnt country, Hut
he wrought powerfully for religious
as well as political liberty, that he opposed slavery aud dueling years lie-
fore they were abolished, thai he a
century ago forecasted woman's rights
and humane trentmeni for children
nnd animals, that he advocated a
world republic, thai be risked bis uwu
life to save that of a monarch whose
tyranny he bated, thnt ho would accept no pay for Ids numerous books
nnd that he wns. iu (lie opinion of
many students, the greatest political
writer that ever livotb���.In addition to
all this, it is a growingoonvlctloii I lint
he was the netuul author of the Declaration of Independence, There are
weighty arguments to support this
view which I cannot go Into here. I
confess they bare convinced me. The
matter was clinched In my own mind
when I discovered the little word
"hath" In the declaration, a word never
used by Jefferson In his life, but employed by Paine frequently.
; (f water, I do not know how many, to
! wash away a mining town. Another
'also pumps In water by the ocean falL
iu this case it is used to stage, or,
j rather, to tank, the wreck of the Republic. Two boats bump Into each
"���ther In a most realistic and grinding
I manner, and .lack Minns--the real .luck
Bums, not an imitation���pounds the at-
IBiosphere full of C Q D's. Wheu we
were yelling our esophagnses sore at
.link Binns, hero, a few months ago
we never imagined be would come to
this and be a hero to make a Coney
holiday. Yet I suppose it is all right.
If .lack cannot save any more ships he
i.ui at least save money.
But, while Coney is open, it is not
wide open, and thereby hangs a tale of
woe; also a lawsuit. At 12 o'clock
sharp Saturday night fifty unfeeling
[policemen clumped down Coney so
llghl that even Ihe barkers' faces had
to close up. It broke the show owners'
hearts and almost broke their pocket-
1 Its.   Investigation showed tbn   the
mayor was behind the tight lid order,
nnd now the Coney showmen are suing
the eiiy. gelling out Injunctions and
yelling for Sunday money. Only four
' r live months to separate people from
their change and then to have one day
out of seven taken away from them,
and the best day of the week at that���
it is too much! No wonder the venders
of hot dogs and cold beers are growl-
big and foaming.
Incidentally Coney Is causing trouble lo the roosters. Down nt Shcops-
hend Rny the poor fowls are deluded
by I ho Coney rockets Into the belief
that dawn Is breaking nil night, nnd
they keep up n continual crowing that
would wuke up even,William Trnvers
Jerome. Now, n rooster may think
thnt the Declaration of Independence
assures him the right to crow as well
ns to pursue happiness and worms, but
ll' lie lives at Sbeepsheitd Bay he is i
mistaken. Tho owners of the fowls |
have been ordered to shut off either
their music or their existence, nnd for
that renson the hens of that vicinity
will probably lie widows without going
to Ihe divorce court..
\or Is Sheepshead Rny the only region In which the roosters are causing j
tn able.   Up New Rochelle wny there
was  so  much  crowing recently  thnt j
I Hie matter was taken before (he judge, |
wlio   solemnly   Issued   an   injunction |
against chanticleer tearing loose  his '
steam siren before time for the commuters   to   catch   their   trains.    The
owner of the particular rooster thus
laugled up In the legal machinery expressed his sorrow, but what could a )
peer man do? Would some one please j
tell him how to keep a rooster from
crowing or to regulate it like nn alarm
clock?   Thereupon  one correspondent
suggested   the   remedy   of   Herbert
Siicnccr, who, It would seem, wns wise
to roosters, even if he wns n philosopher.     When    Spencer's    chanticleer
awakened him he proceeded to tie its
wings, well knowing that no cock will
crow   if   be   cannot   flap   his   wings.
Firmly tying the rooster's neck might
also help'.
Recurring to the unesenpnWo pouch
basket hat, one of these millinery
monstrosities recently proved nearly
fatal to one poor man. Crossing a
bridge over the Ilnrlem. Michael Con-
Ion saw n peach basket hat afloat and
jumped Into the stream to rescue the
woman underneath. When he reached
the hat no woman was there. Swimming with his clothes on, he lost
Btvengtb and wns with difficulty rescued
nnd sent to the hospital to recover.
Now, if thnt hnd been a civilized hat
poor Conlon could have seen whether
a woman wns under it or not; but, being n peneh basket, it might hnve concealed anything, even to a sunken scow.
j    ...LOCAL ITEMS...
Hay,   Salt,   and   Binding   Twine  at
Try a   pair  of  Harvest  Shoes from
H. J. Hutcherson's.
Miss Lord, of the post office staff, is
away on her vacation.
Mr.   Marshal!   Smith,  of  Vancouver,
was In town this week.
Dr.   Woodley   paid   a   business   trip
to   Vancouver on  Thursday.
New   Clover   Honey,    pure     Maple
Syrup, etc.     W.  H.  Smith,
We have Just rcc.iv.d a shipment of very choice Hams and Bacon.
W.  H. Smith.
W II. Smith anil K. D, Simpson
weni up to the Royal City on Wednesday evening.
S.uks, $60 per thousand. Biffliler
Twine, best Portland, 650 feet 1*!_.
600 feet 12 lie. Leave your enter..
Lanning,  Fawcett  & Wilson, Ltd.
F. .1. MacKenzle Is attending the
Conservative picnic to-day at Sidney,
Vancouver Island.
K. D. Simpson, H. J. Hutcherson
ami W. H. Smith spent a day this
week on a fishing trip.
Threshing machines are being gotten into shape for the work they will
be called upon to do shortly.
John Oliver, M.P.P., is this week
on a political tour through Revel-
stoke, Nelson  and  the Kootenays.
Misses Katheyne and Mac Corpsteln
of San Jose, Cal., were the guests this
week of Mrs. Johnston, of the Delta
Mr. Nelson, who has_been at Kamloops and other parts of the Upper
country, joined his wife at Ladner on
Mr. James Nelson, of Port Gu'i-huv
has received a "Ruth" self-feeder m-
<-hinc, the iirst of its kind on tbt-
F. J. M.'io\'crizie dropped Into taw*
on Thursday. He and his family ��/*
residing at White Rock for the *un.-
mer months.
The Pilgrim Club has pn iIjiiiM
its social evening until next week u��
account of aevi ral members being .liable to attend Thursday .-v. nln�� .'in*.
Mr.   and   Mis.   J.   West,  ���; Van ���.-����-
ver, weie in Ladn r on Wi cl
their  automobile,   on  a   visit   to Uvir
brother-in-law,    Mr.   J.   Johnston  >,.'
the Delta Hoti i.
W. II. Smith  received a largo i-ihj-
signment of pres,.; ��� i;.- ������ ,, ,,,. . t, ..
week In line condition, but aa tivire
is a scarcity of this fruit, verj (tea
more are  expected.
The King Edward is still t ngujw j!
in dredging operations here ami VJW
continue to be so for some weeld jftt-
Owing to a slight breakdown in tto
machinery the work was stopped fjr
a couple Of days this week.
Did it ever'occur to yeu that juv
by or girl who is away from trmf.
would like to get the Helta TimcDi*
Subscribe now for 6 year. It's a*
good-as a letter from home and a lar
easier way  of sending the news
Rev. and  Mrs.  Everton, of    Mount;
Pleasant,  Vancouver,  are taking    a I
three   weeks'   vacation   In camp     at
Boundary  Bay. I
If you want to sell something or
buy something advertise in the Delta
Times. It is surprising what a small
"ad"  In your  local  paper will  do.
Harry Neal and his compar.7 171-
tend putting on a first-class miirin'.
picture Bhow, illustrated songs, e-lc.
in the McNeely Hall, just as sixvn ar
the lighting power can be anaaexi
in the Hall  for shows of this nature
The salmon rein Is beginning tt-
show signs of improvement, alUtvft*"!
al present writing it is not what th*
canners and the fishermen would his
to see. Wednesday the cannety woiic-
ed full time for the Iirst time- t'aut
season. Next week it is eximeDBl
things will be running full blast.
Mr. W. If. Smith nnd Manager
Simpson, of the Royal Bank, drove
tn New Westminster on Wednesday
and from thence took the car for
Vancouver, returning home Thursday.
Mr. E. T. Calvert recently received
a consignment of the Champion
Potato Digger. Everywhere they have
been soM they have given the utmost
satisfaction. Mr. Calvert is prepared
to put them In the field mi, trial with
The farmers are pretty well
through haying to-day (Saturday)
and next week will start harvesting
the oats. Generally speaking the hay
crop was not as large as that of Inst
year, being on an average about a 7"
per cent. crop. The oat crop is s;id
to be a very good one throughout.
Dr. Janes, of Nov. Westminster,
who Is camping with his family at
Boundary Bay, made n trip to Ihe
Royal City last week, returning by the
Transfer on Friday, to spend a few
more days at the Bay before breaking camp.
Hosiery Specials.���50 dozen LiiVk*"
All-Wool Cashmere Huse. P.pguYar
value 40 cents nnd B0 cents, STittisaY
sale price 25 cents per pair. Birji
Ali-Wool Worsted Hose, Blue 6 to !��.'.
Reguli r value 35 cents to 50 *eiv!��.
special sale price 20 cents per Ta'it
Lanning,  Fawcett & Wilson, Lira Bdt
Grocer'ca Specials.���Spot la! Hi r.t
Tea worth B0c, special at 3r,c. er II
lbs. for $1.00. Fresh Coffee groutd"
while you wait, extra special al 3Sc.
e r 2 lbs. for *1.00. Fresh "Bog OSST
Cured Hum and Bacon. Hen I'ttsUriels lor Fruit Jars. "Schram," "*"i����-
omy" and Crown Brand, In all s"i��t-.
Lanning,  Fawcett  & Wilson, L"ra*H*S
Pirates were reported a few ftav-,
ago, to be depleteing the sockeye �����*-���
mein traps nt'Boundary Bay. T��<t
succeeded In carrying away cneJer-
^ 'V'-v ui darkness, such Quantities f&
fish that the owners of the traps har*i
sought the assistance of the jioi'jri
on both sides of the internatSou"*"
boundary. Superintendent Hr.js?r
has bet n notified.
New Westminster, B.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all. kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
Tnsslng from n dead subject to one
thnt Is very much alive, Coney Island
���the only Coney���Is open. The estimate of the crowd on the first day
rnnged all the wny from 120,000 to
175,000. In sizing up a Coney crowd
what ls n paltry 50,000 more or less?
There Is always n crowd nt Coney, the
only difference being thnt sometimes
It ls denser thnn nt others. The motto
of this yenr ls, "Everything new except the ocean���nnd It Is whitewashed." There certainly Is new pnlnt, at
any rate, likewise new shows. One of
these employs several million callous
Following the outcry of n Boston
sculptor thnt modern fashions, especially lacing and high heel shoes, are
causing deterioration of feminine lieau-
ty, n number of New York physicians
have added their testimony to the
same effect. Hnoe suicide, puny children, feminine 111 health and even di-
; vorce are ascribed to the fearful and
wonderful garb with which lovely wo-
1 man now disguises, even though she I
eioos not conceal, her charms. Espe-:
dally did the peach basket lint cnuso
n grouch among the medicos. It wns
denounced not only for Its hideous ugliness, but as being responsible for
nervous dlsenses, I do not know wii.it
effect a peach basked hat 1ms on the
norves of the wearer, but It eertnlnly
Is hard on the nerves of tho beholder.
It appears that John D. Rockefeller, 1
who lives In New York when he Isn't
dodging summonses,  has broken  Into
poetry.  It Is the last crime of which he
would   hnve  been  suspected,  hut   It
seems   Mint   there   are   no   depths   to,
which he will not descend.   Here nre ;
ihe Immortal lines thnt William Rhino- ,
Innder Stewart ascribes to the richest
man In the world:
A wise old bird sat on an oak;
The more be saw the less he spoke;
The more he spoke the less he heard.
Why can't you be like that wise Ola bird'.'
I   have   often   wondered   on   what
grounds   Rockefeller   wns   elected   n
member of the American Tress Humor-1
Ists.  Does this piece of owl poetry ox>
I plain it?
I On arresting n Rrooklyn cracksman
! n few days ago the police found In his
'rooms what n't first seemed ail ancient
'Egyptian description <if n whnnirdoo-
idle, but turned out to be only a part of
|n yoggnmn's code. "lore is n sample
j    "I'ss rye ohsy luzyl are in nine cases
out of ten only u Ipgnsy -/.libit lh inoy
vyltu cut nyrn pi uik uly thai.1!
I   The police finally puzzled out the fol-
j lowing translation:
"All keyhole safes are ln nine cases
net of ten only a single door, so the
liest wny to get them Is to use soup,"
Soup is tbe burglarious name for nl-
tre ivlveer'n.
R. C. McDonald.  New  Westminster
x. J.  Bailey, New  Westminster,
11,  F,  Mcltae,   Vancouver.
C. Hurley, ���       u
W. S. Cain,
Thos, .Mathers.
it.  Par iridge
.1 noes  ileal,  Koksllah.
M.   R.   Craig.
.).   Colvln,
1: irdon  It. Spencer, city,
l'\ s, hnelder,
1:.  E, 1 lavenport, Vac ouvi 1.
Jai 1   ���   Black ���: me.
.: iborl   "Memlng.
le   Corbett,
.'    '    in e,
E, E* vi i'-'.
F. Trapp,   New   Wu-ini:;'  !������:
W    F   Phillips.
C. Hart, Austin, Texas.
Id,   1 nldwin,   Van ouver.
K. .-' mi h, Vancouver.
A.   VVrighl
Jas   Sockerble,
j   Currie.
A.   1  ibst t.  Vancouvi r,
w. ' 1 irk,  Vancouver
\. F. Phillips, Ne wton, la.
Frank Trapp,  Newton,  la.
A, C. Sti w,:ri,  Vancouver,
L.  it. Maftson,  Vancouver.
H.   Main,  Vancouver,
H. Sill,  Vancouver.
Delia Hotel.
F. W.  Renworth,  Vancouver.
W.  E.  Edwards.
John Miller.
J. Thompson.
Han.  Haten.
11. W. McConnell, Toronto.
ti. S. V.ckers, New  Westminster.
T.   Evans.
L. Moore.
J.   H.  Lang.lon.
John Miller.
Ed.   Deal.
Mrs. Kelly, Darey.
Tho--.  Moore.
J.   N.  Clark.
O. Johnston, Dewdney.
C.  H. Doris, Dewdney.
Alex. Anderson, Dewdney.
W.   Edwards,   Vanoouvo*'.
George Hardy, Vancouver.
F,   Chapman)  Vancouver.
Ed.  SvlnclB,  Vancouver.
Steve  Scott.
John s.  Miller, Vancouver.
.lame's  Ivan,  Vancouver.
.1.   Williams.
Walter  Russell.
Stephen  Russell.
H.   Bennett.
F,  Randall.
it. McDonald.
Ed.  Hansen.
F.   T.   Irvine,
A.   C5.   Henry.
Jan.  Montgomery.
Ida   A.   Grey,   Vancouver.
\   1 1   A.  Merl :, Detroit, MiJis
M.inshall   Smith.   \    ncouvei
1;   ! 1.  Mil ihell, '."
J, 11. Wilkinson, tTi lliw  1 b
Mrs. C   Hi akei   and I iml 5   .
 I,   Alia.
War   riiompson, Vancouver
.1. Turn 1.
Kal C i"   ���
Men 1  Jose, 1 vl.
Mi M   h in.
F. Dantlmark.
A.   W.   Wood
n. w,   Brund .
|.\  11.  Nelson
Win.   McLaren.
A,    1  lark.
el.   i urrle.
W.  M.   Evans.
\. Mi gahy.
Thos.  Moore.
J is.   Olson.
C. A, Sutherland, Nanaimo.
Mr. and  Mrs. ,1.  Glert, Vancofarac,
Master .1. Q'-ert, Vancouver,
Miss I. fnglls, New Westminster
L. M. Fry on,  Vancouver.
W,  Brenner, Chilliwack.
P.   Lyons,
G, Deamoml.
.1. H, Fenton.
D. McPbee.
W,   A.  Fnrmear,   Vancouver.
A.   Hldard.
H.    E.   Ha'rrison,    Vancouvac
,1.  Bourne, Edmonton.
The bve merchants nre the imct,-
that advertise their go ids. No slm*
worn, antiquated wares in (he st rni
or those who advertise. The mrr-
ohant who advertises can sll \~v
goods cheaper thnn the one who QtMM
not for the reason that he turns fwnp
over uulcker. Look over the a"v��j>-
tlsements in this issue and so ��'h\
the live-merchants of the Delia oj*- THE DELTA TIMES
f**o�������� cT��rT,TTa�����spoBar ���tagis...      ���
I LONDON, Aug. 4.���Kent beat Middlesex by an innings and 37 runs In
; the county  match yesterday.
.UiircjF-   Require   Little  Care  and   Are
Useful  In   Many  Ways.
a reecessful breeder of Angor.i
H��us says of these animals:
-_\ few years ago the interest in Angara goats was so pronounced in some
Berts of the country that for awhile ii
promised  to  become a   craze.     Since, 	
in it has died down to such an es- wnmiPEQ, Aug. 4.���The issue ot
���PM that one seldom hears them spo- ( j10j0000 o�� 4 per cent 30-year pro-
asnof. But this is not by any meuus ,vmcJal debentures, were sollt to the
ir�� to tbe fact that tbe Angora gont is Banh ot Commerce at par, delivered
Mt s desirable variety Of farm Stock. m Winnipeg. Hon Hugh Armstrong
���Stm the contrary, I am convinced that stated that tins was the best sale of
I tfiese goats were put on a great provincial debentures ever made by
Wmmj    farms    and    plantations    I hey j the present government.
MONTREAL,     Aug.  2.���Among  the
j guests at the Windsor hotel last week
I were Hon. .1. Maxwell Scott and Mis.
Scott, the latter being a great-granddaughter of Sir  Walter Scott,    They
'are the pros ni owners of Abbotaf ird,
although residing in London. Mr. and
Mrs   Scott  are en route to Kamloops,
I B, C, Where a son is now staying.
WASHINGTON,   Aug.   -.--I'o.nellus
C.  Cuyler,  president of    the    United
States Mortgage & Trust Company, of
jtliis  city, and  prominent  In  financial
land  civic    affairs,     died   in  Elarritz,
! Prance,   as  a   result  of   injuries  sustained   In  an    automobile    accident.
!.���..(  be  found   very   profitable  and [.News of his death  was received here
MM Httle or nothing In money or care, [on  Saturday.
-"i'licy are superior to sheep In man.
be found   very  profitable
L'ORIENT, France, Aug. 2���While
experimenting here today with a new
military aeroplane of his invention,
Lieut Cros, of the French army, was
caught in a squall and' dashed to the
ground. He sustained severe injuries on the head.
"WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 4.���All
over the world today, wherever they
may be, the officers and crews of
the vessels of the United States revenue cutter service will celebrate
the 119th anniversary of the establishment of the service. The character of the celebration will be substantially the same on all of the
Phone 2 P. O. Drawer S
The Delta Hotel
Newly Furnished Throughout and First-Class
in Every Detail
Travelers' Sample Rooms Attached
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Modern Sanitary Conveniences
Ladner, B. C. J. Johnson, Prop,
i cocccoa'x'xcxx'C^
FORT MORGAN, Col., Aug. 3.--
Tho Empire reservoir, 2S miles west
of here, containing more than a billion cubic feet of water, and Irrigating 40,000 acres of land, In Morgan'
and Weld counties, broke through
the wall. The deluge swept a swath i
half a mile wide through the richesi
farming lands in this region, inflicting damage estimated at half a
million dollars.
���HQT**, ami may be said to lake tbe
juixc* of sheep in most of the illrcc-
IHtnm which sheep are found lo be use-
it3i <iii the farm, ln one respect they
*re superior to all other forms of
rtBCSs���that is, -as scavengers. For
twining up weeds, briars, brushes and
ixteiti undergrowth where not wanted
"M*jr are superior to any other known
nguacy. If one has nu old pasture
Start tins become set In bushes of any
ilHiU or it clearing in which thick uu-
i'/nrrowth has come up from roots and
���Asmps, the easiest and quickest way
to g.'i rid of it all is by turning In a
Xw'k u" Angoras. Two seasons will
���soally sullico for n clean sweep. All
the brash will be dead.
-This is certainly u service that will
Ik- valuable on many farms. Hut tho
AKgura is not valuable only ns a scav-
���nerr. It is equally valuable for the
���ale of tbe hair and Besh. And it may
W -remarked  Incidentally that  where
SEATTLE, Aug. 4.���The Prince
Rupert "Boosters' Club" has chartered a steamer and 250 of its members
will come to Seattle on Sept. 4 to
celebrate Prince Rupert day at the
exposition, according to advices received yesterday by President Chil-
berg from J. H. Rogers, chairman of
the committee In charge.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 3.���The
Novoe Vremya today publishes a despatch from Constantinople saying
that four transports loaded with
Turkish troops have left the capital
for the Island of Crete, and a Turkish
fleet has been ordered to escort them.
The geratest secrecy regarding these
���naval movements Is being observed
and it Is supposed that Turkish troops
intend to effect a landing on the island.
Celebrated English
FRANKFORT. Germany, Aug. 2.���
The airship Zeppelin II. ascended
from Frankfort this morning and
after pertorming various evolutions
over ihe city started for Cologne.
This distance is about 110 miles and
ihe  vessel  will  follow  the course  of
the   Rhine.     Great   preparations     for . ,
an   enthusiastic   welcome   at  Cologne! company.  ,vl,,eh broke the n,misters
have been made.
CHICAGO, Ills., Aug. 4.���Active
preparations to meet a possible strike
are being made by the street railway
companies. They are preparing the
old power houses as sleeping quarters
for strikebreakers. E. L. Reed, who
organized   the     employers'     teaming
' mistered in Canada, England and D. S. A. Used by the I'nulish Government for
over 65 years, ''hey urn the irrpiitost of all animal regulator0 and ure guaranteed. Stock
r ood. Poultry Food, Condition Powders, Heave Remedy, Colic Cure, Hculinn Salve.
Hair Growing Salve. Medicated Wash. Cough anil Cold Cure. Liniment for Stock, Liniment for Home Use, Hoof ointment, Corn Cure, Blister Finish, Spavin Cure.
Royal Medicated Stock Foad Co., &tts Vancouver, b.
Lanninp, Fawcett & Wilson, Ltd., Local Agents
'ifcer* is no brush to be killed out they jing th
ia as well on weeds and grass as on   tion laborers.    The    stabbing    affray
the  public street,  Eol-
strike in 11)05, has charge of the hir-
  ing  of  strikebreaker*.     He said  that
i he had 5,000 men competent to hand-
Aog.   4.     I -alitor  She-1 ,e   strect   carg   Qn   caU_     Mpmbers   of
the   Illinois   State   Board   of   Arbitrations stated for Chicago last night to i
see  whether  they    could     ward     off \
ba, of the Hawaii Shinpo, was stabbed '
and   probably  fatally  wounded   today
bj   Mori .Maui, delegate of the Higher
Wage Association,  which  is support-
strike of the Japanese planta-
kPliKb. The mohair, as the lleoce of tbe , tool,
fcngura is called, has u wide range of
fefces. and sometimes for an extra line
���ample the price Is way beyond the
rati .'e of sheep's wool. Its use is nisiln-
;, (of the production of line plushes,
io": srhieb the demand for use in up-
tottiering Is always going to be great,
������in addition to these its adaptability
S:>r use in line carriage robes, couch
Krmrs, sofa pillows and similar arli-
liv* nr.'.y continue to malic it sell high.
(tat even ii' tiiis demand for the mo-
place In
lowing an argument between the
men over the strike.
I'lTT.-'FIELO, Mass.. Aug. 4.���William .Mitchell, aged 24 years, a graduate of Brown University, this year,
was killed yesti rday by eight tons of
pig iron which broke through a celling and fi u In him while at his
desk   In   the  office   of    the    Stanley
jElectric Manufacturing Company.
The  iron  had   been  stored  in a  room
lover  tlic office.     He was  f.ie  son  of
i   r    viv necessarily  limited  flic de-jney. Arthur Mitchell of Bordentown,
ll. id fur the carcasses for mutton and   x.   ,i..  and  at   Brown  University,  he
. .   i  ry general usefulness of the aul-1 was  known as a general athlete and
nulls In keeping dowu brush on farms   was popular.
;,.*���:���;; Bcici t i" keep the price of them |
FRANFORT. Aug. 4.���Thi a'rshtp
J Zepp illn II I-!'' hi re y sti rday for
Colog - . a rllst mco of 11 0 miles, bin
was obliged i" relai'ii <oi a,Mount of
an . "id. ml t i her /m u him ry. Sac
, had gone bul b s i irt distance when
! on.- of her propeller blades broke and
w irked loose and fell to the
The airship r turned and
CttU miik is more viscous, or less fluid, descended at the same pl-ci whence
ilt'i warm, aud the cream will not sen- H bad started. A new propeller will
i.r..���'.- so readily. If this is true of havi to be brought from Freldrlch-
pirarer urn blues, where every think shafen. This is the second unsuccess-
'-,:������. cere uniformly than is possible f"' attempt the airship has made to
t.-:.i a  hand  machine,  ii  is certainly   reac'h Cologne,
:   the  hand  machine.    It  is one
/< l'io siu'l: arguments of some sep-
/,. t'.i a polut of satisfactory profit."
Eest Temperature For Separation,
<"..",' warmer the mili. the more tluid-
.; t it Is,   ii Is a rule adopted by all
eieumerymeu in operating power nia-
tftlues that the mill; must be separated I anothe
:trt -.1 temperature above 85 degrees t".  groun I
LONDON, Aug. 4.--The third full
meeting of the Imperial Di fence Con-
.. rence al the foreign office yesterday, the main business for consideration was the memorandum on naval
defence, The presence of Mr. Hal-
Idane and Lord Lucas as military ad-
I visors Indicated that an effort to cooperate the two branches of defence
was being made. The c inference sat
for 90 minutes. The detail's of the
hi me government's suggestion will be
considered by a committee of experts. The c uiferen e adjourned till
traitor agents that their machine will
jtclr.i cold  milk.     Probably  the  stnte-
NteKt  is- true.   If so It shows a wide
nexge of adaptability for the machine
-.j. (bat it is so built that it is difficult
to '.I'm; up.    Take  the argument for
���stat it is worth, but do not skbu cold
nil':  unless you expect to leave some
tetter fat lu the sklmmllk.   The milk
-Amid he separated ns quickly ns pos-
���**3dv after milking.    Then  the  skim
kIj ::  will  be cleanest,  the  sklmmllk
lai'l  ho best  for  the  calves,  and   the
mviia will  keep  better.���Department
(tAfirlcultiire Bulletin. WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 4,--Seal
poaching Is becoming a dangerous
practice through the vigilance of the
Hints Aoout Fleeces. rjnlted States  revenue, cutter service.
Due and lv." year old sheep are, its   Tne  aetalls of    the    seizure    of the
n Tick-, the heaviest producers of wool.   Japanese sci ner Tenyu    Main    In
\mt.  to them at lids aye  tor their  Behrlng Sea by the cutter Perry men-
Kuiiuiiim yield. tioned in the press despatch's have
".Villi age courser wool Is produced  been rsoelved al the treasury dop.it-
Ijr most sheep.    The young therefore   ment.    The commander of tha cutter
j-fc-M   the  best  quality   for  the   most   In bis    report    of    the    affair   s.ys:
^j., "Perry  arrived   at   Unalaska, Alaska,
ttry. narsh fleeces do not meet muchP" ���'"'���v   "   '''"' the 8elS!8d Jspanesj
is'homier Tenyu  Maru and   li    men.
The  trial  was held    before    a  com-
I mlssloner at   this  plac 11  resulted
I in the master and crew    being    held
for trial at the nexi term of courl
Vlldez,   Alaska."     The schooner   w
Rarsh tie."
ISriiir with the iiiaiiufiiciiirer; neither
rtterjld sheep that produce them meet
mtca ftivor with the grower.
Tn? locks and dirt hulls cannot be
���oted as high class wool.   They should
tot find theft' way Into the center of Iseizod  for illegal taking of fur
y?tc- fleece when  it  is tied tip.    Even   within  tho territorial waters in    ii.
Bre wool buyer will find them nnd will ! vicinity of the Pribyloff Islands.
fa'ck weight accordingly. 	
Tiie rniinufaetiirer divides the (1 e i     LONDON,     Aug.      '.--The     Time
ferto six or seven distinct parts after he  Sydney correspondent wires that  ti
r?-'fs it.   It greatly facilitates his work   Individual  development  of  the  navi
LONDON, Aug. 2.���The sub-committee of the Imperial Defence Conference, appointed to confer on matters of aviation, has given a verdict
for rigid dirigible balloons for naval
purposes, and non-rigid balloons for
the army. The aeroplane committee
considers that these machines possibly may become' valuable to the
army, but say that they must be able
to ascend to a much greater height
than yet has been achieved before
they will be useful for reconnoitering
purposes. Mr. Haldane announced in
the House of Commons this afternoon
that iu consequence of this report the
Admiralty had ordered a rigid
dirigible of the largest typo from
Viekers, Son & Maxim, and that the
government factory at Aldershot was
busy with the construction of three
n m-rigid ball ions and two aeroplanes
for experimental purposes. Mr. Haldane said in addition: "The remarkable events of recent days���M.
Blerlot's flight across the Channel,
and the .flights In America���all point
to the fact that some time In the
future the aeroplane will bo capable
of bringing out great  results."
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ld.
Victoria        Vancouver        New Westminster
9tyaAes a Specialty oA
fob and
Advertise in the Delta Times
We Beg Leave
You probably drew one of
these numbers in a sack of
Poyal Standard Flour.
73137 61148 56087 68273 56543
67592 39998 57342 70002 65738
9 the fleece Is left Intact, so that he
cam tell just where each part lies.
'"ptcct the best ewe lambs to keep to
grade up the flock.
Dock tho lambs while they are
jirrmir. The tail should ho removed by
�� sharp chisel and tbe wound smeared
xrjfii tnr to keep off the files.
r��ew is good to make tbe grass fresh
3�� "fie morning, but there Is not enough
Ut it to keep the sheep from being
airsty.   See to the water supply.
Make the change from dry fond to
jeretnre carefully, allowing the sheep
to pasture only a few hours at firrf..
���CiTe a full feeding of hay, etc., Ill
a* tuixn for Beveral day* before turc-
*r <nrC
resources of tlie Empire's dominions
under a common training tystem is
accepted now by practically the whole
community as an attainable Idea. Ti
j principle of the co-ordination ot Individual  efforts  in   pursuance    of    a
| common Imperial policy seems to
harmonize with the suggestion recently   discussed   here   by   which     the
| Pacl le fleet of the Empire should be
supported  and  controlled  by  Canada.
j Australia, and New Zealand i.n conjunction . with     Croat     I'rllain.     The
] proposal   to   snend   the   .iolnt   contrl-
! button offered by Australia and New
| Zealand on a cruiser sijuadron to
guard the trade routes on ,the Indian
'and Pacific, oceans Is most acceptable
here to all parties, but the press reserves expressions of opinion until the
I result of the Defence Conference Is
If you did, you are entitled
to a 109 piece china dinner set.
Each month from the duplicates
of the coupons placed in the
sacks of Royal Standard Flour
leaving our mills, we draw ten
numbers. If you are fortunate
s enough to secure one of these,
you are entitled tc a dinner set
free of charge. There have
been many winners. It may be
your turn now. Watch this
paper every month.
Royal Standard is the best
11 and purest flour on the market
in Western Canada today. Remember Royal Standard is a
better flour���not merely different, but better.
For Sale By Vi. H. SMIT4
Manufactured by
notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about
the same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices
New Westminster, B. &.
**W**H*+*-H*+ ���H.*H��H--M-++*H"H-++*H*+ ���
& GRAIN CO., Ltd.
Skills of
Call and See Samples
Binder Twine
14 cents
Finest Machine Oil
RAKES    -    ���    .   PORKS
Clement & Lambert
Hardware, Tinsmithing, Plumbing
Phone 36 Ladner, B. C.
D    /"-  I �� m|h|n{m|m|i���J***!'*"!* 71T-TThM,'M*TtT ���|*V*I,V-*J'VV,I*"J*V ��J����J��*]��*J����g����|a��gc��g#-t!
Seo. O. \Vichero


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