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The Delta Times Feb 25, 1908

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/^^ddi *ss>s
-V.jf -    .- |
Ul.     --!.-'-..'.
V��l. S, No. 25.
.,__     ; _____a .���������-I!-'J-'-.Li1���-���'-"g.1. ."��.        _3	
We have placed in Stock, this week 6*000 Rolls
Wall Paper, comprising all the Mew Shades and
Prices front Be io 4&o Roll
Border Sold at Same Price as Hanging.
We have in Stock, this week, a carload of Scotch Linoleums, im
ported direct from the manufacturers, in 2 yards and 4 yards wide; a
beautiful range of Patterns, and QUALITY THE BEST.
Lace Curtains-
Nice rang�� Lace Curtains, from 50c pair to $5.
Rugs  and  Carpet  Squares,   Curtain  Poles, Window
Shades, Etc,
No Better Goods.
No better Prices.
Marshall Smith & Go., Ltd.
&.. I-ATRICK'S OANcii.
The Excelsior Club of Delta ��-
e-nd to give a dance in the Town
lall, Laduer., on St. Patrick"*.. Day.
Call on Mrs. Jarley.  Thursday
I vening next.
J. A. Paterson visited the  Royal
Iky last week _
By reference to our advertising
jus it will be seen tbtft <H. .N.
tich bas two auction sales, 'oora-
|iismg a large stock of .First-class
airy animals and farming imphe-
[urnts, advertised to take place on
_ ursday, the 5th, and Wednesday,
i-iJtb of next month.
u-. .,.._ tail to uuy a ticket aad
attend tke grand entertainment te
be held *i tbe Town Hall, on
Thursday 0/this ���week. The management have not spiffed 'either expense or hard woik in heir endeavor to put on an entertainment
well \yorvhy of patrenage.
Our enterprising neighbor, Alex.
Dime, brought down a nice band
of heavy borses from the Interior,
last wedfc.
The second annrtrersaty of tbe:
Silver Mission Band <will be held in
the Metfhoflisl Church, on Wednesday. March nth. An interesting;
programme is being prepared by
tbe members of the Band. Refreshments at the close. All are cordially invited.
The senior Championship football match, Thistles, ol V.neouve.,
vs. Westham Island, will take
place at Westham Island, on Saturday next, 29th inst. This is the
final game of tlie season and will
certainly be the best yet. If you
wish lo see a first-class fintticA^s
will be ycMr opportunity. Go find
help cheer onr boys on to victory.
The S.S. Sonoma will leave Ladner
at I2:30'o'clock.
Ottawa Letter.
Ottawa, Feb, 1.3.���One side of'
an argument sometimes appears
convincing until the other has been,
The recent attack of the Conservatives 011 the Timber policy of the
present government ba^i been very
generally circulated throughout tbe
country, but the reply made in answer to this attack, by Hon. Clifford Sifton, who was Minister of
the Interior, at 'the time the acts
cemplained of occnrred, has not
been so generally circulated.
Mr. Sifton Always Ready.
A characteristic of the ex-Minister of the interior is, that when
any reflections are made upon the
policy of the department affecting
the period ot time when he was
charged with the administration,
he stands ready to give the fullest
explanation {not to'defend for there
is nothing to defend), bnt Mt. Sifton invariably makes valuable contribution to the debate, which
throws light upon what is ptir-
'poS:lv kept o'bscure by those who1
seek to cloud the issue.
Some time ago a general attack-
����.' made on the administration of
the Interior Department. Mr. Sif-
ton's famous speech, delivered May
31, 1906, in the House, effectively
silenced all criticism and the affair
passed away and was forgotten. In
the present instance after the ex-
minister had spoken there was nothing more to be said, the Opposition
had been effectively answered, end
the House was qnite satisfied to
vote down the resolution.
Speaking ofthe contract between
the administration of timber lands
under the Conservative 'Government, and the administfEtion <under
Liberal ���Govermmont, Mr. Sifton
Liberals Did Their Duty.
"We came irito power in 1896.:
We undertook the dutyof develop-,
ing that western 'Country as it had
not been developed before, and we
performed that duty-. As settle-'
ment progressed, here and there,!
whatever it became necessary we'
disposed ot timber lands. During
its eleven years of administration
this government has disposed of
6,400 miles to satisfy the wants dfa
population of 900.000, What did
our predecessors do? In three years
they disposed of 2t,oqpsquare miles
-of timber lands for the pupose of
satisfying the wants of 'loe.ouo
Mr. Sifton alluded to other matters in connection with Conservative administration of timber lands
���wbich were cf a most objectionable
character. "I have," said he, "defended in the police court, miserable settlers who were prosecute ri
bv the timber rangers of our honorable friends opposite (Conservatives) fur taking .Brewoad from the
timber hinds of the government,1'
aud Mr. Silion's caustic commentary ou this was;���"2t,ooo square
miles for the speculators and the
police court for tbe settlers."
lis.  i   Delta Council.
A very pretty wedding was cale-
brated Just evening at Ur,. homo of
W. K. Fales, .Uac-enz.o and Agnes
streets, lliy contracting parties betnj
Daniel A. Cm-re.:, ot this cily, an 1
Miss Caroline -Du;eenioJ, ot Grand
Rapids, Mich, lliy large house, beautifully dacoratefl   with   .plants    an.
t-M���___. ., is. ��� s*.*a_
The Delta Council met in the
Council Chamber on Saturday last,
Feb. 22nd, at s p.m., with the
Reeve, T- A. Paterson, in the
chair, and Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
Gilchrist, Morley aud Embree present.
Minutes   of   previous   meeting
Lowe.s,   was   thrown   i:-iis:i     to     tii-
guests, oi -wiiom .fut'i'L- wai j uorad alxty I were adopted .s rea i
in all.
The nuptial knot was t_ed in    thei communications:
large dining room by Rev. J. 8. From Dr. A. A. King, M.H.O.,
Henderson,  pastor   of   St. Andrew'.,!.    ,    . , , ���
t, . , , , ,. _, , ., , . iMiclosmcr aiintnl report as follows-.
Presbyterian church, the bride bem:.! �� ^ ���;
.given away by her brother-in-law, 'i'. "The year jus*, closed has beeu
W. i. outer. The bride was supported comparatively free from contagious
,by her niece, Miss K. K. Foster   and   .���    _. , .   , ...
,v, ,,���,.���,.,.     diseases,  as  shown   below���diph-
the ..prr-dom by  W.   E.  Sinclair.    Ths v
brid-e looked beautiful iu -a tires., ot theria, nil; scarlet fever, 2;>tt.eaBleB,
silk eoliene over taffeta. The brides- 15, one death; typhoid fever, 1;
maid wore a dress of Bt. Albert cloth consumptidt, 4. The -two ca.es of
trimmed with chiffon. Tbo bride tar-1 scarlet fesicr were both placed under
!'i!.a.a..la^e..-lj0U1,Uet-0f.WllUtf. ca,ni; I strict quarantine ami no  new cases
developed  from   them."    Received
and adopted.
Krom  John  Oliver,   M.P.P,.   re
assistance from the government f&'r
in. and file bridesmaid a bouquet
of pink tarnations.
Following the ceremony the gue.is
not dowu to a-sumptuous wedding sapper in the Urge dining hall, where tlie
long table, profusely covered with
vaso.s o.f flowers, and the pretty
dresses of the bridal assemblage,
made ;i fitting picture for the close of
the evening. The happy couple, amid
ohowuru of ri-sss, a��d many neapty .good
wishes, left on the 10; 30 car for Vancouver. Tlie bride's travelling .gown
was of wine colored broadcioth with
hat to match. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron
will visit all the important coast cities
during their honeymoon, the trip extending over two or three weeks.
Mr. -and Mrs. Cameron were tha re-
oipien-ts of many beautiful and valuable presents, among wiich were
noticed: Set ��f mlak fars, Mr. and
Mrs. T. W. Foster, Ladner; silver
bread plate, -F. T. Christopher; buclt-
ho.-n carving set, Mr. and Mrs, E, W.
Cameron; carving -set. Mr. and Mrs.
William Rogers; lliscuit jat, Mr. .mJ
Mrs. F. J. Pearce; sllW .sauce iliulbi,
Mr. and Mrs. T, Parcel!} si'*er carl
receiver, W. E. Sinclair; huni .lalnte-i
I'ruit dish. Messrs, Wooater Bros.; eleo.-
-l-'lc ra.-ding lamp, Mr. and Mrs, G. C.
Hinton; biscuit jar, Mr. ,ind .Mrs. A
Davie, Mrs.* Gregg, and G. Patterson;
cut glass berry bowl, Mr. and Mh
Wilbur Smith; cat glass sa.: and pepper shakers, Mr. and Mrs D. E. McKenzie: silver c��ke dijh, Mr. and''
Mrs. V. Guichon; china -salad howl;
Mr. anR Sirs. W. H. Clark; ��!t glass
bonbon   dish,   Mr.  and Mrs.   Howard
public works in tU-:s -Mistrict. Ee��
-ceived and filed.
From'tbe .Municipalities of Chilliwack and-North tCowith��n, resale
oi rodfc crusher. Received and ftft
Clerk to reply.
On motion Jens Gundersdt: was
given permission to put culvert
'tinder the Kiver road.
The Clerk was authorized to purchase a new shear for tbe grader.
F. S. Browne requested th_{
Council to remove the fence on his
property as he wished to crop
���alongside the road.
The Delta Temporary Loan By
���law, 1.90?, was.passed;��is finally msec nsidered.
The Clerk wns 'fcut'hctt'ized ��to
'Write the engineer in charge of #be
'G.N.R. that the Peck road must be
'placed in proper condition soon ak
It was decided to revalue and reassess the lands in the district artfl
H. M. Vasey was appointed the
The Reeve, Clerk and Road
Foreman were authorir.ed to pur-
���chase an-ci'her'acre of l*u& adjoining the gravel pit at Boundary Bay.
The  Reeve,  Coun.  Gibbie  and
Seeds, Timothy >and Clover Seeds
���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
I.U., H. N. 1UCH, Lal ner,
B.C..-Agent. 1
Tb���: youtig'youtig laSies oi New
Westmittster, are financing a "Children's Ward" in Royal ���Columbian
Hospital, and tbe wort ol rtiising
funds fdt that purpose is being undertaken by these 'young people,
two of whom will make their appearance here in about two weeks'
Mme, when'they hope to be riMe'to
raise a neat little sum to assist them
in their undertaking. Keep this
4n mind. ,
Welsh; silver cream aad sugar bowls, the Clerk were ati'liorized to draw
s.t,-. and Mrs. G. Blakely; drawn work. up a p\gr, 0j thc waT]t neec)ed at
table co ver, Miss Howay; bersr dish,; the Gulfside dyke and forward
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Benson, Nauaimo; : -_,_._. .��� ,,     r-,
s.t,,...,    samc t0 tlw Dominion -governraeiU
pickle-oi'uot, ,\Ir. and Mrs. C. S.-Kritli,    , ,
ss.ii       . ><        i  .,      r   th'i cmgh Kobt. Jardin*.
embroidery tea cosv, Mr, ,s��d Mr.;. J. * J
Logan,   Ladner;   sliver  pickle   omst,      W' R' Ellis was granted  the US��
Mies  F. Foster, Ladnor;   h:ind  made] of 'he grsder for a day's work.
afternoon tea aproa, Mrs. j. A, Short' ]     The  Reeve, Finance Co turn itle*
Keitt. Wash.; silver bread tray, Mr.
anil Mrs. II. Benson, .Laduer; silver
cold meat -f>)rk. Mrs. p. Matheson,
I -tdne:'; dOiwn work cr-ntro -^otn,
Mrs. A. D. Patterson, Ladner; silver
sugar shell, Mr. and Mrs. O, H. Manley, ladner; cut. fflass sail and pepper
shakers, Mrs. A. Cameron; silver ten
SpoDQS, Mr. and Mrs. \V. C. Coatliam;
and Clerk were authorized to sign
promissory Botes te cover present
G11 motion 'the Cle_k was instructed to j��et e.dvice from V.'.jJ.
Taylcff re dvke asses.mettts.
The Reeve presented an estimate
of the cost of the proposed munici-
'< hands with power toest.
Gouucilthen atjioumed rtill Set-
Th'nn cream and sugarbowls in silvor .pal wharf���d.1.019. Received, and
tray, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Welsh; sllvc; the llla|tor.iett in the Committee'-,
fruit spoon, Mr. ,and Mrs. -Tamed]
Welsh, Ladner; .silver cream and
sugar bowlS, .Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank de
Grey;  china cream Mid sugar bowl.,; urda^ March T4, at . p.m.
Miss A. L. Gilley; silver card Tect'lv<--,    ' ��� ������
Mns. FCiton, Mrs. AVilson,'Mrs. *o-| B Gmey. Bet of d nner kn]ves ^
Diarmld; silver tea spoons, Mrs. Dona- ,orkBi Mr. and Mr9. Nv,3 Nt>]soni Bai).
hue, Detroit, Mlc.i.; silver cake flish.j ,,erton; cUna cream anti fluJW bowte|
Cant, and Mrs. J. W. Rogers; five; M,8a Mar(Cn k��usi,V; toilet ����r, Mr.
o'clock tea m, Mr.-r.ud Mrs '-T. H-j ami Mrs. Gcoi-go Adams.
Smith; wedfiniwo-.d .cream pitcher,j The briflo.g glft to the gf(Km ^
Arthur M. Insley; hand painted china I ft hands0mo ana cos���y diamond stud;
boabon dish. H. Campbell; Land pWnt- the gTo01B pre8Pnte4 the brideBmaiVi
oil cream and sugar bowls, Mr. andi wlth a vahval)le sm?,ffiyst brooch B*
Hrs. W. R.-Angus, Vancouver; Ores-
den cHida (Tream aud sugar bowls, Mr.
and Mrs, Clifford Lorft; cut glass carver rests, Mrs. 0. W. GlUey; s'lver
rako ftish, fitr. and Mrs. "T. F. Patte--
son,'Vancouver; bottle of perfume, P.
W. McKenzie; sterling five o'clsick t-=a H. N. Rich is advertising, 1)fl
service, Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Ferguson; another page, two 60-acre (wtemM
Silvnr card reccivpr, Mr. and Mr.. W. .rant.   ��8ftp ad-
with pearls.
���D^'ly News New Wtsstmrnrter,
s   -, .    .,.
. ������ L. -!���������-'.
Published v.yery Tuesday.
Miss Ma ^arcutf. '{fashion �� talks
Subscription, $U00 per yenr.
CftMMkl Advertisement!, io cccts per Hue foi
tbt flrtt Insertion, and 5 tenia per line tai each
wiUaequent  lusertiou.     Tbc   number   ol   lines
nKkontd by the space occupied, 12 Une;* to thei
Rate* tor Commercial Advertisements can be
bad on application at this oth ce.
ftwuliug notice* :e cants prr, Hue for each in-
ieiLiuii. "
' Birtii and Deo.tk notices, 30c., Marriages $i.eo.;
Any special uouc?, tlie ubject wt which is to
f Ifadividiml
prgn.--te*he pttuuiary benefit ofhny ihdividiml
or company, to be con side ceil an *iU
nnd ebttr^ea accordingly.'
All advertiseuattto cUarged fee until ordered
)Mt atid paid tor.
' Carre spend? net .tmt ei) ou matiera of public
iutoraat. Comnmnica^ous to editor must be ao
coiupauicil by name ��f wrUsrr, uot necessarily
fer publication, but as evidence oflgood faith.
Cbrrespoadeuce must reach Ui'4 aifiet by Thurs-
iay evening.
Gko. Ro Makwy,
Truck irg [and  riajirg.     livery Work of
AlHEirdsyAtter-cec to Picrr.ptly.
All" Kir ds of Firewccd Always On Hand,    j
M. rmilNS-!W,HHmnwvTO,BX.i
Stop and consider
C?J-  .  . s
when in need 01 reliable
TUESDAY, VEBTU'ARY 3-5,   .<}o8.
Some time ago we suggested that
the Band Boys undertake the building of a.de&ent public hall, but they
having failed to tak;e the matter up
we offer the suggestion that, some
ol our moneyed taeu form a syndicate or joint stock oampaqy tp undertake the work. The,.toyndation
qf ther prejseut building will, seqn
seedfixing.and a n.w, hajl -yovdd
styre this expense.   Talk this up.
j     On Thursday afternoon last Miss
j Murcutt addressed a mass  meeting
| for Women  in St Andtew's Presbyterian   Church.     The   1 latform
was tastefully decorated with potted
plant., the  work of tke ladies of
the church.
Mrs.   Huntley, president  of the
W. C. T. U-, presided and gave a
vf.rv  thoughtful opening   address,
and  Mrs.  Lanning delighted   the
audience with a  beautilul  au'4 appropriate vocal selection.
Miss Murcutt's subject was "Tlie
Women   of   Other  Lands."     She I
spoke first of the tremendous influ
euee for good wielded by woman in 1
her dual capacity of wife and
I mother-. She.went on to tell of the \
i dress and customs of the women ol j
| other lands, referring especially to)
i Japan, and what lliey were trying,
j to.do tp project their homes Irom
the curse of sttong  drank, which is';
finding its way  into  all corners of
the glebe. j
th^woToT^ewh"c.Tueuad,.d'!Tli�� Cheapest Store in Town for High Class Goo^s
urged  all the  women   present   to j __��____���_��__�����������____w��������������_.
unite   in   banishing   alcohol from!
their homes and iu helping to makej   i*t/\       PfT a f\JLX .    . r\MCD     D     C
our country one in which it will be j JlNvJ.     iKJlV^ vJO 9        LAUINtlKi    t>.   \J.
easy for ottf boys, and  girls todoj
���\t the close, cards. .Yere circulated  and  ninetciu   nciv.   names   se-.
cured for the W.C.T.U:
The closing  lecture, delivered in
the Town Hall, ou Friday   evening
last,    on    "Russia   and   its Island
J Prison, Saghalien,"   was  delivered
iu a most masterly  style  to a very
largo     audience.      The     lecturer
C*ll and see our Iir ���3 for
Men Women and Children
Do \'ou Like Qood Music ?
Sir ve You an Eye for a Prett
Picture ?
If so, be at the
mwn Hall, Feb* 2T
11 ii i
Incorporated ISo'**.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-ofTown Customers Given Specif
boo," but we dp not hear one word
tboutthe injustice being done to
t^ie free and untrammeled .district
<tf Delta.
The Conservative papejs of the
Irovince are blowing louAas possible- proved herself  to   be
*bout the "Great Surplus of $i,20O, nun��cM��.t with. h��,r  subject as on
previous occ.'isicms.
At the close of tl.e lecture, alter
a very earnest appeal to all to assist
iu the obtaining of Local Option
legislation had'bec-ii made, the  fol-
Because the people oi.-Delta hav_t| lowing resolution was unanimously
shown their independence by electing to the Legislature A MAN,
worthy of the name, the government, which boasts so much about.:
Justice, has seep fit to make a
grant to this district of the munificent   sura   of   fr,5oo,   while
passed by standing vote:
"That this company assembled is
heartily in sympathy with the object of the^e lectures, viz., the obtaining of Local Option Legislation."
A hearty vote of thanks was also
W. j. KERR
B.  C.
go, YOU   Nl LI.!). IjOSE   NO SLEH!'. for t.uc security hack of
THEM   rS '���
Our Loans do not exceed 40 per cent, of
the value of the property  and  NET you
3 per cent.
the' Passec> to  the  learned  lecturer for
'      ' the able manner in  which  she had
neighboring district of Richmond,! delivered the series, of very iustruc-
Which returned a supporter of said 1 tive lectures during the  past week,
] and which had bc;en highly appreci-
For Sale.
A Sow aud  four Young  Pigs  6
weeks uld.    Apply at
government, the sniaU��utu of about-
1,150,000 has been deled out.
Surely the member for this disr.
Ukt i��s the one who., should go to
the foot of the throne.
W. C. T. U.
ated .by  all  as was  attested to by.
the lar^e attendances each eveniug.
''I.-tg following letter has been received by the Provincial W.CT.U.
stnd forwarded to the .local ujiton at
December 5th, 1-907.
>Iy dear Mrs. Cupnitjgham:
Western Australia to British Col
farmers' 5a(l.
The second annual ball, given by.
the. Delta Farmers' Institute was
held in the Town Hall, on Thursday last, when a very large numbei
turned out. If anvone- had a
doubt as to whether these annual
gatherings aie likely to be a success, that di.ubt would soon have
been dispelled by a peep into, the
hall on Thursday last.
The music was fir .t-class r.s was
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at S'.jo a.m. and 3.30p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30. a.m.
and.4:30 p.m.
- also the supper.and the committee
umbia sendeth greeting and a thou- in charge are to. be congratulated
sand times ten thousand thanks far upon 'he excellent manner in
the Loan of Mrs. Leila M. Hutch- which the affair was conducted,
efson, one of vour workers who,
with true Btitish;, grit and American pus-h. has giyea.us a most wonderful I".$petu,s in connection with
the Scientific 'Cemberanqe Instruction in State schools movement.
As a token of thankfulness we.Joan
her now to you with gifts developed and experience ripened,.,   F;rom
On Friday, February 14th, one
Bay Filly, rising three -years-old.
Finder kindly notify \V. M. Reagh
for Sale.
About   100  Cords  Alder and 50    j
tons of Mangels.    Apply to
For Salo.
One Indicator and one Brooder,
nearly new.    Apply to
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by thc
Delta Municipal Council up till
Friday, March 13th, for thc fallowing :
For Sale.
A  Delta  Farm,  containing   160
acres of first-class  Farming Land;
voting   orchard; new   house; lar;.e
barn and   stables.    For  particulars
I apply to the owner
Notice to Creditors
]V[OTICE is hereby given pursu-
11 ant to R S. B. C. 1897.
Chapter 1S7, that all creditors and
others having claims against the
estate iii William Hen. y Ladner.
lat.! of I.adner, in the County of
\Vqsttnir._ter, Farmer, who died on
or about the 1st of November. A I) ,
1907, are req.ttired, on or before the
1st day ot March next-, to send to
the tindersign.il, one ol the Executors, the lull particulars.of tlieir
aims ami the nature of the securities (if sinyVheld by them.
And further, take notice, that
after such last mentioned day the
Executors, His Honor Judge
Howay and William J. Wntson,
will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard ouly to the claims ot which
they shall then have, notice, and
the said Executors will not be
liable to any. person or persons of
whose claim   notice shall not have
1. The delivery, of 100a yards or.
more of gravel  on   the  river bank
between Dcas Island and Westham!
st local worker .she has groiyn to bei Island; gravel to be taken from the).
b State worker who,,in, her d,epart-| Corporation's pit at Port Kells.        j
ajent,   is setting, the_. pace  for thei     2. The delivery of  2000 yards of j
' crushed rock on scows at Ladue-,    j
448 Sixth Ave. E., Mt Pleasant,
Vancouver, B.C
Commonwealth. We desire to inform you~tliat the W. A. members
have made Mts. Hutcherson. a life
member of the State Union and,
bave appointed her their rejisetnt-
Utive at any and every temperance:
apd soc .|J.,inhering she maj have
the opportunity of attending. We
hppe to see her with us again, in
two years' time to carry to completion the work shc.>, has initiated.
With loving, greeting .9 our sisters
in Briti.sh^Colunibia.
I remain, yours iji. the tie that
Corresponding Seer. ary.
been received by them.
Dated 27th;day of January, 1908.
P.Ov Box 266,
New Westminstei, B.C
3. The delivery of ,5000 yards ofj
one man rock on scows at the Tenders will be received by the
���Anglo-American Cannery, Canoe! undersigned for rentiiiK, lor from
pass. j one to five  years, from   March   15,
4. The  delivery  and placing of: ><*>��.   Portions   of  subdivision   of
5000 vards.of one-man  rock on tbe; Kirkland Estate, Ladner:
face of thc Gulf dyke. I.    Sixty-three   acres,   more   or
5. The  hauling  and  placing of |lesB-  ot  Lot   177  Group II., with
5000  yards of one-man rock from j ,J0"se and barn thereon.
Caxioe Pa s to the Gulf dyke, 2.    Sixtv.-sevet. acres, more   or
6. Clearing of j/-->~��� ~* n^mA.i less, being Lot 178.and part ot  Lot
ary Bay Cemetery,
Tbe lowest or any   lender   not,      .   , ,  ���,     ,
iiecessarily accepted.    F*r further, be in by 10th March, 1908.
oa,ticulats apply. Highest or anv  other tender net
W. N. Draper,
Room a.BlU'.fl Rlt,<k, New Wcstmluiter.
ing of ti-act*. oi Bound-;less- beln2 Lot t^,wM part ot
cmetery. 1 '77. Group IE
Separate tenders for each piece to
Ladner, Feb. 15th, 190$.
necessarily accepted.
H. N.
Having been revested to start a
Mandolin' Class,   atn< now   pre-
, pared to do so. For. terms, etc.,
Care of Mr. J. W. Lanning.
Rf!aitdefJp.s, Strings, Ets.,
Supplied at, City Prices.
Accounts maj- be opened witli deposits of ONE DOLLAR,
and  Upwards.     Interest paid,   or- credited,  quarterly on  31st  March, 30th June, 30th
September, 31s;   December.
C B. DANIEL.. Manager, LADNER* B. C.
Wll Stock.
For the
Farm,. Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. No Scale..
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Tre ns and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Dee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest establish .<!
nursery on   the mainland ol   13.. C.
Catalogue free-..
t MiKMii mm utm nil nm t
���:���   N1IW WKSTMINSTKR,    :-:  B. C.   <{���
^. Mumifflctttrers of nil kinds ol
���> Soda V/ater, Ginger
.���.    AJe and Summer
Your patronage solicited
M. J JEWRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses, and Setdiiouses
VANCOUVER,    -   B. C.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single &>?��. 10 Cts^
Saswple Copy Free.
MANi-li-S. -Is W. S.TII. IJT.. SliWYORI,
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
iie You Wait.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
'_Lfgg?gg^J B_3E��K-g
���RWffw. gaeaaa���5ggB
WAIT and Get Your Grinding Dane
$2.0a PER. TON
$2.25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays.;
i Successful Hsisfjand
The Important Question u{ 3oard-
in_J or Keeping House ��� HoW��ver
Humble thr Beginiun3 ot ft Home,
It Is Better Than the Mft*l All.-ac-
nvc   Boarding   {Souse.     J��      J*
ICopyrlftiktl 1605, by C. S. Yost.]
rT  DEAll JOHN���I infer from
your   lettor   just   received,
which Ih uioi'o (llstiugulshei.
by its brevity thnu It. lucid-
Ity.   that   yon   nro   Biliiocldeil   na   to
���lu'iiu-r you shad banvtl or keey house,
.ou nre ev hi cut l.v trying to uigue yourself iuto thc belief thut  bolirdlug la
ihe Ideal life, while way dowu in your
Iiiiiiii.l. is n longing for a Lome Unit
I'OI! Cllli't KOt I'iil
Is something favorable to lie
either ii'jposjtlou. If ihew.
were nothing to
..m_ider but the
<_:.o_tion of coat
���tlmt is to say,
,t';:' direct ex.
p:\i.e-the flXCst
cluu'ges.   us   tho
i'_ti':;\'.:g ir.r l.efoio marriage una ue.s
iwrately economical after ward ��� and
'.,it luiipirg hulls.! always .���aits more-
than nay ii'.lviinco calculations. The
. :i -i Mriiins of domestic economy make
'.'A-.:.'_ looli mighty pretty ou paper. II
*>ir.;. of them were to be believed, yon
eoithl fco.i.i house and get fat on your j
,i;>,' money. B-it their enticing then
r:... won't worlt out iu practice. A
i leamvc ,if disappointment is tho in- j
rariab.le Willi of the attempt, and in
tiie dtx-ovei'j He the beginnings of
many niilinppy uuiFi'ted lives.
I   ivitiit you to s,'-) Into this business
-.villi your eyes open.  I would like very
��� \ (mfi WHER.     )
fi', s-~. 'WO FOLLOW ,
i'i-.- .ii --5S?__-
- -T *VS��- I-,.    """
I you -wil J
fRIcMOs 'Al
K dh
��, ���:,���?������'���d--J,     S.'3i>   rnilroad    niuu
d'"^'^rJr.!":,^ v,,,;],!   ,rat   it���I
v ---"���'        ll      ���'.
f iw.
(t 9
rli mid a d v i so
ymi to board, it
il: nt     U>     lie     a
pi jiidftf Idea, mid
|    -y     [,e    yet     foi-
uu^'Ut 1 know lit
tl_e   co a tia;.",
t.'i a t   It    w it a
.���..:,.i-;s.-.- (���nee, cheaper   for  a
: ijii ���       keep house.    1  havo
���  |i . ��� iifitl  e.vi'Ci'ieiKe, an.l  !
ere, i    '.:.,  til'iyr people who
ir i-i i'.  .. mum  of  dtseveltioii
nn !rj   ���-. re. ilea witli the same
iii    ii,:.::.: Iruiu,   every   one   of
i.  its  I  have,  that  it
���ri up a home, how-
: i' does to hoard with
i i iiri'du-kltoga.
,    (id  Slowly.
il   "t the ecouoniy of
���    :��� --i uiilosn it refers
e.'ilts, nnd it loads
���   -ni nud many mis-
n-t  cf young married
ii Is tvil that two, can
i "lie- anodic: o!d and
r ins i ���: ���'������ i 'i -and prows in to
���!��� "t Ills ,iu une will answer very
!   |'   . ci  llmt basis.   He gct:i
I,   i hi S  Iiiiii  a  flat or a little
��� nil se lies ��� ! jwu to save motley
��� ii',; ;.i.\. tie can easily do both
go _s alimrt it in the right wny.
e  : 'i ul   t ��� : 'is  that two  cannot
f'1's-.'..il.  us ntife-unless he wan
. IM    II 'ill
ro to ki
Now   fr
���i tall, i
'e Is I mi
:   tile  p
'I'liti yoi.l
hi nf y n:
liiii.it iiiomn is the feat ot ihc vehicle
i. int not In front.
inm li iu,, i au Im i d a homo nC your
own, for reasons which i shall give
yen, but ! don't want you to bavo any
fali'e notions ubiai.t ils cost. If the
flu .ni'ial end Is /our only Consideru
tion, li.v 0.11 inc..!' i get you a respoetn-
blu liDiiriiing i'i. ce, wliere you wlll
listvo a ctinifi��l'tiilil8 I'o.im nml eatable
food ut I'ea ipiiabie rates, If such a combination c.\'. 1... i'au wiil liave lhe sat-
Isl'aetion of kiiawliiB .list bow uiueli
.Vj:i will hiU:e to pay for your uieal;.
nud lodging uud laundry, and there
Will lie few extras. As a purely tluau-
.���',:.l proposition It is very simple. But���
and I can't place too much emphasis
mi li'nt but -fj.'.i-.'l :;;:��� !; il it \i? i; erly a
li.::.i.cial proponiiiou. I kuow very well
|hill it Is .;i n gi's'ilt many eases, uiu:
the ten e.n.v ! -) make 't so ueeihs to be
growing, but tt Isn't rig'it.
Mouuj: is uu 111 portunt factor In do-
nie.-.tii- .it; <>. 'but beyond the ueces..itlos
of c:;: :i-ie-s- it ii not an essential
ri'oiu.J}1 used, il will help to make
li.ipi'.iuc-is. but at Its best It is a mere
im.-ilUiry, i'-.it it iu single harness and
dcpcuil upon it ulofle to draw you to
b'iss, and you will find that It will
surety bolt' at the tirst fork nf the
ro: I an.I either upstvt tlie wagon or
riii'i'.'.' you I'arilier aud . farther awny
fr :n your goal. It is much better to
liilch it tu the rear end of the vehicle,
where it can Jog along comfortably
mid docilely and he on hand wheu you
Lieed it. I'e sure, however, to tie It
-.-.i-i mid fast, (or when you Tvnnt It
you want it had.
Bet a  Tempo, a.y  Expedient.
[.el im' ..it bin I. to where I jumped
Ilie n:..-!. i'lie ilireet cost - mind von.
the iHriict rat of boiifdlng is less
tf) 'ii the cost of keeping house, every
(hing being c,:n::l. That Is (lie one
thing that riui lie s:iip' In it,; favoi
<viiB'i  i:  is  ', '::;; son.::.',:, J   lv i ������
Uenltby,  right   mi   led      ���' -tr,   li:.
people  v.-hj  n.i s ���    '..      ���   lh,:'
liawl to buy a iii    ��� .
..mull Hat and i..   ���.. n ���   - prt.'i
sious. Tbe boarding hu y bo u.
cepted as a tempo.'ai'i . .ivut, ',>���������
aa a pcrmaue... abode il ,, >u't do.
Real, true domestic iii. ia Impossibh-
vrlthln it.  Vmi in ��� c.;;i   ...I. na :i '���'-������
io a single roJUl, i.i ti-.' ii iliiugs uf
which you have only .. i.. .Uu'iai .n-
u'i-e.it. At the table you are forced !.���
meet a miscellaneous lot of puople,
s-jnie of wlicim yon v.-.nil.'.u'l eare tj
know If you had your choice. Vou
must accept the lood that is placed
before you and thank heaven It is u>
worse. Xo matter what your individual ��� tastes may be, yj'.i can't satisfy
your desires, for if you eaii Induce the
landlady to supply yen with special
dishes you will incur tlio Jealousy and
ill will of other lea favored boarder..,
��iio will make your existence us unpleasant us possible in the many little
ways so well known to habitual boar.l-
lu this delectable atmosphere your
wife will lie .lei'l alone all day. witli
nothing to il*. She will for iiwhlla
lake breakfast with you. but will soon
Riu! lying in bed hceumos a more and
more plea: mt iiielhod if killing time,
an : you will leir ������- th ��� house without
waking her. When-the pangs of hun-
e.er compel hor, sho will rise, mince a
little breakfast, do a little fancy work,
road ii little book, indulge In a little
gossip wilh the other women boarders,
make a few calls, perhaps, and by the
time you come to dinner will be stif-
t-eleutly bored to make even a family
.:'.:!���.���; el seem diverting. .V woman
doesn't differ much from a man. She
cuiuot develop unless life has a pur-
ii.iie. and lu the demoi-ilh'.ing.suri'oilut.-
ings of a boarding house she shrivel;
up morally uud Intellectually unless
.-lie I���;������:���'���-: :-.:������. iiii I finds a work or u
mission for herself. Ordinary bout.liu;:
''ir.se life Is absolute stagnation, and it
. : one of nature's inexorable laws that
::;::iation breeds death; I. know there
are  people   who   will  rise  above  itd-
elass job, UUt uiai's Hie isnni ,,, uie
material. I know Bome persons v.iio
wear trousers who couldn't be turned
into men by any process, natural or artificial. I would not bo so imgaliant
as to apply the same statement to
s.mie persons in petticoats whom 1
have met, but I inn afraid their transformation iuto women with hearts and
minds and soul;, all lu active opera;
Lion, would be a task too great for any
agency.   However, Unit's a diversion.
If ys.u want to grow in every way.
mentally, morally, spiritually; If ynu
��� want lo lie happy, get you a few rooms
thut you can call home, lt doesn't
matter whether it is a three room liul
or a Slii.ii'O apartment, just so the
rent is in proper proportion to your
income. I iii n't mean to say that a
homo makes luippiui ss any more thai.
Knur makes cuke, but It's a might}
iwcesaary Ingredient, and it's the nne
ynu havo to start with, It gives al
once the foundation, the environment
and the atmosp'vvo essential to huppi
uess. 1 am nwa.u that I am mixing m>
motapltcra a liltle, but I want to pre
i.ie point luto .nuu until
lhat heme mid happiness
lhe same letter and start
! li.ee.
Ynu never were, much of a hand t,
accept dogmatic statements, and I ca:.
Imagine you taking liie other side oi
tlie question just for the sake of argil
ment. so 1'il humor you with some re.i
sons for n.y belief In the theory which
worked sn well In practice in my case
ai you certainly knew, and In tlie ox
perieiue of many of my friends.
Better Clianca For Acquaintance.
I   i::i:i_   1   lev.e  told  yotl   somethlr
nliotil   the   necessity   of   intimate  a
iinuiiitaiice   between   man   an.l   will
yoa   liulle:
begin  witl
at the Sana
I- r-^ it Vr-      \
THAI >i\% wt
li tlie tulilc yiiii  nre  forijed  lo meet a
mlHeclluncniiii Int of people.
verse eou.ditions wherever they may Iw
I laced, but I have as yet seeu ua main to cm:.; ynu among them.   At any
ate, it is a serious risk, aad 1 earnest
��� hope you will not tnke it.
Home Is a School.
;:i the other hilud. a home is nature's
training school iis.  the making of geu-
ail u men and women.    I'll admit Unit
'��!-:��� si .....n'l nl ,'a.vs turn out a firs.
1 know nnnte persons who iccur triiuscr.'
Vou must know nne another, and lu i
boarding house ynu can't possibly go.
more than a superficial knowledge
Vou are more or less in public all the
lime, nud your-manners are more oi
less artificial. Vou can't be yourself
If you have any regard for your ropu
tation, you have to .vear a mask nil thi
time. At home, unless you have u
household of starched and linlfornictl
servants, you are free to bo natural
You show yourself iu your true color.
Whatever faults you may have���and
reckon you're pretty .well loaded will
them���wil! slick out. If lhe e failinss
are so pronounced that they induct
you to go to bed with ymir clothes on
you need the restraints of a boardin;:
house. Home was never Intended for
such cattle.
I used to know a 'man down ia the
town wliere I wa.s raised whose habit
It was to get pleasantly loaded every
Saturday night. About I o'clock of a
Sunday morning bo would reach a
p-iint where it became necessary for
him to lift up hi,s voice In song, and the
only song he knew was "Home. Sweet
Home." lie would warble tills om���:���
and over unlil the barkeeper's patience
was exhausted, when lie would he
gently but forcibly ejected with nil
urgent request to seek the pleasures
of that swee't domicile to which he offered his uumelodlous libations. Sam
would meander dawn tho straight and
narrow path which led to Ids cottage,
     still singing, and
Si,_e7 without entering
tii.. house or t'.'y-
Ing to cuter-
he kue.v better
��� wo 111 tl     go
around to the
wood shed,
wliere, ln a
comfortable corner, he would
sleep peacefully
and happily unlil sunrise. Sam,
however, was an
Kon have to wear a exception. If 1
mash nil the lime. thought you had
ddvelopad any idiosyncrasies of that
sort, I wouldn't write letters to you. I'd
call onyou personally,and I'd carry with
mo a large club studded with teupenuy
nails. But I look upon you us an average man, uud home Ib the only place in
which the average man and the average woman can become thoroughly and
intimately acquainted, the acquaintance which is essential to the development of domestic happiness.
Something to Live For.
In a home each of you has something
to live for, something that is a part of
and inseparable from each other. There
Is something about the atmosphere that
develops mutual ambition to which the
surroundings of a  boarding house are
fatal.   Vou  feol  yoi_r   responsibilities,
and your shoulders broaden to uphold
j ihem'.   Vour mind  expands uuder the
same iiiliueiiee.   Vou feol that you are
I a citizen; a factor in the affairs of the
' world.  Nobody else will notice it, per
imps;, but yen can afford to look with
supreme Indifference upon tlie lack ol
attention of other people.
A man and iiU wife should be all
thing.) to each other. They occupy a
little world to themselves. What matters lt what gees ou dtltside? The rest
of humanity constitutes a source or
mppiy for bread nnd butler and some
nlber desirable things, and for thi-; rea
:ou if no other it should be treated
with consideration, but otherwise it ir
not essential tn domestic happiness
Unci]  ton often   ll  ia t'.JO CU11S0 nf do
i:io-:ii- !::; lire in- m-i-n your lime
fort, il.' i' Hi i] ii - nd let the world
wag as it will V ������ can't do that iu a
hoarding house: ��������� u Inivf to take the
world i'.: wttii ><iu i" course you hare
i "i'i,I the :;":.:;: thai n wnjjglnp world
on the outside i- I "������: than a wagging
tongue mi the i :s,ie. mui in some
cases. I rogrel In any. it is true, but
Ilie uien who ��� >1 f>onl ll woman's
tongue are . ��� ;.. ���'������'��� themselves to
blame. The fair ..���.; lias been kiiowp
in occasions pi w*>?l to rolling plus
and flatirnns, bul its natural weapon
i; ihe ton n:e, nr: I, as the Ir -'mian
ivotll I suy, it Is (Jnttd effective hi capable bawls, it has 11" sibi^. however,
where love rule, Itivl -' i re the wife ts
shown tlie CoUrteSy she is,entitled to.
Ai any rate, v halever differences ot
opinion in.iy nilse le'ween man and
Wife, they eun be I lore satisfactorily
discussed within Ihe natural precincts
of a home. Whal.var tronfilwi may
aBlse, they can ' . better borne and
en��icr disposed of at home than ln a
boarding house.
Chcs.por ATt.r Ail.
Now I .wanI :���> gsi back for a few
moments  to soivlld  cnnslderutious.    I
have  said   that   the direct  expense  nf
keeping house Is
grei'ii-i'tlian Unit
of hoarding, biit
In  the long run
the home is really cheaper,   The
lack  of  occupation and tlie petty social rivalry
.if  the  hmirdlu ',
bi.iise lead to extra v-agmice.i    in
t li e    w a y   o f
a-jtusemenl  -r.iul
dross that v.oiihl
^*^jl jrouits FOR
.'V   ss.-  . ���J
x_-C^~i * 'i
i'dif P
: In
.IJ.il. lii_,.-.'i B I.....'
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
I.eave Vancouver,   2.45 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.00 p.m
Gives   Passengers   four  hours  in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
���"; s  P.'oiC ti: :  C.i.Ol .1 flird  Itt
,,.,,;     ,, :   . _<,U'  tKlirlU   It'il'J.
ii  ami eciiomy is kicltliig.    That
.;.;,���;. for hetic;' thlii^ whloh Id the
ill! :r j i t ��� "' homo life will lind
at llic on.! nl fee year with mure
:ioy in yiiur poiket tlian If ymi hud
��� -.I n.i aimless twelve mentlis iu a
0. get fl  lo   i real e.slale agent.
liny, and ran a Cflstle, even if lt
bal ;l. e . is and all of them
You'll ehci liter di_li ullies, but
yim 11 leiusi to overeouie tbem; you'll
lnive iiniiuyui'ice.. but th'ey'll make life
lis.veeter by ctniti'im't; you'll have trou-
|i|i<3, Is.it troubles bravely ln-irne will
:i-,.:::e a bettor man of you and a better
woman of her. Your aflortionnte fa-
Holy Communiou���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd und 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
.Matins, 11 o'ci tick.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Suuday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. H. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar
Evc'utio ..
"Don't yon believe In evolution?"
asked the scientific man.
"Certainly," answered Miss Cayenne.
"No chnn,T0 that centuries brins about
in natural history can be more remark.
able than tha! WWch n woman undergoes in a single day as she progresses
from curl papers to evening gowns."���
W��sbii_gton*Sfni_     __     ___(
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rate.. Har. a preparatory class inr
junior students taking Public School work. Due. High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas- Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and \t. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
wgan, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
_.are required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gyintt.as.uu..
i _���_. >_��*v
Job   Printing.
c.vi none
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 y.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting;, after the morning
service every Sunday.
S.tbbath sSchool at' 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at i>.
There are B50 mill s of street railways In
Bt. Louis uow, nmi they carry 100,000,000
ggiassengers pet! year.
Tho longest stretch of straight railroad
lino In America is on tho LnW irboi-i
railway, beginning -at a point throo milo*
West of Toledo and running 80 u. lies without a curve.
At Russian railway stations "crlerano*
books" ure kcjit, ln which paEscn_j��rs may
enter oomplaints; Tho books uie sent to
tho central ulV.io once a month, wh. all
complaint, are then investigated.'
An auxiliary ttcp fur railroad can ll
mounted on two swinging bolts attached
to llic nailer side of thu fi_.i'l steps, to
swii);.' downward und projeot tho step beyond tho ho's'tom fixed stup, where it il
held by hoops-engaging ej slots at eldrn
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at ii
a.iu. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.  ,.���
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a
8 p.m.
1*.y. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
The reoent suiuiiiary octiou of the empress ctowagor of Ciiiua was to proTent Ito
from becoming It.���Indianapolis Journal.
China may hu 1,1^00 years boh Led tbe
times, but she oan put up a Ine example
of ths !id>ts_u<.l woman. ��� IiidJ_uutp��Ui
Those liiuudiirini; with three tnJJa wh*
eomn time ngo were urecklng jukes akoat
Ll Hung Chisii.: and his yellow junket an
now sleeping in tlie woods.���St. Leuli He-
Li Bung Chang has Mi opponent and
rival, Chung Teu Hwnu, In fcoek. It ll
How Li's "day in court," so to speak.
.When it isn't Hun.;, it's Chang, and no.
body hut Grent Britain and Russia know*
the tUfferonuo.���Oblcngo News.
Hlie wns the fnins-t, bchnteat law
Thnt mortal ever ftnpw.
Thf rosin's hlush wmi on lier fheek*
Her eyes bad eattgh. the blue
Of .Tumi nine Ikies. Aruuiul ber head
Bri^'lil. golden ringlets ibiucixl,
And wbon my swtmtbeart smiled oo ml
I fell my heart eniraaieiL
I folic . h��r sitting 'ueslii the trees
One _lurii>us day In Msy.
Tbe brcc/.es wilh ber .lauclng onrb
Wero merrily nt piny.'
1 loo!;eU ut her witb . tejulfnst gaae. .
She turned her uy*-s ou me.
Tbey biimuiod with lovo.   Our warm HM
1 * kisses one, two, three.
Thnt day wns years nnd years ego,
But I eun ne'er Ibfget
My (Irs) s^.'clbc;o-.'H bewitching eyee,
And, oh, I l*ve lu   yet
Ab fervent ly ns in liiuie dnya
Wlirn fii'sit on me she smiled!
And sbe loves-me, I know il, for
'      1 am her only child.
-Kjouiss B. Holnius in Ladles' HomeJowMl.
Ae m I'rceedcni.
Tom-Why were you so drtcTmlnea
to kiss that plain cousin or yoars?
nick-I wnnted to estnhlish ti precedent. Klio lias two my pretty m%me,
���ew* *
iiOCAL iNJi-VVb.
J. Gliichofl s_e:.t
Royal City.
.Sunday in the
Miss Fawcett, of Victoria, is the
guest of Mrs. Eartlett.
G.  Steele   returned,   yesterday,
from a visit to the Royal City.
Chrii,   Albert9on,   of  Westham
Island, spent yesterday in town.
P" Your Money
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��.',
New Westminster, B.C.
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Mrs. R. C. Harker is visiting her
mother over in Washington State.
Henry Peden, of Westham Island
was among our visitors yesterday.
Come and  see  Mrs. Jarley. on
Thursday evening next at 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. W. J. Brandrith returned
home, yesterday, accompanied by
her infant daughter.
Mrs. W, J, Leary, jr., is improving nicely, but will need careful
������rsing ior Mate time yet.
Mrs. P. Pearse and Miss Katie
flearle returned home, yesterday,
teem e visit to tbe Royal City.
Xrs. T. W. Kerr, of Vancouver,
returned home, yesterday, after
spending a few days here the guest
ei >frs. V. B. Grant.
.Misses Helen and Olive Walker,
of New Westminster, arrived here,
���a Friday last, on a visit to their
���ucle, Albert Walker.
Agencies Represented���
lUrtlnril Fire Insurance Co. Insurance C>. ol Nerth America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn    The Oceau AcoMent & Guarantee Corpora.
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. lion, Ltd., of London, K .��.
Impt-rial Trust Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
On Friday, March 13th, Rev, W.
H. Barraclough, will deliver his
lecture on "The Indians of British
Columbia," in the Methodist
Chqrcb, Ladner.
Mrp. Jas. Follis returned home,
on Tuesday last, from Columbian
Hospital, where she had undergone
Un operation for appendicitis. According to latest report she is getting along nicely.
Alex Davie shipped to Vancouver, last week, a pair of Clydrsdale
pares, wbich he sold to F. D.
Gross, of the Mainland Transfer
Pq., lot the neat sum of $1,000. Is
there any money iu horse flesh?
Remember, when yuu patronize
onr advertisers you are helping us
to give you a better paper, and
when you deal with those who do
not advertise let them know tbat it
would be to their advantage to do
A  Fair Trial
is all we ask for
Royal Standard Flour
In testing it discard any preconceived preference you may entertain for any other flour-
The relative merits of good brands of bread flour
can only be proven in this manner.
We know that if our business depended
solely on an impartial comparison of the merits
brands, we would control the flour market
Try it and you will always buy it.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Hilling & Grain Co., Ltd.,
Just Received
Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
Car    Swilt's   Beef   S:raps,
We Beg Leawe
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
rtlmnd  Cement
At greatly reduced prices* making it pos*
aible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about th fe
same co3fc as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. C��
Calvert & Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times wbo
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
Friends of Mrs. J. A. Paterson
will be pleased to learn that,
fhough she is still confined to the
house (at her sister's, Mrs. T. J.
Armstrong, New Westminster),
she is impioving and no ill effect is
likely to result.
Pant. Richard, of the Salvation
Army Immigration Department,
we* in town, last week, and announced that the first batch of im
migrants will arriye here about the
10th of next month. Anyone wish
ing to engage help will do well to
write to Ad��. W. J. Wakefield. 301
Hasting* street K, Vancouver.
Comprising���6 Holstein Cows, 1
Jersey Cow, 6 Grade Cows, with
calves and down calving; 7 two-
year old Heifers in calf; 8 two-
year-old Steers; 4 Heifer and
Bull Calves; 1 two-year-old Holstein Bull; also Simplex
Separator (600 lb.); Milk
and Cream Cans, which
]V|R. H. N. RICH has received
^ instructions from Mr. W. J.
Frederick, who is giving up Dairying, to Sell by Auction, at his Farm,
on the Gowdv road, on
Thursday, March 5, '08,
at 2:30 p.m.
Terms���Under $50, cash; Over
that   amount,   cash   or    approved
notes at 3 months with 8 per cent.
Min Jennie Taylor returned to
the Royal CJty, on Sunday last,
where she remained to attend the
mneral of hex mother which was
ftt to take place in that city this
���Mrning at it o'clock.- It is a very
aad home coming, indeed, for one
sayouBff, and the sympathy of the
Whole community goes out to the
tiereaved onw   i��  their   hour   ol
Live& Dead Farming Stock
Consisting of 6 Horses, t Yearliti)-
Colt, 20 Dairy Cows, 10 two-
year-old Heifers and Steers. 1
two-year-old Durham Bull, 4
Ploughs. 4 Sets ot Drag and Cutaway Harrows, Seed Drill, 2
Binders, Mower. Tedder. Rake,
Fanning Mill, 3 Wagons, 5 Sets
of Heavy and Light Harness, Set
of 1300-lb, Scales, Drmocrat,
Buggy, Dairy Utensils & Effects,
\fl"R. H. N. RICH has received
instructions from Mrs. Adam
Read  to  Sell  by Auction, 011 the
premises, Gultside, 3  miles South
of Ladner, on
Wednesday,   March   II,
1908, at 2 o'clock p.m.
TKRM9���Under $50, cash;   Over
that   amount,   cash   or   approved
notes at 6 months witb 8 per  cent
This is the Season
of Preparation i
Arc You Ready for thc Season's Work?
You want a GOOD PLOW ?
You want a GOOD SET OP DISCS ?
You want a GOOD SEEDER ?
We have them ALL, of the VERY BEST
Cut Glass,
Watches and
All Kinds of fewellefy.
New Stock For Xmas.
Call and See Them.
Jl. Clausen,
LADNER.   B.  C.
O riven hy Style*
Every owner of a horse and carriage whoj wish| to be considered
anything at Sail] rans.j) have his
horses equipped with]
ZZmi HARNESS as   1
of the late*t; make.     This is e*��
pensive in some places but not hete.
YOU Want a
WE WANT you all to raise a
this year and you don't need to go any further
than us to sell them.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Estate of
V S) Us*
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists.
General Merchant,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon
rocluce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To Al! ft C Porta


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