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The Delta Times Feb 19, 1907

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Array dd-i u"''t!~
Vol. 4, No. 24.
j^dvance Showing of New
S_rfty.C0Uncill.      Qhjfumm
���f-  v- '-"_
Spring Suits.
Council met in the Town- Ha*.l,
i.urrey Centre, Feb. -Jtb, the Reeve'
f-stv.l.all members being present.
Minutes of previous meeting were the lath
Point Roberts, tt-osh.^eb. iy���
VI. S. Ol-ion, -���?��� ualive i.!' Iceland,
aged about 6o year., died   Lei. on
inst.    Deceased had l.r*_i
I real mid confirmed.
i ,   ���
,     From J. C. Covers, Secretary, an
UR Stock of   Men's   and   Bo v.
Ctothing, which  is teow com-!
���iufleriii-j, for some tixso
severe ookl whiclnfitie.ly tumed-to
pnenaoni. witb rthe result thai he
anally   succumbed  sc   above.    A
j estimate of funds required  by the! widow and  srve. children pre left
' School Boar J  for   11507  n total  oi! to mourn.
Tfie .Market.
���_*.ew   ,V'e.tmin__er,   Feb    iC ��� -
Tliere was a vast improvement in
the   market   yestefday.     A   l-.'��<-
nyumber ol  wel-1  . . .'   ..argons came
a  in by road and by the l-irae they wer-e
The funeral  took f.lac*
If 3,00b.    Received cud-on  notion j*.   Boundary    Bay   cemetery,   ��__
[the estimates  were passed,  Coun.' -kursday..-a_t
Mufphv voting in the negative.           Tl** funeral service wai conduct-
Frem S.  Smith,* requesting the,!ed b>* Pl"of J- **��� Jack.
,    .    'I Council to   make  the Churchland \    There was quite a large turnout
Plete, Contains the   Very-newest   faO-Load. passable.    Received   and   ��.]Qf synjpfttlifeliirfUend*.
... , t        -,        ,        .       ,. terred to Coun. Murphy. 	
ics.   besides standard stapse S.nes.i F.,mjas.w.^i.ock, chairman, i
a copy et a resolution passed by the '���    The dealh occurred ,n Tuesday,
faultlessly tailored, so that they r*e-|^eut. of Hair* ?��...��� protesting
tain their shaoe.
Feb. uth, at Crescent  Island,
ail on the spot,   tbe   appearance   pf
the n.arket put ihe regular shoppers
in raifid of old lime ;.
���Poults.- was a great deal more
plentiful than ii has been for the
past two months, A large number
of pens of good looking birda were
sold at good prices.
Wholesalers opened tbe __.ark.-_
by paying 40c per dozeu fer eggj;
but as the beu fruit continued to
roll ia in large quantities, they
gradually dropped five cents ant
the market closed al  35  cent*  pei
Rock roads. ' Received and referred
to the Reeve to get legal advice       j
' From John Oliver, M.P.P.,ask- \itT}D**< *��� "H around him  and was]
'Men's Fine Canadian Tweed -Suits, all sizes,
���at $7.00. $8.00, $9.00 & $10,00.
Men's Fine Scotch Tweed Suits, in the new
Pla-id  Patterns,   Etc.,   all
r'z-p,   SI2=00,  $14.00   &
, 15.00.
...���., r, Charles White  at��*_d ia v_>ai*��    Ur i '*oz- I* ������ expected that next week,
.-.ainst the Railway Company ap-  ���    ��� vi une, ag��u 74 >ears.   _ar. ** ���
���   ���       __.     t>     _        ���  ,\ru.   ' While bad-been   &  ���.rnV-er  fcr t^-i i " *"_ present   warm weather  COB-
propnating  thcBeach auu \V hue ., "uuc u,iu 4,ee*   k  sLne.er  ior teu |  .        r ,,,,.,
years,   having     had    a    paralytic i tmUMl   the  Pnce wll!   fal1   ,0  *5
stroke.    He was patiest in his suf- \ ceau   VeT  dczen-   Another  tkjbgf
which influenced  the egg   market
��� iug to be furnished   with   _   list  0f' ^orably knevrn by all.    The fun* I ���3 th*; large abipment of California
ieraltook place on Thursday, the e'2S which '"'��� ����*��t*y received,
: 14th inst,. the service being 'con-' aod wkich are sjid u? b* #f ����-*
cru.,k7***'Cted by Rev. C, Croft, B A.,.*f:Kood clualit-r-
'r. ithe Baptist Church. The pall-! Tbere if: a
j bearers wer: Messrs. \V��.. Pybtts
I Wm. Holmes, Ceo, McCluskey, g
; Chidell, F, Leary and ��� Vv'crdtn.
Worsted    Suits,
etc.,  all   sizes   at
Men's Fancy English
newest designs, latest cut,
$16.00 & $18:00.
Boys' and Youths' Suits in the new double
pleated Norfolk and 3-piece Suits from $1.75
up to $9-00.
-Large Range of new Neglige -Shirts, "Coat
Style," in all the new patterns. The famous W.
Gr. & .R. grand.   See window display.
]F 1II10II ill Gil fill II11!
!3U HI 11) If III
Marshall Smith & Co., t
Tha fontbsll match, on Saturday
last, at Westham Island, between
the Vancaovcr City and W. I. V.
C. teams, was well contested and
resulted in a tie, nothing being
Scored ou either sid*. Quite a
number ef people turned out to
witness the match. Tha 'S.S. Son-
o_na took about twenty passengers
down and, by some mistake or
other, the boat faiktd to call far
them. The team and visitors from
Vancouver also were compelled tnt"" Grand masqnerade ball at Point
remain  over night  much   against
their wishes.
RUIAL   T-iLEPH..--.-..
Jl ���eating of the Farmers' Mu ���
ual Telephone Co. was held a
Steveeten. on Monday last, when it
was decided to amalgamate witl
tke company formed here a sh-*'
-time ago. The .���.lowing director'
were app_inted: W, McKenzie, C.
Hartnell, Dr. Tanner, H U, Vase*.
and D. A. McKee. As soon as th.
pe-les have been secured active ap-
aratioM will commence here.
! public   improvements   required   in
Surrey.    Receded, .Clerk to reply
that t .      ..uu ii would slike
ed r    I   foi the i'ale road   flats  ae
liver:.!  a'.-the r.iilway   crossing  at
Jos. Dritikwater was elected Assessor and Ro-sd Tax Collector.
Dr. McEwen .vas appointed Med-,
ical HeaUh.Officer at a salary rf |
On mi tion $200 was  anprqpria -
ed for corduroying and grad.lig il e
Coa t  .I m.':"_.u_. ;o,id a��K_     Oi   l  e
V. T. R-, tenders to be in  at    est
meeting and ihe contract of repaii-
ing tlie Cameron Hill on   the  Yule
road v>aalet toRedmonid SLCoopei
fnr S10 all the abuve' works  being
in ward u. ,
?., engaged  as
The   following    accounts    were'
passed and cheques issued.
R_  Wolfenden,   adv.   election  of
the Council,   $8.50;   E.   M.   Can-
cross, order Loner   Bros.,  opening
Eljin bridge, ward 3, $1,3. E   M
Carneross,  or_ler Nelson,  su-pplies'
for W.   Mclnnis, j.2.95; ).  Drink-j
water,   balance commission,   f 5 70;
Hole Bros, cutting tree   Yale  road!
ward 2, $1.50; Thos. Owen,   work;
C. V. raad ward 4,   $2;   Peter   Anderson,   cutting   tree Hjorth   roar.
ward 1, $1; Mrs. Lea per, fro.
Council then adjourned to meet
a^sin en Saturday, March ind, at
1 e'clock p. m.
Everett, Feb. 14.���Adam Axel-
son was instanvly kil'td, yesterday,
by a andslide at Tunnel No, 2, on
the Monte Cristo branch of the
Northern Pacific The slide came
dowu nn the steep mountain  aboye
good demand I far
nipples at ibe preaent time and the
prie*. is up. The offering yesterday
was only fair with tLe demajid
wis vigorous, {"1.50 a box was
naid for som*; o! the stock offeiea.
Some .mill pi^s were afTered -ist
aale -ind ft an ', a leady market, Tke
pig industry s grtwini_ in the
F.iis**. \ alley .".nd a nun ber of
ranchers propose g-iug ;nto the
business on a Urge sca._ 'hisye_r.
the   point  where  a  gang of   men I The young pits were of good bre_d
wer;   working   clearing    ow.t   the; and W-_e bsu-jhtentirelv ky ranch-
j tunnel. j art,
Mr. Axelttn   was a  resident of:     Then-was an excellent -apply el
: Delta for a number of years, being i beef and _:ot a ��ingle carcase  went
net   icremaa   at   tht'begging-    Buyers   were   on   hand
Harlock Cannery.    During his stay ' with the cash  and  ail  the  farmer
here.   Mr.   Axelson,  mad* a large kad to do was to weigh hit offerings
i and tske his cheque.
Pork was -short ss usual, sad the
j circle cf friends.
, Deceased leaves a brother anil
I two Bia-.ried eitters ca this etas*;
! both ef the sisters were residing at
1 'Friscs before the e.nrthqnake, but
j the brether is a resident of Nanai-
' mo.
John  Simpson  and Jos. Jorian
price offered was half-a cent in ad-
Tance o! that paid last week. Mutton was also scarce and the demand va* good. Top price was
Tke offering of vtai wss better
j went  down ��� to  Everett, on Tbuis-j than it has been  and  the  carcases
j day last, to'attend to  the  last  sad ,' were oi a first class character.
rites which took place at Snchomish :     There were nc  ducks  cr   geese
ou Sunday last. | offered, but'ftie enquiries from  tbe
dealers were numeions.   There it
Westham Island,
Ploughing has commenced.
F.    Kirkland   has    refitted    hi
steam launch.
Jan. Tam'inli'i- is   1 ei..icinj _rcr
tlie arr 1 a! ot a d ".- hter.
j a readv and. increasing-demand   inr
Don-t forget tn. masquerade ball, that d���s of po.,try-
at tke Feint on the 2Ind inst. pfJ.atoes ttoka ^ of p A tw
! .Frad Taylor met with a painful
I accident, on Wednesday last, when
1 he crashed a couple of fingers en
j his right hand which will lay hiss
I un for some time.
S. Callis-i"  is   t'nlditig down  C
IT. Trim's position until his return
trom the Kast.
'R.ber's, Friday, Feb. -2?nd. Come.
The Riverside Mission Circle
rsrill meet at The Parse-nage to-
.morrow at 2 p. m.
Lenten services will be held in
All Saiuts, to-morrnw evening, at 8
o'clock, and on Friday afternnon
at 4 o'clock.
A danc�� was s'iven, last evening,
in the  Wellington  Cannery tvl ich;
was muck enjoyetl by all those who
attended, among wbtm were:
M��sdames  A.   Falk,  ��� Bell, -
Morris,   H.  Nesbrtt,  T. Trim, H. ,r  .
part j fenng  from a  paralytic strake, is
j holding bi-��wn verv nicely contid-
Miss  A.   Crane,   et   Vancouver,
'I visited here, last week, and took in
thc Ranchers' ball at Ladner.
i    D. Robertsan, who has heen suf-
Tke snagboat ,c'am��en has spttr.
a cauple of days in a \ain endeavor
%o raise the tag Stranger. A diver
is down, to-day, preparing the lost
tug for another attempt at raising
Beef, hindquarters, 8'-j.
forequarters, 5*._,c to 6c lb.
Veal, 1 ic to 12c "It.
Park, ioc to ioSc ft.
Potatoes. JtS to $_o ton.
Eggs, 35c to 40c do?.,
Butter, 30c to 35c lb.
Fowl, $8 to f,g doz.
Chickens, $7 to f,b  do?
Ducks, fn to $12 doz.
Gees'*, j.1.25 _acb.
Appier-, .jf 1.25 to $1.50 boy.
Qn.on61__-.50 sack.
to 9c Is.'
Rev. R. Gorden Taunt:,
gave his very  i*nt��r.iting
D.  A.,
i "Tissot's Life at' Christ, ' in the
: Tewn Hall, last-evening, te a veri
I small but appreciative audience.
j The slides were indeed well worth
the price of indmissinn.
Mitsw M. Gilmore, ^houe, If- j ���j     hig        t       _^6   um J small   but   appr.ciative   audience.      As wiH be seen  by reference' tt
Montgomery,  A.  Sprott,  M^ Cos   | The slide, were indeed well worth  ,ur advertising eolnmns. Dr. Tol.ie
ulich.   Mary    Bussamch,    Minnie   i the prie*. of indmis'ien
Bussanich, S. Williams,   B.   Mont-      On   Thursday   evening   last,   a j andj. M. Logan will hold Stefek
g_mery. number .fyonng  people surprised; Tu<-��":R Classes here on the 26th
Messrs. D. NeSbftt, f.'Cosul!.*,: Miss Anderson, who, with her! The prtmi-am'list <_'. the Spring 'f>st, ati. p. tn. TheTnrerholrrt
G. Trim, H. Wright, D. N'tnt- aunt, Mrs, Smith, was visiting kerl Fair and Auction Sale, to be held 6t_ck Farm has been placed a.
gomery, W. Riddler, M. Polsor, G. consin, D, Anderson, Georgia St. at New Westminster. i��Tt month, their disposal nnd .. is hoped that-a
McNwen, A-Steele, W. Main and A very ptersant eyrnin*. wat spent.' has just ocme^1 Uo land. Thrfair .arg-e number of our Isimers'wi.i
W. Butt-i mew. ] Amonj these present were: Misses! will be held ��u  ilie 2.1th, 21st and hake   advantage   01   this valuable
Dancins?   was   maJntained   with 1 Maggie  MacKenzie, Katie  Foster, j 22nd ef next month. This fair will, opportunity  to learn something __
vigor   until   4:30 a.m.   when thej Minerva Smith, und Messrs. Hume [no doubt, prove of great  ben* it to importance to tliem   in  their busi
.well pleased nssemhlaje dispersed. .1 Hilton, Leon Harris and A. .Steele,  those .nrtunate enough to attend     aess���that of Stock raising,
% 'MR DELTA   i Hv.ES
P_BL,ISaED   E.-SR*.   Ti.'E-i-.-V.
Subscription, $1-00 per year.
l ���' '��� , [.HUMOUS   AWARDS   OF
Memory of Dead   Heroes  Honored ;
j      and Stirring l>c-ds Recalled.
j     London���Quite a novel departure
(VDVKRTisia  rate.. I ���_,   ^g   part   0f   the    war    office
Carnal Ad.eni��ia*!nts,  lo cents per line fin ���       .,:   _i  ;     _   ref.?nt-    ice,.?    of
Iht first ln����tion. and ^c'nl. per line  lor i-acu | v.-"* SlgnailZCU  in a   recent    ISSUE    Ul
uharquent iusettiou,     Tlie    number   ol   lines I /���_._._..
reckonedby thr--.pBc-ci-nipied, ia lines to the! the   London   Gazette   by  the  an-
Rate! for Commercial  Advert-a-wents can be
-taa on application at tbis office.
Reading ___-.!Ce. i. cents per line for each in- .
^jjtioa. * : Cross to the representatives of six '
Biith and n-iaiti n��uce.. s-c, Mnrria_:e3$i.��o.    soldiers who lost their lives in  per-!
Aa; -petial notice, the object ol wlilch Is to ! forinincr hemic deed-!       Ill two caS"S '
.jwiele th_ pacuniary benefit ot anv- individual ] 'OrmiUg  UerOlL (leeUb.      Ill l\V_ <. _--.
or c.moaav. to be cuiidered  au  ailvertisseincut : ., ., , .     .     . _-      I
.s^a��uit-a-��OT-i-giy. * the incident occurred  nearly half a 1
auad��syni��_aei.u uiaraad ior auta oidere.7 century   ago���during   the   Indian
..ata.apai.itoi. ; MlUioy| while a famou9 episode  of:
__rretp.niln_._- LnrttcJ ��u mattars ol public I .1      71.,   ___-  _r  . o_,.   :,   recalled   I
,i__MrMt.   Caminunitallonstoe.liloriiiust be ac-1 tne   ��11111   War   Ol    IVJC)    IS    leCiUCU..
C-._ip_.ied by  name of writer, uot uecc����rilj , mt,- _���      m_,, ...1.,,-��� ,���,,,���.,, :,  ,],,,,;
(or pubUcatton, bat .�� etldettoe 01 good faith, | * "p *������* tnen WnOSe memory 1. llill.
The Highest Attainment in Milling
Mas *Been  Achieved in   ....    .
�����������..���������.������ .������".��� f_*-*-H* *i'*i*-*f*. ���f*K*.**H*4**f*. .**��-^^
uouncement that the king had   approved the award   of the   Victoria ��� I
la; e��%_ilu_
u-t reach this ollice by Thurs
G_rO.  R.  Maxluv,
honored were:
Pte. Edward Spence.
Knsign Everard A. L. Phillips,   j
Lieut. Teignm-futh Melvill,
Troorur Frank Wm. Baxter, (
Lieut, Hector L. S. MacLean.
In each case it  is  chronicled   ini
Rev. K. R. Bartlett,   M.A.,   w!'ojPast i*"UM of the  I*0*-1.011   Gazette!
v . t�����i.������i���. ,r .1 _, r. .: \ '"��� 'hat these men would have been
haa just taken charge of  the parish ,
���_...���. , . ,  .   .     ! recommeaded   to   Queen    Victoria
of A 1 Saints, til ed   that  pulpit for!. "��   .
*    r for the coveted decoration bad tbey
...ha  first   time   Sunday,  aid,   we! slUTive(j.
believe, left a tery favorable im- Pte Spence aud Lance Corpl.
pressiou on his hearers. We wel-; Thotupsoa, of the 42nd Regiment,
.come the  rev. Rentleman aad  his volunteered at the attack of the Fort
, ., ._, ,t , , ., - . of Ruhya on April i*,. 1858, te
family to Delta and hope their stay i J ��� ��� ,.     '
assist Capt. Cafe,  commanding   the
iVloffet's "BEST" Flour
"BEST" is the result of years of
study, experimenting and experience. It is milled by the most
modern process known, from Western Hard Wheat grown on virgin
soil, and for nutriment has outclassed, by actual test, every- other
flour ou the market to-day.
For sale by reliable Grocers,
everywhere. Say Moffet's "BEST"
"to your dealer. ��.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices.
.- _____   	
t JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. *
t Telephone " Ladner" No. 10. 4
���M-H^*h*H-��*��*��-:*s�����!������ ++*+'i~H'+��A-i>+*+*4- .*-��������� **H*-**M ���_**��������
V. T. Ry. __ Ferry Co.
Vtry   Ftw
f*r 3Uc.
��ua    JUST OUT!
Pay   Blf.    IXvldm )k
tl ov��r n.e.
here wilt We profitable both to themselves aud all cancerned.
4th   Puujaub   Rifles,    iu   bringing
iu the body ol   I.ieut.   Willougbby
from tbe tap   of  tbe glacis     Pte. j
Spence dauntlessly   placed   himselt 1
iu   an  exposed  position  10 as to J
cover the partv   bearing   away  the
_ .       , ,,   , .   i h-dv, and was aiortally  wounded.
Our _tte_.ti.rt. bas bean called te _   .     ,.,.,,.       _  _, ..   ..
; Ensign Phillips, ot  the   nth  Reg--
.hewed of information  al.ng the jwent flf the Bengai Nfttive  InftB.
line of caring for harness, theref.r. try. WM weuiKled three times dur-1
we give'the  following practical ir.-  ing  the  siege   of   Delhi.    At   the!
forautioa: i assaalt of that city he captured  thei
Water Bastioa   with  a small party j
as   finally   killed   ia
After the disaster at Isandlwanha,
the   aSth   anniversary     ni    which;
Cont-tittiug over 1&0 Views in evcrytbing.    Post J'��ict $t*?.
Illustrating tlie Uui.tn_-._t.. Kctourccs ul this th.*
Richest Province in the British Empire.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt, Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vauceu.er,, 10.20 a.m.
j Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guiclioa, 6.00 p.m.
Monday,  Wednesday and Friday
Gives  Passengers   four  hours  in   either   New   Westminster -or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    Sept__ab_f    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficieut Cars will be furnished without delav.
Ns.lbl.i_ k'liktd, N.tklnf    olned.
01 LLl.li
Nothl���:_- Vt����ar��_, Nlsthlnit Won.
si. onwnrf fos mm
Harness should   be   thoroughly
cleanedjat least oace a week, ! 01 "'"��� *nci
Take a pail  of  lukewarm water |lbe streets ,u **&
aad a piece of castila soap aad re*
me-ve all dirt aad  grease, applying
the lather with a good soft span.ee;
���pange dry and hang np for a short
occurs to-dav, Lieut. Melvill. of the '
34th Foot, made a gallast effort   to'
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold  Mine*,.      Why can't vow begin now ?
1 Im cj.ioui. Oold-C*pp*r Mmm.cry _t tb* /.����� ta B.C
m ..Bin m m. it
C.rttto Vi rmlt pr__lt_>ly.
Special  One Month Offer, 15c. Per Share.
B-i Mines directly rrest ofthe Le Roi and Le Koi No. a, largest
I jrold-copper mines in B.C., paid Large Dividends.    Assays irom
|. 5.5.00 tu JS-Soo.oo iii gold, enppet, silyer, etc.
Rossland Mines receiyed Highest Awaids tor richest gold-
H copper ore sent lo St. Louis Exposition, Big Four had Best
Hj Display at Dominion Fair, Keir Westminster, B.C., October, 1905.
Shares can be  had ou instal-
20   per   cent,   cash,   balance
lM.rp.r_t.il !��.���.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,500,000
RESEBVB FUNDS,       - - $^000,000
A General Bankkig Business Transacted.
while, then rub well with a chamois j MTe the Quee��'s co10" l)1  hls reK" |
leather.    Then apply a small quaa- iiult,,t-    He wrilPred il ��ro����d   his
tity  ot   neatsfoot  oil;   after th. nil! bod-T' b,U finally !el1   COTcred   withi
wouads.  Mis comrade, Lieut,  Cog-j
has beeu absorbrd, apply a coat ol
Miller's harness dressing, when
Tour harness will look as geod as
In the case of work harness the
dressing may be owitted, If the
harness has been allowed to become
hard and dry, a small quantity of
-coal oil might be applied before the
cleaasing process.
Yeur haraessinaker can supp'v
.the necessary articles.
m No less thatrioo shares fold
���I ment   plan,   payments  monthly,
C-uiptnr ha* ����� _ebt_ or liabilities,   Send Tor Illnttratr. Frotp-eiai t. 5-m<��i_,m.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, __��_ C, Ganadta.
^dito* Delta Times.:
hill, stood over his fallen body till,
his last shot being fired, he also
tell a victim to the assegais of the
Trooper Baxter, of the Buluwayi
Field Force, on April 22nd, 189O
dismounted and gave up his horst
to a wounded comrade, Cm pi
j Wiseman, who was being closelv
j pursued by an overwhelming forci
of the enemy.
I Lieut. McLean, Indian Stafi
1 Crops, lost his life during the Tir.ii
! campaign of 1897. During th.
j fighting at Nava Kili, in Uppei
.Swat, on Aug.  17,   Lieut.   Colone
Sir: Ib the balance  sheet issued  R. B. Adams proceeded with Lieuts
by the Municipality on December 31
1906, the liabilities statea include
the following item: Grant & Kerr,
lumber (estimated), $600. Last
meeting of the Council, Graat &
Kerr's bill was passed lor  payment
II. L. S. MacLean and Viscount
Fincastle, and five men ol tlie
Gtiides, tinder a heavy fire, to tin-
rescue of Lieut. R. T. Greaves,
Lancashire Fusiliers, who was lying disabled by a bul!et wound a,
men.    While being brought undei
cover I.ieut  Greaves was struck b)
a   bullet   and   killed,   and   Lieut, j
MacLean   received   wounds     that
proved fatal. |
and tha  amount  was $-i 124.62, or|snrr0UMded bv the enemy's swords
nearly double the  published esti-j
..New,   I   would   like   to ��'.k thei
honorable   Reeve  and   Council the!
,-ollowiag  questions:   Who   is   responsible for this misleading esti-:
Histe?   Was it made in an endeavor'
,to shew a surplus where a deficit j H. M. Vasey and A. D. Pater-
really existed? Why was an esti-l80n have gone ��p to Chilliwack to
mate ot Grant & Kerr's account take part in a meeting in connec-|
necesiary when ibe actual ara.null tion with the annual exhibition to
could have been easily discovered? I be held there in the fall.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you M>lsnd-<1 Knpro.*_m��mt. ��.
rwimll mat, for any ��tyl-�� of buiUKnir.
V>'m mat.-, th.m complete, to surt
any nnird or shaped _tr��rture���the
���fi-Jre metal fim'ah }ndudlng door and
window rap��, conutea, etc.��� in u ij.��_t
variety of style*.
They ffiye a v��ry handaomc -affect,
ftm- uiidiiririK,   practical n*ti*fc-_rtion.
We girt ������timatew if v_.11 Fend
^.���e^urements and outltne m -he buikl-
Think it ���ver*
Metcvllic R.oofing Co.,
WKol._M.Ia Mcvnufaoturors.
Toronto, Canada.
Electric Roll Gin m
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cnn. -.en**.. Wcfltminsttr lor ���aneotiTcr at 5.50
and 6.5b a.m. apd hourly thereafter until 11 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m,
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at ^.yn
aud 6.50 a. in. nnd hourly thereafter until 10 p.
1 in.; Saturdays and Sundays at u p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled With the utmost eare and deliTered ta
onsifcn-c witliouUd _lay Special attention paid
.0 fruit tihipments. Oui wagons meet aU heat.*,
-nd trains.    Hor ratea, etc apply to
Traffic Mr. Local Mgr,
^'estaslanter. Ji C.
Savings Department*
Deposit., of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Ratee.
 --80 BRANCHES.���	
East End, Mt. Pleasant, GranTille Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Veruoa, Chilliwack, CsiBberland and
New YVe-s.mii-.-er.
Ladner Exhibitor
KOBT  MAY, Agent,
��-��;��-��s��> ���'���> ���'.;..��.^i.��.��>.��.ij��.,,ieji.^^lt,^���t���;,
t u-'uenm nun .nnn tu^mo t
Jan. 8th to 1 Ith.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Racks, Barred Rocks. Silver
Spangled   Hatnburgs and
Biiff Orpingtons.
Mmuufuctureri of .V, klnssfe Af
B. C.
50   VEARS"
rCcij_c t<�� the eMaqgerade
poitit on the 22nd.
Soda Water, Ginger ���?
,.;. Ale and Summer ,
I i Drinks. j,
{       Your patronage solicit*-      j,
���m.l*m.l.**jr*��l. I'Q.iQ, *^*^*i*miy*^
There was quite a turnout, .Sun*
Way evening, t_ witness the grand
(lisplny of firework* which took
place outside .the Jos*; house in
Chinatown, About J400 wurth of
fireworks wr.te let off which made
noise (SBOWgli tn heme all the devils,
in creation, if noi.se is likely to a
eemplish a'dytbiug ot the kind.
Hoiary Public,
Auctioneer, insurance
_______*' Tbad*; Marks
Copyrights Ac.
An-^rorrnrtlnf, _*i.:r*_h ��nd do__rlp.lori mav
���,;r:iL7 nr.url.-in* fiiir opinion freo -.hefcr nn
.. n.i^n la probabl. p*mtMiblA C-sntGHOi-ft.
.; sPirietJ_feonfld6n_i_l. EUNOfiOOX .iirotrotn
1 '. 'roft OMMt niwnrj fyr Becurlpa ntttontfi.
...I'l.ts fnltfin f.ivn'itih Jl��no ._ Cs_ njct-.'v-
���i.-'__n.'M<?. v/i,hfsr,_ wDT-e, lutho
Scientific J!ittcsiean.
\ lmndBomc'y lllti��trM^_I w��_-tljr�� i nraMt ftr-
nlu.lon <>f civ iclontlQ- Jnurimt. Tonns, fi 11
: fnuf months, H Bom ^y all netrsdoafera
��� b riii)..'. G35 h" V-t.. VTMbtOSton. ti. K-
iv r , iiiur ii.i.ii'.iisi s *->   Rura uj wn 11 _tt��m __.��cr_,
The Delia Times.
B. C.
A.   O.  U.   VV.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets tirst
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Tod... M.W.
T. W, Ke-rr. Recorder.
W. N. Draper,
k-*M ., ��lUrd Blesct. New WMt)Biri9��>-r.
Fashion  Stables -
Trucking aud Drayinj.
Livery work  af all  ki__s attended ta promptly.
Jm Hi. Cellinson
t..i..r. a. c.
Ladner Carriage WorkSe
Always in Line*
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Large-st Stock in Province to choose from.
Oar. lege  Building, Repairing *%  Painting, Black*
smithing   t\   Horse    Shoeing*
DeLaval Separators*
To Advance on
Mortgages . �� *
���hamberlain's Coiigh Remedy
.'tu _.-. Colds, Croup and WhoopinR Coush,
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C, 3SgB ra.LT A T��M_& TUJ.S'D.Ai; _-.;l,...7..i_-y i
cnvKcn NOTICE5.
C Anglican.)
ttoiy Coniniuiiion���ist end  3rd
-iunciayt- at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th I
Ranchers' Ball
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7 o'clock.
Sunday School at jo a.m.
Rev. E. -R- Cartlett, M.A., \'icar.
Services Erst ancl third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7',.o -,)__>
Sunday Nchoo at 3 p.m.
Low Mass anl Holy Communion
first and third doudays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish l'riost.
.Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.tu.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m, every
Sabbath School at j p ni every
Sunday, Prayer meeting every
Thursday etepping- at 7.30.
Kev. J   V. Betts, pastor.
Scrvk_s next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at to a ni Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7,30 o'clock.
rlev  A, McAiiIe*,, Pastor.
Sunday School at i_i;,.o a, id.
Prayer meeting on Thursday
Beceivee both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students.    Has a complete Comm.r_.___
or Business Course.    Prepares students to gaih'
Teachers' dsrtiflcatea of all grades.   In afBliatjpn!
���with Toronto  University gives the  four years'! -.aptim.
course for B. A. degree, and the flrst year of the I   Sabbatb services- Crescent
Toronto School of Science.   Has a special "'Pros-j laned*3' *m ��� l^(h*>> i p m-
pectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction eriven in Art, Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address  "Columbian
' Principal,
The dance, on Tuesday last, given j
by the Farmers' Institute,   proved
an   unqualified success   aud   thor-!
cughly  justified our prediction  to:
that effect in a previous issue.
It is long since such a large attendance has been witnessed at  the I
Town Hail.    Tne gathering was re-i
presenUlive, mid abundantly proved
���flint tbe effort  ol  the Institute to
-enroll new memb.rs and revive t\*r\
d.ntiflst interest in tins work, weic '
far Irani beiag in vain.
It appeared at the beginning  of 1
the evening, as  il" Jim  Kelly,   thei
floor manager,   would   have   some
difficulty    in     starting   the   first
fiance.    An epidemic "J  bashfulness,   hitherto   u;ik:i.v.ii     in   tbe I
[composition of  thc Delta   youths,
���spread broadcast for u  time,   Jim I
I Kelly was well nigh ia despair, Ua' \
���j t>itc, in the  abape  ofa   number  ofj
I belated arrivals keen !.>r  the  fray,
intervened and the ball began with
a swing,  _liich was   eajcrly   m.s-
iained until 2.3c, when with many.
"regrets, the participants went  their
various ways.
No mean contribution to the
great success o' tbe evening was the
music as supplied by the Laduer
Cornet Band. Tbis ic a most fitting
occasion to offer cur congratulations
to that organization and express
our appreciation of the progress
tbey have made. We nmt their
���eflorts ia the tut_re will bc crowned
with the success they deserve.
LOCK FOB iri.D_.__f
ctiL.in 5 Ffreann of do_(t>t-
ful qualii)
i __>il-n__i Hun._'.f._r,i_!
"���""* _Ui*J_jn_.,-_ ideal
���"...olinj our jiopuU-
OUT i.lssi   ���..Kv's- .11 <-
->.--:lug Gooda Ms*--
i'.-r the lil'l.Vf.X-..
t CAAOot obtala, ��.s-
Uiir'i, esmtmii are*
|MM-��aMs__��l __|/__f__.
������em! * ..-_���_-. In ..si.ti..a .'.>r..4_> l'ag��
islu.t..,-. .1 I !uts_. ;_ ,!,..] ,_-jx^ ,ir_-a-
lli.-.si latfc^l ii,l_t;tl��M_ i... _,i:r ___���
C*>nt__.,_ j,_l,,i. (M. _l..so.iU(_, i.n_-uM.
uJtlon, ih��*nrepmtcmteet a tlrenrm,
'it.-., etc.    (>���r atl'Tu-iti��c   I uu Cult,.
>.ill��'._>',I��7lnl   ! I ;!.�������. mills-si   ftoy-
���rl.s,rsr _i.rfil.__isr-.r_, *ta_Tip-.
j*. o. Bs-��. .oa.
C'lUcnpec   Fall.,   .'.mi.,   V. S. A.
11 in 1        me ��� ���
8 p.m.
The   CIvdesdale   association   al
Great Britain and Ireland, at its aa-
niin! meeting recently held, deci-.d
to donate two medals for rotnpeti-
tion in the Clydesdale class at *the
provincial lair in New Wes-tnii aster
this   year.      iMsuiager   Keavy  has
I been trying to get such recognition
Grand masqnerade ball ttt Point,\{mm the :,S60cllll,01I fcr tt__ last-five
R.bert?, Friday, Feb. -2nd. Come,] ,,eflrg ftnfl j:,   ;iaUlra!!y W(M1 ph,aMll
{that he has been  successful.   Thi
' medals will  be greatly  prized  by
MlsUlDj. 1, Vr_.*.-lui>_c.
Here i. a good story of the .alone., of -
wa-iui-ut prtio-wm going to min.   TU.
fssiidli..'-. wliu all _li��_ 1__, sub-crib*, lo-
getlii'l _i*l -bought Uia a b*_s_;.l'ul tiir��r
Au aid _*rgoant wmappointed ta _..��.__
;_���._ piea-_is___n, ��:���_ al*. .0 mat* �� Wuz
Upstuh,'-, b'.ui U �������. ts mu'u iff of btarv.
WUtu ;!>�� ��p_.__l._fv. i'jMe ati'i����ii, vise
__i.;L.il muatitttiag a: stablew.vbeeme
ei -he officer.,
'__i. ��_.!)..__m: ��__-_.. roUiuj 11 m t_k��
<*.__, vrlui a verr ��_,__s��_��_i ]_��,__. a__.d to
���ii* Mt'MiiUk._��_j.-.. ��__.; :;r��e_.i in ��_���__-
tuered em:
'____.�����_ i.c j_��. "-baadi.u i; iw v.*
culut-l, s��b.?ri_.bi ��_��,.s.t.3_5 _iu_. -*
���t.ieuiered oui. "UL, ��� I��t" ��� 1____bj_I-__
-ii.-iiits _____
I�� AJs_.Cb��r I,1__!_,..
��� .MU.- >'iriUs_.i*U'_J.i (le *i'.i:M_��_si wka te
���illbiUDg I,* ua.y's s!i_oi_pj)-_(i., _.,w
eonld yosikUJ .-v_��m ��lf*--i.r, ��i��i��t '_if-_* 1
think it le p___..��.y.��ru___i
Bp_r_W����n-iI Hij-ymi ,s*tf_ k_.wtt._w
.an gi'.iu i.s.ui���s.. f_r vktse-.-'i'k_4-��r��_-
ill-b t'etis__rK>pL���Ok. a;* ��.��T_a, ir it,.
a <*-,�� ��f _.f-_s_:_*. it is. ^.v.'MiW n,-u
l-(.-_i_l.,_ __M.____._J_,
'C. C're'ft, ��. A., pastor.
Thc fi.fi. s_ouoma Icaycs
at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steveston  at  i) a.m.  and 4 p.m.    Every
day except Sunday.
fire Delta Times
The mother wh�� has acquired the
habit ot keeping en   hand  a  bottle
tjof Chamberlain's Ce-ugh Remedy;
saves herftlf a great araouet ��f uneasiness arid anxiety. Coughs, colds
and croup, to  which  children   sre
Tstisceptible nre cured by its nse.    It
J counteracts any "tendency of a ooW
to result in pneumonia, aad if given
j as soon as thc first symptoms ol
croup appear, it will prevent 'the
attack. Tbis remedy contains nothing injurious and mothers give it te;
their littie ones with a feeling of,
perfect security, Sold by All Druggists.
_s a j 3-gg���___a__
This-ailment is ueaally cacsed by
YbeumatisHi of the muscles uud may
be cured by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm two or three times
a day and rubbing the parts vigorously at each application. If this
does uot afford relief, bind on the
piece of flannel slightly dampened
with Pain Balm, and relief is alii, ost sure t�� follow. For sale by
All Dtuggists.
Maatlna Or>;i��.ll,. ��. W��*i)t.
*--rtti__   figure.   Rtei_.il   ����i��o*  ��'��...
j Trill)   vbe r_.il- tt it,_-   ..._..:.( -a___elt_M:
ts.i_i.ietl,    1;   ti.'.    .ll;   ���:_   -.ue   pill*., ,'s>r,
! ��.ltlow, Wiostfliit and lar'_), .If."; laapbt
1 ��uil apruoe, .1.; Meek _�����;.���__.���. .Vi; aldas'
1 a.'ssl yil'l!. i,!iv.-i, ,._; ��___,. .89; locwM-VB.
j whit* twt-.h, ..I, .mi e*4 kiire-i, st**.���
j _JiJuj_e!'_ i_.ta_.___.
u��'��s�� -_*. Hnulim 1
i "Hail �� ��_6*rtT ����*�� tfcr Wrisev __7,'' *tt'*l
' ft t-upalitr enrgeou et tale tHtj-, '-aad 1
! don't ���u__' }>��. rr.te.Mr t�� tttribs-te tt f*
: eouH. ilijaaml ysm.allaittf er t* n. �� Vk-_
, livpu-tsif*. eel) ontofBsjgVs-lsH. it _n>
j like il.li I *ti mlW ln t��> peWarui - *rl
' ��liu��. bal ���irai.lfj' .cry f.alaful B|j_*a_-_a
. ..! .-. t��f,_les-_>i'f Ki-e, ������! L-fifl-* : ',nq?>:i
���'_ used fnseiv. trei-1,. <m ta_ f*��ii-, .* ��<���
Tbe jttin <_Kt< i�� �� taw nilBatt*., -va.
! 'ttie l<u��__t aerer vrtfltml.    Hi- Mi)-! .����.' (.:.
<_Otkl_S    MS     HM _ltOH!��S*"'iHl'f���  J*- *sTC5
I ntl ��T__'. WsS__'I r_f��or*>��- Ui hit eiilr-, .
1 di��c��r��ree., Va *y _._�����: eorpriM, ta��t tl��
' Mitt _ taemiii. eeat.-.liii-t ��m<._i hm
] c.talBC ia U tiot SletiiLw. -���(���r. 1 kt.t
; irisikr* -us> !���_ tri-ons rial by nleiatat., bn_
. _r.iu*krrtr the ����__ did l.i.e werk )���;��. se
j -w-JI ae ��he��TO3. Burr dp! eiplislc if 1
i dou'. expln!_ H at all. _l��i�� ere .tie
! Snots. i"e�� aay <J*a�� rtmr orra eenelu-
aiiwe."���...*r dr'nti i'ini_.-I.s��_Be��.��t
fT MATE THE** TH!',-*--
Ts__    T-.!-__tf b .!*>__    I'Jiiltl ,s_s_i    :,,;;!    a_
.iii,Us.   Ir.,<l   OH __ss_.J.i>t_KvIMUFy.
��� A-.l-sl'p_f >'nuu^ Ivlt. i,' -". -.k ��� f '^,1.
���t-hool _'_",>_ i_c tbj oorf:e.',.t;Us.-ls"'1i lit '���_<
Mit(.Sle- _h�� trtwVHl i_*fcri.,-v;n_, hltobo.t ta
���a po__ ntar by, _____ pattoitly *w!l ,-,-
i��\_r; at tha flte*. Tbe yoong i !���5 ' ��� ���
-ni isr. L*.' r<i_'^ii iiiik, ksr -lumpy tall _:,/.]
-�����.ji.*...-. ._���:'. I'bgy on::."J I:.' Nui'.Ofl
*_iir_.,. lii.i. ,7,i.':.r _.oi< iin.    __tlu.
Tkowixt mora lag, >*rlMii ibe glgglej.
CI u tBCD Lb- ���- b_o_raoui, iis.-" _iw on lit.
*___THACr.   IK-."-   THS  .'vr.'   in'   ..  inX
"I am onJya_-_l_l ibonto, but wliati I
���VJIs'-yuUJJH I Wfl_ b_tn4l0|]J. ..:.' ! is.in
prills iu iclliti'^ Lns*^,_.iw'pj,-: ier. Nov. 1
C-.U do Utile, but i ti*\jd--:li. w.ll. I
takfl invulida F.iid tituid 0_1 iiidi., uu*
diKing I lut little obllctruu ilrir.^St,
c_._ tbey oan ilap tbc ili.et, i -;ile>i,b_-<vblp
��_.d ��:-ji_ as loudly _. tbi/y ���vrlifj; it
___-U. iry :i.y tiurvos. Soiuetluj-i tL_y
..iuL u.. Ouek Cue �� ride 1 ete_i v_r*j
Os-reful!.', t. ibey won't !.���;!. ..h Ss. 1 ___
nben tbe baby -C*ddlt.-_rou_- j'jJ late
croppiDK t/r-.i ���'_ en lbs ij'.v, u
'���I mu alwuya reudy t-.- carry pivriiv p^r
tia* to tba wo<id��. _ go fur tba doctor, if.
tuka guaati to tba train I _i_,.r _:.y at
'tooting ejjgiims, bioy.h., baby c-siT'ugjj
OT >Sb-..!bMi>_.;,-.     I t-is-  t'.!-,.���.;.'-.. ;g '.Lrt
neuViv prnytr taaetlng aud MVfiug Mwi-
ety. 1 don't caiueuibsW e����r pi^ring ���
rui-f.. tijek in oiyllfa, Soiuotlme In tba
"utut-j -j-.Q n;e.y be old, pt.r and .l.rr.
How vjuld you iike to be laughed at?"
Vhe aobg-j-ra r-��d tba*Tfords, looked at
��_. a_oib_r, giggled a Mule���t_i't feeble
glgglea-i-tben, rrlth tiuebed fftsaa, beat
eve.- s_e_i' be.k'j.
liut tbey were tbiukinsT:___Ji_-y K. H,
'firu-b ia "tewitie Cetupasiwa.
s-.ttU��   glitet   ri��JUBB ttsMW.
'_.',;;;.    MUier
_"lea_a mfaaa,
Qei-i at bene te
*_> >lasei
-fe-bl-sss.    la    ���*--
fl-t'.'ss  te  _e.
Sat ie >;_,._,_< -.��
_rr!a at >-���_.
rVbtle  _l��  mirtb
e ecie.l ilaa
tr is' -b ^
S-jlK-j f��e eaare
��� ad    _rfc.    at
v.,-a   ki* -t'siftln.,
���Ill   ;_..*: iv ;__4
._!.����  ib* tar-
__....'.  tV,nl  .*.��
��'��:i_rr whattH.'*
atnitinj. fei*?
fiat   ter   f-__   it
viey _.*, er
���(���lily i��a_i_i._f ��t b_a_*h'-
Su. ii ne aM, _r��.e aatt.w ��S.
_>ea t   fsn   rrbta
y*.    *_*��    __
Jviv_    tlie    ortiirt*
_lavc   Uit,   i-s-t!..
.Vft* lite caebsVy
.'let*,     a e
ua_- r:e._ant-
f*"�� can teU
iWbare tb*  Haa-
tf-fdl _-,#.*_.
A* k ��� ��� ��� iii *'r
fmti    tbat
wiali a I r*_
*"re��  ���  r*��i.a4e_
* b e e fc     tt
Var  k. *_rtur__
���em*. I knew,
_��* ttla irrta*. the
'����ai-S i������ -.-������-����t.. ker
��"___  e*_l4 nat break ��wa��i
-. _:e��f* Km..
t _3___B_Baaae_sgggB _
I Nurseries  &   Seedhouses
��     Headquarters lor
When you wish ito buy visiting
cards call oa the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can  buy.
If you need them printed, why you  In ��w**teulBga glnatfactory
are money in pocket by calling on  ���" ri��bt; h# m��� W0-D,d *��'��� *& ����*
Hants  _ rrata en a Staaav t|��S��r.
_iu.t lu awbll* k'.Bi-- ba* 4___n a bend
(B youth*). _a una occaaloB, Uliig lnrlt-
��d to speak .',�� tbe lut��rs_.t _t his f.ikiw
*tk��r_��uian, Grueial juaepli Snwley, rttio
-waa a randldat* (or ra-elrrtloa to tbe
'_ iilir/1 Ptjits-i *. nata, b* eaid in the irourae
of a t_i_l! addrcaa: ''Oeiiera! Hawley <_>-
aerrea you anppwrt, alttjutigli be -hai
about a* tuoob laflueiica la purifying tb*
aenatea* a botjob of Son*j*-would  bar*
But  ke'f
���kaat* ���*___>*.
Or!��-_abeak~M_w.b*e ara set bn_; ta
Tea*. -Wby ***
"-raaaaaa It taealrj SMSttt **t aaa be
gat an a atagtt _*___sfa��_k_n_i."���To-Jtan
the Delta Times first.
btyfur away f*.itu bie di.cr emptybaiidK..
He nlwaya glrva tbeui someMiiug��� ���liu_-_t
*wl_bent e-cept-oa �� totta? of Introduotioa
touie, Dt'gluit nn to b*ly ��_*'-_*.' '������J_._ itieta'
II..,,is* .l.inrril
turglul   _ ��.,
. I   I__i*in1man  of   Mlnompotie till* a
According to The Commerdal,
of Winnipeg, the  visible supply of ,,_^.y .ifu��to��Ti_i tb. 'w*.t^riri*��_lr*. "__���
oats in the United States and  Can- |**-W_��i'hta-tatva and Sl.*P��oti
.|     ".in (rlsbwaa (votn et. J anl got -bnrt
ada, east of the  Koclcy Mountains,   somehow or��r at UlBneapolla and won
is    11,982,000   bashtls,   compared  **��������" ���*<������"���*��* **��� hcajpttala   nti tDjnrlea
��fi'��' painful, Mt Cot dangcrouit.    How-
ati (e   CpSSl j with 27i0S7i0OO fcnghela a year ago.   ,veV, lU.aii.ror*'that ha'woiild" ��(.t".m-
; grown Garden, Field and  Flower   ( rire, audbettoiiataniiy waiied w tb*��up
Seeds that nre thoroughly teste, a$ """ ~~~" , *r" ,  ,    ,   .
  ��lo FT'iiieMiln f..r nte
Job Printing.
jio vitality before offering for sale-
jthnl me subject-k> government in-J
.[speotion as to "ireedom from weed;
[seeds. Samples sent to intending j
, purchasers. j
Large stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
tnat_ired for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
. IIKE SUPPLIES, Spray Pttmpe,
Spraying    Material,    Greenhouse
Flatus, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our cwn
���groHuds-*-no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let mt price your list before placing you? order.   Catalogue Free.
Common Colds are tbe   Cause
Manv ferious Diseases.
���Oo-v,  ���_eh_Bt,
���'   quirk     I'mi  tlylh.    t  know   I aw     1'JJ
j bstnt mi _t. .'anl aliro.'
" '8m At. .'a-il allva.' ii-.nij .i.t ta*
*~~~~_ : turgroi),   '\*>_i"Tl 4!�� nf 1.id ape betote
...      . , ,      , ,     ,      ! an* t.nilr (.Mr �������.* *r. I-I-.'mMt*.-
Physicians  who  hare  gained  a      "A__ :t ��>a_-t__t Iriahtnan _b_ob__i
national   repntation as  analvtis  of �������_'-*��� ** ftw** Hie dortmr, and nobtift*
_Mi_ anr mnre Trailr.igrrOBa hus, bnt ite
the cause ol ranous dneatei, c aim ^M mt���. ���_ the boipital at. th�� aarllwt i��*
VWm laUltr'c B�����.*���>.
__ey greaUg klm witk *mll** aa4 taara,
Tlll��d bit* with bsMii and nutt_��~
_Lad earrl**l awey fer *eu<r*_lr*
2ti* last r__alnl.'if button.
���Indlanap-lla JeeraiJ.
B-u. aim*..
.K-iw is f��r*T<_ rjiMKisg weetoT
I    "tebaa-T'
j    "��H ow��."-Brw Tart J��cr__t.
��� How in Ba tueoeaafal.
Tb* *__c-_iftd bibb gi'owe up __�� tba
boy whoa* motto '.�����-varythlBg ta plaoo
���gnlnj-t tbe time of seed.   Wbr'tber la tb*
j tiibool reoBi,   wltb  the   Intra   picpareii
; tour* In adraae*. in'th* wnrkahap, w.tt
���11  tb* tool*  in  order,  so nialtar If be
!__tovis tbry will not b�� roqulrwl for day*
' lo <-r-ma;'li, lb* w._T_en_c. wber* s tboa-
: an nd and mm tblnge-uui  _��� foond toao-
I Kipy Uie (piir* looneot*. or In tb* worbS
I *f mind, wtwr* tb* tinportfiBr. of et-rlot
Nm  brnin rsith naefnl  foot* ie takes Into
���noei,)>.ra_. m, tbe ��uenoa*ful career af tbo
. Nitnr* t��  being laid wltb a fina 1
1 |��i. ���1st* Turk !__ge��
r s^5Jl_--:^>__
3010 Westminster Road,
���eibl* a��y."���,��t. Leola Gk>b*-D��BJ__T��t,
Tiata Warned Tor ��� Fw��.
Kot .bclmS iBBliortant 0' Ik* k..!>r_B
of-tba }_>. ?;*Tjpr*i�� __li_.ti��t*..wir* b��s- te
*��fr**t in Hi* returlBg ��f ���**!.-_*. Hninil:.
sgrer.t liking fot- tba n��(.!e _rr���v. i'��� f. _ei
partirnlar n_ _* bafng tht "bin*1 ri.i.tly.
It tnraeallrS tbat among tb*wrll*_l ��|i*d-
m_.B__hlbl.___K_hla'��0un_rynT.s_l vrw_
t.r.U by bet niajarty. Bt��id��-�� tb* Orast
��� J)��no .bo'-raa vary fond ��J tms** 1'ba
r-tfick Itcrpir .BrBfiniia tbat tbe f_!.i>_.
���Sill George of Oanlne eaatte.l-KMintl Bi*��.
nerd tniriipjiiy bfr with tii>_i��.    f)B fur Be*
Chataberlain's Cough I 'aatrton btr tnajeaSytnatruettd Mr. fjaorge
' to beat I'll ridge rn,ri_j r ir> a banri
_i��uie .mg. Tb* train fj*on> the <!ni_n.i_
diseases develop. This remedy con- -where ah.ba-i _���_.�� bnntiDg wa�� ��j��. iaily
.  , . ,. ,        .wppi-i. aud tb* ��)ti|.rMia, leaaiiij, out at
tains no opium, morphine  or other   tet.��i���tiow, emlai-ued, "Oh, Mr. George,
harmful drug and has thirty years! _*.   *�� P*��a_si .*",l! ����T�� ���_��*."   "-1*-
. _..,.,,. -     ,   ,    I look the pna In her arms, and tbe train,
of reputation back of it, gamed  by   w_..ci, budatopped only two wlniitea, re-
its cure under every condition. For'.***** ini-arae*f.*-P>rl�� Me-mngei.
sale by All Druggists.
that if catching cc'.d could be avoid
ed a long list ��f dangerone ailmenta
would never be heard ot. Every
one knows *fcat .pneumonia and
censuotptiou originate from a celd,
and ciironic catarrh, bronchitis, and
ell throat and lung troubles are aggravated and rendered more serious
by each Iresb attack. Do not risk
your life or take chances when vou
have a cold
Remedy will cure  it  before these
^_3l.     _-__���_
-��-".;'-' x
*% ������& jm
\ A.',.,"!-!.,'""'
[Cough Remedy
The Ohildren _ F-Torite
Ooc_.hf., Golds, Oroup onci
AVhoopi-ig Cough.
ThlSr*T0Odyi_ tnwifswr for I). Mirovyrfar
�� ,.,.,-_ i.Br. of tlir c-.vll-i-s-ii vs-sri,;.   j,r pfj.
f ir-s, a.
l-'rioe !
c Ar\,mAv4t ,'j ������ j.    1' 4^Trir_tn. rn
.1,..? ltArbitu] .lmg l.wd ��..*.> I*.
utdeutlr 10ii t.i.:-.- BBioani_b___
ri*; J arge .=!.-_., BO ctp.
1   .
'  (
-*- > m*mm*mnmlmm*ammmmmmm* THK DELTA TIMES; TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1907.
I AX Ali _>___.. te.
���       *__ z.1,1
Miss  Minerva  Smith  is laid uy
with lagrippe.
Come fo iho masquerade  nt   thi
point on the 22nd.
point Roberts.      ��a(}mr jish Market   j We Boa Le
There trill be a   masquetade Ball
it Point Robert*, Feb. ,2nd next.: FRESH, FISH   OF   ALL  KINDS IN  SEASON
All are cordially invited. Good music j
and a jjood time is assured. Constantly Kept en Hand, also
Ou Friday   evel ing 1 ist Mr. and
| Mrs. J. V. Mari_n entertained a | SMOKED     HALIBUT,     SALMON,     KIPPERS,
W. II, Ladnsr visited the Royal few friencls, the game oi  500 being
City on Friday lasl.
Arty Paraiiter yisited New Westminster on Friday last.
Mrs. T.   VV.   Foster  visited  tbc
Royal City on Saturday last.
hi. B. I.a hicr returne I, Saturday,
from a visit to the Royal City.
the principal amusement of the
evening. The 1 arty then adjourned to tlu* dining room and partook |-
ot a dainty lunch which bad been
prepared by tlie hostess. Tl; . remainder of the evening was spent
iu listening to sweet music and
witty speeches by the host. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
McCrca, Mr. and Mrs. B. C.
Beadleston, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Beadleston,   Mis,  M.   G.   Hewson
Situation Wanted
Mrs.   II. J.  Hutcherson  visited <-*���><-��� G- W. Mclntire.
the Royal City on Friday last.       5=
!.!_i Fiii. i supplies
Mr. anl Mrs. G. T. Kaker went:
fiver to Vancouver e.i Saturday last, j
W. S. Livingstone paid his usual
weekly visit to the market on Friday last.
For Sale.
One 100-Eeg Chatham Incubator and one Brooder, price 520.
Apply to
Wm.   Heaton   was   among   th
visiters to  the  weekly   market  on
Friday last.
Housekeeper  seeks   a   situation. |
Apply at A Full Stock of Shades aud Fix*
THIS OFFICE. Hires'Of all kinds kept on hand.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Dement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate 'building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices,
Wanted a geod reliable House,
keeper, nbout 3,5 or 40 years of
age.    Apply at
Wirintr and house  furnishing a
Mrs. Jas. Follis entertained quite
a large number of iriends at her
home last evcainj.
Mrs. A. Read  and   Mrs.  H    G
Taylor attended thc regular weekiv
market on Friday lust.
Harold Betts retiiru.nl, Mondav,
}o Columbian College after spelling a few days at his heme,
. The. Misses Gilley, of Kew Westminster, came down, on Saturd_y
last, ou a visit to friends here.
..���Iin F.lli:* is  able   t��  be around.
A supplementary  meeting ol  the
above Institute will be held  at   I
verholm: Mock Farm on  Tuesday,
Feb. 26th, at 1 p.m.
Judging   classes   for   live     ti ck
will  be  caudacted   by   Dr. Tolmie
and Mr. F. M. Logan, o!   Victoria.
By order.
i 1 __.rr.iF P_mn.tnu
Columbia St.,   -   New Westminster
P.O. Box 364.    Phone 260.
B. 6.
'\SBmeth* ������
Hav. You Any Chickens ?|
i  Pay Highest  Price   for
All Kinds,
I am now prepared ti   build   eoi
ed spring wire fence with   woodei      .   .    >.  ����-^
stays ALIVE    *
For further particulars and prices
apply to
C-cscent Island.
j P. 0. Box 45
Notice  to Consumers.
Port Guichon.
Customer*   el Due   Companv   in
the Delta District may pay accounts!
��� Kai_ after having been confined to j .,��� u ^ Com t0  Mr. N. A I
the house (or a couple of weeks.      , McDjarmid|   UAntr<   B.C., whose j
  receipt for such payments shall be a I
Capt. W. Oliver has so far  re- full and sufficient discharge,
c-vered as to be able  to  get down-;    Mr. ... A.  McDiarmid will   a'so
stairs again and is still improving,    receive   application    tor    electric
  ' light aad   power connections and
exchange lamps.
R. Fisher wns .-truck in the   face p   -,,    eppoj t-njq
du Sua-ay by a horse whick tin- *       General Manager,
dertook  to  have   a   little boxing  D    d Fth l6tl
bout. !
Cut Glass,
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Miss Olive and Master Willie
Whitworth attended the weekly
Biarket, last week, instead of Mn,
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received  by the
Delta   Municipal   Council   up   tlii
March   8lb,   for   delivering   2,000
Mrs. W. II. Smith returned home,  yards ef graTel on the  river bank,
Saturdav, from a visit  to  Vancou-1 between  Sunbury and   Sunnvside.
ver, where  she  bad  been  laid tip, Gravel to be  taken  from the Cor-
with lagrippe. j poration's pit at  Port   .Cells.    One
  thousand, yards to be delivered before   May   ist  and  balance befotej
I Juts 1st.
sMio for delivery 2,000  y.irds oft
crushed rock at Ladner;   500 yards'
I te be delivered before May ist, and
500 yards each wonth, during May,
The Laduer Auxiliary of the W. j J"'"* "(I July.
M. S.   wiil meet at   the   h.mej ofj    For further  particulars apply to
Mrs. 17 Cullis nn Thursday  after.) the undersigned,
ternttoi. at 2.30 e'cloclt N. A. McDIARMID,
Lndner, Feb. 16th, 1907.
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Bit-bone, Furs.&j Smallwears, "Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,   Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Bight.
St $3.50
Fm* Winter Woar
We have the Greatest  Valme
in Shoes
_*_���-.:*_ So Hi RaUabla Footwear,
Just ___* Thing for Winter Weather.
Mrs. F. Culliseatertaineda nuiw-
ber of young people at her heme or
Wednesday last, when a very pleas
ant time was spent.
Wc carry these ia all Leathers and have a lull line ef ,Shapes
and .Sires to Fit All  Feet.
Southing in Town to Equal Them.
J. REAGH,    -    Ladnsr, B.C.
Estate af
A. J.
BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
___.   L*
General Merchant,
Mrs. Marsh, of Vancettver, who
jjad been a visitor at Mrs. G. T.
Baker's during the past week or so,
returned borne on Saturday last-
______ ������
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
^mBM    Gasoline Engines, Roof Pulpers,
Mrs. T. W. Kerr returned home,
Wednesday evening, Irom a couple
weeks' visit to her daughter, Miss
Etta, nt Seattle. During ber ab-
t,ence Mrs. Kerr was laid up witb aj
touch of lagrippe.
/-.T.sf   .' ,f!'_SBf��'i     _
M.;,.:'- ���������md-A
i'7/c/r --������--_> >���   v    yt-'dC^*-���*' ':';-'
���i/y/- tl. . '--<��>
. ���?,
������ iifisfc.
-__ss*���_.;i:__r^_.f' ...;,...
fclrs.  J.   F.  Betts went over   to
Vancouver, ye$lerday, to attend  a
tnee'ting of the advisory board of
tue  Japanese  mission in lhat city.
It was hoped that the change would J
be   the   means ot breaking ,:p the'
(.old from which sbe   lias  been s.if-j
fviriusdwing tbe p.i.*t week tj so.  ���
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
_Se Walworth-Rolston Co.,     tjQ    All     B.    C     POTtS.
Vancouver, H.Cf'
1016 Westminster Ave.,


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