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The Delta Times Mar 26, 1907

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Array '
MAR 30 1907        j
0}      -~~' "J
%m aawaw ��� ae *
���.*n ���r:3riT'-r��a".��--'--r *-
���.*yjy��'Tv*'i'"' BB
VoL 4, No. 29,
LADNER, B. C., TUESDAY', .MARCH 26, 1907.
Miss Makepeace Writes to Her Friend, Miss iicrtoiar,
of Cloverdale.
Malcolm's Western     Spring
Canneries, Limited
N'ew Westmin.tei B.  C,
it*.���Cattle md stockmen
are  al-
Ladner, Tuesday
.R  ItlADGl.
Just ii line to let you know of my purchases.    I  got   my   waists  at  Marshal I
Smith &_ Co.'8-   They had only Just opened up their New Summer Waists.
!  h.t'i  some  diTculty  in   choosing from  among the mauy styles  shown.     They Have
the n from T5c to $5.00
next week.
The Delta Couneil met in the
.,.,,.��� Council   Chamber   on   Saturday,
Malcolm's    Western   Canneries,   ,,..,..��� nm'_itl. .     ,          ,     ,,   ��� ,.     .                                             ���
r-   i.  ,   ���      ������       ,      .    ,          'ready arming in   town   for  the-  March ain . at 2 am.. wiihCouns
! Limited, 19 calling for tenders  for ..                                                       J             h.uj., t.��i�� wvwn,
j the erection of packing bouses sad S?"n*  '?,r ���a W*   s'"ck  show* j0ibWe* D�����' Oilehrlst nnd Pater-
[cannery buildings at three centres, '��� wh:ch wil1 be ��P-t;td in the  stock- j sou present.
i viz.: Calgary, Winnipeg and Medi-j yRrJs ofthe exhibition grounds  on,
tb. sbsei.ee of the Reeve,
tnong the Coun, Paterson was voted to the
e: 'chair,
orn-��� ?   registered  bulls,;    Minutes   of   previous   meeting
You will havea good selection if you call early,;--' S'^Tf CTJ^'*V����J
'J ' l       1 notsue  .-dock   rart_i
cine flat. j Wednesday mowing.
Althotigi little has been heard of entries received to tiute
this compauy of late, it  has evid-i     jjhrrtb
ently been making great progress j by ^ H< Ud        of
in a quiet way, for  at  the present | bul]. 9_jrJ ��� QOrf   ^  ^  ^^ I
,   , .,    ,   . -   ��� - ���,   Ladder,   aud
stock has been  subscribed   by  the
public in various parte of the   Do-
For my new skirt, I have chosen a medium Grey Tweed Mixture with the minion.
~. rr,.        .     . ' .     .-..   -  _      i~. i-> j  t>t After pursuing  tie  report lately
new pleated effect.   They had quite a variety m Blacks, Greys, Browns and Navy ���tfh}edi oueofourrep#rteis visitftd
at; from $3.00 to $8.00-    I shall get a black skirt later, either it Lustre or Vene- tW company's  sffices,   wheu the
��� stock   registers   and    subscription
Itian, or possibly a Serge. foj-ois were opened for his inspec-
N. Draper, enclosing
toria; a bulls by H. M. Vasey. ofj plans of subdivisions of Robert
Ladner; 6 Lulls and aad some cows Grey.s praperty<   The aeeTe wgs
If you intend getting a couple of Waists, come in Friday, and 1 will go with
you, they will have their new hats ready then, too.
Bo you know I believe Fred ha3 had another letter from thut girl at Westminister; at any rate I saw the same style of little grey envelope in a girl's hand-
wiityiig, ;t.nd^ although I was unable to see the postmark, I can't think who else it
ecu.Id be from..   Don't you, worry.   1*11 find out about it.
As for boots for Bobby Bright, they had so many good Strong" Boots, and
at such a wariety of prices from $1.25 upwards, that I decided to leave it to -Mrs.
Bright ta get the boots* both for Bobbie and Bessie,
J! am getting for Mary a pair of  their "!Yu��Fit
from the Pemberton Stock Ranch
Port Guichon; bull by J. IT. Keith,
of Luruas, and a :ow by _f. V.
Wickeraha m, ot Surrey Centre.
j    Ayrshire., will be represented by I _.      _,'
,   , . . 1 terred
;somt sums'.* Iroa the Eden Bank
It ia certainly phenomenal and \nuckil SardU| Mr. Awrtb'��� wad.
eafcsstaging ie Western Canadian Lt atppert(>D aad .
entetprisa tbe cordial support that tardis, wilu'lao La'���
ids been accorded to this company 1     lu ,ke shetp ck$& ffU1   ^   fcuud j
throughout tUe whole Dominion, j^^ of T  H. Wilkinson's South-
and.there is notacity, town or Tillage do|rM> tnd some Skr8psWres (rom
that has not it. quota of sharehold-1 Nr Hadweu's ranch at Dunctns.     , ,       ,
ers. The personnel of the share-! Am ^^ ihQna m fa J ber of male and female help requir-
holder, is s-ck a, indicates that the | Clydegdllf, ?erclltro, ,nj s���ffolk I f !" ll"�� d��trict. Clerk to fill out
company certainly   bas   the   ^- st��ilions fromU M. Vasev's, T. M.     ,
BdeUce of tbe general public in allU^ ^^^ Dalr.9 ltrtfcl i. Kr'm Fred K����tt^ re ditcU os��
ceutres.    Few,   il  any.   Csimpnaifi | r.  m    ur.-ii.;....,_  :.  ,.i..,  -_._.:.._! '",t,uley street
.LOMpSon of
��ome eutrie*.
authorized to sign same.
From Cunningham Hardware Co.
re hardware supplies for track repairs st Port Kells gravel pit. Re-
to Road Foreman.
From Capt. Fenton, re gravel
towing. L?u in the bands of Coun.
Gibbie, CIsrk snd Rovd Fureww.
The Reere and Conn. Oennii
arriving ou tbe scene The Reeye
took the chair.
From R. M. Palmer, re the auu-
any.  companies j. H    wilkinS(>B is
l.ald o��er  for fur-
she outgrows
They cost $3.00.
got his new suit at Marshall Smith. & Co/s, too
previously   erganized   in Western.kj8 ,.B_ c,   Pride���  lUadtrd bred
Canada   have   received   the   sa-ixe f��tallion.
.   .entU.usisstic support ia every sec- Pri7e r mi-
Sh093.  they will  last  till; liou ���, Caaada.    Tbe compatiy hi,; '
Social   Pruts���Lee'..
; ther consideration.
���: r>urcba��ed or  secured  considerable
The followinj  teudert weTe re-
iceived: Alex. >.!onr<��e, .secoud-hand
��� heavy Adams wagon,   ft>o; O. T.
furniture Baker,    Adams   and    Studebaki*.
swell;  let me  know your opinion when  you  see  it.      Tell Mrs. Bright, the SphOOl equipment has beea ordered from j
Shoes for Girls are $1.45 for size ID and smaller, and $1.90 for larger|thefirm ofTorris'Wo!d &Co
j areas of land at Calgary, Medicine e��P0"��ni, New Westminster, Mor-Lwagprn?, from $83 to $128.85; R.
I  think it  real| Hat. Winnipeg aud other centres.     ria chair' "*M" *'-���   for  ,he  best  0. Prior & Co.. Baiu wagon, J105,
In addition to this, the machinery 18.t����d��rd or thoroughbred  stallion
at ths
sizes.    They seem to be of good serviceable leather and yet nice and soft, they
them from $1.25 to $2.50.
With fondest love to you and yours, from Mother and
Yours very sincerely.
Chirato,   the contract   calling
show, George Marshall, Chili-
.,,    C. A. Welsh, New Westminister, $i'o prize for tbe best  Hackuey
After some discussion, it waa decided to accept the tender of E. O.
Prior * Co.
The  Reeve, Finance Committee
delivery ou the 15th ot April nexi��� or co*ch 5lallion at the abow. Van-laud Clerk were  amhomed to sign
and the building'tenders called  for ������������ Co��ch ai"! Draught  Horsel a promissory note for frow.
the completion tf the buildings  be-lCo,; H* ��* Pnor and Co" v��ods l0|    The matter of draining tke Rain
fore tkat dale. Itk* >"'"'1'*e ol *u) *or ,he btM  heavy J road \va-> left in the hands of Coun.
It ia evident  that the  company
1 draft stallion nv?r
3 -year* a!  ��ge,   Davie with power to act.
is about to commence au active and I "" '��' Va!,e>'' Ladner; the Paterson j    Coun. Paterson gave notice  that
l'.S.���Fred says he will be .seeing you iu a day or two.
P_P.S.���Tell your mother that M. S. & Oo. have their children's suits
K. M.
useful career. Actual canning oper !Ti'"ber Comany., Vahfcouver, Jioj at the next meeting he would Intro,
ations should cpmmence.early in the Pr,ze for lhe be��' heairy draught| dace a ditch and drainage by-law.
coming summer, and thrre is even
up now.
prospect of this company becoming
j one of  the most extensive -nd nse
"opene    ful   irtdnttries   in   its   Dominion,
with a scope  possibly   as   great  a-
those  American   in lustries  of lhe
Grand Opening of Spring- and Summer Goods thi:
Come and Have a Look.
stal!;on under three yenrs et age, j During the discussion oa ditches
Shannon Bros. Cloverdale; Brack- j it was decided that everyone should
man-Kerr. New Westminster fro provide a water hole on his own
prize fur the best bull. ��ver two]property instead of allowing stock
yeara of age, Pemberton Stock] to tramp tht-ditches,
farm, Ladner; Ceo. Adams, New] Coun, Dennis reported a petition
sanie-natute whose operation! n,���i Westminster, $10 prize lor. the best being in circulation^ East Delta,
undreds of millions ot dollars! ^ at thr iha"' J��3<  Thompson, requesting the Marine and Fisheries
**rdi��- ; Department to deepen aid strnight-
R\- T. J, Trapp tl- Co., water en tbe slough at the Oliver road.
motor, value $5, best bull under Council endorsed same and Clerk
two years, Inverholme .Stock Farm.j Waa authorised to sign it.
I annually.
The company's operations to the
present date have, we understand,
been conducted  on a  strictly  cash
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
A very pretty wedding took place,
on Wednesday aiternoon, at 3:30
ft'cleck, at the bome of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Roberts, 73 Fife street,
New Westminster, when tbeir
daughter, Miss Jennie, was united
in marriage to Alfred Morrison
Carter, bv Rev. J. S. Henderson,,
paster of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church,
The bride was charmingly attired
iu a white, Japanese taffeta silk
|ow��i   trimmed    with   accordeon
plaited chiftbn and wore the bridal
' veiling with orange blossoms.
Miss Ella Roberts, a sister ef the
bride, acted as bridesmaid nnd wore
e pale bine cashmere dress trimmed
with fine Irish lace and insertion,,
.and carried a bouquet of pink and
white carnations.
Donald Kean, .Ladner, acted as
best man..
The presents were mauy and useful as well a, costly.
The bapp couple were formerly
from. .Mime, Norm Dakota, but
have resi led in P. C. the past year
and expect to make Xew Westminster their future home.
SUTTON'S SlvKDS���Flower and
Vegetable, iu packages. Field
Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mangel
and Swede, in bulk, may bo obtained from H. N. RICH, Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ladner, B.C.
-hamberlain's Cough Rented?
"uresCqldt,Croup .nd WiSnpliH.Con-lk.m.
��� Lasis. The company has practically
; uo liabilities.
' Tke possibilities of this ! usiness
if rightly haudled are truly colossal,
and few Canadians before  thc  re-
1 velations ot the Jungle book bad any j
' conception   of its magnitude ami ]
'vast scope of operations throughout
the world.    Suffice to remark  that
: oue alone ont of the princip 1   firms
���... - ; operating in Chicago (Messrs. Swift
,,        ���   ,_.   ���.  .. ...        & Co.) by their last  published  ie-
Mr. and  Mrs.   Duncan   McLean ,     . ,   .
port and balance shee* admit   turn-
left, ew Wednesday last, for Morris-
rug over 110 less than two  hundred
W. E. Sinclair, shoe dealer, New
Westminster, $3 pair if shoes, for
Uie besl ram, i.\*er 1 year, C if.
Had wen, Daucaaa
Anderson _. Ltniiiy, bardwtre
wen-bants, New Westminster, $3 In
hardware lor the best ewe o��er 1
year, J. H. Wilkinson, Chilliwack.
TIOKS1-. .
Clydesdales f Registered.)
Stallion, 4 years and over, IT. M.
Vaaey, Ladner, 1 and 2.
Stallion, 2 years and   under   4,
After passing ihe accounts the
Council adjourned to meet again on
Saturday, April 13, 'oy, a  % p.m
Mrs. VV L Slate, rtlorned,
Monday., from a visit ;�� ihe Jtoyal
The Royal Bank of Canada with
its splendid connection nil over
Canada, affords you exceptional
banking facilities.
ten, Out.,   where thev  will  make: mj__jous ���_ dollars during one year's" J- A- Evans, Chilliwack: flkanuon
their home in futtre.   Ladner lose*, operations,  and there   are   others
in Mr. and Mrs. McLean, valuable whose figures even exceed this vast
residents and many are the regrets j turnover.
._..., 1    Our reporter was also shown con-
expressed at tht..r departnte. .,     ,, ,        ���_   ,   ,-
isiderable correspondenc* b#th   lor-
Most people wbo have gone hack .;gn ttt(j Canadiaa.tndicatlag orders
ta the East thinking tc* remain | running into several millions an-
bave signally failed to become ac-j nually so there can be no doubt that
clisnatiied and, inside ot a year,
usually drift back  to  the land of
fine weather and good crops, aad
we predict that there will be no exception to the rule in tbis case.   At
tbe Western Canneries Limiied bas
a great aud profitable Se'.d for ito
operations in the Great West.
The report referred to is an interesting document, and we would
advise anyone who may be interest.
the same tine  The  Delta Times|*d In the  utrtlertaking   10 obtain a
copy from the company's offices  in
Winnipeg. ��� Manitoba  Tclegr-m
wishes them ev��-v ��uows  in ������^'r
new venture.
Bros.. Cloverdale; H. M. Vasey.
Percherous, Shires, Suffolk Pnnch.
Stallion, 4 years and over, Geo.
Dair, Langley.
Stallion, under 4 years, W. A.
Au lersfii, Agassi'.; Vancouver
Cia ch &. Draught Horse Co., J.
M. Steves, StevesteH.
Standard and Thoroughbreds.
Stallier1, 4 ye&rs and over, Geo, I
Marshall, Chiiiwack; John Murray,!
Langley. |
Stallions under 4 years, J. II..
Wilkinson, Chiliwack; J. H. Watson, New Westminster,
Tho .S.S. Sonoma leaves Laduer
'��� at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves*
toil  at  9 a.m. aud 5 p.m.    Every
: day except Sunday.
5EED CXAIN���Red Fife Wheat,
Six-Rowed Barley, Garton Oats,
Timothy   and   Clover   Seeds���.
Brackmau-ter Milling Co.,   H.~
N. Rich, Agent.
{���Continued ��n Second Page."'
How are yeur fences ? Do they
need replacing ? Whv not try C,
Wickson's wire fenciag? He expects to start out about rat of May,
See ad. ��n 4th pa,,re. ;v-
I'l'iiu.-Hi-n  everv Ti:r,..i).vv.
Subscription', $1.00 per year.
<-DVEjmSI ".    RATH-S
is drawing back ths veil .and        w-
ing the publ c to sain an insight
into th? details of work done by
Mr. Peebbs, who, since June 1903,
has carried out contracts which
have cost the government the sum
��� of 812,375.90.
j Mr. Oliver asked the Chief Com-
c�����ii.s; Asi.vrtijciucnu, t. ccpta psr line for   missiouer of Lands and Works tbe
the first ,o.=crtt(,ii. Httd 5cs'-tits per lint* lor Licit
��-____|uetit inscr-.iou.    The   uuiober   ol   linca   following questions:
nckoned by the ppace occupied, latliievto thej ' . - '
inc.. What are the particulars ol    I.a-
Kates lor Commercial Ailverti_eniea'.u can bei bor, etc., Setting Up hyloplate, Lnd-
ba.l on applioatloa at this office, ,      ,    . ,.,__,        ,,    , ,
: n<*r school, for which P .tor  PeeiltS
ReadtnaiiQttce. 10centaper line f..r each ii ���, , _  _ _^   .   ,
tertion. was paid iliCrjo un   Oct..ber   31st,
Birth and Ihnith notice?, 5-jc., _tarrlageaft. 10.
Auy eg-rd-l notice, the object "t which la to
promote tlue ps.-tutil.ry benefit of any individual
br QMtnpaay, t_�� be coaalde^od an auTcrtlaemet,t
III CllAT^M i^:.,,,1.'.k1. .
The amount in question is madej
up as  follows,   as  taken  from  thc.
voucher: ,
Prom Ausiust 1 ta August
��j��ir_,,.oo,i..m'e invited ��n matter, oi pubiu]     '6���>5 days at S.s per dav$ 75 CO.
Ic.Mvst.   t. jtiiuiuriua'.ious to editor muat he ac-   <~, .  , .     'p-        ,;,.;������ ,,,,
panled by name of writ,.-, not necessarily | JCtODer l I��� lime lilting up
hyloplate       9 col
AU 1 . veitiii-t lieut.
>>���.'. m��-1 iswi.i t..r.
ch .r_
.,1   f,.r  until
f ,>lu.
l.jr piibHoatldn, but nn evldenc.
Ci<rt<s. pomlrn^e muat react, th"
dar evening,
ot j_.jc_l fal': .
by Thun -
Ceo. R.
TUKSOAV,   MAKCM   26,   1907.
Local Legislature.
Jun_-���Trip to Ladner to
get information as tu
what was required; preparing plan and specification for same, as fer instructions ot May 31;
time, 3id.-iys at ��5      15 o
June���Hire of rig, ferry,
feed,  8  meals	
July���Cash paid out in trips
to Vancouver, etc., about
seats and hyloplate, at
different times	
As a Ma:: fiateth
So i.s his strength. Tens of tbourancis c?'
men will testify to the dehc^.ousnees ard
sustaining*  strength   of   I read   made   frctr
fet's "BECT" Flou
Best is strong in gluten���the vital e:?st*nc:
tne wheat.   Its very ric'* nets lends a crean >
arpenranee to it
flour  from   your   Crocer,   ask   fcr   MofT-.t's
" BEST."
Columbia Flcuring Mills Co., Ltd.
��       ��._> iv-
ita Transfer Stable
j; LADNER, B. c.
'earn Work Done at Specially Low Prices*
JOSEPH   !':*;-?r>AN, Prapr��e..,���
one " Ladi ei " No   io.
* _��.*.... �� ;.��. .t��� ��.j.��.;.��. .j. 4.;.., .u,+ .;. 4..'.. I?.*.:. tf ���;. +~{. > Jt. 4..;.,
.��� *.>*.-v
o different from that  oi 1
dead  white   1 o*. rs.    In   orderirg
(Vrom Our own C_rre_>pondent.)
Victoria,   March 23.���The work
of the Legislature  has dragged ail | October 11���Trip to Ladner
weet.   The ouly government mea-     t0 PMt UP hyloplate���Ris
sure   of   general   public   interest,"
namely, "Amendments to the Assessment Act," being  delayed  ov-
ing   to   the   improper   manner in
which the Finance Minister soiigl t
to introduce amendments  in cou:j
jsittee.     The liberals   put   up a
4, IT. Webb, sSardis, _ and ,-..
Harrow or sow, under 0  mouths,
A. Brown, Sunbury, 1 and .1.
$i. ferry 70c, ieed of
horse 50c, men's meals
Soc, freight on hyloplate
35c, expresses on same
50c '.....	
The Royal Bank of Canada is
here ior your convenience and will
be pleased to give you every attention.
6 55'
Remember   tin:
1 inning stock, at
on the j.'Uh inst.
worth  while  alti
lookittg lor live stock.
��116 ,.0
NT.B.���TU?   15  day-   tirst   men
j tioned ere for services in connection
strong effort to have improvements     ..,   ,, , ,.        ,  ,,     .
6 r I with the  completion   ot   the   lour-
to agricultural lands exempt irom room school buildjng at ].a(iner, in
taxation up to one thousand dcllarsi accordance  with  specification Mib-
bnt thi. proposition was voted duwu ! mitted.    The eust of fitting up thei AFFLICTED   WITH
by   the   government   side   of  tbe [hyloplate was $15.55.                                              ATISM.
House. ' _3=_=-a ��� u-. ij , I 	
auction sale ol
liu.- Witter farm,
Tiiis sale will bt
tiling   ii   you an- ,
(.Westminster Branch*)
Time Table
Cars leuse Wefiltnluster lor Vancouverftt5.50
and 6.50 a.m. aad hourly ther .alter until 11 p.
m.; Saturdays and Suudays at n p.m.
Oars leave Vancouver for Westminsters at .i.���
1udfi.50u.tn. and hourly thereafter until 10 ;,.
.ri.; I. ilunla;.1. hiul Suinh.ys at ti p.m.
We run lirst .class freight curs between Westminster and Vancouver and -ill shipments are
handled with the inmost eare nud delivered to
consignee without deltsy Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Om wagons meet all boat;,
1 ind trains.   Kor rates, etc apply to
Traffic Mn
Westminster, n. c.
I-. McQl-ARRlK,
Local .'.lMr
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Mew Service���Port  Guiehon  and   Lad
Westminster and Vanco i/e.
Leave Pt. Gtiiclion, 6.30 a.m.   ..Arrive Vancouyer., 10.
Leave Vaucouver,   z.xo p.'in    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6
Monday,  Wednesday aad Friday
(,'ves   Passengers   fo,ur  hours  in   eitber    Vew
minster or \ .ir.couver.
Ne\v   Ffeiglit   Tariff   effoctvc    Sep!   at< .    v.
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply r.
Afjent,  Per*.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished vrkhoul
20 i.m.
oo p.m.
LU ' 1
(tK��rp��raU4 IMI.
The proposal to fix a minimum
iix upon salmon canneries and
banks brought a couple of strong
deputations to Victoria tn protest
but without effect. During thc
discussion it came out that the salmon csnners compounded their
taxes for 55 cents or. the dollar and
alsa that the P.. C. Electric Co. war,
owing to a peculiar provision in
the Assessment Act, only payirj
taxes pn one-bfl)f it's income. Tbe
figures beiag: Inceme, $1,167,408;
income aisesaed, $583,704; taxation, 1*5,837, less 10 p.c. if paid before June 30th.
Several delegations have been
duivu from Sumas asking fer government guarantee oi dyking bonis
��r other substantial aid.
i\'e conclusion has been arrived
it upon the quentions ot better
.'omnmnicution with Westham Is-
exteusion   of the  River!
(Continued fro u   lirst  Pai��e.)
Hackney and Oth.r Cuach Breeds.
Stallion, under 4 years,   Vancouver Ceach & Draught Horse Co.
Any lesf Breed fcr Sale or .Slau^k-
Bull 7\f. yeir-; and over,   H.   M.j
Va'-^ey, 1 and 2.
Bull, 18 month- t" 30 month-,
Pemberton Stock Farm 1 and 3,
Inverholme Stook Farm, 2; VV, H.
Ladwer. 4,
Bulls under i3 months, Inverholme Stock Farm, 2 and 4; \Y. H.
Ladner, 3.
Femalea under a yeur.., Pemberton Stock Ranch.
Dairy Breeds. (Registered.)
"I was and am yet afflicted
says Mr. J. C. Bayne, j ^.:-:
jetiitor   ol   the   Herald, Addington,.
j Indian   Territory,  "but thanks to
i Chamberlain's Pain Halm   am   able
! "tice more to attend to business.   It
j is   the   best    of   liniments."      II
j troubled with rheumatism s ive Pain
! Balm a trial and you arc certain  to ; ,t.
I Lie   mors-   than   pleased   with the' {
! prompt relief which it affords.   One | j
, application relieves the pain.    For' Z.
sale by All Druggists I
IIII IS vests ���
|>  NEW WESTMINSTER,    :-:   13. C.
A Manufacturers of nil hinds of
.^�� Soda Water, Ginger
Aie and Summer
Your patronage solicited
���     I
I      I
CAPITAL, - - - $3,500,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - ^.4,000,000
A General Banking Busirie.ss Transacted,
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and. upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Kast End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Gra-ad Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland; Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland anfl
Nev.-      est mi nster.
Farm foi
r <-���'
3 ^,i a <iw ���
Seventy   Acre.,   cnltiva ed   and
underdrained,   ba:n   and   granary
| (no house*), with or without stock,
: etc.    Apply
j Ji. DOVE,
I     Bull  2 years  and  over,   W,   ll.
I Austen, Sapperton,   land 2.
Bull under 2 veins, A.  C.   W.ells
For Sate.
Slough Road.
land, the  extension   01  me  Kiver, Ally Di(lry Brfe,, fcr ;.tle orSlangh-!
road or a graut to the Trunk road. I leT_
Your member hns been persistently
pressing  these   matters   upon  the!
An.Ainendmenf to the Munici-i ^^c^^^ One   "Daisy"   DeLaval   Cream'
t T f  ZZrt        tm l'\    Fe��al.s.overSyearsJo9.Thofflp. Separator; nW Churn and  Perfec-
Paylor,   for th.  purpo�� 0   more j a g P , tjou  BlItter Workw.     Chcap for |
-lrurly   riefimwg   the    liability    of       . Icish.    Airly at house.
prlu  Municipality   in   respect   to *B   3-
dykes  being  uaed   for  rosds, was! Grades or Crosses.
ttelrnetKe Municipal Committee and [    For Slaughter: Steer er hei'er, ���:
was laid over for further tonsidera-i yearg and   under  3  3 cars,   H.   M.
jtion. j Vaiey.
The 8-henr bill for Haielters pass- SHKii'.
ed its second reading unanimously. Any Registered Breeds.
A bill to provide for the 0 m
pulsory payment of wages lort-i
nightly is before 'he lltuae. If
.his bill pftssea its second readi ^ ii
yvill be necessary to modify it very
11 ateriaily iu committee as it certainly ccftild not be made to voik
��ut on farms, logging Camps and a
wumber of other industries. For slaughter.    Product of pine;
iThe Delta Times.
[R Uf 1
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rock��. Silver
Spangled    Hamburg*,    Buff
Orphngtons and Black
V   '���>.   :*.   W.
Delta "Lodge, Xo.  is  meets ;ir-.
aud third Tuesdays of each  month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Tugs. Todd. M.W.
T   VV,  Kkkr.  Recorder
Ram.  i year and   over,   G.   II.
Ram, under i year, G. H.   H��d-
Ewe,    i   year aad   over,  J.  IT.
j Wilkinson,
Grades and Crosses.
Eye Specialist,
Eves tested free for Glasses,
Parlors opposite Columbian Office
New Westminster, B.C.
' The House will probably adjouru
Wednesday night until the lo lowing Tuesday ��o as to allow a number of the  members  to visit their
���McBride's "Better Terms"   n o-
Intions Jiave  been  poatpontd ui.iil
Monday, the 25th inst.
fJ��8��SSB**   9f*    "'v'
The light   ot   publicity is  row
bred sires.
Fat ewe or wether,   ovtv  I year,
Jos. Thompson, 1 and 2.
Any Registered  Breeds
For sale or slaughter:    Boar, over
9 months  ar.d  under   18  months,
Jos. Thompson, 1 and 2.
Grades and Crosses.
For   slaughter.    Sired   by   pure
Notary Public,
Auctioneer,  Insurance
transections j bred sires.
Barrow or sow 6 months and un
tieing cast upon mauv  j
in which Peter Peebles has figuied
, roroinently, John Oliver, M.P.I -Mer 1 year, Jos, Thompson,   1  M.d
To Advance on
Mortgages �� ��� �� .
In   an   IdMl  ������Ytti'1.5".   either  for  new
building;. ��r improving ekl ones.
Consider its fine nppoarance ���its
splendid f-mlurirtff .qualities���and slight
rxpense���and (Jceidc to bcivu your own
best "interests by using* it,
r.tllest details of information in our
WholOMtle  M .nvTHttururi,
Ivggs for Hatching���
*0       I'I. SETTING, *T
^^   3 SliTTlNGS  FOR    $��
B. C.
W. N. Draper,
R.ootu 7. Rltarrt- Kiock. New WestminiitPi
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and  Drayiug.
Livery   work  of all  kiuds attended to promptly.
J. M. Cnliinsoi:
Ladner.It. C.
*? a
Always in Line
With   La^s.    Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
ROBT   MAY. A^ent,
LAONEP,. !!- c-
Gar.iago   &ui!dlng,  Rep miring A   Painting,  Black,
smiihlny    %   Horae    Shooing.
DeLaval Separators.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C, TTHE -DE.LTA. TIftES, TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 19^.
La Grippe
It will *
���sicTe.    On   '   ���
rors of - isease
:rs needc > ;
&* -..4^3' i*: Uj
Etc.. Etc.
. s'   j-au  to 'iiwu  one
r in  _ 1 ia   \
u   -   th     iionsch 1   .
n a TeiFon.-be w y.
m at
���Oil. -
Holy CommuHio ���i ' an
Sunday.s at 8:30 a.in 21 it
Sundays ax 11 -. ni.
Malms, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7-30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
V v. E.R. BarUett, M.i.,
The Market.
i "New \Ve. tmiirater, March 23 ���
I Tbe scarcity ol potatoes at the ci--.
i market yes erday rot min    n siilti
e%  .".,'77   _ ���
s-Vi-....,--V,,:;,t:,,..,,   .,  ^j  Bl,^l0lj^
17 bodj
in an ii.cr   se--:a tht pic   ; , ,-..3 . ^f-fSg**?'.''* //(
ton, .in- p-tv'on ; tt- <���'-.'   ��� r...; .."  i      ^*'-   -������' i^/     v.
being . ne  tiollaT   >--.    "I'h-   -      ;*' '.    .-. .,( \jj   yi', .
snpplv ��� 11 I .md w is 'li.ip: e I up b\    W7 ��� ��� *'.(>
This      tne
of famil'es  '.vjiii     a ���
: reati # d sease
inf a   cm ton
u        xpeence     ��� m in
dopied  this   adv nc. i
"Mr. }**��� .Auseu, Hoa-slai*., P,C.,        .,    rites, Mar i o  t " ���
s'ot   -in-'tnt-or .or ts-y wlie who waa suDetlng'fro 11  femAl.'   svcnL. icss. te   t
d'ixt_ir I   11 -.1   sv     B.uprise    to ii..d audi u chaa, ,   n fact it -n .
an O7w.-1.fr for   .    si-.er.
"A ehor   ti ua   ;��� o     5- wifr lta ' uu alUck (I' iu_-.intna.or   rbeumatl
I  walk ..11    ber   uint    were   niutSi  kwjoUcu.   Sbe  appl.. .   Oxydotur,
ins    ������ ���'��� ���-.   Be  , - morning tier   was   tr,  li   lc       _   1 Ig,
..   Site ha.I fl   iu.ilflr attack before we got Oxylouor ;,c 1 was
ni mtb, atid suffered .gonie..
rae   f a sever, cold."
i.ler li
"It ha, CUT
Send at once for book Nc, 78, giving further in
formation about OXYDONOR and many reports from al
parts of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at. 10:30 a.m.;        -di ���
tion, 7:30 \) 111
Sundav school at 3 p.m.
Low Vass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
-���Rev. Father Wagner, 0.    .1.,
-Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. in.aud 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at : p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday e'-ening at 7.30.
Rev. J. P. Bet's, ..astor.
��� so/3   0. _...  : .1VSMS-
beet tbtat.toragrowini.bo_. I
mr.        Learnii _ to -:.:���-,. ... ��� i ai J
i the   city   people,   and   many .it
:comers were  turned-away dissap
sold r.t I ytton Sqtiir verv Friti.iv ]
if tlif ranchers only l*-ad the ino-l
ouce io br �� dow , b t tliere appeals to e 11 -r. ortflge'Ol the in-
desi't able tuber in many places
S vera! ol tl.-. farmers announced
their ntention yesterday ol bringing as tnaiij potatoes ro t ��� market
next week a- poss bl--. in ide 'o
take advantage ol thc increase in
the price.
DEC13I0.V   _.*.-_'
fcnalMast .:.-,:.;.���;���. . , .. ,tj.-_!
' * 1  1 "  Deal  ''..':- limes
;'������������' ���' toi -. tlme-
1 "nt ri 1 i    :.,-.   u ,,.,, ,.,-.:
"-.- inip .- 1    1   i_.������ ^: , r,... lid. upon
rooelptofr !alo;7Tt_   '.    ~~*~   '
1 ���/ ' ' ith,   ."v- '_'
ul 1-.. I'-    7 Ilai -;.;r���
'dim"orctul -. -
J.STEVENS AR; .    ..  rOOL CO.
P. 0. Box  .u-.>;
Cblcopea   i'al ;.   Man.,  U.S.A.
^.Sa'^: "���--���'-x.-��>'
 , ..
.lost  aa  Odd.
A girl fr.siii .^p.-'kano, Yi'iis .,, who hilo
been visiting in Boston gays sheiatii-M
of-being la rltutl at ^s*r.auf.��� .. Iin. norm
eetn the i .. t--__un. g) ,. . lares sh,
'"'' !- - ��� et iio-tujji friends thlni.
'' ' ,,: ��he : : ot seen the fnoiflc when
l; ' ���   bare m ,..i seen  Plyroontl  rtmlt nm
;    '    ���    md  lietortg nor elimbed te tbe
tup of ....... Ulll i,.,>iiuu;ent.
 'jZi* '
ill.  1-(,i-_-lti.,ut;,it.
, men like Professor  Ded-
'  �����:  -;        - :   ''-'���' ?.
1 -Ai for I
;���He was walking by therirewliJe
when   1 m sn fell  in     Witl ont the loM
&! a :, ���>.., i-i, t 1. - j..i )' .-;.-.-  5unl   his valet
,        to gctn     )1 " hi Hi tolls /���- w tu re-
tu    If 1  a] : an ii'.l; drowned.
.-!-.-. probably tbe  ;��� nn drowniJfl
1 - .     tbt  .-���: ' ;-M ba
,-;    Wasn'l ii too  bad.    If It
f. - .. i - ��� '.���'/   tbe 1 rofescor'a fore-
tlioug  t, v mid havo save! tbo u.an's life.
--;..���   :   I'nuist- Ipt.
There was lirtle change  in thei '   *""*	
price of other pro-Uice   the qnota-     JvOCAL   NEW&?
tious remaining   the same   as  last.
\vet-k.    Buyers   were   rather   more;
numerous than usaal, aud   a  large;     R- M.iy was a passenger up-river I nnd perhaps mooiTof all -_er'artistto"li'
1'hntnirrapltr for Womra,
a  rr     :-,-i.i   Nuw v..rl;  pliotogrnphet
i *r'  -"'-   ���  titifheoould-oljtalu tho service*
05  .':-      'J 'hiUt-l women be would not
; haveuman In his emplo*    Itisawow-
| au i natural   lightness,  J;.t dolioaoy  of
������' eye for light and shade
amount of business wan trarsacted.  this^jncri
Kggs at :'.;'_' a dcrsKii wholesale were,
quiekly  snapped  up  by   tbe'Storei
buyers, unt, al
Services next Lord's Day at ri
a.m. and 7,30 p in.
Sabbath School at ro he Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7,^0 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley
itlnot which poouliarly rendej  her lltte*
inr the work of photography.
  1'beofllolal fhftographorof Washington
, i�� t. v...!��.:_,, the h*_d ot * large liostot
Next Friday being goer!   Ftiday ' PhotographW establishinenrt Is ii wonian.
who hat reproduced with -eKtjuisite skill
��" iht lllnstrations ef the Boston library
fleoi ' Ions, and titro soomB to be no re��-
>on why woiaon ia general should no*
, , , , _   o ���-.'ai \. inocoed in this d'reotlon.    Ther have na*.
appear to be too many  brourht  to      A. S. Lc4ie v.-t-ut   over to  \ an- ��t��_i����ii_i,onBn,,i_it_��   ddu
1 . . ' ^"m*. ��u wierequiMtaa essePtlal to guooeafc
the market at any  time.   Epg�� al- couver Island this-morniiig.
ways sell without any trouble.   ... w'k"-<* """b1"-��� tore*. Aiiue,
SK. andrrw 3 1'itESBVTESi-AN       ,<lro-PPed   considerably   during   the
thoagh the price has'   ,,   , ..,',      ,      *!
'. all-stores will be closed
Vs'eeks.   ther^  does  not;
Pork, veal anil  other meats were'
r.ouetoo plentiful, but, on the other
Have you  got a  Savings  Bank
Account in the Royal Bank of Canada?    If not, you should open   one!     pjjrj.   ,(-,i.-.c)t,
as soon as   possible.    Deposits   ofj     Mimton, 13c to 14c 11
$1 and up received.
Receives both X>adies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years':
course for B. A. degree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physicalj always keeps chamber
Culture and Elocution. j   lain's cough remedy
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
'*���  Yueatan,  Central Amerioa, slstom
VIrF. Arthur Roberts weut up   to   �����s P���0'��oly ����Je, even to the tying*.
er, '             * n:>w, tun '.urn of a liu taw or the ilowej
.     the Koyal City this morning. In tho hair.   In tbo tionlo. large familiej
! hand, the supply oi fowl was better '                                                        " .ro tbe rule, and any day you T.uy see ia
than usual snd a large rr.mber oi i Sut ooantiy girli in-groujtsrt_fi*ln thMe
,,1        .-    ,,         ,      ,   ,-     " ���           ,             ,,        m.���-.   1.    T,   ,��� '">:-'-'"K'ii-'ftl'.sieawko IjjIoiik lothesi_B��,
'the   reatuered   delicacies   changed      .--.'^. l.i. li. ( r:;n    went over  to hroiily, as th ��ir olathes wHl show.   ittB
S(:bbath  services ��� Crescent  Is-  hands.    The supplv ol  apples  was' Vancouver, thistr.orning ou a short ^' '���'���tBI*r to distinguish thy memberi of��
.      , _    , , ',,',,'��� tKelly  anywkcre,   and  not iufrenuontlf
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m. less   than    for   the'last   couple   of) visit. its,m ere called by their favorite floww
Sundav School at 10J30 a, tn.'"     Uveeks  but tlie few dffered  brought! ** f, '���'''.""'.   I,! A"am moti i--��J women wawe
... . m-'ir Jiau   la the  same way and Jresa al-
1.  K.-HaveilS and J,   P. Stainton    B*����t��lik��.   Knrrlui.- ami flngei rings arc
wen-  ever  to  1-b ���  Terminal   City,   *"* k\ ""*""7 "d'i   Up* w"" >**
.':������ '-?���: tliress alike.    Tho man anslwowea
Prayer meeting on Thursday atlgood   figures,   ;.u-.l   were   quickly]
P'lu. -onappetl up
C. Croft, B. A��� pastor.'
Beef, hindquarters, 9c tt
forequarters, 6c to 6. < c lh.
Veal, 1 ic to n 'ic th,
jc 111.
this ii oriiiag.
Miss Olga Kirkland returned
home, S.iiurday. foam a short visit
to the Koyal Cily..
- -1 women
of the Croo4ri-_re_ Indiaas dres< aJilf#,
but cur, bo distinguished.by&i_a.o��B__����_i_��
tt-iiou ut their leggings, ihr.t of the uu
being vertical aad that of thu Y.��_jca horl-
I     Potatoes, ^23 tou.
Eggs, 25c doz,
.!     Putter, 30c to ,. ,c'i1>.
]     Fowl, $8 to $10 do;'.
Chickens, $7 to f'j do_,
1     Ducks, iii 1 to St.; doz.
\Ve would not be without Chamberlain's Coivs'h Remedy. It iu
kc I on hand continually in our
home," says W. W. Kearnev,
editor of the Independant, Lowry
Citv, Vlo. That is just what every
family should do. When kept at hand
ready lor instant use, a cold may
De checked at 1ne out set and cured
in mucii ies-; time than af.tr it
ha- become settled ir. tho system.
This remedy i��i .liso without a peer
for croupiji children, and will  pre-|
Apples, $i,.-/j to $1.50 box.
Onions, #1.50 sack.
The last of the seri - of lectures
A i'ri] I hrongh Yorkshire," was
evening, by   Rev. Jas
Bird. Iri War.
The actions of tuon wounded n; battle
i,n ofton i: isim - -11.0.. 1. Qentsral Fuller,
bs quoted in thu Chitiagp ll{t"f Oseaa,
(���������.-, :i pathi tio io, Hanoi Si this klud'i
Iuthe n:i'lst.of battlo Goneral Fullei
w.'ts trying to ohook the fii.-fitr of iwuio
up to the Royal City, this morning,   gtrioken   mon.    One poor  fellow name
  stumbling along, cut hooding t> wond that
was paid to him.
Indignant and'trnpaWttfit, ITuilBr, aa lw
j-titi" near this man, loaned ftcom his horse,
and, touching hlm \vj>v>>  his s.'.'.ir.!, said
sharply, "do baok, si. :
��� _ The man looked up wtt* an Mpresslon
'of anguish uitd despair on his face that
saldits plainly as words, "I am looklnl
for 11 place to tlio." 1I�� opened bis blouse
ami showod * lag, gaping wound iu his
breast,    Then ho dropped t<j th^ ground*
The general instantly dismounted, but
almost afl h^ raised tbe man'* Imn. w his
,    i'i ho poor 1 How breathed his lost.
Mrs. II. N. Rich, accompanied by
her (.'.au,;liter,   Miss  Amelia,   v,eut
Miss li. White, of New Westminster, returned home, this morning, alter-9pendiui_ a ;ew days visiting Miss.Kitkl.ind.
W, II. Ladner, Mrs. T. E.   I.adner, and Mrs. Pliillips were among
the     1 assengers   up-river   on
Transfer this morning.
givi    In
11 th    To   n Hall
The   SEED GRAIN���Red   ������   sll   ���
attendance, though not overcrowd j
ed, was very ap re iative, and  the
lecture    sel   was very interesting.
Westham  Island  will   bc   giveu
The Beit�� Times
ventthe attack whei  lyivcu as soonkthis treat   to-morrow evening at S
as tht child 'becomes  hoarse,   or,(o'clock.
even after  the  eroupy  cough  ap-: *
pears;   which   r;\t.   only   be  done!    The Royal Bank of Canada with j
when the remedy ii   l?opt at hand, i iis   splendid   connection   all   over
For sale by All Druggists. .Canada,   affords   you   exceptional
~���1 _ __-- 1 __������ ���-rr-rr: | baiikinj: facilities.
'   s Rowed Barley, Carton Oat-
Timothy   and    Clove:     Seedi
Etrackwon-iKer  Milling  C0.,   H.
N. Rich, Agent.
60  Y
���XPE :
n i min
���    ' '  r .-) f.. O
w_   HJ
When you wish  to  buy   visiting
[Nurseries    &   SeedBoUSeslcards call on the Delta Times who
,,     , ,,   ,r     ,.       1 will sell the be-;!  monev  can   buy.
ITeadqiiarturs 4ct    Pacific   Goasi _, .
....        ,   , , If you need them printed, why vou!
grown   Garden, Field   and        w 1       - .        ,     ; ,,.
.,    . , ,, iare money m pocket by  calling  on
Seeds that are thoroughly 1 sled as -       '
...    .   .        /,-���.-        ,1 ihe I elt.i    lines :i   t
to\iti'li'\ beiote oleiing loT-..le���
mm: Mari'.s
Copvrigiits t_.C.
, . -
. 11
. rl
.... IS DL	
I ,,���,..-llvr-i .tl.lr._ll,il..HA__l.JJ . onPatrots
>nvr>nfi .:���-..Iln;: t.. tu'trli -nul .lv crtptl   n n :is
lolny ascertain our opinion free wlic
..1.Inn ts probnbly putMitntsia   Commnnlcn.
��� 1 ir.'.i. 01 .est t-i-ii.-i for securing patents
t'nt-rsiit,- tiller,!,  tlirosi sill  Itlulili .��. Ij, Woe!
_l notice, withoutcluirj.M-, Intlio
O.rv  ��<?a   rt��h.
Oreat forpsti. of seaweeds corer tke
bottom of (lie ocean and roach from
the greatest depths to the surface. Iu
these forests there is life more- diversifies! than in the primeval fpraats of the
tropics. Spiders end wovtnlitu nuimalS
of enormous siy.c, Infusoi-lK, crnln. sea
urchins, shells, crustaceans, sturfisb,
turtles and millions of other living
things of all kinds Uud their food in tlie
equally varied plant life of the deep
A curious circumstance connected
iTiiti (rep sea nan is nun none oi iocrc
lias ever been brought up alive. Recent deep fca eiploiittioiis reYeal the
fact that the ocean still contains tier
measm'uble treasures which await development r.nd utilisation by liuinan
Inventiveness, Tlie most fertile ..ere
of cultivated hind Ik :> sterile desert
compared wtth-one acre of tlie surface
cf the deep sea bottom.
*#���#��� Printing,
that .ire ���subject to   government   in- j
speciion-JSto  freedom   from   weed      According  to  The  Commercial
[seed       Saxnplcs -S'jnt . mg|of Winnipeg, the  visible supply 0
pui-chaSJTS. ' oats in thc United States and   Can
Large stock ol HOME GROWN j ada, east of the  Rocky  dountains
Fruit and   Ornament .1   frees now  js    10,   2  ,000   bushels,   compare-
1 1 ' l
m.iUired f.rthe*r.priiig trade. 'with    |.,   17,000 bushels a year ago
'No-expense, loss or de.,;. ol fumi
��� gatiou or inspection.
j     BEE SUPPLIES, Spray P-JtupsJ
j Spraying    Material,     tlreenhousej "��������	
I Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   our   own 1
; grounds���no rent to  pay and arc
Scientific American.
hmtfsotncly Uinstnted wseklr. Tsitrsest cir-
1,,'ls-i uf j.iiv s.. is'iitii/.i Inurnal. Terms, fi. n
it;   .urmonths,*L Boldbyallnewsdeslers.
T>��^Co.36,Brtato'. New York
ich ' Iffloe. BaS V St.. Wtwliln_tnn. 1). C
lis   pleasant   taste   and   prompt |
cures   have   made    Chamberlain's
, ,    , Couch Remedy n f ivorite wit ii   the
prepared to meet till'Competition. 6
, . ,-_.i,-       ,       mothens of'Sinall children. It quicklv.
Let me price your list before placing your order!   Catalog tie Free,    jcnrcs their coughs and colds and
! prevents any danger of pneumonia
j or other  serious cons-- [Uenc. s.    Il
M.  J.   HENRY, not   only     ���-   c     -.,'  b-    when
3010 Westminster Road, **ven ns somi as ,'1*' c;onPy cough
VANCOUVER,    -    B. C.  ..ilcbyAllDrusgisti.'
The titrniiiii military attache with
Kitchener has crltiolsod the ������wonderful
ehai r - - ��� "i entj'-Ilrst lun. M ,i>- oliy.
rJ h.- I. .in' of people who or�� enputie et
im ' ,. llsh tliiii/?o role the world.���I'I 11-
til-.-li io.. i rfjdger.
A ti-,vr' offloe] wish-a promotion Is Ilk*
a ; tn I r " fore tbc -hull man a', a fair���
r.'..������ ho :��� ������'-��� it and now he<ionsn't, Congress should 1-,1-t' up the subjo t nm! d��-
v! ua* llonalsystem of navystewasdi.���
Kew toik i il ..'-: .
Tho man wh. [imposes to ������nii.-ti the
ton. i. tho plana hy putting ohloroform
on lite fit ring" is a linninultorliui. Se
WouIdlHi thnt and a philanthropist bcsldM
if ho could i ..hiu:. .' to cliloroi.-n'in some
QiicbKsc tlircitt-ons- to-*v!lbdr.v.' i':���\\ ths
Cai.atliiiii ittli'ratitiii'if her-Mqunr supply
is out o<l. There t.te Maine nnd \Tcruiotil
that inunage to hang on to the Colon by
their t'.'i'ia ;,r:d got a Iittlo rum too, Donfl
be prti'iiiittiio.���Miintoapolis Journal.
Any'hlns; In tlio nature-if s tlotintion ti
stn'o  to strike tho  Spaniard favorobljf,
Tho offer of llic guvevniucnt to(_lvofre��
'-transport-tion to tbe ftuailies ol (.an--***
i\AJf |   (rou) t aba to Spain has rcsttln-.l iu oa
n-r.        \   avalam bo of weddings oren tl>e island.*-
|   St. Louis lilohe-Oenioomt.
'        A statistician declares tea;' t.iie wheal
V    supply will eoor, be lnsufflolent io iu\oi�����
tbo world with bread. This conditio! wUl
cares over        probably eccur ot Just about the saOM
.   It C  n ���* .,    _ ,, , ,     , s.   .,���._^   &_
i timo that the coal supply is exftaustea, ea
enientists  predict, so that there would br
no (nel with whioh to bake it, anybev. ���
3      The Children's Favorite
Jj - ���taii.'ES---
Gougbft, Colds, Croup arid
��� i hooping Co.:  |
.  .. i.
.--_ -c^_t-.--  -      , ���
msMiwi-*����� m__M MM-Msfl
me* Sef'
fcOCALJSTBWiS.   11907-REASON-1907.
Miss Krowri was a visitor  to the
Koyal City, last week.
Mr. aud Mr*. Jos. Jordan vi.*ited
the Royal City, last week.
"Cow4er Castle/'
(Ia.porf.eri Clydesdale Stallion)
"Diamond Cross*"
B        (Imported Haclcney)
Miss Crisay Smith  weut ov. r to     .'9:e    above   ^it-class   animals
...                      ,-.,,. wiU be placed on the route between
vaucouver, ou FrideVslast. r_j_.__.je...
3 Laduer   and  Surrey,   commencing
���r, j about the 15th of April, 1907
Harry  Burr returned, Saturday,
ffein Q visit to the Koyal City.
Ladner Tish ffiarket.
Sidney Rich returaed home, Sat-
���ifday, let the Master holidays.
Mrs. A, Walker left, ou Friday
last, for Seattle, en a coaple weeks'
��� .Sit.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Follis and family visited the Royal City, last
Misses Elsie Bensert and Olive
Whitworth came home, Friday, to
spend the short vacation.
C. A. Wicksoa received a large
akipiaeut evil sp_i��5 wire for fence
building, ok Wednesday last.
Alex. Davie returned hsate, ea
Thursday last, after taking in tke
Spring Fair at the Royal City.
.Stoppi.ng places will 1�� announced later.
nil Mi Hr co.
Constan tly Kept oa Hand,, also
g�� i^&mve
To Farmers.
The undersigned Company are
prepared to iuruish Seed Uarley at
actual cost (to Ue paid for in acceptable grain uext fall J, to farmer'--
who will grow Barley for us. We
will pay $22.00 per ten, f.o.b.
steamer, for first-class Malting Barley, free from wild oats and other
foul seed.-;.
There is moaej for you ia growing Barley.
Nanaimo, B.C.
Frsd.- S. Whiicssidk, Secretary.
LADNER,. B. 0.
To notify the people of Lada.��ir and surrounding district that we aj�� now in &
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices,, making* it possible for parties who contemplate building,.
to put in concrete foundations at about tha
For Sale.
same   cost
as   piling,  or   other   inferior-
A Ftril Stock of Shanks ami Fixtures u! all kinds kept ou hajiti.
Wiring and house furnishing n
The '/'addon property, consisting !
of to* Acres, with  good  Cottage I \yrfte for  PnCeS.
residence and outbuildings.    Apply J
Ladner. |
7* Mowbray,
Columbia St.,   -  New Westminster
P.O. Box 364.    Phone 26g.
Marekall ::.-��_i..i returned home,
Tlmrnday evening, tret* a. few
d_iys' s'isirta the Terminal City.
Mr. and- Une. W. II. Ladner returned home,, Sasturetty,. from a
visit to the Royal City, on Saturday
Sealed* Tenders, addrewed to the
undersigned, will be received up to
i moon, March 28th, for- the Butte;-
inilk.from, the Delta Creamery for
���ne yearj commencing April ist-
next. Teaders te ti.ucte price per-
BIS Aiillll M$,
Something Hew
Pern now prepared to.build coiled spring wire fence with wooden
For-further particulars and prices
apply to
Arc Your Hens
filiate Pure Bred
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
0.00 for   ir>
.OO for   100
b. a
II. H. Ma.fesott, of the Vancou
ver staff, of the  Koyal  Batik, has j
been appointed to the Management | ]\��^- ^
.���>!  the  lucnl  branch  of the Stoyal
Bank, vice L. M. Richardson.
P^&tesre Land.
Mr. and* Mrs. Geo. Creamer, of
Haldur, Man., paid a few weeks-
visit to the coast and were the
guests of jMr. and Mr��, Jas, Follia,
last week;, retwning houie on Tuesday last.
?i.  RI.GJcI  has   received
instructions to  Rent-by Auction on the premises su
Saturday, 30th March,
1907, at 2 p.m., tUe  Pasturage of
the Society's 24 Acres of Land from
ist April to :��t October, 1907.
Tkku ��� CA3S.
II. McCorwick left, oa Thursday for Vancouver, where he will
take up his residence in future.
This is aaother of our- desirable
residents goao--to help make up!
ViAiicoHver's 200.000.
P. 0. Box 45
See Me
if vim have CHICKENS   or  EGGS   to
E. T
Port Guichon.
Cut Glass*
Wat--.li Repairing a Specialty.
JRndrew Clausen.
LADNER;,   13. C
We regret, very much, to stale-
-.feat Mi'i and Mrs. I.. M. Richard-
son.: of Cue Royal Bamk, have re
ceived instructions to move to Nt.-.
nuian.. Du;-��ug the.- next three
tve ck�� they will be busy packing up
a,n<T~bidd'5ig farewell to their friends.
home, j
Boundary Bay.
Comprising���One     ^^^^^^^^^
and   bay   horse',   weight   3.250
lbs.; 2 Bay Horses, 3 Dairy Cows,
4 Heifers, down calving; 12-year-
lirig   and  two-year-old   Heifers,
2 Wagoss, Plows  und  Harrows,
Binder, Mowing Machine, Spring I
Wagon, Read Cart, Sets of Heavy-1
and Light- Harness, Hay Racks,.!
Forks,     Shovels,    Log    Chain, j
Crosscut   Saw,     INCUBATOX
aud two Ikoodeis, No. 4 Melotte
Separator,   No. ?.��� DeLaval  sSep-,
arater,   Leader   Chum     Butter! M'
Worker, Cream Cans, &c., KbreeJ
Comfort   Range,   Bedsteads audi
Chairs, the property of the Estate
of the lite Mr. William Witter,,
which '
H. C. JLblx.it
Thursday, iiotw
nheie he had the pleasure of seeing
tbe arterial laid *h the ground for MR . H,   N/. lilCU' hStTtfei^J
, i instructions   to   SELL    BY
_ new and  np-to-.late  creamery tej AUCTION, on thc   Barm, 6. miles
he   bni'.t   of  concrete   ami   brick, south of Ladnen on
After  it is.b-Hlt   Mr. Abbott  will;     Thtrrsday> March, 3g>
1907-, at i����'.Clock p,tn_
Terms Cash.
iaki- over, the 1
ri--t i 11. tfori.
��ji��j;emeiib ��.f thj*|
When you are wanting- anything in the
line of Blouses;. Dress. Skirts,. Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods,, or*
Bonnets,, Hats,., Furs, Dresses,   Underwear,,.
Hosiery,. Etc.
Call' and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
For Winter Wear
m $3.30
&. $4.0 ft
We- have the Greatest  Value
^^^^^^H in Shoes ^L_^^____
Good Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just the Thln<t for Winter Weather*
We carry these in all Leather* and have a full liae of Shape* ,|
and Sites to. Fit All  Feet.
nothing In Town to, Equal Then*.
J. REAGH,    -    Ladner. B.C.
*.\ST1^-.. PETI.
Ihis  wc:L s  r-yew'i  vssil   be   trK-
iidstet   fete  to  be  give*,   by   the
ijrlics of th*. Method]st Ckui-ch, on
3atyit.Bf ��-i'*irnpo�� and eveni-ng, in
Oddfellows'*- Ha',!,     Aftemcoti tc;��
Tvi11'bc-> serves   frpm  >.to 6 o'clock
nud frtittl feto   7130   u   yocd supper
may be p^ftakep of. in the  "tea
.���mi1.," for the MHili. cwn.'side. ation
of -.'5c.    P-fn^B S��.i.ii> ',o i:i. the. evei,-
ii|__,  a good  programme���musical
red literary���V.J!! bfttrendered. Ad-
tpission to tbe Uailt���iJutmg the-afternoon will hf free, but during the
evening ii; charge of 25c will be
rpadeat-the door.    Look  out for
tiie Btiainies.j
A. J. B1RICH -        275 Columbia Street
feoline Engines,. Roof Pulpers,
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE.
RlOIIS    Se.
Part Qaichoiii
Produce Slbreci and
We Walworth-Rolston Co.,
101.6 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver, B.C.
To All H C Porte,


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