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The Delta Times May 5, 1908

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Array r ._> legislative ^^.
^ ��� ^
V       MAY 8 -1908
_^-  '
B��      )
al. S, .So. iS
LADNER, B. C, TUESDAY., MAV 5, 1908.
. ....... 1 y^-i---
lummer Necessities-
IILLINERY -Indies" and Children's R%ady Trimmed Hats, T*o Two Alike,
a      in *11 tha colors and shapes that fashion has approved.
Ladies* Sailors. Children's GtaOaJteas, Wash Tains, Euc.   Oftme ea4y while
> rtment is food.
Ladies* NtCKWtir AMI BCltS*NeW  w,ash Crilars, New Wash Belts, Merry
'������' m ��� =s:Bac     Widow Bows, Neiw V��Umgs in a31 -colors.
Pattern Department
Oltewa Letter.
��� !l i !> 7 Ll 1
Ottawa. April 28���The Opposition must have run out of scandals.
There has not been a new one produced for weeks. Mt. Foster resurrected a few liead ones wheu speaking on tthe budget, but ts the
gentleman who fcllowe.l ou the
government-side had much to speak
about of actual'interest to the people no dtterttion was paid te (kern.
The potUk: accounts committee, the
favorite campaign materisll factory
of the Opposition, has been practically abandoned atid the Liberal
members who are conscientiously
giving their time  to aa examina-
. kav. 4 Oomph*. MHk et O* ritehl MoOaU Fattens and b^J^^j**-.**
sent. Tt may be that the suspicious
Mt. Ames . er 'tbe belligerent Mr.
Bennftt wHl 1iud -something Kit
other upt)n whidia to exercise their
respective talents before ve^Uoug.
Autonomy   .Siscussiou.
Mr. .Lavefgne -secured the support of the Conservatives in a motion to adjourn the House on Tuesday to discuss the question ot the
legality of certain statutes passed
by the legislature oi Sasktftchewan.
Mr. Lavergne fafledno 'tn*ke'��mtch
School Board.
The Market.
The Board of School Trustees 1 "Hew Westminster, 'May 3.���
mot in tbe Council Ohemheron'the', Market yesterday was a busy time,
-and   inst,   with   Tiustees  -Suiith the   M*y -R��y   festivities  calling
fill yoiar order .far anything in the Pattern Lane.
3HION   SHEETS   FREE   FOB THE  ASKING���Sutesferipttems taken;
for the McCall Magazine at ?5e ftt_r year postpaid, infeladiag
Oue Fre* Pattern.
Men's Department
<tau4*��m.c�� aggMMtt
We hav�� *. swell lineZof Bkfe ��nd Black
Serge Suits at $14 ;and $17, made from
the highest grades Eftgli^h Serges*. Guaranteed fast color-.
HenVs Fancy Tweed Suite at mX ^, $9,
$10 to $15, all of the latest ssgx-tag cut,
and finished -with tbe taest totoafiifegs.
Boys' 3-piece Suits, single and aouble-Veaafcea styles, frora    $3.50 to -$��
Boys' 2-piece Suits, Norfolk styles, from        -        -        -     $2&0 to $t
Boys" Fancy Flann��fl and Homespmn BUSTER and BLOUSE S1OTSL also
.STew Rei^itta and Neglige Shirts hi largtj usage t>? New Spifaig ^atternsi
n.-journment'Upon "the ground tbat
'these s tatutes were tiltra > fires of
the ^autonomy aSts, lhe expressed
Shoe Department
We ateow nothing but HUSH* tSfBADE SHOES.    Oar Stoisk iis wsm com
plete.    All the New Spring Styles, in Tans and
Batent -Leathers, Etc.
DORIS SHOE for Women. tJARLETC&N SH^E **r Men
I Wright <in tbe chair), A. DeR.
j Taylor, Wm. Pybas aud K. H
i Quaggan present.
Minutes -of previous -ueetiiig
���were adopted as read.
From<_. W. Clark, urinctpa. ot
Ladner school, stating that he had
suspended one jpupil ipending de-
cwiouef the 'Board. Received, action of principal sustained, and tbe
Secretary instructed lo write to the
child's father.
From Clarke & Stuart Co., te
models ter advanced drawing
���classes. .Received and the Secretary was ^instructed to purchase
-sappl'ies as required.
The new -school at 'Anmeville
Was formally opened on Friday last
'On motion it Was decided to insure tbe Annieville -seliocMhouse
and contents iw tbe .som'of $1,500.
The following ��� ��eneurits Were or-
��3��ed paid: Srihrrh 3, fj-fj; Clarke
'& S'.uait, $70.75; J. Ms. Collinsou,
$4,751  8.  May,  $12.75;   M-B-dball
hundreds to the aitv who took advantage of the ocoasion to wislt the
femed produce market of New
'Westminster. Buyers and sellers
-were in plenty, piodtrcearas abundant and tlie demand good, all that
is necessary to -prowae an ideil
^market day wes'tc be fearod yester-
day., even the weather adding to
the charms of tbe occasion, being
.not too wun fer ^comfort with the
threatened rain holding off. It
was strictly a visitors"' day aad
they were entertained to the full.
Prices in tbe main remained un-
vchanajed from recent weeks. A
-.uribor of sew vegetables appeared
on tbe -Barket for the'��r$t'time this
���seascui in ���-itiy quantity, radishes,
lett��oe��nd rhubarb. Fowls were
-SI50 Unjgely in e��fdence and sold as
high as ten dollars >a dozen for
.good Thirds.
ttupressjon'on the ifeouse, _romnhe^fflitl1 &,Co" >S4-S��S S- W_ Fisher,
feet that, although *e nuKel the *76S  S.-AWcrombie, 817.50; D.
IHcRsie, S35'.*5; L. H*ft, nt, ^9.50.
Tbe'mafter of moving the Gtflf-
hside school was left over (iH next
the opinion thfet they 1*1. a strong '*��&���%. �����*�� �� ^ attendance is
ll .vor ot being unconstitutional.
Hut wonld ttottgo so far as to say
they were illegal.
He charged Mr. Ayleswotth,
Minisier ot Justice, with indifference, and alleged that although
the time to disallow was about expired, the Minister of Justice had
fiven the m*tt*r no-attentlon.
���J_?ylesworth fEefeufcte  .Ptos/incial
'In reply Mr. Ayleswoftih in a
The  Boffrd iken 1 ftdjourned  till
Saturday, May 30th, at 2 p.m.
flawoshn News.
(Hroiu Oi* Sl(___��l C��t*spo .4eiit:)
Honolulu-, T.   H.s,   sA^pril *9.
^With the completion ol  a new  i'o
���kiloW&tt station at R.-tkttku Foint
and a 5-kilotoatt station at Lahaina,
fiftt, but-ccwttewis iWj ��� dignified Ma#afi wiil have  oneof the^ost
manner, informed th-i  .Souse that
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
ANNUAL tuEr/l'IN-..
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodic
Church has just condnded another
successful year's work. The re-
pdJ'tfc^ttettitted at the annual meeting, held in the chnrch on Wednesday last, showed the affairs of the'
"society to be in a mo_t .flourishing
���condition. The Treastiwr ruportefi
$465, which, afttfr dedumin;'. U09
���Cash on bandon the 1st oi %lay,
U9QJ, iepre��e��s the ��fiu*tirial Te- j ���    . 1   ���   �����   .
VHlts 'd'f  tbe yearns ^work.    This |
���mount has'been disbursed to the! On ahd aftertthevsth hist.,'Wlta
warious nee8s>ef chtitth aidiparson-1 will haye two mails a day. A ihoft
mge, excejtting a balance stfll m the time ago a petition was r��t��t��to tbe
Auk. i l'ostnmiter General asking that the
The paste*-, Rw. J. :P. Betts,-.ws . hange be made with the dbove re-
tfreatbt it Ithe lonethi? and ex�� result The t'm<- fcr opening nd
pressed his high���appmoiation ot the losing **M .mail ,willihe ^blislitti
W4)uabl��f��efi4tancerf>f tthe ladi�����, so l;��tfr.
eheeriully rendered, in the work ef
the church.
Tbe following ollicers were ele<!t-
ed for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. Hetts.
Vice-president, Mrs.41. J. Kirk*
Secretary, Mts. J, W. .Litming.
Treasurer, Mrs. C. W.-Kelson.
<0h4O-ain, Mrs. F.Oullis.
The it-ppirntment of standing
committees w.ft left over to :i sub-
seq����ent nice; ivg.
.Oal'  6CO\V   OAD OF  ROOK.
Messrs Gillev Bros., of New
Westminster, had tke mi.fortUhe
to lose, on S iturd iy last, ;> ^scow-
load ol crushes! rock, containing
about 190 yards, which was destined for our rostds. On Triday,
the tug Iris went up ���_�� the quarry
for the loaded scow, and, on her
way down, ran iuto Pitt River
biidge, knocking ��� ut th" end of
the scow and dumping the tock
into the river. Thi- will cause
some little ���ifeshry in rotad-m&ing
here which cannot be 1%'pedi
tbe statutes 'Under discussion were
received by the Secretary of State
on 22nd-April, '1907, andl*rom that
time receded fht an��ious consideration of the justice department, and
in October, 1907, a report was
made to the provincial authorities.
Mr.--Avlesworth having disposed
d'f the contention that be had been
indifferrtit in ��the 'matter made a
.further declaration an the subject
>ef provincial rights in 'the follow
"Well Sir,'I need not siv to my
hon. triend as a loyal gentleman
that statutes are not to be disaliow-
>ed unless there is an actual illegality. N*y, speaking lot myselt,
and entertaining 'the views 1 | ei>
.sonally eutertain'Upon the question
���Af'iht��rferencewlth {Provincial legis*
llatiou by 'fits Entellen cyin Council. I would almost go tht 'length
of saying thdt unless 'it cottld be
clearly seen that in'legislating upon
����� .particular subject a provrncial
l*8gtstet\n��e had OWritepped the
limits of 'the ^jurisdiction which is
ctonfttred by stttion i?a of the Brit
w. n. s.
sperfact, it not the most powerfal
wireless telegraph systems in tbe
'World. In this she is btat keeping
'np her record in this line, having
had the distinction of having tbe
Mfirst successful 'commercial wireless
���system ever established. The new
stations are to be in operation not
later than July'15th and efforts are
beifi'. made to'taw them ��*e com-
ttlission before the arrival of the
fleet which is scheduled to arrive
here early that month.
'It is claimed that the Kahuku
���station will-have a rauge of from
One thousand to 'three thousand
miles, which'Will'Make it possible
under favorable ciMiditi*;is loCom-
'municate with tbt coast, -2,000
miles distant.
Aside Iflom doing a profitable
business Wtween tbe-seVer.i'1 islands
of the groui, the Hawaii U iriless
Telegraph Company bas, otiring
the past fear become of greal'titil-
lty in cetnmUnioating with vessels
44t sea, mauy of. Which are now
equipped with wir��4css. All of'tbe
Army   tratBpOrts'have lately been
ish North America Act 'UpiJU pro- ���so equipped, as weft as a number
vincial legislatures, there-ought not
to be interference With their legislation by His Uofeelleney in Council. I ten assure my hon. mend
'th*t the'toost artfciOUs consideration
was^lvtn 'hot mtsrely 'to the par*
t-iittilfcr chapters'of the ^volumeot
'legttlati<��n from tbe tegislaturcof
*askat-!hewan to which he hasrre-
Inferred, but to every tiwpter ae8
SWWWW'B riKLD 8t GAriD-'N 'to ewy  -ilattse containel   within
Seeds. Timothy   nd C     er
���itt   Vma" Ker    s'-.! ng
R.a..  'H.   N.   RICH,    ii��
���B..C,. Agent.
Seeds 'the*two cOv��W of lhe ^bound book,
0.. >in wliich those-statntesappear."
?r,      This disposed of Mr. Lavergne
'i��nd his-oonteotion.
ofthe ^vessels of commercial sttam*
-ship tines, and it is an lerstood that
���all the larger companies -'��re pre��
paring to in. .all 'Wireless i^antB
Bveu with thepresent e^UipmttiS:
it is now common Under favoraWe
���Conditions to converse frotn'llonota-
lu With * vessels at <sea, which are
sever-il days��OUt, and with the> more
powerful stations i. is believed thit
���Sn h sliips'Will be abl..- to keep com-
ata tly in touch with and through-
out luiripassage between here and
San FraMisee.
Tlie Ladner Auxiliary of 'tffe
'.Vcman's MissicmsTy Society of the
MeVboSist Cburcb, 'Celebrated its
second anniversary lb tbe cburdk
on Thursday evtnil^; last. Aftft
devottoaal ftxercises, conducted %
the pastor, a feriel 'historic sketch
of the society aad fts woi*k W*i
given'by the president, Mrs. Betts,
and Mrs. (Capt.)*Ooss was calleSi
upon to sing a solo, which she dfil
to the real deli|*t of' the audiendt
as is always *tr<ie W Uhis 4ady<s
?In :|a most interesiitfg and instructive address, Mrs. Huntlev related �� nun. ber ofstirtiug iuddents
in her own __t:pe'Ti*S!Ce, <*itendirife
over a period of '-twenty years et
mission work in Cbiha, in connection with the China Inland Mission.
Reports of the different departments ofthe ty. M.-S. ih-Ladher--
Auxiliaty, Circle and Band���wefe
read by tbeir Yespective officers and
���gave evidence of sustained and well
���directed effort on the <part ot all
throughout the year. ""The secretary and treasurer, vMesdames Nelson -and Ellis,' rSportiug for the
Auxiliary; Mrs. Betts reading tbe
rreport of the secretary of the Circle
who was not present, and Miss
Leila Kifttlittd fpHeseated a moSt
admirable n_5>6rrof the work dorte
by the Band of which she is "Setta-
Certificate. Of 'rtfe-membership
w��e then!presented by Mrs. Bettt
as follows: Miss Mauley, of the
Circle; aud to Misses Leila and
Olga -Kirk-tend., Bula rb?66Ai,
Nellie and Miltie Ellis, and Master
Roland Lanning. These.'t-Jgeth-ir
with thf certificates prSViflnsly presented, titike now three life members in H*e Ciftfe, which is composed of tbe yofcng ladies of the
congregation, and nine in the Barid
wMth indades the stSft 'yatangtr
members ��mn _*ted with'tbe W.
The 'Easter Tirttnkotferin* Wis
receiveld fnSto nrtfctters Aid frieiAh
aftjoufiting to J.ti.���o, aud -atfttrre*
tresHarttets-Were ��ert*d, the^gather-
ing -lispersed, ��arr_ying with't_fcto
most pleasant recollettions of tfce
occasion and 'tmpftssed 'tii'lh
thtfnghts Af tbe rteal betaelirwbicfc
muS-^cmtertn'tbe*y-Jang peopk
interested, from the work and training1 Of .heVyeM-
The funds raised  during  ttft
year  for the work of thc soettfr
ramounted to.$iM- THK DELTA TIME?, TUESDAY, MAY 5. *i*A
iaafagggaB���- -���-���-. -
Publish .;l>  kvkry Ttjbsday.
Sj.BSCEPTH)N, W.OO, pet; year.
Casual A .vrrtisemeuts, 10 os_r.,s p^r Hnt foi
Uie first ins.rtion, and 5 ccnMtper Hne' tor each
lUbflequt-tu UlMrttotl. The numl.-r ot line,
leckoued by the space occupied. iaU��eato Uu
nch. ��� m
Rate9 tor CommeicUl Ailyert'.^ementa can be
Iiad en application at thla office.
Reodlug notice* ia coots per Une lor each in-
Birth and Death notice,, soc., Mur_ttgefl$t.ao.
Any ��pecial notice, the object ol which I* lo
, promote the pecuniary benefit of any Individual
or company, to be considered aii ft .vertisu-ni. 1,1
and charged accordingly.
All advertUemenUi charged for uutil ordered
Out and paid lor.
Correspondence incited on mutter* ot public
fcotere.t. Cotnttiunicutions to editor must he hc-
Gompauic^ by name of writer, notneceinrit)
for publication, but ns'Vvideuce of good faith.
Correspondence must1 each ihiioffice by Thursday evening.
Gko. R. Manlbv.
CCrop  destroying
'lurre* and feathered
'pests are made short
shrift of with a reliable.
unerring STEVENS.
C.For Sport or Service
are unsurpassed.
TUESDAY,   MAY   ".,   190S.
The fa\lovy,iag. very, 4ist��r|t)ing
dispatch cornea, fronv India, aud it
-^>nveys, to our, mind, but a feeble
forecast of what,is likely to happen
when,we consider the very humane
treatment the Hindus have been
teceiving in this ls.jacl ol ''the brave
and tye.freej.!
London, May. 4.���From Calcutta
conies news of the discovery of a
plot to. murder Europeans by means
pf bombs. Tjhe more the police investigate the matter the moi-e seri-
o,us does it appear.
Documents seized at the bouse
where the bombs and explosives
were being nanufactured, reveal
that it was pari of the plot to kill
Lord- KitcJ^ner, i commander-in-
<#iief, and other high officials.
The discovery oi th? plot was
made through the arrest and con.
fession of th,e author of the bomb
outrage at AlmoeufFerpur, the capital of the province of the same
name in Bengal, in which, two
Europeans were killed'.
Incjia is.a source o.f considerable
.^easiness to the, British government at the present moment. The
difficulties with the Moha mads
Seemed on the eve of settlement
when, on Saturday, according to
reports received, hjerp, a new danger
threatened. An.attemjpt was made,
lay a large Afghan force numbering
from 13,000 to 20,000, which wept
across the border, divjded intp two.
bodies to sei^e the,. blockhouse at
Khyber Pass.nearLandi Ksol. TJie
attack w^ repulsed with trifling
casualties atnoi-g. the.British, but
tjie Afghans remained, in front of
Landi Ksol and another body is reported to be moving into the Bazaar,
Valley by way of Lisote Pass..
Geneja'i- Wiilcosks. who is ip.
command ot the forces recently, dis-
patched to quell the troubles, has
gpne to Jamrad, a few. miles west,
qf Pesha.wu^r wt the entrance of
I^byber Bpss, and is hastening fojrr
ward his troops to toe .t tht? new
development. All frontier toje-
grams are car^foUy censored at
The tnprning napere, referring to
tjie news, generally concur that
tj^ere is no cause lot alarm or for.
grave anxiety if, as is hoped, the
Ameer is npt directly, responsible
for the attitude ot, the-^ Afghan border tribes, bnt they poin,t. out that
U,ntil,ths Apieer-s attitude-is definitely known it behooves the~go,vern-
ipent to be on th,e alert a��d prepared for eventualities.
r^�� >a
iletjd B canU U
obulo from your
w Uap* for
Dttlar, wt iblp
Unci, txpre* 4
111 utr&tsd M.A
prep-Jd, tpon
log Pric��,
fw*r��l flrtum
irbM ordtrlng.
1 P.O. Box4098.
Chleopee Fells, Mass.
^Fashion ��?ables>
"A Sire at
.ast to get SifcM-fcic i-iy. Saleable"Tiarutss horses'
Trucking and Draying.    Livery Work
All Kinds Attended to Promptly,.
All Kinds or Firewood Always On Hand,
(ter Band boys.
Tha Bjtn-J has reorganized and
several new, tpembers have joined
the association and we will again,
no doubt, hoar this worthy institution ia open-air concerts this summer.
The- Boys for several years have
kept up tbe Baud, which is a difficult thing in a, small community,
and they certainly, deserve credit
for slicking to it.
Fallowing are the office is elected
for the ensuing year-..
President, A. T. Fawcett,
Conductor, F. J; Land,
Seq.-Treasurer, W.H. Smith.
Librarian, E. A,. Bown.
Executive Committee ��� Messrs.
Fayvcett, Laud aud Smith.
Yesterday's Mav Day celebration
will go down in history as one of
the greatest successes that ' has
marked Children's Day iu the
Royal Cjty since its inception in
1870. A new departure was���made
in the provision lor, the. children
taking part in, ths procession and
the. cbter of the children broke
along Columbia street as the sun
burst through the cloud's for a moment to smile on Westminster's
young and vigorous lite, well re-i
paid those responsible for, the happy thaught.of substituting vehicles
for the scattered march ot years
past. The main object was gained
and tbe youngsters arrived at,
Queen's Park fresh and eager fpr
the fun. The committee d\d well,
the hands did well, the ex-Queen
did well, the Queen did well, the
Boys.'" Brigade did well, the children did wejl, the mugwumps did
well, for they, were absent, and not
a complaint was heard during the
whole day. The promptness iu.
starting, the parade is also worthy
ot commendation. ��� Westminster^
Daily News* May 2,
Rev. A. McAuley
visit here, yesterday.
paid a short
Low-Bey's chocolates  in. all varieties���W. H. Smith.
Miss Irene. Robinson returned,
yesterday, ftpm a visit to.the Rovat
Friends o| I. ��� 9* Mursay wjll be
pleased tft foi.-n that he is able to
be around, again altef .-..severe; attack of-sciatica.
Weare new receiving the fittest
dairy butter, daily���.W. H. Smith*
A&*will. be seen by reference to
qyr advertising columns, tfcer 4th
annual spring sale will be held ia
tbe Delta.Stpck Yard, on Wednes.
day, May 20th, whgn it is hoped"
there, will be a goods attendance.
The present entries consist o��s five
tat cows, three dairy cows, four
bulls, one bull cait, brood mare and
foal, one team, harness, etc.
Misses Jeanfe- and Bessie Gunn,
of Boundary Bay, took in the May
Day festivities at the Royal City,
last week, returning home yester-
The 38tl��. annual repp .t of. the
Royal Bank.ot.Canada just to hand
shows a.steadys. and, very creditable
advancement. The. book, which
is an excellent specimen of the
printer's art, contains a mine of
useful information.
-T.   .-, .1. P ��������� **l 'Ju m-r
Stop and consider   .   s. s
when in need oi reliable
Call'and see our lines for
Men Wpjjien and Children
The Cheapest Store in Town for High Class Goods
The tad Champion Hackney Stallion
Diamond ���ity
Zb* Delta Sm mills
Are Prepared to . s.
Furnish AH Kinds of
Shingles, Doors, Sash and
House   Finish  of All  Descriptions.
3443 Imp.
Monday, S.. Morrowvs Farnif Pembe-rton Farm.
Tuesday, Gilcbr-ises      "      5 Dr. Wilson's   u
Wednesday, S. Hufi's  "     ; Coulthard's      "
Thursday, I. Johnston's "     ; Loney Bros.' . "    Elgin.     .
Friday,. G. 13. Embree's. "     ; Inverholme Stock Farm.
Saturday, Jordan's Livery Ladner;        "        "   till Monday
l        * *
Christopher Moses, Esq., (Jeorge Brown.
Victoria,, Proprietor^ Stud Groom
II ��� % ill
hltoriM)r��tC- 1869.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accotuntsi of Oi.t-o.f*Town Customers Given Special
Water   Tanks   Are
��d& ai This Mill.
C. T. U.
With tlie object ��_��� discouraging
Cigarette smoking, General Lord
Grenlell, Commander-in-Chief of
the torces in Ireland, has issued ani
orHer to p< riait pipes onlytQ, bt-
smoked chi sneh. occasions as when
the men are resting alter field operations and manoeuvres. His ordei
contains the following remarkable
" I'be commander, of the ffl's ^s-,
has during recent visits tp. military
hospitals, been again s-'rlicit with,
the barm that ih- iu��reasiLg pre--
valence^of^cigarette smoking is doing to the health 01 the army. It
is not confined to tbe army, and
parliament is likely soon tp de,al
with it as attecjing tjie national
Delta Stock Yard
The 4th  Annual Spring Sale will
be held ins the above-Yard on
Wednesday,   May   2<rths
Pre_.:nt Entries^ fat cews, 3
_ dairv cows in full milk, 1 three-
vear-old Ayrshire bull,. 1. four-
year -nld Shorthorn buH, 1 pure-,
bred H< lutein Bnl!, t one-and-a-
halt yeur-old Holst��ii|i bull, 1.
Holstein b��U calf, brood mare
and foal, a team, of 1_ four-year-,
old house and 1 five-year-oi,d
mare; set of double harness, &c,
Further Entries Solicited.
To Rent.
A  4-Roamed  F1_#��,
particulars apply to
Kor furtber-
Tencters? Wanteds
Tienders will be received by tbe
Delta Council up till noon of Saturday, May g:h, tnr the grading of
one mile of roadj Apnacis Island.
For further ; articulars apply to '
N; A. McDIARMIf)',
Ladner,. Aprfl 25, 1908,
Court of Revision.
W. NsDmper,,
Room 1, Kllurd Block, New Wt-mmln. lit.
Notice is hereby given that tbe
Court ot Rt vi.sipn for the .Municipality of Del1 a. wilt; be held-in tbe
fcouuctl Chamber, Ladner, on Saturday, the 13th day of Tunev 1998,,
at-10 a.m Any parson desiring to
fnake complaint against his or Ijer
assessments must give notice in
writing to the Assessor stating the
1-rounds of his or her complaint, at
lea-il ten days before said date.
N. A. MeDIARMitiD),
Dated at Ladner,. Aptil 2^th, 1508.
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and TiJjAvaKds.     Ii\t.ere.sjt paid, or credited, quarterly on. $1.-4:  March,, 30th Jane,, 30th  ���
S-.ptenj.fe��;rs jist  Deceiiibe-*.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager,  LADNER,. B.  C_
SBASON 1908.
Notice bias, already, been gi.ven that
-3^ Champior*
Clydesdale Stallion
"Dean Swift/'
(Pmp.> (5397) (12936),
The property of ths- Pen>berton
Stock Fa. m,. will taavel the- District
of Delta District and his stands
ihave been fixed as follows:
Leaving home Wednesday morning proceeds to Mr. T. E. Ladner's for dinner, from thence to
Mr. Geo. Graitetfs foij-night.
Tbursday-���M...H..D. Benson's for
dinner thence- to Mir., J, Gilchrist's, Qrtscent Iidftpd, for
Friday���Stands for dinner at Mr.
J. Jordan's Stables,, ladner, from
thence home until the- following
Tbxmsv; To, insure mate in foal,
$20; three or more, $18 each..
For lurther particulars see groonj,
John Gray, or
D.. Montgomery,
Port Guicboa>
14.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 101%.
Sample Copy Prii.
slfcBKRT J. lORII,    .. _ PUBLISHERS, _
For Sate.
About-5 toi��6 of Burbank Seed1-
lui.is.at $iS-per ton..   Apply
East Delta.
foe Spring 0*1-%.
Pure ani> Vigorous Blood will ksep
you in, goo4. health.
willi gixe yo��
Goad and. Pure Blood.
Send 5fc fpr trial', $i-roo pacl^ge.
(two months'* tr^inent).
Ageiji. Wanted.
Wa-Koo Remedy Co.,
Vancouver, %&,
j int m m itcb
| j! henlky
���i  NEW WSS-TMINSTKR.    :-: B. C.
���>   -latiufiicturern or aU k.ndsol
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
You* patronage solicited
*aie^.mmje ���# > v^*9* ^m^   *���   ^*^fi^****L^*w*^*-'^S!^*^*^,*-^^B
Acclimatized Stack.
For th��
Farm�� Garden^ Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices;" No Borers. No Scale.
[No. funjigajfciioa to. damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy yott.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds,
tbat Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Sp. ��jc
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cufc
Flowers,, etc.. Oldest established!
nursery on tjje mainland' ol B. C.
Catalogue tree.
M. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouse* and 5eedhouse<_
VANCOUVER,.   -  B. C.
Mandolin f
Having, been .eqpest _dl to stwt a
Mandolia Class,, ws��. now fit*
pared; to.dp,so, Fo�� terms, etc..
e,  H*  WEARE*
,   Gare oi Mr.. Jj. W- I^nnin<v
Man 'o'hts, Strings, Ete.m
Stioplied at City PticeSs ;th-E delta times, Tuesday, may 5, i9os.
instrttoiltia nl V omh.
I     .'��� "'���������iv -Tho  verbiage was   so bad 1
ooul     'i .Ida my wheel.
His, h.lM.T���-V\'i:,n are .nu talking about)
j     "Wall, when I saw  the word'verbiage'
In ths paper nnd asked po what it mo ant
I he said  wipd.' "���Cir.cin >;ati Enquirer.
I Choice of Trio Ei IU.
'       It',  always very -vronr, to flght,
[ T: lit, nor.o tlio iesa. my son,
|      Improve your mii- c|-3~don't relax
As if nil alrlfo wcre d quo.
It's always very wrong to fight.
*��� But nevor rlos. your ears
When Tpr'o R.im supR'Sts lh-' ���*��
May need new volunteers.
j v
[ |       It's always very wrong to light;
The saying's old ami terse.
I i        But to r.v '"' battle and net whipped���
i Tlu-lie in. nitciy worn--,
I  i '��� \\'.._!ii:itrloii iltar.
O^ .<! Hcn��<:n tis hurry.
Th" 'H ils of ii musical accompanist cr*
wu y ir wo may credit all tlie stories
Shi of tbetii A ynui .. professional re-
���cnrlv played accoii.iaiinmoiitsfor tho performers at u private enturtninmont for a
fashiouuble charity lusting for nearly two
" Hero, you eee,  1  hove fio chance to
tako u breath for ten bars," said tho amateur flute player, indicating to tho accompanist   a   passage in  his opening  solo
���'1 here uru u  number of such  places in
I my solos, and if you'll hurry the time
i whenever you come to them, it will boa
I relief to my wife, for all  my family are
I subject to apoplexy, and  I've ulreudy hud
one slight attack."���Youth's Companion.
-Wushlnkton Utar.
| Ills Revenge.
He t'.il her he could hot survive
If tha piths they trod must llo apart:
Sl��- . |i������;:r;l 11 in -;.  t hq's still alive.
And turn's the thlifg that breaks hu
���Chicago Newe.
A Pfr.eowrnu.i'S' Ontlooki
"That hoy next clour who is learning to
piny tie rorrt t looks consumptive."
"Vis. bill you n.iirtn't count too much
n that,    Tho itver.ic-i, age of musicians ll
iid  lo  by 1.7 years."���Cleveland l'laiu
Cartons Nn mca Bestowed by ApotHm
carles am Their Shops.
The Qormiin drugstore Isalwaysa mystery to tho American when he flrst ba-
.ornes one uf its customers. It is not
ui'arly so coiiipi'ehuusiw as tho American
Institution of lhe same kind. The apothe-
mry's isGj.un incut, which is only one fo*-
'uroof the American drug store, is an Independent uitiililislimont in Gormnny nnd
is ilevi red to the.fllfinB of prescription*
ni'ii thu duties ol the npothctnry The
"<:i";;iu ������'(���-" quite ��� sopnrnte place, pro-
vile, half (hotirticlescustoiuarjh' round
j. :��� in tlio drugstore, It 1* to tho dro-
KUcrlu thut ono must go for soap, tooth-
bTiisJiM, drugs in tho pure and all of thi
Srflelei ..���t dealt tn by the apothecary.
. hu division may bo a convenient, ono aft-
tv thu mystorios have boen mastered, hot
It Is confusing at llrst.
.'.n-.hcr peculiarity of tho .potliecarltia
I. that most of them have namos displayed Ti.a! custom dates from tlio earliest
i -,\ .of their history. The old names of
'I. shop, havo survived to some extent,
elti niifjh tho purely fnntnstlo names hnve
i-is.'ii place to othors bettor suited  to the
��� inoroial oiclgeuelcs of modern times.
Tl ��� 'ity today possesses 164 sliops of
fi| 'ccaiios, and many hava adoptod
ii m..l3 taken (rom thu street, square or ro-
iji'in ln which they are situatod. Ther*
ura 5fl of theso, and 10 an known only by
tiio names of tbalr proprietors. Nineteen
���re named after bird*, the eagle having
ten named lti Its honor. There ara all
sorts of eagles among these ton���black,
��ed and white. Other names include wild
animals, mythological names, suoh as
Hilaerva and Flora, and royal titleallka
,'riedrlch and Augusta Victoria. Moil
onrious ara those called after famous historical personages, such aa Armlnlns, Her
land and Siegfried ��� -iiohang*.
Tronble on the Mantelpiece.
���'If you'll always givo mo full swing,"
observed tho pendulum, ' you will nover
havo auy trouble with your hands."
"I don't know," replied tho clock. "If
it wasn't for your going buck and forth in
-ny works, I nevor would have any
strikes."���Cblcaaro Tribune.
Rouses la Mrxlco.
The principal mason that houses can-
rot bo built rii|)ldly In Mexico is that Ihe
walls uru always mode very thick In ordi r
to withstand ihe occasional earthquake
shocks, ln tho thin walls usually put up
in the United States the mortar will readily dry nud "set" aftor tho wall ls erected,
but here, whoro walls are made anywhere
Ir.in _ ur 8 lo 0 foot thick, they must bo
: Mowed lo dry thoroughly as thoy are
built, cr serious consequences result from
the drying of tho outer edgewhllo tbe center Is still "���greon." Thus it Is tbat one
sees thu walls all over a new building in
different stages of completion, and It Is
often a curious sight to soc thin interior
walls completed to n point much higher
than tlie thlek outside walls.���Modern
Pncttcal IflKores.
Common pooplo olten uso figures of
sj.C' ��� h which are buth poetical and strong,
While visiting In Norfolk near the North
Ken Tennyson was much impressed with
tho saying which ho there heard, "Tho sua
Is mi in lib ����� It thu loss of the wind."
Tiiis jutiusl saying ho used to compare
with lincvthCr he heard u.ed bynn old flsh-
wojunli v. bo had lost two sons at sea Ou
a stormy day she, climbing ber fist at the
atlvnoVing lido, cried out:
'Aye, roar, dol    How I   hntus  to see
tiiooehow thy white teeth!"���Kxcltange.
SnrKlcal Wit.
Al Boardman nf Minneapolis tells t
etory Illustrating tlm envious rivalry be-
iv.cl.'i bis town and St. l'aul:
"An Irishman from St. I'aul got hurt
'oniehow over at Minneapolis and was
a .oiifis oneof tho hospitals. His injuries
vure painful, b-it not dangerous How-
ivur, ho felt sure thnt ho would not itir
.ive, und ha constantly wuilod U tha fur
" 'Och dochtor, do soinothln for me
liiiok. I'm dyin. I know I am. I'll
���lover ero St. I'aul alive.'
" Seo .St. I'aul alivei���, blurted itt thr
surgeon. 'You'll dio of old aga befors
sny body ��rer scos St. Paul alive.-
"And it made that liisaman so mad ha
wanted to thrash the doctor, and nobody
aeard any more wailing from blm, but hi
i_ot out of the hospital at the earliest possible day. "���St. Louis Globe-Demoorat
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
Junior students taking Public School work. Does'iHigh
Schcwal work andl prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exam-
iaiiitisDas, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and \\ L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D�� In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and bas a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
argan, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music,
fecial instruction in art and elocution, while all students
Sarerequired to take physical training with all the pfiv-
fteges of a well equipped gymnasium,
01.11   t-.A'j-Yi   Or   C Jtillli J   -S
Hi Amusltwt S -rs fo'd ts.v a ita<>>tn<
ni  las-   . .'J'..l: ������-_.
Mr. Fi'-dt-rick Cilt-. '.wi" was a bnhJU_i
af tb lobl :���.'.. of Obo houuoof i-i��:u:' 'ii.s 10'
40 years, narrates so'ino of ids i-oriou.* c .
perionces. Iteferiii ir. to H_.!auiy'8 kit. a
.in so vividly dosci'ihiid t>y Ohurlos Db I;-
,'iia, and tu the members who woru wool
io frecjuout lt, bo says: "Vou got tii��
bnst ohop ���>'.-' sti .ik and reld net. aad
t.'sluil in LbuwoiM, ami ihu puirut vvli.
culled 'Order, order!' and t'i.air. chairl
and all tho cries of the bouse, and the iin
mortal'.Tinu'.' \n liu onalTi'd overy oi.o, aa
described by Dickuns, were si ill there,
and iuembura of tbe govern mont might lie
soon eating thoir dinnor at a real dual
kitcbon table. 'Give, you a kiss,' Juno
nskod of a young member, who was cbaf
ling her, 'you, a younger son, and only c
borough member? Why, I boxed a duko'f
ears for asking such an Impertinent qnes
tion yesterday.' There wus a very ill iter
out liun. si of commons from the present
one In those days."
An amusing story Is told of Lord Palm
STB ton, who had just hnd a stormy in
tervlnw with a deputation whioh came to
inomorinll.0 him on thu subject of the
ivino duties .lust as liny were leaving
thu room n sudden thought struck hlm,
ami hu called thuiu back and snid: "Per
haps, gentlemen, a raoullccllonof my boy
hood may help you. When a boy, my
grnndfai her took me with bim to stay at
Isold Pembroke's. After dinner bis lord-
ship said: '1 hope you liked my wine. 1
did my best, to please you. As a member
of tho government I ought not to tell you
that I get my claret and champagne direct
through a smuggler. 1 am answerable
.'or t Iio port, aa I made lt myself.' Old
Vitm bad hit tho bullscyo, and the depute
tlon retired with much laughter."
Tho reminiscences tbat center ln Johi
Bright are equally amusing. For exam
plu: "I call to mind hearing him in 1C��.
In the house of commons on the nppo'nt
ment of n new bishop ot Manchester
Quoting from memory, as I do through
out, he said: 'You wanted a new bishop
if Jerusalem a short time ago .'low did
that holy man go out? With his staff and
iiis scrip, liko one of the apostles? Not a
hit of it He went out ou hor majesty's
ileum frigate KctribuMon and landed, under a salute of 18 guns, not far from t lie
up"!, where .Simon lodged with the tan
ter.'   "���Fortnightly Review.
���*Wllliplmln*" .Jackets, hats, ties, eapm
*y_l oostum-�� .ro now appearing.
Surplice i Trets nro much used on t::t?
bodloos of siijs^Ajid satin wedding gown..
Hounding Ico'its, arching back toward
th.i Iii;... rupr ...i nt one of the new foal ores
of stylish jackets nnd coats aoooinpanylnf
tho newest tailor opstuiuas.
Velvets ore assured of n grent suooesa lr
the seasons of WW and lt9i> tor the making of costumes entire, for redingotes
skirts, wraps, waist combinations, rail
lineiy, ets.
The prlneesa shape wlll be much used
��_Kb for dressy day nud ovening toilets
this autumn, ard nothing oould ho inon
perfect than the fit and outline of some oi
tha nuiirst models.
There is a groat domand for both the
Ktandard and fancy materials in blank,
sii.l this full they are brought out in very
many different weaves, either in all woci
or in . i I k and wool mixture*
Black gowns of lovely fansparent or
scmbliaphanouB-Sreaves ovot silk or satin
tui.l in heavier materials fir day wra?
if ill take high placo in tho ranks of fash-
Wn for the two seasons beforo us.
Tho deeply pointed peplura oversklrH
��f tho senson do not always match the un
Jvrskli- and. i* preferred, can be made ol
sctirely different fabrio. Therefore it
may prove inot.t desirable for romodelii.^
Victoria cords, hnyndero silks, Id black
and dark rich autumn colorings, gro>
grain, faille, ben ;nline, liupci'lal reps���lu
foot, all th>i lustrous corded silks���arc io
hipb vogue, both fcr gowns entire and fc
Combination uses.
���JVOc3  OF  U-NCL'CIOR3.
lalloii li- - Red 'i'lil. e I'Miirisatioa Ovc.
o il 'lni.i- Methods,
''Perhaps the traveling publio scldcin
ftops.to think of the vast amount of red
Ujro that Is now wound around tbo work of
tin) pii..-'cii .ercondue.or,"remarked anc'.d
timo ritiii'oitd man.
"In tiie old days all tho passonger con-
iluetor was required to do was to place a
s -ibber bond around a handle of ii'ikels he
had collected and send tl.eiu in to thu *./���
lien. Tbe ia. b eoilrotlons on an average
nipht run in thore days were large, because no li<;keis were sold after fl o'clock
p. in., the hour when all ticket offices
closed. '1'hoeafih oollectlO-t on a train often
amounted to ?o00 In one night, Tho conductor nt the end of a round trip would
tnke this money to the easblor's window
und wo'jid write a report on a sheet of pa-
Bor that would rood something liko this:
'Dear Sir���Please find inclosed WHO for
cash collodions oil trains Nos. 6 snd ��
Dee. 18, 1S80.' The conductor did not
even taku a receipt from the cashier, All
tho cashier did was to smile and say.
'Good morning.'
"liut a p.qssongnr conductor today has
more trouble sometimes than a boy lighting a yellow Jacket's nest. Rod tiipu has
been pllii g around him for years, until today ho spends about all his time in punch-
lng mysterious boles in ticket., v. riling
duplicate checks und making out tedious
i ft'ports. The coupon tickets are all bound
around wllh red tape. Gush collections
cause un immense amount of tediouHwurk
today. Tbo conductor must now account
for every cash tare collected by giving tbt
passenger u drawback, or else a duplicate
oheck in tho presence of other passengers
at the time thu faro ls taken.
"Then, too, tie oonductor hns to sort
all kinds of tiekets in station order and
return them in that manner, tilling out a
blank giving the number of inch kind ol
ticket lifted on the train. This report
in list be sont in by thu conductor befors
eoisg out on his next run. Therefore h��
la compelled to make out his report, as he
goes from station to station, and tint
means Irom one to two or more liours
hard work on tho report aloue on a run
It would take half a day for mo to give nil
tho.d. tails of this red tape. For instance,
a certain 1111 ill bor of punches must be In c
ticket of one kind and a certain numlier
In another style of ticket. If one pun oh
marl; is not mad", tho conductor receives
a letter calling bis attention to the dis
crcpiincy and be is liable to be suspended
if it ocirfra again."���Topeka State Journal.
Mohair braid In
burtons s sf graded si
bodices of ro.i.fh <!
braid and small i:ii!
tho oo_ tumes made <
various widths av .
. ��� trim the skirts nn.'
"i'-;h fabrics, and A'.'-
���;��� buttons ornament
i fluev woaYosOt wool
and si:k and wool materials,
JFallle, bengalioe, victoria ro;-. nr..
many other lustrous corded silks nre
brought out In charming vflrinty, on.
these nm used ulikp for entire gowns, fan
oy waists, capos, eon;.-' and Yor stylish com
bita'.ioa toilets nnd costume...���Xew Yc,-t
'wn jKlnds of a rtntg.
�� liltle boat Is s'-on afloat
.''n-iii it,a moonlit wHtfr.
Ir v    ���     ii :'OUth docs oU. for?ooth,
with h'.-s no'j. dor's daughter;
He hug's, llic shore . ri'l - or more.
AlniiK the lnuiii rs w.'s'r,
Thisn I & ihe lion' sor n I ��� float
And i,i.���.s ills rieighhor'ti ii  ujititcr.
I'licif.o News.
Ttmc lo '.'ron.
Tho .PreshYnf���Ts tie  li-tQf footliai
players Ihorottghly ttdiertiseii?
TIlO IllUlII���It. i.v
Tbu Pri'slitent���Thnn I rr'r"s�� .,���, migl
����� w :i nj-i-ii u;i i!-.�� c'iiccc. -Clevolan
Ma:.i l.'e.ilor.
A y��n:rr-al 'P'nM.
I'm work ai-d ���: oen a  tl ivi: ;,', I ^m fra;
:.!ci| in a t ���;.-. a I,
I never net a br, ath of poses. i||| Dick 1
s   f" In ix'il;
At  morn.  .-.:   h!tt,i'.   I   rrov.i end bite;  '
eli,.rt:o. ; pitch ami t -n -;
I havo lo lie those ciitntais ho new at ti'
county fair.
--Tiileaso P.oc^ir.J
Reasen   In   Lowly  Rrnlna.
r.ccs know tbo time of day. Eiperl-
I monters wbo feed ibom at a ccrtatn
time each day fibil thnt tbey mnke no
mistake In the holiF.
Tbe pigeons of St. Mark's, Venice,
can toll tourist.-, who feed them ns a
matter of duty, from natives wbo do
not. Uow? Ry their loitering? Ry
their red guidebooks*
American horses driven without
"blinders" nre said to be less liable to
fright thnn English horses which ate
made to wear them.
Talking With Forrtptnera.
"I am frequently amused," said age*
tlonian who notices things, "in romnrk
Ing tho tendency of most people to rais��
the voioowhen addressing aforeignor who
has an Imperfect knowledge uf tbe Ian
guago. The impression seems to be that
the louder one yells tho more likely one il
to be understood, whereas tho proper way
to speak to a foreigner is to uso a low, dis
tinct tone, and, above all, pronounce oucb
word separately. What makes nny Strang*
language hard to understand is tho habit
which natives fall iuto of running the last
<ylliilileof one word into the first of ths
"For Instance, you might make a sound
like this, 'Ice iivvm Is torb lanket ooday,
��nd while I would kDow perfectly well
that you snid, I saw Mr. Blank today,'
no Frenchman or German, even with a
good theorotlcol knowledge of the tongu.
would hava the faintest idea ��bat you
were driving at. Then, tho chances are.
you proceed to repeat the euntonec fastci
and faster and louder and louder and g:
away marveling at tho stupidity of om
aousins across the pond. "���New Orlooti
Times- Democrat.
German In Milwaukee.
Tti Milwaukee, of course, the English
mnguago is used in tbo conduit of bus!
ficss, although at least from fill to tifl, i:
aot a greater, per cent of tho peoplo hav.
command of the German language, whlcl
is taught in thu public achuols.
In almost every business, in nearly nl
the commercial houses, which are Inr tin
most port conducted by Germans, tiie Ger
man languago is used along with the Eng
lish, and so ignorance of German is regard
ed as great a fault as ignorance of English
if not a greater ono. Recently an attompl
was made to remove tho German languugi
from the curriculum of tho public schools
but the Inquiry instituted for this purposi
produced a result very vexatious to tho In
novators. The overwhelming majority
of the non-Gorman parents decided in la
vor of having their children taught tin
Gorman language Thus Mihvankes, Ir
this case also, has mado good hot reputa
tlon ns the German city of America.-
1)14 English ��� Good Tarn.
I      Bismarck was no  lover of England rr
et tho English language, yet be did Ihen
! both a good turn at tho famous oongroi
i of Berlin   at the closo of  tlio Rosso Turk
| Ish war.    Before that time tho diploma :
I language of the world had   been   French
and  It wus expected that tho djsousfiloiit
I of the congress would   he conducicd   It
that tongue.    Lord  Rcaconsllcld llal'y ro
fused to use any language   hut   English
and Blsmorok, who was president of  tin
oongross, thought. It would be ineonsldor
ate to lot Doaoonsflcld  stand  alone   lust
doing, so he sjioku English, too, and Eng
lish was tIms mado the  ollicial   Innguagi
Of the congress     lt  hns  not  become liu
universal diplomat io language, but Frond
hns ceased lo lie that, and   English seenu
to have the lirst title to tho Buooosslotl ���
Youth's Companion.
A flsh trust ls being organuca. it la
sincerely hoped it may not put tho price ol
nei(ss.iry brain food out of roach of th*
toiling newspaper men.���Denver Post.
Quito appropriate, this, for an American
r��al estato company to lie the flrst to bon in
business ln Havana. Wo are a gjoat people. We caught the hero, and now wo are
pnina to cook It ���Hostjio Us��i-��l��'.
Ownership et Stnate "Bnstneaa.*'
On�� of the peculiar tilings ubout a
topj righted play is that auy little piece
of business or any new lines which
may be inserted in tbe manuscript
while a stock company is playing the
drama belong thereafter to tlie man
iWbo owns the copyright
Every time a stock company rents a
play for production from the owner ot
the copyright it is cut, interlined and
added to before it is produced. A stage
manager, for instance, may interpolate
some speeches in order to work up to
thc introduction of a song or specialty,
or be may strengthen tbe climax by
putting ln some new and strong lines.
Often these Interpolated lines prove to
be tbe most striking In the play and
make decided bits. If tbey are left in
when tbe manuscript goes back to its
owner, tbey become bis property absolutely nnd may not bc used by the
man who wrote them in any other production; therefore shrewd managers,
before they return a play to its owner,
always take great pains to erase every
scrap of correction or interlineation.
In this way only may they keep what
really belongs to tbem.-
The First Lawbook.
The well known Assyriologist, Dr.
Hugo Winckler, published an account
of the legislation promulgated by King
Amraphel of Babylon, whlcb, ao far m
is known at present, was the flrst book
of laws over given to tbe world. King
Amraphel lived 2,250 yeara B. 0. and
ls mentioned ln tbe Bible aa a contemporary of Abraham, ao tbat hia statutes
were drawn up fully five centurlea before the laws of Moses. They number
282 and contain tbe following:
"tf a woman who sells beverages
gives bad value for the money paid
her, she shall be thrown into wnter.
"If a wife be a spendthrift or If she
otherwise neglect her duties, her husband may put her away without compensation, but if a man put away his
wife for no other reason than that she
has no children be shall return ber
whole dowry.
"If a betrothal be rescinded, the man
shall pay the woman compensation.
"A widow witb grown up children
may not marry again without permission trom a judge."���London Express.
ALI.  S.'.lsNTS.
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sumiays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4H1
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday eveniifg, Litany at 7:30.
Kev. E. R. J.urtletT, M.A.. Vicar
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 ',i.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
I    Services next Lord's Day a*  it
a, m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the mor":n
service every .Sunday.
Sihhatb School at 2 p m evory
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Betts. pastor,
Services uext Lord's Dav at it
a.rr. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a m Midweek mpeting on Friday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Xot Her Bu_lne_. s
"Woman!" ho cried In a voice of thur
der. "Don't you know you'll drive me tt
my Brave?"
"No!" she rotortctl, with a curl of brt
mby lip. "Thn hearse driver will d��
thatl"���Up to Date.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent
land, 3 r-m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. tn.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
To make Inrtiincs out
oi the future sou must
put * .mcthinjr Into the
rrepent      ....
Agents Wanted
To   Sell   Securities..
FOR   SALE  Fruit  Land,   nnd
~ C heap       llotll.fi,
City t.ots, I'm ins and Buburban
Acreage, &c,
Gold- Coppers Pay
Big  Dividends   all
over British
Containing over luo Views.   Tost paid 2'C, Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing tialned. Nothing Ventuied, Nothing Won.)
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin uow?
The Greatest Uold-Copper Discovery uf the Age Is In B.C.
rcrllu off l>ivfsi-M.
Scientific investigations have demon
st rated tbo fuct that ths great depths ol
tho ocean ore inhabited by species nf Ual>
that cnnnot live in the upper levels. Tbelt
flesh Is so loose In texture that it falln
spnrt when the groat pressure nf wat-ir li
reduced. A report concerning the nii'ings
��� 111*hcriuen ojt Tripoli gives evidence to the
effect tbat .limilar causes wlll produot
similar results in men The illvers fra-
quenlly die of paralysis of tlm limbs
anused by pressure on tho <pinu through
working at too great depth.. Those s.if
fering from tbis complaint .re ���lil tc lis
conio perfectly well when they rcilesccnl
to bo again attacked when thay smor^.
from the soa.���San Francisco Argonaut,
The mnd vi_iiy was ami .Mntis.
"I think," said hu, "that my head w?ll
bo on a neilnl some day."
"Ilii!" mid ilie rnlijb "Oood Ideal
I'll havo i; struck oflt at, oncol"���Indian-
aouii-i ..* ..ii....
Every Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine.
Special Offer���iOc per Share, will shortly advance to $1.00
Mines directly ..west of Le Roi and Le Roi No. 2, shares
seld from 5 cents.) to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine pain over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
n>ines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assavs Irom $5 to $800 in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you wont regret it.
Note���Most ot these mines sold for a few cents once, bu
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is on
the tailway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copner ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Rig Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two niles of  Railway on Property,
Company hBS no debts or liabilities.    Send Tor Illustrated Prospectus and Booklet, "Mining Up-to-Date," to Secretary, with ,s cen'.s in stamp*.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C.   Canada.
The Delta Times
Job   Printing^ THE DFXTA TIME?, TUESDAY, MAY s. *&**
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ladner went
over to the Terminal City, yesterday.
Messrs. Sidney Rich and Hume
Hilton visited the Royal City, last
R. G. Muirhead, representing
the Imperial Trust Co., Ltd., of
Vancouver, was in town, on Friday
W. Abercrombie came oyer from
Lulu Island, on ^Satt��rda\. last, on
a short visit, and returned bome
The S.S. Sonoma leaves  Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning;, leares Steveston at 9:30 a.m
���ad 4:30 p.m.
H. N. Rich went over to the
Terminal City, yesterday, accompanying his son, Master Sidney, on
fcis return to school.
P. Pearse went up to the Royal
City, yesterday, and returned in
the afternoon accompanied by his
wife and two (laughters.
Sheriff and Mrs. T. J. Armstrong
and daughter, Miss Nora, spent
Sunday at Dunleitb, the home of
the Reeve and Mrs. J. A. Paterson.
S. Rawlins, sr., returned home,
Saturday, from Royal Columbian
Hospital, where he had been confined during the past few weeks.
Iir. Rawlins is feeling much improved in health.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.O.
Agencies Represented���
Harttord Fire Insurance Co. Inturaacc C, ���( North America
Phoenii Insurance Co. or Brooklyn    Tk* Ocean Accident a Ctiarantt* Corpora-
Connecticut Fire Iniurance Co. ti��n, Ltd., of London, Hug.
Imperial Trail Co.. LU. Vancouver. B.C,
Two of our young lads took a
horse and rig irom the Methodist
Church shed, on Suriclay evening
last, and drove around town during
the service. As they are well
known they will do well to take
freed of this notice.
With the change of time table,
the train crew was changed as follows: J. S. Davison, engineer; H.
B. Forest, fireman; G. Wheaton,
brakeman; W. S. Swaggart, conductor; and V, E, Leale is the only
one left of the old crew.
The May meeting ot the Westminster District of the B. C. Meth
pdist Conference will be held in the
(Sapperton Church, on Friday, 8th
inst, Ministerial Session at 9 o'clock
a. m. and the lull district at which
the layman will be present at 3 p.
a. Mr. }. Weaver of East Delta
is lay representative from the Ladner Circuit.
There is no need to sift
Royal Standard Flour.
It is free from surplus moisture, and will never
cake or lump if kept in a dry place. Being absolutely free from cellulose or the woody fibre
of wheat (which is often contained in other
flours), it is easily digested, and readily assimilated.
its color, strength, purity and productiveness.
It is better than the best and sells at the
same price.
Order by name.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C
We Boms Leave
Just Receivei
Two   Cars   Cyphers   Incubators,
One   Car    Swift's   Beef   S:raps,
To notify the people of Ladiier |md surrounding district that we are now m a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cest as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Calvert I lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
Agents Wanted!���16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. You can make 400 per cent
profit or $36 per week. Catalogue
and Samples free. Frank W. Williams Company, 120S W. Taylor
St., Chicago. 111.
A movement is on foot for the
formation of an Amateur Athletic
Association for the Delta district,
and a meeting will be held in the
pffice of E. A. Bown, here, on Saturday evening next, at 8 o'clock,
when a full attendance ot all interested in auy lipe of sport will kindly put in an appearance and express their views on the matter.
Miss Ada Murcutt. the temperance evangelist who conducted a
campaign here a tew weeks ago,
and who is at present lecturing in
Kamloops, will return to the coast
in about two months time, when
she will give a series of public talks
on local ��rtion. Miss Murcutt has
finally decided to remain in British
Columbia in the interests oi temperance work, and will continue the
pampaign sbe has so far successfully
conducted under tbe auspices of the
VV, Q. T. U. indefinitely.
(During This Month Only)
Fine Tone���A1 Condition
Something to Interest You
Pasture wanted for 12 or 15
heifers and cows, or will let tbem
on shares for three years.
Apply at
Plants for Sale.
Cauliflower and
Tomato Plants-
Slough Road,   -   Ladner
Next time you're in town
drop in and see our  .  .   .
New Century and
The most up-to-date labor savers on the market
also the
"Eze" Wringers
With Covered Cog Wheels
Can't Tear tlie Clothes.   .  ,
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists,
Cut Glass,
Walshes aad
All KSftfe of Jewellery..
New Stock
Call *nd See Tliem,
Jl. Clausen,
Horse Goods*
Of <very description tarn. Tse
found here. There* s aot a
thing Kissing which ottglft
to be in it Everything
needed in statAc, bara and
harness room included. E*��
ery article has been gathered
with great care, attd yew ���$&
not have a chance to co��-
plaia about their quality.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street. Vancouver, B. C.
Estate el
W.   L*   McBRIDE,
General Merchant |
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon!
Produce Stored qiv


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