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The Delta Times Aug 13, 1907

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Array p*w
r--r*i* ���-*
!Seecl Growers'
tie Market.
liCiltf LvUtttll
;���:" ic^jon
Xew W
A tlgu st l
riie   i
tr: '������
1  on   Lytton
.epsst>ear    t- work in square yesterday thr.ii at any other August ro
clt.-i  Council  met in th
Chamber   oa   Saturdav.
th, at
iujprovii* . ��� be smaller
ducted und< i '.iii;   A
made a steady and
v . :ce. N il    nly .
o;n*i'itt'*r i  iucreas
of perhaps greal ���;
hi. hfv.it .i   ir:yM^^^^^
mtat in tbe intelligent inter
in the work and much has
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ p.a., with tl.
day during tbe present year. Fi , n J Reeve, Ii. M. Vasey, in the chaii
early morning till nearh noot ii s���d Couns Gibbie, Davie, Gi:
market building vv."..', ...'_���:, 'd with .
ns   n"
rains as eon-
:_'.::ji;   has      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
very material ad- ""kel building was crammed withtehrist aud Paterson present
^ lh(. , u:ii-JOr 0f .busy shoppers aud the 1     e .supply      Minutes   ol    pre- *
���'.,   but,   what is -��f produce was pretts   well   cleared .were adopted as re
importance, there;'-':,;   befoi ���    tbp    rl :ma id    ceased,
le    .���    advance   'r:'" " '"'-"' a ���������'������'  > -   ,������ with
t taken  '--   "������  sption ol   a fow varieties o!
;eu ad    me ���' ���������'���' '���'. ��� ���'   V |C ���* '   ���"'* -   paid :
��� ������:. iii.'N .r.i'...
From ', ipi si & (*.��� iffin, r. Rivet
oad, :. kh ii tb ��� i.: was any ob-
ection to  the V. '. . & IJ. R.  com-
rruits,   im :i. :
lew   co  -.:
on   the new Kiver
bu I   the Clerk to
ded to our knowledge a?   a  result :'"""���   ���'"'"'���''���_   ���-   i"   tuii��i(;;i-j menciag  wfl
Tt is gratifying to note   the  degree Imenls of aPPles' wt"-''  on the  luur-[road.    Red
in which many ofthe growers Lavs-;5*"- l!1 PIent*y :,':;* met wilh a str()-'   reply
caufht the spirit of  the  work  and '''r"]''" I    Prom Jas.Tlester and others, re
have become sensible ��f the funda-1.   TUtt  supply o:   beef was   ranch proper accessto the new road.   Re-
flareer than
.i     ���    ���  , i  ��_   tf'i, .v.   i lariier man for several weeks  past, l.e-ived   n,u.   H...   matter V(Y  in tin*
^mental principles involved. Wrili the      ^ ���     > ���-.-��cu  ...im   mc  m .net  .eu  mure
���prove  |*ni u��der �� WT strong demapd<tt| hands of the-Reeve-and  Clerk with
sold at from 8}��c to gfj��c for hind-'
interest in  ihe
i��)UR CLOTHING sets the fashion
men who want to be well dressed.
When you  wear our  Clothing you!^;;'^0���
you know there's not a man in town who
has anything more stylish or in better
ui.r;..s      ^^^^^^^^^
Hiaut  of   strains   there   lies   come j
a greater tendency on  the  part  of
the growers  to conduct trials  wit': |,'i"'*1"?rJ-
ale;-, leading varieties of the crop!
ar crops  under comider atiou,  and
��_     s    result     n any     unsuitable
���varieties   have   had   to   giv,j   way
to others  more desirable as foun-
i'iie improTement
of these supe; ior
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   power t.i act.
quartets and from 6c-to 7c for.fore-|    Coun.   Gilchrist   was authorii....
It is mads in such a Tange of sizes that you can get an absolut
perfect fit���whether you ar�� tall or phort���.stout or slender���smaller orjr
larger than the average.
; and maintenance
! varieties   and strains se ems to  oiler
' <.;re..t. advantages.    The  degree   to
, which, n 1:s.: 1 y  I 	
j have become mixed with other
ins desirable s.orv-s is noteworthy.
Tliis intermixture is Ixrjeiy due to
carelessness on the part of the
grower *.ik1 to the use of improperly
cleaned itinerant threwbing ir.��-
r c 11 inp?<.    Some of these  imwelcossc
Mutton   wa*    also   in | to have clearing dene iu the gravel
demand, tut it  was one of ',__���_   Ward V.
the classes of meats wliich was natj    \V, H, Ladtlftr ,;...,,. ,he ntte,,,io3,
plentiful.    The   ruling   price   wh. of the CouneU'to  thistles goioc,t<;
from 13c  to   14c  for mutton while seed on the streets and roads,
lamb   brought   about   1.5c   per ib.;     The Delta  Revenue   By-law WM
Lainb was also
f s.-.-j1 vvas fair
short.    The  supply J pMSed asfinally reconsidered.
regular crop, ami xs a result they
multiply with great rapidity. As
an example of this we find the
vagrant variety of whei:. known a*
the Assiuiboia Red, which cunt .ib-
iimtes many of the wkeat fiehl. ol
the west, maturing somewhat earlier and shelling mare freely than
does Its host, and hsne: establishing itself more fun. ly as time pa.-.as.
Tketi, again, we fi* 1 the differ-
j ent diseases to which the*e smaller
grains  are  heir,   very  difficult   ti
^       ' keep urn er control   111   Urge areas.
A"< a r*��Ni.il! of these things  it it al-
aar Clothing is mighty satisfactory clothing  to  buy--and   eaiiallvimost imP��ssible t0 "ecure withcer*
"���' I'tainty   strong,   he
uBatis&ctory to wear.
Our Clothing holds its shape.
It is tailored by experts���the finest cloths and linings are used���and
'every suit is sold with our personal guarantee of "money's worth or
.money back."
vevi was lair an I the price wasj Coun Gilchrist was authorized to
mc. Tliere wits a very Strang de-: fix x\,, dyke at Hume's box.
maud ail morning for ve;?!. The The Reeye sn(] clerk were su-
our best varieties 1 entiri8!,uPP1y ot Potk was disposed khorized to-make all arrangements
��� ol at about nc per lb. under a very t0 secure, from VV . IL Laduer, the
strong demand. A fairly large property adjoiuiag W-adlwuns'Can-
guantity was offered for sale. 1 nerv
Eggs   ;;re   still    in   ihe   market.     Conn. Gilchrist gave   notice tha.
limelight and  are  steadily advanc- \.tt the next  R.��eti]IK  he would iu-
ing.    Yesterday, although the sup : tro'duce a Liquor Liceine Bylaw.
ply was large the  wholesale  prices!    On motian the Ree^e aud  Cleri;
I kinds mature earlier   than does the! *<^'*^ 1�� 3�� while  this class of were appokted a committee to look
produce retailed at 35c. The de- into tl"*:w��ter proposition iutrodue-
mand was very Strong and ail the I e(1 t,y tt j Hutcherson wiUlipowar
ttocfc was disposed of,    An average [i; aC(_
supply of butler was ou sale snd The Reeve and Clerk were au-
the stock realized 35c par Ib. Sev-J>tkorized to look after tl.e cwlvert
era! lots sold a few ceutt) over that  ,,���,>r   i-oiirr.i     , rr,c.i,,
1 rossiae   ea   tho
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   una��r   rriilrca
figure  to  special  customers  while I Trunk road,
other lot:,  wnnt  nt  slightly   ��ndcr|     Th.  uiatter  of  fixing  the Raitt
35c- ; -_ead w��s left in the hands of Coun.
A large supply and a very strong; D>ivie witb power to act
demand ckaracteriaed the chicken The Reeve and Clerk were em-
market. Good bird-; were in excel-Lowered t0 Cc*rlete loan to ]. A.
lent demand and  prices  paid were p_ke
slightly   iu advance of the  ruling.     The  P.eeve, Clerk  and   Finance)
figures   of  last   week.     Ordinary [committee were authorized lo sig��
iowls  brought  from   $6 50 to f8 aL promissory note ior $2,000.
dozen while chickens realized from     Tke  old   wagon   was   sold,  by
j.3.50   to   JS4.50 a   down.    Better tender, for the sum of $26.
prices   tbra   thes:  were   paid  fcr.    After passing a  large amount ot
plains ike growing  popularity ol|extra &ood bnd'-    Ducks aold for bills   the   Coundl   r,djourned   tiU
. the special seed) lot ni limited area  trora  *"  !o $7 5�� a  dozen-    The Saturday, August 84th. at 2 p.m.
as  a   pl.ee  where  high class seed i sa^T ot ducks *-as . ery large and ; 	
ed.    Thc usin��  0f| the entire supply sold at quotations, j
      p&lthy,   jura   nnd
uniform seed of hi��h [quality in the
ordinary   manner.    This   fact  ex
, May oe
��� only th
clean ar
iiu the
'i- ;
. Thorn is wrs the  host  at
und  green  tea  i^iven at   his'
MI-J510N   ClRCLii.
Riverside Mission Circle will hold
ie   Parsou-
to-uoriow   afternoon,   at   1
! afternoon by singing several Scotch
j     Among those present were:  Mrs.
I Corbould, Miss Strathv, of Toronto;,. ,
* ,, its regular meeting at
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ , Miss Charlston, tlie Misses  (. race, j
cimp,   Kloshc  Kanich,   Boundary Alma -and Vera Corbould, Mr. and Iace
Bay, on Friday afternoon last. The! Mrs. G. W, Clark,   Miss   Kathleen
���opfcu air drawing rooms were -taste-1 CIai*.  Cl1,lon   Hih()"   an{1  <-'. 1!.
n*,irel- There will  be a  meeting of the
Tlusis-tbesecend reception given WomiI ������ Ml.sioll,1T   Soci. .. ol the
at Kloshe  -Nanich  during the sea- j u-j.^,,, ],.,_
sou, the first took) lace some weeks
ago in  hoiii'r of Ladner campers
and the hitter for campers Irom out-
fiilly decorated with thistles Mid
green peas, and the Jaost with his
usual good nrfture made everyone
ifeel that their company was absolutely inrlisptajsible.
At  live  o'clock   tea  was served!s'cle points,
ifrom  one  of the  tents,  Mrs. Cor-'	
1-o.ild   officiating   at   the   teapot, j
During tbe afternoon, Miss Alma When you wish to buy .dsitiiig
���Corbould entertained the guests by. cards call-on the Delta Times who
���reciting two of her own composi- will sell the best money can buy.
tions, given in her illimitable man- If yon need them printed, why you
ner. Miss Strathy also contributed are money'in pockel by calling on
jgreatly   ��o   ihe   eijjpyment ol the thefJlflta Times first.
1 o'clock.
in   ' 1
>   best  obtainable  seed an
1 well prepared soil, ailow-
crop   to  thoroughly ripea,
miking it possible to select seed by
H     a n p        hand irom standing plants of desir-
Ei��<�� *.> %>��� tl $   a'lle types   _ud   in   sufficient quai-
j tities to  perpetuate  the same, and
thresl   ng   and   storing  separately
1 1    ���>h-mm  [rgffi kinds   sre   the   mtin
claims';.,.:   this system h as eatab'
lished in agricultural practice.
While the ultimate aim of the
grower is t���� establish a
which \sill yield mere bushels <}f
good quality ; *r acre under l.i..
couditions ths 1 ��� i.i the original,
yet the factars in tr��e breeding are
overshadowed b\ the qtestian of
��� .. ' ��� Canada,   as  in  all
��� ei -.'.." ts, ��� ere-are numerous
ad cerse . nditi such &", iast,
smut, w*akne s  of str^'.v,  drouth,
Trading around the chicken section] Preserving Peac'ne., are due t��
of the market building was very j urrive about August 20th; orders
bri��k all  morning until tbe goods taken for delivery���W.H.Smith.
were disposed of. 	
Potatoes  ere still coming   in   ini
The Royal Hank of Canada with
,   IK ,->...>
onagi     it  3
mpoverished  seil, etc.,   which   jo
New shipment of choice Cir folates, of all kinds, arrived to- !n> ���
TO. H. Smith.
GRAIN PACKS���-��go per 1000
(less'$2.50 for spot cash1���Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., li".
X. Rich. Agent, Lndner. P,.C.
to ia&uence thc yield ana! must be
carefully considered in "lectio::
work. '! he selecting of plants
which have outstripped their aeifb-
bors enjoying equal opportunities
bas proven the utility ol the systekn
within th." past \ ear.
'.irue  uuaxtities  slthtf-cjli   the de-, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
maud was not extra stfcng yesttr- lts   sPlendi4   connection   all   over
day and sales were limited.    Shop- CaDada-   affords   ^^   "ceptiouil
Ipers ordered  most  of those which banking facnities.
veie disposed   of,   but   the gracers '      "
(���'.���em   indisposed to stock   up   on.     Rev. J. F, Betts was able to re-
green stock.    The supply  is likely sume  his  duties  cu   Sunday last,
strain  l0 t''LCit'^  thfe demand lor several| having  fairly well  recovered  from
weeks yet. , his recent attack of bronchitis.
The fruit stalls were well stocked :	
yesterday and buying was vigorous.
Blackberries weut lor J 1.25 for thej
ordiaarv   sized   crate   aud   plums I _
.... ,, * I ton  at  g a.m.  una  . .-
braaght from   -re iiei crate. '     ^^^^^_
_ ,        ,    . ,it     'day except sStuulay..
The supply 01 both were-uir.  Har-1 '
vest apples made tlieii first appear-i ������
ance ou the market, yesterday, siul!    Miss Gladys Cockin:-, of Vancou-
sold  at  very good _iicer, under a ver,   and   Miss  Nora   Dockrill,  ot
strong demand.    They sold at from "New   Westminster,   sre   speii-lia-p;
goc to Jj*:._5a box. | their  holidays, at   Boundary  Buy,
The 5.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
I at P, a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Staves-
���3.   Every
with >-fi��s Minerva Saiitk.
' Continuei
-   ��� , ���
Plans ofthe subdivision of Well-
ington Farm aud -all other inferma- ] Havciyou got a Savings Sank
tion may bt obtained-at this office. Account in the Royal Bank of Can-
Several plots sre being sou ;ht after! ada? II not, you should open one
io that you want to hurrj up, iflas soon as possible. Deposits a<
i'.ou wish to make a ch ii e . : 1 and up received ril-F. DELTA TIME?, TUESDAY AUCUS
FCBIsISHltD   1 \-_VY
������ ix j j .      j.   eg
s Fair,
St'iiscKiPT.ON, $1.0<' per. year
IVKtt'l IS
rati:.- ,
Victoria, August io.���'The  Prc-
j vincial  Exhibition   which  will  be
I held here during the last five davs
Chsu.,1 Ad;-itiMuie_ts, io c��uu psr Une for ��� of .September,   is expected to sur-1
Uie fir-1 liis.rtloii, nud .. cents per line  lor   _ach i . r .      . .   _, ,    si
-iil.jequrnt inteition.     The   number   ol   tinea   pass anything Ol its kllld    ever held
reckoned by the apace occupied, talineftto the' ... r ..        ,       ....
,i,t... in lhe western part of Canada,  the
Rut.-* lji-cominerciai .-uivs-rLiieineuuc_:i bc  Committee   has  been   hard nt work
bad on _ppllc_;t^n at thia oHjix. , .,        ...
for  several   mouths, in   fact   ever
Reading t.oticc* l j cents per line fo.- ench in-; ., , f     , , .. .  .
tcrucu. ! since   the   dose  of  tu."   exhibition
Birth uud .Death uoti.-m,5��., .Mai-.iBgrsf_.co.    last year arid has now got  matters
Any speci.-ii noils*, the object oi which is to in such shape that it La  sale   to say
oronote the pecuniary beuefit otnnv Individual I .,.  ,-,-,,,.,,���
Stcotagiay.loke coi':-i.'..-.J aa advertlaemest   ll,at " Will be the biggest success (II
uud clmr. ed _cenrdiur_ly. _.       _    t :��� ���.��� i_   ��� i   ���        ._   -.-   i
! any exhibition ever heid in  Biitish
All riuTertisfmtMits charged   tot until 01 1. red    s-s .,,,_,i,,���
tut aud paid for, common.
Through the energy of tba cora-
I mittee  the  C.   P.   R. has  granted
September '24th to 38tb, 1007.
Tfee Biggest and Best of thc ^*on.
Prize  List  Increased  Nearly  50  Per   Cent,   iu
Stock Divisions.
Delta Transfer Stable    I
Team Work Done at Specially Low Pricea.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Corrt-bponMeiicr Invited  on  maUCJV  '���'  public
Intersil ���  CommuoicAtians to editor auut be flc*
?gr publication, but a* evidence ol i  od faith,   half fore from noints   on   thfti*   line
Qprreepondencc niMtreaob this office by Tbur*-   nHI1 Iarc irom P(J1IUS   ljU   tuc��    mit
Rough Fading* Competition for the Championship!
of British Columbia.
+ Telephone "Ladner" No. to. .$���
Gso. R.
ToasoAT, august  13,  1907
and, io consequence, it  is exp
tbat there will he a much larger at
tendance titan   ,u   patt y.-ms.    in-*
terest is   already  being aroused in
the exhibition   and  entries  are al-
.,..,.        ., . ...    ready being made, although there-'
At t_e  Council   meeting, on h:at- *
ceiving  o   cntr.es does uot   close
urdav laBt. the rate of taxes for this      ,-,   -. ., _,        _-.,      ,,., ��� I
1 j until September  iotfo.    rbis  is a
year was raised some in order le very gratifying siga and bodes well
furnish funds to carry on-this year's for the exhibition, in every de-
work���ai iacreaie of 2 rsill. on the. partmsut the exhibition will surpass'
anything   ever   attempted   in   thi
as far Past as Calgary, this includes j $*5O.Q0.0
both  passenger and   freight   ralesi
,s.ted I Expended in Improvements to    roi inde This Year.
Excursion Rates From All Points.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Entries   Close   Septemi. er    16th.
J. E. SMART, Sec;-Treas.,
P. O. drawer 761, Victoria, B.C.
dollar.   This action has been forced
part oi the Dominioa  and  nothing]
Bill Mini rand those who escaped  witii   ' im   from   the   pea   last
Win. ��iokts has joined the happy
band of smilers as tho result ot the
arrival ofa little daughter, ou Friday last.
���pon the  Council  through the oid ' 6  week are still at larre. i    We understand that an   Eastern
will be left undone that will  assist. c__, .,���. ���.,,._ ,  _. ._ i ,   1
planking all jiving out at one tinje1 ���        ,���      f.        ,...,. Deputv Watdfen   Bourke- sava He trm has about completed  arrange-
P  . .. 8      d       ...   J    '�� ^k.iag the exhibition a success.   .        ��� - f      , h
��akiH|r  it necessary   be   build   it   In the horses and  cattle there will ls Positive   that money   was used I **
least 2yi miles of rock roads nextj be the finest  collection   of animals! from the outside  to secure  tbe es-
J New Service���Port  Guichon and   Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
I Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.in.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 .a.m.
i-Leave Vancouver,.   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Gnichou, 6.00 p.m.
Gives   Passengers  four  hours  iu   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Ag*ent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
ever got together at oue  place west I cap.   aud   that help   wa .   near  st
of'Toronto.    Competitors will come I hand  an,,   sur-ly  fix.(1 a| a point
all the way from  Winnipeg   aud as
As willle  seen  by refer.nce to  far south M  Monffil uth   city, Ore.
tke  Police  Court   news,   two   uv-   Drawing   irons   a   district of   this
licen.seslsi.loon keeper,   have  been  radius  it  stands  to reason   that a
ifialled upon to antich the treasury [large number wHl be gathered to-1
to the extant of $150.    Thi* is then S^her.    Special attention is being j
'       , , given  to district exhibits and ��l-;
first tune, ai:.lwe hope soc. to .see       ... ,       , ,    ,
rcadr it has  beeu  ascertained  that
others of the same ilk  have to toe ,,t leMt  se_en  wili compete.  thi,|
the liws. It is utterly unfair to wiH .uak. aa interesting ieatutei
cpllect $40�� a year each from two: aud wiil be worth goiug: milts to'
Rouses sud 1st half a dezen others witness.
Kor attractions the committee has
arranged for four days' horse rae- j
ing. This is expected to be cue of
the biggest drawing   cards of the
g�� free  as  has  been  done ia the:
Mr.. Robt. Crone, nee Miss
Daisy Devereaux, lost her youngest
sou, Wilfred, <_u Friday scorning
last, at Victoria. The little fellow
was .list three Months old.
55,000 will
Prizes to  thc value of
be   jifeii   and   some o'.
that made it unnecessary for the
convicts to make auy tush at sll.
Hi; letter indicates that he is assured that money and fresh clothing were at call. He i-i convinces!
thai Hie main wcrlc on the hole
under the leuce was done from the
outside ou ihe night previous to the
lt is rep rted that Miner recently,
came into  considerable  money left
by a relative, and that two cousins
reside in Vancouver and  i-re in the
; plumbing 1 usimss.
Ca.'gary, Aut'. 12.���Sergt. Wil-
no , wl.o captured Iii M nir alter
Sawmill, which we h��pe to sec in
operation .soon. W. L,. Slater will
hold the position of millwright and
will move here on Friday next.
At  once, first-class  General Serrant, small l.imily, high wages.
iog�� Nicola Street, Vancouver.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
his ',[<;
___ ,hedi
tip bent horses onthecoast will psr-
ticipate.    In   addition   lo   '.his it is!
vety likely lhat J.
runner of Australia
Day, champion
will b* seen in
Mr...  J. A.   Shofl   and her two| a match   race  against  seme oi  it.e
daughters, Misses Vera and  Ireae,
of Christopaer, Wash., and  late of
Ladner, are expected  here, to-day,.
Qti a visit and will be the quests oi
Mrs. T. VV. Foster.
ma. ���
Ue 1
as lo
eral  opii
ber>\ s'at-d to-day that
'  thin     Miner  would be
ing  to   bi.��   haying   s��
-  .1     Uirough that sec-
>jun ry.
the alse rumors afloat
hereabout*, 1 ut tbe gen-
111   appear    to   be   that,.
Onto mv premises, on the Slough
road, about the .st of August, one
Milch Cow.   Owaer may have same
^^^^^ ings Departmksi ^^^^
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Intar-
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
^_______   j     BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Vancotive
on proving property and paying fori Kast  g^  Mt   Pleasant,
this ad.
Granville   Street,   Cordova  Street;     .rau-J
: Forks,  Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rosslaud, Victoria, Vernon
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westmiuster.
runners of this country.    Day has
��ow  got  deposited   Si,000   for   ai    .   _ ,    , .,      .1.
��� ' p ' whatevei might happen the others,
match with any 1 tinner in the world   ���.,, ... ,*.      . ,        .  ,
' j Bill Miner will not be retaken
and an tflcrt is being made to have:
it; take place in connection with the|
exhibition.    Broncho   bustiug   for
the championship of British Columbia, a purse  ot  ��100 and a belt of
the same  value, will also  form  a
(Continued from   First  Page.)
W. N. Draper, H- B- MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Room s, Ellard Block, New Westminster.
Ladner Exhibitor
The  marriage  of Beulah   Maud I P��rt of tlle Programme.    A decided
t.      ...Li     \r ts      11  novelty, however, will  be  a  chase
Lyon to Donald Charles McDowell,.     .,   ' ,    ' .,,  ,
: by bloodhound^.    A sLi^e  will  be
Jfiok place at tl eboiu* ofthe bride's'
The above Reward will  be paid j
to anyone returning to the  under-
Jan. 8th to 11th.
While every crop of any  considerable consequence is receiving at-1
vet the work   thut is being ,. . an__^___il________Hmi___________________________________________H
i       ���   ..     _      ���.,      is   .       ���>    signed, a canvas bag  (made of red -p._rt.i- tn,.* pn-��..    tutm <Zr,��r.;au
d��:,e in Canada with   wheat easily       , .    . . Wgnt ��>irst rnzes.    1 iiree ^pecIal.s.
^^^���^m^^^^^^^^^^mm i held up in full view of the specta-
1-arents Mr. ind Mrs. Jan-.esl.yon,'tors and the dogs will be brought
Spring Ridge, Victor ,.on Wednes- in and v/iil run the highwayman!
day evening last. Rev. Leslie Clay down. Any information may be
performed the ceremonv. As t! e' obtai"ed b? communicating with J.
Clock chimed 8  the  bride  eBtered' K. Smart, Secretary, Victoria.
."ae parlor robed in heavy white
satin covered with shadow embroidered allow lace. Her only
ornament was a brooch set in pearls
tfce.rgift of the groom. She carried
a.shower bouqutt  of bride's  rose��
und was-escottsd bv htr father and.     . .  ���   ,,       T _    _ .1
.,.    _       _   _   .         ,  .,        ^ ; and J. B. Burr, J.P., two cases of i
Miss Katie B. Ste:tz as bridesmaid, | ,__���_:_   ._���,_._   _,..    _.   ,.        | pests
Tfearing a cream eolipe  cress ever
creain taffcts. also ��.-eari;ig a brooch,
the gift of tl.e groom,  and carrying,      .       < ...       ,,
* . ..      b i was  very   positive,   the
a bouquet of carnations,   making a,  .    , .   ' .    .
1 , .'-,',      tired ior consultation, m
picture long to oe  reqwmberei   by!
^^ib^^^^^^^^h  ,     |and    white    ,-tWiiiniO    containing
overshadows   in    importance   that    .... .    ,. ,. ,
  .  , . ,     ,,'clothing   and   linen,    which   was
whtoh is being carried on v. ith  all i . .     ..       .,       , r   ;���
f   , ���,, ���   stolen from the wnarf at Ladner on
others as miahtbe expected,     the ., _  ,-. ., ,,    .
_.���' , ,. , ,,        Ithe evening ot  Friday, iqth  lost.:
difficulties which   arc   naturally as-       , . . .    .  .
,    ., . or to anyone giving such  mforma-
socialed with   an   exten-:\e STStcm    . .��� ,,    _._._,
: tion as will lead- to  the  conviction
,01 farming are met with most in the1   .
r of the person who stole same,
'great   wbeat-arowine   districts   ef
: the west.    Her. the wonderful fer-!      GORDON ����� CORBOULD.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks. .Silver
Spangled    Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
New Westminster
tility  of the   land,   the   congenia . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  climate, and the immensity  of the|Jll'.v> 24'h, 1907.
! scale  unoti   wliich   farming  opera- i  	
(ia rhursaay evening last, at the j *        ���  , .   .   r
.ions are carried ou are potent   fac-1
orsi;.  promoting   the   growth   and'QJ^    rf��    HOQQAN,
_ 111 I I    _____!
: r.oti!
Police Court, ' eforc
M. Vasey,   W.   H.
the   Reive, II.
Ladner, P.M.,
spread of   aoxious  weeds,   insects
^____i^____b_____l  1 pest*,   and   nn gus di^eas-s.    This   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^
liquor   seliing   wi hout   a   license f ,     .   ,   , ,      ���   I
. fact and wbtt it  means  is  already sfCTcnikiiiwaxi    nmrr m
were brought np from Ch natown.      ,. , .   ,, , VcTcRIWnR'Y    SI KlirON
*���       ' well known to the western  growei   ��** ��� fclallIrili ��     ._lir.yjl.ul..
After hearing the evidence, which      , ., -,,     ,    ,   , .
b ' j and the seriousness with which it is
ench  re-
Eggs for Hatching���
B. C.
|��j>   NKW WKSTMI.NSTEK,    :-:  B.C
���*��� MauuftictMjerii of all kinds ol
��� Soda Water, Ginger
.>    Ale and Summer    ...
I Drinks. i
.*       Your patronage solicited      j
Fashion Stables -
TiiK'king and Dray ing.
Livery work of all kinds a).
tended lo promptly.
J. Mm Gellinson
J.urine. , B. C.
.hose present. Miss Eyon i3 one
of Victoria's me*t fair nati. e daughters, and hnn   ma��y   friends  who
J. Kirkland, J.P
it was decided   to impose  a fine ol
being-looked upon is evidenced  bv
which II ...    ��� ��� ,        , ,'
I the increasing number v.-iv> ate web
tooic   part, when. , , ��� ,     ... , ,
' 1 comittg a system which will enable
Westminster, B.C.
fro costs in   each   case.
wish her  a
an 1   1 appy   life
TKe groom is also a native son aud
% promising yonag man of this city
and.if good wishes carrv any, weight
will live lor.g aa,d aboiin.i in riches.
.'4tc.r,th�� ceremony '.lie bridal party
and gut-its [repaired to Ilie dining
room, which had been taMefully
decorated with red and white, aud ^^^^
did justice to the bountiful wedding I
Jiireakfast.    The feappj   couple  left      The I
S;^      . ... - _ ...   .......   w_=_..
���. ,          I contro
bine to be paid within  twenty-four
them to keep  these  things   u-dcr
fora brief honeymoon to V
ver, sSeattle, Tacoma and
So und cities.
., Many   varieties nnd   strains   oi
ines were paid.- __.        ,       . .
���,,    ., , .     Oats  and   Barrev are being work-
lhe Reeve stood  out  strong for!   , , ,, *,_
. ,, r       r, , . ,   ,       .. , ed ui.'ou, and excellent  lesults  are
tbe full fine of $100 which, he said, .  . ,.,,., ,
.     ,   , , ,     ,, ,     belli-; achie-red,   while  such   crops*
was  far  below  whai   H  should be:      ��� ,, ... ,  ,.,,,.
,  ,        ,,    , ,   ,      ,     as Beans,  Peas, Clover and Milletl
and  he  toll   the  accused that he, .  . ,
,    , are   also receiving   the   advantage
at  a new by-aw  was' .,    , ,    ,      .,
frc��m the lessons taught by  the fe-i
spouse   oi   our   leading   1 rops   to'
selections  therefrom   of  seed from ;
the most  coveted  plants   for   seed I
purpose"*,    The advantages  ol this
system ol'maintniuing a l igh standard ill cro,) raiging slu ul I ,,; peal, to
every grower.
WOlild s;c
introduced   i.iising   the extent  of!
the line to ��300 or more.
Bank   of Canada
11 cou-j here fo, your convenience and will
other !:be pleas.. I to  give you every at-
| tendon..
D. S. Curtis' Drug Store,
Columbia St. Phone 431
The Delta Time?,
Ladner Carriage Works.
Machine Castor,
White Rose Separator
W600 Cylinder
J. I. O, Hard
..- :   ���
Y\\ \ \\\o*\ M mi I FriF
JJLUJV \6h \i v| LULLlUl
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four; | years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,   Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
ff ~.Jr
i "Olit .of-door��" with a STEVENS-
best thing for n growing boy I
Learning t,> shoot wsll lad
(Squiring qualities of
wall iinu in STEVENH i'i::_A:..'.., EDUCATION,
Ask your Dealer for Stevens Rifles���I
Shotguns���Pistols. Insist on our time-j
honored make, ir > ,n cannol oliiuin, I
vi- ship dlrcot, i ... i__i_M__)_i ,Jt
receipt pf Catulo.; 1'rno.
_rt_ytl_ng you wiuil ti.U.. ���-iil,.���.tt!i,. silv ;:,-:
t, fuL.,d Ij, 110 I .iio Pluttluta. (_st.iis>,.     Ma
tat fi.ur cii'ta in Itainpj lu |_iy (.uat-tf*.   n,w
tul 'Iwi Color li_f._...���Hu!. deoorat loa for >
"(i.w,"ors;lub roou,���uiui!-.! fr j aaatfl in itaa
E>. O. Box 4007
Chlcopee   Falls,   iV.aiiu..  U. S. A.
A 1.1. SAINTS.
Holy Comm-.iiioii���rst and 31.
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; and and 41*
Sundays at 11 a ih,
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensoug, ;:^o o'clock.
.Sunday Sckool sit to a.m.
Friday evening, Ldtauy at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartleu, M.A., Vioar
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
It   will   pay  you   to   own   one  and   bc   on   the safe;
side.    One Oxydonor in a family will  banish all the ter-j
rors of disease from  the  household  if only used as soon
us needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jas, A use I), RoMlauct, B.C., Can., writes, March a, 1901: "Some ire yean ajo I
��<h oxydouor fur my wile who wa�� Buffering from female weakneti. Alter a week's use the
doctor hintflctf ""ns durprisetl lo li��ul such a change, in fact it wus enough to induce him *��� get
^m Oxydonor for hi* sister.
"A short lime n,& Hiy wife ka . au ultoek af ii,lUuii:.,.;;*r_v rhrfamaUsm, Aiic could
riot walk and her joints were much swoalleii. She applied Oxydouor, aud before uigiii tiir
pains had ceased, and next morning there wt* very little swelling, ami ahe could walk aa well
;is ever. She had a simitar itltaek before we pwi Oxydonor and .van uuder a -lettor'��� pare for a-
mo.jth, and suffered agonies
"It has cimrt mc ofa severe cold.*'
Send   at   once   for   book   N<
formation about OXYDONOR and many reports from all
parts of the country.    '
78, giving   further in-
364 St. Catharine St, West. Montreal.
C.'J 1101,10
Services first, and third Sunday of
each mouth at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.m.
Sunday school at .3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
tirst aud third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services, next Lord's Day al 11
n. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath Sohool at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's 11 .y at 11
a.m.'and 7.30 p.pi.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
3 p.m.
Rev. A. 11. Huntley, pastor.
6MILE TEMPT   I   ��.
fit.   1 .Iy 1 >-.
Jl, 1  . ; ��� lawj-fr,
"tins dootor ������." b th 1    I    ��������� for yo 1.
' Via, sua, dey tell , uio I gv. inn is.- eras
"ifnvo you mada ������ nr - 111?"
" Vi s, suh, I donn v, ;11 t.-,��� go, "
"Iinean,"   le'.il  the  lawyer  It   anc
planatory way, ''havo you  anj liii : .
"Oh, yon, sub!" explained the oiii  nan
Joyfully.   "Awifetindi     houniatisin I"���
Atlanta Constltuti   1.
Yoi�� Man..  Little .lotto.
Professor Traoy !'������ ������.���        It       la story
pt !h,iv 11 v..;,.. man . _ I j      Ila
about to ho huii'r In '!'.   ��� 1 , m horse il    .
;!.���. '.J,:!   . lid .
'���Hoi Ion, gentlemen ! Doyo 1 i a �� 11
you aro hau... . : I am u gr . ul .;
Y"' 1.: :!.',:'���. an I horo is 111 . dip].
It bcini : print   ,    1 vnll   . ��� in :.:.... r
r��r a ��� 0 il���'  e id it, and, thin       ��� I ��� ������  ij '���.
an Im ���   taat pqrsonati., ;-' . lui liiui go
CtttB.���Ur, ui Bas.
Trick* of I'flrl. Cabmen.
Paris ts i'uU of uotuituil t cuius, nd
tlm cu!jl.i'h :u.'!!:f iIsp of them null. '.1
Koniously, .011 taku a two franc fiacre
rid", and wUcn you reach your !.. ol
yuii In tlie jeneroslty of your heart
j;'.-.'.; tho cfibniaii li francs.
Vou bay* Just got Withiu tbo vn.ti-
bul* when yuu notice the cabman bus
foliowml you.
He ui)ulo!;i/.ea. but tb�� coin you buw
yiven him U bail. You look at It. Yea,
it i* bad. It in uothiu.'; but a bit ���_
Xoa ar�� pretty certain In yuui- min*
that It Isn't the coin you gave l.l.e ma��
���which in nin?fy-nlne cases uu: of a
hundrttl It Isn't���but yuu don't care tj
haggle in a houi corridor and be auu-
Jected to thu Ignominious glances uf
dthur folks aa a foreigner wbo givvs
poor French cab drivers bad money. :-u
you take the Lit uf lead and give a good
��� if course the cabman has changed
the colu. You gave liim a perfectly
goud three franc piece at the si irt,
wbicb he ha-j In tils t>ockot, and he has
bluffed you Into giving him another :',
francs lu exchange fur a us.-'lu��i bit of
lend. Tu viS-tors to i'aria let this b�� a
t:.s, ,;*-:,i;Sh _iip.
A uiistaki! wliiuh cuuikh! a ripple el
amusement to run through a wintern
courtroom ��a�� miidu by _u absentmlnded
Be li��d tu j;us. sentonue on u highway-
man. Aftui- ntatlng oU��rly tho lii^jraee
which thu man hadIsroughtupon roh nsoa
and friends Iiy ].!. Iawleaa aud dislioneet
life the judge Raid, 'And in consideration
of tlu__i many offenses against the law,
commuted by yuu, yuu are hereby _t'ii-
teuced to seven jimtS harU l.,uur lu thi
"Poultentlary, your honor," hastily oof-
rented the proseouting attorney la a to-
��l��vl.l'iil v.'hisjHir.
"Whntf" siiid l.ho Judge blankly. "Oh,
yen; the penitentiary. But the difforonue
is only a slight one Uf course I should
Here hi* honor abruptly ceased, and
What lie idiomil have said waj left unsaid
���Ynui.li's Companion.
Job Printing.
ilLnlii 5
Nurseries   &  See..houses;
,     Fendqimrters tor   Pacific   Coast1
grown  Garden, Field  and   Flower
I Seed. that are thoroughly tested as
I to vitality before offering for sale���
tjj.l are subject to government !:.-
j speclion a.s to   freedom   Irom  weed
seeds.   Samples sent  to ifitending
Large stock ol HOME GROWN I
Fruit  nnd   Ornamental  Trejes now
matured for the spring trade.
Mo expense, loss or delay of fumi- ]
g-jU"ii or inspection.
BHE SUPPIJEsS, Spray Pumps,
[Spraying Material, Greenhouse
j Plants, Cut blowers,
We do business ou our own
grounds���no rent tn pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let tne price y mr list before plac- j
ing your order,    Catalogue Free.
M. J.   HENRY,
.���?(���*���/ Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B, C.
_ '.ter a tl-; -_aln.
���:; ,'��� ��� ..- a r.ni *   .At,., bselalmed
' .  ' .       '.   '     \   '���.    <\ Jjui* ti.o
���  .      . tbi t's e .
-     :..:.l L'. sell il .-*.-' r.uy lusS,"
1     ',.;.������ ��� man.
II, i  know whore I oan got It lor
i she  i. [A:il, "_r:;l lam   too guoii a
I. woman to pay jcori. tLa.j a lliiag
..   .-or
ehe marched out of the ibop
1:   . .*'��� !..:��� :i hansom to go to a
.....j ...       ���'..    ������ ' th -   _mo thing
fur Mii oants.���Matropolitan.
"."���\i- fluilHa   nn-.i-Urn.
'.'it-1 I'oprister��� Uid J > * 1 ut up Ihu blg-
������    . ��� . . il, y Bar    In Sal 1   - -
'.  11  . lurk��� 1 ��� 1, sir.
fmpi lotor��� Ind  I!ie " '.- ' Than
.     .       u  ���  ���. and  'l.u "Far 1 v j ii ura
'    ��� ���������'  nntl tho "1   t Ona to liaoh
,, 1      ,  ...
. us, sis- all of them,
l'ha v hut  in  To . lot
.���1'-. 1'. oil -....;���.' wotsuuti .. rua oui u. tb#
,-.    ,���
The Clerk���A passing soldier, sir.���
Cleveland iJ.-la Don lor,
} __TT: t r, ���- '.at..
I'Vl no Wu
. , ;  li -��� 1   . .     -I
Bvi   nisi " ��� ' .) rr
'I J    .  ���        ....        .���':..
I ura no
A1..I v i. ii U .. is ���_��� my way
No biii-.'.:.; solo pi tycr
.*.! ... Cot iii Lo -a/ in* nay.
'i .. 1 si   en -i.  tt my :������        .;.:o,
Put my mi     :bo
,.v    -��� au  : 1.     ... '.      ���
0:0      ' ���       ��� - ,   jrad.
r ������       rl is i :: of -."   11 s,
.s. . tuood Id ti.'.-��� bland,
I  .....      .   -������     .'li
im tlie Leader ci* the :>-nC.
-  .. .r.:.::i;'J:l Star.
Making; a Presautsitlott.
Here is a good stury of tLu coIun��! of >,
regluiunt who was poing to retire. The
soldiers, wbo all llhcd him, subscribed to-
gpthor and bougl t him a beautiful silver
An oit! si -��� , '��� was appointed tu make
Sho pn iiitation, and also to make a louy
��p ;. h. which he was to loarnoh* by heart.
iV'hen ibu ;:]; ointud time arrived, .Lii
ool 11       wa   sitting tl a vabla w nil ��uu-u
Us tilC Cilil ���    ���
I'ho sergeant came rolling sp to tin
tn with a very cjufusul look, and to
thu astonishment uf all ptti.'LS. bustaiu-
uis-.j'i'il nut:
"He-hero's the jug, "handing it to tbe
��� I. 11 I thu was su dumfoui ded tliat he
*���,-: id out. "Oh, i* It." ��� i.wiislou
'I .. Bits _   	
tn Another Light.
Hiss        hurtopp ' ...an. who i��
sxhlbil .. bis tl ���'��� . [1001 ��� ��� 1���til', bow
could you kill thesu dear, pretty bi.d_r I
.; . ��� pt,. ui . ly orui
t pt , iu I snppt -" yon know them
la a 1 di .,������.:.. I   ��� : . _ I  r hi ti orua-
. is Fetlii 1] p ���Oh, '.( cour 0, If It's
R.euBO  ul   : Ity, It is perfectl.  uxuusa-
t.c. - .
Ar.lt  iiu.sic.
-Tho shall ilisBue Amb ruuoiof It hau
hemi uoseribod as tlm singing of a prima
donna who lias ruptured her voi^o in try
iiiK to sing a duet with hermit. K'aoh
ntno starts from somewhere between ��
sh.'irp and n Hat, but dims not slop ovtii
th.'si'O, and splits up into lour or more pit
lions, e.t wiiit.li no person oan be^expeoted
in patch moro than one at u time.
.i'll.ti 01 IvorHobbra flays there i^i a luteal
law ol inflriolity in tha human rape. A
i.i.iii must be faithless to something. <tthei
Vu .. woman or his deity or hia most cl.tr-
!. hed isi:Ii<f. 'iue Anib musician is al-
.ways ui-faithful���to hlsftare ami his hey
noto. ilut faith unfaithful makes bim
i.tl-ssly ti-us tu the ettrs of his hearers, ana
thoy mijuy and applaud his wrunglee wilh
harmony, 'i'lieir singing reminds one oi
the wails of a bereaved Thomas sufferfnu
fnun an aeute attack of gR. iritis, eomplt*
siiloil with neural;.! ..���Cairo (Egypt!
T .�� ouurt of appeals of New Yor_ tin.
.flhi that It wais n 1 ground for a oew ti lal
because tho jury in a murder case attended ohuroh on Sunday in custody of the
iheriff and heard n sermon on tlie preva
lemie of orlmo.
'I'he beat farming lam's In Siberia nri>
fehuse Dearest iu Ohiun
What ��_.��� Wmd "Ht.." Cmm ITrara.
The Word "gl'ug" h.1.1 a CUrioUS hihl '.'J
It comes in n roundab mt way frtmi f.ho
Freiu-h grosgraln, of whieh our English
"grogram" is a oorrnptlon, meaning j
slnlT of ooarse and hoavy toiture.
tiitl Admiral Vernon, who oommanded l a
English navy Juat before our war of Intlu
-,:'?i.i.-nt-.f, wore breeches nunlo of this ni*��-
terlul and was nicknamed from tlmt elr-
cuuistuuu* "Old Qrug." He mod to Inure
his men to: . water v.ith the rum that wan
always sorved to Bngllsh fallors as part nt
their rations, and lienre anj dram n Ixed
with waler camu to be called "grog" aud
the plaee where such things ;n-e sold a
'.'gi'oggory."-..MjM K. f. Andrews iu St
������vr,, Klr.tl* oi a n.tar.
* ll'tle boat ta seon afloat
._-jir.il the moonlit water,
la wlilch a youih doen eit, foreoeth,
Viltf\ his ii(.!*ih!.or's tt.iurlu*r;
H, luiR* the shore a mihs or mere,
' /Iouk the laughing water,
Th. 11 1 (^ the boat ser, nely flout
Anrt hiss.-s his ncit;l 1 er's daughter,
���Chicago Nowe.
Time to Opeu.
The President���Is the list of football
players thoroughly advertised?
The Dean���It is.
The President���Then I /;u('S!= we might
as well open no the college.���Cleveland
Plain Dealer..	
A inl.-riinl Wall,
I'm wi tik end worn and weary. T am fraz-
pile ti 10 a thread,
I never .in breath of peace till Welt Is
.-    ��� |_ bed;
At pi' '   . al  night,  1 ;''������-. I  and bite;  1
rl ::���"���, i  ..^,.1, nrd '   _
I isav.. to . ��� those animal!   h    ^asv di th'
eniiuly fair.
r-Chleatro Record.
Il��.litis),;   -ti.iuvtl.* of WooiUi,
fJetiLan   figures  orudll   various  woods
v.,,.;, the ;'.,..,.:'���; huatiug eapacitles;
��� ������. .'   ..   ;;   : ' ,i lm  ,i!-tl  i .-:.., ,V3;
willow, nnd   lar< h,   Wi.   iu_t-!e
ensl spruce, yd; black poplar, ,WB; alder
and nl lo birch, Vi; i.ak, Ui); I,.-.staisd
whito beech, Ul, mid rvd blroh, .Vtl.���
BaltliiiQre Amerli an
d ddxdf
><���      ������      .".     .       '   V   .'A"    ',/mjh   1      !'
v. ..��   ���zyj:*^r-v*fi,'i ji iK't
Ml  -v^ .</ V"   ��� wr
^'did-1   d-d :fy>m
*Bcp, pramlpapa, my fl*w��!** hHm ctu
"l found it In the g:raas..ii:"
And. with .J. kindly smile, th* sfuia
!       Surveyed It through his glasses,
j     "Ah, yos." ue Si.ld, "Svirolui-ral?,
An>l nil fhe florets UruUi^.
Corolla EaTr.tipctiroiM",
[    Com posit bo, exegenoua,
1    A pretty n.H* ii��v-.n it iy.
Tar.ixacuTn dem-leonls)"
Sin- took tha blossom buoh ngafn,
Hia Pace h:r * is
'I  i bought,"  Bhe w th    ������   ���
*'Il was n dand ! on."
���(iari;arct Jni.;i..c*ij. iv rt    "'-' -*; --
rtm   Tlsouehilau   ciiUdrsm  mmi   ������
i.ilin.1 Kr.ii.  OI J   if sitltrie's Olar/.
A gruup ef young folks frees the blah
sahool .I..J ea the corner, glMllac at eld
Mangle, the brewn miBs whs, hltohed ta
a post Dear by, stood .-tlau'.i. swlteJalan
awaj at the flies. The young folks laughed at her rough aide, her stuuip/ (all and
clumsy fwit. 'J ij.-y called hor -laity
Bsnks, Gur!povFd;r anti Bucephalus.
". li<s ueit luoruviij, v.-hiii thu glggleri
flic' Into thu ^ubuohooLu, they saw oa ths
fcl.-. board this:
"Ki'tiiai   .  .KuJl THS yiaur or *.-< oi.u
a.ji'.i: i,
"I am only an eld horse, but when 1
* ig  I was handsome, a.jd i t-jak a
; ...      |   ,).j one pat,".; uu.      NvvY i
'   .. iittlo, bul 1 try tu de that well.     {
lids  aud  timid old  .si,,  sal
c I i  lot iittlo oi.ii'i ��� i. drive me,
ti . . .) itiap .att liuei, r-tilu tnu whip
| ....   iuudly ss  they  wish,   ll
i ii-so't my nerve* Semetlmee they
i- -   .     fur  a  ride.     I step very
i they v,oi: i fail ott.    $. I An
...   toddies around aud 1 em
c.   ���   i:  -       ���, ..a the  ,iv��n
' 1 . ���. .. roady tj carry plea le p.r-
(' ,' the woods i go for the doctor. I
take it its to tho train. I miTur shy ct
i  ,��� ..  l r - is,  i.,s y oarriagee
or ,    . ...-.    I tako grandma tu ��iw
week ;��� yor tneotiug anJ isvvrla^ jeei-
ety J don't reiuembor uvur playing a,
mean trick in  my lifo.    sumii tnao iu the
.', : you r ay to uiJ, poor and .lew.
How     i iu liiv.j tu i.u laughed enf"
, - rend tho words, looked at
one another, giggled a little���vury fuel.!*
gl - ���'.-._,i, with Cu..,i-i faees, beat
over their bocks.
Hut thoy were thinking I���Umr, *. tt,
Li.u_n iu Y-.-u'.)) _ (Junipuulee.
Little  Mleter  t . .*...���'i'vi.a.
1.1 ��� t! ���������     Mister
V ������ ������ ��� Ul
Q'j:'.s el   :iunisi in
an j p .- .-s
Ku h iii    tile
la Drentter All tho Titar,
-'I would  be afraid  tu ;.).iee much sell'
.rn.) upon bim at i critical moment.    Ke
looke  like  a  uiuu nuutictrntoiued   to danger."
"Nonsense! Why, be lives eu the Une
of a ttroiley read."���Chiae#e Past.
Hf,sT to Ha Successful.
The successful man grows up from tht
boy whose motto is���everytiilng in place
of.:,inst t-ho timo of need. Whother !��� the
seliDol room, with tho lesson prepared
hours in mlvance; tn thts workshop^ with
all tbo tools In order, nn matter If h��
knows they will not be required for dayi
to come; ln tiio wtreiiouso, where a thou-
sand iiii.l ono things fan h-a fouud to or-
cupy tho spnro moments, or in the world
of mind, where the Importance of storing
,'iie brain with useful (acts ls taken into
gonsiduratlon, ip.o successful career of th<
'.'Hi!'.., Is vt. laid with �� lirm fsmo.B.
f.itr. ���Kew ', out l-":._..r
SI) cal.   S* S:....-..
Criiaeonbtiak ��� klioiobea are *iut hard to
Yenct��� Wuy aof
"became il Is said 8*6,000,900 can bt
yet ou a t'ingle postage stamp."���Tonkern
The 8ol .irr'ji K<inra.
Th��y oreetfj him with ��m les stetl tears,
T'illfd hlrn with beef and iniit'oa���
An i carried away fer souvenlcs
111* last remalnln -- butt _.
���Indlanapolla Jeurnal.
JL SolcutlAa GrAndp��vst.
��� >.: to Je .��� fe^*- i..*a
But :o , .-��� ,i sin j    X.;'./   'iii   "���',���'A
<���',        ���-     /'.'../ :'iri - tm,
Lis    ...   .   ���        . ''.    '.':,W I
a ompel 11n v _. vrrfr*^
KaKii   yc     ���  ?��� r-     ' t*    '��� &   *
An*.!    i: ���)    qviaJnt      t"*;'.
U'J f ._   ��� ���; \t*llltm
A i) J   t li .  s a  ���-
v.. i i I hal h'��
T>"tai . wl      ' ��� j
Juvt   tor   lun,   it
mn .   be, er
Simply laus'hlns al bimsal.���
sloth an odii, ��.,'i. nsuured ��_-.
Des't   fi*   wish
_es   ba��    t.1.
AeW     lhe    u_svj*r
_;  .:: .-iii- that
Havo   tin?   pock*
V.Ith twe j.iubL.-
-Ists.       Ill
Mtotal   I'leawj::-
fsjt- can iu i
Where  the   li.,u-
p >���,_ I cu , i. w a
drvuil -
Tii,.       . ,��� .- . r
W li i: ':. 4      that
wiak at you.
Frem  a  rounded
e v e ,. _      e r
���>>i'ifi        twe-
,t.-"  Fer  be t>;*. lured
>' t^i.'u, I know,
*.- i his rrlns, the
Bnai-e.3 llis.ni eu rcoU-oly tfcvy
B.isi^i.v eeuld not lirer.k away!
-Chicago Beeerd.
In the solar system there are 17,000,008
eciii-st* of all slses.
A~i iiutSority aa microscopy states that
the hair of a woman Ban be dictiuguiabed
by un construction from that uf a tuaa.
The heit_ht of this mountains ia the
moon has beeu measured. One lisa an altitude uf Sli.uOO f,li. and tereral are ap-
ward of 88,000 feet in height.
Au Instrument ior scclup ebjootae m��d_r
watar has been Invented by a bydrographis
anpiutcr of Russia. l_y 1�� rdd the lyjttoiB
ef rivers to a depth of from 4b to 00 feet
can In distinctly viewed, la the exami-
nation nf wracks this subuiarike tsiaeeepe
will bu of great serviee.
The iongeet ��i_gle aruh iaastoae hrid^s
te n\i feet, ever the Kialfj st Vsnloa.
Tbe ��trs.et<.5tftrur.iur��eT��,r raised tw tke
h��n . ��i man w the pyramid of Obeopa,
i toumlwl 1,000 yceri, ace  und sssasuring
! Tsri fee. square un tke  base and beliif Ht
ISQt his:..
Thc banking gardens of Babylss wero
terraces on oolumns, 'I he e-ardr.* wore
*00 feot equare ard o\��r <tK-fee* hish.
The ascent fr. mi tcrraos le terirct was by
llights nf marble steps, and on the highest
w *_ a   is)-. r.^-sr.��,sis-
Tt'tca  It it:- an*ti*m1
"Had a queer t.ter the ether day,1' Meld
a popular surgeon t.f this eity, "aad I
don't know yet whether to attribute il ts
some physioal peculiarity w ts what the
��� hypnotists oall autosuggestion, lt was
like ibis I war ooiletl In in perform a trifling hut usually very _*.luful vparaliaa
on a gsntlsmaa's eye, .������ d before 1 beffaa
1 used oooaine freeli en tbe SBSSibras*.
Tlie job was done lu a low u.lar,tee, wad
the patient never wineed. Ho aaid he Hm
nothing and wes arlonUhen ).han it was
all oTsr. When I returned to tay ollim. I
discovered, to my groat snirprine, Dial i-.hs
bottle I thought contained eeealno had
nothing In It but distilled wator, 1 had
I pitiksid up the wrong vial by mistake, bat
i someht w the water did the werk just as
' well ok the ding. Hew uo I e>) lata Itf I
drn't explain It at all. Ths re are tbe
JnctH. Von may draw your ewn eessla-
siono."���K��iw Orleans Tlmes-DsBtsssal
i'i  [irutcnd."   People will eatcB
t II      ,1 think lo^e ot yoo, aa4
little enough of yes novr^-o
' !.! i mi Globe. _
n����r Mi,:....
"Blfller in forever quoting isoeti"."
"ilis own,"���Jjt'ew Ie.lt JeHi'ixt),        -i THE D_F.LTA TIMK^, TUESDAY,  <V..'G USV 13
Mi-ii Je-,-,ir Tliit k!<- will rcliirn ti
Vancouver, this 1 veiling.
Uf'TTTT, ���  'Kay, Grain, terns, Implements,
Alt. Gostl paid 1 short  business *" " ��� c >
iimitnre and Houses
visit to Vancouver on Saturday last.'
Miss Tolmie, of Kincardine, Out.,
it visiting Mr and Mrs. Alex
Mis* Natelv Reauleau returned
Lome, Thursday, from St. Mary's
nsiired from Pire
iies? nacmnery.
On Earth
To notify the  people  of  Ladiier  and sur
rounding*  district  that   we  are  now  in   a
position to offer Vancouver Island
We. Shiles & (fc
Misses Winnie and Myrtle  Foci. 1
of Vancouver, are visiting  Mrs. D.
2C0 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, D.C. [
Miss Hffie Mills,   of New   West-.
minster,   i_   visiting   the   Misses
Whitworth. I1
Master Sidney l'ierce, of Now
Weatstiusler. i_ visiting his auntie,
Mrs. E  A. Bowu.
Uiiiou nrayei nitciins "ill lo- ^j-,
ii eld in the Methodist Church, en ��S��
Thursday next.
IB ��
1 m
At {reatly reduced prices, making it
sible for parties who contemplate buildin.
to put in concrete foundations at abo
same   coat   as   piling   or    other   inferior
iU       fU��
39 Sim amm
  ifiwfinfi ynonn pn
r f R nU 1 Rl miu   )
-1*   ��    IIUIiIvlUJ    BiUlwiwil   v.U��.
In   Write for Prices.
Stanley W arinsj, ol Vancouver,
arrived here, yesterday, ou a visit
ta the Arthur Bros.
Mrs. J. Pouutaiu weut down to
Rockport, Burlington, on Friday,
for a few days' visit.
Alex. Davis has   a   titw  galvan- i
i_ed irou granary  well  under way ���  v j "-pECS,
which when completed will he another valuable addition to lhe fine
farm buildings already erected on
his property .it Boundary Bay
Gea. H. Halse, sec-treasurer of
the B. C. Telephone Co., paid a
visit here ou Friday last.
E, .S. Browne intends building a
nice p,ravel road fr im the Slough
road into his new an i ��� omtnodious
bam recently erected. When the
Slough road has been macadamized
Mr. Browne intends being in line
with other improvements.
Handled on Commission.
iroJW, H. Taylor,
IVER Prices!
i 3
For Your
Miss Katie Baker, ��f New West-
duster, came dov,-a, Thursday, 9
Ls the guest ot 3Jiss iilsie Benson.
Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid and fam-j
Ily are visiting ai Broadview Farm, S s
the hams  of  Mr. and   Mrs. H. D. 9 B
Benson. !jf $p
Mis* li. Honeyman left, on Saturday, for a week's stay with Miss
1. aisy Crowder, at Beach Avenue,
Mrs. H. M. Rich and. family and Thfi Auctinl] Sale ou Wednesday
Mrs. A. W. Carter have returned ^ al Mj.. paddon.s was a great
from campiat at the Bay. success.      Just   for   the   occasiou,
 sufficient rain fell to stop work in  A Jjve    0-    HfeSSed    LadllCr,      -       B.C.!
T. J. Armstrong came down trom [th? fields which mad-a trip ta the1   u  **** - "   "
the Royal City, Saturday, on a visit | Auction Sale  a   matter  of course,
to J. A. Paterson, at Dunleith. hence   tbe   large   turnout  at this
 time.    Bidding was quite sharp for
most cf the things   "-old  and  very
I good prices were realized  lor near-
���minster, came dov,-a, Thursday, and i jv evervthine offered.
 1-   Bg_
uKOIyKI   \mV��f LdlU
ii2 Hastings .Street, Vancouver, B. C.
iiglish M Tanned Harness Leather
Mrs. Thompson a��d  niece, Miss |
Alice   Scovill,   ol   Seattle,   are   at
Boundary Hay, thc t^aests of Mrs.
W. H. Smith.
Mrs. I,. M. Nicholsou  and  Mis_||
Crisp,    of    Vancouver,     returned
bome, Saturday,  after  spending  i I B
week at the Bay.
A. D. Paterson went over to IE
Vancouver, Saturday, to attend the|H
meeting of tlie Stock Breeders' As- |
sociatioa bsing held there.
Mr.   and  Mrs.   Wm.  Wilkinson f
ar.d   family,   of   Camloops, arrived, ^  %���
on Saturday, and intend  making 9 B
tkeir  home  here.    Mr. Wilkinson ?_ St
Fishermen will please take notice that we carry
Best Fishin;
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots are made by The Robert Taylor Co.,
of Halifax.
They are made from
! Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather    and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate oi
Tbey are a Thigh Boot, tho upper*;.,  being 3,8 inches high.
},_-_!, inte.--. :i- th. ;.::-.MMory7 '�� |   They   are    hand-made    throughout    and    are   ABSOLUTELY   g
WATERPROOF.     Fishermen don't have  to  wear gum  boots
when they can get boots like these.
Genera! Merchant,
K. k. Tatersoa, of Lytton teaching staff, is a guest of Mt. and Mrs
H. M. Vasey, at Riverside Fsrm.
Mr. Paterson will enter the teaching;
staff cf Victoria, after tbe holidays.
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
 |    a
Rev. I), li. Hau, Missionary- | 1
Evahgejist of the Baptist Convea- % %
tion fur B. C, is a gnest ol Kev. A. i P- .'
II. Huntley, and preached at I,ad-
n.er, Crescent Island and Point!
Bob**ts*u Sunday last.
The price to everybody is
afife _f
Sold exclusively by-
Ceo.   Maynard  came  aver from
Vaacouver, ytsterday, with a gang
of men  to   initltirtake  the work of
jireparinn   tho   B,   C.  li.   1\. Co.'s ��� g
property  ioi   the dredge, which is & ������wsi^ia^^mi^mz^^^i^m^^m^
Fill H
New Wesfmisisfer and Vancouver, 5. C.
ixpected toarrive at any tin e now. ||
rr WftE*,'' **r'rmmmaa
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
ITo All B. C
t V. '   ->


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