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The Delta Times Dec 8, 1906

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Array ;        . -
V��       DEC 12
nam ammmamewam - j jlu ___sg-
1  _B_-B    W  ������'*!������
Vol. 4. No. 14.
SI.00 y
Surrey CotinclK ' Tfie River Roai | SCHOOL BOARD.
For the Xmas Pudding
Council rael in the Town Hall, A .
Surrey Centre, Deo. ist, the. Reeve ;pu.pp
and nil member?; being present.
Minutes ol" previous meeting wen-
read and confirmed.
oJ the
From Tupper __   Griffin,  notice
that us application would be  made
next session  of parliamei t   lo
incorporate  tbe  BurrardtWestrain
ster Boundary Railway  and  _*.avi-
^^^^^^^^^      11 in.   S-'-rii'-.-iry
IT. i'i. C. M.,   saying he  ! id  been
instructed tp-wrke and  ask   ii  the
Council wished to  have auy  m.t-
niic meeting, i ill
��� i-.idiscussing thc
'.iver road, v,
Hall, on Wednesday afternoon. Ou motion, II. M. Vasey
was appointed chairman, and in a
few words explained ti:,* < bject of
the meeting and called on
r'r. Wilson, who said lhe rale-
payers hnd worked hard for the
River road and  thought  it should
.1   fi r  the      The BoaTd ol .
rev route '��� Delta diet iii the
eld  in  the oh Monday, Dec.
bo:,T 1 present.
Minutes of th.
were .d.n t.d a? i
Thc resigaalio
ini_, a. teacher ii
r:c-r   school     '.v.-
1 Trustees _1
cal Chamber,
with tbeful
i i
io is meeting
R. W. Fictn-
7.-1 II. I.ad-
I gati m Company,
|    Fro:-. H.   Bose
not be
the ron
ed i:i t
hanged.    The
I Should have
j" ciatter '������
;Ieming intending-to take up  uui-
usiug! versity  work, the resignation was
e|ore j-
n consult-
iSsiug the
The  followii
rei - -1.--. 1 and fill
Thc Reeve endeavored to explain  B,A , Mi
appli._tic.os were
: Miss I .en Green,
Etc., Eto.
Annie  Eastman,   Xor-
lers tending  to the   improvement j -b*. position oi  the Council in the mal, irad J. Derby, provisional,
of''the   .'Municipal  Clauses Act"   matter.    He said  tbere had  been      The report (rom Trustee Dove, re
brought before the Legislature at *-'on!e misunderstanding as to dis- iSunbtrry school,, vyas- received nud ,"
next session  and if so   that tl?e_yjtatrcer.   but the Council  bad done adoptee
should be sent iu to  the Secretary
: not later than Dec, 20lh,  Received,
| Clerk to reply that tin*  Council re-
, commend   that   Municipalities   be
I'girea absolute control ofthe Liquor
Traffic in their jurisdiction.
From J. C. Caver-, Sucre lary o;
School Board, saying he  had   been
j instructed by the Board  to Suggest
| th-fadvisability of calling a  public
| meeting in December to discuss
Municipal and School matters. Received, meetiug called  to be held
: in the Town  Hall, Saturday,   D_-
. ccni'uei- 15th, at 1 o'clock p. nr.
j From residents of ward 1, a resolution that the Couni.il  he  asked
. to tuake tr
i what tbey considered to be the be_t      A petition was received from resi-
! for the district'. | dents of the Boundary Bay school
Coun. Paterson  said   be  did net district asking  tbat   the  school.Le
. see how a better route could be got! allowed to remain a.s at present.
except  by  building  alongside  the      Some discussion   here took place
present   road.    Tiie   Council   bad  as to the site  already  donated aud
taken  great paics  in  locating the! examined     by    the   beard,   after
proposed route and   could not have  which it'vvas decided -that the first.
done.better had tke'y bee-   doing it  petition   was    ihc   one  to   p,<.   by-
for themselves. whereupon  it  was moved   by   17
i     Moved by J, McCallan, seconded  .Swer.sc:;,   seconded  by   D.   Dove,
j by Andy Brown, "That Dr. Wilson   "Thai the school  be moved to the
site at the well on the Boundary
Bay road. The site to be handed
over to the board cl.ared -and free.
aiid Messrs H. M, Vasey and I).
Dave be a committee to seek legal
advic; 83 lo whether  the  Railway
roans nr
Co. can bc  con
read to tbe satii
where tht*) u'cipality.''    Carrie
o that  the      On motion tbe _
p    p;e. | str-ucted to   notify
;ei!_d   to   build tiie  of debt."
ce'.irvj  of the mil-      The -purchase _f maps was left in,
the hands of the secretary,
tary was in-      Tliere being only cut.   tender for
!   Board   of; the purchase of the Boundary   Bay.
uls 111 places
impassable  so that  the,]     On-motion tbe seen
.hiidren   can   attend  .icho.l.    fllBB  I   lvAli-'   l!       ,___^_^^_^^^_^^_^^^^__
ceived and   referred  to  Councillor! Trade and the City Council, of Xew I school house and site, P. .Swensou'g.
Loucks. j-Weslmiusler of tlie public  meeting j offer of $soo was accepted.
From O. Tricgs, requesting per- H�� ���'���*- held here 011 Monday  nest at      Tec secretary  was  instructed to,
mission to lay a skid   road   on   t!:e! Io:3�� a.m. j procure  plans  of different -schools.."
side of lhe Gordon  road,   near  tie'     Tbe meeting wished   to  place it-1 for the Board to select   from for the.
ul some' setf OJ8 record as beinE dissatisfied new school at Boundary Bay.
Best Quality,
Received, per-i'""'i-k >he proposed new route, and     The Secretary was authorized to.
Pric.es Bightij
I   t! _"����� S i' '"__.--(- tr>
s  Drawing".
river as  i:c  wished   to
timber to the river
mission granted under
ol" Coun. I/oucks.
From II. T. Thrift, Chairman ol
Committee on Immigration, on
behalf of the Board of Trade of th.
City of New Westminster,, asked
he Council to endorse u memorial
to the government requesting them
to take step.; tow mi securing a desirable class of immigrants to settle up our vacant lands and to
supply unskilled labor. Receives- j'tvi-l ue present,
and endorsed. : ���������*rr~    "
The following appropriations were-write to  the  Railwa
did so by passing the following mo-l advertise for applications to fill the.
tion: "We*, .ii ineeting assembled, vacancies on the teaching staff in
protest against thc proposed changes the various schools.
The   followiu
ordered  paid:   J
in the Rirei road as defined by
Railway Co."
The iiicetii.o; then adjourned to
meet again on Monday morning
next  at   10:50 a.m., iu ibe  Town
Delta 1
S3'    1
imes, i^.t:
Hall, when il  is   <���>.; ee'.e
delega-      Tire   Board   '
lions from the Boar.l of Trade and  meet again  ou
City Council of New  Westminster! e^tii at 10 a m.
accounts   were.
Jordan. ��5;   II.
Roberts,   J9.50?,
;   R.   II.  Qwag.-
:   fidjourned   t.x.
ndaj's December-���
drawing   their
ev....- 1 surprise
children hav ,.; t up
tertainmCnt for them..
Friday   evening   next,   the ~". ut'u'"' lucui" ��"" 5U deulyj    r.
HHB , \. *ir'�� L'   :'''      *-'    ��-*i'c. pi.niting  a
Mth inst., we ar. assured a treat in *series n, ^^ ^ _ ^mM r�� fu. Jadlea
i  regi
and 511
the production of "Xmas at Grand-; un)
..-.enes ot sougs and choruses lor the:
,-musemeiit of the old lol.s, who at j in providing refresUments for tbe _��g,
pa's" by  seine  o_ the c!_ildren of j once brighten up and join in with a' c
Ward r, $25 for slashing Town- ��� provisions of tlie "Wide Tire Act."
ship Line rond, to l.e done by day Tbe .Reeve ami Councillors Law-
works : rence, Loucks and  J >hnston  were
Ward 2, $25 for hauling rock on appointed a committee to meet on
Johnston road, to Coun. Hayes al-1 Tuesday at 12 oclock to examine
so empowered to get plank, string* | bridges.
ers and spikes to repair approach      Moved bv CouM. Hayes seconded
to Brownsville wharf. 1 by Coun. Murphr, tbat  a vote  be
Ward 3, $20 for repairs on ravine taken at next Municipal Flection
on Blackie Spit isad, by day work,    re a.Pound By-Law.   Carried.
Ward 4, $3,*. for  repairing C. V.      Moved   by   Coun.   Murphy   t-z-
-.������ ' road, to be done by day work I conded by Conn. H/awrence tbat the
Ward 5, _��20  for  C. M.   rua_, to nomination for the Municipal Hlec-
| continue grade on hill at Keusing-1 tion be held in the Town Hall and
ton. ithatF. M. Carncr-oss be appointed
Ward 5, 5.10 for ditching Wilson Retujning   Officer,   that   Polls   be
> ulii     ar.'   to   ,-e P| r(',a(ii tenders to be in at next mcet-| opened (if necessary". nt  Tyjaehead
1 sSchoo! In,use ward 1, Wise's Hotel
Before adjournment the chairman,
brought up the question of the establishment ofa High School. He.
said be had. no doubt that application would be ma.io to the Board
during the coming year to take action in this matter but  he thought
the Boaid ought
to  decide thia
that .11  those|
-.adiier,   ansi-rt.d   by   Mm*.   Violet  will.
Ladner and L. M. Richardson. Thej    la addition to thc  abote attrac-| h. ,.,cir nAm93 fo citlie.r
Btajing hss l>een arranged  byMrs.itionthescwiU.be some songs and j Sm'iU| or Mrg   H
ihildren at their bail to be ,iveu by i    The   following
the band on tlie 28th nit, will  .r,.-��� ��� awarded:
contracts   were'ward .*,   Mud  Bay
���lvt, ....... _.._.    sj^^^J 'ward 3, Town Hull
Mrs  M       Ward   2,   logging   the   Sondell Ward 4, *nd Hall's
_,,. wi   _rii_    w     v*'  j^j-i,   wi10rond, to Peter Henderson, al $ 3 per j House    ward    5,
McBride and i�� under the mnsical I musical numbers by local pctform-!^" kindly" consented    to   take cliain- I following   Deputy   Rett
direction of Mrs. Hifton.   Itisun-jers.    The entertainment begins at Fci,ar��e rf this   part of the enter.i     Wards, Slashing Wilson road, j fipers shall preside at
tainment. " | to W. McAuley at 30 cents per rod
rd 4, Draw bridge over  Nie
Surrey   C-
Prairie Sc
liou '
necessary to add that the evening
will Vic a pronounced success, as
Mrs. McBride's poweir. as an organizer and stage ra&nager are well
Biicfiy outlined the play it'as follows: Two Old Bn_rrie_. pe��pl. are
���spending a solitary Xinas togetli_r,
jec-alling theitold days, and regretting that Xmas- festivities are over
as far as they are concerned,  How-
S o'clock.
1    that
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Mcol, Chit
Rice,  Chick Feed. Timothy and
tive polling stations:
Ward 1, J. Lockie Browi
Clover! 2,   J.   Churchland;   ward
���'. ui;
River    on
The subject for  the evening ser-j Valley road lo  Geo.   W. Atchison j Loney; ward   5, E.   C.   Jot
vice in the Baptist Church, to-mor- i for "SiSoo. all at the usual asmunetatiou, Car
, row,     will   be     "Readiness   r.nd 1     Motion   made  and  carried that Tied.
Clover   Seeds,   Sutton's GardenfR0Ctn.*-    There will bc  naregular) __ox.& Htinter he*nowed to  placej    Thc ustial monthly arc-.uiuts wci.
; importaut   question    jier   se   but
should   have  a  mandate from  the
\ ratepayers, nnd, a.s the proper time
to get an  expression   of  opinion
' from the ratepayers would be at the
annual municipal election wheu th_
I question could be submitted  nud a
vote token either by tiie R-turuing
' Officer  or   someone   specially   ap-
ipointed, he would like (if the other
members of the board agreed ia
taking this view, that due publicity
should be given by the press and
otherwise so that those interested,
and who wnuld be likely to make
the application, wonld hove dn_
notice in order lo coli��..t da'.a aid
be prepared to lay their application
before the Board ��,t its nest meet*
iug, ss failure to do so would hav��.
tlie effect of delerring the matter
for another year. The other mem-._
hers all concurred.
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, I.adner, from Mr.
H. N. RICH, Local Agent.
service in this church a week from \ skids to cross thc Hall Prairie road | passed and cheques issm
to-wioirow.    The service  at Cres-! at Hazelmere, under the impends-
cent Island   also  will bc closed on j ion of Coun. Lawrence.
that dny. ' I    The   Clerk   was    instructed   to
Council then adjourned
again on Saturday, Dec.
12 o'clock p. in.
Mr.   Bell,    -of   the    Brunswick
i Cannery was   in   town* Tuesday.,
to  meet' making a final closing of the bua��.
15th  at  uess of the seas,ui which   has bee��.
I au un.tsi'.ally lohg o.ve... ���THI. DKT.TA TTO1H.S, HA'n.kDAY, DFX'R-.l'BTfr*. 8. s-V*.
iStiB3CRH*TiON, Si.00 per year.
Anvrnnsi.:.. ic.riis.
.0 Opium in Chamberlain's Cough
Thcrr is not the Ira:, danger in
iving Chamberlain's Congh Rem
��� iy to small children as it contains
' pn or other harminl drug,
epuiation oi
the   most
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delta. T.odg& No.  ia nie
When you wish to  buy  visiting
ea-d---, rail on the. lie*lta Times  who      Delta Lodge* No.  1*3 meets first X
Will .sell the best rn.,;;ey  can  buy. and third Tuesdays of ea. a  cotidi ���
If 5*6-11 need ilmm printed, why you ;:1 Oddfellows' Hall, -J-
are money .__ pocket hy cabin
the Dc-lla Times first.
Tiros. TotiP. M.W.        j ��
T. W. Ker-i.-Recorder.] ��
Delta Transfer Stable
LADNER, ]il. C.
��rtvtrU3_m-uts. to rent- per Iin. foi ! jr v_ -   .-,,  ,--
Hirl.r.l i_s:.tl0fi. f.n.1 !���'-'���-it- ',''���  "ae   '^r'e-irll |
2fs-'".'-nt i.-���-.ci-j.-.n.   iho ni.m''�� r'' ������"*�����i more than thirty years a
Ed_o_c- br -:.'��� ��.''<<������* ','.���'"'.;>-. rtUneato 11-
Rat", lot Commercial Atfrertlsements con b_|cTOUp and whooping COUgll.      Il   al
hail nr, n.ipli-ati  ii a_th'.f'o_i_e,
IfceN-inB uaticesiotvnupn Un* ,foi '_��� li in
, llorria_f*sJi so.   : D.ug-gis
,r,g nol ices ..
Birth and l-> .ills nonce..,
successful medicine in use for colds.
: ways cures and is pleasant to take.!
Children like it.    Foi sale by All  In
All especial notice, 111* objeel .^i  _''"'���'
pru-i.-if llic ("-iiinatl benefit t.i .iuy indlv
or Cv.tnpfln_*, to li:   .0-_sl���_r*i4
antl charifcd oucotjliogly.
__ll<Hl.erti___nje��t.- charged fir t'"'11 or��lrt.i
ent s.rs-1 ___i.c_ t,.r.
O��rr**pondc_ico invitr.l ou matters ql public-1   , .,          ..   -     .
|��t��-e��.  Cemwunloenona.toeditormilst t��- ���c-   <ta> tie\_ l.'ie_iciu lusi
fiompftiilcd bv name of writer, _ot.nece__arily J
fcr ptiblidalloB, bnt a. eviikure ef good li_.itli. j . ������
O_r*>*-po.i<jeu_e tutt-l. reach tlU-ioffice by Tburs
||ay evening.
Geo. R. Maxi.ev,
Owing to thr* ..mall attendance ou
Monday night the  annual meeting   ,.     crccHlors   and others   ,..,,,,���,
pf the Band is postponed until Mon- cia;nis against   the   above  named
the matter of tho Companies'
Winding-Up Act, 1S0H. and Amending Acts, and ni lhe matter
of The Delta Creamery Co., I,iin
ited Liability.
VOTICI. is hereby given that all
Company au* requested
fore the 31st day of December, 1906,
I to send their names and addresses]
Guv   W.   Walker  ha*   sold   his; and the particular:, of ib.eir debts]
W. N. Draper,
R.obm :, ICllard Block. New Westminster.
For Sale or Rent
The   property    known   as    the.
Palace Stables.   Apply at    -
OX PHOBT >.V.'.��_K
Team Work De,aa at SpasizHy ton? Prtaas.
X JOSEPH JORDAN, Prc-prietec.
-f Telephone " Ladner " No. 1*0.
V. f  Ry. & Ferry Co.
BATCRDAV,    DEC_a..B"?l-   8,   IQ/.O-
Boundary Bay ranch to J. Grauer,
the consideration being $.100 per
.-ior.-*. With this puichase, Mr.
Grauer 1ms a complete block ol 6,16
acres, nearly all of which is choice
At the last masquerade  ball the.	
inadecpiar-y of the present   hall was      King of Ali Cough Medicines.
verv noticeable and the suggestion      ->[r  _?. p,. Case, a mail carrier of
has been  loada  b/ several   partie. j Canton   Center,   Coun.
ikat it would be 9. good id *a   il  the I been iu the I
Jfand would incorporate and under
and claims to II. N7 Rich, i..i.iiici,
13. C, Liquidator ol the feaid Com-
p.iny, and further take notice that
after such last mentioned date the
said Liquidator will proceed to distribute thc assets of the Company
among the parties entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
tended .�� promptly.
the   Lk_ui<
or   has   then
S. for about  sis teen
years, says: We hnve tried  many
Dated this 15th day of Novem-
who  has: bor, 1906,
Liquidator, Laduer,
B. C.
tat- to build  an   up-to-date   hall
cough   medicines   for   croup,   but
! Chamberl.iiu's   Cough   Remedy  is
.Suitable for all  purposes, such as'.king of nn  an,i  0HC t0  be relied)
plays; lectures, concerts, socials, jupoa every time. We also find it
dances, etc. We hop: the Baud [the best remedy ior coughs and!
Bev . will weigh this carcfwlly. j colds,   giving
leaving via b��
Fashion   St--bles �� New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladaer t�� New
i Westminster and Vancouver.
Trucking and Draying. 1 ^t:lvc Pt- Ottkhpn, 6.33 a.tn.    Arrive Vancou,-er, 10.20 a.m.
,    r  ,, , .  ,        Leave Vancouver,   2.10 1.-.111.   Arrive Pt. Guicuon, 6.00 p.m.
Livery  work of.all  kinds at-- ' J - k
Monday, Weduesdajr and Fridav.
Gives  Pas-seugers four hours in   eitlier   Ness'   Westminster <���;��� Vanco-utper.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective   September    5th,   '06.
Gnreatly Rediiced Rates      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufftcitnt -C-iT-s will be furuisbed ferithout delay.
!.��slll_. . B. V.
certain results   ami
efi'ecls."    f*or sale:
'amage WorkSe
be $Mi*jBn Away I
by All Druggis
91 li 111
mii! 11 nini.
Creditors' Trust)
1"   and Amend-1
probably by the time this is in j
ptim you will all have seen the!
notices of the Children's  Ball to be! ���
given  by  the- Band in the  Townl pursuant to the
Jlall oy Friday, Dec. -Sth:  it.  or-      Deeds Art,   10
����ni/.iug  this  entertainment  it   is      mg Acts.
de. irons of d_4ng something for thei "\TOTICK   is  hereby    given   that
amusement   of  th. children as it!"    T  HarVev Creech, of the Town
���  ,   ,.      r     _, ioi Ladner, iu the Province 01 Brit-
does all the time fer the grown-up j jsh Colwmbi(li Tobaccoui-it and Bar-
��ea_ber_- of the comaiumty, andh>eBi 1^ ty *_)eeci 0f Assi-nracnt
probably n. better time could bt|bejiriug date the 30th  day of No
on c
or erery Dollar received (on account or new saie)!
for ihc above Drawing will be given away.      1 CAPITAL.,
+��sr)rr*jr.-?tctt IS,',..
Drawing will Close at 5 o'clock Dec. 31, 3906.
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B.
A (2-eneral Banking Business Tnansacteci
jshoseii than the festive Christmas | tsembtr, 1-90.
f5easoa   which, after   all,   is
particularly  a   children's   festival.
Let ns, then, join with the Band in
making the  evening the success it
assigned ail his per-1
,,.,!s_nal  propsrtv, real estate, credits
more i.i... , ,
and enects winch   may   be seized 1
and  sold   under  execution  to  the
Grand View Land and Trust Com-]
pauy, Limited, a duly incorporated
deserves to be; get ready their cos**! company having  its registered of*
i tice   at   ?N'_.   307   Cordeva  Street I
! West, Vancouver, B.C., for Lhe pur-!
; pose of paying rateably nnd  pro- [
I portionately and without preference
or priority all the creditors of the I
.tumes and lets ot cake!
iVDlTOK   D-tLTA TwtES '.
Sir: Will yon allow me, ou behalf oi the committee in charge of
tile masquerade- ball siveni by the
Band,   list   week,   te   thank   the
said Harvey Creech. The said;
Deed of Assignment was executed \
by the-said Harvey Creech 011 thei
20th day 0!' Neveinber, 1906, audi
by the said Grand View Land and!
Truft   Company, Limited,  on  the L
ladies and gentlemen whose assist-( *"* day oi.November, 1906. 1
��� _      A meeting oi the creditors of the!
.nee lent so much to the sncceis ofj f;..;,lIlArver Creech will ba held at
the even ing-. 1 the  oflice   of   Messrs.   McPhillips,
In the first  place, many  thanks I Tiffin & Laur-.en, Davis Chambers, j
are due te those merchants who Ha��ti��gs Street West, Vancouver, J
were kind enough to donate prises *'C"  ���  V���}?>\ lhe  7ftb ^  f
* * December, af the hour oi 3 ��clock
tor the best costumes, also to the; iu the aflsrr,0������  for Uie giving of
Judges whose task was no easy one, directions with reference to the dis- j
but   whose   decisions   gave   great posal of the said estate. t
satisfacfio*. iu every instance, and, \    An persons having claims against
.     .^ ,.    u_        r   i the said Harvev Creech are requir-
ac.nn, to-our venerable Keeve. for    ,  .     f ,-      .���    , r  ,.   *
r*>     '  ��� I ed  to  forward- particulars   of   the
Hie kindly way in which  he pre-\SAme du]y verified to the said Grand
.tented the awards.;  last,  but not'View  Land  and Ttnst Company,  .
least, the ftianks of the- entire Band j Limited,   at   its   registered   office j
are due. H. McDowell, who did yeo*'' aforesaid on or before the 4th day
___.__.. . .1     , .1"        ot Januarv, 1007, alter which  catc!
man s service at the door ou this as ., J     .,-.    ��� ���,, j,
the said Assignee will proceed to
Tliat is the foundation of the
popularity of Moffet's "BEST"
bread flour.
Betst    is    much   imitated, but
good bakers   at  once recognize the
difference between the original aud
��iferior' imitations.
Moffet's   "BEST"    makes
a certainty
j Deposits of -Si arid itp-w__rd-s received and Inter-
1        -etst- Allowed at Highest Current Ratea
j  61 BRANCHES.	
b.ast End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville 'Street:; Grand Forks, _N.i-nr.iiun,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cuinberlaad anil
New WestraiBslar.
_______!_______-   ��.i
c  day a delight and its results
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd
pn many previous occasions.
Oelieve me, Sir, yours, etc.,
in- Praise of Clininlv.rlnin's Con*;
distribute the proceeds of the .said
estate, having  regard only to the
claims of wliich it shall  then have I
received notice. ,
Dated  nt   Vancouver,  R.C., this
���i.. ;*th day <>i November, A.I). ioc..>.
i*. "
S, II I U',,',1
Solicitors for the Assignee.
hritish coi.i-:.t_Ji.v
Eleciric li Sum ill
Get vour House wired uow
and file your application for
Electric  Light' uow, so thnt.
bad   of  Mr.   McDonald,   the
There is no other medicine
manufactured that has received
y> muck, praise and so many
expressions of gratitude- as Cbam-
Wlain'.-i Cough Remedy. It is I
effective, and; prompt relief follows!
its user. 6nil_..ul parents every- rjIRST CLASS FARM HAND,
where do not lic��it:ite to testily to; "^ married, verv good mitkor;
its merits for tne benefit of others, understand cows and dairy work;
It is a certain cure for croup and wife to board men when required,
will prevent the attack'if given abj Hott.e and land. Apply Ho:, cos,
ihc first appearance of the  disease.' Mission City, B.C.
It is C5peci__.iy* adapted to children 1 -��� '    -	
as_it is Rlo-sait* to take nnd  c6n- Not.rf*
tains nothing iiqun.)ii_.    Mr. I:. A.; 1>'-L��*wv,.
ilntnphreys, a welt'known resident' 	
and clerk in   the  store of Mr.   E.l
$rx.k, of-Uioe,' Cap.-. Colony, South' New Westminster, Nov: i7.~-\Ve
Africa, say.'i: "Ibave* used' C__ni-Mi��ve requested  Mr.  \V. H. Smith
I^rlain's 'CJougfi 'Remedy  to  ward to look after our  Laundry Agency! ,f,   Sod_l   V/atcr, Gins^tt?
offcroiir) andxolds in' my  family. | in. Ladner,   next- donr  1-1  H. Mc-[ j      ^|e  im<\   Sunmict
t to  bi? very  s..tisfjctory Dowell"s Harness Shop, Until   fur-'"'"
ther notice.
Nurseries   &  Seedhousesi
Headquarters for   Pncific   Co_#t
grown  Carden, Field  and  Flower j
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as:
to vitality before offering for sale���,
that are subject to  government in-1
the poles mav be distribut-ed13PeGti0B as t0 freedom from weed
I seeds.    Samples sent  to intending-I
Just Arrived.
Toys, Books, Etc.
pust your premises. j purdiaset.s.
Application blacks nu.y be;    Large fitock oi HOME GROWN.
Fruit  and   Ornamental  Trees now
matured for thc spring trade.
1 nil.
,t :."J.\V WKfrTMIKS'l'l-R,   :-:  B. C
. ���llatittfucturerii of ull fciU(I��o(
No exf*en*e, lessor delay of fnnii- j
gati<Jn or inijpecHon, 1
_..:.....:.._..>*.:���������-:*-*<���.     bF.F; &UP-.LIES, Spray Pump*.
f.D?   ���_ j Spraying    Material.    Greenhousei
V ; Plants, Cnt Flov.crs,
V '     We   do   business   on   onr   own
'.��� ' jjroui��ls���no  rent  lo  pay and nrej-
���_��� iprepared lomett all competition,    j
C* i    Let ine pvice your list before pkic-ii
& \ iug y��111' order.   Catalogue Free.
I found it  ro   oe  very   situ
nnd it gives me pleasure to recommended it."  For sale by All Drug-
ei_t-.     ���
I.     Ale nn<*
j L/rinR'Sa .j.
*       Vour patronage solicited      *
;��� .
*,^.��..j..��..;.^.j4.e.v*-,*JM*"tv-"6.'v*�� _��� �����"�����
3:)10 Wcstininstcr Rraid,
- ��� r h ���������IB.CT-MI
;_-:**2-_r��    ��-s...sui3r__
^-ss-ssr?H?m*Zr'&vrs&!'''- xmqrza
���'f$d^rdd   i    ���'     ���'/;':
Tfcv:^ Sw \Jtfft- ���    '���_S��^>__!_____?   *'   r-':?"'    ������'������'-I-,','    ,*.������<���',,-
'dt^-f   V*   ^?l*_/'*r    :-..-:>'���-��-;���;..-. '..**i.7.7'7*--^-e'
���h'^ftfe. ^>^'^?*;^^^77f ,7,  S;   ^.7
;^^^i*^->^^^^'*-"5^-^;. i# 7V '�����" ��M
f Mf^; t'-    "'* ,'   ?V   W^^WMf!
m m d&& mdi Wkml
:.���-'_____.     *��-___��   *SP*"W-
tur'*' iur -Mja.s
- MW-W���t _m_M_*e*tf
'T������^.^.������^^___-_-l^-:..*.-���_,,^��_l�����.������-�����_���.l��������*��� m -r-i'--.', ..��'��t-v*./��e'-T-'fi*__v-!..i*��.-___-'i"''*��-ii|
E Ii HE fBONT' tpifi this year will s larger A^oimei* tet tver befo^ -of TO^S nod
INC�� fiOUBS, "CIhuj iid iisswcini t\u Ortfery, fancy town -IJnefi, fancy Haidteliiefe, dies'
r Jtaftuv jhI IVMlHINfi HIM ..IS JN JMMi .11 .OilSIMAS TIME, Siinie .Presents
Also large range mi Lad ner Soaveialr^*? atMl Chrfsfcmss P��#t _Car^e?'K m as Cards,-Cate i-dars., "Books,
Hymn and .Flayer Books, etc.
Briff-g t'he Children to see the Mechanical Figures In the-window
_S__-_9 -.ssi
\Bmmma Mmam .M��ramgni$*��$i23 m
sMMm&d   &;- \WM8w
V __.��__��__.'
_.   Sewing MachiD.fi.
���_2   D6K.    ,r
3 * Steam Gookei:.
-^.   Bug.
._5   Redrooni 'S-fi.
.6  Hall liamp.
%7   Tea Set.
.8   %-Bozm Ta-Me ?B$��om.
���'9   Drawn Linen.
1��   Fiano Drape.
1 o
J. A
Water Set.
Bon Bod Di__h.,
Laundry. Basket.
I adiee' Umbrella.
Embroidered Cushion Top.
.Inlaid Jardinier Stand.
Burnt Leather'Panel
Ladies" Hand Bag.
Souvenir Book of Hceky Mountain views.
A TICKET for a chance in our great drawing will be Q-TVEN AW_.Y  with each 50 CENT PURCHASE, and the drawing wil. .take
.place.at .9 o'clock Monday night, December 24th, in our store, in the same way .as previous years, which proved
very satisfactory to a,!!-concerned.
*(No employee or member cf his family will be allowed te participate in this drawing.)
Prizes w.O be en Exhibition in Our Show Window, Most-lay, November 12th*- on which .date, we will
commence giving away tickets.
mm WE  P'Kf.TA TIN. It?, S/^TfTI-DAY, DI.C.-.Mr,I.R 8, too*
Apdrew P.enr.ie tr.C't with rather
la -<��� eya accident, yesterday, by.'tis
] horse fulling  wjiiis- l.uning cattle.
17 A.  Bown   has been  1_**;*"_  u.p
^tiring ssV-.-.i*-'. wt-_>_..
^ ���  'i_i2 S.S. Sonoma. leave . I.adner
 *������ . nt 8 a,n_, and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves**
Percy Sinter s_*_-*__*a.ved anotlteJ tou at gi.a-._a. and 4 p.m.    Every
<&t   bark and  is   confined   tQsthe*|day esceip^SuwJay..
1 fiuse^agai-t,
 .__  Frank Situ-he.i.y has received the
indelible .smile.    A young; milkman
The Gash Store
Tf. McCormick went over to the
l>i initial Ctty on Nfpnday evening;.
j,n a shurt business visit.
arrived atihis home on   Monday to
gl.iddeu thel'.eir.ts of all.
Tiros, Sbortreed retunped here,.
an Monday after spending; several
_y..ntbs visiting iu the ea_i,
II. X. Rich and  IP. 2f-cC.orn.i_k
Irove up to the  Roy:.!  City, Wednesday,   to  take   in   llit   M.asoni
meeting being "i-eld the;*-.
Mrs.Jo'an M.-i-.ereturned home,.!
on the 30th ult, Irom an extended*]
\ i-.it to lr.ei_*-,*, in tile Kast.
"iiieuiucan's:!>'l,rK*,e':'. will be thei fixtt::*s-, chandeliers. :i:i<l  n line as
iubjec-t   nf  the sermau   to-morrow.) sort dent   of   incandescent    ta-jii-s. ���
evening iu the Methodist- Ckurch.    | Farm___ ints-nding to install   motor '
  power wi-t'dD --w_.lt. to  call on tliem j
.,__,,, ,      for   their   esti__,atesi    Mouse   a.i.l 1
[ohu Reaah has lieen some-whet i.   ,.        , . ,_ i
,     -      .      ,    .       , 1 bell work .. spec.fl.tv.    ���."���or svery-
uiider the weather duu.g the  past.   ,.       ,   _. .   f'."      �� .,       1
. ��� ;       thing electrical give them a.cad.      I
*eek bnt is fe-eling r-OBJ.ft.beUer iust.j ________��� !:
em Le^w
To notify the people oi iMdtom- and sur*---
rounding distinct that we. ape. ]jow in a,
position to offer Vancouv-es* Islsaoai
Ma n Eif act u.r ers'' Secon ds
^m ��_?
a ns_anui__.cti.ror s. surplus sfraek
Xuinen   Table   Cloths,, with
At greatly reduced prices*, making* it po3*��*
sibie for parties wh-o. contemplate building*
_o put in concrete foundations at about the*
same   cost as,   piling  or    other   inferior*
���    .;
A  new firm  of electri.Kir.s nre j 	
j^to^^^^^jlf-swao Wslight defects, j._st enough to | | Write for Prices.
.Messrs.   .MaciJonaia -.*_   .wain win   f;        , ��� . .      1    /��� _  n    _        /        1 _��i ^^^^^^
carry an up-to-date stock  oi st, r,   g notice  WfaeH  you  took  for  them, at a Iarg�� $
\V. aud  J. I.ixon  lijsfl,   Wtdnes-
.lay, for the East wkare, they will
A special meeting oj  the Council j
will be held on   Thur-sday,   Dec
reduction, nence we are sblo- to ofTer them 1
to you*: at the above Si-*-, per cent., reduction. |
$2.00 Cloths for Sl.&O.
$2-.50 Cloths for Q.$&*.
$3.50 Cloths for $8.75
>4___��_. __I______HSkS-J
take up tlieir.aJjode,in th,- future��� | 13U1. 0t j  p.ai.,   for general bttsi* |
ier awhile. Hess.
  W. II.  LAD-X..I..
I Reeve.
We ua-lerstau'.l that  C_bob. Hjl- Ladqer, Dec. 5-t'b, 101-,..
ton intends tendering His resigna- -������  	
���'ion as Vicar-of AU Saint:) early i*J L_0*.i"
tiie New_ -J-MSj "
__._ . On tfce ev*eniHg-of the  tnasqwer-
! a.de ball, iu th�� Town Hall, a Fisli
Weare pleased tt>j state tliat G. Bone Heart Broali.sc;  with bril-
T- Baker isab'lt to be. around affair, i Hants.    Fin-efpleane rrt.irn to
niter having be?Jilaid, iw f-sra- lew ��� THfS ()F1*IC17
'iays wi;Vi.;a.toiicl-. of. li^rig.jie.
Tlie Qloths are. from, two to- two��and-a- I
half yaisds, long and st&ty fca sizly-aix. inches
Uou't.iniss tlie enccrUi_rti-ien
.he Town Half, on Friday nest,
14th iiibt. Sparkling- witk wit and
merriment.    Only 25c. admission.
. s-it, i
267 Columbia St., Wevr Westmins-^r, 3. C
ft ilii-i_Ri kl
b. c.
. *^.'��j": j.'.'���__-������_���_**��_-.'...q_B-t-_-__-_i_i_i_. ...i
��atches9 E
If fhr
A Full Stock of Shade-, and Fix-:
tyres of all kinds kept ou hand.
Wiring and: hom-_. fujj.i.)_Miig a j
sp.ecip.lty;,        . . I
1mm I Mew Year Presents
LA.nNF.R,   B. C,
_J _... u B-_-_-*-B-_a_i
A. itieetiiig  tor ttM   i-wvpoac., ofj  _.. ���
completing organization ofthe-Lad i\      _.      __ ^	
.';,(���;- Branch oi  'The Lors.l*^,i>*y Aa*|      T*   nujOwVaWray,
4-tice   i>;  eani>t!a,:'. i_. cilled fori Columbia S..,   -  New-Westminster
Monday eve^f.* iii-the- Methodist*        p ^ ^ phon-"
vdmrchf at ^o'clock.    AilLintufeslt-! _ _ _
���di:itU-pr__e.rati&uof thediyof,    �����,,,��(.   nr   n 00011ITI01I
rest arc cordially invited It., attend, j    N| H|>      t       XVill      | IN
Tire wind- st_rm of. Tiursday j -vr0Tiei, .;3 liereby gi^n that.tbe j
night did considerable damage to M-"* Partnership heretofore.. sub-|
tiie   frame of*   -.ri.rs-lia.il  .Hinith  &i ststiug bt'cweea-.tis, ti.e undersigned, |
ar- T-2__!sters ami  Liverymen, lias j
When you a-re ^"anting- anything in tho |
line of Blouses^. Dress Skirts.. Petticoats. 1
Underwear,  Hosiery,. Wliite   Goods>  Neck-1 |'e
Go.'s i.e-.r store building which
means a hard knock to j, 15. ai'iliot,
the  contractpr.    __* ppxtii-U _*l-thc
been dissolve.! by mutual conseat.
I All debts owing to the-said Bart-
! nership r.re to be pai-J-to John M. I
rmrner at tha Delta Sawmill alsojcolliiiBon, at Ladner, B C*, and nil
came to gritf. Now is a good time j claims against the said partnership
>? build ...proper burner sufficient; j ate to be presented to the said J. M.
ly high to carry the soi-ok* over the 1 Collinsen, by whits. th#, r.aijie will-
,"     b     ' ' . ������ ���   ���       '     -'  '   Ibe settled,
^.usesneatby, j    D_ted at Ladn��r,..B. Q(, Noveaj-
j ber ',3, 1306.
};  M. GOLLINSOK.    j
Wedding Bells.
wear,  Ribbons..  FUisj. Smallv^ears^, Holiday'^
Goods, or^ - i.'l
Bounets>, Hats,, Fur3,. Dresses,, Underwear, |
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us* show youi
Goods and Prices Bight.,
t Value
s_j._3_._-* Solid Reliable Footwear^
dust She' Thing far Wmtep Weather*
���-���_��� in all Let-thers i.i d liave a- lull line of Shapes-
and Sixes, to. Fit Ail  Feet.
tiQihmg in Town io Equal Them.
miner, B.C.
*|Tfljt Market. Prices;
iV.I__   .'OK*
The Delta lir.-s.. bee.t- doing ex-trjij
well iisV.tli. marrying business dur-
:tig the past two weeks.    On  tbe
-Sth ult., in the  R. I. Church, at I (_^_^__1^__.___1^.__________._______1
the  Port, Mhs K.. Busswiich was.     DEtBSSed   FOtlltrV
niiited in t'.it* bts.ids __, hoiy  *-*iatri,|
niony to !.., Vlduikh. AND
On Wednesday i*
at, the ..owe ot __���
wedding tock. j>Jad|	
the bride,.l'-sjit (suichtvn, cvhsn Missi
Kathleen Cosulich was united 111
matriage. to Herbert Nesbitt. After
;l)e ceSecjan y was c-.er quite a..larg2.j
iiiimber ot friind- and rcla-Uves en-
jtJvcd a very- piaasant* evening at
cards and dn.vc.in;..,, _'.-����� b^de was
' tine t_eip*ient of a 'l_rg-> nmnber of
���iresents, both   lm:idso_ie and  use-'
lh    ' i
!OTE(r-iW^_d*c5(iay_s_,iter3^ou, at  thej
home of lip l��'ide�� Ladner, by Rev. j
J,  V.   Jtett:;,...Mra.   Fltir$n,c   Ada
Moti-nnalr w..-.-unttid iri hoiv wed-
iqbk t;i I'>an_;jli) Cullis of tl;e well.
4iow:_   _K__ "*���. S^'es &, Ctillis.!
AVter  li;**.- tc-.-��ni.-3ii..'. wl-s-h.li   was a
r_ry qtij^ts-aiTaiY., tl'-P  ha-tr-v couple j '^j;'
flrove��W-l VJi��trui:nst.*?r' wi.*-e"? *heJ' j |
..'iteud s-periiding'.'ai. fw* ��%���*> after !
w.iicb-tkey-wil,lake,tip- their resi-
lence on  the farm out thc Trunk j
���.7-_J..1[.icse. 7
A. J. B_I.TC-1,. - 275 Coltimbia Street
re. T.
Local Agent
Estate When You Want to Ship or Stor*
Your Produce or. Live Stock..
> _mI:'*'
fisoline Engines^ Boot Pulper^
W Walworth-Rolston Co.,
Lp.i6, Westminster Ave,. * -   Vancouver, I..C.
Gapacity 000 Taos*.
Space 24_P��Q Square Feett.
Port  Guichon^ B- C.


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