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The Delta Times Oct 6, 1908

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Array LTA
&"%'"*$  W     Vt,     htf     TO"���**���    f*~mm
m M PC
LAl��NER, fi. C, ".TUeSOAY, OC!tL4IKj/i, ISOS.
Ladies' Blouses-
0_i_v_ Letter.     Weil8ec.i��e&
Ladies' Fancy Flannelette Blouses, assorted colors, from $1 to $2.25.
Ladies' Fancy Flann^ and Oashmere Blouses, from $2.50 to $4.50.
Ladles' Skirts-
Fine Black Wool Cheviot Skirts, all sizes, Special at $3.75,
Fine Black, Brown and Navy Skirts in Qheviotst, Broadcloth?, Efec.,
from $4.50 to $8.50.
Ottawa, Sept. 26.���The Mail and j   On Thursday evening last there j    'Following is fl�� r.port  ol the
Et_!_re,  having been brought to was  a very good turnout of 'tlie '-standing ofthe ifcrtt :fve  pupils in
statements electora'e to bear tbe Libert candi- 'the variow d'asaes of :\.-mxkt'public
Bargains in Men's Department
Factory Samples. Factory Samples.
About 200 pafos Men's Hae BI3K.-&, Regular .35c Hid 75c, _>3cial 4Dc.
Abc��t 150 pairs Men's 1ft ia Braess, Regttlar .50c and 60c, Special 55c.i
About 60 pairs Men's Grain Congress Shfses, all sizes,       Spfcsial $1.50.'
Men's ami Boys* Sweaters. I
13ais is SWEATER SEASON and we have a large stock of Sweaters
in >all weights and sizes :
Men's Sweaters from $1.25 to $3. |
���Men's Wool Jackets irom $3.50 to $4.
Bays' Sweaters .and Jerseys Buttoned on ShouHdeJ. and Roll dollars
-Etc., from 50c to $2.
Complete Stock <.f Underwear for the Wlwie Family
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd
'Tbe 20th Anniversary of .ht
"opening of (be Methodist CliUrth
in Ladner Witl be Observed with
appropriate services on Sunday,
the 8th of November next. An
anniversary -tipper will be given in
���Oddfellows' Rail, Lfcdner, on the
Tuesday evening following.
The ladies of the church anil-
'con'gregation, undeY whos; dirtt-
tion the sujlper will be given, remember wilh ura.h (pleasure the
jgenerous pdtrdnnge '(accorded by
.he public on sill -similar occasions
in the past mud wftl'bfe 'delighted lb
greet once more aU who will favtfr
��thera witb tbeir (presence.
Lots of fun at .the Town
���Bracktr.an-Ker Milling Co..
Ltd,, K. N. RICH, .Ladiier,
B.C., Agent.
be ok for its erroneous
as to the circumstances attending
the Paskatcbewan Valley Land
Con tiauy, in which k was persist-
ly urged and made to appear tbat
Mr.Adamson, M.P., was the sole
bentlfici.wyin the Uatreaction, has
changed its tt.ne to the extent of
adding, "and his friends" alter Mr.
A damson's ���name.
This is only a small correction,
but it is evidence that the Mail and
Empire was either ignora it of the
'acts or maliciously suppressed
ihem. .
More False Statements.
Returning to _he >'ubjeet again,
alHsrSir Wilfrid -Laurier had related the facts of the case at Strath-
roy, l'he Mail repeats mi .representa
tions former!y "made, aid r.ot already retracted, and pacs forwnid
another imi:-leading and absoluMv
un^ue dhange. This is what the
Mail and Ktnpire says:
'<n fl_is <cas��, as the country
knows _so,oco acres of public land
passed to Mr. Adanrson, M.P., and
atfew comrades at .'fan acre. That
land 'was "so'.d 'dt various prices,
some sections at $6 an acre, some
at f_o, some at -$12. O.it of the
transaction Mr. Adamson aid his
'friends ��made $i,,750,000. The
speculators itodnrtottk to pay the.
country #250,000 ior 'the property..
They turned it 'Over, ancl jrot $_,*
ooo.oeo for it. netting .be huge,
profit mentioned.
What would tbe average reader
gather from lhe 'sfbove stat.ment,
made by a inestimably reputable
paper?   He would understand:
1. That the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company bought 250,000
8 acres irom  the country  at $1 an
2. That the land was sold for
$2,000,000, netting a profit of fi,-
3. That Mr. Adamson, M.P., put
through the'deal and was the man
who receivid ihe biggest slice -Jt
The Truth of It.
What are thi facts? It is true
that the Sasl atchewan Valley Land
Company \ mchased trom the government 2501000 acres of land at $1
an acre. Tbe Wall stops here nnd.
lefts but baft a truth, which i_
vWorse than a lie. Before purchase
'ing these S^oiooo from the government, tbe eompan.' had already
���purchased for $i:<5o an acre, 450,.
wo acresfrotn lhe Qu'Appelle and
Long Lake 'Railway Company, a
company whi_>h butt received a iail-
way bonus from th: Conservative
government,1 cov��riivj; the odd nutn-
berel sections adjoining; the evm
numbered ones comprised  in  tfce
date, Robert Jardine, express his school for the.notith of S_ptstmbet.
views 00 "matters .pdlitic.     With Wmnm row..
Mr. Jardine -upon 'the platform' ���Fourth Clasr���V/ii.u_.rcS 'Hutch-
were Hon. Wm. 0. erapleman and erisoa, Mabel Lant.iucj, Jessie Mac-
A. Hardman. jlnnis,   Estelle    Brewster,   Hazel
Mr.   Hardman    was   tbe   first jShirlt>'���
speaker cdlled upon and he remark-i    Senlor T,,lrd ~ Rov   hereon,
ettthat he had beard  Mr. Cowan Et,c Tav,or' The,ma Clark' ^dwin
say that Mr. Borden  had promised i^""18. Arthur McBride.
he would give  British Columbia a L Jumor Tfcird��� ��"< R*vis. Percy
million dollars, but that he did not |*,*!nson. foe  MtWiiuwh, -Netf*
want the other .provinces to Tcnow |8ussanK'h- MKSred Brewster.
anything of this.   Such an action !    Sec>;,d ;Read-r. Senior-*Stanlw
he characterised as   an   unstates-''Clark'   ne,ffaatn    Hilton,  vwand��
manlike act.    Tbe  Better Terms j McCalla��. Cedrie Hilton.
question was no. a party issue.   It '���    SeCo' d   Reader,   Junior��� Hilde
was better to treat this -question on j Masse>-- Norl" '" Lord, Nellie Elli_.
a broader basis and to look
better teimsia the way of further]
Second   Reader,
Mass-y, Norm 111 Lord, Nel;
forj    Firs''  *ea<3er���Susie   rinr.ick,
Wildred     Ellis,    Gertrude    Rich,
dev'opment and improvements in !.3*nvr ""'^mer.
the province by the _5o__inioir.gov-'    Second P"'���'T���Roland Lanning,
Russ'   iadnar, Albert Olson.
First Primer���Viola Richarttecni,
the 'Cieme for lhe imnrovement of!Chin   Lee' Rl1ssel1 Seed-
Co 111 Class���Arthur H. Cosman,
E)ou;!;.s   McPiarmidf Amife (iBus-
ernmenf. In Mr. Jardine they had
a man who was t_e;first to promote
cheme for'{he improvement of
the Fraser tk-er. He had taken
this proposition *np just es*he al-j
ways dealt with airj**feing. andthe\
could rely upon hrs -seeing  it com j ���   	
pleted. Touching 'upon lhe im- tions. A niore iiiiqwltoiis pwsecu-
portance rf lhe work, Mr. Hard '.tion ti an that put upou the fisherman said he'had learned from the men <va_. never  perpetrated.   The
manager ol tbe 1)ig Fraser mills
that of the oue hundred mllliotrs of
lumber they were going to cut,
sixty-five millions would have to
go out on vessels; this meant at
least one vessel a week being load-
men lad stiongly resentei this
treatment; I'ttt some of them haR
'been convicted'ir. the prosecution*;
'.ind-T'rffcen Vy tht .iprovincial gov-
���ernm.'iTt. _.ow, 'however, these
convictions had been '^uasheti by
ed.    Every ship that came wp the !lud��   Howay ��� (applause) ��� wbo
river wouia mean at least a thou-isaid tbe province had no right to
sand dollars   .0 the merchants of ussi. ihese obnoxious .regulations.
New   Westminster;    then    there'; Rjvct
would be some 800 hands employed
at the mill and in the woods.   The
'On Saturday last, the Westham
Ishaii 1 Juniors played a verynice! *so;tiOD acres're ferrel to.
game with th* Ladner Juniors at     It is estaWisked, then, that
R  erring to the Fraser river rm-
prov.raent,   Mr. Jardine said  this
WO'.lid not only give tbem a ihirty-
tott   of   butter   per | ^ .
oats,  and
manager told  him they would require   half  a
month,   200 bushels ot
about P50 tons *of hay.
they would see that the tillers of
the soil in the district were going
to benefit by the establishment of
this mill.    Nor was this the only
industry of the kind that  would be
established 011 the  river.   .Jt was:
pretty  certaiii  tbat  within
two and a it-All years of the river
improvement 'being completed the
population   of   New   Westminster
would be doubled, and this would
mean ���_ vastly ittt:re_.9ed  market.
batinel a��-ay to th- Culf, but
woi'i sene to protect the dykes 0*1
'the Delta and Westham Island.
This work'was. in no way an election proposition. The government
had'taken1 the matter <up in earnest
��md it -would be , pushed'H.rough
with all speed.
Hon. Wm. Templeman reviewed
lv,"�� ' r' the work of the government, in .a
lucid :ind interesting sieecb, and
claimed that it was this th..t really
formed Uie.issue of tiie present
A'ter tire passing-ef tbe usual
vote ot  .h .uks "eh. ijweeting closes:'
If you care for music and pretty'."Stanley Park wien the visitors beat
stage effects be at the Town Hall,
Ladner, on Thursday, Nov. nth,
at 8 p.m.
W. R. Inman, M.D., Eye Specialist/of Vancouver, will be at S. W.
Fisher's Drhg Store, LadnerjOct.
27, "aS.fcg, 3oUnd'3_. An experience dt��twentvihiue years iu Winnipeg atid VancoWWr 'lttsures the
most accurate resnlts. ' Over so, 000
cases ot defective eytSight Corrected. Satisfaction positively guaranteed at moderate charges, consultation free. If you are troubled
with headaches, nervousness, &c.,
and unable to obtain relief consult
him early.
.he home team 12 to ���,
A challenge is about lo be issued .850,000 acres
to the East Delta's to play a match
otte'Week frcm Saturday.
the Liberal administration, and he
^Saskatchewan VaMey Lind Com-j did'net believe .te electors would
ipairy owned.ytjo.eoo 'acres, and not; now turn out Sw Wilfrid  Laurier1*;
j^overiittei-t to  make .'room  for a
It is esta&lished  that whatever f.patty that had Idone ncDhing.  H<n'-
ipTtiCt'resulted must be spread overnngnotrched upon  the -_si_..c and
^9', sgo acres'(because this was the5 Better'.erms question, Mr. Jarditse
The speaker Ihen t^ave cunapara'
live prices of commodities in ,896 amf{1 applaill8C<
and at the present :ti_*e, the great
increase of these showing how won-   t '   "
derfuHy thccommereial interests of j    The Conservative  candidate, J.
D. Taylor, held a meeting htre or.
Friday evewwrg la-st, wben a^very
fair num'bec ttrrned out to bear
what he might have'to say, but the
majority Vsrere very-much disgUsteffl
at tke ��land. rout'forth by "Little
Froukie," ^-iiTTn 'M_. Taylor saw
fi to carry in bis tr.iin. Mac-
Kenxie should first clean se his owo
skirts before ho under; ikes to de-
nontice 'others trom the public platform. However, instead _>t .i^sist-
ing to roll ufp a majority tor J. D.
Taylor, his actios ou   .?riday nigfe!
the province had developed under
the progressive administration of
the Laurier government. (Applause).
1. ra_er Fisheries.
Ribbert Jardine, who w:is��ccord-
ed a lvea:ty 1 reception,  said they
4iad almndaut'evidwice on all  sides;
that the coutttry  bad enjoyed a re* i
|i��iarkable "��rra of prosperity undci
The auction sale at the Vasey
Ftorm, ol the live and dead farming
stock, the property of the late Mrs,
H. fe. Taylor, Which took place on
Wednesday last, was a very swe-
cesAlul affair Under H. N. Rich's
abte hammer Und good prices were
resA__:d. Thfte was a very large
turnout of buyers and bidding was
activi, prices for dairy stock ranging from $ .o.to $M��.per heaj}.
amount ultimately bought from'the
Qu1 Appelle and Long Lake Company), and not the 250,000 acres
bought from tbe government.
proceeded to-speak of theiwapott*
ant lical issue in 'regard ito 'the
treatment ef the fishermen. The
'Dominion regulations in  regard to
Mr, Adamser. was not a member fishing   on   the   Fraser were not
of'.tee  House "tvheu ' the arrange-! fuite as thev ��_s��wM be, and he
ments were made with the govern
raent,iand  be 'toik  no part'what
j wwrid devote bis-e^etts to getting
these amended, but the chief fault
ever in the negotiations which were fiiad been on the part of *he pro- the same time and  from the same
conducted by Mr. A D. Davidson,
vinoial-'govemment, which b��td in-
trochiced an act and starte' i 1  last
ber .  ihe  alieiiat'Xit
��� ol
a try
Conservative' votes,
not be ca_t-at
ill "W
;j��o i.. iavoTt-.i'"!:
j" o&t
'Jas. Pearson, wbo has been laid
up with typhoid fever lor some
���weeks, is&ble to be up again fona
short while each diy, while Jno.
'Softtb, who ��� contracted typhoi.l at
source,  retri led,  yesterday,  from
New  Wesrmi ister, where he it id
(Cont.��_fc.d fcn ,Second  Pfige.)   ^.Hmiary  to .enforce -their   regula-Ibeen under medical treatment THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBEH
Published kvery Tuesday.
Subscription, *1.00 per year.
Casual Advertisement*, io cents per line foi
thi first Insertion, mid 5 centa per line lor each
subsequent insertion. The number ol lines
reckoned by the aptice occuplsd, 1J lines to the
Rates tor Commercial Advertisements can be
fi%d on application at this office.
Re-sling notices 10 ceuts per line lor eacb iu-
Birth nud Death notices, sec., MT_rl��s��e��$i_o.
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered an advertisement
nnd charged accordingly.
All advertisementa charged for until ordered
���ut and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters ol public
merest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach tills office by Thurs-
lay evening.
Geo. R. Manley,
Ere another issue of The Delta
Times the Dominion Elections will
have taken place and voters will be
waiting Anxiously for the latest returns.
We are on deck again after an
absence of two weeks on the sick
list and have to thank our many
friends for the expressions of sympathy at our recent illness.
Nothiug has been done, apparently, towards arranging for tbe
annual ploughing match. With
such splendid weather prevailing it
seems strange, to us, that active
steps have not been taken towards
arranging for this interesting event.
Wake up.
B. H. Weare spent yesterday in
the Terminal City.
Mrs. J. H, Kemp and daughter,
of Vancouver, are guests of Mrs.
FraW_Tut_er by;    -
No clue has beeu IV und as to the
.identity of the robbers who broke
into the local postoffice on tbe 3rd
jr. St.
Friends ot Mrs. Adam Read will
be pleased to hear that she is improving nicely Irom her recent severe illness.
My friend, have you  heard of tbe
town of Yawn.
O11 the banks of tbe river Slow,
Where blooms the waitawhile flow ir
Where the sometimeorother scents
the air.
And the soft goeasys grow?
It lies on the valley  of watstheuse
In the province   of Letterslide;
That tired feeling is native  there
Its the home of the  listless Idont
Where the PutsitolTs abide.
Tbey smile when  asked  to advertise,
And   say   they   will   do   it  tomorrow,
Aud so they delay  from day  un'.o
Buttingitoft   cycles   up   and leads
them away,
And they  soon  have  to  starve,
beg, or borrow.
(Continued tiom   First  Page.)  "j
of Duluth,   Minn., as set forth iu
the order-in-council.
It has been established that Mr.
Adainson, M.P., had nothing to do
with the Department of the Interior
with regard to this transaction, j
Very [Misleading.
The Mail and Empire leads the
public to suppose that the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company
owned merely the 250,000 acres
purchased from the government.
The fact that this company owned
aud paid for 869,000 acres of land
besides had been maliciously concealed for the purpose ot deceiving
the public.
What About tbe Profits?
Before there was a dollar of profit
on the transaction the Saskatchewan
Valley Land Company had to purchase the following and get the
money back and incur #200,000 of
869,000 acres from Qu'-
Appelle & Long Lake
Railway Company, at
$i-5�� $1,303,500
250,000 fromGovernment
at$i      250,000
Expenses      200,000
Tasbfon Stables-
Trucking, end Draying.    Livery Work
All Kinds Attended to Prorr.ptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand
Incorporates ISM.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Shoes for Everybody
Some Shoes look \vtil and wear badly, others look badly
and wear well,
Ours look well, feel well and wear well,
We not ouiy aim nt having the latest styles, but honest
goods as well.
We have All Sizes and Widths and can Fit Any
P'oot Accurately and for very Little Money.
It wotit do any harm to start dealing here,
Placing the total sales at $2,000,-
000, according; to the Mail and Empire's figures, and deduct the fixed
charges, the profits on ihe transaction dwindle from $1,750,000 to
less than $250,000.
The Mail charsres up the total
profits of the Saskatchewan Company to the 250,000 acres purchased from the government at $1 per
acre, utterly ignoring the other
assets of the company which provided the main profits of the transaction, and w.Tich cost the company
a large amount of money.
The Conservative party seeks to
gain power by disreputable tactics
such as these. Deliberate misrepresentation, aud bold attempts
to mislead the people, fittingly
characterize the action of the Mail
and Empire in its criticism of the
Saskatchewan Valley Land Company.
How About This?
Will the Mail explain to the
people why E. B. Osier, M. P., for
Toronto, refused to accept this very
I ui rl as a bonus Irom the Conservative Government upon the allegation that it was unfit for settlement?
Will the Mail explain why, if the
land were so very valuable, did Mr.
Osier's company agree to take $1
a.re in lieu of it. from the Govern
ment, and why did Mr. Oiler's
company sell the "land to the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company
for $1 50 an acre, if it were worth
so much more?
Repairing Neatly and Prom)!!/ Done.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited, quarterly ou  31st  March, 30th June, 3<G.h
September, Jtst  December.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
R   D. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates on Application.
Never miss a good thing either
in business or pleasure, you 'will
reyretitif you do. All kinds ol
good things at the Town Hall,
November 12th.
Are Prepared to . . _
Furnish AU Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
Hot&e   Finish  of  AH  Descriptions.
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill.
" ioi 1 an' ihb J
=_ , =4
V   NEW W_STM_NST.tR,    .-: U. C.
?��� M__��lf_��_rr-rs of nil kinds ol <���
v Soda Water, Ginger |
��� Ale and Summer *
�� Drinks, t
|.      V'tfuT patronage solicitea     Jt
B.  H*    WEARE
begs .0 . ..wtwicetha. he reopened
his Mauda.it. and Violin Classes
in Waddell's Hall, over Giffori's
barber shop, on Thursday. S;pt.
Fo'r !.. rt!<er  raWicnlars  apply to
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
.tapFified vK <Citv "Prices.
Mrs. A Coleman is netting along 71    UpU   THVLOR
nicely, accordiug to latest report,
after having been laid up during
the past two weeks.
Miss Murcutt will be here the
first week in November and give
lectures, illustrated by 50 hand-
paiuted stereopticon views, each
evening. Full particulars in next
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
.... Copyrights Ac.
An. ono lending a rteteta ooa -ascription m��y
iloklr ascertain cur opinion frea whether an
(VentlflD IB prpbflM. p_tentnbte._Com_iunl(_.
**��erlrtU��_oaci't__. HANDBOOK on Patent*
r. tnA' "'   .���.���'... .... _mi^sn nnlnsls
:ency for_.curt_apa.e_t_ "
Lame, in thi.
weaWy. bug aet cir-
��� '-Tina.    Tenne lor
-.-_._.     -   Jtepatd,   BolAbj
%3MBr��_��,, ^w York
���I f Pt, Wunlniton, D, &
E^VERY assignment of the right
of a South African Volunteer
entitled to a land grant must be by
way of appointment of a substitute
md must be in the form provided
by the Act.
Special attention is called to Sub-
se.tion 3 o( Section 5 of the Volunteer Bounty Act, 1908, which provides that no assignment of the
right of a volunteer by the appoint
ment of a substitute shall be accept
ed or recognized bv the Department
of the Interior which is not EXU-
land grant issued by the Minister of Militia and Defence in favoi
of the Volunteer.
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
28th September, ic>o8.
LADNER.     ���
25 Dairy Cows, 10 two-year-old
Heifers and Steers, 1 two-year-
old Grade Bull, 1 Holstein Bull
Calf, 9 Fat Sheep, Southdown
Ram, Berkshire Boar, Tamworth
Boar, 4 Driving Horses, Gtey
Mare, 8-Year-old, 1400 lbs., &c,
&c, wbich
H. N.   RICH   will  SELL
BY AUCTION in the above
Yard, on
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladner, B.C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 3, Rllard Block. New Westminster,
Per S.S,  ''FAVORITE'"
Carrying freight and passengers
to all points between New Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Bracktnan & "Ker's wharf
daily at 3 p.m., except Saturdays at
2 p.m. Additional trip on Mondays leaving at 5 a.m.
Returning leaves Westham Island 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at
6 a.m. Additional trip on Satirr-
days.leaves Laduer*. 5:30 p,m.
Calls at Steveston Tuesdays,
Thursdays amd Saturdays only.
The Launch J. C. BRUCE Will
leave Ladner for New Westminster
at $ a.m.. on and after Tuesday,
Sept. 8th; returning leaves New
Westminster a't $ p.m. each d_y.
carrying pjssengers only.
Tickets good __i..il used, on either
S.S. Favorite or Launch Bruce.
Acclimatized Stock.
��� ' Trees
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn ��r
Reliable Varieties 'at Reasonable
Prices. "No BoTers. Tso Scale.
\ro fumigation to damage stock.
No -windy agents to annoy von.
Buy direct and .get Trees aud Seeds
that Gtow.
Fertilizers,   Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps,   Spraying   Material,    Cut
Flowers,   etc.     Oldest   established .
nursery on the mainland of  B. C.
'Catalogue free.
ii J, HENRY'S Nurseries,
Qrsenhooses and Sesdhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Wednesday, October 21,
1908, at 2 p m.
Terms Cash.
$4,W Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladies' and Chlldrens'
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All New and Up-to-Date Stock, to Clear at Cost an!
Me? 19 �������
��7 W. ��8T�� 81., N.w Yom.
A. J. B1RTCH,       -       NEW WESTMINSTER, a C Till7, DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBER '6, 1908.
(.___*   M_*lp  May  ___��� I erfssrin. *  fcr *
tooth WHfc Ua.l I'liton.
l'he Sun Franolsco Call give- the follow.
I Wa* .description   ���*  eoiue   entertalnl. j.
] VUttttt:
C lie'jlrofceser -akeaa-_nallliquor (la*.
Itl.Is ha fill, wltn mater and drops a illvft
%_iHrr��r luto It.   Over the Smaller <ffla*
i *" 1 Inoea a larger-one, merely to show ith*
f;tU _n. la no <_onneotlon InMwiwn hlm an.
1 Ut* culu.    bnoiedlatety the larger glues'*
Alter h   _ isssaT*. .!
'Ow> dollar a   rzir.i:"   A.  ��� _. Jilmprt
r. h(!ii tlie _liop n_sist list IittIi 'nifi'her Ills J
price.    ��� Why, thr.t. ii_iir! ii.mt "
' rfo can't alIo.il to .toll 4b for-ony less," .;
replied tbe young null). I
"Well, I .know .Aidl*  _ eianse"!! Ut for
ie .s." she replied, "ui:il'I*'" 'I.* good a :
business woman te'pay nidi, than a tbinp j
ia worths'!
Anil then Ae -.larcl.'.l outfit *W��i shop
and paid 50 ceifts 'forr. liaii-om'tn ko to li
place wheio sbe -isrvn'-l  per.*rf_e r��ii __l\tn:/i
Cur U8 oents.���lleiri,|iii.nuii. '
*��'i_M* qcartki. .ruin,
umiwn .1 nnd ho waves his hands wer the
��i> i-.llcr one. Tho 'response ia marvelous.
V'lie all ver W_ta _oattiit��8lbift<h moment.
_'lion lt qwlvtwe slightly, _��_�� .ta pladt
���under the ���wytsrttsnd slides up the Inside
<of t_e#l_Bs��_ritiH4t urea-baa 'iho top ant
topples Into _1s .��n6.
-A cigarette nrclgnr lala.a'oatbeteitfle
*nd slid clear across It.
A hulf dollar Raid ��a a spectator's hand,
eiext to theswrist, crawls over tho length
���of tbe _��_a and drops Into his luu_l.lt
die bidding.
Most of the tricks relate ta the mystei..
��ua power of moving small UlgUt'objeotk,
trelghlng leas tban four monoes, and ta
Ike selection of cords.
The "psychlo power" and .01 inch-ek-
���Sanations aro reduood .te 'one: A bumaa
���air and a small bit of . hoomaker'e Wax.
Usually tlie rperformer baa aereral *i
tkeee long hah* stuck about Ilia porson,
tut tho cleverer the porformor the fewer at
theso ha wlll have. To each ond of tbe
Stair a tip ef shoemaker le wax Is fn.toao*.
��no piece _tf tho wax e��_��es De bold tbt
Itair to Mm performer'a clothing and keep
Vt wlthiif reach. The other .piece Is left
���free to attach *��H_*ide.l��* object kut
��lvo tt tho necessary "~-p_yr.Ii.o foroo."
'Tn move a cigar, cola or card by
'"psychic" or any other kind of mysterl-
Wis . ireo ask a speetntor for tbe 4c#n -of *
-algnr nr coin. I_��y It on a tablo-iirnny other drslrcd ptooe, aadwbfle aoipae_ng dt
Wtt-WIKG -.<Cla_.IL
lattoiflc-tme'endid- tho hair by the
teax, tlio other ��nd lielng, of course, etlU
���ttnehed to your person. JUnko a M*
tmsscfl with tbe hands over tfhe object te
���convey the Impression that yen are filling
ft with magnetism, then -gradually draw
���way. The object'will follow *youH tbe
hair and was attend 'to their end of tto
>m*m Bete*- Oat tt*�� TCtAn.ml*.
Betsy's mother wa* tnrasaallr huar ot*
inornlng. She and Hannah were In tbt
kitchen, making plea, cakes, 'puddings
Wnd torts, .or company waa 'oxpeoted that
Betsy mn .trta the'Kft_>��i_ ���*__ waa ee
'bothersome .hnt her mother gave 'her'a
.bowl of custard and .told __or to feet ;b*r
tiocir dolls ln the-atria.
Away ran JJetsy, '*wH -after finding xMrt
that'her ddUk *efusefi*to .at she'stft _loW_
_m �� little stool and touted It .lorsclf.
Meanwhile the oompany 'bat ���arrlvaa,
���and among them waa Betsy's favorite,
tlncle-Jeck. Suddenly they heard something 'Mxratp, thump, <bang, warg," and
���What Aiould th.oy see "but Betsy rolling
'down the stairs, tbe bowl and-apoon following.
After (Bdtqr 'had Teoovercfl from tar
bright Aettold Uncla-taokitbat adrcadftU
<hnlmal had chased hi_r.
.Inolo. Jack told hor thathmvoulilcliase
It nway, ant <Betsyi__vK10us>y showed tbe
���way, clinging>to>l>BoloJack'tthaud All tbe
time. <
At lust thej oaaaa to tto <MtMe, 'ant
���what should Unelo Jaek see-bot an Indaa-.
���crlous spider spinning awny at his web,1*
���tiunblcdatool and n good deal of custard.'
Uncle sf-Ck laughed heartily and said
miiivtaietitywaold be bis "Liltle Mlsa Muf-
Tc U" as lung -_�� ebo .ived.���Grose
ateiu tn Now York HoraM.
'Carrt 'ftla Cramp.
4_t ha evening party ln London soirtt
tune ako �� gushing girl was Introduce!!
to Mark Twain.
"()h, Mr.<CKmron��1"��ho w\ld. "Now,
Iplense, do'tell'inel 1'vo been tbtoklng df
taking ��p"Writing, 'but'I am se -afraid dt
tbnt dreadftil'writen'ieMnip ono hearst*
���much nbtHft. 'Dtd^dweTerla-Te'ltf"
"I did, madam."
,   "And what dldyou'takefdr ItT"
'   "Just fano��l   ��ut tow and��wheit'dM
ft* apply itf"
"BroUed and IntenrtBy,"  .ttffl ItStk.
Twain gravely.   "I oan't an_WA for lit
icelng a panacea, but It cared thtklnddt
i V_����||| 'Wcodra llnii..
A "-Confederate voteran quotcM by th.
-Mew Orleans Times-Beniocntt sis/s-
'"AVootkm guna mi* vdvadly wrtHt 'bofei.
���Fort Blakcly. Tho Yankees'fixed them
'op, and 4fcey shot juBtau'woM aa tf 'thiqr
itind boon nionufactured of Iron. Tho op
ipimlng lincsiVfttre 500 -yards apart, (fhe
��Gonfcdf___tee>W_rc behind the walls ofthe
[���fort and 'the 'Fetlordle-wcre strongly iln-
trenched. 'Oonerdl 'GftBby, Ithe Yaiikes
���niumondar. was without artillery. -What
���Bid he "Ootbdt imanufactureiiaO |����(_iatt
from black 'gum 'trees. IBln<__*guiw��ro��.
(grew overywhero'lnitto��elnity. ^B_tb_n__l
'thein out,-put 'Iron 'bands around them
���and fired 8 inch shells furnished by Far-
'tagut'a fleet Tho lines were so close thM
<llg_it charge* sufficed, and the extemporaneous weapons did*!! that.w��s.��i_rs_l ��f
thvn "
CHUBC3W   noticed
htm, s.^NCs.
ajTi-.ij. it-'.'.
The nerltna *i i<nW( I rf_.
' Thorreprlelnr���lilt} yiiu i.- r n.ii'_eb[fc_
gent "Frlil.iy lliiritiiln Sale ' .;.l_f
The Clerk-V.:., f*.
The I'niprlot*^���AI..1 iie<���"'!?.<*' 1'b,\t.
Cost" banner, ant tl.e " ,',n Tun Irmr.
On'y" plneanl ull. 'l_>'" LlntOuetd lritu.l)
1 . rehn_>r" ti;;ii?
The lllerk ��� Yes.ict ix'fit, tliem.
The Proprietar-���Tin n w lint In Tophcl
mh.sciI all tliontvinni mtn riiiissu'��nf llic
The CleHt���-Jt ipusslss tsldtSr. tit -
'.lloteland _*t__e Tluiilor.
I've no *.Uc_i! ..l-j-i .it::''*.,
Kn itoro*. n'-r i��i: i,..;... tr..
Bul, Jual ilit...inc. I'm i...ii|Tf
To soni.a BifrJilTlB ���������;.h..
I tin iny oWn'd i_kH_..
Anil v h n I'll l-.tie". kjtjj
No bllloiiH nolo plu  ���1"
felei s foi-.h lo suy ma nny.
They sncereH i.t :.iy nmldtlonsk
r.nl r:y nr-. 'e. I;, r:: :  . - .1
By enau.Tl'Cfc:   .ri;.io-:is
V.l;o c nil'n io-i I've geoiAtod.
Ky hetsM Is C..li of r.-plufo,
My inocd ts ever bl ihl.
F.r wh^n I ! .nw rry wli s'le,
I'm the loud, r uf 111 ��� hand.
���Vs_.a:,in���'.on Stat
Holy Communion���1st and 3rd.
Suii4i,iys-at S;$o a.m.; 2nd uiK_-4t.iL
SuiKlays-at I? a.in. j
M-ilins, s. e'oluck.
la\etisongs, 7:30 o"'_lloCk.
Sunduy ticljoOl at jo a.m. :|
4* may ewniii^ l*iuuy al 7;,,a    S
K_.\ H. K. Bsrtletr, M.A.., Vic_i|
Kl'-s 1    Vs'll'f
sr.ii* i..  .-'I ri,''   -     V       s'l .
.In!to Cpp
uii ..r l'ort)
������ ill api-i: r *iti 1-ondnnHu ' 1.
1     IT.,  !'i   :'
,;.i!c-'' l-.i-r."
���I'l-TI-r T,i
Iiil "...Y  I'I
' !- - .i ���() i ���n   .ii?vJ.t-lnesi 1
i'. ��� ll s'l��..--Tl   ���  ' 'ii "                         '
Cf.sT.-ll-* i>.
1|J. V! T-.   '.-.
It: I.  . -.-rT       T    . .   ; '   V          i" T.I
"I   '(��� T^ lj_ '.li  Im: '   :. ��� -  "
..-,  ..hid" follows '  s'.inki.-.
nl I .is >M�� l   :K:'C .aliiu.  .
���Q. rv-ires ifirst and thir��t5un,lay o(
ench mcxRth at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:130 ���p.m.
���Sunday school at 3 ^m.
Bjcw Mass and Hefty Communion
fitst arnfi .ihird Mondays ul 6 a.m.
Rev. Fa thet Wagner, O.M. I.,
Parish Priest.
Servicesmejst l,ord's Day *t 11
a. m.and 7^g��p.m.
Class tne��ing, alter_th�� inorniiig
!j service every Sunday. 1
S.bbalikSchool at 2 p m every
Sunday.. .Prayer meeting every
Thursday wsning at &. 1
rry .Vn-.__K.il i. Ill* ���.Uffit mi: il- villa I
11 ���-- _j. :..i:. s it: ".'. Bit of final uess.'1 '
!-y Cir-nr, v;li.t fl.-tv . tl n li 'in tolo It.
���.iris.isjtf:-   I fa -__"_ .v ^��rl_," is 11 _.n_u;_
"A Xilsilt tl.-in'in*}e,".hfl latest fame bt
llll   S.HTl-.lnl. T.-,siK   V,5   -lli'.;.i:ii\:ll   f)   1.  3   a
Lsi^ur I,, Davenport hils lieon re-ctiftagod
for the Collimhlis theater (New Vore)
slock oonipaiiy.
M;uy lluii'.ptiin will be stnrn>d in n t .��
piny nfter the holidays iiinier Om tllrec
tion if Jacob I.tu..
Oriieo P. Atwell4iae .-jrririt, te'Clovel.-i'iii
toaoue[��ta posiii nisas >luueing -lady of i
i  stix-k .imipni-.y'tluire.
"Mr. .Ieisey,"'dr rather liRy Langtrj
Is toTTOlnw 'tntfho tsUige. The ruco trim):
la ali rij.ht, Imt<l>onUi|te Istwtter.
F .Minded 189S lncurpura1��i U893
i nlco round . mn.
nu_s are tbe  mr.i
A_528(��<iM;;leco Is i
The happier somo     ^^^^^^^^^^
money *hcy pmsoss.
Tlie solevator In -a dopt,T.n__t attire is
Owaera_t�� of StKKd "H��_tne_a.��
One of tbe peculiar things ubout ��
eopyrlKlitcd ptay ls>fliat uny llttlejflec'-
of l)usiuei._i tir 'Sit& -new lines which
mny be Inserted ln ihe ..cmKiser!|ii
while u stack 'compim.- ih 'plnylng the ;j
drnma bc_<lng tlMWivftdt- ito .lie mm '
who owns the x_tpyrt#l��_ !
Every time n stodk owupwny rents m ,|
play for protttitftioii from the owner rff
the ronyrlght it Is out. Interlined nnd
ndiT.il to'before It Is produced. A st��Ke
inaiiiiger. for Instance, may lnt('r|ioh_-
Eome speeciies 4n wi*r ta wort up *hi
the introduction .ft-a -song^dr spit-iulQr.
nr he may strengthen tlie (_imn.. by
putting In some new und -Btrong lilies.
Often these lnterpoUiteS .Hims prove to
be the most -tfttHetaij. 'in iflie piny sud
mnke declili'fl tilts. 41. Witv.- nre left ta
when the imannscrlT. 'isoes buck te 'Itt
owner, '.hey bcccmic his inopjiity ii_b-
soliitely nnd mny ndt 'lie nni>fl !hy flic
man who wrote tbem in uny oilier pro
Auction; 'therefore shrewd mnnngcra
before they return n piny to Its owner,
always tnkeiRrcat.pains to erase ever>
scrap of correction km- inli-i-lliieiitlon.
lu tbis wi��y loilty imtfy 'tbey >Ue^i iMbai
really beldngs .b4bem
VVIiNt  tt'9    .to...   ��� W.-.X' ,.. J   i sV.IM.
The Wll-il ���T<;ri;.."i|l-sv-tm-,T-T tit ' ' '  'i I",
t r-nniuR in 'h thiti ., . ilfc    .1   til
,. ronch grnsitniln. t>f tvl.UUi our l-::ij;ll..i
'grngrani" Is -a 'eo��.i|itJ����, iin.n.ii.n :
Hill' of cn.-irsnn'id'livls-?J't��_tlii'o liliil.
old Adinlrnl 'Vornoii.'WlH-comili'indwl tlii
Englinli iiuvy'justlbufin-i our wer of^iuile
lendence, woi��ibrecclini.'.i>tTlii.,.' II is in.,
rriiil and Was '<iluknanie_'4m:ii 1l1.1t sn
Tui.i.stnnce "Old Orug." '_!-_ �� id lo bnvc
lis 11111) mix water witl. the ruin Hint wns
ulwnys served to English sailor., as part nl
thuir rations, and hence 'any Urani mi_. <-'.
.villi water came to I* wilts, "giog" anil
lis) pities whnra 'StiJl. . biog_ ui-o _ol.l _
'Br'.i|j).o_y."��� Jliai ���&. F. Andrews lu St
tTeaiev_ CI lies VMtr.
The ee-f.em visitor finds tbe cttlet'df
the. nortliw?!toru const brimful of life,
color, slgnlllcance, picturesque Interest
nnd. though -the forces wliich Hrave
combined 'In 'their niuUlng are tome-
what similar, each hnsm>dlstiiiet>clmr-
ueter nntl ludivlilunlitv. "I.lv%," <���
word of tbe west, may -well be applied
to them���a sort of brisk activity, youth-
f'lliiess, 'Wone. Tbey hnve tlie Vatber
unusual cnpac.ty or doing 'big .hinpss
sud talking alxwt tbsin lustily nt tbe
same time. 'It *s ��tbt .rey .if the 'street
corners: "Just watcbeos grow. See us
getting to the front"���U��y Stannord
Baker tto ;Century.
Re\'. T- S- Bents, Tpasttw.
SctWccs t_i2xt Lord's Day
a.in. and 7.30 p.m.
Subba'th School at iie am Midweek meeting on \Ve.itiesday ever,
ing at ,7,3* o'clocik.
Rev. i. ��... White, M.A.
Prwides a <_lrti.jt4iti_ Home for Students of botU
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
jitviiior students talking HtMic .Sohool wott. Does High
School woifc aaatl pnejoeres for _*rovincial Teachers' Eitaiii-
inations, Teaches all branches of a Practical BusinetH.
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Libera.! Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladie^ tOmsrse
<for M. E. L., and M. L. A. In Theology conFere tShe de-
���SJSSfS ",_, -mm quaint. | gree of B.D. In IMW,r.sity .verk caE rtake students through
ances andiiosns old friends. Uithe complete ATts Course for the   B.A. degree of Toronto
ItfHMHiontly rains ou the Just liecnna-,1        . _, . ... ��
thoiinjU-tlbn��STarrleE��d_��i_i��umbreUi��.     ','UnPTCTglty, With Wllttll the CtClege IS in   full   amliatlOll.      Ill
Whcn��yo,,npW��n-queez��.nh.lre851,sScience  teaches  fcbe   Fkst   Yaar of T��9TOtfte   School  of Sci-
bnce, anfl has a Special Es.gineeriug Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this RreviiiC-. .In Music, n
in tiieery., voice culture^ and jjiano and
organ, in __J_g.in-tio__ with tthe To_eute ^college i^F music.
Special instrectioK in ant and elocution, ��whiie etfi students
are required to lake physical! training with all tlie privileges of a well equipped gymnash_m.
Rs__��ftti services ���Or-escent
latid, 3 p._ui; LaHnen, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meetrng on Thursday at J
8 11.111. ^|
The S.S. Sonoma leaves  Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m;; return-1
ing, leaves Steveston   at  9:30 a.m
and 4:30fum.
When you wish to buy Visiting
cards call-on the Delta Times who
will sell the 'best money can buy.,
5f y��m need fljein printed, why 70U
ere imoney in pocket by calling on;1
the Delta Times first.
Datit ��n��ny tfi* vomnn wbo ����tN
IBtlKt durso a pujt dag than a lutby.
Don't marry the woman who wotut
ntber<dle thun��weur *-b*-__tirtwo soasom
ItoliH suiuty 'the Hi-oman Twin wnnts
thing* ijuft _eei_u��>-',��ih��r''Wo__*n" buve
Don't iDMfp._e.mm_) -who!tmyi brie.
���-brae for -the 'best room nn'd borrows
kitchenlUWualhi f__rt_i*er mtlghHors.
the is npt to (Inii'herself pressed for money
A possinslst Is one who is always expoct
Ing bad tuok ��o<l Is eutpaised .when 1:
Aftc*-nWK.lnK*t\vowcel!e'>*__otlon ll   1 .
the coiTinry bt;* low men -are patrlotU jCOniiplete   COtTTSe
BniitiKli for It. :!
A fishcrn nn sny**Hsh slnnild not be pri
uiitted tu liu wh .11 tiny can Iw hung. The .
..nro inl;;l:t l�� viW .if llsliernten. 1
��� When * womnn eun speak tlu-_e'or fnni '
'[.insTimauti -uuuil., tho i_ louli. .1 to ihr.n' j
hursvil t-Way on u nuiii *tho ���UuAeUMhtl'
'>ut one.���Clileuuo News.
��l�� Varletln-air 1Mhea��iw.
There ls prolMblyino-prodinHmlf >lnnr-,|
ganle naturcubout w1iiilli-th<mc4sse intieli V
popular niystorp imiA ini-otMiceptton ai I
oslieslus. It Is ivncnrilp .:iider_t_K>.l that !
the principal ��.Miin it tliis n-mnrknlilt
product IstlHttHf ��WBot lie��insiini-.l l.y
Ore. Thero arc,OiinvrwuT, _m lens thnn _1_
vurletios of __Sliesti(s,'����ch of which pes
sosses sQualltlc* lieeiilinr to itself. They
may .wclas_lfled i��s.follnws: Ainnnthtis,
in whloh the flbcn mra ea ��_ceedlngly
long, flcxihlflsand /la_ft.:T_hitt they may be
woven into cloth; coiiiiiinii asbestus, with
the fibers much less flexible���it ls heavier
than the una, v����iet��, a dull green in col-
or, .HimetltneK pearly In lum .r and oily to
tliBitoiich; mrauntaln cork, tight enough
to float on water; '.no__.;itn leather, also
very light, but thinner-and more flexililt
than the taut.; "mountain rjaper or blue ns
bostus; mountain wood, which 4_rexternal
appearance resembles dry wood. Aa a
matter of fact, Dearly .all Tarletles have
more or less the ��ppe*rance of fossilized
wood. Asbestps'bM'been found In nearly
all parternKKtm globe.���Kew -York Ledger.
���onm     ..^^^^^^^^
The grtitiU vizier wasenlbltlotsa
"I think," Mid he, ''that my'head will
be on a irodill some day."
"na!"��uld tlw enlii*.    "Good Ideal
I'll hove it stTuak off tit' AMV��� Indian-
aoous .  .nidi.
_.*Sii��_e Wwrwt. ,
Von Boeher lmu'lhe Mniikest'fate I
On this t-cRcstrlal hull.
Olrl.i whon__a|)<thMr kodakstlt hlm I
��eh't get ��ay(blnc at nil. ,
���Chicago -Record, 1
fio Warner,
'������nnjyah'tlttnk there Is an3r��tt_nger df
Umprifti being dominated by 'Europer
"No. _1V," nnsvrere4 Mr. Mcekton
>wlth c-trunrdluary emphwftsj "not so
tlon? ns pi]iIiieiit'Eur_tpe��M��eo_tl__e _o
1 ma rry A urerlceo igUts?'
Stnrtr or Haatlttt
"My boy," said tho man of -Ideal ��W-
.aatament, "If you want to become a mas.
ter of your profession you must study-
study day and night."
"Yea," replied tho energetlo youth,
''and while I'm away off ln a oorner studying some other man wlll ba huitllof
��rouodsgettlng alt .the business.
To the busy housewives iin th
midst of their morning duties, tii
monotonous tinery, M'wfaat ��hal(
we have lor lunch?" at times is almost maddening. A delicious vet
substantial ��nd economical dish can
be quidkly 'eufi easily prepared to
answer this question which 'besides
s_-.S-Y.ng the pAate is gratifying'tcj
<the homekeeper as she hears the
hungry broo'd nround her table ex-
claim "Why, this is mighty good."
Takes cold boiled rice from a previous meal and freshen by bringing
to a boll with w:lk,  using enough'
.0 get a soft ydt firm mntttrre    Addjl
���a beaten egg  if desired.   Sweeten
id flavonto tttt-hj. Ipltt 'this 111 ai
serving di_h and pOttr owr it the
���syrup and'fruit from a can of pines
apple. The Cayenne] variety is
preferable as it is sweeter and gives
����� pleasing fruity flavor. This m#y
���be served >cold or 'ts -soou Has pre-
iparcd. This 'novel ttiih seldom
'fiils to pleesn, anil its itmtT-titye
Vilue is beyond <jmotion. Try it.
?.. V. C.
Bow te Handle slln..
���nil��� What In time did you let Blmber
Ml that long yarn *H o��er again eorf He
4dM it to you only the dny Mora.
���Fogg���The day boforef Why, tie liae
told it to-nresno teas than <our tiuiee the
Jlans���Antl y��d let him ..r. It again.
fogg���Of 'course. While ihe is telling
.that story 'be ilsn��t__iylng anything else,
���nd,. as I'm not obliged to "litten, you
Jtnow, I oan think of something elso'wUfe-
���utsfeeing In theUeast disturbed.���Bo-a��
Llghtlwg rftio fpyrnnIia��N�� Egypt wlTh ,
���leotriiity nnd thciustttllution of nSS.i 11O 1
horse.Kiwn. tplant.t*. eost some $**10,0'lO,
Is n plan now'under consideration 'try the
Britinh government.
The VntTean Is soon to be _l#1t*l with
eleotrio lights, the 1 plant being sot up in
the former burrocks of the French gourds.
AathoroareIl7��e0-room_tlw4ilunt��wlirbe .
��utto an extunstve-eae. fi
A profasfional sohool ot electricity _"to
be established at St. Germain, nenriPatls, i
to be oalled the Ampere Institute -The1
school ls Intended to furnish laborers and:
foremen with an electrical education, and
llrst class Instruction wlll boglraB. la-botk;
ameej and psaottaa. I
If you average the -cost price ot J-M Asbestos Roofing ���
the period of years it is ia service, you will see that "J-M" iis
cheaper ut -.use .ban ;u_j' -other prepared rootUflt. JBeing .njuk n_F
As*eB_��, an inUeEtructible mineral, "tt i_ permanenllyititirable,
and as it does not require any coating or,pointing, .it-firstewtt is
the only cost.   Easily applied byanyone.
AsbeStosidi. is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Aak for- aanu>kM and pricea.
576 First Awe. S.1 Seattle, Wash
VV     \s'"->V,WV-'
The Delta Times
On the ijlh inst., a l-W atrt.
white Spaniel. When last seen was
following Kro -sportsmen in Penn
bertori's big field, mear the house,
Canoe Pass.
Finder will be rewarded on leaving same at
"SuccesMr to
Having'pvrr<?h__*d'fire nfbove busi-.
ness, I am prepared to do fust-class
work -a. Hi l-kinds ���<.! ildunderidg.j
For ten years successfully operated)
a laivtidcy.inNow .V<r.k City.
afoot* Palronge m\amestly
job   Printing*
.B.C i iiOCAL NEW 8.
"~'       '       ag====   1     1 flu   1   s=aa_a���snai
For Sal
Keep the evening of November      A  hundred  dollar option  on  a
12th free. ' new piano.    Apply
7 p.C.
On Your Money
s p.c.
R. D. McKenzie was a  visitor to
the Terminal City, last week.
Watch out for full particulars of
entertainment on Thursday, November 12th.
We Bens Leave
Mrs. E. B. Ladiier and two children returned, Saturday, from a
visit to New Westminster.
Friends of Miss Kirkland will regret to learn that she is laid up
with an attack of appendicitis.
The Annual Meeting of the Delta
Farmers' Game Protective Association will be held in the Town Hall,
Ladner. on Friday, October 30th,
1908, at 8 p.m.
We regret very much to state
that our worthy Reeve, J. A. Paterson. is still very ill at Jubilee
Hospital, Victoria.
H. D. Benson returned home on
Friday morning, from Vancouver,
���where he had been on business in
connection with the water works
The annual meeting of the Delta
Farmers' Game Protective Association will be held in the Town Hall,
Ladner, on Friday, October 30th,
-908, at 8 p.m.
Alex. Davie is able to sit up
Again after having been confined to
the house during the past two
weeks ot so and hooes soon to be
able to be arouud again.
The members of the Dandelion
Club entertained a large number of
their friends in Oddfellows' Hall,
pn Friday last, when an invitation
, dance was enjoyed until about 3
(O'clock a.m. Everything passed off
Dr. G.  Kelson Thorpe leit,  on|
Saturday last, on  an urgent busi- j
ness call  to England.    During his I
absence,  Dr. A. DeR. Taylor will
do all he can to look Rafter the vet-
erinary business.   Dr. Thorp is tn
be hack eafrly in January, iqoq.       |
filEAI.ED TENDERS addressed
to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Dredging Coal
Harbour," will be received until
Friday, 30th October, 1908, at 4:30
p.m., for dredging required at Coal
Harbour, Vancouver, Province ol
British Columbia'.���
Tenders will not be considered
unless made on the form supplied,
and signed with the actual signatures ot tenderers.
Specification and form of tender
can be obtained on application to
iG. A. Keefer. Esq , Resident Engineer New Westminster, and al
the Department ot Public Works,
Ottawa. Tenders must include the
towing of the plant to and 'from the
works. Only dredges can be employed which are registered in Cauada at the time of filing of tenders
Contractors must be ready to begin
work within twenty days after the
date they have beeu notified of the
acceptance of their tender.
An accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order ot the
Honourable the Minister of Public
vVorks, for one thousand dollars
($1000.00), must be deposited as
security. The cheque will be returned in case of non-acceptance of
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 7, 1908.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department.
t Public Meeting
Will be held in the
Town Hall, Ladner
October 24th, '08
At 8 o'Clock p.m. in the Interests of
And   other   Speakers   will   be   present.
The Conservative candidate has been invite i to
Ladies Es^eoially Invited.
-    GOD   SAVE   THE   KING    -
When You Require
��� ii i aaa���.   -1    -������    5   ssji^na i      I i        ���    ���������_������
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article pf Furniture or
Household FuinisYJngs a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there is the
Visitors Welcome.
B. Os
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��.
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represent ed-
Hartlord Pir. lnnurniic. Co. insurance Os. ol North America
Plweiilx Inmirnnce Co. o. Ilroolclyn    The Ocean Accident J: Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fire lnKiirance Co. tion, Ltd., of I.oudon, Hng-.
Imperial Triwl Co.. TAd. Vancouver. B.C.
To notify the people jol Ladfter and surrounding district that w�� are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties Who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices*
Can only be made from first quality of milling
wheats. We have our own buyers on the prairies securing for us the choicest grades of milling
wheats, from which ROYAL STANDARD is
made. Skilful milling and selected wheat enables us to guarantee every sack of ROYAL
STANDARD to you. Get the habit and use the
best  It is the cheapest in the end.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co,, Lit,
The Days Are
Getting Shorter!
Is Your Lighting System in good order ?
Now is the time to order your new fixtures.
We are Agents for the Largest Electric
House in Vancouver and can do your work
right and at reasonable prices.
We Are in the Market
For All Kinds of Produce.   See vis before
going further.
How About a Gasoline Engine
For wood sawing, chopping, pumping, &c.
the head of the list.
B. C,
Cut Glass*
Watches man
All .Kinds of Jewellery,
New Stock*
Call and See Thetft
Jl. Clausen,
is one ofthe maiy admirable qtial-3
ities that yon cat* count oa if yoa|
piftchase all you'V
Harness and
Horso Qoods
_flf us.   Oar stock is l_rge, the m.j
terials Gne, the style ani construe
_ioh of each article is thorough.i|
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
M2 Hastings Street. Vancouver. B. C.
Estate ol
W.   L.   McBRIDi
General Merchant
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichi


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