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The Delta Times Dec 1, 1906

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Array tpiy-vgf -���-*  "sy
No. 13.
I.ADNER, B. C, SATURDAY. DL.F.lI.f-U t, 1906.
$1X0 y
Lor-'s Day alliance NasSfierade Ball.   KNTEBTSINflEINT.
i    A meeting of  the
i Alliance was held   ii
(Church on Monday et
['attendance   was   not
d's Bay
11 Saints
ig. The
large ..-
The grand masquerade 1 .-all. last,
uigbt, in tbe Town II.H, under the *
direction   oi   the   Laduer   17 met
Ci'i-1 ii
u\ i
my win* i 1
tne most attrac-
iu I.adner, pro-
For the Xmas Pudding and
might Ini.-? b?en expected, lut
' .hose presenl were well pleased w.'ih
'th? instructive and interesting ad*
dre.-u given by Revr*Afr. Rochester,
:   '
I te. A., travelling secrc
' prairie provin :as and V,
The Speaker empha.i
i that the Lord's day is
Fifth Institution \vt\d by I
��� people ut the time,
Jcessity  frem   tie
���r the
. the  tact
A nirrely
i_ religoiif
bttt also a r.e-
stand   point  of
New Currants,
New Raisins,
New Sultanas,
New Peels,
New Figs,
Fresh Groceries,
Best Quality,
huaisnitv.    Franc;
Band, was a huge success
three hundred people tun,
lend a hand in VHri.ius iv
less than fifteen coming n
'.he Point.
The costumes were v-
some, interesting anc con;
cha*r_tc.er.*_ well susuine!
out   which   gave  t'-i-   ju
time of their life selecting
Quite n number neglecti
Iheir cards in tlif boxes
for that pmpohe.
The prize-winners  we;
.    About:
ed out 1".
ays.    No
ver from
������',' handle and the
tlm ugh*
rlges th'-
tbe prize;
d   lo pn'
(J 11 linn,
i {ih rns
i-'i v.;!--:
Mis ....
ear, will in- lhe pro*
���- Town Hull, un tbe
ii Children's Cantata.
l'-'ma-, at Grandpa's.1*
��i' d Mis. Hilt.in. as-
M.   Richardson  as
Mi** Violet Laduer
��� ������ ��� staging it.    With
:i.*a d  ability lhe evening
Tickets for Grand Xmas Drawing.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
H. N. Rich will sell by auctioo��
Ion Saturday next, tbe Sth inst., at
lihe farm on the Gowdy load, all
l.iie valuable stock ot horses, cattle.
Iimpicmer.tsk and .fleets  of  Wm.
Gowdy.   This is-a genuine lot ot
stock; the bosses are good workers
*nd true, the cattle worthy the attention of all stockmen and the ira-
fcilcments in good order.   The sale
fwill commence at   io._jp a.m. and
jti'incheou will be provided. , This
lie should draw a big crowd.
C. W. Nelson wifl preach, morn-
ling are*! evening, to-morrow, in the
[Methodist Church. Rev. J. F.
Lefts will preach taissionary ser-
le.-'afl.in the-Rbutne circnit.
Thc Kev. Iri R. Hicks has been
0-nipellet by the popular demand
to resume the publication of his
w. llknown and popular Almanac
fer 1907. This splendid Almanac
ia now ready. For tale hy news- j
dealers, or sent postpaid ior 25!
cents, by W.t_ and Works Publishing Company; 2201 Eocua Street
St. Louis, Mo., publishers of Word
and Works, one cf the best dollat
.monthly magazines in America,
goes with every subscription.
said,   vr.;..
���not   a   C-iHiiti*"   which   might   he
.{termed u very busy couutry, yetjh.w-_. ���"��� Mrs.  Frank Guichon;   _.
. 1 trance has rerently bera busyinj. j Mrs. Sown; 3. Mrs. Iletheriug.cm;
-j herself ia the framing of a  Lord's 4. Miss Hewson; 5,   Mrs.   McKae.
; Day Act.    It was foj-ud to he ne>; G-kts**ri_,  W.Maiee;  2,  \V. I.iv-
iressary for the well-being oi the ��a*j Jng'toue;   3.   B.   Arthur;    4.   H.
Uion.   Tke   Lerd'.s   Day   was not Teller.
: only for o.rselves but for others ai      The list below eoutnies the u;une.-
���well.   The servants had a right to and costumes of those who register-
i have a day in which they were not ed by placing slips in  the boxes
1 compelled to work.    It was a phys- provided:
lical as well as a moral necessity. Mesdames���Bert   Pead.estoa   ss
I    Mr.   Rochester  humorously   re- i Lady Washington;   W. Alexnnder,
.1 called how the Lord's Day was 'jockey; T. R. Paterson, Red Riding
j kept by the sturdy Scotch, and said; Hond; E. T. Calvert, .Spanish Tor*
(while some of them may have been] <?��������<.��. !'��� Guichon, fencing girl; E.
.extreme, it was uot necessary for us 'A. Bowu, Cross Latch; H. A.
I to go tu the opposite extreme. He j Hetkeriuj-tou, powder and patches;
I here stated tbat there  was now as; Wm. McCrea, iTanciug girl;  G. II.
��� much desecration of the Lord's Day Waters, Japan; Fred Parmiter,
} in .Scotland as iu Many other coun-. .��IJ��_--S_ 1*4j; I). McGregor, maple
I tries, and tbey are now wanting to I leaves; M. E. Wharton, blue-bell;
j get back rheir old Sabbath.    It has Jos. Hopcott, bride.
beea n problem to the government,    M_ss_s--LiUie  Whitworth, folly;!
Oi*5nglandirai.T.t*. o-glif to keep Ana ie Smith, l*iu...>: Ada HiK, *
: what We already possess, for it is, trained nurse; Lconia Whiuvorth, ���
j harder to regain when once lost butterfly;  M.  K. Jordan, Goddess
than to maintain what we have.      I of Liberty;  Margaret  MacKeuzfij
The speaker stated that this i. a. Pierrot; Katie Foster, Scotch lassie;
most important period in our his- Leila Lord, all among the daisies;.
. tory, since people from all  nations j Bertha Helmer,  greenhorn;  Katie
are flocking to our land.    We are j Montgomeiy, sailor girl;  MyraG.i
��� uovr iu  the beginning, of things!Hewsoo, Iiidian girl; AuuieSproat,)
!a-d  if we begin right it will be] May Queen; Maude M-a-nley, night.;
! easier to maintain our right.   Hej,L. Davis,  ivy;   Maudy   Peterson,''
! pointed to Russia as a place where Spanish   dancer;   Mary   Peteraon, I
j they had lost the Lord's Day and  Cinderella;   Laura Sinclair,  gipsy j
with it they had lost the security oi J girl; F. Rrigbtraan, Red Cross
; life   aud   property.     Why,   Mr.! nurse; F.  Frederick,   Kate Grcen-
��� Rochester asked, do not those wbo; way; Henrietta L. Mason, Queen j
1 are unwilling to observe the Lord's of Hearts.
Day, goto a conntry where they      Messrs���II. J. Arthur and A. J.
; have no such day?   Because they. Parmiter,   Uncle   Josh   and   soo|
I know where this day is not kept Ji_n_nic, hayseeds; Rupert L. Fisher, j
I liberty is also lacking. .officer; Chas.  Arthur,  Chinaman;;
At the close of the address a local j Norman Monkman. British Hussar; j
.'organization  was started;  Rev. J. | II.    Montgomery,   Ladner   swell;
j F. Betts was appointed as tempor-  Fred  Parmiter,  page;   VV. Dixon,:
'ary president  aud A. DeR. Taylor! king;   True   II.   Oliver,    country
as secretary.   Copies ot tka new | gentlemen; .Stanley Page, Red Cross;
I Lord's Day Act, which comes into j surgeon;    G.   Frederick,    comical
! force on March ist, 1907, were dis* j coon; I).  Matheson.  sailor;  J. \V.
! tributed. ' Gilbert, Uncle Josh; Claude Mason,
j __^ %.   A.   trooper;   Andrew   Rennie,*;
i 20th century; Fred Arthur, Hindoo;
j A meeting of the ministers of thej Lf0() Har'rili f,0stillioii; Gee.
,town was held in the MethodUtlQriWtTt nr<\ cross Knight; W.
j Parsonage, Wednesduy, in  the in-Ujvjogstone, Chink, Donald Kean,
terest of the proposed organization Jotb  centliry country geiatleman;
  1 of a branch  of "Tlie Lord's Day] w   Byrom,  Highlander;  H.  Mc*
I wish to thank the many friends! Alliance of Canada" in Ladner.       : eormick, Bluebeard; Frank Brown,
who so kindly expressed tbeir syni- j    There was expressed on the part' _6tll ccntljrv; Duncan Montgomery,
:.!..;i ;: ;i,
as S:rnud
this reco
rn -. !:������ -:"   vss.
In addition to the c.-iitatri there
will be un amusing farce called
"Cnl-s," rendered !y the <Jirls*
''-nil til A:! Saii.ti' ussisti-d by
othetsi The proceeds will.be de**
voted ib the Vicat-ge ftintl.
Details oj the prcgraatme will be
puhlished later.
Prices Right
pathy toward  my family and my
self in our bereavement.
Ladiier, B.C., Nov. 28, '06.
AT.Daily. Af.Actual
Division 1 21-05       19.86
Division II 37-42       36,95
Division III 30.14,       39.97
Division IV 34-00      33.16
j of each one present a deep regret! raemiteti pSijc-.
that so many use tke day Jor ilie- Supper was served ot the Delta
jgi.timate purposes, especially for Hotel, alter which dancing was in*
I hunting and shooting, thereby dis- j duigw( ia BHtii 4 fcm. W[1CB M wen
tarbingthe qniet of the day, and;salj,fie<i crowti dispersed to  their;
; placing hefore the children of thejj^,,^
j ee-mruunlty an example which can- j 4_
' tiot fail to lower their regard for j
; the Christian Sabbath and all thnt.y��rs"d the elevation ot  the p,.:.
jit stands for.    It was resolved to;
; appeal, through the press to tkose j
! of onr citizens who have indulged churches were submitted ior reco���
itt these objectionable practices, to! mend.t��m to tlie branch  at its or-
i abstain from them in the future and j Z*�������� to represent the respec- j
Editor Ufxt��. i'uik..-
Sir: I ..-null! like to use a small
space Ju  your  valuable  paper   to
; make a few remarks about the road
woik going on Ln Ward  III.    Tbe
work of which I would speak more
particularly h a ditch being dug on
*!:e road dividing the   Burr  aud
MacDonald properties on Crescent
Island.    The  Mac!   referred   to   is
gazetted   sixty sir  feet   wide,   but
part ot the road  has been annexed
to J. ?'IacDona!d's ranch by a fence
(encroaching  seventeen  feet on the
public highway, leaving ouly forty-
; nine  feet   for   road.    Abottt   four
: years ago tliere was a ditch on both
j sides Qi 'V road, t'e ditch-on Mac-
I Donald's side of the road being Inside his fence but still oa  the road.
J.   MacDoiiald,   about that time,
without any known authority, went
1 quietly   to   work   and  put a few
drains   across   the   road  into the
: ditch o:i II. i.nrr's side., then went
; to work and filled  up tbedits.h on
hi-; own side ol the road.
Harry Burr asked   the Council,
this summer, to fill 1:1 the flitch on
I his side as it encroached 011  his
property and he could not put up a
fence   without  i,i'ii.'_,   six or eight
leet   hack   on   his ow.n property.
' When tiie ditch -was dug the dirt
i was,used to grade thc road.    Thia
I summer, when fixing tlie road, they
partly filled up Purr's ditch, intending to finish it when digging a new
one in the right  place  alongside of
the old r>n*\
In the meantime the Councillor
hr this ward went to work aud
dug u siK-foot ditch two feet outside
of MacDonald's fence which brings
the inner edge of tii'.* ditch twenty-
five feet into the road, leaving the
ditch on Unrr's side only half tilled
in. I think thnt Q few oi tlie taxpayers would like to knov. who i*J
paying foi the new ditch���whether
it is the Council or the party who
filled in the oW dttclt without authority about foul years ago?
Tie property owner who steal*
; road Und���and there is quite a few
on the Delta who break the Tiighth
Commandment so far as road land
j is concerned���is not .dtogether te
1 blame, but the Councillors ure tke
linen who should blow the fog trom
. I lie mind.
Two  names
their brains and uphold the .���onati-
j tutiou they have *wor�� to abide by-
��� when elected by the people.. '
from  each   of the
thereby aid ns in our endeavors to
Mrs. T.AVoolery went np to the] educate m ^ten in those ways
Itive churches upon thc executive
committee ot the branch.
Harry Vasey leturned, Tnesday. !Roy__l City, Monday, ���ccompanied | ^"^^""j^i'f^UwU'and w-      ,*flok out lor "'Wno'"'"'^"1 of'
with about 100 head of horses and fby Misa Elsie Townsend, who had   s(raint ���.}���,.}, wjp |,e tV��r theiT bet- ihe Public n��_ting and  make it .1
cattle from the Interior. ibceii her guest for a couple days.    . v-r\nc*t-.t throU'-'hOUt   their comiu- '*'''''nt t# atte|,-d.
BRAK, sn__*RT��, Whole Corm.
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed. Timothy and
Clover Seeds, Sutton's Garden
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at ..T.nckman-Ker Milling Co.'*
warehouse., Ladner, trom Mr.
II. ST. RICH, Local Agent -a-i-i-H DH.TA TIMES, SATURDAY, DHCI.MTBER i, if.c-6.
&S5& -������= ���^
jPuar.tSHED every Saturday.
SUBSCRIPTION, $1*0�� P*r year��
Casual  s\arcrtls-j-iTKnt5, lr> Cents p.. Wne foi I
_h_SYntln-.-rt.on. nml 5 cent* pr-r line  Ioi i-as.li,
artsrqa'i i Invrtion.    The   mimlier   ol   l.msi
_____onr,l Iiy th.- space occupied, 12 lines lo Uie
H��tcs lor Commercial A<li**_��tise���ic���ts cau be
__���_ on'flpplicf.lion fit this oHic-.
Re.i,ling nonces 10 cents per line Ior each in-,
Birth-nA Death notices, sac., Marriages......   I
Anv special nr.ltce, tlie object ol which U.lv
���(���note the pecuniary benefit ol _n>* IndWialnl
*f Cs.rap_fl-.s_ to be con��uier<'U an oJverti._ineni;
��nd ctii.rsed _��-ut_i_gly.
All-d��erU-seiuents. charged for until order*!
on and pai.l for,
Oorresf_wideo(*(s intitrj on matters ot public
iMercsi. Ci_:nninni_ctioiisto editur raiut be ac-
OM-punie. bj* name of writer, :iisst,nec_��uril*/
___* _>uhtl_��a_l.u_, but ns evil__fl.e ot; gcod faith.
Oi_-re_peadaoce runst reach ttii_��_ice t,y Tliusi-
rtay rreninj..
Geo. R. M._n.i.i'v.
Manager,    j
SA'FL,'Kl>AV,    DECBM-BRR   I,   10.06.    !
The   Conservative    Conv-ittion,'
ield  at   Cloverdale,  on  .Saturday,:
���___.- ot.te_p_ed Ly a number ol dele-!
galea from Delta, wh* were co&vey-'
nd t-itlier hy a special train ou thej
C-. .V R.    Tfae victim  selected lar1
s#_ri-_.c_: was Mr. F. J. MacKenzie, |
���ur    e��tee__e_    drufgi.t,    whos_i
speech ���_. that occasion  was published  ve-Thatim in the. Vancouver I
WhiLst we hav? every respect for:
-Mr. MacKenzie as a pill raixer aud ,
jdispeuser   af  popular   proprietary i
��edicines, we consider his qualifi-
cations fer   political   prefsrnjent to
be-ef a S-rnewhat doubtful  character.    V.'e would have pieferred. see- j
lag W. H. I.aduer or sanns other;
gestl.-miiw  ol   equal   ability,   who,
wot..- have mad. the contest close I
eu-ugk  to be interestiuj., but vre'
tnppoie, th_ political aspiration., of
(the young politician conld net well:
ba overlooked  and  the  wisdom oi
.expariouee    prevented   the   more;
prominent members of the  party '���
pere inviting a repetition of their
Inrmer defeats.
Honest John is again te be congratulated on havinj a soft snap;
so soft, this time that there is every
indication of au increase iu the
���grovincial revenue of somewhere
near $:tr>.
Popular Wedding.
cott, brother ol the  groom, flower     Wheu you wish to buy visilin;
vase,;  P. Petersen, silver and china
fruit disli; Miss JL McV.'aters, leir.-
c.iiis call on the Delta Times  who
a. 0. u. w. ���.���{������������������:-.-
Delt-'i Lodge, No. i_ meets first' *
Will sell the best moucy cau buy. land third Tuesdays of each mouth; *���
r f *   , 1 ���     ���      �� . :    ���J**
--laiie set; Mr. and Mrs. M.Wftters,   If yon need them printed, why yonfjn Oddfel!c,Ws' Hull.
���fjsas. Tono. M.W.
'���;-���    T*. \V, K.ERK. l.gcordf*-.
J-l-doz. chairs; .Mr. and Mrs. Wln.r- < arc riioney in pocket by calling  on
ton. silver biscuit jaf; John Harris, 'the D-dta Times Crst.
vase; Chilvcr Wickson,  vase;  Mr.       ,L   _���_ ���_ ___t_u^_....-,.._   ���  7
and Mrs. Fred   I.nnd,   sii ver butter j
dish; Mr. and   Mrs.  D. Harris, sil-j NOTICC  TO   freO.fOrS
ver berry spoon; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. |
Storey, water s.t; Mr. and Mrs. A.! 	
Brown, silver salt and pepper stand;  In  tiie  matter of   the Compaiiia-'
Capt. and Mrs. Oliver, silver fish
fork; Dr. nnd Mrs. A. A. King,
silver berry spoon, Miss Leslie,
china cheese dish; Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. .Stainton, hand painted scenery;
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Welsh, silver
bread tray; Mr. and Mrs. R. Eytoa,
three china dishes; Mrs. White,
china, mustard stand; Mrs. fos.
Purr, vase; Miss Mabel Burr, sofa
pillow top; John MacDouald, ,!���_���-
doz. silver knives and forks; Miss
Jennie MacDonald, table cover; Mr.
and Mr-;. D. MacGregor, berrv set;
te:. and Mrs. Samitel Morrow,'
china berry ret; Mr. and Mrs. X.
Mitchell,  tea  set;   Mr.   and   Mrs,
Wiuding-Up Act, 1..Q8, and Am
���fin!ing  Act*, and in tlie matter
of Thc Delta Creamery Co., Lim-
���   ited Liability.
jVOTICF, is hereby given that all
creditors and othera having
claims against the above named
Company are requested, ou or before the 31st day of December, 191*6,
to send their names and addresses
and the particulars of ikeir debts
aud elsita. to II. N. Rich, Laduer,
B, C, Liquidator oi the laid Cum-
pnQV, aud further tako notice that
alter such lakt mentioned date the
snid Liquidator will proceed to distribute tha assrts of the Company
amoug tbe parties' entitled thereto,
having regard ouly to the claims oi
which the Liquidator., has then
W. N. Draper,
Koum 2. I���lar*l mock. New W'estniluster.
���+T*>vfH*tT*?*.-**'M"i- ++->v+v'.*i-*��'*i*>. ���_������������:���<-^���������������������'���.-^
Delta Transfer Stable
LADNER, B. ���,
Team Work Bssr.3 at Speooaliy Low PHoes.
For Sale or Rent
The   property    known   as    the
Palace Stables.    Applv at
Fashion  Stables -
Tracking and Draying.
Livery  work   of all   kinds attended to promptly.
X JOSEPtl JORDAN, Proprietor.
-f Telephone " Ladner" No. to.
***4^*>fv*f*^>^-f .���*f*>f^*.:.f*ir^*4A^+4*.:-^^
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Murchie,   Vancouver,  tea set ar.d
vase; Mr. and Mrs. D. Price, china!    Datad this 15th day of Ncvem
fruit dish; Thos. Husband, albt.i_i;j ber. l9����-
Mr. and  .Mrs.   Harry Burr, water! H- N' RlCH-
ret; Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Harris, r_r- Liquidator. Laduer, B. C
h0 (La.
Usilurr. 11. C
_? ��ggw&
',���?:_*. -. ...
��__ffe f
���d d?mf
lor lamp;  Mr. hnd  M.S..William,
Pybus, table cover;   Mr.  and  Mrs,!
J;   G.ilcharist,   table   cover;   Wm.
Maxwell, table cloth; Mr. and Mrs. I
Ii. Vasey, J<j-doz. silver knives and]
forks; Mr. and Mrs.- Walter Pybus, [
table . cover;   iRobert,   John,  Mis;��i
Sarah.and Mr. aud Mrs. R. Pybus,'
,J*do���. silver teaspoons,and com-
hination   silver   sngir    bowl   und:
spoou holder;  Mr.  ar.d  Mrs. J. L.
Waddell, "J-dor..  silver  tearspoens;
Miss-   Ruby   Price,    silver    butter
knife; Hugh Burr, wine set; Mrs.
Gillaudcrs,   tea  set;   C.   Spinning,
silver cak�� basket; Mr. and Mrs. E.
Chidell, china biscuit jar;  Mr. and
Mrs. W. Bain, carving set;  Thos.;-j,ff-fl-***WPM^
Hume, bronre clock.
The   happy   couple   will   make
their home on Tilbury bland,
Nev/ Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave PL Guichon, 6-30 a.tii-   Arrive V^ricajivex, 10.50 a.tii.
Leave VJaneouver,   2.10 j_m.   Arrive P-t-Gakbon, 6.00 p.i___
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Gives   Pp.sset.gers  fouT  koutrs  iu   either   New   \\7cs:-
miiu'ler or Vancouver.'
New   Freight   Tariff  effective    Septem-ber    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Ra.es      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished witiiout delay. *
j For every Dollar
j one Ticket for the above.
Drawing will Close
received (on account or new sale)
Drawing will be given away.
at 5 o'clock  Dec. 31, 1906,
ov-_:i-;,_uaij_,-jl ���.iin.i.r.it,."'-. _�����
- III li
*-K<i.p-r_Ai_l 1&69.,
���. H^.9
Ladner. B*. C.
.ixtecn   I
msnv: f'
liaj of All Cough Medicine*'.
Mr. E. G. Cace, a msil carrier of
Caut-n   Outer,   Coan.,   who  lias
been in the U. s1*. for about _
years, _ays: We  hsve tried
c����gh  niedicinei   fer  croup*   but!
Chamberlain's   Couth  Remedy  is
kiag of all  and  o��e tp  be relied i
upon every tirae.    We also find it
the bent   reaie_y   for  coujta_'aij-l|
cokls,   jivinif   certain results  and||
leaviug; ae bad   eftect.."
by Ail Druggists.
For s-'ale:
I     Mrs. II. G.  Taylor spent' Mon-
! day in the Terminal City.
A very   pleasant .evening   vrasl     Mr_. Findlsy, and Miss Martin,
speat at the home of Mr. and Mrs. [ of New Westminster, returned ho*j.e}
Geo.  McCInskey, Crescent Island, | Monday morning, after a few days
en the 13th inst., on  the return of! visit at Mrs. W. L. .Slater.
their daughter,   Amelia, who had
Say to Your Grocer Distinctly
_��____ c
The uniformity artel superb cir.aiity
of this Western Eainily Flour that
has made it s'o popular has caused
competitors to represent their flours
aa ''BEST."
There is ouly one "BEST"'
flour on the R. C. market to-day
aud that's Moffet's "BEST."
Avoid disappointment in bread
making by seeing that your sack
bears the words Moffet's
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted
i*9irlB3@s Department*
Deposits of $1 and upY*T.rd3 received and Inte..r~-
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Kast Knd. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Na._ain.ii,
Nelson, Rosalind, Vi'.tofia, Wrucai,, Chilliwack., Cumhcrlaad anr!
New -A'_��tm'iH��t��r.
st Arrived.
Ne Ojiiuni in Chamberlain's Cough j
jnst retnrned irom licr honeymoon
trip, accompanied by  iier husband,
Jos.  Hopcott.    The happy counle
were married in Vancouver on thej    There is not thc least danger in
6tb  inst,, and  on  their return to..giving Chamberliiii's Cough  Rem
Crescenr Island they-were tendered  etb' to small children as it contains
il very hearty  welcome by   their
young friends.    Thc evening was
Columbia Flouring Mills Co.. Ltd. 1 [TailS,  OxfOfdS &
at^s^��i__^^.*'^*_:^'7':v'.'^'-.-y1^-^     _aa____i_<__eiaawse_HB____.''
Eleetric ii (liii I
no opium or  otlier  liarmlul drug.
It has an established: reparation, of ���
e��joy��blv sp-nt'at cards and dauc-j ���orc **ia�� thirty >'��*�� ��s tiie most;
fug until thc -n-ce sma' hours. successful medicine in. u*e for ceWsJ .....
' Among thc many handsome'and crouP and-whooaing.co_gb. It al- and file your application for
valnable presents were ths follow-.ways cures arid is pleasant to take, j Elcciric Light now, so that
ing: - i Children like it.    For sal. by All
Geo.   McCluskcy,  lather of tll-t-j Druffg
hrhle, $2cm cheque;  Mrs. Geo. Mc- -
Clnshey, mother of thc  bride, oak f-
..edroom set; Mrs. Mages, Vancou-1
ver,  auut  nf the bride, toilet, sit-	
��UjcJ bed* spread  to .Batch; Mrs. C, | piRST GLASS F.\R?.r HAND
_._ .__^- __���_
Get your House wired now
l the poles may be distributed
s^J.pact your premises.
Application blaulcs .111*3- ^JC
I hnd   of  Mr.  McDonftld,  the
ilLnKI _3
ucher Cuts
_*T. Morrow, Van:oi:vt-.-, aunt, bed ��� married, very- good mirke.
sgread; Miss Junrtta M.CIuskev, j understapd; cows and dairy work
s-ister,-.silver ..alt and [>epper;  Miss! _viic t0 bcard ir,ffU whc"  rcquiitc.d
1 H'ott'-e and land.    Apply   Iioit
Mission Citv, B.C.
Marie-   McCluskcy,   sister-,   stiver
toothpk-k  .stand;.'Mr.   ari.l    Mrs.}--���
Nasbu.   \'i��ic?>uv-r*,    cousins,   cut*
jhiss- berry Set', Mrs-. V. Wilband,'
Van.conrer,     gniiidrrtothcr,    china ^
pitcher^  Mr.   and   Mrs. V.  S....'il-
Band a'fid Q. Wilband. uncles and
aunt, one hundred and thirty piece
dinner -sett. 'Mr.   and  Mrs.  K.  \7
Miirtin,'��� Vancouver',   cottsins. c;ir'v-
�� d. w**** tffip II iii) SB til..
'( .
��� <,.;.,��s.;.<.i3^*.jH��s<j,.w;��.��ss5ss.Kr,<j;.<^..^j,
Xew Westminster, Nw. 17,���\Ve I
bine requested Mr. W. II. .Smith ".'
to look alter our Laundry Agencv. ,t.
in I.ndncr, next door to H. Mc-' |
D_.vell-�� Harness Shop, until far**'Y
tlicr notice. : ,*,
Mrimiftcturcrs bf ull tinc-So*
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and _k-ftth_er
Drinks.    '
Vour p&tiro'uage solicited
,.'.... a ,,;,.(-_..,.._..,.*, a..��. -..,-_, ,.\, A.
�� 1
&  S.;edhouses-
Headquarters lor Pacific Coai_t
rtowb Garden, Field snd Flower J
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vitality liefore o___ring; for sale���!
that are subject to gorernraent in-
sptctiou a.s to freer!0111 from Wrcd
seeds Samples sent to intending
Mrge stock oi.IIOMI. GROWN I,
rriiit and Orname-Jital Trvstsnowl.
i-riatiired for the spring trade. j
No expense, Ii....ncr dela;-of fumi-1
I gation or inspection. -   .
;     BJEE SUPPLIES, .Spray Pumps, I
Spraring     Material,     Greenhouse1
I Pisiir.s. Citt h'loWers'i   '   '    ' i
���    We   do   bur.ii.ei_   on   o;tr   ownj
��� srreurK.s�����.o rent  to  pey and arc
. prepsiod to rrect all competition.
Let ine price your list before plat-
i your order. ' Catalogue'Free.'
A Full Um of
Get a Suit at Once.
,M. J,  HENRY,   ���
33i0 Wostmf��3t_r-.l?t-n(l,
'VANCOUVER,   -.   B. C,1
J. Hutcherson's "NH. DI.I.TA T_-MI.��, SAT.'I.L'AY, D3O., il 33* r, :���: tl
r-**ii^>,-*ii��^r~^.^^-x3^_rj: _ -_^.2._aaBag_:'.^737 _* 777. ������.^77.
^>_i:77^;-.;;7-_:*3HBf7;5:��77r7.*-i^. v*_:v..^' 77-;
-����'��� *a____.
.*    1
'-7'Jffi     _/"/ /       -V:'--___., -."\ *"   *��� ���*_
m -->���. a 4im��%&% ���*"'
<vwv ���*���. - **4 #
���*)����? \i ^K__#l_i____
fc*# ��� Wfm WM
t. *
IK* mi***** .*mm,    r*** ~***m
V*>   n
Uffi fflffi TO IHE PROMI spa .tliis fear w
ft   fUNCY GOODS, tins and ilasswe, etc.,
and tots' J����i.w��8r .and EVrSYnHNfl THAT IS ..IN J>
;soi3ffl���fit;tl--.iiajjer liefore, of WS.m
Drawn Linen, Fancy HaiiflieKhiefs, UtfesT
SJ CHRISTMAS TIME, SditaMe .Presents
.and Christmas Host Cards.
Also large range'"Ladner Souvenirs
Hymn and Prayer Books, etc.
Bring tke Children to see t'he Mechanical Figures -in the window
Xm-^iCards, Calendars, f&oks,
(__MV_M* m -���,��__-^ i_b*-.-_^. *v��lI-.��TD.-*__^_r_i^ .�� . <j_y^M_t-B-|l-_t ���i^��^,1^^���
fl-v0nir-&_-&__F !!I-?__fM'^h_bs.  B^w^^mt^wMw^^^
���*<_.������. ���_��-�� _:
f.-__. __a j#fe,.i*____?_j7
1   Sawing _____tc__ii-__.
-2   Ddil.
-3*Ste_HD. Gookei.
-ft   Bug.
.if)   Bedroom ;B_i_.
sr ammm
__*____. k./ ehssiu ttfasst <____��_�� ��_/ <!_l__i- i?  ��i_3__fi**i
r6   Hall Lamp.
7   Tea fge't.
��   .^-Dozen'Table Bpooi?*...
���0   Drawn Linen.
10   Piano Brape.
���. _fi<
J J Water Set.
..'12 Bon Ban Dis.,.
J 3 Cruet.
14 LaamdryjBa-JkSt
15 Ladies' Umbrella.
16 Embroidered Cushion To.$*
1*7 Inlaid Uardmier Stand.
18 Burnt Leather Panel.
.19 Ladies' Hand Bag;.
20 Souvenir Book of Rocky Mountain Views.
A TICKET for a chance in our great drawing will' be GIVEN AWAY with each 50 CENT PUBCHASF, and the drawing will take
���place at 9 o'Glock Monday night.v December 24th, m our store, in the same way as previous years, which-proved
very satisfactory to all concerned.
,<Ho employe*.' or member .cf his family will'-be-allowed to participate in this drawing.)
.Prizes wil -be en Exhibition rn Our Show Window, Monday, November 12th, on which date, we will.
commence giving away tickets.
'   .
��__��_SK_. '-j..'.?: DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, DECEMBER i, l-fpft
Mrs. N. A. McDiarujid and fipn-J
ily nr.diMTe .*.*. L. Wilson left, on|
���<���**- V.*_dnesi__4-, ft* Everett, WaSb.. onj
R, Mc?Sreter$,  *r���   visije* tic- * ***** *�� Mr. and Mrs. II. &. Bcn-jj
3ors.l Cit_�� qa Wednesdajf.
The Cash Store
XT*. I-a:_->   Mftctiell speet*- last
���\-.-ek vi-.tir.a frif-n.--,. in the  Rc>:_.a-_
 __.__._���__ A p^j Stock 0f Sba_tcH_=.^|>*A 3.x-
Ilsrry Buf^tUtpsctiito move into tures of alL kinds kept on band.
���   hi., hanttebaw new %ausiv!n   the'    Wiring and house __*_.s_iing a
.r_r fi.uire. .specially
Mr. and  Mrs.  W. .Vwr_.on.lie       To. Lw^OWhrBy^,
visited tke I_OTalQ.iy_ en .Monday, |! ' ���-.���.'
-   -.    . *"   -   .     . i-Colitmbja St.,   -   New Westminster-;
.-��ri iin-isrss.
!'     P.O.
lias 364.    Phone ..69.
ii  rhii_l!i-or.ii_enis��!i-ij.'-.. nympum. v..   ^iv..-vii.h.,
_Vs.ili**l SruitTi, she *ft.< lt known
aotato kins., visited (/awn festsweelf,
returning OA Mf'-*i3y v,--lri> Mr.
ijpe.np, of V*BW_��y-fi
��� Alex. Davie has lha*t*Jovial smile
produced r.nir 5>j tlie safe ___*rival of
a liouneing son and heist W_to arrived on Sat��rd.v last.
Dave Haddeu, left Tuesday, far
iji_ home,..Kent,.Wash., where be;
will sptnd a short time while his;
liaid i_ gett:rvt lit for 'use.
*���-.   :"      ��� - ���. ,..,���-.,_.
���"VO-TIGK is.hi.rcby giv-an thai the
Partnership heretofore, subsisting betwean ns, the tiudersigned,
a? Teamsters und Liverymen, has
been dissolved by uiutual eo.iiseat.
All debts owitffg to the raid Partner-ship are to be paid to Joha M.
Collinsou, at I.adner, 1! C , and ell
claim_.__ga-.-ist the-said partuegghip
-are to be preseated- to tile said J. J_.
Collinsou, by whom the same will*
W settled.
Dated'at Ladaer, .8. C, Xo.t*w-
tor -.-j), _o<P_.
j.  __. COU.LXSON.
I I jnet? Table ^oveks
MantifasQtuff^s5' Seconds,
�� I-fear le
PaOa   Off*
>YE bought a manufacturer'a surplus* atock
of pretty Lin-en Table Cloths, with
gome T*s?y slight defects, just enough to
notice when you. la��_t for them, at a large
seduction, nencar we are oj>le to offer them
ito you snt the above 2& pes* sent., reduction.
$2.09 Cloths for U.MK
$2.50 Cloths for $!&&.
$3M Clothe, for $2.��&
The ��_-3.ths are from two- to two-and'-a-
half yards, long and sixty to sixty-six inches
To notify the people of Ladneir suad surrounding district that wet a__e now in a.
position to offer V_u__-.c.uver Island
Portland Cement
; At greatly reduced prices, making it poa?
! oible for parties who contemplate building,
i to put in coacre-fee foundations at about the-
same   eost, aa   piling  or    other   inferior
| mafee__iah
! .... *
Write far Prices.
W. H. 8i<-dali_jr..aEd H.Creech,
te.k a trip .up.to Prince Rupert'
lfst weeJc andv ex^o if> return,
there again i* the near iutivr-*.
Mrs; MeWateri. paid a visit,, on j
Thursday, to her daughter, Mrs. j
K. _5j-'_ro_._ wbo has been f-ery ill.!
We are pressed to atate tbat Mr��. j
Hybn�� is nxu-jh i_��r��o-sed in health.)
______ _____r^,
Andy Brawn's nem barn on Ben-J
sj-H's Tslaud, is   a work  of merit j
both te the owner and builder..   11.
is fitted up with all the latest ini-1
jirovcments and has stable ipoui for!
P. Mer
Holy, Co-MnuiiioH    to-morraw,!  ~--
.\d��_Trt' Sunday, ia M\ Wtrts' at! Hi-E *AXD  DH.\l)   FARMlt..:,;,
the _t-._-_._-y  service, i'o* beijif. thei. SIOCK.
first -Sunday i�� the-mouth. I Comprising���*/wo bay Clj'--- Mares J
I     iu foal;.t>.o Colts, risisg 4 years,
_____    _ i    weight sl'jout'i.-O lbs each;- one;
grey, t'c-lt, using 4  years, about
1430  lbs;  lour General Purpose |
Mares, i��f6alr Jwo drissit-g u.olt., j
rising a yearfi-, weil breken; six 2
and 3-year-o!d Colts;  fire  Sucking Colts;- si-siecu  Dairy Cow.,;
Bii.stl_fide.wii calviug; forty year- j
Hug,   a-year-old   and   _,*>year-_ld
Heifers uud  Steers; McCorroick
Itibder, 2 Jklassey-Harris Mowers,,
Massey-Harris Hay Tedder, ra-ft
Deeritig Ka*__c, 1   four-inch  tire
(^i*. skerfi.) Wagon..nearly naw;
.-fourjiuc-v tii _>- Wagon*, s_ratch
ajd disc. Harrows;  gang, taeak-
irrg aind stubble Mows;   1 Slei_;h;'
5   sets    Double   Harness;   Seei
Drill, Wheelbarrow,* Grindstcfriej
and Frame; I-'orks  and  Shovels;!
also a Sewing Ifachine, a d&ublej
1    barrei, choke bore, Ne. ie  Gun;;
Del.aval    Separatcr,    iu    good!
i-tde'r,' and the-- usual  assortment j
c*f i-fFects found ��h a-Farm el 200'
Acrfes. which
^|R. H. X. MOVt has- received
i-Mtisjetions-freiB Mr. Willia:��:
%   his   dauj_ht��r^   Mis_    Thorn-j Gewdy, who. has disposed of luisi
nsiue, who wai. re.n_i.iug i;* c��_e^;e! ^��. t�� Soil by  Auction, on  the
after utt.nding tbe iast _aU ntes ot j Virm> 3 Miles ����ath--Mt of Ladner,
ber dearest  *��,_��� tricn_..-   Mr. Kerr i   Saturday, Dec. &,. 190(T,.
muried hon__r Tuesday Iastt. afts.-j at 10;^ o'clock a.as.
�����i(8i:ii.g   iu    Vancouver   and   the-|    Tl.��_-t�����ruder $25, cash;. ove-r|
K.val Citv. ,'that amount, cash or approved joint I
: notts at 6 months with interest 7*1
.  ! per ���_�����_. per 8Ht.__.n_.
W.W.Clark, otherwise known! I-uucheen will be provided,
aa the "Ramble," is in Ladnefr. iu
the intei _st of the -Vaivcon-ver Worfd.
lie has just finished a very com;
ple'.e illustrated write-up- of tb��
whole of tke Oketiagan, and is-,
.tow here wit-_**bisca_Bej�� intendinj;'
Jo do the sam�� tor lUdncr, If tbe
.ijruiers want to advertise their live
utock and other things, this sbotld
br a pood ap; __rtu_Kt3'..
Ma    Ha
?m Colun^ia St., mm Westaainster. B. C
ill ilii Biff...
b. a
And al? kinds of Jewelry
Repairing; a Specialty*,
Undrew Clausen,
ab����t 50 head of stock..
I<eaa was ^bt-wreatractor,,
_.; W. Kerr weitr to- the*. I-feyaF
City ou Saturday last, ��cconipi��ni��i
Auction Offices, I.a_rner, B. C.
g Top Market Priccar
i**Air> roit
I>ror.^ec? Ft)nlky
Jft, Pfaise 'j* s_^tpb_*l-i.-_9 C_-��g.h I
Tbere "i��.   no   orher- mediriBei
-.^atiofactui**_d   tbat   has   received
��*.    much. praise,   aud   so   many
expressions of- gr_titndr..as Cbam-
M-rlnin's "Cs-^h   Tlemady.    It   is
__-cc.i*vf, ���a*hlr-pron.pt"relief follows
its  use.    Grateful-' parents e*ery-
wheie do aot- bes^te to testify  te
_^s merits for ?he 'cmneHl of* oth_rs.
lt is a ecrr_.in curcif^ir croap and
will prevent the scfacli if given- at
t he first appearance of thc  disease.
Tt is c-pecraUv adapted to children
.is it is pleasant  to  talc  aad  con*
.*ins no:hi*��g ii��jupi��u'_j'   M-r. Br A.
^umphtej'sit �� well <)cnown' resident
nnd elerk.ia i%-'mOate ol-lQcr E.
Ux*, ofJmjkt. CJapstCbloayrSsjgtb
A/riea, saylfc "I'Sfttve used ' C_a_n-
berlaiu's-Cough. Remedy  0��v ward
:.ff croup ami cbld^ii*  raj: family.
1'fouiid it to  be  Very  satislactoi v
nnd it gives .iTiR. pleasure to reconi-
nu'iidcd ir..""For sale, by All Drog-
4% ..*. : /".'.
I s     ���
New   IjMd   Eft-ssI
Local Agent.
Wh-d.ii- you are wanting- anytilmg* in the
line of Blojises, Dress* S__drts,, Petticoats,
Uiiderwear, Hbsiery, White Goods, Neckwear, -Ribbane, Furs,, Sraail^ears,. Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnetg,, Kats,, Furs, Dresses,. Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc3-_
Call and let us show you*.
Goads and. Paces Rigj.it..
er Wear
We- hfu-.e lh_  Gr_(itest Val��e   ^
in Shoes **
Gosii StiHt'd ffieiiahtis FoQt&ear,,
iksst the TfiSng for Winter Weather.
,8-     ���3'*-Je-J,#
We carrv the..*, in all I.euthcw and Hare a full line ��f Sbapes-
aad' Sizes to Fit .Ml  Feet.
! i
Nothing in, Town to Equal Theme.
a B*G*
-BB-Bggg .   ���SB mmgeewam. j .���-_imij.���.'.* _      ��� ji ..':_.������* . ������-���_ .1 ��_J_ ggg J. *StSSBB*t
A. J. BIRTCHy ���-.        275 Columbia Street
��� Bride
Estate When You Want to __hip or Stortii
Your Produce or lArt Stock..
Gasoline Engines,. Root Bulpcrs,
Grain Elevator
Capacity 600i Tonsi.
Space 'MjDQQ) Sqnare Feet.
W Walworth-Rolston Co.,
1016 Westminster Av&.   -   Vancouver, I_,C.,j
Port  Guichon. B^ C.


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