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The Delta Times Jan 29, 1907

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Array THE
������ v _.   "'*���%
Vol. 4, No. 21,
LA ��N      t B. C.,   !l 6SDAY, JANUARY 20, 190".
farmers'!_si..-.te. [il HIM Mj.    Rand-en. !._!!.
annual" meeting or Delta The annual meeting ol the mem-
I* rmers' Institute was held on i*ri-lber* ol the Delta Agricultural So-
day last, iu the Council Chamber, dety m; held in the Council
with the president, Alex. Davie, iu;Chamber on Friday, January 25th,
the chair. j with a good attendance.
The   minutes   01   tne    previous
meeWitg were adopted as read.
""lie Treasurer's report, showing
a balance on   hand   ot  $80.30, wai
ind adopted,
[lowing officers were eleet-
The  Treasurer  report.
ci:ty in a  gooJ   financial
the So*
(with asset; ot  $$,'$3:
The  following  efilce.-s  were ap-
' pointed for the ensuing year: D. A.
Our  Bim Mnmial January]
Sale Is Now On
'ftfstdeut. I). Woods.
\7ce-i-*.t.-,ident, Dr, J. K. Wilson.
Sets-Tree?., N. A, McDiarmid
Di lector*;. J. Greeu, II. M.
Vas.y and D. Montgomery.
Auditors. A. DeR. Taylor and L
M. Richardson.
Delegate to the Central Institute,
Alex. Davie.
Alternate, N. A. MeDiarmid.
Ou motion a vote of thanks was
A grand Hall wili be given unde.
the auspices of the Farmers' In.sti*
'. u'.: .1! tbe Town Hall, I.adner, 1 ���
Tuesday, the r_ib February. Th'-:
is the first of its kind held , in the
Delta, and judgii g frotn the en*
thusi-Siii displayed l.y-iti promoters
argur.i a great success,
There is an additional attraction
'iu attending tliis ball. livery pur-
I chaaer uf a ticket is to be furnished
wilh a certificate of membership oi
the Farmers' Institutes of British
Columbia, entitling  him to all   the
, McKee,   ['resident;   VV.   A.   Kirk-
1 laud,   yicr-president;   H.   N.Rich,'
I treasurer; A. DeR.   Taylor,   ��ecre-
jtary; director. ��� J. McKee, D.! privileges thereof for one v��ar. It
; Montgomery, J. McCallan, T-. is expected that this will give a
j Green, D. Woods, S. Morley. . golden opportunity to   those   who
Dr.   Wilson, uu   b.half  of   the j t,ave   uut   already    joined.      The
Field Trials Club, stated  that  the J Directors  are   anxious  to  include
Club   intended   donating   a   cup, jail the farmers iu the community,
j value $50, to be competed fer at the ; Tteir   advice  and   suggestions Iu
annual   exhibition.    This cup wil'; matter, agricultural; their  eo-oper-
tendered the retiring officers. wl-f haTe t0 bc won  ��*CK t0 be'> atl011 �����- representing to the   Gov-
Th'e Secretary was instructed to! come tte -:rePerl-T of lbe wl,ntr* I *-���������->-��������-- **1 -����- ."evauces; aud
request tbe Department of Agticul-1 Th* thanks ,f lUe tel"-,m 'he;r "S-stance in obtaini.g lecture to send Dr. Tolmie  andF. M |**-de��dto Dr. Wilson to be con , turers and Instructors, such as  Dr.
yeyed by him to the Club for their | Tolmie and Mr, Logan, who have
Don't miss this opportunity.     Shop Early.
Cou titers piled   high with  Goods  Reduced   to  HALF|i
their Regular Price.
Logftti to  h.ld judging classes for
I live stock at Laduer so-aetitue dur-1 leurum^- j been so greatly appreciated  in  the
iug the month of February.                  h  *as *uS-"-��- d tk- R��ve*' P����t, will be a great factor in build-
On motion the Directors were in-  H*   "* ****,  that the  Directors! inf u? lhs District,   aad  keeping
is     .  i.   t   11       !      1.1 . , 1 build   suitable    cattle   ske_s   this, tlie Delta iu   the  foremost rack   tu
' structed to hold a ploughing match' , iu- u_i�� iu   mc  j.-csi-u.. it-,   iu
1    ���        _. ,..���_��� 1      year, and tke matter will   ue taker. , wliich aha iustlv belonpi
idiirmg   the   month  oi   November-' whh-u ��u_ juauy u-iougi.
'WJti 1 up at the  hrst  meetmg of the Di-      The   Farmers' Iustitute donates
i     On motion it was decided to givij lec'ors* .     ,       ' annually ,75 in prizes  at  the   Ag-
The question of renting the land j-ticultural EJra.bition, competition
was left iu tke h.inda of the Direc
tars, on expiry of the
ant's time.
Stacks of Remnants, Prints, Flannelettes. Cottons, Etc.
100 Pairs Ladies' Fine Dongola Button Boots, Regular
$2.25 & $2.50 a pair, Sale Price, $1.00 pair.
; $75 in special priy.es at the  Delta I
I Agricultural   .Society's  exhibition.!
Competitors to be members  of the
astitu.e I efore January 30th next.
A    committee,     coniisting     ot
Messrs. J. F. Green, W. A. Kirkland, L. M. Richardson and K. A.
Bown. waa appointed  to make arrangements f.r a  Ranchers' Dance
in-the uear future.
The Matter ot  sacks  aud  twine
The meeting then adjouraed
The Market.
New    Westminster,    Jan.   36
was takeu up and discussed with j There was a slight improvement
for which is  open  to  members of
present ten-, tke Iustitute only.
The Dance Committee have been
I fortunate enough to enlist the  service, of the Laduer Coraet Hand, so
it is unnecessary to add that th;
; music will  be  excellent.    The an-
' miasion  charge 1   will  be   50c   im
geutlemen, ladies tree.
���;     Auy further information can  be
ju j obuiued at the postoffice.
tke result that it  was decided to I tbe market yesterday and it sound-
order another supply of twine b_t|ed quite business Uke {0 hcar the
1 it was considered  too great an un-'
jdertakiug for the Institute to  take
1 uf the purchasing of sacks.
After the business ot the meetiug
had been transacted, cigars were
produced and various membere ea-
No Sale Goods Exchanged.     Cut Prices Strictly Cash.
No Sale Goods Sent on Approbation.
Conio and Bring1 Your Friends With You.
tertained the gathering  wilb sang*
j whistle ofthe Beaver once more, as
; it pulled up to lhe market slip. The
jdowu river contingent of market
j ladies were ou board, loaded with
' eggs, butter and honey.
The florists, lor once,   were  con-1
A public meetiug was held in
the Town Hall, ou Saturday afternoon, to consider  the report of a
and reminiscence?. Among thosti
who contributed te the success of
the evening were: II. J. Cre-swell,
L. M. Richardson, A. D. Paterson,
A. Davie and Jas. 17 Ilrowue. After!
i a most enjoyable hour speut iu this!
way the meeting cdjourned.
spicuous by their absence, and  the j committee appointed bv the Muuici-
view  the proposed
Kiver  road and to
comer which is usually bright with , pa* Council  to
flowers, was bare and emptv. There! ckalll,e  ju  t[,.
was a fair quantity of poultry, somej (ijscus, a pr0poial  ol  the  V,
of which was ol  excellent quality,  E> RaiIway  Co  t0  make  ���
and was afTered lor  hree.iing   pur-  t..e ravine and a fifty-foot bridge at
poses.    The fat  poultry was  read-!g vloint wkere it had  formfr!y hetu
ily snapped up and for torn, of the I |ropoied td Con��truct a kririge 315
birds which were extra choice, very ! feet \ouo.
Tht Reeve, H. M. Vasev. wa.
appointed chairman and read the
report of Hermon   &   Burwell, en-
geod prices were paid.
There was a   marked   improve- j
ment  iu  tha  i_*-iit  offering.    F.eef
In order to strengthen the   Lad | came iu considerable quantities and j ghieers, employed bv the Council
I aer Cornet Baad,  it  has  been
I cided to call en the luvers of  un
! auioiisT   ' e boy* and voung men
The following course ol popular
lectures', illustrated with lantern
slides, will be given in the Town
Hall, Ladner, on the dates given
"Cranks," by Eev. W. _L Barra-
sdetigh, B.A., on Menday evening
next, Feb. 4th.
"Tiss-t's Life of Christ," by
Kev. R. G. Taniter_ B.A., an Monday,. Feb. ilth.
"Chichaco to Sour Dongh," by
Rev. A. E. Hetherington, B.A., on
Menday, March 4th.
church at East Delta.
Single ticket', 35c; special prices
for season ancl family tickets.
The  .S.S. Sanema
her trips.
has  resume*.
We arc  authorize,    in slate
there is 1:0 truth in the report thet
Ithe Posto__5ce at Fori Guichon is to
be moved or closed.
Jams,  Jellies,   marmalade in jats i
2$ cents each���W. II. Smith.
John MacKenxie is on deck again
after having been laid up for a few! v#e are
days with la grippe.
Thc  Str.   Transfer  came  iu  on
Monday for a load of kay  and left
"A Trip Threugh Yorkshire," i *&a]* for *->e Ro5al Ci*y- The
by Rev. J. Calvert. M.A.L., on i ��������-"-��� of ice in the river makes
Monday, March itth.
T. W. Kerr, we understand, las
purchased he general store busine.-s
ef Smith & McDonald, Cloverdale,
indeed sorrv to lose such
estimable residents Irom our midi-t
as  Mr. and   Mrs. Kerr, who have
! this village, wb* would care toI
; learn a wind instrument, to give in
their names to the President 17 T.
Calvert, or Secretary W. H.Smith,
tarly as ro^ib'e in order that a be-
gianers clasa may !.e got together
an l special pra< tiers far their bene-
ft instituted. This cal! for utw
tn. nt-ers is more particularly addressed to tkose wko have already
some knowledge of music either
pi_no or some other instrument as
it will very wtich facilitate the
learning of brats aad reed insttt-
dt., fcr tke first time tor sever.!   weekt,
,_i���I several carcases of veal  weie o��fer-
lSiL I
el.    There was no inuttou on   tke
warkct.    A considerable amount ol
to repon on thc different proposals
and also stated the opinions of the
committees appointed by the Council to  : 0  over   the ground.    After
pork was offered and found a ready j considerable discussion it was mov-
m*r-*e*' ed by Douglas Dove aud seconded
Eggs   were   ratker   mo., scarce kf v#. McClelJan  that the present
than they  have  been  at  any pre- prepcaa| 0I  the  Railway Company
vims time this  season.    The  cole,kg  on]v  accepted  as  a   last resort
I snap, seems to hate had a discour-; aild that the CoUBC;i be requested
[ aging effect en the feathered dea-:tpaslt  !or ��� flU !urther down the
I ixens of the farm yard. j ravine.
;     Potatoes  were  offered  in  quan*.     This motion  was carried after a
; i ties about equal to the demand.     ' g..,al deal 0f aisalSf jon after wtych
t_CoT,\Tio.v . ; '*ke meeting was adjourned.
Beef, hindquarters, 7% to 8Jfjc lb; j * r~~
Van Cawp's   Soups   in all  varieties 15c per tin���W. II. .^mitli.
beeu great church workers here for
ntuiy years aud who have become
endeared to. a large circle of friends,
travel lor this beat very unsafe and ;Our loss is Cloverdale's pain and      Messrs.   D
.11 the above lectures, excepting, .heve is s,,me  talk of Ren^n*?  1,fr j "* are sure il wiI1  ,,ot be lo��K be" 1 Bfl^er a,M -*��� ,
nreund to Vancouver until the river ! fore Cloverdale will have discovered enters- dowrt on   the    leavei    ori-J
is drat of ice- it^'ieir worth. | Friday la.i.
forequarters, 4 y' to 5''jc lh.
Veal, 9 te ioc lb.
Fork, 9 to ioc lb,
Potatoes, f-13 to Si>. ton.
Eggs, 50c doz,
Butter, 30c to 35c U>.
Fowl, J.7 to $0 do_.
Oranges aud Lemons are coming
in fine shape uow; new shipment-.
W. H, Smith,
Kev.   Mr.  Hetherington's, will  be
repeated  the next  ereniug in the
McGregor,   ("'-.   T.
Kirkland were   pass*
T. Thirkle look
md potatoes up to
- v  11 ii  ���
,1 Ci
As will be seen, by reference to
our advertising  columns,   H.   _*L
Rich will sell by auction to-morroWj
a Taylor safe, until lately   in   use
load of hay i by the Delta Creamery   Company,
Royal City, jThis is a good opportunity lor any-
, iv.���: wishing to obtain a good a. ,irle_ THE DELTA TIMES.
SnBSCR-rTiO-., *M*00 per year.
invi��__-n��ic  basks
i i a _���__��� ���aaa���sa������ sail
thc  usual  way   *   *   *.      ��_,.-1
fication of this nay be obtained at ���-
the Larida'ahsi Works Department."
Premier McBride in a speech   at
i Armstreng, au the same date, is re-
| ported in the Province and   other
-_-3Baasaaa-*-a-as--S-t*��^��---_jJLJwii-__-_ ���   i i   It man i m�� I������ i
-���.���������� _^��. ��._���*.������ ������������!���������!������ I- +^��*~t+*.-+4+$+**+A<~+*-rt
casoai __v*-_.i4-��i������-. �� aa*u *��. ii_*- f*t! Conservative papers as saying, "that
U_cfii_tl_s_��.'*t..Ba,��a-5ceaUseT liae fcr eacli -   r                 *     ���'
askaaqneat Itnertlan.    The   aaaaar  at  linen .   .      ��_%�����    n��    fnnl   linHs   Vtavp
rart.��U*bycis_ ��i���� ocsstM, i-iiatato th*; not an acre   oi   <_oai  lauas  nave
luch' been leased to th.:  company."    It
Hn��_ lor CojS-*a____|_   s_,iTarU_-��_i����t_ mu _��
AoA o��aftliaarioaatt)i_is_ls_i.
k��_.|i_lt_uM��n���� Ua* tit eack Is-
pro'.Me tke pwaaiary fcMtit of aay individual
m company, ta be staajdared as aarailaaaiaut
will be noticed that  the official _d-
Imits that the coal  lands  wore leas-
.airthaa*Baa_t.aatk'-h-*c.llf-rt_a|-at>-**'.   |���*-' *-���--   says   tnat  the records  will
any -rac-tai ae**.. the o^eet oi wkichi��to| verify hi- statement.    The Premier
aaya positively that "not an acre
�����**! _kat*(M s_N_>t_lRety.
Sat _ad paid for.
OauMpuo--.ee la-Wad as mal tto ol nuMIe
ts-eatet. c.*i*aaaiaa___aa to odilor m u_t be ac-
caatpaatad by m�� of writer, not aeceiaarily
Is* ��>uh__-.S��_, bat aa aridnee af food (kith
-svrmaeadaiKe tunrt rtaeb t*aat ..rr by Than-
$*y ..cglng,
,aata (4��r_��- tor satil ordered   waS 'eas
Which is to be believ-
TUKSBAT,  JA>TA��Y   29,   1907.
eu, the records or the Premier.
raken in conjunction with the
Kitimaat land matter, the Ka en
Island deal and severral other traas*
j actions in which the present gov-
I ernment has been concerned, this
revalation renders investigatiau of
the Lands and Works Department
an absolute necessity.
Surrey Council
The retiretneut of W. H. Ladner
from the Reevesbip removes from
Municipal politics the vno6t
prominent figure in Delta. Mr.
Laduer has held oflice as Reeve. I Council met in the Town Hall,
or Councillor almost continually j Surrey Centre, Tan. aist, the Reeye
sinca   the   incorporation   of Delta
and has always acted with teal
land energy in the public service.
Whilst we have front time ta time
differed in some matters of policy
with Mr. Ladner, yet we have al
and Councillors-elect Inglis. Sulll
van, Murphy and Ham-1 bein pre
sent, who after making ibe -.reef'
sary declaration took their place- at
the Council Board
Minutes af the previous na.e'ing
ways been willing to cancede that wer* *-��-��pt-d ����� read
he was acting aa he thoaght
was beat far tke general good, and
we bape that ha may eujoy the
blessings ot this life for njaay years
ta coma and not regret that younger men have taken up the burden
which he had borne tor so long a
What ia commonly known as a
"hutton hole" campaign is, perhaps, the most despicable form of
canvassing known in madern politics. It ia generally adopted by
men who are taking advantage ot
Methods which will not bear publicity. We haye respect for an opponent who comes out on the puolicj ""."*' ,
From the Returning Officer reporting the result of the election as
follows: Reeve, Henry Bose, by acclamation; Councillors���ward i,
R. S. M. Inglis, by acclamation;
ward _���Aage Buck, by 26 majority; ward 3, Thos. J. Sullivan,
by acclamation; ward 4, Alex.
Murphy, hy acclamation; ward 5,
Ernest Hamel, by 8 majority.
School Trustees���G. W. Atchison
and Jos Drink water, by acclama
Majority against passage el
Pound By-Law, 44.
Prom Right of W-y Agent G. N.
R.. saying there would be crossings
put in uear the International Boundary   and   at   White   Rock.    Re
platform and openly declares hia
views although we may consider
t'lem to the disadvantage of the
country, bnt for tbe man wbo gee>
around privately with the aid of aa.
naprincipled hireling, making
statements that he dare net make
ia public, we have the greatest of
cantempt. We" do not know *>f
aay greater Insult that can be oSer-
ad to the intelligence et an electorate than a candidate hoping far
ssocesa by the eat of these methods.
He evidently imagines tbe public to
be of the same mental calibre as
himself when he builds his hopes of
election en his ability to it flaence
them by doubtful means. We
would urge the public to have no
regard tor statement, and promises
that will not bear the light of pab-
licity and not to r*i.ntenaace any.
thing tbat is not open and al.-ave
Prom P. Stanl.v Spain enclosing bill tor $13.3.., balance
funeral expenses J. McCsrtley.
Received and ordered paid.
The following appointments were
made; Licensing Board, the Reeve
and Couns. Murphy and Hamel, J.
Ch_.rcb.laud, J. P. aud J. Lockie
Brown, J. P. '
The following committees were
Finance���The Reeve and Couns.
Sullivan and Inglis.
Board o: Health and Beard ol
Works���Tne whol. Conncil.
Fence Viewers���j. Paris, J. K.
Murphy, J. Stewart, J. Churchland,
and Wm. Brown.
On motion it wa:. decided to call
far tenden tor the position of Assessor at a salary o: j. 100, tenders
to be .n at next meetiug.
Conncil then adjournal to meet
again 00 Feb. 9, that .1 p.m.
thk  Electors  of   the   Electoral  District of
Delta��� .
The Legislature has been dissolved and the McBride Government
is iigain attempting to obtain a snap verdict from the Electorate.
Thev have made no reasonable attempt to carry out the poliry
upon which they appealed to the people in 190.1.
They have legislated and voted in diiect violation of some of Hit
iiiost important parts of tiie policy upon which they weTe elected.
Tii��y have legislated in invor of speculators and against the interests of the masses of the people.
They have seriously impaired the efficiency of onr Public Schools,
especially in the Rural Districts.
They have increased taxation largely and iu a most inequitable
Hon. Messrs. McBride, Cotton and Tatlow give it as theiT opinion that the Electors of Delta do not contribute their lair share of
Bv their so-called nmendnieuv-s 'to the Land Act they attempted
to confiscate the value ot the timber upon Crown granted lands.
They hnve voted away hundreds oi thousands s-f dollars and hundreds of thousands of acres of lands for which 110 adequate return is given.
Thev have refused to even attempt to collect from tbe C. P. K-
hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxation rightly due to tbe Province.',
Tbeir conduct in Tespect to the notorious Kaien Island and Kitimaat land deals ought to secure tbe condemnation of every ri^M thinking man.
The policy of the Government in refusing to aid public works in
Municipalities ought to receive your condemnation.
The refusal of the Government to protect the property of residents
o" Delta by compelling tbe Railway Company to provide fences and
C-f.le guards according to law ought to be condemned.
Complete dissolution Of the McBride Government is imminent,
one minister having voluntarily resigned aud one forced out.
The best interests of this District, as well as of the whole of the
Province, would be served by a change of Government.
I have been selected to contest this District iu apposition to the
McBride Government.
If elected I shall work for the interests el the District and Province.
The Opposition are pledged to repeal thc School Act aud revert
at once to the old law. ,
I am in favor of assisting the Municipalities to maintain a good
system of toads as far as the resources ot the Province will allow.
I will do everything in my power to secure abolition of the tolls
charged upon the New Westminster bridge.
I will endeavor to secure connection between Westham Island
and the Mainland.
I will endeavor to meet the Electors for a full discussion of public
affairs before the day of Election.
I would warn tbe Electorate against heeding all kinds of stories
which are being circulated in order to gain votes for the Government
candidate. The proper place to discuss public questions Mon the public
I shall place the interests of the District and Province before the
interests of party.
Soliciting your votes and influence, I am yoars truly
Bayside Farm, Delta P. O.,
December 36th, xgo6.
Delta Transfer Stable
ON SHORT >. (TTTC-E     -
Team Work Deae at Specialty tear
JOSEPH sJOR-MN, l��mpriet��r.
Telephone " Ladner" No. ro.
��� ���������-_������ .-.-H -H-H-fr..- ���.������-��� ���"���������� ��^.��H-.-^*i^*l-����4-*.**H4-
V. T, Ry. & Ferry C*
New Service���Port Guichpn and Ladneir to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leare Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Va*ac��mret., .0.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   a,io p.m.    Arrive Pt Guicie*, 6.ot�� p.m.
Monday, Wednesday aad Friday
Gives   Passengers  four  hptj-rs   in   #ukes*   Ne*   Wwc-
minster or Vancouver,
Nev.   Freight   Tariff   effective    Septe__.ber    5th,   '<._.,
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply te
___��� T, CALVERT,
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be fnr_.is_.ed without delay.
I_aaraar*;c_ 11.*.
CAPITAL,  ���        ���*��� $3,500,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,000,O0Q
A Gt-eneral Bar-Mag Business Transacted.
Savingm Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street" Grand Farfci, Hanaiw.,
Nelson, Rossland. Victoria, Verne*, Cbilliai-ack., Onwlserlewi end
New W-Mtmiuter.
Ladner Exhibitor
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three -Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
with *
White Racks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled  Hambufgs and
Duff Orpingtons.
Io  the  Vancouver World aud.
Victoria Times,   a tew days ago,
i rery periona charge agaiast tbe
sMcS-ide Goverr.r_.ei_t was j-ublisti-
eal.     The cljatg.' related  to the
l_-._i.-g of certain coal lands to   a
Uf ndicate. of whlcla Sir A. P. Car*_a
waa the head.   The warns, of Gran-
jrille   Cuppatte, an eftcial ia the
_Lar��<_i and Works Departsa^r.t waa
meo-itued U connection with tht
patter.   Next  jsaruiug  the Colonist printed an interview with Mr.
Cupj>age, wk.q -**i-*  "Caron et al,
���.id secure leases iu that district, under the provi-jon.- of tbc coal pros-
oect.ti| ��Ct:   Tecs.' vi's-ie i,MSijed in
It was good tor aore eye6 to aee
the S.S. Beaver break through the;
ice on Timrsda aud pay us a visit, i t ADNER
The S.S. Lapwing also broke her
way out on the >ame day a lew
hours before the arrival o. '.lit.
B. C.
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No.  12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each inosth
it. Oddfellows' Hall. ';
Titos. Todd,  M.W.        '
T. W, Kkrr. Recorder.!
W. N. Draper,
Kuow .-'. lUU-r.l Stock, New Westmiuuter.
Fashion  Stables
Trucking and Draylng.
Livery work  _f all kinds at-
tended ta promptlv.
\J. Mm Collin��on\
[ _a*a��t, >. c.
Just Arrived.
Toys, Books, Etc.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Notary Publio,
Anodonoer, Inanranoo
To Advance on
Mortgages , . .
Always in Line.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
Oarrlaoe  Building, Repairing *  Painting,  Btack��\
smithing   &  Norse    Shooing.
HeLavid Separators.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
H.J.Hutcherson's TBE I^X.V TITLES, T.U��&DrW, JANUARY 29. 5307.
I      _���_   JL   ���"*    ,-..
_3M^_&^ -<^v.'';*V,'%
_      ' J.
\*��e*X*SlA*m%A *
��� -.-j   i _9
1-  -ty* *ri
... 1
it'** A--c
.sjaiM���jLU.a. _ 'JJ��� ���- -��� '-1���u. 'i-'- -t-
"lii-iove we can sym.pi I /* ivith
others, we must h.we ->.   Ted  our*
'Sclres."       _Co    -one   t v.      :--,ih: .
I'tUe   sv.2fe:ir.g  aRenduut   u."on   ii'
attack   <rf   the   grin,   "unless    hi
I has   had  tbe   actual   experience.
Thore is -.probably  uo ��V__wa>.i   ii,ai
���causes-so much piivMcdl ,.:���...  m a-.
-lal agoijy, er.wh'lc'.rjjo 9U-'..-_rd'.i.
I defies medical aid. All da: ger fron
������grip, however, may he avoided  lis
j'thc prompt -use of Chamberlain's
I Cough Remedy. Among tlie ien��
of thousand.-, ,Y"_kt_ Luivc r.strd liiis
Teniedy, not one case basever __'.;.-
reported "that has resulted in pneumonia ,;r   that  has uot recovered.
j For/sale bv All Druggists.
a VOU* TOOK Tfffl TfiOUBlt
I! ).'ii ihiaia 2 f l(__rm of doci.
J*<i "THe-P-p.rlice. linnler'. ��fl_
f^J?*'*" ' *'����� ksm*> - MmI
ifcflflt. lis-i-ity. (_y.-l rj ST tV EM
' .^*s____-sj'w.r pspsilif
!l_li ,-rs.ir 1 >s._a.t_,Ci,.ff*sr.
or Spoiling -.-sors.l* Mot_
**J-K- *''**"'' -'"'*' .'l-f .'��l'I_Ci-NS.
ta.��V.'3Epl -1' 5 "_ ��� ��J OI *<_tUl��lU. -*���
RypS..��S1 niilp   dlr-.t, sri\;>rf:<l   ,srs��-
t/aSpyfml jii_lil_- TsjBin)ro��cj_.t or-Cuu..
���t_*-RT_i .{ |3J _>.�����_
Coat 1100
Very   Kaw   L-tft
far SOc.
Pay   Rig   [>tvld��___s
.1 eTCr BsC.
;C-9fJtainiug over ltw Viewi in eT.ryt.ti.nz.  ���*��_ f*W ����,
ll__Mtrai.j_ig4ht li_>uu��ll_K5 -_._H_��_lro��M_ vf thu the
IMchest Province in the British Empire.
Nnthlac Kbkctl. rtutbl.it. _Iu_mj��<.
Nothing Ventured, NMblof W.m.
The Richest Meu in thc World are investing in T\. C. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why cau't you begin now ?
Tht areata.. G*l4-Capa_r DiMovci v ����� the Af. In BX.
M IR Mill MD MINES. Ill MM ..25.11
Cert-la ite rtrniK profltaMy.
Special One Mont*. Offer, 15c Per Share.
Mines directly west ofthe l.e Roi and Le Roi No. 2, largest
gold-copper mines in B.C., paid Large Dividends. Assays Irom
$5.00 to $800.00 hi gold, copper, silver, etc.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards lor riches's go'ld-
ceppef ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Feur hatf. Best
D��*plG��r at Dominion Fair, Kew Westminster, B;C, (October, 1905,
>.o lets than too aharef fold. Shaires can bc bad ��:i lnstal-
ment piau, payments mentbly. 2v per cent, cash, balance
1 ssn'puiiT h.?.����- il��_.i o. liiVtMsMsi    8��__ for ttlutraltd-frMiMOB. te StcrMary.
P.O. Box 174. Vancouver, B. C, Canada.
Us*.ss.-.'...*is, miu in t*,-ni__>4_r'_.40_-*_m
<;��!lu��nBletl Cutalog.iur-ln.Utig- rlrca-
;JlnTs.iK Uu... _<)<lltl<>ii_*i..������r Unn.
|G4.n*._ln_^sulnlloi_ sho<ilin_. _.inmn*
*-.ii',lhsr.,-.___s. nrop��_.jsftf��off o.arearm,
���I j_ts_.. .tt. Onr ottxartlwe IbdJ ol.ir
'- l..Jth..srss*licd liiuiK*:-riii,ll,a ai
-,s-t.Bi._ifin- ttli cants, im ��t��mp_.
i     Vt'hen you wish to brv vt*-.rti:;g-|
c.rds call on~ke Delta Timers  who!
* i will sell the best money  cau   btiv.
If you need them printed, why you
:-. Sundr.y   ill to.nth j Bre ffl<Jn��y *-*PO*---��- W  calUng   OH
���| the Delta Times tirst.
A't.i. SMNTS
Commmiion -
.1. BT1-W.>* Altllfi-lt TOOL CO.
ri: O. ito. 409.7
cnicoiwo tftiu, tuns., m. a. a.
.     Holy
j 8:30 a.m
' 11 a.m.
;     .Matins, 11 o'clock.
I    Evensong, 7 o'clock. |
j    .Sunday School at 10 a.m. j
Friday, evening service 7:30.
���Rev. Canon Hilton, ric-ar.    j
How would yon like this space ?
1 T.'sing firtanus doesir:o*t'atx'tssar-
ily mean to hunt game, kill and
destroy, Target practice is a -sport
the fascinations of which are rapidly becoming more appreciated and
ca. be enjoyed -by yonng aud
old of cither ses.
The:, ate a number of excellent
bowlers, goiters, tennis players,.etc.,
among the fair sex���iu fact, the
maeculine province of outdoor sport
is more.aud more invaded by the
athletic young lady of the period
It is a gratifviug sign of the times
that "hitting the bulls eye" at target practice is cow claiming the at-
teutiou of the out-door girl, aid
there is certainly uo iaore bene-
ficient sport or exercis..
"Looking lor -sew wo:Ids-to conquer11 and the persistent efforts made
by the J. Stevens Anns &. Tool
Co., Chicopee Falls, Mais., makers
of the iamous Stevens Firearms, in
advocating this delightful recreation, are maia factors tor tbe extraordinary interest among the fair
Sabbath School at 10 am Mid-.I ���*�� '����� urSe* '-looting. To be pre-
week meeting on Thursday evening I perly equipped means .ke adoption
at 7.30 o'clock. j *��f Stevens Rifles aud Pistols���thase
Rev. A. McAuky, Tastor.    j arms hold  more  reccr-S than  all'
j other mate�� combined, *nd cost ao
Services'first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:^0 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m
Sundav schno  at 3 p.m.
Low .Mass anl Holy Communion
first and third dondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. 'Fifths Wagner, 0.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
I    Sen _cea next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Cla__ meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
' Sunday.
Sabbath -School at 2pm every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Rev. J. F. Betts. uastor.
1     ST. ANDttBW 8 -.-..KSBYTKRIAN
Services next Lord's Day at   n
a.m. and 7.30 p.m
-  ...  . ��� . -.���___.., .
It yoa -pill oli on _be__mT>__, ��tct rts
vapot with _on>u,__U j_._jct.l_ly-__F.you _*_.>.
_Tbe _.i_-.,-r,,l; mkii up- l.i.ain^.'.
Ti'��xi___-tk_wers amgoosiinlatt to daffi
1 4ha hairs ftnil -duit eat ot Lalrbru-b^.
*t-l_o 10 lk-___n tii. dlrtw^I.h B_.ut11t.e1
; _B-i�� c.s.:-d lc tto-ge-rnewol ncora br ...l
! *___��� tills.
I If _lsh_B _*��a__ _l!j_c*lorc_lfi-un;-ui.!
j-ct't-a isiali.D, lake a Ktllo lno-osbes ..-.
i Ci_.li a_>- rub ctf.    bis. to.fc .thiit ;'::. ._, n
I x.ji a .iji;i.n. odnRt -and>il_ljf.atar4_iij_ti
���'ILa li__r._!le_j___-K__iO (i'l-p.
I     Ii a tiaseoCsk 'ho taken  np by both eun,
! Ill Will.) i-,t.ii!U^h J"..Sert):uri It njrrlcd u>
I __mll_d.,flrouiid ii/ ends tbe v..'.,_i. l.;!ti��
.liu.._.e._:__,. -llvi'iul.   It-1* not ibe __._i__>
��� 'tliir.j.- Is cij.o worlil ui put 1 ...k r.ad __i___o
Au ��__r*h!c_ lmucoiuo perl >- oui.
I     A'IsOtii*-.viil'_^.r-c.riti latifhtd eo lifori!:;
I -lo a Uuiater  U.at _i.�� wett  Into cud_i
-aioBs*.   -FcrhapBas_e3u-_s*_iotl_-B_l t'tiit ti-
lt��.dL-i(t laijy didn': t'.uv. bA<_-l*_l)U!*>:. ->��� f,
���b ���_ral(jb.._-._s.s_v_(r l'..st
'A Vs.itmu," ��s_',u li^s t...�� -!vi', I'l.'-l. Fa
ipbuir,   ' g-i. rr.nd  at a M.ati-il' i -.. 1-.,-.-.. .
s-i'4rd t-i-iuftbir-nc  luvc itr.d g��*ts ll.attfler 11
VUem.liei Iovuaa.il b. bud'lotsof axperl
, -K-.0-.''���li_tii��-_:__ii-:..ilc. .Tuurunl.
'���     In tbe--��ilety't_ is.is. ncna ot th. (tisin
j ���_���__.; uu-tlisj.v.<.tM.'fi GUg.   is _���__ld not 1-.
' cas.erls9oktd.t-)s--_i  l\iir,^T t.cii'.bn tLri'V.-e
i s��syu_-sufc'a-:taii sud s'.:r����x.a_.;'sMsi_-*._s:_!|_
��� -tt-t b__--iat.���__*___vi ri__��puli____u_,
AS 'Ufe!<t'-_i_Js.'V he -cis-.ti^llai}''Wltb *
i ^S_-., -rtbiji !'���*��� s_.t_r -i'liii v. ls!*t nntUt
'��� ��D��.,a_id. ��nllilcjf_tt'{b�� ihlaf-wl.b au ���..
i billed i��tu,ib..r. As-d f_;*.t_ ��p_��k._-
I itut *.iu ut .issi oi* VKiiiiis...���-sUlniirjmafe
! lluiaa.	
__*-D-.-��a,'��___t �����w��*,T" _a* eti
"1 f..l>_ li i* Un iriuu"'
��,li*. rtU a tUiilj ���sill.. Hut ��_-�����
Si.. .*. ��_- li. -lr����j_,.-;>,. jl��**��.
~All. r**_,"'fc. ����i*. ^ftTsJlawit*,
v, o-i -M '��_ i��r��t_ 'a_r*_*.__.
>'Vi��tU ^sijHsss].at_il��.i��.
_�������. t*sVl!-_s.   _A��gsW��IW
St    (.!*_.'��,   *-_|��..llU����   13    l>
' sfjl*-!! _M_  <_��*-l��.h(_'''
*s_b�� t��__ __�� -mn >__4b n��.*vt?.
Ut- fsvss. _��r w_n_?.:'^. �� ._
ft  tlm_--��." *k- Msi_. .��-__    4x:.<-
"Il wan �� __si��i��!*��'������
-as-Torn J..-.-M >������ �����   ."ii-.,   .
"T_-l*a_a-__,00�� {KUbHoatloa. lnNorli
___��[_�� v, ii i lib, i. i i ii I ad v - w,i ���_ in i. n 1*
lib* ���(.��;*._,'��__��� annua:���ir._IsS-.at ���... tis*.
-.-Wil Hiri.nlk.li U '.SrOO-,000,000 a*ti
_.__KJ��eil.:'��0,'JI/ii _.��. -*f pi��I��l-.
II U ��*t-_i_t��d kbrU il.-r.__ |5-0,1KH).��-"
tf-al fCMu-llr   iu   Nnrtk   Ainerli*��   f.__
: B��wifnt_r nil wis._rw.ii>. advartlsttumrti.
Tba gr___i4 total olmul_*sk>n *r;f-ll__ pub-
I 'ttattkat wbloh print MdrartUninenti Ir.
i 'Mictii _.����_rl__ _L_s��tiB-t ��w i!,.l">10'X),iiOO.
-b�� An. Sa(lUb s__.w.p_p<B vu Tbc
! sft-altib ll-mury, )M.i_ipbs_ts_b>p__, l����ii��_
I Ma Q-umb i!'.',*��l>"t_i'-��.7_lBii.   Wee Claa.lt.
! ut Viiln.ni tlw attglukt mwlfi! of tbc
_wd#*Li  ��.sv��|sf.p_r.    Tii-   >i'is*.   Diarna
(Usy'i Doloea), >.i'till.hs��.  la tb. Utter
~��7�� ��f ti_��  _t"-��i_i. t>Hn,lr��, *m _!<��� Hi*.
!-_rw<]i_9��� t-t. w,_r!4 iw hid.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer y��_ h>1m_M iwusini- ��t
mhdU swat, for aay ��J-> ��>f bui��i_^.
W�� t_��k�� iWm MapVcte, ta ttat
����y *i/��d or thn|ss-_ -.ructM-_-___
��_r__r_ m��t_l'_i.ii*. iimludioc dsMr *��a
wnxUw cap-, cm-aion, ate���in a--i_n��
variety el atjW*>.
Tk��y fi���� a \try'_-_-_l��wae ��*.��.
aa4 aMtariaf, practical fa On
Wa lira -artiautaa if t�� a��l
���Maaaraauata aasl -a-in a< tha-sWaU.
laa* It a-ar.
M��tt_.lHc R.oofh_g Co.,
WKsUmIo MantttKN-mrs.
T-Tont*. Ca-nitdk.
Get ycAxx Hettse wired now-
and file your applicuiion for
Electric Light now., so that
the poles _E*ay be distributed
past your premises.
Application blanks may be
had of Mr, McDonald, the
i '
VOBT  MAY. Agent,
I. AD-TO*.     B.C.
,, ��kw wsieTiiinsT.:.;,  :-: �����. c.
Maattfa-tvrn-a af all -.tat- It
. Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your -patronage solicited
������ 4 a ��� i ���_�� i K' "��� i ��� * ��� i H"* m "81 * ���
8 P.m.
Sabbatb senriees ��� Crescent Is- A Jamaican  Lady Sr����.ks Highly
land, 3 p.m.; Laduer, 7 p.m. j of  Chamberlain's Couth Remedy.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.      1    Mrs   hr<&c1  Hart,  wife of tie
Prayer meeting ea Thursday at iUperi,jteudaiit of Cart Service at
j Kiut-ton, Jamaicn, West India Ie-
C. Croft. B. A., pastor.J iandS] tays tlia- skt for-soir.e  years
  j used  Chamberlairi'a  Cough   Rem-
i edy tor cotcglra, cronp and   whoop*
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Laduer ii)g cougb ar.d  has f*w__d it very
at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves- beneficial.    She has implicit tonfid-
tou at  9 a.m. end 4 p.m.    livery j enc�� ;n it snd would  sot  be  with-
day except Sunday.
out a bottle Ol it ia htr home.  Sold
by All Drnggi-ts.
Mrs. R. F. Handlord entertained
a few iriende at  hei  home, ���� Frl-
Nurseries   h  Seedhc��sesjcl:iV cvenin�� last- Trhen a ">T-V
I pleasant lime waa .sji.nt.
Headtjuarters tor   Pecitic   Coast!	
grown  Garden, Field  and  Flower.    Accordhig -.o  The Commercial,
���J.t_���_>��. B-,as___k
1 '���_*_������ __H��r 1 fird'." -tlM ittWanl
���_.�� ��_-t_i<s�� aaalalAiIsi knal s��i��t lac- iV��
i^ntea.   ''Wky,i*_a.'��,����os"bltai��t."
"Wa eeil* affnrd tmaalll. fiiratiyiUiit,"
r��nil��J ts_�� fmi.'i maa.
" Wall, I kaaw w__ra 1 aaa fat lt far
-Inaa." iA. _a_l_K(, "i'i I am to* geoi *
lwilt.aaa'W��a_a_. t�� ]_,�� mine *** * thlnj
1_ worth."
_-��_ Mmw ib* ��������)_*-.���*_*��< tha ahitp
aa. _*nl_ M aanta fur a hanaoia ta 1 ��� (n ��
"Wk_n inn 111 naat lt:_ .<.Bit-. 11 >'��w
Orliwna, fca U_ln_d $H.    Boston flnaa ���
Man |1>) iw t-aH-'ij kit wiJt.���*v* ��(**_
That tha .M-pla-aT  aM.-s.m-pi.an_w '^m. mmeri fka aasl. g-i1 tba aruna tkla*
tnateslt Is __���_���.!. lldott  by tba t��t that {*, M aasw.-Ma-rap-litaw.
t-har r_r tl jtar 1 ,<-u�� sm__a _a��t f��r pm ��� _________
iT*���ll��(l..pb'_..*��i-__. n# i.Nm AtiraaMn.
Tka aa. t_ .*-. -0.1-wtW _ir|1at waa _a- -j*,. rnwi^mmr��� DM y���� vnt ee iJm .te
���p-ttnlaa-  tw **_a a.s.. tarn ��l�� ��- ��__ om. "Friday B_rg_m fcta ' ��_t_"
tM.tprluti. lit ta ����na<_-_*..7 t�� ��*���_> wl>at ^^, Clark���Taa, atr.
'I. ��*_>,���Hi. L_*-Ij -star. Tkt  ruiai!_���_��'  Jla-  fh* "Last Ikan
K��*n.��J*?lfilaraa��t___.ftw��-_v. jinwa- Q*m" -MMT, �����- *��� "Te��Tw��Honi-
-*_rl,..m ar�� -Aa prlsa af alaat *lr f<*r Nav *^i'|-" >larir*. an. ths "Bat Oa* ts Caah
���Tart.    Tka !Hnall_!  boart kat tw(na lta faniklM" aigaf
-arTn��'a a_��,c��-i tk* amokatBtliauoa.    It Tki CTlwk   Tn. mt, iTI at ������,
-akftsM rat-ali. tka-aararaa --nppec. ist __��� JOh Pra-pit-H   Tka- wkat ta *������*��.-������*
.paajla,���Kaw'T��rk W-rld. ��mi aU fkaa waaaas Is na nt af Mm
Wrm t* Unwnriya. Tka Obrfc���A
Bmna m ka_ tnM _��r that .����� alwiyt    UbvabeH tie*. DeaUe.
'hate t* r��fl_tw, ke. fka *����ark.  ���_�����_ _�� -
hotaH.    ��k-t waa ajrpsranr _Mna_S.�� way
tba lta|sr��_ brh'liKl tk��94A tlma'.-i-vrtillrf
wiari wko atswrf hy tka ��la-S'a daak.    (Hit
wanl*- ts aaa t*��w IS wat _cna.    lira ��H
-fallow Int _n_i ths aa-na roo��la l*a Winta
���fcrf hiaa .yaaas.    I. wm .it-ways kaw.  f*��
���blm���??��.-(��. n-srkasiaeand (noc   lis kad
wtrr_ ^ktM-teyi kofora ��k*t ks-waa ���**- '
tiie, an R wat atlrat-dy ftwJslis.    Radrft*'
���nsrl ttia-yas  is I'hs Ink wall sad, wllkws
'��_!.,1 f>r_7.��k wr twa, sutswkad dews th* ;
'oanw, "_s����w HSwsid CllSard."
" .*lr_i_.��_����>��. tkltjaf" St. a*kt4 a. (ha ,
"Ts****?," *mm Or* anawat..
���isini_m*^*fr*. itj.. ctifferd em*, down
���sippottta klr-ssioa, "tt."
Tk**-. 1 k-s inwtlbwr _**_*>__�� ��� hlr -r_r*-_11��s
acre br_ -wniloetsd klw ta tii* atevsttrr.
Tb* ��l��rV dl_rpa�� tk* pw to th* Int a**
���hsti(i"*1 It ta--**** dsiarir* _a��M��_ wke hei I
irv* a* Viiatrtu asttt,
Va karsa aar He kaaaaaa.
:*Mt. roat tba aama, I'm hmm
ti aasad my llttta tsaa.
-1 aw sty awa dlraatar.
Asl *.<* I'd ka*a aay waf
Ka atllatia aata ��!ayw
���taa* (artsk 1* say wa say.
.va*y _swera-_- at wy awhrnawa.
���lit ���ywiaalo la*fi.lur_il
BT as ���_.._*.������> a. satinns
W��*���>�� ���-t.stnle*. I've aamrat-.
M- k_art l�� lull af rii.tirr*.
My mo-M ta tret klimd.
K��t wk�� I Maw a*.;* w_'ath)
.Us. Ika l��ed-r nt '_��� trnsd.
���Wartiwrles Sto,
_. KI1?-. .RalU'-ai.
"atrnsrsi Artibl* "WlUlarw*.'   tars tht.
-Jtoad boiilB- tk* old arsrrtw. ��k* clsi_e��d 1 Kaasst CUy Jaurnal. ' wm an a train fo
Wt r_i_:_*.sa_��*-fB tke page, ___a para.* ; l��t up Plt��'t r��_k ona day <l__t lumuier
far a rwrtinf teak at tb* form.J����tp*as!nf   1*f the-half-way honn-*��sK_* ^ eoA pttf
���ito tho-aletatwr-sj".   Sh* laid har h��sd-   ahai-d a l_s'b_^_etof vloli-ts at  bh��
._rehi��. and p_oketh_ok ee ��ha_taak and    pwitwafflO. SBotornlnjl -_������*_* wain, b<
w��e**, "T_*fk MwTSwasth*.." i ipraaentwl a��_hwoTuan with a .Iwuulifu;
Thaw sh* a_mt��.*.!wt�� __�����*.* Httt*  .ho.i.|ti<>V��_rau_rh all et th* woman wart
a/laae* ��H Dat*_ta_l out th* Ua* by pl����-   **H��agata.    By-wad by tin hut'oandof oit.
kBf "-*" aftarthttlpHitWW.    Sh*l*ok*d    et tha woman aim btick frtim tba amok
, aa Mushing. lng��ar, and ab*i ��hI(1t�� hlm     1 think it-if.
SeedstUat art* thoroughly tested as ftf Winnipet, the visible aupply of,    Th* ��t*��_ aattM. aad wee. he hei  <srt* nie**. railroad 1 _.��r rod* on   Tua)
to vitality before offerhtfi ter sale -tjoat< ,��� the-Ulllled Sl.tei And C.n-! 2C?riM��a   j^5i^T*��'"^^J"
that ..re subject tc  government in-j tdt eM. 0l- t^��� Rocky Mountain!,; 'kw said ta Mawsif, "By-*e*i, sh* __���*_-.;
spectlonasto  freedom  from  weed j,    12,sf,y,ooo   bathali,   compared! J"k fl!"--?-*rtt',r-,�� P*1**  -��� ���
cnt-tres.. OI_��iCafSM��_fiits��
I'aunta Uktn '��TiTaa(h Ma
���)i��*_l iwMw. wltJ-oofreKy-stfe
>m_tr lltmitiatt-twiwiaif. *arjwt_e!r*
of -_y._��.ICT)tl_n*in_m_l. 'rmmiMir, a
ar motrtka,*- 'Held -ya^newrtcalprj.
wilatlott'Sl niO'ix-.-^rTui*-^.
- 9W. four t-CTlfk*,*- 'BbW oi
thanltiefjain's Cougli Remedy
.���ms-P-li-. er-.-m ar.���:'��� "��������� K-.,.|u .-r.f.iwj)"
The Delta Times.
seeds.    Samples sent  to ititendingq nM 27.1-3,000 kmahelc a year ajo
Lnrge stock ol HOME GROWN"
Fruit and Ornamental Trees nov
inatiired.fir the-spring trade.
Net-expanse, loss-or delay of fumigation or itit��pee-sio!:.
BI.E SUPPLIKK, Spray .Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greetihou.se
Plants, Cut Flowers,
Ws -do bustueK*. -en our .own
(jronuilB���no Tent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your order.   Catiflogtie Free.
_K>M Westminster Road,'
V.ANCCI-VEK,   -   B. C.
Ranters'wt a  Cold  aad   How
Artid Thtm.
Mare fttAlitns l.tvc thtir  aritin
���a r��r r_.��i. Iranc t .old tfcan from
i_r��-'��Ka��Us*aalH.i  Wssswa.        |
.*. B��t-U�� aactsay w*nu kaswt ent. ,
'; .��** fltlstr-1Mh!***. -Art -.a* trfntasw (a
1 'har.   _-ka*��wa-datimtl-o aad fllrtatioii, |
to1 "hut h*r kaart  -smalnt aaW. Husnah sh* ;
', any hahsrsJ-e *��*��_��� t__rtr..wltb tb* fln
.���af ber ��y_s. >!s*wh��r* It ��.����i r.a**d*��- !
-.jfowt/t ii.��e. IsBustMsn aoalatir. To baglt, ;
4 Jt-usabut _(.��! amtrs ��� h-Mbao. waly fke |
>���__* _wsit,T*��_ k* rlTM her.   MsW ��<���_.��� ta ,
, -tmtT a ^ucsMaa a. fsihlflto, asd ii a Bon- '.
bis  tact  alone | teian (rtrt-amaatft_d aihsSihaBd wlthto * |
mmmmmm)tf.-.~   ���
erla.iii si
;m,.--f*     !
any otlwr caaie
ahoiiM ami-e people-moreetrefnl M|S*i^r���*.*_����� b fs-llw-wdby.r,
thare ie no danger whatavn from a 1 *fcnr -rqaa-ataama.   _rh����, she w��vha��
.____._.__.' 1 .  j   ���   i -with sBHBT tha aw'iiasih af tha and *_ har
cold when it is properly treated in| ,-M(fc~ev_ryt��i__��tW.ta thus ***** I
fe%    _.>      v...    .,,
*\i'^'l;-.!bj*>>.-'<:S 'I
the   Hgiiiniin.    I'or   roan:,
this disease. It acts on nature':
plan,'lo*_sensitb'-'e��.njb, reliev_s tin
lungs, -opens   r.._   secretions an'
nids nature in r--*;ori.)��' the syste:-
;���< beallhly condition.    .Sold by A.
if   -7.M;
;."',-- Childrwri'-i Warn:
���   1 .   --     .'.':.     '. .::���������
years  *w_a tb* (i_adjn>if�� of rastrlsstmy. iStcb
/-sv      i   -,  ���  l_  ,-       -   w.        1    t_    ''bar frtso_*i__a a*-aaitaai ���* *h�� ��� is aad ' j, *�� -.��    m ,.,     ��
Cka��beHaiu-s Cough Remedy hMhJljlw^,t|Bil^H*s-rta an old maid. : if faflvrff* J^Vmfrti* *?*"
keenaeoH_inJrtd*��. (be most prompt! "*��-**������ ��**- ���-��� ����--* hamfan��d, whtts -    UUU^ _-?. K**_-��_;flAS ���
,    _. , . ,      me atats hapa rsmslae, she��� takes -ad-su-
and eeecVnal  mediciues muse ior .*,,,��( f,b��_oi*r*��adyi��.r��*oh-T'iDnirt**-,
-wldowhoad."   -_h* tmtsl*.   She goat-ta
Varls tod Nie*.   She stsye away ihraa
-yanr* maybe, than return- to Hiisslaa so-
etety, no l_-_r*r an old tnaltl.-Jior *Tt*na
-wlf*, but * widew.   Nobody a-ks whom
.she married, nor how sbe heoaoie a wlilov?.
'*8h* Is a widow; <hat euffii .'h. Aa a widow
������be la _**oelT_-l ev*rj*wli��rsi an* te son**-
1 'ruijgfcitf ihods, *��__-hl.R'l*}i>h> _a__.uiMr
���     ���
���' -.
rrr .'���<-.'���,-*.��� .m*m>*+ ���
��� ^���.s.^_-,.,M*asx-*-hs..sssa��sr_r
Qencrows Indeed.
Capt. Oli'
Har.Ad Bstt.. paid
here. l_*t ..ecu.
;r is progressing   ver;
Mr. H. N. Ri':h was a visitor
the Royail City on Friday last.
Miss Elsie Brodie is just recover
ing from an attack of la grippe.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ladner visited tbe Royal City on Friday las':.
Tbe following extract is tafceu
from a signed statetceul of R. F.
I Green published in the Colonist,
:i sliort visit having reference to the Vancouver
World charges: "After the licenses
in the Telqua Valley were granted,
and before tbe applications ier licenses hi the Fine River district
were before the department, Caron,
whom I know verv well, wrote uie
saying he, desired to allot me a fiw
shares in a cotapany to be er%an-
ized. I did, no-t wish .any of tbe
stock'.   Mr. MjcKiy, then secretary
Ladner Tisfy. Market.
Mrs. J, B. Burr bas beeu laid up
with the grippe but is recovering
Mr. and Mrs. Wir.. Stokes and
daughter veiled New Westsnin.tcr
���list week.
Dave Walkc, of New Wer.tmiu-
ster, visited his brother Albert,
last ifisek.
ito tha Premier, was in tny office
[when I received, the letter. I
showed it to bim, saving, I did not
want the stock, aud if he cared to
take it he couli ha7- it, remarking
thiu while I did not consider it of
ranch valae, it might possibly be
worth something to him some day.
He signified his willingness to take
���the slock tsd I notified Caron to
Issue it to hiu.,"
Greater gaaeroaity hath no mun
'than this, that he laid dewa $37,000
i worth of stock for. his friend.
       ��������� : '. ! :������ . ��� ���   1-1   1   . ,    .     iu, p     ��    -
Constantly Kept on Hand, also
!��. J. Hutcherson has beaa fight-
i.Bg with the grippe aad is gettiug
around acme better just now.
Col. A. M.   Dewey ha* left lor
3. F.llis is aL-pun_ again but,-till I Chicago with the double purpase of
very  nnw*ll.     We  hope soou ta I financing   the   Okanagan   Electric
hear-of hie complete recovery. | railroad and obtaining funds with
 "  - which t�� build a smelter at Camp
T. CoSs-lich's little daughter, q s T. one who does: not know
Nettie, wbo has beer.; laid up for j the j0nT col.nel this might leetn-
3Q��eJi��-. ia improving nicely.        [ quite m task, but the people af this
section who know him and know of
the remits that h* has  accomplish-
AUCTION SALE\[m fage g -grig
Mi.    ti    .-   ������...     -ii  _* ..   ��� A 17.11 Stock, of Shades and Fix-
R. H. N. RICH will Sell   by
Auction at his office, Ladner, j Hires of all kinds kept o*,i hand.
B. C., on  Wednesday,   30th  lairj-j
���.ry, 1907. at 2 p,m.,    ��� '-������- fe*m%,       Wiring  and  house   furnishing a
M ��_p�� n    _r>    """''   Specialty.
I I Taylor Safe
(outside measurements 34 x 29).
Tbis safe was in use by tbe Delta
Creamery Co., Ltd., and may be
viewed at any time on application
to the Auctioneer.
Terras Cash.
Something Hew
Ben Leave
To notify the people oi Ladner and surrounding distrait that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same   cosfe  ae   piling   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices.
T* Mowt ray,
Columbia .St.,   -   New Westminster
P.O. Box 364-   Phone-69.     j NEW WESTMINSTER,
B. Q.
Have You Any Chickens?
1  Pay Highest Price  for
AU Kinds*-, j
.IJ���!��U.ll*_l-__l  Jl
T. W. l:c.i*-.t��r returafd home,
Weduasdfcjr eveuiag, fiota a, visit
to Vancoavtr aud to tbe loyal City.
Fiiend-. of Miss Margaret   Mac-
ed in the  past, have all confidence
-that batk.the railroad, and   smelter
I are surely mowing.    The plan is io
'��� build s.  smelter  primarily  lor  the
le.17.ie will iw rltaaed to learn that; ^tBwt of the vast body ,f c
she is able to be around again after w^ Qr&^ ^ Q   & ^ ^
._ severe attack ol la grippe. Lscondar.ly to smelt the ores from
' the Lceuiis and Coaconully districts,
Wea,*plea3t_toii0tethatC.A.;paying Ht|t, of whici|   haye
.Vicka-u bas b.e. receiving quite a L^ uncoKml. |ft at kflSt tweBty
number ot orders for his new. kind ^^^ MiBes._oksiiaEan Record.
of wire fencing*    C'.ive him a call.
F am now prepared to build coil-'
ed spring wire fence with wooden   A I-   I\/|���*     &t
Tor further- particulars at)c! prices j, w~\ rs jH* ��7
apply to                                            I wj^iKJCtm*
C. fl. WICIiSON,  I
Crescent Island.
P. 0. Box 45       -       ��.       Ladner j
fort Guichon.
_fllCHs_a9 Silverware,
<H9-P�� Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Andrew Clausen,
Mrs. C. Beadleston left, this
morning, tor .Sandon, K.C. having
received word that her daughter,
Mrs. (Dr.) Oomm, is seriously ill.
Artl'ar Roberts is busy building
an additien to his residence which,
when cornpiete, will ba a great lm-
wavement to tbe Tillage of Ladaer.
Mr.  and-   Mrs.   ]a��.   Follis  left,
yesterday,   for  Xew   Westminster,
having received a bastv call to tbe
bedside af Mrs. Follis' mother, Mrs.
���McLeod, who is seriously ill,
Kev. Dr. Sipprell, of Columbian
Methodist College, will preach in
the Methodist Church, at: Ladner,
<-.". Strndav next, at u, a.m. and
7:30 flit**., also at East Delta at
3:30 p.m. The Saaament ol the
Lord's .Supper will be administered
jit the close of the morning sei . ice.
Otho Bates, of the Benson Ranch,
. .net with a painful accident, on
j Manday last, being kicked by a
I colt while breaking it in. He also
jwas tramped an, injuring bis great
I toe, a portien of which had to be
'amputated. Wa are pleased to
i state that hs is doing as. well as can
Ibe expected.
For Winter Wear
Frem  Inverholme  Stock  Fnun,
ene large white Yorkshire fioiv.
Information  as to   whereabouts
will be mutably rewarded.
"  I ha-.e appointed  Mr.   Alc__.   V. j
A pretty lnoraittg wedding   took j Taterson as my agent in the election I
place,    January   2nd,   at  Christ's I now pending.
Church, Surrey Centre, whtn Miss I J��H-3*.   ��LIVER.
Louisa   Maud   Daris,   the aacond , _._
daughter of Logan- W.   Davis,  of I
Tynehea*-, was united in marriage j
jo Mv% I'rederick Bolton Dixon, B. ;
A., of Toronto.  The qtremony was
performed by the Rev. I". fl. Rich. I
ard, of Surrey Centre.
Miss MariOii Dtvij, sfster of ihe'
hride, made a -r��rt cnarmtng brides-
maid, in  a dainty dress of white
muslin with   white  lac;,  and  Mr. ;
L. C. Frase., M. A.  perfor__ed  by
the duties of'beSV. man*.
The bride leeked sr.-eet in beautiful whit* silk,   with orange blos-
.���ioms in her  hair,  nnd  was given
away   by   her   father,   Logan W.
Davis.    The ceremony received ad-
ded charm from  the  evergreen  af j
tbe Ch?isiji'ias decorations, and  the j
sweet'Strains of the Vj.edding March |
played by Mrs. I*,��Dr**aP C-f Ladner, [
Tbe gra-tnV pressmt to the bride
was a delicate'gold bracelet, and to
the   bridesmaid   a   beautiful  gold
ibeket and chaip,
��� After.:- d.lightfiil wedding brcak-
f��ist at t'be. home ofthe  bridt's ) ;u-
^nts thc.young couple l.ft for Vancouver,  -..her. tbey  will take up
viieir resit-V^e
When you are wanting anything in the
line   of Blouses,   Dress   Skirts,   Petticoats,
Underwear.   Hosiery,, White   Goods,  Neckwear,   Ribbons,  Furs,  Smallwears,   Holiday ![
Goods, or
Bonnets., Hats, Furs,  Drosses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc,
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
At $3.50
I $4.00
We have the  Greatest Value
in Shoes
Good Solid Roiiahla Footwa r,
Just the Thin    for Winter We thor.
"e carry t&ese in all Leathers and li.ive a lull line el .Shapes
and Si_es to. Fit All  Feet.
Welkin  in Town to fqual Them.
-    Ladnar. B.C.
A. J.
BIRTCJt, - 275 Columbia Street
Estate of
General Herclian.,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon
Boot Pulpers,
Wiiiworth-Rolston ea,     R|0
ioi6 Westminster Aye**.   -   Vancou-ver, B C.!,
Police Stored aad
B. C Ports,


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