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Array Vol..5, i\o. 17.
LAD^i-, B. C, TUE3DAY, Ds; inil_i. 31, 1907
ftawa Letter.
Delta's First Mwu\ Ploughing Match
aa mm*
T. e commiencemrn' of 1S07 found us|
doing business in the  "Old  Store."
Its cloaa leaves us with the satisfac
lion of having completed the largest
ear's business we  have ever done
and it is now a very fitting oppor
unity to thank all our customers for
e very liberal patronage awarded
:1s Company during the year.
),Q0Q Cash
?ii_ds us in our "Nev Store," up-to-
iate in every respect���and with c
Stock of Merchandise that is alsc
up-to-date, and that compares verv
favorably with any Oity Stock���and
taken all round is being- sold at considerably less money than stocks in
Ithe citiea We again solicit from
the residents of the Delta Municipality a continued share of your business for 1908.
issues   seeking   to abstract  some-1 Gilchrist's  Farm. Crescent Island,
thing in the way of political capital. | under   very   unfavorable   weather
/fa'   ec',2.'!'     ie   P1>osl ' Number  of Competitors Not Large but Great
tion, having nothing  new  to  pre-, * ��
sent to the people through the med-1 Interest Manifested by Spectators.
iutn of the House of Commons, is j Delta's initial plowing match] Cash, $5 by H. N. Rich���Robt.
going   back  over dead   and  gone j took  place  on  Friday  last,   at J. | Morley.
Best balanced ridge, Class I, Hat
value $2.50, by H. J. Hutcberscn
���C. Kettles.
Best bi'anced ridgp, Class II,
.Sack flour by W. H. Smith���R.
Best balanced ridge. Class III,
Watch-guard by A. Clausen���Robt.
Best turnout, horses, harness and
plough, Wheelbarrow, value $5.50,
by   Marshall   Smith   &   Co.���R.
Noxt month, commencing Wednesday, 8th, we will begin Our Annual
Clearance Sale previous to Stock'
Taking and closing our books for the
end of our financial year. This Sale
will last Two Weeks Only. We need
$10,000 Cash. Watch next week's
Sale advt. Reductions in all dapart
ments that will interest you.
W. J. Lanning had a very narrow escape from dtownitig yesterday morning. Whilst working
around the slip at the back of the
Marshall Sn. ith & Co.'s big store,
which was very slippery trom the
while frost of the previous night,
he slipped into the river aud, being
unable to swim, he went down like
��log, but, fortunately for ti tn, one
of tbe clerks, D. Anderson, saw tbe
accident, and soon fished liim out
very little the wow.1 fur his experience.
H. N. Rich, *. May and W. H.
Smith attended Masonic festivities,
on Friday evening last, in tbe
Itoyal City.
.According to the following I 1 e
table verv high water is predicted
for the 7th prpx. and it behooves
ns to look well to the flood boxes:
Tanuary 6���8 18 a.m. 14.9 feet.
January 7���8.59 a.m. 15.0 feet,
January 8���9.40 a.m. 14.8 feet.
January 9���10.20 a.m. 1..4 feet
Friends of Mrs, Adam Read will
be pleased to learn that she is improving nicely.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover speeds nmy be obtained i'i
Brackman-Ker Milliii.-j Co,'."
warehouses,-Ladner, Irom MR.
H. N, RICH, Local A-ent.
Another Old Stoiy.
On this occasion the Ncrth Atlantic Trading Company bis been
resurrected and uus dragged belore the House by Mr. Borden on
a motion to go into supply. He repeated to the House figures showing tlie sums paid by the Government to the North Altantic Trading Company, and presented again
the argument used long ago, when
the matter was finally settled by
the Minister ofthe Interior, whom,
it will be remembered, cancelled
the contract because tbe company
failed to live up to some of its conditions.
Mr. Borden concluded by reading a letter from one Rumsey, ol
Sirew.sburv, who alleged lhat he
could find employment in  Toronto
for weavers.
Just Whet Minister   Wanted.
Mr. Oliver desired nothing better
than to give Mr. Borden an outline
of hi. immigration policy. The
first thunderbolt he dropped into
the lap of the leader of the Opposition was, that tl.e man Rumsey wis
no (k;ubt an agent of the Canadian
Ktahurat!.urers! Association, for, ps
Mr. Oliver proceeded to say, tbere
had been some' correspondence between the department and the C.
M. A., in wliich the latter hao
urgfd the government to emplov its
agents in the old country to irduce
nrtis.n=, stub as weavers, to come
to Canada, To these demands the
government Lad always given a
direct absolute refusal, the Govern-
insnt declining to assist in bringing to Canada any persons excep'
agriculturists, woikers on railfoa.
cjnstruetic n, and domestic servants
This was lombshell No 1.
W.". t ��he Policy is.
Mr. Oliver proceeded to explain
his 1 olicy with respect to the employment of agents in Great Britain. The policy laid down by tin
Minister, and strictly adhered to is,
that no bonus will be paid to any
agent instrumental in bringing to
Canada the class of immigrants the
Government desires, should he at
the same time be employed by the
Manufactures' Association to briiij-
in a class of immigrants the Government does not desire to encourage, viz., artisans, and the like. Ii
this connection Mr. Oliver said that
on.. Leopold, or Lazaras, who was
[.the "London ag snt'of the mauufao
~~   ~ i turers' association, had  made over-
The young people of the  Meth-j tures   to the   government,   asking
odist  Church  here have formed a j why,   should   he send the class of
j immigrants   the    government    re
' quires,  he could uot get the bonus.
__^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_ The answer was, the government
lowing officers-for the ensuing year: wollidnot,do any busiuess with a
President, Mrs. C. W. Nelson;   ist fflan wbo  was soliciting a class ol
vice-fresident,  Alan  Calvcit;   2nd immigrants,   to  encourage   whom
vice-president, D. M. Ellis;  record-, "'as contrary  to the  Government
Miss I.eiin Kirkland ; | P0,icv' T1,is ���s bomhslie" No' 2
Further questions from the opposition gave the Minister in opportunity to say that Preston was
not in the employ of the Immigra
tion Department, neither bad h(
been for a year and a half.
conditions, nevertheless there was
a large turnout of spectators though
the events were not very closely
contested. It is hoped that, next
year, there will be much keener
competition in all the classes. Following is the list of prize winners:
Class I., narrow cut plough���ist
S. Morley, Ladner; 2nd C. Kettles, | Pybus..
Port  Guichon;  3rd Jas.   Mowatt, 1    Plowman having largest family.
Langley; 4th Geo. Dare, Langley.   I Ham, value $3, by Stokes & Cullii
Class II, ioin and   I2in  plows��� ���C. Kettles.
ist   R.   Pybus,   Ladner;   2nd  H.!     Oldest    plowman,   Ham,   value
Montgomery, Laduer. !$2.5o, by  Delta  Meat Market���S.
Class III, Boys under 17 years of! Morley.
age���ist Robt. Morley. j    Youngest  plowman,  Pair boots,
1 value  f4, by John   Reagh���Robt.
We take the present opportunity to Wish Every=
body a Very Happy, Bright
and Prosperous New Year.
branch of ,he Epworth League and
ou Thursday  last  elected  the   foi- j,
Special Prize;.
Best ploughed ridge by narrow
cut plow, Plow, value $22.50, byG.
T. Bake:���S. Morley.
Best start and finish, Class I, Set
double trees by P. Clark���Jas.
Best start and finish, Class II,
Set double trees by W. Ht. Taylor
���R. Pybus.
Best start and  finish, Class III,
Best plow team, Whip by H.
McDowell���H, Montgomery.
Best Ins and Outs, Goods, value
$4 by Estate \.r. L. McBride���Geo,
Plowman coming greatest dis-.
tance, Pair overalls by J. A. Logan,
Geo. Dare.
Judges���T. R. Patterson and A.
R. Boyes.
i'lg secretary,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. F,
Betts;  treasurer,   Mrs.   W. J.Lan-r
On Thursday evening nextlljej
above League will hold its first.
consecration service commencing at!
71-0 o'clock.
Our drawing takes place January j relieve   W
ilexander, of Evereti.
ved hen', yesterday.; lo
E.   Laniug,   our  local
^ist uext.
! cot.du .-tor.
Tfce Market.
New Westminster, Dec. 28���
Yesterday's tnarkctwas rather slow.
No large supplies were on sale except', perhaps, in beef. Prices held
practically the same as last week,
with the exception of onions which
advanced to $3 a sack.
The supply of beel was large, bnt
considerable meat was noticed that
would not qualify as first-class, and
as such was not in demand, good
beef was bought all morning but
mostly by local butchers and iu
small quantities at last week's quotations of 7c and Sc for hindquarters and 5c and 6c for forequarters.
Tbe supply of lamb and mutton
was not excessive but 1 .rge enough
lo satisfy the demand and sold at
steady prices, lamb averaging 14c
and mutton 13c per lb,
Pork is still selling at 9c and ioc
per lb., but some of the butchers
think that a rise may be expected,
that is, for nice pork. The older
class of heavy coarse pork will not
increase in popularity however, but
the opinion seems to be tbat young
pork averaging 150 pounds to the
carcase will be scarce in the near
future. Very little veal was in
evidence and brought 1 ic tor medium and 7c lo sSc for the heavier
Eggs still hold firm at 45c wholesale and 50c ancl 55c retail and a
fairly average supply came to market yesterday. The butter supply
was well up to the mark nnd so'rl
at 35c and 4.1c a pound.
Fowl ol all descriptions were shy,
no tin keys at all being offered
Geese also were not in evidence,
but it is highly probable that 1 .st
���sveek's ligures will hold pretty
steady ou those articles, which gold
before Christmas at 26c to 28c live
weight for turkeys, and jjSi to J. 1.25
each for live geese. A few duck.
were on sale and were being tillered
at $8 50 to $10 per dozen, while
heavy fowl were being sold for
j5i  jO   to   1:8.50   per   dozen,    ami
OffistaMS Drs^i
The re-uiit 01" Marshall Smith &
Co 's Christmas drawing is  cs  foV
Adults' Prizes.
I!4592- John McKee.
B9060, W. R. Whitley.
B3813, Mrs. Frank Cullis.
Br 1009, J, Williamson.
B4224, Mrs. A. Clau-en.
B333 1.
B7722, Mrs. J. W. Welsh.
B3807, W. Lougheed.
10.    B113:-',
Children's Prizes.
u B4075, Miss E. Gilford.
2. B6455, W. Siddall.
3. B7S65,
4. B17S9,
5. R5619, Smith Wrighr.
6. B3674.
7. B9625, M. E. Wharton.   .
8. B1228, J. King.
9. BS703, Miss V. Richardson.
10. Bi 116, J. King.
.As usual the drawing attracted a
very large crow', the store being
packe 1 with people fro n 7 o'clock
until the store closed at 10 o'clock,
and although ..ot all prize winners,
everyone was 111 the best of humor,
each endeavoring to convince 'is or
her neighbor that thev held the
winning ticket B439:.
chickens at from $4.50 to $6.50 per
Potatoes were sold   at   ��i8 per
ton and onion:-, rose to $3 per sack.
If the gentleman who has a kick
coming against the management of
the plowing match, and who sent
in an unsigned communication ao*
companied bv a dollar bill, will call
at this office after Thursday thia
week he may repossess himself of
the dollar, and if he thinks he has
a real grievance we shall be only
too pleased to give him space in
this piper, over his own signature, THE DELTA TIMEC, TUESDAY, DECEMBER. 31. J^ay.
SukckiptipN, $1,09 yen y��JW��
a MVBcrisiG batik.
Quwl AdTdtiicUBfatf, io cents ps. Uue foi
Ut .rit in surtien, "nud ^cent^per line lor each
Mbacquenl iuMrtion.     The   number   ol   lines
Sckoucd by tke space occupied, 11 line* to the
Gfc. r-.
katea lot Commercial Ad'trtiaesients can be
kad oa application at thla oBce.
leading notices i. cents per Une for each in
���irth and Death notices, joe., Marrja^es. i.eo.;
A��T apecial novlc., the object ot. which Is to
annate the pecuniary benefit bf any individuiil
���V company, to be 'ean^idered ah adtertUenieut
and charred aoc��rdini_ly.
AU advertisemru _. charged fer until ordered
ont aud paid for. ^T'
Corre.pp_d.uce Invited on matters of public
-Sierest. l'Coiuunjnicatiods to eiMt*jr must be accompanied by uame of Vriter,, iiot necessarily
for publication, but. aa evidence of' godd faith.
Correspondence ataftt reiich this office by Thurs-
q_KO. R. Ma^W,
T,lfKSD-KY.   DECEMBER   31,   1907.
Ttj^ _jame oi John McKee is
mentioned as ��. possible candidate
^or municipal honors.
We wish y,qu all A Ver^r H sipp*
and Erpsperjoui New Year, such as
has n^v^r b e^n.seq. before in tjie
history of Delta.
'���__L-*L5��_L__-." v i  'i ���i���5bs
cal a change in tbe Council at   the
present moment. The River road
diversion is a question which needs
to be understood thoroughly by
the whole Council in order to
handle it right and in the best interests of the municipality at large.
Then there if the matter of a deficit
and the present Council, we believe, are the proper ones to stand
a]t the helm and tide us over the
present situation in tp smooth water
During the qqroing year there
are something lil^ four miles ofj
Trunk roads to be macadamized or
money wasted in patchwork. Which
*hall it be? Intetviev^. your Councillor and find out what he thinks
about it. These are not matters
and conditio^ brought about by
^be present Council but conditions
which haye been growing apace
during the past four or five years,
and it is up to the people, to look at
tjiem from a business standpoint,
and attend to them in a businesslike
To   make  fortunes   ' ut
Nol the future you  m   ��<t
put something Into llic
E p'es��.nt_  .....
Oo Id-Co rpers Pay
B I _t   Dividends   ail
over British
.      .       .       ^kmbt*.
W. C. T. U.
M is tjme to refltqt upqn the
^.tyiiqpal work q( the year, iu
qrder to find out tbe trus worth of
our Reeve and Councillors. Councilors are very apt to feel discouraged if t��e ratepayers do opt show
some sign  of approval  sometimes.
Too mjiny of, us are given over
tp the,-,growling habit, and too few
ctyer think the Council worthy of
praise for all the time and energy
^fvoted to the welfare of the dis-
^Te regret, yery ipuch' tjtat the
^hole of th��^ presta��t Council cannot be held together fo:T af, least
another year in order that some of
.ft? work ot�� han<H, might be completed. Of course, in the case of
the Reev.% it is different, as he is
leaving the district, or expects to
ex lewsi,
Beginning with Coun. Gibbie we
<fe no reason at all why be may
not be induced to reconsider his de-
ipsio^and continue in office another year.
Coun. Da^ie, we presume, intends runaing agaiq in order, to
3#sist ia straightening matters out
vybicb be^. has undertaken a? well
^helping in a,ge^ral way.
Qoun. Gilchrist might, be brought
s^rouod if ttve taxpayers of Ward
Ifl will take an interest in the
work cm hand and approach him
Coun. Paterson is ^filling to stpy
ift,the field providing, a sufficient
timber of tjie old Ccj\incil"cau be
Induced to remain,
In Ward V we hav* a different
state of affairs, still we believe the
inter ^ts of the distric.t will; be best
Served by returning Qoun. Qennis.
The settlers, alqvg tbje rjy,erj front
Ijayp.very little tat^t to. find with
Qo.'sin. PeiiJiis,; a^d we^ar^confident
tjiat he w00!$ give fair treatment
to ajl,we{e be rejectee}) Ifpwever,
<3j��,believe, thc^w, candidate, Fred
Karmiter, tp be a,goo, ei,Jev.il headed
$fid fair-minded nja^, qn��. from
whom great tbiajs. nftight^ l^e ex
What>&ar��(. here adv,p.j_tine we
$rmly belipv^te be for the t$st in-
��g|<${S,o$t% district and ^is ujj to
$e rat<j)ay��rsMit|.,eachi of the several
.yards   tp   look   hjt<f. this   matter
Containing over 100 Views.   Pos\ paid 25c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Ni thing Risked, Nothing Gained. Nettling Ventured,, Ni^h'ng Wo��-
Splendi4 Opportunity to Invests^
a T'he Richest Men in the World are investing & B.. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mi^es.     Why ca^i't you begin now?
The Greatest Oold-Copre . Discovery ol tho Age i* la B.C.
foi msojHi iio .us, 11. m vm
Every Dollar Subscribed, used in D^\elopmeni ot Mine.,
Special Offer���^Oc ^:r $h9^, will   shortly   advance to   $1.0
Mines directly west of Ij,�� Roi aijd Le Roi No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ol Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each;, the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine paid over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays Irom $5 to $800 in, gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Tre^suuy.,   Invest now and you wont regret it.
NoTE^r-Most of these mines solid for a few cen.ts once, \fi
over-capitalized even now,, pay big dividends.. Big Four is on
the railway, i.eai; smelters.
Rossland Mines, received Highest Awiyds toi; richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Pour had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had ��>u instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two fliles of Railway *** Property.
Company has nq di.-l.tsor liabilities.   Send for Illustrated Prospectus ai.d Booklet, "Minium Up-to-Datfe," to Secretary, with 5 cents in stamps.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, E. O., Canada.
V, T, Py, & Ferry Co.
N��w Service���=Pof-t Guiehou and  Ladiier to New
Westminster and Vancou-W.
Le^ve Pi.. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2Aio p.m.    Arrive Pt, Guiciuni. 6,00 p.m..
Gives   Passengers  four  hfturs  in   thither   New   \\rest-
,mi��ster or Vaucouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  offec-jye   September    5tU,   '06.
Gr^a\ly Rec.iice.1 Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Gu.ehon.
Snfflcietit Ca*s wil. be furnished wit bo tit delav.
Marchers and all ipterested in the.
Itadner Women's Cbristia^, Tem-.
geranc^.Uuion a,re itery earnestly
invited to a^tfud its first meeting tp,
beheld qn Tuesday, January 7th,,
igo8, at 3:30 p.m., in the Baptist
Qhurcb. The society is strictly
undenominational and meetings
t^ill be held in the various churches
iln turn. Men will be heartily welcomed as honorary membeis.
One Young Lady's Method.
"The most effectual temperance-
lecture I ever heard in my life was
preached to me on New Year's
Day," said a young man recently,
in our hearing.
"Why, Horace, where were you?
And who delivered it?" we asked.
"T was visiting in Philadelphia,
and with my cousin, John Levins,,
set out to pay a number of New
Year's calls, It is not the custotp,
apw, as formerly, to set opt wine,
hifore guests, but it is still done
sometimes. Our second call was at
the princely home of Franklin
Graves, of whom you. haye heard.
His lovely daughter greeted us,,
smiling and beautiful, a, very qqeen
among women. The,re was also an
elegant assortment of choice wines
vybich tbe father pressed upon the
guests. 'Did you come to see
papa or me?' was always the question asked of each guest, and, so
far as I knew, there was but one
answer: 'We,. c;aqie_ tq see you.'
'My guests tqqch no wine,'' she
said; 'I: have other refreshments,
provided for tbem.' The wineglasses stood untouched. The fair
young girl flitted to and fro among
her guests, ministering herself to
tbeir needs. The father gracefully
acquiesced, and finally bad the
wineglasses removed.
'��� Did you ex^r witness anything
sq effectual as that?' said Qousin
Jpbn,,as<we staged, up thet. street
'��� 'Never,;' I ans^red, 'No
temperance leqture ever touched me
like that quiet speech: 'My guests
touch no wine.' God helping me.
it if. tbe. lastt time tbn glass.shall
ever touch my lips.'
"I have since learned that more
than one young man. began-reformation on New Xear>s Day, t^re-.
s*ilt of that very call."
"My guests* touch., no wiu*-"
They were simple words, quietly
spoken, but what did they not.
This Christian girl performed a
service as faithlqlly as though, the
kingdom of God depended uppn her
fidelity. Perhaps if do^s!���Christian Intelligence^.
J .	
Accumulate, Awake or Asleep, thougjh earthquakes or kire
disasters; prevail. tl.cpgu financial, depressions come and
go, YOU   NHEI)   LOSli   NO SLEEP, for the security back of
thih :s
Our Loans do not exceed 40 por cent, of
the value o" the  property  and   nict  you
5 per ce&t.
We beaitily thank our friends
who so kindly remembered us by
sending tbe compliments of the
season in tbe form of a V and we
wish that their shadow may never
grow less and their pock^tboplj,
ever increase in f^tnfiss,
60   YEARS-
c^sely ere they permit of too radi ^rist^ Day, at Hope
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lending a sttetob an . description m��r
qolciilr ajoertalQ oiir.oislnloiifroe.wlictlier on
lUTontlon j����rotii .ilxVnlohtalVlB, COmmunlea.
tions iitrlotlrJwiUdciifiiilsMANOtiOnK ou Patent*
sent free. OiliestJiponcy for jccurlujr patents.
Patent* taken through Munn * Co..tucelW
BKria! notice, without Charge, lutli.
_.   . _ .        .   . _ j'luiuil, am w \m '���*���.
t tettrohr^lssVi'-lQlitanle,   Coran
jtlr.Jw)H(leiifiiU> HANOBOOK ou t
h Munn * Co..!
large, lutli.
Scientific Hmcricam
A handsomely Ulustrnteil weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms for
Canada,|;i.75a MUostace prepaid.   Sold, hy
all newadealera.
lee. 626 F Bt - Washington, I
Incorporated 1869.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five
; Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
.AccoMuts may be opened with, deposits of ONK, D0I.LAI<1^
and   Upwards.     Interest; paid,, or credited^ quar-%
terly on  31st  March,. 30th June, 3otU
September,  31st December.
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brandrith
entertained a number of friends on
From. Mrs- Taylor's farm, on
December igtb, a Jersey Bull
with r^pg in ncee. Finder please
figs for Sale..
For Sale ip sroajl^lfigs about ten
weeks old,.   Appljjto,
Tor Sale,
Household Furniture;. Neortj New.
Including I Bedroom Set-, 1- box
Mattress, 1, colored Toilet, Set; Oak
Extension Dining Table, J^-dozen
Diningroom Chairs; 1 No. 9 .Mc-
Clary Cook Stove, i�� Washing Machine, set ot Cooking Utensils, etc.,
For fnrtherr particulars, flpply at
W, N.. Drap��^
Room t, EUard Block. New Westminster.
given to tbe Electors of the MuniqU
pality of Delta thnt I require:the
pnesence of tlje said Electors, afc the
Town Hall, Ladner,, on tihe 13th
day of January, i\go8, at 1,2 o'clock
noon, I'or the purpose of electing
persons to represent them ip tbe
Municipal Coupcil a,s Reeve;, and
Councillors, also three Trustees to
represent them on the School Board
The mode of nominating candi-.
dates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writing, the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters of the
municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the
Returning Officer at any time between the date of this notice and 2
p.m. of the day of nomination, and
ifi the event of a poll being necessary such poll will be opened on
"the 18th day of January, 1908, at
Ahe Town Hall, Ladner, and will Le
kept open irom 9 a.m. till 7 p,m.
of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern
himself accordingly.
The qualifications for a Reeve or
.Councillor shall be bis being a male
^British subject, and having been for
Vie tjiree months next preceding
the day ef his nomination, the registered G^nc.r in the Land Regis
'try Office of land et real property
situate within the municipality of
the assessed, value, on the. last Municipal Assessment Rell, in case of
Reeve, of five hundred dollars or
mores and ifi case of a Councillor,
of two, bund red and fifty dollars or
more, ov.er *pd above any registered judgment,, and* bei��g otherwise
qualified as a vot ,r.
The.qiualifiqation ol School Tres-.
tee shall be any person heiti|f a.
���householder in the Municipality^
and being a Britishi subject of the-
;'ull age of twenty-one vears, and
otherwise qu-ilified to vote at an,
election of School Trustees.
Ci-i-Mi under my hand ait I.adne*
this 2Stb day of December, 1907.
N. A.  McDIARMID,    *
Returning Offitj^r.
Mandolin F
Having been requested to xturt a
Mandolin Class, am now- prepared to do so. For terms, etc.,,
3.   H.   WEARE*
Caifto. Mr. Jj. W . 5**NNlN(s,
Mandolins, Strings, Eta.,
Supplied at Citv Prices
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and  Dray iug
Livery  work of all  kiad. attended to promptly.
J. WI* Collinson
Ladaer. B. C.
^**U*-^ ��� **? ��� ^* **f      ***     * **r^ ** * ._* "^^^* #*^^^#�� e^ .e, ���%��� *^*J
I  .I. HENUfiY
NKW WKS'?NiIiNS'r��8,.   .x.:  ��. c.
Mnnufaclnrers uf all klndftol
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer    &
Orinks. JL
Voimj patrog-ag* solicited      f
14.00 Per Year.   Single tyg, 10 Cts^.
issckd vemoBm
Sample Copy Free,
Ladner Carriage Wwks<
(fet Your Grinding pone
While You Wait.
0. T BAKER, Ladner, B% Q,
WAIT and Oet Yotw OHndirig Dou^e
OATS,        10    CENTCS PER SACK
ALWAYS Cunning en feitwrclay^
trenant Crushing
(T. Ev LApNER^ Proo^
n V
11 m mmg m a
SiiccessfikS Wife
Yoar Quarrels '> ihe Minimum by
Trying Koi (o Hive Any at All���And
Don'l Pul Left Over Fusses Into the
Ps-e>ij_cralsr  For Tomorrow.       J*
|< op. right, lift*, by CuBJer 8, Yost.J
��l ri v nn.u:  wttu. qihl-a
fVH   liulL' vvtllle ,l"')_J"Bt �� Mttl��
J * S3 while. i: seems to me, though
It iiiii.v wi-in ages tn .vou,
v.lu'ii ymi wert) n /Utile lilt of a cliild���
J used to take you on my knee In tho
evenings by liii' ll relight nml loll you
pini'Ies. Sometimes they were jnut ti>
oi'Vortllln ,vuu. hut somo other times
t! ry Itnd lossoim hidden iu their sngi ir
*���<.:i i:=- N'aw, 1 v,mit yort tn Imagine
yuu:.-.ill' ;i baby girl again and that
ymi nre cuddled up in my I si ] >. with
yni'.r i-nrly, go! len heiid uestthm
]".: ;lnffl my .him:.el. mid that 1 am
n-iiii.-c you the story about the two
kings nnd the buttermilk pall. Perhaps you don't n .neinber lhe story of
the two kings and the buttermilk pall.
V't-ll. dearie, keep your head right
there on my shoulder, and I'll tell It tu
yon now.
o,ue upon n lime there were two
ti. ,.s. pretty goo.l sort ��r fellows ��n
\.\.it:-, giv bnt they wero both tremen-
(liusly fond nf buttermilk, one of
litem liked It in well that he had t\
!��� il made, for his s|_>ehit use that win.
{'.:.. wonder of the world. It was huni-
luereil out of pure gotd, so bright and
(shiny that when it watt hung out to
ni.- tlie sun huri.e.l ��rt and g:,t behind
;i eloltd. Utl.l It was get with diamond*.
(ind rubM iw lil-t ii" walnuts. At last
Iln fame reached ihe other king, win.,
h:i] been ooutoiitedly drinking tits hnt-
termllk out of n len cent tin pail and
wiping his mouth on his shirt sleeves.
"Un. Im," lie cried, for he wta luii ul :
���: i! :..��� I'trnlghtway fell sick with envy. ;
: i i;e : .-ut tiptsI I iiiessengi ','s la lhe ���
IjiV.i ii::;j's court to try to buy ilie I
v.uUik. .:il bii"c:T.:i!k pall.
Hill the first king laughed them to
remu "Ua. Iw." ho cried, for lie was
lull of buttermilk ami vainglorious,
'���;::> tell your era Van king to stick to
t.i;." So they departed. And when
the. iiad made their ollicial report and
tiled llielr expense account the second
.hi;! jumped out of bis royal bed and
kicked his royal pajamas out of the
window. "Oiul/.i.uks," he cried, "let
ine ul him." Sv they went to war.
And when they had fought for years
ami thousain's tit goefd men who
couldn't afi'ur.l buttermilk' aud didn't
Ike it anyhow had been killed the
I'.rst Icing called a truce, and they had
a parley. "By tlie wny," said the first
king, "what did we start this vow
nbout?" '.Blessed if I can remember."
mid the second kitig, "but, whatever it
������.::������. you're uu ither." ".-.ml you're nn-
-lliey." snid the tlrst king. So they
went i.t it again, and after they were
both I'.ead from appendicitis or rheuuia
tisi i'or Roihetlilli': like that..lt was discovered lhat the seeoiiil assistant lord
of ihe poultry yard had lieen using the
goltii'ii buttermilk pail to feed the
chickens I'or Ihe past twenty years.
Your  Little  Disaoreements.
It's hardly necessary to say, my dear,
that I aui not telling this story exclusively for. your entertainment. I
th,n't kuow wlicl'ior you see the point
or no!, hut Il's tliere, and I am moved
t.i uncover it by n little conversation,
scraps of Which 1 could not help but
lii'iif as they floated over the back of
tlie car seat ill fr out of Ilie this inoiui-
l.'i..j It v.;s just ihe ragged end of n
finally ipmrrol, an ttisigutUcaut little
i !,l between n young iiuin and his
young wife, but is carried my thoughts
I i you and William. Of course I know"
vou never ipuiiTe':. uud even if you did
j .iu r.re ; in well bred to tin It iu public
I can hoar you say this, with a toss of
your pretty liead nud a retrousse ftii'l
of your dainty une that ought to be
either tempting or exasperating to Bill,
necol-lin,!. io (he way he feels. All the
name, lllfle girl, unless you and ho have
���.-nl your diplomas ami been measured
I'or your heavenly uniforms I urn satisfied Hint yon have your little disagreements. Aud I don't blame you at all
for Hint. We nre all more or less human, mid no doubt. In order to keep
thii..���! from gvtting too monotonous
dow.' liere.Nhe good Lord has so nr-
raiici'il mutters that uo two of us can
nlwii;. have the same opinion'!.. You
.���an'.see  nl   once,  can't  you.   what  a
Irenry place tills would be If we all
thought nllke?  Why, we'd all wear ex-
u-tly the same kind of clothes, live In
itjiwos the snnie size nnd color,. eat
the same food, and there wouldn't be
Anything at nil to talk about. These
differences of opinion are just as natural and probnbly just iih frequent In
vour house us In your next door neigh
bor's, and quarrel, nre mwel.t
ments gone lo si.
A little qnitrrel
a bad thing in i
contrary, my iie:,
Domestic life Is
: tuni
it   luWlt_  ���,;���',,..   j
i likely  In become |
hnmdriiin if i! is all cooing und biillug
It needs spite.    !'.;t Just a pluih. little girl, just n pin li.   Vou know  what
delightful   spice   cake   your   mother I
make.:.   Wei!, now. suppiife she sijiul.:
make a mistake aud put  in as much |
spice   ns   she   (hies   Hour.     Woi Idn't |
lie    tit   to   eat.    would    it?     That's
just the diffeieiii e.    As the good book
says, a little lemon leavens the whole
lump,   but  yen   wnnt   to   he  mighty
careful nbout gelling too much leaven
in.    Il's so easy tii go too far. particularly In the mailer of family quarrels,
l'he best  way  In  buhl   lh(��ll| llowil  lo
the right proportions Is ly trying liard
eut to have any at ull.    I Icing human,
ion probably eiln't do it. but the mere
effort   will serve  to keep  them  from
Jumping out of the spice box into the
flour bin. so lhat when 1 say solemnly
and    with    parenlal    sleriiuess.   don't
quarrel, I mean don't quarrel any of-
tener than ynu inn |kissibly help.
Make Up Quickly.
But when you do quarrel���and this
Is the meat In tiie eoeoauut--when you
do quarrel, make
it    up    quickly.
Don't let it drag.
Don't put I! back
in the refrigerator and warm It
up for tomorrow.
Have   tt  out  at
once nnd then-
forget It.   That's
the  quality   that
makes Ibe Utile
Dmi't rut n in n.e re- ti Its   between
jrlijcmlor. husband  and
wife harmless; that's the gentle art
of forgetting, line of the hnpjilest
couples I ever kuow was old Jerry
Palmer and his wife, who used to
ll'.'e just ni'i.iu. Ihe comer from us.
I really believe (here never wns u duy
that they did not have li quarrel, nud
I am just ns eoutident they never had
it on their minds when they went to
sleep. 1 moution them just to show
the possibilities of forgetting, not as
nu example for you to follow���uot
by a long .hot. Palmer and his wife
were exceptional .Cases.
They   were  a  good   deal  like  some
Mexicans who won't eat strawberries
unless they are sea loned with red pepper.   Their daily life bad to be seasoned red Uot.  Such n diet, ineutnl orpliys
len), Is np healthy for ninety-nine out ol
n hundred  miirrled  couples, und yoi
nnd Hill. I'm pretty sure, belong to th
ninety-nine.   Sy I suy, try nut to Inn
uny family jnrs at all, but when tlie:
is   nny   broken   crockery   nround   tii
house mend it the same dny before ti.
lights go out.  Then your quarrels v.,
ho  like  little  jjllllltner  cloud.:   that  o.
.cure the sun for awhile, liut imtl.e
���e.'cni ail the brighter when they pa:-
There Is nothing much aweetcr in ii
!: ..��� c::r  I'.:.:-. ;<���������    ::::i-!"st ::r I ive i:
;- ;st v. :������':  :' -li      s a dii:!'!'-He si: "' .-'
- licit i-. i- lhe live nnd tm-.t nro U.e'
nud ani'.Tniiv..'..
When C ::.r-?!s Are Nursed.
"ho   trouble   i-.   my   dear,   licit   to*
Tinny quarrels uro not allowed t-i puss
him.    Tiie good  I.ord   provided  ever.'.
uniiiia!   Willi   so.ue   kind   of   v.cupo:
of offense or defense.    A man's is I:
us!; a woman's is her tongue. I'i.'i!.'
ii ui hus so far progressed thai u io.:.
���that is. \ geul i .min cuuuo; use In
natural weapon in dealing \.iiii :
woman. That's nil right. ,Clvillxnlion
!l is made some mistakes, but thnt Isn'l
one of them. But it has placed in.
-orb limitations on woman's weapon
nd a;;es of coiisinut use havo given
her a skill that puts a man nl u pretty
considerable disadvantage. Whether
the uses It as a poniard or u meat ax
i mm
Mi nil It tiie mime tiny.
prize chic!;; as, they ll tv fed
r.iko .
nursed mil petted and grow strongei
and harder to kill every duy. They ure
drawn out���it's quarrels I'm talking
about now, no', chickens���they nre
I'ter day uutil love
slips out the front
:ps to return Aa.i
:t a liltle too much
��� too much stiffness
a   little   too   much
drawn out duy :
grows lire.! mid
door, never peril
ul! for what? .1".
pride. Just u little
of the neck, just
itemed fool stubbornness. 'Iimt's it
"He's wrong, uml 1 won't give In."
Thut's will!t yon suy. No doubt (lint's
what he snys. And so you g.> on wilh
the corners of your mouths turned
lown and the ends of your noses turned up. sacrificing all that is
good and I rue
uud beauiifiil ln
life fur a butter-
milk pull Do
yi ll get tlie point
of Ihu! story
uow? I'riii tii-illy all quarrels,
pnrticiihirly domestic ones, nre
about cimipnra-
tlvo trifles, hut
they lire too often cu riled on
until    the    real
to make a quarrel, ana rntswB atf
other almost us old���that it takes
but one to end it. Both are equally
true, but when it comes to closing up
a domestic controversy a woman will
succeed where a man will only get hia
foot iu deeper, and she can do lt without concessions, without humiliation,
by the simple trick of forgetting.
That's the stuff that will mend family
Jnrs quicker nnd more effectively than
anything else. Paste the recipe in
your cookbook, my dear, and take a
look ut it every time you get on the
warpath. So long, little sweetheart.
Your affectionate dad,
d . i'((W--"'.'
I Mi.
'// :-'-s
%W t*d
PI-sir 111 Cttuse la r��l'fc'ot'
^i       r -j^yiy \)lttire   Is   n   mu-
&g!y-AjJ**^ tnil] aniji^onism,
*""'"' unforgiving   nnd
(jOvetUpti oui (/iu Iront unrelenting,   lhe
(/nor. destroyer of hap
piness and chief commissioner of supplies for the divorce courts. Oh, my
tittle girl, quarrel If you must, bul
don't let it drag, don't let it drag!
But, you may protest, he says thing.:
that hurt, things one enn't forget so
���ashy. Uh-liuh! I guess so. But,
my dear, I'll bet my old gray horse
agnlnst a small boy's pocketknife thai
what he says to you Is like soothing
sirup  compared  to  what you  say   to
A woman's weapon is her ihmjuc.
depeuds upon her temperament, but
Ihe result is usually the same���the
mau picks up Ids bat and jumps for
ihe front door. Now. it's a peculiar
ity of a woman under such circumstances thnt. while she remembers
v. ith highly magnified clearness ull
that he says and much that he didn't,
she entirely forgets the occasional remarks she mude herself. I want you
to reverse that (#Ocess. Think over
what you said aud long before time
for Bill to come buck from work you
will be in the proper frame of mind to
meet liim wilh a kiss, to be your own
sweet self, serene and smiling, just as
if a quarrel hnd never happened since
the world began. Then, for heaven's
sake, don't refer to the disagreement
again, Vou can bet your life Bill
Each Entitled to Opinions.
Of course you are entitled to your
own opinions, all you want of them.
So  is  he.    But   let me tell  you  one
thing,  my  little girl, and if  I  was u
printer I'd put it iu tlio biggest type
fo be had���there never was an opinion
Hint was worth the price of your happiness.    Have your opinions, but don't
try to Impress them on Bill with a potato masher.   That way isn't effective,
and,    besides,    It    lacks    refinement
When you wan!
ffL him   to   thi'ul:
���v.   kpiA       j'01"" w��y ���'"*
**<<k ��_i'.Sa/J��      i)Ht  J'our   nrm
Wk.    lu'om,d his nee
H&llfflb- and-     But.
HBVnP pshaw.you know
WlfWjJ-'%yd''t huiv!    All  worn
ijjp <gP|      13   is,  (Mido. The trouble is they sonic-
Put your (inns aroundilmm allow iheir
Tried It.
"What!" cried gonial Popklns, slapping his friend Jobsou un the back.
"You ure In love with Maud Dawson
and too bashful to propose to her!
Think shame of yourself, man! Just
you follow my plan. I was out walking one night .villi a lady, who is uoW
my wife, and we came to a jeweler's
shop, und I pointel to the engagement
rings in the window and said,
'Wouldn't you like one of these?' uud
she suid 'Ves,' and so it was all settled."
"Capital idea!" cried the bashful Job-
sou.   "I'll try it this very night."
Twenty-four hours later tlie two
friends met once more.
"Well, Jobsou," cried .lopklus, "did
the plan work?"
"Work!" groaned Jobsou. "I should
think it did! Just listen. 1 took .Maud
nlong High street and stopped ut <Ju!d>
item's, the jeweler's, aud I pointed to
liie engagement rings in the window
and asked her if she would like one,
and she smiled and blushed and put
her bund on my arui uud said, "Oh, yes,
.'.ear George; 1 would like that oue.'
and 'Hint one' wns 10 guineas!"���Lou-
ion Tit-Bits.
his iicc/c.
tempers to blind
ihem to the old reiluble, never frilling method that they have had copyrighted since the days of Mrs. Ailniu
It's nn old suylus that It takes two
Founded 1802     ' Incorporated 183 l;
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public Sehool work. Does High
School work and. prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, eaches aU branches, of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas, Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., aud Nt. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the P.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First. Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special F.ng;fleering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in th s Province. In M'.is'c. ..
complete course in theory, vo'ce culture, and piano 'and
organ^ in conjunction with the Toronto college of mus c.
Special instruction in art and elocution., while all students
are required to take physical training with air the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
^j��. i
iearner? %
MR. G. H. STEEVEJS wishes to announce that
he has associated himself with MR. A. B.
BALDERSTON, ofVancouver, and purchased tbe
Creamery and Milk Business known as the Ford
Saxten Co. The new company will be known
and will handle Cream���sweet and sour���j.nd
Sweet Milk Tbe Company have a Cream Gathering Team now on the Delta, and will be glad to
ha.ve the patronage of the milk producers in any
The Prices for the present month are :
SOUR CREAM, Per Lb. Butter Fat       - 38c
SWEET CREAM,     " " " - 45c
SWEET MILK, Per Gallon       -      - 20c
Eggs will be gathered by the team and the
higheai Vancouver price will be paid in cash.
Holy Communion���ist   ami   3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd  and 4U j
I Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
I     Evensoug, 7:3d o'clock.
Sunday sScliool at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany atj^o.
Rev. H. R. Bartletr, M.A.EvTcai.
Cor. Drake ��nd Howe Street, - Vancouver, B.C.
7b he Giw��i
Stevens M Calibre Target THffe
Ii you renew your subscription before ihe 21th
of ne*t month (January), yoa will receive
one ticket for eaoh dollar paid in.
N3W Subscribers will also receive a ticket.
0om$ in now and put yoursQl:' ri^ht with the
Services first and third Sunday ol"
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 ,i.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Cotnmuuioi
.irst and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish  1'riest,
Services next Lords Day at it
��. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the mornvng
service'every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p hi ever
Sunday. Prayer meetiug ever
Thursday evening at S.
Rev. J. I". BeUs. pastor.
Services ne-'-t Lord's Dav at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
His Surprise.
"Do yon know," lit* hii1.i1, "Hint I wa��
utmost overcome with surprise tiie first
lime I ever saw you'/"
"1 noticed." she replied, "that you
���������.letneil to bo considerably flustered."
"Yes. I'or 11 moment I wns speechless. Yon see. 1 Iiad heard u great deal
ubout yon. Your friends hml begun
six months before we met tu plan to
bring us together."
"I don't nee what tlin* could have had
;o do with the surprise you .ay you
felt when you saw me for tbe fint
"Why. I found you to be si beautiful
nud you were dressed with stii'h exqnl-
llte taste."
"Iiidi'i.l! 1 suppose hiy 'friends.' as
you call them, Innl given you 10 understand thnt 1 was homely and 11 frump.
.So kind of them, I 11111 sure."
"Oh, no! The} never did bo, 1 as-
SUt'e you���at le.i.u didn't do su in. -.;-
tii.nally. Hut the,\ did keep trllini. m*
ri.lit al in.   Lluit  ; ou  were very  lull.-
lectuul 1111.', nScply InU-usu.! i>. pi 0
ni.ssirn."���CL.ca ,j  '...^^.i. iifu'ii.i.
DtaeoTCrlnK A Gold A!In*.
Gold was discovered in California la
1S48 and ln Colorado in 1858. The discovery wus accidental iu both cases,
and the fuct created tbe impression
that mines were "lying around loose."
Adventurers drifted about lu hope of
"stumbling upon a mine." Mr. Thayer
Ln his "Marvels of th�� New West"
mentions several Instances of luck/
"stumbling." Three men while looking for gold ln California discovered
the dead body of a man who evidently
bad been prospecting. "Poor fellow!"
said one of the trio. "He hns passed la
bis checks." "Let's give him a decent
burial," suid another. "Bome wife of
mother will be glad if ever she knowi
lt." They began to dig a grave. Three
feet below tbe surface they discovered
signs of gold. Tbe stranger was burled
ln another place, and where they bsd
located, a grave they opened e gold
Te* Drukardi.
Tea drunkards are nearly as numerous as opium fiends and social gambler*
among our less guarded maids and matrons of thc idle aristocracy of wealth.
It is a terrible dissipation. Some of
the victims boll the tea until every bit
of the quercltanulc acid ls extracted
from the leaves, which renders the beT-
ernge bitter and dangerous. It ls so
astringent that no mucous membrane
ran readily overcome Its effect. Women who revel and luxuriate like tt because it ts a" good "pick me up."���New
Vork Press.
Willing to Try.
"For the first yenr of our married
life, dear," suid the young mun wbo
���was poor, but had prospects, "we shall
have to live principally on lova."- ..
"Well, poople can live on spoon victffr
als, can't they, George?" she suid, snuggling closer to him.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
S p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
Thonalit It Micht ne.
Mrs. Newrocks���I'm determined that
Cynthia's debut shall pass off with
great eelat.
Mr. Newrocks���What's eclat, Maria-
Worry anil HHiry.
It I; not work that liinkvti one so "doad
tired." It is worry nnd hurry;* A clcvtu
womnn 1 >m_isnid to a nervous, excited bis-
ter, "My tli'iir, don't uso a pilo (Inverts
pin ou a liuw of ribbon." It's good advice. It moans simply don'tusea doublt
or it triple amount of nervo foreo In the
peiiuriuanueiif somo duty thnt can be Uons
as well or better with loss.
Only 80 per cout of tlio murders oom��
Kitted yearly In Auiurloa uud Kurope am
���>i:f inu.itf ent, THE
D..x. i
.���-I.   .1
iS, TUE3DAY, DI-XEMB1IR 31, 1307.
WCAh &EW8.
Wm, Lasseter, jr., is laid up with
le grippe.
Miss Katie Muir, of New Westminster, is a guest of Miss,LMin-
<?HP Sqitk..
Dr. and Mrs. Woodley and family spent Xmas Day visiting friends
ip Vancouver.
On Your Money
.gasaweaags; "   ���������
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgage's on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Peh Cent. G.uaraj-TEEd, free- of all charges,
upou sums rangiug froga Five Hundred Dollars up.
Miss   Nora   Dockrill,   of    New
Westminster, is   a   guest oi Miss 1
Ijrqne Robinson.
White, Shiles &
New Westminster, B.C.
Miss Dotcenrod returned home,
yesterday, after spending, Sunday
tfl th $ Rpyal City.
Mrs. White, who is looking hale
and hearty, speut Christmas witb
her son, Jas.*Grant.
Rev. J. F.. and Mrs. BeM* spent
Christmas Day at the home oi Mr.
a/we Mrs. F: CuQis.
Miss Elsie Lynch leaves, on Sat-
1 ^Jday next,, qn a visit to, relatives
in Oregon wni Idaho.
Agencies Represented-
Harttord Hire I iterance Co.
l'htrnix Ingurpuce Co. of IhooMyu
Connecticut l'irp insurance C*.
Insurance Cuj of North America
The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Md., of I,oudou, Eng.
Imperial Trust C<|., Lid., Vancouver, B.C.
On Friday last Gasper Nicolich,.
jf., was arraigned before J. B.
Bun,. Pi M.,,on the charge of assaulting Autonia Nicolich, bis
mother,, on Christmas Eve. During the hearing it developed that
accused was drunk at the time aud
complainant not. wishing to press,
the charge, accused was allowed to
go on paving the costs and being
bound over, in his own recognizances
Miss L . Shepherd, ex-teacher ot
^adner school,, is visiting !��ere thej to keep the peace for six months,
gutjst of Miss McLellan.
Q-. Arthur returned home, yester-.]
dajs, froij_ Vancouver, njihere be, I
saent Christpias with his q_pther.
Kxcejsiprs Dance To-night..
i   Tho. New Method  Steam Laundry,   of   New    Westminster,    has
i | gysss.���mta i
| moved into new and larger pren -
Mrs. Wm.  Hartnell, ot  Oregon^ j.se!i and installed the most modern
i* spending the festive season witb machinery and   are   now prepared
fcer mother, Mrs. Frank Hartnell.    t0 &0 tl)e very best work,, and all,
... ).n ��� ��� . I work from now  will  be attended
tp-. promptly.
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn og
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizer*,. Bee  Surplies, Spray
j Pumps,   Spraying   Material,    Cut
Flowers,   etc.     Oldest   established
nursery on  the mainland of  B. C.
Catalogue free.
10t6 Westminster Avenue-
Vancouver. B.C.
Just Received
Two   Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
Oue   Car    Swift's   Befit   Ehrap.,
A ^tch-night service-  will   bet
held in the Methodist Church this.-.
tv,ening, commencing at w o'clock.
Beg Leave
To notify tbe people of Ladnk-T and sur*
rounding district tkat we are. now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
?*?*. ?*t*Q
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building*1
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost, aa piling or othew inferior
Write for Prices.
iff; 1
B. C
is M. J. HENRYS Nurseries i
Mts. J-. McLeod, of New Westminster, came down, Saturday, on
a yjsit to her daughter,. Mrs.. Ja.s.
Miss. M. McDowell 1 eft* yester-
ty,%, fpr yajjcouver,,after spending
Christmas with her sister, Mrs. C,
y. Nelsoa.
��� ���.���-���������-      ��� -       ���    ���        "
Miss The masine Kjerr came over
ifom Vancouver, on Saturday, and
is the guest qf Mrs. W. R. Ellis, at
(Jlover L*�� Fa^m.
lev, D. E. and Mrs. Hatt and
family, of Vancouver, spent Sunday, l\?re tbe guests of Rev. A. H.
apdiMis. Huntleys
Rev.. A.. McAuley preached his
farewell sermon on Sunday last and
araid the many  regrets expressed, xrr-fsnxTTr-tjt
he leaves here on Thursday nexji VANCOUVJER, -
fpr his new field ot labor. His
headquarters will be Vancouver,
but his work lies all along the
coast, tbe logging camps of which
he will visit periodically. May he
find the work to his liking and
may he prove very successful in it
is the wish of his friends whom he
is leaving here.
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
B. C.
A congregational meeting was
held in St. Stephen's Presbyterian
Church, East Delta, last evening,
when aU tbe congregation turned
out to hear the annual reports of
the various departments of the
church work, which showed everything to be in a very flourishing
condition, there being a surplus on
hanr1 of over $100 and an increase
in membership of eleven during the
year..   After the business portion of
F: M: Brook-Smith, of- New
Westminster, came down to spend
Qhristmas the guest   of Mr.  andjthe  meeting  had  been dealt with
Mrs. E. T. Calvert.
���:-. jv:
il',': I
Vf3i3h&S an*
All Kinds of Jewellery-
New Stock For Xmas.
Call and ,Seer Them.
JR. Clausen,
B. C, Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
EroIisIi Qak Tanned Harness Lcathzr
Re* Mr, White, ot Orillia, Ont.,
mill fill the pulpit of St., Andrews'
Presby.terian Church here, during
tyie next two Sundays.
tbe ladies regaled the large company with refreshments, and a very
pleasant evening was spent.
Mr, bo- '' - I ��� nia ol Baal
Pfchirspwl ehpfctmaa with Mrs.
Bty.ni<'    are.      ' ' ���-    6
Vet.,'', rn. Bom
For Sale.
I 1 .'':���, ban 1 ] ul n;i 1.1   :>r.:.-
0 -
is recognized to-day as
for all purposes and no
where is this more so than on the Farm.   .
Farm labor ia expensive!    Do away with it as
much as possible; a small
mn is;,*   M
Saddlery Hardware, Korse Blankets andlStable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and    Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags* Valises.
������ti   -:
'"Jack of All Trades
Engine will do endless odd jobs for you: Saw
Wood,, Pump Water, Chop Grain,, Turn Separator,  Churn,   r'.,T " .        :-  Straw, Bale Hay,
Th- v-      1 an   ��� 'e tr
it.   ti��fr ar<i..'      '1'.'.  boys, 1-ac-.
tier  (wsr-ba/V et
1 ble to  lutfiiKe  1 '��� '   i" '
o   llSli*.? in ti"1^ (������   '' ��� !
���i     ' u .
Im and M
I                           1     Thu la;    Flee.
. ,         . lis    b ��� ���   :
I           ' ���.-,     0 be oil   .
finder wi'   be . ������   aj$l id
sam     1
;' i"   " I  "     ���    I.''        ���
A      -   ���:'-      ...
���   1    (] . E G usolii     I
. Moke Money.
ou art. Without One.
ne made in Canada.
i Specialty.
R :we_stdfc> Mission Circle met at
Xae 4*fiw����8e. <>" Saturday afternoon /and, with a number of their
fifends, gave Miss Elsie Brodie a
very pleasant surprise in the form
of a "Linen Shower." Alter refreshments bad been served and the
heu-ip a��od wishes for t,tyi_ welfare
<J.tbe ivi<k-elect had been express-
oil, thel&ppy p^-fW. broke up.
\e.     *���' ll'j I
Po thh Electors oi*-DeiiTa:
Ladies and Gentlemen���J hereby
beg to inform you. that I' shall noi
lie available as a- candidate at'the
forthcoming municipal elections,
and thanking you for past favors.
Commission Agents,
Genera! Dealers & Machinists.
Estate oi
WB   L,   McBRiDE,
General Merchant
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
1* ![l:l:(:'
" i
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To R\\ 13. C Ports.
ii'* 'I
J. iii J


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