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The Delta Times Dec 3, 1907

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Vol. S, No. I.J.
A    Full    Line   of    New;
Fruits    and    Peels    foij
Puddings     and     Cake*:
now on   hand.
We are showing the
largest and best assorted stock ever carried
Cooking    Stoves    and
Ranges, Heating Stoves
for Coal or Wood.
Fall Underwear, Fall
Suits & Overcoats, Gloves,
Ties, SliirtSjOoIlars, Booth
& Shoes. ^Everything
you want.
Our Prices s?jt��
Than the Ciiiesi
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Remember the masquerade ball,
in the Town Hall, on Friday evening next.
A box will be placed ou the table
���at tbe door tor masquers to deposit
(theirmame and title of their costume on a slip 'et paper provided
for the purpose, in order that we
.might bave a full list ior publication in the following issue of The
-DBI.TA Times. Kindly attend to
��RAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
���Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
.Rice, Chicle Feed, Timothy and
'Ciover Seeds may be obtained at
.3rackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
���warehouses, Ladner,  from MR.
_H. N. RICH, Local Agent.
"In this issne of the Daily News!
appears the largest advertisement
fever carried by a local paper.   This
is owing to the|enterprise shown bv
J >hnston's  Big  Shoe  House, who
hive taken this opportunity to inform the people of New Westminster in the quickest possible manner that another of those gigantic
sales for which they are so justly
{-famous,    is   -Starting   to-morrow,
Thursday.    It   is   confidently  expected   by   tbe   firm that several
{���thousand pairs of shoes will quickly change hands to the etitire satisfaction of bargain  hunters, as well
as those who always delight in weil.
shod  feet,   and   who   can   at   the
prices quoted indulge their whim."
���Wednesday, Nov. 27.
���Thissa tneei it .rprisiijg firm has
Ottawa Letter. | Standing
���ada has  been one Ion,'  record  ofj    In the year 1906, competitions ii
Mrs. W. E. Curtis will be "At
Home'' to her friends ^every first
Tuesday in the month until going
North in June.
���Ottawa, Nov.   26.���The  history
Of    the    Tory     party    in     Can-
of Grain
mportnt Sales.
a full page ad. in this issue, of
this paper, in which they cater to
the needs of this district a.s well.
As will be seen by reference to
our advertising column*, B, H.
Weare has opened a mandolin class
and he will be pleased to hear from
all those wishing to join.
was  a  good  turnout, 011
Sunday last, at Crescent Island
school house, when a children's
dedication service was held bv Rev.
A. H. Huntley., Two of Mr. and
Mrs. Bain's children were received.
disreputable political practice, open
and unblushing bribery both of
constituencies and individual stealing of constituencies by 1-x.pcrt
gangs of personators and pluggers,
ballot box stuff ���-. b ". t stealers,
ballot switchers, thumb nail artists
and others equally criminal side
line operators.
The years of Tory rule in Canada have been marked by some o1
the most glaring instances of corruption and stealing of the publi:
moneys and public domain wliich
have ever disgraced a civilized country. Conservative government was
distinguished by an utter absence of
constructive ability, and a lack of
intelligent grasp of conditions most
���deplorable, and had it not been for
the progressive spirit of the Canadian people, and prompt action in
turning thc rascals out, Canada
would to-day have been nationally
bankrupt, her prestige ruined, her
resource* dormant in the hills and
valleys, her credit destroyed, and
���her public men of the Conservative
stripe the derision of the civilized
English Press on Tories.
The London Times, the London
Graphic, the London Telegraph,
the Birmingham Gazette, the London Echo, the St. James Gazette,
the Graphic Despatch and many
others commented on the deplor
���able condition of affairs rn Canada
as conducted by Conservatives, and
expressed the opinion "that only
the most resolute and drastic purification can redeem public life ill
Canada from the taint of corruption
the like of wliich we have not seen
in our own country tor hundreds
ol years." Said one paper. "Rascals in office, and rascals in office
prostitute themselves, sacrifice their
houor and forsake their trust in
order to keep ou -good terms with
the rascals out of office."
Yet another London paper said
"The existence of an organized
system of corruption among public
officials in Canada has been conclusively proved, and like everything
else on the American continent the
bribery has beeu colossal." The
London Graphic Despatch spoke out
openly and said, "liven Tammany
Hall smells sweet and clean in companion with the huge stink pot of
tbe Conservative government."
Rascals Turned Out.
Matters were brought to a climax
iri 1896 wben the accumulating
scandals led to the rout ofthe Conservative party, and the men who
had brought disgrace upon themselves and made of Canada a bv-
word, were ignominiously turned
out ol office by an insulted peo; le.
In view of the claims to political
purity on the part of the Conservative party and press, and the vague
but baseless charges laid at the door
j of their politieal opponent, it may
,'be well to recollect Canadian history.
After .Sir Jolni Macdouald had
been found guilty of that greatest
of all political scandals, Which involved the sale of the Canadian Pacific charter along with fifty millions ol acres ot land and thirty
acres of land and thirty millions of
dollars cash, to Sir Hugh Allan, in
exchange lor $360,000 ofa corruption fund, the people of Canada
buried him and his  party  beneath
Remember Te Auction  S des  of
Purebred Horses aud  Cattle wliich
H, N. Rich   has on  Land  for the
standing  fields of seed   grain were  iSth and 19th   inst, when  he swill
first held iin Western Canada    In disP0Se of a11 ,ll0se sPlendld anj-
ruals inc uded in the  stock owned
by H. M. Vasey and the late W. H.
This is an opportunity seldom a'f-
1907 pr_ctica'lly all tiie agricultural:
societies that conducted competitions the previous years/again of-;
fered prizes, while tjnite a large
number of other societies iseld their;
first competition. The total number in each season is as follows:
1906���Manitoba,   2;   Saskatche-]
wan, 31; Alberta, 7���total 40.
1907���Manitoba,    1.   Saskatche-
ford-'d the farmer right at bis own
! door, more especially as this stock
J of animals have made their .nark
i at all the principal exhibitions of
i the West.
Ram or shine  there should be*
i large attendance ot farmers.
wan, 38;  Aiberta, 10���total 49.
T.   , ,,      ,       . , .       Luncheon will be provided.   Eee
Each agricultural society gave at I    ,
,     . -                     r    o    ,   . v.          ' advt- on page 4.
least $100 prizes.   In Saskatchewan ; r 	
this  was  divided  as  follows:   ist, r "
$40; 2nd, S30; 3rd, $20; 4th. fio.|sirable varieties such as Club, o.
In Manitoba and Alberta each ag-j0n tbt? otber Points tlae ^elusion*
ricultural society divided the prize fat rived at were* practically the
money as they saw St. ' sn-me as at I,ldian Head'
In Manitoba the agricultural so- Thegudging was done with the
cieties financed the giving of the helP of il score-card The score-
prizes themselves. i card'is-used not so much to aid the
In Saskatchewan  the Provincial I Jud8e informing an opinion of eack
Department ol Agriculture gave a
special urant of $100 to each society paying out $100 or more in
prizes. The larger number of competitions, and greater interest taken
in   the  work  in  Saskatch wan  is
field, but as an aid to hiu memory
in comparing fields scattered over
two or more townships. _: is also
usetul in showing each exhibitor
the faults and merits ol his field.
While the scores -iven  are a fair
comparison   of  the various   field*
largey    I ue    to    ihe    progressive 	
policy ofthe Provincial Department i within one competition, they are
ot Agriculture in that province. j not a fair comparison betweenffields
In Alberta also, material assist-j"'11 different ��� districts. One judge
ance iu the paying of the prizes ;ttlay SE��re "���� saverely ��� than an-
wes given by the Provincial De-|��,llCT- Tbis occasions t.o unfair-
partment of Agriculture by  giving i'ness  '"   Pacing  awards,   as  eael>
a grant to each agricultural society
of 6bz4 per cent, of the amount
paid eut in ; rizes.
Method of Judging.
The Seed Branch ofthe Dominion
Department of Agriculture was responsible for the judging cf the
competitions. Judges wcre sup- j eiglity to sixty
plied by the Seed Branch free of
cost to all the agricultural societies
holding competitions. Twenty-two
judges were employed in all, in the
three provinces. These were all
either successful western farmers or
officers of the Seed Branch.
The judges for Manitoba and
Saskatchewan met in conference at
Indian Head on August 15th, and
those for Alberta at Lethbridge on
August 10th. The object of these
conferences was to discuss matters
pertainiogto the Standard of excellence for seed grain, so that the
judges might go to their work with
unfortn ideas, and to  accustom the
competition is invariably completed
by the one judge, but it makes
comparisons between ��� different districts unfair. Thus, one judge
scores a competition, grading tire
contestants from ninety to seventy,
another judge might place r__em in
the same order   -.-itli -scores from
Rules Governing Competitions.
The following rules gcverned the
1. Competitions Shall be confined
to fields of wheat or oats, or both,
provided separate price lists afe
offered for each.
2. Prizes to the amount of n<H
less than $100 shall be oftered.
3. Fields entered for competition
shall consist often acres in a block
and shall not be situated at a greater distance than twenty miles from
the headquarters ofthe agricultural
society with whicli entry is made.
4. Each  competitor  shall   emtcT
.(Cotitinued on Second Page,)
new judges to the use of the score- j *i.th one agricultural society only
card. and   must  be  a member of  that
At thc Indiau Head confeience it ���society.
was decided  to  consider  Red Fife |\   5- Each competitor  shall be al-
Wheat as the most suitable variety lowed to  make  one  entry only in
for the southern  part  of  the terri- eac!l class-
tory aud the earlier maturing va-1 6- Each competitor shall pay au
rieties such as Preston a.s more I entry fee of $2 to thc secretary when
suitable in the northern district.   It i making entry.
was agreed that greater severity 7- The awards will be made by
should be shown in scoring fields {judges supplied by the Seed
that contained weeds, particularly {Branch, Dominion Department &f
wildcats and other kinds hard to, Agriculture, and according to the
remove from seed grain. It was! following scale of points:
also decided that no  prizes  should ' " Points
be given to badly mixed crops or to' Suitability of variety     10
any where smut was at  all  preva-, P��eedoui from weeds     2%
]eut ! Freedom  from  other v..Tieties
At the Lethbridge conference the I    and other kinds of 8raiu    '2C
Red Fife and Alberta  Red varieties *����*��ra from attack fromsmut,
j     rust and insects     15
Apparent    yield,    considering
vigor of .growth and uniforin-
ot wheat were accepted as tie
standard, and it was decided to
give them full points ou suitability.
It was agreed to allow the early-
maturing varieties of spring wheat,
such as Preston, etc., to score ft. .1
points in the northern part of the
province, and not tc discriminate
heavily against them in the south.
The scoie decided on lor soft or
���white-wheats was 6, and for unde-
ity, size of head, stiffness of
straw, thickness of stand and
^tage ot maturity .,.,    ^o
Total 'lea
Miss Irene Robinson went up'to
the Royal Cily, ttiis unswnug. ar.ia
��l_ort visit.. THE DELTA TIMES; TUESPAY, DECEMBER 3. ^7.
Subscription, SI.00 per year.
Carnal AdnrtlKineDta, io ccota per line foi
Ibe Aral Insertion, nnd s cent* per line ior each
���jlssteqttf-nt insertion. The number of line*
leckoneil by the apuce occupied,  11 lines to the
Kates lor Commerclnl Advertisements esc be
kad on application at tbis office.
Reading notices 10 cents per line for each In
Birth and Death notices, soc,, Marriai_.-sfi.oii.
Any special notice, the object ol which is lo
pronote the pecuniary benefit of any Individual
or company, lo be considered an advertisement
���ad charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for. uatil ordered
out and puid tor.
Correspondence invited on matters oi public
Interest. Communications to editor must bc accompanied by name of writer, uot necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this oflice by Thurs-
jaye aenlug.
Gbo. R. Manlby.
TUESDAY,   DECEMBER  3,   1907.
The waterworks committee have
���0 far 1 regressed with their duties
tbat they expect to have a hydraulic
engineer on the ground aext week.
It has been decided to hold plowing matches here on the 20th inst.,
for which entries to the following
classes will be received:
Class 1 ��� Open lor high cut
Class s���Opem to ioin or 12m
Class 3���For Boys, under 17
years of age with ioin or i2in
Fuither partlcu'nrs will be published by posters later.
Sid Brodie visited
City last week.
the Terminal
Mrs.   Robt.   Dean
Royal City, last week.
visited    the
Warrea Livingstone came home
Friday, on a short visit.
Union Services.
The union evangelistic services,
which have been in progress dining the past week, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs, Gordon, have
been very successlul. The attendance has increased throughout the
week and on Sunday evening the
Methodist Church was crowded;
every available bit of room being
occupied, chairs having to be
brought in. The Bible readings in
the afternoons, in the Baptist
Church, have been intensely interesting and have beeu accompanied
with much spiritual power.
Mr. Gordon has preached at every evening service and his sermons
have been listened to with closest
attention by s}ll, while Mrs. Gordon's singing and addresses in the
after services have been received
with the greatest delight and in
very many individuals have produced conviction, leading to surrender to Christ.
The services will be continued
throughout this week, and will
close on Sunday next when tha
morning service will be held in the
Baptist Church at 11 o'clock and in
the Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m.,
when Mrs. Gordon will tell s^most
thrilling story of "A Trip South."
Come and hear her speak and
To maVe f .turns out
of the f ure you must
put ��'��� 'thing into the
present     ....
Qold.C uppers Pay
Big   Dividends   all
over British
.      Columbia
Have you got a Savings Bank
Account in the Royal Bank of Canada? If not, you should open one
as soon as possible. Deposits of
$1 and up received.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
Miss A Sproatt returned home,
Friday, from a visit to the Roval
P. Shirley returned home, Saturday, on a few clays' visit to his
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Follis returned home, Friday, tiom a short visit
to Vancouver.
As will be seen, we are giving
the first iustalment of our new serial story in this issue entitled "'The
Makiug of a Sucessful Wife." Alter this has been run through we
will give a.s a sequel, "The Making
of a Successful Husband."
H. M. Vasey, R. May and W. H.
Smith, attend Masonic nativities a.
the Royal City, this evening.
New Nuts, Figs, Dates, Cranberries, Peel and Fruits of all kinds
in a tew days���W. H. Smith.
(Continued trom  First Page.)
Containing over 100 Views.   Post paid 25c, Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained.        Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in 15. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
IThe (ireatest Uold-Copper Discovery of the Age 1a in B.C.
BIG FOUR (Ilii GCLD MIS, 11  Cgl $526,(1
Every Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine.
Special Offer���iOc per Share, will  shortly advance to $1.0
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Roi No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine paid over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays irom $5 to $800 in goM, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you wont regret it.
Note���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, bn
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four on
the railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares sold, .All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per oent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two Hiles of Railway on Property,
Company has no debts or liabilities.   Send for Illustrated Prospectus and Book-
let, "Mining TJp-to-Date," to Secretary, with 5 cents iu stamps.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B* C* Canada.
V. T. Ry, .& Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt, Guichon, 6,30 a.m.    Arrive Vancou%rer7 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2,10 p.m.   Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m
Gives  Passengers four hours im   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent,  Port Guichoa.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Incorporated I860.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
To LOAN et 5 Per Cent. Per Mwwm
,4RRNT    VV*   J*   xvc'-cvtN M
P. 0. BOX   377.
Japanese Oranges���A large shipment of these Oranges to arrive
December 15th���W. H. Smith.
Rev. A. McAuley and J. A. Paterson went up to the Royal City,
to-day. to attend the meetings ot
the Presbytery in session there.
Friends ot Alex Davie will be
pleased to learn that, though still
confined to his room, ne is able to
���it up.
If you have a boy growing up,
there is no doubt but that you
would like for him to be able to
bring you home a turkey or a
goose ance in a while. If so, help
klm out by straightening up your
*cceqnt and getting a few chances
|ft the drawing for a Stevens rifle;
)>e best tbat is.
Fred C. Butler, who for the past
two years has discharged the duties
��f Teller at tbe local branch of the
(loyal Bank of Canada, has been
transferred to the Chilliwack
branch as Accountant. During his
stay in Ladner Mr. Butler has
made many friends who will be
Sorry to learn of his departure but
will wish bim every success in his
flevf position.
an avalanche of votes. Even this
foul blot on the history of Canada
was partially overlooked by tbe
people, who again trusted their
affairs to a Conservative Government, but after years of bitter experience, in which the corruption,
thievery and fraud were practiced
with undiminished vigor, the Conservative party in 1896 was promptly and eflectively buried.
Concrete Cases of Fraud.
To come to concrete cases of Tory
corruption. In the Chicoutimi by-
election of 1892, Savard (Lib.) and
I Belley (Con.) ran. Just prior to
election the returning officer telegraphed to hold a poll at Point
aux Esquimaux. His telegraph instructions were: "Proceed to-morrow as follows: Get a small wooden box made, prepare a certain number of ballot papers and wrile the
names of the candidates upon
Again on the day of electon he
wired: "If you have no list, allow
those who are supposed to be electors vote and it will be all right."
The deputy took the hint and
returaed 63 votes for Belley |_Con.)
and aoae for Savard (Lib.). Belley
bad 39 majority. The returning
officer declared B .Hay elected, and
a recount was was asked for. It
was held before a judge, who was a
brother-in-law to the Tory candidate. The 63 illegal votes were
counted, and Belley took his seat
and held it until 1896, backed by
the Tory majority ia the House,
There are manv 1. ore instances
which might be cited but for lack
��i space,
Quite a large number of friends
"surprised" Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Taylor on Thursday evening last.
This was truly a surprise as the
head of the household was caught
at home alsae, his better half having gone to the special meeting���
aa example the surprisers would do
well to follow.
Rev. Canon Hilton returned, Saturday, from Salmon Arm, where
he has had temporary charge during the past few months. On
Thursday uext, the Canon leaves
for Honolulu, where he has received an appointment which he has
been expecting for some time past.
Mrs. Hilton and family will follow
in the spring.
Mr. Gordon, of Ottawa, now
holding evangelistic services in
Ladner will preach in St. Stephen's
Church, East Delta, at 3 o'clock
p.m. on Sunday next, and, with
Mrs. Gordon, will also conduct
evangelistic services tliere on Monday and Tuesday evenings when
arrangements will be made, if
thaught desirable, for the balance
of the week.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLL'
and  Upwards.     Interest paid, tsr credited,  quarterly on   31st  March, 30th June, 30.i1
September,  31st  December.
_ i.
C. B. DANIEL. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Mandolin I
to start i
now pre
Having been requested
Mandolin  Class,   am
pared to do so.    For terms
B*   H*   WEARE,
Care of Mr. J. W. Lanning.
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City  Prices.
Delta Highway By-Law
Whereas it Is necessary and expedient to rescind a certain highway
and also to establish certain highways
within the Corporation of Delta;
Ee it therefore enacted by the Reeve
and Council of the Corporation of
Delta as follows:
L That the portion of the highway
established by Gazette December
2.2nd, 1ST3, from a point on the east
bank of Chiluktan Slough, thence
northerly to its intersection with the
lliver Koad be and is hereby re
2. That a highway be and is here
by established in lieu thereof, commencing at a. point on the Une between Townships 5 and 6, on the
east bank of Chiluktan Slough, thence
west, 11 degrees, 23 minutes west for
i distance of 3.20 chains, and 33 feet
,n each side thereof, thence north,
'.'.1 degrees 23 minutes west for __ distance of 11.85 chains, thence north,
14 degrees 3 2 minues west for a fils-
tanoe of 6.4 0 chains to intersect the
.liver Road and having a width of 30
feet on each side thereof.
3. That a highway be And Is hereby established commencing on tho
lyke, on the lino between sobdilvlslons
V and B of Lots 351 and 312, Group
i, thence following the dyke In a
northeasterly direction to the line be-.
tween subdivisions F and G of said
Lots 351 and 813, Group 1, and having a width of St feet outside ��f
drainage ditch.
4. That a highway he and is hereby
established commencing at the S.W.
���orner  of the  N.W.   %     section     JR.
Township i, thence northerly along
he westerly boundary of the N.W. %
section 25, Township 4, for a distance of 64.S5 chains more or less to
the southern boundary of Lot li,
Troup 2, thence westerly alpng the
southern boundary of Lot 15, Group
2, for a distance of 11.65 chains more
or less to the River Road.
6. This By-law may be cited for a'.l
purposes as the Delta Highway Bylaw, 1307.
Passed the Municipal Council this
24th day of August, A.D. 1907.
Reconsidered and finally passed the
29th day of October, A.D. 1907.
H.  M. VASEY, Reeve.
Clerk  Municipal   Council.
{���Sea.. J.
to the undersigned, and endorsed "'Tender for Public Building,
Ladysmith, B.C.." will be received
at this office until Wednesday, December ii, 1907, inclusively, for
the construction of a Public Building at Ladysmith, B.C.
Plans and specifications oan be
seen and forms of tender obtained
at this department and on application to the Postmaster at Ladysmith, B.C.
Persons   tendering   are   notified
that tenders will uot be considered
unless made on the printed form'
supplied,   and   sigued   with   their
actual signatures.
Each tender mast be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a
chartered bank, made payable to
the order of the Honorable the
Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent (10 p.c.) of the amount
ofthe tender, which will be forfeit-,
ed if the person tendering decline to
enter into a contract when <called
upon to do so, or if he tail to complete t'he work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Bepartuaeut does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Department of Peblic Works,
Ottawa, November 13. ic-o/.
Newspapers inserting {his advertisement without authority from the
Department, will .not be paid for it
�����^-��~>-">-.;;..���.$..��..*.-*.>������..>....% .,.;.....��.
��. c.
Manifradtiwers or atl kinds crt
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
i       Vour patronage solicited      j
Fashion Stables -
Tracking and Bra>yii?g.
Livery went ef ��T:1 kinds &-
tended to promptly.
J. M. Collinson
Ladaer. B. C
W. N, Draper,
Room 1, EUar . Block. New Westminster.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Ctt
Sample Copy Free.
Mmmo.k. -_ W.-_|rii _-_,-N>w��oMt,
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait
ajmnm,.wmn. hbbb
The Making of a
Successful Wife
Founfted 1802 Incorpprat (jd: t.893
Provides a. Christian, Home for Students, o�� both
s^^. at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations. Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Coitrse and confers Diplomas., Imparts a Liberal Educa-.
tion in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and m. L�� A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. InfUDiversity work can take students through
ihe complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year pf Toronto. School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Qourse adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this. Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice* culture,, and piano and
qrgan, in conjunction with the) (Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are jqeqctired to take physical training with, all the privileges of a well eqnipped gymnasium.
""".?*"' "'���-'��� '������'���'1I!T .-��� ' ' '/���'.. .'."'."" F    '       ' '     ������"'
Te he Given Away
Stevens .32 Calibre Target jRifle.
I�� you r&aew your subscription before-, the 24th
of this month (December), you will receive
ope,ticket.for each dollar paid in.1 ...... j
New- Subscribers will also, receive allticke t.
0pme in now and putj'yourself right, with the
it  mi
f He Delta: Times
if William Love* You ��_nd You
Love Him and Be'e Neither a De��d
Beat Mor a Spendthrift, but Hu ���_
Good Job . nd 4 Little Cuh on Hand.
[Copyrtjjht. IM by 9��sper a Yost.]
supply consumed with as-,
toulslini t>nt Tbe idea Qf iny
daughter, my little sweet"-,
'heart, thinking of niarrluite come* to
uie like a blow from a pile driver, aud
you kuow, uiy dear, that pile drivers
hit a pretty hard lick, especially wh
you aren't looking. I'm away fro
home so much, that It's mighty haul"!��
realize that you are not my baby auy
more: that It Is uo lpnxor proper nor.
diKaifl.Kl to dandle you on my kuqo���
tmt for me, at lenst;'that your dresses,
hnve lengthened downward until they
curl around your dainty ankles, and
tlie gulden hair that u3ed lo Uiintf down,
your back like a streak of woven sunshine is uuw done up. iu a fashionable
something or otiier on top of your
head. I forget thnt you are a, young
lady, a graduate from u. swell seminary, can hammer the piano to make
a PaderewsUI (I'm npl sure whether I
spoil that right or nop sit up and take
^notice; can embroider dinky little flow-
jers so faithfully that tin. honeybee*
(fiw. into the
windows lo sin.:.
.she confer drug
at or 9. [Miii'ii'-ic
4from their silt;
en centers; can
quote Virgil and
Tennyson aud
Browning a n d
other people that
I don't understand and don't
care to, but am
mighty proud
that you do; can
write and read
] Cm hammer tho. such erudite pa-
pUt'to,. pers   OI1| the
: whltlierneSs of tlie wherefore at the
v : is clab thnt all the hoard's, 1
aro lold, nrei filled with wonder thnt ��p
much knowledge could lie brought to-
... .s,,,. under such a pretty hnt. In
: 1011, tuy dear. 1 forget that my daughter ns ua up to dt'.fe. young lady Is
'strictly it
I.a me, child, It seems only yesterdny
tlint I  was reading you fairy stories
from a yellow covered linen book nnd
showing you how A was differentiated
from B by certain peculiarities of architecture.   Don't yon remember how yon
used to hide behind tbe rosebush by
the walk mid Jump, out nud frighten
me hnlf to death by hollering "Boo!"
.wheu  I came home. In tbe evening?
Don't yon-remember how you used to
��� climb up, into the b,nymow and slide
'down with a.cry of alarm at the start
and  a  shout of delight at the finish
wben you landed safely In iny arms?
Don'tyou remember���but, pshaw!   Of
, eonrseS'ou don't.   Vou haven't reached
J the age of memories yet.   In your Im-
;��� agination all the beauty and brightness
and glory of life are Just nhead of you,
nnd you look tlint way.   I pray God
that you may always look that way.
always see the sunshine al|ttle brighter
Just beyond uutil yoo basis. In the light
1 supernal,
j The Young Man, In the Case.
And uow my little,girl, wants to get
married and would Uke to have papa's
consent.   Tape's a good deal In the po.
'sitlon of the countryman wbo goes up
against tbc.shell game nt the circus
The young mnn
j in    the   case   ls
iworklng     the
' shells,   and   thc
chances  are  100
'to 1  against pa-
4 pa.    I'm mighty
i sorry that I don't
know   bim.     At
least, I don't remember   having
met   hlm   unless
, ho   was  one  of
that    string    ef 81
dough fared pop-
I n j ay s    thnt UttAOtinm the nhctl
danced   around    ���        f>ame-
you ali the time I was at home Ins;
trip  and  kept  nie  from seeing yon
when   I  wanted  you  all  alon^.    Of
! all the high collared, turned optronsem
dudes I ever.saw that bunch was the
worst   Bnt, there; maybe he was one
of tbem, and.' come to think of It. my
judgment, was based on the mass.
You say he's the dearest, sweetest, bestestr-but, my dear little girl.
if Mr. William Jackson Rollins Is all
tbat yon say he Is the morning, papers
In heaven most lie running display advertisements asking for Information
as to the whereabouts of a lost
strayed or stolen angel. M William fits
your description he's got no business
down here. His proper Job is flitting
around the pearly gates shooing away
us old sinners who want to break in.
But I'm willing to make allowances
for superlatives of rhetoric and enthu-
. slasm and consider your prospectus on
a 1 per cent basis. Besides, your
mother assures me that William Is
���11 wool aad the proper width, and
forty years' experience has taught mc
that your mother*! Judgment can he
veiled on.
personally I don't think any man.
t^at waft*-or ��j th** rhles In .em
automobile,   for    liat   matter :��������������� '
enough for my little HW, but your nl
daddy's got sense enough to know i1
the way of woman tb let some ;_<>
for uotiiing cu.s iu trousers carry li<
off, Just as I did your mother, though
for the life of me I never could understand What sin? could see In tills butl-
die of bones to hunker nfter. The
Lord did u mighty good job when he
made woman, but it seems to me be
might havo, improved upon Aduui a
I don't expect to. find perfection in
William. If he's got a Sufficient quantity of good, everyday sense, if he's
honest nnd upright, If he doesn't Jump
backward wheu anybody says work,
and If he, really and truly loves you. I
reckon that's all that I can reasonably
He Must Be Saving.
I'm not particular about the size of
bis bank deposit. Just as an evidence
of backbone I hope he's out of debt
and has a little, money laid by. I would
hate to see you. married to a deadbeut
or a spendthrift. One Is a moral and
the other Is a mental delinquent, aud
you wouldn't be
likely to. find
happiness with
either. But given Industry and
a disposition to
spend a little
less than is made
and comparative
poverty in youth
lis no great draw-
hack. When 1
married your
mother I had a
stout heart, n
steady Job, my
irousse.i-t and
fciOO in cash.
Thnt was all uiy
d'SpMnl. 1 have
nojiv- !,i' etif;))*. l>t:t I-
vi.'h its !��� <_.:.i. then.
-Itty. > Tl: it is. a- fflbosl
EtiwiirruiCtim in n
l.i Wc
more   tl): 11   t..r.l
(l.H)'t    feci    us
nor was I ia ri
enough, foundation for any youogstoi'.
to begin married life with, provided,
of course, the girl In the case ls contented to, start with that and be satisfied with what he can provide for ber
without overstepping his Income. So I
say that if-William is ns well fixed ns
I was I shall' have m>, objection to hint
on the financial score. But; It Is mighty
important that he have this start. It's
mighty embarrassing to a bride to find!
the tailor's unreceipted bill In the Im
i side pocket of her  hubby's  wedding
. coat, nnd if you discover, that William
Is a Iittlo backward In money matters,
you'd better postpone tint- Joyous ceremony until he can got a move on himself nnd get ahead ofthe pay wiigon,
. On the other hand; my dear. If he lies,
a  roll  as  big ns  n, telegraph, pole I,
. wouldn't consider lt an Insurmountable obstacle. Money Is n inlirfity good
thing to have lying around, and I don't
. know that I would consider It advisable to put n limit on. the amount, provided It dousn't pile up around a man's
legs so that ho enn't work, I hnve tnk-
on lt for granted, JJttle girt, thnt you
; love each other. I don't know why 1
should, for I ura well aware that love
Is getting to be unfashionable, but I
am one of those old fashioned fellows
who believe that love.Is quito essential
to happiness, lu mnrrtcd life-nnd hnvs
��� no pntlenee.wlth those people who hold
that inutuab esteem is a satisfying sub-
'stltute.    There aro. lots of men  nnd
��� lots of women tlint I-highly esteem, but
' I'd hate mighty bad to hove to make a
contract to live with any one of them
Indefinitely. Love ls an entirely different proposition, It comes to tho normal man or wonian but once���once nt
a time, at nny rate���and It's the feeling wlilch tlie good Lord mennt should
he n prelude to and a necessary ac-
compnnlment of the relations between
man and wife. It's the real divine flro,
little girl, and thero are no-, substitutes
(hnt nre of ns much value us u cockle-
bur ln a snek of oats by comparison.
But young folks are sometimes mistaken ln the feeling.
The Genuine, Article.
Do you remember hew you broke out
with the hives at the same tube Nannie
Jones wns down w4tb. the smallpox
over In the next block and how des-
i>erately scared yourpoor mother was?
Lots of people make the same mistake
..bout love. They think they have u
very serious attack of the real thing
, when It's ouly a case of hives, figuratively speaking. 1 hope you and William have caught the. genuine article
None but the geuulue will Inst; none
but the genuine will carry you liming!)
Ihe storms and land-yon,safety In tbe
blessed haven. Vour, mother nud I
have passed forty happy years togetb-
��. There have been trials and troubles a-miiuy. God knows, bnt we braved and brent.ted and surmounted tbem
together upheld by love. That's the
main thing, honey.   Po you love him.
-really love him? Does ho love you?
Money nud position and brains are of
small importance when compared with
love. It doesn't iusure happiness.
There are circumstances under which
love Is unhappy, miserably unhappy
sometimes, but you certainly can't be
happy long without ft
Yes. my little girl, yon have my eon-
sent fnll mui free. I wish I had more
light. I wish that my judgment oould
he 1 rased more upon., personal observation than hi my confidence In your
mother's jpxkI sense, strong as that Is,
and in your own well tried discretion.
I would like much to see nnd know the
man of your choice- before I- handed
yon over to his keeping, bnt I. am so
situated that I cannot do ns I wish. 1
must go It blind, my der.r. aud _��erhaps
it Is just as well. If I were at home 1
would doubtl<_ss Co just as your mother and yourself desire:? mc to dot. and
whether we fcnow or Whether we ilou't
m. must BtSU to a certain extent _s> It
blind In tbis in   ���.-<"'.
have to, take a _ ��� id d<
how, nnd we cu      il
lhat your marrli fl lifo hup
py, ns free fr .in care, ns your mother
aud I have tried to m:ik< your childhood days: thnt : our b ' n d mny lie
and always be. all that yon uow believe
him to be. nnd t!n;t ��������? '"'"r :;vl mother
��� -.'i may reijch ns near to ; ���. ���." i'i-h "������
��� !,i- .ear t..,.i ,'���'..:. save ro'.l i ' ���':).
And mow, little one, ns to your wed
ding.   1 doa't believe ln i   ���.   _
ments, but don't 'io iu a hurry.   'J"!.-
engagement ls a period of trial t__it I
n mighty valuable preliminary ti tr.-.r
rlnge.    It gives yo�� n chance, id ;-'���
hotter acquainted with one another,   ������
get a closer view of tlie nlli.<-.--'s quail-
ties, to tjnd out whether you are real!.,
fitted   for  life   together,    There's   n
rush  about  H.    The  parson   Isn't  g
lng   to   leave   town.     And   wliate:-
you  do,  l^oney,  don't sneak  out the
back door and get married by a Jiistlci
of the peace with a deputy constable
as the witness.   That Isn't n real mar
rlnge.   It's Just n going through some
legal forms tbat euablc you to live to
gether  without  being  Interfered  with
by the sheriff.   Iler wedding should be
the  greatest  event  of a  girl's  lli'e-
somethlng that will be full of pleasant
memories  for  her  in  nfter  years;  n
memory of pretty dresses and a prettier
bride, a memory of joyous music und
glorious flowers, with the odor of orange blossoms hovering ovor all and
scenting the years like a breath from
the  blessed   land,   and,  above  all,  a
memory of solemn ceremony nnd of
holy vows so Impressed  upon young
hearts by the beauty and sublimity of
the surroundings and the service thnt
time cniwiot efface them.
You Are Worth. Waiting For..
You can't afford to miss the material
pleasures of the preparation; the liours
of shopping with yo��r mother, the
making of plans nml- specltlcnthms for
the bridal gown, the. buIMlug ef v,i'Ini
and wonderful garments Immersed hi
oceans of; rti_U.i and laces ni'd I'i'--
bona, the, d.'Hgliiful little peruuptlnl
social events- with whicli your frlendr
honor you���you niu��t,ut skip, ull the. o
just because William Is Imputlunl
Give him to undoiutasajl thai nnytliln_
worth having Ih worth waiting, fur in
well as working for. ami If uiy lltllr
girl Isn't worth having 1. dout know
anything oil this given earth thnt la.
No, sweetheart, take your tlmu mid
i;pt mni'rled right. 1 haven't auy use
for those Impromptu weddings. "Let's
:,'o out nml got an lee ci'ciiin sudn, ail 1
while we're about it we niiisiit nn well
llo up." That's (iio kind of _fufl. thnt
,'llls lhe divorce courts and tlio nsws-
papers with harrowing tales of uuhap-
illness. Don't do thftfe dearie-; I! doesn't
liny, Besides, I want to have you for
��� iiy own a little lunger, and wheu you
lo get married your old duddy wants
:o be I here to be permitted to ivnlU
ilown the nlsle of the church with you
Vour oW daddy wimtitn uinlfc duum tlif
akin with you on hit nrm.
in his arm nud to give you away
-..lille pride uiul sorrow and Joy are
.-oiling ovor one another In Ids heart
Ves, Uttle girl, you have my consent,
and may Ood ever bless you. Yonr
nffectlonnto father,
P. S.���I have Just received a manly,
sensible,  modest letter from  William
���just thc kind of lettor I should
wunt to get from my future son-in-
law. It gives me the impression thnl
Ids friends call him, BUI, aad I like
thut. If his name had. been Reginald
or Algernon I .beold have felt compelled to go home on tha first train to
look hlm over. J. 8.
A Thoughtful Wife.
"I was cured of un annoying propensity to sleep at the wrong time In
rather an original way," said Snooser
"Some lime ngo there were a number of nights when I could not sleep
uutil just before lt was- time to rise
- in the morning. Them of course. It
"ns hard lo wake me. My friends
idvlsed all sorts of remedies, but m;
-x Ife set ber wits to work and found
' he right one. The next night I fell
into n light doze after I got into bed.
but lu less than twenty minutes 1
was as wide awake-as ever, pitching
tnd tossing and unable to dose my
���yes. Well, my wife, got up, struck
. i match and' pretended: to look tt her
watch.   Then she said:
" 'I wouldn't try to go to sleep, dear.
us it will soon be time for yoo to get
up now.'
"Tbat settled it Ip tbne minute*
I was asleep nnd slept Uke a log.
This was repented once or twice, and
now I get my regular sleep every
-igbt The best of it was that I didn't
know tor a. number of. days the little
ruse that had been employed to lead
me to sleep.'*���Pearson 1*.
Gutting Both Way*
A company promoter who advertised
for an olliee boy received e hundred
replies. Out of the hnodrad he self*
ed ten, who were asked to call nt dm
office for a personal interview, ma
final choice fell noon w brisht loakJnc
'���Out-oMbtys." with ��� STBVBNS���
best thing for * growing bey I
Learning to, ��hoot well aad
acquiring qualities ol
���re nil due to STSVKSS PUtEAUIS IDCCATIOl.
Ault your Denier for Stevens Klfloe���
SliolKiins-Pistuls. Instat on our time-
honored, mako. It yon, cannot obtain,
we, ship direct, exnreiw prepaid, upon
recolpt of GutalovVrivo.
l-.v_r.l_.hitf >, _. wuttt-ilcho .���boutt_��8TXVKN8
. fouud In uu V.a. Illuatnto&CfctaW XftlM
for four conw in nanus to mx nit ������_   naill
'"ii?? ���� Wmm^JmSSS-tS^i
"mt,"orcjibrood���mmUrffucI ��___, j���_a__u��.
P. 0. Box 4OW .
Chlcopee  Palls,  Mass.. U.S.A.
youth. "My boy.'" said the promoter,
"I like your uppeartwee and your manner very much. I think you may do
for the place. Did you brine W character?"
"Nov wtt,"- replied th* boy. * . can go
home and get it."
"Very well. Com* hack tomorrow
morning with it, and if It te satisfactory I dare aay I shall engago yoo."
into that same afternoon the financier was surprised hy the return of th*
candidate, "Wall."' he aatd cheerily,
"hnve you got your character?"
"No," answered the hoy, "bnt Vie
got yours, hu' I ain't eomiaT���IikUm.
.louio Journal.
(Anglican 0
atul $rd
aud 4. b
Holy Coinmuniou���.-ist
Suudays.at 8:30.a.m..; 2.ud
Sundays at  .1 a.m.
Matins,  .1 o'clock..
Evensong, 7:50 (."clock.
Sunday School at to a.m..
Friday evening, Litany. .11*7:30.
2 Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., View..
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30.a.tn.;, Beuedjc*
tion, 7:30 i>.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.nt.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev, Father Wagner,. O.M.I���
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Glass meeting, 10.30'��.m. every
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10am Mid*
week meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A,. McAuley,. Pastor..
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Ik*
land, 3 p.m.;: Ladner, 7130 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. tu.
Prayer meeting on Thursday tt
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Hmtiejt,. pastor.
The Executors of tbt late W. R.
Ladner invite Tenders for the purchase of all the land belonging t��
tbe late Mr Ladner, in Lot u_,
Group 2. lying south ot the Victoria Terminal Railway, suppose ii
to be about M#- Aerea, more or
Tenders to state pri<-e Jier *��"
and the land to be surveyed wt
joint expense of estate and: purchaser.
Tbe highest or any Tender not
necessarily accepted. Alt Tenders
to be sent to tbe undersigned before
>4tb December, next.
Solicitor for Exeettfetts 06
W. H. Ladner.
42 Lorne Street, New WesttBMWtur, THE TELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. BECK-VEER. 3. TS07.
���"V* 1   i~""*~    A��~
MgHBBaBgggg T ���B
3-..J   if**..    /->3ir _��*������;
E ARE TO THE ERONT again this year with a larger Assortment than ever before, of TOYS and
FANCY GOODS, China and Glassware, etc., Cutlery, Drawn Linen, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ladies'
and Gents' Neckwear and EVERYTHING THAT IS IN DEMAND AT CHRISTMAS TIME, Suitable Presents
for All.
Also large range "LADNER SOUVENiSS" and Christmss Post Cards, Xmas Cards, Calendars, Books, Hymn and Prayer Books, etc-
Bring the Children to see the Mechanical Figures in the window.
ran si Mnia
'125 In Prizes
"The Rest  Yet."
Adult Drawing.
1 Combination Desk.
2 Hall Umbrella Stand.
3 Chair.
4 Hanging Lamp.
5 Water Set.
6 Table Lamp.
7 Drawn Linen Centrepiece.
8 Silk Embroidery Drape.
9 Sofa Cushion.
10 Burnt Leather Panel.
Children's Drawing.
Mechanical Figur��.
Train on Track.
Loop the Loop.
Tool Chest.
We intend to have two separate drawings this year.    One for Adults and one for the Children.   We want to interest Everybody.
A Ticket for a chance in our Drawings will be GIVEN AWAY with each 50 CENT PURCHASE, and the drawings will take place at
9 o'Clock on Tuesday night, December 24th, in our Store, in the same way as previous years, which has proved
very satisfactory to all concerned.
(No employee or member of his family or shareholder in the Company will be allowed to participate in this drawing.)
Prizes wil! be on Exhibition in Our Show Windows, Wednesday, 13th November, on which date we will commence giving away tickets.
Jmm '-"���'
Big Shoe House, Limited
Start* the Ball Rolling With Their Annual
Gigantic Stock Reducing Shoe Sa.
Just a few Words Ity Way of Explanation.
TWICE IN "EACH YEAR���"usually January and July���we hold our Clearance Seles for the purpose of closing out "the Stock on hand
before the succeeding Season's Stock arrives. This summer we were too busy to bother with our Regular Sale, so were compelled to let it slide, much to the disappointment of many anxious customers. Our summer's trade was enormous owing to the
wave of prosperity <experienc.ed throughout the country. We were busy Shoe Men. In anticipation of an increased Fall Trade,
we bought heavily���ia fact we doubled the quantities usually t ought for the winter season. To-day our store is packed from cellar to
ceiling with the greatest stock of Boots and Shoes' that was ever put under one .roof in the City of New Westminster���money never
bought better Shoes. As we have already said, we anticip^e a great trade this Fall. But it has not come yet. We have one simple
explanation for this, and that is THE  WEATHER  HAS  BEEN  TOO  MILD  FOR  THE  SHOE  BUSINESS���all the shoemen in the
���country will tell you irhis is a fact.
But! Look   Out   For  Si
We sare safe in our forecast that before very long the weather will (demand seasonable footwear, GOOD  RELIABLE,  WINTER  WET-
PROOF SHOES.     We know we have too many shoes.    Now, for an indefinite period we are out with the greatest.
-Shoe -price reduction sale that has ever been put on tbe boards for this city.    We will make it
worth your while to BUY NOW and help unload our stock,
We Launched Out With An Avalanche Of Bargains
We haven't the lime nor space here Jo mention prices but wt can tell you lhat our whole stock is thrown on the market at such
reduced prices as will draw customers from far aid r.esr to fake advantage of our wonderful sale.   NOW READER, IT IS UP
TO YOU.    Don't wait until the wet, slushy season is upon us but prepare yourself now.    Shoe up the entire
lamily.   MEN'S, WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S SHOES, slippers, rubbers and Everything in the Shoe
Line included in this sale.
Now that we hare started, there is going to be something doing in the SHOE BUSINESS.   Our windows
nm full of Shoe Bargains.    KEEP YOUR EYE ON US.
Big   Shoe   House,   Ltd.
Gus Devereaux and H. Betts, ofj
Columbian College, spent Sunday ;
at home with their parents.
Dan Cameron, ot New Westminster, spent Sunday here, the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Foster.
Miss Hazel Shirley spent a tew
days, last week, on a visit to her
grandmama, Mrs. Morrison, at
Mrs. G. Harvey, of Crofton, V.
I., who has been visiting here for
some time past, returned home, 011
Saturday last.
We are pleased to note that H,
L. Wilson, who has been laid up
during tbe past two weeks, suffering from an attack of typhoid, is
improving nicely.
Mrs. Lauing, of Everett, Wash,
arrived here on Friday last. Mr.
Laning is the new conductor on
the V. T. R., vice J. Fountain, who
has removed to Bellingham, Wash.
Friends of Mrs. Adam Read will
regret to leain that she is still confined to her room after having been
laid up during the past two weeks
suffering from an attack of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith left, on
Friday last, on their honeymoon
trip to Kngland. Mrs. Smith was
Miss Clausen, a y< ung lady who
was well and fa\ <jra>:> known
around Delta.
Old Established and Reliable Companies.
Claims Promptly Adjusted.
White, Shiles & (g.,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
From Benson Island, one two-
year-old Steer, with hole in riglit
ear; also one young Cow, blue colored with krand on left hip.
Anyone knowing of these cattle
please answer this ad.
There was a very good turnout
at the auction sale, on Thursday
last, when H. N. Rich disposed of
F. W. Harris' household furniture
and effects, and the sale was a very
satisfactory one in every respect.
D. Woods came over Irom Vancouver, on Wednesday last, to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Farmers' Institute at
which the matter of a ploughing
match was discussed.
Dr. C. J. Fagan, Provincial
Health Officer, in a recent communication re the action taken by
our Health Officer in enforcing
quarantine at D. A. McKee's residence, states that he is perfectly
Satisfied with the action of our M.
H. Os, and congratulates the Council upon "having such an energetic
and capable health officer."
OXFORD       DOWN       SHEEP,
35 Head of Grade Cattle, 12 Horses
25 Chickens, 25 Hives of Bees,
Dairy Utensils, Household  Furniture & Effects, which
]yTR. H. N. RICH has  received
instructions    from    H.    M.
Vasev. Esq., who  has  disposed of
his   Farm, to  Sell by Auction,   on
the   Premises,   \)'.   Miles  N.E. of
Ladiier, on
Wednesday, December 18
1907, at 10 o'Clock a.m.
Luncheon will be provided.
Catalogues with pedigrees and
particulars of tlie Stock may be obtained from H. M. Vasev, Esq., or
the Auctioneer, Ladner.
Terms���Under $100 cash; over
that amount, cash or approved negotiable notes nt six and twelve
months with interest at 8 per cent,
per annum.
Best M?c!Mery
On Earth
eg Leave
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn or *
Conner, atory.        *
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spnn
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  tlie mainland of  B. C.
Catalogue free.
H J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greerfhouses and 5eedhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
P@rti&nd   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making, it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. 0
W. H. Taylor,
Ladner,   ��    B. C.
The visit of Rev. D. E. Hatt,
wbo was announced to preach on
Sunday eveuing next, is postponed
until a later date. There will be
no service in the Baptist church on
that eveuing, and the members of
the congregation are invited to attend tie list union special services
*s announced in another column.
(Comprising���7  Cows  with  Calves
at Foot; 3 Cows down Calving; 3
two-year-old  Heifers;   7 yearling
Heiters; 7 Heifer Calves;   5 yearling   Bulls,   and   3 Bull   Calves;
also 1 grade Dairy Cow, which
MR, H. N. RICH has  received
instructions feom the Executors  of the late  Mr. William   H.
Ladner   to   Pell   by   Auction,   at
Ladner, on
Thursday,  December  19,
1907, at 1130 p.m.
The Stock may be seen on the
Farm at any time and full particulars, pedigrees, &c, will be produced at time of Sale.
Grinding l
WAIT, and get Your
Grinding Done RIGHT.
Crenant Crushing Will
(T. F, LADNER, Prop.)
J-JAVING- decided to extend my busi-
ffia ness, I take pleasure in informing
my Patrons, who have shown confidence
in me in the Commission Business and as
a Dealer in Poultry, &c, that, in future,
I may be found at the STAINTON
BLOCK, LADNER, under firm name of
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists,
Thanking you for past favors and soliciting a continuance of same,
Yours faithfully,
Cut Glass.
vVatch Repairing a Specialty.
Jlndrew Clausen,
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
�� i
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate ol
W.   L.   IVI
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   -    Port Guicho
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To Al! Bl C Ports


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